A Talk To OSA Staff

This is a direct appeal to reason addressed to each and every OSA (Office of Special Affairs) staff member:



Greetings to OSA Staff and Executives,

This is a briefing specifically for you.

I’ve had a little bit of time to start piecing together the magnitude of the operation you’ve had down here on Ingleside on the Bay concerning my wife and myself. It’s beginning to get a price tag that makes the Broeker affair look like a walk in the park by comparison.

I couldn’t help but think about you guys as I was crunching the numbers as I was counting the cameras and counting the numbers of PIs. As you probably know, I don’t really put a lot of attention on it. I don’t really care too much about your prying eyes. I don’t even attempt to evade your people because I know you got so many of them down here, it’s a waste of time anyway. And there’s nothing to hide here, more importantly.
Sometimes you really got to step back and ask yourself: Is all this worth it?

Every once in a while it makes a lot of sense to step back and review the bidding before you just blow all your chips. You guys are doing a magnificent job of carrying out Command Intention and that’s for sure. Because I know Dave, he’s got a prurient interest in Everything Marty.

But you know, step back for a second and ask yourselves: “Why?” and “To what end?”

Is he improving the situation? Am I becoming less influential? Am I becoming less effective? If you answered that “yes”, then you’re either smoking dope, or you are in some kind of parallel universe that really borders on psychosis. Because I am flourishing and prospering. We are flourishing and prospering. And the Scientology independent movement is flourishing and prospering. Take a step back and look at what the net effect of all the millions you’re spending trying to stop me is doing. What is it really doing for Scientology? Think about that.

This is not a personal plea about me personally, this is a bigger thing. This is a third and fourth dynamic argumentation. Think about who is doing more for the third and fourth dynamic. You and your PIs under the orders of David Miscavige, or me? Just think about it. Think about it before you go to bed, think about it when you have any private moments. Or try not to think about it. [smile] Now, when you do that thinking and if you come to your senses and realize what’s going on, let me tell you something.

Do you remember when Daniel Montalvo took off with the harddrives, and you all went down to the sheriff’s department and Rick Moxon went in there and tried to make a case because I had posted an encouragement to people on the inside to take documentary evidence outside with them as they exit? Remember what happened with that? Absolutely nothing.

Do you want to know why? Because what I said is true. And it’s doubly true for you guys. And it’s triply true for you guys with respect to me. And that is this. Let me spell it out to you.

There are ongoing criminal investigations into your boss David Miscavige. There are ongoing civil matters that are in courts concerning David Miscavige and the Church. And there are a number of legal actions in the process of being prepared concerning David Miscavige and the Church.

YOU are in possession of and are creating on a daily basis evidence of an ongoing criminal conspiracy that’s of relevance to all of these matters. And therefore being evidence of ongoing criminal conspiracies, YOU are not only privileged to, you have a DUTY to gather up all the evidence that you can find that has to do with the operations that you’ve been doing to try to silence and trying to crush and trying to stop me and others around me, you are under a DUTY to gather all that evidence and get it off the premises and into my hands, so that I may finish my work unobstructed. Okay?

Now, the reference here for you is “LRH Talk to WW Ethics Officers”. Remember that one? I put it into all OSA Hats, so you pretty much ought to know it. What is the first thing that the Ethics Officer looks for: Who is trying to stop the Ethics Officer?

Guess what? It’s Your BOSS. Okay?

Get the reports. Get the evidence. Get them to me. And I will guarantee you this. I will guarantee you this. You will absolutely have complete immunity and complete protection of any type of liability. I am telling you right now I am guaranteeing you that protection and I am guaranteeing you that ability, which will be an incredibly important thing for you because it will help you to make good on what you’ve been doing to stop Scientology by forwarding Miscavige’s plans.

So take it from an old vet. The best thing you can do for yourself spiritually and for the group Scientology is to get the evidence. Alright? There’s file cabinets full of it. And there’s disks full of it. Get the evidence copied, and get it out, and get it right here Casablanca Tejas. You all know the address. As a matter of fact, you got a camera on me right now.

Bring it here. Absolute immunity. Instant Ethics Protection. And essentially a cleared ethics file and a clean slate.

Now doesn’t that sound a little more appealing than the crazy thought-stopping hell that you live in?

See you soon.

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  2. Chris (DarnIt)

    OSA – Really Really

  3. LOL! Perfect end run! May Casablanca be filled with floods of evidence.

  4. That should indeed give OSA and Mr. Tiny something to think about. You are scary Marty !! In the spirit of Halloween, I mean that in a most respectful way. ::–))

    Classic Rathbun, VWD !!

  5. What a great message!…saying it like it is, and also granting the space for an OSA member to get straight and onto the proper road.
    In viewing the way Marty puts a comm across, heartfelt, and with the intention that the person on the other end really does receive the comm as intended… as opposed to David Miscavige, who I can’t even stand to watch…OH my God!! Night and day difference!! That in itself is so telling as to who really gets what this tech is all about!
    And like with Tom Cruise, putting those associated with DM on notice…they will either fly right, or go down with the sinking ship’s “leader”.

  6. Beautiful. In a chess analogy, it is a move leaves the other side with few to no viable options other than the sane ones. Well played, your TRs come across great, I could feel specific units of time with their own focus and clear intention — even over the Internet. I’m damned impressed.

  7. miscaviage = #epicfail

    Marty Rathbun writes two books and another on the way (Exterior? life story? hopefully?) audits numerous PC’s, runs one of the most successful blogs in America, orchestrates the underground railroad, handles countless media requests, and probably a lot more.

    Isn’t there a PL saying that SP’s cant get a product?


  8. Spoken like an Inspector General. Well done.
    You are truly on post and wearing your hat. Anyone who is trying to stop you in this role is an SP.
    You have my admiration.

  9. Anon-onyourside

    That was powerful, made doubly so by the fact you are sitting on a lovely deck with peaceful sounds of water in the background. Your life is clearly rich with peace and prosperity. How the members of OSA must long for that when no one is around. Whether you receive evidence or not, David Miscavige will now become obsessed with watching everyone, and his paranoia will be off the charts. He spends thousands of dollars to harass you, and the result? A calm, happy Marty Rathbun, asking Miscavige’s “harassers” to cross the street and enjoy life. Well played!!

  10. You know, Marty, I just really wonder how many of the OSA bots who see this excellent communication (or even the ones who don’t see it) are secretly praying for a way out of the madness.

    Like the lead character in Other People’s Lives, one day, with one incongruous piece of data, their entire universe does a double-take and they simply cannot follow the path of a madman any longer. Their reality, based on lies, accidently allows a tiny ray of truth in, and that’s it. They can’t go back.

    They gather some data, whatever they can, and they flee to an uncertain, yet more promising future than the hell they are living 24/7.

    Kind words considering the hell they try to blanket over you and Monique, Marty. Very kind.


  11. Heather Robillard

    This is a wonderful chance for OSA people to cause a really theta effect. I think some brave souls will take it.

  12. yepp, OSA, step back. Really.

  13. Beautiful Marty. Ask for what is needed and wanted and describe the benefits to those folks who want to make a difference to save themselves, save those they love and the movement of SCN. It is time to end this nightmare and begin the process of helping SCN recover itself. Thirty years of this madness from DM is enough. Are you listening OSA? DM is on a one-way ticket to his own destruction. Get out of his way so he can complete at least that one task and we all will be better off when he is gone.

    I hope that OSA is not so drunk on Koolaide that they miss this opportunity to do the right thing.

  14. Jean-François Genest

    Very well done Marty!

    Wooo Hooo Hooo! The heat is definitely on, up the Ivory Tower on floors 10 to 12 of the HGB building.
    Take it from me OSA folks, early Friday mornings and early Sunday mornings, both before lunch, are fantastic time slot periods to really get work done, UNINTERUPTED, at the HGB. Get the hint? Plus, tonight is Stats Evolution … but most stats are zero anyhow so no need to work hard on Stat Analysis, eh?

    ♫ It’s now or never ♫
    … …
    ♫ Tomorrow will be too late,
    ♫ it’s now or never … ♫

    Good luck! You’ll need much luck indeed if you don’t head to Marty’s advice now.

  15. Very powerfull message, Marty.

  16. Marty, this is not a 10, this is a 1,000.
    The greatest Scientology video of all time.

  17. Marty, your message came through loud and clear. Very powerful.

  18. I have a question.

    Obviously OSA personnel are involved daily in monitoring what is going on here on this blog, and the the same personnel are probably watching other areas and avenues of ‘entheta’. Not all of them are blind fools, and so can see what is really going on here in the world of Indy Scientology.

    So, my question is, how are they handled so as not to get ‘PTS’ to us?

    I know back in the ARS days, those who monitored ARS for OSA where doing so only for a couple of months and then were rotated out. Is OSA doing the same thing now?

    It seems to me that any individual who was watching what is going on here in the Indy world, and what is going on there, who is actually trained in LRH tech and policy, could easily see the truths involved. I think you’d have to be dead not to.

    So, how does DM ensure none jump ship and come over? Does he rotate them, lobotomize them, drug them, buy them nice clothes … what?

  19. constant vigilance

    Great job on that video Marty! An appeal to reason! And a side not, I like that you are clean shaven like your earlier pictures. Very cool look for you.

  20. Beautiful Marty. A sincere appeal to reason for an organization that is completely bat-shit crazy confused from the suppressive reasonableness of “Command Intention”!

    There is a moment when you realize that there is no one to “write it up” to – and that the problem in fact goes all the way to (and comes from) the very top of the org board, David Miscavige himself.

    That moment can be overwhelming. When I had it, my first thought was, “How the fuck are we gonna get out of this!?!” and then, “What is going to happen with Scientology?”

    Fortunately, after reading Steve Hall’s site and watching ‘The Truth Rundown”, eventually I hooked up with you and we’ve been helping each other and our fellow man ever since. Handling the WHY and the WHO in the C of S is the correct action. I’m absolutely certain of that.

    After all, where ethics is out, tech can’t go in. Handling the church’s out ethics at this point is the only way to as is what is wrong with scientology.

  21. Marty gave Tom Cruise lots and lots of warnings of what storms lay ahead for about 2 years straight before it all exploded.
    Cruise chose to ignore and the media backlash on his CULT connection has been a Tsunami.
    Paramount Pictures must be only too pleased Cruise
    was kicked off the lot.
    The Scientology Inc connection is career suicide.
    Now Marty in no uncertain terms gives warnings of what lies ahead to OSA.
    Some are in “spiritual black holes” so sucked in that they cannot see it.
    Others might be get it. Each person is unique stemming from their own paradigm. The message was very clear.
    High fives Marty.

  22. PreferToBeAnon2

    Great message Marty!
    Also, your vid is not coming through on the Firefox browser–but I was able to get it on the Safari browser. Odd–that rarely happens.

  23. Wow! Between that appeal to their sense of sanity of self preservation and this very uplifting Jason Mraz video, the lyrics, the music, whewwwww…… some OSA peeps cannot but help, eventually to come to their senses. Glad to be on this side of this silly, futile skirmish.

    Just a great message, Marty.

  24. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Wonderful. This is such a clean and pro-survival road for OSA staff to take. OSA staff, just follow Marty’s advice and you have a whole new life. And you get to start that new life now while contributing to the real Scientologists in this world and being a hero to mankind by helping to end a lot of criminality.

  25. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Dear OSA, “Get on the bus Gus and set yourself free”.

  26. Li'll bit of stuff

    You heard Marty directly, OSA person. I know that for you, this
    was completely unexpected. Frankly, it was for me too. But it is
    the strength and character of the man. The LACK of fear, body-
    guards, threats of punishment, self-aggrandizement and self
    enrichment at the cost of, and slavery of others

    It’s way past time to validate your own innate knowingness &
    basic goodness. You KNOW this. There really is No future in
    staying aboard David Miscavige’s rapidly sinking ship, now is

    Go ahead, look around at the faces of your group members.
    Do they look happy? Content? Where does that next person
    you see, sit on the tone scale? Enthusiasm? Or higher?
    Or are they sitting way below 2,0? (Hint — 1,1 = non survival)

    You know enough to recognize insanity. You may not fully
    recognize you have been partaking in it. That’s okay!!
    The vast majority of us, who now visit this site, did the same!

    The BIG difference is—-we’re out of it now! Recovered,
    recovering, and in various stages of regaining our personal
    integrity, self-determinism, and sanity.
    Don’t you deserve that too?

    You may choose to ignore Marty’s invitation. and just continue
    with “command intention”.


  27. Li'll bit of stuff

    Love the OSA message. Pure theta. Pure heart & ARC.
    Now you have added like / dislike ratings too.Just keeps
    getting better & better with the reformation.
    Thank you.

  28. Brilliant Marty!!
    If I were an OSA bot I would be scrambling for disks right and left.
    You also got me thinking how much more dm could really be helping Scientology expand. Not by spending millions fretting about you, how about doing something effective himself other than throwing OT’s back ontot he purif and objectives?? Where are all the auditors?? Where’s the beef davey boy??

  29. Ahh, the end game. OSA is being weakened by their own increased awareness of truth as an untended consequence of following COB’s orders. Good people have been thrown under the bus, including LRH. The SP’s defense is weak and desperate.


  30. How have your stats been since February 10th, 2008, OSA? We Anons exposed you for the toothless tigers you are: all growl, no bite. You talked a good game. You caused a little damage, but nothing serious. You didn’t even go after me when I named myself to get us press coverage. Shame on you, OSA. Not even a “he takes psych drugs, so he must be a tool of the Evil Psychs”? Shame, shame, shame.

    There was one person out there who might have been able to handle Anonymous, you know. The problem is, your boss drove him out in 2004. He could have held back the floodgates. Now you’re drowning. Indies, Exes, Old Guard, Anons, working together, all pouring in from every side. Someone’s just thrown you a life preserver. Someone, I don’t know who, said something to the effect that the ultimate purpose of life is to survive. The only way you’re going to survive is to grab on to that life preserver and hold on for dear life.

    Wise Marty is Wise, OSA. All it takes is one person to take down the house of cards. There’s got to be one person at OSA who’s seen the complete and utter failure that they’ve become. And that one person gets the life preserver. It’s Musical Chairs, OSA, only with all of you and one chair. And the music’s about to end.

  31. Spoken as the RTC Inspector General INT, Ethics, nice move.
    Particularly the concept of unconditional amnesty.


  32. Hey Marty, most folks know me as a more than casual observer, I have. I have unofficially nominated myself (without his approval) as “Mike Rinders Official Car Waxer”.

    Ive always tried to be true to myself and my convictions. I do not just – support things carelessly or without research and understanding. (for some reason, my insecurity is making me feel as if l i need to reinforce this)

    So please forgive me, if I am asking you something that has been covered or is obvious.

    Knowing how things can appear different “online” or in an email. I am always worried about coming off poorly or arrogant or confrontational.

    Most of what I know about you, is from following this blog daily.

    You have been very open about your past & I believe that you are making amends for past mistakes

    . I see it in the testimonials people give or write on here.

    I have also heard and seen your amazing and frightening interviews with ST Pete Times (the story you tell about tracking Annie Boeker and recovering her, is as scary as ANY horror film ive ever seen)

    Please just clarify for me if you would “have you done the same thing you are now asking others to do?”

    I dont need names and dates – thats not my point.

    I may not be religious or a man of faith. But, I DO feel like there is some kind of KARMIC force in the universe and that

    : what goes around, comes around
    : one good turn, deserves another

    I know people have come to you to decompress and to un-fog their minds, from the haze that has covered their thoughts and actions for so long. (I can not imagine what thats like)

    I have watched from afar & Ive seen the testimonials of people that I have seen you help get their lives back.

    My question is specific to people you hurt, while under the rule of Der Fuhrer , david mismanage

    I ask this question for a couple of reasons and “the answer” isnt one of them……..
    …………………… I just think that if you are helping the people you hurt the most, while being with OSA & the Co$, that it might go a LONG way, with people inside now or recently defected.

    It may “prove” to them that you can be trusted or it may show them that you are not the same person.

    I am assuming the Co$ has told every single member that you are the effing devil reincarnated – so im also assuming, that it has to be hard on these people to trust anyone.

    Especially, after what they have been through and the constant fear or reprisals for arbitrary & idiotic things.

    Keep doing your thing Marty.

    I hope I am a positive influence on this blog.

    “Burgers, Beers & Breasts
    until theres nothing left!

    Lets do those shots Mike,

    Martys buying!

    Cheers from everyones friend


  33. Very nicely put together. And by the way, I’ve completed a new OTV just few days ago.

  34. Brilliant. In many martial arts one uses the force of the opponent to defeat him. You’re doing that here. OSA has wide open lines running to monitor you and yours, and now you’re using that channel to start turning OSA staff to your side. Now DM has a problem he wouldnt have if he were just ignoring you. Excellent move, Marty.

  35. Well said Marty! Bravo! These O.S.A. staff, did not begin to explore Scientology to become suppressors. Someone has given them a hat to work as a suppressive people, suppressing others. How far off from from their original reasons for finding out about Scientology have they been shifted?

    I hope they can find your their back home, to the self that wanted help others , to the self that wanted to learn and know and grow. To the self that wanted to matter. To the self that they were before they were shape shifted to support David Miscaviges goals and purposes in suppressing others.

  36. Beautiful, accurate message Marty. More power to you!

  37. Of course the best information to get is in terms of finance, particularly financial waste and extravagance, something in which you-know-who excels. Most OSA staff are already privy to the costs and budgets of PIs and lawyers – I wonder what the budget is for your evolution Marty!?? Probably when it comes to execution of paranoia, there is an unlimited bank account provided to an anonymous attorney. What a shame Freedom of Information doesn’t seem to apply to the very people who brought the Act into being. Best advice? Follow the money. Find that one thing you don’t understand and pull the string….

    The other data that would be tremendously helpful is where our dear friend Heber is, and how he is. Do let us know!

