Scientology and Psychiatry

We concluded the last post here, Scientology and Misogyny, with the following words:

Regardless, there is little question that the church of Scientology and its 30-year-tenured supreme leader David Miscavige are so misogynist as to qualify as anachronistic, if not outside of the law and boundaries of common societal mores on the subject of the sexes.  We will shed more light on this subject over the next several days.

Now, let’s address some facts.

Lori Hodgson visited with us in April 2011.  She was there on 18 April when the Squirrelbusters (SQBs) first arrived.   I had already just learned quite a bit about the leaders of the original SQB crew prior to their arrival. That is because one of the reasons for Lori’s visit was to heal from the terror they had already individually and collectively visited upon Lori.  I was going to publish this article while Lori was with us, but we held off because Lori considered it might not help at that time in her ongoing efforts to reunite with her two children that had recently been estranged from her.  We both agree that publication is now appropriate.

Hearing Lori’s story in full reminded me quite a bit of the Clint Eastwood directed movie Changeling. Eastwood accurately and brutally depicts early/mid 20th Century psychiatry used as a corrupt, political tool by the powerful and greedy. The movie is based on a true story.  Watching it a second time, and comparing it against what Lori and others have been subjected to by the church of Scientology made me recognize that Scientology has come full circle. In some ways it has become worse than that which it so blindly and aggressively resisted for so long: 1950’s institutional psychiatry.

Lori Hodgson did not have her family knocked apart by random, unfortunate circumstances.  She was subjected to Black Dianetics in the worst sense of the word, including Pain, Drug and Hypnosis techniques.   It was carefully planned, artfully and then overtly and quite intentionally executed.

Two key characters in this story were participants on the bizarre raid on my home conducted on April 18th 2011 (which raids continued unabated daily for 199 days), see Squirrelbusters: Day One.  Mark Warlick, the silent one, with the camera at the bottom of the stairs, was the Director of Special Affairs Los Gatos Scientology Organization that day. John Allender was the gang leader – a go-to OSA (Office of Special Affairs –the dirty tricks and propaganda arm of corporate Scientology) field operative.  Allender’s ‘security rating’ as an OSA operative was certified by Warlick with these words, ‘I trust him with my life.’

Lori’s former husband is a man by the name of Jim Leake.  He is pals with Allender and Warlick, mainly by virtue of being a good, reliable, ‘OSA-volunteering’ Scientologist in the San Jose area. John Allender’s wife Lynda – as “Senior Case Supervisor” was overseeing Lori’s Case Supervisor (the Scientology authority who closely supervises auditing sessions, including the intimate states of her client’s minds) through much of her “auditing” in the church.

These characters – and others – conspired over three years to steal Lori’s daughter and son, protect a dead beat dad (whom many states prosecute and jail for extended periods of time), and intimidate so as to obstruct Lori from exercising her legal rights to remedy the injustices.  All the while they used Scientology ‘philosophy’ and ‘technology’ to cave her in in an effort to make her think it was she that was lacking spiritually and mentally in demanding that truth and justice prevail. Just as institutional psychiatry was used in dealing with the woman portrayed by Angelina Jolie in Changeling.

In late 2008 – while in the middle of her Dianetics auditing program with the Church of Scientology (as supervised by Lynda Allender), Lori required invasive knee surgery.   The first surgery was a gross case of medical malpractice.   The problem that was supposed to be cured was exacerbated, leaving Lori crippled and in chronic pain.  But Lori was discouraged from seeking redress, since the  doctor was a renowned surgeon whose former wife and two kids were on staff at Los Gatos org.   He was known not to be too happy with that state of affairs and apparently the church didn’t want that sleeping dog disturbed.  Lori had the first surgery corrected in 2009 – which involved extremely intense work to remove the previous surgical product and replace it properly.   Both surgeries necessitated Lori taking pain killers over extended periods.

While Lori was being hooked up to IVs with pain killing drugs in preparation for the  (first) extensive knee surgery, her former husband Jim Leake was frantically attempting to solve his several year old potential criminal prosecution for violation of dead beat dad statutes.  Jim had been in continual arrears on child support for the daughter and son Lori had born and raised, since shortly after 2006 (Lori divorced Jim in 2002.) Jim was creating that debt while continually pitching in at every insistence by the likes of the Allenders and Warlick and their Scientology brethren.  Jim’s solution fit hand in glove with the intentions of the Scientology organization.  And pursuant to the Scientology ethics system, since Jim’s aims paralleled the Scientology organization interests, he would be backed by the full power of the organization and Lori would be treated as fair game for personal destruction.

Through brainwashing, coercion and fear tactics Jim was seeking to get Lori’s children into the Sea Org, before they developed the maturity to evaluate right and wrong for themselves. In this scenario Scientology would win netting two new second generation Scientologists for a lifetime of unpaid labor, and Jim would win, ‘because how is Lori going to demand child support when he’s deposited both of their children (without a proper education) into Scientology’s ‘religious’ order?’

Before Lori’s surgery ordeal Jim and the Scientology org had already accomplished this with Lori’s then-15 year old daughter Jessica.  One day she announced to her mother that she would never go to school again. That was when Jessica was an honor student and was clearly enjoying her traditional education.  It was also after high pressure recruitment sessions Jim arranged with Los Gatos org staff.   After 6 months of fighting this Lori finally agreed that her daughter could go to a Scientology school to finish High School.  Little did she know that recruiters had arranged for, and executed, her daughter to ‘graduate’ in 3 months at the age of 16 and signed a five-year Scientology staff contract.  That same year her daughter got home sick while on full-time study at Flag and came home to San Jose; she was straddled with a 12-13,000 dollar debt at age 16.

While Lori was flat on her back recovering from (her 1st) surgery, Jim took Lori’s 15 year old son Jeremy to a three hour high-pressure session with Sea Org recruiters.  Following the event, Jim and Scientology recruiters sent Jeremy to Lori’s house demanding that she sign away her parental rights so that he could join the Sea Org.  While Lori was recovering, in intense pain and while on heavy pain killers, Jim and the recruiters kept sending Jeremy after Lori pestering her to sign the papers.  Finally, a group of Sea Org recruiters arrived unannounced at Lori’s home, and while she was in excruciating pain in the bathroom, they pounded on her front door shouting and demanding entry (much like the Allender crew did at my home on April 18th 2011).  Lori attempted to protest this activity, but her own auditor – the one working under the Snr C/S Lynda Allender – persuaded her to shut up. Lori continued to protest, but Lynda Allender (Senior C/S) ignored her pleas and ordered her to focus on her ‘Scientology assists.’

Just two weeks before the second surgery Lori finally succumbed to the collective pressure and complied with demands that she sign parental consent for Jeremy to join the Sea Org.

After the messy, complicated second knee surgery, on day two in recovery at the hospital, Lori’s daughter was sent in to tell her mother ‘good bye’, informing she was leaving for the Sea Organization (to fulfill a billion year contract she had signed).

Jeremy  lasted only 7 months in the Sea Org.  He cried many nights to come home, but never was allowed to tell his mom.  He finally did come home.  But when she tried to remedy whatever he had experienced in the Sea Org that caused him so much terror and grief, she was rebuffed because Jeremy was forced to sign a non-disclosure bond that threatened him with a $3 million fine if he told his mother anything about his Sea Org experience.

Jessica lasted even less time in the Sea Org.

After recovering, Lori attempted to pursue Jim Leake for his nearly two years of delinquent child support payments.  The Director of Special Affairs Mark Warlick stalled her from going to court using Scientology policy against ‘suing’ fellow Scientologists as authority. Finally, in 2010 Lori began to educate herself on the Black Dianetics nature of the Scientologist church.  She traveled to Corpus Christi for a few day visit with Carol Kramer, Mosey and myself.   She resolved to return to utilize Dianetics and Scientology techniques to remedy her engrammic Scientology church experiences.

Three Camp Fire Girls Dishin'

Lori with Monique and Carol at Casablanca

Within a day of her return to San Jose Lori was stalked, assaulted, and threatened by John Allender.   Allender hid in the (parking lot) by her office and spied on her for hours. When he saw her leave for the day and that she was alone, he assaulted her and threatened her in the parking lot, asking ‘how do you like beatings?’

Lori’s daughter Jessica and son Jeremy were then put into long, mind control sessions with Rick Melrose at the San Jose Mission.  Rick with the help of Jim Leake, convinced Jessica and Jeremy to disconnect from their mother.  They also convinced them that Lori was “imagining” that John Allender had assaulted her, that there was something wrong mentally with Lori. Jeremy was so viciously brainwashed that he coolly looked Lori in the eye and told her that it was her reactive mind telling her that Allender had assaulted her. Taking the pre-1950s psychiatric abuse of Changeling to a whole new level, not only the ‘practitioners’, but the child of the target was recruited  to convince his truth-telling mother that she was crazy.

On the morning of 18 April 2011, Lori and I had a long counseling session where we addressed all of the above – attempting to mitigate and repair the pain and suffering she had been subjected to.   When we broke for lunch, the Scientology team of Allender, Warlick and two other thugs with cameras – dressed out of some ugly, nightmarish implant – stormed my home.   The very day of the raid Lori received papers from Jim Leake’s attorney – clearly paid for by the church or at its direction – since Leake cannot even see fit to pay for his children’s upbringing.  The papers announced Jim was going to vigorously oppose Lori’s attempt to have her rights vindicated in court.   The four creeps being sent to Corpus Christi was clearly timed to prevent Lori’s personal recovery and also to intimidate her into dropping charges that were pending – an attempt to cut her  trip short so that she would have to return home to continue her legal battle against dead beat Leake.

Many people have speculated why I momentarily appeared to lose my temper during this incident and rip the microphone out of Allender’s hand when I learned his identity.   Perhaps this sheds more light on the context.  Less than ten minutes earlier Lori had run through Allender’s previous stalking and threats leveled against her in San Jose. Lori was frighteningly watching and listening to this entire incident as it was happening right outside her window in the downstairs apartment just behind me in the video.

Lori pursued the court action to remedy the law mandated 60% child custody Lori was deprived of by Scientology and Leake’s causing Jeremy and Jessica to disconnect from their mother.  Lori also sought to raise the issue of her son being made to sign a $3 million gag order upon leaving the Sea Org. Scientology and Leake ultimately dragged out the war against Lori until after her son Jeremy turned 18.  While Lori was awarded financial restitution, by the time Jeremy turned eighteen the court was powerless to do anything about the forced disconnection of her children.

To appreciate how Scientology has come to the complete dramatization of becoming that which it so vigorously resisted, please watch the movie Changeling.  Please review the facts here.  Please confront what has happened to your erstwhile “church.” It has apparently become an institution resembling the mid 20th century state institutional psychiatry it spends millions railing against. Wake up.

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  1. Marty —

    Thanks for posting this to your blog.

    It is an incredible story that lays bare a lot of ugly truth about the so called church. The tearing apart of families is in my mind the single most important thing to put an end to. I will not rest until this human rights abuse is a thing of the past. I have my own experiences with this brutal practice, as do so many others.

    The more public outcry there is about these horrors, the sooner the church will be forced to change their ways. They will NOT do from inside, it is the only control mechanism that is holding the web together. If nobody feared losing their family, friends or jobs, there would be SO many people rushing for the exits that the whole thing would collapse in a matter of months.

  2. Thank you Marty for posting this!!! *MORE TRUTH REVEALED!!!!*

  3. Wow, if this doesn’t show the utter criminality and ruthlessness of the CoS, I don’t know what will. And the tragic irony is that LRH himself was the one who pointed the Church in this direction, no matter what ends he hoped this means would achieve. What it has in fact achieved is to put heavy brakes on his enormously beneficial tech moving forward into the future. That could be precisely what he meant, near end of his life, when he said that he had failed. Unwittingly, he had been a bigger contributor than the “psychs” in defeating his own high purposes.

  4. i wish that Lori’s experience was uncommon, but i know of a number of very similar cases as hers. And many many more, where the parents or parent are not at odds with the church, but simply allow the church to abuse their chidlren with full complicity.

    During my tenure in the SO i was truly shocked at how children are either totally neglected or pressed into slave labor. This happens at all levels of the Church. Very often these kids are sexually abused either by each other, or by “adults” that are supposed to be looking out for them. The church very thoroughly covers these crimes up with inensitive “ethics” handlings whereby the victims are made to believe they are guilty of gross out ethics.

