Scientology Inc – Operation Censorship

references: Busted! Scientology Spies in South Texas and The Rest of the Story – Scientology Spies in Texas

If you really want to understand what it is like defying Scientology Inc. oppression, you need to reach back in history for data of comparable magnitude.   That is because there is no other organization in the age of information that acts quite like Scientology Inc.   The institution is an anachronism.   You would need to look for examples from Cold War CIA, KGB, and STASI (East German state security  intelligence agency) to really get the picture. In the past I have recommended an award-winning movie to people who really want to understand and get a  feel for the experience.  It is called The Lives of Others.  You can order the movie through netflix.   Given current events, it is more relevant than ever.  Here is a trailer:

Compare the trailer, and the movie when you get the chance, to recent events posted on this blog.   To make the parallel even more fitting, one should consider what I am consistently doing between sessions, blogging, dealing with incoming harassment and running an underground railroad.  That is, that which David Miscavige is attempting to derail more than any of that. I am writing books about Scientology.  During the entire spy catching incident playing out in my sleepy town over the past two weeks,  I was reviewing proofs of a new book I am publishing in the next week.  The book may be the definitive piece on ‘What Your Donations to Scientology Inc Buy’.  What those fees buy couldn’t be more at odds with what Scientologists are led to believe that they buy.  Recent events speak to the credibility of what you will read when the book is available.   The magnitude of efforts to silence me speak to the importance of the information I am working on conveying in a meaningful and long lasting context.

Here is what one of the few people who have had a chance to read an advance copy of the book has to say about it:

Marty Rathbun is uniquely qualified to write this book.  He is a rascal, a rogue and a mensch. He is an insider with an exterior point of view.  He is a fine writer and a student of history with a perspective that lends value to his accounting of things that should be of interest to anyone who was ever trapped in a mindset. I found this book absorbing and unsettling and revealing and a little astonishing, and the time reading it well spent.


Clearly, Miscavige does not like absorbing, unsettling and especially does not like revealing.  But, his continuing STASI-like conduct only exacerbates and accentuates the truth of it.

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  2. Reverse Scientology = the church of DM = the antithesis of the goals and purposes of LRH.

    Looking forward to the new book. More truth on the line promotes more theta – contrary to the entheta, cut comm lines, amassing of ridges which will ultimately implode on that source of it all – DM.

  3. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Marty and Mosey, kudos and big THANK YOU for all that you are doing. I would like to remind readers here that Marty could use some donations from us from time to time, even though he is not sending Howard Becker to your house to crush-reg you. (See “Donate” tab at the top of this page).

    Word clearing for those in need:

  4. Tom Gallagher

    I’ll ripost from the prior log-

    “I find it so ironic that the Poop (pope?) of Scientology, POB, is so accurately described in blunt psychiatric terms:

    Miscarriage is a paranoid schizophrenic with extreme anti-social compulsions and delusions of grandeur.

    Maybe I missed something?”

  5. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Sorry, POB, that’d be a few less cases of scotch for you. Tough times, midget!

  6. Sad and frightening because it is true.
    IEG x

  7. Or we could start a blog betting pool where everyone kicks in a few bucks along with a projected date for the Slapster to go down. Any takers?

  8. My wife Kay and I have seen that film The Lives of Others several times, and and you say, it is very relevant to what we have, and are experiencing with Scientology Inc. The last line in the film never fails to jerk some tears out of me, maybe ’cause I was an OSA spy for a while myself, until I came to my senses.
    Looking forward to your new book very much – hope its in Kindle edition, too. Keep up the valuable work.

  9. While David Miscavige held the largest Scientology arena event in history to brag that he had “handled” the I.R.S. and announce his victory, another religious leader extended himself and became personal counsel to three presidents.

    While David Miscavige spent his Sundays torturing and invalidating his volunteer staff and running Can’t Have’s on his congregation, and demanding donations, another religious leader built a house where he could serve others and push them up with CAN HAVES and inspiration.

    While David Miscavige spends his hours spying and fixated on someone else, another religious leader makes himself SEEN and HEARD so that others may find comfort and healing in his presence.

    As a religious leader, as that is David’s self proclaimed purpose and mission, compare his tone level, his actions and efforts and results, to the other religious leader, and you tell me which one you would rather spend a Sunday with:

  10. If I may – this might be a fitting picture regarding ‘donations.’ The sad truth is that I know of families so far gone that they lived in poverty and degradation even lost their home – but the IAS kept on collecting. This particular man became a Patron – however had to borrow the money from a bank in Engnald – and without repaying the money back – he simply skipped the country – and returned to South Africa. The IAS knows that he had defrauded the bank and ‘donated’ the money for his status as a “Patron’. They don’t care.

  11. Over 7,000 people visit his div 6 introductory course lecture every Sunday.

    And here is David, spying on on a single house in Texas, the same state, via the Internet on the same Sunday.

  12. THIS is the “Spiritual Leader” Scientologists got stuck with!

  13. You are right Marty… there is nothing to compare Scientology Inc’s surveillance, harassment and intrusion into the lives of private individuals that have exposed DM’s crimes unless you look at past examples from 60+ years ago in the CIA, KGB or STASI. Most governments today, outside of North Korea, not only stopped these horrific practices but they passed strict laws preventing their governments from surveillance of their citizens without due process of law.

    On the other hand, all that David Miscavige needs are his evil intentions and a few suit cases of parishioner’s hard earned money (that was extracted from them under false pretenses) and he is free to create chaos and mayhem in the lives of the brave souls that dare expose his Ponzi scheme, his squirreling and his systematic destruction Scientology and L Ron Hubbard’s legacy. Thanks for standing up Marty. We all appreciate it.

  14. I loved the movie The live of others.
    And I am looking forward to your next book, Marty.


  15. Marty I don’t know how you do it. My conversations with Scientology Inc minions have been frustrating and baffling. Supervisors and auditors alike all assume that there must be excellent reasons for any and all policy violations and ripping the heart out of the Scientology field will all be worth it one day. A dark cloud of not-knowingness has stupefied them.

    You may well be a rogue, rascal or mensch. But what you are doing has terrific value. You have my full support.

  16. martyrathbun09

    I feel ya. I am hoping the new book will go a long way in educating the seemingly uneducatable.

