The Rest of the Story – Scientology Inc. Spies

reference:  Busted!  Scientology Spies in South Texas

In the third week of September a documentary film crew arrived at our home for a ten day stint.   The crew wanted to know all about Operations of David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc. carried out against Monique and me.   I told them there had been no overt harassment to speak of  going on around here since Nov 2, 2011 when the Miscavige Squirrels left town.  There was only a deep-cover, constant surveillance operation.

They pressed for particulars on the surveillance apparatus.  I told them I assumed there were at least three safe houses in our town that were devoted to surveillance.  I described how they would situate them so that they could alert tails in such a fashion that we could never spot a tail.   They asked whether I had any suspicions about any of the houses involved. I casually pointed to a green house situated catty-corner to ours, 201 Bayshore Drive, apparently abandoned for the two years we’ve lived in our current locale.  I noted small slits cut in the upstairs bedroom window blinds facing our home.  I told them that if I had the time I could likely blow the whole thing wide open, but with all the other forms of resistance that gets thrown our way, and the importance of our activity, I don’t have the time to investigate it.  So, we live with it.  I told them I wasn’t too interested in fooling with it because it was David Miscavige’s intent to distract me from the more important work we do day in and day out; that the intent of Miscavige’s productions was to get into the target’s head; and that the way to get into Miscavige’s head is not let him get into yours, or as Jason Beghe says “the way to handle bullying is to not be bullied.”

The crew was fascinated and began filming the green house with particular attention to the window.  That was 22 September.

The week before last the following scene was posted on my blog.  Pictured are Paul Marrick, Greg Arnold, Tony Ortega, and three members of the documentary film production crew preparing for a tour of Ingleside on the Bay (IOB).

The film crew recorded my drive through IOB with Paul and Greg narrating the two missions they conducted in the neighborhood in March 2009.  Their mission was to ‘case’ IOB in order to set up what Miscavige ordered to be a surveillance set up ‘ten times what we did for Broeker’, except this time on yours truly.   Greg and Paul were brought in because the PI tailing me up to that time was, in the words of Greg and Paul, an amateur.   He was not keeping David Miscavige sufficiently informed of every last action of my wife and me  and so Miscavige wanted the heavyweights to come set the scene straight.  The ‘amateur’, Monty Drake,  had been Scientology Inc.’s Texas PI since 1988.   In that year he worked on Rick and Vicki Aznaran (former Inspector General who was suing RTC) of Dallas.  During the nineties Drake was assigned to scour every last detail of Lisa McPherson’s life, the woman whose life David Miscavige cut short in 1995.   According the former Director of Special Affairs Scientology Dallas, Drake was also assigned to put the late-heretic Alan Walter to rest.

Arnold and Marrick described their recommendations, which included the purchase or lease of at least three (3) safe houses for surveillance of me and my wife – just as I had long-ago predicted to my wife and several days previous had estimated to the film crew.   Since that time we have moved to the other side of the town of 615 people.    But, Drake was assigned to take Paul and Greg’s recommendations and implement them for our new location.

I pointed out to Greg and Paul the suspicious circumstance in the home catty-corner to ours.  Here is a shot of the home from my living room.

201 Bayshore Drive

The back bedroom window facing our home – with the two blue splotches on it (from tape I have since applied to the window) had three cut outs in the closed blinds that looked as if they could be allowing cameras to surveil our home.

As we completed our IOB tour and were heading down Bayshore Drive to our home, I noticed a grey Crown Victoria backing out of the driveway of 201 Bayshore Drive.  As I pointed it out to the film crew and Arnold and Marrick, the car quickly reversed into forward and sped back into the home’s carport.   In the thirty seconds it took us to arrive at the home, the driver of the car had secreted himself within the house.

I dropped the crew and others off at my home.  The crew wired me up and provided me with a camera as I walked to 201 to confront the mystery visitor.  The car was gone.  I banged on the door for some time.   The home looked unlived in, and the door to the suspicious bedroom was closed shut.   On the way out, I noticed the grey crown victoria had been put into the garage.    So, the mystery visitor was inside, apparently hiding.

Law enforcement officials traced the plates on the car to one Fidel Garcia Jr., of  FNG Security, Corpus Christi and San Antonio. When I returned to my house, the grey crown victoria sped out of the garage and left IOB at at least 80 mph.  Since no human forms had been seen at that house for two years, we all concluded that the Film Crew’s interest and the appearance of Marrick and Arnold (accompanied by three lawyers, including Sugar Ray Jeffrey) must have caused David Miscavige to choke –  sending his PI in in the middle of the day to either attempt to clean out the house of equipment or adjust focuses on the cameras so that DM could make out the corps of media, lawyers and investigators who were congregating at my home.

The next day I caused Garcia to meet me in a coffee shop in downtown Corpus Christi.  When we met I told him that I knew what he was doing in the house on the corner across from mine. I told him about the people that he works for.  I let him know that I could handle what he had been doing but I that I thought that he ought to search his conscience about what he was putting my wife through.  Garcia, the 6′ 5″ sniveling coward denied knowledge of Scientology.  Instead he claimed to be working on a confidential project for Kiewit Offshore Services (largest San Pat county employer, constructs and repairs oil rigs).   He said it was a Security Department program that require a number of random investigators to come to the house in question periodically to take readings from a computer stationed there.  He denied that there were any cameras in the house.  I told Garcia that I would check on his story and if he was telling the truth, I would take him out to dinner and apologize for wasting his time; but that if I found he was lying he would take me out to dinner and sort out how he would make good with our family.  Garcia agreed.  The entire conversation was recorded by the documentary  film crew; I bet you’ll see substantial portions of it sometime around Spring or Summer next year.

I visited the head of security at Kiewit who told me that Mr. Garcia was lying through his teeth.  He was not employed by Kiewit and Kiewit had no operations whatsoever off their own plant premises.

In the meantime, I found out that the lessee of the home in question (201 Bayshore Drive) was one Monty Drake.

Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times then phoned Fidel Garcia to confront him with his lies to me.  Garcia held to his Kiewit story.   Collette then called Monty Drake.  Drake denied any connection to Scientology, but did admit to ‘doing business’ at 201 Bayshore.

I then phoned Mr. Garcia to call in the promise he had made to me at the coffee shop several days before.

You can hear that conversation here:

Fidel Garcia Jr. 4 Oct 2012 conversation

I then phoned Monty Drake to give him an opportunity to make good for the crimes he had committed against my family.   Drake confirmed he had been at 201 for ‘longer’ than I had lived in my current home.

You can hear my discussion with Drake here:

Monty Drake conversation 4 Oct 2012

Drake hung up the phone while I was clarifying his admission that he had been at 201 Bayshore for longer than I had been in my current home.  I knew Drake was lying even about that.

In fact, Drake leased 201 Bayshore drive, the very same day that Monique and I moved into our current home.   November 1, 2010.   Drake knew that I was moving into my home a couple weeks before that date, because Scientology Inc. was surveilling me visiting our new home two weeks in advance when I was making improvements in preparation for our Nov 1 move in.

