David Miscavige – Paranoia and Cowardice

Please pass along to all Kool Aid drinkers you might still have on your email lists.  Here is hard, current evidence as to how their donations are being spent by Scientology Inc. supreme ruler David Miscavige.

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177 responses to “David Miscavige – Paranoia and Cowardice

  1. This is totally absurd! CO$ under David Miscavige, really is a full scale Reenactment of the cold war. Can he not see how stupid he looks? I mean he is not under any goverment agency, yet acts as if he his.

    Thank god, there are laws protecting the citizens. Or David Miscavige would go complete nuclear. I bet he must execise great restrain, in his daily life.

    Marty you should, really invite David Miscavige to a televison debate. Where he can set the record straight. I mean he is completely clean according to the chruch. Would be great, to see you dismantle him on live televison.

  2. Aren’t there stalking laws in Texas?

  3. Mmmm… they work in the middle of the night. They hide in the daytime and lie about their identities if they get caught in the daylight… Hell, it’s just you, Mosey and a small dog across the street. What the hell are they afraid of?? (no offense Chiquita) but someone sure is paranoid! Maybe Miscavige’s Ponzi scheme just can’t quite keep up with the free exchange of information you provide on the internet? Damned internet! Can’t run a decent Ponzi scheme! Can’t run a cult! Damned, it sucks to be Miscavige.

  4. I don’t think anyone believes David has the courage to appear on live television. Or taped television, for that matter. Anywhere, with anybody.

    At this point, David doesn’t even to have the courage to put a live spokesperson in front of the camera.

    Nor to issue a public statement under his own name.

    Cowardice is one thing. This is cringing like a whipped dog.

  5. I know you might hate Jon Atack, but I think this quote he attributes to Steve Marlowe during the Mission Holders’ Massacre needs to be said:

    “Thirty years from now, someone squirrels Scientology and starts calling it Scientology because there’s a lot of money to be made …. Suddenly you have factions, schisms, all kinds of very horrible things – they will never occur to this Church, never . . .”

    It’s thirty years. Someone squirreled Scientology because there was money to be made. Suddenly there are schisms. And they did occur despite (and because of) everything.

    I hope that Mr. Marlowe, wherever he is, has a nice, warm, fuzzy glow right now, knowing how right he was about the situation, and not knowing that the squirrel was standing on stage with him that night in SF.

  6. Just loonie as hell you guys have to confront this crap, although apparently they’re also clueless what you’re capable of confronting.

    I know there isn’t much one can do about being filmed, or filming on public property, like a public beach or park or parking lot for example, but it sure seems like an invasion of privacy here, as your family and home and property are certainly not on public land.

  7. Anonymous Confused Person

    I would think that any homeowner would be well within their rights to move something someone else had put in their yard (from the photo/video, it looks like the basketball hoop is in the spyhouse yard). But what about the neighbors? I mean the actual neighbors whose house directly next to the side of the spyhouse with the window that’s looking at your house? Would they be willing to have a basketball hoop set in their yard, intercepting the line of sight, but actually on /their/ property? (Or is that what’s going on now, and I’m just missing it due to parallax error? If that’s the case, then it’s ironic that the spies would post “NO TRESPASSING” signs and then trespass on their neighbors’ property.)

  8. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Word on the street is you’re losing your army Miscavige and there’s no-one left to defend your empire. All you’ve got left is smoke and mirrors (as we discovered at the weekend). To the bunkers it is then.

  9. Miscavige will fall on his own sword.
    Mary Sue Hubbard had a standing order to “Reveal Psychiatric Abuses”
    This served Planetary Clearing very well. Revenge on the other hand
    LRH wrote a Red on White about “Revenge” its well worth looking up, unless Miscavige has deleted it from the GAT Red vols.

    You are getting TA Marty so continue the process.
    Some Scotch factory in D,M,s exotic vacation land
    is working overtime.

  10. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    ^ mirrors on windows and smoke up everyone’s ass that is. Just to clarify how pathetic those are too.

  11. Hey DM! Where’s ‘Can’t Hide’ on the tone scale.

    Marty, do you know who lives on the first floor, or is it all one tenant?

  12. Unseen Voyeurs, in Hiding. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

  13. Jon Atack, whatever else he did, and whatever anyone thinks of him as a result of his smarmy and hostile book, in 1984 was a signatory to a Comm Ev and subsequent SP Declare of David Miscavige by the OT Committee World Wide.


  14. Li'll bit of stuff

    This blatant spying is a direct affront and indictable violation
    of privacy. Surely, Marty, with the track of these goons fully
    logged in the many previous provocations and subsequent
    acquittals on pathetic charges leveled against you, there is
    now cause for statutory intervention?

    This activity, supposedly predicated upon the gathering of
    information, is permissible under what conditions? What are your absolute rights, as a private citizen, in terms of
    the Constitution ?

    SURELY, you have rights of redress available to you, for this
    harassment, that can be spelled out clearly, once and for all?

  15. David Miscavige really does remind me of Joseph Stalin, he is that 1.1.

    Stalin sat in the middle of the spider’s web he had woven and spied, spied, spied on the people he was supposedly “leading”. And then he betrayed, betrayed, betrayed anyone who achieved any popularity.

    There is a movie titled “Burnt By the Sun” which well captures the essence of Stalin’s modus operandi, his covertness, and his suppressiveness. In some ways, Miscavige seems like a light-weight compared to Stalin, but if he had the power that Stalin had, he might well be just as malevolently destructive.

    Stalin, by the way,was not Russian.

  16. I know he will decline.. But if Marty states: I will be willing to debate anything with the leader of COS David Miscavige. Its likely it will plant a seed in alot of the COS members/members on the fence. I mean it original.

    Another thing is, saying listen I character assassinated the leader of COS. I am giving him a chance to prove me wrong.

  17. martyrathbun09

    I may as well debate Charlie Manson.

  18. Hummmm….let me see… a house in IOB is rented by some PI for OSA by order of david miscavige. The purpose of the house is commercial espionage. Miscavige runs a multi million dollar racket and is trying to annihiltate what he considers to be a major competitor to his racket. I wonder if the owners of the rented house know it’s being used for commercial purposes. Wonder if miscavige should have applied for a business permit for the neighborhood. Usage permit: to stalk Marty Rathbun and get the skinny on anyone and everyone entering his premisie so we can notify the facebook police of their nefarious activites and destroy their lives to the best of our ability.
    How scientology-like.

