What Folks Are Saying about ‘Scientology Warrior’

The following are comments from a number of people of diverse Scientology-related demographic backgrounds who have read, or allegedly read, Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior (also available on Kindle):


It is an invaluable record of a remarkable history and contains many insights that were revelatory to me.

Anti Scientologist:

Your lies, whether you know it or not (and I do not consider that you are unaware), serve the Scientology cult head’s command intention.

Former Scientology insider:

I’ve read a lot of books and there are some writers that I struggle reading. They don’t flow or keep you interested. This book is not just interesting but it flows and is easy to read… Marty answers just about everything in this book. It is much more accurate and interesting than the Wright book. Nothing is taken out of context.

Critical analyst of Scientology:

It’s a fascinating book, and there is a lot there that will contribute to the growing archive.

Former Scientologist:

Buy and read if you are an expert, or just curious, and you’re in the ex Scientologist community and know who Marty is.

Independent Scientologist:

Overall, Marty, your book was both a vindication of the workability of the subject of Scientology and also a poignant and honest representation of the failed organization and the brilliant imperfect man who started it all. And you’re right — the extremists in both camps will hate it. But I reckon that those who can hew to the middle path will love it.

Scientology Hater:

As in his first book, Rathbun once again feels compelled to tell us that the genius of L. Ron Hubbard’s notion of a “clear” is a human being who simply knows his or her “basic personality.” Rathbun is supremely satisfied that this is what Hubbard gave him all along. Rathbun knows himself, and that is enough. But after getting through this book’s 326 pages, it’s even clearer to us that Marty Rathbun hasn’t even begun to understand himself or what he did in the name of Scientology.

Church of Scientology blogger Vince Fletcher:

Marty Rathbun was electric shocked – he says so.

24 responses to “What Folks Are Saying about ‘Scientology Warrior’

  1. As soon as I read the Ortega review I realized what a service this book will be. Just taking the “disconnection” policy for instance, this is the first account I’ve read that gives LRH’s reaction to the cancellation of that policy.
    Such minor details are immensely helpful to me in sorting through the lies and the vacuum of data that is The Church of Scientology’s chronology.
    Can’t wait to get the book.

  2. I’m 4 chapters into your book, “Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior” and I have a lot to say about it.

    I’ll reserve that for another time, but I have to say Marty, I understand much more about your values and the things in your life which inform your present viewpoint. I can totally see how Scientology’s pitch, and your recruitment into it, fit you perfectly. This informs my own recruitment into Scientology, as well.

    You and I share a lot of values and experiences. We each read and held dear some of the same books. We each had people close to us who mystifyingly went insane. We each went on traveling “quests” for real knowledge after rejecting formal education. And we each abandoned the “answers” our society offered us to search for the real answers that we knew were out there.

    I have the feeling that if you and I would have met on the road, we would have been great traveling companions.

    I am enjoying your book very much. And I understand your criticisms of Tony’s criticisms of your book.

    Like I said, I’ll have a lot more to say about it later, but I do want to say to you: Thank you for writing this book.


  3. windhorsegallery

    After a marathon reading fest this morning, beginning at 7AM – I have but 2 chapters left before completing your book. Actually one, since I read the final chapter the first evening 🙂

    Honestly, I think I’m practically speechless – which is very odd for me. I am left with an overall feeling hope. That ultimately “right view” trumps all.

    And by “right view” I am speaking of the buddhist thought that “right view” is knowing fully that man is basically good, that he is NOT his body or mind but is a uniquely conscious being infused with luminosity and wisdom.

    I mean — after all the subsequent abuse you and others suffered under the misguided hubris of David Miscavige — I was able to close this book and say —

    Good grief — I feel so badly for dm. In fact, I am now going to wait at watch as your enemies amongst the indies and ex’s and critics start to posit that its all a HUGE ruse. That dm is going to hand over the reins to you (and Mike — who knows, maybe MEEEEEEE too)

    The kool-aid drinkers will start to somehow read this book amongst themselves and a whisper campaign will begin. A few key kool-aid drinkers will step forward and say — “I knew it all along”

    So my question to you is — when exactly will you be opening the Super Power Building? Sometime at the end of summer?


    It’s a fantastic book Marty. I’m glad you’ve persisted.


  4. Only gotten through the first couple chapters but thoroughly enjoying the stories so far. I’ve never been one to delve too far into the personal history of others, but when it’s offered with fluidity, style, with common interests and significant historical relevance, what’s not to like.

    One thing’s for sure, Scientology Warrior seems to be gathering high interest from both sides of the aisle, including those just now popping out of the woodwork – keyboard commandos, armchair critics including those who will likely never read it. So far I’d call that a success.