I also learned that shortly after the film documentary crew began taking overt interest in 201 Bayshore, 22 Sept, Drake re-signed a THREE YEAR lease on 201 Bayshore, more than a month before his current leased expired.  David Miscavige has committed to pay 1,500/month for the next three years to be next to me when he was alarmed that I might force him to leave me and my wife alone.   All told, in lease payments alone, Miscavige has committed to spending $90,000 in church of Scientology parishioner donations for 201 Bayshore Drive in IOB, 40% of which has already been spent.

Now, for the photos the Caller Times did not publish.   First, there was more than one video camera.   There are TWO, in addition to the still camera.

Third camera

Incidentally, the still camera’s telephoto lens appears to be about a foot and one half long.  As Monique put it, “strong enough to read the ingredients from the containers of the food we eat”, particularly since it is trained on our living room, dining room, and kitchen.

In addition to the three cameras, the Miscavige bedroom was outfitted with a desktop computer and a laptop computer on a desk with a chair.   All three cameras were connected by wiring to the computer set up.  Clearly, David Miscavige had it all set up so that he personally could watch my wife and me 24/7/365 from the comfort of his bunker near Hemet, California.

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  2. Truly despicable. Miscavge not only has no conscience, he is also a craven coward who cannot confront his critics. Instead, he uses only underhanded tactics in an attempt to intimidate and destroy anyone who knows what he has done and is currently doing.

    Hey Dave, why don’t you do us all a favor and just disappear? You’re problem is not Marty. Your problem is right in the mirror.

  3. threefeetback

    The old catty-corner house trick. Been watching the one out the window for about six years. In this case the house is quite busy with an owner/bully who has been ‘unemployed’ for over a year. His wife and kid probably don’t have a clue as to what he is up to. The more one looks the ‘curiosor and curiosor’ it becomes. He is red flagged in the local police department data base as ‘Warning-former police officer.’ Not being bullied is taking him out.

  4. Marty,

    You and the truth must be in full alignment.

    You are operating at a scary high level.

    An inspiration.


  5. Darn! I’m disappointed I didn’t wave hello while I was there. Actually it would have been a middle finger salute in duplicate!

    Marty I truly admire your fortitude and TRs. As soon as I read about the leased homes and the re-signed lease it made me furious knowing how fundraised to death public have been conned to paying for these travesties.

    (ps. is the first sentence November or September?)

  6. Eh, I wouldn’t call spying on a man and wife in the privacy of their own home ‘man’s work” – it’s an insult to good men. More like don’t send a boy to do a cowardly fink’s work.

  7. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    “What Your Donations Buy” … ahem!

  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Whoops, fixed the November biz – that is when the next crew arrives.

  9. Marty,

    After listening to your phone call with Fidel Garcia and confronting him with his lies, I couldn’t help but wish you’d have coached Obama before that last debate. 🙂

    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  10. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, a little too comfortable being the boss – made the mistake of thinking folk would treat him presidential and all.

  11. Freedom Fighter

    Instead of putting blue tape on the windows to cover up the camera lenses, you should stick up a picture of your face with a big sh*t-eating grin on it. 🙂

  12. martyrathbun09

    Well taken, line deleted.

  13. Yup, I’m sure he’ll bone up for the next one.

  14. Lol. Or a print out of one of the countless amusing photoshops that have been done of DM.

  15. Anon-onyourside

    A very clumsy surveillance operation. Its overtness clearly is designed to rattle you and your visitors. Once again DM completely misunderstands the situation. He lives in a world of terror; he himself is terrified of everything and has to bully others so they never catch on to his fear. He cannot comprehend your courage, or how foolish he makes himself. And what a fool! If he is “Moe Miscavige,” who is Larry and Curly?

  16. Oh what will you do now, my Blue-Eyed son…?

  17. Margaret, I’m not looking for fight but there is no “boning up” that is going to help. It’s what he brings straight from the center of his political core that is lacking. Look for more of the same at the town-hall that is coming up in a couple of weeks-It could get even worse.

    He simply got exposed when he didn’t have a teleprompter to do his speaking for him.

  18. There is a recurring theme of “never going to let go” in Scientology Inc that is repugnant.
    +++For years “Blow drill” was a posse of Sea Org members designed to get the escapee back.
    +++ Missions are sent out to “recover” someone who seeks to move on and leave it all behind.
    ++++Inside the sea org asking to leave is not taken kindly and sec checks and route out procedure can take up to 2 years !
    ++++Long after veterans have left, people like Pat Broeker, Janis Grady, Terri Gamboa, Marty, Mike Rinder are surveilled and stalked by PIs for YEARS. Sometimes decades.
    It is the only “Church” in the world that stalks and spends a fortune on “Intelligence” actions on those who have moved on and left it all behind.
    It only adds to the image of “creepy” and “evil”.

  19. The Keystone Kops strike again….

    The hits just keep on coming, with no end in sight.

    Stay tuned for more revelations.

  20. Marty, it looks like you have nerves of still. I would go to the owners of these houses and show them what Monty the Dreck is using their houses for.

  21. It is incredible that one does not have to go to far away places like war zones, the middle East or Africa to observe Human Rights violations and abuse- it is happening and has been for a couple of years in South Texas!

  22. DUMB and DUMBER were overqualified so Kaptain Kangaroo got these two. Let’s null the list and see what they are:


    Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?

    Thank you, you guys are minerals.

    Your needle is stuck.

    End of Session

  23. ROFLMAO!! How about one of those “Squirrel Buster” logos? The one with Marty’s head on the squirrel body. Or the cover from Freedumb Mag so The Duke can see the “Posse” partying?

    Seriously, this is despicable on so many levels. I admire you and especially your lovely wife, Mosey, for your perseverance and keeping your cool.

  24. Marty,
    I swear I’ve said no less than a thousand times “just when you thought you’ve heard the lowest, scummiest, most despicable – DM and co. find a way to prove you wrong and reach a new low”.

    I so absolutely admire your and Mosey’s confront, I don’t know how you do it. But I guess you have no choice but to deal with it. Please know that we have your backs and we’ll do whatever we can do to help you combat this evil.

  25. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    We used to call it an “off-the-planet routing form.”

  26. The iPad self correction again. It’s nerves of steel.

  27. Li'll bit of stuff

    Absolutely, Steve! “Und ze bogus stories vill now haf to be changed—yet AGAIN! Shizen! Vot does a Kompetant Kapitein haf to do, to ket Kompliance arount here???”

    ” I ortered zem to make ze dolt’s life a liffing hell! Und zay
    f—–d it up! I told zem I vould make zere life’s a liffing hell
    unless zay did!!! Und zay f—–d zat up tooo! Und zen I
    hat to replace zem mit ze pest surfeillance affailable, at
    top tollar rates! und zay ko und make a f—–g laffink
    stock uff MEEE!??? MEEEE??? I vill haf to sink about
    zis matter ferry karefully, from now on!! Hey you doltt!
    Prinkk me zatt kase uff imported Skotccch!! Achtung!”

    Skritttcch! (unscrew, unscrew, unscrew!) Glug-glug-
    Gasp! gasp! gasp! Cough! Hack! Splutter!!!

    ” Laffink stock?? MEEE?? MEEE?? Mee—me—m–?”


