Do Not Support An Evil Government

Excerpt from Chapter nine of The Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know:

The Reformation

      Reformation ends not in contemplation, but in action.

–  George Gillespie

According to L. Ron Hubbard:

Unscrupulous and evil men and groups can usurp the power of government and use it to their own ends. Government organized and conducted solely for self-interested individuals and groups gives society a short life span. This imperils the survival of everyone in the land; it even imperils those who attempt it. History is full of such governmental deaths. Opposition to such governments usually just brings on more violence.

But one can raise his voice in caution when such abuses are abroad. And one need not actively support such a government; doing nothing illegal, it is yet possible, by simply withdrawing one’s cooperation, to bring about an eventual reform. Even as this is being written, there are several governments in the world that are failing only because their people express their silent disagreement by simply not cooperating. These governments are at risk: any untimely wind of mischance could blow them over.

LRH’s words reflect the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, spelled out a little more than one hundred years earlier in his seminal essay, Civil Disobedience:

It is not a man’s duty as a matter of course, to devote himself to the eradications of any, even the most enormous wrong; he may still properly have other concerns to engage him; but it is his duty, at least, to wash his hands of it, and, if he gives it no thought longer, not to give it practically his support. If I devote myself to other pursuits and contemplations, I must first see, at least, that I do not pursue them sitting upon another man’s shoulders. I must get off him first, that he may pursue his contemplations too.

Sixty years ago Dr. Martin Luther King described the essence of how he helped stem a centuries-old, nationwide pattern of abuse, expanding on Thoreau’s message in Stride toward Freedom:

Something began to say to me, ‘He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.  He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.’  When oppressed people willingly accept their oppression they only serve to give the oppressor a convenient justification for his acts.  Often the oppressor goes along unaware of the evil involved in his oppression so long as the oppressed accepts it.  So in order to be true to one’s conscience and true to God, a righteous man has no alternative but to refuse to cooperate with an evil system.  This I felt was the nature of our action.  From this moment on I conceived of our movement as an act of massive non-cooperation.

As we have seen, David Miscavige is using the energy of Scientologists, in the form of their dollars, to actively oppress Scientologists. Without the continuing, active support of Scientologists, Miscavige would be powerless to perpetuate his abuses.

David Miscavige himself is acutely aware of the power that each and every Scientologist wields over him. In a 1998 interview with the St. Petersburg Times, he defined “power” as follows: “I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

So the first thing to do is to cease following and contributing to the anti-Scientology oppressions of David Miscavige, as executed through Scientology Inc.

Some are initially unwilling to so withdraw support from the oppressor. They believe that if they do, they will have forsaken their religion and any chance of higher levels of awareness through application of Scientology. Those who think that way are simply misinformed. Virtually all Scientology technology – from the bottom of the Bridge to its highest reaches, is available outside of Scientology Inc.  There are dozens of independent practitioners of Scientology around the globe. There is a growing movement of Independent Scientologists. You can review a list of hundreds of them, along with their Scientology credentials by going online, visiting and clicking on the “Indie 500” link.  Virtually everyone on that list has attempted many remedies, aimed at making Scientology Inc. change its ways. Most have finally concluded that the best way to reform Scientology is to do as Ron said, and break the oppressive monopoly by going right ahead and applying Scientology in the manner they see fit…

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  1. “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” – Plato

  2. Do “in” Scientologists — like the SO, for example — vote? And how would that work? Absentee ballots? Bus ride to the polls?

    I know this is an out-of-left-field question, but I’m curious about whether folks whose entire lives are devoted to serving the COS still maintain any level of participation in the fundamental civic processes of society at large. Seems like it would be difficult, living in such a constricted thought-world.

  3. “Virtually all Scientology technology – from the bottom of the Bridge to its highest reaches, is available outside of Scientology Inc.”

    And how! I can now personally attest to this as fact, having recently received some great auditing. Quite remarkable actually.

    Thanks again for the wonderful time, M&M.

    The tech is alive and well in the independent field.

    Vic K.

  4. ***So the first thing to do is to cease following and contributing to the anti-Scientology oppressions of David Miscavige***

    YES….. WE DO 🙂

  5. Tom Gallagher

    “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
    Albert Einstein

  6. Excellent article from the book
    We hope public will be wise or wiser these days on reading what is scientology all about and where to go. Or its hoped so.
    As the services and the material what is widley spread throughout the world.Lots of data how the church istelf has become , and with that spread around , new comers will take caution on entering into the adventure within.

  7. Excuse the spelling error, It should read itself not istelf./hadley/

  8. It really is about time the entire bridge is available outside of the corporation. This will allow more discourse and general communication about philosophical and spiritual issues. Being in the corporation is like having blinders on. Being an indie opens up access to all of the world’s philosophies. It would be nice to see indies participating in some of the great interfaith forums that are happening.

  9. Michael Finley

    “The punishment of wise men who refuse to take part in the affairs of government is to live under the government of unwise men.”

  10. Awesome Marty! Great references! 100% agreement. Non-cooperation is absolutely key and incredibly powerful!

  11. Hadley, Got it, dont kill yourself over the small stuff, This isnt Flag.

  12. The Truth is an Enemy to the State
    Adolf Hitler

  13. Flourishing and prospering is still the very best tool to defeat suppression.

  14. Auditing another is simple and fun.

    While auditing in the Co$, auditing another became so angst ridden. Am I going to make a mistake, did I make a mistake, what mistake could I make?

    I would watch everything I did to make sure I did everything “right”. Was that 2 swings or 3 swings no no no maybe it was 1 1/2! Now I’m going to ethics to “handle” my uncertainty with more certainty drills.

    I’ve been out of the church for 3 years and auditing my husband weekly for 1 1/12 years now and it is so relaxed and fun. I’m certain of what I do but I can make an error and correct it with ease. I’m myself again. My pc said just last session ” that he really enjoyed it because I was just me auditing him and it was so much fun.” My pc is have such great wins.

    Maybe because it cost $500 an hour in the Co$, they need to make it sooooo serious. That only a select few can even deliever this very touchy stuff or the whole thing will blow-up.

    That’s not the case. Auditors audit away. It’s ok. It’s fun. Today another session for my husband. And it is freeeeeeeeee in all the sense of the word.

  15. I like that you quote Thoreau, who was a Transcendentalist. Ralph Waldo Emerson, the most influential Transcendentalist, is one of my favorites.

    Emerson said “The faith that stands on authority is not faith. The reliance on authority measures the decline of religion, the withdrawal of the soul.”

  16. I am giving and receiving Scientology Tech out here, away from the suppression and it is the only thing that can be done. First of all, ptsness is the antthesis of what a person needs for gains and one can’t be anything but pts in the Co$.
    Fewer and fewer are listening DM.

  17. The book, “The Scientology Reformation,” is now required reading for parishoners here. So is What is Wrong with Scientology. The reason is because they both add up to a good as-isness of errors and crimes of the past which is essential to the sane creation of a future.