  38. Idea: maybe you could make it a weekly-talk to OSA staff?
    I mean, repeating the question …

  39. Please have a steak on me.
    I don’t know how to thank you enough. I really don’t know how.

  40. Could someone write a transcript of this video?
    I have no problems reading English, but I do have problems with spoken English.
    That might be of interest to foreign readers as well.

  41. That sinister smile at the end of the video ruins its credibility (imo). Until then, your approach was calm, fair and reasonable. That final smile shows a vindictiveness and immaturity that may just rub your intended audience the wrong way and lose their support. You may want to edit that out.

  42. Don’t think about it!!

    LOL Good stuff, Marty!

  43. I have a couple of IMPORTANT questions to ask you OSA-personnel or other members of the Church of Scientology reading this:

    1. Has your involvement in OSA or the Church of Scientology moved your boundaries for what is normal and ok? A little bit? Much?

    2. Are you still proud of what you are doing? Compared to a couple of years ago? A decade ago?

    3. Is what you do now what you’ve always dreamt of doing? Not even close?

    4. If you use common sense (or what’s left of common sense): Go back in time 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or even before you joined the Sea Org or the Church:

    Can you imagine at that time that you would do the things you do today?
    If your answer is NO, listen to your gut feeling and get the hell out!

    There’s a life waiting for you on the outside where you can still practice your religion if you like. Or just enjoy some precious moments. There are plenty to be had.

  44. Thanks Marty, speaking so sooth, OSA can’t help but listen. Nice to see you and btw me too, I’m doing just fine 🙂

    “There are some people who will stay around so long as you beat them up.
    Factually you have to beat them up regulary and routinely one way or the other for them to stay around and when stop beating them up they leave.”
    LRH Lecture: Identity 600106.

  46. Dear Marty
    Excellent speech and apeal to OSA to do the Right thing and to help
    scientology.Truth will prevail in the end,and thankyou to you all that speak t
    the truth.

  47. OSA Staff – Since you are not allowed to watch TV and rarely get to go to the movies remember this:

    In any criminal investigation, the first ones to flip and provide evidence always get the best deal…..

    Don’t be the last ones hanging on to the sinking Titanic. Save yourselves before you end up like the Guardians Office staff who went to prison.

  48. I read once that opponents of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer, at the height of his powers, reported feeling physically ill — and sometimes were even obliged to leave the table — from the sheer intensity of sitting across the board from him. If I’m not mistaken, a few even lodged formal complaints. But what could anyone do? Fischer was just sitting there playing chess. (Well … he did fidget and make noises and things like that.)

    I also remember the Soviet team had this weird Rasputin-type guy — purportedly some kind of doctor — whom they positioned in the front row of spectators and who just sat there laying this scary, intense death-stare on Fischer, presumably to psych him out or give him a voodoo heart attack or something. That didn’t work much better than David’s hidden-camera trick.

    I guess my point is that sometimes the outcome of a mind-game (like chess, not just chess) seems predetermined by the overpowering strength of one of the competitors, more than by this or that particular movement of pieces on the board. It must be a really awful feeling to find oneself on the wrong side of the table in a situation like that.

    In the video of the protest outside the IAS event, someone asks off-camera, “How did he [Miscavige] look?” The answer, also OC, was, “Not good.”

    Marty looks great here.

  49. Peace Train,I can see the light at the end of the Tunnel!

  50. Great video Marty. Yeh OSA, try not thinking about what Marty just offered you; a chance to come clean, make things right and start over. Don’t think about it OSA.

  51. Yeah, I thought this was a perfect background soundtrack to Marty’s message.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Hi! It is great to hear from you.

  53. BedMan, you have to realize that all these people that Marty is addressing are, to one degree or another, alive, my point being that most, if not all, are harboring thoughts that their lives suck badly and things suck badly for the movement they have devoted their lives to. These people know the score. At some point their own perception of the situation begins to outweigh all the enforced propaganda. That point happens at different points for different people, but these OSA folks do, in their heart of hearts, know what the score is. Believe me, there is at least one OSA staff member reading this, who is considering what Marty is asking in his video appeal, regardless is he was “harmed” by Marty in the past. Because OSA folks are the most exposed to outside viewpoints or negative viewpoints, they are the most likely to flip when their individual time comes.

  54. martyrathbun09

    Well done, man. Thank you.

  55. Marty, when you mentioned ongoing criminal investigations into Miscavige, I hope it’s on a federal level. Has the FBI re-opened the human-trafficking case on this midget? I hope so. They can certainly get the little bastard on
    RICO violations, racketeering and such.

  56. Indies Israel

    Hey Marty,
    I’m proud of you man. VWD!
    Their fort is crumbling only they’re blinfolded, can’t see, can’t even hear the roar of it collapsing.
    Forgive the comparison, but Hitler in his bunker was yelling orders to his generals when his army no longer existed. Only when he saw the Russian tanks encircling him did he realize it’s over, something went wrong, “They’ve betrayed me,” and shot himself.
    Someone asked here a few days ago about stats. Said, “we don’t care about who’s done the slapping, what are the indie stats?” Well, we are having our best week ever, at Dror Center, since going indie. We have more new public coming on lines than ever before. Full story coming soon.
    I have just one complaint addressed to you, Marty. Why did we only meet in June 2012? Where were you eight years since 2004? You should’ve contacted me right there and then, we should have gone indie long ago. It is so good to be free and creating LRH just like he intended.
    I love y’all my indie brothers (well, and sisters). Thanks for the support we get daily from all of you.
    Yours, Dani and Dror Center, Haifa, the Holy Land

  57. Marty, you truly qualify as a formidable enemy of the state(of Scn Inc.). But how can you guarantee ethics protection? You must know some things that right now are behind the scenes and not public knowledge.
    There are many out there who still appear loyal to Scn Inc but are deep undercover and despise what the head Tiny Borg does. What is your suggestion of how they can help? A blog on that would be appreciated.
    Very much liked you book. Looking forward to the next detailed KR.

  58. Messege to Pam Bowen, take Martys offer now
    The Black Hole is getting very Close.

  59. TRANSCRIPT source: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/a-talk-to-osa-staff/

    Greetings to OSA Staff and Executives,

    This is a briefing specifically for you.

    I’ve had a little bit of time to start piecing together the magnitude of the operation you’ve had down here on Ingleside on the Bay concerning my wife and myself. It’s beginning to get a price tag that makes the Broeker affair look like a walk in the park by comparison.

    I couldn’t help but think about you guys as I was crunching the numbers as I was counting the cameras and counting the numbers of PIs. As you probably know, I don’t really put a lot of attention on it. I don’t really care too much about your prying eyes. I don’t even attempt to evade your people because I know you got so many of them down here, it’s a waste of time anyway. And there’s nothing to hide here, more importantly.
    Sometimes you really got to step back and ask yourself: Is all this worth it?

    Every once in a while it makes a lot of sense to step back and review the bidding before you just blow all your chips. You guys are doing a magnificent job of carrying out Command Intention and that’s for sure. Because I know Dave, he’s got a prurient interest in Everything Marty.

    But you know, step back for a second and ask yourselves: “Why?” and “To what end?”

    Is he improving the situation? Am I becoming less influential? Am I becoming less effective? If you answered that “yes”, then you’re either smoking dope, or you are in some kind of parallel universe that really borders on psychosis. Because I am flourishing and prospering. We are flourishing and prospering. And the Scientology independent movement is flourishing and prospering. Take a step back and look at what the net effect of all the millions you’re spending trying to stop me is doing. What is it really doing for Scientology? Think about that.

    This is not a personal plea about me personally, this is a bigger thing. This is a third and fourth dynamic argumentation. Think about who is doing more for the third and fourth dynamic. You and your PIs under the orders of David Miscavige, or me? Just think about it. Think about it before you go to bed, think about it when you have any private moments. Or try not to think about it. [smile] Now, when you do that thinking and if you come to your senses and realize what’s going on, let me tell you something.

    Do you remember when Daniel Montalvo took off with the harddrives, and you all went down to the sheriff’s department and Rick Moxon went in there and tried to make a case because I had posted an encouragement to people on the inside to take documentary evidence outside with them as they exit? Remember what happened with that? Absolutely nothing.

    Do you want to know why? Because what I said is true. And it’s doubly true for you guys. And it’s triply true for you guys with respect to me. And that is this. Let me spell it out to you.

    There are ongoing criminal investigations into your boss David Miscavige. There are ongoing civil matters that are in courts concerning David Miscavige and the Church. And there are a number of legal actions in the process of being prepared concerning David Miscavige and the Church.

    YOU are in possession of and are creating on a daily basis evidence of an ongoing criminal conspiracy that’s of relevance to all of these matters. And therefore being evidence of ongoing criminal conspiracies, YOU are not only privileged to, you have a DUTY to gather up all the evidence that you can find that has to do with the operations that you’ve been doing to try to silence and trying to crush and trying to stop me and others around me, you are under a DUTY to gather all that evidence and get it off the premises and into my hands, so that I may finish my work unobstructed. Okay?

    Now, the reference here for you is “LRH Talk to WW Ethics Officers”. Remember that one? I put it into all OSA Hats, so you pretty much ought to know it. What is the first thing that the Ethics Officer looks for: Who is trying to stop the Ethics Officer?

    Guess what? It’s Your BOSS. Okay?

    Get the reports. Get the evidence. Get them to me. And I will guarantee you this. I will guarantee you this. You will absolutely have complete immunity and complete protection of any type of liability. I am telling you right now I am guaranteeing you that protection and I am guaranteeing you that ability, which will be an incredibly important thing for you because it will help you to make good on what you’ve been doing to stop Scientology by forwarding Miscavige’s plans.

    So take it from an old vet. The best thing you can do for yourself spiritually and for the group Scientology is to get the evidence. Alright? There’s file cabinets full of it. And there’s disks full of it. Get the evidence copied, and get it out, and get it right here Casablanca Tejas. You all know the address. As a matter of fact, you got a camera on me right now.

    Bring it here. Absolute immunity. Instant Ethics Protection. And essentially a cleared ethics file and a clean slate.

    Now doesn’t that sound a little more appealing than the crazy thought-stopping hell that you live in?

    See you soon.

  60. I don’t know if human trafficking is in the mix (I have no information at all — I’m just outside looking in). But …

    My thought would be more of private inurement / personal gain violations as described for example at: http://www.federaltaxissues.com/0300_private/0310_private_principles.php

    I’m most of the way through “The Scientology Reformation” at this point (a good read and so troubling in what it reveals — I encourage you all to read it if you have not already). In the book, there are examples aplenty of private inurement.

    Here’s a short excerpt from the link above:

    “Consequently, the private inurement doctrine forbids the flow or transfer of income or assets of a tax-exempt organization (one that is subject to the doctrine) through or away from the organization, and the use of this income or assets by one or more persons associated with, or for the benefit of one or more persons with some significant relationship to, the organization, for nonexempt purposes.”

    Is CoS, Inc. subject to the doctrine? According to one non-profit law site, “Most categories of tax-exempt organizations are subject to the private inurement doctrine” (from http://www.nonprofitlawcenter.com/resDetails.php?item_ref=70). Also, see example 313-F from the first link above, which gives a church example of violation of the private inurement document.

    CoS, Inc. got tax exempt status, but that does not mean it is free of IRS rules and various laws. So one has to wonder if the alleged (and I don’t doubt it) $2 billion slush fund income / “donations” were reported to the IRS (as required, see for example http://www.irs.gov/instructions/i990ez/ch01.html).

  61. Holy Jumping Akido master!

  62. Some things are just insane.


  63. The ‘mighty’ do fall and that is history, truth always prevails eventually.

  64. I’m glad that you are on our side Margaret!!

  65. Gotta be one of the most important Thursday Staff Meetings ever.

  66. Remember what LRH said about the only thing getting through 10 foot walls of the castle? Truth! It’s the only thing that can bring down the castle! Marty gave you a double barreled shot of it!!!!!

  67. Marty your new nickname is Waterboy!

  68. Thank you

  69. Living rent free inside the DeMon’s head.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Margaret. Edited for accuracy and added to post.

  71. A simple, very clear-cut wake-up call, which is a billion times better than any of COB’s hypnotic, dragging-too-long events, which by the way, achieved almost nothing he promised but square feet.

  72. Karen — your clarity has always been inspiring to me … and remains regardless of the absolute unthinkable that you had to endure and experience not long ago.

    Marty, Mike and others continue to whittle away at dm’s stronghold. People at Int level are leaving and at lower level Sea Org Orgs and Orgs – perhaps more abundantly (not having to climb through razor wire to get out). Public scientologists are leaving in greater numbers.

    BUT — I believe it’s important to realize that, unless we feel we have attained omniscience, we have NO REAL idea when all the walls will fall down, leaving an exposed naked emperor.

    Dictators have in history lived well beyond what would seem correct. It’s ALL about karma – which makes no TIME guarantee 🙂

    What I admire so much about Marty is that he continues to attack this WHO from MANY angles because it appears more than most, Marty “gets it”

    “Some are in “spiritual black holes” so sucked in that they cannot see it.
    Others might be get it. Each person is unique stemming from their own paradigm. The message was very clear.”

    Each person is unique therefore as each of us work out our own messages to those still stuck inside the kool-aid flavored jello, more and more people will become unglued …

    Never miss an opportunity to educate those around you about Scientology INC, dm, etc — versus LRH and the workability of his technology. You never know WHOSE message will finally crack the morass of jello …


  73. Marty, absolutely beautiful! I felt you ! OSA take heed!

  74. Very theta to throw out a life line, only a genuine Scientologist would do that. I hope they are clever enough to wake up and take notice that this could still be game where everyone wins – the window of opportunity surely can’t be that big, act now OSA, the curtain is closing around you.

  75. OSA was LRHs hope for safeguarding Scientology, but who safeguards OSA? OSA has a disease called Miscavige. Hopefully someone in OSA is strong enough to help fight the disease. In the end it may simply come down to OSA wearing or not wearing its hat. Currently Scientology Inc. is dying and ruining the lives of those associated with it. Why? The answer is INTERNAL. To survive the solution will need help internally. If someone wants a Sea Org and a strong well organized central church, then it will need to be able to correct itself. Not just attack anyone pointing out its crimes and problems but actually correct itself internally.

  76. Love that smile Marty!

    To DM: The reverse side also has a reverse side.

  77. There’s nothing to fear OSA staff members!

  78. Mr.G, I think the “sinister” is in your head. I took the smile as a smile, with all the usual intentions. Came across friendly to me.

  79. My hat is off to you Marty. Absolutely stunning article. Perfect timing too, as I just finished reading your book, which was a real mind-blower for me personally. I am passing this on, as well as your article as fast and furiously as possible! Best to you for all your tireless work.

  80. May I ask – immunity from what exactly? from legal prosectuions? or from something Scientology related?

  81. Damon Lindelof

    With such masterful command intention and open ARC… I wouldn’t be surprised if David Miscavige himself showed up at you door with boxes of evidence.

  82. Tony DePhillips- where is your nuclear explosion video demonstrating DM’s head and universe at the moment? I love that video. :>)

  83. Why you – OSA? Because the veteran execs that LRH turned over to were locked up, beat up, declared and invalidated and basically destroyed. Exec Strata is gone. How about “QUAL” the correction division. Its been infiltrated by a bunch of willing puppy dogs turned into flying monkeys for Miscavige calling themselves RTC.
    I know veteran OSA staff like Warren and Kathy True are VERY broken pieces. I’ve seen some newer OSA staff running around that still look like they have some life in them. Who knows….

  84. constant vigilance

    I agree with an earlier commenter that because OSA deals with the outside world, more so than those staff members “inside” who are prevented from looking, the OSA operatives are more inclined to flip to the other side when they see the truth and look and apply a little reason. So Marty’s appeal to them, his offer of a lifeline, is what mercy is made of. It is what LRH wrote about loving your fellow man despite all reason not to in “What Is Greatness.” So Marty, this was a good strategy on your part to gather evidence, but it was also merciful, something that a true SP doesn’t have the luxury of being. When the end comes for DM, and it will, he will not be merciful and he will not help or protect his inner circle of “most loyal officers.” No, he will blow with all the money to live in exile, rich beyond our wildest dreams, in hiding, and hoping that the money he stole off the sweat our trusting church member’s backs will buy him happiness, or spiritual freedom, or peace. Good luck with that Davie!

  85. constant vigilance

    To add to my comment above, remember how Tory Christman (Magoo) got into the Indie world: She was an OSA Operative who saw the suppression that she and the other OSA people were being asked to do to actually decent and good people day in and day out. Finally she woke up and realized she was on the wrong side and had been harming good people. She has since become a major mover and shaker in the Indie world and has helped hundreds if not thousands since then. Thank you Tory and to all brave Indies who are paving the way, and thank you again to Mike, Marty, Steve, Hayden, Karen, Mat, Amy, and many many others!

  86. Aaahhh. I love the smell of DM going nuclear in the morning. It smells like victory. LOL

  87. Marty, you know DM will be twisting the screws on the OSA now, or distancing himself from them, fearing any number of them will see the light and scram with the goods.
    Like shooting elastics, its all fun and games until someone looses an eye, and this game is about to see some well intentioned staff thrown under the bus.
    One thing that i am certain of is that the vast majority of GO and OSA had the right intention to protect and serve. And also the vast majority have now left the insanity behind and are breathing the air of freedom, flourishing and prospering and staying true to their purpose in their own way. There are easily as many ex- OSA who are active Independents as there are current OSA staff, and the formers numbers are growing while those remaining are fewer and fewer.
    I think it may be hard for those who have spend close to 40 years in that capacity(KO) to walk away. I suspect there may be some economic fear. Maybee not. I dont know what they get paid. Maybee they have hundreds of thousands put away. But i tend to doubt it. Maybee if they had more economic certainty on their future outside the church they would be more receptive. I’ll bet any number of independents would help them get on their feet in short order.