    This is one area where the RCS, like the catholic church, could very effectively be taken down, as by law they are supposed to report these child rapes, and they never do.

    How “upstat” SCN parents can simply abandon their young children for the “higher purpose” of the Sea Org, i dont know, but it happens all the time and it is heartbreaking.

    Why “upstat” and often rather weathy men would wish to abandon their children when they dispose of thier former wives and not pay their fair share to bring them up, i dont know but it happens and as long as they are big donors, the “church” backs them up 100%..

    Bad mojo RCS, whatch out, that kind of karma is truly a bitch.

  5. Thanks for disseminating this data, Marty. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Pull their overts, especially overts of magnitude. I’d like to revise and extend my remarks of “ex scientologists who have been wronged are a bunch of sissy little girls.” Many people have been SEVERELY WRONGED AND BADLY HARMED by the church. The pain and damage to peoples lives is real and often long lasting. The service you and a very few others provide is a life saver to many. Of course Lori and family are fortunate to have had your assistance. In my current state, I couldn’t do what you do. Thanks.
    But I have to stand by my premise that sooner or later, one has to confront the incident, confront accurately their current state, strengthen up and get busy. This is easy to say, looking in from the outside, BUT THAT DOESN’T LESSEN IT’S IMPORTANCE. In fact, it’s more important for them to realize than for me. Of course it is cold and even suppressive to see someone sinking in quicksand and tell them to haul themselves out while they drown. I don’t have a lot of resources, and you don’t know me from Adam, but I’m willing to throw a few ropes while you scrub them off. From reading your site, I believe there are others who recognize the need and are willing to help. Just a thought. MarkR . Thanks.

  6. The “church” of psychopolitics.

    Not only resembles institutional psychiatry of the 50s, but that of more modern times in some countries.

  7. Here is my 1st of 6 videos that show the Squirell Busters:

  8. My God Marty. All I can say, is thank-you.
    Lori is a strong woman, she will see this through.
    But for a church hell bent on saving the world.
    HELL BENT, is the only thing that still applies.

  9. This reminds me of a lecture by Hubbard where he said (approximately, from memory):
    ” I have so many critics about psychiatry that you might think that I was myself a psychiatrist. The answer is Yes!”

    That was sounding like a joke, but as the CoS is indeed controlling, conditioning and implanting its members, maybe that was not a joke after all, and that might be one of the roots of the current scene.

  10. Wow, I wish that “Freedom” mag writer Fletcher was still alive (funny that a couple years after going to work for the church he dies of cancer–probably to be expected when one’s total product is bad vibes) so I could hire him to write a piece about Rick Melrose. Back in the day he was probably the most respected Scientologist in the entire Bay Area. Class VIII, super lecturer and intro speaker. Very straight shooter. Maybe it was all a charade on his part. What a complete dick this guy is today. Of course, Allender & Co. also only produce bad vibes so they better not miss a medical checkup.

  11. One become what he resists, right? Makes sense.

  12. A despicable betrayal if I’ve ever heard (had) one. Miscavige’s frantic psychosis has truly permeated the entire organization.

    This culture of obsessive control and vicious “ends justify the means” tactics should be well observed by any remaining Church of Scientology Members who may have a shred of integrity left. It can no longer be chalked up to, “I was just following (misunderstood) orders”.

    This is not just a cautionary tale – it’s a warning to get out while you still can.

    Kudos to Lori for staying the course despite all. She is an example we should all follow. I hope that she is soon reunited with her daughter and son. Maybe someday we’ll all be reunited with our families.

  13. That explains why you lost your temper with these assholes. Not that I judges you before, I would have lost mine much earlier.

  14. Lori, reading your heartbreaking story not only leaves me nauseated but fills me with admiration for your the strength of character and resolve even under such incredible duress.

    I am so sorry that you and your kids have had to suffer such pain and brutality at the hands of COS and its minions and so greatful to Marty, Mosey, Carol and others who have surrounded you with love and support.

    Thank you, Marty and Lori, for sharing this information.

    I know that this is a lightweight comment, but at the moment my mind is boggled a the insanity of this brutal assault.

  15. Thanks for posting this, Marty.

  16. Marty ~~ Five Stars for this post ★★★★★ FIVE STARS ★★★★★
    Every day of my life, I receive Email from Scientologists whose lives have been destroyed by enforced disconnection.
    In order to enforce the disconnection, the Church goes so low as to reveal confidential session information, given in the sanctity of a session to husband about the wife, and wife about the husband in order to split them up. Given the revelations of confessional information on their hate pages, this is par for the course of the “Church” of Scientology.
    Lori has had a minor birth defect that you and I would consider so trivial as to be no- event, no-situation, non-anything. However, Lori had her own thing on it. The so called “church” took this out of Lori’s confessional folders, thinking it was a button and covered it on a *HATE PAGE* on her on the Internet. Broadcasting it to the world out of her private sessions.
    This, folks is the *Church* of Scientology in all their glory.

  17. Karen,
    Your video really shows the contrast between how a church is supposed to nurture the well-being of their members, and what the “church” of Scientology too often DOES to their members. Thanks for posting this perspective for all to see. Five Stars to you, too!

  18. Marty, thanks for filling us in with what was going on behind the scene during the first appearance of the “Squirrel Busters”. I kind of knew that it was something like that, but the gross details are still shocking. Allende is lucky you didn’t shove his microphone right down his throat. This “church” has behaved like a criminal organization for too long.
    Your comparison of this “church” with psychiatry is very accurate. Stepping into one of these current “churches” is like being on the set of The Truman Show. And attempts to receive Scientology services there CAN too often be compared to the mind-bending, manipulative behavior described in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
    Your description of some of the “handlings” perpetrated by Allende and others as pain-drug-hypnosis and Reverse Dianetics is very accurate. The most common opiate drugs that MDs give these days for pain are described in medical literature as also being “hypnotics”. Anyone who has ever read DMSMH with the idea of helping others should have gotten the idea early on that the correct environment for a person who must take these drugs should be quiet and with an absolute minimum of talking. Given the fact that those criminals HAD read DMSMH, the duress that Lori was subjected to under those circumstances can only have been intentional. And that practice is called implanting.

  19. Yeah, I mean if you look at that video of John Allender up on your front porch, he is in total missed with hold phenomena. He was clearly on purpose to STOP. A real bully too. That’s how bully some people will get on a missed with hold.

    I recently had a similar experience with a similar bully using “Scientology tech” to attempt to destroy me, on a black P.R. campaign to convince others I was a “C/S 22 case” with an “overt and covert purpose to destroy”. This guy never audited me, never C/Sed me, never saw my folders, and was on a campaign to unmock a clear, OT3 who had just finished 2 L’s, who has NO history of such social intercourse. All of this happened after I wrote a K.R. on him exposing HIS GROSS out tech. All the while he was chanting how he was on a mission to “put ethics in the Freezone!” Another “squirrel buster”!
    “Knowingly giving testimony which is false, a generality or not based on personal knowledge to imperil a Scientologist,” Is a suppressive act! It is also “Bearing False Witness”.

    All of these attacks on people out here are MISSED WITH HOLD phenomena .

    That all of these men ganged up on Lori in her condition to back a dead beat is telling of their skills in the handling of justice. Fortunately for me, out here in the Independent Movement everyone except for one person, was able to see exactly what was happening to me. And it didn’t last long. He then blew off everyone’s lines.

    These guys didn’t get the memo on dabbling in injustice and how that recoils. Or they read it and couldn’t think with it. They are even starting to look alike, as if cloning themselves in one another’s image!

    I have to give you credit for your amazing skills in TR’s Marty.

    It comes up over and over and over and over, the question, “Why didn’t _____ file a police report?”

    It is against the religion and written right in the ethics book, A Scientologist must surrender their civil rights for justice, to be part of that religion, where another Scientologist is concerned. It is a suppressive act to REACH for HELP or JUSTICE.

    Under “Suppressive acts” in the “Code” of ethics laid down for Scientologists:

    “Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law”.

    “Public disavowal of Scientology or SCIENTOLOGISTS in good standing with Scientology Organizations.” (If the Scientologist is in good standing with the Church, that is all that matters. Doesn’t matter if they raped some kid if they are in good standing with the Church. This also means David Miscavige is free to commit ANY crime since his “good standing” can not be questioned by anyone else.)

    “Public statements against Scientology or SCIENTOLOGISTS but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.” (Taking your beef outside of the Church and making it “public”.)

    “Testifying hostilely before state or public inquiries into Scientology to suppress it.” (If you testify against a Scientologist, it is seen as testifying against Scientology, therefore why file a police report if you are not allowed to go give your testimony”)

    “Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or SCIENTOLOGISTS to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or SCIENTOLOGISTS from practicing or receiving standard technology”. (If someone goes to jail because of your police report they can not very well receive standard technology from their cell)

    So, you see, in all of the books written about the Church in an attempt to convey to the outside world, the GLUE that holds these things together in the cult, NOBODY has ever been able to lay out these ethics code and translate them to the public so they UNDERSTAND the FOUNDATION that is the glue that is a WHY for the madness spread before us. This is “THE CODE”. The agreement or glue that permits a wide range of activities that are COUNTER CULTURE with the rest of society.

    “A counterculture (also written counter-culture) is a subculture whose values and norms of behavior deviate from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mores.
    A countercultural movement expresses the ethos, aspirations, and dreams of a specific population during a well-defined era. When oppositional forces reach critical mass, countercultures can trigger dramatic cultural changes.”

    Then, when some knowledge does spill into the public arena of criminal activities the Church asks, “Where are the police reports?”

    It’s so fucking 1.1! They KNOW EXACTLY WHY there are no police reports.

    It is against the religion to file a police report or to co ordinate with ANY civil authority on justice matters.


  20. Hi Marty, that was good, Marty.

  21. Let go, Marty, we all warriors!

  22. And I’m going to post this, because I know Marty doesn’t like to brag on himself or self promote.

    Just, thanks Marty for helping the women out here that have been stalked by serial bullies.

    I know you have a lot of stories, thanks for publishing this one.

    The picture of John Allender lurking after some small woman who is handicapped with a physical situation in a parking lot, and threatening to beat her is sickening.

  23. Thanks for posting the truth. Oh my. …..stomach turning – sooooo sickening. I am sorry this happened and there are no words to describe how bad, – tears if I focus on it too long. Though, I am glad there are wins and gains again in the Indie field, and am grateful to Marty and all the people that contribute to the Indie field to make is as safe as it is so that we all can continue in a better direction, …. even with all this going on.

  24. Marty & Lori,

    What a sad tale. My heart bleeds for what Lori has had to experience.

    Lori, you have my empathy, support and ear if you ever need it.

    I knew of your plight, but, allowing Marty to tell it in it’s entirety does hit home how Psychotic the “Church” is. And, how cold & calculating it’s become under under the dictatorship of DM & his Nazi regime.

    Hopefully Marty’s continual posts of truths like this will reach more and more of those who are still ‘in’ and get them to come to their senses and stop being complicit in this madness.

    I also hope one day your children will have an epiphany and realize how wrong this is and re-connect with you.

    Love, Midge

  25. Dan,

    As for the Allender’s, sorry to say but their actions are not surprising. As I witnessed Lynda doing nothing when I told her Paul Facerro needed to see a doctor, and again when Mark Chamber’s was so sick he was falling asleep while Sup’ing KTL/LOC. Both dedicated staff who subsequently died, while she and other execs at Stevens Creek Org looked the other way. And Lynda & John are purportedly OT’s -what an oxymoron!!!

    They are definitely racking up bad karma! Love the comment, “they better not miss a medical checkup”.

  26. Tom Gallagher

    John Allender is a low rent thug just like his ultimate mob boss: COB. Gut wrenching puking is my reaction to this story.

    RCS is an outlaw mob-like organization. It has morphed into the ultimate opposite of its goals and purposes. The funeral for this cult will occur after the failures and alterations of Super Power are released in October, as reported on other blogs.

    Thus, the implosion accelerates. The question is:

    How long can the declining lunatic and his dwindling crew live off of the reserves?

    The burn-rate seems to be going parabolic.

