Rundown on Scientology Intelligence

The following is a firm corporate policy of all Scientology entities. It is applied invariably to those who criticize Scientology, its organization, or even its executives and staff who engage in unconscionable and even criminal behavior. It has been applied in this wise since the day it was issued in the year 1968 all the way to the present.  Note the requirement for regular, detailed reports.  A plethora of Scientology policy mandates that those reports are filed – and as noted in this one, cross-indexed – and retained for posterity (including for potential use in blackmail, see Scientology Literacy and Blackmail.)  There is no document destruction policy in Scientology, except unwritten (but firmly enforced) policy to destroy potential evidence when courts or law enforcement agencies indicate they might be interested in such evidence.

OSA Network Order                                                    16 October 1988


Invest Staff



(Originally written by LRH on 20 September 1968.)

I’m writing to you in the hope that by combined effort, we can bring some understanding into Intelligence.

First I’ll give you a quick rundown on how Intelligence works.

We have two main cycles as far as investigations go. The first is:

1. Some SP near an outer org starts attacking Scientology.

2. The Investigations Officer in that area cables or telexes his senior at International level and starts investigating the person behind the attack.

3. The Int level senior acks the report and expects to see regular reports on the SP being investigated.

4. A file is opened in both the outer org and Int level and the case goes on the CIC board as a project.

5. The investigation is carried on until the crimes are found and it is handed over to Prosecutions to get the SP put in a government accommodation.


5. The SP* gets scared and shuts up and the Int level senior directs the case to be dropped.

The second type of cycle is as follows:

1. The Int level senior, on going through the files, sees a possible source of future attack and directs an investigation to start on that person or group.

2. A file is opened and it goes on the CIC board.

3. Investigations Officer in that area starts investigating and we get the goods.

4. The whole thing is turned over to PR for action and exposure, or to Legal for prosecution.

Among these we have smaller cycles of action such as, “Get me a copy of such and such a book,” or “Was this SP ever trained in your org?”

At the same time all this is going on, Intelligence should be going through newspapers, magazines, etc., and taking clippings on medical, psychiatry, mental health, government, world finance and banking, oddball self-help groups and filing and crossfiling these to locate SPs. And cross-filing declared SPs in the area by connections and frequency of names, to see who the ringleaders are in that area so that they can be prosecuted for crimes. But an investigation is NEVER NEVER begun until

1) an SP attacks Scientology (threatens to sue, goes to his representative about us, etc.) or

2) the Int level senior orders an investigation to be started.

While Investigations Officers may investigate well, the main trouble is that sometimes they investigate the wrong things, such as:

a. Investigating someone who is not attacking us and who no one has ever heard of before, with no orders to do so.

b. Investigating public who have not attacked and who are more a job for Public Ethics, Registrar and ARC Break Auditor.

c. Investigating some nut who, for example, wanted to buy a meter to listen to Martians so he could pick up radio signals. This one would be a Public Ethics matter in the first place, as I can’t see a reason in the world why we should throw every nut we meet into jail.

d. Taking a request for information from an Int level senior, such as a request for a copy of a book, as an order to do an investigation.

e. Doing investigations on kooks and non-entities who are not attacking us.

Now, we are going in on psychiatrists and that IS a correct investigation so we expect to see reports on that. Reports would also be expected from an Investigations Officer when officially assigned to work on an investigation.

Although the above is all covered in policy, please get this straight with Investigations Officers.**



* SP, or suppressive person.  A label applied to anyone critical of Scientology, its leaders, or organizations.

** Investigations Officers.  A position on the organizational chart of every Scientology organization across the world; responsible for using such means as this policy spells out to obliterate criticism in his or her zone of operation.

116 responses to “Rundown on Scientology Intelligence

  1. Fascinating, Marty.

    Can you list some of the people that you have personally seen investigated, what the results of those investigations were, and what actions were taken against them by the Church as a result the investigation?


  2. martyrathbun09

    Virtually everyone who criticized Scientology from 1981 to 2004. Nothing was ever found that put any of them into government accommodations. And so, as per the policy – and others that complement it going back to 1955 and 1959 – investigations became an end in itself. Some got ‘scared and shut up’ as directed; some got worn out by the nuisance of it; some got infiltrated as per other policies and influenced to do something other than criticize; and still others got bored and moved on.

  3. Where the insanity really enters into this is through the working definition of “attack”, which includes all disagreement as well as any criticism no matter how constructive, or any attempt to put ethics in from the outside or from lower on the Org Board. Any and all individuals working in the field of mental health are assumed to be attacking regardless of their activities or lack thereof vis-a-vis Scientology.

    One giveaway to the craziness is the instruction to preemptively investigate and keep files on those who happen to work in finance, medicine or the government. There is a name for that. It’s ‘paranoia’.

  4. Jean-François Genest

    Ah-ah! That’s what those high-density filing shelves are for at the top of the HGB building. The floor (10th i think) required added steel beams for reinforcement to sustain the weight of the files. OSA Int also has its own high-capacity industrial shredder, in a special High-Security room in the basement of the HGB. [evidence shredder?] By contrast, there is another smaller shredder at the other end of the basement for all the other management units combined in the whole building. Very literal application of policy.

    At this rate OSA International must require a whole building just to contain a file on each one of us, plus one building alone for info on Marty and family. Plus, all the stuff they cull from people’s trash must really smell gross after all these years.

    Thank you for releasing these OSA Network policies. Soon we will be fully hatted! What’s that datum from LRH? (paraphrased) → if you really know something, can do it, and use it, you cannot be the adverse effect of it. We are becoming very effective at neutralizing the Church of Punishment.

  5. I am sure that you have some excellent stories to share about specific individuals, what was done to them, and how they reacted.

    For instance, what you put into the legal record in your deposition in the Dandar lawsuit, about specific attorneys and judges in Pinellas county during the McPherson lawsuit, and the specific methods that were used on them, that was extremely valuable.

    I would love to hear more about specific individuals when and if you are ready. I remember your comment to Dandar about how you remember things better if you are asked specific questions.

    So here’s a specific question: Was this investigation tech ever used against Fred Goldberg, the IRS Commissioner, or any IRS employee, during the project to gain tax-exempt status for the Church of Scientology?


  6. What luck for the rulers that men do not think.–Adolf Hitler

    Defining an SP as anyone critical of Scientology or words like wog has precedence in men who seek power violently:

    “As the “Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” of the Nazi party, Josef Goebbels created a negative image of the Jewish people, blaming them for the economic and social problems of Germany and the world. The propaganda was intended to dehumanize the Jews by naming them an “inferior race,” to create widespread anti-Semitism and lay the groundwork for the elimination of the rights and freedoms of the Jews. The Nazis preached that Jews must be excluded from society, and used schools, the media and popular art forms such as films, posters and dramas to teach and project a distorted image of the Jews.”

    Thus GO/OSA personalities feel justified in violent acts against critics because they have been effectively been educated to hate SPs for the “greatest good”. Just like the Nazis.

