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Big Brother – Part One in a Series

911 Chestnut St, Clearwater, Florida 33756

June 22, 2009

Marty Rathbun
P.O. Box 269
Ingleside, TX 78362

Re: McPherson Confidential Settlement Agreement

Dear Marty:

Following the article published in the St. Petersburg Times yesterday in which you were extensively quoted regarding the McPherson matter, the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc. (the “Church”, “Flag”) has asked me to write to you regarding the ongoing obligations of confidentiality imposed upon on all present and former officers, employees and agents of the Church regarding the McPherson confidential settlement agreement.

As you know, on May 26, 2004, the Church entered into a confidential settlement agreement.  The Agreement binds the “Scientology Parties,” which includes the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc., Religious Technology Center, and the three individual defendants.  All officers, employees and agents of the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc. and Religious Technology Center are bound by the settlement agreement to say nothing about the McPherson matter except

“The case has been settled, the terms are confidential.”  This language binds you as a former agent of both Flag and RTC.

The purpose of this letter is simply to remind you of your ongoing obligation of complete confidentiality with respect to the McPherson case and its settlement.

Very truly yours,

F. Wallace Pope, Jr.

Mat Pesch and Amy Scobee Subjected to Noisy Investigation?

Mat and Amy with friends during hard times on the third coast

Mat and Amy with friends during hard times on the third coast

Apparently Miscavige is getting desperate. Only one day after my report concerning a sloppy attempt to send an ex-con in on me, another couple that has spoken out against Miscavige’s abuses ran into what sounds like a noisy investigation. Back in the day when Miscavige had some competent staff, investigations were conducted for purposes of finding out information about attackers (conspiracies and the like).  If they got noisy and upset the subject of investigation Miscavige got a real thrill hearing the debrief.  That of course encouraged OSA to hire PI’s who were good at being loud (think Eugene M. Ingram out of Los Angeles, his Hawaiin shirts and red sports cars with gold rims).

The Church’s recent antics suggest either Miscavige has no staff who can investigate themselves out of paper bags or Miscavige is just “cutting to the chase” by ordering noisy, intimidation-purposed harassment.

This information is provided so that those who have stood up are aware of the characters and tactics that are being applied now. As long as you stay relatively alert there is nothing to fear in this chaos.

But alert you should stay, simply because of late the Church has made some fairly erratic and desperate moves on the PR front (e.g. Tommy Davis’ channeling of David Miscavige act). No telling what they might do on the intelligence front.

If you are not actively involved with the media this news should come as a relief. With Headley consuming Ingram and co’s time in L.A., Vinnie “the weasel” Parco lurking in South Texas, and these as yet unidentified goons in Tampa playing Keystone Cops,  Miscavige’s resources are about maxed out.

On Tuesday 21 July Mat Pesch and his wife Amy Scobee met with a couple of reporters at a restaurant in Tampa. They noticed a woman speaking a Baltic or Russian dialect mosey up and settle near their table.   She took copious notes and debriefed in a foreign language on her cell phone while Mat, Amy and the reporters spoke. The following is Mat’s account of what happened on their way back to Clearwater after the meeting:

“Amy and I were followed as we left the resturant. The restaurant is located on the Tampa side of the causeway. I drove out and due to the divider I couldn’t make a left toward Clearwater, but had to make a right toward Tampa. I had to get on a highway I didn’t want to be on, get off at the first exit and then hang a U turn. Basically I was driving like someone’s lost grandmother.

I noticed that a small black car with blacked out windows was following me through my erratic path. I drove over to the parking garage of the airport. In order to enter the parking garage you have to drive into a lane blocked by a mechanical arm, roll down your window and take a ticket at which point the arm lifts. The black car pulled into a lane to our right. The window dropped 5 inches when the driver realized we were looking to see who he was. He quickly put the window back up. He soon realized that he had no choice but to drop the window down to get the ticket, which he did.

I then drove up the ramp and turned the car to confront him on one of the levels. At that point he hesitated and then drove out the exit of the parking structure. I didn’t get any pictures or plate numbers. I was caught a bit by surprise but in the future I’ll carry this little video recorder I have that is about the size of a cell phone.”

Mat and Amy, thanks for the debrief. Stay alert and stay safe.

Miscavige puts PI Vinnie Parco on Rathbun

Miscavige ordered Continential Airlines records be hacked into. He learned of a flight from New York I was scheduled to take on Friday 17 July. He put PI Vinnie Parco onto the same flight as me.   Parco is a private eye who looks like he came right out of right out of central character casting. Vinnie so overtly attempted to befriend me it was ridiculous. Vinnie is so incompetent, I caught him debriefing on his conversation with me by cell phone at a lay over in Houston. Here is a You Tube video of Vinnie so you know who he is.

Like you could miss him?

