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Over the past few days I have told a several people that the then current post on this blog, The Scientology Sandbox, would very likely be my last post on the subject.  However, this morning as I was leaving Los Angeles after taking care of some business there the ambush partially captured on the video below occurred.

The cast is as follows:

1. Bald guy – Marc Yager.  Highest ecclesiastical officer of scientology’s ‘mother church’ (church of scientology international).  Watchdog Committee Chairman.

2. Fellow with video camera.  Dave Bloomberg.  Long-time Scientology Executive Strata member – the alleged highest management body in church of scientology international.

3. The woman is Jenny Linson Devocht.  She is a close personal aide to David Miscavige – the self-proclaimed pope of scientology.  She is also an intimate friend of Miscavige.

Because of scientology’s bunker down response to public exposure of Miscavige’s creation of a culture of violence at the highest levels of scientology, including maintenance of concentration and torture prisons, people have been in mystery as to what scientology management has been up to for the past several years.

This video gives a partial answer.   It is remarkable in that Miscavige has spent millions of dollars to create a wall of perjury before Texas courts claiming that he, and the highest levels of scientology management, have no knowledge – and have not authorized – these same type of ambush, in-your-face tactics against me and my family that have been carried out for years now.

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  1. I am so happy to see the wind taken out of their now tattered sails. I used to be so afraid. Wow, how things have changed, almost tragic that they are so cut off from the world they don’t even know this.

  2. They are looking as old as their OSA handling tech.

  3. Ex Int Staff Member

    Bizarre indeed. And OMG these people have aged badly. I can’t even recognize Bloomberg.

  4. Wow, they are obviously trying to do the same thing Tommy Davis did to the the BBC reporter, John Sweeney. Talk about incorrect estimation of Marty Rathbun.

    Jenny Linson’s face showed who she is too, and the group she represents. It didn’t come across as momentary, either, or mocked-up hatred. Embarrassing, all right – for her.

  5. What a joke! They ALL look like crap especially Jenny who looks like she needs some sleep and they all look like they need a decent meal, weight loss is scary.

    Amazing they just happen to show up at the airport at the same exact time you are there in LA.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mark N. Roberts

    These nutcases, just sad. They think they’re special, but they are so common, average. If you didn’t know better, you would think they just walked out of a trailer in south Al. or Arkansas. No offense, to Al and Ar. I love it here, but it has it’s moments.

  7. I don’t understand.

    They knew this was going to end up on the Internet…


  8. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Wow. In a visual dictionary the rants of Jenny Linson Devocht could be used to illustrate hatred. Amazing how her performance at the same time displays extreme fear, the desperation and the helpless intent to destroy being always a half inch a way to break down and cry. This woman is in a living hell no doubt.
    Marc Yager? There is nothing left of him, comes across like a big bumbling bozo floating in a glee of insanity.
    These people are as sick as one can get.
    That is the top management of the CO$, so they have access to real stats and know how Scientology is dying. Their reaction is beyond pathetic.
    Tragedy comes with comedy when Jenny Linson Devocht goes several times out of her way to make sure you know you had no effect. 🙂

  9. They no doubt had orders, and will be punished for not getting the “product” – by following them.

  10. knatherthomas

    Where were the airport police when this verbal gang-assault took place? It’s scary to know that insane people can just do this kind of BS in public without being stopped. They really should have been arrested. Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing to like here.
    This bat shit crazy ambush is unconscionable and cannot possibly stand as any form of religious “expression” anywhere in this country.

  11. It’s like a trio straight from the night of the living dead. The chattering skulls running on pure Scientology programming and motivated by obscene pavlovian negative reinforcements for their actions. They are fueled entirely by fear of their master if they return and he is displeased.

    Three zombies doing their best imitation of the living.

  12. Clearly there is something you are doing that IS bothering them, that they care about terribly.

    This is a rehash of the exact same routine they did on me in the doctor’s parking lot in Clearwater — with Yager instead of Guillaume. The lines they spout remind me of the AC 360 program. The only things they are ALLOWED to say are the party lines dictated to them by Miscavige.

    In many ways it is sad to see just how pathetic these people are. And how terrible they look. And to know they went off and gave one another “high 5’s” for “confronting an SP and telling him to stop committing suppressive acts” is even sadder.

    And in light of the pending lawsuit — this is insanity of the highest order.

  13. For what it’s worth Marty – I care and I give a fu@k. U and ur blog saved me from being one of those idiots

  14. Marc Yager, the only one I remember from 25 years ago, looks tired, worn out,
    afraid, ghostlike, and appears as if he has returned from a visit to hell.
    The lady, Jenny Linson, kept saying the same thing over and over and over
    again. There is no hint of basic intelligence. Like no one is home.
    Sad, very sad. I can’t believe I ever got involved with it.


  15. LOL! Alanzo, I wondered if they are so disconnected from the real world that they might not know that? None of them look very good, how many years have they been in the RPF?

    Shouldn’t these very senior executives be in England right now for the massive IAS Event?

  16. Their behavior is disgusting, but there’s something in Jenny’s face that just floored me. It’s in her eyes. She looks haunted. Insane.

    Explains so much.

  17. Anyone has a right to their opinions, and they walked away when you said they should.

    You have a right to be where you want and so do they.

    Nice that you are traveling. Mind to share the reasons of your travels?

  18. I loved this. The juxtaposition of Marty’s cool, calm, relaxed demeanor against their twisted, knotted, contorted faces and stilted, robotic, impotent arrogance is a beautiful thing to see.

  19. mightykorgoofteegeeack

    That’s the best they can do? I saw bigger jerks when I was a kid in the schoolyard.

  20. Marty (trying to move on): “Can you move on please?”

    Church of Scientology: “Don’t poke the Bear!”

    Hahahahaha – apparently it IS possible to poke a bear to death.

  21. That is so funny. If “you are nothing” and they could care less, then why did they continue and feel any need at all to communication with you?
    Seriously, your statement of “move on” was right on.

  22. None of them look any good, the once vibrant élan vital is gone in them. Legal obviously sent them to elicit some sort of response out of you to help their legal cause, failed Mission, guess they’ll be going back to the hole.

  23. If those are the good guys……I am really BAD and proud of it.

  24. I am sure it was not easy to find such people, but glad you had them to ‘move on’. She is lying when she stated “nobody gives a f*** about you, nobody cares,” if this were the case, why do they stop and blurt such a tirade of nonsense? If they would not care, they would have just walked on.

    Marc Y looks unhealthy, worn out, haggard. Is not the Exec we used to know, the one that had honest care. Anyway.

    The second video clip shows a beautiful wife, a lovely place, plus friends. I consider myself your friend amongst many others. I am glad you have your life, enjoy it.

  25. Signs of Success, for you not them. Unbelievable, and so desperate, so disconnected from reality. They will need a lot of real professional help when the place finally collapses for good.

  26. From a belief that you create reality with your postulates, it’s a short step to believing that if you insist something is a certain way then it Will Be That Way, regardless of appearances to the contrary. Black is white and 2+2=5, provided your Tone 40 is good enough.

