‘Scientology Warrior’ Now On Kindle


The book that the Scientology critic cult is attempting to censor more vigorously than the church of Scientology is now available in Kindle format, Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior on Kindle.

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  1. richardgrant

    Marty, don’t you think “censor” is a bit strong? I know you’re going for punch and impact here โ€” and I’m aware of the truly unkind things that some people are posting in comment threads and such places โ€” but I don’t think I’ve seen any actual suggestion that your right to express yourself should be taken away (which is what “censor” means, as you well know).

    I think it’s cool that you’re not afraid to piss people off, and that you’ve staked out your own position rather than aligning yourself with any particular camp. Accusing your critics of something they’re not actually trying to do is, I would argue, unnecessary and beneath you.

  2. Got it

  3. martyrathbun09

    Read his blog comments. Tony says it sucks, and the cult members thank him for saving them the time of reading it. Once a comment similar to that was made on this blog when I criticized Larry Wright’s book. Several people immediately pointed out that is rather cultic to decide not to read something because an opinion leader told them it wasn’t worth it (which I never said by the way – I merely pointed out some serious factual inaccuracies). No such checks on that site. It is the pack calling the people dogs.

  4. This book has just been released and people (no names mentioned) seem “to already know what to expect”. Marty is a very creative, intelligent artistic minded person and a prolific writer on subjects in which he does have some expertise. If Marty wrote a book on “Trout and Bass Fishing Techniques” would that mean that people shouldn’t buy it because it isn’t about the deranged Church of Scientology’s activities? Not all of Marty’s works are for me, and I know that, so if he writes something a bit over my head I don’t want to do what “everybody else does or says that thinks they know”. I like Marty. He’s OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The Dakini

    Marty, I’m trying to rectify in m mind how someone doing review of your book is censoring your freedom of speech. Ortega has a right to his opinion and NEVER ONCE states that one should not purchase your latest publication.

    As much I am a reader over there, I will be buying and reading your book. And will arrive at my own conclusions and opinions.

  6. I’m not sure how you think anyone is censoring anything in the critics community. Not buying books does not equal censoring.

    Ive read plenty of posts in the “critic” community saying they may not have bought your previous books but they are planning to buy this one, this is especially true on forums such as ESMB.

    I don’t think the people saying such things at Tony’s blog ever had any intention of buying your book anyway. Only a post saying it was the most informative, revolutionary book on the dirty deeds of the cult ever written would have had them even made them raise their eyebrow and consider it.

  7. You certainly think pretty highly of yourself! I will not be buying or reading your book because, although I don’t know you, I am very embarrassed for you. You’re a grown ass man who dressed up in a silly costume and spoke some silly gibberish language for most of your adult life. And that totally wasted life has left you feeling superior yo those who chose to not waste their lives playing dress up. The fact that as part of this silly waste of time, you wounded the souls of countless people by enforcing the soul crushing rules & regs of your silly “religion”.

  8. martyrathbun09

    I love you too.

  9. Marty, I regret that your perceptions of the “take” on your new book have strayed a bit off the rails. Unless you are striving for a marketing kick, which Tony himself does not begrudge.

  10. I don’t want to say too much, but I just want to point out, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with criticizing Lawrence Wright’s book. I listened to the man’s interview about his book. He is like a million other people that talk, and talk, and talk, and talk about the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard and the Tech. Fine. But in spite of that where does all this talk leave them? ๐Ÿ™‚ Does is mean that moments of pain and unconsciousness will no longer plague Mankind because “the famous critics” have spoken? ๐Ÿ™‚ Does it mean that the universe around us did not originate when and how it did because of Janet Reitman’s famous book? I see the point I am making, I always have! ๐Ÿ™‚ What does Lawrence Wright for example propose is the right thing to do if someone is knocked unconscious during a storm in front of him when the person wakes up, ask them to buy his book? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Wow–look at all these people over here, and over there, that know so much about the actual original writings about Dianetics and Scientology without reading them. Or your book. Very very wise people indeed!

  12. I have only read a few pages so far. I can tell Marty is a great story teller . I read a lot and don’t expect to draw conclusions or opinions , just absorb it and let it become a part of the whole. Of course I could say that I start from a special place,,,I trust Marty to tell the truth and I can tell a good man when I read one.

  13. You don’t have any problem wounding souls do you?

  14. It is repelling the way he threw you under the bus, but he threw a single mother of two under the bus, ruined her career, with little or no regard as to how those children would be fed or cared for. So it doesn’t surprise me. Just because she got a gig singing on the Freewinds. So, I don’t think he has issues sacrificing people, their work or their careers, to boost stats for his blog. While he blames the Church for doing the same thing. He pushed some wrong items and wrong indications on you, but he has not bothered to learn about such things, so he has responsibilities about it.

    We are all still waiting for our books to arrive and we will back you up with real reviews.



  15. Let it all slip by your like a greesed pig Marty. None of it really matters, except being unconditiioned by acceptence or rejection. They both can have abberative qualities. It is all just so much mental mumbo jumbo being projected collectively.

    I am on chapter 8. I completely see your unavoidable finding of answers to your life’s dilemmas with Scientology. It fit like a glove. And it rooted you on the Path.

    I do have some thoughts, but I will reserve them as the book is new.