  27. I am thankful that Lori went to you for help cleaning up that mess of upsets. I also know of a mother whose deadbeat husband got away with gross tyranny because he was “upstat” in the church’s eyes.

    One day not long from now Lori’s children and my son will wake up and see the ship has sunk, and they will come back. Here’s to that day!

  28. Tom Gallagher

    Regards the other RCS cast of characters….

    Those apples don’t fall and roll that far from the mother-tree.

  29. Wow. Sickening behavior. It cannot stand. The walls are shaking and we are closer and closer to their tumbling down due to Lori’s courage. This dike has so many leaks that a collapse is inevitable. And not a moment too soon. We reap what we sew. The perpetrators of this cruelty and suppression have a long dark tunnel ahead of them. Soon they will be the only ones left. Keep ringing the bell.

  30. Thanx Karen. Enlightening and challenging! 🙂

  31. Thanx Marty; OT Goons beware!!!

  32. Marty: Many people have speculated why I momentarily appeared to lose my temper during this incident and rip the microphone out of Allender’s hand when I learned his identity.

    Me: Yes, when somebody destroys another gently it’s pretty normal. But we can’t have people get angry, that’s evil and not mentally OK. Relax….calm down…(hypnosis?) Mental OKness is all about being calm, no matter what you do.

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  34. John Allender, (and his look alike clone and twin) should go for a medical check up . I know where my foot has been for the last year, it can’t be a good situation down there.

  35. one of those who see

    “The tearing apart of families is in my mind the single most important thing to put an end to.” Agreed. The enforced disconnection by “the church” is a horror story. Every story is absolutely heart wrenching. We need to keep posting them. Just on the other side of Disconnection is the Threat of disconnection which has the rest of us living like it’s the soviet union so our parents, spouses, children and businesses are not ripped from us. Disconnection is the guard at the door of the Church Prison. So many of our friends and family are living behind the iron curtain. Comm is limited so the spread of the truth goes slower. But it is getting through bit by bit, person by person. It is getting through.

    Thanks Mike for helping 2 of us who write on your blog get together!
    Marty, important post. Thank you. And thank you for helping Lori and so many others.

  36. Bullying women! Marty was right! Who else but a woman hater would dabble in this kind of domestic terrorism and abuse against women? Misogyny! They work in packs of men too! Slithering around parking lots and God know where. We should start making this a WOMEN’S RIGHTS issue! This is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

    “Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical aggression or assault (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects, battery), or threats thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation; stalking; passive/covert abuse (e.g., neglect); and economic deprivation.”

    “Domestic violence and abuse is not limited to obvious physical violence. Domestic violence can also mean endangerment, criminal coercion, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, trespassing, harassment, and stalking.”

    That are dabbling in domestic violence.

    Sadism: sa·dism [sey-diz-uhm, sad-iz-]
    The condition in which sexual gratification depends on causing pain or degradation to others. Compare masochism.
    any enjoyment in being cruel.
    extreme cruelty.

    Fuckin Village People!

  37. Yes Lynne, Cheers to that day we are reunited with our children! Can’t wait!!! ❤

  38. ma·cho [mah-choh] Show IPA

    Having a strong or exaggerated sense of power or the right to dominate.

  39. Midge, I agree that there is a major situation regarding caring for staff at Steven’s Creek but I believe Lynda hadn’t been working at the org for several years when Mark died. I was on staff during that time and she was not there. There are many Scientologists who stand on their feet all day, smoke heavily and develop arterial problems as a result. When I was there, Mark did get sent to the doctor’s several times. But, there certainly was no effective handling which would have included rehab and getting off his feet. But I agree with you, the Allender’s and the Steven’s Creek Org are up to their neck in out tech. Within a year of my leaving another staff member, one of my auditor’s and a friend died and she was only in her fifties. Warning…being on staff could kill you.

    I know I shouldn’t have been surprised but according to the orgs Facebook page, Rick Melrose was given a leather bound book signed by all the staff in honor of his many years of dedication. This occurred shortly after he did his hatchet job on Lori’s kids. You want to see a poster child for the tone level of the orgs, check out the Steven’s Creek Facebook page…especially the ones who have bought the leather bound book.

  40. “Kudos to Lori for staying the course despite all. She is an example we should all follow. I hope that she is soon reunited with her daughter and son. Maybe someday we’ll all be reunited with our families.”

    Yes…a true application of the code of honor.

  41. Just curious: These so-called “freeloader debts” are not actually enforceable, are they?
    Are people (nowadays) actually paying them?
    My perception was that, if taken to a court, Scientology could not actually enforce collection. Not to mention how bad Scientology would look if the whole freeloader/staff scandal were to be examined in a court.

  42. Hi Marty,
    Can you add a “Search” function to your blog?
    I think it is pretty easy to do in WordPress, and makes it much easier to find topics.
    Just a request.

  43. burnedbutnotbitter

    Wow..My mouth is hanging open after reading this one…

  44. OMG….this is so evil. THIS is the complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy……perpetrated by the insane, RCS. Thx for letting us know the back story Marty, on your temper. Many people would have completely lost it and punched someone out. I just hope you are safer and gain peace in your new home.

  45. This makes me sick.

  46. Marty, I think you showed restraint. Allender is a lackey. He is told what to do from an even lower life form than himself. So glad, you are there for Lori.

  47. Thanks for this article. I have followed the Hodgson story for some time, one reason is I was Lynda Allender’s auditor for a bit, and knew her and John Allender very well for years, (I also use to cram John when he was the Qual Sec at Stevens Creek Org on the Athena Cramming Line at CLOWUS), Keep in mind this way before the Allender’s started to get involved with Lori’s horrific experience.

    Strangely it was Lynda Allendar who called me the same day the Truth RD series came out on the Tampa Bay Times- at that point I had been out of the Sea Org for 11 years, but I as well had read an AP version of this in the LA Times that Dave was beating up Int Execs I had known. We both discussed that if true Dave Miscavige should resign. Of course I still head my head in the sand though I no longer supported Dave’s actions.

    I appreciate this article, though I knew most of it- it filled the holes and is taken from another perspective. And I second that the Clint Eastwood directed Movie Changling, is a powerful movie that people need to see. I’ve seen it a few times. Especially considering it is a true story.

  48. This is why I never have paid much attention to the compiled books like the “Ethics Book”. Unless I can find it on red and white or green on white, it is hearsay as far as I’m concerned. I think that the agreement that Scientologists have fallen for is that we would agree to forego using the laic judicial system and submit disputes to Chaplain’s Courts or Committees of Evidence which promised to give fairer and swifter justice. Then, after the fact, we found out that for the most part these are wimpy and incompetent or more often kangaroo courts if they function at all.

  49. Oracle,

    You very logically are showing that the justice code of Scientology cannot work and provide justice at the same time. Indeed, I believe that anybody who subscribes to this code cannot be trusted, as the code denies decency, social responsibility, and conscience. You cannot subscribe to this code and be a decent, honest, trust worthy person.

    I would however, go a bit deeper. The code conflicts with the Creed of the Church of Scientology. It conflicts with the Code of Honor, although that code has its own issues. It conflicts with the Auditor Code, and it conflicts with the Axioms and Logics.

    LRH replaced a very elegant, and indeed, humane system with a harsh tyrannical one. So which is it? According to LRH, everything he ever said or wrote was the absolute scientific truth. If you see a conflict, then you are stupid, and you have Misunderstood Words, confusions and evil purposes. You also have overts against Scientology, LRH, and dm.

    I invite OSA, dm, and any so called Scientologist to post his interpretation of why Offenses and Penalties does not violate the Creed. Please be specific, and explain to us how each item on the creed is not in a huge conflict with this tyrannical code. Remember OSA/RTC/dm, it is not enough to say I have MUs. You have to convince us that for instance, freedom of thought, speech, and religion, which were once lauded by LRH as “inalienable rights” are not in fact suppressed heavily by Offenses and Penalties.

  50. “How long can the declining lunatic and his dwindling crew live off of the reserves?”


    I believe not very long. It is gotten to a point now that they just cannot get a favorable ruling from a judge. I believe the day is not far when the government will start looking at them seriously. I know in other countries (Australia, France, Israel, UK, etc) they are now very close to being illegal. All we need is a mildly sane President, and they are gone.

  51. When i used to go into the scientology centre in Dublin on middle abbey street back in the nineties, the staff would offer me a cup of caffeinaed tea or coffee , caffeine is a psychoactive drug .
    Interesting that before they would talk to me they would want me to drink a cup of tea or coffee containing a psychoactive mind altering drug !
    Also when I was over at saint hill castle in the UK back in the eighties tea and coffee were served in the canteen there and I remember seeing pcs drinking tea and coffee before going into session !

  52. Spiritual cannabalism has broken out in the RCS. They eat their own.

  53. martyrathbun09

    There is one, right under ‘archives’ in the right hand column.

  54. Marty, we had some fights and disagreements here on the blog. However, seeing this post I cannot but admit that you are a warrior. A warrior for justice and this is very strong. This whole thing about Lori and her family being torn apart is so horrendous. And the essence of the article is damn right: Scientology has become like Psychiatry.

    I think what those Squirrel Busters really are, is they are a form of Implanters and it is no coincidence they had to do with Lori before they arrived to your place.

    Marty will all due respect, I think those guys did leave a mark on you as they did with Lori. Somehow they did. That’s their product, to leave their evil mark on people who expose the crimes of their Suppressive leader. 

    Marty, you wrote:
    “When we broke for lunch, the Scientology team of Allender, Warlick and two other thugs with cameras – dressed out of some ugly, nightmarish implant – stormed my home.”

    And we have all seen the videos. Those guys are worst than psychiatrists. They are Implanters and the dobermans of Miscavige.

    We know them now. For good. We are many and many more are coming out. Somehow we never give up.

  55. Nice to see you posting here again Theo. XXOO

  56. Marty, Thank you for getting this in the open for us. Lori I’m sorry you are having to go thru this. Stay strong.

  57. Even though there has been much collateral damage I really feel that “the Church” is being destroyed as we speak from the inside out….they are turning on each other and this will all end sooner than later. They know now that the press is watching every move they make to see if they make others disconnect from families who have left recently…They’re terrified!

  58. Marty,
    Impressive reporting!

    My heart goes out to Lori and her beautiful children. I’m so sorry that you had to endure such a nightmare, and I wish you the best to your family with your new found freedom.

    As to the three stooges and other wannabe inquisitors masquerading as OTVIIIs, I thank you all, because it was your sociopathic behavior that prompted me to formally resign from the Church Scientology.

    I had been waiting for clear signs of a complete reversal from this “religious group”, and you idiots finally provided them to me.

    My guess is that the “truth revealed” that you imbeciles attained to, was something in the order of “I’m forever a slave to Scientology” or “I’m a moron that needs to be put into motion by the all powerful COB, David Miscavige”.

    As to the rest of Scientologist, still under the spell of the Church of Satan, I recommend that you read LRH’s 1955 Psychopolitics -The Brainwashing Manual.

    David Miscavage and his cult have been using it against you for a long time.

  59. Thank you T.O.

    It’s good to be back. I am basically mad with those SQBs! Those little implanters…. I didn’t know they were after Lori, too.

  60. Karen,

    You are right I didn’t know she was gone, as I left after doing KTL & LOC in the mid-90’s. And the Church altogether in 1998. But, I do know Mark was ill while I was on course and not seeing a doctor, because I discussed it with him. I think Lynda was still there, but maybe not. I know I told Claudia & Christina about my observations (& I thought Lynda too)-but, regardless he didn’t get help then…..and having been a nurse, it is my humble opinion it may have made a difference if he’d gotten treatment earlier for the diabetes he developed. As I heard he had to have his leg(s?) amputated. Sickening!

    This org is very PTS and has been for years. With major outnesses that I witnessed in the early 80’s with the Whimbush’s implementing the “de-dinging” process & other squirrel tech.

    Fortunately, when things got off the rails I pulled my husband and myself off lines, so we were off lines more than on back then, and I am now thankful.

  61. Cooper Kessel

    Excellent job of exposing the truth behind the lies. Hopefully this will help those on the fence to speak out and hasten the demise of the oppressive cult which cleverly masquerades as a church. Thank you and Lori for shedding more light of truth on the predicament known as Scientology.