  88. Speaking of OSA-bots, if anyone reading this decides to wake up and smell the coffee — Adrienne Craig, who has tons of koolaid drinker friends on facebook, is an OSA-bot who is there to police who is friends with whom. Her facebook page is:

  89. Same for the infamous JoJo Zawawi:

  90. Perhaps she is going for the next Freedom Medal award.

  91. I have noticed the Scientologists capable of mercy, seem to be roaming with this tribe, “Associated terminals”. Oddly, facing the other side, we are seen as “menacing particles”.

  92. Laughter!

  93. Cool video!

  94. Albert Spear , we could use a few more Albert Spears! Great piece of history to put forth here!

  95. OSA, let me help you in deciding whether Marty is trying to help you or not. Apply the tech you know – stat analysis. LRH says to manage by stats. So what you should do to verify if you are working for a madman or not is to look at stats. First look at the number of Clears and OTs made in the last year. Very low. Now look at the number of enemies made by the Church in the last year. To make that easier, look at the number of members who have left the Church in the last year. These are the people who have crossed over with a lot of noise or people who refused to pay for IAS, or people who will not continue up the bridge. There is one more group – the number of people who were on OT sections and died at the hands of DMs out tech. They wll be counted as enemies because they were betrayed thinking they would be safe in the hands of C of S.

    You will find that the ratio will be around 10,000 enemies to one OT or Clear made by the C of S. Now, get the hell out of there and strike and effective blow.
    ML Tom

  96. Adrienne Craig is one of the goofiest people that I ever met. If they are using her in OSA now they must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  97. constant vigilance

    Dear “I’m Out Now,” Adrienne is not the only FB police. Try Jo Jo Zawawi for starters, and many others. It is like Nazi Germany when relatives turned in Jewish relatives to the SS thinking that their cooperation would buy them favors. It is disgusting. And Adrienne was moving from home to home with corporate Scns who would take her in cuz she couldn’t pay rent cuz she blew her inheritance, gave it to the church, didn’t work, etc and all to the point that she had to live off charity of others. She is now staff in AZ and don’t know who she is living with there.

  98. constant vigilance

    So how well does OT VII and the ethics tech in Corporate Scn work when a person on OT VII (Adrienne) is homeless and moving from house to house living with others for free?

  99. PreferToBeAnon2

    Marty, as I said before, this is a great message and I am so hoping that some of those folks emerge! I am wondering (and I assume any OSA bot would be too), about your guarantee. It is not clear what you are promising–“You will absolutely have complete immunity and complete protection of any type of liability.” Do you mean legal protection from criminal liability? Ethics protection from Co$? Protection from Tiny Fists in a civil matter? Protection from the wrath of DM? Please consider making your guarantee clearer so that OSA folks will understand its clarity and trust it.
    Also, you are asking people to jump off a cliff; many will be refugees. You might want to reassure them that there are folks waiting there with a net.

  100. I think with the extra bad press lately with the deaths at Narconon, the 10 month ‘Squirell-Busters’ siege at Marty’s home(and now the creepy surveillance), and the lawsuit filed by the 2 PI’s; the Feds are finally getting off their asses. Let’s cross our fingers that Marty’s move with this video appeal can get some OSA people from behind the CO$ ‘Iron Curtain’ to come out and testify against the mad midget.

  101. Hi Marty!

    Looks to me you make a Great Job for all of us. So: been Blessed For Ever And Now For Your Integrity And Great Level Of Responsibility And Affinity For All The Dynamics.



  102. Michael Fairman


    It’s obvious that you are in the catbird seat — your sunny disposition, your relaxed demeanor, your easy appeal to ethics and sanity, all in the face of Miscavige’s long lens, should get some positive movement towards Casablanca. You’ve given them ample warning in a most theta way that the “Last Wave ” is fast approaching. I say if it is not heeded by a goodly number, well then…vaya con dios.

  103. OSA,

    Marty and the rest of us are free and we still have our eternity!

    Stop living in a Hell Hole…

  104. Don’t worry, they can figure out what it means. All they need to know is that there is someone out here that they can trust who will see them through. Nobody is going to prosecute a whistleblower on the RCS and Miscavige and neither could they move civilly against any whistleblower. Too many bad acts and crimes they are desperate to keep secret (see Debbie Cook case).

  105. Because OSA is so compartmentalized, “need to know” basis many will not be able to see or hear this. For example Treasury, PR, even some in Legal etc. But the INTERNET guys and the INTELLIGENCE guys will get it.
    Intelligence is Linda Hamel (who is also the CO) , Charlie Earle, Donatella, Kirstin Caetano (she is very quiet…not doing the agressive 100 mph chases of fleeing staff a la John Peeler style, Kathy O’Gorman would file it and cross file it….Gloria and Gavino Idda reign over the Internet team. Many key guys would get, so Marty is reaching the audience he wants.
    They absolutely read everything and that little voice of conscience inside must now and again arise, in spite of “Thought Police” kicking in. The beatings, the sluggings, the sheer abuse.
    I do not know how much sleep OSA INT staff is permitted in the last 6 months..
    When it is hot and heavy, I think ASKING to go home to SLEEP might be considered ENEMY CONDUCT !

  106. I hope so. Also, as I near the end of Marty’s latest book, I had a realization (not a “cognition” but sort of “bognition” from Tom Cruise’s point of view). A bognition was a term some used for a cognition that starts like “Oh crap, I just realized that …”

    My bognition, tendered respectfully on behalf of Tom Cruise would go with Tom saying something like this: “Oh crap, I just realized that I myself am guilty of private inurement.” And “Oh crap, even if I claim that I gave millions to CoS Inc. and just got some of it back, I’m screwed because that is not how the tax laws work.” (Otherwise we could all just donate $10K to our favorite charity with an agreement that the charity then gives me cheap labor and tons of gifts — I avoid the taxes and I still get my $10K — doesn’t work like that.) Or, “Oh crap, I just realized it must suck to be David Miscavige. And I’ve been locked in David Miscavige’s weird valence and dramatizing his third and fourth dynamic overts.” And so on.

  107. Dan,
    I can only imagine that POB is conspiring as we speak to find out how to get all of those files destroyed before the next OSA Bot defects. That should keep his attention fixed hard between reading Marty’s blog, watching the streaming video of the kids fishing in Marty’s back yard and now having to check the secret internal video cameras he has trained on his own OSA staff.

    Hey Davey, you little creep, why not order all OSA staff in for a good round of sec checking over the weekend………………..perhaps you are short on auditors. If so, check with Marty and the Indy’s, as they may be able to help you out.

  108. Nice vibe Marty. Taking the high road yeah!

  109. great Mr. G,
    You had better get your obnosis IN. And, in my opinion your post is not really worthy of a response but you are 100% full of the same shit that infects David Miscaviage! It is a very special shit that comes in pieces that weigh precisly 1.1 LBs each.

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    you just flunked on getting the power of the message, by
    allowing a smile to signify something only you imagine.

  111. Works for Davey.

  112. This is a great message, Marty. I did some work in OSA in Minneapolis. They are not all KoolAid drinkers. Many just want to protect their religion.

    Spending their time stopping the games of others doesn’t accomplish that. It just gets them stuck in their own games.

    I think we can get at least 5 OSA workers to come clean on their part and what they know. To start. Then the floodgates will continue breaking open, as they’ve been doing. The wider they get …

  113. Marty,
    Awesome! Thanks for taking this step.
    While I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the OSA offices and see the push-pull in their minds I want to wish OSA staff courage to find that last ember of integrity, pouring on the coals and step out with the goods to end this stupid game. The war on the reactive mind is far more rewarding.

  114. Bob,
    The best guarantee of ethics protection is to handle one’s own consideration of what it is they need protection from. Being willing to state the truth of what is true for you is a great way to start.

    Granted, for those first leaving the CO$ such as an OSA Bot, there would need to be a non enturbulative space to decompress for awhile. As an example, I would help provide that to someone needing it and Marty does know how to contact me even though I remain with an alias on this blog.

    There is a network of Indies which could provide the ‘protection’ needed for someone to destimulate but that process would need to remain somewhat anonymous for obvious reasons. Before long that will no longer be required.

  115. I’d recommend the same for Mike Sutter, Marion Pouw and Hansuili Sueli. Once you go down that Hole things will be very black for a very long time. It does truly suck to be in the Hole with the Miscarriage. GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I’ve now had reliable reports from several sources that the IAS attendance was little over 3000 this year. It used to get 5 – 6000 no sweat. About 25% of the seats were empty, and were spaced out more than previous years. Most of the coaches arriving from outer Orgs were less than half full – one had 2 people in it! If that isn’t downstat I don’t know what is.

  117. That looked like the area around Hemet if I’m not mistaken!

  118. OSA has no ‘top of the barrel’. To be there at all you are by definition “bottom of the barrel”.

    If you are a PI then you are ‘under the barrel’.

    If you are Miscarriage, you are under the barrel with a straw ………..sucking on the bottom of the barrel!

  119. Truth will go through steel (I keep forgetting how many inchs or feet)-Marty, you keep putting the truth there and I know it is reaching.

  120. Expect to see her on the cover of Celebrity Magazine!

  121. I think there will be one for sure by the end of CSP time Sunday, Pacific Standard Time.

  122. I think it is 16″ of armor plate Ingrid.

    I can only imagine the atmosphere in the OSA Bot offices as we speak, each one wondering what the other is thinking and having the others miss what they are thinking.

    You may see fireworks around the LA area if you look out your window!!!

  123. Karen — You are 100% correct.

    Moreover, there are several who were minions for Bill Yaude, Class VIII Auditor CCLA staff member YEARS AGO, who is an OSA BOT extraordinaire … who when they were doing OSA ops … defected having read or connected with the “SPs” — Tory Magoo is one.

    This appeal by Marty WILL create a crack … will ring the bell that still can ring :

  124. Sorry — I can never seem to embed correctly … here are the lyrics …

    Got to say a rather talented Canadian — eh 🙂

    “Anthem” (Leonard Cohen)
    The birds they sang
    at the break of day
    Start again
    I heard them say
    Don’t dwell on what
    has passed away
    or what is yet to be.
    Ah the wars they will
    be fought again
    The holy dove
    She will be caught again
    bought and sold
    and bought again
    the dove is never free.

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.

    We asked for signs
    the signs were sent:
    the birth betrayed
    the marriage spent
    Yeah the widowhood
    of every government —
    signs for all to see.

    I can’t run no more
    with that lawless crowd
    while the killers in high places
    say their prayers out loud.
    But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up
    a thundercloud
    and they’re going to hear from me.

    Ring the bells that still can ring …

    You can add up the parts
    but you won’t have the sum
    You can strike up the march,
    there is no drum
    Every heart, every heart
    to love will come
    but like a refugee.

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.
    That’s how the light gets in.
    That’s how the light gets in.

  125. Gern Gaschoen

    Regular sec-checking and roll backs to spot enemy lines ..

  126. “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.” -LRH, Lecture 10 Dec 1963, “Scientology Zero”

  127. This is off topic but warrants a check out.
    The SFO Ideal Org is now using a showing of the Giants World Series Game (at the org) and a Halloween party for kids in order to get people to attend the IAS event. They cleverly sandwiched the event between these two activities.
    Check it out here:


  128. Good point Karen. I think the phrase used is “Worker Oriented”.

  129. No, the 1.1 smile was there from the very beginning. And then a stub! I think Marty did this intentionally. Interesting that no one else than you noticed it here.

  130. Oh the heads must be rolling at Saint Hill. Downstat attendance, letting the Sun reporter into the event. Yes, it sucks to be Miscavige but right now it must also suck to be UK Base management staff.

  131. Sorry — I can never seem to embed correctly
    Christine, pasting a youtube video is simple.
    Just push the “share” button and copy&paste the link.
    No need for shortcodes a lá [youtube …..
    Just the link youtu . be ….

  132. RR,

    From the court judgement of the Headley’s appeal, human trafficking might not be the charge or investigation of choice.

    The court suggested: “And although the Headleys marshaled evidence of potentially tortious conduct, they did not bring claims for
    assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, or any of a number of other theories that might have better fit the evidence.”

    See page 16 of the pdf document: http://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/opinions/2012/07/24/10-56266.pdf

  133. My guess is he will get nailed with forensic accounting having to do with INCOME TAX. Like the way they got Al Capone.

  134. Claudio Lugli

    As Brian said….
    wake up and smell the coffee ….
    Is about time, maybe the last time…

  135. Yeah, but then what? Rotate them? Don’t forget, sec checks don’t blow off the recognition of a truth, only alter is of a truth. If an OSA terminal comes to realize that an act or operation is not in the best interest of Scientology, no sec check is going to change that.

    There must be more to it. Otherwise, OSA staff would be leaving in droves, as they are the main ones who are aware of things out here compared to things in the CofS.

  136. Jethro Bodine

    IMHO, OSA/Guardian’s Office always had more of an external PR, legal and invest job, while WDC and RTC were to wear more of an internal policing hat. Also, the long-gone INCOMM also had a role in policing the organization. RTC was senior to INCOMM and only an SP in RTC could wipe out INCOMM, which is exactly what happened in ’95:


  137. Hi Dani,

    It’s interesting how these “Hitler in the bunker” analogies keep coming irresistibly to mind. Joachim Fest, probably the most eminent German historian on this subject, made a couple of apposite points here.

    One, Hitler managed to exercise remarkable control and authority right to the bitter and deathly end — arguing, says Fest, that he was not truly mad, or at least was not perceived as mad by the generals and ministers still trying to hold the Reich together.

    Two, that so many seemingly rational personalities — Albert Speer, for example — stuck by him even as the Red Army laid siege to the city, and in most cases remained loyal even after his death — suggesting that even in his most debased and wretched state, Hitler continued to exert a kind of authority that is hard for us to understand.

    Surely neither of these things apply to David. Point 1, he DOES appear psychotic to those who know him. And point 2, nobody seems to feel any PERSONAL loyalty to him. People blow all the time, and those who remain seem to be snared by some combination of ignorance and fear.

    David is a small man, not a terrifying historical fiend on a par with Hitler. His downfall will be ignominious.

  138. Excellent. A very nice and strategic move Marty.

  139. One of the best songwriters and singers anywhere!

    I don’t know if any of you know this or not, but back in the mid 70s I was told by some GO persons that leonard cohen and gordon lightfoot were on lines in Toronto, briefly, unfortunately.

  140. Did they photo shop any pictures, as they have done before?

  141. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I love this 🙂
    I doubt there are too many left inside with enough of their own determinism left to do anything other than blindly follow orders but I like to hope.

  142. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    And the last one leaving shouldn’t forget to put the lights off…………..

  143. I’m not saying they were, just that it was a long standing ‘rumour’.

  144. Bob, v good question. I don’t know answer either…. with paid lawyers and PI’s, it’s easy to understand: they get paid lots of money to remain “loyal”. But with OSA volunteers?? If you have an IQ above a grapefruit, how do you read this blog and not jump ship? I am truly baffled.

  145. CommunicatorIC

    Off topic, but I thought people here might be interested that Mike Rinder was quoted in The New Republic article recently published online as “The Mothership of All Alliances”:

    The article appeared in the October 25, 2012 issue of The New Republic under the headline “Thetans and Bowties.”

  146. Maybe the best TRs video ever. I had the feeling Marty was talking to me, even though I’ve never even been near OSA.

    Complete Tone 40 impingement (that’s REAL Tone 40 I’m talking about!).

  147. Don’t write youtube, just post the address starting with htt…

  148. This part makes me sad newcomer. Not being able to turn to someone next to you and speak freely and say what you think, to share your perspective and ask advice.
    It is such a different world and so hard for some of us to comprehend.

  149. Check mate.

  150. Freedom Fighter

    Hit reply too soon.

  151. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    I remember her. She really is being pulled off her purpose as an artist if she’s reduced to Facebook policing. Another way COS degrades people by getting them to do dirty work. From creating an aesthetic environment to stopping others. I bet she doesnt even paint anymore.

  152. I just finished reading “The Sociopath Next Door”. There was a LOT of information in the book that was new to me. Especially about people who can be very charismatic and charming being sociopaths. Well BANG! This was an eye opener. When I finished the book, I cried. No matter what I have gone through with others, even when it did not go well and I felt like I had been violated, I made excuses for the other person. Always thinking that they loved me or cared about me as I did them, even if the road turned south. Well, I was wrong. They felt nothing. I can count these times on two hands. While I am at it, on this particular subject of someone in O.S.A. possibly turning around, I had to face the fact that anyone still supporting David Miscavige against the backdrop of his cause and effects, does not have a conscience. It is not just him, that is a sociopath , in this Scientology arena. I can understand the staff that are not aware, the public that are fooled with false reports. But anyone at the Int Base that has witnessed his brutality and abuse, and is still showing up for muster, has the same handicaps he has. I am only glad they are all up there grouped together behind a wall, self confined to a life of prisoners, and now walking and talking among us. I do not see any way this madness up there can be salvaged in this century. And for the few that float among us, it must be very, very difficult walking on egg shells. You are practically living on full time probation.

  153. I meant, and NOT walking and talking among us.

  154. Miscaviges monopolization of the “tech” is such a shame…

  155. I thought he looked confident in what he had just said… IMO he was saying to his former mates: “OK, now you know what I am talking about, right?” and then smiled. Confidence.

  156. Someone once said “love brings up all unlike itself”. Sometimes the light of love is so powerful, has such a real perceivable force, that those unfamiliar with it’s healing characteristics, feel threatened by it.

    Gandhi kicked Britain’s ass with it. Auditors bring pc’s to realizations with it. But those accustom to selfish motives find love their enemy.

  157. Thanks — pretty insignificant quote but an interesting article.

  158. Robert there are a lot of competing forces at work:

    On one hand, you have everything laid out here.