    This is my first Marty book. I would recomend it. Of couse don’t leave your own knowing at the door when reading it, but this is a good man trying to work it out.

    I applaud you for your intimate candor.

  16. The scolds are out in force!

  17. Marty ~~
    I think it is a highly provocative book,…quite aside from the sheer history which I am always ready to catch up on.
    Some of the most important decisions we face in life involve ethical or moral questions. …the old fork in the road, which fork does one take? I am reading it understanding how very hard it is to make a clear headed decision when one is already indoctrinated into “the greatest good formula.” Oh boy is that a “held down seven” or what ?
    For me, auto-biographical stories that contain important challenges to personal integrity and how much value one puts on issues are riveting.
    From my journey and investment of all those decades I could not be more pleased to read the book.
    Ordering more copies and Kindle download now..:smile:

  18. My copy is being delivered next week and when I have time, I will read it. WHY? Because I want to read the entire book before commenting.

  19. I meant, he has NO responsibilities about it.

  20. Molly, you ain’t no wife ofa preacher iz ya?

  21. Dear, dear Molly
    Go take a nice hot bath. I’m sure you will feel alot better and leave Marty alone he does’t need you.

  22. I have the book now but haven’t started it yet. In light of all the back and forth, who is the primary intended audience for the book?

  23. Marty thanks I got the book on Kindle. Read the preface once again (you had it posted here as an excerpt). Fascinating. I am onto chapter One. Can’t wait to read it through.

    And I can say that, yes, censoring might be a harsh word that in the final analysis that’s what it is: censoring human minds and ideas. that’s the real cult of planet Earth.

  24. Dear Ron, Oops Marty!

    Stop whining! You’re not the first person to get a negative review. It’s not personal. Can’t wait to read your book

    El Jefe

  25. Marty, after reading the story of your life, about your mother and your brothers, I can’t but give you a big thank you and a big big hug. I am very proud of you, being your friend, and with what you have done in Scientology and still doing.

    The book is fascinating and I am just reading the first Chapter still. But there is something to it that only us can understand. It’s that quality of theta that’s like a good dog. it’s there for you. Even for yourself if you are lucky. And it looks like you had quite some theta endowment Marty to keep you going.

  26. Any reporter who hasn’t done Scientology for at least a decade and gone up the bridge at least some of the way would only look at the subject from particular limited perspectives if agendas aren’t also thrown into the mix. Therefore these stories are always slanted at least to some extent and rarely worth my attention, since the original base causes and provocations for these supposed crimes they are looking to dig up are usually ignored making for nice one-sided fables. Must be the turn-the-other-cheek syndrome they are so fond pawning off on us as something we should accept as mere viewpoints. I’ll pass on this type of Kool-aid too.

  27. I think Tony’s review sucks as I am reading the book in Chapter 2 now. Now I see how shallow and cold blooded (journalist style) his review is. On top of that Marty is laying his heart and soul (in a fascinating narrative style… oh, yes…I got to know much about basketball Zen) and Tony cold bloodedly just gives a cheap review over there. I don’t care about the 1.000 comments there. Theta was never quantity, it was quality. To lose ALL your qualities to be A quantity isn’t the name of the game. Here, few or not we are still looking at the… Game! The book is fascinating!

  28. martyrathbun09

    Anyone interested or curious about Scientology.

  29. That’s bullshit Marty!
    A lot of us plan on reading the book.
    Tony’s buzz did you a favor and you are smart enough to know it, so why the pretense?
    And you talk about censoring?
    Tonys’ blog is uncensored, so you get the good, the bad and the ugly over there….unlike here where you put up what you want too.

    You are trained in confront…so spare me that you can’t handle it.
    Victim doesn’t suit you Marty.

    You were the top Rottwieler in an abusive position for a very long time and there are a lot of damaged people that you stepped on and over.

    You all here still look down your all knowing superior noses at us like you are so much smarter and better.
    There are people over there that know more about Hubbard and his con than all of you combined and you know it.

  30. Here comes another one.

  31. Some interesting messengers spilling over here the last few days.

  32. I’m sorry if I’ve never been President of the US does that not mean I can write about his policies and actions? Can I not write about the pope because I wasn’t raised Catholic? Should I, or any reporter, not be able to criticize or report on police brutality because we’ve never been cops? Your logic does not compute. If we only limited allowing people to report or express opinions on things they personally have deep life experience with the only person who could write about DM would be DM.

    Think about it. You can educate yourself on a subject without become a true believer or adherent of the faith. History has shown us outsiders perspectives are VITAL to unbiased and good information.

    Someone who became a true believer in Scientology will not be able to write about it very objectively, because radical true believers will not read anything outside of church approved positive PR stories nor accept anything that does not further their confirmation bias. Perspectives of those not deeply involved in said subject are usually the best ones to read for unbiased information.

    (BTW I am not including Marty in this category lest anyone think that, thought maybe he would have been in that category 20 years ago. I’ve been very impressed with Marty being open about mistakes and errors within Scientology during his ongoing quest for truth and enlightenment.)

  33. windhorsegallery

    Fortunately an old habit dies hard (otherwise I would have been up all night) … I got the kindle edition around 10PM, read the first two or three chapters, read the final chapter and went to sleep. I’ll catch up with the entire book over the weekend.