    The enemies of Nazism were Jews. The enemy of Ron’s were anyone critical of him or his version of Scientology.

    Language is such a power weapon. I believe the Nazis called Jews rats and lice. An effective dehumanizing linguistic weapon to propagandize to willing hounds.

    SPs, Wog, Raw Meat and Humanoid are Ron’s version of dehumanizing the dignity of humanity for the purpose of making violent acts against humanity into a religious virtue and spiritual duty: for the greatest good.

  7. Yes – this is in fact the primary job of a DSA (Director of Special Affairs).

    I got the “check it out in advance” version once after an embarrassing revelation that a convicted exhibitionist was getting auditing in the org.

    So I was actually told to “get in there and check out those folders and make sure you don’t have another threat on your lines!”

    So I started doing this, but it did not sit too well with me, being not only an invasion of privacy but a violation of “inspection before the fact” and a misuse of priest-penitent privilege.

    One of the ironies of the above Guardian’s Office and OSA reference, was that I took it to mean that I needed to know who our enemies were. Once I had been through all the files in the org however, the only step to further research and understanding, was the… Internet.

    I learned a lot about how Scientology was viewed there. I learned about the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force). I had no problem believing the stories, having been subjected to a gradient of abuse lower than the Sea Org members would get, and yet higher than a Class V staff would see unless they went out to train at Flag.

    “Reverse Scientology” was alleged, and that bothered me to no end. I could justify a lot of things, but not the destruction of the sanity of another being – no matter how evil they were alleged to be.

    No “church” could -ever- permit that kind of a thing – could they? Hubbard would -never- engage in or sanction such a thing – would he???

    Oh how naive is the true believer in the basic goodness of spiritual beings. And what an irony that it was Hubbard who illuminated the principle and sold that concept to me.

    I refuse to let go of that personal truth that I can thank Hubbard for – which may be why it took me years, but why my resulting conclusions are “unshakeable.” Because I sure remain in awe of how hypocritical and destructive a being could be who refused to practice what he preached and refused to get honest and straight with the very tech he claimed to be ‘source’ of.

    A level of dishonesty where no case gain is possible!

    All that calling into question (if one did not know that Tech Aides did most of the work from there) the validity of any “tech” entered in after all that! Remarkable, and lucky we are, that some ability to discern workable tech remained with him.

    But not if you are looking at the “Hubbard Truth Rundown” – one blatant example of reversal of ethical principles of the subject. Thought policing to cover Hubbard’s organizational crimes – at the expense of the integrity and self-determinism of a loyal and dedicated spiritual being who just happened to see something behind the curtain he wasn’t supposed to see.

    Go earlier-similar to actual gunfire in the direction of L. Ron Hubbard Jr. and Jack Horner and you begin to wonder who was it who really needed the evil purp handlings of the introspection Rundown and FPRD the most?

    The justifications for dramatizing and then explaining away, some of the most evil, anti-family and anti-humanity behavior imaginable – right down to reversing the very core principles of spiritual salvation for short-term gain and personal power, were embedded into the very fabric of the system – all mostly right there in plain sight!

    The -only- reason I ever accepted Scientology as my “religion” was a firm belief that sanity of beings – myself included – was sacred and protected.

    I still experience a shudder from time-to-time – how closely I flirted with giving up my integrity and going blind, in the dark, for…. (how long to the point of know return?) – as in my counterparts who stayed in and stayed on, to wear the ridiculous hats and shirts on Marty’s doorstep, loudly advertising spiritual blindness and organizational decay.

    Because, “There go I” – but not for the pleading story of some lonely, desperate RPFer that made it onto one of my Internet searches, that connected that last dot of external objective reality available to me, to an internal “knowingness” that something was not right in the very places we always had assumed could never be wrong.

    That shudder is usually followed by the warm glow of Grace…

    I escaped it!

  8. Just to be sure I checked again the definition of critical, I found this:
    “1 the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes”

    Just to complete my ideas, I also checked the definition of revenge:
    “inflict, hurt or harm on someone for (an injury or wrong done to oneself or another)”.

    I did this for two reasons, one, while reading the Rundown written for OSA I perceived revenge and two, because almost between the lines, a vein of hate is what the write up conveyed.

    Yes, one can criticize something if a fault is perceived; on the other hand communication can exist to clarify the fault, remedy the matter or whatever is needed, but by means of communication.

    I think this arrogant position taken by Scn Inc. is way out of hand, it does not make sense to ‘react’, rather than keep creating a decent goal.
    Why take it so personal? What are they hiding? Up to them to answer.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot for sharing that.

  10. Fantastic post.

  11. There is no change in their Business Model. This policy is practiced to the T
    A few short days after coming out on this blog and stating I was done with the Church, an anonymous call was made to the FBI to state I was trafficking in under age children !
    I had and have no enemies. It had the fingerprint of David Miscavige’;s fingerprint adhering to above Church *doctrine*.
    British author Russel Miller had an interesting CHURCH tactic.
    Scotland Yard was called to say he was an AXE Murderer !
    Embarrassed Scotland yard interviewers let him go after first interview.
    I have made it my business to let as many Law Enforcement agencies know about the tactic of using government to arrest their enemies.
    I am succcessful.

  12. Evidence shredders? Absolutely. Very humanoid behavior from one of the less ethical groups on the planet. The following anecdote is from 1990-ish and is posted on

    “Los Angeles Times (1990): “The Mind Behind the Religion” by Joel Sappell and Robert Welkos

    “In 1980, for example, a massive shredding operation was undertaken at the church’s desert compound outside Palm Springs after Scientology officials received an erroneous tip of an imminent FBI raid, according to a former aide.

    “Anything that indicated that L. Ron Hubbard controlled the church or was engaged in management was to be shredded,” recalled Hubbard’s former public relations officer, Laurel Sullivan.

    “For more than two days, Sullivan said, roughly 200 Scientologists crammed thousands of documents into a huge shredder nicknamed “Jaws.” Documents too valuable to destroy, she added, were buried in the ground or under floorboards.”

  13. I think that Church of Scientology goes off the rails when it conflates definition #1 with definition #3 (pasted below). When the Church does this A=A=A on different meanings of criticism, it throws out the baby — the valid, useful input and suggestions for needed reform — right along with the bathwater of unfounded criticism.

    1. inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often too readily.
    3. involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc.; judicial: a critical analysis.

  14. enlightening and prescient,… much appreciated.

  15. The concept of Data evaluation, and correct Whys and resulting effective handlings, go down the toilet when one replaces observation with dogma.

    Being as one’s very survival is directly related to one’s ability to accurately observe, find correct Whys, and come up with and carry through with workable Handlings, those who fail to do so will find themselves moving to lower and lower states of being.

    Until the Church radically changes its basic operating policies, it will continue to spiral down toward oblivion.

    It will never overcome its enemies because it is far too busy creating them and using its resources in fighting them, or hiding from them, to effectively forward its own survival.