    On the other you have:

    1. The threat of losing friends and family
    2. Heavily ingrained thoughtstopping
    3. The threat of “losing you eternity”
    4. A sense of loyalty to the group you are part of
    5. Uncertainty about leaving with no resume, job prospects or money and sometimes nowhere to go (especially if your family are Scientologists)
    6. “Hung up at doubt” — COB says Marty is an SP, Marty says COB is an SP — who to believe?
    7. The fear that abandoning what you have been fighting for for __ years is an admission of failure/being wrong
    8. Weakened faculties brought about by lack of sleep/nutrition

  159. Just read an interesting article in the LA Times about Cruise’s recent “defamation lawsuit” that some here might find of interest. The main theme was:

    “But as people familiar with litigation know, Cruise runs the risk of turning his private life into a very open book. To prove that the tabloid’s allegations were false and defamatory, Cruise may have to answer any number of questions, under oath, about himself and his parenting. He might even be asked about his past relationship with ex-wife Nicole Kidman and the children from that marriage…[and]…includ[ing] a look into his controversial membership in the Church of Scientology.”


  160. Excellent talk, Marty. I am sure it will bear fruit. At the end of the day, most Scientologists still “in” are Scientologists, OSA members are supposedly Scientologists. The only loyalty a Scientologist should have is to the tech itself, not to personalities. I mean, that is the history of the subject to a fault – personalities come and go, but the tech is what matters.

    Regarding Mr. David Miscavige, for example, It is a FACT that he lied about “The Basics.” The “Basics” are not true to the actual recorded or written words of L. Ron Hubbard. They have been edited to elide certain uncomfortable comments, to dumb-down certain words or phrases – they are, in other words, an interpretation by Mr. David Miscavige, not the true LRH. Now, they are not so far off as to be worthless, by any means, but they are far enough off to PROVE Miscavige is a liar.

    The editing done on tapes and movies are another example. If you REALLY follow LRH intent, you will release them AS THEY WERE RECORDED. I know this – I was on the tape archives project, and it was insane how much we wanted an EXACT duplicate of the tape – no edits of noise, no nothing, just a pure copy. Now we have the liar editing out key phrases, removing glancing images of Nibs, alter-ising the tech. This is unconscionable to someone who cares about the tech rather than his next IAS status. We don’t need or want ANYONE interpreting L. Ron Hubbard. Need I remind you, OSA, that alter-ising tech is a high crime? Well, look to Hemet for the master at alterations.

    This personality, this liar, has no place leading the Church of Scientology – and I know you know that there is only so much bull dookie that you can suppress before it becomes obvious that the tech is gone, and your duty as a Scientologist is to stop supporting this squirrel. I mean, really, do you care about Scientology or not? Because if you do, you cannot support Miscavige, OSA. He is a fraud, and you are complicit.

    Mark Patterson

  161. By the way, it scares me that this mother-cusser has access and ownership of the archives.

  162. This line especially caught my eye:

    And that could create another legal thicket for Cruise, the lawyers said. “There’s a real question about whether saying he has abandoned his child really hurts his reputation,” Zachary said. “If the question becomes, ‘Does this hurt his reputation?,’ that could open him up to very embarrassing questions about what his reputation really is.”

  163. Yes! Yes! We must use FORCE to get the stats up!!! That’s the ticket!

  164. “Sociopaths are infamous for their refusal to acknowledge responsibility for the decisions they make, or for the outcomes of their decisions, in fact, a refusal to see the results of one’s bad behavior as having anything to do with oneself –consistent irresponsibility–in the language of the American Psychiatric Association–is a cornerstone of the antisocial personality diagnosis.”

    From “The Sociopath Next Door”.

  165. Hi Mike;
    I realized in reading your response there is a way DM could reduce the odds of defection; use persons who have been in a long time, thus no outside comm lines or support, and who have extensive family connections within the CofS, thus fear of disconnection.

    Those items you listed are buttons, and so couldn’t survey tech be used to get their attention?

  166. I think a another analogy closer to modern times for David Miscavige is Rev Jim Jones (sans the murders and suicides),

    Jones was exposed early in his career as “The Phoney Preacher”. In 1972 the San Francisco Examiner knuckled under in exposing him because of pressure from Jones’ followers (clapping seals). The Jonestown massacre followed 6 years later in 1978. This is part of a news article about Jones’s early career:

    “….. he [Jones] had been exposed as a religious faker by Rev. Lester Kinsolving in eight articles written for the San Francisco Examiner in 1972. (The Examiner ran only four of them, capitulating to pressure from Jones and his followers.) Kinsolving exposed the fact that Jones claimed to have literally resurrected more than 40 people, that his service featured the beating of children and forced public confessions of non-existent sins…..”

    You can see the parallels: LRH never suggested beatings or public confessions…. these are David Micavige’s inventions and his trademark management style.

    DM has been exposed as a Phoney religious leader since 2009. And, the government is circling in. OSA volunteers, it’s time to exit this insanity and take the evidence with you. Don’t let DM’s insanity continue to take down LRH’s legacy. Think for yourself. It’s time to walk away.

  167. Yes, this is a difficult situation… I had forgotten my own path to enlightenment. I felt all 8 points you mention in my 35 year career inside the Church…and particularly I felt the pain and conflicts of having to drink the “thought stopping” koolaide in the last few years that I was “in”… about 2005.

    It breaks my heart to know that people have to go through this trial by fire. But, it is something we each have to do on our own.

    For 30-40 year staff members it has got to be hard. Real hard. You guys are the bravest souls I know. Both for being “in” and for being “out”. Love you all.

  168. We Grant Postulates

    My post is somewhat off topic, but this is such a great video by Marty and a great community overall, that I thought I’d try to open a comm line here. It’s also something that might help a half-stuck OSA blow a lock or two.

    I have no formal training in Scn, but have been following the organization, or what is typically referred to by independents as Co$ or Scn, Inc., for many years. Until recently though, I had only lightly skimmed the Tech that’s available online, things like the Tech Dictionary and some of the HCOBs and HCOPLs – with great interest but only sporadically and with not much dedication.

    I discovered this blog a few months ago during the Cruise/Holmes implosion, and this and other blogs linked from here (you must see Mark Shreffler’s Tone Scale seminars, linked in the right-hand sidebar of this site … they are excellent) reignited by interest in Scn. I’ve since acquired a British Mark V and a Mark VI, the complete OEC (Green) volumes, the complete Tech Bulletin (Red) volumes, the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and the Phoenix Lectures, and a few of the seminal books like Dianetics, The Fundamentals of Thought and Scn 8-8008.

    What I’m coming down to here is an inquiry about what is standard tech and how is it best applied and preserved.

    HCOPL 9 Nov 68: “STANDARD TECH came in with a crash just by teaching the most basic of basics as the most important actions. Cases which hadn’t moved for years when handled by the Case Supervisors and auditors who skipped all the airy fairy nonsense and just did the usual ordinary basic actions suddenly flew.” –LRH

    Things in Scn, Inc. have gone way off “basics”. The Bridge Pub website is flooded with repackaged LRH and lots of “airy fairy nonsense” … but you can’t find the OEC or the Tech Bulletins there!

    DM has spent what would appear to be unfathomable amounts of parishioner donations to build, among other monstrosities, giant fortresses and vast underground vaults to preserve (supposedly) original LRH writings, lectures and artifacts. It sounds neat, but what’s really being preserved? DM’s alterations of the tech? Shelley Miscavige? Canned beets for the presumed apocalypse? Building a fortress around the tech has the exact opposite effect of what LRH intended. It’s anti-dissem.

    “You won’t always be here. But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons — ‘The work was free. Keep it so.'” –LRH

    My point here is that, you’ve read my reading and material list above, all purchased on the open market, in used bookstores, etc. at reasonable prices. These are Source. Anything published after 24 Jan 86 is obviously not LRH … therefore, not Source.

    What am I missing? What MEST do you really need for Scn other than my material list above? This is a sincere question for those wiser and more experienced than I in Scn, and especially those that knew LRH or were on the Bridge before it collapsed.

    My intention is to read thoroughly the Red and Green volumes, learn to use the meter, and see which of my friends want to have an adventure. I want to apply the tech 100% on-Source. I’m going to take my time with it. I’m not going to spend $500,000 to have Flag tell me I don’t have my Objectives in. I’m going to learn and apply Scn the way Ron did: independently and for the benefit of others.

  169. Marty, this is brilliant. IMO you are doing what every Indy has imagined doing at one point. Your viewpoint and caring for the future is unsurpassed in PT. There. Now don’t let this go to your head. I wasn’t in the church except at the very first when DM was in charge. My viewpoint I don’t mind saying was “I am doing my part by auditing and training others out here in the field”. Not at all enough. You’l see see my name in a lot of places in the immediate future. Thank you for doing what you do so well.

  170. Hi Dan;

    Bit off topic; Sinar mentioned to me that you use Hank’s digital emeter. If so, could you pm me.

  171. For everyone who doesn’t have mass on the hole:

  172. What happens to the typical long time Sea Org member as they age to the point their productivity drops, their health care needs increase amd they become a net liability strictly as far as operations/production are concerned?

    What % of Sea Org members over 50, over 60 etc.?

    How many Sea Org members are thrown out now w no place to go and all the other challenges mentioned due to DM s instability or other reasons?

    What would happen to most of the Sea Org members if DM dropped dead ( or left town, went to jail, etc.) or the house of corp COS fell down tomorrow? Would they lose the food shelter and purpose (no matter how inhumane) they have now?

    I am not a scientologist but I do wonder what happens/will happen to them in their later years or if corp COS crumbles. There could literally be a humanitarian crisis of some magnitude if it crumbled quickly ( I have no idea how many SO members there are Internationally) .

    So many of you have go e thru the trials and struggles they will face already- Maybe the Indy s could start working on info packages targeted at specific age groups, countries etc. including what Govnmt agencies can provide weather it is fed state local (according to country, location, age, family situation etc.).

    Putting together detailed, practical “road maps” that combine the benefit of what many of you have already done plus research re other possible sources of help and getting them out their may help some on the fence to beat the inevitable rush out the door, when some resources may be strained.

  173. Is there any reason, other than DM saying otherwise, that keeps a Scientologist from practicing theor beleives w their eternity Intact, outside the COS?

    The materials are widely available, amd most are no longer copywrighted correct?

    Is there anything that is part of the Scientology doctrine that indicates one HAS to practice via this or that particular organization?

    Maybe it is much more complicated than that, but I don t see how 1 organization can have a complete and total monopoly on any religion- theoretically can t any group of Scientologist practice correctly and appropriately?

  174. Well played indeed Anonymous. Your should try it from our side of the fence.

  175. Please take very good care of my friend next week Les. She is very special as I’m sure you know. :- )

  176. Pretty gruesome, but I think McTinyfists is right here with this guy in terms of sadistic cruelty.

  177. Burythenuts,
    Me too. Recalling the process of being on OT VII, going through the six months checks all the while smiling at your fellows and wondering if they were having a similar experience to yours. And all the while concluding that it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself and get through it as quickly as possible.

    Things are so very different now(being done with the CO$) and as you noted, it was such a different world it is very hard for people (esp those not involved) to comprehend.

    It is actually even hard for me to comprehend my inability to see it more clearly at the time………..anyway, we make our own tomorrow and yesterday is gone!

  178. “Don’t forget, sec checks don’t blow off the recognition of a truth, only alter is of a truth.” bob grant

    Great point.

  179. No, its simple as can be.

    If you have the materials you can practice Scientology.

    It is only the RCS that tries to convince people otherwise.

  180. A message from an old-timer for those members in OSA who are too young to know: In 1983, not only were Guardians Office staff thrown under the bus, so was Mary Sue Hubbard – who dedicated her life to serving and protecting the Church. She never stepped foot in any of the Churches she had worked so hard to build ever again. Her death in 2002 was not even acknowledged by the Church. She has virtually disappeared from the annals of Scientology. The Guardian’s Office staff were blamed, shamed, and discredited and the network was disbanded as a destructive network, under the direction of David Miscavige. Your boss will not hesitate to throw you under the bus, destroy your life and any hope you have for going up the bridge. It will be you that will be declared, it will be you that will have to face investigation, it will be you that will have to face the courts.

    Marty has been fair and square with people in trouble. This is a friendly hand and a compassionate one. If there is anyone in the world that truly understands your situation, it is Marty. He has been where you are now.

    In the last five years that I have been following this evolution, there has not been even one report of double dealing on his part. He means what he says and he does what he says he is going to do.

  181. Maybe he pays them well. Very well. Money has solved so many of DM problems in the past, why would he not just pay them the big bucks?

  182. Gerhard Waterkamp

    If one wants to safeguard Scientology, all it needs is good honest delivery of Scientology great products and friendly relations with the environment. All those work wonderfully together to protect Scientology as they win the hearts and minds of the general public.
    The whole idea of an organization that works with PIs, special operatives and dirty tricks is damaging to Scientology. And look where it got Scientology.
    Nobody needs a strong well organized church other than the church. What is needed are self-determined able individuals that cooperate in groups on the delivery of the tech. As they produce and help their environment they will naturally gain support and protection.
    The Sea Org with its elitist self-image and a strong church are failed concepts as their focus is on power and control and in the end actually proved to be only self-serving.

  183. Slightly off topic but in response to another post regarding (paraphrase) “Who cares who slapped who?”


    Scientology Ethics are so powerful in effect, as determined by observation of it in use, that a little goes a very long ways. Try to use the lightest form first. Students are quite caved in by it when it is applied, by actual observation. Our lines are too powerful and direct and what we mean to a person’s future, even while he or she is pattering, is so well understood down deep that Ethics action is a far worse threat than mere wog law.
    The being who is guilty knows with certainty that he is offending against the future of all, no matter what his surface manifestations or conduct. Further, while wog law at the worst can only cause him or her some pain and a body by execution or one lifetime’s loss of liberty, we threaten his eternity. Even while he screams at us he knows this down deep.
    My first instance of this was a very dangerous psychotic who was largely responsible for a great deal of the public commotion in 1950. This person desisted and caved in the moment the thought was suggested to her by a non-Dianetic friend that she was threatening all Mankind. She suddenly saw it as truth and instantly gave up all attacks and utterances. Even the fellow who could push the button on atomic war knows, really, it’s only one lifetime per person he is blowing up, only one phase in earth’s existence he or she is destroying. That we exist here could actually restrain him. The mere destruction of a planet might not as it’s temporary. Our discipline is quite capable of driving a person around the bend because of what he or she is attacking. Therefore we can all too easily make a person feel guilty by just a whisper. I’ve now seen a student, simply asked a question by Ethics, promptly give up and ask
    for his Comm Ev and expulsion. He hadn’t done more than a poor auditing job. Nobody was talking about a Comm Ev or expulsion and he had not a bit of defiance in it. He just caved right in. You are threatening somebody with oblivion for eternity by expulsion from Scientology. Therefore realize that an Ethics action need not be very heavy to produce the most startling results. Down deep they know this even when they are screaming at us. One Suppressive Person who had committed a High Crime of some magnitude, went quite insane after departing Scientology and then realizing what he had done. Therefore, use Ethics lightly. It is chain lightning.

    Ethics actions in degree of severity are as follows:
    1. Noticing something non-optimum without mentioning it but only inspecting it silently.
    2. Noticing something non-optimum and commenting on it to the person.
    3. Requesting information by Ethics personnel.
    4. Requesting information and inferring there is a disciplinary potential in the situation.
    5. Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.
    6. Talking to the person derogatorily.
    7. Investigating in person by Ethics.
    8. Reporting on a post condition to Ethics.
    9. Reporting on a person to Ethics.
    10. Investigating a person by interrogating others about him.
    11. Asking others for evidence about a person.
    12. Publishing an interrogatory about a person that points out omissions or commissions of Ethics offenses.
    13. Assigning a lowered condition by limited publication.
    14. Assigning a lowered condition by broad publication.
    15. Investigating a person thoroughly in his or her own area. 16. Interrogation stated to be leading to a Court of Ethics.
    17. Interrogation in a Court of Ethics.
    18. Sentencing in a Court of Ethics.
    19. Suspending a Court of Ethics sentence.
    20. Carrying out a Court of Ethics discipline.
    21. Suspension or loss of time.
    22. A Committee of Evidence ordered.
    23. A Committee of Evidence publicly ordered.
    24. Holding a Committee of Evidence.
    25. Findings by a Committee of Evidence.
    26. Submitting findings of a Committee of Evidence for approval.
    27. Waiting for the findings to be passed on or carried into effect.
    28. Suspending findings for a period for review.
    29. Modifying findings.
    30. Carrying findings into effect.
    31. Publishing findings.
    32. Demotion.
    33. Loss of Certificates or awards.
    34. Denial of auditing or training by a Comm Ev for a considerable period of time.
    35. Dismissal.
    36. Expulsion from Scientology.
    “The above is a rough guide to the severity of discipline.
    Note that none of it carries any physical punishment or detention.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  184. Miscavige trying to get ethics in on the internet…

  185. My guess: OSA/DM seems to be active in clicking the “thumb down” button along with each comment that pissing them off.

  186. Do you know more than you’re sharing, newcomer? =)

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nicely said, AR. Well, what about it, Anonymous?

  188. This is impressive, WGP.

    Have you read Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health? It is called Book One for a reason. Science of Survival and Self Analysis should follow. You can do Self Analysis without a meter. You will need training with TRs, either a course outside the Church or find an Indie to coach you. They are essential to apply auditing (and essential in life as well.)

  189. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tony, big questions, with equally big consequences, should
    they be acted upon! The sociopath is probably throwing an
    earthquake of magnitude 9.5 on the Richter Scale, as we
    speak! That he WILL set all available surveillance on the
    OSA staff—is a given certainty! ANOTHER screamed “emergency”–from the ACTUAL SP at the very top!

    Perfect! Just letting letting him implode, as he is surely doing,
    while typically wrong targeting at practically anything that
    moves, will accelerate the exodus! The “tipping point” has
    now been accentuated dramatically–through a simple, but
    penetrating communication by someone –who not only fully
    understands the intimate circumstances and effects of being
    held captive in the mind-control cult prison of a full blown
    sociopathic dictator — but has also paved the way OUT of the
    madness, with guarantees to ensure their eventual recovery, for having made evidence available, to end the madness!

    It’s a process, of course — and it begins with a simple but
    powerful postulate………”That’s it! I’ve had ENOUGH!!!!”