    Here’s all I wish to say at this point:

    The critics, the journalists, the ex’s and indies should ALL each one undertake to write a memoir of their lives — before, after and during their encounter with scientology. How, why and where they got involved. NO ONE, I’m willing to bet just stumbled across the subject and stayed involved enough to write comments, visit blogs, protest, etc … something about the subject touched something. What was it?

    I promise to buy every single memoir. Even if I can’t stand you ๐Ÿ™‚ —

    I believe if we are willing to examine our lives, put out our story to those interested enough to read about it what we will find is that we are not REALLY all that different. We are born, we suffer, we grow old and we die.

    TRUE — some of us might have been involved in creating some of the suffering of others BUT when the surface is scratched it almost always has a cause deeply embedded in ones past and DNA. In other words, who amongst us dares to cast the first stone?

    So – start writing. I am. Probably lots will hate my book as I just don’t have that much BAD to say about scientology — although I don’t have that much GOOD to say about how people cling to their righteous indignation about others and their perception of scientology or how it should now be practiced.

    I’ve found, thus far in my life, if I spend TOO much time pondering others – their motives, their lives, how wrong they might be or right they might be – I’ve missed the point. It is MY LIFE I need to ponder. My choices. My habits. My views. It is only from working constantly at NOT attempting to “get it right or perfect” but acknowledging … I am not perfect BUT I can change that brings me happiness.

    And perhaps when I get YOUR memoir to read I will have broken the habit of skipping to the end.


  34. Only 29 comments since last night?

    Marty, where’s the party moved to?

    Time to turn out the lights on this sad puppy.

  35. There is an author of a best selling book that nobody showed up
    at his first book signing ( sound of crickets,place empty )
    Marty I think you will get boatloads of critics spouting all manner of
    things so I would take a WIN on that.
    Ive ordered your book cowboy, keep up the good work.

  36. Us and them…………….. Gotta get rid of us and them. We are theta they are not. We understand Marty they do not. Gotta let go of enemy.

    Diverse opinions are not attacks.

    Gotta get rid of enemy. It is in the marrow of a well trained scientologist.

    Attack/being attacked is one of the worse things Ron taught us, not scientology, not miscavige……………… Ron.

    Let it go people, let it go.

  37. Marty, There’s no such thing as a bad review. In show biz they say they get purchases off the bad reviews as well as the good and that the only time you need to worry is when they stop talking about you completely. I ordered the book and will reserve further comment until I’ve read every word of it which I look forward to. (Hurry up mailman!)

  38. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that one Dr. Ruth: You were the top Rottwieler in an abusive position

  39. Hey Brian, there is really no Us and Them… You know how many posts I have made on Tony’s blog since yesterday.. over 100 probably. So, don’t confuse that with enemy. They are no enemies but I am not going to fall in bed with them too. “Never fear to attack for a just cause” is still valid to me… but with a supplement “Fear what you consider a “just cause”.

  40. “As long as they spell my name right”

    – possibly P.T. Barnum or Mark Twain

  41. Hey, here you are. Finally, a bold Tony Ortega’s blog commenter. Ladies and Gentlemen here is a very bold, courageous and (ok) to me at least gentle lady and commenter on Tony’s blog.

    Thanks for coming here.

    BTN, We are not looking down at you over there! It’s just that over tehre nobody can give you a decent answer about those out of the body experiences you told me you have. And believe me we do know about it and there are trained people all around the world who can help on this. And this is the most important thing of all. It’s not Marty’s book or what Tony said about it or what people think about it.

    As to Marty as I said on Tony’s blog many of us here have been betrayed by Mgmt where Marty belonged long time ago so most probably we have the first say on him. But since Differentiation is a tough game on planet Earth all carnivores tend to attack when they are given a chance. So put your gun back as there is peace here now and Marty is long gone from there and has been doing us a favor for the last 4 years to expose the Rotwieler none can confront: David Miscavige.

    I do believe it’s not just him but that’s my personal opinion as is the rest that I said above.

    In any case you are welcome here as you welcomed me on Tony’s blog and there is no such a thing that we feel superior to anybody.

  42. Your welcome…Ghandi!

  43. Paul Durant

    I look forward to downloading the Kindle edition when I get back home tonight.
    SunnyV writes: โ€œ You can educate yourself on a subject without become a true believer or adherent of the faith. History has shown us outsiders perspectives are VITAL to unbiased and good information.โ€
    I agree with this, Iโ€™m not a Scientologist, but I must have spent a few hundred hours of my time enjoying educating myself about Scientology without going taking any course/auditing. Ive grown in the process. It has given me some really interesting insights on spirituality, religion, and my own life. And of course Iโ€™m glad to know more about L. Ron Hubbard, I had no idea what he had done. So yes there is great benefit in educating oneself without becoming a true believe or adherent of faith. If one billion people did like me, the perceptions of Scientology would be a lot more grounded in reality.
    To build on the comments about the book, here muy favorite quotes on writing!
    โ€œI would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide.โ€
    โ€”Harper Lee
    โ€œThe artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.โ€
    Ezra Pound
    โ€œThere is only one plotโ€”things are not what they seem.โ€
    โ€”Jim Thompson
    Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

  44. First, I just love how you’re viewed as completely omniscient back in the days of Int. Damn, I wish I was that powerful and could control the everyday lives of sooooooo many, especially from the seat of my auditing chair from behind a closed door! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Looking forward to the book!