  19. Yeah, and they blend right in, don’t they? I mean anybody who’s anybody has “POSTED: NO TRESPASSING” signs all over their house. It’s all the rage.

  20. Hahaha 😀 good one

  21. Dave is a Peeping Tom, fixated on Marty.

    He is terrified that Marty is going to “destroy” him. He has elected Marty his executioner and is frantically trying to keep him in view at all times…. And in some perverse way he is making his nightmare a reality. He has so lost sight of reality that he doesnt realize that HIS actions to try and prevent the perceived “threat” of Marty are destroying his credibility.

    He is like a fly who landed on a spider’s web (that he wove) — the more he struggles and squirms, the more entangled in his own net he becomes and the more he is guaranteeing the inevitability of his own demise.

    To be so blatantly crass — “Big Brother Is Watching” and “not care” about public opinion is the action of an insane man. He is going to be “right” to the death and he is going to prove to the world that his actions to protect himself against the terror of Marty and Mosey was absolutely right. Kind of like one of those wackos that hides in a cave in the remotest parts of the country, stocking up cans of food and weapons because he *knows* the agents of evil are coming, and proving his own prophecy ends up being blown to smithereens when he starts a gun battle with a park ranger doing routine checks.

    It really does suck to be Miscavige. I doubt he has one happy moment in any day. Not a single one.

    Dave is a pimping for Tom.

  22. Loved the videos. Still my favorite is the Car Wash.

  23. Going a litlle of topic:
    @Marty or to any that has a reply?

    I was born in the Sea Org, but never did much. Grew up with the Words OT and clear, ethics, postulate ect thrown around 100 times a day.. I left after short in the Sea org, took me a year to leave. I completely dropped anything that had to do with Scientology. I always thought Sea Org is Scientology. Now 14 years later, I have interested in Scientology for the first time.Thanks to Marty!

    I need a reintroduction.

    I mainly interested in books. I want some tools to better handle life. What would you guys recommed I study? I am talking really practical stuff, for life improvement. What books or stuff, should I stuff should I study. I am not interested in lengthy lectures or auditing at this moment in time. Just some real tools, that will help me here and now in Life.I am having a rough deal, at the moment.

    Where should I get the books from?

    Thanks alot guys

  24. “to protect himself against the terror of Marty and Mosey”
    That made me pee a little AND snort my Greek Commandaria out my nose.
    You are right MR……It SUCKS to be Miscavige!

  25. I can’t imagine what it must be like to walk in your shoes with all this; I have so much respect for you and your wife that you’ve held it together. I try to think what I would do (besides go stark raving mad); maybe if you set up movie screens or sheets in sight of the camera’s then you could play some of the televised invterviews, some Anonymous clips, and enlarged press articicles of the ex’s on a loop – ohhh and then anyone nearby could bring their blankets and popcorn for movie night. You could make smores, grill some burgers…..

    If I was your neighbor I would want to help you; actually I just wish I could help period!

  26. Chupacabra Ric

    One of the gems of wisdom my Grandfather was able to pass on to me, preparing me for how to be a responsible and respectful person in life, was this – “If you meet more than Asshole in a day, you might be one of them.”

    DM sure seems to run into a lot of Assholes.

  27. Oh and I have one of those old school movie screen things; you want it just give the word!

  28. Chupacabra Ric

    Sorry, that should read “If you meet more than ONE Asshole in a day…”

  29. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, you’re so right about dippity-do!

  30. Get yourself a copy of “New Slant on Life”.
    There is wisdom for every day without too much technical data.
    Find an old copy from the 60s. Maybe on eBay. Or find a download somewhere.
    Find a group where you can sit down and read and get some help.
    As alternative, read “Fundamentals of Thought”. But it’s starting being technical then.
    I suggest, start with NSOL.


  31. Miscaviage a coward? Of course, but that’s the least of his problems. Miscaviage is a quivering pussy. Dare he show up anywhere and get in comm? No, it would take a real man to do that. Miscaviage is not a man, he is a pussy. And while Miscaviage intently focuses on Marty and making sure Marty doesn’t sneak off and show up on Dave’s doorstep, go Boo, there are other things moving in the dark, moving in on Dave and he won’t see them coming. And then the final act will just come to Dave like a Scotch-saturated nightmare in the dark of the night. And it will most positively come.

  32. Marty,
    McTinyfists has a deep problem. I thought it was a great summation that he “can’t let go”. I don’t think very much would change for him if he didn’t have the cameras and stuff pointed at you. It really just makes him look even weirder than we already know he is.
    I also loved how you walked on “his” property despite the NO TRESPASSING signs. What is he going to do send the police after you?? Lol! The guy is a two bit punk with a million dollar “war chest”. I hope he chokes on his lobster. I do believe in Karma and I know it’s comingfor him like a freight train.

  33. Great point Les,
    Maybe the owner of this house reads this blog??? The owner should at least ask the renter for more money or evict them in light of this new and truthful piece of information about the real purpose of this rental. The truth is Miscavige and his hired spies rented this house to spy out the window and harass his neighbor. It was NOT rented with the purpose to live there!

    This seems like misrepresentation to me… and, to void a contract, you only need show the misrepresentation was intentional and fraudulent. Because misrepresentation is their stock and trade, it should not be that hard…

  34. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    Marty and Mosey I’m wish you weren’t being subjected to this crap. I think cob david miscavige misses you Marty like CRAZY. I think his perverted, inverted dynamics are at work and he actually feels he’s staying in communication with you – a complete substitute for actual ARC he does this so he can continue to feel close to you in his perverted voyeuristic way. If only there was someone who needed to park their big semi-tractor trailer right there on that street…

  35. Hi,

    Go to wwwDOTthriftbooksDOTcom and type in Self Analysis. I just checked at there are several for sale … get the earliest publication date you can find. Don’t buy anything published 1990 forward.

    You’ll pay between $3.00 to 6.00 — and I believe the shipping is free or nearly free.

    You’ll enjoy Self Analysis.


  36. When dm orders stupid moves like this, it just shows how much power he thinks people have over him It shows his fear.

