Australia’s 60 Minutes

Welcome to all the folks from Australia who have apparently been visiting this blog (visit counter just went off the charts) in the minutes since the 60 Minutes piece ran there.  If you are interested in learning more about Scientology you may want to visit the right hand column of the home page of this blog.  There are links to a number of books, sites, and other informative media pieces that have run in the past couple years.  There is also a search feature where you can explore the more than 1,100 articles published on this site.  For those not in Australia, I am informed that the show will appear at this link momentarily, 60 Minutes Australia.  Contrary to scientology’s published response to this show, like virtually all other media that have interviewed us Sixty Minutes approached us to ask for the interviews.

75 responses to “Australia’s 60 Minutes

  1. Great Interview!
    Thank you Monique for your Calm Presence in the face of such evil.
    Marty you are right, Karma is a B**ch, but enough is enough!
    Once again Australia shows us how reporting should be done.

  2. That is the best piece I have seen — she captured so much and you and Mosey made things so clear. I am not surprised you got a lot of interest from Australia. It is devastating. Happy to see the text messages feature prominently! 🙂

  3. Thank you very much,Marty.
    Brisbane ,Australia .

  4. Thank you,very much Monique Rathbun ,

  5. Yup — he’s tardy … priceless

    You and Monique are so real, so likable. Often I’ll watch a 60 minute expose and the people interviewed are a bit brash or odd. Not particularly nice although they’ve been abused in some way.

    Not so with the two of you. Informative, likable and just appalling how you’ve been followed etc etc

    Slowly but surely the pick up sticks are getting played … and one of these days the whole pile of deception is going to be exposed. It’s just a question of which pick up stick makes the whole pile crumble.

    (it’s been awhile since I’ve played that game but perhaps it’s apt — I hope so)

    BTW — BE SURE TO Scroll on the right side bar and see the additional “after minutes” with Marty …

  6. “text messages feature prominently” – Mike – I went back to the site and wasn’t able to see what you are referencing — can you point me in the right direction?

  7. Mosey, Marty, I am incredibly grateful to you for spaking out, and to 60 Minutes Australia and their wonderfully warm interviewer for doing this programme.
    On the other hand, it brought home to me more than ever the personal impact this campaign has had on your lives.

    I am so sorry.

  8. Marty and Monique, thank you for presenting the truth about the cult to such a large audience. If only the public would see what a sham it is and stay far away!

  9. “text messages feature prominently”

    Start at 13:10 in The Defector video which has duration 15:17.

  10. If you watch the program you will see them pulled on screen…. 🙂

  11. Still Awakening

    You will find it at time 12:36 of the 15:17 piece entitled “Defector.”

  12. Still Awakening

    Very well made and communicates what the truth is. There are several smaller pieces and then a larger segment. All of the truth from Marty, Mosey, Jenna, etc and all the church can ever do is a written denial. I think I just heard some large cracking sounds all around the bubble! Yes, the sound of more people waking up, smelling the stench of lies, and recognizing something is rotten in there.

  13. Morris Adams

    Great interview Marty! Thank you! Thank you Monique – you came across beautifully!. Where’s your “Donations” button?

  14. threefeetback

    Dave, How are the pope’s hands-on land negotiations going in Clearwater? Any plalns to visit China to get a good deal on having suicide nets installed around the exterior of Big Blue in PAC, similar to those around Apple production facilities in China?

  15. M&M thank you for your interview. The truth can never stop being exposed. What boggles me after all this time, are those who still won’t look and decide for themselves!!!!

    Sending lots of love!!

  16. Fantastic! Couldn’t have been a better expose. Lots of love and respect to the both of you!!! Amy

  17. Mike Leopold

    Monique & Marty,
    Thank you. This was by far, the best interview I have seen.
    When the interviewer asked Mosey whether she had ever had doubts, her answer, in a single word was so poignant, and so honest, I thought I was going to cry.
    We in the ex-Scn community, who have been watching and living vicariously through your travails, owe you a great debt.