    Eric S

  16. Somehow Navigator, what you just said is prose. I got a slight chill reading it: very powerful testimony

  17. From American Heritage Indo European root of critic:

    krei- to sieve, discriminate, distinguish

    Crushing an attempt to distinguish is fear of being discovered. Fear of being discovered is evidence of hiding something.

    Truth welcomes scrutiny as it validates that truth, if it is true.

    A lie will never welcome the process of sifting in order to distinguish truth from untruth, real from unreal. What did Ron say? If you want to control somebody you have to lie to them.

    GO/OSA is an institutionalized attempt at crushing the scrutiny of claims made.

  18. this should have been after FOTF2012’s reply to Silvia

  19. A “religion” or religious group with truly clean hands would be able to defend itself with the truth. A religion with truly clean hands would rarely get attacked by anyone.

    Religious freedom is sacred in this country, to the point of absurdity at times. The government is reluctant to get involved.

    The only reason a religion would need this kind of “policy” forwarding this kind of atrocious behavior is that it has very dirty hands. It cannot handle bad PR by showing the truth, it can only attack viciously to try and cow those who would expose the fraud. Since 1968 eh? Telling.

    The catholic church crossed the line and it’s cost them dearly. Some people went to prison. The Co$ guardians office crossed the line. Some people went to jail. Spending millions of dollars and hounding an innocent bystander to the point where it is factually torture is crossing the line. Trying to make someone’s life a living hell and calling it a religious right to free speech is way over the line. I believe it will cost them dearly and some people might even end up in jail.

    Justice sometimes is executed in this great nation and in the great state of Texas. A reckoning is in the making.

    I like auditing people and helping them grow and do better in life.

    I don’t like brainwashing cults which assert that THEY and they alone can help. I don’t like sociopathic groups which rip people off and con them out of their freedom and who use the courts to try and ruin them utterly when they have the temerity to cry foul.

  20. Alonzo, even if the Church of Scientology follows this kind of paranoid schizophrenic attitude towards people who innocently inquire of their religion, it can never be effective. Look at the way the public and especially Anonymous now address the Church of Scientology. The church is being courteous with this kind of practice and it will be there with them along the road to their eventual failure. 🙂 In other words “You the church have the goods on me? But look what I got on you?” 🙂 Intention is everything Alonzo! 🙂

  21. Wow. Impressive.

  22. singanddanceall

    I thought LRH said a class 8 C/S, SHSBC grad, couldn’t but boom a org.

    Anybody got any stats on that?

    He said, he did, all problems were internally generated and not due to external influences.

    Why all the GO/OSA/Flag hidden policies/advices to handle “suppression” or “critics” or “sp’s”?

  23. singanddanceall

    additionally, I would think per the above, the priority is to get a class 8 C/S in every org and mission. Pronto, that would be “command intention”?


  24. I’d just like to know, what are the answers to all this? I’m grateful for LRH helping me out, sure changed my life for the better. What is it worth to have cognited on Axiom 1. For me, it’s been priceless. There are those who’d love to destroy everything LRH created. How do you deal with that. Flow it love?

  25. And they go through ALL this trouble for what?….To protect one man’s illusions of what he considered the Universe to be and how it worked? Absolutely amazing!

  26. ” SP, or suppressive person. A label applied to anyone critical of Scientology, its leaders, or organizations.” Well there it is,no change could ever occur,the SP could not have been found out……
    How could it, if anyone who criticizes management is automatically labelled. The group will be hung by its own rope. Fitting.

  27. I hope more of the paper trail, and people carrying out these tactics (OSA staffers, PIs, ex volunteers) all go public on the details.

    The paper trail of “Handling Programs” and revised “Handling Programs”, I mean this all means, what you quoted in this important blog thread, the policy is important to realize that this is taken seriously and will continue to be taken seriously, so if outsiders and layman observers take this all seriously, it means like you say. And that means a whole big long trail of people (former OSA, former Scientology volunteers) who are potential defectors to confirm what you say is still being rigidly followed.

    I would love to see more leaked Handling Programs, more paper trail and more participants in these tactics, to go public, and just lay it all out in detail, or enough detail.

    There’s plenty of evidence, plenty of still untold details, details that are on the blogs and chat sites from those who wrote there, but a whole lot of details not even further covered and put into more media and books and TV shows.

    Thanks for the focus on this particular blog thread!

    You and Mike Rinder ought to do more fishing chats with each other, every year or so, I really liked how you spurred on each other to remember things and details.

    Thanks for your years of telling it like it is.

  28. Alanzo,

    Imagine if Lebeau wrote his confessions as a hired spy/PI for Scientology!

    Seems unimaginable, but I hope Lebeau considers it!

  29. There are those who’d love to destroy everything LRH created.

    Why is questioning LRH and Scientology trying to “destroy everything LRH ever created”?

    Sometimes, finding a fault in something and calling people’s attention to it (criticism) is an attempt to HELP that activity to be more effective, and to achieve its purpose.

    It was LRH who told you that criticizing something was an attempt to destroy it. And yet LRH criticized everything from medical doctors, to psychs, to the US government, to democracy, even to planet Earth as a “prison planet” and human existence as a wholly degraded state.

    LRH was constantly criticizing things in almost every lecture he gave.

    So what was he trying to do with his criticism?

    LRH criticized everything he could and yet treated people who criticized him this way. Maybe he said that his critics were trying to destroy him because he knew what he was trying to do when he criticized every body and everything.



  30. Yea, Forrest. Flow it love. Take what you know and love, and leave the rest. Don’t defend it, deny it, obfuscate it or justify it. After seven years of applying that principle, we’ve found it works just fine.

  31. One answer to your last question is that there are several layers of “truth” in the “Church” of Scientology. Issues like the above are eyes only. Not for everyone. Issues re class 8 C/S booming orgs are intended to keep people focused on one goal and not look around to see what’s going on. It takes quite a while to train a class 8 C/S and today is probably quite an expense. It keeps people busy, and when the org doesn’t boom as promised, they go off hunting for the “why”. Just because LRH said so doesn’t make it true. And rarely is there ever one single factor at play in either success or failure.

    LRH also said if a CF were in order and used as intended the org couldn’t help but boom. He also said down statistics were actively suppressed, but by making himself source ensured he was never subject to his own harsh ethics penalties, thus creating a tradition whereby the leader is de facto sacrosanct. In all the stories I’ve read from people who were at Int, never once have I seen any mention of David Miscavige doing conditions of any kind. Perhaps I missed pertinent stories?

  32. martyrathbun09

    To all what?

  33. wow stated with much integrity. so much of what I saw and the feelings I experienced!!!

    “The -only- reason I ever accepted Scientology as my “religion” was a firm belief that sanity of beings – myself included – was sacred and protected.”
    well said!!

  34. I lived in LA as a dedicated Scientologist during the time that the IRS was being targeted to gain tax exempt status. I attended IAS breifings where we were told that we were going to “find the crimes” of the IRS and “pull their withholds” to get them to grant Scientology tax exemption.