  5. windhorsegallery

    BTW — Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior (kindle edition) is now #1 Category Other Religions on Amazon.


  6. Well, congrat’s, Marty. You got it out there and apparantly both sides of the extremist fronts seems to despise it. I’ll give you my overview when I receive and read it. I guess I should get with the program and download kindle, but I’m happily awaiting our hard copy.

    I wonder if the Tony crowd will ever realize that the only reason the subject ever gained popularity is because “screamiing at ashtrays” does in fact teach one that intention is NOT force or volume and that can be a useful lesson for anyone. I am curious as to how these folks could ever bring themselves to admit that there is a tremendous body of workable data that can help people live better lives and become more aware.

    I’m hoping your book will lay out in more detail how it’s possible that such a repulsive cult could have evolved from such useful tech. But the bottom line in my mind, at this point, is that money and the power-hungry were rewarded and held in higher esteem than those of us who simply wanted to help make the world a better place to live.


  7. This book is a wild ride into cookoo land. It is an ode to power being a stand alone virtue. A celebration of winning at any cost. A stupendous report of boxing with shadows, real or imagined.

    It is a blow by blow evidentiary illustration of what can be the outcome of a “religious” leader who considers violent revenge part of his holy writ against critics.

    Sarge’s take on the Old Man was touching and misleading. The fallout of devastated lives found no voice in Sarge’s ode to Ron.

    I actually had a tiny grief for the boy, Mark. The beginning of the book is filled with such goodness and compassion with a freedom of expression for what you where experiencing Marty. You were clear, sensitive and open.

    Then you entered war. I felt sad for the young boy. The change was so rapid for you…..BAM!!! I wanted to keep that young Marty safe for just a little while. But you were gone in karmic battle.

    Vivekananda had immense smear campaigns against him when he came to America preaching there is many ways, not one way. He was smashed in press. But what did he do? He stood up against the overwhelming critics with the spiritual force of his personality and spoke publicly against his critics. He eventually won in the court of public opinion.

    Why do I bring this up? because in this book is definite evidence that Ron was targeted by critics. Powerful critics. But his militaristic reaction sealed his fate to never approach the spiritual integrity of a Vivekananda.

    And in Ron’s attempt to crush the enemy he made more. And because he chose violence as a response, he forfeits being labeled a victim of some cabal. He was no victim of the AMA, CIA etc.

    His choosing war sealed his fate against claims to greatness for all time.

    Thank you Marty for the wild ride. May your continued expansion and success in your spiritual endeavors continue to free you to be that caring little boy I wished I could have helped.

    But Ah!! Life is grand in the learning department!

    Peace Brother

  8. Oh, I still highly recommend this book. I could not put it down.

  9. no its not

  10. martyrathbun09

    Wow Brian. Thank you.

  11. You are very welcome

  12. windhorsegallery

    Yes it is.

    Go to Amazon. Type in “Scientology Warrior” — when the book comes up, click on it.

    THEN there will be a menu above the book — click on “new releases”

    Then click on religion and spirituality > other religions, practices and sacred texts > scientology


    (it’s actually #1 in “other religions, practices and sacred texts without having to narrow it further to scientology)

    I guess you aren’t happy it’s #1 …

  13. gee i love the 1 comment

  14. MrsLibnish

    I am an avid reader of the Bunker AND Moving on Up. I wanted to let you know that just because Tony gave the goods on parts of your book (I don’t feel he put it down, just gave the facts as he saw them) doesn’t mean that I am not chomping to read this latest installment. I read the other two, and from the reviews, this looks to be badazz.

    I don’t care if you don’t spill your secrets. Do what you want, that is called freedom. All I know is that shit stain David Dumbass Miscavige needs to go down in a flaming ball. By whomever and whatever means necessary.

    Fair. Game. Bitch.

  15. i have the book on kindle and its a very good read.marty the best to you

  16. I haven’t finished the book yet but I enjoyed the hell out of that surmise Brian.

    Marty is coming into his own in my view, with grand style as a writer I’d dare say, but I would hardly pin him as a victim of his childhood, nor did he (or any of us) miss the karmic boat.

  17. I downloaded the Kindle edition last night and read it straight through. I really enjoyed it.

    I came away with a new sense of the war that was fought and with the reality that all could easily have been lost.


    * That Das Dwarfenfurher is all fired up to get everyone reliving Portland and that this book also contains great detail regarding it is fascinating. Is this just another attempt to attempt to “out create the enemy?” by Das Dwarfenfurher?