  18. At the top of his blog page — home, donate, etc

  19. Marty and Monique, thank you; it was a simple, straight, direct information and I am glad it is being welcomed by many, many people.

    You have my support and each one will keep taking actions to continue to forward the facts about the abuses, cruelty and crimes of ‘the Pope” and its minions.

    He also has his Karma big time. Over to him.

  20. Morris Adams

    Thanks! Just did it!

  21. They had NO IDEA what they were dealing with when they started with Monique. She is a warrior…a queen…a loving human being with incredible strength. Monique, you are a role model for people who are victims of outrageous treatment. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  22. TheWidowDenk

    I had the good fortune to meet Mosey in early 2013 or thereabouts. At that time she was friendly, active, interested, enthusiastic and animated. In this interview, she appears strained and somewhat drained. I hope the earlier fine qualities I mention remain with Mosey and just didn’t show up in the interview.

  23. Martin Padfield

    Very informative and constructive interview Marty and I thank you and Mosey for continuing to speak the truth.

  24. Marty – Regardless of what may have transpired in the past, if you ever need a place to get away to we have a guest house you are welcome to use. It’s on 10 acres with a 2 mile long private road. Just let us know. Mike M.

  25. I thought Mosey ‘s face was beautiful and showed all these qualities and more .

  26. Mosey & Marty, awesome, clear, to the point interview. Heroic!
    Bruce Goldman

  27. Thanks to both of you for telling the truth with such equanimity.

  28. Go Mosey and Marty! Thanks for all you’ve done to shine the light on the Church and DM.

  29. “On the other hand, it brought home to me more than ever the personal impact this campaign has had on your lives.”

    Same here.

  30. Wow, great documentary. I think this is the most informative and accurate one I have seen. And what they managed to include within the small time frame and how it was presented was quite professional. I LOVED that the Judge in Texas got featured in it also! He certainly has become a key figure. He is making history and writing the future.

    Going over to the Church’s response, just the worse P.R. EVER! After all of that obvious in your face harassment, the Church (David) admits they can not even view it as “harassment”. I ask WHO, after watching that video, would not be able to see the harassment. Leads one to wonder how bad Scientologists have to act before they they think they are bullies. And the double speak was worse than a Chicago politician.

    “What role did David Miscavige play in the alleged harassment of Mark and Monique Rathbun?”

    David: “None. Nor do we concede that any of the alleged acts at issue in this litigation were“harassment.”

  31. Thanks Marty and Monique. Great job and thanks for taking him on. I have nothing but mega respect for you both!

  32. Tom Gallagher

    Anyone who considers Ron some kind of omniscient sage is set up for a rude awakening.

    Yes, you’ve been brutally raped. Especially those of ‘whale’ STATUS.

  33. Awesome interview Marty and Monique! This one was so good! Thank you 60 Minutes Australia!-

    Thank you for doing everything you are doing to expose this cult for what it is!

    Monique – sincere, sweet and the real deal. Just beautiful! A lovely lady!
    Marty – honest and real. Humble and humane!

    Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. You are helping expose this evil cult!
    Marty – I want to congratulate you – once you left the cult – you have been a true gentleman. What happened to you while in – was due to the mind controlling environment.

    We all did things we cringe about today.

    The closer to the top, the more was demanded. I do understand this and hold no ill feelings towards anyone that was near the top and forced to do things they would not do had they not been controlled in this manner. Debbie Cook delivered a blow and I wish she would come back and do some more. You did not get gag money – and you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps to survive and you persisted to tell the truth and help others along the way.

    Not only are you going to be rewarded by the dismantling of this cult and the way they conduct themselves, but we all will win from your persistence. If Scientology is shut down forever and stopped from abusing members – no one else will have to go through what we all went through. That is my intention and it seems like it is yours as well!

    You guys at the top have the power to stop Miscavige. We don’t have information that can take him down but you guys do because you know and we were kept in the dark. You are exposing this and I can’t tell you how much I admire that! Mike Rinder, Karen and other executives from the top.