  37. constant vigilance

    Hi BORN IN THE SO: I also am new to the Indie movement and am just finding my way. But if you go on the iscientology site, you can find places that have course rooms and recommended reading. If you can get your hands on the new Div 6 Life Improvement courses, I have heard they’re good. One of the first books I read were “Science of Survival ” and “Dianetics” but those are thick book and you want something easier. Try “Self Analysis.” That one is great because you can audit yourself using that book. It gives wins easily. I’m happy to hear that after getting out of that suppressive organization and de-PTSing, you are now reaching for the real tech. Well done and have fun!

  38. Tom Gallagher

    Paranoid and psychotic, anti-social and someone with an overwhelming consideration of his little ‘peter’ : COB…

    Chimp or Baboon.


    Thank god for independence. I sense we’re close to the end of the line.

  39. Hi BIS,

    A few months back I posted a suggested list of LRH books to read after DMSMH (or Dianetics: The Original Thesis). Maybe this will help. You can find the post here:


    Another really good book for self-improvement is the old “Volunteers Ministers Handbooks” (now published as the “Scientology Handbook”). You can find both online, I personally like the old VMH better.

    To pick these books up, ebay or amazon are probably the best and cheapest sources of used books online. And if you dig, you can also find most of the books themselves online.

    Hope that helps!

  40. Ok thanks alot for the help. I actually got the copy send by my mother. But I am really confused? Because it says L Ron Hubburd on the cover and not BY L Ron Hubbard. Reading the fine print, in the begining of the book it states; ” Based on the work of LRH. So who put it together?

    Although I got a mail from COS: about a course callled Scientology Tools for overcoming finanicial stress, based on the works of L Ron Hubbard.

    So who puts these courses/books together? Who has the skill to cherry pick LRH tech and package them into courses and books?


  41. All those trespassing signs, that reflective film… real neighborly.

    What’s that house cost? I saw $1,500.00/month somewhere, and I’d believe that based on this vid. But that $18,000.00/year is nothing compared to what it must cost to have the private eyes running the show.

    Unless Little Hitler is using SO staff for it now… he did fire the guys he was paying $32,000.00/month just recently, so perhaps he is economizing?

    What a tool.

  42. If you have not seen Marty’s car wash video… you just HAVE to see it and and dance to it!! Fabulous! Talk about walking past the NO TRESPASS signs!! Marty is trespassing what little personal space these OT Asses still possess. Trespass on steroids. See:

  43. Those are good books.

    Personally I like “Self Analysis” for 2 reasons – 1. The first half is essays somewhat similar to some of those in New Slant, and2. – the 2nd half is some lists on different topics, for practical use. These really helped me to view life from different perspectives, and they also provide a way to help others in daily life. It’s one of my favorite books.

  44. I’ve found the abebooks.com and thriftbooks.com are typically less expensive than ebay. Mostly on ebay you’ll find more recent additions of LRH books which have been altered apparently.


  45. Amazing.

    Comcast has a story as of a few hours ago in which Tom Cruise is suing some tabloids for $50 Million because they did stories on how he has abandoned Suri. His attorney, Bert Fields, is quoted as saying, amongst other things, the actions of the tabloids are “reprehensible”.

    Hey, Bert Fields…..how about taking a closer look at the actions of your own client! Or his bff for that matter…

  46. @Valkov

    Thank you, I will add it to my list. Exactly what I am looking for.

  47. Thank you Christine, I am having a look at the store 🙂 Are they signifigant alterations in the books? I mean would it, matter if the really basic books, were post 1990?

  48. Thank You, that helps alot. I will read the thread and take your recommandations to heart.

  49. BSO, it sounds like you assume that CoS members would be aware of the challenge Marty would make in such a circumstance. I love the idea of the scenario of a public, face-to-face controntation between Marty and DM, or even a public recognition of Marty’s invitation/challenge; however, what is the likelihood that such a challenge would be made known to those within the CoS stronghold?

    Still, like you (and I’m sure many) I would love to see a public display of Marty vs. McMidgit. We have no doubt Truth, Reason, and Logic would prevail in Marty’s voice, and McTinyFists would shrivel and be sucked kicking and screaming into the Eternal Netherworld just like Mozart’s Don Giovanni’s descent into Hell.


  50. Hey Constant vigliance,

    Oh yes, you are right. Will take the full tour of the Iscientology site. Glad to hear you, are looking to improve life as well. I almost ditched Marty and his site, before I read, that he knew LRH was not perfect. Then I realised Tony Robbins isn’t perfect, does that mean he does not have lots of material of great value.

    Yeah I have been looking, around at alot alot of material on the mind and personal development. While there are alot of great points, its hard to find people that actually present a technology for life.

  51. Such a funnny video 🙂

  52. CST – Church of Squirrel Technology

  53. A debate with Charlie would be too easy. He has already achieved what DM deserves – a life sentence with no hope for parole. Also, he has already established a truthful understanding in the public eye as a psychopathic criminal. McTinyFists has yet to achieve such widespread public recognition, even though his crimes warrant such infamy. McMiniMidget needs a little more practice before he can achieve such public criminal status as Manson. In other words, McMisFit doesn’t even measure up to the most famous of McFukWits!

  54. Yes, I like SA too. Good intro to Dianetics.

  55. Regges Showing up in people’s home late at night even around midnight.
    Demanding $$$$$
    Threatening their elligibility
    Threatening their Spiritual immortality and eternity !
    For more and more more cash $$$$$$
    Even to those who have given high six figures.
    The demand for new money is insatiable.
    And look where parishioner money gouged with tales of imminent danger of rising crime and drug addicts ~~
    This kind of PI activity is where money is allocated.
    I bet they have an unlimited budget and can spend whatever they want, no Financial Planning needed.

  56. I love this video! A few months ago, I downloaded the Car Wash ringtone to my phone. Now, every time I get a phone call, it makes me laugh!

  57. Marty is destroying him. I now believe that Marty has a legal recourse. This is harassment. I am pissed off.

  58. Once I felt threatened by David Miscavige.
    Now I only feel embarrassed by him. This is an embarrassment for every Scientologist. It is embarrassing when they issue lies from the Church to the media and lie to the nation. It is an embarrassment to listen to David Miscavige’s paranoid speeches about WWll and who is to blame. It is an embarrassment to watch his attempts at being a narrator and television personality at events. It is an embarrassment that the Church has birthed begging units to beg full time. It is an embarrassment that Miscavige is a voyeur. It is an embarrassment that he secretly video tapes people and watched it for nighttime television. It is an embarrassment that he hoards and spends while others that really do provide some valuable service to someone, go without and much less than they really need to survive. I could go on and on and on. Renting the house across street from Marty to spy full time on him in the creepiest. David has a nanny cam on a grown man that isn’t even his child. Straight up embarrassment. And illegal.