    There is little or no “as-isness” in the corporation calling itself “the church of scientology.” There is only forceful compliance demanded by a suppressive dictator whose apparant goal is to totally impress the world with awesome MEST. The underlying goal, it would seem, is to turn the entirity of LRH’s work into an implant station. Beating, evaluating, invalidating, yelling, screaming and declaring are the actual actions of der leader of this cult.

    This is not my idea of a civilization of which we can be proud.

    Everything alignes beautifully with, “Totally Free Customers.” Free from Misunderstoods, free from the reactive mind, free from implanted goals and free from SPs. Free to Be, Do and Have their own lives and dynamics.
    Free to support their own organizations, churchs and governments.

  18. Li'll bit of stuff

    ” Selling toxic mud cakes coated in artificial cream and plastic
    strawberries, washed down with bubbly kool-aid, served in synthetic crystal champagne glasses,– prepared and served by slaves,— has made me a very rich man ”

    (could be attributed to:)—- david miscavige. COB (Corn On
    the Cob) Ecclesiastical leader of the CO$ (Church Of $heeple)

  19. Back in the days of the Vietnam war, there arose a sentiment expressed by this saying: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” This was a concrete example of the principle that Reality Is Agreement.

    As more and more people refused to cooperate with the military draft and compulsive military service that existed back then, eventually the practice of drafting young people into the Army ceased to exist. And to this day,compulsive military service does not exist in the USA. Actually, the mechanisms for re-instituting a military draft were reinstated a few years ago, but have not so far been applied. Nevertheless, it is best to remain vigilant.

    The reality of Miscavige exists only because only because he has been actively or passively agreed to and supported. Totally withdraw that supporting agreement, and Miscavige “the COB” ceases to exist as an effective reality.

  20. People get the government they deserve, is the old saying. Does the same hold for the cult of Miscavige? Do the staffmembers in the Hole somehow think they ‘deserve’ to be put away and maltreated? My feeling is that most staffmembers are so introdoctinated that there eternity is at risk, that they cannot come into action to stand up against Miscavige. And he knows it. But, it cannot go on forever though. There comes a point …
    Really, the suppression going on in Scientology Inc is of mega proportions.

  21. I believe you can really only get the full gains of Scientology outside of the Church. You can do some Scientology in the church, but essentially you are dealing with a PTS situation. Why do you think so many people are “stalled on the bridge” or mostly off the lines, maybe coming to an event here and there? If progress was available at their org I think they would be there.
    At my org for many years you could get 50 people to come to an event, maybe 100 if you really got pushy with constant call-in, yet the academy was empty. Virtually no auditing was accuring and no auditors in training.
    Look at your org. Is it producing real products? Are you just waiting and hoping that someday you might get some Scientology and you don’t want to ruin that chance?
    There are a number of technical and organizational reasons that this is true: You can only get the full gains of Scientology outside the Church.

  22. I am blown away by the same truth, Vic! It had been so black PR’d into me that the tech wouldn’t work if not done in the Orgs.

    Then when I found people who wanted to provide the tech for the sake of the tech and me as a thetan, not for how much I could donate. And WOW it worked great!

    Then I realized; it would be an invalidation of the tech to claim that it needed THAT organization to even work.

  23. constant vigilance

    I have a question for Marty and for all of you in the Indie world actually. I see two choices of how to handle the problem of an “IN” Scn who is still in but actually is under the wire and is refusing to support DM with any donations or money flowed to any of the orgs or AO’s.

    One option is to do the passive resistance in the quotes above from Marty’s book. That is, not to be combative and loud in resistance, but to just not cooperate, to quietly withdraw all support, all money, all energy, and when the money flows dry up, so does DM and his group. So that is Choice A. Now for Choice B:

    That would be to be vocal and loud about it, to combat them by coming out very openly, giving talks to media, writing books, blogging, posting here in full name, sending church terminals a disconnection letter or Doubt Formula etc. That is the more combative way.

    Which way do you all think is best for someone IN but under the radar for their own reasons, which may include family that they don’t want to be disconnected from. ?

    I know we wouldn’t have this wonderful Indie movement or site or any auditing and training in the field if it weren’t for brave people like Marty, Mike and others. But I saw in the quotes above also the option to resist quietly and that combating evil governments doesn’t always work well. Any thoughts on this one way or the other?

  24. “Virtually all Scientology technology – from the bottom of the Bridge to its highest reaches, is available outside of Scientology Inc.”

    It seems that the independent field is even delivering levels beyond OT8: the original OT5, 6 and 7 levels that deal with real OT abilities.

    According to Pierre Ethier, the new OT5, 6, 7 were intermediate steps to be done before the original levels of the same name. If so the logical steps beyond new OT8 should be the original OT5, 6, 7.

  25. Hapexamendios

    That’s so awesome!

  26. Very well said. If you are a Scientologist who is “in” but understands that things are very wrong, you are facing the same moral dilemma I faced: How do you avoid committing a high crime? Or, more correctly, how can you NOT commit a high crime? High crimes are suppressive acts in the church, and you are subject to expulsion if you commit them.

    On the one hand, it is a high crime to “publicly denounce Scientology.” And form splinter groups. And hang around with people declared SP by the church.

    On the other hand, by being active in the church, you are committing the high crime of Out Tech, of failing to keep in the ten points of “Keeping Scientology Working” and tech degrades, failure to clean up an ARC Broken field, aiding the commission of felonies and mayhem, and a number of others.

    In other words, if you are a Scientologist (inside or indie), you are directly or indirectly committing high crimes while Mr. David Miscavige is “in office.” You can’t claim to be innocent, here. If you are still in, you can’t tell me I committed a high crime by being public about my discontent while you pay money to a regime that is actively undermining the very subject of Scientology.

    That, to me, is the moral dilemma. But once I realized that there is no way to remain “clean” on this, you have to weigh, which “high crimes” are worse? Administrative high crimes that protect the status quo, or technical high crimes that affect the very existence of Scientology? I say, screw the admin high crimes. They can only be high crimes if the church is actually doing the right thing, and we all know that things are rotten in Hemet.

    Ok, so given that, what is a poor corporate Scientologist to do?

    Well, follow Ron’s advice at least and withdraw support. You have an eternity. David Miscavige does not. Take five years off, and live your life, and go for your dreams, using the tech and wins you already received from Scientology. Live life! And, do NOT go to events, do NOT flow anymore energy to the IAS or the church, do NOT continue to support the continuous actual high crimes committed daily by Mr. David Miscavige and the people who don’t have the balls to stand up to this guy. You don’t have to walk up to the man and tell him off. Just quietly sit the next five years out.

    Then, when you are ready, find out where Scientology really is.

    Mark Patterson

  27. Hapexamendios

    Speaking of as-isness I think at some point the “church” turned “Let’s build a better bridge” into “Let’s build a better ridge”.

  28. I SO agree with you. Those outside the Corp. (also corpse) can actually THINK with the tech rather than mindlessly struggling to apply it like robots in the current rendition of the Star Wars Death Star.

    I never had any complaint about the auditing I received at AOLA. But it frankly doesn’t even compare to what I just experienced.


