Miscavige turns Flag into Mecca of Technical Perversion

In the early nineties I observed David Miscavige (Scientology Inc. supreme leader, referred to as Chairman of the Board RTC) lecture John Woodruff, then Executive Director of the largest Class V organization (local churches of Scientology) on the planet, and his technical heirarchy (those resonsible for technical aspects of auditing) on how to run lower grades (lower gradient steps of Scientology counseling). He chastised them for taking an intensive (12 1/2 hour block of counseling or auditing) or two per grade – about what Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard estimated thorough, properly delivered grades would take on the average preclear (person being counseled). Miscavige boasted how then Inspector General Tech (highest technical person in Scientology heirarchy) Ray Mithoff as C/S (case supervisor, person who directs the conduct of auditing) and then-Inspector General (2nd highest post in Scientology heirarchy) Greg Wilhere as auditor (Scientology counselor) had gotten Tom Cruise through his Grades in less than an intensive per grade.

As anyone who has read Keeping Scientology Working (Scientology’s most emphasized policy letter) might have guessed, it wasn’t long before the once mighty Orange County Organization was beset by lawsuits and its statistics crashed, never to recover. It also was not long before Cruise blew from Scientology for a decade.

In 2001 and 2002 I reported in detail to Miscavige how those quickie grades, Dianetics, and lower OT levels (the highest level counseling levels in Scientology) had blown off Cruise. I knew because I recovered Cruise to the Scientology at that time.

Undeterred, Miscavige kept on his “technical compilations battle plan” the action item to severely curtail the Grades Process Checklists. The checklists were the first Hubbard prescribed ones issued and in use for decades. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) advised that all processes that he developed for each grade be included; adding that any C/S (or auditor for that matter) worth his salt would recognize the moment a pre clear had attained the end phenomena of each grade and move him or her up to the next one.

As is so common with Miscavige, he never got around to doing the work. Instead, he followed his lust for quickying by simply cross ordering LRH’s issued bulletins, lectures and policies (most notably Keeping Scientology Working and Technical Degrades).

First, he violated long-standing LRH policy that Flag (the highest level church of Scientology service delivery organization) not engage in delivering lower level services. LRH pointed out that such practice would short circuit organizations and missions (feeder groups for organizations) across the planet by violating a vital policy called Danger Conditions: Why Organizations Stay Small.  Miscavige, apparently desperate for Flag public and cash, had the church’s highest internatoional management body (WDC) order  OT Ambassadors (those who refer new people for Scientology services) across the planet to select their lower level preclears to Flag for Grades auditing. If one wonders why the $20-$40 million edifices Scientology public dug so deep in their pockets to erect for Miscavige remain empty they need look no further than Miscavige and this one off-policy order alone. Recent observations of Dallas, Tampa, New York, Buffalo, and Malmo confirmed those “ideal orgs” are as about as active as graveyards.

Miscavige has compounded his felony by having Flag promote quickie grades.

Here is a quotation from a recent widely circulated Flag official promotion:

From: Stephanie & Charlie Bills [mailto:flagconsultantfsceus@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 1:48 PM
To: flagconsultantfsceus@earthlink.net
Subject: Completed Grade II, III and IV and started L11 in 10 Days.

Kathy Lackey came to Flag on 4 July 2009 ready to start Grade II. She was gotten right into session and completed Grade II on 8 July.

She then completed Grade III on 10 July.

And by 14 July (just 10 days after arriving to Flag) she completed Grade IV and started her L’s!!!

Please compare Miscavige’s promotion with these words by L. Ron Hubbard:

“Within 5 years after the issue of this PL (policy letter), with me off the lines, violation had almost destroyed orgs. ‘Quickie grades’ entered in and denied gain to tens of thousands of cases. Therefore actions which neglect or violate this policy letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINSTRATORS and EXECUTIVES.” – HCO PL 7 Feb 1965 Keeping Scientology Working.


“A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES…

8. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade 0 in 3 minutes”, etc.

9. Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or labor-saving considerations…

The puzzle of the decline of the entire Scientology network in the late 60s is entirely answered by the actions taken to shorten time in study and in processing by deleting materials and actions.”  –  HCO PL 17 June 1970RB Technical Degrades

I have audited thousands of hours both within and outside the Church. I know from first hand observation in acting as the chief case debugger international for seven years that virtually every botched case I handled was answered by putting in that which had been quickied and omitted by others before.  And Miscavige knows it as I reported all my actions directly to him.

To compound the compounded felony Miscavige’s minions are boasting about putting the quickied Grades preclear straight onto the Ls Rundowns (high powered, very expensive Scientology exercises). The L’s compilation is an incomplete and sloppy product that has been known to Miscavige as so confusing as to be the number two cause of failed and severely complicated cases in Scientology. The L’s have been on the “compilations correction line up” as a top priority for nearly twenty years. The simplicity of how the Ls create as many botched and failed cases as they have advanced cases is mind boggling. It too has been reported to Miscavige directly. He refuses to fix it, and instead promotes it to cases incessantly, knowing that a good fifty percent of them will wind up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in endless reviews, and a good percentage of those ultimately will blow off from Scientology severely disaffected.

But at $1,000 an hour (the price of L’s auditing), Miscavige apparently figures ‘why work when you can steal.’

19 responses to “Miscavige turns Flag into Mecca of Technical Perversion

  1. Thanks for this info.
    I saw that email you mentioned a couple days ago and it made me sick. The fact that it is so blatantly obvious the grades were quickied and it is being promoted as a “look what we can do, we are so good here it took only 10 days to get her through half her Grades” made me angry, real angry.

  2. Class VIII C/S

    This is pretty wild, pretty gross actually. I can’t believe the promo piece! What effrontery. There goes the ball game, again. As Pearsalad says, it’s enough to make you sick, or cry.


  3. HCO PL Technical Degrades is at the beginning of almost every single course. Scientologists are reading it frequently. It’s like they are under a hypnotic trance to rationalize away these outpoints.

  4. Well, if DM is bitching about Grades taking too long, he needs to bitch into a mirror. In 1987, during a redo of Academy Levels checksheets that he ordered that the Grades Process checklists, then BTBs, be made into HCOBs and include every single process for each grade that could be found anywhere. Books, lectures and bulletins were scoured to locate every Grades process and they were compiled into checklists for each Grade. DM himself saw every single process, even demanding late one evening that one batch of processes, 50 in all, each be separately CSWed, an admin exercise that kept one person up all through the night writing 50, count ’em, CSWs for 50 processes. If one doubts the accuracy of these comments, the CSWs, each with DM’s own scribbled initials will be found in the RTRC Archives. Yes, the Lower Grades are wonderful, nothing like them anywhere on the planet, and getting the full result for each Grade is a lasting joy and sets one up to attain the mind blowing gains on the levels above Grade 4. The fact is, there is a tremendous amount of gain available on the Grades and it is worth every hour spent in session availing oneself of those gains.

  5. martyrathbun09

    You da’ man Joe.

  6. During the past 20 years, the Church of Scientology has quickied the lower Expanded Grades using three other means about which I have been informed by other ex-church members:

    1) Delivering the final process from each grade and leaving the pc under the impression he or she is now a Expanded Grade IV completion.

    2) The pc went Clear during the grades, so the remaining grades were not delivered. This is contrary to L. Ron Hubbard’s instructions.

    3) Someone other than the pc originated that he or she was already Clear, resulting in skipping the lower Expanded grades in their entirety.

  7. From all the information I have seen it seems evident Miscaviage has absolutely no intention of following LRH intention of getting Scientology out and being used. Quite the contrary, by his actions, he is working very hard to stop Scientology being used. Such actions are obviously designed to set people up for a failure and so set Scientology up for a failure.

    means we, in the Freezone, have to work harder and smarter to ensure that the philosophy and technology is preserved, protected and promoted.

