Luis and Rocio Garcia vs. The Machine

From the author of a Letter From Garcia, please see a Lawsuit from the Garcias.  Updates forthcoming.

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see also: Rocio’s story

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  1. If the Church offers to settle, I sure hope Luis will refuse and push onwards and force them to open the books, rather than take the money and run.

  2. In an October 2012 letter received by me from Laurie Webster, Super Power Project In-Charge:

    “Since the beginning of the year and especially in the past few months many of our contributors have been completing Cornerstone Memberships or their next status levels to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the epic moment-the release of the Super Power Rundowns and the opening of Scientology’s cathedral, the new Flag Building.
    Right now there are over 2,500 Cornerstone Members representing many countries the world over:”

    A Cornerstone membership when I bought mine was 35,000. And the Key Contributer my husband bought was 100,000 and there are higher levels. 2500 times 35000 is 87 million dollars, not to mention the the higher level contributions. That’s a butt load of money!

  3. Over 14 years ago, I gave the IAS over $20K. A few years ago, I requested it back, quite reasonably since it was extracted under false pretenses. Since a long time has passed, they have legal grounds to keep the money but not moral grounds. Was someone thinking that the overt-motivator sequence can be beat by auditing? Good luck with that. This lawsuit warms my heart. Here is a chance for former IAS regges (yes, you Kay if you are reading) to help make up some damage by contributing to this motion.

  4. Most Interested

    Also, think of all the witnesses with Non-Disclosure Agreements from the last years can be deposed. The list starts with Janet Light. And Debbie Cook. And … … This could be the knock out blow to the organization as it is being run today. Not to the organization per se, but to their methods of operation and abuse.

  5. This will be one to watch, reads like the attorneys are just as brazen and ready, and Federal Court no less.

  6. Unfuckingbelievable!

  7. Roger From Switerland Thought


  8. I certaintly hope he proceeds and is not forced to rabbit out of it
    when books are opened up.If he does its again allowing Dm’s overts
    to be swept under the carpet

  9. Wow! The horizon sure has some dark clouds brewing for the Cof$.
    I’ll guess we’ll see what the power of money actually is on this one. I hope the integrity side of the ledger wins out – Miscavige is due his motivator.

  10. As my friend Dan Koon once said so eloquently, “Shit, meet fan.”

  11. Open the books!!!


  12. This sword has another blade on it.

    Frontline recently had a program as to why no Wall Street wonkers have ever been charged, much less convicted and sent to jail, in spite of a great effort by certain congressmen to do so.

    The reason was very obvious, and has been borne out even more recently.

    The flake in charge of the Justice Department’s investigation, Lanny Breuer, was more concerned about the consequences on the banking industry if he went after these top bankers. In the program, an audio recording of a speech he gave before the Bar indicated he ‘lost sleep’ worrying about what would happen to others and the industry as a whole if he went after the bankers. In the interview, he conceded that he was concerned about others being hurt if the bankers were hit. This is outrageous, since it is not his job to worry about the banking industry!

    More recently, I linked to his latest fuck up with the drug trafficking British bank HSDC. ( -“Outrageous HSBC Settlement”-) where he states specifically that even though those Bankers were knowingly involved in drug laundering and trafficking, he wouldn’t go after the bankers because of the consequences on the banking industry.

    His justification for his ineptitude was he couldn’t find any real wrong doing. His critics claim he never really looked that hard.

    What is interesting is that now there many civil cases against the Wall Street bankers where there is plenty of evidence of wrong doing, including some pretty startling testimony from whistle blowers. From what was said by these whistle blowers, these bankers knew what they were doing and in spite of warnings, did it anyway.

    Why couldn’t that flake Breuer do the same? He didn’t want to, that ‘s why.

    As a consequence of the civil suits, the interest in a federal criminal case is being resurrected. The deceptive comments by that twit Breuer that there was not enough evidence of wrong doing is shown to be a lie. Obviously, he is paid by the bankers, or expects to end up in a banking institution, or is unbelievably incompetent.

    So, to my point of another blade on this sword. If this civil law suit proceeds, and is successful, then it may open up an avenue for a criminal suit, just as it does in the Wall Street fiasco. Who ever it is in the Justice Department who is protecting the CofS, may have to stand down and let the FBI do their thing.

    – all my opinion of course –

  13. Hope somebody has thought of what to do if the Co$ collapses, or if Miscavige and his “attorneys” are jailed.

  14. Troubleshooter

    Ah, the old refund/repayments policy! The soft underbelly of corrupt registration of donations, What a good place to start in order to bring out misrepresentation about, or misuse of funds. Having amassed vast volumes of funds without spending it on the causes advertised, I suspect those in charge will have to really scramble to justify the myriad of false promises they have generated, none of which occurred in reality.
    Many years ago,unwinding the old GO practices of sitting on refund/repayment claims took a great deal of time and personnel to unravel. And once that was done, we were able to get ahead and focus on good delivery with a fast refund policy locked solidly in place. By ruthlessly enforcing refund policy, tech was made to really deliver! (Funny that!) Now it seems this is worse than the scene that existed in the early 80’s.
    There is another zone which is part of this. I wonder if the Church has made good on all the donations made by parisioners for the ‘Basics Books Package’ to get them into libraries around the world? I would dearly love to see full LRH libraries in my own local libraries but you know – I haven’t seen a single LRH title in a library for YEARS, Nor DMSMH in any bookstore or any DMSMH advertising or ad campaigns. I wonder how much prepayment has been accumulated against the books packages that have NOT been delivered to libraries? Scheri, you can always post the account statement on this site from the Gold Accounts Dept! To me, that’s misrepresentation.
    Non-compliance with refund/repayment policies IS a major violation of the IRS agreement and so unless they get with it really quick they’ll be caught with their pants down because this is in the public domain. Sort that one out Dave! Might need to spring Lyman from the Hole so he can give you some help!

  15. I salute the Garcia family! Don’t mess with the Spanish!!

  16. Ok, checking out the lawsuit, looks pretty awesome and impressive – but i Know not to underestimate the Co$. My question is 2 fold……can the church make this one “go away”( like so many before including Debbie Cook, ), by just paying the money back? I would think one of two things: if the Co$ DID pay it back, the flood gates are now open……however if it fights these accusations, Miscaviage is going to end up in court…… I would imagine that dM, is shaking in his boots for once…. heis gonna try and pay and make this go away……….

    Wow this is exciting !

  17. As much as I would like to see David Miscavige and Scientology Inc.’s scams blown wide open, I feel the Garcias have every right to accept their money back if it is offered and they so desire. If they are successful in that way it will open the door for many others who have been ripped off and will, in effect, blow the whole scene wide open becaused a lot of evidence is going to come out before Miscavige relents, a la Debbie Cooke. That’s just the nature of the beast.

    I think everyone who paid into the IAS and similar schemes (Super Power) should be able to get their money back. Everyone who paid for services and then felt short changed or no longer wanted services should be able to get their money back. And anyone who paid “freeloader” bills under threat and duress should be able to get their money back.

    More power to the Garcias!!

  18. One chilling sentence,

    “During these sessions representations were repeatedly made to Plaintiffs regarding the importance and necessity of funding contributions from Plaintiffs, as a means to achieve their spiritual advancement.“

  19. Theo Sismanides

    Viva to the Garcias! Now that opens up the door for a handling.

    And then I will never quit saying that the Fraud is not only on the money. I spent 9 years in the Sea Org, left my job, left my country, left everything only to find out “we are not applying certain policies”! That’s fraud, too!

  20. Agreed! I’d love to have all my money back.

  21. It would seem to me there is fraud in regards to any service donations made for anything in the past couple decades, whether the service was taken or not, since the donations have not been used as outlined in numerous Church policies starting with “What Your Donations Buy”.

  22. You have a good point Theo. You lose a lot more than money in the Co$.
    And sometimes that is even worse.
    Good luck.

  23. Joe Pendleton

    I would say that there are TWO very significant impacts/issues of this lawsuit.