    Your comment:
    “The more public outcry there is about these horrors, the sooner the church will be forced to change their ways. They will NOT do from inside, it is the only control mechanism that is holding the web together. If nobody feared losing their family, friends or jobs, there would be SO many people rushing for the exits that the whole thing would collapse in a matter of months.”

    Amen to that! For all those who may have doubts about speaking out for whatever reason……………please reread Marty’s blog and reconsider. My condition and my scene with regards to a destroyed family is only due to the fact that I failed to speak out sooner when it could have made more of a difference…..IMHO!

  62. Ah . . . . Thanks!

  63. Marildi: And the tragic irony is that LRH himself was the one who pointed the Church in this direction

    Me: How is that?

  64. Thanks for sharing Karen!

  65. Thank you for sharing Karen!

  66. Karen B, Thank you for sharing that info on Rick Melrose and his Hatchet Job on my kids. Yes Rick was the final one assigned to manipulate my kids to have to disconnect from me and my mom. He called my son in and told him “Jeremy, you’ve lived lots of life times and have had lots of Mothers and this is JUST YOUR MOTHER THIS LIFE TIME!” Talk about a cruel thing to say…. This was gross!!!

  67. Thank you Scott and that is my biggest wish….reconnection for all our broken families!!

  68. Hugs Midge! Thank you!!

  69. A site has recently been set up by Claire Headly who lost her mother, step-father, brother, two sisters, uncle and two cousins to disconnection and Cindy Plahuta who lost two daughters. The site will come in handy in the future.
    “The purpose of this site is to document Scientology’s practice of disconnection – destroying families in order to keep its members subdued, controlled and leveraged.”

    As mentioned above by Mike, I do not believe we will fix this within the church.

    I do believe it will be fixed and hopefully before any more battered mothers have to endure what Karen went thru July 2012 when her (and the President’s) only son 27 died while disconnected from Karen and under ‘care’ of the church and with his father in ‘the hole’.

    I cried the entire day when I heard this and I cry now. I know Heber, Karen and Alexander. The happy family lived across the hall from my place on the 4th floor of the Anthony Building. They smiled each morning as bubbly Alexander was carried in his father’s arms to daycare so Mom and Dad could go to work. They had no inkling what tragedies lay ahead because they TRUSTED the management of the church to be leading in the right direction.

    Completely covertly there were other intentions. I don’t have 1st hand knowledge where from. Corral the crew so the ship does not sink if they find out what is really going down. Yes, going down. This was someone’s plan. It may have taken all these years but it is going down. We crew were not Kool-Aid drinking dummies – we did our own jobs and TRUSTED management to do theirs in accordance with the LRH policies we all knew.

    From my 19yrs experience within the church, the church management turns on those staff who use policy to attempt to reform it. I was ordered to around 20 sec-checks to ‘settle me down’. I was productive or I would simply have been ousted.

    The management is simply never wrong. Every one of the problems is due to ‘someone else’ ~ The Press, the Squirrels & Suppressive Persons and the ones that have infected by same who have then become PTS (potential trouble sources) thus the disconnection orders. This would make a good SiFi movie.

    And in the meantime while fighting the SPs, the press and squirrels a general ‘dog eat dog’ environment was created with-in. A very uncomfortable working environment ensued with staff reporting on each other even before and without 1st directly confronting their fellow crew member (which usually handled it). This caused upsets and lessened ARC.

    But we all knew that we were there to help LRH to help the planet and we knew if all the good guys left the planet would never be fixed.

    When David Mayo was declared (1983?), it was the ‘Why’ and it was promoted as a sign of success that the ‘squirrels’ were speaking out (screaming) against the then abuses. In fact a 64 page booklet “Signs of Success” was passed around to all staff. The 1st issue in it was by LRH called “Signs of Success”: “Whenever we’re really winning the squirrels start to scream. You can tell if somebody is a squirrel. They howl or make trouble only when we’re winning.” [no date or source given]

    So us staff, having no other data on the circumstances, did the right thing in our minds and stood behind the church as it decimated the missions and kicked off good staff. We used the above to ‘know’ we must be succeeding so let’s just keep busy. At my level, (AOLA) we WERE succeeding. Our Captain Ivan Obolensky boomed the org in the 80’s despite all odds. Our Class 8 course was some 200 students at one point (thank you Barbara Glass RIP). So it was easy to not see what may have been occurring in management.

    At the time of Alexander’s death the only possible forward action I could do at the time was to quit hiding my name.

    I knew that I would then be labeled an SP. My PC & Ethics files would be rummaged thru and events would be taken out of context to prove how wrong I am and how I am a criminal. Maybe even posted on the internet for the whole world to see what a criminal in disguise I am.

    I knew it would be used to cox my children, X husband, fellow staff and known associates into disconnection. After all I had been an opinion leader by survey at AOLA. I had run a successful business and had many clients and friends. We must tell them all so we can relieve the duress of the SP they have had all this time been under the influence of. And it will explain life for them.

    The month later (Aug 16th 2012) my youngest daughter was flown in to LA to handle me to quit posting on Marty’s blog. When I learned of her visit purpose I was so pissed at my X who flew her in. What a betrayal by a guy I stood by and supported for 24 years – Birthed and help raise his daughter, left him with a Saab, Harley 40K of money on account for clean-up etc.

    She promised me she would investigate for herself the reported abuses when she was done with Medical school in May 2013.

    On July 22nd 2013 I learned she was again in town (from TX) yet she had not come to visit nor phoned me. By the 29th she phoned matter of fact coldly, and told me that since I am still posting she will disconnect. I asked about her investigation and learned she had depended on the church’s data to ‘investigate’ and was shown my Suppressive Person declare. I can’t fully imagine what it says but to do this and take my daughter and son aside and have them read it is 3rd party suppressive. It is suppressive to not give me a copy [I have to go see IJC (International Justice Chief) for a copy]. It is suppressive to not allow me to put the ‘facts’ into perspective for them.

    Now I am the ‘Why’ for any of their problems in life. I am now the ‘Why’ for Jack Kruchko’s (Mechanical Engineer for DMs palaces) years of medical problems and probably all his family deaths etc. It’s very obviously true since I myself am failing. I started drinking after being kicked out, I divorced Jack, married a mercenary who committed suicide in our living room. Yes, I’m a very very bad bad person…. and contagious.

    Well, ya all, I applied SOS [Chap 1 “Anything which raises a person’s tone can be considered legitimate processing. This includes, of course, nutrition, environment, and education, as well as processing.”] I have educated myself, improved my environment and handled my drinking. Amazing how that happened in a few months yet could not be handled in 2004 with 100 hours of NOTs I paid for! Of course not, ‘education’ was not allowed – even yoga exercises and the auditing sucked big time.

    The SP is not the one failing – they are the ones under suppression. The suppression continues until the source is spotted and some amount of control is put over it.

    Some time early in my SO carrier, I was accused of disaffection. I recall looking up all the references and was left with the concept that disaffection was a staff member that had unhandled disagreements with LRH and/or Scientology. In this booklet it is clearly defined on page 20 as “a staff member or Scientologist….persuaded or made to become disloyal and out of harmony with the other members of his group.” Later in the same paragraph it mentions the use of the policy ‘Orders, Query of’ to clear up disagreements.

    When I was kicked off staff in June 1996, I left with my copies of the ‘Query of Orders’ and reports I had done to correct my disagreements. It amounted to 8 banker’s boxes. The legal sized stack would be 16 feet high! It really bothers me when I’m told to ‘write it up’ as my son told me July 31st when he phoned to disconnect.

    Two of my four children have disconnected. Like the rest of the battered mothers I will not be quiet. And I will not only be talking – it’s going to take much much more then that.

    Guess I got carried away… Marty please at least post the 1st part about the new Stop Disconnection site. Thank you.

    Cece Marie Smith
    (AKA Benedict (75), Prefontaine (78), Kruchko (84) Mother of 5
    Midshipman, Permanent Posted Treasury Secretary, Fully hated FBO, New OT 4, Patron
    ‘Un-employed living off the fringes of the Internet’

    I chuckle when I think of the old Body Battle Plans we used to have in the registration unit to co-ordinate getting the parishioners in and up the OT levels. Now it’s reading the names of the latest SPs and making a list of connections so that The disease can be stopped from spreading. All-Hands call-in is calling all the connections before 2p on Thursday. Don’t worry guys – your stats are caused internally just report to Ethics and do your OW write-up.

  70. Knowledge report by Alyssa Lynn on The Church of Scientology

    Gepubliceerd op 18 aug 2013

    “As a philosophy major, naturally I seek answers to many questions. One of those questions was what is scientology? What is it based off of? Who formed it? This is a video commentary after my journey to one of the “Churches” locations. Mind you I pay no offence to any whom follow scientology- It each man their own.”

  71. Thank you Cat Daddy for posting this clip here. I feel that for the bots of Co$ who are mind slaves, this is way over the head. However, the Independent Scientologists should pay very close attention to what she says. The lessons are profound:
    1. There were other people than LRH who sought and achieved spiritual betterment. He liked to make it look like he was the only one, but that is not so. Marty has been saying that for a while. Now here is an outside observer saying something similar.
    2. If you call it a religion, you better not run it as a business. You better be willing to give plenty of it away for free. Do not worry, good spiritual people will exchange with you.
    3. You should pick out the principles by which you wand to live, announce them, and live by them.

  72. Marty, Excellent ass-kicking write up exposing the seething underbelly of the Church of BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill).

    I never speculated about your losing your temper with Allender, what I speculated on, was how you managed to restrain the rage which might have caused a lesser person to re-configure various parts of Allender’s anatomy, like arms and legs and noses. The real wonder is how Allender managed to walk away not looking like a painting from Picasso.

    On the inside, he does look like that already — various “circuits” walled off from each other, that make him a clinking ticking automaton. If you look at people as the composite they are, Picasso’s art actually makes incredible sense. He is painting the circuits, sub-personalities, mirrors, and entities… all of which are visible if you only consult the correct wavelength. Which is why some people appear “beautiful on the inside” or they seem to have an interior beauty. Everyone notices this with my little girl, including me.

    Perhaps if a person was cleaned up of all their case, their inside and outside views would more and more become the same. I think that is what it means to have a “clean space.”

    Allender… that is a Picasso right there, and a real ugly one at that, clinking and clanking, and walking and walking. 100% psycho. A stupendous mass of cross-conflicting personalities, circuits, pictures, engrams, implants, etc.

    The sun is setting on the Church of BTK.

  73. Very important post, thanks Marty. And so sad.
    When the end justifies the means, these things and worse happen.
    When one knows it all and all others know nothing, when people forget to remain humble as they develop and go up, trouble is around the corner!
    I have suffered disconnection myself. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Horrible. And the things done to achieve it, even worse than the act itself. Darkness. Fortunately, so fortunately, in a matter of few months sanity and Theta prevailed, and darkness shattered and gone.
    I cannot tell the story yet, but I will say that during the dark times the support and advice of good friends, and the huge support from other Indies, including huge power flown to me from auditing and the tech (real tech, mind you!!)
    saved me from going down and then helped me win.
    This is why support, help, theta are so vital to those in need. Thank you Marty for providing these in abundance.
    My case was much lighter than what is described here. And when it happened I was in very good shape. So I can really appreciate and imagine how hard it can be, and I offer my full empathy and support too, in whatever shape or form.
    Waiting together with you for good news, SOON.

  74. Thanks for this write up Marty. These are stories, atrocities that cannot be told enough. The church has literally gone insane.

  75. ACC Lectures. Opening Procedure 8-C

  76. martyrathbun09

    Rejected. Somebody edited this to make it appear Ron was attempting to accomplish the opposite of what he said and was attempting to accomplish.

  77. You are welcome, this delightful very clearheaded and intelligent Lady is certainly very able. She has set me on a trail of new discovery into the New Tought movement.

  78. Yes I will try better to be more accurate.

  79. Pingback: What Would Ellen Maher-Forney Do? | My Son, Jeremy Andrew Powers

  80. Hi Spyros 🙂 I was referring to the policies LRH originated as regards things like fair game, suppressive person declares for political purposes, allowing pc folder data to be used for such purposes, etc. I think that at first he may very well have intended those to be short-lived measures which he considered necessary because of the real and formidable enemies of Scn, and I have always pretty much reserved judgment about it. However, in Marty’s current book he makes it clear that LRH knew about and condoned the continued use of such activities. Nevertheless, we still don’t know, and may never know, whether or not what he did actually prevented the closing down of Scientology. What does seem to be clear is that he started a precedent that ended up where the CoS is today. That’s what I meant.