    (Final word for the hapless recipients of Marty’s message:
    to para-phrase Marty;………”Is it all worth it?? “)


  190. Waiting for a miracle to come..

  191. When I was promoted to RTC in 1994, I learned for the first time about counterespionage, subversion, and sabotage, and that it was the hat of RTC to detect, investigate and find sources of such and to deal with them. This was done in many different ways. There was overt (legal system), there was covert (OSA Intell Ops), there was investigative (RTC Data and Invest) and there was a message that was sent out regularly to staff that if they saw something that did not make sense, that indicated something was wrong, then if they reported it to RTC, it would be investigated and there would be financial reward for those that resulted in finding corruption or subversion.

    I find it incredible, that now, in 2012, some 18 years later, I am watching a brilliantly executed and communicated video from Marty, that is essentially asking the same people who were responsible for the overt, the covert and the investigative lines to deal with counter espionage in Scientology, to see the light, to take responsibility for the situation, and to report it to him so the bigger picture can be dealt with.

    THE function of RTC — as determined by an LRH Eval, was to be the Inspector General Network of Scientology — to protect the trademarks and copyrights of the religion, and to safeguard the technology. But RTC, under DM, has gone so far south to a point where they are the promoters, enforcers and ethics arm of a psychotic — and the end result is the antithesis of what they were supposed to do.

    So here is Marty Rathbun — STILL the Inspector General, wearing the hat, and calling for whistle blowers from within the Corp Scn ranks, so that the scene can be dealt with.

    It is unbelievable but is true. And you know what REALLY makes me giggle?

    Every day, from here on out, DM is going to be freaked out that someone is leaking more documents to Marty, or speaking on the sly. He will tighten the bolts on the doors, he will become even more agitated as he starts to try and hide or destroy any incriminating evidence, and he will be start to fear that he is losing control of his concentration camp….

    Oh my…. time for another Scotch Dave!

  192. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, OSA , just like to share a little experience of mine way back in ’78, after finding myself jobless, as an artist, due to recessionary cutbacks in South
    Africa. I found a job at our international airport,
    bringing temporary relief from the worry about how
    to take care of my young family.

    The job involved doing bus shuttles of passengers to
    & from the airport, as well as operating the hi-tech aircraft container loading / unloading mobile lifts.

    The pay was meager, the shifts appalling, though
    nothing like the nightmare of your circumstances.
    Still, I was grateful for the financial relief it brought
    to my dependent family!

    The situation, however, turned into a nightmare for
    me, personally, as it had become for most of the encumbent staff, due to —wait for it — you guessed
    it!—An SP, as my immediate senior! His behavior
    mirrored that of your sociopath boss, in practically
    every facet, right down to the savage dramatizing
    when he couldn’t get his own way. Physically dealing
    with him, of which I was more than capable, would
    have seen me immediately on the street, without
    (then) desperately needed income! No option, but
    to suck it up, as for ANYONE in that situation.

    Enter the life preserving, tone raising, ethics tech of
    LRH. During the duty breaks, I would sit quietly, devouring Scn books, to stay afloat in the gloomy
    atmosphere engulfing my colleagues, who played
    cards to take their minds off their similar situation!

    Searching for a solution, I came to the same conclusion
    ( this was in ’78,) that Marty and Steve did. Gather
    enough information on the SP, that would put HIM in
    FEAR! (of the consequences of being found out for
    his out ethics, and crimes!)

    A rumor soon began to spread, that I was investigating
    the SP’s nefarious activities, of which I had probed, and
    found much incriminating evidence! It became a scenario
    of the infamous ” Spy vs. Spy “, since I would deliberately
    carry around my little “black book” — “taking “notes!!!”
    I had been seen (conveniently) conferring with the air-
    port general manager, fueling speculation as to just
    WHAT, I had found out about him! (the SP)

    To be honest, by then,I had the confidence of having already put plans in place, for achieving my (then) major career goal;—-opening my own commercial gym! –so dealing with the SP became a “do-able” exercise, that I began to enjoy!

    Soon, I would just be in the presence of the SP, while
    simply feigning to take notes, and this would just EAT
    him, believe me! Proving the old adage — that nothing
    holds as much power– as that of being found out for
    ones crimes (good ol’ O/W’s, of course!)

    The crunch came one summer morning, around 5.00am,
    while I was filling my bus with diesel. By now, a highly
    incensed SP came up, alone, to confront me. He just
    exploded in a typical, violent outburst. Moving toward me,
    he checked himself, since I deliberately closed the gap,
    already prepared for this. Eyeball to Eyeball, all I said to
    him, calmly, was…”TRY!” He immediately recoiled in fear,
    and re-treated, making threats to have me fired, in an
    instant! Again, I shouted back at him—“Try!”

    After that, he backed down almost completely, except
    for the occasional snarling, to which I just responded
    with the “scientology stare” ( ho-hum: TR-O!!!)

    Interestingly, my colleagues, reported back to me that
    he was scared of me. (translates to : ethics presence!!)

    Bottom line ? Mission accomplished! End game for the
    SP! since he left everyone else alone after that too.
    And I soon moved onto create my own business /es,
    from which time I’ve never looked back.

    just my 2c. story.
    Calvin B. Duffield

  193. Li'll bit of stuff

    Or just use the tools of sociopaths / psychopaths since
    time immemorial —- the three “B’s”…………………………..

    ……………………Brutalize, Buy, or Bury!……………………..

  194. Yeah, it works great. What do you want to know about it?

  195. Nice summation Calvin. 🙂

  196. Huii… Calvin, you’re a tiger! Wrrrrrr!
    (Thanks for sharing)

  197. An interesting comment made by Sinar on FB: this silly suit filed by TC only makes all the other crap that has come down around him, DM and Scn definitely true because no suits have been filed about those. TC files for 50 mil about how he abandoned his daughter yet utter silence on the Nazanin B. story in Vanity Fair. Hmmmmmm. . . wonder if that story IS true? Must be if no suit, right TC?

  198. Clarity — I see you are talking “worst case.” For now, I believe there’s a safety net in place for any staff who wish to jump.

  199. Lana, every time a fed-ex or UPS van rolls up to casablanca it could be delivering another bundle of docs. Plus all the info being sent by US mail, electronic files online, phone, third parties, unknown PO boxes, secret meetings, etc.
    The emperor will soon have no clothes. No one can be trusted. No one. The closer they are to him, the more they need leverage and the more they are willing to give up. Sad, sad situation as the tighter he grips the organization the more information is squeezed out the sides. Its like squeezing jello. Marty has become the safe point. They recognize that. Everyone who had defected into freedom has come out way ahead by every important measure, including financial, legal, as well as their reputation and personal integrity. The bridge is totally available outside the church. Why would anyone stay?

  200. I’ll have a go at this. Apologies to Marty and Mike, to whom this is just “2+2” and thus don’t recognize the need to spell it out.
    Joe Blow OSA blows OSA with a thumb drive or a file cabinet. If he were to go to the FBI or stste authorities, he may be thinking he should see a lawyer first, to ensure a deal for official immunity, lest he be implicated in a crime. But if he takes it to Marty, he can hand it over and walk away, or just mail it. Marty and the underground railroad will whisk him away to personal safety, a calm place to decompress. Some of the places people have offered sound like idyllic vacation spots. Paying jobs have been offered. Plenty of food and sleep. Wants auditing? The best in the world are there for him.

    Meanwhile, Marty is the buffer, and if anything gets turned over to authorities it is through him. He shields the whistleblower with complete confidentiality. It should be readily apparent to readers here, Scientologist or not, indie or not, that Marty keeps his word. He made a promise of immunity and he will damn well make it go right.

    On top of that, if the whistleblower later wants to go public, he will be a goddam hero, with maybe a book deal and a $200,000 advance.

    It is a VERY sweet deal (especially when you consider what happens if you wait until they come for Miscavige), and perhaps the only question now is who will be the first to take it.

  201. Night Watchman

    Memo to OSA: Your intention and purpose are admirable, but you have been misled for many years and your efforts and actions have been misued. The church has become a corpse from which the spirit has long since fled. That spirit and activity you swore to protect are alive and well outside the church. Stats do not lie. The front is over the next hill. Your currently guarding a bunker in Berlin. Grab your gear and catch up. We will be watching for you.

  202. Hello Dan, I am not Bob, but I have some questions, too:
    – isn’t it too loud/distracting for use in session?
    – isn’t the size of the laptop too big?
    (for a Solo-Session I understand both questions are less important than in an audited auditor/pc session).
    – do you use a laptop or a kind of tablet pc (smaller version)
    – what about the battery? Are you allways connected to an electric socket?
    – do you know if a iPad version for the software is about to be created (sorry for off-line, but maybe you know :-))
    – are you using the Needle Timeline for C/S’ing (I can imagine it has additional value in spotting gains and possible auditing flubs)?

    Your answers are appreciated.

  203. Couldn’t agree more, Dan. And Marty just published a book which directly accuses of Tom Cruise of physical violence.

    If it’s a lie, TC, where’s the lawsuit?

    The silence is telling.

  204. Great Reference, Scott –

    I wonder if you have ever really thought about this reference.

    When you have studied and applied this issue, HCOPL “Ethics Review”, and when you really understand it in practice, you know that a Scientologist knows that whenever he becomes aware that Number 1 on this list is being applied to him, Number 36 is on its way – unless he does what he is told.

    This issue, in practice, is not a “light touch” handling at all.

    This issue, Ethics Review, is one of the issues that proves that LRH ended up turning Scientology into a totalitarian philosophy that forces people to follow orders, and DOES NOT make anyone more self-determined.

    The proof of this is the Church of Scientology, and all the kool-aide slurping, orders-complying, robots in it that we see today. They got to be that way because they studied, internalized, applied, and “thought-with” ethics technology like “Ethics Review”.


  205. greatMr.G — to be fair and open, I went back and watched the end of the video again. I’m sorry, but I do not see a sinister smile. What I did see was, Scn terms, a flow of theta, ARC, and intention. How the intended OSA audience would read that smile, I have no idea.

  206. Seriously? Isn’t 1.1 covert hostility? Doesn’t covert mean being secretive or hidden with one’s contra-survival intent towards another person? What is covert about Marty? I personally don’t know Marty (except very vaguely through this blog), and I don’t agree with him on all points, but he seems to me to be exceptionally _non_covert. He makes no bones about his views on all things Scientology and backs up his views with LRH policy within the Scn framework and with other wisdom from great thinkers — just as LRH did.

    So wouldn’t a 1.1 smile simply and logically be at odds with the preponderance of _non_covert facts?

  207. Thank you for the reply. It is amazing how much DM has clouded that very important issue for those still in- for a group of people that have dedicated their entire life from the day they signed up – I would think the Eternity question or doubt would be the biggest for most- not that the other more practical concerns are not huge themselves

    For their sake, I hope ya ll can inform and educate them otherwise – seem to be doing a good job so far

  208. HCO PL 4 October 68, “Ethics Presence,” “Men will keep the accounts straight only because you can muster bayonets to enforce that they do.”

  209. Li'll bit of stuff

    Outstanding acknowledgement of Marty indeed, Maria!

  210. RAWR!!! 😀

  211. Anon-onyourside

    I am already on your side.

  212. Using that logic, Tooky, every organization on Earth is a totalitarian system. You think totalitarian systems have a review process such as a Committe of Evidence (if done honestly and fairly)?

    Is any justice system open to abuse? Absolutely. Was it designed that way? I think not.

  213. Wise Beardless Man Hath Spoken!



  214. Hi;

    SKM has asked some of what I want to know. Also, not to pry, but what are you auditing on, is it solo, another person, and do you see the needle responding to TBops, RSs, etc.

    I think it is obvious that digital meters are the way of the future, so may as well start checking them out.

  215. Moderator,

    This video (Leonard Cohen’s) is showing 3 ads, one of them is an ad to a Marty hate site.
    It looks like dodothelaser put this video here on purpose.

  216. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice concept, tessa! Even a series of offers on different
    aspects of blowing from the ‘borg. Such as;

    *Recovery from the relentless abuse of miscavige.
    *Safe havens made available to you during “decompression.”
    *Genuine undertakings to safeguard you for evidence given.
    *Standard auditing to provide some respite from the trauma.
    *Access to basic legal counsel & advice on human rights.
    *The full support of a bastion of Independent Scns.who are
    backing Marty 100%.
    * Possible opportunities to giving testimonials to the news
    media to further expose the abuses by your “boss!”
    * Possible opportunities for some temporary employment
    offers, depending on any usable skills in hand.

    Freedom is there on offer—if they reach for it!

  217. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Fantastic! Thank you. This will help translators in disseminating the message.

  218. Oracle, I don’t get this, coming from someone whose posts I usually find so insightful. No less than Mike Rinder and others are among those who endured or saw the abuse and yet stayed for a while. There are many reasons for that, detailed by those here with some compassion and empathy, and there are many different speeds of awakening.
    To brand every witness still at Int a sociopath is….seemingly conscienceless.

  219. Thoughts for sending messages to Miscavige, and to OSA staff, would be a dry erase board, on your deck Marty.

    And write you daily thoughts for the long lens cameras!

    Maybe post your stats, and independent stats, on dry erase boards, facing the long lens camera.

    You certainly have a comm line with Miscavige, he just doesn’t talk back, but you got his ear and eyeballs!

    It’s always a good strategy to use your comm line to invite defections from their ranks.

    I’m not sure INCOMM LA still keeps any of the OSA computer files, but I know in the past, one “out of line” INCOMM staffer did load up a LOT of the old OSA computers (I know, I did the backups on the OSA computers, and sometimes I noticed what was in some of them).

    But I imagine, that the OSA Int computers with the sensitive stuff are standalone models today, kept in the HGB.

    Saying hi and nice things to the OSA staff, inviting them to defect with incriminating material that proves criminal activity, that might have some consequences in some case, I imagine, but I think it is the right thing to do to break down the evils they are doing.

    Dry erase boards, and those fat tipped dry erase markers, they gotta record and relay any messages you want to aim at them!

  220. Hey another thought, would be people could send you signs, which you could put on your deck, and aim at the long lens cameras, sending their thoughts to OSA and to Miscavige!

    But dry erase board instant messaging to Miscavige, via your upper deck or window facing the long lens camera, you could save electricity at your end.

    I’d thnk a little humor against the long lens, like have some of the best DM photo shopped photos, the infamous Dopey DM cartoon, would give the spy PI camera men something to laugh about!!

    Messages in dry erase signs to the PI spy long lens camera people, like telling them which computer sites to research the long evil history of Scientology’s manipulative PI usage, would be something the PI spies ought inform themselves of!

  221. When I protested one org once, the Dept of Special Affairs person came out to photograph, and I was prepared.

    I had the “Mike Rinder blew, you can too” , or maybe it was the “Free Mike Rinder” sign, which I aimed at the DSA’s camera!

    Use that comm line, I figured!

  222. Who rated this down? I thought it was funny!

  223. Not there when I viewed it….

  224. Clear your browser cache. The CoS hate sites implant cookies on your machine. This should resolve the ad issues.

  225. … here neither, Cohen is amazing.

  226. Tooky, what word or concept of “Therefore, use Ethics lightly. It is chain lightning.” did you not understand?

  227. David Miscavige after Marty spanked his ass… lol.

  228. Gern Gaschoen

    Then what? Squirrel Bridge actions, of course, endless nights of out- body Ruds over being endless still-not-sessionable from last weeks Thursday-2pm freak-out.

    DM, and all the other fake Heavies ‘above you on the Org board’ dramatizing Fac One out the arse while not actually producing a damn thing, and the never-ending threat/reminder that the black-suit’ed “DB farm” RPF is but a simple “KR” away ..

    They stay, or they stay quiet, because: squirrel/out- Tech.

  229. Gern Gaschoen

    In DM’s Church, sec checks produce one thing only: “KR’s”.

  230. ac·ces·so·ry
    1 a : a person not actually or constructively present but contributing as an assistant or instigator to the commission of an offense —called also accessory before the fact
    b : a person who knowing that a crime has been committed aids or shelters the offender with intent to defeat justice —called also accessory after the fact
    2 a : a thing of secondary or subordinate importance : adjunct
    b : an object or device not essential in itself but adding to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else
    Other forms: plural ac·ces·so·ries
    fashion accessories such as scarves, handkerchiefs, bracelets, and rings
    He is wanted as an accessory to murder.
    Variants: also ac·ces·sa·ry \ik-ˈse-sə-rē, ak-, ek-, -ˈses-rē, also ə-ˈse-\
    First use: 15th century
    Synonyms: accoutrement (or accouterment), adapter (also adaptor), add-on, adjunct, appendage, appliance, attachment, option

  231. Gern Gaschoen

    I think a nice bright, powerful LCD projector could cover Marty’s whole house. Just point it at the house, then load up some files with nice messages. Turn it on when you are doing something nefarious like, I dunno .. going in session or cooking something hot? I imagine you could really infuriate His Small-heeled One by putting up some nice message into his daily soup.

    Also maybe cheaper, Marty could put up a message in reflective paint, then shine a halo on it, and it will burn into the camera CCD’s all day and night without being too much of an eyesore to look at .. maybe make a big ARC/KRC symbol to go in the front yard, reflective, point spots and let the super-bright saturation do its work.

    Oh, its such a pointless, silly game, but yet I suppose if indeed this camera-house could be considered a comm-line, the idea of using it is immensely pertinent to ones interests ..

  232. Leonard Cohen was a Scientologist for about six months in 1969, as documented in biographies. Hence, “Did you ever go clear?” in “Famous Blue Raincoat”.

  233. Lana,

    It’s so funny that we can now accurately predict Miscavige’s behavior like you have done above. Now Dave, wanting to maintain his successful action of unpredictability, will probably ultimately resolve to kill himself.

    Boo Hoo, so sad. Truly a loss to those who love tragedy.

  234. Love your posts Lana – have your told your full story somewhere? I would love to read it – as I’m sure would many others.