    (more to follow-stay tuned to davie’s looney tunes, inc)

    ( Note to Marty! You have an unanticipated growth
    element in the Indie arsenal! That of unsolicited dumb
    assed comedy clips emanating from practically every
    ” brilliant ” anti-Marty assignment that poor li’ll davie’s
    thoroughly inebriated, dysfunctional cranial cavity
    clock-springs and cogs can come up with!!
    The cover for your New Book has just got to be a real

  28. David confronting on a via? He must have missed something on the TR’s.

  29. Li'll bit of stuff

    (Hint!)-(sub title!)–The Dumbest Ass In Scientology! Ever!

  30. Memo to David Miscavige: Dave, you thought Int Management was incompetent! Not only do you have do everything at Int, it looks like you now have to do everything out in the field too, Somehow, with all you are doing to force another IAS video out of Gary Wiese and the other donkeys out there in the desert, you are going to have to borrow TC’s private jet and get down here to IOB and knock some sense into Fidel and Monty. And I would tear Linda Hamel and Kurt Wieland new ones on the way down. You certainly cannot trust those two either. You can’t trust anybody. Well, maybe Karin Pouw in a pinch. Wait, she’s a woman. You can’t trust her. Damn, man, you really do have to do EVERYTHING. Allender & Co. completely screwed up. Now these clowns. It is tough being the only OT on this planet. People will naturally try to bring down every big being and reduce them down to their size. That surely is what’s happening. But, as Bill Keene says in TR-6, I think it is, “I have broad shoulders.” If anyone can handle this mess in IOB it is you, Dave. Good luck dealing with Pie Face Fidel and Backflash Monty.

  31. Li'll bit of stuff

    ( note for li’ll davie,)

    Your Karma (consequence of your actions, davie!)
    are just getting warmed up! The real deal is waiting
    up the line, for you…….you’ll see!

  32. It’s just the Central Intelligence Agency of the religion.

  33. Gern Gaschoen

    So its time for a PR caper. I suggest we make signs, featuring a logo of some fools head on a pike, say, and post them in the direct line of those cameras. “ITS HEAD ON A PIKE TIME, DAVEY” in nice, fancy letters, around a logo of a little head, tongue hanging out, pike resolutely thrust, an odd drop of blood here and there.

    Oh, another one: “KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING SINCE NOV 1, 2010”, with .. lets say .. a floating needle graphic for the logo in this case.

    And .. so on. A nice, big, fat PR campaign with lots of interesting buttons being pushed.

    What say you? Should we start contributing graphics? I mean, since we now have an unfettered line to a couple of DM’s neurons, lets do it ..

  34. Yes, specially since the owner may end up being legally liable as well.

  35. plainoldthetan

    This tells me a lot about how the Mind of Miscavige works. Church income is down. Church attendance is down. Church membership is down. Sales of expensive Church materials are down. So what doth the POB do? Watches Marty’s place (or videos of Marty’s place) Outpoint=Altered Importance.

    This is all happening in the few-week span before the multi-day IAS festivities at Saint Hill. Your presence is cutting into his rehearsal time, Marty.

    It doesn’t take me too much imagination to envision Miscavige clenching his fist and waving in fury at the monitors set up at the Int Base to display your comings and goings. Then, with teeth clenched in his best Ricardo Montalban impression:

    “He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him! I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!” …and… [quoting from Melville’s Moby Dick] “To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!” -Khan in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

  36. I told you that the cob liked to watch….

  37. Wonder if Drake is the same guy who gets flight data on Marty and Mike, which of course is a federal crime. Seems he is the nominated sleaze guy.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oh! BTW,gang—I never told you—I used to have
    a real psycho SP case, on my lines, a few years
    ago. Just like like our ” wanna-be-a-star-but-now-

    Yeah, he made use of the “tried & tested” H/D real “solutions”, of course! —Routine stuff–death threats,
    “..we’re watching you!” “…it only takes one bullet!”
    “…We know when your wife is alone!” “…you don’t
    want you know what we’re going to do to her!!”
    etc. etc. etc.

    He ruled his fiefdom with a total iron fist, and relied
    on his penchant to instill fear into the minds of those
    who were cowed into submission, with his criminal threats of violence! That scenario is now past!!

    One day, I caught him unawares (sans his body
    guards!) Today we have a VERY different relation-
    ship indeed! Let’s just say he now approaches moi
    in a somewhat “propitiative” silence, which speaks

    “Nine feet high fence” and all that! Or the most
    potent dis-arming tool of all—pointed ridicule!!!

    whatever it takes…..


  39. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    This is beyond DISGUSTING! DM can never feel safe, since everyone he hires to commit overts for him eventually turn their backs on him and go public with it. This story is all over the world now, and the world finds DM´s behaviour outrageous. I for one cannot believe that this is what our fees buy.

    It appears that DM is constantly trying too free himself of his own fears of being found out. He could have tried some auditing, but NO thank you very much! He hasn´t been willing to submit to auditing for more than 20 years, despite the fact that he is the leader of a church, whose main product is auditing. How weird is that???

    Spending parishioners´ donations on hiring private investigators to spy on Marty Rathbun and whoever else, has got to be a much better solution in his sick and twisted mind. At the same time he is lying to us about how the donations are spent. He is in a condition of TREASON, trying to leave everyone around him in a condition of CONFUSION, so that he can carry on. – No wonder people go PTS to this so called church!

    Talking about FREEDOM!

  40. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, I am glad you are now building up an Intelligence Team of Your Own. With the PIs who once were against you and with Jeffrey, even. And Tony Ortega. This is great.

    You have a knack to draw people your way. Building up your team that way will help you get more evidence and get some Power, more Power under your belt, which we all need. I am very happy to see you doing this though it is on a high risk scale but being trained on such stuff you know what you are doing.

    It’s great to see you operating on ALL FRONTS and really doing it in such admirable way. Now I am more calm to see being surrounded by people who are in the business and are now on YOUR side. Keep us informed.

  41. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oh ! And the secret as to how it’s done?
    Simple really, Get up really close and personal!
    Into their face! (space!) THAT impinges, like
    nothing else! Suddenly, you become very REAL!

  42. Amen. This is seriously creepy.Why does the self-proclaimed leader of “the fastest growing religion on Earth” (ahem) want to sit and watch video of you and Mosey having dinner? I mean apart from the absurdity of it all – what on earth is the point? Where’s the bloody product? Hasn’t he got a cult to lord over? Maybe I’ll ask him personally in 2 weekend’s time.

  43. absolute agreement on that viewpoint

  44. DM lives in Terror or Marty. He lived in Terror or Broeker. And the harder he tries to hold on, the more it slips away. The numbers tell the story. The tide has turned. The final smoking gun will be leaked by someone close to him now. May have already happened. Almost over.

  45. David Miscavige is nothing more than a peeping tom. I think you’re already in his head Marty, you’ve become his obsession.

  46. I find your blog so intriguing. I give you A LOT of credit for putting this all out there so others can know the truth.

  47. martyrathbun09

    I am not building up any team. Miscavige’s karmic vortex pulled them in to town and now they are gone. And we carry on.

