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  1. Beautiful video!!! Love you guys! ❤ ❤

  2. Marty, best wishes for success for both of you in the lawsuit Monique filed against the RCS today. I know you know what a fight it will be. But you have a great lawyer who has proven on multiple occasion to have an uncanny grasp of the chinks in David Miscavige’s armor and you have moral might on your side.

    There are a lot of people cheering you on, including many never-ins like me, who think this could be yet another source of ignition in the sea of fire that will engulf and bring down this malevolent organization. I wonder how many other suits are waiting in the wings from never-ins who have been wronged by Miscavige’s deranged pathological fixation on control and intimidation.

  3. Beautiful Marty. A kinder, stronger, more caring and intelligent woman I have never met (Christie excepted….)

    God speed. May truth and justice prevail.

  4. Bad David, it’s like he is bewildered by people that feel love for eachoter. It must puzzle him.

  5. How beautiful! Even if I Don’t know you personally the video shows what a wonderful person you are. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Ain’t nobody following that girl to her favorite fishing hole, see?

  7. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Good for you Monique, and good luck!

    Here’s a bit of info that might be of use:

    Obviously, don’t approve this message for public reading.

  8. Nice comment. Your love for Mosey is beautiful, Marty.

    I am rooting for her in filing this lawsuit. The harassment has been outrageous and it is long past time for it to stop. Best wishes to you both.

  9. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. The love story between the two of you is inspiring and worth telling. Put that on your list for potential future writings.

    You have an army of support. Keep me and Ken at the top of the list to call on for anything you need. Looking forward to fireworks at the Comal County Courthouse. Keep us posted on the schedule of events.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Helmuth, thanks cut and lifted. We appreciate it.

  11. Go Mosey Go! I don’t know you personally and have only commented once before here, but THIS is an epic event. I think Mosey is an amazing woman for (a) standing behind her man and (b) standing up for herself. To those who question you, Marty, I keep thinking that no matter how much Marty’s character is questioned, it says a lot for you that Monique sticks with you because no one disses her so that says a lot for you.

    Marty I was in Snow White but have been gone a lot longer. I am reading “Warrior” and see things from a different viewpoint than you as I do not believe LRH was inherently good any more, nor think his “tech” in and of itself helped as much as I believed it did back then. The harm LRH caused me by making me think I was so much better than those I was fighting against took a lot of years to undo. Back then, though, I felt as though I was truly fighting a righteous battle to protect Ron.

    I think the longer you are away, the more you will see that it is what is in YOU, not what LRH culled from others and cobbled together to call his own is what it is that is causing you to reach out and help others, and I am sure that is what Mosey sees in you.

    I continue to read your blog, though I don’t comment, because I am intrigued by your journey of self discovery. You (and of course you know this) have an amazing wife.

  12. That smell coming from Clearwater today could only be the shit in DM’s pants. And that sound can only be the sphincters at OSA slamming shut. Would be wonderful for Him to be served in the middle of one of His Friday graduation tent ramblings. I am predicting that this suit will not be settled before trial. In fact if there were a line in Vegas I would put money on it. Some of the stuff I read in the affidavit was unknown to me and truly shocking and disgusting. Mosey did not deserve one bit of what she has had to endure and I think a Texas jury will more than agree. Best of luck, Mosey.

  13. SadStateOfAffairs

    Marty, having Mosey in your life is a true blessing. Mosey, you have my deepest admiration. As to your legal action, as I commented on Mike R’s site, this may be the iceberg to Miscavige’s Titanic – and he will have no one to blame but himself considering the outrageous and disgusting acts committed against you. You guys have my total support.

  14. This story has a happy ending!

  15. WOW. No-one can deny that Mrs. Rathbun is one extremely classy and strong woman. A real credit to “the sisterhood” and to Humankind in general. I sincerely wish you every success as you both support each other in this; an act that is brave and just, whichever way one looks at it. Please keep us updated – and know that, from my insignificant little corner of the island, I am with you; rooting for you both, every step of the way.

    Love to all – keep smiling!

    IEG xx

  16. Constant vigilance and willingness to fight back. You two have my deepest appreciation for all you have done, and will continue to do. If I have a skill or two that might help you don’t hesitate to ask. Oh…and that’s one of my most favorite songs of all times. I don’t use the superficial “ML” anymore, but in this case I mean it….Much Love to you both.

  17. Mosey – you have Truth, Justice and Innocence in your corner. And you have Marty and Ray Jeffrey and the rest of us backing you all the way. This is a worthy battle for a number of reasons. Wishing you all the best with it.

  18. Awesome news!!!
    Monique and Marty, I wish you the best of luck, and know that you have my support.

  19. Awesome!

  20. Go Mosey go! I hope you get lots of money and that you and Marty can relax and do whatever you want for the rest of your lives, with no financial worries.

  21. Darth Midget’s apparent compulsion to abuse women is about to bite him on the ass yet again (cf. Debbie Cook).

    Go get ‘im Mosey!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  22. This is a day I wish the likes button were back here at Marty’s blog.

    You and Ray Jeffrey go do what needs to be done. And it does need to be done. No one was better suited for this job than you. You deserve the life that you want.

    JM and Hubby

  23. P.S. Gorgeous “comment,” Marty. So beautiful.

  24. Oh come on Marty, tell us how you REALLY feel. 🙂

  25. gretchen dewire

    You go girl.This is fantastic and long overdue

  26. 100% utmost respect! That is a beautiful tribute to your wife and I love the background music selection. That song reminds me of a very special man I had a relationship with a long, long time ago.

    It’s got to be hard to see her being maligned for as long as she has. But 4 years is long enough. You both have taken the high road as long as you could. Now go in and rip someone’s balls off!!!

  27. Beautiful photos, Marty!

    Monique, you’re so lovely…

    And you’re right, go get them!

    We’re all with you on this!

    Marcel Wenger

  28. This is epic! Good luck to you both in your fight. I agree that enough is enough! Marty if you need any financial help, all you have to do is ask and I and many other Indies will line up to donate to help pay the lawyer. We’re rooting for you Mosey!

  29. My best wishes to you Mosey I dont know you but My thoughts will be with you and Marthy

  30. Martin Padfield

    Your video comment Marty says it all. I wish you both every success in the coming months. It was crass stupidity not to mention downright evil to push Mosey to this point; Miscavige will rue the day.

  31. I was dismayed to learn that the harassment has continued, despite your move to the new location. I hope this case goes to a jury trial, gets widely publicized, and results in a multi-million dollar verdict.

  32. 12 Angry men

    Brilliant move. So obvious. So warranted. So effective. Honest people have rights too!!!! Remember that one. Great beings are capable of creating great effects. I believe Monique is one of those beings and this action is one of those effects. Remember the definition of Power: the ability to hold your position. This is it. Along with loyalty, courage, rightness. Hard not to be impressed. Wishing to the best.

  33. You both have my prayers and good wishes for a quick strategic legal strike into the heart of cruelty that is DM. May safety surround you as you bring down the beast.

  34. Ray Randolph


    I own some very remote property in Colorado. We’ve priced what it would take to get electrical service to this property and it’s extremely cost prohibitive. However, I would be willing to pay you and Mosey to live there until Scientology brings in electrical service if you would be so willing. Beautiful mountain setting, very remote, etc. Please come stay at my property until Scientology pays to bring in the needed services to power their spy crap. 😉

    -Ray Randolph

  35. If there was a stat in the Church called enemies created it would have just gone 1000X. Attacking truly good people always backfires, IMO.

  36. Forrest Crane

    Looks like it’s going to be another girl that’s going to kick the runt in a tux ass.