    Jenny obviously needs Marty to “be nothing” and is insisting on that reality. To the rest of the world of course, the mildest description of such behavior is that the person is “out of touch”.

  27. “Taking care of business” where they are might not be the best of ideas. Is that LAX?

  28. “Marc Yager? There is nothing left of him, comes across like a big bumbling bozo floating in a glee of insanity”.

    I got that sort of impression too. On the other hand, he did say, “You could actually get your ethics in, Marty.” It made me wonder if there is something sympathetic and decent left in him (based on his CoS indoctrination, of course). Or maybe he was playing the good cop, with Jenny being the bad cop. But most likely, he was trying to elicit a response from Marty.

    I remember seeing “Mr. Yager” at ASHO 30-some years ago and being struck by his presence and ARC. A few years later, when I was at Flag, the staff were being shown a preview video the upcoming event – and he happened to stutter. Wow, the look of terror on his face afterwards told me right there that DM was a tyrant. I already thought of him as a dictator, because I felt his beingness coming straight down the lines.

  29. Is that what they call a real KSW scientologist?

    Welcome to their brave new world.

  30. threefeetback

    Looks like Leslie Hyman may submit the last word to the Texas Appeals Court about who is SLAPPing who.

  31. The fear shows in their eyes. I think they were relieved that you didn’t say more than to tell them to move on please. And were Yager’s teeth always that bad? They are like empty shells with no life left in them. DM will not be pleased with their performance. Weak.

  32. Time has not been kind to Marc and Jenny. She needs to invest in some waterproof mascara or better foundation.
    “Why don’t you do something with your life?” S
    says Jenny as she chases after you in an airport…… Wow, just wow….

  33. That struck me too Gerhard — by insisting that Marty is “nothing” and nobody cares so stridently and repeatedly, she proved the opposite of what her words were saying.

    Scientologists — their own worst enemies. It is so sad.

    Marty, I hope that in some way this video may help you. It shows the harassment from high ranking church members, it illustrates how you did not react, and it captures you several times politely asking them to move along — and shows them returning toward you despite your request. Repeatedly the church has sought out and engaged you and your wife while you have not tracked down and harassed their members.

    If this is your last blog entry, please know that I have sincerely and deeply appreciated everything you have shared, and that I wish the best for you and your family.

  34. That’s very similar to my gut feeling watching her too — that this is a human gutted of soul and freedom and peace, with just the implanted robotic routines blurting out from a broken vessel.

    Where are the signs of peace that come with deep enlightenment? The OT abilities to handle anything? The capacity to talk with anyone on any subject? The ability to as-is problems at a glance of truth?

    As annoying as their implanted behaviors are, I truly feel sad for them. Their selves and their self-determinism have been stripped.

  35. Ahem. They were not sharing their opinions. They were using rehearsed processes to try to invalidate, introvert, and control.

    That may not have been physical violence, but it was violence nonetheless.

  36. Impotent arrogance — that sums it up well. Right up there as a good turn of speech with something I read on Mike Rinder’s blog regarding the Empire of Vampires — the Vampire Empire — has a nice, poetic ring to it. Even more so the “impotent arrogance of the Vampire Empire.”

  37. Sure Konny…..they may have had a ‘right’ to be where they were, but that is not the issue. What purpose could there be for following a man around in an airport, tossing insults at him? It was like watching 2nd graders on the playground…..except 2nd graders would know better and not act that way.

    These are supposed to be ‘executives’ in the Co$. I don’t think you you would see a bunch of cardinals surrounding a former priest telling him that no one likes him. It’s bizarre, infantile behavior. Where is their self esteem? If someone told me to follow another person around and call them names, that would be my last day at that job or in that organization.
    I have every ‘right’ to do a lot of insane things, but I am sane enough to know my self worth.

  38. My hunch is that OSA operatives got info that you were flying in to LA and on what flight, which gate arriving, and so forth — so they could “run into you by chance” and harass you. Probably they did get flights to somewhere. What a sad flight to be on. Always busy, but running on empty.

  39. They don’t know about you tube. They still use cassette tapes.

  40. I think these people were dressing up early as ghouls for Halloween.

  41. Michael Fairman

    The three, speak as if there is a tape recording playing in their heads – repeating the same phrases over and over. They appear haggard, stressed, robotic, – a trio very near insanity. One can only imagine how their puppet master, Miscavige, would behave if he was also there. If the general public knew these three were the top management of an organization that professes with certainty it is going to build a civilization without war, insanity, et. etc, how much further away would they run from it? It is telling that the ludicrous attack on Marty has not changed since day one, oh so many years go. What is that definition of insanity that we all know so well?
    What I was waiting for was a healthy dose of “Ralphie” to ice the cake.

  42. Jenny Linson (Jenny deVocht) is a despicable hate monger, ambushing Marty at LAX and parrotting her diatribe to please Miscavige. This was a girl who was kept awake one week by Miscavige with no sleep. The CIA defines this kind of sleep deprivation a kind of torture. Here she is, knowing the cruelty and sadism of SP home acting out in a spying, stalking, ambushing attempting to intimidate, how very religious and ecclesiastical. Using tax free money to fly Sea Org members into LAX to ambush.

  43. Funny for someone that is a “nothing” that they have spent millions in PI and legal fees and now send a haunted trio of INT exec./ SP hole zombies to track you down and yell at you in LAX.

    They don’t even see the irony in what they are spewing. You’re a whole hell of a lot of nothing for them to be so obsessed with your every single move.

  44. “Dancing monkey, that ain’t me.”

  45. Your video following the assault on you was the perfect response. Congratulations on where you are.

  46. Wow, these poor folks have been transformed into dark demons. That poor women with bags under her eyes looks so robot gone!

    Behold the ethics tech of L Ron Hubbard, gone totally bonkers, but perfectly applied to destroy the enemy.

    Hate is a virtue in Scientology.

    Pitiful, simply stark raving pitiful!

  47. These are people who have put themselves, through deception, into a position responsible for addicts to get clean in Narconon. These are people who run auditing sessions on people and invade deeply into their minds, and destroy peoples’ lives with their undue influence over them.

    These people are in charge of children.

    They should not be in the positions they are in over others’ lives.

    They should be in jail.

    That is why, if the US government will not do anything about these people, we must.

    Monique’s lawsuit, the Garcia’s lawsuit, the Narconon lawsuits, Laura DeCrescenzo’s law suit and a million others need to be brought against these people so that they are fully de-fanged and bankrupted, and are no longer in a position to harm anyone ever again.


  48. threefeetback

    Marty managed too get smiles and laughs from all three with his first ‘command.’

  49. Please delete my post on batshit. It’s disrespectful. I hope all these people get out and find happy lives.

  50. Nobody Nobodyson

    That Bloomberg was prepared with a camera is telling.

  51. Hi Davy!

  52. Nobody Nobodyson


    You shared 75 videos back to back. Some seem private. Maybe re-upload just the one….

  53. Well maybe someone should have faxed them a telex describing the Internet as a vast network of tubes upon which their words and likenesses may be placed for the world to see.

    This is the kind of abuse and face-ripping that is only to go on “back lines”.