    The SECONDARY one is the “winnableness” of the lawsuit. We’ll just have to wait and see what develops on that front. The free exercise of religion clause in the First Ammendment casts a very large shadow. Almost anything goes under that, though NOT crimes such as assault, rape, murder or child abuse for example. Fraud is of course not as clear an issue. Also interesting to look at the Jim Bakker case of about 20 years ago. Bakker as part of his TV ministry sold timeshares at hotels in his religious theme park Heritage USA (as I recall, for $1,000, you were ensured 3 nights stay every year for life) and he over sold them, not enough rooms for all the folks who paid. I haven’t looked at this case since, but I think that is what landed him in jail. Note that the fraud in his case was a VERY specific promise (it was on TV so it was taped) for the money paid that he could not live up to. It will be harder to prove in the case against the CoS.

    But remember folks, WINNING this case is secondary really (though it would be fantastic if the CoS DID indeed have to repay IAS donos). What is important is the news reports that will be generated as this case is pursued; story after story of CoS fraud and pressure/mind control/threats/force in re: to donations. The public needs to hear as much as possible HOW the CoS gets money from folks. The public needs to hear HOW the CoS cruelly manipulates peoples’ spiritual goals in order to steal their money and bankrupt them and THEN in the cruelest way possible, AFTER getting their money (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars) kicks them out of the church if they dare to speak out and blackens their reputations in every way they can. Yes, this needs to be gotten out over and over again. It is not enough to just publish books and go on the internet. This needs to be on the record under oath. Miscavige and his mob family need to be deposed under oath and MORE publicity needs to be gotten about their crimes.

    The whole purpose being not just to get ethics in on the CoS, which is shrinking day by day anyway, but to alert the public continually about this organization so that no more unsuspecting people are duped into having to give up all their money and all their personal freedom in the pursuit of “total freedom.” So, while it would be GREAT to win this case, the true impact of the case will most definately be the JOURNEY, more than the destination. (though I do love the thought of the CoS having to return millions to all the folks that have been declared, as well as having to spend money to defend itself – of course for church stats overall, it will probably be good as it will get Miscavige more off the lines of running the CoS as he becomes obsessed about the lawsuit – Ah, the ironies of it all!!!!). Should be a LOT of fun!!!!!!

  24. My admiration goes out to the Garcia’s. It is tragic that so many good people with good intentions give up all that money and end up either leaving out of personal integrity or get declared for having the nerve to question chruch practices. My hope is that somehow this lawyer will prevail. My question however is; How can anyone prove fraud if nothing is in writing regarding the donation? All donations are IAS no matter what story is used for obtainning them. Now, if this lawsuit can force the chuch to open its books, that would be something! I thought all non-profits had to give quartelry/yearly reports to members. What is the legal info on this? Any lawyers out there?

  25. What a fraudulent and treacherous entity the Cof$ has become…

  26. KT,
    Good reference! I will have to re-read it now to see what is included. LRH policy should be come under the heading of scripture which should trump any ED’s and such issued by DM.

  27. Kudos to the Gracia family! Go get them tigers!!! Someone need to start rolling the ball and reminding the RCS of their own contract with the IRS!!!

  28. Where does all the money really go ? Starving children in Africa ?
    Super Power ? The real itemised list of where the money was spent will piss off the Pope on Palm Sunday. $500. Egyptian Cotton shirts,$5,000. Suits,
    $2,000. John Lobb hand crafted shoes. Private Jets, 5 star vactations to Europe, cases of the finest Scotch.

  29. Actually if you read HCO BULLETIN OF 22 DECEMBER 1960
    “O-W A LIMITED THEORY” you will see that the overt-motivator sequence can be beat by auditing

    “O-W is a theory which sets in when aberration sets in. It is not a high natural law. “

  30. Yvonne Schick

    My gratitude to the Garcias for taking this battle on. No lawsuit is ever easy. There have been/will be hundreds of hours of meetings with attorneys, preparing personal time lines with documentation, digging thru boxes of statements and receipts and organizing the admin for presentation. All while wading thru a pile of crap you had hoped was behind you. It takes courage and dedication and intelligence. The Garcias have that in abundance. I hope they settle whenever settling seems like the right thing to them and their attorneys. Their effort will still have set a pattern for future such actions by others.

    My positive postulate is there for a conclusion where everyone wins.

  31. Right. On. The. Money.
    The IA$ is next!

  32. 1. 5 years ago Anonymous launched Project Chanology.

    2. In 2009 The S.P. Times wrote their ground-breaking Truth Rundown exposing to a wide audience about the inhumane treatment of Sea Org members in ‘The Hole’. This initiated an aborted FBI investigation into human-trafficking.

    3. Last year Debbie Cooks e-mail shook up the corporate world of Scientology. She woke up many Scientologists out of their Matrix-like daze.

    4. Many long-time Scientologists are publicly resigning including famous people like Jason Beghe and Paul Haggis.

    5. Marty released 2 books last year that were very popular exposing in detail what Miscavige has done in the last 25 years. This January alone 3 new books exposing the CO$ and Miscavige have been released. Wright’s book is on it’s second printing and Sweeney’s book is sold out in Amazon.

    6. Now, Louis Garcia has initiated a lawsuit by a reputable law-firm that may cause the cult to open it’s books for the first time. Not only that, but if successful, dozens of individual law-suits demanding money back for fraud may result of this. This may have the potential to seriously deplete the IAS ‘warchest’.

    Are we achieving critical mass here or what?

  33. That’s very interesting – I may find that useful. Thanks

  34. Here’s something else OSA & DM need to worry about: If you build a chair for $1.00 in materials using free labor (ya know like at the Flag mill where the RPFers works) and the bill out an Org for $100.00 making a $99.00 profit you just might have a problem. How do you like them apples, assholes?

  35. I only truly woke up from the lies a year ago.thanks to Debbie cook’s email.
    Luis Garcia’s letter is the one I keep at hand for references when I need to help somebody who is painfully waking up.
    But what always stayed with me because of the amazing ethics presence I sensed coming out of it, is the end statement:
    “I am confronting you today.but you will have to confront me some day and pay for your crimes . And pay you will.”

    Miscavige might have lost a few inches being served with that lawsuit.

  36. Luis and Rocio Garcia…BRAVO!!!!!!!

    The current Co$ is rife with fraud. It’s very difficult to prove fraud in the C/Sing and auditing. The fruad in IAS and Superpower and even the idle org scam is obvious and blatant. The registrars get rich while the patrons go broke in far too many cases. This is no quid pro quo. This is no “we tried”. This is fraud.

    I think with the fraud victory in France, and the intelligent mock up of this lawsuit, the rafters of the superpower fraud will come tumbling down.

    Just as a note, Luis, a big part of the fruad is also contained in the issues Ron wrote regarding fundraising (see and the LRH reference from 1978 where LRH says that Superpower will be available at Saint Hills in 8 weeks. This fruad is all on miscavige and his actions are diametrically opposed to LRH’s words.

    Good Luck.
    God Speed.
    If they try pay you off to keep it out of court…do whatever is right for YOU.


  37. Celebrate! Then continue.

  38. You mean he can get shorter than he already is? 😉

  39. All power to the Garcia’s – whatever the outcome and howsoever they choose to settle or otherwise. It takes a lot of grit and determination to do this – thank you.

  40. I’ve said this before, but can’t resist saying it again:

    Davey boy, it’s time to dust off your booster seat for the deposition chair. We all think you’ll look really cute with your little legs dangling while you curse the lawyers. Might be a good idea to refrain from screaming at them “YSCOHB” this one time. Ya think?

  41. I heard it this afternoon on the radio
    640 Am. at about 3:30

  42. PS I would like to exchange the two used cars I sold for the books I ‘had’ to buy!. COS can have the books back & I want my two cars back 😉

  43. Tom Gallagher

    Dearest POB, (aka Shorty or some other well deserved derogatory assignation),

    I wish you a well spent term in hell.

    Much love (just joking),

    Tom Gallagher

  44. If policy (or ‘scripture’) isn’t being followed or enforced, then RTC is not doing what it’s supposed to and should lose its authority. (in theory)

  45. One of the reasons that David Miscavige has gotten away with his 25 year Crime Wave is that Lawyers of magnitude and Law Firms with a pedigree were not taking Scientology Inc on.
    Kudos to the high profile Indie that got Mr Babbit and his prestigious Law firm aboard.