    During these briefings we were told that Scientologists were standing outside IRS buildings asking employees if they had any information on criminal activity or moral lapses of their bosses or fellow co-workers.

    This program was described as going on for months and that they had dug up some pretty good data.

    As Marty has posted, this is standard LRH Scientology that is meant to be applied by Scientologists to get the product. And you can count on a Scientologist to apply standard LRH Scientology right?

    So the question is, Was this Scientology extortion/investigation tech ever used against Fred Goldberg, the IRS Commissioner, or any IRS employee, during the project to gain tax-exempt status for the Church of Scientology?

    That’s the question.

    But there are other questions, as well.

    Was this tech ever used which resulted in criminal activity on the part of Scientologists in carrying out LRH’s orders to investigate and extort people?

    I can’t believe that this type of activity would not result in crimes being committed by Scientologists in applying the LRH tech on how to handle life and improve conditions.


  35. Excuse me, please. What “actual gunfire” are you speaking of with regard to Ron Dewolfe or Jack Horner ? Specifics and citation, please.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  36. In other words, the way to fix Scientology is with the use of Scientology itself (paraphrasing Jason Beghe).

  37. “First I’ll give you a quick rundown on how Intelligence works.”
    A view words and then one knows how intelligence works. Impressive. Very Impressive.

    May I also add some words that you know how intelligence works:
    a) collect as much information on anybody as possible.
    b) never use any of that acquired information openly. Only for covert operations.
    c) on open operations like informing the press or others or feed them information use only lies.

    a) The NSA (and others) collect as much information as they can.
    b) They never use it. Write you a letter, that they know something about you or give you a call. And they never openly inform the press nor anybody about what they know.
    c) Currently they inform the press via a lie that they know everything about “you”. You can be sure they do not know. If they knew they would not leak it to the media.

    This is a brief rundown how intelligence really works.

  38. Beautiful. Truth.

  39. Brian: “What did Ron say? If you want to control somebody you have to lie to them.”

    There is enough about Ron that can be rightfully criticized without adding misinformation or disinformation. That line is a favorite of the critics to quote , but it has been taken out of context and is now something “everybody knows” Ron said.


    You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. One way or another this individual is trying to control you. That is the mechanism of control. This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you – because if they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that they can control you. Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. _Not “is going to”, but “is” lying to you._

    Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person who is trying to control you is lying to you. He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. You will find that very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the thing blows up. Well, religion has done this.

    _Organised religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying._ After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, “Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?” and they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long. Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.

    [from “Technique 88”]

  40. GO/OSA the same lie.
    David Miscavige thinks his actions are under the radar.

  41. That part of the lecture starts at about 2:20 in this recording:

  42. Jean-François Genest

    Perpetuation/persistence of aberration:
    The Church of Puni$hment is currently, in 2014, fighting an imaginary battle that is NOT in present time. It was taking place 45 years ago in 1968. That “advice” was reproduced as an OSA Network Order 20 years AFTER the correct relevance, 2 years AFTER the death of LRH, reserved secretly to a select group of staffers, by someone(s) who needed to perpetuate the battle, to perpetuate an illusion of enemies who were no longer enemies (several NEVER were enemies) to camouflage the true nature of Hi$/their ill, power-hungry intentions.

    This is out of context → the “existing scene” as mentioned in the Data Series. Outpoints of TIME, ALTERED IMPORTANCE, FALSEHOOD ADDED, and FACTS OMITTED (truth that are being exposed left, right and center on the world stage).
    Thus, the aberration persists. Right?

  43. In the HCO PL Data Series 1R “The Anatomy of Thought”, Hubbard observed that SANITY IS THE ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE DIFFERENCES, SIMILARITIES AND IDENTITIES.

    He also advised in the same PL under “The Ways Out”, several steps to remedy illogical, crazy, messy activities:

    “ h. Another way is to defend one’s area by excluding insofar as possible adjacent areas where crippled think is rampant.”

    That suggestion, ironically, fully applies to Hubbard’s Scientology philosophical system.

    Jon Atack made a great observation in Tony Ortega’s blog:

    “Recently I received an inquiry from a Free Zoner as to when the harassment of the Independents began. He probably found my response a little intemperate, because I still cannot fathom the way that Independents compartmentalize the Tech and the Policy, as if Hubbard were good in daylight and only evil at night. Dr. Jekyll in red ink and Mr. Hyde in green, as it were. For me, the Tech and the Policy are inextricably bound by their creator.”

    Since Scientology is a fully established Religion, Scientologists would do well to recognize the most basic distinction that sane people normally do, but that religionists and the anti-religionists invariable fail to do.

    That a body of Data, which includes all scriptures, its sources, organizations, the people involved, including its Founder, policies, practices and products are fully subject to inspection and analysis.
    There are no exceptions to that rule, as a religion or philosophical system is still a body of DATA.

    That a person’s spiritual insights, wins, cognitions and dreams are subjective and personal and really should not be evaluated by anybody else other than the person concerned. They are non-physical, highly subjective experiences, and they should NOT be treated as a body DATA.

    The best way to regain one’s integrity, objectively and subjectively, is to take a hard look at Scientology, in its totality, including its Founders behavior and to refrain from presenting one’s spiritual insight for public approval or discussion and to stop CONFUSING both.

    For Scientologists to get hysterical or severely upset with anyone trying to evaluate the obviously sociopathic behavior of their religion, it is a tell-tale sign that they have bought into some heavy religious indoctrination.

    Scientology is insane because it is predicated on the simplicity of one on one counseling, and weather you call it psychological or spiritual is just a matter of viewpoint. It is still based on the intimacy and trust of the patient/therapist, priest/penitent dynamics.

    But, Hubbard organized it as Fifth Column, covert, religious operation, with the apparent intention to gain control of society and/or whatever else he had in mind.


    Scientology is UNSUSTAINABLE as packaged by Hubbard.

  44. Alonzo, it is kind of hard for some people to accept these activities as actual “tech” or the “key to making things go right”. They aren’t, at least not in this universe. Maybe in some other! 🙂 Bully for you if go find it! 🙂 If LRH wrote some of these things, then he should have been told to go get his head examined. What’s even more is if he did write them, to try and enforce the ideas on others and then penalize those others for being unable to make the already known unworkable workable? WHY would anybody consider such “tech” workable? Point in question, they should go get their heads examined. That is about the long and short it. 🙂 I have always thought that people from the Church of Scientology are just suspicious people, whether they have O/W’s or not. And my fears became reality one day! Turns out they are worse than suspcious, they are worse than I or alot of other people ever imagined. Time to find a better way. :

  45. Lawrence –

    This compartmentalization of “tech” and “not tech” from LRH is an extremely weak way to reduce the queasiness, or dissonance, that you might feel when you are looking at this.

    Who cares if it’s “tech” or “not tech”?

    Scientology is as Scientology does. You can’t just dismiss this because it’s not written in an HCOB. It is written in Network Orders and LRH ran Scientologists to apply this standard technique of Scientologists doing their jobs for decades.

    Who cares if it is done in an auditing room or outside an IRS Building?