  8. I got a Somatic in my Head from reading all this Bussshit since weeks! You didn t see Trees because of the Forest! None of you. See, I am a big LRH Fan, since 1982. With the Basic Tech, we would convert this scene and this world in a better place. ARC, KRC, the Dynamics, the Comm Cycle, 2 way comm, the Tonescale, the Conditions, the Study Tech, TRs, the Axioms, the Qs…, all these simple things are Scientolgy, and well applied, we would live in Peace. Listen,I don t want us to become like the catholic and te Protestant Church in Germany. The Scientology Church need a Schisma like an Headache, so don`t make two different groups. As what David Miscavige, the COB concerns, we MUST have such an son of a bitch as Head of our Religion! He is at this position because he was obviously the man who was able to do it. If all the others are too fearfull of him, then that s far to low on the Tonescale, to be effective. This Dwarf Miscavige is doing a wonderful job. The Materials are now much better than in the past 50 years. The Tech still works well. I think, most of you were forced to leave. If some of you did it voluntary, it gives a bad PR for the whole Scientology World, Churchies, Freezoners, Independents, or whatever. You should think it over about if you really want to continue this way. What is reality? It depends on what we AGREE about. You clearly disagree because of minor, less important things things. I am shure,the COB never did it, but even if he did hiting someone in the Face, a Hydrogen Bomb might be more dangerous…Kicking someone in the Ass shouldnt be a reason to put in Danger our whole Religion. The new Orgs are empty? So what, they will be full of Students and PCs soon. If they come, and there are no Orgs, that would be much more look like an Outpoint! Apply the Basics! Stay together. Put some ice in your eyes! Come back, in the moment, you are allowed to! We need all and every Scientologist working together, to establish a Power Condition on Earth, to be able helping People go really free. We all are spiritual beeings. The moment you are aware of it, you are inmortal.
    “Come together”! (John Lennon)

  9. Snowhite, some of us have been attempting to return to good standing with the church for years. It is David Miscavige and his Church of Scientology that are dividing people. Some of us are holding onto the hope of a reformed church wherein Scientologists really can come together instead of being disconnected from one another.

  10. “means we, in the Freezone, have to work harder and smarter to ensure that the philosophy and technology is preserved, protected and promoted.”

    I see on YouTube that there is a large CoS presence, definitely a large Anonymous presence, but very little of a Freezone presence. I’m wondering if that is by design or has that efforts have been suppressed?

  11. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Are you aware of the squirreling (alterations and deletions) of LRH’s written and audio works?

    If so, is this tolerable and acceptable to you? If not, have you written up knowledge reports about it?

    Of course, we must first KSW. Altered LRH works in the church is the “norm” right now.

    Clearly, if the correct tech isn’t even there, what’s the point of expanding the church?

    I suggest you look deeper into this if you haven’t already so you see this is true.

    The way I view the situation is that staff and public are so PTS to David Miscaviges squirrelled tech, that they are blind-sided to what’s really going on.

    Independent Scientologists are not likely PTS to the church … like church members are. So they can much more easily confront and see the evil going on within the church of scientology.

  12. Uh, Wayne, who would he write the KRs to…..DM? RTC Reports Off? On both posts there is no one there! NEXT!
    The only thetans to write KRs to is Marty’s or Steve’s Blogs so everyone can see them….Like Mick Dundee’s solution to solving problems!

  13. Interesting. I was re-reading some of these early posts and happened upon this one. This information about the L’s needing some correction is interesting. I haven’t done them but I’ve heard from people who have where they took a lot longer than they were TE’d for. A friend of mine recently came back from Flag after having done L11 (MID 2010). I asked him how it went and his comm lag was very obvious. He kinda brushed it off with some “it’s great” PR and he has not spoken ONE WORD of it to me since. So your data here certainly lines up with what I have SEEN.

  14. Reading that Policy Letter from Hubbard about “Technical Degrades” I’m somewhat shocked to see:

    “A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty, will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES.

    4. Failing to strike from any checksheet remaining in use meanwhile any such comments as “historical”, “background”, “not used”, “old”, etc. or VERBALLY STATING IT TO STUDENTS.”

    This was issued way before I became interested in Scientology yet the first thing I heard when I did start inquiring about it, at least 10 years after this policy letter was issued (it was issued int 1970, I didn’t inquire into Scientology until the 80’s) was how everything I was interested in from the books I read was Obsolete or “historical” – no longer used and all that.

    The missions I visited said I would have to go to “Flag” which, for me at the time was thousands of miles away. These developments were hurting the missions and THEY did not like it any more than I did.