  81. As you know-we know your pain. Eric has been disconnected from us since 1996, when as soon as he turned 18 the Feshbach’s coerced him to join staff. We have 2 grandchildren we’ve never met!!!

    Are you still here or up in Northern CA? As I’d love to see you.

    ML, M

  82. Cece, that’s horrible about your ex- Jack who I knew very well, what an idiot. I feel for you, do you have an email contact? If you desire, you can contact me though a search on this blog under my name. You know which name this is.

  83. A legal end of the COS would be an exploding end, and the collateral damage would be the staff, members, independents, all associated with it. All related with SCN in any way would get labeled bad.

    The least painful way I can think of right now would be to penetrate the COS and let people know what goes on (like Debbie Cook did), so then people can have a choice. If they so want, they can sit there of course, and boss each other around to go free.

  84. one of those who see


  85. …that because who in the news will ever care to differentiate between people? For them it’s all ‘Scientology’ and ‘Scientologists’ or ‘former Scientologists’, at best, and they pretty much reflect many Scientologist’s beliefs. Of course, before the press can differentiate, Scientologists should differentiate. I can differentiate for myself, but group-wise I’m pretty lonely (not lonesome). So yeah, I too sometimes say “‘Beep’ Scientology” too 😛

  86. I mean really, through personal discussions with some SCNists I have figured out I have more in common with the average non SCnist than with the average SCNist (with some other SCNists, I have much more in common). And I would prefer that a person will never have any contact whatsoever with SCN, than to get to know what the average SCNist knows. I’d rather a friend of mine would read Plato or something than go to a COS or a similar minded independent group.

    What’s wrong with being an atheist? It’s a little better than to think you’re a tiny creature inside a head who whenever commits an overt HAS to get -in a way- punished (pull in motivators unless he as-isess the overt through processing or O/W write-up). Or that he HAS to be the effect of engramic restimulators whenever he encounters one. That’s a self imposed slavery. Even in Dianetics that has a very effect point of view LRH said that one can send the whole thing to hell and do whatever he wants. But no, we gotta prove to all the reactive minds exist, to be scientificaly right, huh? 😛

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  88. Regarding the pingback, Let’s flow some Theta in that direction.
    “You’ve heard that “Jim & Meshell Little are St. Louis Org’s biggest SPs”? Really? Isn’t that interesting?

    Tell me what mother would just quietly walk away and go about her life after a “church” required her child to pretend she and the rest of the family never existed? (Jeremy you were ONLY 19-years old!)
    EllenForneySo let’s play this out.
    Suppose Ellen Maher-Forney (who is St. Louis Org’s OSA person) finally found her personal integrity…”

  89. “If you see a conflict, then you are stupid, and you have Misunderstood Words, confusions and evil purposes. You also have overts against Scientology, LRH, and dm.”

    Very correct, Simple Thetan.
    IMO this is at the root of the cognitive dissonance and the following mind control, as one cannot sort this out for oneself (the consequences would be to leave – and I’m sure many did or eventually do). Common sense is subjugated to “LRH said so” (or another “authority” said so), with all the phenomena of cognitive dissonance and justifications. Thus the “what is true for you” and “think for yourself” is purest cynicism. And to keep this going on, there has to be suppressed and cut communication with all its ramifications and disconnections.
    But I also believe that the many, many forced or “voluntary” disconnections (what hypocrisy) will bring the atrocities more and more to light and lead to the implosion, as one cannot tamper with communication (after all one of the basic tenets of Scn and auditing – “A man is as alive as he can communicate…”) and interpersonal relationships in such a destructive manner without getting repercussions.

  90. I heard and understood.

    It might help to know that David Miscavige IS a degraded being.

  91. MaBu, Thank you – that is helpful.

  92. I recall when life was lighthearted and fantastically fun. Doesn’t work to always be deadly serious about becoming lighthearted. A minor mistake I sometimes see in others. I want to get back to this state and the work has to be enjoyable. Every time something went bad and I said “I’m not going to make that mistake again.” things got a little less fun, a little of the sparkle was gone. Every time I realize one of these times and see what happened, a little of the sparkle comes back. These are troublesome times for the Scn. community, but each time someone realizes what is really going on and is freed from it, a little of the sparkle is returned. Each time pain and evil is discovered, confront it head on, keeping your own integrity intact, handle it as best you can, but don’t ever forget to turn around and notice the beautiful sunrise over the hill. There is sparkle to be had. Please don’t abandon your quest to find it again, no matter how dark it seems. Thanks, Marty and others for keeping the sparkle within reach. Love and ARC Mark

  93. I was so shocked about this that it’s been a couple days and I still don’t really know what to say. Lori, I wish for you that your kids come back real soon.

    The Squirrel Busters, OSA and other such people have made their hell and are living it. It is such a shame that they feel compelled to spread the pain and make others live it as well.

  94. Cooper Kessel

    You are a real trooper and I want to acknowledge you both for what you have endured but more for what you are doing about it. Your story makes my scene a walk in the park!

  95. Pingback: Scientology and Psychiatry | 31 Factors

  96. Well…well… Lynda Allender is up to her old shenanigans again.
    I went on staff as the OES in 1990 when Stevens Creek Org was supposed to be “St Hill Size.” Lynda Allender was the DED and Joy Bothello was the ED. They had a Universe Corps in the Org. What I learned after spending 48 hours non-stop of inspection of the books was that some individuals were falsifying the stats and the VSD book kept disappearing even after we nailed and glued it to the desk. Seven auditors and only a few pcs. Course rooms were nearly empty, etc. I learned that I was the 6th OES over the previous 2 year time. So, I Urgent Directed all my Sups and Dof P off of post and sent them to Ethics/Qual in the universe corp to get them handled. I held all the Div 4 posts from above where after calling up the blown students I learned there was no word clearing going on in the course rooms and many other points of out tech had become the norm in that org. After calling them all I was able to get many of them back in for word clearing and we boomed the stats. But as this was just getting going, since I was the newest OES, Lynda and Joy attacked me as the “SP.” I soon figured out Lynda was behind this but she had yet to be discovered. Once the stats boomed on my directions I was cleared from the threats from up lines. FR WUS Mr. Scully and FR Kenny Woo were helping me get the stats up and find out the “WHO.” Eventually Lynda BLEW the Org! One of my early memories into my tenure I had run into Lynda Allender in the bathroom where I introduced myself and she said she knew who I was. Something about that moment indicated to me that I had just missed her withhold, but I still didn’t know what it was. Over the next bit of time Joy’s husband died in motorcycle accident. Lynda was my C/S and I would go into session fine and came out sick with a fever several times. I just stopped going into session. Since Lynda blew she was spotted as the actual SP behind the falsifications and then I believe she was later declared though not sure. Funny how she and John would be such favorites of DM . This was just one example of a short period of the Allenders that I witnessed. I can only imagine all the crimes and skeletons in their closets. My guess is DM has so much dirt on these guys he has them leveraged to be leaders in his coterie at his beck and call, which may explain their willingness to do such humiliating activities like squirrel busters and stalking. Birds of a feather…
    Lori, we have endured similar disconnections with our children and know the pain you feel. I know you are now aware of the evil you are fighting. DM, Lynda and John Allender, all the rest that would support their type are in control of the Cult of Mi$cavige. You are not alone in your fight. There are legions of us and more each day. The day of reckoning is approaching. Be strong.

  97. The Oracle, I loved reading your enlightening comment on how the church makes it a high crime and suppressive act to go to the police or to seek justice in the outside world, and yet when the church gets called on the carpet in the media or somewhere, they say, “if that is true, where are the police reports?” They make sure there are no police reports because the mores of the group and the enforced rules of the Scn group are that you never go to the police and never seek outside justice. They rig the game in their favor. That is why I’m so happy to hear that Rocio and Luis Garcia are suing the pants off DM and the church.

  98. Cece, My heart goes out to you. I was speechless wondering what words to write to you. I still don’t know. I just hope your kids see the light and come back to you in the future. And I commend you and admire you for pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and taking control of your life and improving it and yourself despite the horrific suppressive acts done against you. You are an inspiration for the rest of us.

  99. MarkR,
    You said:But I have to stand by my premise that sooner or later, one has to confront the incident, confront accurately their current state, strengthen up and get busy.

    I pretty much think that is what a lot of us are doing. And after that it’s life and fun continuing on with lessons under the belt 🙂

    What do you mean throw a few ropes? while Marty scrub them off. ??????


  100. Ka, I really wish you were right. They have tampered with communication for decades. It is only when Marty, Rinder and Co. went to the press, and then Debby Cook, that the world really start seeing them for what they really are.

  101. Thanks, Marty and Lori, for making this data public.

    It’s such a combination of gut-wrenching, incredulous and repulsive behavior. Misogyny definitely applies.

    The sociopathic valence of der leader is the only acceptable valence for the group. The group has definitely become a suppressive entity. Individuals who might have been on the edge of being sociopaths have slipped off the cliff into the beingness. Talk about an abyss.

    By their actions, various members of the group have demonstrated that the groups need for warm bodies to glue to their cluster is far more important than the love of a mother for her children. The group has also shown, by their actions that forcing a mother to abort her own children if they might be a nuisance to der leader is required by der leader.

    I just can’t imagine any sane person wanting to be a knowing member of that cluster-f_ _k. People like Allender are not victims. They are equally guilty criminals.

    Lori will get her kids back because they will see the light.

  102. I think you are not giving the press and the government enough credit. We have seen that the press can make a distinction between a Scientologist and an ex. I know that governments can.

  103. I so easily fall in love as maybe any single romantic man does

  104. Just meant that I would be eager to join and help with a project to 1. expand the service to assist and repair x.scientologists and 2. work to repair and improve the bridge under competent leadership. There are several highly skilled people out there who would also join. What Marty is doing is a successful action and is very busy. He is also a target. Recognize the upstat and increase it. He needs help.
    My reference to the rope was to “the people drowning in quicksand”, to throw them a line.
    I don’t want to compete with the church but to expand on making a workable choice, thereby forcing them to reform through a display of competence. We really do need a few million competent, ethical OTs to settle down this world before it’s too late.
    In the factory I worked at, I was known for seeing the need for improvement, researching the problem, designing a better machine, building it, installing it and improving it to workability. But this is a lot bigger than a 2 ton sliding gate or an enclosure fire extinguisher system.
    Just saying. Mark

  105. Kat….I applaud your toughness and competence. Ever think of getting back in the ring in the Ind. field? I think it would be a lot more fun this time. Just thinking. Mark

  106. hansje brinker

    Yes Marty, I am awake!

    Scientology ” the new psychiatry.”

    Psychiatrist Joseph Mason Cox” Swinging chair” about 1800:

    About 1949:
    treatment for psychiatric patients Worcester Hospital Spinning chair 1949

    21 century:

  107. Taking away your childhood.

  108. Why this post? Somebody attended me that this video might be a hoax, than I used this website to determine, and with this tool I at least determined she is genuine. (Iam biased a bit I thik she is cute as hell)

  109. Funny 🙂 Thanks Cooper, Cece
    PS I have barely started my story ~ Its therapeutic. I write nearly every day.

  110. Mother missing her son

  111. John Travolta you must have a conscience. Or are you a high paid slave ?

    Jenna speaks out from 2008, (thank you Anonymous)

    Great 2D for Jenna !!!!!!!!

  112. Kat, I remember when the org was going SH size (the first time). I wasn’t on lines but a lot of the people I knew were going to the org to help it achieve SH size. It was totally a stat push and it consisted of mostly upper org public coming in for a show of support. Not unlike the same public who come in for Div 6 services nowadays. It was not a big booming org. I refused to be any part of it achieving Saint Hill size because to me, it was all a lie. As it turned out, they lost their Universe Corp and title because it crashed right after that.

