The Relatively Painless SP Declare

You might be interested in getting yourself declared (excommunicated) by Scientology Inc. in a rapid, efficient and relatively painless fashion.  All you need to do is associate with me.   A number of people  have achieved the instant-declared status by simply being seen communicating with me or  by being found to be posting on this blog.

The advantages of the instant, causative declare stem from the fact that when you ride with me nobody in the church messes with you.   You won’t have family members recruited to act as covert spies for Scientology Inc.  You won’t have confidential confessional information used by family and friends to push your buttons so as to convince you to change your mind.   You won’t have the ‘this is your life’ missions sent using family and friends (starting with the highest of ‘affinity’ of course) to subject you to lengthy invalidation and evaluation sessions accentuated with heavy doses of doomsday scenario scare tactics.

If you choose this route, of course your friends, family and associates affiliated with corporate Scientology will disconnect from you.   They will be plied with all manner of exaggerated and manufactured stories about you to get them to comply.   That comes with the territory; whether you go the instant declare route or not.  All I am offering is a means to expedite the process so that it is a clean, quick break.  If you are sufficiently briefed  about and exterior to  Scientology Inc. culture you will understand that all that is going to happen no matter which way you choose to cut the umbical cord.  The relatively painless declare speeds the process so that you don’t go through months of drama.  I am garlic as far as the vampire in chief (David Miscavige) is concerned.  Once some of it rubs off on you – Miscavige and his minions must stay far, far away for fear of being enervated by contact.

The instant decalare route saves you the sorrow and indignity of watching who you once thought were your friends acting as deployable agents, prostituting themselves to a cult by using all shifts imaginable to break your self-determinism and will.   By many accounts this pathetic drama is the worst and most painful part of the process of breaking free.

You can bypass it entirely.

All ya gotta do is post your declaration of independence here.

You can do so by declaring your independence from corporate Scientology on this blog.  Or you can visit me for services.

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  1. truthteller67

    Nice. Marty and all. I attest that this route is the route to total freedom and it works very quickly.

  2. Thanks, Marty, I’ll drink to that! Been thrown out of better places than the C of $.

  3. I think I was the first person that got declared for associating with Marty! 🙂 And I wouldn’t change a thing. I love me some garlic.

  4. I can attest to this. In hindsight it undoubtedly did make things easier for me.
    The garlic comparison is a good one. The EO at my closest org (Nashville) who “declared” me was afraid of me and never even communicated with me until I called him 10-15 times over a week at which point he took the call and “disconnected” from me.

  5. I tried being careful for a few years, but once my wife and I got the OK from my daughter not only was the declare painless, it was a huge relief. No more looking behind your back, no more fear of people pounding on my door, no more endless phone calls and no more pretending.

    I understand some people cannot do it this way and I don’t beleive in forcing people to come out, but we able to just get on with life after our declare. Even some people refused to disconnect from my wife and I because they know that we are not real SP’s.

  6. martyrathbun09

    Amazing how the big bad mafia goes all weak-kneed when you demand to speak on a level playing field, ain’t it?

  7. Just a note in the interests of full disclosure.

    The RCS have backlogs on the declare/disconnection lines. It is taking them a bit of time to get to everyone, so don’t be disappointed if they are slow.
    So much “disconnecting” to do (even though there is no such thing…) and so few resources to do the dirty work.

    Oh, the problems of the RCS. It used to be that backlogged delivery was their biggest situation. Now its backlogged declares.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  8. martyrathbun09

    You were the first! And a great example who many, now happy people followed. Thank you Christie.

  9. I’ve gone both routes, trust me, seeing Marty and Mosey is MUCH more fun!
    I was comm ev’d (ha! If you can call it that) by SAC org for daring to tell my FSM who DM really was and that ,no, I wasn’t coming back ever to the church for any services nor was I supporting the church with further of my time and money but that I was still an Scn. Anyway, still haven’t seen the declare I’m sure exists and since visiting Casa Blanca, I’ve been left very much alone….ahhhh…..listen to the quiet……..
    Linda McGinley aka McGins

  10. I can testify that all this is true.
    Point by point.
    But it is also a proof of whether one is moving up a little higher or not. Leaving the spiritual prison of a degraded group (for his continual association to SP leadership) is a going up or going down action?
    “If you stay silent, you’re taking the side of the oppressor,”
    Crystal clear…

  11. That is funny Chris 🙂 🙂 🙂

    It is really true that these people don’t have a clue what to do when they have to engage in a real comm cycle with a real person — not just someone they can order to shut up or comply because of some threatened dire consequence. As soon as their threats are rendered useless, so they are they.

  12. Yes, it’s been months and I haven’t heard a thing. Whenever, I think about it I always remember what Groucho said:
    ― Groucho Marx, Groucho and Me

  13. Instant declare … sounds fast. And high speed is high on the tone scale, isn’t it !?

    i almost regret that I put up with a ‘classic declare’ some 10 years ago. Those poor souls had to work on it for more than 15 months, until finally they had merged their lies into political correct words, Co$ style.

  14. If I post again can I get a double secret extra- declare?

    Not to be confused with a double cream chocolate éclair.

    Tim Swanson

  15. Garlic Breath

    Come here Little Davey, and let me breathe on you!

    Nancy McPherson aka PaleHorse, playing with another user name just for this thread.

  16. Great minds think alike! I was thinking the exact same thing when I read Marty’s post.

  17. Speaking of drinking, Dave, some of us SP’s were wondering what brand of scotch you’re imbibing these days. Nothing but the best for you, I’m sure, on our collective “nickel.”

  18. Right you are, and this is a funny thread.

  19. Maybe that explains why my wife and I were jointly declared and expelled. I never heard of more than one person being on the same declare. It also was back dated to Dec 31st 2011, though HCO of Orange County Org didn’t receive it til mid Feb 2012. It was a total boilerplate issue, and said that were associated with a “small group of squirrels”. Oh Really? Judging from the amount of posters on this blog, I don’t think it’s a “small group”

  20. When I got him on the phone I told him I had received no communication at all regarding this. He said he left me a message telling me I was declared. I told him I didnt get any message. He said maybe he had the wrong number.

    During that comm cycle I had a cognition about me being totally in comm and this guy was a scared little mouse acting like a tough guy. I was doing my Grade 0 with Tom and I was almost laughing at this guy who thought he needed to flow hatred at me to be a dedicated Scientologist.
    It was just so rediculous.

  21. Glenn C. Briggs

    Marty, if I’m already declared, do I become SP squared?

  22. It seems like it causes a confusion and an unability to confront. Maybe they need to clear up their purposes and to some TR’s.

  23. “So much “disconnecting” to do (even though there is no such thing…) and so few resources to do the dirty work”.

    I know it´s obvious; I know; but we must have very clear THE FACT that disconection is their main silence technique. This is the “solution” they arrive at for the “problem” of “how do I carry on doing this mess and also mantain people´s goodwill? = Mantain apart and depower “disafected people”. This is a historical SP 101 control technique.
    Divide and you will conquer…

  24. martyrathbun09

    Hi Glenn.

  25. To it fence sitters! The very fact that you want to but are afraid, is proof positive that the cult has jammed up your ability to think and act freely.

    Know what you know, it’s ok, you’re ok.

    I was declared twice and I am damn proud of it!

    And I have had the most case gain after I knocked out the prison guard, stole his keys and escaped.

    On closer inspection it turned out that I was the prison-prisoner-prison guard all rolled into one person.

    Their is a cancer in your church, if you are unhappy you are not home.

  26. Yeap, Marty, I agree. “Out” is the new “in”!

  27. What about those who are half and half. Feeding from both sides?

    Vlad Tepes Dracula with his Countess considered himself fortunate to be sleeping in a seperate wing to the troups. They had an awful bad case of anti-spirit poison vibes which no amount of garlic would see off.

  28. How about SP straight up and vertical!

  29. It took me from August 2003 to May of 2005 to “route out” from the Int base (via Happy Valley concentration camp, then PAC Ranch and then PAC RPF) and get my first SP declare (even though I had completed the full routing form and required security checks).

    I came to Australia in 2005 and no one came near or approached — except for IJC calling to try and reg me to pay for basic books as part of my “amends”.

    I started posting on Marty’s blog as Solace, in 2009 and OSA spent quite some time tracing me down to figure out my identity and putting one Danny Barram onto my lines to elicit information feed that back to OSA.

    When I declared my independence on Marty’s blog in June 2010, that would have been the end of it all — except for my husband – who then added all sorts of interesting curve balls into the situation.
    I ended up, after a sit-in with Marion Pouw and Mike Sutter, and then cooperating with a Committee of Evidence, which cancelled my SP declare (all in the effort to keep me off Marty’s lines and make me into a good, compliant, little sheeple). That lasted only 3 months and then my personal integrity won.

    In April of 2011 my husband departed, and I returned to this blog. It has been strangely quiet on the Corp Scientology front ever since. They did not send me my second, new, instant declare. I was just informed on a via that I had one. And that was over a year ago now.

    So — the garlic is pretty good over here — as well as the company — and the cooking. Thanks Marty! Now I am working to create my own garlic franchise in Australia, and that is going just great!

    It sure does suck to be Miscavige.

  30. Backlogged on declares… that’s funny as hell. And to think just a few short years ago many of us would have been petrified at the mere thought of it.

    I don’t know yet about a declare, but I did manage to get black listed, no more daily snail mail promo from all over the planet, nada. No more emails from Orgs, Missions and AO’s I’ve never visited, nada. All just suddenly ceased a couple months ago. It actually took a couple weeks to realize it had disappeared, but then what a relief!

  31. I like Katie Holmes style: superb planning and execution.
    A thread about this:

    The superb planning and execution might include Marty’s suggestion, as to will make the process easier and faster. A good idea might be visit Marty to get a Reverse Scientology Repair Rundown.

    Also, if one gets impatient because Co$ is not sending the “badge of honor” goldenrod, there is a Do It Yourself Declare Kit available. This kit is better than the official, because here one can state the real causes of the “declare”. 🙂

  32. The most telling thing about that phrase is that they added the word ‘small’. That they felt they had to state the size of the group speaks volumes…

  33. As a field auditor, coming out on Marty’s site was the best thing-I have never been hassled, which is wonderful!!! When I was IN and apparently being a good member, I was being hassled. I do know Marty took alot of heat for all of us, for which I am very grateful.

  34. Another added benefit that I received from declaring my independence here and posting my email address was receiving comm from old friends I hadn’t heard from in years. I had no idea they were already out.

  35. As an additional reward for a double secret extra- declare, you may get yourself a double cream chocolate éclair. 🙂

  36. Mike — I guess they are talking about some other “small group” that they mistakenly think you are part of?

    I guess its the small group of bitter defrocked apostates (funny, I don’t think I even know ONE bitter defrocked apostate)….


    Believe me, you are one of the fortunate ones who has even seen an issue about you.

  37. Glenn C. Briggs

    Yep, Karin, I F/Ned on that!

  38. Tim — maybe you can get an “addendum”.

    Rumor has it you can graduate from being “SP” to some further level of unrepentant evilness requiring an “addendum” to your declare. Kind of like being extra pregnant I guess.

    Remember, that’s declare addendum… not to be confused with deathless pablum.

  39. I am a happy customer from the instant declare route.
    I never wanted to do the “alternate route” to SP. I went the A-B route with all the trimmings.
    It was fun gong to see Marty and getting auditing from him without all the IAS bullshit and extra hoops to jump through. Plus he has an excellent little mexican hole in the wall joint that he can hook you up with.
    Thanks King Pin!!

  40. Another very important advantage of being declared, is that it is the only way, this days in the corporate, to get ethics protection. Upstat people have no ethics protection anymore, only SPs – real ones and declared ones, isn’t it?

  41. Plus they took me off their mailing list!! I have been wanting to get all that junk stopped years earlier. I just wasn’t using the correct estimation of effort!

  42. I can well imagine he was scared shitless. How many people do you think he has lost to you independents already? Put yourself into his shoes for a moment. He must be convinced that Marty got control over their brains through some kind of black magic, and that this black magic rubs off or something.
    Poor guy.

  43. plainoldthetan

    What I have found is that when a person gets declared, he finds out who his friends actually are. If you have “friends” that disconnected from you then they are not really friends. But if you have true friends who get the word and say “Fred’s not an SP…I never get sick around him…in fact, the last time I got sick was after seeing the org’s ethics officer”, they know where the suppression is coming from and apply “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” and act accordingly and don’t disconnect from you. As Marty points out, they suddenly find that they have an instant declare and no one’s guilt-ing them into giving huge sums to the IAS or an Ideal Org campaign or one of the myriad inhumane humanitarian sub-operations of Scientology Inc. And suddenly, they realize what freedom really is.

  44. I heard on the rumor line that what is being done now is family do not have to disconnect from the declared person; they can’t go any further on their bridge but because of all the media attention thanks to Marty, Mike etc., dm is not forcing family to disconnect — (they just can’t go any further)

    Chances are MOST family WILL disconnect because of their “eternity” but perhaps some will not.

    ALSO — didn’t hear on the rumor line if this “new” disconnect policy holds true for those SO members still in who might have a father, mother, sister brother declared.

    Any further info would be great …

    I’ve got someone in mind who has an adult child still IN and he is has been out and declared for years.



  45. As an Indie field auditor, I second that! Well put, Ingrid.

    And God, don’t you love the smell of garlic in the morning! Smells like….(shiver of shoulders) ..victory! (quite an improvement on napalm, huh?)

