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Something Can Be Done About It

by Mike Rinder

For 4 years, Marty Rathbun’s Blog – Moving On Up A Little Higher – has provided an invaluable service.  It has been the best source of news on the current goings-on in the world of Scientology, exposed truths about what has happened in the past,  provided a venue for those newly emerging from the bubble of the Church to announce themselves to the world, given insight into squirreling of the tech, offered helpful advice on sources of wisdom and became a place to find new friends or reconnect with old ones.

Marty has always said that it was his desire to help raise spiritual awareness, to move on up a little higher.   If you are a regular reader you have probably noticed his blog evolving away from the daily news into higher concepts and discussions. This is something that is important. And it is a message directed to those who have well and truly left the church behind and are moving onward and upward.

But I feel there is still a need for coverage of day to day news and activities. And a place where those who may just be emerging from the bubble that is corporate Scientology can find information to help them to break free once and for all.  And perhaps a place where even the seasoned veterans of Moving On Up can keep up with current news.

Tony Ortega’s blog covers a lot of ground, but I don’t see everything from the same perspective he does, and no doubt anyone inside the church, or “under the radar” or recently stepping away would reject a lot of what he says due to his clearly expressed skepticism about the entire subject of Scientology.  That being said, there is no question of the service he continues to provide, standing tall and strong in exposing abuses as a journalist rather than a former insider blogging for a different public.

Sinar Parman recently began a Facebook private group where he keeps everyone abreast of current media, but Facebook doesn’t lend itself well to any in depth articles, and it is fleeting, unindexed and unwieldy to use as a reference source for information even a few hours after an initial posting, let alone weeks or months later.

I have assisted Marty moderate his blog since the early days.  We have agreed that while he continues Moving On Up A Little Higher I have started a new blog Something Can Be Done About It  that will hopefully help fill the vacuum on the “daily news” about Scientology, slanted to the perspective of those who consider themselves Scientologists. And by that I mean nothing more than those who have found something workable in the subject and apply it to their lives. It is not intended as a label, just an easily understandable shorthand for whom I consider the target audience for the blog. I would like it to be a place where those “sitting on the fence” or “under the radar” as well as those who want reassurance that progress is being made towards ending the abuses in the church can find information of value.

I intend to share the latest news about the Ideal Orgs and events in orgs. About who has announced their departure from the church. I plan to cover current news and pose questions that should be asked by those who are still in the church.

As has been the moderation policy on Moving On Up since its launch, a lot of leeway will be given to people who are sincerely expressing a view. But if it becomes clear their only intent is to stir up trouble and distract from the discussion, they will be told they can go somewhere else. It’s simply a matter of deciding whether one person demanding their “right” to yell “Fire” in the theater trumps the right of everyone else who is there to watch the movie.  Anyone who feels aggrieved is welcome to start their own blog. It costs nothing and WordPress makes it very easy to do.

I have tried to make this blog seem relatively familiar to readers of Moving On Up, but I have also added some features. You will see on the right side there is a menu that shows the 10 most recent comments  as I know it is sometimes difficult to navigate through the comments to find what you haven’t read if there are a lot of responses. I have also included several fundamental articles – the 31 Factors, Debbie Cook’s Open Letter and The Letter from Garcia.  The earlier posts I wrote that were published on Marty’s blog (see the button at the top of the page “All Posts”). And recommended books are also included. Not all features and aspects are fully finalized, but its operational enough to get started then fill in all the blanks and iron out any bugs as they arise.

If you have an article or information you think may be of interest, send to me at idealorg@hushmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.