Scientology in Germany

Please read about and see the New Germany Independent Scientology Center (click link)- translation of text below:

On April 27 our opening party was an overwhelming success. 36 guests filled our new courseroom with a tremendous amount of theta, much more than I have ever witnessed during a comparable event. Scientologists – some had not met in 15 years – were in a real extasy of communication.

We had guests from one half of Germany. A few friends from Ron’s Org attended, too. Although we are completely separate groups we were not at all competition minded. Our center delivers auditing up to Clear and auditor training including the solo course. We use course materials produced before the alleged “golden age of tech”.

Our staff – Rita, Maria, Georg and I (Klaus) – would like to say a big thank you to all friends who had been present, whether physically or spiritually. Your huge amount of positive postulates and theta will be with our new group! We hope we will be able to go on with further renovations quickly. The rooms areavailable and as soon as they are needed we will start !


Klaus Weigel

PS.: The people on the photos have all agreed to be shown here. But there were some more guests on our party.

76 responses to “Scientology in Germany

  1. its happening, a world without insanity, expansion is the thing of the future for the free zone , cool to see and here all the time now, this is a starting trend.
    one happy scientology man, the Hindi religion talk of “one” looks like we are becoming this as a idea of expansion.
    darren may

  2. What wonderful news! Guarantee there are more smiling, winning people than in the Frankfurt Org! Congratulations to all.

  3. How beautiful and theta! May you flourish and prosper!

  4. Trink, trink, brutherlein trink, lassen die surgen tsu house!
    Congratulation to you all!

  5. Great news! It looks like indies are triangulating geographically. This type of activity must truly be what is needed and wanted, cause it’s happenin’!

  6. Finally, we are going to have orgs all over the world delivering pure Scientology, without all the attached bs you get at Co$.

    Well done guys.

  7. Bluebonnet

    This is wonderful! Real openings with real people and real Scientology.

  8. Fantastic!!!! Very well done to all of you guys!! Let me know if any help is needed – Technical, Administrative or else. Way to go!!!

  9. DM just shivered.

  10. This is so wonderful and is happening in Europe which is being suppressed so much by suppressive governments. Aside from the politics of Europe, there are people who can help each other and others achieve higher levels of awareness.

    Thank you so much for creating that theta place in the heart of Europe and seeing to it that Scientology as knowledge is gonna go on here.

  11. Thank you Marty! Thank you all for your good wishes and postulates!! Yes, we are ready to deliver pure Scientology 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Congratulations to Klaus, Rita, Maria, Georg and all you great people who contribute to a untainted training of Scientology Technology in Germany.

    It’s nice to see familiar faces on the photos.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Mosey and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you all in Germany. Best wishes from Texas. If you need anything you know where to find us.

  14. Wendy Munro

    The fastest growing religious movement in the world… Scientology. Well done Germany!

  15. Thanks to Marty to all the power he has flowed to Germany and for safe pointing the Independents there! Thanks to the Independents there who have been sandwiched between two sources of suppression (The Scientology INC Government (David Miscavige) and local issues created by DM that have led to suppression on Scientologists), for rising above it all!

  16. Awesome news. Congrats! Go Europe!!

  17. Expansion. How nice to hear that word again!

  18. Rita,

    Congratulations to your team. I was in Frankfurt a month ago and completely forgot to call you, seems you were busy!!

    My father, as a German who later immigrated to Australia, had a decent German library, first editions too. I would be honored to donate this to you, either I can bring it next time I visit Germany, or mail it to you. Let me know if this is of value.

  19. Well done to everyone who made this happen. This is a fantastic move on the road to getting more and more independent operators established. Excellent.


  20. That is so good to see!! Congratulations!

  21. Congratulations Germany!!
    You all look like you were having fun for real and not at gun point!! Awesome!!

  22. Klaus Weigel

    Cool ! ! !
    Vielen Dank für die ganzen Glückwünsche,
    und Danke an Marty !
    We rock Germany. 🙂

  23. Maria Schweizer

    Thank you friends! 🙂

  24. Aquamarine

    This is good news indeed! Thank you, Marty!

  25. Paul Durand

    The renewal of Scientology in Germany comes as no surprise. Historically Germany has been called “Das Land der Dichter und Denker” (“the country of poets and thinkers”). This is why I’m not surprised that L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy is attractive to German people.
    And Germany has always been a precursor. Throughout German philosophers have broken new ground exploring the relationships between knowledge and faith, reason and emotion, and scientific, ethical, and artistic ways of seeing the world. The “ World Values Survey” from 2010 described Germany as highest in “Rational-Secular Values” and average-high in “Self-Expression values”.