    Indies are having victories daily, delivering and applying the tech, thanks in large part to Marty and MIke standing up to Draculavige. His minions are “holed up” in the castle, and the villagers are retaking the town, carrying very large torches!

  46. TheWidowDenk

    It took me four years to become extricated from the corp. scn lines after Dr Denk’s death. Throughout that time I maintained independent thought and waited patiently. It took yet another year to discover the Independent community and begin posting under an assumed name. From there it was approximately six months until I made my formal statement. If I was then “instantly declared,” it sure took the officials one heck of a lot of time. It’s a good thing I’m patient because I have now found a nice place into which I may communicate.

  47. Fantastic Idea maybe put your real name and where you live so its easier to get that instant declare. Hopefully they are so scared they give you a declare and your money off account with a gag order so you cannot free the other Scientologists around you? Worth a shot.

  48. I remember Mike Rinder telling me something similar about being his friend and how it wasn’t a good idea if we wanted to fly under the radar in Clwr. The thing is for us, flying under the radar to an extent provided a few advantages as opposed to a swift declare. It gave a lot of our “friends” the opportunity to approach us about the rumors they were hearing, this provided opportunities for us to actually relay our viewpoints to these people, it also provided opportunities for them to actually think about what they were being told about us versus what our viewpoints were and who they’d known us to be, as many knew us for 15 plus years. I can say as a result of the rumors, fb hate campaigns against us & our declares it has provided many many opportunities to communicate with those who are or were questioning things themselves & now many of those people have woken up & are now declared or just flying under the radar for their own reasons. Those opportunities to communicate with people are valuable. If you are swiftly declared and just leave “quietly” those opportunities may not present themselves. Looking back on that time, even though it sucked at the time for my entire family, I’m glad things went down the way they did. It shook things up in the community & it provided a lot of opportunities that resulted in more departures and more free thinking !!

  49. Wayne Froemke

    I never got declared (unless I didn’t get the memo). But I’m not too disappointed, as there is no glory in getting declared by an automaticity.

  50. Glenn C. Briggs

    But, Chris, that would mean that staff would be applying the tech instead of being simply puppets for Miscavage to manipulate! The only reason I got OT IV was because I hadn’t had any previous drug rundown, which was required for Int Clearances. Basically, my progress up the Bridge died at that point for the next 17 years I was on staff. I’m certain that was not what LRH intends.

  51. How sweet of the dictator, David Miscavige; “You don’t have to disconnect, however you will lose your eternity.”

    I’m so thankful my eternity doesn’t rely on a tyrant.

  52. Christine,

    It’s really a lot of wordplay they engage in about what they do and don’t “enforce”.

    The fact of the matter is this:

    1. If one of their clubbed seals (let’s call him Clubbed Seal “A”) is connected to a person (let’s call her SP#1) the church believes is “disaffected” (because they read the internet or talk to “bitter defrocked apostates”) — even if SP#1 NEVER discusses anything about the church with Seal A, and

    2. Even if the “connection” is tenuous — i.e. Seal A’s son is married to someone whose sister talks with SP#1, then

    3. Seal A is told to “handle or disconnect” (often the MAA will pull in Seal A’s wife to put the heat on Seal A if they think the wife claps longer and harder when the fish is tossed — even threatening Seal A with divorce), and

    4. “Handle” means getting SP#1 to “recant” and do A-E, while Seal A must read voluminous “D/A packs” and “Freedumb mags” and watch endless videos of Dear Leader.

    But if Seal A DOESNT cooperate, then

    5. The penalties for non-compliance against the”voluntary” handling go into effect: Seal A is “removed from the level” or ordered to “sec checking at his own expense” and a retrain of the PTS/SP Course and an “Amends Project” and lower conditions, and

    6. If he doesn’t jump to and comply, then his wife will divorce him and all the other clubbed seals will be notified that he is not to be associated with, should be fired from his job and not invited to any more birthday parties.

    This IS how it works. If nobody had said ANYTHING to Seal A about his daughter-in-laws sister’s SP friend, everything would have carried along as usual. But terrified they cannot allow the seeping disease of critical thinking to encroach on their empire, they embark with righteous indignation on the crusade to cleanse all minds within 6 degrees of separation of unclean thoughts. And thus they make enemies. And thus they are dead.

    And it makes no difference whether they fiddle with semantics about whether they do or don’t have a policy of disconnection or whether people are declared for not disconnecting or whether they are just removed from services or assigned to sec checking or anything else. The fact is, the above is reality.

    And it is an abhorrent practice reminiscent of the segregationists in the south. They had their human rights violations well justified too — it WAS the law for 100 years. African Americans were not allowed to drink the same water or eat at the same lunch counter. Until the voices of some brave men and women stood up and said this is wrong. And they kept on saying it until more and more people listened, and eventually the public outcry became so loud and so widespread that civil rights were guaranteed under law and the segregationists became dinosaurs of a dark, ugly history.

    So too shall this practice of the RCS come to pass. It’s only a matter of time.

    You can already see the massive cracks appearing in the walls as they try to paper over them with semantics. The walls are shaking and they will soon be gone completely.

  53. Perfect comment.

  54. Tony — you made me LOL.

    “I never wanted to do the ‘alternate route’ to SP”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  55. Glenn C. Briggs

    Bless you, Lana. You know full well the price of freedom and have the courage to pay it! Love to all the Mitchells.

  56. Most orgs don’t seem to have the staff to keep up. I’ve been threatened several times with sp declare.
    The dsa at my local org said that she had to csw to get me declared for bad mouthing dm.
    A month has gone by and I have been bad mouthing dm to any Scientologist that will listen especially those formerly pesky AOLA tours reges that call me.
    I am an old OEC grad and I damn well know what is and isn’t policy.
    I know of no policy that is being applied at my local org-or advanced orgs for that matter, and I openly bitch about it.

  57. mrinder | August 13, 2012 at 11:39 am | Reply
    As soon as their threats are rendered useless, so they are they.

    Mike, I know another great example of that. When my husband, Ron, was trying (in vain) to get onto his OT levels, I woke up and quickly woke him up. He blew AOLA. The inevitable squad of MAAs arrived, trying to recover him. The “eternity card” was played, warning him he would never be allowed onto his OT levels. My husband’s response? “Don’t play a trump card that you don’t hold.”

  58. You are so right Marty. I linked to the Indie 500 list from your site and after signing my name there I was declared in very short order.

    My declare came in a manila brown envelope and I have kept it and the official declare in pristine condition. Every time I glance at it on the bookcase I feel comfortable and acknowledged that I did the right thing.

    It was intended to be a scarlet letter yet I am proud to own and wear it

  59. Just as LRH came up with the fast flow training system to create many auditors, your fast flow to declares will also create a huge field of Scientologists, independent to be, do and have what LRH intended.

  60. Excellent and most wonderful.
    Every emotional land mine that FLAG has thrown at me has not worked
    so this goes A to B , saves boiatloads of money and the nonsense of the Sancastle HCO.
    Your a geniuos Marty
    Hooyah and three cheers for Ron

  61. I haven’t officially come out publicly as yet, I think I as-ised my initial write-up at some point, but I’ve sent some quite blunt replys to various old (well established) friends and some still staff execs, only to receive nothing in return. Odd at best.

  62. Communication, the ARC triangle, the KRC triangle …..this is now all “Lost Technology” for anyone still in the RC$.

    These days there is such an increasing level of uncertainty on who’s in, who’s out, who’s disaffected and how bad………..the tone level is fear or below for those still connected to the Miscarriage.

  63. Better watch it Marty,
    Someone is going to write you up for your bragging about speed of service!!!!!!

  64. Brian,
    Cogs like that are almost like going clear again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VWD

    “On closer inspection it turned out that I was the prison-prisoner-prison guard all rolled into one person.”

  65. Thanks Mike,

    I’ve never been any good at following anything that could possibly be remotely connected to math or logic — so following clubbed seal a and SP b is too much for me 🙂

    Chris McDonald, Chris Gualtieri, Christine Williams, Christine Baranay —

    (not aliases as one cop in Clearwater thought when I was pulled over — marriages. Except for the last — my maiden name 🙂

  66. Math challenged, too many names… no matter, love you just the way you are.

  67. martyrathbun09

    Tacos, cervezas, South Texas velvet sky and SP declares…what a life…

  68. The threat of SP-declare is hanging over one like the sword of Damocles when one is not towing the party line with one’s decisions, not agreeing with something dictated or when voicing one’s opinion.
    It is quite freeing when that threat and suppression are gone. Today I can’t believe that I let my life dominate by that threat and blackmail for so many years. Now I couldn’t care less about DM’s “SP-declare”- he can shove it!

    I like this, written by “Thoughtful”, very much:
    …“We have our own opinions because WE EXIST. And forever and as long as we do exist, we will HAVE our own opinions about everything and no dictator has any right to dismiss our opinions. Our opinions and viewpoint are part of who we are because we exist.
    Having a viewpoint, having an opinion… these things go hand in hand with EXISTING and BEING.
    And that’s the way it’s always going to be.
    And if some DICTATOR doesn’t like it, then we will move him out of the way. Because this isn’t about him. Scientology isn’t about him. Scientology is about casting aside all those things that make decisions for you because that is what’s wrong with you.
    We DESPISE enforced disconnection. We DESPISE the action of declaring people suppressive who are not actually anti-social people.” …

  69. Word on the street is that I have been declared. News to me as I have seen nothing but happy to be here! I was told this by my sister as she was disconnecting from me. It’s all so totally ridiculous. The longer my decompression continues the more of the cult factors I am shedding. It is good. Funny post, Marty! Love to hang with the King Pin SP’s, that is for sure! If there are any SP’s out there in Sonoma County, give me a holler!

  70. I haven’t been declared yet. Guess my two refund requests have yet worked. In June I wrote a two line note to COS Inc. Terminals, stating I was done and not to call, email or mail. I have been unsubscribing for quietly two months. Now if I get an email, I reply with, SaveSceintology and a picture of Martys book ! 🙂

  71. Having a comm cycle with Marion Pouw is like being next to a piece of dry ice ……………………..shes cold and smoking!!!!!

  72. NO PAIN? You’re taking away everything the CO$ has to offer. Damn you Marty;)

  73. And a flood of ARC your way too Glenn. It has been a long time.

  74. “No such thing as disconnection AS YOU’RE CHARACTERIZING IT.” – Tommy Davis

  75. Wow, Mike! Interesting! Thank you much for taking your time to elaborate with your scholarly analysis.

  76. You are one of the few that actually got theirs in writing. You must be special!! 🙂

  77. I’m probably in that backlog file. You can only “like” so many photos on a declared SPs facebook fan page before RCS decides to declare you.

    Oh I am very serious. If you think RCS doesn’t follow your fan page think again. If you are declared they check who “likes” or comments the items you put on it … then they discover if any of them are “good standing” Scientologists and the reports fly.

  78. I hadn’t thought about this for a while. My wife and I tried for years to get them to stop harrassing us with phone calls every day. Now they never call. It’s great to be able to answer my own phone again.

  79. More like a circuit. No comm cycle present. Any origination you begin to make that she thinks she might disagree with she cuts off and refuses to listen. Literally “I will not list to that, it’s natter.” She spews rehearsed lines like “this is just a small group of bitter defrocked apostates” over and over and over.

    I was thinking rather than dry ice she is more like a rimless zero. NObody home.

    It’s sad, because when I joined the Sea Org in 1973 she was Supercargo FOLO UK while I was doing my EPF before going to the Apollo. She was dynamic, funny, attractive and had made a good living for herself as a hairdresser. Now she resembles a Dementor from Harry Potter “Completely blind, they hunt their victims through a primal sensing of positive emotions, and once found, they replace those emotions with unspeakably awful memories.”

  80. Ironically, practically all the declares and the associative disconnection from Scientologists within the “church” are the result of questioning, something of which Scientologists are allegedly trained to become experts.

    Corporate Scientologists have come to have a faith in a new brand of Scientology that’s akin to Orwell’s “double-think” — a disturbing mind-fuck by which they don’t let themselves know what is really going on in their minds, for fear of what might follow.

    They learn to deny what they think and feel. The resulting mind-set is one of all fear … all the time, a fear which renders them incapable of putting two and two together. They’re never free to SAY what they SEE.

    Where does deliverance from this evil mind-trick begin?

    In David Dark’s book, “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything”, he writes;

    “I believe deliverance begins with questions. It begins with people who LOVE questions, people who LIVE WITH questions and BY questions, people who feel a deep joy when good questions are asked.

    When we meet these people — some living, some through history and art — things begin to change. Something is let loose. When we’re exposed to the liveliness of holding everything up to the light of good questions — what I call “sacred questioning” — we discover that redemption is creeping into the way we think, believe, and see the world.

    This re-deeming (re-valuing) of what we’ve made of our lives, a redemption that perhaps begins with the insertion of a question mark beside whatever feels final and absolute, and BEYOND questioning, gives our souls a bit of elbow room, a space in which to breathe and imagine again, as if for the first time.”

    IMO, this book “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything” is the perfect gradient for corporate Scientologists to begin their own revitalized willingness to LOOK and to QUESTION everything. It “gives them permission” to question, and the knowingness it is not evil to do.

    (Not only that, this is an excellent “decompression” book.)

  81. Yep. What is left of an attention span is simply doing an A=A; trying to figure out which rehearsed answer will fit up best with what is being said.