  48. I can just picture DM throwing a wobbly over this one!

  49. Marty,
    Have you checked your house for hidden cameras and bugs?

  50. I agree. Marty is an absolute obsession for the dwarf. An all consuming one no less. McTinyFists obsession is proving to be a huge part of his undoing.
    And Marty just moves on with life and goes fishin’.
    It does not get much better than that.
    If this doesn’t prove how far gone into bat shit psychosis that DM has fallen, I don’t know what does.

  51. richardgrant

    Is Dave Miscavige lonely? Does he have ordinary feelings like that?

    I’m just thinking about him sitting there by himself in front of a cold glowing monitor staring into Mosey and Marty’s living room, watching these quiet scenes of everyday domestic happiness. Or watching friends and neighbors drop in to visit. All these little pieces of a satisfying, well-lived life of which David himself probably got zero comprehension.

    I can imagine, or at least speculate about, what he’s thinking. Maybe weaving the whole thing into some huge paranoiac conspiracy.

    But I wonder what he’s FEELING? Is there room in his psyche for things like wistfulness, yearning, loneliness, regret, moments of unfiltered insight? Is there a single instant, now and then, when he glimpses the chasm between his own tortured existence and the way human beings are meant to live?

    Maybe it’s a waste of time trying to empathize with this wracked, self-damned soul. But I do wonder sometimes if there are depths or dimensions of David’s obsession with Marty of which he himself is unaware. I think about JB’s story of trying to teach David to fish. It’s like at certain times, in certain moods, David WANTS to understand how normal humans operate. He can’t quite manage it but the basic desire is there. Then he fails and feels foolish and gets angry, and it’s all better again.

    That blue tape blocking the cameras is probably an act of mercy.

  52. Isn’t this illegal, what they are doing? Surely this is enough evidence here for the Police to justify a harrassment case. If that amount of cameras were trained like this on, say, a toddlers’ play-group then the law would be down on the perpetrator like the proverbial ton of bricks!

    Maybe you should just tape a few stills from “Top Gun” to the windows in front of the lenses.

    Mr. Rathbun – you deserve better than having to put up with this infantile and crude nonsense. Hope the end of all this come sooner rather than later for you.
    IEG xx

  53. Above I posted about my reaction to leased homes and how the public has been fundraised to death to donate to what ends up funding these off-policy, NON-TAX-EXEMPT activities of a “church”

    All of this business of spying on Marty, PI’s trailing Broeker, etc etc has me wondering how 1) this is legal, and 2) fits in the scope of a tax-exempt church.

    I know the subject of IRS fraud has come up before, so bear with any repetition.
    It would seem to me that one weak spot for DM is the tax-exempt status.
    The planning and carrying out of illegal acts is a red flag to tax-exempt status. So is, “if more than an insubstantial part of its activities is not in furtherance of an exempt purpose.” (from the reference at the bottom)

    Exemption Requirements – Section 501(c)(3) Organizations

    To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.

    Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are commonly referred to as charitable organizations. Organizations described in section 501(c)(3), other than testing for public safety organizations, are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170.
    The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization’s net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. If the organization engages in an excess benefit transaction with a person having substantial influence over the organization, an excise tax may be imposed on the person and any organization managers agreeing to the transaction.

    Exempt Purposes – Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)

    The exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3) are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, and preventing cruelty to children or animals. The term charitable is used in its generally accepted legal sense and includes relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancement of religion; advancement of education or science; erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments, or works; lessening the burdens of government; lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.


    “Reg. 1.501(c)(3)-1(c)(1) states that an organization will not be regarded as operated “exclusively” for IRC 501(c)(3) purposes if more than an insubstantial part of its activities is not in furtherance of an exempt purpose. The presence of a single non-charitable purpose, if substantial in nature, will destroy the exemption regardless of the number or importance of truly charitable purposes. Better Business Bureau v. United States, 326 U.S. 279 (1945). Therefore, if an organization engages in illegal acts that are a substantial part of its activities, it does not qualify for exemption under IRC 501(c)(3).”

  54. All I can say is, God bless this country and the rule of law.

    If it wasn’t for the existence of entities and items like Sheriffs, The Law, The FBI, Court rooms, Individual rights, Jails, Handcuffs, Juries etc…I believe David Miscaviage’s treachery would know no restraint. The cameras would be replaced with sharpshooters and the PI’s with arsonists and night time murders.

    DM is a “Saddam” wanting a kingdom to rule.

  55. I’m wondering if you have any information on earlier/similar spying operations against scientology’s critics and whistle-blowers and independents?

    David Mayo?
    Gerry Armstrong?
    Joe Lynn?
    Stacy Brooks?
    Vaughn Young?
    Jesse Prince?

    This can’t be Dave’s first rodeo. PIs are now coming out of the woodwork with spying operations that go back 25 years on Pat Broeker. Surely there were others. And you were in a position to know about them, right?

    When are we going to get the full history of this disgusting behavior from the Church of Scientology, Marty? Don’t you feel you have a responsibility to fully disclose and defang this “technology” of Dave’s so it is harder and harder for him to ever do this to anyone else?


  56. Each and every revealed undercovered Miscavige criminal idiocy, is one more link in his prison chain.

    You are loosing the fight Dave.

    Each and every dark deed you orchestrate against Marty is freeing him of his past deeds committed while in the cult. He is working it out like a decent courageous man.

    Marty is becoming more free and you are becoming more of a prisoner each time you act to protect your crumbling ego kingdom.

    When a person, soul, thetan harms others to protect their ownership and experience of MEST, that person, soul, thetan will suffer. It could be stated that it is in fact the source of suffering. The act of hurting others is the act of self destruction. They are one and the same.

    And Dave, your silent fears, when you are all alone, are just the beginning. These angers and fears that you are experiencing in your gut are tell tale signs of that downfall. Tell tale signs of the black magic you curse yourself with. Experience is self generated. We are the dream weavers.

    You toy, David, with laws you may not understand. But ignorance of these laws do not excuse you from their consequences.

    Your ego may justify these actions, but your justifications are impotent paper bullets protecting your stolen throne.

    This karmic wave has just begun Dave. It is of your own making. You have done this to yourself.

  57. When are you going to find the listening devices in your home? My God! This story and the many like it is the main reason I will never step foot in the COS again, well that and all the other outnesses.

    I wonder how many auditors could have been made with the money spent on this garbage. Great job DM clearing the planet.

  58. martyrathbun09

    Not really. Pat and the Las Vegas crowd (which I revealed three years ago in video interview still available on Tampa Times websites) are the only possible comparatives.

  59. So it’s people who were fair-gamed for 25 years straight, or no one?

    Listen, you have become one of the most effective whistle-blowers in the history of Scientology. Your unique position has allowed you that. What you have done, and are doing, so far is very responsible and helpful to those who have been harmed.

    Just keep going. People need to know ALL you know about how critics and whistleblowers and independents have been harmed, Marty. Release the full history, capabilities and technology of Fair Game by the Church of Scientology.

    So no one else can ever be harmed by them again.


  60. Here’s the ending of one of my favorite movies, and one I’ve seen you say you liked, too:

    Maybe some day we can all get to this.

  61. One more thought Dave:

    Karma is not mystical mumbo jumbo. It is simply cause and effect. If you study hard in medical school you become a doctor. If you treat others with love and respect you have many friends. If you throw a rubber ball against a wall it bounces back to you.