    * I feel that many areas I had attention on and questions about from the past now at least have some data to fill the void. I feel less attention on the past and have the concept that it is likely time to move on up a little bit higher.

    * I also share the belief that being exterior and operating as oneself is highly desirable. Not as an arbitrary or hidden standard but as real ability gained to operate as oneself and not depend upon a body. Somewhere on the journey to full OT I hoped to stumble across this.

    The fact that there really are no materials beyond OT VIII completed and written up (as detailed in MOASW ) is a huge deal and bummer to me. This isn’t the first time I’ve read it but there it is again. What a huge lie and false report!

    Pierre Ethier ( http://www.upperbridge.org/OT8PLUS.htm ) states:

    In 1977, in broadly released issues LRH announced that at least 15 new
    Levels were fully researched and merely awaiting final write-up. Also the
    Class X, XI and XII materials make repeated and specific references to
    these Rundowns coming from “research on OT VIII-XV”

    I guess I shouldn’t worry about it and I will figure it out when I get there.

    * This whole business that LRH is not coming back and is off gallivanting across the universe … yikes. Contrast this with the “Hey, I’ll be back in 20 years” just hold down the fort. I guess I figured that if I signed up for a billion years LRH had also and we were going to finish target 1 before starting the next one.

    * I hate the way things ended for LRH. It could have been worse and clearly much was done to make it as good as it was but still…

    * I do ponder what would really be the same and what would be different if LRH returned.

    * The concept at the end of the book that LRH always had something new to market and Das Dwarfenfurher is required to repackage the old over and over to attempt to generate interest to keep Scientology growing shows how far off the mark things are. The game was to Clear the planet. No repackaging required.

    I look forward to the conversation moving even further from incidents in the past and the current insanity in the RCS to the FUTURE. I feel this book is another stepping stone on the journey. Thank you for spending the time creating and sharing it.

  18. Avid reader of your Blog Marty scince going off the Reservation.
    Your are Fair and even handed, nothing kept secret. I’d say the complete opposite of Big Chief Miscavige.I will post my take on your new book after I complete reading it.
    Well done cowboy

  19. Mary Rathernotsay

    After reading the fascinating tale of Marty’s journey into and out of the CoS I find that a great many of my long-time questions have been answered.
    Of course more always do pop up, but I am thankful to have this memoir along with other key players’ memoirs to fill in the gaps. I feel fortunate to have these memoirs “just fall in our laps” so to speak, after such long-time mystery.
    One crazy thing I wonder about whenever I open this blog…
    Is that an albatross on your blog heading, and has it anything to do with Coleridge’s bird? Which is another mystery sandwich…

  20. martyrathbun09

    It is a great blue heron gliding over Corpus Christi bay.

  21. The book is great Marty. The way you put it down is really easy to grasp and full of vividness. However, on the chapters of what happened with the Special Project there are a lot of questions. It would be good at one point to open up yourself to such questions and let a two way communication occur on that subject.

  22. Aquamarine

    Marty, I read “Warrior” straight thru and loved it, beginning with your journey as young Mark determined to save your brother which wrung my heart. That you withstood and maintained your position in space despite tremendous loss is testament to a strong character seeking always to live with the truth. Your book also answered 2 important and longstanding questions of mine which were 1) The basic overt on the chain which began the downfall of LRH despite his being source of the remedy for that, and 2) The basic organizational O/W on the chain which has resulted in David Miscavige’s ruthless, greedy imploding cult of today. Thank you for writing this book.

  23. martyrathbun09

    You’re welcome.

  24. Marty, I read the book. As I was looking at the title, it occurred to me that I was, at one time, a scientology warrior as well. As so many thousands were. And as I sat to begin reading the book I happened to open the book at the back and read the last line from the Zen Master first; that one was not different than whom one used to be, we just have taken a different course of action. All so true. Scientology didn’t make me a warrior, scientology was a vehicle I used at the time to fight the war as I saw it. Scientology as an organization ceased to be that vehicle for me. I didn’t change. My course of action changed. But for a certain period of time, we all travelled the same road in the same uniform. Unfortunately, what should be solely and fully a source of pride has been greatly tarnished by the organizations actions and policies. But that does not change the fact that there can be pride in our intentions and who we are to have begun with honest and good intentions that association in the first place. I believe we were all meant to have that experience and learn from it. I did. You certainly did. And so have many others. Those who have not learned from it, can repeat it until they do. Its called growth and or wisdom. And it sometimes is achieved through painful experiences. Anyway, very good book. Read it in one sitting. Wishing you continued success on your journey. Its every mans journey. Revenimus.

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