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Tim Swanson Delivers Straight Talk

Gotta keep your eye on the comments on this blog. Sometimes some pretty wicked wit and wisdom appears.  When I saw what follows lined up in the “comments” queue, I asked the author whether I could publish it as its own post. Though he was hesitant to stand on the dais, for reasons he makes clear within the post, he agreed to my request.  I just think these words are too direct and true not to be highlighted and discussed in their own right.  Tim has been a great supporter of the truth being revealed. I want to thank him for everything he has done for us over the past two years.  This cat walks the walk and though he doesn’t ask for it he has earned our admiration.

Tim Swanson and his better half Karen

Hi Marty, I started writing and this is what I got. It’s kinda long and if you want to edit it down feel free to do so.

I thought I would take DM words and put some practical understanding to them from my perspective. Some of this is a bit bitter, sorry, I am working on that. Some is simply pragmatic and blunt. The two can get confused.

Somewhere along the line his words hit me on a personal level. By personal I mean all of my dynamics, especially the 7th and 8th and I kept writing. His words and his actions are an offense to my dynamics. As I have unceremoniously stated previously I am not one to push declarations and I didn’t intend this to be one and didn’t write it with that in mind. I have been De-PTSed for some time and never felt the need to do it. That’s my personal view and not intended to step on anyone’s toes or act as some indication. If my views and statements here assist anyone else in making up their minds or provide clarifications then it will have been worthwhile.

Typically with one of these things people give loads of acknowledgements and praise to the person for the statements. Understandable, but unnecessary. I never intended to make a public statement but found I enjoyed reading them from others. The viewpoints, the data, all add something to ones understanding of the existing real scene and if I can add something of value to that I will be gratified.

Response to the post: Drop Kick Me

“If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field. “

The field is shrinking and the game is rigged, DM style. The game is IAS expansion, not the accomplishment of the goals laid out by LRH.

“Accordingly, you must be competent”

Ok, this makes me laugh. Does DM consider John Allender or the other Squirrel Busters as an example of this competence?

“and you must be committed,”

Well, committed is certainly where DM is headed.

“both as individual Scientologist and as members of the IAS collectively,”

There’s the IAS plug for the Non LRH membership organization whose funds serve DM’s personal interests and create large and sometimes beautiful empty buildings. You too can go there and receive NO standard auditing or auditor training. You can do Basic Courses that get you neither of the above and feel really good about yourself for having read a book. (heavy sarcasm, sorry)

“because that’s the only way we’ll eventually kick one through the goal posts and straight into eternity.”

Ok, I’m stumped for a rationalization of this statement. Just how does an IAS membership and Status and reading basic books in empty buildings get one to eternity exactly? Doesn’t there have to be auditing and training in there somewhere? Or is DM telling us we can buy our way into heaven?

The auditing and training is occurring in the Independent field but appears
statistically lacking in Missions, Orgs, ASHO’s, AO’s, Flag and the Ship. All one has to do is go look. Not watch a slick video or read some promo but simply get your butt in gear and go look at your local Mission or Org. According to the promo and the video expansion is straight up and vertical and has been for years. Ok, so where are the people? Where are the auditors being made in droves? Where are the happy P/C’s? If this is all happening then where are the New Public in? What is the PRPS stat? What are the WDAHs? How many classed auditors were made worldwide last week? Where in the world is there a Class 8 course happening at all? How many Class 8’s were made last month, last year, the last 5 years? Straight up and vertical is an Oops! The graph is turned on the wrong axis. Turn it 90 degrees and there’s the graph.

So road to eternity DM style is followed thusly; after your bank account is drained, your retirement accounts drained, your business raped of working funds, your home re-mortgaged beyond your ability to pay and subsequently foreclosed upon, your credit cards blitzed and maxed out, when you are in total financial ruin but have the benefit of having read some basic books and listened to DM’s inspirational words, why then you have reached into eternity.

Probably true, but it’s a nasty eternity with a bad ending.

“Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud.”