    Without a release, the use of the person’s image and/or voice can be deemed a violation of that person’s right of privacy. Such a violation can lead to a lawsuit, the payment of monetary damages and an injunction prohibiting the use of the photographs. David has even set the guy up he sent there, for a law suit, just thrown him straight under the bus.

    In truth, the renter of the home across the street is profiting off of Marty’s image and off of Mosey’s image, the images of the friends and guests. And he has no contract or waiver or release to be profiting off of other people’s images. Someone is paying him for those photos.

  59. All this survelliance crap is just Miscavige trying to confront Marty on a via. The reason Miscavige can’t confront Marty and the reason he’ll never take the stand in a court of law is that MISCAVIGE HAS MORE MISSED WITHHOLDS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT. In fact, Miscavige is so far gone that he thinks his behavior is normal. As one of the criminally insane, he thinks the problem is with other people. He has no self examination; he must always be right. He can’t and won’t every correct his behavior. He thinks everyone around him is trying to do him in. MIscavige never feels safe. It sucks to be Miscavige.

  60. I personally prefer the books published before 1988. I believe alterations started creeping in after LRH passed on. At least with the books published in the 1970s and 1982, they are the originals. That’s not to say that all the newer editions are “bad”, but there may be alterations in them that we won’t know about until someone has gone through and compared editions word-for-word and page by page.

    Some major alterations have been found in some books, like New Slant on Life which has had many chapters deleted in the newer additions. Also, some of the original books are not even sold anymore in any edition.

    Alex recently posted about some of the changes he noticed in books published after LRH passed. Others have noticed editing out of parts of LRH’s lectures.


  61. A few years back I put a driveway in on a property I owned. I noticed that beer cans and trash accumulated on the drive especially on the weekends. I called the light company and had a light installed and so it would come on at dark and go off in the morning. It stopped the beer cans and trash. However the neighbors complained the light was so bright 300 hundred feet away that I had to get the light company back to adjust it. “C’est la vie” Tim Roland

  62. If I saw a house set up that suspiciously in my neighborhood my first thought would be concern that it was being used as a meth lab. It just has “we’re up to some bad shit” written all over it.

  63. What is even more telling are all the issues that Tom is not suing for, namely the Vanity Fair article just for starters. This list is very long, all chronicled here on this blog.

  64. I think this could be the tipping point because now the tabloids are not afraid to print.

  65. EnthralledObserver

    There is something distinctly “Harry Potter” about all this… and we all know how that ended. Poor Sev, but may there be a Snape-ly spy cosying up to McTinyfists as we speak… :p

  66. Who exactly can he trust in the Sea Org to do the filming? He throws everyone into the RPF on a whim. It’s quite apparent that he doesn’t trust anyone in the SO. SO, OSA, OTs…everyone failed to handle Marty for him. That’s why he turned to the PIs again.

    Plus, would he risk any SO members, even new ones, being anywhere near Marty? If anyone knows how to handle the SO, it’s Marty. If he sent SO members, within a week, the video feed would die for a few minutes, and when it came back up, the next sight he’d see would be the SO members grabbing the cans with Marty on the e-meter. Wouldn’t you love to see DM’s face at that moment…well, prior to his face turning purple and exploding.

  67. This is what is REALLY SICK! Do you know how many adults, grown ups, engaged in CONSENSUAL sex and were sent to the rehabilitation camp because they were not married in the Sea Org while I was on staff in the Sea Org? It is NOT EVEN against the LAW for two consenting adults to engage in sex! My best friend was sent to the RPF at the age of 30+ for having sex with a man even older, because they were not married. These people MADE LOVE. They were tortured for it!

    And here is David, getting away with torturing VOLUNTEERS, causing MILLIONS of DOLLARS in damage, MILLIONS WEEKLY, from the people who WILL NOT explore Scientology because of HIS OUT P.R.. And he isn’t even doing a liability condition! How stupid. That is straight up STUPID!

    Current Sea Org Members can not think with the concept of justice as made understandable by Plato in 347 B.C.! 347 B.C.! And they think they really have it going on! I am sorry, when you can not rise above confusions that have been sorted out since B.C. , you are not leading anybody anywhere!


  68. He will not use Sea Org members for anything that is very important to him. He does not trust Sea Org members.

  69. Aristotle on Justice: 469 BC – 399 BC

    Justice is a virtue practiced toward other people, and it is the whole of virtue, not just part of it. Just as the state is prior to the individual, so justice, being a virtue that is practiced toward others, is more related to the community than a particular virtue of some other name might be.
    The ways in which people associate with other constitute particular justice. It is seen in distribution and in rectification.
    Distributed justice involves geometrical proportion. If the unjust is unequal, then the just is equal. What is equal is a mean, so justice is a mean and it always involves at least 4 terms: 2 people with 2 shares. Shares are equal in the same ratio as the persons are equal. If unequals recieve equal shares, or equals recieve unequal shares, it causes “quarrels and complaints.
    Rectificatory justice is found voluntarily and involuntarily. In the voluntary sense, it is in selling, buying, interest and lending. In the involuntary sense, it is found in theft, adultery, killing and assault, among other things. Rectificatory justice involves arithmetical proportion. The unjust action involves an unfair gain which the judge in an affair attempts to equalize. So rectificatory justice is the mean between loss and gain.
    The function of a judge in a case is to restore equality that is lost in some sort of unfair transaction or occurrence.

    The most imortant point of inquiry is political justice in particular. Political justice is a shared life for the satisfaction of needs as persons free and equal arithmetically or proportionately. To be free is to be an end in oneself. Justice only exists where mutual relations are controlled by law and law is found only among those liable to injustice. This is why it is not a person who rules, but the law – because a person is likely to rule for his own advantage, not for justice – and justice is meant to be to the advantage of all.

  70. David Miscavige: taking the term “Religious Leader” to a whole new level! Yeah, well if you think of Jim Jones on steroids then I suppose that’s right.

  71. Marty,
    As an aside… read your book. Right on the mark. Keep them coming.

    Mark McKinstry

  72. Marty, I am speechless at the width, depth and length of this latest Miscavige outrage.

  73. Yeah, that is what I’m asking myself all the time. How is this possible? In my country (in Europe) this would be totally impossible. It would be the biggest stalking scandal ever. Or, is the justice system in Texas so corrupt? I can’t believe it.


