Scientology Stalker

The individual in the photograph below was hired by Scientology Inc. to stalk my wife not too long ago.  I would appreciate it if folks would distribute this around interested forums asking that anyone who recognizes him to please provide me with the name and contact information for this individual, at  Thank you.

Scientology Stalker.  Identification requested.

Scientology Stalker. Identification requested.

The individual drives an old white Ford pickup truck (with red detail trim stripes) displaying the following decals:




58 responses to “Scientology Stalker

  1. Did you get a license plate?

  2. truthteller67

    Poor fellow.

  3. His name is David Misavige.

  4. I can only suggest trying one of the ‘free’, but requires registration, websites out there that offer a Facial Recognition service.

    You never know, it may provide a hit to the person if they have had their face shown on somewhere like Facebook.

  5. His name is David Miscavige.

  6. Μarty I am posting a link on my Free Scientologists FB group. If anything I will let you know.

  7. Marty, I am on to this from various angles…

  8. Mark, I don’t know who that is, but I can tell you that he got his start in the industry by stalking buffets.

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  10. He looks creepy. Hate that Mosey is being followed by him. Put him on my time line.

  11. We’ve posted a link to this post over at Possibly Helpful Advice.

  12. Tom Gallagher

    Sorry that I can’t help with your inquiry, Marty.

    My comment, though, is that this creature gives Texans a bad name…

    Some backwater pond scum will do anything for a buck. Ugh…….

  13. Hi Mark, you have email 🙂

  14. This one looks close. Download the picture and zoom.

  15. Make a friend, if you haven’t already, of a sheriff or police officer and ask them to run this guy’s vehicle license number.

  16. I’m curious about the badge on the stalker’s pocket.

  17. He seems to have been chosen for his persona. I’m a bit of a Redneck Bama boy and I don’t stalk people. But it’s the actions that tell the tale.

    • Sorry for my manic episode

    • It’s OK CD. Riles me up too. This morning I was finally reading the 17 Feb 14 Ofcom report. Eye opening once understanding what is going on. I looked back over the last few years of me speaking out and then daughter, son and x of 24 years finally shunning me as I would not shut my mouth as requested (threatened). This church is evil evil evil. We all must be smarter then they and with all the love we will all be OK and many others too. Thank you for helping and don’t mind the ‘manic episode’ funny 🙂

  18. What happened with the temp Restraining Order?

  19. I did try to search something, haven’t found anything yet. I will keep at it and will spread the message.

  20. Put his face on Facebook. Asked friends to do the same.

  21. Wow, a paid Scientology stalker AND a neo-Confederate Glenn Beck fan? What a pleasant individual.

  22. What a disturbing looking creep…someone we’d all steer away from but not DM/OSA, he mirrors their image!

  23. This raises so many questions about the church’s behavior! I don’t know where to start, but isn’t this a violation of a court order at this point? Unbelievable, yet typical. I hope you get all the information you desire in this regard and best of luck!

  24. Jenny Buonacore

    If you have the plate number I can get the data.

  25. Hey Marty: if you really have such close-up pictures as you have shown here of this stalker and that you say are on this “old white p/u truck” then why no photo of a license plate? How did that happen? If I am not mistaken the ‘Hard Core Texan’ decal appears to be on the tailgate of the p/u truck. Is this not right above the license plate? I simple don’t get it.
    Guy Vogel

    • I have the same question — didn’t the photo source get the plate?

      If it is a Scn operative, I would guess he may be someone from another state (Miscavige may be trying to keep clean of doing business in Texas for now) who just happened to buy or borrow an old pickup truck with no title change yet.

      A Google image search yielded no similarities that I saw, BTW.

    • Vehicle registration data, even if lawfully obtained, does not establish the identity of the driver or passenger, hello ?

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

  26. Would definitely not let this man babysit my kids.

  27. Its extremly intimidating and surely to god its against privacy of one’s life .
    I sincerely hope theirs some care and attention on her being protected for care due to what pressure she is under on the running case vs church .thanks for the notificationof this character

  28. The 9-12 Project and “Don’t Tread on Me” stickers indicate he is a Tea Party nut escaped from GlennBeckistan.

  29. That 9/12 project decal shows he’s an acolyte of Glen Beck.

  30. Marty
    Didn’t you spot such a white a truck, with the Confederate flag on it, back when you were looking into the surveillance house near your old home?
    I seem to remember you commenting on such a thing on this blog. I believe you may have even showed video of the truck, at that time.

  31. Disgusting that someone stalking Monique has a decal of the Confederate Flag in view. That’s no accident. Mosey and Marty, be enveloped in safety and love while the identity of this creep is being uncovered.

  32. And this happens while we’re already in the midst of a stalking trial, one in which Miscavige is using every legal trick in the book to avoid being named or giving a deposition?

    Only one person could give that order.

  33. The Church of Scientology is full of stalker Marty. One of them stalked me for 20 years (you read that correctly), showing up in diners, on the street, passing by telling me he was L. Ron Hubbard’s original student and I wasn’t, telling me nobody liked me or cared about me, that I wasn’t welcome anywhere and people I didn’t even know were looking to call the police on me to have me arrested and a WHOLE LIST of the most insulting, invalidating things anyone would want to do to another. 🙂 One time he showed up in a $25,000.00 car. 🙂 I put up with it for 20 years. Finally one day I burst out laughing at the mentally retarded person he is and with him being OT VIII, full L’s and a Class VI that is not exactly flattering data! 🙂 But then again there was another one out in Colorado, Rex Fowler, that went to work one day and blew his fellow Scientologist co-workers brains out point blank range in cold blood with his Solo NOT’s briefcase in his hand. 🙂 The Church of Scientology is full of this kind of people. They go their to “get better” and the “get worse” and then do things that help people like the stuff I just mentioned. I could go on, but why? 🙂

  34. Why the close-up pics of the decals and no pic of the truck or whatever vehicle? Why only one pic of the “stalker”? Why is it cropped? Is the are pic of his whole face? Who took the photo? When was the photo taken?

  35. Wish I could help more then 50$ a week. This guys looks disgruntled about something. That’s all and as others mentioned I thought I saw that decal on a golf cart pix you posted. I hope you find him ASAP and stay safe and happy.

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