  17. I can’t wait to read the new book Marty, please keep us posted on the ETA.

  18. Stats? In all of the Orgs all over the world today, if you added up Bodies in the Shop did it come to 7,000? NO! This man bought seven thousand PLUS under ONE ROOF! In one city.

    David says we need more buildings, more staff. more money?

    NO! WE need a religious leader that can bring 7000 plus together under one roof in one city!

    Stop making excuses for yourself David Miscavige! You won’t LEAD. FOLLOW or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  19. Sounds like he was tossing out DM.

  20. The biggest div 6 event I have seen in Scientology was Mike Rinder’s address in Ireland! Mike bought in as many people OR MORE, together under one roof to find out about Scientology , as Hubbard used to bring in for a lecture.

    What was David doing?

  21. He was following Marty! He is actually one of Marty’s followers!

  22. Wow. This kind of education is sure a tall order for your next book! I can’t wait. Making the slightest dent in these 2 thought stopping, mental walls would be amazing: 1) Just “go with the flow” and do whatever you are asked, if you want to get onto your next level and 2) Join others in doing something because it is “command intention” even though it conflicts with what you studied.

    The above 2 thought stopping walls are 40 ft thick, creating true uneducated knuckleheads. I know, because I was there for 35 years and slowly got re-educated starting in 2005 and culminating in the 2009 Truth Rundown. I hope your next book educates knuckleheads faster. It seems we are all getting better at what we do, so maybe this education will be faster too… anyway, I look forward to getting the book.

  23. David Miscavige is literally a follower of Marty Rathbun!


  24. SO TRUE! David has 6000 slaves and billions and Marty is holding the fort with lines of TRUTH, conducting this noisy investigation with a small group of OTS’s! DONATION ON THE WAY!

  25. LAUGHTER! TOO FUNNY! He isn’t fond of magic, but I can push that aside for a great person on a good mission! 🙂 Don’t know if you saw his entire interview on OWN network, but this man is endowed with a very high volume of theta.

  26. Marty– Back to the last blog–I find it nearly impossible to believe that you are just finding out (in the very recent past ) about surveilance that’s been going on for 2 years, or have I missed some important information? You are too sharp and intelligent to miss this. I believe there is far more going on here than you are letting on. I hope you have the rights to a film in the future. Wow, what an absolutely intriguing and chilling story! You and Mosey have got to be two of the most courageous people in Texas, and that is really saying something. That evil little low life watching you is lower than a snake’s belly (smirk–actually, he almost is realistically speaking). He will burn in Hell, if there is such a place. What a very, very sick mind. Mosey, stay strong. You are truly a saint!

  27. Regular Dog, formerly Underdog

    Marty, This is great news that your next book is going to be out very soon. I loved your last book so I look forward to this very much.

  28. Okay, we are done with the ‘church’

  29. I loved the movie. I loved the part where the head guy was joking with the underling and then got serious: “What is your name?” Chills. Reminded me of the CMO.

  30. Fantastic movie, I have seen it twice. It is indeed chilling and hits home what OSA is really like. Highly recommend it.

  31. I’ll put this movie on my netflix list. That Scn. Inc. has become anachronistic to the cold war spy agencies mentioned above is and indication of the organization’s tone level under Miscavige.

    Blame to Hiding is not a good range on the Tone Scale to operate in.

  32. Looking forward to the book, Marty. Thanks again to you and Mosey for leading the charge. Have seen Lives of Others twice. If that is what the OSA is like (am too small to be of interest to them), that is indeed chilling. And in OUR church!

  33. Funny

  34. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Marty — At last!
    Your first book WIWWS has arrived, after what seemed
    like ages! Am devouring this provocative essay with awe !

    I can certainly see why you warned that it would probably
    make a goodly number of Scientologists quite uneasy!

    You haven’t pulled any punches, and didn’t hesitate to
    point out when you felt Ron had made serious blunders!
    However, at the same time, your obvious admiration for
    the man’s genius comes across quite unashamedly, too!

    Though a guest for almost a year now, like many regular posters on your blog, I guess I had gotten pretty blase about the horror and depravity you described in your “The 31 Factors” (at top of this blog.) Your book carries
    through—-It really delivers! With a Kick to the ” ‘plexis!”

    Already 3/4 way through, I must say you’ve done a magnificent job as an exercise in “succinctifying” the
    daunting task of sorting the “real deal” original LRH Scn,
    from the insane handiwork of demented david miscavige.
    ( “church” of Scientology, inc.) Deserved kudos indeed!

    Your fresh approach, using your own descriptive terms,
    makes the “Grades” look immensely appealing to an
    interested onlooker, IMHO, and hopefully brings more
    than just a few newbies to the Casablanca doorstep
    one day soon!

    Looking forward to the final chapters, then will re-read
    to get fuller, broader duplication of the salient points
    (MANY!) that had piqued my interest in several places.

    Wonderful start to your fully fledged book publishing
    career, Marty! Here’s to a great many more!


    Calvin B. Duffield
    Durban. South Africa.

  35. Cannot wait to read the book. Is it also going to be in eBook format?

  36. Will someone please pull Marty off of dm. dm is a eunuch & Marty has been the castrator. Marty has continually kicked this little dick-tator MR dm square in the nuts. Yet the only thing daveyboy has been able to manage, thus far – is finding a hungover Texas prosecutor / judge in need of a donation or another Scotch, and somehow convincing him to file charges from 3 counties over against a man who “took my sungwasses off my face” after we stalked him for 40 days in a row.

    Nice job MR dm – you dumb shit

    Getting back to “sungwasses” guy. (Im just curious are ALL so called men in scientology effectively unable to nut up at any time?).

    No one knows exactly how they will react, if they ever find themselves in a possible violent confrontation.

    But, i can tell you this much is for sure, if ANY man put his hands on me or any part of something I am wearing, I can promise you dear readers, I would not be calling a prosecutor from 200 miles away.

    I would be too busy counting / pulling teeth from my knuckles.

    What kind of man runs off “cwying cuz Marty gave me a scwatchy”
    MTFU you ****y and handle your business.

    Then again……….

    I must admit, If I were a Scientologist for 20 years and I had heard the stories about Rathbun, and I saw him coming my way, I might run off like a neutered half a man, myself.

    No I wouldn’t .

    But, all kidding aside.

    The video you made (Marty) for the SPTimes, where you talk about Annie Boeker.


    In closing, where in the heck are the manly men of Scientology?

    I refuse to believe there were only SIX of you including Marty in the entire 800 million Scientologists there are in the world.