    Finally when asked “who I have been listening to?” my answer was “Myself! What I have been saying to you Marion is what I HAVE experienced directly with Sea Org terminals.” She kind of came up to present time because her canned answers didn’t work. Poor Gal. Like you said NObody home.

  82. That should get you declared!! Lol.
    Getting declared is like finishing OT7. Cause over the cult. It takes a big thetan to be cause over that freaky organization.

  83. Darnit, could you elaborate on where your refund requests are at. Do you think there’s any chance you’ll get your AP back – if so, what is your optimism based on? Just curious – I’m considering starting that cycle too, but have heard that recently it’s gotten a lot more difficult if not impossible, so I hesitate to pull the trigger unless/until I hear of a recent success from someone.

  84. I understand that when you speak the magick words ‘Marty Rathbun’ the $cies drop you like a hot potato? Wunderful. The potato must be very hot indeed.

  85. Well, I suppose it’s about time I posted how I got myself SP Declared for Christmas 2005.

    The following is the full text of an email I sent to the Dir I&R ASHO Foundation and also immediately posted to Mick Wenlock’s XSO Yahoo Group in order to make sure OSA got a copy via their spy(s) in that group.
    Unfortunately, Marty’s blog was not available at that time for an EASY Button(tm).

    [ To whomever first views this e-mail, it’s I&R traffic ONLY. You would probably regard it as entheta and I don’t want too many people upset. I sent this to the only ASHO email address I could find on Scientology.Org ]

    16 December 2005 7:35AM

    To: Dir I&R ASHO Foundation – Dagne From: Michael A. Hobson – Former Staff

    Subject: Disconnection From The Sea Organization of the Church of Scientology


    This is to formerly notify you that I will no longer knowingly receive or originate any further communication with Sea Organization Staff or representatives.

    Please cease any and all attempts to contact me by any means, telephone, mail, e-mail or in-person. This applies to yourself personally and to any other member of the Sea Organization of the Church of Scientology.

    The telephone you tried to call me on last night after 9PM does not belong to me and I never gave it to you as a means of contact. You woke the non-Scientologist owner of this house from whom I rent, who goes gets up around 5AM and goes to bed around 7:30PM or 8:00PM. That line is her primary business line during the day and I may not receive calls on it.

    As for the reasons for disconnecting from *you personally*, the foremost are these:

    (1) you falsely accused me of having “publically disavowed Scientology” for posting in a PRIVATE forum of other former Sea Org staff members *only * and then did your best to to persuade me this lie was a true fact by twisted reasoning, abuse of the English language and the standard meanings of words (“public” and “private” are two different things entirely), etc.

    Up until now, I have never “disavowed” Scientology, The Church of Scientology nor even the Sea Organization – publically or in private (see definition below).

    (2) you then attempted to persuade me to act as a spy for the Church in the previously mentioned *private* forum as a means of demonstrating I truly was applying the Ethics Conditions and asserted authority to approve and censor my communications therein.

    I refer you to *Scientology 0-8* and the Creed of the Church of Scientology:

    We of the Church believe: … That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    L. Ron Hubbard gave you no such authority over me and my communications and disclaimed such authority for himself or anyone else with the above. If Ron Hubbard himself had ever tried this crap, I would have told him to go to Hell, and that is what I am now telling you.

    (3) you told me yourself that you had not seen the traffic in the Yahoo XSO forum, yet sight-unseen, you classified everybody in there as “persons attacking Scientology” and then saught to persuade me that they are all “criminals” by citation of policy. The notion that there could be persons who uphold the Scientology(tm) applied religious philosophy and it’s technology but who do not agree with the actions of the Church under the domination of the Sea Organization seems to be completely and utterly outside your reckoning.

    (4) on the basis of the above and God-only-knows what else, you conspired with the AOLA Public MAA (and I’m guessing, with whomever is serving as controller for the plant(s) in Yahoo XSO group) to force my two best friends of over five years abruptly DISCONNECT from me with no warning.

    (5) by all of the above, you absolutely demonstrated to me that – contrary to the PR line that has been forwarded that the “all the assholes are gone now” and “we don’t do things that way any more” – in actual fact, the situation with regard to Justice is as bad or worse than it ever was.

    I don’t expect you (or any of the rest of the persons who happen to read this document) to believe or understand any of this, Dagne. I expect that you (or they) will convene yet another sham Committee of Evidence and use this document as conclusive proof that I am a Suppressive Person, declare me as such and expel me from the Church, and then tell all my friends what an Evil, criminal, son-of-a-bitch I turned out to be all along, most like using information from my “Confidential Confessional Formulary” and whatever other discreditable things you all can come up with.

    My true friends know me well, and if you do that, it should adequately serve to put them on notice that your Justice system deals in mainly in falsehoods.

    Whatever it is you do, don’t bother informing me, as this is the last communication I intend to have with anyone connect to the Sea Organization until such a time as you all get your act together and represent the Scientology religion and philosophy in truth and not merely as a shameful pretense.

    As for the consequences of “being denied the OT levels forever”, that is far too similar to my old Christian Fundamentalist ministers telling us all how we were going to “burn in hell forever”, if we didn’t obey God.

    You people are not God, you don’t speak for God and God has not left you commmand of the gates to Heaven, no matter what you believe.

    Some day in the far future, you may come to realize this.

    Good Luck!

    Michael A. Hobson

    P.S. – the people in this household are all non-Scientologists, although they are all very good Christian people and my friends if anyone shows up here and creates a scene, it is going to result in bad PR for the Church, so please don’t.

    (1) Disavow: To disclaim knowledge of, responsibility for, or association with. — American Heritage Dictionary

  86. I think I am in the top 5! 🙂 ML, Jan

  87. To be declared in the first place is bull****! What right does any organisation have in dictating who you can, or cannot communicate to – especially where family is involved!?. It baffles me how people can disconnect from their loved ones and just ‘tow the line’. – Declaring people breads anger, it’s about time this recognised…!

  88. Garlic is also very healthy:

    Garlic repels vampires, mosquitos, and ticks. It’s a natural repellant against all bloodsuckers:

  89. “I never wanted to do the “alternate route” to SP.”


    The reality is that corporate Scientology is the Bridge to SP.

  90. Rachel, what I love about you is that while you aren’t loud, you are one of the strongest, kindest and compassionate person I know. Some people are on the front lines making all sorts of noise, but you seem to have found your place behind the scenes, and just as effective, but a few decibels lower. gene would be so so proud of you…

  91. +++++++++ what you said

  92. Marty is right!!! Keeping under the radar and pretending you are still in is a certain slow death. I recommend you resign today! And put your resignation on this blog which is the main meeting place of everyone who is leaving or has left. Thousands of people read this Blog every day, like you and me. Not all of them post comments, but they are reading it, and finding out the truth. Get declared!! It is after all an acknowledgement that you are definitely not one of them!! The feeling is indescribable. A relief and a joy. You and all your friends will then know for sure that you have not been able to be conned and that your personal integrity is more important to you than any status bestowed by the IAS Gestapo. What matters is what you think about yourself, and your own efforts to help your fellow man on a day-to-day basis, by being interested and genuinely involved with society yourself, no longer entrusting your flows of help to bogus humanitarian programs that exist in name only. Over the first days and weeks, even months after your resignation – you will continue to feel the suppression rolling off, and those hopes and dreams you had long forgotten will come back shining. Your heart will no longer be heavy and you will be able to plan a future for yourself that is not dependent on your reforming or compromising your own views or beliefs. You will find out for sure who your true friends really are. That in itself is a wonderful joy. It is better to know than to wonder. You will be healthier, happier, more purposeful and excited about life and one by one, many of your dearest friends, and some you never expected, will realise as you have that they too have to get out and will contact you for help. (Friends and auditors contact me every single day!) When you resign, you will sleep the sleep of angels and you will know exactly where you stand – outside and free in the real world. You do not need to be told what condition you are in, because you know – you are moving up higher. And all your thoughts are valid and you can hide them or speak them as you wish, without any fear. No, you cannot change that group. It is too far gone. I know you have been thinking that you should stay and use LRH policy to help bring change from within. But you will know as I did, that anybody who asks questions is a target inside for even heavier suppression and like the Mafia or the Third Reich, or any other suppressive unsafe group – you need to find a safe place and then speak out. You are very welcome here.

  93. When I read Debbie Cook’s email and Luis Garcia’s letter earlier this year, I ripped off my Cof$-supplied blinders and dove into the sea of information about the corruption that has eaten away what used to be MY church.

    It didn’t take long for me to come upon a fork in the road that was labeled ‘Lies & Degradation’ on one side, and ‘Truth & Freedom’ on the other. Having found the missing jigsaw pieces to the immense puzzle that had been baffling me for so many years, it didn’t take a nanosecond for me to decide which fork to take.

    I knew that there would be some consequences with family and friends, but in my mind, it was they who needed to find and follow the path I was now taking. I wasn’t going to be cowed, bullied, shamed, frightened, threatened, or coerced into compromising my integrity with the truth as I now plainly saw it. If they didn’t have the courage to step into the light with me, that was just going to be their cross bear – not mine.

    As soon as I completed my write-up, I asked Marty and Steve Hall to publish it to their sites. I wanted as broad a public disclosure as possible. In my mind, that was where real protection and security lay – not with hiding out and pretending to still be a part of that toxic culture of death.

    I don’t hide behind a mask of anonymity, and I encourage others to do likewise. Only by standing in the bright light of day, can we truly put our TR-0 in on the monstrosity that has killed our church, and cause it to withdraw. It also feels DAMN good to do so.

  94. Ha ha!! That is funny Tim.

  95. martyrathbun09

    Fo sho

  96. Safe I love your post.

    Some years back I realized a good clear question is more important than answers. Because questions preceed and are the threshold to answers.

    Questions are magnificent, questions are sacred. Good questions lead to truth. Positive inquiry with unconditioned questioning constantly pulls back layers of the onion to reveal deeper and deepr truth.

    Fear based fundamentalist believers in any dogma will always demonize those who ask questions, because questions and answers do not require faith, they require a free inquisitive reasoning mind with an attachment only to dispassionate and accurate perceptions of truth. A danger to faith only mentalities.

    Reason will always challenge faith. But if that faith is justified, reason will reveal it as such.

    Once the power of reason and spiritual practice reveals the true nature of the inner and outer universe, one aquires great faith that spiritual truth will continued to be revealed through our God given innate powers of reason and justified faith.

  97. If you get a second SP declare, that’s a double SP.
    However if you get the second SP declare because of your relation with Marty, then there is a synergetic effect, so you get SP squared.

  98. And it is really sad, that The Church of Scientology has gone from a liberating haven to a reason distroying, closed minded, fear based fundamentalism producing, low rent scam.

    Sad, very sad

  99. Jeff Siebrand

    I’ve been waiting for mine so I can frame it.

  100. I can only imagine having your name on the Indi 500 list is also a sure ticket to damnation in the eyes of Miscavige’s devotees. Best thing I’ve signed for many a year.
    Any organisation that would delcare suppressive 53 of the orginal LRH staff at Saint Hill, including the Class 12s, come on give me break… who are the real monsters in this equation of organised Scientology?
    Even though the truth can be a little hard to digest at times as to the ramifications of altering the tech across the Dynamics, a true understanding of the tech of the mind and life doesn’t need group agreement to exist nor operate. The mere assumpton it does means the holder of such considerations has a long way to go. Make the Tech your own were LRH’s parting words.
    Miscavige and his bunch of kool aid devotees sold out to the devil a long, long time ago – their eternity is set in concrete.

  101. That is a funny post Marty. And I can attest that is what happens when you post anything here. I got a call from my ex-wife about 2 weeks ago, calling from the HCO office. Said “Brad you’ve been declared and I can never speak to you again.” I said “Oh, come on, you’re going to let them dictate to you who you will and will not communicate with? Really?” But since she RELIES on the Scn community for her very livelihood, what choice did she have? To lose her income or simply stop communicating with her ex-husband? No brainer, eh? Especially for those who go along just to get along. And yet I could hear in her voice the grief that it had caused her. But it was her choice to violate her own personal integrity, not mine! The fact is that THE BRIDGE IS CURRENTLY SHUT DOWN FOR ONE AND ALL, ANYWAY!! So I personally did not lose anything by being declared!! And the reason why is because they have no leverage over me, like they do with so many others. For one thing my job has nothing to do with any Scn connections, and for another, I never had any kids, so there was no threat of them turning my kids against me. (And by the way, how EVIL is that when you stop and think about it.) They just don’t have any leverage with people like me, and I was never going up THAT bridge anyway, so being declared was totally meaningless to me. Funny, but nobody from the Church called me to let me know, no letter, no email, nothing. I heard it from my ex and that’s it. That’s how they roll these days. But you can imagine their concern over keeping all these recent SP declares hidden from public awareness. God forbid the Blind Sheep (Scn public) should start putting it together that “there seems to be a lot of good people getting declared these days.” Duhh! Really? I wonder why that would be? (LOL) In summary, it’s a veritable Badge of Honor these days to be declared. Honestly! And if it happened to you, I say BE PROUD, for it MOST CERTAINLY means you still have some significant measure of PERSONAL INTEGRITY left to your name.

  102. Tom Gallagher

    It feels good to be free from the kleptocratic boot on the neck that the peck-less, height-challenged sociopath, yes Miss savage, zealously acts as arbiter over the lives of those who sought freedom.