Miscavige turns Flag into Mecca of Technical Perversion

In the early nineties I observed David Miscavige (Scientology Inc. supreme leader, referred to as Chairman of the Board RTC) lecture John Woodruff, then Executive Director of the largest Class V organization (local churches of Scientology) on the planet, and his technical heirarchy (those resonsible for technical aspects of auditing) on how to run lower grades (lower gradient steps of Scientology counseling). He chastised them for taking an intensive (12 1/2 hour block of counseling or auditing) or two per grade – about what Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard estimated thorough, properly delivered grades would take on the average preclear (person being counseled). Miscavige boasted how then Inspector General Tech (highest technical person in Scientology heirarchy) Ray Mithoff as C/S (case supervisor, person who directs the conduct of auditing) and then-Inspector General (2nd highest post in Scientology heirarchy) Greg Wilhere as auditor (Scientology counselor) had gotten Tom Cruise through his Grades in less than an intensive per grade.

As anyone who has read Keeping Scientology Working (Scientology’s most emphasized policy letter) might have guessed, it wasn’t long before the once mighty Orange County Organization was beset by lawsuits and its statistics crashed, never to recover. It also was not long before Cruise blew from Scientology for a decade.

In 2001 and 2002 I reported in detail to Miscavige how those quickie grades, Dianetics, and lower OT levels (the highest level counseling levels in Scientology) had blown off Cruise. I knew because I recovered Cruise to the Scientology at that time.

Undeterred, Miscavige kept on his “technical compilations battle plan” the action item to severely curtail the Grades Process Checklists. The checklists were the first Hubbard prescribed ones issued and in use for decades. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) advised that all processes that he developed for each grade be included; adding that any C/S (or auditor for that matter) worth his salt would recognize the moment a pre clear had attained the end phenomena of each grade and move him or her up to the next one.

As is so common with Miscavige, he never got around to doing the work. Instead, he followed his lust for quickying by simply cross ordering LRH’s issued bulletins, lectures and policies (most notably Keeping Scientology Working and Technical Degrades).

First, he violated long-standing LRH policy that Flag (the highest level church of Scientology service delivery organization) not engage in delivering lower level services. LRH pointed out that such practice would short circuit organizations and missions (feeder groups for organizations) across the planet by violating a vital policy called Danger Conditions: Why Organizations Stay Small.  Miscavige, apparently desperate for Flag public and cash, had the church’s highest internatoional management body (WDC) order  OT Ambassadors (those who refer new people for Scientology services) across the planet to select their lower level preclears to Flag for Grades auditing. If one wonders why the $20-$40 million edifices Scientology public dug so deep in their pockets to erect for Miscavige remain empty they need look no further than Miscavige and this one off-policy order alone. Recent observations of Dallas, Tampa, New York, Buffalo, and Malmo confirmed those “ideal orgs” are as about as active as graveyards.

Miscavige has compounded his felony by having Flag promote quickie grades.

Here is a quotation from a recent widely circulated Flag official promotion:

From: Stephanie & Charlie Bills []
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 1:48 PM
Subject: Completed Grade II, III and IV and started L11 in 10 Days.

Kathy Lackey came to Flag on 4 July 2009 ready to start Grade II. She was gotten right into session and completed Grade II on 8 July.

She then completed Grade III on 10 July.

And by 14 July (just 10 days after arriving to Flag) she completed Grade IV and started her L’s!!!

Please compare Miscavige’s promotion with these words by L. Ron Hubbard:

“Within 5 years after the issue of this PL (policy letter), with me off the lines, violation had almost destroyed orgs. ‘Quickie grades’ entered in and denied gain to tens of thousands of cases. Therefore actions which neglect or violate this policy letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINSTRATORS and EXECUTIVES.” – HCO PL 7 Feb 1965 Keeping Scientology Working.


“A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES…

8. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade 0 in 3 minutes”, etc.

9. Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or labor-saving considerations…

The puzzle of the decline of the entire Scientology network in the late 60s is entirely answered by the actions taken to shorten time in study and in processing by deleting materials and actions.”  –  HCO PL 17 June 1970RB Technical Degrades

I have audited thousands of hours both within and outside the Church. I know from first hand observation in acting as the chief case debugger international for seven years that virtually every botched case I handled was answered by putting in that which had been quickied and omitted by others before.  And Miscavige knows it as I reported all my actions directly to him.

To compound the compounded felony Miscavige’s minions are boasting about putting the quickied Grades preclear straight onto the Ls Rundowns (high powered, very expensive Scientology exercises). The L’s compilation is an incomplete and sloppy product that has been known to Miscavige as so confusing as to be the number two cause of failed and severely complicated cases in Scientology. The L’s have been on the “compilations correction line up” as a top priority for nearly twenty years. The simplicity of how the Ls create as many botched and failed cases as they have advanced cases is mind boggling. It too has been reported to Miscavige directly. He refuses to fix it, and instead promotes it to cases incessantly, knowing that a good fifty percent of them will wind up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in endless reviews, and a good percentage of those ultimately will blow off from Scientology severely disaffected.

But at $1,000 an hour (the price of L’s auditing), Miscavige apparently figures ‘why work when you can steal.’

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