    (please accept my comments with a certain amount of humor- but you ll must admit, “sungwasses” guy, who im sure reads this blog is a little bit of a pansy in the testosterone department)

    Til next time Bed Friends,

    Same Bed Man,

    Same Bed Channel

    Bed Man Okc Out !

  37. David Miscavige seems quite obsessive compulsive over Marty. Narcisist also comes to mind as does sociopath. Little David Miscavige has a lot of issues.

  38. Why do you need a “spiritual leader”? Why be a follower? Scientology is meant to be about a bridge to total freedom.

    A follower isn’t free, though they may convince themselves they’re free to follow, what they do is give up freedom in exchange for being told what to do and think. I guess many find some comfort in this but it cannot be considered freedom.

  39. It’s always good to see your posts, Robert. You are right about Marty’s contribution. Cold-war-mentality Dave McMidget is digging his own grave. History will not be kind to him I’m afraid.

  40. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    It seems, DM keeps on making every single mistake, one could only wish for. He is executing himself. And you´re helping him. Thank you!

    I´m looking forward to reading your new book, hoping to get the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! And I´m looking forward to the impact the revelations will have on DM – and the collapse of his house of cards.

    I have a dream that some day all scientologists will be set free from the tyrannical mindset of the corporate church and that we can all get back in com and talk freely about how duped we were and how gullible we had become.

    And I have a dream that we can subsequently move forward and actually practice Scientology the way it was intended: TO HELP PEOPLE – without ripping them off!

  41. I loved the way you upgraded yourself from Under to Regular Dog.

    After reading this book, you are going to be upgraded from Regular Dog ver. to ver. 🙂

    Some day in the future, you will be upgraded from Regular to Super Dog. 🙂

  42. Quite an accurate description. I would like to add: “… and plain stupid too”.

  43. +1000 on the film – it’s brilliant. My wife and I saw it almost by accident a few years back when the truth about the cult was crashing down on me – it was very therapeutic, and the ultimate mesage in it is one of hope and optimism, without giving too much away.

  44. Bang on, on all points. Although I have found that seeds of truth DO germinate – I have had several folk I contacted back in 2009 who at first sent hostile mails back to me, recently come forward and ask for help now. It may SEEM like thankless work but it all counts.

    On the new book – CAN’T WAIT! I only just finished the last one due to it having been through several hands since purchase. The really remarkable thing about it to me is its lack of assertiveness on one viewpoint vs another, instead a willingness to look at all viewpoints 360 degrees simultaneously. I gained a real conceptual understanding of what the “great middle path” means in practice, and on top of that is was just one right indication after another. The chapters on Clear and the OT levels were particularly illuminating given the author being almost uniquely qualified to write such material. If books like Marc’s and Jeff’s have been like “negative gain” – not in any way to undervalue them – then Marty’s is the Ls of books on the subject. The truth is the truth, and as I said a few posts back, you can’t have too much of it. I’ll pre-order the new one in a microsecond, and get some much needed extra copies this time!

  45. Taking responsibility is a horrible thing in the beginning. In the beginning, God created Earth, not us. That in itself is a denial of responsibility.
    We create Earth.

    If people in other places and galaxies, had taken responsibility for themselves, they would not have blamed us and condemned us , to this universe of opposite magic. I am not only on a prison planet because of me, I am here because my former social contacts could not take any responsibility for me.

    We, have to rise above not only ourselves, but the people who condemned us to this prison. Incorrect estimation of force figures into this thing if you are not inclined with mathematics. The admitting cause thing is a reverse issue in itself. Full responsibility means not only admitting your own cause, but allowing others cause and being responsible for that too. It is one thing to take responsibility for your own actions, it is another to take responsibility for the other person’s actions against you. But once you do, you can see. To be responsible for the Scientology in the here and now, we must take responsibility for the actions of David Miscavige and ADMIT them. If we can not admit them in the open through discussion, we can not get at cause over this .

    The people that can not step forward and admit it, are not taking responsibility for any of it.

  46. Marty (and everyone), as a supplement to “The Lives of Others,” I recommend another German film from 1995, “The Promise” (Das Versprechen), which is also strikingly pertinent but in a different way, as it goes straight to the issue of disconnection:

    Unlike the protagonist of The Lives of Others — a writer who consciously aligns himself with the democracy movement — the main character of The Promise is an apolitical scientist just trying to pursue his career. This poor guy — whose only crime is not to have “blown” with his friends and GF years before — is targeted by the State, which has virtually nothing to gain, by way of his ex and his child in the West.

    In The Lives of Others, as in Marty’s real-life situation, you can at least understand what the oppressive forces are afraid of: the truth coming out. In The Promise you’re faced with something more irrational, like Arendt’s “banality of evil” — lives and families destroyed for almost no discernible reason at all, beyond a mania for utter loyalty and subservience.

    I wonder what COS’s “Berlin Wall” moment will look like. Probably less champagne and fireworks, more dazed and stumbling former prisoners thronging Checkpoint Charlie.

  47. To take responsibility for David Miscavige, you must admit him. He presents this as an overt act. Admitting him. It is not an overt. It is a responsibility taking. Please step forward and admit responsibility for this man by admitting his causes. That is what WE are doing here. That is what MARTY is doing here. We are ADMITTING his causes. We ARE taking responsibility for it! You people that are in denial about his causes are NOT being responsible for any of this madness! You are contributing to lies and illusion. And you are making the burden heavier for the rest of us. Just admit his cause. How easy is that? By not admitting and not taking responsibility for this, you place the rest of the human race in danger while you “go free”? It does not work that way! Can’t you take a hard rain?

    If not step back.

  48. Scotty,
    While studying the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man congress lectures I had this insight into these lower tones. He’s introduced observations of the characteristics of the Own, Control, Responsibility (as blame) and all “bodies” oriented points, and that they are “thetan” tones as opposed to the “thetan plus body” tones from 0.0 to 4.0 range. (They are places a thetan can get to lower than a thetan plus body walking around buying chips at 7-Eleven sort of deal.)

    The arbitrary division of 2.0 of the scale is the dividing line between Survive and Succumb. It occurred to me that Two Types of People, the issue referring to the dramatization of either the Create side of a GPM or the Destroy side could apply to this arbitrary dividing line.