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  46. martyrathbun09

  47. Marty, I just got the book today (one day early) and am already half way through it and all I can say is: Screw Tony Ortega! This is a great book, beautifully written, that (finally) answers a number of questions I’ve had for decades. When you say it was written from the perspective of “the middle path”, you are exactly correct. Thank you for writing it – I’m already looking forward to the next one.

  48. burythenuts

    OK, truce! This one (Ghandi) was childish even by my loose and childish standards!

  49. burythenuts

    Hi Theo. The last couple of days has been a bit tense on both blogs and there is a lot of stuff bubbling to the surface for a whole lot of people. I am sure both Marty and Tony braced themselves for impact,…and they both play each other like a fine guitar…so I don’t need to even speak to that further. I am glad you joined us. I always enjoy the discourse with you.

    On Exteriorization: I did give you a very decent answer for the out of body experiences but you rejected it outright.
    Science can even duplicate the experience in a lab relatively easily.
    I know you believe what you do and I respect that, even if I do not agree with it.
    I expect that same respect about my beliefs as well.
    You see, I don’t need any help with the experience of exteriorization. I am quite good at it without any guidance and I still think the answer lies in neuroscience as opposed to Scientology.

    Just that simple.

    Now as far as the book…I am going to read it.
    I want to hear Marty’s words…all of them for myself.

    As far as nattering…I am seeing just as much here as there, so everybody might consider the door swings both ways.

    We can talk to each other, but there are some things we are never going to see eye to eye on.
    If we respect each other…we can still argue without falling into the trap of “attacking an enemy”.

    As long as that shit turd Miscavige is still around…rather you all (or we) like it or not….these two blogs have a bit of an alliance.

    (smoking gun back in holster with safety on)!

    Now smile you crazy indies…all this nattering probably sold a few dozen more books!!!

  50. Ouff! Gun back in holster… Pfeeeww! Ok girl, that was good.

    Actually yes we will have an alliance since we are moving on…. we are not practising disconnections and we are not into heavy ethics and stuff like that.. we are Indies, each one leading their lives and following and doing what we can.

    Maybe one day we can have a couple of beers and ponder on exteriorisation! hahaha!

    I also enjoyed the fun over there at Tony’s but let me tell you I will be pointing guns next time I come into the saloon (bad joke of mine). So be prepared.

    It’s good that you are gonna read the book and form an opinion first hand.

  51. Christine, your blog comments present a unique point of view that always enriches the discussion here and more often that not contain a generous dose of wisdom. If your memoir is even half as enlightening, I’ll buy a copy.

  52. Mary Rathernotsay

    I hope that I didn’t accidentally hit the send on the comment I was typing. But if so, starting over.
    I am enjoying reading Memoirs of A Scientology Warrior.
    I feel that I can learn a lot from reading about your experiences. I have always enjoyed a well written memoir. Since I was a young kid I have read thousands of autobiographies and memoirs. From each one I learn a little more. I know that it is not necessary for me to agree with every thought and every action of the author to enjoy and learn from their story.
    I am more than half way through your book, Marty, and I thank you for your story. I will put it on my shelf with autobiographies of Ben Franklin, Mark Twain, and Isaac Asimov.
    I’d also like to congratulate the editor. I have read many very poorly edited books on Kindle, and I was happily surprised at the editorial quality of this one. Half-way through it, and barely any editorial errors. That’s amazing considering how fast this title went to Kindle.
    To everyone else, I’d like to say this- Writing a book is a lot like creating a child. You stay up night and day producing your child and when it is finally born you are a proud parent. It is understandable for an author to become very defensive should anyone criticize or belittle their child. Especially when the subject is this personal. Marty has given his best to bringing forth this creation and can only be expected to defend his creation as any proud parent would. Let’s give him a break.
    Ask yourself why you read this book in the first place; it could help. Do you want to read something which supports and fortifies opinions and viewpoints which you already hold? Were you expecting a heroic tale?
    Ask yourself, can I do better? Or, Have I done better myself?
    Let he who be without fault cast the first stone.
    A secondary reason I bought this memoir is to give to certain family members. Maybe as sort of an explanation for things that I myself have done. Or for my long absences from their lives. As a sort of apology, if they are open to reading the book. Would my son be able to see some of my own motivation in Marty’s thoughts and actions? That remains to be seen, but Marty has laid out the steps of becoming caught up in the CoS in such a clear fashion that this book could serve to inform family who were previously confused as to how their loved one got into all this.
    And for that opportunity also, I thank him.
    Well done.

  53. Mary Rathernotsay

    Hey hey, Windhorse!
    Just read your comment and got to say I agree with much of what you’ve said. It looks like we even made a couple of similar points.
    Thanks for the ARC.
    I look forward to your book, also!


  54. Thanks for your review Theo. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

  55. The legend grows huge! The myths spiral skyward!

    There are a lot of damaged people in the world. They get stepped over every day by co workers and new tenants and other bidders on Ebay. I seriously doubt you stop the car to assist every pedestrian who looks a little beat up. Executives in the business world move fast. You could write, “there are a lot of damaged people that you stepped on and over” on a congratulations card at an Executive’s newest promotion party and it would be taken in pride.