    About 10 years later, they were going for the Saint Hill sized again. I think they had a few more staff to hire before they met all the criteria. There was an HCO mission sent down to help make sure that we got that target done. I was the Public Servicing Sec at the time and was given three orders to complete simultaneously before I went home. (It was already five pm. Two were from the PES who was screaming at me get the stats up (several more first starts) in my Division and at the same time giving me an order to get a contracted staff member. Then the OES called an emergency meeting at the same time and ordered all ad council members to collect 5000 by the end of the night as the GI was crashed. You can imagine the tone level on that one.

    So that’s what a modern day org going St Hill size really looks like and when we were done with post for the day we all went to the new building to do an hour of renos for what would eventually be the new Ideal Org.

  113. Thanks Lori. Your kids are lucky to have you for a Mom!

  114. Thanks for the update. Not surprised. John and his wife are a couple of little bullies. They got a pass when DM arrived in San Francisco and everyone watched him maul the E.D. (flanked with body guards for himself of course) and then beam with pride. You notice these guys are always flanked with a back up crew? They both should have restraining orders on them.

  115. Thanks Mabu.
    Just what I was looking for.

  116. I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that LRH’s final problems were the result of disconnecting from his family. He, too, suffered from his SP policies.

  117. And WHY aren’t there restraining orders against John Allender and David Miscavige because of domestic violence?

    The ethics code:

    “Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law”.

    They are FREE from the demands of civil and criminal law as Scientologists!

    And anyone who attempts to put their ethics in with get declared an S.P. and ex communicated.

    It is against the religion to PROTECT yourself.

    A covert form of “gun control”. A means to disarm EVERY Scientologist! While chanting “we sell total freedom”. But JUST DON”T FIGHT BACK!

    That is why David Miscavige and John Allender don’t have “arrest records”.

  118. That is the WHY on the TERROR of Independents! WE FIGHT BACK!
    That is TABOO in the K.S.W. culture.

  119. Marty, you are right about a lot of things, including this and THERE ARE church members that DO require psychiatric help. When I went to Flag, there was this one lady, she was the registrar and was assigned a lower condition. For amends she went for a walk in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel with her breasts hanging out smiling at people. 🙂 I am just kidding, she didn’t, if one of them ever does, that is the time to call the Psychiatrist to the scene if you ask me. 🙂

  120. They wanted to comm ev me TWICE for smacking a Sea Org officer and a Sea Org member TWICE, both were TWICE my size, when they got bully with me. One of them yelled at me and spit flew on my face!

    The Sea Org is a GHETTO! If you don’t kick someone’s ass within a week of being on post they will think they can abuse you! SERIOUSLY!

    They KILL of their OWN kids and steal them from from OTHER MOTHERS to abuse and neglect!

    That’s how sick this is!

    They run TOTAL ‘gun control” by disarming your rights for police help with civil authorities. They carry a CONTINUOUS license to abuse with no legal consequences!

    This is part of the “religion” and Keeping Scientology Working.

    Hitler disarmed ALL Jewish people before he started on his ethnic cleansing campaign.

    WAKE UP over there in the Middle East with the “K.S.W.” banner!

    This HAS NOT kept Scientology Working!

    K.S.W. has DESTROYED the Church of Scientology!

  121. That WAS NOT Hubbard’s GOAL or his PURPOSE! Get REAL!

  122. Karen, the Church of Scientology, I shutter thinking to utter a word about it, because so much has been said about them, but people need to grasp the idea. Immortality is in everyone’s hands and the Church of Scientology is there to take it away from people. It is almost as if their goal is to erase any person’s useful knowledge they may have in life and replace it with church concocted lies that bring in money. Anyone with a brain in their head is better off Clear or better yet OT OUTSIDE of the church. Who really needs that? Church Policy: [sic] “In order to be OT you must work 98 hours per week for $27.00 and IF YOUR STATS ARE UP you can forget about auditing and training because that is for people that really produce in life NOT Sea Org members.” Hey, Church of Scientology go get your head examined, and if you meet up with LRH find out if he is willing to apply his own tech or make the trip with you? 🙂

  123. The “think” of the Sea Org is that public should be doing the breeding for the church! That public should breed to keep the Scientology population going and keep the Sea Org stocked! If you try to get in between them and your kids, they will work to destroy you! The think is that you should sacrifice your kids to their ranks!

    This IS TRUE!

  124. Oracle, I agree. An implant is WORSE than an engram, because an implant may only last for a split second or less but it sticks around far longer than an engram. These deranged church people here, they must have been around a long time and got one of them implants and it came back to haunt them, only they don’t know which one it is yet! 🙂 Boy, that sure sounds like a fun time doesn’t it. I sure am glad that’s not me, even though I am willing to help when and where I can! 🙂 I like you. 🙂

  125. The ethics code:

    “Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law”.

    The PURPOSE of this was to PROTECT P.C.’s and make a SAFE SPACE for them to get audited in.

    David Miscavige has MIS PURPOSED this to mean make an UNSAFE space for EVERYONE and to cover his ass on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    John Allender is doing the SAME thing with it.

    This is a complete ALTER IS.

    See “Alter Is and Degraded Beings”.

    OSA as a group commits suppressive acts AGAINST Scientologists in GOOD STANDING with their honor, with their friends, families and co workers, and the community they live in! While they COVER UP criminal activities and contribute to domestic violence!

    These people are NOT Scientologists! Read “What we expect of a Scientologist”.

    “Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins.

    So let’s help the world win.

    —L. Ron Hubbard”

    And here is O.S.A., setting people up for LOSSES! It is a HIGH CRIME to PERMIT an ARCX field! They CREATE IT! LOOK at the ARCXen field out here! Just look! This is a high crime! EVERONE working in the Church of Scientology is in a LOWER condition with Scientology! They ARE NOT handing the ARCXen field. There are more people OUT OF ARC with the Church of Scientology NOW than ever before in history. And it ISN”T because David Miscavige and OSA and staff are setting people up for WINS!

  126. Please READ the definition of Domestic violence.

    “Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical aggression or assault (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects, battery), or threats thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation; stalking; passive/covert abuse (e.g., neglect); and economic deprivation.”

    “Domestic violence and abuse is not limited to obvious physical violence. Domestic violence can also mean endangerment, criminal coercion, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, trespassing, harassment, and stalking.”

    Domestic violence can also mean endangerment, criminal coercion, trespassing, harassment, physical aggression and stalking. Emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation.

    Watch the Squirrel Busters shamelessly and flagrantly WALLOWING in Domestic Violence, while suggesting there is something wrong with MARTY! This is delusion! There is something wholly dysfunctional about this. These people DO need objectives! The kind you work on a CONFUSION formula!

    Domestic Violence hard copy evidence:

    When did DOMESTIC VIOLENCE become part of the tools for handling life?

  127. John Allender, I am assigning you a condition of CONFUSION.

  128. Thx Mark. It’s good to have help in the wings for the current goings on.
    Maybe for now you may want to go to and see if there are some groups you could help with. I’m kinda thinking that Marty will give a yelp if he needs it and he hasn’t yet however he does take donations which help us all so much on the 3d destim otherwise he will have to go off and work somewhere and with both him and Mosey working ….:(
    Well we will do but it would be real nice if Marty could just stay in his living room. Thx Mark R

  129. Marty = warrior
    DM = warmonger

  130. Moonshot ~
    There’s a lot of factual truth in your post above.
    Here’s a short video on Children, slave labor and the RPF.

  131. Joe Pendleton

    Mike, I’m glad you said that you will not rest until this human rights abuse is a thing of the past. That is noble work. And the strategy of public outcry is the exact correct one.

  132. Joe Pendleton

    I just read this post. Of course I am familiar with what has been written by Lori and others about her situation, but not about these particulars. The story is horrendous, disgusting, horrific. It involves severe mental child abuse, crimes against every religious ethic and set of values that we have in our society (ones perpetrated against Lori, as well as her children) and this story needs to be told to as many people as possible throughout the society and gotten to as many “in church” Scientologists as possible (if that is indeed possible at all).

    I have a long time friend (though not active in PT obviously) who is with OSA Int and my message is: You know who are if you are reading this. You can’t possibly condone such crimes as this. They are at the very heart SPIRITUAL CRIMES. These actions have sought to control beings AS beings and are thus at the very bottom of the tone scale. By your silence, you are complicit in this absolutely disgusting disconnection policy and control of beings AND YOU KNOW IT. I’m not even telling you to leave your post. Yes, you COULD protest this within, though I don’t think that would do much good. You COULD start collecting data, filtering it out to sources like Marty and the general media or do something else that is actually ETHICAL. Bad PR? Ha. Too late for that. The public at large has already rejected Scientology because of the church’s crimes. You are involved in a criminal enterprise against the rights of beings, you MUST know this deep down. You need to stop justifying your actions of support for these crimes and start making up the damage you have contributed to. You are in your mid 60s and have limited time left to be a source for good. Start!

  133. They always rig the game in their favour. Everywhere you turn.

  134. Kat, I’m very sorry you are going through disconnection too! Thanks for speaking out.

  135. Midge, I’ll PM you on FB. Would love to get together.

  136. Thank you Cece! I will!

  137. Thank you for the nice wishes Letting go!

  138. I didn’t know and don’t grasp what declaring an SP for political purposes means. I think PTS/SP data can be OK up to a point, but shouldn’t be used as excuse to act unethically onself. I mean it’s easy to say this and that guy is down the tone scale or SP or something. But one can make one be down the tone scale and act like SP too! The COS (not only) attacks fiercly whomever opposes it openly and they call it fair game. That doesn’t mean that it is fair game, and I don’t think that’s what LRH meant. Remember (again) the so famous line that we (COS) get attacked because of our own overts?

  139. Yes OK, I said they can distinct between a SCNist and a former at best. Before I went to the COS I had some contact with some press but judging from what I saw therein I figured the press was lying. The prob is most press doesn’t seem to have any deep understanding of SCN and they mix LRH with DM and all that stuff as if it was one. DM is presented as the guy that continues LRH’s work.

    As for the government’s credit…for me it doesn’t relate with SCN. For as long as it brainwashes children and forces people to work for 5% of their production’s value, it wont get much credit from me. I’m reffering to the local government here, but I don’t think most others are that different, judging by what I’m told.

  140. Karen, as horrible it is that the cult leaked out personal and confidential information to cave Lori in, one has to ask, ‘Who actually visits these hate sites?’ I guarantee that a Rod Taylor’s fan site gets a thousand times more visits than any of these generic fair-game sites. These sites are solely for Miscabbage’s sick private entertainment. The millions spent on Operation Squirrel Busters is another example. I could see that sick midget watching the dailies while sipping his imported scotch and congratulating that sleaze-bag Allender for a job well done. No one other than tiny fists and a handful of OSA staff visits those sites.

    Changeling was a great film. It’s a perfect analogy on how Scientology is used as a political tool to coerce and control people.

  141. These people like John Allender, the beer belly thug, Nurse Ratchet, Ed Bryan, and other “dedicated Scientologists” are under a heavy spell.

    They are too dumb and arrogant to realize it. They have not read between the lines of Hubbard extensive research track and his step by step description on how to entrap and how to free beings, as those two flows are inseparable.

    Because they have a single track mind and have not studied the history of spirituality and the many ancient Magic and Mystery Cults of this planet, they find themselves imprisoned in a present time construct, which they think, has no datum of comparable magnitude.

    Thus they are trapped and will in turn trap anyone they come in contact with.

    Scientologists are poisonous until they wake up from the hypnotic trance they are in.

  142. Golden Age of Knowledge Reports

    Wow, oh wow. This fills in a lot of “missing pieces” of the puzzle for me. I’ve lost all respect for Rick Melrose after reading this. As Dan Koon mentioned, Rick Melrose was extremely well-known as a public Scientologist in the Bay Area. Allegedly, he help get members of the Grateful Dead into the Scientology org in the late 60s, though they didn’t last long. He’s supposedly an “upstat scientologist”, yet is struggling financially and is over 70.

    John and Lynda – “disgusting” is the only word I have for what they’ve done.

    I’m surprised however there is no mention of Chris Leake. Isn’t he also the son of Jim Leake (and Debbie Rodger-Leake) who joined the Sea Org at an early age and wound up marrying L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughter? I’m now starting to wonder if this was money motivated too.

  143. Altough posted by an critic, it is unedited

  144. Cooper Kessel

    Thats too high Oracle! We need a new condition such as SOLID or maybe SORDID.