    Now we have BOTH Ray Jeffreys the San Antonio Texas, a new very high profile Lawyer who is willing to take on the Church ( Debbie Cook Lawyer.)

    AND we have Theodore Babbit

    Who is Mr Babbit ?

    Read more … bitt.shtml

    Since 1973, Mr. Babbitt has been a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an invitation-only group limited to just 100 of the top plaintiffs’ lawyers in the country. He’s written more than 100 articles that have appeared in national and local publications, given lectures for other attorneys, chaired nearly a dozen professional committees, and been listed – for more than 20 years — in The Best Lawyers in America. All the while, he has successfully tackled some of the toughest personal injury cases in the state of Florida – and obtained numerous high-profile, multimillion-dollar recoveries for his clients.
    Most lawyers with credentials like these tend to oversee cases, letting junior lawyers do the legwork. That’s not Mr. Babbitt’s style. Because he is selective about the cases he accepts, Mr. Babbitt is able to give each client the attention – and the resources – they deserve. It’s a formula that’s enabled him to win cases against long odds – and win the respect of his clients.
    For Mr. Babbitt, no detail is too small, and no opponent is too big. While other lawyers can spend years getting to the heart of their case, Mr. Babbitt sees it from the very start: helping his client seek redress – and accountability – for the harm they’ve suffered.[/

  46. yes Rob Roy, he is going to be very,very small ,we’ll barely see him and then maybe somebody will help him grow up again to his normal size(which is rather limited ,granted!)

  47. I’m very happy to see this:

    “– Babbitt says he’s looked at every lawsuit against Scientology in Florida. This suit, however, he believes involves NO First Amendment issues, which the church usually appeals to in order to get out of lawsuits.” (Ortega’s site, linked to above.)

    The Garcia’s attorney has separated the two, correctly, avoiding the fatal error in the Headley case.

  48. +1000000 YES!

  49. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I don’t think DM can afford to make a settlement offer, or lose the case for that matter. Either way a floodgate will open against him. He’ll be fighting this down to the wire using every evasion and dirty trick that he can muster.

    Good luck to the Garcias, I hope they enjoy a good brawl. The cult usually provides one.

  50. Luis and Rocio-I LOOOVE what you are doing!!!!This is fabulous!!!!!

  51. Yvonne Schick

    Karen, You are right on. Babbitt brings a great deal of gravitas to the scene. He is highly respected, he is highly knowledgeable and he has balls of steel. He doesn’t need the case to prove himself. He is way beyond that. With his standing, he doesn’t take cases he doesn’t sense he can win. My highest respect to those who are supporting the Garcias.

  52. The media picked up on this fast, as if they are watching and waiting for such occurrences.

  53. Why, the slavering beasts ….

  54. Holy Moly, this is great. I read the lawsuit top to bottom. And old saying sums this up- damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If DM tries to settle then hundreds of others will leap up and he will have to pay millions and millions. But if he tries to fight the case, he will have to submit to discovery which will show the world what a sick fraud he is. He has one shot- he has to try to get the case dismissed on the grounds that he is being persecuted by bitter apostates who have been infected by virulent religious bigotry. If that fails, he is just totally fubar. But here’s the problem. The case has been assigned to a really tough, no bullshit Federal judge who convicted another religious “leader” of fraud. So chances of him dismissing are really slim. My feeling on this is summed up here:

    DM- Have you got your things together? Because the Garcia’s are coming and looks like they have balls of steel.Very, Very well done to all the Garcia’s and everyone involved in preparing this case. I can see the hand of some real pro’s in the creation of this ballistic missle.

  55. Luis and Rocio, wonderful news!!!!!

  56. a team of gumshoes wearing brass knuckles to take on the beast

  57. I heard about this today for the first time. Knowing how much I trust Luis I was glad to hear it. He is not the only one on this planet that has been defrauded from the Church of Scientology. I mentioned this lawsuit to only one person today, a close confidante without giving the person much background about this lawsuit and the unrehearsed response was verbatim “They are going to go out of business”. Mine was “I can’t say that I am going to regret that fact”. I won’t. LRH Says somewhere about the power of forgiveness granted to one by some auditing processes. But that is not the case here. There are people that could have died and some that did listening to the advice of some warped individual in the Church of Scientology. I know from experience. Would it be right if after World War II someone said to the Nazi’s “You are forgiven because we know it was just your case” ? What about the people that died? The Church of Scientology will not be missed in the event. One can only be a friend of the Church of Scientology if one is “suggestible and obedient” and so confused by all the the lies around that one believes just about anything one is told. Once a person cognites on certain things and looks at the church and says “Hey this is wrong!” that person goes right to the top of the church’s enemies list and stays there. I would like to see David Miscavige come out in to the real world and earn a living like “a normal person”. What does he know how to do besides “play boss”? Have you ever seen a help wanted ad for a “Make Believe OT Boss”? I never did. 🙂

  58. The Ideal Org scam is even worse.
    The public sucked dry – and the stuff sill needs to collect the money for the rent. WTF? No delivery. No Scientology. No fun.

    Miscavige, I told you, we see you!

  59. Joe Pendleton said,
    “What is important is the news reports that will be generated as this case is pursued; story after story of CoS fraud and pressure/mind control/threats/force in re: to donations. The public needs to hear as much as possible HOW the CoS gets money from folks. The public needs to hear HOW the CoS cruelly manipulates peoples’ spiritual goals in order to steal their money and bankrupt them and THEN in the cruelest way possible, AFTER getting their money (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars) kicks them out of the church if they dare to speak out and blackens their reputations in every way they can. Yes, this needs to be gotten out over and over again. It is not enough to just publish books and go on the internet. This needs to be on the record under oath. Miscavige and his mob family need to be deposed under oath and MORE publicity needs to be gotten about their crimes.”

    you make a very important point! The refund win would be great and I wish the Garcia’s all the luck on that!
    But the exposure this case is already getting and will hopefully continue to build on IS HUGE and the public will be very interested and therefore the media will stay interested (like a good mystery) as this story of treachery continues to develop.

    Well done on this Luis and Rocio! I love it!

  60. + 1

    I believe honest people want others to be honest too. That’s my opinion on Luis Garcia since his famous write-up.

  61. I have a good feeling about this. I like Babbit. I like the angle. Fantastic exposure. And we all know the $ is the jugular for Miscavige’s cult.

  62. Way to go Luis and Rocio!

  63. Luis might have invited his lawyer to a gourmet dinner.
    Babbitt’s feast!

  64. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    It seems the Gracias’ lawsuit will be the first of many such suits. Mr. Babbitt is indeed the right lawyer. Well done Luis and Rocio.

  65. Rob Roy reinforces the thought that no one person will stop the tyranny of the COS but WHEN (not IF) it happens it will truly have been a massive collective effort of time, energy, creativity and general refusal to take no for an answer. It clearly goes back much more in time than the 5 years Rob covers. In a post to an earlier page on Marty’s blog I mentioned that I would like to see thought given to an eventual application to the Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent. for the groups and individuals that made major contribution to righting this incredible wrong. Havel’s widow set up the prize in memory of her heroic husband. So far it seems to have been given to three individuals in 2012 but there is no denying that individuals are only as strong as themselves and the support groups helping them. The COS cause has truly demonstrated a critical mass of creative dissent.

  66. This is the most interesting US Justice System Court case since Debbie Cook. Good job Luis. You did well.

  67. CommunicatorIC

    Hollywood Reporter – Why the Media Is No Longer Afraid of Scientology (Analysis)

  68. Hip Hip Hooray for Babbit!!!!

  69. I should have added this talk given by Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi on The Long Road to Freedom after news that she was one of three inaugural winners of the Havel prize I mentioned. Watch iand see how much it resonates with the COS tyranny and achieveing freedom, not through hate and hopelessness but by standing up to what is right. The long road to freedom sounds more achievable than the bridge once advertised by the church which is turning out to be more of a dead end pier than a bridge.

  70. Great lawsuit!

    Also a great post by LDW– but I have to respectfully disagree with one point he makes at the very end:
    “If they try to pay you off to keep it out of court… do whatever is right for YOU.”

    As a Scientologist, I would modify that advice slightly to the following:

    “If they try to pay you off to keep it out of court… do whatever is right for the greatest number of dynamics.”