    There are people out here that keep a body count on one night stands and former wives.

    The United States bombed Bagdad and 47% of the body count was women and children. Who hollered about that?

    Do you think all people stand around on their roofs waiting to be rescued from Hurricanes like pets waiting to be claimed by their owners?

    YOU are the one out here with a superior nose “smarter and better”. If damages lives is an issue for you, why aren’t you standing in front of an abortion clinic with a protest sign?

    It is very curious that people seem to not include Marty with the rest of Earth’s population, but hold him in a crystal ball to view as a separate entity , another species, and pledge mythical significance to a few isolated events in his life. As if, they don’t even watch television!

    The people and entities Marty had to confront at work were every bit as cut throat and out for gain as he was. Politicians, reporters, attorneys. You don’t think those people are aggressive? Where have you been living your life?

    He is supposed to apologize for surviving in that environment. That is exactly what people want. They expect him to crumble under “survivor’s guilt”. It is taboo to have a win. One forum out here banned success stories.

    He just didn’t lay down and become damaged goods, permit people to step over him or on him. Why? Because he doesn’t have KARMA like that. I for one, do not need another victim to add to my tribe. And I don’t feel the need to use the Internet to step on and over other people with the purpose of making them damaged goods.

    Check yourself out. This ain’t the Jim Jones Clan where we all kick off with poison Kool Aid.

    He is supposed to apologize for surviving in that environment. That is exactly what people want. They expect him to crumble under “survivor’s guilt”. It is taboo to have a win. One forum out here banned success stories.

  56. gato, I take it you are referring to the Dianetics book review now on Ortega’s blog? That was like reading a new cell phone owner’s manual review, from someone who never used the phone. Tony can now review mental health manuals! He has apparently become an expert on therapy and the human mind. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make any sense. It is what people WANT TO HEAR they read that blog. They want to see some damages done.

  57. And for those of you that are so ” good and compassionate” and are out here “seeking justice and accountability” and “have no similar history of your own” and would “never harm attack or suppress anybody”, You blind, blind, inconsiderate, stupid people, fair gaming Marty with no regard as to how you are stomping all over his wife at the same time, innocent bystanders under your stomping feet, you really give me a feeling of hopelessness that anything can be done to really make improvements in this world where so little makes any sense.

  58. THe only two crimes in this universe you can be punished for…….

  59. Hark! Was that a voice of kindness, reason, calm and good intention?

    How very refreshing!

  60. windhorsegallery

    I spent a few hours at the vets … with some trepidation cause, like other dog lovers – Marty included, my dog is my closest confidant and losing her would be hard. Good news — she’s fine.

    BUT — it gave me 2 hours to read Marty’s memoir … I’ve now journeyed with him and Bruce through the state institution and then over to the Portland Mission (which I know well) to experience with Marty THE ultimate debacle. THE promise of a modern science of mental health’s rejection of someone in need.

    This outrageous behavior has always upset me. Either one IS a modern science or one is not. NOT when it’s convenient or looks good.

    In any case, I was able to relive what many of us in the early days felt — WE were rejecting the establishment and we were going to create a new just world. It made joining something so rigorous exciting but sadly what happened is any of us with any sort of human foible (ego), this group simply gave us the backdrop to get more ego and more human. NOT less human with less ego.

    In other words — the organization (church of scientology and Sea Org) became an enabler … we needed the group … the group needed us and our foibles were catered to.

    Here’s the rub — who in humanity isn’t prey to these negative emotions –
    anger, jealousy, pride (arrogance), desire (attachment), ignorance.

    (these 5 negative emotions give rise to 84,000 negative emotions) …

    In my personal experience — while I received tons of gains through being on staff or through auditing — these negative emotions were NEVER fully handled reduced to nothing.

    Just watch this blog and others and watch as emotions flare up and die down.

    Sorry to digress. Marty’s book — his first few chapters are so heartfelt and heartbreaking I just had to share my thoughts. No one who has ever tried (and seemingly failed) to help a family member who is mentally ill, knows the deep pain Marty expresses so well.


  61. Bury the Nuts, does this mean I am going to be 6 feet under? ๐Ÿ™‚ I understood what you said. There are a lot of people “IN” the Church of Scientology practicing so called “Hubbard Technology 100% Standardly”. A lot of those people are Clear and OT, that in Hubbard’s definition places them in the “upper tenth of the upper tenth of society”. I believe those were LRH’s words, correct me if I am wrong. These are the Aristocrats of society? I met some of these people personally, some of these people intimately and I have never swayed from the fact that those people commit daily overts of omission and commision greater than anything any non-Clear or non-OT I had hoped to better the life of through my association with the church, would, could EVER concieve of. This is not a learned skill. A person either desires to help others or they don’t. These kind of people in the church with Marty, I believe presented a problem to him, like it would to most people “How can this be? This is a Church of Scientology?”. It is Bury the Nuts. It is. People today get involved in the Church of Scientology to use the tech for personal gain and profit while serving their own ends exclusively. If such a person got stepped on or stepped over, then they should have chosen a more ethical path in life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. From curiosity, I had to go over to Tony’s part of town and see what the fuss was about.

    There has always been something very creepy about the anti Scientology movement. It has always smelled so similar to O.S.A.. Always smacked of the abuse they complain so loudly about.