    Formula: Find out IF you are.

  145. + the most if not all interpretations of LRH materials I have read are comical/tragic. LRH says “my very good friend Aleister Crowley”, they quickly figure out he is a summoner of Cthulhu. He says people from India didn’t like to bathe, critics figure out he was a nazi (have you read about the races of thetans?). Not to mention the more spiritual stuff…God help us.

    Such misinterpretations are done by the critic’s counter parts in that Church that enslave people in the name of freedom. They say ‘LRH was a fascist, so I have the right to to suppress you’. That’s what they do more or less. If I agreed with them, I would most probably still be therein, or I’d had totally turned against the whole thing. I wouldn’t even use the simplest, lightest assist given by a fascist, because I don’t consider that such people (fascists) are ever able to actually assist anyone in any way. I know SCN is pretty much black (pretty much=for most people). But it never was for any reason that any media ever said.

  146. Cat Daddy,
    I loved the post you did on Mike’s blog with the superdooper power chair and the very similar chairs used by psychiatrists.

    The similarities between scientology and psychiatry are becoming more and more evident with each revalation of atrocities.

    They evaluate cases, repress emotions, punish, PDH, blatant behavior modification, using force and degradation to conform…everything that was supposed to be so wicked about psychiatriy can now be found in common use in your local org.

    If you have tracked with the progression of psychology over the last several years you will see that many practitioners are tending toward less invasive, less evaluative methodology. There are a growing number of them who are embracing the TIRA modality and are becoming more spiritual in their approach. I’m getting this opinion to a large extent from a friend who has a masters degree, has been a practicing psychologist for 30 years and who came to us to train on book one tech.

    Scientology as a clustered group is dramatizing the bad side of a GPM. It, as a group is not free, not liberated and is definitely keyed IN.

    There is a lot of useful tech to help people. But one really needs to be pan determined and allow oneself to throw out what is not spiritually liberating.

    And, as far as I’m concerned, Marty’s admonition to integrate or disintigrate is right on the money. I’ll have a lot more to say on that subject when I’m finished a research project I’m doing.

  147. Thank you 🙂

  148. Right. Confusion is too high. “If you are” is a good place to start. He is clearly internalized into some weird-ass valence, an automaticity, a fixed idea of what he believes he is choosing to do, whereas in fact he completely other-determined by the mores of CofS, Inc.

  149. Wow. The details of what Lori has been put through are just gross, almost beyond comprehension. I know there are some nasty, evil sum-bitches out there in the world, but what are they doing in Scientology in the first place? Is there something about this subject or the organization that attracts this kind of slime, or did they start out as seekers of truth and just got hammered into the valence of the Shrunken Thug?

  150. Wow that must been a while back.

    Well I don’t have perfect memory. So please help me
    But I will leave you this.
    Following link Dramatization translates roughly as behavioral reënactment.
    (Bessel van der Kolk
    Alsoo we had in our country social Psychiatry focussed on getting people back to socïety and back to work instead of “materialistic” Psychiatry
    “Schroeder van der Kolk is regarded as the founder of Dutch psychiatry and neurology. This paper describes his vitalistic views on the relation between body and soul, as formulated by him in a series of lectures. These lectures were intended to counteract the materialistic tendencies of some of Schroeder van der Kolk’s French and German contemporaries. It is argued that Schroeder van der Kolk can be regarded as the transition in Holland from the “Naturphilosophie” approach to the modern experimental approach in physiology.”

  151. The Squirrel Busters did as much to lower the image of Scientology as Anonymous did. In fact, all Anonymous and any of us have to do is shine the light on actual Scientology actions, behaviors, double standards, and so forth.

    As to double standards: If I am very critical of someone, I must have overts; but if CofS, Inc. is very critical of someone, they are ethically pursuing the greatest good. If I violated the confidentiality of what I heard as an auditor, I would be violated codes and would be out-ethics (and to this day I would never violate a bit of that trust a PC put in me — I’m only sorry CofS has their PC folders); but if CofS does the same thing, they are in-ethics. If I lie or am otherwise dishonest, I am committing an overt; but if CofS does so, they are protecting their 3rd Dynamic group. If I break contracts or violate commitments, I am committing overts or even crimes — unless my actions support CofS, in which case I am behaving ethically.

    The game is rigged, like a fixed toin coss between Scientology and me. Heads, I lose; tails, Scientology wins. In short, (in the Scientology view) Scientology is always right, and therefore anyone who disagrees with it is always wrong — the only challenge is to find out why they are wrong (overts, missed withholds, misunderstood words, being PTS or SP, etc.). Those supposed “why” answers will typically be wrong, because the real “why” lies in Scientology itself, but that problem is concealed and shielded from scrutiny.

    Therefore we get the incredibly student Squirrel Busters and similar lame performances that any “wog” kid with a modicum of education can recognize as biased, stilted, sophomoric, and lacking any rational credibility. So I think the Squirrel busters should go everywhere. Hell, send them to Congress to interrogate the legislators and put them on CNN interviews so they can try to coerce confessions out of the interviewers (“No, Mr. Reporter — what are YOUR crimes?!”). The only path that would be beaten to the doors of Scientology would be the disgusted and rightfully affronted offering free rides out of town on a rail.

    BTW, I appreciated the context re Lori and that Squirrel Busters incident in Texas. I had noted that Marty got visibly agitated (very understandably). My only concern though was that if any of us get aggressive back at CofS aggression, it can and will be used against us.

    So here’s my “Allender Song” to the tune of that old TV show “Have Gun Will Travel” theme song (by the way, it was in Scn that I learned the roots of the word “paladin” — check out the etymology and it will be clear why “Paladin” had a business card with a knight on it, and why the theme song had the lyrics it had).


    Squirrel Buster Will Travel reads the card of a meme.
    A nut without armor in a mis-s(c)avage dream.

    His camera for hire gets the sound of his wind.
    An OSA soldier with his brain gone dim.

    Squirrel Buster, Squirrel Buster
    Where have you been?
    Squirrel Buster, Squirrel Buster
    He’s exiled from INT.

  152. Woman’s Day understands 20-year-old Bella has left her Scientologist fiance and fled to Europe to get distance from the church’s LA base.

  153. Cat Daddy; I have some data that is very important to the matter at hand but is a little long to post here. A couple of pages. It resolves some of the basic why’s in this situation. I’d like you to see it Let me know. Thanks.

  154. Oracle, can I tell you something? Aside from the fact that I like you a lot, this information of yours that you are forwarding of the “bring them all up on charges” kind of thing, can’t you see there is a better way, in spite of their crimes? How can there be a Church of Scientology if there are no parishioners? 🙂
    From Aliens 1986 –
    Ripley: “Do you get it? “We homed in on its beacon”
    Executive: “And found something never recorded once in over 300 surveyed worlds. A creature that gestates inside the living human host, these are your words, and has concentrated acid for blood” 🙂

  155. Marty, “thanks” for this venue! For without it I wouldn’t have the ability to “be there and communicate” to those with similar views. to hopefully further this cause of greater awareness. Without you this comm would fall into an abyss…. and be forever lost. But, due to your efforts we prevail & move onward & upward to higher states….hence, “Moving on Up a Little Higher”!

    Your avid supporter, Midge

  156. Gayle aka TroubleShooter

    Wow, thanks for the backstory. Thank you for telling Lori’s story and getting the word out with and for her. I did wonder what was going on when you pulled that microphone, now I know.

    Lori, I’ve been very moved by your actions to get you kids back in your life. It’s a horrible manipulation that’s got to stop. The use of the third dynamic to suppress the second dynamic is successful to the extent that threats and fear are used to destroy love. I am right there with you on the love being powerful enough to get you through this and prevail. It’s what gets me through the day as well.

  157. Look forward!!! We have much to share.

    ML, Midge

  158. Yes, my ex Jim Leake was married to Debbie Leake before me. Jim’s stepson is Chris Leake and he was married to Rhoanne Leake, but they are divorced now. Another connection that is interesting is Jim Leake’s 1/2 brother Bob Wright who was in the SO and was 3rd under DM. Bob’s Post included overseeing all the Ideal Orgs Construction projects Internationally. Bob was also my sons Guardian in SO and is my sons Uncle!!! It is said that Bob got paid hush money while my son had the opposite….was forced to sign a 3 mill GAG contract!!!!

  159. These disconnection stories are painful to read and my heart goes out to Laurie. I have to say that whenever I read or see a movie regarding the Nazi party and their brutality, I think of the church. The alignment is chilling.

  160. hansje brinker


    Hi, To be exactly that post on Mike’s blog was from me. I have also post it here.

    You hit the nail on the head and is also what I am thinking.

    I love to hear more about you, especially when you have done your research.

  161. hansje brinker


    This subject has also my interest. If it is okay to you, I would like to mail you too.
    (If it is not okay, no problem!)

  162. hansje brinker

    Cat Daddy,

    Very interesting and I can see that you have some knowledge on this subject.
    It is a pitty to see that the social Psychiatry in the ’70 is disappeared. In Holland in the ’70 there was no Electro-shock treatment. Now, this treatment is given on a daily basis. Also a lot of people/ patient are given money by the dutch goverment ( unemployment benefit) instead to motivate them to go to work…….
    In spite of this there is also some good movements, like psychiatrst R. Hoenders ( Integrale psychiatrie) who is a advocate for natural medicine.

  163. She is smart, well spoken, pleasant and easy on the eye. I cannot blame you.

  164. To Hansje; No problem, that’s why I put my address in the comment. Just E-Mail and I can reply.

  165. Lawrence, I didn’t say “Bring them all up on charges”. What I said is, my message is, people should not have to park their civil rights at the front door of any building in this country. I NEVER agreed to park my civil rights outside of the Church. Women should not abused behind closed doors, by other women, when David Miscavige orders other women to slap them or break their bones. Or by men who think they can get away with it because they are wearing some uniform purchased on Hollywood Boulevard or even government issue. No, I do not believe this should kept hidden or swept under the carpet under any circumstances. No, I not believe anyone should have a “pass” for domestic violence. This is NOT evolution. This is PRE BIBLICAL social intercourse. If someone wants to wallow in domestic violence, it’s a pay to play world. They should either expect someone is going to fight back, or someone is going to ask for HELP with justice.

  166. Thank you Gayle for your nice words and support!!

  167. It has not dissapeared. At least not were I am living. With regarding to electroshock therapy It is voluntary, nobody is forced Well I am glad people at least get a basic pay for existance. Non of what you are saying is that black and white. It’s gradations. Alsoo it differs from city to city. Me myself met and talked with several Psychyatrists and Psychologists. Lovliest people ever. Bit too much head sometimes Mostly Jungian.

    I don’t know what they have done to you personnaly or who has messed you up ? I am given money and at the same time I take part in a back to work programm working. Each case should be treated on it’s own merrits. You make it sound so dismall.

    I do not recognize my country at all in your words

  168. Well I ment Electroconvulsion not shock therapy.

  169. One more thing, I mean social in the non political sense of the word.

  170. Oracle; You pointed out some very important principals in your posts. Although the justice system in Scn. has some built in defects, it is still superior to the standard adversarial system in current use. That, used wisely and ethically, Scn. justice would handle the problem in the church today. When the SPs own any justice system, there is no justice. When the SPs at the top are manufacturing poison, it trickles down to the rest of the group (PTS). The source of the problem must be handled and the rest need the antidote. Handle the INDIVIDUALS and repair the GROUP. Scientology or a Scientology-like group is absolutely necessary to get this planet in good shape. Like it or not, we are all in this together. Like Terl, DM and friends have sought and acquired leverage. I have discovered some insight into the situation and would like you to see it. Just a couple of pages. Contact me at

  171. Marildi; I have a paper that sheds a light on an aspect of case that is at the heart of the problem in Scn. An important discovery. Just a couple of pages. Let me know at ARC Mark

  172. Thank you for that Karen. It’s just scratching the surface, but i’m glad somebody like that reporter is digging in that area.

    At one point i was doing admin cycles for the Dept 3 of an Advanced Org and reviewed alot of KR’s and was aware of most of the ethics cycles that passed through Ethics. This is where i first learned of the prevelance of child sexual abuse within the church.