  235. Moderator,

    With Internet Explore 9 (IE9): Each time (more than 5 times) I played dodothelaser’s Leonard Cohen video the ads (by Google) are there. Here are some screenshots.

    I also have installed Google Chrome 22 (GC22), but I barely use it. Now, I also played it with GC22, however it doesn’t show any ad.

    These ads may be browser dependent or maybe based on browser history.

    I just cleaned completely my IE9 browser cache: history, cookies, temp files, etc., (and then restarted my pc); but the ads are still there (played by IE9).

  236. Probably the same person who’s been giving a thumbs down to every decent post on the thread.

  237. Thanks for this reference, Scott.

    I really, fundamentally, disagree with that statement.

    When I joined Scientology, I did not know it had policies like this in it. It was only after I did the Ethics Specialist course that it really dawned on me that this was the kind of organization I had joined.

    I should have known from watching other Scientologists operate on these policies, of course. But I was always sure that this kind of viewpoint was “not Scientology”.

    Boy was I wrong.


  238. Hello WGP, and well done on what you are doing. You can check on Freeandable.com for Indie training resources to help you. Look under Training in the By Category option.. I especially like that you are doing it “for the benefit of others” as well as yourself, and 100% on Source. In my opinion, that will reap YOU vastly more rewards, as well, while doing so. Best of luck.

  239. Hi Margaret –

    I actually don’t know of any religion which has a list of actions like “Ethics Review” which leads to your expulsion if you do not do what you are told. Like to disconnect from someone deemed “SP” by ethics, or to comply with some order from a church official.

    Do you?


  240. Alaska Ronn –

    My point is that this list has a very heavy effect. Any Scientologist, once they are shown this list, knows that Number 1 on that list will eventually lead to Number 36 – if you do not do what you are told.

    If this list was a tool to “use ethics lightly” then it does not work. The reason Church of Scientologists act so robotically is because they are under constant threat of expulsion if they do not do what they are told. This is one of the references used to threaten them into compliance.

    Do you really think I missed something here?


  241. Well there ya go… the boat has been sailing a long long time.

  242. Agnostificator

    There is one other point and that is they truly believe in COB in the same way that Muslim fanatics believe in 50 virgins after they blow themselves up. In short, they have no judgement and are complete fanatics.

  243. Sunshine Disinfects

    Fabulous Calvin……….it is pretty tough to survive in Durban, South Africa without the addition of what you went through. Fabulous handling!

  244. Sufficient space and security or safety to be put on the path to recover one’s true beingness…..

  245. Wow, 26 thumbs down and some nasty replies for a totally honest and constructive post…

    Look, I’m a fair-minded and objective person, and I was taking that video seriously and trying to see it from the perspective of a potential OSA viewer. And at the end of video, after making some good points, Marty says:

    “…now doesn’t that sound a little more appealing than the crazy, thought-stopping hell that you live in?” … pause … … pompous grin. “See you all soon.”

    I just thought that ending seemed a bit too antagonistic and might turn off the intended audience right when Marty has them locked in. Forgive me for posting an honest reaction, even if it’s the slightest bit critical.

  246. Newcomer… I can’t read all the comments, so sorry if I missed something you said earlier about your handle “newcomer”, but if you’re OT VII then you’re not a newcomer??? Or you’re a newcomer to Marty’s blog…. but I see your handle more often… a little confusing.

  247. I think he meant getting some auditing…. 🙂

  248. Tooky,
    You have never met LRH or staff in a Saint Hill size org before Miscavige. Is it safe to say that ?

  249. Exactly Alaska Ronn. Some people don’t get the difference between LRH speaking literally, as he was in the “Ethics, Review” ref. and when he is speaking metaphorically, as he is in the “Ethics Presence” ref. I cited afterwards.

  250. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Really good story Calvin.

  251. Hi Danny

    This is your friend in Clearwater, we talked on the phone few months ago when you declared your independence, please email me I do not have your email, you have my email.

    And congrats on become advance mission!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Say hi to Tammy, Carmel and Adam, my kids said hi too.


  252. Actually it was Friday weekly staff meetings, but you made your point.

  253. And if they go “PTS”, they usually get thrown into the hole/RPF. In fact Gavinno Itta was on the RPF with me in the latter 90’s, and he was the internet OSA Bot back then (still is today, after he got cleansed” on the RPF).

  254. I wondered if Marty may have also meant legal protection since they would be providing evidence that could potentially incriminate themselves.


  255. {quietly hugs Oracle}

  256. I agree Robert. The issue we are likely dealing with has to do with the tone level of the observer and the tone level of the observed. In this case my observation points to great Mr. G and Pathethic using the comm to “nullifies others to get them to level where they can be used” which is 1.1 as I noted above. Just sayin…………

  257. Dayam! Now, HERE is an example of a new-generation Indie, coming to Scientology WITHOUT having been pulled into the Church and subsequently leaving or escaping.

    WGP, you are a new breed! Congratulations! I am looking forward to hearing more from you and those like you who have come to embrace the SUBJECT of Scientology without the direct influence of the Church.


  258. Robert,
    I’m not a newcomer to Scientology but I am/was to this blog. I have studied a good amount of Scientology and I’ve reached the top of the bridge.

    More good news today. I left Marty’s new book in a location where it could be seen and read by those preferring to visit the Kool Aide stand. Later in the day I noticed a small nuclear detonation in my vicinity. I of course was available to provide CPR as needed…………………as someone said in a song …….”and another one bites the dust!!!!!!”

    Hey Davey…….I’m gonna translate the above comment for you. You have one less PTS OT on your lines. I know, believe me I do know how much it truly sucks to be yourself. Dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey, I’ve just thought of an idea that may help. Why don’t YOU take the OSA files over to Marty and get some ethics protection?????????? NO??? We will all keep working then. You must feel like a tree with a lumberjack at the

  259. I think OSA bots like to get their $.02 cents worth on this blog.

  260. Mabu, I do not mean for this to come across as rude or unfriendly in any way.
    I can offer no explanation for the ads that keep coming up on your browser. In reporting these to Marty or other moderators of his blog, what do you hope to accomplish? Do you expect them to enforce some kind of block?
    If you do not wish to see them, don’t click on them. If you are concerned that others may be led to them, report the site. But, please, do not fall into the trap of fearing that others cannot make their own decisions. True, people who see those ads might explore them. Why shouldn’t they have the freedom to decide for themselves rather than be protected from “en-theta” by those who “know better?”

    OK, that was my “high horse” speech. Now ask me if I feel the same way about allowing pornographic ads show up on Sesame Street. Then I will show you my true, hypocrytical colors. {sigh}

    I do hope you understand my intent rather than highlight my momentary inability to articulate my conflicting standards on the subject of responsibility and freedom of speech.

    Ah, the tangled webs we weave…


  261. Tooky, you make an important point here. I do not have a cemented opinion on whether or not it was Hubbard’s intention that knowledge of this list as POLICY should lead to ultimate compliance, and, really, my opinion is irrelevant. But, the IMPLICIT effect is certainly there as expressed in a simple formula:

    If X affects Z, then Z applies Y.
    If X persists, then Z applies Y.1.
    If X persists, then Z applies Y.2.
    If X persists, then Z applies Y.3 … etc.

    The assumptions are that 1) X is counter to Z, 2) Z is “right”, and 3,) X must be stopped.
    If X MUST be stopped, then the application of Number 1 (Y.1) must proceed as necessary to Number 36 (Y.36).

    Sentimental statements and pronunciations such as “that is not was LRH intended” are as irrelevant as my opinions when it comes to analyzing the effect of the policy.


  262. Is it not fair to say that when LRH issued an HCOB/HCOPL and expected people to be 100% word-cleared on the definitions, that he also expected to be taken literally?

    His lectures were live and improptu with a mixture of metaphor and deadly serious communication; his tech and policy bulletins were expected to be star-rated down to the the word “to” and even then, he would crack a joke or interject humorous sarcasm. LRH most certainly had moments where he meant to be taken literally, as well as those when he meant to be taken metaphorically, jokingly or even half-jokingly: process R2-45 was a joke – sorta, and sorta not, but really sorta. Or maybe not. C’mon, we all mess around like that, never imagining we would be taken to task for our intent, and never imagining somone would take our messing around as serious “policy” to be enforced to the letter.

    That said, have we a definitive means to determine when LRH was speaking literally or metaphorically? Or is it up to the interpretation of the reader? And what about when readers have differing interpretations? Is the reader who “knew” LRH the default interpreter?


  263. Could be Tony, but who knows.

  264. TY Scott.

    I don’t deny Ethics was mostly never applied correctly, or certainly rarely, but who do we have to blame for that?

  265. Tooky,

    Look at the last two lines:

    “The above is a rough guide to the severity of discipline.
    Note that none of it carries any physical punishment or detention.”

    What is the difference between LRH’s policy and David Miscavige’s policy?

  266. Didn’t get that at all. Sorry.

  267. I bought the book too under Marty’s advice. I haven’t read it yet but knowing the definition of “sociopath” my brother is a perfect candidate. I’m putting off reading it until I get through the other two books I ordered. I’m sure it will be eye opening.

  268. “Men will keep the accounts straight only because you can muster bayonets to enforce that they do.”

    Scott –

    I know a metaphor when I see one. What this metaphor expresses about human beings, I fundamentally disagree with.

    Do you really believe this about your fellow man? Has this really been your own experience?


  269. Tango –

    Yes. It is safe to say that.


  270. I don’t believe he branded “every witness at Int a sociopath”….it seems he is referring to one person in particular.

  271. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    It might be good to have this video to Scientology Inc staffers posted over on the right hand side of this blog with the other important things, above the “blogroll” and such. So OSA staffers always have the message.

  272. Just have to say, love your name 🙂

  273. At least you could put out menu of the day and invite them over 😉

  274. PreferToBeAnon2

    Bob, I really appreciate the reply!
    This sure seems like a lot for the OSA bot to read between the lines and to just “know.” Is it common knowledge that there is an underground who will take them in and offer them a place to decompress and possibly a job? Do they know what really went down with Debbie Cook, as referenced by Mike?
    Ya’ll have big hearts–very kewel!

  275. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for the acks., SKM,Nancy,Sunshine,Regular
    Dog& Tony! I believe it really helps to gain your
    own confidence by taking the time to really get to
    know your adversary, as would a team coach in
    plotting his strategy against an opposing team.

    Marty, is an absolute MASTER at this, as is evident
    by the laser sharp observations and correct eval’s
    he has made to date & the handlings he had put in
    place to deal with miniature magnate maximus, hard
    at work dismantling himself! Piece by piece!

    Soon enough, I think we will see a staggering array
    of abandoned “suits-of-armor”, massive collection of
    assorted hi-tech armory, sophisticated bugging and
    surveillance equipment, and mind boggling collection
    of “dossiers” and subterfuge operations, and covert
    blackmail material, that would easily rival that of the
    CIA! Tunnels, vaults of “secret information”, manuals
    of offensive war-time equipment, and weaponry, gas
    masks, Underground air filtering, power generators and concealed stockades of food supplies and distilled water.And of course, VAST quantities of the very best imported Scotch, to dull the pain of it all, while one
    awaits for the inevitable, as did those other ” untouch-
    ables”–Hitler & Saddam.

    Heat in the kitchen getting to you, davey boy?

    ( Unbelievable! All this going on within a church?)
    World, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Just wait till you see
    what THIS little boy has REALLY been up to!

  276. Dear Mabu,
    Try Firefox > Options > Privacy > Never remember history
    And more.. Also, chill.

  277. It’s more up to the Tone Level of the reader. Look up what tone takes things literally on the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation in Science of Survival.

  278. The bayonets can be made of love or steel. Take your pick.

  279. What is the problem with you and algebra? In other words, Palehorse+Algebra? To solve the equation, we merely have to find the value of palehorse (X). X + A = X < 0

  280. Anonymous Confused Person

    Hi, Tooky —

    From a non-Scientologist: I think that the problem with the list isn’t so much that there’s a list. Most organizations or movements or governments etc etc etc do have some kind of idea of how transgressors will be dealt with, and it’s usually similar in the sense that’s the idea incorporates a gradiated level of response, from fairly light (“talk to the person who’s transgressing”) to pretty severe (“initiate legal proceedings”), the results of which can be fairly light (“the transgressor gets a stern talking to”) through somewhat more serious (“the situation is documented and kept in the transgressor’s records”) to fairly severe (fines, temporary or permanent confinement, explusion from the group, execution). So the fact that this list exists isn’t, to me, that much of a big deal.

    What the list does not contain is a list of the possible infractions. That’s the point of, say, legal code: what you can and can’t do is explicitely written down. That way, if someone violates the code, another person can point to something /in black and white/ and say “you violated this code” (and usually there’s a “resonable person” standard involved).

    The scary thing is when there is no written code, or people just make it up as they go along. “I feel that what you are doing is detrimental to the group. Therefore, I will subject you to action”. I suspect that the problem you’re expressing here is not so much with the list, but with the question: how do you know what constitutes an actionable transgression (as in, something to which the levels of ethics actions apply)? If there is no explicit code, then anyone in a position of authority could pursue you for something you think is perfectly okay, and the only action you can take to stop from reaching step 36 is to stop doing this thing that you think is okay, which is (I agree with you) unacceptable.

    It seems to me that Miscavaige, et co, are not operating per an explicit code. Rather, what constitutes a transgression is tribally (that is, through knowledge, but not actually written down) defined as “anything that Miscavaige feels might weaken his power and his access to money” (and he seems to define “power” as “money, physical property, control of other people, and influence with celebrities”). Meaning he and his followers are free to apply the label of “trangression” to just about anything, including rational and justifiable criticism, and therefore use the levels of ethics to alawfully (that is, in absence of an actual codified law) exert control and squash said criticism.

  281. Miscavige will have his day IN the barrel!

  282. No worries Scott, there’s a a**hole around, maybe even someone from OSA, who clicks in his frustration on the thumb down icon. Look back and you’ll see, it makes no sense. Several have been targeted.

  283. Li'll bit of stuff

    Let’s hope so, EISM. Though, with the over-arching
    secret agendas of the real power dealers at the very
    top, orchestrating the means toward eventual one-
    world governmental control, it is highly unlikely.

    Can there be any remaining doubt, that the likes of
    DM, serves as a useful idiot, in that he is so concerned
    with establishing his synthetic “brand” of Scientology, (aka
    “Miscavology”), that the totality of “his”operations, serve
    only to BLUNT the actual threat of unwanted probes into
    the nefarious activities of these menacing masters?

    Paranoia, as a reactive emotion to the hidden agendas
    of these individuals, is counter productive to the necessity
    of confronting and dealing with these boys. LRH was
    certainly aware of their activities, regularly submitting
    “evidence,” or at least hypotheses, on their existence, from evidence gathered during the Guardians’ Office probes.

    These hidden influences, IMHO, make ready use of the
    not-so-bright, self serving, acquisition hungry, spiritually
    defunct in our midst, doing significant trade-offs in the
    way of allowing shallow,dollar building “empires” to exist,
    while purposefully and selectively,blocking the duties of
    “genuine” lawful government investigations. It can be
    concluded that these unwitting allies, ( the CO$,inc.,) are
    conveniently left to wreak havoc on the real whistle
    blowers, who are capable of derailing their grand plans.

    “The only guarantee of (true) freedom -is ETERNAL


  284. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mrs Libnish, just a little correction for you.
    ” he” is in actual fact a “she”.
    Thank you,

  285. Just to tell a little bit more to OSA.
    Per “AN ESSAY ON MANAGEMENT”(1951) that I encourage you to read, Miscavige is an authoritarian personnality, late called an SP. He has made ennemies out of high Sea Org executives. Exemple : Marty, Mike and many… previously others like Aznaran, Prince… and earlier : Broeker, Mayo, Robertson. (Miscavige is the cause of splinter groups!)
    And those who are still inside (Lesevre, Jentsch, Mitthof, Yager…) are made nothing of.
    He is simply running out every one of them and after he is black PRing and fair gaming them.
    If you ever listen to the tape :
    You’ll see that he is doing the exact opposite of what LRH says to do.
    He is creating ennemies for Scientology.
    He is a fascist, like any other fascist in history, Hitler, Stalin, you name them… He will be the bad guy in any movie.
    Tom Cruise, remember “A Few Good Man”, your character was trying to really put ethics in on a fascist played (fantastically) by Jack Nicholson. That was right.

    OSA guys. You like good movies?
    Let me show you an exemple of what you should do…

  286. Theo Sismanides

    Go Marty, this is a 3rd, 4th AND 7th dynamic matter. Scientology right now ought to be doing much more than just agreeing with a whole Globalized society where Spirituality is not even acknowledged to its rightful place.

    We have been keeping the torch for freedom of religion and kept Scientology free and alive. OSA need to see now that we are on the winning side and do as their conscience says, finally!

    Thanks for taking the time to deliver that message to them!!!

  287. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nancy, we are well aware that LRH was not “perfect” — by his very own admissions, and certainly had his faults
    and shortcomings, as does each one of us “thetans”
    playing an earthling’s game in a “human” body!
    ( couldn’t resist that last bit!)The rub is, that he was
    not only the organizer, and promulgator of what has
    (for some,at any rate,) almost become the word of “God.”

    With the exception of the Auditing tech, and the broad study thereof, which he insisted be applied as laid out
    in his extensive development and refinement thereof,
    (—to assure the results of STANDARD auditing, one for
    one,— evidently with very few exceptions.) I believe he
    was acutely aware of his role as a mentor for those
    who decided to pitch in and “get the show on the road.”

    “Mixing practices”, as he proved beyond question,( with
    regard to AUDITING), demonstrably compromised the
    results, and resulted in “The Ten Commandments OF
    Scientology,”—- KSW (Keeping Scientology Working)

    The demonstrable truths he discovered, as laid out in
    his treatises of;-
    * The Factors.
    * The Logics & Pre-Logics
    * The AXIOMS of Dianetics & Scientology.
    * The thorough workability of The Auditors Code
    * The Tone Scale & its working volume, SOS.
    * The various Scales he postulated, explored, refined
    and codified for application & reference.