    This is standard LRH Scientology getting applied by Scientologists to handle their posts, and their lives, and to improve conditions for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

    This is L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology TOO. Not just the PR part where families are repaired in a marriage counseling session. That happens too.

    But THIS is the part that is critically important to confront to stop the abuses in Scientology from here on out.

    I’m not targeting you, especially, Lawrence.

    I’ve just blown a gasket on this “It’s not really Scientology because it’s not in a tech bulletin” ostrich handling that some of the Scientologists are applying here over the last few days.


  46. Being honest, decent and civilized was NOT copyrighted by Hubbard or Scientology. It is what sane human beings and organizations do.

  47. singanddanceall

    so the plan (policies & advices) worked, to a greater or lessor degree.

    There were no crimes but critics (critical thinking people), they were just stating their opinions and “no results” for that is the only thing you can be upbraided for.


    Much a do about nothing, really.

  48. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Thank You for that post I beautifully expressed my sentiments as well.

  49. Gerhard Waterkamp

    …It beautifully expressed… moderator please correct the missing “t” and the punctuation.

  50. singanddanceall

    yes, there are lot’s of why’s for a org not booming. LOL

    OEC/FEBC was to cause a org to boom.

    and each why are as important as the other. LOL

    funny how LRH empowered each staff member who completed his full hat, why the staff member thought he could “boom the org” and “scientology” from his post.

    Quite the motivational tech,

    is the truth in my eyes and experience.

  51. Marildi,

    What you and the other Ron Cheerleaders fail to notice, is just because Hubbard painstakingly detailed how Flypaper works, it does not mean he was above trapping us monkeys.

    Did you ever think of that?

  52. For this section of the preceding quote, maybe DM should study and word clear it?

    “Organized religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying. After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, “Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?” and they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long. Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.”

  53. Dear Jean-Paul,

    I thought Scientologists should be open to answer some questions, like, “Have you gone exterior as a result of Scientology processes?”
    “Did the exteriorization happen immediately after or during the running of a particular Scientology process?”
    “If it did happen during or immediately after a process, what was the name of the process?”
    “How long did the exteriorization last?”
    “Did you ever yourself gain full personal control of exteriorization, as a permanent ability that you can consciously reduplicate at will?”

    I only wished these answers, presented by Scientology in their advertising literature, clearly openly, laid out in statistics, or similar, to let me satisfactorily conclude that Hubbard’s spiritual processes really do lead to effective exteriorization (out of the body experience, at will).

    Once I read through all the basic info in the course room, the Advance Mag wins and OT phenomenon, read enough references in LRH’s works, I concluded that LRH’s Scientology processes would lead to out of the body ability at will. Just the first definition of Operating Thetan in the Tech Dictionary sufficed, as the clearest shortest (and fitting with human history thought that the spirit is indeed a thing of itself, and the spirit is separate from the body).

    If so, to me, Scientology would be a huge advance in human history.
    I understood the Scientology overall claims to be that Scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom processing layout would eventually lead a person to shed their “case” so that their spiritual abilities then could manifest themselves, and that a person would be “cause” over their rediscovered spiritual abilities.

    These questions I don’t feel are critical though, but slightly implying disbelief that Scientology’s/Hubbard’s lineup of processes, or that a particular process would result in the dramatic experience of exteriorization. (out of the body).

    If we are spirits in our bodies, like souls in bodies, and if the Hubbard Scientology spiritual processes lead to regaining the ability to eject, at will, out of our bodies, as characterized in many places in Hubbard’s works, then these type of questions are not critical, and to me are genuine valid questions to ask and not be penalized for.

    Scientology I thought as advertised, is meant to produce Operating Thetans, per defintion 1, in the Tech Dictionary, simple as that.

    If Scientology does not produce ample and credible examples of Definition 1 in the Tech Dictionary of Operating Thetans, then that is something to discuss why not.

    I assumed that LRH’s additional voluminous “case” handling writings, to repair cases, solve case bugs, etc, etc, all was meant to still long range help the person achieve Operating Thetan definition 1 (Tech Dictionary).

    Discussion and critical talk that are too disbelieving, well, normally in other subjects, the disbelievers realize they are not going to get anywhere with the steadfast believers, and let the believers carry on, eventually.

    Anyways, this is an excellent thread about the OSA Network policy that is laid out here.

    Thanks for posting this OSA NW Order for history, it’s important all your points Marty.

  54. On the one hand, Hubbard says Scientology will help a person reach unreached high spiritual abilities, permanently.

    And then on the otherhand implies criticism, I took him to mean excessive criticism that was distracting other believers and participants, to be out of bounds and grounds for removal from the rest of the group of participants.

    It only made slight sense to me if the Scientologists were indeed attaining the highest spiritual abilities, like Operating Thetan definition 1 in the Tech Dictionary, since helping a person attain full control of themselves as a soul, able to be in or out of the body at will, seemed like a truly new advance in spiritual attainment.

    I presumed Scientology was fast track Buddhism or Hinduism, that gets very fast spiritual ability attainment, particularly Operating Thetan definition 1 in the Tech Dictionary type of permanent spiritual ability.

    But slapping back and people critical that this is not happening, and all the voluminous critical observations about all the attendant problems LRH’s other rules caused and that staff caused, one I think gets overwhelmed in detail of the wrongs.

    The big point, is does Scientology factually, and in some kind of legitimate volume, actually deliver the Operating Thetan definition 1 of the Tech Dictionary, at least somewhere, in the Freezone or Indie movement at least?

    Because the freezone and Indie movement people are not engaging in the out of date intel policy of LRH’s, at least to my knowledge. And freezone and independent Scientologists get along seemingly fine without using the OSA NW Orders!

    So to me, that official Scientology is still using the OSA NW Orders is grounds for criticizing official Scientology, and one should not be penalized with the label SP, for doing so, no matter who orders one be declared SP.

    One of the Catch 22 rules, is anyone who finds guilty Scientologists who are engaging in Scientology, the criticizers are labeled SP.

    OSA staff are obligated to follow and engage in in valid Hubbard GO/OSA policy he wrote. So per that Hubbard SP rule, if OSA staff do OSA policy, and OSA staff get criticized for doing OSA policy, then us who criticize them are liable to be label SP. It’s a funny bad Catch 22.

    The only way out of this Catch 22, is long range Scientology deliver Operating Thetans, for real, to this world, I always believed hoped and thought.

    It then came all down to hope that we were indeed producing Operating Thetans, in the end for me.

    But now I’m atheist, and I’m just an observer. Not a hoper or believer anymore.

  55. Tom Gallagher

    “Calling it your job don’t make it right, boss.” – Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke (1967)

  56. Reading your post gives me great hope that there are many others like you. Others, who come to the conclusion that they CANNOT sacrifice their integrity for the benefit of others, who do not have your best interests at heart. Thank you.

  57. And the evidence is Ron lied to people, and was a super control guy.

    How many Scientologists became Scientologists because he said he was Buddha.