    So Marty, let me state the following:

    Thanks for offering this portal for healing through understanding.

    I’ve benefited greatly. I am grateful beyond words. I know I’m not alone.

  103. Since I stood up to the Church of Scientology I got every Advanced Payment back, all six of them, and I got my son back. I have had no adverse repercussions whatsoever. I used the Black Propaganda Policy Letter to handle the Church. I did things that in a million years I never dreamed I would do, for example sending a letter (e-mail) to David Miscavige, that was my Declaration of Independence, through his attorney Monique Yingling, outside of the Church. I let them know in no uncertain terms that I was willing to sue over the disconnection of my son, attached evidence, and had one of the best attorneys in the country, on ready to go.

    I kept waiting for the Black SUV’s, but they never came. But I did get my son back. I never had to go to court, just a lot of e-mails to various Church terminals, the Justice Chiefs, etc.

    Since then, I have had case gain like never before, and every persistent aberration that never seemed to go away in the Church is now gone! I have a NEW LIFE, and I love it!

    Don’t be afraid to handle the Church. Do whatever you have to do to regain your freedom and your personal integrity. You will experience spiritual gain like never before!

  104. Marty, I love this post.
    Tony De Phillips~~
    Love this
    I am a happy customer from the instant declare route.
    I had an OSA staff member show up unannounced shortly before my SP declare and say
    “Karen…you have been talking to Mike Rinder…..”
    “Are you still illegally purchasing phone records?” I countered.
    The OSA Staff member stumbled and stuttered about some PIs.
    I got more aggressive.
    “Ridiculous,” I said. “Mike Rinder is in Florida. I am in Los Angeles, a PI can’t view me talking to Mike Rinder…these are illegally purchased phone records….”
    Overnight declare.
    They didn’t have the guts to send me a copy ever.
    It was locked away in certain HCO filing cabinets, shown to select people and locked away.
    I was jubilant to read that a full paragraph is my declare was that I REFUSED to do the BASICS even after helpful persuasion of staff.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    While I shredded certain Certs of mine when I first exited symbollically to show I was done, I framed my Suppressive Person declare in a museum grade Thomas Kinkade gallery frame.
    Proud as a Peacock.
    Trophy ~~ the pinacle of 35 years….. 😕 😕 😕 😕

  105. Also, i would like to add, it was the moral support, advice, information and help, that I got from this blog, that gave me the courage to do what I had to do. For this, I will be forever grateful to Marty, Mosey, and all the other brave souls who have stood up to the banishment of spiritual freedom. I consider us all here, to be the true Freedom Fighters, because most of us have had the taste of true spiritual freedom and eternity; and we did not want to lose that, or ourselves, just because some ruthless dictator, who has extreme overts on top of his misunderstood words and evil purposes; wanted to do away with the legacy of the technology that LRH left for us all to use.

    We have what no one inside the radical Church, has: the opportunity for true spiritual freedom, peace of mind, happiness, and the right to be ourselves. To think freely, act freely, and speak freely, as LRH laid out for us in his own words. You can’t be free if you’re a slave, unable to even think your own thoughts. (My own words.)
    Cathrine Elisabeth von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  106. Theo sismanides

    I got out from a small and broken door labeled “Standard Tech”! It led down some stairs and there was all dark. My ex wife just followed me and another SO member from Greece. Nobody else did. Soon we were out in the light and as the years went by we saw more coming to the light! It was nice to see us all together again. Everybody was happier now. We even saw more and more coming out of the little door!!! There was an 8008 written in great aesthetic letters all around us. There was no “church”! Why would we still need a church for a via in any way? LOL!!!

  107. Karen,

    Your picture is in the dictionary next to the word insouciant.

    And then a reverse angle next to the word indomitable.

  108. Well said Wendy. Thanks for being here.

  109. Jeff it came in an 8.5 by 14 legal size envelope so there are no folds and therefore perfect for framing.
    I have a dream to have it in hand one day up the track where I extended it to LRH and he takes a pen from his finely tailored suit pocket and writes, “cancelled…by Ron” across the top. Then he extends his hand while simultaneously smiling and says “welcome back!”

  110. Glenn C. Briggs

    MaBű, thanks! That settles it for me. Synergistic effects are so glandular! Or is that just my age? Hmmmnnnn…

  111. I really think this quote from Mrinder is eloquent:

    “This IS how it works. If nobody had said ANYTHING to Seal A about his daughter-in-laws sister’s SP friend, everything would have carried along as usual. But terrified they cannot allow the seeping disease of critical thinking to encroach on their empire, they embark with righteous indignation on the crusade to cleanse all minds within 6 degrees of separation of unclean thoughts. And thus they make enemies. And thus they are dead.”

  112. Chrissie Weightman

    Ugh! Hi Mike! Semantics is all it is. My husbands mom disconnected from him two months ago as ordered by OSA Int(but its voluntary). Apparently his father had disconnected 6 months prior so he could continue his auditing but left it up to the mom to tell him (coward). She kept repeating over and over that she was choosing her religious retreat just like the Buddhists do. Duh the Buddhists disconnect from everyone while on their retreat not just one family member!
    Yes being associated with Marty has its perks even though I have been relatively quiet for years I have heard I am busy helping Marty as of last month. Glad to know I have been useful, I think =)

  113. Publius, I don’t have money on account, per se. I sent a request to FSO, FW & IAS. I just wanted to be declared so they will leave me alone. (Blame it on JB – He gave me the idea in his video -) Still waiting though …. Yet I hope the staff members read the names of the links and think about why would anyone have a website like that, ya know.

  114. Glenn C. Briggs

    Lana, I trust Phillip is with you now or did I misread your initial comm? I pray not..please give him a hug for me! And may your “franchise” be a smashing success!

    On another note, I recently read Chris Guider’s sad but excellent words regarding Paul Schoebel’s moving on. I was honored to have had the opportunity to know Schobs. Indeed, I loved him. He was very kind and generous to me when I would approach him for references to deal with some case I was dealing with as the Staff Chaplain Gold. No matter what his physical circumstances he happily and enthusiastically helped me without reservation. Wherever you are Schobs, please know that love for you is everlasting!

  115. constantvigilance

    Brilliant post Marty. That’s the only way to do it.

  116. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC can confirm what bitter defrocked apostate Marty Rathbun is saying and will go him even one further: COB RTC David Miscavige has decreed that even having a thought about Marty Rathbun and his evil twin Mike Rinder will result in Instant SP Declare.

    All Scientologists in Good Standing are hereby ordered to have no thoughts about Marty and Mike. In order to assist Scientologists in Good Standing, we in RTC have created a special Marty and Mike Thought Stopping Rundown:

    1. All televisions, computers, and cell phones are to be unplugged or otherwise depowered and stored in a locked closet. This is to assist Scientologists in Good Standing to avoid any form of accidental contact with Marty or Mike online, in YouTube videos, or on television, particularly CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s Scientology: History of Violence.

    2. Following RTC’s highly successful action in locking down the entire Flag Land Base for three full days following the release of the SP Times Truth Rundown, we will not hesitate to have MAA’s fan out and lock down all Scientologists in Good Standing during peak periods of Marty and Mike activity.

    3. Those Scientologists in Good Standing surreptitiously peeking at Marty’s blog: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  117. Lady Min, I’m smiling. Standing O!

  118. MH, that is really refreshing. And might I point out — for the pathetic trolls who occasionally come here and are just so “confused” they need everything explained to them (and generally get their asses blown out of the water) — you observed all this and had the courage to say so in 2005, long before Scn-cult or Marty’s blog. That’s pretty impressive. VWD.

  119. Yes, and Ronnie you’ve been a great mentor for others ever since.

  120. LOL – I guess this is the “how to break free SOP”. Come on Steve and Cindy Oleck, Mike Hoy, Linda Stanton, Bev Marquiss, Carlos Lores, Greg Smith, David Braverman, Jorgina and Chuck, David Brummer, Barbara and Larry Mah, Sue Burkey, Nancy Chepey and my other lost friends and family – I’d love to see you again. Hey Philly guys, I’m BAAACK – living across the river in Jersey, that is. Dinner AND drinks are on me!

  121. GREAT post Brad. You really get it.

  122. In the Corporate Church of Scientology, an SP is known – not by his actions, but by the company he keeps.

    I could not hope to have a better group of friends than you guys.

  123. Yeah Brad, there’s some convoluted thinking that goes on with the trapped beings still in the church – I had two different close friends tell me that I was actually disconnecting from THEM because I knew that by being declared I was forcing them to disconnect from ME. IMO the best thing about being declared is the fact that one becomes permanently disconnected from a particularly vicious group bank but not from the beings one still loves and cares about – they WILL eventually see the light with our continued help. Quite a nice EP, actually!

  124. martyrathbun09

    Hi Chrissie – thanks for checking in with us.

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    Phoooooffff! Git outta here!!!

  126. Hey Chrissie!!

    Once a devil always a devil. There’s no going back.

    Sad to hear that about Christine and Martin. Hopefully they will wake up some day. Have they even MET their grandson??

    Sorry to say, these sort of people give jellyfish a bad name. I have a full contingent of them too. YOu are the lucky one with your family….

  127. Much appreciated, Steve. That means a lot, coming from you.

  128. Ahhhhhh, Wendy Honnor…eloquent as ever!
    De-PTSer extrordinaire.


  129. Looking 4 Myself

    I noticed the same thing a couple of months ago myself. I went from a torrent of emails and snail mailings to a trickle of each. Either my postulates are working or I’ve posted often enough on the websites of “small groups” to be noticed by the Gestapo er I mean RCS.
    Either way it was a great day when I noticed the difference. 🙂

  130. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep too,
    Sad, dry, iced, smoking, small, bitter, defrocked, circuitous, rimless, homeless,(NObody home)
    twisted apostate!
    Describes li’ll davey the dwarf to a “T.”
    (not to mention his cloned vfp’s)

  131. Your husband’s response was perfect . . . SO true!! Not only did he refuse to cave under incredible pressure, he threw it right back at them. Great.

  132. Hapexamendios

    Or involve spending it in the company of one…

  133. Terrific Mike. One contribution: the “recant” and “A to E” they want everyone to do is backwards:

    A. Continue committing suppressive acts by condoning DM and his supporters;
    B. Publicly condemn anyone trying to get ethics in on the real suppressive person and group;
    B1. Degrade yourself by paying the suppressive person tens of thousands of dollars.
    B2. Make “amends” by committing further suppressive acts;
    C. Reload yourself with false data and propaganda that wrong is right.
    D. Make notes of your total degradation.
    E. Inform DM pretending to be the “Int Justice Chief.”

    Only the truly pathetic would consider obeying Dear Leader at this point.

  134. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ahhhh! Randy and Ingrid, and the villagers are wearing
    such happy, smiling faces these days too! Those very
    large torches, have driven Draculavige back into his

    Okay people, anyone for large, sharp, wooden stakes?

  135. Li'll bit of stuff

    It just gets better from there Max!
    P.S Note the tone of the blog since our chat??

  136. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes too Mike! clap,.clap,clap,clap! (btw, genuine, NOT
    cubbed seal clapping!)

  137. Here! Take that, you evil villian. WE have declared YOU! Now you have to go out into the independent field and get your services for 1/3 of the price and actually receive LRH brand scientology instead of our new, improved, davified Golden Age of implanting. Ha! Everyone knows implanting is far more valuable to humanity than that LRH stuff and those trite “totally freed customers” claptrap.

    Now with our new and david-improved golden age of ethification we can spit out goldenrod faster than you can utter the unutterable forbidden names that shan’t be spoken (Marty Rathbun…Marty Rathbun…Marty Rathbun…help, pleeze…I’m metling…

  138. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nor without THAT priceless, badge of Honour!!

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes Tony, and just a spoonful or two of “guts”, makes
    it all the more rewarding. If you’re gonna hit–hit HARD!

  140. Li'll bit of stuff

    you have described the entire process most admirably,
    Wendy, I have also had a mirror of your thoughts.

  141. Li'll bit of stuff

    A very credible mentor indeed, Steve!

  142. Some disambiguation:

    Let’s face it: Today, when the CoS Declares a person to be an SP, they are declaring that person is likely a Social Personality.

  143. LMAO OMG That was funny !

  144. All I can say is I am a total garlic lover!

  145. MH – well it looks like you disconnected from them first! Good for you.

  146. Anon, on your side

    “illegally purchased phone records” is called “pretexting” and they should be in jail for aiding and abetting a felony. I am not a Scientologist, but I am so angry on your (all of you posters) behalf. When are the religious scholars going to stop adoring the CoS and recognize the Indie split for the massive earthquake that it is? I think some in the media are starting to get it, and you guys should be very proud that not only are you bringing down a monster, but you are also saving your religion.

  147. Tony,
    I expect that being able to produce your declare cert will be a rite of passage for future Scientologists. Without it you will simply be a member of the seals club and have to do a special program from Mike.

  148. Yay, Lady Min!

    Am personally stably exterior now after resigning on this blog (and by sending a letter to the E/O or MAA of every org where I had take services), blogging here, and reading Marty’s book 2 1/2 times.

  149. Li'll bit of stuff

    Steve, Brad sure does, & well said, bro’! The other side
    of this refreshing attitude, is of course, where one sits
    on the tone scale!! We “see” according to whatever
    floor level we stepped out onto (or stayed on!) from our
    ride in our (built-in ) elevator!