  37. Beautiful video tribute, Marty. You and Mosey are blessed with each other. Together you will prevail in the face of evil.


  38. Where'sShelly

    Yes! Good luck to both of you!

  39. Yes it’s a pain in the ass for you and Mosey, but I’m really glad to see this happening. First off, anybody subjected to this kind of abuse Should fight back. Second, the RCS needs to have their ass handed to them big time, and if anybody can do it, my money is on you two and your kick-ass attorney.

    Speaking of money, being the guy you are, you probably won’t come right out and ask for contributions, but just make sure your Donate button is working. When Mosey wins this, we all win, and I want to say I helped in a small way.

  40. poisonivyherself

    Such a lovely tribute to your wife, Marty. You must have something going for you, to have won yourself such a special and courageous lady. It takes a real inner strength and integrity to have held it together during the kind of vile harassment that you both have endured – and it’s so gratifying to know that Monique and Ray Jeffrey are taking this kind of righteous action.
    As John P said, there are a lot of us never-ins who have nothing against all y’all indies but share your outrage against the organized “Church”‘s horrendous human rights abuses, lies, fraud and thievery. There are many you will never meet who are cheering you on and standing behind you in support. Feel the strength of many when what you face seems overwhelming. You will get through it – and if there is ANY justice in the world, you will prevail.

  41. Gods speed to you both in this endeavor.

    Lovely create on the video.

  42. Marty, there is an old saying “Behind every good man there is a good woman” so it must stand to reason that behind every good woman there is a good man. I am really thrilled that Monique has filed suit against the Church of Scientology. What I don’t get, that many people watching this don’t get is “Why is this church begging to be caught like this for?” This is going to inspire 10,000 more enlightened Anonymous people, 20,000 more YouTube viewers and 30,000 more blog readers. I have had a major win since reading your blog Marty, and would I lie really? 🙂 I always thought I understood how bad off the Church of Scientology is and had a valid reason to stay away, but I know now that their situation is worse than I ever even imagined. 🙂 I could never give them the benefit of the doubt again. Anyone that belongs to that organization is making an error somewhere in life. As soon as people leave or throw their staff contracts or SP declares in the garbage, they start applying the tech they have learned and find out, they are not such bad people after all. Of all lawsuits currently on the tarmac, this one I am really going to watch. 🙂

  43. Marty, this is the power of the dynamics! Mosey, out of (almost) nowhere, not having been inside the church, just being with you, now comes to do this!!! It’s amazing!

    It’s a very brave and straight movement to the face of DM. On Tony Ortega’s blog where I write a lot lately, this is the comment getting the most likes

    Bury_The_Nuts • 4 hours ago −
    UPVOTES for everybody!
    This is a WIN!!!!
    LIKES 75

    Most people there are just celebrating. And most are very anti-church and anti-scientology.

    So this is so good and it can unite a lot of people. Those are your dynamics, Marty. Somehow you are in this game and you are a big player!

    I want to say something straight to Mosey.

    Mosey you are a very courageous and strong thetan! thank you for being around with us and helping your husband with all he’s gone through. Behind all this there is a group of people who suffered similar or even harder suppression and are now scattered all over the world as somehow broken pieces in this game. Because of that same suppression from Miscavige.

    What you do with this case is up to you. But remember there is a whole bunch of people out here who have given our lives for this cause.

    I am sure all of them and me too, we are very happy today with what you did. We are here for you and Marty.

    Thank you so much.

  44. Beautiful Mosey, you have our deepest intentions that this nightmare
    created by David Miscavige will now completely cease and that you
    will truly have your day in court and thereafter live the tranquil life
    Marty so wonderfully portrayed above.

  45. Wow! Thanks Monic !
    I sent 200$ more for bird seed. Finch seed is really expensive but if you can get a 30# bag and a few feeders in about a month you will have a bunch of finches coming to thank you.
    The seeds are so small you’ll only have to fill the feeder every 2 months. They have them at Wally’s for 4 or 5$.
    My feeder is just 6″ beyond my screen. I don’t know what I would do with out these visits while sitting here tied down watching you and Marty go thru what you did. Gotta get a balance somehow. Now to read the law suit? Wow… you go girl 🙂
    Gigantic Hugs,

  46. Go get ’em, Monique! Much support and well wishes for your success on every point of the suit. Push ’em back, push ’em back, WAAAAAAAAY Back!

  47. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I wish a jury in Texas will hear the story and finally slap the corporate Church and their agents for their criminal behaviors with a huge sum of Exemplary Damages. That could help everybody being harassed and threatened by this corporation.
    Thanks to Monique for taking this on.
    Good Luck!

  48. Beautiful post Marty, and I am glad for Mosey to be doing this. It is not a fight she started, but it is a fight hopefully she, with Ray’s help and the help of many others, will finish! I feel wisespread and never-ending support building for her.

    Best wishes,

  49. About time too. Enoought is enough. Go for it Mosey. Dont take no shit! Hit him with everything you got. You will be amazed how many people are behind you on this. This could be the last straw for Miscaviage.

  50. Mosey/Monic. Sorry. My thought is the same – the words just didn’t fall into formation as planned. I knew it was wrong after lookin at it and couldn’t figure out why? Besides being 61 and not giving a darn.
    Well now I’m thinkin it really doesn’t matter anyway.
    Wish we could send you in a personal chef etc. How are you doing this and being a nurse and wife?
    I know – you got gumpshun !!!!
    Give a holler if you need help.

  51. Dirk Niblick

    Congratulations to Monique for taking a stand. I hope she knows that many people are very proud of her, and are very thankful for her courage.

    I don’t know you personally, Monique, but you seem like a wonderful, caring, and very principled person. Keep fighting the good fight!

  52. I am horrified at the continuous injustice heaped upon you all by the so called “CofS”. But certainly not surprised. I pray for justice. Sunshine does indeed disinfect. Beautiful tribute to Mosey with the video Marty. Team Mosey!!

  53. You have all my admiration, Mosey. Winning this case against the corrupt RCS will set a precedent for all who have been or are being harrassed by these evil criminals.

  54. Communicator IC

    Radar Online: Wife Of Tom Cruise’s Former Scientology Auditor Sues The Church And Its Leader For Harassment

    San Antonio Express News: Claiming dirty tricks, resident takes church to state court

  55. Way to go!! Keep up the good fight. You can never quit when you know you up against such an evil valence as David Miscavige. None of us can. He must be exposed and destroyed!

  56. Good luck Mosey and Marty, although since you have facts, morality and a great lawyer on your side, hopefully you won’t need too much luck.

  57. Dear Monique,
    You are a brave and wonderful woman…I have the utmost respect for you.
    I wish you HUGE success! 🙂

  58. Beautiful video you two!!! Mosey good for you!! let us know if you need anything, <3<3<3

  59. Globetrotter

    Yay! Go Monique! 🙂 You deserve your peace and a BIG award from the “church” so you can live your life as you want – doing it on the suppressive corporation’s dime that harassed you for years is only fair.

  60. One is destroyed by his own sins. But there’s the damage they do on the way down. He will work instinctively to destroy himself and the church and cannot afford the luxury to see this himself.

  61. Mosey, you are a beautiful, fiercely strong woman. I wish for you the freedom and happiness you deserve.

    And I hope you wield that hammer of justice and bring it crashing down on the next nail in this organisation’s coffin. Yes, best of luck and a magnificent outcome for you in this endeavour.

  62. Still_on_your_side

    The last scene in the video is very poignant, Monique creates a haven if, like those beautiful animals, you have an untarnished soul. Beware if you have no soul, or it is dark and corrupt like Miscavige’s. Miscavige did not see this coming, and, just for starts, he is going to have to explain why a restraining order was granted against him and his cohorts. Monique, Fabulous!!