Let’s add this up, unpopular in Germany, Sweden, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, certainly Israel, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, need I go on. Just where is Earth going to be proud of what you, David, are doing? Maybe on the Int Base Gold where you live in a $70 million dollar mansion constructed to your exact specifications from IAS donations and have meals specially prepared for your delicate constitution from the finest ingredients. This while rank and file S.O. members live on $45 a week when their stats are up. I can see why you would be proud.

December is the anniversary of my SP Declare.
I was accused of posting something unflattering to the Church in December last year, which I did not post and was declared for it, or so I am told. I still am looking for my copy BTW. To be sure, I had posted things unflattering about DM, just not the one they said was mine.

So this is a celebratory Posting. Please make no mistakes this time. This is certainly my post.

My name is Tim Swanson and I am no longer and haven’t been for several years, a Corporate Scientologists. I am an Independent Scientologists.

Sparing the reader all the details surrounding my decision to leave the money grubbing off policy, out tech, out ethics organization, suffice to say it has all been covered here on this blog and others.

The only reason I stayed in that money grubbing squirrel organization was because I believed it was the only game in town.

And they certainly have been hard at work to make parishioners believe that, even if incompetently so.

You, DM, have failed miserably. You have failed LRH. But then I am
convinced that that is you plan. You have made people, good people, believe
that their salvation is dependent on you and your continued leadership, if you can call the train wreak you’ve steered leadership, You have convinced them that the only place they can get straight standard Scientology is in Church Organizations.

I believed it too, for far too long. So you fooled me, well done. I am fooled no more. You are an empty promise and an empty suit. A failed Class 4 that substitutes assault for model session. How sad when the opportunity for eternity was within your grasp.

Since leaving your corrupt regime, I have completed 3 L’s, fabulous rundowns BTW when delivered correctly, did some auditor training to LRH checksheets and am now auditing on NOTs, another fabulous Rundown, when done outside of the suppressive constraints placed on the materials and on those auditing them.

So I actually, in a macabre way, owe you some thanks. Had your aberrant influences on policy, tech and staff not occurred I wouldn’t have left and would have never enjoyed the tremendous benefits available in going up the Bridge. You see, I was effectively stalled but unwilling to leave. The costs of my next services, the real costs, the hidden costs, not the off policy overpriced published costs, were beyond my means and I had resigned myself to no more bridge. I am loathe to give you this win but there it is. And then, almost miraculously, there was an auditor I knew practicing in the Independent Field, delivering the L’s. Well I have to tell you it took all of several seconds for me to get on the phone to him and set an appointment. (My comm lag is much less now.) The money I had set up to use for OT-5 was now going into the Independent Field and I was getting my L’s.

It was a good trade. Sure, I got declared a year later and lost some friends and some family won’t talk to me. They’ll come around sooner or later. They are not stupid. Most already know you are a faker, but like me, they believe that their eternity is dependent on staying in your good graces and that there is no Scientology outside of the official CoS and of course the fear of disconnection. A good control mechanism by the way. Once they understand the absurdity of this they will leave as I did. They will get better service, more ARC, it will cost less, it won’t be altered, they won’t be regged, they won’t have to mortgage their homes or put themselves into financial ruin, they won’t have to go to regging events with bad food. In the Independent field, the people are uptone and genuinely fun and nice. It’s like it used to be, FUN.

I had the opportunity to see many failed Flag cases while doing my L’s. I saw botches grades, botched Sec checks, botched NOTs, botched L’s all out of Flag.

I even ran across a fella that was told to leave because he wouldn’t attest to an L’s completion when he didn’t feel he had the EP. Certainly don’t fix him, just show him the door and your boot.

I notice I didn’t read about those in Scientology News. BTW he was straightened out by an independent and he was all smiles after that. All of the above were straightened out by independents and all that I know were ecstatic with the results. Standard Tech at work.

So my eternity is in my hands, not yours or your corrupt organizations. I need no 6 months checks or teenage MAA’s telling me what to think and do or else. I simply audit, following the procedures established by LRH. No 3 swings here. An F/N is an F/N. By all accounts I am doing fine, better than fine. FTA’s are the norm.

I am working on my eternity and happy to be doing it in the Independent Field.


Tim Swanson AKA Ann Howe