Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

Where Were You?

I would appreciate your participation in the following two question survey.  Please provide answers by consulting your own current understanding, without reference to other published materials or views or doctrines of anyone else.

  1. Where were you between 75 million years ago and two hundred thousand years ago?

a.On Earth, in and out of pre homo-sapiens forms, evolving animal bodies into human bodies.

b.On Earth, in and out of homo sapiens bodies the entire time.

c.  In other bodies on other planets among non-human civilizations. (if so, when and why did you come to Earth?)

d. In free-spirit state (or other out of body state) on this or other planets. (if so, when and why did you begin to occupy human bodies?)

e. Other.

2.  How did the humanoid form take its current shape?

a.   Evolved over many millennia by biological natural selection or similar Darwinian-like processes.

b.  Evolved by intelligent design of individual thetans. (if so was it a rather spontaneous creation or did it occur over many generations of body building and modification? When?)

c.  Created by ancient astronauts. (Sumerian theory)

d.  Put on earth by God or some other agency in much the same state they are currently in. (if so, when?)

e. Other.