  29. Or… let’s build a better building!

  30. While this may or may not be true, Pierre Ethier certainly has no hidden data line…. If there is anyone privy to what LRH had to say about anything technically that is NOT contained in lectures, books or HCOB’s it is ONLY those who worked in Snr CS Int/RTRC at Int (Dan Koon, Russ Williams, Greta Eckhoff to name a few who post here regularly). Pierre Ethier was not in RTRC or Snr CS Int Office.

  31. Great book. I loved it. Everyone would benefit from reading it.

    Because the public is giving money to DM for something OTHER than Scientology services, it has screwed up the whole idea of exchange. Besides the public not getting services for the money (just getting idle morgues), the staff are also not getting trained or audited.

    The problem is public giving money for something OTHER than Scientology services. Just say no.

  32. The entire Soviet Empire crumbled into dust without anyone taking a shot at it. It was just ignored to death. That’s how powerful that attitude can be. I’ve often wondered … if the Int Exec just ignored DM …

  33. Mark-great post-For me, what made it simple is the Co$ is no longer a Scientology organization and what I want is Scientology.

  34. Night Watchman

    Marty, just received and read the book. Nice job. I can see why there would be ongoing criminal investigations. Follow the money.

  35. Nice stance,
    Do please continue.

  36. Didn’t Ron say something about the worst overt being causing others to commit overt? I think about that fact when I hear Marty’s description of exec’s being forced to beat themselves up.

  37. typo: portlan84 is portland 84

  38. Dear mrinder,

    Which is the same as saying: I don’t have a clue*?!?*.
    The top of the BRIDGE has gone MISSING, and that’s the real (high) crime of CofS, and “whoever”.

  39. Behind every great fortune there is a crime

  40. Richard,
    The Sea Organization utilizes the health care support provided for the poor and indigent when needed and I strongly suspect that the elderly are offloaded to rest homes when they can no longer produce so the society at large can provide for them. Other than that I think that participation in the civic processes is minimal, especially if you have to take time off post for it. The society in general is looked upon as a bunch of drug crazed wogs who study psychology.

    I would like some data to the contrary because I would like to know that the above is factually not true. I’m going on hoping…….

  41. It’s fun too!

  42. Well they certainly failed at that. Not to mention the fact that they couldn’t erect a building from the ground up if they had too.

  43. Damnit I hope it doesn’t drag out that long!

  44. Tom Gallagher


    Who’s at the controls of the wrecking ball?

    Here’s the sawed-off psycho’s version of “i’m come back”.

  45. The C of $ has been taken over by a Sociopath, consequently all of these rules are null and void. Its like you are being declared for advocating animals be used for food and clothing by someone wearing a leather jacket and eating a roast beef sandwhich.

  46. It probably is just my computer but I was almost redirected and my virus program stopped it. The second try took me here. Just reminding people to be careful of redirects. ;(

  47. Regarding the C of S I would change that saying into: People have the government they tolerate.
    Thee are a number of PLs on “Hidden Data Lines”, Illegal Orders and if that wouldn’t be enough one could work with the Data Series to remedy the situation.
    Things do change, when the appropriate tech is applied properly.

  48. A long time ago, sort of, when you started this blog, there were more discussions along these same lines.

    When you discussed Essay On Management, to me, that is the crux of any era of management, or in the last 30 years, it’s been sort of a debilitated and shackled management, under Miscavige’s dominance and messing with the structures LRH wrote in 339R (Exec Strata), and in LRH’s orders re Watchdog Committee and the other Int Headquarters funcitons.

    Essay On Management ought be referred to again.

    Bad top management, the current verison isn’t running on what LRH thought it was that LRH left the movement to be running itself with.

    Anyways, the whole discussion, and where the discussion of how to run what LRH built, is always relevant, and the freezone and independent tradition of Scientology, definitely has arrived in history, for sure.

    I’d still think that LRH would wish, per Essay On Management, and based on all he wrote and built, that somehow “top management” (see Admin dictionary for the definition, and there are LRH ED’s where he introduces the new “top management” at several times, and also even Ron’s Journal 38, Today and Tomorrow: THE PROOF” is LRH’s last introduction to “top management” which he hoped the movement would coalesce behind back in 1983-84; with of course Essay On Management still the ultimate senior policy reference though, because whichever “top management” comes along to corporate Scientology, they will inevitably be graded by the movement members (silently) and by the ex official members, openly).

    Anyways, there’s always the possibility that LRH’s admin corpus of writings, won’t keep the corporate Scientology movement going, but I think, my opinion, is he built a pretty extensive system that will keep corporate Scientology going.

    I think the continuing smart open freezone and independent Scientology community though, has the moral high ground, and people in independent Scientology are how corporate Scientologists ought learn how to think and be as open in communicating to each other and the world.

    So much history needs to be written, accurately, about what’s gone on these first 60 years, in much more detail, and draw the official and silent official corporate Scientologists into the discussion of the Scientology subject, for everyone’s benefit.

  49. “what is a poor corporate Scientologist to do?” I’d say:
    1. He has to be aware where is is with regard to that group. If he isn’t he would have to find that out. In order to find that out he has to look.
    Therefore the question: What prevents him from looking? If you answer and handle that, he’ll move up the conditions.
    2. If the “poor corporate Scientologist” has found out where he is, the next question is: What is the purpose of this group? and What is his responsibility there?
    And maybe: What responsibility did he fail to act?
    and so on up.

  50. Indeed, I love Thoreau’s philosophy.

  51. constant vigilance

    When the Indies have an Indie party, do OSA bots or IN Scns try to infiltrate it and take names and report who is attending these things and thus get Scn’s declared for associating with SP’s? Has that ever happened at a gathering of Indies?

  52. eileenclark101

    @richard and newcomer
    The PAC Base is a voting location, it is done in the lobby of L.A. Org.
    At the FLB there is a nearby voting place and staff have all day to work in the few minutes to go vote.
    PAC and FLB staff are briefed somewhat by OSA on who the candidates are (slanted) and what the important (to Cof$) issues are to be voted on.
    I have no data on how it is done in EUS, but it is probably similar.

  53. burnedbutnotbitter

    Marty, I read Scn Reformation in one night, I picked it up to look at it around 11:00 pm and I couldn’t put it down. Husband went thru same thing during the day. Passed it on to friend Marilyn today–we were actually discussing this very chapter about civil disobedience this afternoon. Wierd.

  54. I have never seen anybody in the Sea Org vote unless they were ordered to. How could they know anything about the elections or candidates? They are not allowed to know. They are not allowed to watch television or read news papers or magazines. They have no idea what is going on in their country if they are in the U.S.. 911 probably just went right over them. It would be considered a distraction.