    This is a great day for all of us!


  71. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks burythenuts…. Fraud is legal grounds that can stand. Not just on the money scene which is more obvious of course and I think the Garcias are opening up a big chapter here, but on the exploitation of people’s time and lives when they trusted the Cof$ for applying LRH and that was not the case. That’s fraud when I am on post and I cannot apply the very technology of LRH (in the form of HCOBs, which is the highest order of scripture and which can only be cancelled by another HCOB of later issuance) in regards to translations.

    It’s fraud when we sign billion years contracts and (in my case, on translations at least where I have concrete evidence) management does not apply the very basis of Trust which is policy and tech.

    There are many cases like that and I could start naming things here (like the New Era of Management) but those might be more complex issues whereas on the Translations I do know that that was a one way thing. There were no other HCOBs cancelling those 2 HCOBs that gave the tech of how translations are to be done worldwide. Period. Still management at that time took every effort to shut me up and even took me off post so that those HCOBs do not get applied? What is this but Fraud? Why was I there? What kind of Scientology was that? Certainly not the one LRH left behind.

    So, I encourage all Indies to look at issues of Fraud on all fronts and take this route and we see what happens.

    On the money scene… god… that’s way worse and now we are going to see where this leads. Luis is tough and he is well known for his integrity. So this is going to be interesting now. I wish my case too would be looked at by an attorney and see that I was personally damaged because I couldn’t do what I was supposed to do. To apply the policy that I signed up for, with a billion years contract. That’s not little as many staff gave up a lot in their lives to join the Sea Organisation. So did I.

  72. Even as an independent who have never been to the church I would like to thank you guys for stepping up to the bat, from the bottom of my heart!
    Thank you Luis and Rocio! It must require a lot of confront to be on the front line and I admire you courage! May you guys have all the odds in your favor.

  73. I think all these major news networks carrying this story may be the first time Miscavige’s Super Power fraud has been exposed so widely across the world. (Other than Marty’s website, Steve’s website, Tony Ortega, etc. of course)
    Am I correct in saying that?
    Regardless, I’ve got a gut feeling this thing is going to reach a hell of a lot of high roller kool aid drinkers and the statistic of New Names to Marty’s Blog (NNMB) will go into an Affluence on long trend that will teach Miscavige a lesson on what Straight Up and Vertical really is!

  74. Gern Gaschoen

    Every time I see the word “Scientology” in articles like this, I am filled with outrage at what DM has allowed our religion to become.

    Scientology, The Subject .. is distinct from “Scientology, the Church”, yet the conflation is made.

    I’m hoping this court case is the first crack that makes the divide between the behaviour of the Church of Scientology, and that of Scientologists, very clear.

    If there were ever a time for the Independent scene to get its PR guns out and start promoting far and wide the creation of Clears, OTs, and Auditors, that time would be now.

    We must – WE MUST – work diligently as Scientologists to ensure that Scientology, The Subject, becomes a far better understood topic, and that the Church of Scientology, and its criminal leadership, ends up in jail for their crimes.

    I say that disassociation is the new order. We, Scientologists, applying Scientology, *must* stick to our guns and ensure that the religion itself, followed correctly, would have *never* produced such a vile element as DM and his Minions, if it were actually being *applied*.

  75. Alex Castillo

    Muy Bien Hecho Luis y Rocio!!
    In my opinion, everyone who is still contributing to the survival of the Church of Scientology aka David Miscavige, should be considered co-conspirators in this clear case of Misrepresentation and Fraud.

    Wake Up Kool Aid addicts! You have not only been aiding and abetting David Miscavige’s criminal activities, but you have effectively been helping destroy Scientology, or whatever is left of it. Withdraw your support. That’s the only chance you have of redeeming yourself and becoming a decent human being. The Truth is out there and it will soon come crashing down on YOU, as well as David Miscavige.

  76. He most certaintly is. I just hope The Garcia’s go
    through with this as it will place justice and put the facts into
    order that those people that place trust in such a matter had
    worked so hard to earn money aren’t abused and see another
    abusely use it and Lying whilst taking.
    If The Garicia’s settle out of court which I hope he does not
    but if so, regardless The damage Dm caused will degrade and
    expose Dm for what he is even more
    His reputation will be worthless and their will be little or no
    trust agmonst any one beleiving that ” What Your fees Buy”
    does ,because no one will beleive it , Its DM’s own doing
    what ever the Outcome.

  77. While the complaints of violence towards Sea Org members at the hands of Miscavige may not have had an impact on many public scientologists, this lawsuit will. Every public member can relate to being bombarded with aggressive ‘requests’ for donations for this cause or that activity (ie, the superpower building, distributing the ‘Way to Happiness” booklets). Because they can relate to it, they will most likely realize they are not alone in feeling like they were duped by their own church which is something many of them have probably never talk about openly. They were simply to afraid to talk about it due to the fear that they would be reported. This lawsuit validates the feeling that they were being lied to about where the money was going. Win or lose, this will no doubt have an impact on those who are considering joining the corporate church as well as those who are already in it. Combine this lawsuit & Debbie’s Cooks letter and you realize the month of January hasn’t been Miscavige favorite time of year. This is going to help public scientologist make the decision to go independent. I predict, that for many this will be the proverbial straw that will break the camels back.

  78. Message to Miscavige:

    Yes, you ARE going to be found out.
    One alternative is to confess, make atonement, and avoid a rout.
    Or cut and run like you did last time.
    As far as I’m concerned, that would be just fine.
    This is just the beginning ….your attorney knows.
    And by the way are ready for the Pro’s?
    You can’t torture them like the poor little ants
    Time to put on your big boy pants.
    Remember when Sugar Ray kicked your ass?
    Well, now check out now the no-look pass.
    This is a game I would never miss
    And by the way, Y’all Ready For This?

  79. markthehungarian

    I was hopeful that Debbie Cook would not be muted by a settlement, but she was. I understand her choice, of course, and do not judge her for it. She was under immense pressure and wanted to get on with her life.

    With this, I also hope the Garcias get to court although with the CoS track record, I think this is unlikely. I have no doubt that the Garcias will win, whether by being awarded a settlement or simply by getting the case into a courtroom.

    Regardless of the eventual outcome, this suit brought by the Garcias (and the Debbie Cook case) makes it far more likely that others wronged by the Church of Scientology will gain the fortitude to take on the Church themselves.

    I think it’s premature to break out the popcorn and the champagne… the Church of Scientology still acts abominably and has its claws in many pies and souls… but it’s just one more problem that David Miscavige has to control and micro-manage, therefore it’s one more problem that David Miscavige will turn into a massive fuck-up. So that *is* something to look forward to.

    Like many on this blog and elsewhere, I would love to take a peek into the books for the Superpower Building. How much money has been collected? Where has that money gone? Fingers crossed the dodgy Florida legal system decides to stick up for the little man rather than be the whore of big business.

  80. One reason these oppressive regimes eventually fail is that all the competent leaders are either squashed or have left. Up through the 80’s one thing that impressed me most about Scientology was what good leaders we had. Today Scientology management operates like a bunch of idiots with the chief idiot making one stupid move after another.

    This lawsuit has the potential to have a huge impact. I hope justice is served.

  81. EnthralledObserver

    Does anyone else enjoy the delicious IRONY of the fact that in order to defend himself and his fraud of a church, or indeed settle this suit outside court should that happen, Mismanage will be executing more of the fraud he’s been accused of… i.e. spending parishoner’s donations on projects that weren’t what the money was intended for by the donators.. ???

    Irony is delicious, innit? lol.

  82. The story is also on the MSN home page.

  83. Alex Castillo

    When will the United States of America Law and Law enforcement Agencies begin to help and protect US law abiding, tax paying Citizens who are victims of criminals who hide behind the Constitution’s First Amendment such as the case of the Church of Scientology, who’s leader one David Miscavige has blatantly been defrauding thousands of his parishioners for at least 20 years

  84. Karma is a bitch and it’s never going to stop coming for the crazed sociopath David Miscavige. Luis and Rocio have gotta be some of bravest souls I know. Good luck!