    I had thought it was some sort of anti magic, where spirits transform into that which overwhlemed them, as I read Hubbard’s theory on this and it made SOME sense.

    But I had a stellar realization about it today. People do NOT become that which overwhelms them. No, that isn’t exactly correct.

    I strolled through the people and their words on Tony’s blog.

    A blood bath. I could smell the metal in the air. The frenzy there to harm attack suppress degrade and fair game another person under the banner of “civil rights” and “human rights” was surreal.

    On par with the Church of Scientology and the fanatics in their efforts to to harm attack suppress degrade and fair game other people under the banner of “Love for L. Ron Hubbard” and “Religion”.

    Both groups are using the same methods of livingness to forward their own wants and needs and purposes. It is as if they are hung in mirror upon one another. Balanced against one another with an overwhelming and obsessive purpose to destroy.

    The illusion is that the groups are opposite, but the purposes and methods, are identical.

    Per the laws of magnetism, it makes perfect reason that they are stuck together against one another.

    Per the laws of magic, it smells of perfect harmony, like natural justice. That they remain focused on destroying a similar entity. And unmocking one another.

    It is as if, some natural force or wind combines the two groups to eliminate one another. Some kind of natural mercy that floats through the atmosphere. To permit those that seek to destroy, work their energies on one another.

    So that those who wish to survive and create, can have more space.

    The illusion is that the wind is think with black magic. But it’s just a little ball floating about the atmosphere making nothing of itself, digesting it’s own energy, and being expelled through the digestive system of a universe that was built to support the more creative.

    Absolutely fascinating. Like watching a tornado spin itself out of the atmosphere.

    My willingness to be in it or fix it or try to pull people out of it, vanished.

    When you move beyond the noise, you can see there is something in this universe that is a cleaning system.

    This is actually a user friendly planet. It has it’s own system for eliminating toxins. We are actually in a friendly space cohesive for survival. There is tremendous PROMISE here!

  63. Hey, thanks. WOW! You just posted on Tony’s blog. I am reading it… you certainly can write! hahaha…. let’s have some fun over there though it’s about time I go to bed, I’ll stay a bit more… haha.

  64. burythenuts

    “How, why and where they got involved. NO ONE, Iโ€™m willing to bet just stumbled across the subject and stayed involved enough to write comments, visit blogs, protest, etc โ€ฆ something about the subject touched something. What was it?”

    Christine, I loved your post. And this piece above is very likely true.
    Thanks, I enjoyed reading this very much.

  65. Lordburg12

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Bob.

  66. Marty,
    I just read your book. First, Wow! What a journey. You do a wonderful job of walking a reader through your life and your experiences. Your writing style is clear and direct, and several times I was tempted to take a break and come here to comment because of the poignancy and impact of what you were describing. But I ended up reading the first half straight through last night, going to bed, and then finishing the book this morning.
    I loved the description of your life leading up to Scientology — it will bug the hell out of the anti crowd, because you so beautifully answer the question “why do people become and stay interested in Scientology even after leaving?”: the question that Wright posed, but never answered. You describe your experiences so lucidly and authentically, that only the most hardcore cultists (in the anti crowd) will find it necessary to deny and fight it.
    The details of the Colletto murder … wow. I had read the news reports years later and so was familiar with it from the media’s description, but hearing your first hand, detailed account was gripping.
    At a certain point in the book, I knew you could have written tomes on what went down in the legal struggles of the 1980s — but I think you successfully found the right balance of the most salient and important points. I loved the entry of Cooley into the picture. I had really never heard about or understood the FAMCO/DOJ collusion and corruption theory — I had heard about Flynn of course, and was familiar with some of the cases. But I didn’t know it to the level of detail that you provide. I also didn’t realize that the videos of Armstrong were so extensive. I tried watching a couple of the ones with Mike Rinder (the ones I found online), but didn’t have the additional extensive background that you provide which puts it into better context. I do hope that someday, someone also provides all of the documentation you mention (that the G.O. found in the non-FOIA files), and really documents the battle that Hubbard and the early CoS was facing through the 50s-70s. There have been narratives, of course, but I’d really like to see the raw documents. I’ve already seen the FOIA FBI files from the 50s and 60s on Hubbard — if there are other AMA and APA documents which show collusion, wow, THAT is a story that needs telling (and documenting).
    I wish there was more on Mary Sue — her steadfast loyalty was incredible. And the part about the lawyer noticing that “Scientologists are too honest” — it’s weirdly true. But maybe “naive” is a better word.
    I think you take a fair and unbiased look at Hubbard — of course the fact that you can separate out the wheat from the chaff will drive both sides of the cultic-thinking crowd nuts. And I also appreciate your sharing your take on the OT levels — a view that I personally think is more consistent with the fundamentals of the subject.
    I also appreciate that you gave us the verbatim words of Sarge — that helps a person understand the whole picture. (If you’re reading Sarge, thank you for sharing more details. I could tell that Ron was a real friend of yours and I’m sure he appreciated your being there.) Wright did attempt to take additional swipes at Ron through Sarge’s words, and I hope we hear more from Sarge on it someday.
    Overall, Marty, your book was both a vindication of the workability of the subject of Scientology and also a poignant and honest representation of the failed organization and the brilliant imperfect man who started it all.
    And you’re right — the extremists in both camps will hate it. But I reckon that those who can hew to the middle path will love it.