  54. They look like the walking dead in some bad Sci Fi movie. I actually felt sad for them. They look so mindless and empty…….vacant.

    It’s hard to believe people can descend to such depths…. So sad:-(

  55. Grasshopper (Mark P)

  56. Strangely my response is one of compassion – these people need someone – anyone – to provide them with warmth and compassion. Of course they would see that as weakness etc but that is what they NEED.

  57. This type of hateful aggressive behavior imprints on a being.

    And the “event” will play over and over in their minds … creating deep crevasses and a further claustrophobic myopic view of the world for them.

    Contrary to their words – Marty has a big life. A family. Hundreds and hundreds of virtual friends and dozens upon dozens of true real friends, who love him, his wife and son.

    At the end of this day … Marty flies home to his adoring family.

    At the end of their day, they see Miscavige.

    Not exactly an equal end of a day.


  58. Mark C. Rathbun

    Thanks, taken care of.

  59. I think next time Marty should just tell all those harassing him who have (at least physically) escaped from the INT base that this is their chance. They can actually leave and be free. Say “Here is your chance, WALK AWAY, come with me. Do not return to the sadistic, mind altering abuse of your captor Miscavige. Come eat a real meal and have a good nights sleep, you don’t have to eat rice and beans, go without sleep and be talked to like the scum of the earth for your decades of non-stop work.”

    I’m sure the reason they were sent is a trio is because even a pair could not be trusted to be freely roaming LAX – a pair can team up. A trio is harder for the trust to form quickly enough to break free.

  60. There is a silver lining in all this (apart from the use Leslie Hyman can make of it): America is in the throes of an obesity epidemic and clearly DM has developed a way to combat it. For my part, though, give me obesity any day. Those three will likely be in for another toasting once DM sees this video since they will be THE REASON WHY if DM’s case in Texas goes south. They just made Mosey’s point for her better than anyone could. Hope they enjoyed their couple of days at St. Hill for the IAS event.

  61. Talk about an embarrassment! Marc and David are actually caught up in the embarrassment of being seen with her as she rants so rudely and publicly. Notice that they distance themselves from her.

    I have never witnessed Jenny Linson above 2.0 in my life (she brought her sunshine to PAC a few times), but I have seen the other two work with people in higher tones often. Jenny Linson came to PAC on a few face ripping missions and I get the idea from what I have seen of her and heard from others is that this is just what is to be expected from her. For her, this is “ethics presence”. Kind of sort of “works” when you are still committed to the cause but after your out and have opened your eyes, it’s just pathetic to see someone still attempting to control people this way.

    Marc and David are being condescending and not really saying very much, but I think if you look close enough you’ll actually see spittle from Jenny and also some rather noxious looking fumes directly surrounding her. Notice that Marc and David are the first to blow the comm cycle like frightened yet hungry coyotes, but Jenny keeps coming back to hit at you like a rabid, yet toothless chihuahua.

  62. Well, that video finally proves it. A lifestyle of inflicting pain on others messes up a person so badly that even Covergirl can’t cover it up. They look like rotten meat. Puffy, baggy, diseased.

  63. Thanks for the reminders Karen, I was starting to feel sad for them. Jenny is just being a bitch, bla bla, bla bla, but man, Yager looks rough, a dieing kinda rough. All he could seemingly do is shake his head and move back, probably when Marty looked at him funny.

    This was not a chance encounter, and it does make you wonder what the hell DM is up to now.

  64. As always scientologist making a fool out of themselves, the irony is nobody gives a fuck a bout them, and they look terrible just like the yapping lady said, she looks tired and overworked trying to cover up her tired face with make up, the bold gay guy and the other idiot they didn’t even said anything no wonder miscavige slap the shit out of them, they are stupid, they deserve to be punched in the face.

  65. There you have it folks. Top leadership flagrantly ser facing all over someone in LAX. Not even able to hold on to gains from the lower grades.

    The evil intentions dramatized all over video. Jenny Linson has been in a bully valence bullying others since the day she stepped into uniform. This is the real her. Compare this to her presence on Anderson Cooper.

    Oh, I do hope Anderson sees this. Didn’t she sit right in front of him on national television and accuse Marty of being the aggressive one? Here she is ambushing him at LAX!

    Someone could make a great video of her different sides evidencing the other as a liar and a fraud by comparing her here to her act on Anderson Cooper.

    But even there, she could not help but to ser fac on the host of the show in front of his millions of fans. Like, she was not aware of conditions.

    They were obviously ordered to ambush Marty but someone didn’t think with the fact that he would have a camera and use it. They had to carry out their mission orders (because that is what kind of robots they have become) so they didn’t have enough sense to walk on to avoid an out P.R. flap. They think this is instrumental to saving the planet.

    David Miscavige yet again, sending out another woman to confront his enemy. Laughter! As he sits at Int behind his body guards.

    This video is going to recoil like a whip on him. He is on such a motivator flow. He has been setting himself up for a take down. He left the door wide open in Texas. He is very naive to make himself such a financial asset to the local economy. Times are hard. And he is a affluent spending man. People in Texas are not wasteful.

    David got busted spying on Marty 24/7 and stalking. He just can’t seem to pass an opportunity to catch him on video. Him and his minions out there damning Marty, all the while, like moths to a flame!!!!!!!!!! LAUGHTER!

  66. Normal, healthy, sane individuals in the real world don’t communicate with each other like this.

    On what planet do genuinely religious people ‘doing something for mankind’ talk to anyone with so little respect ever (they don’t even think it!)? Let alone someone who they believe ‘needs help’? I literally have not heard people speak aloud so childishly and self-indulgently since I was in junior high.

    This is the most mean-spirited, nasty, intolerant, religion I have ever encountered. I am continually amazed at the unprofessional and unrefined manner in which church executives communicate. After 18 months of Scientology watching, the absurdity is still shocking to me.

    Is it me or does everyone in Scientology just need some love to wipe away some of the oozing, bitter, nastiness? How is any of that hatred and bullying making the world a better place?

    I feel genuinely sad for only a great unhappiness can manifest in such a terrible outburst as I have seen among scientologists. So much abuse, so many victims who don’t know it’s not their responsibility to suffer this abuse and continue to soldier on…

  67. Jenny’s all the way out at LAX to ambush Marty, saying, “Nobody gives a fuck about you”!


    “You have had zero effect.”


    David Miscavige spend MILLIONS to stalk Marty and film him, because he has had zero effect and nobody gives a fuck?

    “Nobody even notices”. That is why she it out there with a team?

    “You’re nothing.” Only a million dollar investment for the Church in terms of P.I.’s detectives camera men etc etc and hassle staff.

    I think they were propped up with a suitcase to make it look accidental. But they could be ordered into court and asked to present travel documents that could prove they were there for any other reason except to harass by order of David Miscavige..

    But you see these people, what the purpose is?

    To RE STIMULATE. That is their purpose. The same purpose as an S.P.. Then she says, “Why don’t you stop committing suppressive acts”.


  68. “At the end of this day … Marty flies home to his adoring family.
    At the end of their day, they see Miscavige.”

    That really says it all.