  63. Right on Mosey – right on! I was tickled pink to read this this morning. 🙂

    Ya gotta know davey cricket is beside himself, probably drinking his dinner as I write this…

  64. Good going Mosey! I’ll be rooting for you all the way to the finish line while you clean DM’s clock.

  65. Classy “comment” Marty!
    You’re a classy guy with a very classy wife.

  66. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! O.K.! Alright! After all of the domestic terrorism and the domestic violence they have dished out to you! That’s right! Fight back! Honest people have rights too!

  67. Aeolus, It’s on the top under ‘donate’.
    Just by being there you help. A bit of extra energy will not be bounced back..

  68. I second the motion to make sure the donate button is working. I’d like to say I helped too.

  69. Mosey, you are an inspiration.
    Love you and Marty both so much forever and ever.
    And you know that if there is anything needed from us you’ve got it.

  70. Much admiration to Monique for facing up to the bully, and wishing you prompt justice in the court. You have truth on your side, facing an opponent who dares not be honest.

  71. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    Mosey, Marty,
    You already know this but what you are doing is historic. I hope and pray this is the strike a blow to his lordship that is his downfall. I read what was on Tonys blog and have to say that I was stunned. There is no level that the SP Miscabbage would not stoop. May you have success in this suit and bring this evil person to his final demise. Whatever the church is pretending to be it certainly isn’t being and that is the definition of enemy. Enemy to mankind.

  72. And I’ll loan you our waterproof tent and cozy sleeping bags while you wait for the electricity to be run and the well to be drilled! ROFL!

  73. My best scene.Extra funny! “Don’t mess with my woman”!!
    Go Marty!

  74. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. Good job Mosey.

    Let us know if you need anything.

  75. Communicator IC

    Tampa Bay Times: In Texas lawsuit, judge orders Scientology and its leader to stop harassment


    “A Texas judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, two church entities and two alleged church operatives — part of a lawsuit that contends they have waged a three-year campaign of surveillance, dirty tricks, intimidation and other harassment against the wife of a church critic.”


    Hi wonderful people,
    In the film “Shawshank Redemption”, Andy tells Red , “Get busy living, or get busy dying” The video represents beautifully what you and Mosey are busy at, and we all know where the busy work of Miscavige and company is leading. .

    Send the whole shebang right to the moon – no, the lunar surface would be too hospitable – make it Uranus. Call on us for whatever assistance we may be able to give to make that happen.

    Love, Michael and Joy

  77. Dear Mosey and Marty,
    Awesome!!!! You deserve your peace and life – all my support in this cause.
    Bruce Goldman

  78. Bert Schippers


    I love those deer in your yard!!!

  79. What’s that a tear in my eye?! Naw, nice song and tribute to a wonderful woman I’ve never met but feel like I have.

  80. Great news! And a wonderfully, loving video. I know how strong and determined Mosey is, I witnessed it the night you were arrested and she asked me to stay at CB to watch over animals & home. As she left she said “he will not spend one night in jail”. And you didn’t!!!
    This is such a justified fight, and I know she’ll win! You both have my support and whatever else you need.
    Love, Midge

  81. Wishing you all the best Mosey. You’re an amazingly strong and resilient woman who has endured more-gross -and -far -beyond than imagined. Get them for all you can and live your beautiful life.

  82. Marty – a marvelous tribute for you magnificent wife.
    Monique- I wish you all the best and I am certain you will prevail.


  83. One word fits.
    Love! 🙂 🙂

  84. Joe Pendleton

    Right on. Right on. Right freaking ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Communicator IC

    New San Antonio Express-News article: Scientology lawsuit alleges surveillance and dirty tricks…nd-4750263.php

    Excerpt: “BULVERDE — Beginning in 2011, a defector from the top ranks of Scientology said he was followed, confronted and surveiled at his Gulf Coast apartment by a group of men and women who called themselves “Squirrel Busters” and sought to expose him as a heretic.Finally, Mark Rathbun and his wife, Monique, had enough and moved late last year to a secluded house north of San Antonio. Rathbun also distanced himself from church affairs, and for a while, it seemed their tormenters had called it quits.

    But in July, after a camera was discovered hidden in the brush and aimed at their house, and when a strange personality who claimed to be a writer began appearing there as well, they realized no truce was possible.

    “We came here for refuge and to disengage ourselves, and they followed us. They went to extraordinary efforts to pull this off,” said Mark Rathbun, 56, who once was ranked second to Scientology leader David Miscavage in the church hierarchy.

    In response, Monique, 41, who’s not a Scientologist, sued the church last week in Comal County, claiming she has been the target of a merciless campaign of surveillance, intimidation and dirty tricks.The lawsuit names the church, its leader Miscavage, and two other men whom Rathbun claims were acting as operatives for the church’s Office of Special Affairs. “

  86. Monique, I have never met you in the flesh so to speak, and I regret that. Anyhoo, I had a relief by the news today, I have my own long time crap history as a 25 year Sea Org member from the age of 14. You have my thoughts. I salute you.

  87. I have personal, relevant experience on the harassment RCS has descended upon you… along with 10,000’s of others. We all cheer you on, in the hopes the RCS madness will end soon. Amen.

  88. A long overdue move Mosey and Marty. Every good wish for a successful result. Regards, Graham Berry

  89. Mosey,

    I thought all was well in your new place. Sorry to hear, but it doesn’t surprise me, that the little person is still fixated on harassment. With Sugar Ray behind you the little one will get a bloody nose. Unfortunately the money will come from people that still believe in him. His money is probably off shore somewhere safe.


  90. THANK YOU MOSEY!!! You are doing the right thing and we are grateful for taking on the Cult of Scientology and David Miscavige. I hope you get billions of dollars and David Miscavige goes to jail!

  91. Sabine Waterkamp

    You go girl, kick their asses!
    Be assured that a lot of people are rooting for you on this one, including me!

  92. I haven’t always seen eye to eye with you Marty, but your wife seems to do no wrong. You both have my thoughts behind you..

  93. D.K.:”That smell…”

    Don’t that just beat napalm in the morning.

  94. L.F.B.D.! I have just finished reading all of the reports. Monique is the FIRST person to obtain a restraining order against David Miscavige! L.F.B.D.!

    If anyone out there is currently being stalked, under surveillance, or is in anyway the target of domestic terrorism or violence, now is the time to step it up. Miscavige has a LONG history of domestic violence and domestic terrorism that is WELL DOCUMENTED. There are MANY witness’ .

  95. Mosey, you are a beautiful and valuable and smart American woman. Our country should never take kindly to anyone being treated so badly for so long. Justice is on your side, and many folks are cheering you for your courage! Your backers are legion. I hope this process brings well deserved peace to your doorstep, among other satisfying outcomes. Blessings on you.

  96. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am doing my happy dance. Let er rip!

  97. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Dear Mosey!
    If I ever had any doubts with regards to leaving the “Church” of Scientology, your story has made it abundantly clear that what I left is an evil, dangerous and criminal cult that has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom. I´m glad I´m OUT and finally started thinking for myself, and I think many more will follow because of what you´re doing. I hope this story hits the news in the rest of the world, so that people in the cult may finally wake up and get out before they are completely bankrupted. Congratulations on your move and may God be with you!

  98. They have these stats. The universe counts their actual output, even if they don’t.

  99. Beautiful video! It exemplifies:

    “The ultimate weapon is to Flourish and Prosper. So do so.”