    The award winners NEVER THANKED LRH…THEY THANK MR SPDM And the one guy said to him, “Thank you for being such a good example”…
    REALLY? of What…psycho babble, incompetence, hate, violence, wasting income, and being delusional ?

    Yep, he’s got the money to create the illusions and to dramatize his EVIL INTENTIONS and people keep on giving the money to him with blind PTS obedience.


    When the basic came out every org systematically pulled people off of their current course…no matter what it was…and forced them to start the basics. Even though ESTO’s, OES;s, tech secs, supervisors. c/s’s, d of t’s, staff training offices, (at the very least) would know that this violates policy on how to run courses and program people etc.

    Naturally, the training stats went down and so did the number of clears being made because everyone is ‘training’ by reading books. OH BUT WAIT, THE STATS ARE NEVER DOWN…UH OH. THERE MUST BE A LIE SOMEWHERE. YA THINK? So wow, after years of this crap, suddenly someone figured out that this was not working and it was off policy…maybe it was DM! He gave the order and per his usual batting average, his management wisdom struck out…I’m sure he blamed someone else…but now they have seen the errors of their ways and don’t do that any more. Gee, how many years did that take.? ..I personally shoved BTB’s in people’s faces while they gave me excuses. I got taken off a course and i was pissed because they REFUSED to let me complete it!! They had decided that BASICS were more important.

    Man, robots really don’t see. DM just keeps running the group into the ground…how much deeper in HELL can one group go while thinking they are aspiring to Heaven??? UNFORTUNATELY, WE SHALL SEE.

  76. “and that right soon” heehee

    Were you on staff at SFO years ago?

  78. The OTHER "Cameraman"

    I agree. Still one of the best “Corporate Scientology” videos ever made!
    “Thank You Ladies!”

  79. “There are some people who will stay around so long as you beat them up.
    Factually you have to beat them up regulary and routinely one way or the other for them to stay around and when stop beating them up they leave.”
    Identity 600106.

  80. The OTHER "Cameraman"

    David Miscavige and his butt licking little side kick, Tom Cruise, must be SO PROUD of the continued harassment of Mosey, Marty & a little DOG! NOTHING to be gained except for a blatant waste of Parishioner’s hard earned dollars that could have been put to far better use. “Way to go, Davey!”

    Corporate Scientology has fallen into the shitter.

    I would like to see David Miscavige open up to a mainstream news media interview and explain his reprehensible actions.

    Maybe Tom Cruise could hold his hand while he does it?

    Tsk,Tsk! ‘Miscavige’s Ponzi scheme just isn’t what it used to be. . .

    TICK,TOCK. . .

  81. Kevin Stevenson

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 12…
    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    And this from a “Church” that claims to champion Human Rights…

    Lots of mirrors. All that’s missing is some smoke 🙂

  82. And here we see it, people can not learn from knowledge passed on from Before Christ, they did not assimilate it yet, and they are ESMB working to fuck up Hubbard’s information. Go back and fuck up Plato you , what the hell should I call it? The data is here before Christ and it still didn’t sink in, do you really think Hubbard had a chance you ignorant stupid people? Yeah, go kill off Hubbard! Unmock Hubbard! Tear it all down! If you did not get the knowledge from people B.C. who the fuck expects you to get it in this century or even last century? You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink. It is not about Scientology and the supernatural and the philosophy and fair trade and blah blah blah. It is about stupid Mother Fuckers that can not get think because they do not have the ability. How many times must the others apologize? Not me. Not any more.

  83. Paranoia and cowardice seems to have been filtered throughout current membership in different degrees. I guess people are afraid to let go, like something bad might happen to them.

  84. Walking miswitholder.I put him under

  85. I can not stop laughing , im in tears.Marty is the onlyone thats having ,
    a bid of fun,laughing.Everyone else is so seriously upset.

  86. Seems like the defense for the tabloids would be to call some of the 1,000’s of witnesses (both friendly Indies and hostile Koolaiders) that were in exactly Tom Cruises’ position when their spouse left Scientology Inc: these witnesses were forced to abandon their spouse and any family or friends that remained connected to their spouse or face the loss of their immortal soul and the wrath of David Miscavige’s black shirted OSA agents. And, if they still didn’t abandon their family, they got more pressure, like harassment of all sorts including spies across the street for the sole purpose of harassment for NOT disconnecting and abandoning friends and family.

    Go for it tabloids! You are onto something big here! Attack, don’t defend. Under that that thin Hollywood veneer is a big, nasty and evil lie. Counter sue and demand Tom Cruise’s bff David Miscavige get on the stand…… and then count the big bucks pouring into your bank account from the settlement. Go for it!

  87. Reached the same conclusion. miscavige is involved in industrial espionage.

  88. Penny — you are spot on.

    The omitted is the most difficult outpoint to spot.

    This is an extremely narrowly drawn lawsuit — ONLY suing over the false statements on the covers, not even the ARTICLES (and thus anything else said in the article doesnt come into play and he isnt having to defend all sorts of other statements).

    But more significantly, why hasnt he sued Vanity Fair or Tony Ortega or Marty Rathbun?

    Tony Ortega got ir right when he said this morning that he wondered if the purpose of this suit is to send a message to try to intimidate other media from doing stories. Somehow the generality that Cruise/Scn is litigious has to be maintained to have any benefit going forward as there has been SO MUCH written in the last 6 months an NO SUIT. They hope that some less smart media will ONLY remember “Tom Cruise filed a $50 million lawsuit.”

    It’s a calculated gamble. I doubt Baer Media will want to spend a whole lot of money trying to defend this case, though the obvious course for them is to attack the element of harm. A libel has to harm the reputation of the person libeled. I would be arguing that a statements that he is a bad father is not harming his reputation because he is already perceived by the public to be a cult leader, his bff is a man who is known to beat up and abuse others, including his own family where he had his wife locked up, and that Tom Cruise himself has beaten people etc etc etc.

  89. Bury the Nuts


  90. martyrathbun09

    They don’t want to call me as a witness. I would hurt their case.

  91. The owner of property next door to my rental house told me he got a couple of chickens and please let him know if they disturb my tenants.

  92. martyrathbun09

    You’re eye is right on the ball.

  93. martyrathbun09

    Agreed from beginning to end with one small difference. I was never afraid of him, I once pitied him. For the significance of that read The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout.

