Scientology Training Routines

One of the most important skills to master in Scientology is the ability to face comfortably despite provocation to react (taught with Training Routines – TRs).  Here is Chiquita demonstrating passing TRs on comfortably facing Bucko while Bucko passes on comfortably facing  me:


26 responses to “Scientology Training Routines

  1. one of those who see

    LOL! Fantastic Marty! Love you!!!

  2. As a animal lover, who loves my dog and two cats, I was touched by a recent facebook photo of Chiquita in a wading pool chasing a goldfish you had bought for her to simulate her adventures in the water in Corpus.

    I felt a smidge bad for the goldfish but really amazed that you had helped create an active environment for your adored Chiquita.

    You might consider a career at the San Antonio Zoo — my niece has a career working with big cats and they are always creating “enrichment” programs to help them from boredom …

    Chiquita definitely has those TRs down!!

  3. gretchen dewire

    My dog usually flunks her trs when confronted with a deer. I guess you are a better course superviser than I would be. Mabe I just dont understand the tech. A misunderstood word possibly.

  4. Tom Gallagher

    A Round Robin at its best.

    Never-the-less Marty, did Chiquita acquire the status of a RTC video pass directly from the self-appointed poop (oops, I meant Pope)?

  5. This article appeared in Anchorage Daily News this week. A man was bird watching with his family only to have a bear charge towards them. The amount of confront needed was at a whole new level! Fortunately it has a happy ending:

  6. An excellent demo of some fine Texas TRs!

  7. that is awesome!!! they will probably become very good friends! I have a neighbor whose dog waits everyday at the fence for his deer friend to jump the fence and play with him in the yard!!

  8. Miss you all!

  9. You should see Wolfie’s TR’s when one of the cats decides to come over and sniff him. He’s pretty chill. Wasn’t always that way but after a few Tone 40 “NO’s”, he got the message about chasing the cats and has been cool ever since.

    TR-0 CatBait!

  10. burnedbutnotbitter

    Good doggie!

  11. Ken Schick

    Cute, cute, cute!!

  12. Aquamarine

    Chicquita, that’s a pass!

  13. Ah yes, comfortably confronting, or not, lIfe in the country, miss it dearly.

  14. Chiquita, representing her family well.

  15. Ahhh… Beautiful… Reminds me of home… well, except for Bucko, Chiquita, and you,… but other than that ….

    Then there was the time that I was doing some gardening and I heard a crashing sound coming from the ravine beside our house. As I was turning around see what was causing it, a black bear cub came crashing into sight and shot about four feet up a tree trunk, not twenty feet away…. Well, sorry to have to report, but my TR O didn’t stand up to that one quite so well. ( I don’t even remember how I got up onto the deck so fast) And the little bear and I somehow neglected to follow through until the thing was “flat” (no longer creating an effect). So it was pretty much ‘flunks” all round on that one.


  16. Wow! Great job Chiquita. Love,

  17. Marty, you have an amazing healing way about you, not only with people but with other species too.

  18. My cat also faces without blink a mouse, bird or squirrel passing by. But my cat is actually a predator. This is only step one. My cat estimates the weakness of the other animal. Computes how to get it and then a jump.
    TRs are step one. Without good confront you may not be able to act according the situation that is really there in present time. Observe, analyze, jump.

  19. Bucko and Chiquita get a Well Done.
    Prehaps off topic but I did the Bridge at a Mission in the 70’s and went Clear on Drug Rundown quad flow standard Dianetics. Biggest help was the small courses such as HQS and HSDC. It didnt cost very much money or any special status. Didnt have to mortgage the farm to have before you can have a Huge lavish building appropriate for a Saudi Arabian Prince. It did all start with OT TR O.

  20. Chiquita could teach Davey a few things, or at least supervise his TRs just to get a reality. I LOL thanks Bill Dupree

  21. sidney18511

    If you go to a pool supply store, they sell realistic looking fish that will move their tail and swim. I bought one for my dog, he loved it.

  22. Nice !

  23. A Tibetan Story

    Milarepa was meditating in his cave when he heard in the distance the ferocious barking of a dog. He knew he was about to have visitors. A terrified deer burst out of the underbrush and froze, not knowing where to run.

    Milarepa felt deep compassion for this soul whose karma had ripened into the panic of a poor hunted animal. So he began to sing. First he sang about the hopelessness of trying to run from the delusions of the senses. Fear and flight only ensnare more completely. Then he sang of the only refuge: the silence and serenity of the true self.

    The deer walked to Milarepa and began licking his hands. Milarepa gently patted the deer to comfort it. The deer lay down beside him with her back against Milarepa’s knee.

    Then the hunting dog burst onto the scene. The red bitch was collared with spikes and her tongue drooled with bloodlust. Her eyes were fiery with ferocity. Her job in life was to hunt down and kill and she was ready to fulfill her mission.

    But Milarepa took pity on this poor soul whose karma had ripened into the life of a hunting dog. He sang to the dog that anger and violence can never bring true peace and freedom. That enlightenment is the only thing worth hunting for. Without it, a dog could spend eternity in ferocious pursuit of only delusions. Then Milarepa sang of the way to enlightenment.

    The dog whimpered and cast down her eyes. Slowly she walked to Milarepa and nudged his hand. Milarepa patted the dog on her head and she laid down with her back against the deer.

  24. Wendy Munro


  25. How cool is that?

    The picture seems descriptive of space, rustic surrounds, a lack of noise, theta conducive, and a whole universe where bucko came from to get where he is right there.

    How nice. Sigh.

  26. Awesome!

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