    That is only one lie. And many have said they were drawn to Scientology via that lie.

    Lie, became scientologist= control

    But there are many lies. So he wasn’t simply saying a statement.

    He was also revealing his marketing plan.

  58. Conan, “trapped us monkeys” ha ha ha. LMAO

  59. ” He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control.”

    That is why Ron created institutionalized black ops. To protect his lies. The church is out of control now because of one fact: the internet

    Nobody died reading OT 3, we now have interviews with people close to Ron on YouTube,
    The lie and well marketed secret of the space opera religion is now revealed dor all to see and Scientology is loosing control.

    The lie is now revealed.

    Ron sometimes reveals his own personality in his writings.

    The brainwashing manual is a great example.

    This one on lying is another.

  60. Chuck wrote:

    If we are spirits in our bodies, like souls in bodies, and if the Hubbard Scientology spiritual processes lead to regaining the ability to eject, at will, out of our bodies, as characterized in many places in Hubbard’s works, then these type of questions are not critical, and to me are genuine valid questions to ask and not be penalized for.

    A-Frickin-Men, brah.


  61. You can google their names Michael. Also on YouTube. You can read directly yourself and come to your own conclusions.

  62. a “noisy investigation” was doctrine

  63. What a cop out. Makes it appear that this is more of your mis- or disinformation.

  64. I am a Supresivve Person per Scientology doctrine

  65. With DM, I think more than word clearing is needed.

    But with LRH, this is another example of his knowing the truth of some aspect of existence, and yet it appears that later he suddenly lost sight of it. How do you personally reconcile that, Conan? Sincere question.

  66. Where did Ron say he was Buddha? Specifically, what did he say?

  67. Security Check Children

  68. “Nobody died reading OT 3…”

    Are you now passing on an additional rumor, 3rd in a row? You shouldn’t be so eager to accept anything negative that you hear.

    Specifically, what did RON say about what happens to people who read OT III? I mean Ron himself. The reference on the point that I know of is as follows:

    “…but should someone start freewheeling through Inc II, and we know of no instances of this having occurred, the possibility is that it can occur. The description of a freewheel through Inc II is given in the OT III materials and the handling is given in HCOB 2 Oct 68 OT III and 3RD NOTE, RUNNING INCIDENT II of 28 Oct 68 both of which are in the OT III pack.”
    (HCOB 29 Jan 80 “BTs, Clusters & Drugs”)

    In other words, he was talking about what could happen to someone who is AUDITING on OT III, not reading about it – and that there is a handling, not that the pc dies.

  69. martyrathbun09

    “So in January and February of this year, I became very ill, almost lost this body, and somehow or another brought it off and obtained the material, and was able to live through it. I am very sure that I was the first one that ever did live through any attempt to attain that material. This material I’m talking about, of course, is very upper level material and you will forgive me if I don’t describe it to you in very broad detail because it’s very likely to make you sick, too.” – L. Ron Hubbard, RJ 67

  70. martyrathbun09

    The Hymn of Asia.

  71. martyrathbun09

    You sure speak authoritatively for someone so demonstrably ignorant on the subject you speak authoritatively on.

  72. LTC Forever

    To me these are just instructions on paper. You have to look at the situation and the people involved to assess the right and wrong of actions taken and the outcome. If something like this was used to bring down Miscavige, for example, I don’t think a lot of people would mind.

  73. I invented a new proverb regarding cults:

    “The tighter the knitt:the crazier the shit” (shrinking cults)


  74. No, I have read Hymn of Asia. And it is a poem, Marty.

  75. Here’s how I reconcile it:

    SOWING, and then REAPING.

    This was LRH’s pattern all his life as Founder.

    He made big sweeping promises, with lots of high ideals that would attract lots of attention and impress a whole bunch of people favorably, and get them devoting themselves to this wonderful thing called Scientology.

    These are the high ideals of freedom and populism and over the top spiritual promises in the Basic Books, and of the 100% invariable results of Scientology.

    This was SOWING.

    Then, as these people became Scientologists, he entered higher levels of involvement and commitment, higher standards of loyalty, and stronger techniques of social coercion and operand conditioning. He would change the rules on people, such as the Creed of the Church, vs the list of Crimes and High Crimes (which invalidated the original promises of the Creed).

    Then he charged more for those who were more involved, and presented 2.5, 5 year and billion year indentured servitude contracts. He made it out-ethics to question him, created a socially coercive cult environment that would discredit all critics and quarantine them from the rest of the paying customers (PTS/SP tech)

    This was REAPING.

    And all these activities were considered”out-pr” for the new people coming in and being attracted to Scientology. And each Scientologist went along with keeping it secret from new people and the general public until they were further along in their commitment.

    Thus, SOWING and then REAPING.

    He did this on the Bridge itself, and in every new area where he set up a new org.

    He was always in a hurry because Scn was his business, the way he made his money, and he liked to spend lots of money and he needed that money in ever greater quantities. It became his way of feeding his insatiable lust for money and power.

    At the end of his life, there was the greatest of REAPINGS after Mary Sue went to prison and he was named an unindicted co-conspirator and he took off on the lamb from the law.

    This is when he began using the “Young Turks” such as Marty, Mike and Dave and the rst of what became “INT MANAGEMENT”, who went in and raped, sorry REAPED from the missions and elsewhere so he could have all the money he could get while he was in hiding.

    What happened later was obviously not his concern. He wanted Miscavige because Miscavige would be ruthless in collecting his money for him. He probably did not think Scientology would survive him. He probably thought that the gig was up once Mary Sue went to jail and he took off with as much money as he could get.

    He even told Sarge that he had failed.

    But of course, Sarge, being a loyal Scientologist and used to keeping “out-pr” off of the public and staff lines, didn’t tell anyone else about LRH failing until a couple of years ago, after countless of families had been destroyed, many lives and fortunes and careers had been ruined, and many people had been enslaved.

    That’s how I reconcile it.


  76. “attempt to attain that material” is not the same as simply reading about it. And nothing is said about dying.

  77. I believe he said, “who I have met”, on one page. And when you turned the page you read, “and who I am.”

    These statements were made regarding Buddha. He asserts that he met Buddha and then asserts that he is Buddha.

    I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I am in the Geltman Mission at 500 West End Ave in NY, sitting in front of the book shelf.

    I was already studying eastern thought at this time. NY in the late 60s early 70s was a hot bed of Yogis coming from India and teaching what would become the present multi billion dollar industry expanding even into cancer wards. Now that’s what I call workable!

    So in reading Hymn of Asia I had made my decision to become a Scientologist. Buddha had come back to upgrade the path to science and technology. All one had to do is get on the bridge. All the work had been done by Ron. The path is open and Total Freedom, Liberation is ours.

    That was a lie Mirildi. And I became a Scientologist on that lie. Ron used that lie to break into that eastern philosophy onslaught that belted the shores of America.

    He lied, I joined. That is a perfect application of his assertion of the power of lying to control. I was controlled by my believe that the great Gautama had returned. And Ron used that belief to his own ends for control and power.