    I am not saying that SCN is a hotbed of sexual abuse in general. Despite my disagreements with the church i do not say that sexual deviancy is common. Sadly though, it does not take to many child sexual predators to hurt an awful lot of children, and when young children are so thoroughly neglected, such persons have their vector.

    The church however, is very adept at coving up its own messes, so ulness alot of these victums come forward and start accusing with specifices, as has happened with the Catholics, this will remain under the rug. In time, however, this may well happen.

  173. hansje brinker

    Hay Cat Daddy,

    I don’t want to disturb your view about this.

    In 2010 there were 16 cases of involuntary ECT. I also think that people who undergo ECT don’t have a really free choise because they are already downscale ( most by medication) and the environment ( psychs/ family etc) make the person real anxious “if he does not do the treatment”……

    But there are also some good movements whereby I don;t close my eyes…..

  174. hansje brinker


  175. Cat Daddy, what is the difference between electro shock and electro convulsion?

  176. Can you link me to a page

  177. One is intense torture the other is less intense methodical and administred under sedation.

    There is enough to find about it on the web, It would not be my choiche of treatment but so is EMDR and other stuff.

  178. Pandora foundation, I am reading it now.

  179. Excellent Lori and Karen & Crew.

  180. Okay I have red up on it, They just renamed it, working unknown and effect not lasting.

    Seems dodgy

  181. hansje brinker


    It is only in Dutch.
    In 2009 the Dutch minister of Health Care said ” I do not forbidden involuntary ECT”
    In Holland yearly 13 enforced ECT,

  182. “Ze purpose of ze treatment is achieved, ze patient is quiet”

  183. Handle any hidden body problems, good nutrition, a safe sane environment. NO other treatment is safe or effective. NONE

  184. Yes the ties with “materialistic” Psychyatry wich is rooted in French and German Heritage is obvious.

  185. Well there must be a short supply of sane and safe enviroments than, Well i have heared of this Church it seems they can help a man with that 😉

  186. Finding a hidden body problem can be difficult, but the safe sane environ, that can be the tough one.

  187. scilonschools

    Still go stronger and stronger!!
    This may be off topic but it shows the importance of what we all are trying to achieve, the pursuit of truth to prevent the corruption of society by mis use of power.
    With enough money and power the unjust can destroy the just without a bit of help from the few.
    Please find a few minutes to watch the below. love to all.

  188. Thanks Marty, this is one of your best posts ever. Thanks for all you are doing to end the abuses inside the church

  189. Let’s try and prevent that 13 to 16 a year. I will switch political partys if I have too. We have many here so omne of those should have the right attitude against this. Damn Economic crisis is destroying healthcare and the choiches this goverment makes. I feel ashamed that the pary I am a member of is part of this goverment.

  190. I am emailing you now, I ghad a lot on my plate earlier.


  191. After reading Marty’s post, after reading the comments (many but not all)…what I want to say I realize I cannot say. However, I did find a quote that says, so much more beautifully and concise than I could, that perspective which I would like to communicate. The quote is from Marianne Williamson.

    “Seeing sickness as our own love that needs to be reclaimed, is a more positive approach to healing than is seeing the sickness as something hideous we must get rid of. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can, however, be miraculously transformed. That miracle emerges from our own thoughts, our own decision to let go our belief in fear and danger, and to embrace instead, a view of the world that is based on hope and love.”

  192. Upon awakening this morning this blog post and comments were pretty much the only item on the table for me to contemplate. The comment I posted yesterday I found to be a bit curious. I wondered why I thought I couldn’t say what I supposedly wanted to say. There was definitely something odd about this so this became the launching point for my exploration within. As always, such explorations are most revealing and rewarding. Following is my attempt to briefly describe what occurred the blog and many of the comments yesterday.

    As I read the story Marty told some grievances that I had buried quite deeply out of sight (but not out of Mind) began to surface. Then, as I began reading the comments, even more grievances began to rise up. I felt myself gradually, at first, then with increasing rapidity the more I read, sliding back down into the trap i.e., the Karpman drama triangle. For those of you not familiar with this triangle I’ll excerpt just a small fraction of what is written about it on Wikipedia and include it here.

    The drama triangle is a psychological and social model of human interaction in transactional analysis (TA) first described by Stephen Karpman, in his 1968 article Fairy Tales and Script Drama Analysis. The Drama Triangle model is used in psychology and psychotherapy. The model posits three habitual psychological roles (or roleplays) which people often take in a situation:
    – The person who plays the role of a victim.
    – The person who pressures, coerces or persecutes the victim, and
    – The rescuer, who intervenes, seemingly out of a desire to help the situation or the underdog.

    The drama triangle is an incredibly efficacious trap. And there is only one way that I personally know of that one can take to get out of it.

    I mentioned that as I read Marty’s post and the comments, buried grievances began to surface. What is a grievance but my statement that something or someone outside of myself has made me be an effect that I do not want to be. Holding a grievance puts me into the ‘victim’ role. If there is a victim then there is also a persecutor and there will be a rescuer.

    Thus, holding a grievance instantly puts one into the trap. And in that trap was where I found myself when I arrived at a point where I wanted to post a comment to this blog. However, the comment I wanted to post would have been a lie and it would have come from fear. I thought of Victor Frankl’s quote about the space between stimulus and response where one has the power to choose their response. In that ‘space’ I choose to ignore the desires of the ego to reinforce and perpetuate the lie and chose instead, to respond from love. That’s when I found the quote by Marianne Williamson.

    The drama triangle (trap) reinforces and perpetuates the false belief that a Being (Soul, Thetan, Spirit) can do wrong, can be wronged and that there is something real outside of Self. No matter what role one is assuming in this triangular relationship, no matter how much ‘happiness,’ ‘relief,’ ‘misery,’ pain.’ etc., one believes they’re experiencing from whatever role they’re playing…it all serves to strengthen and perpetuate the trap.

    The only way I know of to escape this drama triangle trap is to practice genuine forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness contains no judgement whatsoever. The application of genuine forgiveness to all roles and scenarios in the drama triangle completely transforms that energy. It works miracles! Condemnation imprisons while genuine forgiveness frees (look at all the things religion in general condemns). By the way, IMO, the path one chooses to take to being able to apply genuine forgiveness, whether it be auditing, psychotherapy, meditation or whatever else, is not important. What is important is the purpose (the content – being there) not the modality (the structure – how you get there).

    A Spiritual Being is PURE innocence and cannot possibly act badly. However, it is possible that a Spiritual Being can imagine, pretend, hallucinate or dream that Self can act badly to others and that others can act badly to Self. In other words, A Spiritual Being can imagine a self perpetuating drama triangle and although it may seem to be really real it can never be so.

  193. I wanted to add something with regard to the drama triangle. Something that I neglected to mention earlier but something I believe is worth mentioning.

    Sigmund Freud had this notion that dreams were the guardians of sleep. That dreams would take disturbances, occurring external to sleep e.g., a light being turned on, sounds, the body needing to eliminate, etc. and integrate these into these as existing in the dream reality. Thus, the person would not awaken and sleep could continue. The drama triangle is a defense system that operates in much the same manner. It is a means to ensure that the dreamer of the dream does not awaken. The drama triangle, in essence, is a dream that traps the attention of a Being in the myriad complexities and ramifications of conflict where the apparency of winning and losing are on a constant loop. The drama triangle’s defense is against the Truth. The Truth about the actuality of Self and the Truth that the world is not real. When a Being chooses to assume a role within the drama triangle the defense is fortified.

    I used to really resonate to Ron’s quote: “The price of freedom: Constant alertness. Constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.” and over the years I’ve shared it many,many times on various blogs I followed and would comment on. Now, though, I see that, with the inclusion of ‘constant willingness to fight back’, it was a booby-trap. ‘Fighting back’ only serves to strengthen and perpetuate the drama triangle defense system. Indeed, ‘fighting back’ is the primary fuel of the system. While the price of freedom does involve constant alertness to the direction and nature of one’s thoughts it is essential that one is willing to forgive inclusively and without any judgement. Forgiving without judgment nullifies conflict and restores peace.

  194. This is a bit irrelevant to the story, but relevant to psychoentology.

    After the analysis that ‘you’re dramatising’, spoken by a thetan that dramatizes being a mean body, how to not get more psychiatric elements? It’s logical consequence. You tell somebody your mock up, or your ‘reality’, or the contents of your universe (I’m rephrasing the same thing) and he answers ‘you’re dramatising’, lol. Of course, you should only tell him what your body perceives, and what the average believes. Then you’ll be a proper body and have psychiatric (and even psychoentological) ‘pass’! 😛

  195. Oh yeah and all that matters is to be ‘uptone’ (cheesy), even if you’re assisting the devil to fry your friends. Now, where’s my Prozac?

  196. My story is similar to Lori’s although, with all her struggles, her story is almost unbearable. Scientology forced my two daughters to disconnect from me, and it’s something I’ll never forgive of the church nor any of its members who contributed to it.

    Like many others, false “confidential” information from my auditing folders was leaked to my daughters. That’s right, lies were told to them. Lies to make me sound like an ogre so they’d disconnect from me. Lies so great that they never would believe me again. I was the liar, the suppressive, the 1.1. The only solution was for them was to disconnect from me and find safe harbor in the church.

    How do I know the leaked information from my folders was false? One story: About a year before their disconnection I had a PTS Interview at Flag with an Int auditor (a woman from up lines who’s uniform was solid black). When you finish the session, with the supposed PTS items or people now found, you go to the MAA (Ethics) to work out a “handling”. The MAA read to me what the auditor had written about my PTSness. I swear, it was as if someone took names of my family & friends and then wrote them into a Stephen King horror story. Nothing based in reality – NOTHING! I spent 2 hours with this crappy auditor and then I’m written up as if I’m Cujo! They did this so I’d capitulate to them. Sorry Flag, your plan didn’t work.

    The church defiles and vilifies good people so they can coerce others to do its will. While I’d heard other people’s similar stories I never gave them full credence until it happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you too. Get out of the church now. Take your family with you while you still can.

    I’ve cried the same tears as Lori although hers are probably so many they could probably fill an ocean.

  197. So sorry to hear about your tragedy. This evil seems to know no bounds. But as The Oracle informed us, this is not Scientology. This is the work of a horrible individual and his minions who have gained leverage over many and is holding immortality hostage as though a knife to their throat. Your family will be regained, I’m confident. Love and real ARC. Mark
    PS: Real Scientology, done honestly and competently, although not perfect, routinely performs miracles and and is the only thing currently capable of repairing this awful situation.

  198. MarkR,

    Thanks for your kind words and understanding of the situation. While I hope to be reunited with my kids I’m doubtful that will ever happen.

    My opinion, after being a Scientologist for 35 years (OT VII, NED Interned auditor), is that there isn’t a real Scientology, or maybe what we’re witnessing today IS the real Scientology. The distrust and hidden agendas of control and compliance are systemic in real Scientology. When I started in the 1970s I had high hopes for Scientology but those hopes never materialized. I continued on up the Bridge only to find it leads nowhere.

    But is it just Miscavige to blame for the course of Scientology? I don’t think so. It’s everyone who practiced Scientology – all of us. If Scientology really worked then there wouldn’t be a David Miscavige in charge. He would have been taken out long ago. Miscavige is in charge BECAUSE of Scientology and how it works. He’s got the wagons circled with billions of dollars ensconced across the globe. It’s too late now – he’s not leaving and no one can take him down. No Scientologists, no police, no governments. No one.

    These days I’m reexamining every aspect of my Scientology life. I’m finding much of it a sham. The gains people reported, if they were ever truly there, never lasted. Hubbard may well have wanted to change people and the world for the better. But dreams don’t become reality by insisting they’re real. As I see it, that’s all Hubbard really had – an incredible tenacity that his dreams would be reality.

    MarkR, you’re a kind and caring person. You still practice Scientology and find use in it, and there is good in some of it. You and the other Independents may well make a better version of Scientology that can counter some its many horrors. We’ll all see what time holds for us.

  199. I do hope you and your daughters are reunited very soon!!!

  200. nancy Bourgeois

    This literally made me vomit, could not even finish reading it , why is no one doing anything about it, FBI , Police anyone, I wrote the FBI yesterday , don’t know if it will do anything but there is always hope, Leah Remini I commend you , you are doing a great thing keep going girl!!!!!!!\

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