  55. Good to see you are self correcting. 🙂

  56. Thanks Eileen,
    Glad to see they are voting.

  57. I agree with you Chuck. And I am really happy to see these quotations from Marty. There`s another one from Marty that I just got reminded of — I think it belongs at the top of every page of this blog, its that good:
    I suggest that if those practicing Scientology attempted to exemplify these virtues, heretofore unseen gains from the subject would be routinely attainable, and lastingly maintainable. I also believe that if independent Scientologists gave importance to these virtues in their lives, the subject would never again fall into the hands of a monopoly that would use it in a reverse manner to subjugate and denigrate others. — Marty Rathbun
    The virtues he`s talking about, of course, are from the Way to Happiness

  58. I personally feel this is a decision one needs to make from their own perspective rather than from a recommendation from others. I also feel there is the rest of the alphabet to consider rather than only choices A and B. We sure admire those heroes who have opted for choice B; however, not everyone is able to take that path for whatever reason. And the reason does not have to be apprived by anyone else’s criteria.

    Remember that Thoreau was perfectly content to be placed in jail for his civil disobedience. Thoreau was a wonderful curmudgeonly recluse who did not have the familial and social ties that his jail term would have devastated. In that sense, he could afford to go to jail in order to make a social and political statement. In fact, he was quite perturbed when a kindly citizen paid his debts to get him released from jail.

    We love this story – which exemplifies your Plan B – however, few are in Thoreau’s position. We are indebted to the Martys, Mikes and others in the world who have walked Thoreau’s path. Most of us only imagine ourselves being so heroic given the opportunity. We sure hope we would be just as courageous in the same circumstances. However, if someone decided to emulate such a Plan B without having the circumstances and emotional wherewithal to back it up, that person would do more harm than good – to themselves and others.

    It is a personal decision – a personal path. Thankfully, we are a large, world-wide community ready to smooth and assist the path of others ready to take the plunge in whatever form they decide works best for them in their circumstances.

    My advice: inch, crawl, step, hop, skip, jump, or leap toward freedom and integrity. But do it, whatever it is.


  59. Karry and I love this quote. I think someone else posted it here recently.

    “You need power,only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.” – Charlie Chaplin

    Supressives and supressive groups are attracted toward Active OT’s like a magnet. It is because the active OT is in action – he is completely mobile up and down the tone scale at CAUSE. This is a perplexing mystery and a threat to an SP. Sp’s operate in the tone scale range between Hiding and Fear. Fear is the highest they can reach as a chronic tone and it is a truly miserable state of existence being stuck in this range. Any social Tone above Fear is an artifice. He does not actually experience these emotions and the covert pantomime of Emotional Tones above fear serve the SP only in his attempt to slay what he fears most, the Active OT.

    In his attempt to slay the OT, the SP seeks to manipulate the OT up and down the Tone Scale at EFFECT. The SP feeds off of the sensations of Misemotion and Misery he brings about by by driving another from CAUSE to EFFECT. The SP considers that he has “won” by enslaving and then ultimately killing the other being by driving him into TOTAL EFFECT in the SP’s confused survival/contra-survival effort.

    In a group Dynamic, an active SP – operating in Fear, will push his Cycles of Action away from him without taking any true responsibility for them. To others, he may appear to be very effective, dynamic and productive. This is only an apparency, however – as the cycles the SP pushes away from him usually resolve entirely of the momentum of the group itself. The SP by himself cannot complete a cycle of action.

    When the group, after long exposure to those cooperating with the will of the SP, finally goes into effect, all is lost. The group itself now can no longer complete a cycle of action and ultimately collapses completely.

    Want proof that what I say is true? Stay tuned to this channel…


    P.C.’s now confronted with a beggar, refusing to give a donation = K.R. and sent to the MAA!

    P.C. did not need to stay at the base and buy accomos. = K.R. for not buying accomos even though not needed, (had arranged to stay somewhere else) and sent to the MAA!

    Significant shift. READ THIS! P.C.’s who refuse to go into debt = K.R. and sent to the MAA AND, AND, LABELED “SCIENTOLOGY CONSUMER”.

    SCIENTOLOGY CONSUMER = Someone ONLY interested in Scientology services! K.R. offense and sent to the MAA! P.C.’s confronted and asked, “Are you a Scientology consumer?” YES! It is true! P.C.’s refusing to donate labeled “Scientology Consumer” K.R.’ed and sent to the M.A.A..

    P.C.’s given HOURS TARGETS by D of P! “We need you to get in one intensive before Thursday at 2:00.” Taking time to “have your win” IS DEV T! The hours MUST be gotten in whether P.C. “feels like it or not”! AT THE L’s H.G.C.!

    P.C. saying “I just want to enjoy my win for a little bit” MOCKED BY THE DofP! “Oohhh boo hooo, I just want to enjoy my win…” Sneering at the P.C.!

    People ONLY interested in Scientology services are labeled, “Scientology Consumers” and held in contempt! It is now a crime to be interested in Scientology! An MAA offense! You MUST buy into the culture and sacrifice everything everything asked of you or you are ethics particle “Scientology Consumer”!

    I just heard it all from a very reliable source who had this ALL run on them at the Flag Land Base while there to get an L!

    No, the P.C. IS NOT RETURNING to the Flag Land Base! NOT EVER!

    Humiliated, mocked, abused, degraded and labeled as a Scientology Consumer. IT IS NOW A CRIME TO BE A CONSUMER of SCIENTOLOGY!

  61. Shouldn’t it be Portland85 anyway? As in, The Battle of…?

  62. Each to his own – as long as is directed by personal integrity. I have seen, however, a few people using the “business contacts, family ties…” as a justification for doing nothing. To my mind that’s PTSness plain and simple. Anyone saying “I can’t do the right thing, I can’t say “No” to this suppressive dictator because I’m afraid of XYZ happening” – how is that not PTSness?

    Around 3500 public just went to go pay homage to Miscavige at the IAS event, offering him standing ovations and money. I would wager at least 20 – 30% know that their “Church” is a dead cult walking. The rest are largely somewhere in the hypnotic band, believing anything they are told, even by OSA.

    The “What is Greatness?” in me isn’t up to seeing those who know yet do nothing with anything but contempt. It is an insult to Marty Mike Karen et al to sit on one’s hands. Doesn’t LRH say somewhere that overts of omission are the worst of all? Do we need to be reminded day after day after day that lives are being ruined continuously, that DM’s reverse Scientology is literally killing beings in present time? I hope not.

  63. I agree with that.

    The Way to Happiness is a huge missed opportunity and underutilized senior policy strategy tool to overhaul the movement itself with.

  64. The discussions in the comments and articles on this site and Steve Hall’s site, and the Save Scientology site, probably and on the other blogs of ex senior Scientologists (Jeff Hawkns, Ken Urquharts) cover all the major options.

    And I bet it’s all pretty much been covered in human history, by other groups, already, my guess.

    Scientology’s never ending self caused problems force a repeating learning curve for those exiled from it.

  65. TO — why am I not surprised. The ultimate devolution of the church.

    Like everything else in the RCS, this is a propaganda by redefinition of terms. “Ideal Orgs” are in fact very NOT ideal. “Humanitarian Brown Noser” has nothing to do with being a humanitarian — just giving money for real estate investments. “The Basics” are a cliche for “donate more unwanted copies for libraries”. “International Dissemination Center” is a horse and buggy factory churning out useless paper that nobody reads.

    The real “consumer” (as a pejorative) is the RCS “ScientologIST Consumer.” Bleed you dry and toss you to the curb….