    Above 2.0 you’d have the “positive” side of the compulsion to be constructive and below the “negative” side (this is if a being is still in the thrall of GPMs). They are opposed and generate a flow of energy, across Dynamics say.

    So, I was thinking about this Destroy/Succumb side and I had a shift of viewpoint that gave me a personal insight (more of an “outsight” since I was looking “at” this), and that had to do with how come somebody on a succumb/ destruction bent, doesn’t see that they are?

    I re-looked at “justified thought” from DMSMH:

    “Influenced itself by the engram in the several ways of reduced analytical power and positive suggestion in the engram, the analytical mind is unable to discover any truly valid reason for the conduct of the organism. It therefore makes up a reason, for its job is to make sure the organism is always right.”


    “Just as the young man with the detachable coat gave forth a number of silly explanations as to why he was detaching his coat so does the analytical mind, observing the body engaged in irrational actions, including speech, for which there seems to be no accounting, justify the actions. The engram can dictate all the various processes incident to living; it can dictate beliefs, opinions, thought processes or lack of them and actions of all kinds, and can establish conditions remarkable for their complexity as well as their stupidity.

    “An engram can dictate anything it contains and engrams can contain all the combinations of words in the entire language. And the analytical mind is forced, in the light of irrational behavior or conviction, to justify the acts and conditions of the organism, as well as its own strange blunders. This is justified thought.”

    The STASI, and any like character in life dramatizing these completely irrational acts, thinks they are right. They have computed that what they are doing “makes sense” in the whole adding up of factors to come to a decision to act. The factors that make this NOT make sense are Reactive. But the organism doesn’t perceive them this way. They are added in to the Computation and the final conclusion to act in a given way is justified ANALYTICALLY.

    In the face of flagrant wrongnesses, these beings have computed they are “right”.

    Convincing them otherwise involves sorting out the data used in the computation and now, since they have acted and “solved” whatever confusion they faced in the present with some “solution” from the past or presently computed using those added inapplicable “answers” and factors/data (in engrammic form or dictated by the Bank/GPMs or as in the case of a Service Computation, analytically) you have the task of getting them able to look AT the idiocy, rather than FROM it.

    This is why auditing/training is the stock in trade of any real Scientology individual or group endeavor. The technology provides the tools to help the actual being (not his “mind” i.e. pictures, memories, data accumulated) evaluate his own conduct and decisions and recover his ability to compute free of held down compulsive data that he has to justify to be right. He IS right when he is acting free of the Reactive Mind, GPMs, and mis-owned, added inapplicable funky stuff. And that rightness involves the greater sphere of all 8 Dynamics, in fact and deed. He can look AT his Service Computation, not FROM it.)

    DM, OSA, the “kool aid drinkers” alike think they are RIGHT, and Justified Thought, the Analyzer trying to make sense of what is patently NON sense, comes up with conclusions that make “sense”.

    Conclusions that, below this arbitrary middle ground of 2.0 on the Tone Scale, involve a large portion of GPM “destroy” computation. ( Oh yeah, that “out the bottom” direction of these obsessive justified thoughts is to the end point of the “nothingness” at the bottom end of the Tone Scale i.e. sort of pure MEST, with no change and hence no time. The opposite to the “nothingness” at the top end, cause over any change and postulating time.)

  49. TheWidowDenk

    I watched The Lives of Others when it was first recommended, probably over a year ago. Great movie and put a lot of what is going on in perspective for me.

    I’m very excited to read the new book! Rachel

  50. YOU Have my full Support Marty&mossy.Stay Strong,

  51. Very well stated observation.

  52. About cameras and spying:

    There are actually other spying techniques besides cameras:

    – Laser technology to transform the vibrations from windows into sounds
    – Deciphering the electromagnetic radiations from computers in order to get a remote real time copy of your computer screen
    – “Seeing through the walls” with a bistatic WiFi radar
    – etc.

  53. Trurer words were never spoken.

  54. One Point Won

    Ditto, Marty; your first book was terrific!
    I am looking forward to reading the next one (on Kindle) as well!

  55. Looking forwatrd to “What your donations buy”
    Must include the Mission Holders Confremce of 1982
    Renting Limos to go beat up staff etc.

  56. I’ll second that emotion. People, pony up for da man, here, pleez!

  57. Marty, watching you publicly exposing the crimes of Miscavige is like watching water getting dripped on the Wicked Witch of the West. I look forward to your book.

  58. Maybe we’ll get the get the Hole Truth too, heh heh.

  59. A recent defector told me that the final OSA comm cycle was unambiguous…Love Dave and Shut Up or get out and be disconnected.

    LRH: “Answer people’s questions.”

    miscavige: “STFU”

    Fair Game is alive and well in the cult of miscavology. Applied liberally to all those who are found to be even the slightest bit disobedient.

    You are either moving toward self-determinism with LRH
    You are moving toward total obedience with miscavige.

    There is no middle ground.

  60. Theo Sismanides

    great analysis, Jim, thanks!

  61. constant vigilance

    You know how the church has parishioners buy many copies of The Way To Happiness and they say they’ll blanket an area with them…. give them to soldiers fighting on the front, distribute them to the Olympics, etc? Well why don’t we do the same thing? We each buy 10 copies of Marty’s book and then anonymously mail those 10 copies to Scn’s who are in and drinking Kool Aid. Sure most will throw them out unread, but I bet there will be a significant percentage of them who DO read it and who start the process of getting out. Who’s with me on this idea?

  62. Me …

  63. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nailed it for you and for us all,TO! Beautifully oracled,
    as always! BTW, Have you a copy of ” Dynamics and
    The Tone Scale? ( A bright orange sunburst booklet
    written by LRH!) Here he gives a full working, breathing
    living example of being cause by assuming the causitive-
    ness of another as one’s own effort/s, WITHOUT putting
    them at effect! Just permitting them to BE cause!
    Instead of the CAUSE-EFFECT relationship we see
    entrenched as the model for most relationships, it shows
    a new way of granting complete beingness to another:
    Called a CAUSE-CAUSE relationship, sums up to a real
    ideal scene, since no one is relegated to EFFECT.
    The concept causes a dramatic recovery in BEINGNESS,
    since no one is ever BLAMED or WRONG!!

    Impossible of course, as a miscavologist! Unfortunately!

    ML, Calvin.

  64. Good point that what David Miscavige is trying to do is shut you up.

  65. “Outsight”

    Love the new term you coined, Jim. Beautiful!