  69. My thoughts exactly.

  70. If you really want to understand the depths of Jenny’s purpose to re stimulate, notice how she slips in the command “Why don’t you just end it”?

    It’s hard to confront but that is exactly where she went.

  71. Jenny Linson’s diatribe reminded me of the lady extolling the virtues of Revelations at the start of this gem by Curtis Mayfield.

    And, if there’s a hell below, we’re all gonna go – and Jenny Linson will be at the door, like Mephistopheles’s Walmart Greeter.


  72. After watching it a second time, I think you can tell they are putting on an act of pretending they just happened to cross Marty’s path. At one point, Mark Yager goes over and taps the arm of the guy with the camera, as if to say, “Come on, let’s go” – like the whole thing was spontaneous and not all planned out. And Jenny Linson tries to make it seem like she keeps changing her mind about walking off and coming back to repeat herself – also done to make the it look unplanned.

    This is probably why Yager comes across so unreal – he’s a bad actor! And the other two are also overacting.

  73. Mark you are too kind, or maybe you just like to understate things? They are morons . Whether they are just following moronic orders or whether they are acting on their own, which I doubt, they are Stupid, Nasty, People. They are the worst ad you could ever produce for COS high level training. Marty did a great job of letting them have their say and asking them politely to move on. Wouldn’t you think David Miscavige would be smart enough to just move on and leave Marty, il miglior fabbro, alone.. Not unless of course he is suicidal and wants to turn scientology into even more of a Wasteland or Dante’s Inferno.

  74. Alanzo, did you know that in the event of a nuclear war you can extend the wires connecting the cans together, talk down one and have someone hear it at the other end? Who needs these new fangled technologies like faxes and telexes and etched tungsten plates for that matter?

  75. They brightened up when Marty told them to “move along”. I think that gave them a moment of pleasure.

    But really, it looks like Miscavige and his team are asking that Marty be their executioner. That would feel weird to me if someone wanted me to be their executioner. But Miscavige and team are going out of their way for this.

  76. Sure everyone has the right to their opinions but why do scientologists feel the need to gang up and blast someone ad hominem? When I took the personality test they told me, ;ike they tell everyone, I lacked communication skills but I could get superior ones if I took a course (or two or three or a couple of grand $ worth more which they neglected to mention). And yet the people in the bubble are scared after many years of “training” and have to team up as bullies to put over their points which everyone just laughs at, I wonder why people call it a cult.

  77. Jenny Linson does look totally different from how she looked on AC 360. I didn’t even recognize her as the same person.

    And what kind of church wants their top ministers saying “f**k” into a video camera? Answer: A church in it’s dying days trying to die quicker.

  78. Yes Dan, a yappy chihuahua that thinks she is a rottweiler. The earlier comments that feel sorry for her and that she will need a lot of help when she finally gets out of it are so correct. Of course by then the COS will cast her off and say she was an SP. What a lovely crowd to hang out with, But I have to say more power to Marty, Mike, Tory and Chris for getting out. I only know the high profile ones but there are many more who have been brave enough to de-couple themselves from this strange organization.

  79. Μarty, I admired the way you handled this.

    I admire the fact that you are leading your life the way you chose to. Those people don’t have a clue what life is all about.

    I am sorry you were so closely connected to Miscavology as shown in the video which is really gross and pathetic.

    Marc Yager… you could have done better, you were a decent guy and you helped fuck up Scientology. The orgs are empty. Athens org was empty last Sunday when I visited with a friend.

    Marty, keep it up. No matter what you think of Scientology (and what we saw and probably what you have experienced as top management is NOT Scientology), just keep it up.

    The way you handled those people was a real true theta action. Just NOT ISING the ENTHETA.

    They have been ridiculed in the eyes of any sane person. This is insane and that’s what they are trying to do to you and anybody who dares to speak up as with the squirrel busters. But it looks like we have an effect, hahaha. Because you have been speaking up BIG TIME for the last 6 years or so.

    For this I admire you and I want to thank you for what you have done for Scientology. To keep the subject clean of suppression and in any case to be able to discuss it amongst us without guilt, suppression or censorship.

  80. Very good observation Michael. As if there is a tape recording playing in their heads!

  81. They’re so predictable. To the end. Bless their hearts.

    Marty and Mosey, you won long ago.

    Love to you.

  82. Marty has been studying with Obi-Wan.

  83. On second thought after a few more hours’ sleep (after watching the 49ers get their asses handed to them by the Broncos–congratulations, BH), it occurs to me that this must have been a set up. If I were DM andI had created those people, I would never let them travel anywhere in public. Therefore, this must have been these folks’ genius plan to make amends to DM while he is away schmoozing with TC and the Duggans at St. Hill. Looks like it is back to the swamp for Yager with some company this time.

  84. If there ever was a footbullet, this is it. My god! I guess Miscavige is running out of ammunition. Time is on your side, Marty. Helped by the stupidness of the Scientology ‘top’ management.
    To any person unfamiliar with Scientology asking what it is, it would be sufficient to show him/her this little video. It tells all there is to know.
    I hope you and your familiy keep it up. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
    My thoughts are with you.

  85. This is why Scientology Inc is defined as a CULT.
    Look at the conduct of above video.
    Are these not CULTISTS.
    Whp is their right man carries on like this ?
    Stalking, ambushing hurling insults on federal property where Government cameras record it all, all in the middle of a trial in Texas on the very same behavior.
    Here is the earlier similar ambush of Marty at LAX Los Angeles Airport by 3 “OT 8s” Marianne and Izzy Chait and the infamous squirrel buster lunatic John Allender (a true example of OT 8 lunacy)

  86. Such an obvious lack of social skills those guys demonstrate! Too bad for them that they think LRH has all the answers. That “always attack” bull shit is so immature and so far from the truth that it isn’t even funny.. And what a potty mouth on that Jennie. Am glad to see Marc Jager is out of the Hole, at least that day. And they just happen to be at the airport when Marty was. Still tapping your email and/or phone or something, Marty? So sad, so petty, so ugly.

  87. Marty had the stronger frame and deep down they knew it. All he needed to do was observe and film them.

  88. It’s been a while since I last saw Dave Bloomberg but I’d never had known it was him – he looks so cadaverous now. He was a tall, beefy guy when I knew him, years younger than me. Now he looks like absolute crap.

    The gleeful trio really failed on an epic level. The world now knows what being part of the senior exec structure of $cientology does to you.

    This is a footbullet of planet-buster status. You did well in the face of that blithering insanity, Marty. These are husks of the folk I knew, but they’re still capable of inflicting great hurt in their fanatical crusade.

  89. Somehow… this is reminiscent of watching a guy’s ex walk up to him in public and make a scene about how he’s scum, means nothing to her any more, never did anyway, is a complete loser and that she’s so glad she’s moved on and is so much happier in her life now he’s no longer in it.

    I wonder: is this the final product of scientology or sociopathic programming or both?

    Either way, I do hope it’s useful in court. I am also sorry you have had to put up with this for so long. Scientology is such a toxic stigma that I feel this type of behaviour stains even the reputations of former members – please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I look forward to your next posts.

  90. Kathleen Orem

    Nice to se you attacking the part of Scientology that is evil instead of the Tech..