  85. Alex Castillo

    for at least 20 years with impunity while his criminal organization always claims First Ammendment rights when confronted? Shouldn’t the IRS begin to realize that their ruling giving the Church of Scientology non-profit status was a mistake?
    For some time there has been overhelming evidence showing that this individual David Miscavige has not only been selling non-existent products to his parishioners for years, that he has never delivered what he sold to unsuspecting followers, but he has also physically abused and imprisoned his staff when they didn’t agree with his methods. Yet, when he gets taken to court for his crimes, he always claims First Ammendent rights as a (very rich) religion and the courts rule in his favour or dismiss the case on grounds of First Ammendment rights. And Mr Miscavige gets away with it, regardless of damming evidence that should have landed him and his organization in or close to time in jail, plus reparations.

    Perhaps we should all be reminded of what the First Ammendment says, so that one and all can correctly evaluate wheter the Church of Scientology should be protected by it:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

    The Church of Scientology is regarded as a religion (and therefore tax exempt) and not a criminal cult led by a corrupt, criminal individual only because the US Government says so. Plenty of evidence exists to prove that the US government is protecting a criminal organization.
    Comments welcome.

  86. You’re right that this point has been reached because of prior exposes and efforts on the part of good people to expose this tyrannical cult. But the tipping point was that IAS Tom Cruise video. When Anonymous declared war on Scientology in 2008, the cult sealed their fate. It eventually led to all those points that I laid out. Exponentially, all these crises’s are culminating to a point of no return for the CO$.

    Things have been going downhill since Miscavige took over. That short boom in the late 80’s was the last success the cult will ever have. They have been been plunging like a damaged WWII-era B-17 bomber since 2008.

  87. Karma: The causes and conditions that come together to form an event …

    The CAUSES (over regging, fraudulent promises, IRS agreements etc) and CONDITIONS (the Truth Rundown St. Pete Times, Anderson Cooper 360, Marty’s blog, various expose books and now Lawrence Wright’s book (however flawed) have come together AT THIS PARTICULAR point in time to bring TO the public view (drum roll)

    The Garcia lawsuit.

    It always about timing. And one would almost think – someone timed this filing with some thought.

    Ya think?

    My thanks to the Garcia’s for willingly putting themselves at the forefront on what appears to be the start of the dismantling of the “Berlin Wall of Scientology” — and remember, once it started to come down, it was gone almost overnight.

  88. Well, I guess declaring people of good will suppressive and attempting to shun and silence them just doesnt work on OT’s.

  89. Wow, he has to be going nuts. Remember how furious he was that he was involved in the Lisa McPherson case. God knows what he is doing to those who are yessing him to death.

  90. Thank you Luis and Rocio. Curiously I just noticed that the story was an editors pick (front and center) on my MSN home page. I clicked on the story briefly and went back to my home page and it had vanished entirely as news,

  91. Now it’s a headline story on MSN homepage.

  92. After posting the above I returned to my home page MSN and it was back in the editors pick.

  93. “Man would run better entirely unmanaged than in the hands of an authoritarian management, for the end of such management is group death”.
    LRH, An Essay on Management.

  94. Wonder how a Sea Org Member was able to buy a cornerstone? Her commission from Luis?

  95. You are my Hero Luis! This one is for YOU CAPITANO!

  96. When 911 happened, IAS registrars were out in full force scrounging for donations. We didn’t have a lot of money at that point, but decided to pay for airline tickets and some food money for a couple of people. We gave the money directly to them, not the IAS. I can’t help but wonder how much of that entire project was funded by direct donations such as ours, and how much IAS donations were taken for it, but never spent.

    Ten years ago I had little thought about where my money was going. Today I have no doubt that I’ve been conned over and over again. We gave $25 to superpower and zero to the idle org program. I knew from the outset that these projects were grossly off policy and refused to contribute. I did get totally sucked in on the IAS scam, though.

    I paid $20K directly to that scam. I do believe I have a right to see the books and determine if my donations were fraudulently taken. I’m hoping that at least one result of this lawsuit is that the courts order miscavige to open the books.

    I wonder if the shredders are working overtime at Int Base right now?

  97. The story is gone from my MSN home page now.

  98. Thanks Luis and Rocio. If there’s anything I can do from way up North, let me know.

  99. The land of the FREE and the HOME of the BRAVE! BELIEVE IT!

    THIS is what Hubbard expected to see of a Scientologist! STAND UP AND FIGHT DAY! I don’t care if they settle! I don’t care if they lose! I do not care what the outcome of this is. The noble , courageous, holy, matter is, they are alert and fighting back! THAT IS THE PRICE of FREEDOM! Look at the chains on all of these “OT’s” and “Sea Org” staff who NOT IS this criminality. They ARE not Free! They are NOT fighting for Scientology! No matter what the certs say no matter what rank or class!


    I stepped forward TEN YEARS AGO to face this, and NOBODY would stand behind me! People WHO KNEW about the FRAUD! Public that KNEW they were defrauded! They TOLD me THEY KNEW! But they were afraid of the Church! The F.B.I. told me to take a hike! I would NEVER get a witness they said! NOBODY would EVER come forward they said!

    Well, they were wrong.

    I have difficulty projecting myself into small units of time. Like, “today” or “this year” etc. My quest is always to do something today that a future me will thank me for. To do things today that will matter 10,000 years from now. Create effects that transcend time, and matter. To manage efforts like these one only need to focus on a small cornerstone in the structure of this universe and shift it in some way. For instance, the writer Victor Hugo did this with his books. He focused in on certain aspects of culture that were harmful and manifested them in tales and characters that allowed people to realize this for themselves. He shifted the culture in France with Les Miserables, into a culture with mercy. If you take a good look around you, much of what you see was not put there today. It was something started long ago. Even the language you speak.

    Right here, right now, you begin to see the effects of a cornerstone in this Scientology Inc. madness that Marty began to confront.

    Luis and Rocia Garcia have focused on another on.

    We ARE shifting this business from a great wrongness into a great RIGHTNESS!

    My deepest gratitude for the HOPE you generate with your willingness to fight back, to EVERYBODY HERE!

    You ARE my miracle!

  100. Probably two sets of Books.
    One set never to see the light of day, the other for the Courts jurors
    and judges.
    D.M. will undoubtably try for an 8 figure hush money payoff,ala Debbie Cook.
    If D.M.takes the stand he will be dressed in Show Rags carrying the cardboard box he swears he sleeps in under a freeway overpass whilest trying to save humanity and hitch hiked to the courtroom.

  101. My son was recruited as a Super Power Auditor 15 years ago when he was only 13. He only lasted 6 months, then, and I withdrew my persmission. The Super Power is a Fraud with other things besides money. It took lives.

  102. “THIS is what Hubbard expected to see of a Scientologist! STAND UP AND FIGHT DAY!’

    Exactly!…It’s time to stop just pounding our fingers on a keyboard and step up if you are a person of influence and can change this situation. For those of us who are not big names or opinion leaders we can offer financial support or do ground work that supports these leaders.

    I will lead off with a promise of a $5000.00 donation to any coordinated effort by Scientologists to bring the fight to David Miscaviage. Marty can see my name on my email and is free to call me out if I don’t back up what I say here today.

  103. Just getting him to a deposition would be fantastic and getting him to lose his temper would be even better. He might be able to control himself physically, but I have a feeling the blood would rush to his face throughout the deposition, since he believes he is above it all – true malignant narcissist. This is getting interesting.
    Maybe one day I will turn on the TV and will see a newsflash “David Miscavige going into deposition”. Well if we are going to dream lets dream all the way “David Miscavige being led away in handcuffs” after being found guilty of fraud” More charges to come. Stay tuned in for latest developments.

  104. The Deposition:

    “Mr. Miscavige, I have here a copy of LRH ED 301 INT, dated 17 Dec. 1978.

    It states, among other things, “Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next six weeks…”

    Can you present the written orders from L Ron Hubbard changing this plan to a Flag Only Rundown to be delivered in an ungodly ostentatious, 200 million dollar building?”

    Pause for reply…

  105. Theo – I appreciate what you are saying, but it is critical to not bring religious issues to court. That is preciesely what the Co$ does to get the cases thrown out. Ministers and Priests and Rabbis and Imams and others all must pay parking tickets, regardless of their religious beliefs.