  100. Lots of best postulates and high fives to Mosey, Marty and Ray Jeffrey.
    Note that no law suit would have have occured in spite of all the “church” did at Ingleside, but they had to follow……OSA INT Sea Org members are involved in these dirty deeds. “Clergy” they define themselves in the legal arena….Clergy that sign a billion year contract to dream up programs to destroy and chacter assassinate hiding behind 501C3 “religious exemption”
    Religious indeed.

  101. As I read through the comments I kept saying “like”…”like”…”like”…

    When I think of Mosey…the words warrior princess come to mind…like a soft gentle breeze blowing through the trees on a warm day…she makes us smile at her pure caring and thoughtfulness…so convincing is she…that it is easy to forget her power…as stormy weather comes to view…power of such force and strength that a category 5 looks like a dust storm…obliterating everything in its path.

  102. I’ve got it said, already, but here it is again:
    Mosey is a beautiful person with love in her eyes.

  103. Thanks, Cece. Actually I knew that . I’d tested it yesterday to make sure, and I may need to test it again from time to time.

  104. I hope you win every dime and more.

  105. Dear Mosey,
    I’m very happy that you were able to get a temporary restraining order against that sociopath. When your lawsuit is finally done, it is quite likely that you will have put period to his evil little game for good. Thousands of people will be the beneficiary of your courageous actions, including myself and my own lovely wife.

    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help from us.

    much love

  106. Mosey, you are jumping off that high fence onto the backs of the bullies so that the way to school will be safe for all the kids, just as LRH did all those years ago. Thank you!

  107. Monique &Marty,
    My thoughts and prayers for your full vindication.
    Will Ray Jeffrey be able to subpoena Pope Moe himself into a courtroom to face his crimes?

    p.s. lovely video

  108. Alex Castillo

    Monique and Marty,

    I am dancing a jarabe tapatio in my living room without the need of mariachis or a bottle of tequila cuervo!! Bravo Monique!! Viva Zapata!!
    Viva la Revolucion. This is one more BIG nail on COB’s coffin which already stinks like high hell! Make sure Chiquita gets a gas mask to handle the poisonous fumes emanating from the coffin!


  109. threefeetback

    The room is getting crowded with elephants. DM a mysogynist, and a racist.

  110. Tim Swanson AKA Ann Howe

    :>) :>) :>) :>)

    Best to you Mosey. I would love to see video of DM’s service. I can’t stop grinnen.

  111. Rosalie Hamilton

    Marty’s adoration of Mosey in this short video touches my heart and gives me renewed hope for man-woman relationships.

    The lawsuit is another matter. OMG is all I can say. Grab your hat, ‘cause this row is gonna get ALL torn up (variation of an old Southern saying, as in cotton fields, for you global guys). Attorney Jeffrey is as calm/studied/quiet as Mosey is strong/centered/implacable and Marty is simply a Force of Nature. Whatever else it will be, it will be interesting.

    Love to you both.

  112. fcdcclass of 74

    Classy does not do justice. Get em’, shake them till their teeth come loose and their ill gotten gains fall from their pockets. What ever you need my intentions are toward your cause. ARC Bill Dupree

  113. Go gettem Mosey! Can’t wait to see you guys take the RCS and Miscavige to the cleaners.

  114. Madora Pennington

    From what I hear, in Los Angeles, the news of Leah Remini officially quitting Scientology and losing her eternity (haha) has gotten many people to find out what Miscavige is up to and depart themselves.

    This lawsuit is going to cause another mass exodus. Scientologists simply do not know what the true “religious” practice of Scientology is. This ain’t no religion, folks.

  115. My thoughts are with you on this one Mosey all the very best and
    there are many behind you .

  116. HAHAHAHA!

  117. All the best with this Mosey!

  118. Me too! You are SO right Les: “Thousands of people will be the beneficiary of your courageous actions.”

  119. Oh, I for one do not think this will be a “long drawn out” situation. ANY aggression towards Mosey right now from ANY member of the Church of Scientology will result in an arrest warrant issued on David Miscavige.

    The fact that Karen just issued a demeaning statement from “The Church” is already a violation of the restraining order.

    I predict right here you will see an arrest warrant issued against David Miscavige before this even gets going. Some people are INCAPABLE of ceasing their purposes to harm attack and suppress no matter the detour-ants placed upon them.

  120. Note: Immediately upon the restraining order being issued, what is the first thing “The Church” does? Publicly attack and malign her with a statement!

    It went right over their head! Maybe they didn’t even bother to read it!

    They have ALREADY violated the restraining order!

  121. Wow! What a move to restore your privacy! You have my best Tone 40 Postulates for a resounding win! I will go your hearings if I am notified of the dates and times, and cheer you on!

    Marty, what a beautiful tribute to and for your lovely wife. It says it all. After having met her at the 4th of July event a couple of years ago, I can honestly say it is a fitting testimony your love for her, and the beauty of her character.

    I stated on this blog in the past, during the fight for the restoration of communication with my son, that the ONLY things the Church of Scientology seems to respond to were: !. Legal threats and 2. Media threats. You have gone beyond the threat stage and actually done it. Kudos to Mosey!

    That is how I got my son back. I did not have to file suit to get my son back, but I had a world class attorney ready to do so, and made that known by sending a letter and evidence to Monique Yingling, David Miscavige’s attorney, at her Washington, D. C. law firm. After that, I kept making legal and media threats to Church executives, and finally my son was declared PTS Type C, (being connected to someone threatening a lawsuit), whereby he was no longer eligible for church services. After that, nobody cared it he talked to me or not. We soon got in communication, I paid for his trip to move to my home from Boston. Now he is living happily with his own home 15 minutes from my home, working at a company he co-founded and which is prospering; driving a car I bought for him and of which he is taking very good care. He has a wonderful dog named “Trigger” and is living a full and happy life, with lots of friends and acquaintances.

    Previous to that he was having “episodes” of bad behavior and run-in’s with the law, and was almost beaten to a pulp by the police, taken to a hospital for ten days. I found out about this on Facebook and it was this incident which prompted my legal attacks He has had no episodes since reuniting with me. But that is what I had to go through in order to help my own son live a happy and fulfilling life, and to restore communication with him. It was a desperate fight, but truth and affinity, reality, and communication won in the end.

    I feel badly that Marty and Monique were not given the privacy they deserved after moving to the Texas Hill Country, but feel that Mosey’s lawsuit is probably the only way to accomplish that. To this I can only say:

    YEE HAW!!!! (Battle cry of Texan Operatin’ Thetans!!!!!)

  122. This is the problem with people that are so self important they think “little matters” are too far beneath them to consider.

    Remember Al Capone? Tax evasion?

  123. I wish you both well. David Miscavige won’t stop human rights violations until he is forced to. Mosey and Marty I hope you put DM’s rear end in a witness chair and I look forward to him becoming intimately familiar with that seat in the years to come.

  124. What are they going to say, “I didn’t get it, before I responded to it?”

  125. David might as well have issued a public statement saying, “Fuck the state of Texas!”

  126. The issuer or issuers of the statement should immediately be charged with contempt of court. Under this charge, individuals can be arrested without the process of a grand jury or hearing, since it is a direct affront to the court.

  127. My admiration to Monique. Toughness is among the highest of traits. And to maintain your inner and outer beauty. I stand at your feet. Let the rest of us remember that the end purpose here is to reform or replace the church while maintaining and expanding a workable method of gaining spiritual awareness and ability. Marty and a few others are taking on the role of Martin Luther in the 16th century in opposition to the Catholic church, resulting in the protestant sects of Christianity. But it was still Christianity. My concern is that, in 20-30 yrs, after a deposed or retired DM, the church will be limping along, run by DM’s minions, while further destroying (if possible) its practice and perception by the public.
    The last thought of one as he collapses from his own sins is “I was right”, Now is the perfect time to double our efforts in the Ind. field to expand our influence. After 1500, Catholicism stagnated, while Protestants expanded.
    Scientology is very much a religion in its oldest meaning. The study of wisdom and the practice of understanding, and the salvation of, the spirit.
    Hopefully, this action will bring some justice and peace to Monique and Marty and will be one step in the reformation of the vibrant and positive religion of Scientology. Thanks. Looking ahead. Mark Comments?