  66. In going Independent, I do not agree that I have committed any high crime at all. I have not denounced scientology, but I have denounced what has become of the CofS under current management. In my view I have LRH’s back! So I would encourage any corporate scientologist to consider that carefully. In supporting the corporate church, you either have to radically change within or you must get out. Otherwise you might very well be accused of betraying what LRH intended. I got an SP declare a couple of months back – and my feeling is that it signifies me being kicked out of hell by the devil. The universe is bigger and greater than any MEST orientated organisation including whole planets. An exterior viewpoint will carry the day. The future is long, but we put it in place now. I encourage corporate scn’s to look now.

  67. I remember well many years ago when the Flag Land Base were briefed on a particular congressman-to-be or perhaps town official — in any case, they were briefed how BECAUSE he was a businessman and knew about exchange he would be supportive of the tenets of scientology.

    AND when he was voted into office — no doubt in part because of the hundreds and hundreds of Sea Org member votes — he prompted went on record to attempt to get the “church” out of Clearwater.

    In other words — WTF does OSA REALLY know about a candidate and how he will address scientology/narconon/applied scholastics etc —

    Seriously — The GO and OSA have poor records concerning discernment 🙂

  68. scilonschools

    Sort off topic but important”!
    Darren Browns latest ‘creation’ Apocolypse, demonstrates how by control of someones enviroment you can control their thoughrs and life, a two part show available in UK as detailed in link below (being reshown tonight part 1)

  69. Oracle,
    911 was used by the Miscarriage to fan the flames of IAS donations with the invention of ‘straight up and vertical’ in his “wake up call”.

    Now, eleven years later we see the truth of the vector. It is a vertical line alright, but the direction is reversed!

    Your point about voting is well taken!

  70. When faced with loving ones fellow man, in spite of all reasons not to (“What is Greatness”) which is extremely difficult to do for all of us, I believe we can inch towards that “greatness” if we try to find the SIMILARITIES between people, rather than focusing on the differences (which we often knee-jerk into wrongnesses).

    ALL beings want to be happy.
    ALL beings want to be free from suffering

    IF we as a collective were to start to find the similarities amongst those scientologists still locked inside the mind numb of dm’s world and ourselves – perhaps the ICE would begin to melt amongst them.

    Ice is after all water.


  71. constant vigilance

    OMG! Flag has sunk to a new low! I can hardly believe my eyes that if you go to Flag to do services, the reason Flag was established in the first place, you are now labelled a “consumer” only. As if that is a bad thing! OMG. Reverse Dianetics, Reverse entire Bridge, reverse LRH intention. On one of my flag trips some years back, I was called in to the MAA’s office at 10:00 p.m. I went thinking it was about me and my ethics/elig. Oh no it wasn’t! I was put in a tiny ethics room with the MAA and a reg and a bookstore officer, so there were 3 or 4 of us in that tiny room. And they all three began a reg gang bang of me to buy the new release. I told them no many times. I said I was first up the next morning for session and had to go get sleep, all to no avail. I finally got mad and said I am writing a KR on every person in that room because it was out tech to drop your post to do a reg post, which the MAA was doing. And I said that it is extortion to say that I won’t get elig this time unless I buy the release. I got in trouble for “being rude to the MAA.”

    Now I see that it is even worse than it as then. On another trip to Flag after that, when I went to Ethics, every MAA was off post and there were no familiar faces at all, only young new inexperienced MAA’s. (younger than the young ones that used to be there even.) Not even the MAA receceptionist was there. I asked where they all were and got a no answer. Then when I walked downstairs, I saw that they were all at the IAS place body routing and regging for the IAS. It was a huge cattle call and any luckless public to walk down that hall was acosted and routed in for massive, frantic, desperate regging. There were about 4 cycles all going at once by different people, even the MAA’s were regging and body routing. Davie must have had one hell of a big lawsuit to pay for on that occasion to warrant unmocking the entire Ethics section of the org board!

  72. Yes, this would follow from the OT Ambassador Program which states that “everybody is on the org board.” Since everybody is on the org board, everybody is on staff. Staff members carry out orders that support command intention. Liberty is only allowed when ones orders and targets have been met. Those who do not comply and do not make their targets are in non-compliance and not “with Scientology.” They are not pulling their weight, and are consuming resources with dev-t, backflash, and endless executive intervention to debug targets that have not been met.

    This attitude has been present for a very long time, whenever the Scientology public are regarded by staff members as being “less ethical” and “less valuable,” and akin to clinical patients who do not contribute.

    Only in recent years has this been openly expressed by some staff members, starting with the Sea Org staff members. It goes like this: everybody is on the org board, everybody has a job and orders and targets to complete. If they are not on the org board (and you can tell by their non-compliance to the orders they are given) then they need to be handled. Pantywaist dilettante has become Scientology consumer.

  73. If you recall, promo was mailed out recently stating Super Power would open for delivery upon 400 some odd new staff being recruited. Later, another piece of promo went out say it was 1,000 some odd staff needed. WHY? Because there is a mass exodus of staff leaving. The conditions are made so unbearable by DM and he cuts his liabilities by having them blow off. Then he blames the public for not enough of them joining staff as to the why the Super Power is not released. Holding on to billions of dollars in debt in undelivered services. It is all “The public’s fault” on every level. The burden of delivery is on the public. The Church of Scientology, where the customer is always wrong!

  74. I was flabbergasted! Stephen King couldn’t make this stuff up if he was writing “Children of the Sworn”. SPOOKY! Halloween 24/7 at the F.S.O.! The staff are Trick ‘r Treating 24/7 365 days a year as U.S, Navy personnel, extortionists, vampires, secret police, sponges, judges, Gods, prison personnel, slaves, rulers of small nations etc etc. “Scientology Consumers” are labeled the virus! The virus that is killing everyone! BOO!

  75. Oh, that’s great! Everybody is on the Org Board everybody is on staff. That means there are no more public. Great way to unmock the concept of “public” and exchange. No need to “service the public”, there aren’t any! Finally! Hallelujah! Got rid of those pesky publics! Whew! EVERYONE IS STAFF! Whoopie! We are one and one is all!

  76. Sorry, I have just been informed there are no more “public”.
    Everyone is on the Org Board now, everyone is staff. We can toss about 90% of the OEC Volumes in the trash.

  77. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nicely said Wendy, and as you speak from the position
    of being a practicing attorney, it makes good sense for
    people to take careful note of what you say!
    I certainly do! And appreciate that very much.

  78. TO — You state: “Everyone is on the Org Board now, everyone is staff.”
    That’s not very recent. It happened to me when I was at Flag in 2001/2002? Never mind I had a post in Los Angeles, never mind I had a family, never mind I ran a household so Dr Denk could see 150 patients a week (mostly Scn) and go uplines every other Friday to see staff, never mind the individual. I was jammed on as a “staff member,” as an FSM. Plopped right on that Flag org board. In addition, as a new SOLO NOTS auditor, I was required to attend “mandatory briefings” by a Flag Representative in the Los Angeles area. Never did …

  79. constant vigilance

    Ethics is defined (in part) in Scientology as… “that which is enforced by oneself, his belief in his own honor, and good reason, an optimum solution along the eight dynamics.”