    In light of the unbearable harassment from Scientology – you have remained true to yourself and have carried yourself with integrity and honor. You strive to do the right thing and you have a very pleasant way of carrying yourself through this..

    We all cringe from our involvement in Scientology! Thank you for doing something about it and for keeping it real!

    Big Hugs to you and Monique and new son! God Bless you and your family! God Bless all families – especially those effected by Scientology! They need a little extra special help!

  34. March 23, 2014: “Scientology David Miscavige facing biggest challenge ever” — > “Scientology ENEMY number one, Marty Rathbun, on “60 Minutes” facing off with David Miscavige “could lift the lid off the church of Scientology’s most explosive secrets.” David Miscavige could be facing some serious questions under oath in the very near future.” — LINK with 60 Minutes Video:>

  35. Great job, Mosey and Marty. Another spoiled Sunday for DM.

  36. Thank you for continuing to speak out Marty and Mosey. Justice will be served thanks to you and all the others who tell the truth about David Miscavige and The Church of Scientology.

  37. Wap!! Goes the stone.

  38. I’m suppressing Sha Nay Nay. She wants to fly out so bad the back of my teeth ache.

  39. I think it went down well with Australian viewers, even those who do not know the back story. Sixty Minutes airs in family viewing time immediately after a reality-tv home-improvement show. It gets an audience that would immediately empathise with a couple who were driven from one house by harrassment, and harrassed again at their new address. The footage of the squirrelbusters was every home-owner’s nightmare come to life, it still makes me angry even though I’ve seen it before.

    Monique came across as thoughtful and dignified, and Marty would also have won credibility with anyone new to the issue. All those filthy text messages immediately identified Miscavige as the villain; we’re used to reading language like that (or a bit milder) in leaked emails from some of our least-admired politicians. The production then pushed all the right buttons to prove that the RCS was ‘Goliath’ in this conflict: people in phoney naval uniforms, Miscavige’s huge legal team, Miscavige addressing the cheering multitudes, and a crazy desert base that might have cost billions (if it hadn’t been built by slave labour).

    Monique’s statement that she no longer used her backyard for fear of spy cameras, and Marty’s gentle confirmation of this fact, would communicate strongly to many Australians. Our backyards are sacred ground to us!.

  40. Bonny Elliott

    Mark and I couldn’t agree with my daughter more. Love and respect from our house too!! Bonny

  41. Probably the most compelling piece I’ve ever seen on the subject. Mosey is indeed a very special person with incredible poise. One can only speculate what live in the vicinity of Dave Miscavige must be like.

  42. Awesome interview you guys! You both look great btw.

  43. Well done guys. Your calm presentation sounds a warning to DM’s legal advisors. DM is rightly described to the Australian public as a foul mouthed, scotch swilling egomaniacal gossip. It’s been fascinating to watch the depth of information in Australian magazines in the time I’ve been reading online (mostly in the Bunker) – regular mentions of Shelly. I remembering sitting in a coffee shop and hearing the next table talk about Anette Iren Johansen being auditioned for the “role of a lifetime” ;p…it’s quite surreal how mainstream the dark secrets of Scientology are becoming in this country.

  44. You were late to roll call Marty. I have to put you on an ethics routing form.

  45. “It’s a religious cult”. Indeed sir. Thanks to you both, you guys rock!

  46. Pingback: The beginning of a very bad week for Miscavige: 60 Minutes Australia

  47. Very nice interview. Both of you (Marty and Monique) came across in a way that is so easy to relate to, and so genuine. Awesome people, both of you. Thank you for all you have done and are doing.

  48. Monique Rathbun has the Power of Sincerity. She is obviously an honest person.
    David Miscavige and his employees can offer only documented evil acts, justifications, and lies.
    Guess who wins this popularity contest in the court of public opinion?
    And, David Miscavige, remember this:
    When the lights go out, it was the Hammer of Justice!
    Court Adjourned!