  67. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Margaret. That means a lot coming from you; as credible a researcher one will find.

  68. I hear you… Oracle… it’s true less and less makes sense but… hey we got our own Universes, hahaha! 8008 is the formula… I see this Universe with its inhabitants with a very careful eye now… not all of them deserve my attention… I give attention where I want and when I want. That’s kind of freedom. I gave a good fight over there on Tony’s blog… it was decent, no blood shed (not much at least), I did behave… but in essence I was telling them you guys ARE FULL OF…. CELLS. lol! It’s so thick and condensed to get through… so I took it as a game. And it worked fine with some people not so fine with others.

  69. Tom Gallagher


    I suppose there’s a whole bunch of folks who want to hang you.

    What a stir your most recent publication has provoked, especially among the “unwashed”.

    Let’s go all the way and incarnate you as “Carnac the Magnificent”.

    Frankly, I think mass insanity has overtaken the whole of the population, although with some exceptions.

    Never-the-less, I’ve slipped into Ed McMahon’s playful valance.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Ed always reminds me of Heber.

  71. Joe Pendleton

    Just hit the button to order the kindle edition, so it is arriving as I type this. I check on Tony’s blog every day as I find it a good source of some news I don’t get anywhere else. I haven’t read the review though as I make a practice of not reading reviews of books I intend to read, until after I finish the book. To read the review first just ruins the reading experience somewhat for me personally. But as much as I like Tony’s blog, I’ve only read the comments section on Tony’s blog a couple of times as it is mostly full of mocking and derisive and usually sophomoric “put downs” and attacks. One time I tried to clear up a wrong impression I thought Claire Headley gave on the TRs and you would have thought I was defending Stalin/Hitler or something by explaining what the purpose was of the “ashtray” drill. (I was accused of being brainwashed, evil, yada yada yada). I like Theo, so I checked in today on just the comments section this time and while I did see rational posts by Jeff Hawkins and Theo, most of the ones I read didn’t even make a pretense of actual discussion, but just made the usual attacks across the board, with the junior high school slant to them. And I usually value viewpoints from every direction.

  72. Tom Gallagher

    That’s funny because Heber has always reminded me of Ed.

    That aside, best wishes to you and yours. Books are on order. Thanks for all of your insight, guidance and perhaps even intrigue.

  73. Reading it on Kindle…

  74. Margaret, Great review! I agree with you, I think Marty did a masterful job of putting this book together. The interview that he transcribed was actually done several years ago. I need to thank him for including the whole interview so nothing is taken out of context. You really can see the whole picture of what was happening during the last days. Love, Sarge

  75. Ah, then my sense on the timing of the interview was right. At first I thought it was post-Wright, but then I realized that it must have been back when you got together with Marty a few years ago.

    Ron seemed like a great guy … I wish it would have worked out with the seaside house. I’m familiar with the CA coast, and if it was right on one of those beautiful cliffs, I know he would have loved it. Thanks for being there for him, Sarge.

  76. Marty,

    Thank-you so much for sharing.

    As shocking as this might sound to some, I find myself no longer hating DM and the corporate church. I still won’t go there for any services mind you but the large mass of antipathy as-ised and no longer weighs heavily on me.

    Sarge, thanks also to you for sharing as much as you have.

    I truly hope that Ron is happy and doing well now, wherever he might be. Despite his flaws (and please, remember, he told us how he was just a man) the body of workable tech he left us speaks for itself.

    I find that the nagging questions of how did this come to pass no longer drag at my attention. I’ve let go of my consideration that Ron was an “uber OT” and the consequent confusions and upsets that having that wrong idea held in place. Ron was a brilliant man and his words in some of the later Ron’s Journals make a lot more sense to me now. The legacy is there and it is up to us to take advantage of it.

    Finishing the book was definitely a Zen moment for me.

    Thank-you again Marty.

  77. I clicked “like” on all of your posts over there. You are noble and honorable and well, So …one of the 300!

  78. A walk in these shoes. A ride along this train of thought. The one being that has the power to save a planet. The one being that holds that knowledge. The only one able to apply it correctly. Alone! Unafraid to do whatever is necessary. The only one left working to that goal, with naught else but that goal in mind. The one true believer! To have to watch so many pass to failure again and again. I grow angry as these acts are played out before me. An anger thrust upon me by the crimes of those around me. To have to explain again and again. I am a giant plagued by swarming insects. Blind to their biting and buzzing. And yet for some the only answer is swatting. For some internment with perhaps a chance that they may yet learn. The power is within me to hold true through all these trials. THE GREATEST GOOD! Still they refuse to see. Refuse to follow my directives. The mantel of the SOURCE is passed to me. That keeps me strong. That stays my resolve. And though some refuse to see it, I know this to be true. Everywhere I go I am catered to. Everyone I meet stand in awe and respect of my presence. Everything I say is applauded in standing ovation. Every order I give is put into action immediately. Yet still the tasks I lay upon them fall short of completion. Do they mock me? Have they turned against me? My thoughts turn dark!
    And the darker thoughts: Why is it if I am the one that all others need look up to, that I myself must look up to most everyone I speak to? They need knocked down so I can look down upon them as should be. To see them battered and beaten before me is my cognition! They need to be helpless before me! They need to grovel before my wrath! That is their lot in life! All must bow or be brought to the despair they deserve for their ignorance! They must rot in a hole in hell to quell this darkness driven upon me. They must be kept away from me lest their infection seep into my being. I do not bring these atrocities down upon their heads. They bring them in and attempt to pass them on. TO ME! They dare to attempt my descent into the hell they have created! I will not be with them! I will not look at them! I will not speak to them! They will no longer exist! They were my darkness and now they are gone!