    This is not mumbo jumbo. This is psycho-spiritual-exacting physics.

    Dave, every relationship you destroyed, every child against parent, parent against child, wife against husband, husband against wife, brother against brother, sister against sister, friend against friend, buisness destroyed, crimes against religious freedom is spring loaded for karmic reaction.

    This ball will bounce back on you with the ferocity of every broken heart, broken family and manipulated sycophant that you have harmed through your misguided selfish reasons and actions.

    It is becuase we are basically good that we kick our own asses when we are ass holes. The goodness in you Dave, is gearing up for the fall. The debit/credit columns are about to be balanced.

    Thank you for your participation. 🙂

  62. Isn’t this an extension of DM’s “look in” system he had installed?

  63. I’m wondering what a laser pointer aimed straight into those cameras lens would do?

  64. Wow. Thinking about how I used to fervently knock on doors at all hours to get people to move up in “status” in the IAS and how those monies were going toward this kind of harassment and ridiculous garbage, makes me want to throw up.

  65. Under what legal theory, please ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    I am *not* a lawyer.

  66. My God man! These idiots have lost when it comes to trying to control and manipulate you. I’m new and even I get it. When will they see that??? But, in the meantime, you life is larger than fiction, you can’t make this stuff up. I’m sorry about your wife feeling uncomfortable about all this. But, you are strong enough and know what to do to keep her safe. Just keep driving the bus that runs over, backs up and then peels out on Corporate Scientology. Hopefully, she can sit back and enjoy the train wreck. When she isn’t out front kicking ass.

    I knew that weasel Garcia was a lying little sack before you even printed it. If he was just “monitoring a computer”, why did he run his scared little ass into the garrage upon the sight of you? HAHAHAHA…you have scared these clowns shitless.

  67. “It was Lombar’s fault, really: he had ordered that Heller not be trained in espionage; any self-respecting spy would know you must remain unnoticeable. A trained agent would have looked at the population around him and dressed like that. He sure did not resemble anyone else in that quiet southern town! Looking at him now, to paraphrase the clerk: Jesus!”
    Mission Earth

  68. threefeetback

    A natural born BONER.

  69. For twenty years I had the idea if I wore my hat and helped others to wear their hats, all toward the production of exchangeable products, we would move toward a world without crime, war and insanity. I have now, finally, been totally and completely disabused of that idea. Rachel

  70. constant vigilance

    Marty, Hats off to you for confronting this huge evil. You have the confront, the ethics presence and the cajones to out those low lifes paid for with C of S donations. What your donations buy indeed! I agree that you should check your house for bugs and hidden cameras. And get the story of the PI’s on you disseminated far and wide so that DM loses his tax exempt status. That is how Al Capone finally bit it… tax evasion. And surely if it was known that DM has peeped, harrassed, stalked you, wouldn’t that be enough to remove the tax exempt status of the church?

  71. Crazy stuff indeed, and quite unfortunate that sincere folks who think they are paying for spiritual advancement are actually paying for some obsessive’s pet project. I’m wondering what the likelihood is that this PI story will have an effect on CO$ membership. Some of the other things are easier to ignore because they involve intervening third parties. For example, the Narconon deaths could, in some followers’ minds, be explained away as something that happens with drug addicts–they OD sometimes. The Bend dentist decision could be explained away as more persecution by the government. The Headley case–bitter defrocked apostates blah blah. But how to explain significant church funds being used for spy operations? I don’t see how that gets explained very easily.

    The more I follow and understand this whole CO$ debacle, the more I think it’s the missions and individual orgs that hold the key, as well as the old school auditors who have a sincere motiviation to help the PC or OT achieve his or her aims. If the orgs and missions disconnect from CO$ and form their own SCN conference, the better chance at preserving those aspects of the teachings and tech that are helpful to some people, I would think. I get that this is a scary step and that it carries risk. But at some point, isn’t there a strong pull to just do what is right? And not just because there is a specific Hubbard policy that can be pointed to illustrating that CO$ is squirreling a particular tech or deviating from a Hubbard teaching, but because morally and ethically (basic human ethics and morals, not any particular belief system) what CO$ is doing just ain’t right?

    It does seem like we are starting to see more of that and I hope the pace continues. Certainly this blog and a number of others are providing a place for those still in CO$ to hear ideas, share ideas, get information, get support and encouragement, get help . . . and hopefully get out.

  72. I’m absolutely revolted and disgusted, especially at the long lens peering directly into your home. You have nothing to be ashamed of, but in contrast, one can only imagine what we’d see if there were a lens trained on DM 24/7/365.

  73. threefeetback

    Thinking in futures.

  74. Marty, I have been a cautious supporter of you for a couple of years. While I have never given you a “free pass”, as I believe, things come around and go around. It has been a struggle inside me, because I enjoy this blog and Mosie etc…But, I struggle with your past

    But, I will say this: I can not imagine how paranoid the two of you must have to be.

    You cant trust anyone you meet. You have to watch almost every thing that you say, les the cult get wind of it and exaggerate its importance.

    Marty, for what it is worth.

    I say to you – today.


    I truly wish here were more I could do here. (Think about that- Marty cant even freely accept “help”, for fear that it is a covert agent of the cult.

    I can not imagine what has been going through your head, dealing with this crap.

    Miscaviage and his Death Rattle is deafening.

    The cult leader will fade away, it is an absolute.

    Keep it up guys and M or M, if there is anything I can do to help



    Bellying up to watch the Chiefs get curb stomped today.

    About that warm beer and Jager shot Marty,

    its your turn.

    Cheers !

    Rinder, thanks for the email–hit ya back soon

    Miscaviage i know you read this – F*** off

  75. martyrathbun09

    tooky, thanks. I took the clip out. It so happens I am posting reference to this movie tonight and don’t want to ruin it by showing the end.

  76. threefeetback

    His ultimate fear.

  77. Hi Sinar,
    It sure is and this is probably just the tip of the ice berg. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he has cameras all over the place. Like where Tom and his wife slept, berthing areas, bathrooms, the guy has a real sickness.

  78. “McTinyFists” Lol!! Classic.

  79. Nice one Bed Man. 🙂

  80. Tooky, the past of us all are peppered with dark deeds. At this point I believe Marty is carying his load courageously. There is no doubt he knows more.

    He was part of it.

    But nothing says redemption like carrying the load willingly that you once heeped on others.

    And with the wise loving guidance, the power behind the scenes, Mosey, his shoulders are slowly being relieved of that burden and Miscavige is becoming shorter through that weight.

  81. Marty, you are standing tall in the face of all these hardships and suppression, and you are taking all the bullets and EVIL just because you keep standing and refuse to hide. There are few places higher than this for any being to be in. But that very place you occupy, is what helped, is helping and will continue to help so many others, in such a deep and reassuring way. And I just want, beyond complimenting you, to let you know that I do not take what you do for granted and I think none should, and what’s more important is that I back you up completely, and if you need anything you just have to think it, and its done! At your side,

  82. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    Hats off to M & M.
    It’s unbelievable what you have achieved in those short years to take the Monster (You helped to create) apart. Bit by bit you are applying the remediy to make the dammages created undone.
    The intelligence and the strategies used are beyond me, even if in the end it looks quite simple.