  128. Mosey, I’m so looking forward to you and yours finally shaking off the constant harassment you have endured form Miscavige and his agents. It is sad that you must now drag this through the courts in order to gain the peace you so rightfully deserve.

    Wishing you a most favourable outcome.

    Marty, what a beautiful tribute to Mosey. Thank You.

  129. Jean-François Genest

    😀 ♫
    Music to my eyes. Congratulations! My best wishes!
    As per a lecture or 2 at the beginning of the PDC lectures, you will get some good results by REVERSING THE FLOW on Miscavidge, the R©S, and OSA & its operatives. May your compensation be humongous!

  130. Everyone on the RPF is a victim of domestic violence.

  131. Astonishing.
    Historically, it was always a matter of honor that, during a conflict, the opponent’s family was untouched. It was a matter of principle to settle the dispute strictly amongst the combatants and “leave the women out of it”.
    Not so with Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. Despicable.

  132. Hi Monique,
    Read about the lawsuit in the Tampa Bay Times and I want you to know
    my wife and I wish you speedy victory. You are very brave to do this.
    Much Metta(loving-kindness)

    George M. White

  133. What David Miscavige doesn’t see is that EVERYONE outside of the Int Base in the justice arena, from the cop on the street up to the president of the United States, is his SENIOR. He is supposed to be saying, “Yes Sir” to these seniors instead he BACKFLASHES and violates a restraining order!

    How does HE feel being a JUNIOR! He has ALREADY fucked it up!

    Watch him start throwing staff under the bus! Ordering THEM to take the hit for this! Probably a bunch of WOMEN!

    Now, someone needs to point out to the courts that it is against thier religion to coordinate with the demands of civil law!

    According to their ethics code, it is against their religion to comply with the restraining order!

    “Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law.” Coded as a suppressive act.

    The restraining order is a demand of civil law. It is against their religion to comply with the demands of civil law.

    But you watch David Miscavige start to offer up bodies to take the rap for him. Karen will be the first sacrifice HE throws into the teeth of civil law.

  134. He will throw every staff member in O.S.A. under the bus if he has to to avoid responsibility.

  135. Personally, I am “Hat, don’t hit” kind of person. I did contact the people that are involved with domestic terrorism for the Church, and I pointed it out to them what they were doing.

    They were not concerned, in fact, they made an attempt to fair game me.

    I did try to educate them. They knew best.

    So now, if you all will excuse me for a while, I’ll be off shopping for my court wardrobe.

  136. My comment is – well said! +1

    And I’ll add that I couldn’t be happier about this great news – my full heart is with Mosey and Marty. ❤

  137. I would love to see the next major headlines of any news article be something to the effect of, “The Pope of Scientology Arrested for Violation of Restraining Order”.
    Admiration, thoughts and thanks are with you, Mosey!

  138. Without waxing too poetic, I would bring forth this one shining statement on human rights —

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Stand firm in the knowledge that this tyranny cannot and will not last forever, and there will be consequences.

    There’s no reasonably well-adjusted citizen in this world who would agree that it’s okay to terrorize a man (and his wife) in perpetuity for daring to leave and speak out against an organization. The masses just don’t truly understand what’s happening yet. That day will come.

    Best wishes to you, Mr. & Mrs. Rathbun, and many thanks to the lovely Monique for taking a stand and saying “no more”. It is your right to live a life free from this madness.

  139. one of those who see

    It really puts a smile on my face knowing you two have each other. Wonderful. May justice prevail in this great country of ours. May the crimes of Miscavige and his followers be exposed further by your lawsuit. They absolute should pay for all the suffering they have caused and the price should be high because it was in the name of a Church!
    Mosey, thank you for so lovingly embracing all of us old church people most of whom, although having had great wins from the tech, have also gotten quite beat up (one way or another) by the church. We adore you. Even those of us that haven’t met you in person yet. Thanks for takin’ good care of the big guy. I am reading his latest book and at one point, finished reading for the day, I looked up and felt peaceful on the subject of the Church’s history. Not frantic, peaceful. I think I was frantic because of missing data. With that handled. Peace. Great Book Marty. Thank you!

  140. Gayle aka TroubleShooter

    Marty, nice ending with the “Whisperer”. I’ve lived in deer country and unless those were tamed deer that moment we got to see was even more so. Mosey I have tremendous respect for you standing up for yourself. It doesn’t matter the odds – it’s about the inalienable rights you’ve had trampled on and the trampling has to stop. I believe in your cause and admire the stand your taking. If you find of some way I can help in any way you know how to reach me.

  141. Monique,
    Like you, I have never been a scientologist. I have researched it simply in order to satisfy my curiosity. After everything I’ve learned, I just can’t help but be amazed by you. You have endured this horrendous lunacy of David Miscavige and his thugs for years, but you have stuck by Marty. You are an inspiration to women and Good for you for fighting back!!!!

  142. threefeetback

    Harassment is way to mild, these are Hate Crimes to the Nth Degree.

  143. burnedbutnotbitter

    Monique, you were like a beam of light in the video “Scientologists at War”. I was a big-time “women’s libber” when I was young and am getting more and more pissed as I read Marty’s blog and Claire Headley’s new website I know it sounds trite, but you go, girl!
    –Jill Rappaport

  144. Thanks, Marildi…… Cope. Handle the existing situation while fixing the problem that got you into the situation you have to fix. We got a lotta fixin’ to do, Thanks……Mark…

  145. Mosey, you are a strong and courageous woman! I can only imagine how awful it is to be watched and followed every day. And to be harassed on top of it shows how sick Miscavige and his minions are. Just enduring that on a daily basis, I knew you were a great woman. Now that you have chosen to fight back, I realize you are truly remarkable.

    The greatest irony may be that the little misogynist is likely to be brought to his knees by a group of women: Debbie Cook, Leah Remini & Monique Rathbun with some help from Laura DeCrescenzo, Katie Holmes & others, possibly inc. Shelly (her predicament has resonated with the a lot of women).

    Like you I am not, nor ever been a scientologist. And, as others here stated I support anyone’s right to practice the religion of their choice as long as it does no harm. However, I oppose CoS because of the harm it perpetrates thru Fair Game, Disconnection, Abuse, Harassment, Forced Abortions, Stalking, etc, etc, etc.

    It’s easy for all of us to cheer you on and support you – we are not living it day to day or fighting it down & dirty as you know it will be. But please try to remember we ARE supporting you and YOU are a formidable woman (you live with Marty, right?) you will come out the other end, probably stronger for your efforts.

    God Bless You!

    P.S. Marty – that was a lovely tribute to a beautiful and strong woman. Miscavige has no idea what it is to love enough that completely.

  146. Wonderful Lady Min. I have followed your story about your son in the past, and I’m so glad he’s back with you & doing well. Way to wear you hat!

  147. Wow Lady Min! What you have been through! I am so impressed with your Tone 40 handling of the situation and upping the ethics gradient as needed. I agree that the only thing that gets results are threats of media attention and/or lawsuit, and the fact that you were ready with a great attorney in the wings gave your threat teeth. As LRH says, get the gun, load it, cock the trigger and you probably will not have to pull the trigger. You go Lady Min!!!!