    Itโ€™s frightening to believe one could have THAT^ awareness!
    Not saying that anyone does of course. Just a passing thunderstorm on a sunny day.
    Now back to the picnic!

  79. Sapere Aude

    sarge – Thank you! I have utmost respect for who you are and what you did to help a friend. I was riveted to this part of the book. I know exactly where you were living and the coastal area near there. Yes, LRH would have loved it. Again, thanks on the behalf of someone who was never in that position but who dearly appreciates what you did. I have no questions as to your integrity. You may walk any where and and anytime with your head held high.

  80. “Why this a fantome, why these oracles,
    I not; but whoso of these miracles
    The causes knoweth bet then I,”

    Chaucer : The house of Fame.

  81. I heard it too!
    T’was truly the voice of an Angel !

  82. That’s an honor, lady! I do care for all of us. Thank you!

  83. Hahaha, you guys have a sense of humour. I love this! I dedicate to you this video of Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller stand double… in case somebody has not seen it.

    I love this guy! A saying by Ben Stiller about Tom….. to lighten up a bit!

  84. Hey Sarge, greetings from Greece, man! And a big thank you! How are you?

  85. With the things he admits to doing, with no apologies to those he has done them to, how can you call him a good man? A glimmer of remorse would be nice– rather than laying the blame at others.

  86. Hey Theo, Peachie! Love, Sarge

  87. You seem to be lacking data .
    Did you watch marty’s interviews? click on “Marty’s interview videos sp time”.
    It might give you some insight ,that is if you are indeed interested or able to look passed the words.
    I have never heard or read blame in Marty’s communication , I am sure he is well aware that blaming is assigning cause to another and therefore makes you the effect . Not a good thing.
    Have you heard ” let the one without sin throw the first stone”?

  88. I’ve watched quite a bit, but if you’ve got video or links to anywhere where Marty has apologized for some of the things he’s done. I’d love to read it. And if you don’t think he’s been pointing the finger for those things at Miscavige then I don’t think we’re in the same book let alone on the same page. For example he says repeatedly that it was Miscavige’s orders to destroy evidence and obstruct justice and leaves it at that. Never does he say “and it was wrong for me to do so”.

    I understand being under the influence of someone, I understand the military feel of upper management where you do or die and never question why. But now, if he truly thinks he should be a leader in the indie movement, there’s some amends to make.

    And that I’ve seen no remorse, frightens me a bit.

  89. martyrathbun09

    Read the book; you are walking around in a delusional state, listening and not looking and thinking for yourself.

  90. Phil Bruemmer

    Okay, I just got the book on Kindle and am off to read now.
    Hey, who cares about critics and censors. They’re just going to sell books for you.

  91. I may just do that. I read your previous book, and if I missed something in there I’m happy to have it shown to me. But you’re right here man, are you sorry for the things you’d done while in the church? Do you accept responsibility for those actions?

    I want to be clear about this, if you were just an ex member getting on with their lives, I wouldn’t care that much. But you’re now the leading member of the breakaway indies. And that’s great. But I believe (and there’s no reason for you to believe this as well, it’s just my opinion) until you make a full public accounting of your actions as the number two man on the food chain– I’m sorry, but you’re just a different flavor of the same stuff.

    If you think that’s not independent thought and dismiss it because other people have said something similar, well you’re welcome to do that. You’re doing yourself a disservice. But you’re welcome to do that.

  92. martyrathbun09

    Who are you?

  93. Hey Sarge, it’s good to see you doing some posting. And a big thank you for contributing your recollections to the book!

  94. Nobody, just a guy. My name’s Noah. I became interested in Scientology because I’m interested in emerging religions. I’m more active in the skeptical community and I’m a Sci-Watcher mostly out of curiosity but that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions which are based off of what I’ve seen other groups going through similar changes.

    I’d honestly love to see your movement work. Reformation is probably the most exciting time for an outsider to see a religion. But its also a very dangerous time for those religions because if the reformation fails the original church usually becomes stricter and the religion eventually dies within a few decades. To me, the only way for a religion’s reformation to survive is utter transparency. And I haven’t seen that.

    Again I could be wrong, and I’d love to be pointed at evidence to the contrary.

  95. martyrathbun09

    I am not part of any movement. If you watch a little closer all your questions will be answered in due course.

  96. Like it or not, you’re part of a breakaway movement and you’re one of the top names in that movement. You might use different terms for it, but thats what it is. An attempted reformation, where current and former members are looking at you as someone to lead a charge. And I believe, given all the reformations that have come before from hundreds of other religions, large and small, that unless you take responsibility for the actions you have admitted to and those you have not, that reformation will fail and leave Scientology in the same place it was when the Broekers were run off. I’m watching cause it’s fascinating.

  97. Well said.

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