    In 1982 when I read the Battlefield Earth and the Mission Earth series and at the same time LRH wrote an Ed about the tech and it would be our responsibility now I d the feeling about that he was foreseeing whats gonna happen and his books were a warning and an appeal to reason.

    All the stories unfolding can be read in those books. My god this is not fiction, it’s reality. It’s weirder than any fiction I’ve ever read.

    To be honest allready in 1982 I told my best friend what we are experiencing in Scientology is pure communism. I knew already then but wasn’t able to confront it and just shut may eyes to all indicators and Out-points and continued to help build up this monstruous Organization.
    Wil I ever be able to confront my self imposed Blindness of 30 years ?
    I don’t know !
    I see M & M doing it and I applaud you for it. In the moment I’m still a spectator as many other are and just don’t know what to do when exposed to that big craziness and evilness.

    I never thought it would end like this……not in my wildest dreams !

  83. Anon-onyourside

    Marty has cameras pointed at his house 24/7. Under Texas law, if Marty, or his family, feels threatened by such constant surveillance, it’s considered stalking, which is a crime. If the landlord lets the tenant continue to stalk Marty and his family after learning about it, then landlord could also be liable.

  84. This is a SLIPPERY SLOPE
    meaning if all religions and Churches of any kind can do
    this sort of thing the Constitution goes down the drain,human rights,civil rights,freedom of religion, etc. etc.
    I would not be surprised if this goes to the Supreme Court
    and results in “Miscavige Laws” .

  85. When Obama’s not giving a prepared speech, he thinks carefully about his words before he speaks. Not the best style for a debate, but it’s a definite asset in international diplomacy.
    Romney however was giving the equivalent of short prepared speeches, which he had been practicing for weeks. It was a good strategy for winning the debate, but I’m quite sure that if Obama had spent that much time preparing for the event, Limbaugh, Beck and all the Fox newscasters would have piled on accusing him of neglecting his duties as President. And all using virtually the same sound bite.
    In four years, I’ve never seen that crowd willing to admit that Obama had done something right.

  86. Rachel, not time to give up the ship yet, I don’t think. We still have our hats and our purposes and I think we’ll get there. Just not quite the way we thought.

    I beleive we have all learned a lot from the debacle created by Miscavige. We’ll be smarter this time.

  87. This idea has a certain appeal, assuming it’s not illegal.

  88. Brian –

    There is no blame here for the past. What I can see that would be the best service to all would be something like a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

    In addition to the list of countries in that article, the East German Stazi released all their records, and citizens could go and read what had been done to them, their family members, their neighbors and friends. It caused a country that had been cut in half to be able to come together after so many people had been brutalized.

    If we can have some type of a Truth and Reconciliation, I believe that it would help “as-is” the harm that Scientology has committed to too many people. In order for that to happen, we need all the records of Scientology Fair Game, or as many of them as possible that can be produced.

    Those who participated in Scientology Fair Game can help to produce these. I believe that this would be a productive thing for someone who had been involved in Fair Game to do for those who have been harmed.

    It has worked elsewhere.

    It might work here.


  89. My thoughts exactly. Laser beam devices of many different power levels are available, and have become reasonably cheap.

  90. “You cant trust anyone you meet. You have to watch almost every thing that you say, les the cult get wind of it and exaggerate its importance.”

    I think that’s quite understandable, and totally on my mind when my wife and I went to meet and visit with Marty & Mosey a month ago. He could have come down the stairs, greeted us, and then excused himself from having the time to visit with us. BUT he didn’t. Of course I had been in email comm many times before arranging to visit. But even still he didn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I’ve come to see that Marty is quite capable of spotting out-points, and well, there wasn’t one. I’m not speaking for Marty but I sense he has good knowingness about these things, and who to trust.

  91. You are correct, Miscavige gives a damn about LRH’s legacy.

  92. Could he be trying to get Marty and Mosey into session via Skype? He is a squirrel, after all. As good a theory as any, I think. 😉

  93. And if that amount of cameras were trained like this on the embassy of Israel, a S.W.A.T. team of some 100 guys would conquer that house and probably make no prisoners.

  94. I nominate that for Post of The Thread. Great insight on the mind of Miscavige.

  95. You’re a good person, Synthia. I forgive you.

  96. “Your problem is right in the mirror”
    I believe in miracles and I postulate a mirror-kill. Maybe he will as-is himself when he does look!

  97. The only legal issue I can see is invasion of privacy, but I think it is week. If Marty was a buisiness he could have gone for industrial espionage.

  98. From Wikipedia:
    Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.

    The principal characteristic of voyeurism is that the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of his/her interest, who is often unaware of being observed. Voyeurism may involve the making of a secret photograph or video of the subject during an intimate activity. When the interest in a particular subject is obsessive, the behavior may be described as stalking.

    IMO, Miscaviage is at “Failed Peeping Tom” as a being which is about half-a-step below “Total Pervert”; i.e. watching counseling sessions with the intention of being titillated by sexual information, continuously accusing others of being perverted (the dead giveaway), and now peering into a private individual’s home 24/7 for god only knows what deviant reason.

    Shouldn’t he be registered as a sexual predator? At the very least, how about a restraining order for stalking?

  99. If you think SCN was EVER communism, you need to word clear that system.

  100. It was just a thought ………….. Dave.


  101. So true. It appears Miscavige has spent more on P.I.’s than Hubbard spent for the Int Base and A.O.L.A. put together.

  102. ps; …….. any more illegal than the camera itself ?

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  104. Calvin,
    Lord, that was funny! It’s not easy to write in an accent but you do it with aplomb.

  105. Theses actions by the church are evil and must be condemned by Scientologists. This is proof that the church is off the rails. So-called Scientologists that ignore these activities are condoning them, and are as guilty as Mr. David Miscavige. It is not okay.

  106. Laughter!

    More bondage more bondage! David is not creating freedom, he is creating more bondage. Freedom is an easy word to toss around, and a high hope. No pun intended.

    But this is something you have to chip away at every day, and sometimes while you are chipping, a new form of bondage grows. Creating freedom is an art. Creating bondage is a compulsion. Sea Org Members held in a trailer with bars and locks and guarded by security. LOOK. David creates bondage. Spy cameras and P.I.’s trained on someone to prevent them from auditing or enlightening people. This is more bondage. LOOK what he produces, bondage. Bondage to large buildings with tax and utility demands. Bondage to OT7 which he has created to last longer than most marriages with the sec checks and GAOT. Bondage to fundraising efforts like the Super Power building .
    See how easy it is to change somebody’s mind? You lure them in with hopes of Freedom FROM. That is what we actually got when Hubbard was on the lines. Freedom from. Sure, he created places to go in the middle. David lures them in with videos explaining and promising, better bondage. Prettier bondage. “Look at all of the celebrities you can bond with”. “Look at the pretty buildings you can bond in” “We need 1,000 more staff to bond with us before we can deliver Super Power to the people that bonded together to buy this building”.

    Look at how stays bonded to Marty. He rents the home across the street to view him from!