  94. Give the litte dictator something else to chew on – have a Uhaul parked outside your place at night Marty for 1/2 hr or so at odd intervals. Drive slappy even more nuts wondering???

  95. Oracle, Many thanks for the link and the edification concerning Aristotle and Plato. Just amazing how enlightened these men were!

  96. Hi Marty – Miscavige’s antics never cease to amuse me. He is the epitome of stimulus-response. No doubt in his mind he sees himself as a stellar example of persistence. He will never recognize or admit that his actions are harrassment and intended intimidation typical of a cult leader. Miscavige is one sick human being.

  97. Marty – duty free 123 should read Halina

  98. Marty, this situation never ceases to amaze me. I believe that spying on people is not legal in the US.
    If I am right, what are waiting the law enforcers to move into this, dismantle the spying activity alltogether and bring the offender to Justice!
    Unless I have a big MU, with all the evidence you have, it should be what happen.

  99. I would offer up that Der Midget does not ‘have’ the missed withholds but rather he IS the missed withholds. He is in permanent seclusion withholding himself from the real world and everyone on the planet notices he has gone missing.

    Not that we really miss you Davey. Things are much nicer without your grody ass around!

  100. Absolutely, Oracle & EISM –

    The information found in Aristotle’s “Nicomachean Ethics” has a formula that I think is much more workable than “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” which we have already seen can lead to many abuses, and to going off the rails ethically.

    Aristotle’s “Golden Mean” is a much more workable approach to ethics and how to treat others, as well as how to make ethical decisions in specific areas of your life. He and Socrates both taught that a man “must know how to choose the mean and to avoid the extremes on either side, as far as possible”.

    “Mean” here does not denote “middle”, but the most beneficial mean between ideal (but unobtainable) virtue and lowest, and basest, vice. There is a mean between courage and cowardice, for instance, in any situation which delineates its Golden Mean. I have found it to be a very workable and rewarding way to apply ethical decision-making in my life.

    There’s much more on this, but the best place to get this information is from the Man himself:


    As you listen to the first few books, you will find a lot of basic scientology in this work by Aristotle. One very valuable thing that Aristotle did, which LRH never did, was to define what he meant by “good”, as in “greatest good”. This definition alone would have eliminated a lot of abuse in Scientology had it been defined, but it wasn’t.

    It is here by Aristotle, though, and I have found that Aristotle’s Golden Mean is much more workable tool of ethics than “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.


  101. Did the Toxic Tosser have you watched during your 3 year sabbatical from all things Scientology? He must have been petrified even then, putting out the word that “Rathbun’s dead” according to Steve and others. Also, if I may be so impertinent, what do you think would have been the outcome of the non-meeting with him in – was it 2005 – when you were in Clearwater?

  102. Marty: Can you go to your local City Hall and show them the photo’s of the camera’s pointed at your house and then after you exposed it – the mirror’s up and no trespassing signs? Seems like you should be able to put up something like a privacy fence to keep out the gestapo invading your privacy. How about a petition from the neighborhood asking the police to get rid of the tenant occupying that house to spy on you?

    Thank you for exposing the truth about the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige – it really helps us that were kept in the dark about what really is going on with the donations and what David Miscavige is spending it on. Totally wasting people’s hard earned money and doing nothing but causing trouble and harm to people.

    Keep writing and selling your books! The truth sets everyone free.

  103. Marty, this is just a misunderstanding.
    This is one of the new “Ideal Missions”.

  104. Brilliant Chris.

    A building with no people. It MUST be a Scientology Org or Mission…..

  105. There they go again. What a games condition.

  106. A small book that might be helpful to one in your situation is “Problems of Work”. It is some essays discussing how to get along and be successful in the work-a-day world-at-large.

  107. I have done some inadvertent spying myself. Kirsty Ally
    s Organic Liasons store is just down the street from me. I think it’s been there for about a year. I have gone past it many times. It’s storefront is all window, so I can see in very easily and have never seen ONE person in there at any time except once and it was only one person.
    Vacancy seems to be the order of the day for the Co$ !

  108. one of those who see

    Hi Marty, Your book arrived today! Just read the introduction and loved it! My Auditor will understand why i loved the first LRH quote in the book: “The road out is marked by simplicity and direct observation.”

  109. That is creepy! I’ve stared at every picture I can find of DM and I always tell my husband that he has that wierd look to his eye like Charles Manson. Good comparison!

  110. Holy Shit! That is the funniest Corp Scion related video I have ever seen. Marty blew that SB’s hat right off his head…and then thanked the ladies! I need to book mark that vid to go with my morning coffee. It will come on first, then Jason Beghe’s most recent “DM is a molester” video. No better way to start the day. Stupid Squirrel Busters…..

    Sorry for your harassment Marty, but you handle it so well.

  111. Or perhaps, on second thought….

    Maybe the Ideal Orgs and Missions are REALLY just spying outposts pretending to be Scientology delivery centers.

    They are in fact equipped with numerous video cameras that send a feed right into Miscavige’s bunker so he can always keep an eye on Marty and Mosey no matter what city they are in…. It’s why he is so frantic to get them in every city as he doesnt want there to be anywhere that he cannot watch?

  112. anon@anon.com

    To this add the stakeholder theory and you are pretty much set to figure things out, I would think: http://www.tutor2u.net/business/gcse/organisation_stakeholders_ethics.htm

  113. Yeah, it could be “Charlie Manson vs Martin Rathbaum.”

    Question 1: What is your opponent’s name?

  114. It’s probably a pretty accurate extrapolation. The cameras and mirror windows are the next logical step. I’m also seeing razor wire fence, bars on the windows (to keep people inside watching the reprogramming panels from escaping, and to keep SP’s from getting in).

  115. That would explain a lot. I wondered why I was the only person there and they werent interested in talking to me.

  116. I just ordered it.

  117. I just read the complaint, and it appears that Tom and Bertram are filing a $50M suit over a single word: “abandon.” It’s less than a single statement, it’s a single word.

    And while the word “abandon” does usually imply a lack of intention to return (to what has been abandoned), when it comes to parenting a child, its meaning is far less clear.

    So not only does team Cruise have to prove the harm done by the libel, I see difficulty in proving the falsity of the original statement.

  118. I’ve not met Kirsty Alley, but see seems pretty cool I guess.
    She doesnt seem like the type to still be in the church, but what do I know.