    The bewildering conundrum for so many of the CO$
    ensnarees, is that so many of them, are parked off
    on # level–FEAR, literally frozen with Dr.david franken-
    stein’s paralysing liquid nitrogen. so he can perform
    all his contemptible, sick, little lobectomy operations
    on them! Maniacal, incensed, removal of minds, souls,
    health, dynamics, and most importantly, (to him) the
    all important contents of the person’s bank account!

    Steve, how many of these tormented souls have
    forgotten that they have just abandoned their vital ‘control panel’ (of their b/i/ elevator) into the hands
    of li’ll Dr. david f. (mind control specialist of note!!)

    The now lame-minded have forgotten that they
    just have to LOOK in the direction of their built-in
    tone scale elevator/s, to defrost (as-is) that frozen
    paralysis that keeps/kept them parked off on that
    floor level # (FEAR) Once unfrozen, it’s just a
    matter of moving back into that “elevator”, and self determinedly pressing the button/s of whatever floor # level (tone) we prefer to see & operate from!

    Just a 2c.contribution from a guy who loves to travel
    in the elevator (knowingly, hee,hee!) to more “UP”
    tone floor # levels (tones) for a far more enjoyable
    view, to be with like minded beings.
    Anywhere from levels; # 3.5 (cheerfulness) to
    ……………………………..# 4.0 (enthusiasm) are just
    simply great places to work & play!

    What else can you say to the hapless ones who
    may even just be terrifyingly “trapped” in their own
    built – in – in elevators ????


  150. Qustion With Boldness

    This is a great post! I have heard through those in “good standing” that I am declared. This was about a year ago. Of course, the “Church” is too chicken to send me a goldenrod. Well after I was told by friends of my badge of courage, I was still getting mail and phone calls. So last fall I picked up a call from an SO member (CLO WUS) whom urgently needed me to come to the Denver Org for a tech briefing. I spent about a 1/2 hour on the phone with her, going over the altered tech, eating beans and rice and freedom. Someone in the Org overheard her and made her get off the phone. I offered her my help if she wants to get out.

    Boy, did that stop the phone calls and the mail!!!! I seriously do not know how the SO is going to keep calling out to Public for donations and events if they get into conversations like this. Soon, there will be a new order, no calling public. It will be too risky for them.

    I told my friend about this. He tried it and it worked for him instantly!

    But, the funny thing is, I went to the 1st Indie party at Mike and Christy’s and I was undetected. There were even PI’s there! That was fun!

    But hearing that I have a badge of honor has been great! I have really found out whom my real friends are, reconnected with many friends and made a lot of new ones. And all of my friends have COURAGE and RESPECT!

    And Marty, thanks for answering all my questions when I was doing my doubt formula.

    Cindy Plahuta

  151. 😆 LMAO at the DIY Declare Kit!

  152. Chrissie Weightman

    Hi Marty!

  153. Chrissie Weightman

    Mike, yep they met him when we were still in the UK but he was just an infant then. He will never know them.

    We were surprised they didn’t disconnect sooner but they were “clever” some how. Probably one of the points you wrote earlier. Like telling Shane he needed to handle the “Admin” side of routing outing, which translated to paying his freeloader debt. Seriously! `

    I think when it comes down to it, it is a choice to be bullied or not. The response when backed into a wall with a knife at your neck – live or die. It is FEAR that drives them and nothing else. I feel sorry for them more than anything.

    I know I lucked out with my family =)

  154. I disconnected from Cof$ in 1999 – with my finger in the air. They were wusses with so much blatant out-tech on my cycle that they were afraid to get busted themselves. They told all of our public that I took an LOA to take care of my sick mother. The public would have been outraged if they declared me. No, they didn’t screw me up one bit. I’ve commented before that I knew the Senior C/S of the mission I was at in CA, who was auditing me couldn’t read a meter since he was GAT trained and I finally just smiled and pretended everything was peachy – it was peachy! I had already gone down to the pay phone (they bug their mission phones) planned my flight change to New Orleans, shuttle, ride to pick me up and wasn’t going to step foot in a Cof$ again. The infamous Bill Yaude kept trying to get me to do interviews, blah, blah, blah…nope, I’d have a drink to ruin that plan. Yeah, it was a little 1.1 but c’est la vie! Fuck them. I was done. I moved away and started rebuilding my life with my kids and it’s a great one. And I finally figured out why those people (anybody connected to David Miscavige) were so whack – and why the LRH tech I learned so well wasn’t working – by coming here and to Steve’s blog and I got back on track! And I even completed OT1!
    So yeah, in today’s Golden Age of SP Declares, I’d want to cut ties ASAP and this would be the way to do it!

  155. Totally true! They don’t know the difference or even bother to find out.

  156. Tom,
    “Thanks for offering this portal for healing through understanding.
    I’ve benefited greatly. I am grateful beyond words. I know I’m not alone.”

    I feel exactly the same way!

  157. +1,000,000 😀

  158. You rock Cathrine! I know I’ve told you that many times here, but it’s worth repeating! And I’m so damned happy for you I could burst!

  159. Very well done!

  160. Mike Reppen,
    I think OC org was referring to OC “small group of suppressive” then, now our group is getting even way larger than those attending CofS OC.

  161. Karen you are AMAZING!!!! No other word for it. 🙂

  162. Oh Les, hello and nice to hear from you!!! And thanks so much Mike. Who would have thought! That we would be here and they would be there. Anything is possible once you decide!!!

  163. You are very cool Wendy!! My kind of thetan!!

  164. Used a demo kit on the math and it was well worth it.
    Great post, Mike.

    “… And thus they make enemies. And thus they are dead.”


  165. The problem of course being that – as Corporate Scientology has become a suppressive squirrel group – the unclean thoughts they are trying to cleanse are in fact clean thoughts.
    Talk about screwing with ones head!
    And thus everything is reversed.
    But then the guys, who go along with all the disconnecting, don’t really know that. They still think Scientology is the way out and needs to be protected by all means.

  166. Alex Castillo

    I was declared and expelled 1982. Is the SP declare a lifetime membership or do I need to renew it? Would they charge me a lot of bucks for SP declare renewal? Or is it sufficient to post here..:))


  167. 15 years ago, I unwittingly found a way for relatively painless disconnection.

    When doing a training drill in the academy of my org, I had to coach a woman from OSA. She did not agree with study tech, that she had to never read past a misunderstood word. When trying to find the basic of this disagreement, I eventually got this answer: “You know, I have to read things over the Internet, and the OT materials are part of this stuff. I must not read these, thus I cannot apply study tech.”

    I was shocked. The OT levels were on the Internet? The very thing I was trying to reach for so many years? I did believe they were guarded in a dungeon, by some kind of dragon. I could not resist the temptation. I got an ISP, bought a modem, and in a few clicks I got OT3 and NOTs.

    With a single sentence, this woman from OSA changed radically my life. When I said to staffs in the org I had found the OT levels over the Internet, that was immediately shutting down the com line. That was some kind of spiritual AIDs. No one could handle me, as only an OT could.

    Shortly after that, I did not receive anymore any phone call, nor promotional materials from the org. Someone told me I was not welcome.

    I don’t know if I was SP declared, I did not receive any letter about it, but that was a total, quick and painless disconnection.

    The magic words are : “I read the OT levels over the Internet”.

    However, independently from the org, I still have a few friends in the CoS, thus I prefer currently not to jump in the open and cut these lines.

    The paradox is: the very entity that had to keep me in, OSA, is the one who opened the gate.

    That is probably a matter of pervasion: the Internet pervaded OSA, and OSA pervaded the org.

  168. I have a strong feeling the temperature in the pre$$ure cooker is rising and rising. Suddenly they have realized the SP declare (the ultimate damnation) does not work any more! And what more, ‘they are making jokes about us, we are being laughed at, we are not being taken seriously anymore, we are the laughing stock … help … what can we do …’
    Helas, there is nobody they can turn to, all their allies drop them like a hot potato, afraid they will burn themselves.
    All hell has broken loose, the King is about to loose his head too. And after a while the lid goes off with a big bang and all the slaves of the nasty King are liberated. And He, who thought he had endless powers, slinks off whith his tail between his legs in the dark of the night and nobody has ever seen him since.
    And so, my children, ends this terrible tale about a man who thought he could rule a church and getting very rich in the process, but who, in the end, found his own Waterloo in Clearwater.

  169. Sorry Glenn,
    Philip and I are no longer together. A marriage of 26 years is now ended. Write me anytime —

  170. I am originally from the land of vampire Transylvania, so you overnight SPs, watch out. >:-)
    But over the centuries I learned to like and taste garlic too.

    For the “Badge of Honor” goldenrod I still didn’t get my personal one.
    I hope, it will come ………..

    Greetings to you all!
    Vasile Silaghi
    Independent Scientologiest
    Indie list #352

  171. Hey Mike, well said. Peace to you buddy.

  172. Garlic Breath

    Well, I guess when clearing the planet wasn’t working they fell back on the only thing they knew how to do: Declare the Planet!


  173. Cathy, back in the day, when I was a lowly basic course student and then a staff expediter at Austin Org, people would point you out as someone high on the bridge.
    I observed you, for myself and saw a whole lot of theta.
    It was seeing shining examples of ot’s like yourself, that made a comm course student like me want to be ot as well.
    I see you still have that theta and way high integrity level!

    Dan Doss
    Austin, Tx

  174. Garlic Breath


  175. Garlic Breath

    Atta girl!!!


  176. Declaring your Independence from the CofM will enable you to get out from under the Suppression and all the glory that comes with that but more importantly you will be able to get LRH’s Bridge again without all the suppression and squirreling. An OT 8 was telling me that he spent 8 hours on 1 eligibility question due to the squirrel 3 swing FN mandate. At $750/hr x 8 hrs = $6,000. That is a hell of a lot money wasted on 1 question that the Ship Auditor should have recognized the FN the first time it was asked and spent maybe all of 1 minute on it. The question was , are you a member of the FBI? Hello, you don’t get all the way to OT 8 preps and have to be questioned for 8 hours on that! For $6,000 I can get 50 hours, that’s 4 intensives on lower grade chart, higher levels is a bit more! In the CofM, you are putting yourself at risk of never being able to make it up the Bridge due to the high cost and squirrling going on and there are numerous stories of people who blew their whole wad on intensives of preps never to see the light of day of getting onto OT 5, 6 & 7, now struggling to pay off the debt they accumulated, let alone come up with more money to try again. Yep, getting Declared is a good thing!
    Betsy Reppen

  177. Garlic Breath

    KABOOM!! 😀

  178. Well the maths certainly add up. Kinda… 0.5% (2.5% of 20%) of “8 million members” (aka the total number of people since 1954 to have ever taken a course) is 40,000 – the same figure estimated by Jeff Hawkins and various others as the Co$’s membership in 2012…

  179. Safe,
    The strange thing is that I read “1984” when being staff on the Ship. I saw the parallels – but then suppressed the thoughts. It was just to inconceivable at the time for me to admit that I was in kind of a trap.
    There is an old German song about “freedom of thought” which I know and liked from childhood on with the title “die Gedanken sind frei” (= thoughts are free). I never thought that I would entangle myself in this game of Orwellian thought control as it is practiced in DM’s cult.
    Here are the English lyrics. – Karola

    Thoughts are free

    Thoughts are free, who can guess them,
    they flee past like nightime shadows.
    No one can know them, no hunter can kill it/shoot it dead
    It remains: The thoughts are free!

    I think what I want and what makes me happy,
    but always inwardly, and as it suits.
    My wish, my desire no one can deny,
    It remains: The thoughts are free!

    And if someone locks me in the dark/gloomy prison,
    All that is absolutely wasted work.
    Because my thoughts pull the barriers to pieces
    and walls in two, the thoughts are free!

    I want to renounce forever the worries/sorrows
    and want to never again plague myself with whims
    One can in the heart always laugh and joke
    and think: The thoughts are free!

    The thoughts are free!
    ( )

  180. mrinder,

    Yes, stats must be up on potential SP declares if there is a backlog. In March 2011, I made a trip to talk to Marty and I was declared before I got home. My husband was declared about 1-2 weeks later after refusing to leave me. Even the stats are reversed! lol!

  181. Gern Gaschoen

    Just the fact that the little weasel left you a message on your answering machine makes me want to vomit.

    Put it in writing, you Squirrel Co$ creeps!

  182. Very well done, gypsygirl95. That is important – – you gave people an opportunity to shift their viewpoints. What you say makes a lot of sense.

  183. Alex Castillo (Marty's financial mistake)

    Marty and all Indies,

    I have been thinking about my post above and I have suddenly realized that, Marty, you have made a mistake with your post concerning “easy and painless declare, how to get one”. If we take into consideration that what I will now call David Miscavige’s Church of Moneygrabology’s main Purpose, which is to get as much money as he can, from as many people as he can get a hold of, I think you may have given him the bright idea of making a few extra bucks (while also making you wrong) by getting OSA to withdraw all SP declares and making them unavailable to Scientologists unless they pay for it. He doesn’t want decent, real Scientologists to be free and have what they want, so he will be developing new methods to achieve his personal goal.

    Next thing Scientologists in “good standing” but suspected of being discontented or connected with Marty or other Indies will be receiving from the Church of Monegrabology’s regges will probably be:

    “Dear…, We have reason to believe that you are an SP or a potential one and If you wish us to declare you SP, we are now offering a one time deal to allow you to have what you want. This action is of course based on LRH’s Policies concerning Exchange and you will understand that we are just following Policy. The current discounted price for a standard SP declare is $10.000/ Euros 8009.00
    (we have a currency converter if you are outside the US). A more specialized SP Declare ranges between $25.000 to $150.000. Download an application form from our Easy Declare website. All prices have been discounted for those who apply before the closing date. Hurry and get your Declare NOW as this is a limited offer. Prices go up after the given date line.