  148. Hey Oracle.
    I just saw the movie about Bob Marley’s life. It was a documentary and really good if you haven’t seen it.

  149. Mosey, this deserves a standng ovation and a hip hip hurray 1000 times over. It hits DM right between the eyes with bad pr and the exposure of documented time, place, form and event: awesome! What is really cool is that you were never a member of the ‘church’ and so there are no pc folders to comb through looking for ‘crimes’ or juicy confessional secrets. As this gets publicity, people will see you as an innocent person being harrassed by an evil money grubbing self important tyrant of a money grubbing church!

  150. Martin Padfield

    There is indeed justice in the world though it may seem otherwise. In this case reading the comments here and various other platforms shows an incredible amount of goodwill and optimism for the coming weeks and months. As Miscavige might say, the square footage of favourable press is straight up and vertical. Or in another context pure theta will be no match for the entheta.

    On a side note I have had a data access request ongoing for nearly a year here in the UK. This is where under UK law the cult has to supply information on me it has collected. It is now at a point where the ruling government body has asked me to collect info and evidence of misuse of personal data. I don’t need to look very far!

  151. D M thinks he has the right to Harras any one for the amount of time
    he wants until they go under or mentally insane.
    You have to question the dramatization of this. He obvilously thinks that
    he is in control over anyone and it certaintly shows in his actions..
    Its about time he gets told where he stands by the law with regards to
    Ones human rights and that he is not above it.
    His attempt to make them go under by buying them or otherwise is only from someone that has an intention to destroy.

  152. Roger from Switzerland Thought


  153. Every Scientologist on this planet is PTS in SOME way to David Miscavige. That we have had to watch him slowly degrade and destroy and unmock this mercy, and decency possible with Scientology, and create a CULT of domestic violence, while he burns books, declares auditors, rips certs, shuts down missions, announces Hubbard had overt products, has been like watching the only warm fire burn out in a snow storm in Alaska.

    I have heard people say, “If he goes, someone else will just step up in his valence and take over. It’s the policy that made him. He will run the place from prison. They love him, they will continue to dramatize him. The Church cannot correct. etc etc etc.”

    I say, No. I do not believe it. I think if we get that S.P. off the lines there is still hope. HUGE hope! I think we can learn from this. I think he can be handled. I think this thing can be turned around.

    Yes, I think there can be a happy ending. We just have to create it.

  154. And for those of you that need courage, DM is in a check mate situation right now. That means, every way he has to move, he looses. If he takes this on he will have to appear in court (and surely loose). If he cuts a check it is just further evidence of his guilt. Fucking check mate. Marty, Mosey, we that are left here, never doubted. We were just in higher condition than doubt. You’ve got friends. And I think I speak for all of us when I say, we are here for you, and us, all the way now.

  155. But what does a wild dog do when backed into a closed corner? Attack. He is intelligent and energetic, yet insane. Be confidently prepared for the worst possible. He could go on a shooting rampage, burn all the original texts, make up insane stories about Ron. I have backup copies of all my books & lectures and materials. I once read that the incident an SP is dramatizing is ‘Surrounded by enemies with no way out’. I’m not going to let this wisdom, which I know from experience is basically correct, to die on the vine. Marty, you and Monique are worthy of help and you have but to ask.

  156. Oracle; I am continually impressed with your writings. Would it be possible to comm. with you more directly? marknr@hushmail

  157. I am so with you, Mosey. Marty, help her to take it to the limit. I want to hear “howling in pain” from the mouth of that little fuck!

  158. One could go into some of the conspiracy theories I suppose, but I suspect there is nothing in the agreement with the IRS that allows for this type of conduct by Miscavige or the Cult.

    Religious exemption/shelter as Karen #1 speaks, is granted with certain guidelines, and I’m pretty sure hate sites on ex- members, sending sex toys to ex- members, surveillance and constant harassment including associates and family were not disclosed nor approved in the agreement.

    One thing for sure, Marty would know.

    Another thing for sure is the CO$ house of cards is crumbling.

    You guys are in for a long haul no doubt, I’ll be sending support along the way as I can.

  159. deElizabethan

    Thank you Mosey for standing up to the evil. You are loved and appreciated. ❤

  160. Things are fixing to get real good… 🙂

  161. I meant to write it in Texan – Things are FIXIN’ to get real good… 😉

  162. Tom Gallagher

    “If violence is the salvation of the brutes, the salvation of man is Justice.”
    – CHARLES WAGNER, preface, Justice

    With that, I’ll preemptively congratulate you both, Mosey and Marty.

    This is a slam dunk. To highlight this with another famous quote:

    “You know, the courts may not be working any more, but as long as everyone is videotaping everyone else, justice will be done.”

    MARGE SIMPSON, The Simpsons

    For example:

  163. Jean-François Genest

    (?) I wonder if David Miscavidge’s father and brother are being stalked, videoed, and harassed, like this.

  164. Jean-François Genest

    To David Miscavidge, to OSA staff and operatives, Sea Org Security personnel, in their frame of mind, people are NOT humans, they are thetans; therefore “human” rights are insignificant to them.

  165. Lady Min, so happy to hear the latest about your son! 😀

  166. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  167. Wow. I’m sorry to hear the bastards were at it again.
    I’m thrilled that you have a legal avenue to stop them!
    Monique is one of the prettiest, smartest, most sincere, hardworking, caring, dedicated and genuine women I’ve ever met. But, I know you can’t show all that in a 2:44 long video…

  168. Joe Pendleton

    What Jewel said.

  169. Oracle: Excellent point. Miscavige has dug his own hole.
    But, he probably has plenty of scapegoats to burn if worse comes to worse. They’ll take the fall for him (willingly or unwillingly). Hubbard always had plenty of bagmen he could push in front of the train when the “op” went wrong.
    And, if the whole sh*thouse really starts to sink, I’m sure DM has his Blofeld Bathosub ready to launch for distant points unknown with a large stash of cash.

  170. I’ve just returned from a retreat in New York — near Cooperstown to this incredible news.

    Miscavige made a fatal mistake going after Mosey — doesn’t he know who Marty is? Did he think Marty would marry someone incapable of standing up to pressure?

    Mosey is the most gentle of souls — with a resolve of steel.

    This takes sheer guts and knowing you have truth and right on your side.


  171. Anyone out here that has been slandered by Karen Pouw could also obtain a restraining order. She has fair gamed many people through the media. Have a web site up fair gaming you? Get a restraining order. We should be able to get at least 50 restraining orders issued against the Church and it’s executives by the end of this year. And it’s OSA plants as well.

  172. Miscavige was admonished by LRH in The Way to Happiness,
    “Do not harm a person of good will”.
    As usual, he didn’t listen.

  173. Oracle, I freaking love when you get on a roll! Sometimes I wonder if I know you, but don’t want to write anything in public.
    My email du jour is

  174. McPantyWaist thinks he knows who Marty is, but he never learned that Marty has impeccably good taste and indefatigable courage. And McPantyWaist certainly does not know a thing about Mosey. Mosey’s gentle graciousness seems to have fooled the McFallible into believing she can be intimidated. Mosey’s open, loving, and caring demeanor is viewed as a vulnerability to the McCreepy One and his Kadre of McKlutzes. Alas for his McStupidness, all Mosey has to do is hold up a mirror to his McFacelessness to show his true McEvilness.

  175. I was really sorry to read that the harassment continued at your new home. Mosey, thanks for your courage in standing up and fighting back. All my best wishes for success with the lawsuit.

    What a pleasure it would be to see you and Marty with millions and The Monster brought to his knees.

  176. Madora Pennington

    Is it possible that Miscavige is jealous that you get along with your wife?