  49. Make that a month of Sundays.

  50. You both were so very real. Thank you for hanging in there
    and fighting for all of us who want to see the truth come
    out and lives saved.

  51. Excellent job Marty and Monique.

  52. Great piece Marty, best I have seen…..Hope that shakes Australia up a bit…..been far to quiet here of late, proudly told everyone at work that we are FB friends…😊

  53. Its a sad question, weather or not, the goal is to be left alone or win?
    I wonder what the win is?
    I know Monique has met enough fellow scientologist to realize that the group are more then decent, and she has listen to enough LRH or has experienced enough auditing to realize, the problem here is the Monster.
    (someone quite credible told me once that; or I should say “quoting” directly from a Black Law dictionary, who knows what edition??, that a human being by legal def. is indeed a monster, imagine that! He went on to explain that ALL judiciary was simply about Honour. And nothing more…That’s the KEY. Settled always in fiduciary; the Judge sits at a Bench which I believe is Latin, meaning BANK, with the task to “balance the books”. Again Honourably. It is established the peasants or persons no less are merrily Commodity, therefore Life has a “Price”. Lastly, as you will find it very much a part of Law: The testament of Jesus. They seem to hold true to his word and righteous “payment” as incredible as it seems. The foolish who “settle” are often “tricked” to do so. Blind to a bigger picture. Or purpose. Its best always to hold true to what is Honourable.)
    I don’t believe LRH was ever a mere humanoid, nor did he wish to form a Cult. That is all hog-wash, He simply intended to help His friends with bold words, like Org. as in organization so that we can help ourselves in a sane organized way.
    Which is something quite important and very much worth fighting for.
    As you know 🙂

  54. Damned good show Marty and Mosey.
    Absolutely priceless to get those lunatic OT VIIIs cackling and yelling with cameras on their heads. Visually and positioning wise, the Church looks horrible.
    Thank you for helping make this an Annus horribilis for the criminal cult.
    (Annus horribilis is a Latin phrase, meaning “horrible year”.)

  55. Sunshine Disinfects

    So did I. Beautiful inside and out. William has come to a wonderful family!

  56. Diogenes may end his search. Powerful documentary, respect.

  57. Firebreathing Frog

    We cant see it from here yet
    Hope someone has recorded this
    Or anyone can download the video so we can have a copy
    Dont want to miss this

  58. A huge thank you for standing up to these criminals, you both did a fantastic job and the cult members came across as a huge joke. I hope more have the courage to stand up to these bullies.

  59. Mosey and Marty,

    You both did a great job of explaining the situation in a real way.
    From the Creed of the C of S,

    That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.

    I wish for you both, that one day soon this line becomes something more than just words on a piece of paper.

  60. Marty and Mosey
    I think you´re doing good! Both of you!
    It must be pretty shocking for regular folks to be watching something like this on tv and the disgust people must feel is self-evident.These are NOT the actions of a church! I can understand why the “church” is having a hard time appealing to new customers. I hope you both have the strength to carry on, but I can perfectly understand what a burden it must be to be fighting such an obnoxious counterpart.
    You have my support and best wishes from Denmark.

  61. Dan: you should be ashamed of yourself. Great job? Where are you coming from? Wake up! Go back and review it again. Perhaps you will be singing a different tune. Monique was / is playing victim. Rathbun was / is out of it. He is losing it. Both of them are not anywhere near what the definition of a Scientologist should be. Rathbun is sinking back into the muck that the tech initially helped him out of (or maybe not). He doesn’t know what side to join. He is in confusion. Both are in hiding due to Motivators. They are not responding to the tech that LRH laid out for us all. Both of them are heavily Motivating. What precedes Motivators Dan? Why does one usually Motivate? Both are seeking approval and praise. Monique is looking to be compensated so that she can play the somewhat ‘stand-up citizen’ and remove herself from government assistance. Rathbun cannot fathom the idea that someone on this blog is refusing to agree with what he is doing. He refuses to post comments when it comes to one interjecting with adversity. He is in hiding! Coward!