  107. Then, he makes everyone else wrong for finding Marty or Marty’s activities interesting. While he has a camera trained on the house the guy the lives in 24/7 !

  108. Rachel, We are fighting the war against crime and insanity. And you are a foot soldier and needed! Sometimes you have to fight a war to bring a little peace. Sometimes you have to tangle yourself up in a street fight so you can walk the street in peace. Sometimes you just have to forget the peace and do the right thing because you will be traveling with yourself through eternity. A thousand years from now you will be standing somewhere. And you want to be able to stand there whole.

  109. Meanwhile, the lease on the home across the street from Marty was signed with FRAUD. This was a fraudulent action. They signed, I am sure, a RESIDENTIAL lease. They can be evicted on these grounds and, the landlord can file suit as, through use of the premises, they have devalued the property of the home, and the neighborhood, by making it a David Miscavige Central Intelligence Agency stake out. If Marty has a lease he can actually get out of it, as part of a lease on any residential property promises QUIET Enjoyment. If he has a landlord, he can combine his efforts with the landlord across the street to recoup damages from David Miscavige.

  110. What Ronnie said. Lord knows we all need forgiven for some things…

  111. Agreed Tooky, as they say “sunshine is the best……..”.

    I can look back in the early days (late 70s)when Heber was conducting a frenzied Cedars of Lebanon auditorium special meeting that named the big SPs on the planet. It ws almost like blood sport. We were all fired up with passions to get the “SPs” that are the enemies of mankind.

    I will confess a sin right here and now in honor of your request Tooky. It was a victimless crime (I hope). I was riding in my car after one of these special SP updates that Heber conducted and I remember consciously wishing death on one of the SPs. I don’t remember who it was. But here I was, sitting there, postulating ill will with thought force on another human being.

    I invite you all to look into your hearts in honor of Tooky’e request. You all have stories.

    Lets cut the crap, at some point we all guzzled cool aide! We all fancied ourselves the Long Ranger for truth to save the world and get the bad guys.

    It was bogus horse shit, when we bought into the enemy bit. This whole damn sick circus of enemy dramitizations must come to an end.

    If you have the courage and integrity to do so. If you have the courage to dicover the “why”.

  112. What system would you classify the Sea Org as, economically? Everyone works the same hours. Everyone is forced to work. The wealth flows up to the government (Int Management). People are told where and when to work. The resources are shared and the majority share communal living, eating, working, and transport. The difference is, there is a CLASS system. Do they recognize the state? No. IF the Sea Org was a country, how would it be defined?

    Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order.


  113. Hey M/M, why have you NOT been able to file a whistleblowers lawsuit?

    Maybe you have answered before, I am sure you have at least looked into it.

    Marty, man no one knows what you are going through except people who have gone through it. So who is to say what anyone else would do in the exact situation. I encourage you to just record and document every step and try not to give them a”bone”, which they can twist and turn like they already do. But, I am sure you are at your wits end and that being a fighter you so obviously are – im sure you find it impossible to let them get away with anything, which is 100% understandable.

    I hope you nail their ass.

    Whats funny guys – not really. Is that Miscaviage could live as well as he does now AND treat people well and make them truly love him. But, he cant do it, he HAS to have image control and you cant manage that without having COMPLETE control over people. (Believe me, even true Scientologists are seeing through this shit – God bless the internet)

    Mismanage err Miscaviage could be a real leader if he wanted, instead he has to have complete control. My god look at the releases Scientology sends out and the ONLY person they ever mention is dm and how great he is for the church. It is a joke and while I know a lot of people are brainwashed and believe in his BS, but I gotta believe this is a modern world and the internet kicks ass –people like the internet and people ARE curious and the more you tell them not to look, human curiosity takes over.

    Again my point is – all lies become overwhelming and eventually collapse, had DM not done things like Muscial Chairs etc, had he not been a violent controlling dip shit, he could STILL run the cult & have people love him AND most improtant still have his number 2 and number 3
    (Rinder & Rath) guys still with him.

    It just proves in my opinion, how corrupt power and money is – because MONEY is the only thing keeping that little man in power.

    Nothing else.

    Eventually, the money will run out –

    Sorry I only meant to ask you a question, then my fingers took over

  114. Laughter!

  115. David is squirreling, he has gone into REMOTE VIEWING practices.

  116. And he is cheating at those!

  117. So creepy. Surreal.
    And what a gross misappropriation of parishioners 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mortgage lines of equity!

  118. I’m for this one! DM grinning at the camera so DM watching the camera can see himself. Unfortunately, he’d probably love it!

  119. TheWidowDenk

    Hi Simple — Sorry if I gave the impression I am giving up the ship. No way! I’m still in there operating on what I know to be true, not covertly placed cameras run by private investigators. My issue is specifically with overuse of “intelligence” (which doesn’t seem so intelligent to me), rather than working on products. Quite correct, this has been quite a learning experience all the way around. Rachel

  120. martyrathbun09

    Extremes in either direction are not healthy. Nor are they the truth.

  121. Whew! 🙂

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  123. Tom Gallagher

    I find it so ironic that the Poop (pope?) of Scientology, POB, is so accurately described in blunt psychiatric terms:

    Miscarriage is a paranoid schizophrenic with extreme anti-social compulsions and delusions of grandeur.

    Maybe I missed something?

  124. Yes, indeed, Han Solo. What a world, eh…? As far as I see it, from my Impartial English View, Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun were there, saw what was desperately wrong and were abused when they tried to right those wrongs within “the system”, then wisely got out (probably at the expense of all that they held to securely and cherished for many decades) – and are now building a healthy, loving, home for themselves, their sweet side-kick Chiquita, to which they (despite any detriment to themselves) openly welcome all others who seek their friendship, support, and wise counsel in their beautifully-located and welcoming marital home That is bravery and decency.

    I like to think that I’d have been similarly strong under such pressure. I probably would, with Jasper by my side. But he is dead, and, without him… who knows? At heart, I’m just a gutless wretch. But I have especial respect for those who stand up to bullies. And that is all that DM is: a silly little kindergarten bully trapped in the body of an adult male. It would almost be amusing, had not his tantrums caused misery and despair to many, many people who made the simple and understandable mistake of believing that what they were doing was “for the best”.

    Stay strong, stay safe, stay happy, my friends.

    IEG xxxx

  125. martyrathbun09

    Thanks IEG. Mosey wasn’t there; thank goodness.

  126. Sweetheart, you were doing the best you could at the time with the information available to you. Please don’t beat yourself up. None of this was your fault.

    You now see things clearly, which makes you a FAR better person than most. No-one can change the past – so smile and move forward to a better life ahead.
    Every blessing,
    IEG xx

  127. That’s good. I am glad she was spared the sight of these pathetic little tits debasing themselves.
    Stay strong Mr. R. You’re a good ‘un.
    IEG xxxx

  128. And thank you ❤ I appreciate these kind words. If I had only known!

  129. The Poop floats to the top?

  130. Li'll bit of stuff

    Anythinnnkk to supporttt der Maessttro, Jawwwol!!

  131. $90,000.00. Just to rent the bloody house. $90,000.00. What as assbag.

  132. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    WOW i DID THAT !