  106. As soon as it is in the interest of a well connected and crafty politician or lobbyist or any of those shady characters. Otherwise keep dreamin ….

  107. I hope you aren’t offended by this question Marty and remembering that I myself have never been a Scientologist but…

    Would you be willing to testify against Miscavige in this or any other case if asked ?

    Thank you 🙂

  108. One of those who see

    Agreed. Even with a settlement where the Garcias get their money back a lot of good will have been done in the direction of De – funding Miscavige.

  109. Accidently,

    Oh house-builder! You are seen, you shall build no house for me again. All your rafters are broken, your roof-tree is destroyed. My mind has reached the unconditioned; the end of craving has been attained. (Dhammapada Verse 154)


  110. Super Power was made into a Cash Cow. Gobal emergencys and
    natural disasters likewise Cash Cows for D.M. Getting Miscavige on the witness stand under oath would be monumental, Like Capt. Queeg’s
    melt down in the “Caine Mutiny”
    Louis you are naking History. Godspeed

  111. Luis,
    you opened the eyes of thousands with your letter and now you and your wife are opening the door to a real handling of the so called “Church”.
    Kudos to you both.
    You courage and integrity is really admirable.

  112. I just went back to view some of the old videos of Rath and Rinder did, whilst fishing & relaxing…….. We need some more.

    So guys, go and get you rod & video camera!


  113. All this negative press (or positive depending on your viewpoint) along with the lawsuit reminds me of the movie “10 things I hate about you.” Near the end, the guy dressed up all “Shakespearean” says “The Shit-eth hath hit-eth the fan,” ain’t that the truth of it here?

    I wonder if we’ll see the Superpower building open up now. They could run the most loyal robots through so they could rave about it and talk about the unprecedented expansion of Scientology.

    The Chinese postulate is coming true, we do live in interesting times.

  114. Oh, ……………………………………………………………………………………………
    YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. But the funding was used for purposes other than those represented. A minister built a church for 1.3m but the congregation ‘believing in their salvation’ gave 3m and change. He’s in jail. I’ll see if I can find the case.

  116. Was ‘regging’ a part of the old Scientology (of LRH) or is it a creation of the new Scientology (of DM)?

  117. Karen,
    I believe that your observation and analysis is absolutely correct. This is a new ballgame for Miscavige. He is facing a world-class attorney …not to mention Luis Garcia.
    It is not like he didn’t have fair warning, though. Luis Garcia warned him over two years ago in A Letter From Garcia which was addressed directly to him. Perhaps he never tossed it aside and never read it. The last sentence in his letter read,
    “I am confronting you today, but you will have to confront me some day and pay for your crimes. And pay you will.”
    -Luis Garcia
    Well, it looks like these bills are now coming due. All of them. Not just the financial ones. All of them.

  118. The word “regging” is derrived from “registration”.
    And in old times you could register someone ONLY for service (i.e. training and auditing).
    IAS registration is in itself a wrong use of the word. If they’re a Membership organisation only, they should collect Membership fees instead as there is nothing (no service) anyone could be registered for.

  119. Tom Gallagher

    A note to the lunatic at the top of all the lunacy.

    Here’s a world-wide viral video that showed all the warts on your ass.

    Have another double dave. You really earned it.

  120. Here are some random questions from the “REGISTRAR AND SALES PERSONNEL CONFESSIONAL LIST”
    (emphasis mine)













    From HCOB OF 12 NOV 1980 Issue II.

    Miscavige, eat dust. Seriously.

  121. Larry,
    In my experience (from early 80’s to late 90’s) there was always a bit of hard-sell regging going on for you to buy services. They were always very unapologetic about it and you just realized that was part of the culture. But… in the 90’s they started regging for donations without selling you a service. It was this huge demand for donations to the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) then in the early 2000’s huge push for money to buy new buildings. If you read this blog you’ll see that this has a lot to do with parishioners starting to question the motivation and then perhaps turning to the internet followed by a realization and validation of many problems with the corporate church.

  122. Tom Gallagher

    POB made Jim Jones a blushing piker.

    Pass the Kool-aid.

  123. Especially #15 & #62

    LRH is right there with the Garcias.
    It’s a spiritual AND organizational no-no as far as Scientology is concerned.

  124. Theo Sismanides

    Garcha, this is not just a religious issue. The Scriptures of a Religion may be holy but Law is also recognised as holier in this society. When Fraud is committed I think there is an issue there for Law to deal with… Law people love this even if it concerns Churches. I am not saying that it would be easy to prove that if the Scriptures themselves are not applied for the priests and ministers and members, it’s Fraud but it’s an issue. This has nothing to do with regular obligations it has to do with the Laws of the land. Fraud is fraud and law doesn’t want this to happen anywhere. My humble opinion on this.

  125. It’s called “checkmate”. Such poetic justice, all around “Super Power”.
    “Super Power” in Florida conducting a noisy investigation!

  126. “Self enrichment” at other’s expense.

  127. This is a picture of dm’s head blowing up!!

  128. Luis has to look out for his own interests..not to mention the attorneys. They want to be paid.
    If Co$ offers him a generous settlement, probably he should take it. That in itself is a significant as then others will line up to use that attorney to get their settlements as well. Once DM is bleeding too much cash, he may get obstinate, and then that plantiff and the attorney can take him to the mat.
    Of course, it could be very sweet if either DM doesnt offer to settle, or Luis isnt satisfied and proceeds with the suit. But if Luis does settle, i cant blame him, and i dont necessarily think its the end of this line of attack.
    In any case, Cof$/DM dont operate in a vacuum and one way or another these fraudelent schemes will come home to roost.
    There simply is too much interest in the matter by too many people for it to go away.

  129. threefeetback

    Scinetology, a household word for all the wrong reasons

  130. threefeetback


  131. I am going to make this appeal again for those who may not have considered it.

    I strongly suggest that we do not forward the church’s nonsense positioning of LRH writings as “Scriptures”, or “religious texts”, “church doctrine”, or any other such false and misleading statements that tend to “religionize” LRH writings. When we do so we are contributing to a HUGE lie. I totally doubt that Ron ever imagined that his writings would be called “scriptures”.

    Condoning this or forwarding it plays right into Miscavige’s hands, Once everything LRH wrote is deemed as “religious” documents, then everything that is said therein is placed outside of the reach of US law, and cannot be legally challenged.

    Please… Let’s not contribute to this perversion of the truth. I’ll bet David Miscavige smiles every time we do. It effectively helps him to bury many of his most heinous crimes.

    Eric S

  132. nomnom

    Please see my plea below regarding calling LRH writings

    Eric S

  133. Karen, ALL you points are so very right on! I am extremely grateful to the Garcia’s for what they have committed to and followed through with here. Getting Mr. Babbitt involved and now on board is more than an impressive VERY WELL DONE! I want only the best for the Garcia’s and the attorneys involved…..they will make yet new in-roads to the rottenness and corruption of DM and this will benefit everyone in many ways.

  134. That was a good move. He would likely still be in training. Training at Flag is a very long and difficult road thanks to DM arbitraries. No one leaves until they are “perfect” which has been redefined to mean a robot in DM’s valence.

  135. This lawsuit goes right to the heart of the issues. I wish the best to the Garcia’s and others who will also sue.

  136. He’s fuc-ed man. This is all over the major news outlets. They no longer fear the Church’s empty legal threats. CNN posts the letters threatening legal action from the church on their website. I keep thinking it is bad, but then it just keeps getting worse. I kind of feel sorry for Miscavige.

  137. I think if you are summoned you have to testify. He was recently deposed relating to the Dandar law suit.

  138. So funny, LMAO once again!

  139. Seein’ as how we’ve got some videos posted here, while this one is still on YouTube, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton put on one of the smoothest most memorable performances of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” … and somehow, listening to it, it seems appropriate to sing to the Co$ … “Goodbye’s too good a word, babe ….”