    Back to my point. I believe LRH, possessed of genius
    yet to be widely recognized, KNEW,that in the absence
    of policy and broadly recognized “technology” which
    suited his needs, in laying down methods to train people
    to 1) audit, and 2) C/S, and 3) administer organization,
    he felt he had to DO IT HIS WAY. Of course the creation
    of the Full Org Board, naturally followed, consequently!

    So, post LRH, guess what? Today we have THE COB!!
    ….for the uninformed, that’s Chairman Of (The) Board!
    (Incidentally, a post created by and for the exclusive use
    of, his Royal Highness, The Supreme Leadah of sheelple,
    Master of Miscavology …er..$cientology, the one & only
    David Miscarriage, POB, RTC.SCN SP(Supremo))
    .(…Just had to give him his expected accolades here !)

    So Nancy, I guess the truth of what LRH expected, in
    his more insightful moments, is that we take (as Marty
    has often pointed out…) the Great Middle Path…..

    ……” If it isn’t true for YOU….it isn’t TRUE! “–LRH.


  288. I don’t know of any organization in the world which doesn’t have varying degrees of ethics requirements which ultimately lead to expulsion (depending on severity of violation). Ask a member of any religion or any group in the world. Heck, the very forum on which we are talking has rules which lead to expulsion.

    “Ethics Review” does not define the rules Tooky. It only defines the steps taken when rules are broken. And every organization in the world has these.

    With regard to “disconnection”, that is a “rule” which I thoroughly disagree with. You can find its basis in the “Suppressive Acts” list, which needed review and modification ages ago, imho.

  289. Your humble servant


    You are correct. Ron Hubbard has been a great philosophical leader–undeniably true regardless of whatever disagreements anyone may have with his philosophy. As an aside, NO ONE in history has worked harder in developing and preserving his philosophy. Thousands and thousands of recorded lectures, most of which were an hour or so long? Thousands and thousands of pages of writings? Incredible. Now along comes a worm gnawing away at what Ron did by changing a little here, hiding a little there, omitting something over here. All the while pretending that he is preserving what LRH said for the ages. What arrogance, what cheek! What confounded evil. In my book this alone brands DM as a dangerous criminal who must be removed from the scene as soon as possible.

  290. Tooky: “My point is that this list has a very heavy effect.”

    EVERY “Levels of Disciplinary Action” in the world has a “heavy effect” when you realize that your actions can lead to expulsion. But these can be found in any organization in the world.

    “If this list was a tool to “use ethics lightly” then it does not work.”

    That’s a ridiculous statement. The document “Ethics Review” shows perfectly how “the light touch” in ethics is so important.

    You’re getting confused between this document (levels of disciplinary action) and the actual rules of the organization. They are not the same.

  291. Palehorse, the disagreement is with the “rule” — not with the degrees of steps necessary (ala Ethics Review) to enforce the “rule”.

    If we don’t like a “rule” then the proper source is the origin of the rule — not the steps needed to enforce it. “Ethics Review” is not the source of the rules. Things like “Suppressive Acts” would be the source of the rules.

  292. Alice, here is a quote from LRH:

    “Don’t get reasonable about natterers. If they’re hypercritical they have overts. If they have a real complaint they’d talk to the management, not everybody else. These people are just nuts and they spread disaster. They drive off all the good staff members and prevent new ones, yet there they stay nattering madly about things they don’t understand and haven’t read.”


    When compared to the truth it seems OSA is the one that is nuts these days and in previous ones as well. 🙂

  293. That’s pretty much on the money, ACP. There are explicit codes in Scientology — most notably the “Code of a Scientologist” which applies to all Scientologists and then the policy “What We Expect of a Scientologist”. Most Scientologists, through the 70s, saw these as the “rules of the road” for being a Scientologist.

    In the last three decades, Miscavige has taken various policies which were primarily meant to apply to specific staff positions, and applied them to All Scientologists.

    The most obvious example is the expansion of the “Suppressive Acts” list in the book “Introduction to Scientology Ethics”. Throughout the late 60s and all through the 70s, this list stayed pretty much the same in this book, with about 70 rules. After 1982, the list doubled, then tripled, and now is some several hundred rules where it used to constitute something like 70 rules. (I’m pulling these numbers from memory, as I don’t have access to my collection of ISE books.)

    And these supposed “suppressive acts” on this list now can be so incredibly benign and literally be made to apply to ANY situation, that in the hands of a sociopath, ANYONE can be labeled “suppressive”.

    Personally, I think even in the list in the 70s in ISE needed adjustment — in my view, it was not in alignment with the “Creed of the Church”. But the CoS under DM has gone from a mildly bad situation, to an over-the-top hellish situation.

  294. Bob, thank you for spelling this out for us. This is what (at least) I assumed, but this makes it crystal clear. Thanks again.

  295. Look at what Miscavige has done to abrogate the policy contract LRH made with staff and public.


    “Under the name of Justice, aberrated man accomplishes fantastic injustices. The upstat is hit, the downstat let go. Rumours are accepted as evidence. Police forces and power are used to ENFORCE the injustices contained 1 to 9 above. Suppressive justice is used as an ineffectual but savage means of meeting situations actually caused by the earlier listed psychoses. When abuses on 1 to 9 make things go wrong, the social aberration then introduces suppressive injustices as an effort to cure. Revolt and war are magnified versions of injustices. Excess people – kill them off in a war. A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS THE SUBSTITUTE OF VIOLENCE FOR REASON.” -LRH

  296. Li'll bit of stuff

    newcomer, for those who don’t get it— good news!
    Yep! You do! And me! And likewise, many others too!

    So take heart, inconsolable sheeple and addicted
    kool-aid-o-holics — At least SOME of us have a good
    grasp of what’s happening to–and around–you!

    Here’s the reality of what’s actually “going down!”
    HM$ Flagship, CO$, has been irreparably damaged by
    the jagged, unforgiving,.sharp edges of an ominous,
    but NOT submerged, “truthberg “, that awaits all
    sea-faring “captains” with that most ignominious of all
    qualifications, the unchallengable ” know best!”

    A brightly shining Lighthouse -“MOUALH”- created by
    a humble builder–someone called “Marty,” sent out
    regular beams of bright light to warn your bungling
    “captain” of the perils, of venturing into the karmic
    waters of GREED and DESTRUCTION….but he paid no
    attention to your safety, or welfare, whatsoever!

    This “truthberg” of “Titanic” proportions, has predictably
    torn the working structure and therefore buoyancy,from
    below you……Your ship is SINKING!!!…….and FAST!!!

    Your only chance to save your skins, is to make haste
    for the life-boats…. abandon the CO$ now! Or go down
    into the depths of oblivion, courtesy of your “captain!”

    Real Scientologists are standing by, aboard their rescue
    ship “THE INDIES”, to throw you a life-raft and lifejackets,
    to make it safely back from the “Voyage To Hell.”

    It’s almost too late! Jump NOW!


  297. Good one Chuck. A poster of Miscavige’s head on a squirrel comes to mind…

  298. Hi Margaret –

    You wrote: EVERY “Levels of Disciplinary Action” in the world has a “heavy effect” when you realize that your actions can lead to expulsion. But these can be found in any organization in the world.

    Can you name one specific example to provide some kind of evidence to support your point, please? Because, like I said, I do not know of one.

    And let’s stick with a religious organization to compare apples to apples, rather than to, say, a dog track. Being expelled from your religion is a very different thing to being expelled from your dog track.

    Tooky wrote: “If this list was a tool to “use ethics lightly” then it does not work.”

    Margaret wrote: “That’s a ridiculous statement. The document “Ethics Review” shows perfectly how “the light touch” in ethics is so important.”

    It may show how a light touch is important, but I said that it does not work to produce a light touch in its application. It’s constant threat of expulsion produces a very heavy effect, and it is part of what makes Church of Scientologists unthinking robots with very low self-determinism who do only what they are told.

    Also, do you realize that the two statements that I have quoted here from you actually contradict each other about how this list produces a light touch vs. a heavy effect?


  299. The legal dictionary has yet more names for those who conspire with criminals like DM : coconspirator, abettor, accessory, accessory after the fact, accessory before the fact, accomplice, adjunct in crime, adjutant in crime, aide in crime, aide in wrongdoing, aider in wrongdoing, ally in crime, ally in wrongdoing, assistant, associate in crime, associate in guilt, auxiliary in crime, coactor in crime, coadjutor, coaider in crime, collaborator, colleague in crime, colluder, companion in crime, comrade in crime, comrade in wrongdoing, confederate, consociate in crime, cooperator in crime, copartner in crime, coworker in crime, fellow conspirator, fellow machinator, fellow plotter, fellow schemer, fellow strategist, fellow traitor, partner, partner in crime, partner in wrongdoing, supporter.

  300. Scott –

    “Bayonets made of love”, now THAT is a metaphor! :>

    But that’s not the metaphor that LRH used, is it?


  301. Li'll bit of stuff

    WGP, What an amazing entrance into (independent)
    Scientology! You certainly have taken the horns by
    the bull!. As you see, before you, there is no dearth
    of advice or help available here! At little or no cost, to
    boot! If I can make one life changing recommendation,
    —-(that would be to)— do the ORIGINAL version of
    The Communication Course, as revised by L.Ron
    Hubbard. This single one to two week course, should
    do the trick for you! You will, in effect, have become
    an Auditor, while having the biggest realizations, and
    fun of your entire life! (that’s if I’m correctly reading
    where you’re coming from?– my friend.)

    The best way to facilitate this, would be to link up, if
    possible, with a nearby Indie, who can coach you
    through. E-mails addy exchanges are a great step
    to begin your adventures of a lifetime.

    Wow, sign of the ever changing times?

    Calvin B.Duffield
    Durban. South Africa.

  302. Li'll bit of stuff

    Solid argument indeed! Difficult to counter, intelligibly!

  303. Given the wide occurrence of “mis-applied” ethics throughout almost all times and places on the planet, why just blame ourselves?

    Doesn’t the way Scientology was written, revised, and taught share at least some of the responsibility for ethics “mostly never being applied correctly?

    I think it is important, vital even, to be willing to examine Scientology itself as the cause for bad results – especially when they are so widespread in time and place, which Alaska Ronn seems to be saying.


  304. Another good one! lol

  305. Margaret, I saw this LA Times article too… this lawsuit is a lot like the Debbie Cook lawsuit: within your legal rights to do, but very stupid. Mike, Marty do see Mr Tinyfists hand in this???

  306. Actually, I think Mike (apologies if I am mistaken ) was mostly referring to the fact that the RCS is not going to prosecute a whistleblower after their Debbie Cook debacle. I was talking about government prosecutors, who have a profound tendency to prosecute the person in front of them.

    Marty’s rock-solid offer lets even a criminally culpable OSA staffer come forward without having any police or prosecutors looking at him.

  307. Great video, Marty.

    Off topic: I know you can’t please everyone but I’m a regular visitor to your blog and have always enjoyed reading the comments as much as the blog itself. Your new “rate this comment feature” (not sure if it’s a WordPress thing or a plugin you added) feels very distracting and rather Facebooky.

    I’ve experienced on Facebook and Youtube that after a while it becomes a competition for who can come up with the best comment or who can have the funniest comment and in the process some authenticity is lost as well as the original intention of the content.

    I love your blog and I don’t feel you need this feature to enhance it.

    Just my two cents…..

  308. Dear OSA staff:
    Avoid jail. Take Marty’s offer now. Food, sleep, love and support are waiting for you. Auditing if you want it. Money if you want a job. Don’t wait for the raids.

  309. Excellent Post, ACP.

    I agree with what you say, especially when you write:

    The scary thing is when there is no written code, or people just make it up as they go along. “I feel that what you are doing is detrimental to the group. Therefore, I will subject you to action”. I suspect that the problem you’re expressing here is not so much with the list, but with the question: how do you know what constitutes an actionable transgression (as in, something to which the levels of ethics actions apply)?

    There are explicit codes of transgressions in Scientology, but even they contain items which contradict The Creed of the Church and other basic codes in Scientology.

    So in Scientology, the situation is not that the transgressions are not explicitly listed, it’s that what is listed can contradict each other, and with basic Scientology written elsewhere. So you can have a situation where a person can act on an item from the Creed of the Church, for instance (What We of the Church Believe) that is a high crime on the list of Suppressive Acts.

    Many people have noted that you can find an LRH reference for AND against just about anything in Scientology. So if a person in authority does not like something you did, he can find anything with which to go after you and get you expelled from your church, after many years and much earnest and productive contribution, and he can use writings from LRH to back himself up.

    Many people here, for instance, can cite first person examples of that kind of “justice” in Scientology.


  310. Excellent summation of reasoning, ACP.

  311. I used to think HCOPL Ethics Review was a stopgap for justice – in other words, each step HAD to be applied, thereby ensuring all received a full chance to get their own ethics in well before one reached the end of the list… but then I also believed in Santa Clause at one time too. 🙂

  312. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    Fantastic Reference. See how the COS has gone from gradients to straight declare. Its an effort to cave you in so you don’t fight I believe.

  313. The ethics conditions work like magic. You can even begin to see them on flows. What conditions people are in you, and what conditions people are in towards one another.

    Anyone that moved forward to harm, attack or suppress you, in in an enemy condition towards you. That is THEIR lower condition. So, when a group agrees to send someone off to the RPF, the group is actually in a lower condition towards the person they seek to punish.

    To know if the organization ethics tech WORKS, one need only to LOOK at RESULTS.

    Right now we have psychopathic GROUP, at the Flag Land Base.

    However, the situation has an earlier beginning. When Hubbard wrote these things the Sea Org was a different group, mostly class Vlll’s. Right now we have uninterned Class lV who has been blwn off the bridge for decades commanding the Church. Most Sea Org staff are not even clear and have not had auditing or study time for decades. Several are comm course grads from Europe.

    You look at the technology within the medical field. What works does not change. People are still setting broken bones the same way they did 30 years ago. This field of technology remains stable.

    You look at Scientology. With GAOT Miscavige turned around this technology 180 degrees and set it on a backward spiral. It is not stable.
    Because people are prone to follow orders. NOT what works.

    We can blame any number of people including ourselves. Who/What is surviving now? The people that could use a danger formula. Bypass normal habits and routines. Look at Israel. The ethics book was not written red on white. As far as I can see, beyond the formulas, it was passed along as a ROUTINE that could be used. The only technology in it was the formulas. The rest was for a different time, a different people.

  314. Yes, great idea, Dog.

  315. No. But the point is, people are afraid because there is no TRUST. For any system to work, people need trust the system. I did not trust the system either. I never saw it work as it was laid out. I never saw one comm ev that published actual facts. I saw people declared SP’s that had volunteered for over 20 years (Sea Org Staff) . A publication of Golden Rod could throw the entire organization into an enemy condition against one person that had never personally harmed them. But I will add this. You can give a medical doctor heroin and he will use it to ease the pain of a soldier laying on the battlefield with his legs blown off. You give that same heroin to a person that does not have it with the same purpose, to help others. And he will use it to help himself. And he will become an addict. We have on this planet, a lot of people full of false purposes. And unless someone is through L11, you can believe they have a purpose to harm. With anything on this planet you have to take into account the human element and the purposes they live with. What you REALLY see within the Scientology is not so much an unworkable technology, as a PURPOSE of the people who use it.

  316. The list is, as Margaret points out, not a list of rules, but a very gradient scale of responses to a violation of a rule or rules. And every organization in the world has rules and responses to their violation, except in most organizations including any family, they are nowhere nearly this finely-tuned.

    In most of the smaller, “mom and pop” businesses where I live, you are employed or fired at the whim of the owner or manager. In the larger companies there are more degrees of formal response.

    In fact I think this list of responses LRH published likely follows very closely what actually happens in real life.It is not an arbitrary list created and imposed on life by LRH.
    For example, 1. the manager notices something you’re doing that is not in accordance with his ideal scene of what you ought to be doing. Or a parent notices something a child is doing. 2. The manager or parent “looks at you funny”. If you still don’t get the message, then 3., s/he says some thing to you about it. Etc.

    It’s not some draconian arbitrary list of actions invented to oppress employees/children, members of a group, whatever. It simply makes explicit what naturally happens in life, between people. It states a gradient that is usually implicitly understood to some degree by many people.

    TV sitcoms have used this kind of material, as when Tim The Toolman talks about his wife or his mother giving him “the look!”.

    As with much of what he wrote down, I think LRH drew this from life based on his obnosis of things, rather than inventing it and arbitrarily trying to impose it on life.

  317. The truth is, I think we have all seen someone we loved and cared about, suddenly labeled something and with the printing of a golden rod, everyone they know is supposed to go into treason against them. When you befriend someone, you are not compelled to desert them or turn your back on them. When you have been HELPED by someone, you have a DEBT to that person. Whether it is spoken or not, your are obliged to HELP THEM in return. When you see people ordered or commanded what condition to be in towards their friends or family, you KNOW ETHICS is NOT a personal thing any more and it is BEYOND THEIR control. I had to SNEAK at the Flag Land Base to remain in higher conditions towards my friends that were offloaded or declared or sent to the RPF. I had to SNEAK to give people airfare to get home or get out. When you have to SNEAK around to keep your own ethics in and remain in a higher condition in social intercourse, that is an OUTPOINT. I see the ethics tech as bridge to climb in itself. If a person can not think with the ethics conditions, they will not be able to think with any of the rest of it. And if they are not up to CONDITIONS on the awareness characteristics, they CAN NOT think with the most basic ethics conditions. Or SEE these conditions. They can be SEEN. You do not even have to think with it after a while. It can be SEEN.

  318. Otherwise the group justice tech is just a manifesting license to DED DEDEX!

    “He was a liability on Tuesday! So today, on Thursday, now that we know, we are sending him off to the RPF and we have a right to go into treason against him!”

    That is as aberrant as it gets!