  177. Hope your getting the support you want to gather data .

  178. Thanks Tony, I’ll check it out!

  179. A bit more about Mosey …

    I found this on the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation :

    “Empowering with true Dignity”

    “Having the strength to do what is necessary, without wavering from our principles, and yet without grasping doggedly to our beliefs.”

    I don’t know Mosey well having only met her for a few days in early 2013 but from my own personal experience and perception Mosey embodies this definition of dignity.

    That type of dignity – strength just isn’t something that can be beaten …


  180. Right on the heels of violating a restraining order the “Church” announces:

    “They did say that the Church “follows the law of the land as is clearly covered in our scripture…membership in groups which advocate violation of the law disqualifies an individual from membership … if you are involved in one of these groups, you are out of the Church. It is as simple as that.”

    While with holding the “scripture” which clearly states Scientologists are NOT to conform to the demands of civil law, the one David Miscavige and the OSA staff rely upon to coordinate domestic terrorism:

    From the ethics code:

    “Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law”.

    They are FREE from the demands of civil and criminal law as Scientologists!

  181. YES, this is a great idea! Anyone who has a web site slandering them should sue. Strike while the iron is hot. Sue while public attention is on the Mosey trial. Piggy back on that for best effectiveness. Great idea Oracle.

  182. Heeeeeeeeeeeey, isn’t this “P.R.” woman under Karen Pouw? This is one of Karen’s underlings isn’t it? When it rains it pours. Geeeze, Someone is on one hell of a motivator flow! The P.R. department for the church has sucked the in Las Vegas police department ! Karen, what have you got to say for yourself? Let me guess, “The Church denies”. The P.R. department for the Church has it’s own hit man! Guess who is on top of the hit man for Scientology? Lt. Jim Seebock, who heads the counter-terrorism unit for the Las Vegas Police Department. COUNTER TERRORISM!

  183. “During their arraignment on Friday, both Brutsche and Newman stated that they do not acknowledge the court’s authority to keep them in jail.”

    Get ready Texas! Get ready for the Scientologists coming to town! They will be bused in from every corner of the world to take over the town of San Antonio with protests! And the only authority they will recognize will be that of David Miscavige!

  184. This is the best comment I have ever seen, absolutely great Marty and Monique has all my support on her endeavor, it will result in a great benefit for both.

  185. Newman puts her Sea Org training in the mix:

    “Newman further stated ‘whatever place we get to house the prisoners in, has to be a place where people couldn’t hear the prisoners screaming.’”

    From the police report!

  186. Newman puts her Lisa Macphearson hat pack into motion:

    “Newman raises concern with Brutsche and the [undercover agent] over the disposal of the murdered police officer and the destruction of the evidence. Newman claims that they will need to destroy the forensic evidence on the officer’s body and offers up the use of bleach and vinegar to do so. Newman states the dead officer can be placed into a heavy duty plastic bag and they can pour bleach and vinegar all over the body. Newman adds that the bleach and vinegar will destroy all DNA evidence, fingerprints and fibers that may be on the body. The body can be driven to the desert and dumped out of the plastic bag from the back of a truck. Newman claims they should leave the body and keep the bag for later disposal.”

    From the police report! Disposal of bodies tech must be part of the P.R. hat check sheet now?

  187. “The common denominator between all losers is incorrect estimation of force”. Didn’t Hubbard say that? Or something like it. Who wants to lose any MORE? Let’s take care of this business! Two mug shots within the last month isn’t enough!

  188. These people are only PTS to HIM!

  189. gretchen dewire

    The feelings of love and support eminating from this blog because of yor actions Marty and Mosey are the exact antithesis of the vibes coming from COS.,a breath of fresh air and sanity..Thankyou

  190. Finally! C of S P.R. declared Domestic Terrorist! That is EXACTLY what I have been saying! O.S.A. and the P.R. of the Church ARE domestic terrorists! That is exactly what they are!

  191. Marty,

    Loved your “comment”. Your wife is beyond lovely and theta…your union is blessed. The lawsuit is great news! I can only see success here and elsewhere. Soon these poor trapped people will be free to calm down, destimulate and live whatever life they choose. This is big move so thank you both for your courage and integrity.

  192. Contact with “The Oracle”? This is sacred and forbidden and only takes place on the high mountain facing the sea! 🙂 I love reading his stuff! He talks about everything I love hearing about! 🙂 He’s super bad! 🙂

  193. Let’s take it to the limit!

  194. Another big flap, She probably had the guy living with her because church has all her money by now.

  195. Beautiful slideshow. Beautiful Being!

    Matthew 5:39 “But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.”

    Course in Miracles: Turning the other cheek does NOT mean that you should submit to violence without protest. It means that you cannot be hurt, and do not want to show your brother anything except your wholeness. Show him that he CANNOT hurt you, and hold nothing against him, or you hold it against yourself.

  196. There is wisdom to be found around every corner. When you can sit across from DM with a pair of cans in his hands, and look at him with admiration and love, working with all your skill and effort to help him find the incidents and confusions that are causing his suffering, you know you have made it. None are free until all are free. Till then, confront the evil, defend yourself, and support the good, such as Marty, Pierre and others.
    ARC. Mark

  197. Hi MarkR and thank you for your response as it presents a wonderful opportunity for me to explore and develop my perspective. My perspective, that is; my interpretation of that which I perceive, is being constantly modified as it will be (many times I’m sure) as I write my response to you.

    Mark, do you remember when The Phoenix Lectures was in book form? I never owned my own copy but a roommate of mine did and on one particular day when I felt like one big effect, I reached over from the sofa I was sitting on, pulled it from the bookshelf and began reading. Thus, a most interesting adventure began. But that’s a story in itself and not what I want to write about. However, there was a statement made by LRH in that book that I want to paraphrase here. Ron said that consideration was senior to ‘A’, senior to ‘R’ and senior to ‘C’. At the time, the meaning of this statement was incredibly profound for me. It told me that whatever the degree of A, R or C I had for something or someone was not determined by a situation, experience or circumstance but was determined prior and, in the way I was looking at it, probably manifested the situation, experience or circumstance that I previously thought was determining an after the fact consideration of A-R-C as a response.

    I wonder…what keeps the world in chains but my considerations? Considerations are powerful indeed. The considerations I hold are mighty, and illusions are as strong in their effects as the truth. But I doubt that the world I see is the truth. The world, I suspect, is nothing in itself. I must give it meaning. And what I view upon it are my wishes acted out so that I can look at them and think them real. Sometimes I think that I had no hand in the making of this world. I think that I came here unwillingly to what was already extant waiting for my thoughts to give it meaning. Yet, I have this sense that I found exactly what I looked for when I came. My consideration of what I wished to see was prior to seeing it. So if this is the case, what does it mean? Well, for me, it means that if I change my mind about what I want to see then all the world must change accordingly.

    If I were to consider that DM could not have salvation until he sits down and picks up the cans in front of a skilled auditor that has the capacity to hold him in love and admiration and help him to find the all the incidents and confusions that are causing him suffering…would I not be validating and perpetuating a world where evil, suffering, misery and pain exists and where defense and choosing sides is an inevitable consequence? I think so. This is not what I wish to see in the world. I choose to see a different world. A world of love, peace and joy where there are no ‘degrees of’, no hierarchies and no such concept as more or less. I don’t want DM to have to continue suffering and causing others to suffer while he waits for a loving skilled auditor. I want to eradicate is suffering immediately and withdrawal all my contribution to this misperception (misconsideration) that has manifested this world I look upon. So I say this prayer for DM and for myself:

    Holy Spirit, please give our brother a miracle and correct my misperception. I forgive our brother and myself for the wrongdoings that we never actually committed but only imagined that we did. There is only innocence. We are One and we are as God created us. Pure and without flaw.

