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The Nullification Of Scientology Inc. Management

What follows is a despatch from David Miscavige (supreme leader of Scientology Inc.) to the top marketing ‘executive’ in corporate Scientology, as Miscavige addresses him: Acting, Temporary Marketing Executive International In Training (A/T/MEI I/T).  The adjectives (acting, temporary, in  training) overlap and are duplicative in some sense, but all are combined to nullify the person in question.  The preamble, A-D, serves no purpose other than to further nullify the recipient.


4 MAR 2001



This is so off the wall and so complex compared to what should happen to get it in that I know you:

A) Don’t know org boards, command charts,

B) Your resources,

C) Any tool of management,

D) How Internet works

I’m answering so you don’t take it as okay without any word from me (i.e., COB said nothing, so it must be okay).

Now figure it out—especially since I already went over how it’s done.


The actual order, the last sentence, is the ultimate nullification, and mind game. ‘Figure it out’, is a rather insane direction when Miscavige tells the person that Miscavige already figured out and communicated ‘how it’s done.’

Many who have attempted to work within Miscavige’s zone of influence can attest that this order above is only too typical.  Miscavige issues a dozen, or dozens, of similarly toned nullification orders in any given day.

Compare this to what L. Ron Hubbard writes about the nullification process in Science of Survival:

Nullification actually begins with domination, but becomes very pronounced at about 1.3  (emotional tone of resentment).  A 2.0  (emotional tone of antagonism) might demand of another that he demonstrate enough ‘guts’ to carry forward a project. But from 1.3 down, the modus operandi is any and every effort to convince another human being ‘for his own good’ or ‘for the good of others’ that he has neither the force nor strength to be dangerous.  By rendering the individual undangerous, the 1.3, 1.2 (emotional tone of no-sympathy), 1.1 (emotional tone of covert hostility) and on down seek to dominate him with the pitiful strength which still remains to the 1.3 and down.   The 1.2 and down is most comfortable around sick people, around people who are in apathy, since the 1.1 mistakenly believes these people not to be dangerous because they are obviously weak.  This is so far from good reasoning that the results are catastrophic.

And that explains in a nutshell why there is no international management in Scientology.  There is only a collection of sick, weak, apathetic people who did not have the strength or sense to realize the above before it was too late.  That was evident to me in ’04 when I left,  after this nullification process had been generalized by Miscavige for at least a decade.   After eight more years of it, Miscavige is surrounded by nothing more than shadows.  Their lack of understanding of  (or care for) the world  around them and how it has evolved makes them liabilities as managers. It would take years for any one of them to decompress sufficiently to be effective or trustworthy.  And that would mean a decompression completely unattached to and not influenced by Scientology Inc. culture.  Pining for a replacement of Miscavige is like whistling past one’s own gravesite.

The solution to Scientology Inc and David Miscavige is to move on and create a new Scientology scene.  Scientology Inc has been dead for some time.   As Jesus once said “let the dead bury their own dead” (Matthew 8:22). (for interpretation see this from ‘church of the Great God’).  In this case, I am not suggesting anybody follow anybody, quite the contrary, I am suggesting to folk that they physically and spiritually walk on.