  91. DM is just begging you to put “his ethics in” via his Ministers of Hate.
    Reverse vector criminal mind all the way…

  92. Couldn’t it be that someone from OSA (PI, public Scientologist etc.) was somewhere out of sight but close enough to film the entire scene (as evidence in case you did so much as touch one of them to prove violence etc.)? They have done it in the past.

    The security cameras of that airport would have to have that person “on camera”. If so and the link between such a (known?) person and OSA could be established, it would obviously prove intent to harass (fair game) you and any plea that it was just an “accidental encounter” would fall apart and David Miscavige would be a good step closer to the witness stand.

    I do hope but would imagine that the authorities of that airport will be more than willing to help out.

  93. Martin Padfield

    Were these guys en route back from the IAS event? It MAY have been a coincidence rather than an ambush? In any event if anyone wanted a good demonstration of Stockholm Syndrome, there it is. Yager is well known for having been a favourite target of DM’s sadism and hazing. Can’t be bothered to find the links but the’re all out there.

  94. I just saw different faces of David Miscavige there. These people are long gone. Scary!

  95. Homeless people in good clothes!

  96. … and hypnotized!

  97. Mike, Good observation!

  98. IF no one gives a crap why Jenny are you here?

  99. I don’t care what they look like. Look at the products. I look like that and I have not any harm to others.

  100. Well, there goes your proof as far as scientologists having a teenage mentality. My 8 year old is more articulate.

    Agree with others about the arrogance, or possibly just stupidity. You’re in the middle of a legal case, inter alia, about harassment, so OF COURSE you decide it would be a great idea to, um, spread a bit more harassment.

  101. Dan, I am grateful I got out. It was Jenny on the 14th of June 1996 on her ‘high and mighty’ GI mission that sent me on the way. Thank you Jenny Linson. I knew her mom and dad. Nice donation that was. She is a good girl, just severely brainwashed. Thanks for the exposer.

  102. Halloween is approaching!

  103. This a demonstration of Hubbard’s concept of thetan (static = individuality = individual = unmoved mover = God).

    It seems like the more individual one is, the more isolated and insane one gets.

  104. “3. The woman is Jenny Linson Devocht. She is a close personal aide to David Miscavige – the self-proclaimed pope of scientology. She is also an intimate friend of Miscavige.”

    She is also an intimate friend of Miscavige? LOL!

  105. The second video clip???

  106. Me too ~ “If this is your last blog entry, please know that I have sincerely and deeply appreciated everything you have shared, and that I wish the best for you and your family.”
    Cece says thank you too.

  107. Thank you Mike and yours for backing up Marty.

  108. ” I truly feel sad for them. Their selves and their self-determinism have been stripped.” Yes. Sad.

  109. Ex Int Staff Member

    I actually pity these people for the creatures they’ve become. I’ve seen the positive side of each of them and it is sad to see how the good in these beings has been squashed and perverted. Just awful to see. This is not to lessen the effects that the evil whom they work for has had on Marty and his family.

  110. I have always been amazed at seeing decent individuals like Guillaume and Yager behaving publicly in so out-of-character a manner.

    The seems to be worse than any brainwashing under communism.

  111. Good observation about the axioms of Scientology.

  112. Good observation!

  113. They seem to be releived at getting some response out of Marty!

  114. With that logic, are there any people in US Govt who should be in jail?

  115. So many outpoints to shake a stick at!

  116. Wow, They’re so pathetic. Talk about embarrassment!!!

  117. On a more compassionate note – I doubt there is anyone here who would willingly trade places with trio. I hope they escape David Miscavige’s thrall.

    I will also add that to me, this video has an unreal quality. To quote Tori Amos in Cornflake Girl:
    “This is not really happening”
    “You bet your life it is.”

  118. The 3 DB´S are in a condition of CONFUSION.

  119. Wow. So much anger. I will pray that they find peace outside of all that anger. Marty, you and Monique hang in there. Miss you in our neck of the bay.Come hang when you can. The club is getting all new insides! —Page

  120. All I can say is “wow.” Amazing to me how stupid these people are. Marty you did an EXCELLENT job of handling the situation.
    And what she kept repeating in her gross antagonistic tone was SO FALSE.
    Although, I don’t always agree with you, you’ve done an AMAZING job over the last 5 years revealing the human rights violations of the church.
    There are so many people that do care to know the insanity that has been hidden from us. I thank you for all you have done.

  121. Very interesting!

  122. DM is probably sitting in his office holding to the metal pole to discharge himself.

  123. Pingback: Delusion Reigns

  124. Markthehungarian

    What the hell are they thinking? Are they thinking at all?

    Did you turn to the passengers watching and say “this is what the Church of Scientology produces today!”

    Kudos on staying cool as a cucumber in spite of being harrassed by three batshit crazy loons. David Miscavige must be so proud of these people, some of the highest ranking “executives” in the Church of Scientology.


  125. It is sad, in every respects. ….. so much indoctrinated hate, so much “enemy think” … it is so far from the truth that we are all bound together and not just separate “thetans”. And of course it is set up. If they would really want Marty to “stop suppressive acts” they could have just TALKED TO HIM. Here is no intention to solve the matter. It is just meant as an attack. And actually this is sad. I hope in the future (whenever this is) there will be a time where those 3 can live without so much hate … and who knows? Maybe there will be a time where Mark Yager is out and drinking a coffee with Marthy talking about old times when the were both still in and live was a bit crazy … 🙂

  126. Cooper J Kessel

    I think Jenny likes you Mike. She was able to generate a smile at your comment to “move on please”.

  127. Mary Blackford

    I agree with your observations, FOT. That’s what I thought, too: repetitive, implant-type statements, robotic, no originality. These folks look awfully tired, hollow-eyed, nearly gleeful, and yeah, like zombies! They dramatized by repeating “party line” propaganda over and over to Marty, as if calling names over and over would make it true! Like mean little 1st grader bullies! Nice work, Marty, on requesting they leave (which they did, and right quick, too).

  128. Like it. Doesn’t it also follow that ‘God’ is insane?
    (I mean no disrespect to anyone.)

  129. OMG! These people look insane. They seem to come out of one of North Korean political reeducation camps.
    This is what happens when brainwashing techniques are applied to “religious” workers.
    Very sad and very scary. People need to wake up to what Scientology can actually do to a person.

  130. They were frightened. I saw that look and body language while protesting.

  131. Wow. I missed the “just end it” line. In American English, if you wanted someone to quit an action, you would say “just stop it.” When you say “just end it,” that carries a harsher message even in plain English. And in Scientology, it could mean “end cycle” — in other words, commit suicide.

    I’ve already commented that this confrontation was violent communication. With a command to “just end it” in there, wow.

    They may claim their behavior is protected free speech and religious freedom. I think it is bullying and harassment. Here is a definition of bullying from

    “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.”

    What we saw those spiritually enlightened “Clears” and “OTs” doing in Marty’s video would have resulted in expulsion from K-12, student conduct and then probably expulsion from a college or university, and is expressly criminal in states that have anti-bully laws.

    I sincerely hope the video is useful for Marty and Monique in court.