    Mastercard, Visa and other reputable credit cards accepted.
    Our dedicated Website is WWW. and services are available 24/7.

    Easy Declare T/IC/IT”

    Wow, I let my imagination run riot there, folks, but I wouldn’t put it past David Miscavige to go in that direction!


  184. Alex Castillo

    My earlier post, which was supposed to be a joke, was not posted for some reason. Be assured, moderators, that I am not about to make fun of marty!!

    I am most assuredly one of you and I recent any ideas that I am being 1.1 against anyone on this site. That is, of course if I haven’t jumped the gun and the omission was not generated by a moderator. Just trying to introduce some humour into this otherwise heavy subject:)).


  185. Interestingly enough, three died-in-the-wool Miscavologists, Ian Brooks (Ian Brooks []), Pat Crowder (Pat Crowder []) and Tom Solari/Jan Houston-Solari ( continue to initiate emails to me advertisements for the Cult of Miscavology long after they emailed me that they didn’t want to communicate with me (due to the fact that I was no longer associated with the Cult of Miscavology).

    While I have to assume that these are ‘phishing’ emails sent for the purpose of hacking into my systems (which forensics will determine), I find it amusing that the Minions of the Cult of Miscavology would bother with lil’ ole me.

    In any event, it is a good idea to get yourself “Declared”, because that creates a critical legal dilemna for the so-called “Church of Scientology” — once the “Church of Scientology” declares you, it has NO legitimate corporate/eclesiastical/organization legal interest in keeping tabs on you. By any means. If it does so, or suggests or otherwise causes others to do so, then it is engaging in industrial espionage — taking its actions far, far, far, faaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr outside the bounds of what any legitimate “church” can justify doing as part of its religious mission.

    So, hope you get Declared! It will set you free!

  186. Alex Castillo

    oops, cancel my above statement. I did jump the gun! Mea culpa, I am sorry.


  187. I think what he did was leave it on an old cell number. I think usually these numbers are re-issued to someone else. That means that some random person (WOG as they say in the church) got a message: “This message is for Chris Mann. This is Kyle from the Church of Scientology. I am calling to let you know you are a declared suppressive”

    This give me an idea. If there is a big backlog of Declares maybe the church could print up some little cards that have a brief statement that MAA’s could leave on answering machines. Or even a recorded message- a “robo call” to the big list of people who have left. I want jeff pomerantz to do it.

  188. Maybe the Independents should inuagurate a yearly SP appreciation day. We can have parties, fireworks, tea and cookies.

    We can all ask each other for spiritual wins that each other have had and then we can throw up because we hate each others wins like good SPs do.

    Grrrrr!!!!! I hate smiles, bunnies and flowers. Grrrr, lets cook dolphins for their fat and use it to run our Hummers. Grrrr!!!

  189. Gern Gaschoen

    Wow, a blast to see your name! Hi Glenn!

  190. Ouuuuuuch, 8 hours on “are you a member of the FBI?” for an OT VIII Eleg. Ouuuuuch. That really, really hurts.

    I found this the other day while looking through OEC Vol 7.

    Example: The Founder finds a long string of people are being labeled suppressive because they won’t separate from Joe Blow. He writes an urgent directive to stop labeling people this way and convenes a board on the whole subject in that org, gets their findings in the form of an ED, sends it to that Ad Council. They pass it after some, none or many changes. The urgent order ceases to be in force at that moment. He could also have simply issued a direct order.” PL, 17 Nov 66, Issue II, Intervention.

    Weird, how the Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, would have such a, well, I dunno, rational approach to the egregious absurdity of the scenario of the Opening Piece.

    Are these those “forever” declares? You know, the “eternal” declare, life time after life time, and with the brand new Eleg question to be done as a Sec Check before purchasing a book and of course before any Div 6 course, let alone any other service “Are you or have you EVER been declared Suppressive in this or ANY lifetime?” Followed by a variation “Have you ever had any thought, contact, connection, or spoken, considered or expressed by sound or gesture the name Marty? Mike?” “Do you know anyone else that may have done so?”

    Leave it to Dave to make his play to invalidate the ethics, tech and admin of PTS/SP material. Classic. And straight out of the material.

    Jim Logan, a.k.a., James Adam Logan, Jim, Himey, Himester, Mr. Smarty Pants, Brad, Trevor, Brittany, Caren, Carol, Carrine, and etc., etc. (including Mr. Seriousness, SP.)

  191. Alex,
    You are plenty SP enough for me so whatever you post, I take it as more evidence for your next life New Declare. This stuff is all going up to the RTC files, cross indexed, and there, in those secure vaults, eternal vaults, guarded vaults…is Dave playing Nintendo.

  192. Is it possible that you have to earn your right to get a copy of your Declare? I’m still working on getting mine. The overnight SP declare seems to be easy, just show up in your local Org, maybe to buy a meter charger so Marty can show how the meter works on the BBC for example, AFTER coming out publicly on Marty’s blog. You’ll have the added entertainment value of seeing a quivering local DSA intercept you with a full colour copy of your independence statement right off the blog! Great fun but still no written declare. Distribute hundreds of copies of “The 31 Factors” to IAS event attendees, would that do it? Apparently not. (BTW OSA – a great set of capers lined up for this year’s IAS event, and you haven’t got Andy Hutton to help you any more. Too bad). Follow that up with a string of letters, recorded delivery, to various Org terminals to request the Comm Ev you’re entitled to, and a further battery of letters to all levels of middle and upper management, Flag and the Ship demanding your fraudulently taken donations be returned you, you would think that would do it. No. Hm, what to do? Show up again at your local Org with a hand-route only letter for CJC, on camera, and have a banter with an OSA woodentop. Still not enough. Show up at a cult event with T-shirt emblazened with a picture of Miscavige under the heading “The Mother of all Squirrels”. That should do it! But no! Damn and blast. By hook or by crook I’ll get a copy of my SP declare, so I will.

  193. Alex Castillo

    Are you saying my SP declare is valid for eternity and I will never have to apply for it ever again? I don’t know who you are but you have just made my day!! I had previously thought that SP declares had a statute of limitation and I was very afraid of no longer being an SP!
    Thanks again,

  194. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Same goes for your custom made elevator shoes, Italian suits and other trappings of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Except you got “famous” by being a total parasite, you little worm.

  195. I can vouch for this. I have not been very active on these lines and I have made a few comments here and there (although I always read the new stuff) and out the blue one day I receive this envelope from the Justice Chief FLB with a NOTE a LETTER, letting me know that I have been declared and that I need to contact her. hahaha haha hahahaha

    No declare issue just a plain corporate Flag letter saying that my first step is to recant HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that I have to do A-J ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These people are hillarious!

    ain`t gonna happen chief!

  196. Alex Castillo

    Dob Cramer,
    You have named Mike Hoy, a dedicated SO member I met at FOLO NY in the mid 70’s while I was there on a mission from Flag. That mission was a complete success because of the help from Mike Hoy and Linda Stanton too. Are we talking about the same people? If you want a chat, email me at


  197. Alex Castillo

    Sorry Don, I misspelled your first name.

  198. Ah, one more thing. The Justice Chief FLB can be considered herself now contacted and answered by me.

    (OSA trolls: please pass that on)

    Signed: Agustin Uribe Ex-Flag Staff

  199. You were well ahead of the curve Mike.
    Great job!!

  200. Ha ha! This thread reminds me of a bygone era when SP Declare issues were framed and hung on the wall. I never got mine, but I was informed that I am considered a legal threat, so I guess there is a Declare! filed somewhere.

    I should see if I can find my original resignation from the CofS in 1993 and post it here. What was very cool was that even after I resigned, I was still in good standing; I could go to the local org, talk to public and staff, buy books, no cut comms, calls to all the events, calls to buy books, wife and kids could take courses … all very civilized. All knew my objections were to how the CofS was acting, nothing to do with the subject. I think the locals were shocked that a Class VIII with 30 years dedicated service would resign, unheard of here in Ottawa, and given the distance from the insanity of the SO, there was a ‘cultural lagl’ and sane minds prevailed.

    This relationship continued until a couple of years ago when I was given a legal order stating that I could garnish money from someone’s account and I so informed the CofS in an attempt to get the EO to convince the individual to take responsibility. That never happened, typical CofS wrong targeting, hence my being a legal threat, I never really intended at that time to hit the CofS … hmmm … I never did activate the court order … hmmm … I wonder if it is too late … hmmm …. maybe I’ll check on that … hmmm …

    Hi OSA!

  201. “I was jubilant to read that a full paragraph is my declare was that I REFUSED to do the BASICS even after helpful persuasion of staff.”

    Now that sets the bar for what a truly suppressive act really is!!!!!! No wonder they don’t publish these stupid artifact of bullshit. ANYONE not in the clubbed seal booth would look at that and be totally aghast.
    Very well done!!

  202. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Oh crap! Does that mean I got declarerd already?

  203. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Awww CRAP! Does that mean I’m declared already? I just re-mortgaged my house so I could buy my spiritual eternity.

  204. Well, that’s too bad, but hey, no use dwelling in the past, time to move on, and up a li’l higher. Soooooo, uh, like I was saying the other day, you wanna go out or something? To a pub, or maybe a pizza place, or some live theater, or maybe a long walk on the beach? My favorite color is cabbage you know.

    Do you like the Tower of Power? Herbie Hancock? Josh Stone? The Neville Bros.?

    I’m sure we can get along. I got a good feeling about it.

    And just cause I’m a cheeky bugger, here’s a tune for Buddy Whasisname.

  205. Alex,
    It’s me, Jim Logan, aka, momrath65. I forgot that aka. But, it is me, well, more or less, depending on who’s askin’.

  206. Jeff Siebrand


  207. Richard Royce

    Hi Scott,
    I have been best friends with Tom solari for 40 years. i used to live in the Hoover House with Tom and Clark Carr the head of Narcanon. Just recently ( 2 years ago Clark asked me to illustrate his novel, “The Last Wolves of Mars” which I did at my own great expense, 6 months of solid drawing to come up with the 12 or so drawings used in the book). I used to be the sound man when Tom and Clark went on the road with their comedy “Solari and Carr”. Of course both threw me under the bus when I got declared for writing on Marty’s blog. I do have my goldenrod because I RIPPED it out of Cathy True’s hands when she held it up for me to see but not to touch!

  208. Richard Royce

    His “Clearwaterloo:

  209. I may be the proud owner of the last declare actually delivered to the declaree. It includes a cover letter from the “Justice Chief” FLB. I wonder if I can auction it off on E Bay. 🙂 On another note I’m considering doing a Facebook page or blog of current photos of Flag staff. This would be for those who have not seen their loved ones for months, years & decades. Thoughts?

  210. Richard Royce

    Aha Claire–reading Marty’s book 2 1/2 times. That proves it. Didn’t someone say something about 2 1/2 something or other? I’m writing you up to cabbagehead!!!!

  211. I envy so many of you. I doubt I was ever declared. I have lived a very muted life. I have done little to stand out for or be recognized for in any direction, good or bad. Maybee i played it too safe, too often. OSA likley knows who I am and they couldnt even be bothered. How sad is that.
    So all you “SP’s” out there should realize that you have at least created an effect. You held your ground, said your piece, and braved the storm. Thats worth something.

  212. Richard Royce

    Lady Min,
    So beautifully said! Bravo! What an inspiration you are!

  213. Once an SP, always an SP….there ain’t no goin’ back!!!!! I should be getting mine soon but that is via the snail mail route,(whisper campaign) so there is no tellin.
    I may need to get on Tony’s hi speed theta rail line to full SP EP!

  214. “Ouuuuuuch, 8 hours on “are you a member of the FBI?” for an OT VIII Eleg. Ouuuuuch. That really, really hurts. ”

    That is why the old two week estimate of time to do your OT VIII is now out the window. And when you spend 8 hours on one question the first minute is asking the question, the next 7 hours and 59 minutes are spent trying to get any button in and F/Ned with three FULL swings. You can actually see the desperation in the auditors eyes as their head sometimes begins to ever so slightly swing back and forth trying to help that needle make it all the way!!!! OMG, LRH would shit his pants seeing that insanity!

  215. Tara,

    > “figured out why those people (anybody connected to David Miscavige) were so whack – and why the LRH tech I learned so well wasn’t working – by coming here and to Steve’s blog and I got back on track! And I even completed OT1!”

    I love hearing these kind of stories!

    > “I finally just smiled and pretended everything was peachy – it was peachy! I had already gone down to the pay phone (they bug their mission phones) planned my flight change to New Orleans, shuttle, ride to pick me up and wasn’t going to step foot in a Cof$ again. The infamous Bill Yaude kept trying to get me to do interviews, blah, blah, blah…nope, I’d have a drink to ruin that plan. Yeah, it was a little 1.1 but c’est la vie! Fuck them. I was done. I moved away and started rebuilding my life with my kids and it’s a great one.”

    I have read LRH’s ethics about the difference between o/w an security (I don’t remember the reference).
    There is a difference between 1.1 and security. 1.1 has harming hidden intention, however security is done with (hidden) intention of protection.

  216. Kevin:

    I like the photos idea.