    This goes way back… German philosophers like Magnus helped shape western philosophy from as early as the Middle Ages and, later, others like Leibniz and Kant played central roles in the opening up new avenues of philosophical thought.
    When I was in my late teens, I used to be into Leibniz and particulary into his theory of monads. Monads, to him, are to the metaphysical realm what atoms are to the physical/phenomenal. They can also be compared to the corpuscles of the Mechanical Philosophy of René Descartes He sees Monads as the ultimate elements of the universe. To him, the monads are “substantial forms of being” with unique properties: eternal, indecomposable, individual, subject to their own laws, un-interacting, and each reflecting the entire universe in a pre-established harmony. Monads are centers of force; substance is force, while space, matter, and motion are merely phenomenal…(any parallels some writings by L. Ron Hubbard’s?)
    Even Nietzsche, who is usually misunderstood, made great contributions. Nothing like L. Ronn Hubbard, but he realized also that the planet was in danger, and offered his views. He believed a form of nihilism caused by modernity was spreading across Europe, which he summed up in the expression “God is dead”. The problem, as he saw it. was how to live a positive life considering the fact that if you believe in God, you give into nihilism, and if you don’t believe in God, you also give in to nihilism. He outlined his solution in the concepts of the Übermensch and Eternal Return, often misunderstood. Later on, in the 19th century, there were philosophical innovators like Marx and Engels and, in the 20th century, Heidegger and Gadamer. Same for academic influences. The University of Berlin founded in 1810 served as an influential model for many leading modern western universities. In recent decades, Germany has been an important country for the development of contemporary analytic philosophy.
    I would not be surprised if, in the months and years ahead, we see the Germans take a keener interest in LRH’s teachings, once they overcome the media stereotypes. They have a history of depth, and curiosity, in the most noble sense of the word, and may well take a second look at Scientology.

  26. one of those who see

    Fantastic news!!!! Germany on the real road to Truth!! Well done to all!!

  27. Dani Lemberger

    Scientology, in the hands of the free and able will flourish and prosper. We are taking it back from tyranny and we are winning, world-wide.

  28. Mike,
    wow !! Thank you so very much for this donation, you will make 🙂
    It’ll be a honor for us 🙂

  29. Thank you so much Mosey and Marty for doing what you do, your help and your good wishes – in the name of our new delivering-group!! We are so happy 🙂

  30. The “keener interest” in LRH’s teachings won’t happen as people correctly or incorrectly associate him with corporate Scientology, which has completely run down, disastrous image here.


  32. This is a Prime Example of Truth cutting through several feet of Armor Plate
    Really excellent news !!!!

  33. At the Freezone convention in Las Vegas more than a year ago, I was extremely impressed with the “life” in the Russian contingent brought over by Max Hauri and others. They were great examples of an expanding field with winning individuals within a winning group. Germany no doubt has this “zest” also.

  34. Congratulations on the move to freedom and happiness. We wish you much success.

    Les Warren

  35. Thanks Marty. For the theta.
    THanks for getting me outa the hole.

  36. This is great news! Congratulations!!

  37. This is really good news and wish the Germans all the good luck in the future.

  38. The pictures speak a thousand words..
    Wonderful and best wishes.

  39. Wow that’s great!

  40. Dear Rita and Maria,
    Dear Georg and Klaus,
    Very Very Very Well Done! 🙂

    These are just very COOL News.

    *** Independent Scientology *** is really booming in Germany! 🙂
    I know this for sure.

    You made a very big contribution to it with this very Theta project.

    Herzliche Grüße,

  41. Really cool ~ hope and help and onwards & upwards available for real !! VVWD !!

  42. Good news and good luck!
    Religious freedom rings.

    David Miscavige, report to ethics!

  43. Excellent! I wish you the very best in attainment of your Goals!

  44. Klaus Weigel

    Cool Mike,
    we gladly accept ! 🙂

  45. Maria Schweizer

    Thank you, Don Schaul, for the offer! When we need something, we will contact 🙂

  46. I just had a thought. In business when a company is too big and slow to compete with others they are called dinosaurs. By opening these huge Idle Orgs, DM has created a bunch of dinosaurs that can’t compete. They’ll have to keep fund raising just to keep their doors open. Meanwhile, the independent Scientologists will keep growing. The future looks bright.

  47. Wounderful news!
    You go guys. Give it all ya got. Take off where us older folks left off ~ cause we got tired or failed puporses or somthing. I forget what was run in.
    Its a beautiful day – 80% chance of rain!!
    Hugs all around 🙂

  48. Don,
    Ok im in. Love your enthusam.
    Im a Div 3 gal.

  49. Tom Gallagher

  50. This is indeed great news and I wish you all the success that you could wish!

  51. How refreshing to once again see unstaged, candid action photos of Scientologists enjoying their communion.

    Die besten Wünsche für die Zukunft!