  66. Im just curious are ALL so called men in scientology effectively unable to nut up at any time?

    You might be surprised at how many of us retained our manhood, despite the years of pressure to abandon it. I speak for my sisters, too. They’re some of the toughest women I’ve even known.

  67. He’s GLUED to Big Daddy! 😉

  68. I’m loving Bishop Jakes!

  69. Looking forward to the new book, Marty! Hope it covers the OSA budget, as it seems to be bigger than the actual dissemination of Scn to “clear the planet” and expand the fastest growing cult of Miscavige.

  70. Gonna watch “The Lives of Others” ASAP.
    Where the money goes, IMO, is the deal-breaker. The biggest revelation I had back in the day, came upon viewing our new mission holders’ lifestyle compared to the one they expected me and my kids to live. Night and day! They lived on a ranch, took trips to the Galapagos, spent hundreds of thousands on IAS, flew here and there around the globe, etc. while they expected me, the highest trained tech person in the area, to live commune style and leave my babies in the care of underpaid, under-educated, non-Scientology, illegal immigrants while I was on post seven days a week.
    No F’ing way!

  71. South Africa has no extradition agreement with some EU-Countries. So do not wonder if you find more and more SCNists living in SA. *lool

  72. Then again the fastest growing Cult apparency is financed by direct donos wrested by the OTAsses for Idle Orgs, SP & IAS vulture culture.

  73. Great movie. I saw this a few years back.

    I think LRH talks about taking on the valence of the ones you’ve defeated or have been in war with, can’t remember exactly (maybe a congress on Radiation?). But it doesn’t help when the head of the church is a sociopath and susceptible to taking on all manner of suppressive valences already.

  74. Already done a bunch. Did a large number of the Moving On Up a Litter Higher books too. I think we did 25 of those altogether.

  75. How about a small booklet like TWTH, but only the “Thirty-One Factors For Scientologists to Consider” and hand that out.

  76. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, just done in finishing your first book WIWWS!
    I said in an earlier space, that I intend to re-read your work, with emphases on those MANY items that piqued my particular interests, in order to more fully duplicate your conceptual

    The final chapters have afforded me a semblance of “contact”
    (read ARC) with you & Mosey that is most gratifying. Thank you
    for finally sharing your personal meeting, backgrounds, strengths
    and personal philosophies, together with that of her DAD, which,
    and please realize this fully, expand my ARC (and no doubt, that
    of many others,too!) for you ALL!

    You have a huge and growing number of friends and supporters
    across the globe, along with stalwarts, Steve, Mike, Ingrid, Les &
    Anita, Shreff, and the whole gang of Bold,Beautiful,Brash Indies
    of ALL persuasions. 2OI2 the year of Renaissance for ARC in
    the Rising Phoenix from the ashes of Corpse of $cientology Inc.

    Back to GENUINE basics without the expiring ponzi extortioni$t,
    mi$cavige, to impose his theta to ME$T (pari$hioners to slaves)
    certifiable insanity—being tolerated even a single moment
    longer. Put him away! Quarantine! “Terminally insane!”

    The Independent Scientology Movement, here to stay, &
    here to grow,— through Standard Auditing, Training & it’s
    end product –Clear, Self determined, Strong & Compassionate
    beings. Lending a genuine hand in clearing up the Mess left
    by it’s impostor predecessor, a thoroughly disgraced mi$cavige.

    2c. worth,

  77. Bed Man I’d like to take a shot at answering your question.

    The men and women of Scientology I believe make the mistake of trying too hard to be kind, forgiving and gracious. We tend to try and reach for understanding, compassion and compromise too often and in this I believe fail ourselves.

    Had some of the Sea Org. guys or even one for that matter taken Miscaviage out behind the woodshed and put the boots to him early on likely we would not be here today. Had one of the clever and attractive Sea Org. ladies lured Miscaviage out into the desert evening with promise of easy romance only to met by several more incited ladies at a remote location where Davey was severely bitch slapped with promise of more if he didn’t straighten up and knock off his antics likely we would not be here today.

    There is a time and place to use force. I would have no problem loading powder and a ball into the chamber and pointing it at another in a just cause. But many Scientologists I believe would chastise me for this attitude and consider it abberated, barbaric and out-ethics. Never reach for force would be the cry for many.

    Take a look at DM- it’s clear that a closed fist and a solid communication line straight to someone’s face is what is real to him. This is his level of action. Nothing like a good kick to someone’s ribs or a blow the head to get the day started off on a crisp note in DM’s world.

    So what can be done about a guy like him? Well I believe in this very “civilized” time our best chance is in a court room. Get him firnly seated to left hand side of a judge and hope that the law and justice prevail.

    But, in a day long since gone DM’s reign would have been ended with a dagger thrust in anger at close range by a devoted disciple.

  78. one of those who see

    LOL!!! Perfect!!

  79. ….or is this day long since gone? Sleep well David, sleep well.

  80. And don’t forget Tara, that when your babies got a bit older and were capable of it, they would be expected to be in there working too in some capacity…for free. What a great solution for mom to be able to spend more time with her kids AND get more production done! (NOT)

  81. Marty,

    According to Ron Hubbard himself, you have no right to privacy:

    People respond to 8-C 1 . All the social machinery people have actually breaks down in the face of direct intention. But the thing that causes difficulty in moving people along this line of methodology has a great deal to do with the notion of privacy—that a reactive mind 2 has a right to “privacy.” You very definitely have to be willing to invade its “privacy.” When you realize that the highest point of aberration on the third dynamic 3 was the first time you decided not to invade somebody’s privacy and that nearly everything you’ve suffered from since was a determination not to invade somebody’s privacy, you will see at once where this connects on 8-Cing someone into a service zone.

    If you have a hard time invading people’s “privacy,” you’ll have a hard time 8-Cing them into a Book One co-audit 4 or any other Div 6 course,5 because you think the reactive mind has rights. No! It does not have any rights. What has rights? That machinery? Those dramatizations? Those computing circuits? Those things have rights? The next thing you know we’ll have laws out saying reactive minds have a perfect right to kill everybody.
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    8-C and Circuits
    Hubbard Dissemination Course © 1986

  82. Every time I open a book to read, I am opening myself to a spiritual leader. I like to be led into places others have wandered into. I’m not one of those people that is going to solo audit L10. I am a person who wants an auditor. We need one another. we are like fruit here that pollinates. There is no fruit until there is a conversation. I don’t know it all. Many people know more than I do. I want to know what they know. And I can learn something every day from one of my dogs. Beyond that,
    it is David who is describing himself as a religious leader. He has led me also into knowledge, although not what he thinks I should know. There is much freedom in knowledge. Every day I learn something new on this blog, it is another door to Freedom. I follow people who know more than I do. Or who know things that I don’t know. I don’t see that as a handicap. I see that as a form of intelligence.