  198. Jean-François Genest

    For those who love statistics:

    One has ↑ rising stats, the other, ↓ ↓

  199. Monte; To many ideas to digest at one reading. Intriguing. Could I e-mail you? Thanks, Mark

  200. Monte; Read the Phoenix lectures back in ’69’ when I was 13. Also ‘Creation…’. Been sinking in little by little ever since. Some of the things that were interesting and exciting at the time are recently becoming real to me. One consideration is “If I wanted to play in an existing game, I had to agree to the rules” When I broke the rules, I got kicked out. This happened a LOT of times. And I wanted to play. And I wanted to win. And I agreed. In fact, I had to study the rules, as I now study Scientology. It stuck, really hard, especially when I won by the rules. Changing my mind now does not come easily. I have to actually look. And when I get to the basic on a series of thoughts, the next incident up becomes the new basic, as in R6EW. Realizing a basic principal makes it easier (you know what you’re looking for) but you still have to look. Sounds like you’re on you’re way to sorting some things out. Got some things for you. Let me know. ARC, especially A, Mark

  201. Oh, I would love to see Miscavige testify in court!

    Monique Rathbun
    David Miscavige

    Serenity, Honesty, Righteousness, Responsibleness, Understanding.
    Hateful Sneering, Lying, Evil Intentions, Blaming Others, Manipulative.

    If it were a pulp cartoon it would be like Wonder Woman v.s. a combination of Wiley Coyote and Peewee Herman.

    It will never happen because he is an irresponsible coward, but I would love to see him take the plunge.

  202. Some Scientology person bumped an old thread on WWP(necromancing), but it got debunked real quik. Why don’t they understand that in spite of the differences in opinion we stand together in inviting the ones still in to come out. I hope everybody has a spare room ready for your fellow scientologists or ex for that matter when they come out. Keep coom lines open if you can and show a friendley face even to the ones that hurt you unless they are a certifiable Psychopath or Anti Social Person (PAB 13).

    Scientologists that lurk here that are still in device a plan for escape. Blowing is the best for Sea Org members Routing Out just means more sec checks and brainwashing or RPF.

  203. Cooper Kessel

    I don’t see the ‘cuts a check’ as an option here. He has only one move left and it is to take the stand.

    “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help me God?”

    There is an oxymoron here but it stands mostly without the ‘oxy’ part. Expect much gnashing of teeth, flailing about, and wild machinations of all sorts as the beast realizes he is cornered and has met his match!

    Dear Dave,
    Your goose has been cooked. Enjoy the meal! The entree is a bitch to get down though so go easy to avoid choking on it!

  204. I can see David Miscavige being the warden of the prison easily.

  205. Scientologist still in. Is this the future you want for your children ? Enslaved by Miscavige untill he drops his body ? And what as another Tyrant takes his place than ? Act, act now.

    Janet Reitman’s Inside Scientology says CoS disbanded the Cadet Org. Ex-members say it never went away. One thing is for sure: there are kids running around Flag in distinctive clothing with Sea Org members. First two clips filmed in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22, 2012, last two clips filmed Friday morning, May 25, 2012 around 9 a.m.

    Here is the breakdown of a typical week from an ex-Cadet Org member (with minor editing):

    We’d wake up around 6:30 AM on Mondays through Fridays. We had exactly half an hour to clean up the room and a higher rank cadet, security guard or Atalia herself would check the rooms up before we could go to breakfast.

    We had breakfast for a half an hour until 7:30 when we had to clean up. We’d get assigned places to clean. Some would get kitchen, dinning room, bathrooms, yard, pool cleaning, laundry cleaning, getting the courserooms ready, etc., then we had school from 8 AM till 11 AM. When we had break, we’d go up to the kitchen and snack something for free or otherwise had the canteen where we could buy a snack (all sugarless though, we could only have sugar from Friday night to Saturday night).

    11:15 back to school until 13:00 for lunch, which was a half an hour as well, then we had clean up till 14:00, where we’d go into the cadet room (sort of like a empty carpeted enclosed place where we’d do drilling such as naval marching techniques and briefing, kind of like the training you see in army movies). At 14:30 the bus would come and pick us up to go to the base (that’s what we called the area of the FH, CB, Coachman, etc…) and do office work such as stuffing envelopes, organizing pay checks, working at the place where they print the policies (it’s called mimmio and it’s placed right up the street from the CB like a block and a half or so), etc.

    In earlier days we were only allowed to go to the base on rare occasions. That’s why you read stories where cadets didn’t see their parents for weeks and even months. We’d get assigned worksheets for jobs at the QI [previous location of Cadet Org; no longer owned by CoS] like painting, cleaning warehouses, cleaning dorms, trimming plants, stuff like that, all gardening and maintainance work. The going to base part started around 2003.

    We’d have dinner at 5PM with our parents at the base (this is as i said, applied since 2003, otherwise we’d have dinner at 7PM at the QI). We had school at night again from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. This was different school work because at night we only did Scientology studies, courses from delphi, true school, LRH courses, etc. Also SO courses like etiquete, grooming, cleaning, etc.

    We’d then have half an our to get ready for bed and lights off at ten o’clock.

    On Saturdays we had a similar arrangement as the normal SO staff, we’d have a day off every 2 weeks if we had our stats up, hopefully it was the same day as our parents libs day so we could spend the day with them (it almost never happened though). The kids that didn’t have the day off would stay at the QI, have assignments through out the day and on the afternoons they’d have to white-glove their rooms (meaning we had to clean from top to bottom and leave it so clean a white glove would be passed around and not get a single stain). Saturday night was movie night for the cadets that weren’t grounded for their stat-down, it was also hamburger and hot dog day, sugar day and video game day, it was sort of like a day a week of being almost a normal kid…

    Sundays were no different from Saturdays except for the white glove part.


    Non-profit en activisme

    Standaard YouTube-licentie

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  207. No one should under estimate David Misvaiages methods whatever tatics
    he will use / and use others is obtain .He doesn’t have any ethical morals, but what he invented and uses for his own benefit.

  208. Oh my, Mosey……… A restraining order. Good one!

  209. Mary Rathernotsay

    Congratulations on taking on the bully!
    This action will help so many people, and ought to put a stop to your own harassment situation as well as countless others’.
    I somehow doubt that the bully will show himself in a court of law. He may be inclined to take to the High Seas like LRH did to escape, or go into hiding in some dark corner. Either way, he will be less able to do harm from a more remote locale. I cannot doubt that he is afraid of the law.
    Simply put, too many decks are stacked against him now, and too many facts have been documented. You guys did well to document so much with your cameras from the beginning of the harassment cycle.
    Monique you surely deserve to live in freedom and privacy without being fair-gamed in a “game” you never chose to join. I admire your constant loyalty and steadfastness to your husband in the face of all that was thrown at you both. You are a hero to many, and set a wonderful example to women everywhere.
    I look forward with many others to a good conclusion to this story.
    I imagine that many children of Scientologists will benefit and never have to go through what their predecessors went through in case they decide to leave the “church”. You have done and are doing a good thing.
    Thank you.

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  211. Mosey… I’ve been following all the news about your court case at the Underground Bunker. Thought it would be appropriate to stop by here and let you know that you have support and cheerleaders on the fringes of the internet. You probably already know that, but here it is recorded forever among the rest of Google hearsay. I’m an ex-scn ex-SO and am in awe of your courage to take on DM and the Co$. I HOPE YOU WIN! As we all do because it will help SO MANY people. Most of all, I really respect the love you have for your husband. Marty is lucky to have such an amazing woman in his life.

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