    A product like that seems like it would do better placed in existing outlets- vitamin stores etc, and maybe on HSN or online.

  119. The high priest of $cientology might be so paranoid that he is even scared of his own shadow! Let alone those of others. And a big coward too.I think his confront of people is at an absolute minimum. If you have to live in a bunker, life must be pretty grim. This boy is soo lost. Maybe his mother was not so nice with him …?

  120. Scientology Mission in Redlands still for lease .
    Was open for months, Big Dianetics signage. Then closed, signage came down and for lease went up, going on more than a couple years.
    My cognition is tur n it into an indoor paint ball range .

  121. If you haven’t already, you could install the same reflective film that they used, the only time you can see through that is in the evening when an inside light is on. Please consider getting your house, inside and out, swept for listening devices, also your car, boats and any other vehicles.

  122. The Gallagher from back in the late 70’s had a different first name.

  123. Jewel, I did not know everybody was stopped from completing what ever course they were on at the time. I knew all the auditors certs were cancelled. I wasn’t on lines when GAOT came around. But when I heard about it, I thought if there was a golden age, it would have been at a time under Hubbard, not long after he passed away and under Miscavige, a class lV. I think Miscavige may be handicapped when it comes to mathematics. I still can’t figure out how a golden age would start up after declaring everyone unfit to audit. And declaring all of Scientologyness to be the blind leading the blind.

  124. Laughter!

  125. I wish you my best Marty.

  126. Thank you for the thoughts Tooky.

  127. And Oracle, thank you also for bringing up these amazing men. To think we are an “evolved” society when thousands of years ago souls reached such heights of understanding. Time: what a joke

  128. Sorry you and your wife have to have this garbage near your home, Marty. May it end soon. Mike is right about DM electing you his executioner, and I think it is just a matter of time before he implodes.

    I don’t enjoy reading bad pr about TC, but in case no one has already mentioned it (I’ve missed a bunch of posts), the whole connection with DM has been written up in the Hollywood Reporter, Sept. 28th issue – “Cruise and Miscavige, the Ultimate Bromance”. I only just glanced at it, will read it later, but saw you, Mike and Karen cited. This story is now certainly all over town, and hopefully the public embarrassment will start to drive a wedge between them. Tom might then begin to de-PTS, if he hasn’t already started to, and DM will then shrink even further.

  129. On the other hand Oracle I have recently been thinking about other peoples capacity to comprehend that which I seem to understand, or think I do, and the concomitant judgements I seem to silently cast on others from time to time.

    This lesson of patience, measured tolerance and empathy was recently brought to my mind by listening to Krishnamurti lectures and videos. I came to the conclusion that Krishnamurti had an imbalance in development. His intellectual prowess is/was amazing. Brilliant as a matter of fact.


    He is/was so impatient and judgemental toward people that don’t get his “brilliance”.

    I came to the conclusion that he was not that brilliant because he did not have empathy for, nor understanding for, those that did not understand what he understood.

    An eternal verity then came to mind:

    We are all where we are, and we are all at that place in our development that is the sum of all our experiences.

    As souls progress up the spiral stairway of wakefulness in this eternal caravan of ever evolving consciousness, through the experiences with externality, we ever so slowly or speedily (depending on our awareness and dedication to the supreme goal of life) move towards understanding.

    We have all been sleepers snoozing on the bed of ignorance and indifference to Spirit and Soul.

    I see a reflection of myself now, in those I used to judge for not being “evolved.”

    They are what I once was, and my ability to love them for that, is the degree that I have evolved from that.

    Om Peace Joy Joy

  130. Seems nobody is home. Fitting.

  131. That car wash video should be hacked into the up coming IAS event videos. God, I can’t stop laughing- Good going Marty!! Precious!

  132. poisonivyherself

    That’s what I thought! That it looked like a meth lab (where’s Walter White when you need him!) or a coke den. DEA needs to be tipped off!
    Kidding aside, this is absolutely repugnant behavior. Not just for a “church”. For anyone. To think that people gave money thinking they were doing good paid for this…just totally offensive.

  133. poisonivyherself

    Ironic that it’s Tom Cruise who’s currently suing for “invasion of privacy”!
    ( an almost impossible charge for a major celebrity to prove…unless they’re going through something like you are, Marty!)

  134. Tom Gallagher

    Yeah. It really does suck to be a sawed-off lunatic ChairSatan, doesn’t it POB. How does it feel to be the laughing stock of even the Jim Jones and Manson fan clubs?

    You epitomize a loser, Dave, and the world knows it.

    You’re utterly pathetic besides being a disgusting self-absorbed sociopath.

  135. Thanks for the link to that site! What a great resource!

  136. poisonivyherself

    Mike, you have such a way with words. “And in some perverse way he is making his nightmare a reality. He has so lost sight of reality that he doesnt realize that HIS actions to try and prevent the perceived “threat” of Marty are destroying his credibility…”
    I’m not a Scientologist, but that’s a truism of life everywhere. When you believe someone is your enemy, you can create an enemy where there wasn’t one before. The more you believe it, the more powerful that enemy becomes. Miscavige, so afraid of enemies, creates new ones every day…and the more he flails back, the weaker he gets and the stronger he makes them.

  137. Tom Gallagher

    By the way, “I’m not auditing you”.

  138. It makes the frustrations surrounding the Scientology arena more tolerable. If these people passed on valuable information that long ago, and most of Earth’s population still has not assimilated it and/or can not think with it, consider the task Hubbard took on.

    I did a poll on ESMB once asking how many there had actually read a book by Hubbard cover to cover. I can not recall what the result was, if it was one or three of the people.

  139. poisonivyherself

    What, exactly is he trying to catch Marty in the act of? Some egreious copyright infringement that COB could then sue him over? Meeting with more disgruntled exes and SP’s (duh – they come and go; he must already know that!) Mustering an army to march to Hemet? Perhaps he’s waiting for the FBI to show up in riot gear while Marty draws them maps of the INT base compounds…so it’ll give him time to pack his duffel bag with cash and jet off to wherever his escape pod is located…

  140. I see reflections of myself in others also. Ignorance does not bother me. Unevolved people do not bother me. Evolution is a constant. Poor people do not bother me, backward civilizations do not bother me. Cults and cultures do not bother me. Evil and badness does not even bother me. I have been all of that. Stupid bothers me. I actually think it a condition below confusion.