    So where I go with that is that if one contemplates having one’s “ethics in” one must, by necessity, have a firm concept of what they envision “optimum survival” to be, on each and all of the Dynamics. Only then can one assess or evaluate departures from that ideal and initiate “handlings” that will potentially bring the existing scene closer to that ideal.

    Have a look at any situation you are in , in that light, and do things that advance it toward your own concept of optimum and you will find your Dynamics improving. Do things that detract from that ideal, or fail to do things that create it or prevent its suppression, and your Dynamics will be hindered proportionately. You will be living in the future that you create or fail to handle in either case. In the long run, it is actually totally up to you what that future is going to be like.

    Have fun!

    Eric S.

  80. Amen to that!

  81. Keen eye.

  82. That`s a really good point Oracle — it does render 90% of the policies inapplicable! No wonder the staff that push this just ignore policy to do with public, service and exchange! Its not necessary anymore! This is a nearly invisible false datum that is seemingly so benign and is so obvious that it doesn`t even look like false data. This explains so much of the behavior! The false datum it makes it impossible to assimilate any material that counters it and produces an inability to think with the data. So they can`t think with policy. So they don`t use it except where it possibly works with the false datum. Wow.

  83. To any OEC FEBC: I seem to recall that LRH did say something along this line — that everybody is on the org board. Can anyone tell me what that reference was or am I just having a false memory here?

    I would really like to find it and sort this out, get the real context and the rest of the info that went along with it.

    I ask because I have just had a MEGA cognition on this!

  84. constant vigilance

    WIDOW DENK, Yes, I remember that too. On SN they have been told for several years now that one of the Elig quals is that you have to bring on (FSM) 2 other people onto Solo Nots. And you have to attend OTC meetings, and not just attend, but actively hold a post, and be a Patron of the IAS, and get your 4 to 6 sessions in a day while working and running a house and kids if you have them. All the and and and’s made it so stressful to be on the level. I wouldn’t mind doing the donos and OTC if it really got products and if the donated WTH or whatever it was actually did get into the hands of those intended and if it did then create a good effect. We have been lied to about the places where the IAS and other donos go. All of us Indies know that. How to convince the sheeple still IN the church?

  85. constant vigilance

    THE ORACLE, So true what you say! And in keeping with “The Sociopath Next Door” the SP / Sociopath does the most heinous overts and crimes and then is the victim, believes it was the victim that harmed them. So after milking the Super Power building donos for decades, the reason the Super Power Bldg isn’t opened now is “the public’s fault” for not joining staff. Classic sociopath who blames others and is the “victim” of his own victims. I remember having course Sups at Flag who were actually on staff at the Super Power, and were floating around helping out until it opened. Those people have signed up, served, and left the SO already. So what caused them to blow off? Can’t blame that on the public, can we Davie?

  86. Hey, OK! I got one “thumbs down” for this post. Someone didn’t like it. I wonder why?

  87. However, I thought it was against the law to be politically involved “from the pulpit”, and for a Minister to be publicly for or against any candidate or political issue?

    Because that would be a violation of the principle of “separation of Church and State”?

    It seems to me, this has actually been brought up in a court case somewhere a few years ago.

  88. Totally agreed, Ingrid – and I think that when people stop grasping at the hope that all will be well eventually because of some unnamed internal “handling” and just look at what IS, it becomes obvious.

    But even IF someone believes that the white knight will come in a “save the church” somewhere down the line, I would recommend that while they are waiting, they should at least remove support. Sort of a passive white mutiny. Me, I chose not to wait – this has been going on for years and years, and I see no change. But, I know people who think that someone will eventually save the day. So, okay, if they believe that, fine. But at LEAST they should sit it out until the knight in armor comes riding in.

    (My five year plan is sort of a “take a walk” strategy. Key out. Get some perspective. I am thinking it probably won’t take five years to cognite).

  89. Yes indeed. Like Sophie’s Choice.

  90. I am not so down on corporatists. It is easy to criticize from outside. I think it is just a lack of perspective. It is an “absolute” that splintering off, that being public in disapproval, that association with declared SPs, etc. are “high crimes.” It is easy to see that. But Dave has been boiling the frog with tech, and living on Ron’s good will. First, disconnection – sounds “reasonable” that we all have the right to choose who to talk to, and who wants to talk with SPs? Then, endless eligibility – we need to ensure that the upper levels are secure, after all! Then, GAT – hey, we need to drill, baby drill! Then, the BASICs – why, those damn SPs have HIDDEN the real books from us all! Then OTs on Objectives – because SPs allowed them to bypass their case! Then, clear status yoyo, because you REALLY need to be clear, by God.

    You end up with a boiled frog and OUT TECH. and it all looks nice. And, “hey, I’m not in the SO, and these guys knew what they were signing when they signed that billion year contract! So what if they were black boiler suits from time to time. Not my problem, yo.”

    But, I think if they exteriorize from it for a bit, and at least not contribute to the motion for a while, they will figure it out. At least, they won’t make it worse.

  91. I agree with you. The problem is roteness and the letter of the high-crimes. I see you are a lawyer. If there is one thing I know, it is that the offenses and penalties are not legally rigorous by any means.

  92. Well I haven`t found an LRH policy yet, but I did find a WISE magazine that says it.

    From the premiere issue of WISE at Work, issued 2005

    Creating a New Civilization YOUR ROLE

    …The new breed of organization: The answer to a new civilization

    …the plan: To make each org a Central Organization, responsible for every activity using LRH technology across an entire geographic zone. Division 6C is where these activities are formed and continue to create a new civilization.

    …It’s best summed up in the words of those community leaders who shared in the opening ceremonies of the first new Central Organizations, as can be seen in the following from the Vice Mayor of Mountain View, California:
    “That ‘new civilization’ is, of course, literally expressed right there on your organizing board. I also saw how every Scientologist is on the org board to make that dream a reality. Of course, we in City government want that dream, too. We want a world without insanity, war or crime, where every man, woman and child can and does rise higher and reach their goals.”
    “So we, the Mayor’s office, the City Council and all of the City government, we too are on your org board.”

    You can download the mag at this address:

    I think you`ll be truly shocked if you read it. It has a whole new org board in it for Div 6 and DM stating unequivocally that all of the ABLE organizations are now the responsibility of the Central Organizations. Its quite an insight to read this.

  93. Dear Maria,
    HCOPL 1 MAY AD 15 Issue III, Organization, The design of the organization, (OEC v.0, © 1986), might be of assistance.


  94. Maria


    I am sorry that I do not have that reference at hand, but I offer this.

    I recall that statement about everyone being on the Org Board coming from Ron’s pen. My take on it has always been that it is true in as far as that the Org Board was designed as an administrative tool to assist in ultimately helping everyone achieve personal freedom and happiness, in their own terms.

    Div 6 reaches out to all people and was designed to service them with the goal of introducing them to Scientology and getting them on a path to more optimum lives. That, in effect, places all people “on the org board” in at least that capacity. I do not recall ever hearing Ron suggest everyone is “staff” on the org board. That seems to wholly be a Miscavige’s Church reinvention.