  132. Death by cop. Maybe this is one of the things Hubbard did correctly intuit: Most people are good inside, deep down. Some part of them may still recognize how screwed up they are now with evil intentions toward others, and may want someone sane make them stop (not end cycle on their lives, just stop being nutty, violent *ssh*les).

  133. Good point, Sara. Miscavige now may have to explain how his top lieutenants are _not_ reflecting his views and orders — which would make him seem like an incompetent leader and liar (which he is, but anyway).

    Or he admits that they are reflecting his actions or orders, and did not go rogue on him. In which case he concedes a lot of what has been argued about him being a cruel and manipulative assaulter of the lives and bodies of others (which he is, but anyway).

    The problem with Miscavige is Miscavige. Wherever he goes, there he still is.

  134. To me the semitic God is a creation of the human mind. There are other definitions of God too.

    But God as a “being” is a creation of the Human-Centric Fixation

  135. That “world without insanity” thingy sure hasn’t worked out so well……

  136. Indeed. Two men and one woman in uniform just “happened” to be flying with one tiny piece of luggage, a briefcase and a video camera when they bumped into Marty and spontaneously siezed the opportunity to make fools of themselves.

  137. Oy, let it rest for a day. You can start up again tomorrow.

  138. Or headed to The management conference coming up.

  139. As my mother drily remarked when I told her about this, “Desperate times require desperate measures.”

  140. Imagine if these people were running the world. The quote about “a boot, stamping a human face…forever” (1984?) comes to mind.

  141. You know how this would have gone down: DM screaming on a conference call in his typical Philly broken English about how everything is going wrong and on top of it all, “…you muther f**kers won’t do anything to getting ethics in. How come I know Marty’s in Los Angeles right now and will be leaving tomorrow at 5:30 pm? Why is it I know his every move but you don’t. Cause I’m on post! Because you make it my job and you make it mine. You leave EVERYTHING up to me. Even the Squirrel Busters were not that. Those lobotomies couldn’t tie their own shoes, but they did it. Their job: put on the pressure, same as you. But you WON’T go down there and lift a finger to put in ethics. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED. But I can.”

    Then Yager or Jenny would have spoken up (not Bloomberg) and said, “Yes Sir, no Sir, we can and we will do something about it right away. We’ll go down and kick Marty Rathbun’s ass…”

    DM: “NO YOU WON’T! No. Why? You don’t get it. Because you let HIM kick your ass, and then you can call the cops and it’s over. You go to the dentist. He goes to jail. You push the buttons, that’s what you do. Witnesses. ‘Pathetic. You’re nothing. You create no effect. Nobody gives a fuck about you. You’re an embarrassment.’ — you get right in his face, 3 on 1. Intimidate. ‘Committing suppressive acts full time! Nobody notices you’re gone! Nobody! Wow. Why don’t you do something with your life? Do anything?”

    Then all three would have been, “Yes Sir. Sir, that’s brilliant. We’ll get down there immediately and confront him.”

    DM: “Yager, if you don’t get him to smack you — Bloomberg, you run the video. If you don’t get him to smack you, guess who is going to smack you when I get back about 500 times harder?”

    MY: “You Sir.”

    DM: “No, everybody in the hole gets a free punch. Then me.”

    Transcripts of the meeting would have been printed within 30 minutes, with a 5-hour deadline for immediate compliance. They drill and rehearse for 2 hours. Bloomberg holds the camera — who carries a big video camera around these days? Every phone has great video now. But no, Brownberg just happens to have a large camera in his pocket so he could video… what? The inside of LAX? Funny, I knew him for years. Never saw him carry a camera.

    With their authorized statements memorized and rehearsed, they all go down, Yager does his best — he is a natural leerer you have to give him that. But when Marty counters with “Would you people please move on.” They all laugh, why? That was one of the very lines one of their coaches gave them while they were rehearsing. And they probably commented on it. So when Marty repeated the very same line, they laughed because it was funny in that context.

  142. I forgot how staggering this was when I watched it — a couple of years ago.

    Seeing Iz and Maryann who I knew fairly well was … well … heartbreaking.
    Especially Izzie — you can SEE that he was taken aback and yet OF COURSE he cannot leave. Too many familial secrets.

    And ONCE AGAIN — Marty maintained 100% integrity and said zip, nada, that could or would hurt the Chaits.

    AND this most recent ambush … in LAX …

    What struck me was the deep resonance I heard in Marty’s voice … OK so I’m a bit “out there” but hey … what can you expect from a former hippie, SO member, OT VIII etc …

    Marty did not have an ounce of hate, aggression or condensation towards the 3 who ambushed him.

    In fact, I would ALMOST venture to say … he had a deep all-knowing love of them — knowing that their suffering was VAST and on going.

    When fellow human beings are suffering … whether in the airport at LAX, the streets of NYC, the shanty towns of Liberia, the back hills of West Virginia, the compound of Hemet … IF we open our hearts, IF we listen to our bodies, IF we SEE the interconnectedness of all beings …

    One can only — as a take-away — recognize how important Marty’s work is, Karen’s work, Mike Rinder’s and some others BECAUSE bit by bit this deeply encrusted body of HATE is starting to crack.

    AND resources can be then used to help others …


  143. Marty, I really admire the way you handled these tortured souls. Although, we’ve had our disagreements, I am grateful for the help your blog has been to me during a time when many of my stable data became unhinged. I wish you all the best.

  144. I only saw the next one, Mosey’s maternity ward. It was a great antidote to the earlier video. I thought it was your reply.

  145. Or a scientology Cerberus.

  146. The Hole does not exist!

  147. spyrosillusionist

    I am personally with the idea that both Marty and FZers and me and the Church and others should move on freely with what they want.

    If my friend chooses to believe that I’m SP and thus disconnect, fine. Yes, you might want to throw bricks at me for saying it, but they are free to chose their paths in life –even if that means that.

    Marty’s and the COS’s and and mine others dirty laundry -imaginary or not- is not my business nor anybody else’s. This is a bullshit game pointing out wrongs in each other, not knowing this will never end like without casualties. And as SCNists know, in SCN pointing out another’s overts -imaginary or not- means own overts.

    I am personally no longer interested in the topic as I think if SCNists knew their tech could handle things, they would handle such situations in session. Obviously, and as has been told to me, action is greater than sessions, and not-isness brings about the as-isness of problems. And also create antagonist with evil SPs. Maybe after Class 78 you will realize what service fac means. I’m not patient enough to wait. I’m on a different path.

    Happy clearing the universe.

  148. Dm is very concerned about something Marty is doing or about to do. There are a few ongoing activities that could have precipitated this “casual” airport meeting, his wife’s ongoing case, his notice on his blog of soon to be released information or others I don’t know about. This doesn’t seem to fit into the continued harassment for harassment’s sake of the past. This has all the appearance of a desperation move on somebody’s part.

    As a side note isn’t Allender embarrassed to know he is on the cover of Marty’s first book appearing as the buffoon for Scientology?

  149. Same reaction you’ll get when ex-Mormons, ex-Amish, ex-any religion, ex-any other organizations meet with those still in. They’re disappointed of each other. If there is no violence as cutting off beards etc, the best is to accept other opinions and move on.