    When I asked for the reason for all this I was told that some “young Scientologist(s)” had “Taken Over” within the Church and were changing everything.

    I could tell that one woman I talked to at a Mission in upstate New York was trying to be chipper and optimistic about the whole thing but in actuality, from her tone and expression did not like what was going on and seemed worried and unhappy. She didn’t know how she was going to keep the mission open.

    When I checked back later the mission was closed.

    This happened repeatedly. I was interested in learning more about Scientology and it seemed like every Church or mission I visited was in trouble or on the verge of closing or was actually closed.

    I’ve also laughed in regard to the recent bragging going on in regard to how fast people are getting through “The Basics”.

    Some sort of Scientology “Telemarketer” type person called me from Flag recently saying how quickly she got through the basics. (i.e. reading all those new editions of all the Scientology books), and specifically mentioned “Self Analysis” and how she got through that in like a few hours in one sitting or something to that effect.

    Since I had actually USED “Self Analysis” for a long time myself I just chuckled, with a bit of puzzlement and concern and told her:

    “It could take someone a LIFETIME to get through that one book, IF THEY ACTUALLY DID ALL THOSE PROCESSES… Going back and actually “recalling” and re-living all those incidents in all those lists” .

    She got silent for a while and then admitted this was true.

    I thought what about the processes in all those other books ?

    What is it now, just read the books as fast as possible but skip doing all the actual auditing ?

    And 99% of the promotional material I still get from Scientology is almost nothing but bragging about how fast people are completing the courses “in half the time” or some such with accompanying testimonials “I did (such and such) in record time…”

    The more I find out about all this the more it all appears to trace right back to Miscavige.

    I take it he is the, or one of the “Young Scientologist(s)” that came in and “Took Over” and started changing everything.

    I remember reading something else about this somewhere… that it was like the “Lord of the Flies” or something as someone put it.

    What puzzles me some is that these young people were very close to Hubbard. Miscavige in particular as I understand it was right at Hubbard’s side all the time.

    I tend to think… Well…

    “A fine tree does not produce bad fruit. Neither can a rotten tree produce good fruit.” – Matthew 7:19

    It has been alleged that Hubbard, in one way or another appropriated secrets from the O.T.O. (Crowley).

    For instance:

    “…a certain Frater X appeared on the scene, and while such was his fascination that Parsons – who had gained admission to the highest grades of the O.T.O. – was persuaded to break his Oath of Secrecy and X came into possession of the secrets of the Order although he was not at any time properly initiated.”

    “Parsons…. died disastrously when he dropped a phile of fulminate of mercury. His scribe, however, is still at large, having grown wealthy and famous by a misuse of the secret knowledge which he wormed out of Parsons.”

    From “The MagicalRevival” by Kenneth Grant (1972) pgs 107 & 162


    Robert Anton Wilson wrote: “Hubbard’s system is derived largely from Aleister Crowley…. Hubbard was a member of Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis in the 1940s; and Hubbard later… invented a system which seems, to those of us who know both, very similar to the system taught by Crowley in the O.T.O.” ”

    From: Robert Anton Wilson, letter, Conspiracy Digest 3.1 (1978)

    There is no question whatsoever that “Frater X” and “Scribe” mentioned by Grant in the early 70’s were both none other than Hubbard.

    To me this would explain the discepancy.

    Hubbard used much of this secret high level material from Crowley.

    Much of the material, basic philosophy, axioms, processes etc. are incredibly valuable but to one degree or another the material was perverted and missused by Hubbard. And so…

    …the legacy was passed on to his charge Miscavige.

    If this is true, as far as perverting and misusing “The Tech”; Miscavige seems far worse than Hubbard could ever be accused of being. By comparison, Hubbard was down right conscientious about preserving the integrity of Crowley’s system.

    I tend not to judge Scientology Philosophy or “Tech” by the actions or personality of either Hubbard or Miscavige.

    It (Scientology) is, Im guessing a very FORTUNATE Plagiarism or reworking of secret Crowley/OTO material that might not otherwise have ever seen the light of day.

    Worth studying. Perhaps worth using. but with the above kept in mind.