    I also remember Ron having said something to the effect that everybody needs to be welcome to be part of the game because if you do not let them play with you they will find a way to play against you.

    Hmmmm…. I wonder what that would look like…

    Eric S

  95. scilonschools

    Ron Hubbard observed a relationship between the state of one’s “MEST” and the state of one’s mind. The way the relationship was explained was that the mind is basically a symbolic representation of the physical universe, in that it is composed of facsimiles of the physical universe.

    Thereby one can somewhat evaluate the state of someone’s mind by the state of their MEST… ie… If the MEST is disorganized and confused… so also the mind.. etc.

    By simply getting a person to the point where they gain better control of their MEST you are indirectly assisting them in being better able to control the symbols of that MEST… ie the mind. The reverse is also demonstrably true. By putting more order, or sanity if you will, into the mind, one will observe the being putting more sanity into his MEST and environment.

    Try it… Put more control or order into your environment and see what happens to your tone.

    Eric S

  96. More David Miscavige alter is. NOTHING seems to be the responsibility of David Miscavige any more except spying on Marty. And Marty probably “made him do it”.

  97. Right down in the enforcement band! Well, the good news is, ALL OF US ARE ON THEIR ORG BOARD! MARTY IS ON THEIR ORG BOARD!
    MIKE IS ON THEIR ORG BOARD! No wonder Marty is still wearing his I/G ethics hat! Why is David spying on his own staff? We are ALL staff!
    And I reckon we are conducting a noisy investigation. Why, I must be in department 3!

  98. Hey, my fellow staff member, 🙂 , we are still doing it all! Getting up the bridge, getting others up the bridge, working, raising our children, running our households, and wearing our hats in department 3 working on this lengthy Committee of Evidence. AND, we are getting it all done as a Special Mission ! With NO help and continuous sabotage and destruction ATTEMPTS from O.S.A.. The GOOD news is, The F.B.I. is on the Org Board! They are on staff too! President Obama is on staff too! He is David’s senior! With everyone on the Org Board, David now has seniors ALL OVER THE PLACE! The I.R.S., The C.I.A., The Commander in Chief, and The F.B.I., Congress, The Senate, the Mayor of Hemet!

  99. Thanks Calvin!

  100. Yes – and you said above that you are not down on corporatists and on that score i am with you too. The roteness is very much the problem – and this is with much of society. My own view on “right” and “wrong” does not come from legal training. Politicians make the law and lawyers manage it. What is “right” or “wrong” cannot be properly measured in law, nor in policy that is used to threaten and intimidate. I think that a sense of justice and rightness is inate in us – we just need to trust ourselves. So many people have been killed, tortured, crucified and imprisoned because they were apparently wrong, and later were considered to be right and even righteous. What corporatists need to do is gather the facts and then look at them. As you point out Mark, the law has no bearing on this. And no-one should be threatened with the loss of eternity and enforced disconnection from loved ones. The fact that the threat is made is a fact that should be looked at on its own merit. Why stick with a group that keeps its members by use of threat? Why stick with a group that has “blow drills”/ disconnection policies/ sec checkingmania? Why stick with a group that uses cold war tactics (spying and propaganda)? The “save the world” speak is only “apparent theta” (characteristic of an SP) if the stats don’t bear out the talk. And the stats are in a downward trend. Look and look again, corporatists. We care about you.

  101. Gotta hand it to the man, he knows how to sponge the potentials! He made everyone in the Church “victims” of the I.R.S.. As soon as they went away, he began to tax the citizens of Scientology in a way the I.R.S never DREAMED of doing!

  102. Thanks!


    In 1985 I arrived at the base as a P.C.. A friend of mine who had joined the Sea Org a few years earlier told me that public then were called “pool pigs”. Because they sat near by the pool on the walk way. He told me I might be “hot shit” at C.C.N.Y. but at the Flag Land Base I should get off my high horse and accept that I viewed as a “pool pig”. He was the C/S of the case cracking unit.

    At that time I had just come off a three year contract where, between rehearsals and on stage time I was dancing 80 plus hours a week! I was exhausted and had just put in years of hard physical labor on a daily basis with no days off. I could barely sleep at night as listening and performing to the same music night after night kept going through my mind like an implant noise. I looked around the staff meandering around and sitting at their desks. 90% of them had the job to sit and talk or sit and listen! FOR REAL! No other concerns or responsibilities to consider. No contracts except their Sea Org Org contracts. No bills to pay, no transportation as they were bused. Nothing to do but sit and talk or sit or sit and listen. Or sit and watch other people study.

    I realized then they had no idea themselves what it took to put together an auditing package at Flag. In fact, I don’t think many of them had even paid for a service at Flag. And they were sneering down at ME because I had made it go right to do something on the bridge. None of them cared what it took for me to do it. It did NOT MATTER and I did not really matter. I was a pool pig.

    Paying their bills with my hard earned cash. They seemed to think their uniforms food electric water bedding books pens pencils phones were only a result of them.

  104. constant vigilance

    Thanks for your survey question answer Wind Walker. Good words.

  105. RANT! Hallucinatory oblivious cult members! YOU PEOPLE are on ON MY ORG BOARD! I am NOT on your Org Board! You are on the Org Board of a country called AMERICA! It is an Org Board and a system! It is called a SOCIETY! Do you know what your self appointed place is on this Org Board? Non tax paying, living below the poverty line, no responsibility, not accountable for anything, people who have at DM’s request, have actually taken “VOWS OF POVERTY”. You have VOWED to live in poverty! But not David Miscavige! He hasn’t signed any vow to live in poverty has he? Those people do not even the MEANS to be Scientology consumers or any other consumer. They have vowed to be in poverty and ser fac on others who create the means to be consumers!
    FIND OUT WHERE YOU ARE! You are on OUR org Board! You are “citizens” who are hostile to everyone else on this Org Board! You use the streets, the justice systems, the hospitals, the welfare and poverty charity, the police, the firemen, the politicians, and everything else other people’s taxes pay for and you do not put in any exchange. You instead pledge yourself to “Vows of poverty” You live off what your beggars can hustle out of people! Demanding costly high end real estate to live and work in during your “vow of poverty” life! Handing all of your resources over to the ultimate “POOL PIG”, David Miscavige! That guy is higher maintenance than a Hollywood starlet! With his tanning beds, million dollar demands in pay and services and legal fees, entourage, cars birthday gifts private birthday partied for his friends , million dollar office buildings apartments digs and world travels. Your Vow of Poverty enforced on you by David Miscavige goes against everything Hubbard every wrote about high conditions and affluence! He made you VOW to be a downstat! It would be a CRIME for you to be in any affluence! Normal condition for you = poverty. That is what David Miscavige sold you in to! LOOK at what he has made Normal for himself! It sure as hell aint anywhere close to poverty!

  106. You people don’t even realize you are HOMELESS! You sleep on a bed that belongs to the Church on a day by day basis depending on how well you are liked by the others! AND, you are being overcharged for that! That has got to be worth , ……… just look at your fucking mattress’ that you work 12 + hours a day for!