    LA airport is a big place where all kinds of people run into each other. It is a stronghold of Scientology, so you should expect Scientologists there all the time.

  150. Julles: Right On, I’ve always wondered why the word Love is so rarely encountered in Scientology. I looked for it in TWTH but I think it was hardly mentioned. Maybe someone who was inside has comments on whether love has any importance in the religion?

  151. spyrosillusionist

    Sorry for generalizing with ‘SCNists’. It applies where it applies.

  152. it Makes no sense. A bunch of gratuitous remarks , what on earth are they thinking besides what we know as the obvious.
    this woman is scary.

  153. You must have missed #4: Love and help children.

  154. I know.
    In your equation (static = individuality = individual = unmoved mover = god) it is not clear which ‘god’ you mean. The most used concept is that of the christian god, i.e. the almighty one in heaven. But as he is surrounded with angels and fortunate mortels you made it into heaven, he is not isolated.
    So I thought you had another concept of ‘god’ in mind. Which one? Are you sure the word ‘god’ is in the right place here?

  155. Me too. Had the same thought. Guess we are not that far gone Brian 🙂

  156. Whenever God is looked upon as a “Being” the above equation applies.

  157. There should be a law against mind rape, soul rape its called ~ it will come into the future which we are 🙂

  158. Embarrassing, pathetic and when you know the backstory,
    a bit morbidly funny.
    Lots of fodder for the court case(s).
    Thumbs up for keeping your cool Marty! I suspect many of
    us would have erupted.

  159. Perfect wavelength.

    The man can sing!

  160. Not-isness brings about is-ness. If you turn away from
    what is there, like not acknowledging it as it is, it will just
    stay there. It could also alter it but not make it go away.
    If the church and its lawers saw exactly what they have
    done and are doing and all its ramifications, then
    their problems would theoretically go away. They of course
    would also alter their future actions.

  161. Cal_i_wog (yep, still here)


    That, Marty, was your parting gift.

  162. Cal_i_wog (yep, still here)

    Er, the encounter with the parrots was your parting gift. Not my hysterical laughter.

  163. Am I right in thinking that this equation is in fact based on Hubbard’s philosophy? Anyhow, imho the equation is faulty. The ‘=’ does not apply. It goes against basic logic. An individual is not the same thing as ‘individuality’. A static is not God. etc. (We do not even know if a static exists, I mean ‘static’ as a noun that is. If this is Hubbard’s way of reasoning, than it is faulty.
    Anyhow, I did not want to start a lengthy discussion on the meaning of words.

  164. Mark and Mosey Rathbun, I applaud your vigor and strenght:

    I will be there for you without all the intelectual chitchat

  165. Can you post it here? The dear one~ please Eileen?

  166. Yes he did all to you what he accused others of. Learn this lecture well. I is the most Important Lecture L Ron Hubbard has ever given. If you do not get this than you are pretty much lost forever. Or a Morron.

  167. Wow…Jenny is like…like I would imagine the dog of Emperor Pallantine, from Star Wars… Barking insane insults, spewing saliva and drooling whilst trying not to pee on herself… Nipping at your heels, then running away, then thinking that maybe she wasn’t viscous enough (maybe Master will cudgel me for not being mean enough?) and circling back for another chance to hurl more stupid, childish insults…then its off again, scuttling away, like a 5 legged spider, only to relive the past beatings (or the electro-shock thingy he sends from his fingers) from Master and so its another “attack” repeating the same self depreciating stupidities… Then its back home to fawn and grovel, “Yes, I was a Good Dog! Can I have another treat?” Time for a new show: “Its always Sunny in Scientology! :)”

  168. If you can’t see the outpoint, if you can justify this kind of stalking and verbal abuse, that means you are willing to have it happen to you. As you are willing for others to do it to others.

    And it will happen to you.. Everything you contribute to becomes part of your own reckoning. This is how we create our future.

  169. Sara, you are right. It is not a mathematical equation, but an effort by Hubbard to make a hypnotic association with an earlier hypnotic association.

  170. Generalizing too much, and ignoring the outpoints in this situation.

  171. I saw a saying recently, “Some people can suck the nice right out of you”.

    Really gave me a new view on what happens when people erupt. I always thought if I had the chance to stand in front of Jenny Linson I would make it a moment of redemption for all of the people I watched her torture and humiliate. She didn’t just get like this. She was ALWAYS like this. In this life anyway.

    But seeing her in this video, so “gone”, really quite insane and it really shows when she is in a public place, it is the same as seeing a rabid dog foaming at the mouth. You just want to stand back and look away.

    If someone told me right now I could save this planet, every man woman and child on it, if I would just be willing to inherit her karma, I’m afraid everyone would see what a real coward and let down I can be at certain times.

  172. Joe Pendleton

    Yager and Jenny are now actually mentally ill and quite degraded spiritually. They are poster children on how the “Scientology experience” quite often results in the exact opposite of its original stated goals and promises. Calling them “pathetic” would be complimenting them. They are the face of Scientology that needs to be shown to the public as often as possible. Thank you Davey.

  173. No man is an island.

  174. Yeah, it’s at 1:00 on the video. It a request for him to put an end to his life and start a new life.

    She will “save this planet” if it means she has to get rid of every man woman and child on it.

    This is the spooky part of the cult.

  175. Hello David Miscavige Wannabee

  176. Konny,
    LA is a ‘stronghold’…….meaning what, there are a few thousand Scientologists? Who happen to walk around airports with a video camera? And who yell at someone that “nobody gives a fu&@ about” them? And that “no one cares that they are gone”
    I have run into many people from my past that I know are no longer practicing the faith in which we were raised and never once did I tell the other person that they were ‘nothing’. I also never videotaped any of them.
    Cmon… this why you joined Scientology? Do you agree that this is a proper use of the money for which you are constantly hounded? It’s absolutely hilarious for them to tell Marty that no one cares he is gone……so why were they following him? This is the ‘leadership’ of your church. It’s absolutely embarrassing.

  177. Note: Not on the video of the Scientology witch, the video Marty posted of the ambush.

  178. I know a large number of Mormons. Perhaps in some areas they practice disconnection but I’ve never seen it myself. I have witnessed two families where several of the children left the church (one when on to drugs) and the parents and other children continued to associate and love their brothers and children.

    Compairing what I’ve witnessed in the Mormon church to what I’ve witnessed in the Co$ is not even vaguely appropriate. Makes you look very much like a garden variety troll.

  179. If they were coming back from the UK, they would be in the international terminal and probably would have more than one bag. The woman should have a purse at least.

  180. spyrosillusionist

    I hope you understand I was being ironic about ‘not-isness bringing about as-isness’. I meant through fighting one not-isness, doesn’t as-is, and it doesn’t go away.

    To reflect and coax somebody to see what he is doing -with his will- is one thing. To hold him accountable for and seek to punish him, as in the case of showing his O/Ws or alleged O/Ws around and discredit him, is another. That is war, not-isness of a person, and it doesn’t bring about any cognitions that I know. If it doesn’t bring about cognitions to him, but it bring about cognitions to others that might be under his influence, then good –the greatest good. I think in the case of the COS people, they don’t even get to read from others, though.