    So thank you Mirildi for posting his quote about lying.

    I think the difference between myself and you is: You think Ron is warning us about other entities lying to us and he is being Mr. Benevolent Messiah.

    And I think he is revealing what his approach to aquiring money, life, religion etc.

    Ron reveals himself in his writings. What he seems to be warning us from is what he has actually actually done to us.

    Read again The Brainwashing Manual from “Beria”

    Then think of the RPF, the Hole, The RPFs RPF.

    He was warning the USA against communism and trying to make himself look so important that Russia knows beyond a doubt that only Scientology and Dianetics can stop the onslaught of Communist tyranny.

    Then he uses those brainwashing techniques on those who have dedicated their lives to help Ron “clear the planet” – thr RPF

  78. Also, he said that he was Metteyya, which, per my understanding, isn’t the same as saying “The Buddha.”

  79. Marildi

    Personally I feel that Scientology is going to have to go beyond Scientology to “fix itself”. They have gone down this rabbit hole using “scientology”. Unless the tool is changed, or repaired, they will continue to dig themselves in deeper.

    It is true, many of the tools for their recovery are there, but since EVERYTHING Ron said is being held as “gospel”, and all of it to be followed to the letter, without the recovery of the individual Scientologist’s ability to correctly evaluate data, find correct Whys, and initiate and carry out correct Handlings, there will be no recovery. (The same with anybody, actually)

    That Data evaluation, etc. are ONLY available to, and used by SCIENTOLOGISTS trained in the data Ron wrote on the subject, is hugely inaccurate.

    Any decision that anyone ever makes is based on the abilities to do these things. It is NOT proprietary. It is included in every breath we take.

    Eric S

  80. martyrathbun09

    If they existed prior to your induction, you have long-since forfeited your faculties of reason to Scientology.

  81. martyrathbun09

    If they existed prior to your induction, you have long-since forfeited your faculties of reason to Scientology.

  82. martyrathbun09

    If they existed prior to your induction, you have long-since forfeited your faculties of reason to Scientology.

  83. Magical thinking

  84. “I come to bring you
    all that Lord Buddha
    would have you know
    of life, Earth and Man.
    Study the wisdom
    That I have to
    say and you will
    Be Bodhi
    Am I Metteyya?

    Everywhere you are
    I can be addressed
    But in our temples best
    Address me and you address
    Lord Buddha.

    Address Lord Buddha
    And you then address

    But it’s not in an HCOB, delivered during an auditing session, or training to become an auditor.

    So it doesn’t really exist.

    Right Marildi?


  85. A voice of reason.

  86. He says “Am I Metteya?” (Maitreya in Sanskrit), which is defined as “a future Buddha – “a”, not THE Buddha. And here is an example of how he uses the word Buddha:

    But the wisest man
    And the one
    Who will do things best
    For others
    And reach most quickly
    Buddha for himself
    Will come at last
    To the Lessons themselves
    And their exact meaning
    And processes.

  87. Here Mirildi is the quote:

    “The implant is calculated to kill (by pneumonia) anyone who attempts to solve it. This liability has been dispensed with by my tech. 

    One can freewheel through the implant and die unless it is approached as precisely outlined.” LRH OT 3 Materials

    No matter how you frame this Mirildi, no matter the semantics of words used or interpreted, the question remains:

    Name one person, preferably a non scientologist because of the hypnotic placebo effect, who has gotten sick or died?

    OT 3 is now a cartoon on South Park. Millions have been in contact with the materials. I did OT 3 on my own, without meter, CS, did not do OT 1 or 2. This would fall under “unless it is approached as “NOT”precisely outlined”

    So for the sake of truth, who died or got sick?Name me one.

    Mirildi, have you researched online the actual conditions, that Ron was in, when he “went through OT3”?

    Facts can be like Krytonite to believers.

  88. I wholeheartedly agree with every point you made.

  89. He does say “who I met” and then he says “who I am”. I had the book.

  90. The internet, if you cross reference and also read books on the subject can help you to understand Mirildi.

    Have you read,”Piece of the Blue Sky, Madman or Messiah or Barefaced Messiah?

    Google for yourself. Don’t believe me.

    Have you done this research that you quickly denounce as mis or dis information?

    That is just one question Mirildi. Have you read these books and done this online research with cross referencing?

  91. “The implant is calculated to kill (by pneumonia) anyone who attempts to solve it. This liability has been dispensed with by my tech.” LRH

    I don’t agree with you that “attempts to SOLVE it” means the same thing as either reading about it or running it, with or without a meter. Definition of “solve”:

    : to find a way to deal with and end (a problem)
    : to find the correct answer to (something, such as a riddle)
    : to find the correct explanation for (something, such as a mystery)

  92. You are still evading the question. I wonder why.

    And differentiate, Brian. I have not objected to everything negative said about LRH or Scientology. What I generally take issue with is someone claiming that something was stated by LRH without giving a supporting reference, especially when there is no such reference or when the statement attributed to LRH was taken it out of context – which makes all the difference in meaning. And that is what you tend to do.

  93. My feelings as well at times Alonzo! 🙂 So let’s make a new tech? 🙂 New 1st New Policy: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” 🙂
    2d New Policy: “If it can’t better anyone, then you can’t make it!” 🙂
    As always, me best to you and all. 🙂

  94. And Mirildi, how in God’s name can a suggestion to do independent research equate to mis or dis information?

    That just doesn’t make sense. I think what you mean to say is “shut up Brian.” LOL

  95. That is why I asked Michael to do his own research Mirildi.

  96. And have you read these books? I may have asked you this question many times over our tussles. You haven’t answered yet.

    I was familiar with Bent Corydon. My wife Likki and I performed at his very upstat mission. He was a very nice guy. Check out his book. It may help in understanding some things. Maybe not.

  97. LTC Forever

    Cat Daddy, are you trying to start a new subject or make a new point? Please, state your purpose. I was responding to something Marty posted in this article specifically.

  98. This is me, and maybe this is you. I am not heroic. I do not have OT powers . I stopped a robbery once and preventented a guy from dying of freezing. This you can not check. I have put up a kurdish asylumseeker and you can ask Tetrril Park if it’s true.

    We need you to back up Marty Rathbun, he my bro now, don’t let him down

  99. “And Mirildi, how in God’s name can a suggestion to do independent research equate to mis or dis information?”

    Who said it did? You made an outrageous claim and were asked for specifics and a citation. You obviously have none or you would be quick to give them.

  100. I have a similar viewpoint to what LTC Forever just posted on the previous link:

    “I think it is rather difficult to pin down Ron’s position. It seems no matter what view you take on the man, you can always finding something that proves the opposite. Ron was quite an ‘illusive’ man I would say. That’s why I tend to focus on the materials and the principles that they communicate. It is easier to see specific instances of contradiction that way or something specific I may disagree with.”