  107. THE SECRET! The six years I spent in the Sea Org were easiest six years of my life! I DID NOTHING but sit on my ass and talk and listen for six years! It is the easiest life in the world! Why the hell do you think those people stay there? They can have a one track mind 24/7. They have one simple set of policies to think with and live with. They got used to a cushy life. The thought of walking off the Int Base or the Flag land Base and actually having to think with a “complex to them” society and decide for themselves and generate resources for themselves is overwhelming! They have been enabled to not have to think for themselves or provide for themselves! Besides, they would have to generate some kind of affluence condition just to get off the base! That goes against the Vows of Poverty!

  108. Here is some information on the US laws:

    “Churches and non-profits are free to be involved in political issues as long as no candidate or party is endorsed.”

    Here’s a site that summarizes the situation in the USA:

    “What Political Activities by Churches are NOT Permitted?”

    “Official Endorsements — Churches may not officially endorse or oppose any political candidate and maintain tax-exempt status. Pastors or other church officials may not endorse or oppose candidates from the pulpit
    or in church publications such as bulletins, websites, or broadcasts during an election campaign season.”
    (p. 8*)

  109. I think you are right. “Lack of perspective” would be classic for having lost out of view the purpose of the activity. (The “Purpose of Ethics” has been even removed from the Book in all editions from ’89 onward.)
    Regarding Ethics, what is left is numerous policies with no purpose in view to evaluate.
    A key to help someone to crack that condition could be the question: “What is the purpose of … (this activity)?”
    That could open the gates to perspective. From that you could evaluate GAT, the new books, etc.

  110. “TO — why am I not surprised. The ultimate devolution of the church.”

    For whatever reason, this news has hit me harder than any of the inconvenient truths that have spilled out of that place. Making people wrong for wanting to purchase service at the Flag Land Base does seem like the ultimate devolution. How much worse can it get from there? Staff pouncing on public and making a human sacrifice in the auditorium? Tossing the body parts in the swimming pool? I thought I would see the place close down before I ever saw the group become this crazy. I would not have thought it even possible.

    I can count the times on one hand I have been sick in this life, but that bought on a fever.

    It’s really over, there. I don’t even know if it matters to me what happens next with them, to them.

    Any hopes I had for a miracle have abandoned me. I don’t even feel curious about what they are doing anymore with out hope.

    They have gone absolutely mad.

  111. David, we all psyched you out early in the game. We are immortals. We think about where we will be standing 1000 years from now. You think about today and next week. You rushed on the destruction. For some fancy digs and a few decent meals. We know who you are. You took the rope and hanged yourself with greed. 1000 years from now, you will not be standing beside us. Today is such a little blip and you cashed out everything for such a temporary crust of bread. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are so busted from the immortals.

  112. scilonschools

    Interesting concepts, Before my family and I were ‘helped’ by those holding similar views I ran a very fast growing and successful business, had a beautiful family , two beautiful homes and travelled between meetings in my own aircraft (self piloted)in all weathers etc.
    The business was a high pressure specialised construction business and I contributed 20% turnover direct (and an additional 15% indirect) to one of my key suppliers who practised the ‘WISE’ system. I was their largest client out of 200+ they had on their books most with considerably more employees than me.
    Organisation is more subjective than you would think.
    My brain appears to be wired different to many, my operating system more like MAC than Windows. What appeared chaotic to some was my stability and vice versa.
    My methods appeared ‘chaotic’ to those of the Scientology mind, they couldn’t begin to match my productivity and didn’t understand my success, they did feel if I used ‘their’ methods I would be even more successful and they imposed total control on my life to ‘help’ me (more importantly themselves!)
    The result was a total collapse of all, and hence loss of income to those hoping to benefit.
    Additionally it turned me into an outspoken critic of the Church of Scientology and created the enemy of the organisation I am today, all those productive resources now focused against the CoS.

  113. scilonschools

    Ouch! What a horror story. I had not meant to kick that hornet’s nest.

    Seems my communication did not arrive as I had intended. My post was primarily referring to the arrangement and care of one’s stuff, though I find that it also applies to one’s activities.
    However… I offered my post with an understanding on my part that what one person deems good organization can be quite different from another person’s, even in the arrangement or care of their stuff. The proof of one’s correct evaluations and handlings, regarding anything, is in the increased creation, in present time, of their own concept of optimum survival across their Dynamics.

    Just my opinion, based on the story you have told, but it sounds to me like you were in pretty decent shape both mentally and “organizationally” before WISE got hold of you. I may be way off the mark here, but it seems like, for whatever reason, you must have agreed to a few things that were not true for you. That rarely goes well in the long run.

    WISE, just like the “church”, has been corrupted to the core by misunderstandings, misapplications and pure suppression.

    I am hoping you have managed to rebound and have moved forward creating YOUR life, to your satisfaction, any old way you please.

    Eric S

  114. David Miscavige said:
    “People keep saying, “How’d you get power?” Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”
    (October 25, 1998).

  115. Calvin, I am in awe of you! How ever do you manage to keep track of so many people’s pseudonyms and now, at least in this case, their occupation? Do you have to keep a sort of database or do you just have a phenomenal memory? I’ve noticed this talent of yours and I’m duly impressed!

  116. scilonschools

    Thanks!Thanks Eric!

    I think that what was applied to my family was not REAL Scientology as LRH meant,the methods used were to brew up a Tempest, cut my anchor lines with the intent to raid the cargo and salvage the ship once it was on the rocks (totally greed motivated).

    The damage has been severe and currently not on my desired track, however I am running parallel to it and hope to return someday.

    I still apply my methods of compromise and understanding and those have lead me to Marty’s tent and enabled me to find other ‘MACS’ trying to restore their original operating systems!!

    I think one of the saddest things is how LRH’s original message was corrupted and lost, using the powerful techniques for wanton greed of some.

    When so many give up so much to ‘get the message through’, and it fails to reach it’s target intact it is the greatest loss.

  117. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, you wrote:

    “There are dozens of independent practitioners of Scientology around the globe. There is a growing movement of Independent Scientologists. You can review a list of hundreds of them, along with their Scientology credentials by going online, visiting and clicking on the “Indie 500” link. Virtually everyone on that list has attempted many remedies, aimed at making Scientology Inc. change its ways. Most have finally concluded that the best way to reform Scientology is to do as Ron said, and break the oppressive monopoly by going right ahead and applying Scientology in the manner they see fit…”

    The Indie 500 list is not a title or anything close to that. It’s just the information that most if not ALL (which I am sure is the case) of the people on that list, one way or another have sought Reform of Scientology Inc. and to put their Ethics in.

    However, lately I see some Indies who think they are the representatives of Standard Tech which right now in my very humble opinion, does NOT exist anywhere on the planet as LRH left it as there is no Admin or Ethics Tech to back it up in FULL 100% application. As I left that comment on Indie Scientologists group I was then banned from it from daring to express different views. But the truth is that despite the narrow mindedness of some (Independent) Scientology moves on.

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