  140. Ah yes, Tony. Aung San Suu Kyi is one of the bright lights…. a model of pluck, persistent and courage.

  141. I don’t feel sorry for the little punk. I will relish every minute of the justice we get in the end. 🙂

  142. Dm’s next exec meeting at the Int base hole.

  143. Laura Ann ~~
    Some exact pitches from Scientology promo
    Some Super Power Lies from their promotional magazines and flyers ~~
    ++++++++++ (15 years ago)
    We are building our OT base and the center from which true power will be channeled across the planet. Its establishment of the entire New Flag Land Base s a strategic step in the plans to fully clear Earth. It is vital that every Scientologist help with this final phase to release Super Power and I want to ask you at this time to add a Cornerstone in your family as well as send in the names of your friends and family that should become Cornerstone Members now; before their time runs out.Our plans are to be delivering Super Power to you in the near future so you can take this new level of power and ability and change the world. Your assistance now will make all the difference in world clearing becoming a reality. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!Sincerely,
    Lauri Webster
    Super Power Project In-Charge
    With Super Power, we have the means within our grasp to handle this planet and all of the beings on it. But for this to become a solid reality, it is going to take teamwork. Working together as dedicated Scientologists we can pull it off.
    A being has 57 perceptions and each one of them has channels along which he can sense things. LRH found that difficulties along a particular sense channel can exist despite there being nothing wrong with the sense channel itself. On Super Power, drills exist which train a thetan to perceive along each of the 57 sense channels.Imagine doing a process that increases the ability to perceive magnetic fields, or the saline content of the body, or compass direction. How about having every one of the 57 sense channels open and operating and completely under one’s control? That’s just one of the 12 rundowns
    Our future holds a tremendous rocket ride for a being. With the 12 rundowns of Super Power, each and every Scientologist can have the tools to truly effectively lead and master life. By rehabilitating your 57 channels of communication, your perceptions as a theta being can be at a level you have always dreamed of. And with the Cause Resurgence Rundown, a being can be aligned with total power and ability to be cause across the dynamics. These rundowns will drastically change the face of Earth .It is the purpose of the Church of Scientology Religious Trust to expand the religion of Scientology and through its Super Power Expansion Project, you have been or are being given a unique opportunity to be part of the most historical project ever in Scientology.
    I believe a previous post on this blog a poster explained that the Super Power scam was so successful that it got exported as “Ideal Orgs Scam” and everyone was hit in long and hard to contirbute to buying buildings in various cities that increased thje real estate wealth of Scientology Inc. So Super Power scam was the grandfather of the Ideal org scam, the “successful action” that got replicated.

  144. Hi Christine…you are funny….but is truth. I really hope the USA American Justice really see what is happening inside the Church of Scientology in present time.
    to Luis & Rocio lo maximo.
    I put my blog just for spanish people please see it. Because latin people need to see the truth.

  145. Mere refunds never include a gag order.

  146. A Class Action for all undelivered services would take him to the mat.

  147. That really gave me a chuckle!! Perfect.

  148. How is that for some action for you?

  149. A very applicable LRH reference:

    Attitude and Conduct of Scientology
    4th London ACC, 3 November 1955
    From Pages 1-4 (transcript)
    “The next thing we’ve learned [in the first 5 years of active organization] is that organizational problems are best resolved by Scientology and that there are exactly two methods by which personnel can be handled – two methods. And these are very sharp and very definitive, organizationally. They are handled in one of these two ways…
    The two ways of handling those who are not getting something done is, one, process them and, two, disconnect them from the organization but not from Scientology. Got that?”
    [LRH then clarifies that we assume these people are Scientologists.]
    “But we do not, I repeat, do not, separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology. You got that?
    “In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only – not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”
    …”When a person becomes part of Scientology in general or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the whole set of dynamics and you have apparently practically offered to kill somebody. I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting description of comparable magnitude.
    “See, you say, ” Well, that’s all right. Don’t come around to this group anymore. You go away. Now that you have been booted out, why, you’re off of communication and we’re not going to do anything for you and don’t associate with us anymore” and so forth. This creates one awful reaction. I’ll tell you why I know it creates one awful reaction. These people don’t spin necessarily, but their retaliatory gestures demonstrate that they have received a motivator of enormous magnitude. I can tell you how it seems to them by what they do.
    “They practically devote the rest of their lives and all of their actions and attention and everything else to trying to get even with you or remedy the situation somehow or something. This is one of the more fabulous things, so that it must be something of magnitude.
    “It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a country or ejected out of some kind of universe or out of a family or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of comparable magnitude. This is a very great oddity I wish to point out to you.
    “In the first place, Scientology is a road out of and into universes.”
    […] “I merely wish you to look at the enormous actions undertaken by people who have been ejected from organizations and otherwise. They seldom go off and suck their thumb dismally. They seldom do this. They might go completely into apathy…, [but t]hey usually come in there fighting with violence; they’ve got to do something of magnitude.”
    * * *
    “See, we don’t quite understand the magnitude of the injury and the magnitude is considerable.”
    * * *
    “It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”
    From Page 9
    “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?
    “So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie.
    “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”
    From Page 11
    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”
    From Page 13-14
    “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.
    “And it never solves by being tough.”
    * * *
    “It is proving more and more and more, that it’s not a safe thing to do [ARC break a Scientologist]. Not a safe thing from the standpoint of a vested interest, or something like that, to attack Scientologists. They’re too agile, they communicate, they talk. Get the idea? I mean, they do upsetting things. They don’t go back and sit down apathetically and say that’s the end of that.
    “They write letters. They do things. They think of ideas. They think of ways to get a communication line through.”
    From Page 17
    “What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.
    “When you knock out one of those or degrade one of those, you’ve got less than you had before. You’ve got less organization than you had before.
    “When we drop the various points of the ARC Triangle in their fullest meaning, we drop also the assets of the organization. And I mean that literally. I mean we drop the mimeograph machine, just like that, you know. Bang!”
    * * *
    “And there’s only one more thing that we could know that would make us all feel very, very relaxed about the whole thing. There isn’t a person anywhere in Scientology who has bad intentions for Scientologists or their fellow man. And that point all by itself is very well worth thinking about the next time some trouble arises in your vicinity, because that is the truth. And if you handle a situation with that in mind, you will solve the situation.”

  150. Muchas Gracias Sr. and Sra. GARCIA for bringing a new hope for the new year of 2013. Thank your for your honesty, your courage and honor. Muchas gracias for your respect for Ron and your dedication to right was is wrong. Stand tall mis amigos because you both exemplify what a true Scientologist does – speak the truth as well as live it. We all will follow your camino and wish you the best to take down the beast. May you be “The One”.

  151. Hello Mr. Rathbun,
    I’ve been following your story for a while. I am not, nor have I ever been, a Scientologist. I have, however, been horrified by the documented human rights violations I have read about via this blog and numerous other sources.
    I created an FB page called “Boycott Scientology Artists” where people might gain some knowledge about the human rights abuses of the “church” and deny patronization of its more public figures.
    I welcome the support of your blog readers!

  152. It is more along the lines of a BILKING FEE!

  153. I’m not smart enough to know when the scales started to tip nor whether there was a definitive tipping point; history will judge that Personally I know that when I walked by the local org. 5 yrs less a couple of weeks ago and started talking to the masked Anon protestors and then interpreting what they said to the Dianetics book sellers, who refused to talk to them, I got involved. “Why do they hate us when we do so much good?” asked the scientologists – of me, innocent passerby. “They don’t hate you they dislike the way your church is run” I told them after talking to the protestors. As they wheeled their book carts in and scurried like cockroaches, besuited heavies with cameras came out and stuck them in my face shouting insults. Police came and told them to back off harassing passersby. More cockroach scurrying. This caused my to look up scientology on the internet and what I thought had been a whacky movement turned into a dangerous cult. I was hooked on doing my small bit against the injustices perpetrated.

    I forgot to wish the Garcias all the best for their brave stance in this whole thing. Right will triumph in the end.