    As for EBay — perhaps you could get it included with the famous $3.5 million “LRH Library” on EBay? It might be what pushes it over the top….

  217. The SP declare is a rule in a game that I no longer play. I have mentioned my name a couple of times previously (Wendy Munro), formerly public at the Johannesburg North Org in Randburg Johannesburg South Africa, I have informed CO OSA AF that I am no longer a member of the C of S and have been dead filed, but it occurs to me now that I have not said this yet: I announce myself to be an independent scientologist!!!

    Similarly to Ronnie Bell I saw Debbie Cook’s email (on the 2nd of March 2012) and then came to Steve Hall’s website, then to Jeff Hawkins website, then to Marty’s blog.

    I did a CCRD in the early 1990’s and in the early 2000’s was given the R factor – not Clear. No-one could explain how this had happened. The CO CLO AF (Ken Krieger) told me that “COB said that auditors were looking at it like this” – he turned his head one way and the piece of paper the other way “and that this must never happen again”. Not an explanation I could think with. The auditor told me “Sorry we didn’t know we were doing it wrong, we all had to get re-trained”. The C/S on that cycle, Des Khourie, died of cancer. He was undoubtedly made very wrong, when he was not wrong. I was one of about 20 people who did the CCRD in Johannesburg with a temporarily convened team including some terminals from ANZO. I wrongly assumed it was just the 20 of us from this cycle who were Clear – and later not Clear. Discovering that it was a worldwide phenomenon, and what the REAL reason behind it, opened my eyes!

    Yes, I have been crush regged. I have donated to IAS and ideal orgs, and pubs. But that is not my gripe. Money is just money…. betrayal is personal.

    So I looked. And I saw. I considered what I know and compared it to what I hear and read. I reconsidered the whole picture and came to the conclusion that I could not flow power to the RCS any longer. If the tech has been squirreled – what’s the damn point of it, at all? If the purpose is MEST, what the hell use is that?

    Its the betrayal and the alter-is that kills. And seeing how many others have been betrayed… especially the veteran SO members who have had years of their lives stolen, and staff and SO who have had their beingness’ crushed – all because they wanted to help…. infuriates and disgusts me. Losing a bit, or even a lot of money pales into insignificance compared to a lost decade, or two, or three…. Although I still have the highest ARC for many who are still “in” and who are true to an ambition to help, they are an airfreshner to a persistent bad smell. The smell is still there even if it is hidden and disguised. And what a disguise! So clever. And SPs are clever!

    So OSA – declare me or don’t. Send a goldenrod to me or don’t. Those are your game rules not mine. I am not a suppressive person. People who know me will tell you that, so bad-mouth me at your own peril. Look in my folders. Every time I was asked the key question “do you want other people to have similar wins?” there is a “yes” and an F/N. Suppressive people don’t think that way. The people on this blog (and other independents) care about each other, care about the tech and doing things standardly, give real help and are thoroughly unserious. I chose the independent scientology group.

  218. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Make that “disgusting little bottom-feeder worm.”

  219. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Jeff Pomerantz in his best event booming-baritone! Gotta love that

  220. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Maybe there can be a music score backing Jeff up … something with a lotta trumpets and drum rolls… too bad the Golden Era Musicians are probably all in the Hole or blown … but you could synth it.

  221. Not a 3-swing F/N, I hope.

  222. Ooops! I meant: “the difference between o/w AND security”

  223. Agreed! And isn’t it telling? What kind of person does not have the luxury of appreciating his/her/its own failings – the SP! Thats the RCS- no luxury of self criticism, and takes no responsibility for what it does. A low responsibility, dead SP.

  224. Glenn C. Briggs

    Gosh, Karen, I don’t know, but it still feels good!

  225. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Make that “slimy, disgusting little bottom-feeder worm.”

  226. Brian,
    I agree. The other day I saw a bunny, smiling, in Birkenstocks, eating flowers. I ran it over with my 355 small block 1/2 ton pick up, and used 3 gallons of Supreme to speed up to do it. I have 14 inch wide tires on the back end, on 15 inch rims. They are PHAT!!!!

    I’m SP. Bunnies are Fair Game.

  227. I was kind of hoping OSA would bid for it! 😀 As to the photo idea I’m considering it. I feel like it might be helpful to those who have been disconnected from their loved ones. By the way Lisa has been knee deep, prepping for an upcoming art show. When’s she through with that hopefully she can get with you guys to do those photos.

  228. I was Best Man at Mike Hoy’s wedding in Kentucky. Mike, hello!!!!!

  229. Hi Wendy!!!
    Welcome to the sunshine!!

  230. Kevin. I think that is a VERY worthwhile project. And they just won’t know when you are there or where exactly you are. It will drive them utterly crazy. You wanna bet they will forbid staff from walking between buildings and insist they ride the bus to cross the street from the CB to the Coachman! 🙂

    That’s great on Lisa. Looking forward to it.

  231. A lot of people are blowing charge on this page! It does feel good.

  232. Ah yes. Good ol’ Jan Houston Solari. We were fast email buddies for years and years until I sent her my 1 March 2012 Declaration of Independence write-up. Her immediate response was that she was writing me up to RTC for “committing a suppressive act”.

    I tell you, there’s nothing like fully putting in your personal code of honor to show you who your true friends are, versus the cowards and sell-outs on your lines.

  233. You sure tell it like it is. Brilliant! Loved number (3) especially. Like kids they are sure there is a boogie man under the bed – they just won’t look. Instead they lie shivering in their beds with Fear for company.

  234. Tom, Jan, Ian and Pat are all very nice people. No question about it. And, each of them are talented in their own rights.

    In this regard they remind me of those 1.1 types who, constitutionally smile at your face, ready to stab you in the back if it suits their self-interests.

    For my money, the Platonic Ideal of a True Friend is exemplified by Winston Churchill … would would say “That man is my friend, I don’t want to hear it.” when anyone would try to criticize one of Churchill’s friends. This has, as well, always been how I feel about this matter of true friends: They ARE what holds the world together, they ARE what makes life worthwhile (which is why Micavology is dedicated to ruining all friendships it can get its hands on), they ARE the reason wars are fought, great Art is created, great words are written, they ARE the reason that great acts of courage are issued … and anyone who puts their so-called “group” before my friendship can damn well ‘rot in hell’ for all I care. We, independent scientologists need to be careful not to buy into that especially pernicious Micavology bastardization of Hubbardology which seeks to get us to identify our selves with some “organization”, instead of our True Friends. Never, under any circumstances would Hubbard have stood for any interpretation of “Scientology” which resulted in thetans aligning themselves with an “organization” to the destruction of True Friendship.

    I feel very sorry, if I am allowed to admit to having such an emotion amongst the truly (not sarcastically) hallowed legion of OT’s who grace this forum, for the likes of Tom, Jan, Ian (although, to be honest, I always thought he was a pompous one, and couldn’t imagine why Mario Fenninger would put up with him) and Pat … either they never had any True Friends to begin with, or they eschewed the only True Friends they every had. Either way, the ‘path to hell’, as they say, is paved with Righteous Defenders of Miscavology.

  235. Jim, hahaha. It’s truly a pleasure to laugh with Scientologists about being declared.
    Over the years my wife was fired from two jobs because of me being an SP. And I was off loaded from a scoring gig because of my status.

    Ok, I need to put aside by belief in love and kindness for a minute and get this off my chest:

    David Miscavige and the rest of you self righteous arrogant mother-f–kers you can take your SP declares and your mother-f–king goosesteping bridge to slavery and stick it up your f–king a-hole.

    For all the people you have hurt in the name of your bullshit ecclesiastical money whoring low rent religion I say f–k you!!

    There…….. AH………… now I can say: and may you find it in youself to rise to being a human being. And may you live to one day find salvation in the arms of the Divine Mercy the true souce of Love, Happiness, Bliss, Wisdom, Benevolent Power.

    May it lead you from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, ignorance to Wisdom and from death to Immortality.

    Om Shanti

  236. MaBű, I can be 1.1 when I wannue. It was totally appropriate for the occasion. 😉

  237. Wendy,

  238. Was it Mar 2 when we finally got the courage to tell you about Debbie Cook and everything else? I’m certainly glad we did – we couldn’t have you roaming in the dark any longer!

  239. If I have an IAS membership, can I get a discount off the cost of my declare?

  240. Dan — no, but if you upgrade to Patron status they will take your name off their mailing list AND promise that you WILL be informed of your declare with an FB message from Jojo Zawaji. Now, that’s value for money (usually they offer you NOTHING for your $50,000….)

  241. Hey Picanin! Well said – as are all your posts. Your defecting from Joburg North to the indies must be a HUGE loss to the org! I know you were a great supporter in the past and everyone there looked up to you and also looked TO you whenever help was needed for anything. Being the incredibly helpful, kind, generous, caring being that you are you gave and gave and gave. I fully get the betrayal you must feel on the majority of your dynamics. But looking on the bright side: Joburg’s loss is the Indies GAIN!! And OSA better watch out if they mess with you. What, with all your legal training, they don’t stand a chance. 🙂

    Buffy 😉
    (… the vampire slayer)

  242. The very same. A chat would be dandy!

  243. Question #2 on my customized, prepared “interrogatory” of 31 Jan 2012, when confronted by the Dir I&R (Inspections & Reports) and HAS (HCO Area Secretary) together in the ethics room Scientology Dallas:

    2. Are you in comm with or do you have any connection with, Marty Rathbun?

    – No, but I read his blog.


    (this answer was given in an earlier interview with I&R Mat McCauley)
    – Point 1 of Code of a Scientologist:
    “To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.”

    I don’t think they liked that answer. And maybe that’s why Mat felt he needed a “back-up” that night – he was no match for me and he knew it.

    That was the last time I saw the inside of the Dallas “Ideal” Org.
    (Scott Gordon)

  244. Your invitation is accepted. I got a good feeling too.

  245. Corporate Scientology is still behind the times.They need to speed up their particle flow with more modern “Text Message Declares”.

  246. Wise words, Brian.

    I’m going on my own private journey of taking out the “held down 7’s” in my life through data evaluation. Currently, I’m studying Bishop John Shelby Spong’s work, which is clearing my early misguidance caused by my Bible and Christian inculcation, before Scientology.

    I see parallels with Christianity and Scientology, and how people use the Text in their religions to justify abuse. As in Scientologist’s history, Christian’s history doing this is not so sweet either (an extreme understatement).

    I’m reading “The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love”.

    In this book, Spong reveals how the Bible was used to oppose the Magna Carta and support the divine right of kings, to condemn the insights of Galileo, to support slavery, apartheid and segregation. Christian leaders used the Bible to justify the Crusades and their unspeakable horrors against Muslim peoples, as well as the murderous behavior of the Inquisition and the virulent anti-Semitism of the Holocaust. The Bible is still quoted in the church to justify treating women as second-class citizens. It’s currently being used as a chief weapon to deny justice for gay and lesbian people, and to justify abuse of children.

    This book goes into, line by line in the Bible, how this evil is “justified”. Spong is “3 feet behind Christianity’s head”. Reading his work is a mind-blowing adventure for me. Scientology doesn’t have such a long evil history (yet), but it seems like David Miscavige is trying hard to get it there if he has his way. His evil is much more slyly covert in Scientology and more dangerous.

    I’m amazed how just one person can have the power to skew an entire religion off its rails, and cause severe physical and mind damage to a civilization. No wonder some people have concluded all religion is bad.

    Clearly, the route out of any inculcation for anybody is to stay vigilant asking questions and being willing to confront the answers to them.

    All Christians ought to read this book. (Even non or ex Christians.) IMO, I think it will clear up a lot of confusion on the time track. It is for me.

  247. KA,

    The irony is I was encouraged to read (and I did) “1984” by other church members back in 1979, and also Richard Bach’s “Illusions”. Do corporate Scientologists (staff and public) today encourage their fellows to read these books? Or are these books on the “not approved” list by David Miscavige?

    Even if they can and do read these books, do these books “get through” anymore? I’m trying to find an optimum “entry-point” book for corporate Scientologists, which one can read without feeling threatened and feel that’s safe to read, and yet one which penetrates. Any suggestions are welcome. One, I believe, is my earlier recommendation, “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything.”

    Isn’t it interesting that independent Scientologists need to find an effective way to disseminate “thinking for yourself” to corporate Scientologists?

  248. Thanks Tony! Gonna be workin’ on a tan here in the sunshine:). (Love your posts – full of heart and spunk!)

  249. ROTFLMAO!

    Or maybe DE-Clear the Planet.

  250. “Is the SP declare a lifetime membership or do I need to renew it? Would they charge me a lot of bucks for SP declare renewal?”

    OMG. I’m having so many laughs here within the pain of it all, I can hardly contain myself! Funny stuff, Alex!