  83. Comparable magnitute is exactly what should be done. But if you look into past is not good enough. Look at present time. As I did read the book Scientology 8 to 80 I had the idea that it might take many years until science is able to built devices that can measure or influence the frequencies „of life“. At that time science officially had transistors capable of 2 gigahertz. Now look into present time. Reference:
    They speak now officially from 600 GigaHertz to 1 TerraHertz transistors. With that kind of modern electronics you do not need Camcorders or cameras for surveillance. This is old stuff from cold war times.
    The sentence: „That is because there is no other organization in the age of information that acts quite like Scientology Inc.“ is true. Scientology Inc. uses Stasi tech from the 80ies. But now we have 2012.

  84. I’ll find the book! Thanks Calvin. I had never heard of it before.

  85. constant vigilance

    I liked Forrest’s idea of putting out a small booklet like TWTH, but have it be the 31 Precepts or something like that. And I think we should put the first one be what the IAS money is actually spent on. I don’t know what this would cost, but not much, and I am willing to send donations to Marty or whoever spearheads this. And I think there are others who would spend money to get a booklet like that printed. We could mail to people we know who are still in, and leave some at the library maybe, and post it on the net etc. Marty, do you like this idea?

  86. He is actually blowing case off of people! There are plenty of people in that congregation having Long Fall Blow Downs!

  87. martyrathbun09

    I think this book is the ticket – written with that possible distribution in mind – wait’ll you see my next post.

  88. Duke, there is no other way to say this …. you missed the entire point of what LRH was communicating.
    Please go back and read the complete context you got this from and you will see message was about responsibility and help.

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    KFrancis, I’m sure you speak for many of us here, who feel
    VERY,VERY strongly the way you do! The use of force is
    what is often very necessary to save lives. Step into our
    world of (often) extreme violence (Durban, South Africa,)
    and you would experience just how much fear permeates
    the lives of all honest, hard working people of all races.

    I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the average
    person here lives in a state of siege, constantly expecting
    to be the next victim of a burglary, robbery or hi-jacking.
    It has actually become a way of life! A murder “just down the street” would likely be forgotten about in a week or two.

    That’s the reality of living under a governmental regime that
    is rooted in violence, a “sham”-ocracy that has regressed
    into brutality of the most horrendous kind. A far cry from
    the heady days of a post-apartheid South Africa, 1994,led by a now fading memory, an icon called Nelson Mandela.

    Perhaps the fact that I live and work in a particularly violent neighborhood,coupled to having my own daughter & son -in-law facing armed gangs of dangerous criminals, has hardened me to the eetie-thweetie brigade of do gooders, who preach love & tolerance while their own mothers or daughters are being raped and/or murdered. in cold blood!

    Fortunately I take solace, along with my wife, that our kids
    are part of a crack, rapid response Police unit (Serious & Violent Crime) and are mentally trained and prepared to deal with these often “goofed” (mariwana emboldened)

    We have a police radio bulletin that keeps us informed as
    to incidents —where they have to respond to apprehend AK-47 wielding thugs in hi-speed chases– ending 9 times out of 10, in dramatic shoot outs with many of the suspects winding up as bullet riddled corpses for their retribution! Indeed, all highly reminiscent of the old WILD west!

    Except THIS is in the so-called “new” South Africa!
    Sadly, when marauding gangs are roaming the streets,
    hopelessly outnumbering an embattled police force, people
    tend to be slightly nervous, to put it mildly!

    To see a massive shoot out in the city centre, with bullet-
    riddled bodies of gangsters laying strewn around a get-
    away car even more filled with bullet holes—is actually
    a cause for huge celebration among the local populace,
    who are often only too glad to see the source of their
    terror brought to a gruesome end! And who can blame them?

    No one here, remains on the side of violent criminals, once
    they have become a victim, I can assure you. (with the
    exception of their defence lawyers,that is!)

    So I have to agree with you! when the A-ffinity = hate,
    ………the R-eality = war,
    then the C-omm = bullets! then we have rather SOL:ID means
    of communicating! (to the terrorists in our midst!)

    Kill or be killed—survive only if you can shoot (straight) first!

    Harsh reality in South Africa! (please bear in mind that this is
    my personal shared experience related here, as pertaining to
    immediate family and environmental circumstances. There are
    much more peaceful cities, such as Cape Town, which are
    relatively peaceful & safe to visit.)

    One great benefit to living under these circumstances, you
    sure appreciate a good laugh, and learn when NOT to take things too seriously!

    Been nice chatting to you bro’.

  90. Your next post is something I always look forward to… refreshing and thought-provoking… a newspaper of sorts that connects us all up to a hope for a better tomorrow…but, I am particularly interested in what your next book can do to educate people that are “in” on the difference between Scientology, the subject and Scientology Inc, the abomination…

  91. Joe Pendleton

    Important reference from The Duke. Out of context or singly, these statements by Ron cna sometimes “make sense.” But when viewed over a long period of where he was going on this line, you do see a trend. I could write a very long essay on this, but we have the above and the parts of Keeping Scientology Working with its statements on democracy and same terms and how to view someone who is not fully on board and Handling the Public Individual, duty motivation being above personal gain, etc etc etc and you begin to see a LONG string of ideas over many many years all adding up to a very insidious message that is communicated to staff members that there is really no individual decision points on how to be in Scientology, or even how to live your own life. You do what you are told and you ANSWER UP to staff when questioned on ANY subject (especially as concerns your participation in Scientology, your finances and any part of your life that is questioned that would result in how it affects your participation, which is EVERY part of your life, no matter how personal or private, it can indeed be “used against you” and usually somehow results in the transfer of money, but again more insidious, the transfer of your DETERMINISM regarding your own life). And this is not just public answering to staff, but staff having to answer up to other staff. You HAVE no rights to private or personal thoughts that run counter to “the group.” And so there is much undelivered comm between Scientologists about the 3D, even between husband and wife – it can all be reported to “the authorities.”