  154. You have got to be joking! His blog is an answer to your question.

  155. From the Office of COB/RTC to all Scientologists:
    I have spotted a shocking outpoint which NOBODY spotted until i made note of it: course supervisors trained prior to GAT and GAT II and GAT III, not to mention GAT IV and GAT V, have consistently and incorrectly trained every Scienotologist on TR 0 and TR 0 Bullbait!
    This is very point which has slowed the tremondous advances promised by all iterations of GAT!
    Furthermore, this has also resulted in all public not being able to properly communicate with the church registrars of all types, which has led to certain misunerstandings that have caused masive enturbulation in the enviroment.
    This has literaly been a case of the Duped Sups leading the Duped.
    As this is a Danger Condition for all of Scientology, i have ordered a special By-Pass to remedy the situation until tech has gone in accross the boards.
    It is now Command Intention that ALL Scientologist report to your closest Class IV Org or Advanced Org for a special TR’s course to be delieved by Division 2. This vital tech will be deliered by a fully hatted and trained Registrar!
    With a special training program based on a recently un-earthed LRH advice, and make no mistake, though simple, this OT tech is both exterior and senior to normal Scientology tech, Special teams have already been dispatched by RTC to train the Training Registars to the highest RTC standards!
    Never again will any Scientologist have reason to complain about any registration cycle of any type, and all further technical training under any interation of GAT will proceed as intended.
    Course VFP: Fully Hatted and Competant Registrant.

  156. CommunicatorIC

    Quick question, if I may.

    What about Scientology Policy Directive 58, dated 6 November 1982, entitled “Scriptures Defined?”

    Scientology Policy Directive 58, dated 6 November 1982, entitled “Scriptures Defined,” provides in relevant part:


    “In Scientology , terminology the term “scriptures” means the writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard with respect to Scientology applied religious philosophy (including Dianetics spiritual healing technology) and Scientology organizations.TM. The term covers Bulletins, Policy Letters, Tapes, Books and other means by which LRH has expressed Scientology religious philosophy and Dianetics spiritual technology. The Scriptures of Scientology include all of the doctrines, tenets, codes, axioms and Creed of Scientology.

    Policy Letters are included as part of the Scriptures and together with other portions of the Scriptures are the polity (form of government of a nation, state, Church or organization) and constitution (the system of fundamental laws and principles that govern a nation or organization or the document expressing these laws) of the Churches of Scientology.”


    Is it your position that this Policy Directive is invalid? That ALL Policy Directives are invalid?

  157. Eric,

    The religious nature of Scientology is not the problem. The right of Free Exercise inures to the individual, NOT the church.

    What is it in the documents of the church that you wish to legally challenge? All you have to do is challenge it, deny it, renounce it, and walk away. Under the First Amendment, you are free to do that at any time. (Not so with psychiatry, for example. You can be committed, because it is not a religion and you are not protected under the First Amendment).

    The religious nature of Scientology is not an invention or fabrication, and it is not Miscavige’s idea. It’s not good to mess with people like LRH, the Founding Fathers, and King Kong. I’m not ‘calling you out’ on the net – I just think there is a mistake in what you urge. I’m not tactfully-proficient all the time, I apologize for that.


  158. This transcript quote needs to be on every Scientology course after KSW and Tech Degrades.
    This should be the stable datum of all Scientologist.

  159. I seldom joke…let the gentleman speak for himself

  160. Thanks for sharing, Tony. This is great.

  161. If DM offers to make Luis whole, his attorney will suggest very strongly that he take the deal. He would have no reason to keep up the fight, after all he is asking for a specific amount of money.

  162. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    He’s not joking. He’s asking a question. Not everyone is ‘in the know’ or follows Marty’s blog every day. He asked me the same thing yesterday so I suggested he ask Marty directly and this is the result. Did LRH not say answer people’s questions? You may think his question asinine but I think your response is equally so.

  163. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Oh and while I’m here:
    Luis: You Rock!!!
    Miscavige: YSCOHB

  164. Roger Larsson

    It can be interesting.

    Two spanish matadors and a bull in the same courthouse and these matadors have a caterpillar bulldozer as their attorney against the money making machine.

    A DM going Super Nova can collapse to a little white dwarf very heavy and solid and end up as a black hole inwhere no light comes out.

  165. You tried talking reason to these Scientologists, but they are stuck in a mindset that the whole world is after them because they are good. With that mentality they’ve been doing harm to many. Just look at what they put you through as an innocent bystander.

    I’m an ex-Scientologist who no longer practices Scientology. What I like about this blog is that people like myself can exchange viewpoints. Independent Scientologists may disagree with my views of the tech and Hubbard, but they won’t fair-game me. They’ll listen to reason while the corporate Scientologist will foam at the mouth if you discuss anything critical about them.

  166. Thank you, Karen!

  167. Not all of us can be or are needed directly on the front lines.

    When Debbie Cook needed help I was not asked to show up (action) in San Antonio to be part of an effort to help I was able to donate however and so my action could only extend that far.

    Any group action taken will define for me to what extent I can be directly involved. Financial or ancillary support may be all that is asked of a good many people in a 3D effort.

    This is the third time recently Tiger I have heard from you in a one line make-nothing-of effort. You write well enough but I suspect that all the action that can ever be expected from you is what you and your Intel Pentium chip can produce on a computer screen.

  168. Its a bit late now .

  169. Tiger, who would you rather line up behind as an opinion leader, Ms. Debbie Cook or Ms Sarah Kelly?

    Who is Ms Sarah Kelly? She is a waitress who works at a Denny’s just outside Barstow, California. She completed a Communication Course in 1978 and has been pretty happy ever since.

    Would you diminish her effort to help if she recognized in herself the lack of credentials to be leader and could only provide some of her tip money in an effort to show support?

  170. Thank you both for all that you do. EVERY action counts!

  171. Roger Larsson

    You just met ARS

  172. Carcha, CommunicatorIC

    I actually wasn’t stating this plea because I had anything within LRHs writings that I wanted to challenge legally.

    Just as an example though, of what I speak.

    Suppose that you want your money back from the church and the LRH policy on this is being included as “church doctrine”. Now you decide to demand, legally, that the church follow its own policy, and return your money. The courts won’t touch it as it is a challenge of a “Religious” practice. (in the way that you are challenging it.) I note with great satisfaction that the Garcias have avoided this by approaching it as a totally secular matter and are not challenging what “church” policy states, but rather breaches of civil law.)

    I agree that Scientology is a Religious philosophy.

    I had never seen the policy directive that “Communicator IC” has quoted from. (though, if it is not green on white [ literally] I believe it is only valid for a year, unless reissued,) In any case it invalidates my claim that Ron never said such a thing. I live and learn.

    I understand why Ron likely forwarded that policy, but I gotta tell you, damn… it sure sticks in my crop.

    Carcha, I do understand the part about how removing the religious status of Scientology totally leaves the practice of the philosophy of Scientology, and its tech, open to legal restriction. This of course opens the door to allowing those of ill will to attempt to crush the practice of perhaps one of the most important spiritual philosophies to date. I believe it is already far too late to totally crush it out of existence, but it sure could be set back for a time.

    So… Point taken. Perhaps some day my revulsion to the use of those terms will be “run out”. Perhaps part of my protest is due to being annoyed that such a stance, in order to safeguard the technologies and their practice, was required in the first place.

    Anyway… Thanks for you viewpoints.

    Eric S

  173. Gracias, Garcias for stirring the bee’s nest. I can only hope they are African killer bees. You both are courageous thetans. Many,many thanks. ARC Bill Dupree

  174. Jess

    Hmmm…. Personally I do not see how this is going to stop David Miscavige from engaging in human rights abuses. What I do see is Scientologists of good will being boycotted for David Miscavige’s crimes.

    This is the wrong target.

    Besides which it effectively launches an attack against me and many of those on this blog who are artists.

    Is that what you want to see happen? People being attacked simply because they happen to be Scientologists, and artists?

    Please rethink your strategy..?

    Eric S

  175. Eric – Just in case you check back here, I don’t know the line between “internal documents” and “published policy”. I’m very happy you got my points – sorry if I misread or misinterpreted your post, and I have no problem avoiding the long words “religious scriptures” (HCOB is much easier). I share your revulsion for the “legal stance”, but apparently this is what lawyers do and is to be taken as proforma gesticulation “My client is not guilty” (followed by news at 11 video showing the “alleged” murder from three angles in hi-res color). Fortunately we are not tasked with all the precision and caution attorneys shoulder. As for the future of Scn, imo, Pandora’s box was opened with the first session, and the first E/S that blew charge. What a moment that must have been, eh? Onward and upward. – Carcha.

  176. 15 years ago… Where are the superpower recruits. Last count they have 1200 Super Power members.

  177. Can you also say ‘wrong indication’ Geezzz CO$

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