  319. Anonymous Confused Person

    Thanks, Ronnie & Margaret — for the positive response and also for the clarification —

    Okay, so one of the major problems now is that there /is/ a list, but it’s not written properly (as it stands right now). What I mean is this: if a law is so vague that a reasonable person (there’s that “reasonable person” standard, again) can’t understand whether he or she is acting lawfully, it’s not a good law. Now people have to rely on someone else to do the interpreting for them (not good).

    Additionally, from everything I’ve read here, the process for changing the law is completely broken: if I understand correctly, Scientologists submit Knowledge Reports when something isn’t working (such as an undue, too-vaguely-worded expansion of infractions), but in the organization as it stands today, these go nowhere because there are very few people (if any) who actually have the authority to act on them (and, in fact, the mere /reading/ of them, if they are critical, could be an infraction on the part of people in the chain of authority). There is no transparent, public means for people to submit meaningful edits (in the sense of submitting a new law for passage). And there doesn’t seem to be any review process: David Miscavaige decides something could be useful to him in terms of maintaining his power, so he writes or rewrites a list or some other policy item, and naturally there is no one else around to say “what would be the effect of this” or, more importantly, “is this consistent with the policy as laid down by LRH*?” So you end up with what I see described as “cross-orders” (inconsistent, contradictory rules, again requiring someone in authority to interpret for the rank & file). Is this also correctly summarized (from a non-Scientologist point of view)?

    *Not that this shouldn’t, IMO, change either. Everything, IMO, should be subject to change. It’s just that certain fundamental things should be much harder to change (e.g., the Constitution of the United States, purposefully very difficult to change so as to whether the swings of popular opinion), and when things /do/ change, it’s up to everyone to ensure that they remain consistent, enforceable, and understandable. A really good reference for this sort of thing is “The Paradox of Self-Amendment” by Peter Suber (first referenced by Douglas Hoftstadter in “Metamagical Themas”), which one can read about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic

    I think I’m going to reread about Nomic, as a matter of fact, because as I glance over it, it seems like Scientology (as an organization) has suffered from excessive Nomic ruleplay (or abuse, as the case may be). The question I have is: is this because of the way that Scientology (and Scientology policy) is coded — that is, is it a /natural outcome/ of the way that Scientology is set up with regards to its rules? Is any implementation of Scientology as an organization vulnerable to a “David Miscavaige”?

  320. constant vigilance

    Richard Lloyd-Roberts |wrote “… See how the COS has gone from gradients to straight declare. Its an effort to cave you in so you don’t fight I believe.”
    Richard you are so right. I heard an LRH tape where he talks about the best way to win a war and to overwhelm people is to do something all at once and big so that they drop down tone scale immediately into apathy and die or give up like Japan did when we dropped all those bombs at the same time in WWII. He said it is more effective than doing the bombs over time, say twice a week for 3 months or so. That way people get steeled up to them. If you do it big and all at once, they capitulate fast and cave in immediately. Sooooo knowing this, why don’t we Indies do the same? Let’s send a mass mailing of Marty’s book to people who are still IN and do it all on the same day? It will have a bombshell effect just as Debbie Cook’s mass emailing did on New Year’s day. Contact me privately and we’ll see if this is workable. soaringhigh1@hushmail.com

  321. “Is it not fair to say that when LRH issued an HCOB/HCOPL and expected people to be 100% word-cleared on the definitions, that he also expected to be taken literally?”
    No, word clearing is all about the concept, not about literarism.

  322. I read the book, The Sociopath Next Door. Did you? The common denominator of sociopaths is “no conscience”. I have said it before, ordering people to care or not care on command does not work for humans. I was wrong, it will work with sociopaths.

    I say, a person’s fear for their own well being will diminish against the back drop of their conscience. As conscience is conjured up by a care or love or concern for someone else. Not self. I do not believe anyone still standing by David Miscavige has a conscience. If you or I were walking down the street and we saw someone being harassed verbally or physically we would intervene. The streets, according to execs at the Int Base, are “a jungle” so threatening they can not cross the street without an escort. You show me where anyone on the street is going to stand by and watch someone get tortured in this country. And if not get directly involved, at least call 911. Who do you think it is that makes everything David Miscavige is, and does possible? The staff at the Int Base. If they all walked out tomorrow what power would he have? They empower him, he does not empower them! Everyone still in that cult empowers HIM. He empowers NOBODY. Only a sociopath could support a man like that. Did you know when people were being interviewed for war crimes after WWll, the people in charge of the death camps actually complained about the odors of the dead interfering with their appetites?

  323. Every person owes it to their family and friends to read this book. It is a hard pill to swallow when you realize you have put your children in a position to be the effect of one of these people. It made me cry. Such as a tutor or child care provider of some sort. But it will never happen again. And I will make sure they know and understand who to avoid.

  324. Even advertising perverted in the CofS. The purpose of advertising is to PROMOTE something. The CofS is using it to unmock someone. They are so steeped in black magic every flow is reversed and every purpose is to harm. Really.

  325. Tooky wrote: “Can you name one specific example”

    Can you name a single religion in the world which hasn’t adopted rules which, in some cases, won’t ultimately lead to expulsion? If a parishioner went to his local church and yelled “God is dead!” every Sunday while the minister was giving a sermon, do you think he’d be welcome back the following Sunday, especially if he kept doing it? If a Buddhist ranted that “the Buddha was a child molester” constantly while others were quietly meditating, every day on end, do you think he’d be a welcome member in that Buddhist retreat?

    Your issue is with the rules Tooky, not the “gradual increase in disciplinary” actions that Ethics Review describes.

  326. Tooky, I think it’s a very fair observation to say that contradictions between the basic Scientology codes, and the later policy, need to be weeded out, so that policy aligns with the basic codes.

  327. She is just on tour putting ethics in in the Freezone. 🙂

  328. Li'll bit of stuff

    We get it Tooky. You thoroughly disagree
    with LRH and find his creation, to be totally
    to blame for the mess Scn is in today.
    So why are you here,exactly, if not to prove
    your point, over and over?

  329. By the way Bob, Mike Rinder and the others who left, left. The fact that they left signals what kind of people they are. It may have taken a few incidents for them to wake up and pull out, but they did. More over, they are here facing the situation and working to curb the damage.

    The top executives remaining, can be seen lying on national television to all of their fellow mankind, via Anderson Cooper to a host of other media outlets with no shame. No shame whatsoever. In complete treason to their current or former husbands, the fathers of their children. That is TREASON to everyone that hears the lies. Treason to the nation as most of these broadcasts and media outlets are national. Jenny Linson lied with a straight face, to the nation, then attacked the host of the show for being rude! Tried to restimulate him. After she used him to spread lies with a straight face.

    These people are a situation, and it is not a good one.

  330. I agree. I am glad that Ron was so prolific, because even DM can’t alter all of it.

  331. Welcome to the journey! You have the MEST you need, although a good collection of tapes would help, too, such as the PDC and BC tapes.

    I suggest finding an Indy group to help you get trained up. Reading all that stuff loads you up with lots of theory, but it is the practical, the drills and auditing, that gives you certainty on the subject and helps it all fall into place. Have fun!

  332. Great song, windhorse!

    Here’s one I hope you might like:

    Bob Dylan – Chimes Of Freedom Full Lyrics

    Far between sundown’s finish an’ midnight’s broken toll
    We ducked inside the doorway, thunder crashing
    As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds
    Seeming to be the chimes of freedom flashing
    Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight
    Flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight
    An’ for each an’ ev’ry underdog soldier in the night
    An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

    In the city’s melted furnace, unexpectedly we watched
    With faces hidden as the walls were tightening
    As the echo of the wedding bells before the blowin’ rain
    Dissolved into the bells of the lightning
    Tolling for the rebel, tolling for the rake
    Tolling for the luckless, the abandoned an’ forsaked
    Tolling for the outcast, burnin’ constantly at stake
    An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

    Through the mad mystic hammering of the wild ripping hail
    The sky cracked it’s poems in naked wonder
    That the clinging of the church bells blew far into the breeze
    Leaving only bells of lightning and it’s thunder
    Striking for the gentle, striking for the kind
    Striking for the guardians and protectors of the mind
    An’ the poet an the painter far behind his rightful time
    An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

    In the wild cathedral evening the rain unraveled tales
    For the disrobed faceless forms of no position
    Tolling for the tongues with no place to bring their thoughts
    All down in taken-for granted situations
    Tolling for the deaf an’ blind, tolling for the mute
    For the mistreated, mateless mother, the mistitled prostitute
    For the misdemeanor outlaw, chased an’ cheated by pursuit
    An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

    Even though a clouds’s white curtain in a far-off corner flashed
    An’ the hypnotic splattered mist was slowly lifting
    Electric light still struck like arrows, fired but for the ones
    Condemned to drift or else be kept from drifting
    Tolling for the searching ones, on their speechless, seeking trail
    For the lonesome-hearted lovers with too personal a tale
    An’ for each unharmfull, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail
    An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

    Starry-eyed an’ laughing as I recall when we were caught
    Trapped by no track of hours for they hanged suspended
    As we listened one last time an’ we watched with one last look
    Spellbound an’ swallowed ’til the tolling ended
    Tolling for the aching whose wounds cannot be nursed
    For the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones an’ worse
    An’ for every hung-up person in the whole wide universe
    An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

  333. blind·side   [blahynd-sahyd]
    verb (used with object), blind·sid·ed, blind·sid·ing.

    Informal . to attack critically where a person is vulnerable, uninformed, etc.: The president was blindsided by the press on the latest tax bill.

    The truth is, a Scientologist because of their knowledge, is in the position to blindside others.

    This was true in 1960 or whenever Hubbard wrote the OSA PL’s.

    OSA is struggling with being able to blindside people in 2012. The media for Scientology and PR is faltering in blindsiding people. David Miscavige is stumbling in his attempts to blindside people.

    The world has evolved over Scientology culture wise. Anyone trained past class lV should not be susceptible to be blindsided by DM.

    Why oh why oh why?

    Hubbard said, Anyone you depend upon you become the effect of.

    They can only blindside dependents.

    Where is our power coming from? ONLY being Independents.

    In the final chapter, this IS the only difference between us and them.

    We are simply, not dependent. So being, we are not the effect. If you depend on a sociopath you are really fucked. You WILL become the effect.

    A sociopath is different than what Hubbard describes as an S.P.. There are similarities, but there are differences. I have not really gone the effect of an S.P. or been suppressed. But certain areas of my life have been derailed by sociopaths. The entire time I was wildly entertained with charisma. . I never felt suppressed. I watched the people around me get caved in or have psychotic breaks or get over restimulated,

    Being Independent, I only became dependent on their company. A promise. A hope. Always ended up with great financial losses and everyone else around me totally turbulent and the sociopath offended in some way for lack of applause. Presenting them self as the victim in the final chapter while they counted treasure and gave nothing, I mean nothing, of any real value in exchange for all they sponged up.

    Everyone who is a current member of the CofS thinks of themself, as dependent on David Miscavige. And that is why they go effect of him.

    Just like every other sociopath, he is sponging off the others while making himself seem like the one of value.

    He was too fucking stupid to get through a class lV internship. He has never worked in an Org or Mission. He has no history or reality on what life is like on the streets. He has been a Scientology government beneficiary all of his life. The kind Mitt Romney chooses to ignore in value.

    Get real!

  334. I agree. Potential for misuse as well by a certain group. Bears monitoring at least.

  335. Hi, Bob and SKM,
    No, it is not distracting at all. Makes no sounds. I use any old laptop. I used in while auditing Grades. Worked great. Have not seen any R/S or theta bops on it, but every other needle movement looks the same as on an analog meter, so I don’t know why these would look any different. I don’t know if you could use the software with an iPad, but I would imagine so. Yes, the laptop can be charged while you audit or you can just use the battery. As for C/Sing, the sessions can be recorded as far as I know so assessments and so forth could be checked against the needle timeline. I am not positive about this. The best person to write is Hank Levin. He calls them the Clarity Meter. He is easy to find.
    Good luck with it.

  336. constant vigilance

    NEWCOMER, i would like to have a private comm with you. Can you please email me or give me your email address? I like your posts. Email me at soaringhigh1@hushmail.com please.

  337. Lil Bit of Stuff –

    My first High Crime report on David Miscavige was written in 1987, and FEDEXed to him personally, with copies to every member of Int Strata.

    Guess what? That didn’t handle the problems.

    You have to look deeper than David Miscavige to find the root causes of the problems in Scientology than David Miscavige.

    By the way, Little Bit of Stuff, when was your first High Crime Report written on David Miscavige?


  338. constant vigilance

    “Just like every other sociopath, he is sponging off the others while making himself seem like the one of value.”

    That bears repeating. Well done Oracle!

  339. Leonard was definitely into Scientology and for a lot longer than six months. He was into Scientology in New York. Contrary to a report from a former girlfriend that he began writing his song “Bird on a Wire” in Greece when he was depressed, He wrote Bird on a Wire for Hubbard after he went clear. The songs on greatest selling his album “Songs From a Room” were all written while he was getting auditing and going clear. After he went clear he got involved with Buddhism and has been involved with Buddhism since. He never started on the OT levels and got lost in the non interference zone as a Dianetic Clear.

  340. The fundamental issue, ACP, as I see it, is that LRH wrote policies as he went along. Some of them are fundamental and basic, and make sense for long-term adoption. While others were written to address the specific situation that was encountered, but are no longer applicable. LRH did his best to label these as such, as he saw them, but he effectively left it up to his successors to place these policies in the proper context and put emphasis on the important ones.

    To put it mildly, Miscavige mishandled this very important task.

    Whether those who followup would be able to do better, imho, depends on the abilities (depth of experience, etc.) of those who follow. The problem that the CoS faces is that even if Miscavige were to suddenly leave, I think the “Lord of the Flies” mentality (that Marty recently alluded to) would take over — the people that Miscavige has around him don’t have much real-world experience, and are basically a bunch of fanatics who’ve been conditioned by Miscavige in how to Not Think and Use Judgement.

    And so we can hope that a long-gone-Miscavige would help the situation — but unless the CoS is given a breather for about 5 years (no crazy Sea Org abuse, no extremist stat pushing, and some time and space to sort things out, etc.) it’s not likely that a post-Miscavige regime would be too much better.

    In the long-long term, this might come to pass. But I don’t see it happening in the next generation or two.

  341. Hello Dan,
    thank you very much.

  342. Boris Boris Boris

    I hope this isn’t taken as an invalidation of any thing on this site, or anyone’s point of view, as it isn’t intended that way.

    Still, I read all of this stuff, and I inevitably wonder … why even acknowledge Miscavige or his legion of OSA-ites?

    Nothing they do has the slightest importance, really, to anything.

    I keep reading that there are people on the ‘inside’ … family members and friends, and so forth. Well, ok. Let them make their choices. Hoodwinked, you say? This may be true. But, it is they who chose to be hoodwinked. Billions of dollars stolen? Big deal. What Miscavige and his minions have stolen is small peanuts, and won’t do them any good anyway.

    Ron’s work is alive and well and safely in the hands of people who are using it, every day, to do MORE good than the evil perpetrated upon the Earth by the so-called “Church of Scientology” in one entire year.

    Mostly David Miscavige and his band of Merry Thetans are good for a boisterous belly-laugh, and about as important in the greater scheme of things.

    Ignore them, and they will, inevitably, go away.

  343. If the Church of Scientology was a person, it would be categorized as a sociopath. It lies habitually. Has no shame or remorse. Others do not matter. One of the most common personality characteristics of the sociopath is their grandiose sense of self and entitlement. Sociopaths also often display a lack of remorse and most have a very manipulative personality covered by superficial charm. Sociopaths often use people as a means to getting what they want. Friendships and romantic partners are often frequently disregarded and replaced when the relationship no longer suits their self-centered needs. Many sociopaths use manipulative measures to draw others to them. Chronic lying is characteristic of nearly all sociopaths.

    What is the latest biggest LIE and manipulative measure? Using “PRWEB” to run ads on the Internet which appear to be news stories, full of false reports:


  344. Oh! The stats are sky high on LIES and MANIPULATIVE MEASURES!

    Yahoo for PRWEB , PRWEB !



    “..the religion has expanded to more than 11,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 167 countries.”

    AND! Do you think they feel any sense of shame spreading false reports? WHERE in P.R. does it say to LIE? (Maybe it does for all I know). See how comfortably the Church of Scientology lies? See the manipulative measures? “MILLIONS OF MEMBERS” AND A FEW THOUSAND MADE IT TO OT8? Does that mean millions are members and just choose not to indulge themselves with any Scientology? OR IS IT MILLIONS THAT CHOOSE NOT TO SUPPORT DAVID MISCAVIGE AND HIS “GOLDEN AGE” OF PAY CHECKS?

  345. What is the Church’s condition? False report = ____________.

  346. They are looking forward to the raids, some time off, livable hours decent food a warm clean bed and decent company at the federal prison. A total upgrade.

  347. And the sociopath is POLICING US! BAD LIEUTENANT!

  348. Wow talk about, cleaning up the scene.. Great video and perfect communication.

  349. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tooky, thanks for the response.It is clear you feel
    strongly about a PRIOR cause, in almost every single
    post, including the one above. So, though I have
    personally found it a complete waste of time playing
    endless “tennis” when my purpose was to HANDLE
    some grievance, I discovered the best way to do
    that is —- simply grow some balls — and openly
    state my view! Go on, Tooky, get it off your chest,
    by NAMING the root “cause/s” –once and for all!
    At least, (theoretically) you should have:
    1) Delivered your message.
    2) Have had someone afford you the receipt of such.
    3) Acknowledge you for sending it, by confirming a
    duplication & understanding! (of the message, AND
    the messenger!)

    So Tooky, this really is your call — to show that you
    really do have “balls”? Making your point, FINALLY!
    Then recognizing you can leave it as “off your chest.”

    —Or endless tennis, with LRH, as your chosen “ball?”
    (ultimately, playing all by your self & NOT here!)

    (please note: only one of these options frees you to
    playing better, more constructive games. (sanity!))


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