    Like if someone plagiarized some advanced scientific research by Albert Einstein and the plagiarized material survived but the original work by Einstein was lost, this plagiarized research would still be incredibly valuable though suspect due to having passed through another hand.

  15. Tom Booth write: “(Scientology) is, Im guessing a very FORTUNATE Plagiarism or reworking of secret Crowley/OTO material…”

    Are you serious or is this just intended to generate off topic discussion?

    The rest of your comment seems quite sensible and doesnt belong in the spam can.

    If this is what you really feel, you are frequenting the wrong blog. Go to the OTO/Crowley/Black Magik sites to get some real, undiluted “standard tech.”

  16. I meant to say; *as yet unpublished* rather than “secret”.

  17. “If this is what you really feel, you are frequenting the wrong blog. Go to the OTO/Crowley/Black Magik sites to get some real, undiluted “standard tech.” ”


    I don’t see the word “Black” anywhere in the title of Crowley’s magnum opus: “Magick in Theory and Practice” (a.k.a. “Master Therion”)

    …and apparently, neither did Hubbard, since he gives this work of his “very good friend” a glowing recommendation to an audience of Scientologists:

    See: Bridge Publications – Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures

    The basic principles of a Science are not “Black” or “White”, “Good” or “Bad”, except perhaps in respect to its application.

    For example: the “working principles” behind Prayer and Witchcraft appear identical if looked at from an objective, unbiased, dispassionate “scientific” perspective. Joan of Ark comes to mind, illustrating the ambiguity even within a faith. “Witch” or “Saint” ? Hard to tell.

    Just as electricity or any energy or object can be used for constructive purposes or destructive purposes. Both Crowley’s Magick and Hubbard’s “Tech” can be used or abused.

    Placed side by side and given a pint by point comparison, many have concluded that there is scarcely a hairs breadth of difference between them.

    Hubbard, for whatever reason, joins the OTO and Shazzamm!! Like Clark Kent entering a phone booth and emerging a “Superman” – Pulp Science Fiction Writer transforms into Super-Scientology Guru churning out ream after ream of inspired and inspiring spiritual insights and never before seen “Tech”.

    As per your question: am I serious, or is this what I “really feel”, I would have to say,…

    To deny that there was any connection between Crowley and Hubbard, IMO is just willful ignorance these days.

    One has to put these facts into perspective SOMEHOW.

    As stated in my post “I’m guessing”. Though that is not entirely true. More like an informed stab in the dark.

    One thing is Clear. Crowley REALLY DID dedicate his life, from an early age, to the task of marrying together Science and Theology. His extensive research and travels, his “experiments” his insights and conclusions his contributions to what he considered a SCIENCE of RELIGION cannot be disputed.

    Can we say the same thing about Hubbard ?

    If Hubbard was to one degree or another borrowing from Crowley, can we be sure that Hubbard even fully understood all the material ? Can we be certain of his motivation ? His integrity ?

    In truth, some complaints at least similar to those being lodged against Miscavige here have at one time or another been lodged against Hubbard in his day.

    I’m just trying to make some sense of it all.

  18. Technically “quickie” Grades would be only running the Quad for each Grade. [Ref: HCOB 25 Jun. 70RA, II, GLOSSARY OF C/S TERMS] Flag is not doing that. However, the “new” Grades checklists have been reduced from the 1987 ones. [More than that I’m afraid to say due to the bond that RTC forced me to sign.]

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with the reduction, especially because the current Grades checklists seem to have been arbitrarily compiled. [See Joe’s comment above.] They certainly do go way beyond the processes that LRH listed in the training column of the 1968 Classification Chart. Plus, I have experienced quite a few instances of my PC’s getting overrun due to C/S’s requiring every process on the checklist be run before attesting.

    I believe that the real reason that the Grades have been taking much longer to complete than a couple intensives each is entirely due to overrun caused by F/N abuse, e.g. Auditors trying to get every single question on the checklist to F/N while sitting there waiting for their meters to play Dixie (3x.) If an Auditor applied HCOB “Checking Questions on Grades Processes” and C/S Series 1, then theoretically it wouldn’t matter how long the list was.

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