  62. Great interview. You both kept it together more than I would have ever been able to. Now to get the attention of the IRS….

  63. If and when does the 6omins audtralian interview get released out and on ytube? for listening to. if possible?

  64. Still Awakening

    Here you go (this from Tony Ortega’s blog).

  65. Still on your side

    How frustrating it must be for the church. Their silly response not only was not read on air during the segment on Marty, but the link to the response is hard to find. Ninety-nine.nine percent of the viewers will never take the time to find or read the response. The church is so “important,” and has “so many members,” it is quickly becoming irrelevant except for publicity about its outrageous abuses.

  66. I totally disagree with you clearmenow1! Of course you have your opinion and good for you for voicing it. But I see a different scene. I see someone who knows about the criminal organization doing something about it the best way he can. He was involved at the top – but I don’t know given his circumstances that there is not one person out there that, subjected to the Narcissist Miscavige, would have acted in a similar fashion. Now he knows and he is doing something about it. I wish I had his clout but I don’t so there is little I can do but withdraw support and help people leave.

    I see a woman standing by his side and sticking up for her freedom to live on this planet without suffering harassment from a Church gone mad! Monique is everything a wife should be when loved. I believe Marty loves her and they have banned together to form a family and look what a strong family does for people – it is the only true support one has. Groups will never be able to support like a family. Hubbard and his tech (and by his own results of living with the tech) proved that you can’t just support the “group” and forsake your family. It does not work.

    I watched Marty evolve and he helped some of us evolve. He has been honest and real.

    Thank you Marty!

  67. The only thing I would have added to the 60 Minutes show is to start the show reading the “Creed of a Scientologist” and emphasis inalienable rights!
    Then proceed to show how the cult destroys anyone’s rights to free speech, practice any religion they chose, speak freely etc…

  68. The Shrinking world of David Miscavige

  69. Welll put .add also / a)code of a scientologist / B) Spell out its vilolations

  70. Of course, you, clearmenow1, are being totally up front about who YOU are. Until you show your digital face, you can go shit and fall in it. Your comments hold zero credibility because you are in hiding. Be a thetan and let us know your name. Why is your neck so precious? Remember that LRH quote, pud?

  71. burnedbutnotbitter

    But I did not hear any natter. I saw two people displaying grace under pressure, albeit a lil tired. BUT I SAW A WHOLE LOTTA NATTER IN THOSE DM TEXTS! They flew across the screen twice, but held so you could read them. OMG they are vile but I started laughing….

    BTW he posted your negative comment clearmenow1….

  72. Saw the Scn article on History Channel 2, Book of Secrets. I found it a bit superficial and simplistic. Each aspect of Scn that it addressed was given the most cursory attention.

    That being said, its purpose was to point out some severe problems with the church, and in that, I believe it did a better job than other programs I have seen. It made the meter and auditing appear as a near total control mechanism. The fact that it is sometimes used for that purpose can make it difficult to argue with any credibility that it more often, when used honestly, increases self determinism. Go figure.

    The Sea Org, on the other hand, was displayed as a highly regimented, authoritarian, do as you’re told organization which crushes individuality and affinity. This I have observed to be generally correct.

    The money train mentality of the upper Orgs was, unfortunately fairly accurate. I have not seen this to a great extent in the lower Orgs. Different Orgs are different, I have only been to a few. I was not C/Sed for a great deal of repairs or FPRD/Sec Checks. Some have. Perhaps I slid by, being known to be a fairly poor guy. I bought the academy’s and moved right through. I needed to learn to audit for my own selfish purposes and then moved on.

    All in all, not a completely bad show, just too short to be in depth. Marty was very professional and accurate, given the time allowed.

    It was obvious that any hatred or ‘entheta’ that you MAY have had in the past is largely resolved and you are now working with worthwhile ‘high toned’ purposes. You have my admiration.

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