  52. Paul Durand

    Theosismanides writes: “This is so wonderful and is happening in Europe which is being suppressed so much by suppressive governments. Aside from the politics of Europe, there are people who can help each other and others achieve higher levels of awareness. “…I saw my former spiritual movement, like Scientology, being harassed by authorities in Germany, France, and a few other countries in Europe (in blatant violation of the declaration of Human Rights). I find it a joy to see that people’s search for truth in Germany is winning over politicians’ attempts to police people’s consciousness.

    My teacher used to say that politics and religion should never share a bed. How true…My sense is that it will take time for the shady anti-cult governmental bodies in Europe to fade away, but it will be a slow process. There are many reasons. A lot of people are employed by these bodies and they do not want their jobs to go away. Most of all there are a lot of financial interests at stake. The pharmaceutical industry and its accolytes, in France and in Belgium, was instrumental in getting Mitterand elected, and in exchange, they wanted him to clamp down on movements that advocated homeopathy, accupuncture, natural healing, and non-traditional religions. And Mitterand obliged, and since him, those in power have been unable to reverse this. In France, Sarkozy tried to restore some tolerance, but had to backtrack under pressure from the media.

    I keep being amazed by how countries that claim to champion human rights can at the same time be the worst perpetrators when it comes to oppressing freedom of religion and consciousness.

    Darren May writes : “it’s happening, a world without insanity..”. What a task,, not for the faint of heart..;) A That’s a noble agenda…May all the spiritual movements unfairly oppressed by antiquated, out-of-touch governments, be left alone…free to bring their message and healing to the people of this world..Let;s replace repression, division and parochialism with tolerance, inclusion and oecumenism!

  53. Congrats to our German friends!!!!

  54. I see some real signs of a rekindling of purpose taking place here & there.. not quite the “set the world on fire” velocity… but a bright & vibrant flame is being ignited & setting the stage for yet another & another to say, “Come on! We can do this again!” Cheers to Frankfurt!
    Ian Waxler, Class 8 C/S

  55. Theo sismanides

    Mike, this interchage of communication, theta and particles between us, makes us stronger. I didn’t know you we’re of German origin. So your father was a Scientologist, too?

  56. Daniel Victor

    Recently I had mentioned in a FB group that the strong antagonism against Scientology is still alive in Germany. It can still happen that – when trying to get a job – you are obliged to declare that you’ve never followed LRH philosophy.
    People are not intolerant – just alert when a totalitarian system tries to get in power. They don’t distinguish between LRH, Scientology and the organization about which they have heard so many terrible things in the media. They don’t know better.
    The more important it is – from my point of view – that this would be clearly explained by the Indies. It should be made clear that they don’t share suppressive elements of Scientology which the cult applies.
    In order to create a good image Indies need to make people know what in terms of Scientology they support and what they don’t support.
    But I’m afraid that this won’t happen – as there are not ‘the Indies’. I was told that every Indy has a different opinion and would not like the idea at all to think of a common declaration – which would feel as if giving up independence.
    Having written about the bad situation in Germany I was accused of lying as Indies from Germany had not posted anything negative.
    If wanted I can make a survey in Berlin with the video camera and post it on youtube.

    I am sorry. I am aware that I am not spreading good news. In the cult it was/is not favored to spread bad news. I assume that among Indies it is different. In order to see what the truth is it is also necessary to confront entheta.

  57. Daniel Victor

    I wish you all the best and that you can help many people in life with good auditing!

  58. Theo,

    My father was in before I was born, and made it to OT VII 5 times and OT VIII twice. I was a second generation, born in, my children were third. I no longer call myself a Scientologist.

    My father dedicated most of his life and life’s energy to the COS, the dream of the Aims of Scientology. Shortly before he died, he realized that much had been wasted.

    But in honor of his dream, his intent, I would love for his books to be used by people trying to make the actual dream happen.

  59. Klaus/Rita, I will get your mailing address privately from you. I also have many other books such as how to choose your people, based on Scientology principles in German. Would you like these as well for your qual library? I can also get some critic books in German as well if you want for Qual. Let me know.

    I am happy to find a good home for these books, I couldn’t throw them away knowing his dream for entering Scientology. He made it to OT VIII as a factory worker never earning more than $11.00 an hour, but for decades working 80+ hours a week and the worst shifts for even just $o.50 an hour more.

  60. I am a tidbit concerened, An Independant Scientologist told me on this blog it would cost him money to read this link. what’s up with that ? Capitalism ?

  61. Marty Rathbun please help me to understand your country because this seems to be very very unconstitutional to me.

    The founding fathers would roll over in their graves:

    “Hi Kat,

    I was AFK when you posted this thread, I think. Sparrow and I have talked many times, and including after he settled. Here’s the bottom line:

    1) Sparrow thought that he’d be protesting about 6 months, but the legal battle went 2 years.

    2) He was concerned that because of the money and willingness of scientologists to lie, he might actually lose his case.