    Sorry to say, but there definately is that flow in Ron’s work over the years and it got stronger as time went by. Even any disagreement you had needed to be “remedied.” Almost every totalitarian regime attempts to remedy disagreements by the way, usually called “re-education” or other words for indoctrination. It is on some level, evil as it denies a being the right of one’s own postulating of viewpoints.

  92. Li'll bit of stuff

    Brilliant work in your astute observations
    Extraordinary in it’s presentation.
    Sherlock momrath65, you may indeed
    have discovered a new dimension to
    your substantial repettoire au raconteur.
    (hope that at least sounds intelligable!)

  93. The Duke,
    Wow, that is actually amazingly like “The Duke”. He’ll take something that sounds like something, uses a few key words for example, but that actually has zero application in the context and then foist it off on others, crunching their wits with the absurdity, that they have to somehow or other explain away, or else DM/The Duke is an idiot.

    You’ve missed a point thought Duke, “reactive mind” and its privacy. Not “privacy”. Duh. You know, maybe you ARE the Duhke of Death, er, Duke. Death to reason.

  94. This is indeed the quote that many Scientologists use to justify violating another’s human rights. However, please note that that is not at all what LRH is referring to. He is specifically talking about the necessity of an Auditor to have enough confront to dive into a person’s reactive mind.

  95. There is a time and place to use force. I would have no problem loading powder and a ball into the chamber and pointing it at another in a just cause. But many Scientologists I believe would chastise me for this attitude and consider it abberated, barbaric and out-ethics. Never reach for force would be the cry for many.

    LRH said that it takes a balance of force and intelligence to survive in this universe, and that’s totally real to me. It takes judgement to know when and where to apply which one, and those who have that judgement, are uniformly winners.

    Unfortunately, no one ever put the boot to DM when he was an up and coming pipsqueak in the organization, but that’s past now. What must be done to handle him in present time, is a correct application of force and intelligence.

  96. constant vigilance

    Can’t wait.

  97. I like the book concept of what IAS money is
    really spent on. Then the 31 Precepts a second part
    all one booklet. BPI

  98. Joe, as a long time member of Scientology, I am completely familiar with what you’re talking about. I’m not going to claim that anything you said is untrue, but I will say that what you’re talking about, is more in the area of abberated group dynamics, fostered and reinforced through suppression from the top, and facilitated through interpretations and outright squirreling of the letter and spirit of LRH’s management policies.

    In my observation, that started long before the deliberate alterations of the spiritual technology itself. In fact, once the group abberation set in, it was easy for the SP and his minions to cement the enslavement and degradation of the Scientologist public with Reverse Scientology practices.

    One can make the case that LRH set our community on the path to the current state of affairs with his various third dynamic policies, but in my opinion, it took a lot of misduplication, misunderstoods, selective enforcement of policy, ignorance of policy, ignoring of policy, and flagrant violation of policy, to arrive at where we are today.

    Had the Sea Org kept their standards high, and only admitted those individuals with high case and tech training levels into the group, we’d be in a whole different place today.

  99. Joe Pendleton

    Jim and Class IV, actually the above LRH reference is not specifically limiting this idea to auditors or within the confines of an auditing session itself. A subject in itself is how various LRH references slowly but surely became a “Scientology culture” because there definately IS a culture, an ethos, etc in the Church of Scientology, which does come from LRH (though I will say certainly alter-ised on numerous occasions). Just as an example as to the above reference: In 2005 I heard the CO of ASHO in addressing the morning muster of his staff, quote LRH re: not backing off on invading individuals’ privacy. The Captain emphasized this point in pointing out to the staff that a public person had no right to refuse an inquiry into any part of his life as it was being done to direct him to actions which would get him up the bridge. This culture did not all develop in one day. There is an internet story from a Kaufman about Saint Hill in the 60s. Interesting reading as far as the relationship between the individual and the grou in Scientology even then. I’ll just point out that it is within this (already established by 1982) culture that Miscavige was able to settle in and dominate. Also as I’ve pointed out many times, Independant Scientology has really rejected this culture in practice (in re: an individual’s right to self determinism, both in viewpoint and in one’s actions)..

  100. Bela, I know it!

  101. Joe,
    Does what the CO ASHO said make any sense? Does it make any sense relative to a piece of material on a process, in session?

    It makes no sense to me. It makes no sense relative to the quoted material. When or if I heard anything like this kind of nonsense, I would say so. I mean, this is gibberish. It certainly isn’t LRH’s intention in the material.

    You were there, what did you do?

  102. KFrancis, I must agree. What LRH was talking about is the difference between conventional ritual posturing in which the parties avoid “invading each other’s privacy”, and direct heart-to-heart, A to B communication between 2 living beings. Most cultures have strict rules about this kind of thing. “it’s not polite to stare”, etc. What that really means is “don’t look at me too closely”. “Staring” of course represents TR-0 confront and the possibility of as-ising and thus unmocking the other’s mock-up.

    It’s usually especially bad form to be caught actually looking at the King, Emperor, or COB. Any Sea Org member can tell you that. “Attention follows attention” and so they avoid attracting the attention of the Great Leader. HE knows he has no new clothes and will punish anyone who he thinks may see him as he really is.
    “Privacy” is a social convention.
    Some languages do not have a word for it as such, but they often have other rituals of behavior that express something similar. These are usually ways of acknowledging caste or class relationships, which are of course simply conventions also. Usually the higher caste individuals are allowed to look, the lower castes must pretend they do not see anything untoward.

  103. Thanks Ronnie ….the intelligent application of the force of law may just get us there.

  104. Exactly Ronnie.

    Tome, when LRH wrote “If you have a hard time invading people’s “privacy”, you’ll have a hard time 8-Cing them into a Book One co-audit or any other Div 6 course, because you think the reactive mind has rights.”, he is simply saying that if your confront is not up to being there comfortably and communicating with others directly and with A-R-C, you’re going to have a hard time doing and accomplishing any positive 8-C.

    This discussion is a good example of how one’s tone level and mental set colors one’s reading or hearing of what another writes or says.

    So much of the meaning attributed to another is actually in the eye(and ear) of the beholder and not necessarily what the originator actually means. This is what leads to call and counter-call of “straw man fallacy!” in discussions.