  141. poisonivyherself

    Good idea…in fact, Marty & Mosey could have some fun with a disinformation campaign designed to gaslight the evil elf! Hmmmmm….whose visits to the house would drive him most batty? Know any costume shops? (FBI & ATF uniforms come to mind…)

  142. Yeah Brian –

    When you read these guys, you really get the idea that human existence is pretty much the same, no matter how much time has passed. We are all faced with the same mortal dilemmas, and how we conduct ourselves within our lifetimes determines our fate.

    The ancient Greeks created one of the most unified, sensible, and satisfying moral cosmologies ever. They believed in the immortality of the soul, reincarnation, destiny, and fate.

    Theatres look like Churches for a reason: The ancient Greeks’ dramatic plays were religious rites, where the whole community came to be cleansed through sacrifice and catharthis. And where Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were merely players – performers and portrayers – each another’s audience upon the gilded stage.

    (Apologia to Neil Peart)


  143. You are surely welcome, my ever-living Oracle.


  144. I love that Texas car wash! Cleaning the shit off the streets is a public service.

  145. OMFG! Allender wet his pance! Go, Marty, goooo!

  146. Oracle –



  147. McTinyFists misses putting his octopus tentacles into Marty’s back pocket….

    (sniggering like a 12-year-old)

  148. hysterical….I loved it!!!

  149. Tom Cruise snapping terminals with the courts….??? Sounds like he is very low toned!! An OT that can’t communicate and resolve problems? What will this do to David Miscavige’s image now that Tom Cruise is the biggest and best Scientologist that graced mankind, besides David Miscavige …must have him slurping that Scotch heavily!

  150. I can see how this law suit could spin out of control, and become another of Cruise’s miscalculations. If it ever came to trial, and the idea of ‘abandonment’ and ‘disconnection’ became issues, it could backfire against the CofS in a very major way, another gift from Mr. Cruise.

  151. Jean-François Genest

    Paranoïd and coward indeed. It definitely proves that they follow this blog day in – day out. Watch for a tall, thick stone fence with barbed wire to be erected soon along the perimeter of that house.
    Sea Org buildings & the Freewinds are heavily guarded and surveilled. By contrast, LRH had an open-door policy.

    It wouldn’t surprise me that orgs will soon be displaying those “POSTED No Trespassing” signs.

    ► By the way, those of you who constantly get Regi$trar (extortionist) visits threatening you to donate your house and credit-card accounts to the Alweakly ©hur©h to protect your eternity, should place signs like these around your houses too.

  152. Marty seems to do a good job making friends with all sorts of people in his small town, including the local police and countless others who have supported him during the time of the Squirrel Busters.

    Perhaps Marty could make friends with the landlord of the house in question and make a business proposition: when the lease is up on the property, raise it from whatever it is today to $50,000 per month, and split the money. After all, it’s because of Marty that the place is rented, and it’s because of Marty that the tenant is not someone working two jobs to make the rent, but somebody with a virtually bottomless wallet. So if the landlord were able to increase the rent he ought to be delighted to share some of that with Marty. Then imagine how Miscavige would feel, writing a check every month that turns out to pay a good chunk of Marty’s living expenses.

  153. Too funny Chris!

  154. Great point Mike. The gaudy trimmings are probably on the way as we speak. Guess little Slappy was too cowardly to show up for the grand opening of this mission. Wonder why?

  155. I don’t think David Miscavige has any reality on living in residential neighborhood.

  156. “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid” – John Wayne, in The Sands of Iwo Jima 1949

  157. ‘Tis the gift to be simple,
    ’tis the gift to be free,
    ’tis the gift to come down where you ought to be,
    And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
    It will be in the valley of love and delight.


    When true simplicity is gained,
    To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed.
    To turn, turn will be our delight,
    ‘Til by turning, turning we come round right

    ‘Tis the gift to be loved and that love to return,
    ‘Tis the gift to be taught and a richer gift to learn,
    And when we expect of others what we try to live each day,
    Then we’ll all live together and we’ll all learn to say,


    ‘Tis the gift to have friends and a true friend to be,
    ‘Tis the gift to think of others not to only think of “me”,
    And when we hear what others really think and really feel,
    Then we’ll all live together with a love that is real.

    ,-Shaker dancing song, by Joseph Brackett, 1797

  158. Oracle, I would suggest that stupid and unevolved are the same state. In my opinion only.

  159. “David Miscavige has a nanny cam on a grown man that isn’t even his child.”
    The Oracle speaks truth!

  160. It’s a timesaver. One camera on Marty’s place does the job of 1000 cameras all over Int Base, to determine the whereabouts of someone who doesn’t show up for muster.

  161. Maybe plant some bamboo between your house and the street. It grows pretty fast.

  162. So awesome. I watch this everyday now. My mom said it was so funny she did the “ugly cry” when she watched it.

  163. Don’t underestimate Chiquita – from all available evidence, she’s tiny but mighty. 😉 With sharp (very sharp) little teeth. The tinier the teeth, the more tenacious the jaw (actually I think I might have inadvertently described DM there… 😮 oops!)
    But, seriously, as others have remarked, how the HELL is he getting away with this legally? If someone went this far here in England, their feet wouldn’t touch the ground if the Rozzers (police) got hold of them – particularly in light of Leveson… It’s mad.

    IEG xx

  164. PS – I finished the article. Really well done to Karen, Mike and Marty in explaining things so well that a non-Scn could understand. Even the journalist was using the word “valence”, making it his own. The bit of LRH that was cited I think must have impinged as truth for many readers, and in my estimation you guys have contributed again to the separation of the tech and DM’s corporation in the general public’s mind. Since Hollywood can be so influential, this is very valuable. Thank you.

  165. Li'll bit of stuff

    Robert, very valid, as was Les’s angle. It would be interesting to hear the view/s if any, of said owner.
    The possibilities for replacement tenants, should
    not be problematic at all, given Marty’s positive
    influence and ethics presence in the area.
    just saying….

  166. Point a laser at the camera. It will fry the ccd chip.

  167. oh, yea. you are right. are from there?

  168. Exactly. GAT was and is pure alteration. My son (no longer in the church) was working at the LADay when GAT was put in as a pilot at that Org. He told me in confidence that the stats were crashing and he, rightly so, was baffled as to why they kept pushing the program. Good question from a kid who was a newbie.

  169. Yes, not now, but back in those good old days.

  170. Thanks great poost

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