    3) He settled for the amount of his legal fees only, just to GTFO of it and let his life return to normal.

    4) He cannot protest in DC or NY.

    5) He misses it. “

  62. Smiling Scientologists are smiling, own choiche in freedom, I applaud that

  63. You are clearly behind the times. It’s safe to be a Scientologist in Germany. Perhaps you should review Marty’s article from September, 2009 on that very topic.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist.

  64. Regular Dog

    This is terrific news. Well done to all of you in Germany.

  65. This was a very interesting post! I just finished reading a history of Germany prior WWl and through WWll that was nothing short of amazing. I had no idea of what those people had to survive through and rise above as a result of WWl. I hadn’t even known the U.S. declared war on Germany in 1917!

    To influence public opinion, the federal government embarked on its first ever domestic propaganda campaign under Wilson! There was witch hunting here in the U.S. that spilled in every direction. Anyone that resisted the efforts was punished. An Irish socialist, Kate Richards O’Hare, served a year in prison for stating that the women of the United States were “nothing more nor less than brood sows, to raise children to get into the army and be made into fertilizer.” That woman was punished for protesting about the violation on women when you take their sons to war. I have thought about that so often but even now, in this day and age, there seems to be little regard about taking a woman’s son and sending him off to war, as if she has nothing to do it!

    I never cared for history until recently, but when one inspects at it one understands the situations that followed with a different reality.

    I agree with what you see as great promise for Scientology in Germany in the future. 🙂 Not the Sea Org though. I do not see them contributing to that in any way. That may even be the root to why they reject the entire subject as they do today, when they do. They don’t seem to be push overs.

  66. typo! I mean 2011!

  67. Mike, that is a given! 🙂 One thing is true is for sure, is that you can make a deposit to an account in the Church of Scientology but you can never make an investment in the group IN SPITE of the fact it is the only church in the world that has a “Chairman of the Board”. 🙂 Before I got involved in Scientology through the church, I was very afraid of dying. Years later this fear as-ised but now things seem to be the other way around. Church members are afraid not to die but they are afraid to COME BACK! 🙂 That’s a new one in this universe. And in Germany of all places. Mike, there is an old saying on the East Coast of the U.S. – “If you can’t have fried eggs, skip picking up the butter!” 🙂 I love this blog! 🙂

  68. Paul Durand

    I know this is not “core” and this is not Scientology teachings, but since you are into integration, I came across a great article yesterday and thought I would share it…it was published 2 years ago. Pretty insigthtful stuff. It’s called: “15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy”. Most articles you read these days are about things you need to do or add to your life to be happy. I was intrigued by the fact that this one outlines things to … give up..i.e simplifying things… I read it and I felt it reached a lot deeper than it looked at first, and that it had been written just for me. And I showed it to a few friends who also felt the same… so here is the list of the 15 things to give up in order to be happy….and If you want to read the full version, it’s at:

    Here are the 15 things that the author claims you need to give up if you want to be happy. … I changed the order of the 15 points, as I did not like the way they flowed in the article.

    1. Give up living your life to other people’s expectations.
    2. Give up attachment.
    3. Give up on your fears. “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
    4. Give up your need to impress others
    5. Give up your need for control. “By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond winning.” Lao Tzu
    6. Give up labels. “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Wayne Dyer
    7. Give up your excuses
    8. Give up on blaming others
    9. Give up your self-defeating self-talk. “The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive.” Eckhart Tolle
    10. Give up your limiting beliefs. “A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind” Elly Roselle
    11. Give up complaining
    12. Give up your need to always be right
    13. Give up the need to criticize things, people or events
    14. Give up the past
    15. Give up your resistance to change. “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” Joseph Campbell

    Again, I have no idea how this resonates for a Scientologist, but for me, coming from another spiritual movement, I see these as a nice complement to “core.

    Love to you all. Paul

  69. Good going guys – really well done.

  70. Mike.
    i felt so much relif reading this (had to get TP!). I think your dad is very relieved by this jester. What a guy he is. Think you should wright a book for him. The last chapter will be this post. Nice Mike.

  71. Wish you all the best in Germany. Glad to see people who keep the flame going win.

    We (decent caring people) had a below the belt blow delivered by those who care about nothing but their limited view of self interest in this arena with DM in the front lines. We’ll learn, adapt and prevail.

  72. martyrathbun09

    Except when people manufacture entheta for less than admirable purposes.

  73. Klaus Weigel

    We are very pleased and will keep the materials in honor of your father !

  74. Chanology in Germany seems to be the most persistened Anons on the planet

  75. Again, thank you so much for all your congratulations and postulates! In all the excitement we left completely aside that Klaus in addition to all renovation work and his move already produced diligently! In addition to a ProTRs Course completion Klaus could even come up with a CLEAR, in October last year. Thus, products are made ​​and will be made ​​in future! 🙂

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