  251. Thanks Max! You too ofcourse ! 2012 is our year to find the truth. Well done to both of us 🙂

  252. I see a new sassy, association coming into bloom, the nemesis of IAS:

    SASS (Scientologist Association of Suppressive Scientologists)

    (Now with Competitive Pricing to IAS!)

    a) 6 month beginning SP membership – Free
    b) SP Annual membership – 300 US $
    c) SP Lifetime membership – 2,000 US $
    d) SP Sponsor – 5,000 US $
    e) SP Crusader (New!) – 10,000 US $
    f) SP Honor Roll – 20,000 US $ or 20 new members for SASS recruited
    g) SP Patron – 40,000 US $
    h) SP with Honors – 100,000 US $
    i) SP Meritorious – 250,000 US $
    j) Gold SP Meritorious – 1,000,000 US $

    (Higher levels of Memberships to be announced)

  253. As much as driving some OSA bots crazy is very appealing it’s really not a purpose I’d want to direct much energy toward. Allowing a mother or daughter to see a photo of someone they have not been able to speak to or see in months, years or even decades is something that just seems like the right thing to do. I’ve got to figure out a way to organize a web site that would show numerous photos and allow for people to comment on who the person in the photo is, etc. There’s a wonderful website called “Humans of New York” that I might model it after. See here:


  255. They will probably want you to renew it. I had a founding membership in the IAS when it was formed in 1984, Then I got a lifetime membership because I was in the SO. After I was offloaded from the SO (for getting AIDS from a bad blood transfusion on the Freewinds) the IAS thought I should get another one before I started service. That is about like the comment that a person in OSA gave me when I said that I had a lot of friends still on the ship “EX SO members don’t have any friends”


  257. Yebo it was! You did me a huge favour and have saved me a lot of misery. I owe you 🙂 and “the other one” hehehe. Hugs!!

  258. Hey Buffy I have a feeling I know who you are! Thanks for the kind words. Its veeeerrrryyyy brave of you to be posting (if I have the right person) even for a vampire slayer! 😉 . Hugs to you too!

  259. I want to be declared by the church of scientology , my name is Derek Savage , i live here in Ireland , i want my declare sent to me . Thank you .
    I am an independant scientologist .

  260. plainoldthetan

    If a person is declared a suppressive, that means that the church is cutting ties with him. Things like IAS membership and its benefits; things like IHELP membership and its benefits are all denied to the person. Does it then mean the person can break any clause of the Auditor’s Code? Can he write the O/Ws of a celebrity he audited in posts on the internet? Can he talk openly about the contents of OT I, OT II, OT III, OT IV, OT V, OT VI, OT VII, OT VIII without the church coming down on him? After all, by conducting a “secret declare” procedure and not providing him with the paperwork, the church has not held up its end of the deal. So then the church and its parishioners and its celebrities can be treated with Fair Game just like the declared person was.
    I’m sure there’s an illogic here. Or a Big Ol’ Fat Freakin’ Injustice.
    But most Scientologists I know won’t do that because they’re honest and decent people, unlike OSA and Miscavige.

  261. Jean-François Genest

    Good job on your freedom!
    Wasn’t Danny Barram WDC Programs in the early 1990s ?

  262. Brilliant post, Oracle.
    Here are the lyrics:

    Songwriters: PETTY, TOM / CAMPBELL, MICHAEL W.
    By Tom Petty and Mike Campbell

    We got somethin’, we both know it,
    We don’t talk too much about it.
    Yeah it ain’t no real big secret,
    But somehow, we get around it.

    It don’t really matter to me baby,
    You believe what you want to believe,
    You don’t have to live like a refugee.

    Somewhere, somehow,
    Somebody must have kicked you around some.
    Who knows why you wanna lay there and revel in your abandon.

    It don’t make no difference to me, baby,
    Everybody’s had to fight to be free,
    You see you don’t have to live like a refugee.

    Baby, we ain’t the first.
    I’m sure a lot of other lovers been burned.
    Right now this seems real to you,
    But it’s one of those things you gotta feel to be true.

    Somewhere, somehow,
    Somebody must have kicked you around some.
    Who knows? Maybe you were kidnapped,
    Tied up, taken away, and held for ransom.

    It don’t really matter to me, baby,
    Everybody’s had to fight to be free,

  263. Jean-François Genest

    I would like an instant SP declare please ! (with 100% pure maple syrup on the side)
    I escaped in April 1997 (blew for good), soon after manufacturing the binders for GAT, but I have never been declared a Suppressive Person → they couldn’t find me. Can I have one now, please?

  264. Safe, yet on the other hand, it was Wilberforce (I hope I spelt it right) a Quaker who started the anti slave ship movement. Martin Luther King, a Christian. And even though the founding fathers mostly were non church going, they did follow Christian philosohy but not dogmatic theologically.

    There is a book called the Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark. In it he sets forth how Christianity displaced paganism in the Greco Roman empire.

    How did 14,000 Christians in the year 150 become 33,000,000 in the year 350 before Roman Catholism, Popes, Crusades, Central Churches ? It became more than half the Roman Empire which consisted of 60,000,000 people. In 200 years!

    Catholics monks later started the first universities in Spain and France where Copernicus and other science luminaries advanced science. The Galileo contraversy has not ben properly told.

    Christianity has no doubt caused some stupid violent things. But there are forces that seek to only tell one side. And Rodney Start, a sociologist, has revealed a lot of info. BTW Rodney is not a Christian. He is not even a man of faith.

    And maybe I can look at both sides in an unbiased way because my mom and dad did not force Catholic dogma down my throat even though I went to Catholic school.

  265. I can haz SP declare ?

  266. My emphasis here isn’t that Christians or Scientologists did and do evil. It’s in the WHY, and how Text in allegedly “inerrant” scriptures” are used by religions to justify abuse. To disagree or question Miscavige’s or Hubbard’s words, or the Christian’s “inerrant” Bible … is sheer blasphemy in corporate (fundamentalist) Scientology and fundamentalist Christianity. Their wrath will come down upon you just for questioning.

    Plenty of examples of this have been shown for Scientology. Here’s a few specific evil Text examples for Christianity which I posed to my literal Bible interpreting sister, who has been really screwed up by this Text literalness. (So much so, she refuses to read any other book because it’s not from God. All other books are written by men of sin.):

    “Sister, since you say you can’t get enough of the inerrant “Word of God”, here’s some “wise” scripture from your Old Testament God right here in the “good” canonical book, and my questions about them;

    Leviticus 20:13 “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death”.

    Do you believe the above scripture, too, as God commanded here (and Hitler followed), that homosexuals “should be put to death”?

    Do you believe your female gender are subhuman, an inferior human who was created for the pleasure of Man and who are commanded to be submissive to him? That you are only to be his helper (not independent), and that you were created in the image of Man, and that only Man was created in the image of God? That you’re just a male helpmeet? (Genesis 2:18-23) (1 Corinthians 11:8-9)

    Are you willing to accept that your “subhuman” female gender is responsible for the “original sin”, and thus the fall of Man, as Genesis says? That it’s because of females, that Man is born evil? (You tell me yourself you don’t believe man is basically good.)

    Do you really want to worship a God who plays favorites, who chooses one people to be God’s people to the neglect of all the others?

    When you portray the God of the Bible as hating everyone who the “chosen people” hate, is God well served by you?

    Will your modern consciousness allow you to view with favor a God who could manipulate the weather in order to send the great flood that drowned all human lives (save for Noah’s family) because God’s human creation had become so evil God needed to destroy it?

    Can you really worship the God found in the Bible who sent the angel of death across the land of Egypt to murder the firstborn males in every Egyptian household in order to facilitate the release of his “chosen” people?

    Can the Bible still be of God when it portrays Joshua as stopping the sun in the sky for the sole purpose of allowing him the time to slaughter more of his enemies, the Amorites (Josh. 10:12-15)?

    Can the Bible be the “Word of God” when it has Samuel order King Saul, in the name of God, to “Go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass” (1 Sam. 15:13)?

    Is it the “Word of God” when the Psalmist writes about the Babylonians who have conquered Judah:

    “Happy shall he be who requites you with what you have done to us! Happy shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rocks” (Ps. 137:8-9)

    Do you agree with the “Word of God” it’s OK to sell your own daughter into slavery?

    (Exod. 21.7) “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do.”

    Do you agree it’s OK to possess slaves as long as they come from a neighboring country, as the “Word of God” instructs?

    (Lev. 25:44)”As for the male and female slaves whom you may have, it is from the nations around you that you may acquire male and female slaves.”

    Do you agree with “Gods Word” to put to death anybody who works on Sunday?

    (Exod. 35.2) “Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a holy sabbath of solemn rest to the Lord; whoever does any work on it shall be put to death.”

    Should Pro Football players all be murdered because they work on Sunday?

    Do you believe I should be stoned to death by your congregation for “blasphemy”? (Leviticus 24.14)

    What about anybody who curses? Do you believe in murdering them, as your “Word of God” instructs? (Leviticus 24:16)

    When I was a “rebellious” teen because I wouldn’t tolerate abusive parents (such as our punishment of being tied down (spread eagle) to a bed naked and whipped), should I have been stoned to death by our fellow townsmen in Klamath Falls, Oregon? According to the Bible, I should have already been murdered (by your God’s command) when I was only 16. (Deut. 21.18-21)

    “If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father and mother, who does not heed them when they discipline him, then his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his town at the gate of that place. They shall say to the elders of this town, “This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a glutton and a drunkard.” Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death.”

    Are you irrevocably linked to this ancient tribal mentality because of your continuing claims that the Bible and these scriptures are the “Word of God”?”

    Clear and simple, taking the Bible literally has screwed people up rationally, and this has turned into death, pain, and abused and irrational individuals, groups and civilizations. Taking all of Hubbard’s works too literally has resulted in the same (not so much for civilizations, yet).

    It’s apparent to me the trap of religion is in becoming too literal in its scriptures, and to all too easily forget the sacredness of questioning everything.

  267. Moslems had Universities in Spain long before the average people was allowed to read the bible.

  268. Indeed Safe, much harm has been done in the name of Churchianity. Old world institutions are showing their rust.
    The new spirituality will/is based on reason, direct perception of God.

    There is an upgrading going on in my opinion.

    Those preaching the “only one true way” will go the way of the dinosaur.

    4000 year old scriptures need to be upgraded to the latest version. In my opinion only, I believe only fully liberated souls have the insight and wisdom to separate the ancient cultural characteristic from real spiritual knowledge.

    Being brought up Catholic I learned more about God from a man from the east more than from any priest or nun.

    It must be difficult to have a fundamentalist family member. I guess you could always out Christian her and love her any way 🙂

    Maybe someday she will learn from your good example.

  269. I really think it’s possible to extract wisdom from Christian Scriptures.
    But as for any wisdom, this must be done free of opression.
    Freedom of choice, making his own mind, free decisions and observations.
    And never rely on one source (translation / interpretation / sect) only.
    Today we are lucky as we have access to many many teachings from all the ages and from around the world.
    And the Scientologist is in the good circumstance, that he can use the Study Tech and all the Scientology approach to analyze data independently.
    We’re the lucky ones, indeed.

    8. To support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.

    9. To embrace the policy of equal justice for all.

    10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.

    11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help Mankind.

    12. To support the freedom of religion.

    (From “Code of a Scientologist)

  270. “I really think it’s possible to extract wisdom from Christian Scriptures.”

    I agree. I hope I didn’t give the impression I or Bishop John Shelby Spong are anti-Bible or anti-Christian. I believe there is much wisdom in the Bible. Spong is more Christian today than he ever was. Some bad Text of hate (and many errors) in the Bible didn’t destroy his religious practice (loving, giving, compassion) any more than any of Hubbard’s misguided Text should destroy the core practices of Scientology to increase awareness and ability.

    Spong wants reformation of Christianity as much as many Scientologists want reformation of Scientology. With both these reformations in mind, I can see both these religions working in harmonious synchronicity with zero incompatibility.

    Another Christian bishop leader I know who’s gone from hard-core Christian fundamentalist (hell/fire type) is Bishop Carlton Pearson. Both Spong and Pearson have had an awakening. Both believe in “inclusion”, and neither believes in hell. Both got their personal integrity in. Pearson really paid a huge price for doing so in his old ministry. His old congregation left him in droves. Here’s his fascinating story:

    To Hell and Back

  271. Carlton Pearson sums up Christianity today in this video with, “I think Christianity has distorted itself into a very inpure cult following of Jesus. I think Jesus would be appalled at what we have become.”

    I’m sure independent Scientologists, too, would agree that Hubbard would be appalled at what has become of his original intentions in Scientology.

    I could replace Carlton’s words for Scientology, “I think Scientology has distorted itself into a very inpure cult following of Miscavige and Hubbard. I think Hubbard would be appalled at what we have become.”

    All religions are vulnerable to cult following. The center axis to this horror is failing to question everything, leading to blind belief.

  272. i’m confused the cos say’s their is no disconnection the indi’s say there is and they have proof by the declare’s some have them framed, for someone like me who is just learning about all the BS of cos it is mind boggling is there a link somewhere that i can go to, to see the declare’s with a bit of background info as well please

  273. I’ll do anything to piss off Dave. I was never a Scientologist but can’t I get maybe like a past life, whole track declare going. I would tack it up on the wall proudly with my CMO braids 😉

  274. Pingback: Miscavige’s knee-jerk SP declare miscalculation (Part 2)

  275. Jessica Bason

    So, I’ve actually never been on your blog before but I did just want to say thank you. Thank you for those of us who were curious enough to research both sides of the subject before jumping head first into a place where I could have lost everyone I care about. Thank you for speaking out for what you believe and allowing others to read and respond to your thoughts. I am very happy I did not take that whole plunge into the Cos and have the Internet to thank for it. Thanks. Jessica

  276. George Tilmon

    I’m am after being newly introduced to this world seeking independence but hoping I am able to find help in maintaining contact with the woman who holds a piece of my heart. Is this possible or would it require giving her up as well? Honestly she is worth the so called “drama” than may have been or could be produced but I don’t wish for her to be subject to any in response. Please help

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