  101. I meant that he posted it on the previous THREAD.

  102. Marildi –

    I don’t agree with you that “attempts to SOLVE it” means the same thing as either reading about it or running it, with or without a meter. Definition of “solve”:

    You are demonstrating how word clearing is used to break up a Scientologist’s ability to critically reason with statements and other information they are presented with.

    You have already seen where Hubbard said “ALL” and “ONLY” and made many sweeping statements that are not at all accurate – even within his own philosophy. And which were the basis of many contradictions, and you showed how you glossed over them completely.

    And now you are focusing in on the word “solve”, and looking away from everything else that is being said, in order to blind yourself to what Hubbard was doing to Scientologists.

    In medicine, a nocebo (Latin for “I shall harm”) is a harmless substance that creates harmful effects in a patient who takes it. The nocebo effect is the negative reaction experienced by a patient who receives a placebo. Conversely, a placebo is an inert substance that creates either a positive response or a negative response in a patient who takes it. The phenomenon in which a placebo creates a positive response in the patient to which it is administered is called the placebo effect.

    Both nocebo and placebo effects are entirely psychogenic. Rather than being caused by a biologically active compound in the placebo itself, these reactions result from a patient’s expectations about how the substance will affect him or her. Though they originate exclusively from psychological sources, nocebo effects can be either psychological or physiological.

    The “kill switch” that Hubbard implanted into Scientologist’s minds over the OT Levels was one of the cruelest things he ever did to Scientologists.

    And, through word clearing, you remain completely oblivious to it.

    At least you serve as a demonstration to others, so they can see it, even if you can’t.


  103. christianscientology

    there is no other way.

  104. christianscientology

    Hi Eric S

    It is not the tool that needs changing or repaired it is the hand that is wielding it. It is all there in the tech if one has eyes to see it.

    Why do you think Ron said “if you clear a cannibal you have a clear cannibal, he still eats people. The only difference is he knows why he does it”. What does that tell you? We need something as well as Scientology to change mans’ MORAL FIBRE, that is why Jesus Christ incarnated. The subject that finally bridges the gap between SCIENCE and RELIGION is CHRISTIANSCIENTOLOGY. SCIENTOLOGY CANNOT BE FIXED IT CAN ONLY BE TRANSCENDED.

    Love and ARC

  105. Mirildi, Watchful Navigator made the claim. Michael asked for evidence. I said to google.
    Then you responded to me with the dis information reply.

    Your emotional need to hide from facts are distorting your ability to see clearly.

  106. Read it again Mirildi. My response was like Marty’s, Alanzo and Conan.
    Just an ack.

    But be patient. I am sure I will write something that your comment will apply. 🙂

  107. I’ve done more literature (both paper and electronic) review (a form of “research”) of Scientology “critic” material than most – perhaps even more than yourself. I’ve never before seen any claim that either Jack Horner or Ron Dewolfe were ever shot at, whether by minions of Hubbard’s or anyone else. I don’t see you providing any *citations*, Brian. I’ll wager you have never seen actually seen that one, either.

    The Burden of Proof for an extraordinary claim lies upon he who makes it.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  108. Addendum: The claim that Jack Horner was shot at by minions of Hubbard comes from an affidavit by Hana Eltringham Whitfield in 1994:

    “Two Sea Org Officers and I spoke on the dock one evening. They were both flying out the next day to Los Angeles, on a Hubbard assignment. They told me that Hubbard ordered them to shoot up Jack Horner, who lived in Los Angeles, a suppressive person whom Hubbard had personally declared some years earlier. Both men had hand guns and would travel with them. They left … and then returned some weeks later. After their debrief they told me that Horner had indeed been shot at multiple times, while he and his family were in their home one evening. Fortunately, no one had been hurt.”

    This is nothing but hearsay, plain and simple. No names of the parties who allegedly committed attempted murder, either. In all these years, nobody has dug up any police reports or news articles about this alleged shooting incident to back up this claim ? Sorry, not credible.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  109. There are others who have talked about killings. Obviously we cannot have a court verdic on a blog. But there is more circumstantial claims by others.

    That is all I asked. Do the research.

    Scientologists are very touchy about these alleged of violences. It eats at the very foundation of faith.

    Since the beginning, revealing the dark side of Hubbard has beened fought tooth and claw from Scientologists.

    But thanks to brave men and women over the decades for standing up to personal attacks, black ops thuggery and ad hominem condemnation: even long time apologists are seeing the light.

    I am certain even more stuff will be revealed as time goes on.

  110. And I have personally seen a photo copy of this bulletin written by Ron.

    So here we have Ron asking people to shoot someone. Then we have claims of related.

    This is all circumstantial. But to those who are not true believers, it is not so far fetched.

    Please use R2 45 on squirrel SPs? Ron was such a kidding wasn’t he.

    Please use a 45 calibre pistol and shoot someone dead.

    Ha ha ha, oh Ron, that is so funny! We all know Scientologists would never do anyything like that.

    Isn’t it interesting that he never qualified R2 45 as a metaphor.

    The only qualifier was him saying it is not legal at this time.

    He also said, paraphrased, ” what we are doing is illegal, but make shure we are in charge and will decide what is legal or not”

    That was a paraphrase, so all you literalists please don’t blow a fuse.

    Find me one statement where Ron says R2 45 is a metaphor






    are hereby declared Suppressive Persons for pretending to have and distribute forged and altered “Upper Level Materials” which were of a Research nature and not for distribution.

    All Certificates and Awards are cancelled.
    1. Having stolen or illegally procured these dangerous materials (at the instigation of a Psychiatrist) these persons did plot to misuse them to cause Insanity and Death.

    2. False report for money that they would furnish the real materials.

    3. They are declared Enemies of mankind, the planet and all life.

    4. They are fair game.

    5. No amnesty may ever cover them.

    6. If they ever come to a Qual Division they are to be run on reverse processes.

    7. Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process R2-45.

    8. The Criminals Prosecution Bureau is to find any and all crimes in their pasts and have them brought to court and prison.

    The Public Distribution of False or Forbidden or Dangerous data is a Suppressive Act and a High Crime.

  111. More circumstantial claims of R2 45 alleged violence. Revealing Evidence is not being a suppresive. Revealing information is a basic human right.

  112. LTC Forever

    Brian “Scientologists are very touchy about these alleged of violences. It eats at the very foundation of faith.” Not in my view it doesn’t. If you take the view of an individual being an “all powerful” immortal spiritual being, the view of cause and effect, and the view of the fact that anything can be audited out including “death” itself then “violence” can be viewed as just an “incident” or interaction of cause and effect that can be “handled” in session. I don’t understand where so many Scientologists seem to get an idea of “gentle” Scientology and seem to think that claims of violence should be very disturbing somehow. I think there is some kind of big misconception about that. This is not to say that “violence” is okay, but it is to say that violence in itself as an experience should not be such a big concern for Scientologists. What is a big concern as far as the practice of Scientology is concerned is that there is no sizable production of clearing people from such experiences, releasing en-theta and converting it into theta, so they do not keep being afflicted by such experiences and dramatize it in some ways onto others.

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