  133. Well, let them sue “because Mr. Rathbun, a well known ( usual OSA black propaganda balderdash ), blinded our suveillance cameras with a laser pointer so we could not watch him any more 24 hours per day”.

    That would trigger a few interesting newspaper articles in a few countries, wouldn’t it ?

  134. Well, they did move up in status.

    Towards “not-knowing irresponsible group-bank credulous maximus”, that is.

    Thanks for exteriorizing out of that insanity, Synthia.

  135. But Scott, he has no reflection in the mirror.

  136. Hmm. Marty IS in business via Casablanca. Perhaps there is a case for industrial espionage.

  137. ROFL! Well done, Calvin!

  138. Li'll bit of stuff

    So welcome, Nance!

  139. Truth is never extreme. Truth is healing.

  140. Truth is some times difficult to confront.

  141. Richard, I’m no expert, but my hunch is that David Miscavige’s two overwhelming emotions are rage and terror.

  142. The Sea Org staff don’t own the means of production. DM’s corporations do.

  143. martyrathbun09

    Nor did the Soviet Union or any other communist regime in history for that matter.

  144. You failed to answer me. Under what legal theory is the *landlord* liable for what the tenant does with leased property (in Texas)? Citation, please.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  145. Awesome postings on this subject. I am looking forward to your book too! So spot on. I recently had an “:OSA Encounter” where they sent one of my friends in under the guise of “salvaging me” and “answering my questions”. i was told that my SP declare (that I couldn’t give two hoots about) was on the lines and I may be able to handle this in the nick of time. I detected that I was being played so I played back. My “friend” wanted intel data and I sent him a priceless KR on myself that included accolades about many Indies, ;particularly, the LEC group here in ID. I also sent my “trashed” blog postings (about 90 or so) in two separate e-mails in zip locked files as attachments to my “KR” – they were mostly applicable LRH references. No surprise, I got the “bad news” that I was declared and had been the whole time and he “didn’t know it. Done with that game now- in fact, I had my first session at LEC yesterday and am Flourishing and Proper in the Indie Field!! Note: My new blog address is: betruth15.wordpress.comm.

  146. David Miscavige spends millions of $$$ dollars, raped and robbed from unsuspecting parishioners, to track Marty Rathbun’s every waking moment – FIXATED MUCH?!?!

  147. Anony-onyourside:

    I have appended the relevant section of the Texas Penal Code below. I very much doubt that even a Texas judge or the local cops are going to consider a properly licensed P.I.’s use of surveillance cameras from over 100 feet away as constituting a credible threat of “bodily injury or death” so as to constitute criminal “stalking”. Neither would the landlord have reason to believe that surveillance constitutes a *criminal* act under this statute, hence he has nothing for which to be criminally liable.

    As utterly detestable as I find this obsessive surveillance for no good reason, I don’t see any *crime* being committed. However, the Texas statutes on Invasion of Privacy may very well apply here, but AFAIK, that would be a civil tort, not a criminal matter.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    I am *not* a lawyer.
    Texas Penal Code Title 9 Chapter 42 Section 42.072 STALKING –
    “(a) A person commits an offense if the person, on more than one occasion and pursuant to the same scheme or course of conduct that is directed specifically at another person, knowingly engages in conduct, including following the other person, that:

    (1) the actor knows or reasonably believes the other person will regard as threatening:

    (A) bodily injury or death for the other person;

    (B) bodily injury or death for a member of the other person’s family or household; or

    (C) that an offense will be committed against the other person’s property;

    (2) causes the other person or a member of the other person’s family or household to be placed in fear of bodily injury or death or fear that an offense will be committed against the other person’s property; and

    (3) would cause a reasonable person to fear:

    (A) bodily injury or death for himself or herself;

    (B) bodily injury or death for a member of the person’s family or household; or

    (C) that an offense will be committed against the person’s property.

    (b) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree, except that the offense is a felony of the second degree if the actor has previously been convicted under this section.

    (c) In this section, “family,” “household,” and “member of a household” have the meanings assigned by Chapter 71, Family Code.”

  148. Freedom Fighter

    Yes, that’s why I said post one of Marty with a big grin on his face. That would definitely rub DM raw.

  149. Anon-onyourside

    Mike, you are SCAREY for a non-lawyer! Good work on finding the code section, but I have yet to find someone who posts here who is not very smart and very brave. I personally would feel very threatened at having surveillance 24/7 that is ordered by an out of control organization and a man (DM) identified here as a psychopathic sociopath. The Texas code seems to include the concept of feeling threatened, not actual physical threat. I don’t think most PIs would do what this PI character is doing. But why is he even doing it? Marty isn’t suing or being sued, there is no divorce; he is a courageous man defending his religion. Marty’s wife hasn’t done anything, why is she being harassed like this? I think invasion of privacy may be a good cause of action too, but if someone feels threatened because they are being filmed 24/7 at the orders of a hostile, psychopathic sociopath, they have a right to feel threatened and Texas law could protect them under its stalking law. (I believe a PI was arrested in Colorado for stalking for doing something similar not too long ago.) I can’t imagine that the landlord or the neighbors are happy about the surveillance. Didn’t Google Maps get into trouble for just photographing neighborhoods and putting the photos on the Internet? They had to blur faces after that and were barred in many neighborhoods. Is this PI blurring faces of neighbors or children? This is just my two cents.

  150. DWD (Down with Dave)

    Marty – can you please explain what you meant by this:
    “The next day I caused Garcia to meet me in a coffee shop…”
    Did he agree to meet with you?

  151. Need to know. You don’t need to know. 😀

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  152. It would be highly irresponsible to do that. Any LASER beam powerful enough to blind those cameras would constitute a hazard to the eyesight of any unfortunate person who happened to be in the path of a scattered reflection off the glass window pane in front of the cameras.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

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  154. I want my money back. All of it.


    Visualize DM in SHACKLES.

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  156. Tory Christman

    And I love your wife, too! Mosey So appropriately stated: “As Monique put it, “strong enough to read the ingredients from the containers of the food we eat”, particularly since it is trained on our living room, dining room, and kitchen.” Jeeesh: OSA ops: Is this *really* what you got into $cientology to do? THIS IS IT? Peace out 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  157. Pingback: Four More Years | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  158. To David Miscavige: I can photograph you in your bedroom if I wanted to, without installing any equipment or without even being present in your home. All done via the very rare (but not lost) technology called radionic photography, developed in the early 1900s. Step aside you amateur. And never forget… someone might be keeping an all seeing eye on you too.

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  161. Monte Drake is an inch high private eye. He does not have an education nor any morales for that matter. If you were to put his house under surveillance he would never stand for his wife, Terry, or daughters, Alex, and Jessica, to be watched. You need to check your credit report because he probably has run it. Just look to see who has requested it. Also there has to be a tracking device placed on your car. Also never throw away anything you don’t want him looking at. It was funny to hear him scared on the phone. If you do some research on him you might find a lot of interesting info.

  162. DM has long since gone crazy. We are witnessing a being who is drowning in riches, but has NO way to handle his deamons. And to boot, he sits in the middle of (many) people who might be able to help him handle his insanity but…
    Water, water, every where,
    Nor any drop to drink.
    I’m wondering just how spectacular an explosion it will be when he finally (really) pops.

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