  105. This policy is used all over the place to commit abuses, whether or not it is “what Ron intended it for”. Registrars use this all the time. IAS registrars use this all the time to show up at a person’s house at 3 AM. “Why is their neck so precious?” Executives use it all the time to justify looking into a junior’s PC folder. Of course Miscavige uses it as well…. just as he uses RPF assignments, SP declarations, lower condition assignments, non-enturb orders, disconnection, fair game, etc.

  106. Joe,

    No way does the ethos and culture within the CoS “come from LRH” in the sense I think you mean. He did not originate it, that culture, although he obviously contributed to it’s arising That culture is a “co-creation” of all the individuals involved in and participating in it. It is actually by now mostly a compendium of other’s interpretations and agreements upon those interpretations of what LRH actually meant. It has been created by people who acted to much like sheeple. Mostly in good faith of course, but not entirely.

  107. My gawd Calvin, what a powerful story.

    I have to tell you I felt a sense of privilege just reading this. Your a great writer….good to meet you my friend

  108. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for your supportive understanding, K!
    Of course, not everyone is up to to confronting
    this stuff, but it’s a relief to offload it, from time
    to time! Just allows for a bit of “decompression.”

  109. That is true, Duke, but the point is, where is the A-R-C in what they are doing?

  110. Joe Pendleton


    It was about 8:45 am and I was up in the BC room starting course a little early next to an open window, the muster being held in the courtyard right below me.

    I did nothing of course. And I will tell you now (in thinking back on it) that it would never have occurred to me to even later on in the day mention to the CO that as a public person, I felt that I DID have a right to some privacy about my life (specifically in regards to my finances). In fact, this as an issue did not occur to me at all at the time. The only thought I had when I heard him read the reference was that there would be more pressure on me at the little lunch time events that were being held (IAS, CCHR, etc) and that I needed to be a little more on my guard.

    The larger issue as I thought about it this morning after writing my post was that up until the shit hit the fan for me in 2006, it had NEVER occurred to me at all to question ANYTHING that came from the top in Scientology. From 1970 through 1985 of course that was LRH, and afterward it was from whomever any directive was coming from. I never had a doubting thought (much less a critical one) of anything Miscavige said at any event or wrote in any directive up until I started reading the internet on the CoS in 2007. It would not have even occurred to me. I admired him. And that’s what I’m talking about when I talk about how a group culture affects individuals. (And I’m a guy from a big city, 3 years of college, big reader of many things, experienced auditor, case supervisor and course supe, and still I just believed everything I was told).

  111. Joe Pendleton


    I essentially agree with you (especially on your points of “co-creation” and others’ interpretations). We have a slightly different point of view though on LRH’s role in this. I feel he did get to a point where he wanted to strongly control the dynamics of the parishioners (and all their activities). That doesn’t invalidate any of his tech discoveries and procedures of course. My feeling is just that that kind of viewpoint set by a leader rarely dies in a group and is almost always subject to being taken to extremes by his successors once the group members go into agreement with that as an operating basis.

    I do thank you for your comments. Nothing wrong with different viewpoints. Didn’t Mark Twain say that made a horse race? Well, it just makes for diverse points of view, period, and I think that’s a good thing (as long as folks stay friendly and respecful to each other).

  112. That’s heavy duty stuff, Calvin. There are only a few obscure stories and reports on this in the USA – a lot of denial going on. You do bring home the brutal truth of what happens as civilization deteriorates and how theetie wheetie approach and political correctness allow thugs and brutality to rule. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family. I hope and pray the “forces” of good win.

  113. Thank you Marty for getting the truth written. “If it’s not written it’s not true” will be the mantra for the reformation. I’m very much looking forward to ordering many copies for distribution!

  114. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for your astute duplication of our realities!
    This blog, BTW, is a real de-compression chamber
    too! Love being in the theta environment with you
    guys! Real ARC and consideration—that’s what
    makes our diverse journeys a real pleasure!
    ML, Calvin.

  115. constant vigilance

    Yes, make the headline first article “What Your Donations Buy” or “What the IAS Money is Really Spent On.” Put the biggest bullet first as we were all taught in journalism / newspaper classes.

  116. plainoldthetan

    Marty: My take on the church’s anachronistic censorship efforts goes like this: We know best, you know nothing, we are cause, you are effect, we are OT, you are pre-Clear reactive minds.

    That kind of arrogant thinking and resultant arrogant behavior does not have “eternity-magnitude” positive effects. It only bypasses charge and gets people upset.

    Even a non-Scientologist like Tony Ortega.

    What compounds the offense is that if you are an in-church Scientologist and have done a communications course or Pro TRs or have been audited on Grade 0 (communications release), the Church’s censorship efforts go to invalidating that you spent money on those things AND that you achieved Grade 0 release!

    The Church’s (Miscavige’s) arrogance is that since you are a pre-clear reactive mind, you are effect, and therefore cannot read the internet without being effect!

    Turns out that that’s a giant lie, of course.

    Ron has spoken long and hard about the dangers of running things in the auditor’s case.

    from lecture 5198c17 SOME NOTES ON BLACK DIANETICS: “You know, I used to use as a maxim that one did not evaluate Dianetics or try to put it forward in terms of his own case. That is to say, one didn’t take one’s own case and dream up a technique that would solve it and then present into the hands of a — well, considering some of those that have been presented — of a rather bored public, a technique which will solve the case of Julius K. Swizzlebum but nobody else.”

    From HCOB 15 October 1958 ACC CLEAR PROCEDURE: “In use it should be realized that different cases require different emphasis. An easy case would not demand a tedious command clearing, suspicious probing to break non-existenct occlusions or emphasis on the lower steps. Indeed, these lower steps could be skipped up to CCH 0.

    “It is all a matter of judgment, how long and hard to run which. … The answer is to audit the case one is auditing, not some other case or one’s own case.”

    We can see the effects when an “know-best” case supervisor (Miscavige) keeps trying to run out his own case on others.

    Endless repetition of PTS/SP courses, Purification Rundowns, TRs and Objectives, NED, expensive unnecessary security checks and confessionals, “you’re not really Clear” R-Factors, all done not because he pc needs it, but because Miscavige needs it.

    This results in a NO-AUDITING condition for the preclear, who spends his money and gets NOTHING out of it.

    So you can’t let him read the internet (or Marty’s books) because the cycle of endlessly auditing parishioners while sucking their money can’t stop while it still has the apparency of working.

  117. plainoldthetan

    That’s 5109C17, in the R&D volumes.

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