    I don’t mean to allow others to step on you nor on your beloved ones. But what is that criticism of that woman (I don’t even know her) about her sleeplessness etc. So, she chose to be there and be sleepless. It’s her problem or her joy. And she doesn’t look bad, anyway. Maybe she was put to do that etc So what now. She says she is saving the world. Pushing back at her, especially with derogatory remarks wont help her see any light. That’s more wood in the fire or more disconnection.

    I’ve done that too, alright, in my life. But I don’t think it works out well. It takes some positive affinity, letting the person be (granting beingness), to see some light, me thinks. Even long years after I left the COS, I don’t appreciate how people raised hell to force me leave the COS. Guys, it’s up to me to decide, chill. So, I fell on my head, and left 😛

  181. Thanks for taking the video and posting it, Mark. Personally, I still feel that the more exposure these guys get, the better off they and their intended victims will be.

    I think they are really pissed off at you, Mark. I also think there is a real sadness behind the facade.

    Just my opinion, of course, but I think they are pissed because you get to go home to a lovely wife and child and they have to face miscavige.

    They are pissed because you can do whatever you like with your days and evenings and they are forced to continue pretending to be saving the planet, even though they must surely know they are just pretending.

    They are pissed because you and Mike et al are exposing all their very dirty little secrets instead of just letting them get on with their pretended help.

    They are pissed because they are forced to confront you like this, knowing full well they are lying through their teeth and your truth is staring right back at them, making them feel degraded.

    They are terrified because they think they are facing another billion years of this degrading shit.

    They are hurt because they actually look up to you and dearly wish you could somehow save them from their torture.

    There was a little bit of spit and a few sleazy leers, but there really was zero actual intention behind any of their words. Foggy, out of present time and disingenuous. Spurred on by their fear of miscavige’s wrath, not by any real desire of their own to be there and utter their inane comments.

    Then again, maybe Jenny really gets off on it.

  182. Thank you for that Les. So true. There is no comparing Scientology to other “religions”.

    Most of the people in that place and some coming out, actually need to attend bible school.

    The ten commandments are good social policy and all of our laws are built on them.

    Yet you see the church and it’s flock willing to “bear false witness” through perjury. In no way do they treat others as they themselves would want to be treated. The fraud and embezzlement is equivalent to stealing.

    Honour thy father and thy mother is a total farce in Scientology. If no thetan is ever the parent of another thetan, then no thetan is really Chairman of the Board either.

    Thou shalt not kill. Revised by the Fair game laws.

    Thou shalt not steal .

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour .

    Thou shalt not covet (neighbor’s house)
    Thou shalt not covet (neighbor’s wife)
    Thou shalt not covet (neighbor’s servants, animals, or anything else

    The Church does covet your home if it has equity.
    The Church does covet your wife if she is a prospect for a donation or a potential Sea Org recruit.
    The Church will covet whatever you have that they can take for their own resources because as much as they hate this prison planet, all of the wogs and DB’s on it, they are dependent upon all of it to keep their lights on, a roof over their head and food in their stomachs. They are totally dependent upon everything they condemn.

    And the fact that they are required by ethics to NOT comply with the demands of civil law, which are based upon the ten commandments, makes it an anti religious group.

    Anyone comparing the C of S with other religions is a willing volunteer in anti religious campaign.

    These people missed bible class. And a basic education in social studies.

  183. Me thinks he is in England holding onto another kind of pole.

    He is truly, star struck. His Achilles heel is Tom Cruise. Servants, slaves, soldiers, petty wars, yes men, and fine dining. Real estate. Big bucks and boy toys.

    At the end of the day he personifies everything the planet promises and has to offer. He is “woggiest wog” at the top of the heap.

  184. spyrosillusionist

    Does that mean nobody is alone?

  185. Look at their own population’s survival potential.

    They have managed to create more S.P.’s than clears.

    Nobody is a finished product. That means there has never been a finished product form the Church. According to David Miscavige.

    Why would you want or need be part of a group that has no finished product? That makes more SP’s than clears? That creates enemies with the Internet now, at about one per every three minutes consdiering the size of the planet , or something close to that would be my guess. That is now in the business of selling status and identities, the most holy and valuable one featured in this video.

  186. Konny, The chances of running into an ex-scientologist at LAX are way higher. Scientologist’s don’t have the money to travel and there are just a handful left in LA – most of which are “under the radar” afraid to speak out.

    Miss potty-mouth hasn’t changed a bit. She was always like that when ever she would talk to me back in the 90s. Anyone who’s met her will agree. I don’t care if she get’s any sleep. Clearly broken her habit of calling people names and making sure you hear it over and over and over. She even walks back to repeat what she’s already said – in direct contradiction to what shes spewing. Nobody Cares? It’s obvious you do Jenny. The boss isn’t going to want to sleep with her anymore if she doesn’t keep repeating insults like she was taught.

    Mark needs to see a Dentist and get those teeth looked at. I nearly lost all my teeth in the SO. Was only sent to the dentist when I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. Clove oil was my friend for years. Can’t take Tylenol or anything for pain because “they’re drugs” and make you un-sessionable. Meaning you cant get a meter check or sec-check if you’ve taken them.

    Bloomberg was staff at ASI the last time we spoke. We had a nice conversation about LRH’s book “Revolt in the Stars” and how it was “an incredible story”. There were rumors among staff that it was going to be made into a feature film. This story was released to Scientologists as OT3 years earlier. LRH even planted a seed in RJ67 “The Wall of Fire” making most Scientologist believe that if you were to read the materials of OT3 without properly following the steps of OT3, you could get seriously injured or even die, just byreading the story.

    Perfectly safe to read and easily found on the internet. But not “incredible” as Bloomberg claimed.

  187. She does. This could be a video promotion for “Jenny the dominatrix” on an adult channel.

    David fair gamed his own “loyal officers” by sending them out to do this. They can’t even see it.

    That is how much darker he is. And this is karma in harmony with people’s special needs.

  188. Maybe an insane totally absorbed in or her mental universe oblivious of anybody else is closest to being alone.

    If you are connected to reality you are not alone.

  189. Her message here is EXACTLY what has been parroted by the KSW’s on Marty.

    This is it.

  190. Discussing = attack. When did you first get that idea in your head? Like, the exact date and location?

  191. spyrosillusionist

    And as for the court case and it’s implications, I don’t know what is right or wrong. I’m sorry for what happened to Marty and his wife. I hope it will no longer happen. I understand the court case is to stop that. I don’t have any desire for the COS to be punished either, nor do I think it’s members will do better because of it. I was thoroughly pissed too, because of some past incidents, that there is no point to pound again. Bottom line is, after I left, nothing happened to me, maybe because I’m not any famous figure or maybe because I don’t try to change what happened 2500 years ago, anymore.

    The COS has been harsh to it’s critics, and critics constantly pound at the COS too and SCN in general. But I think it should end at some point. I really dislike those webpages about how bad a SCN critic is as much as I dislike anti-LRH pages, that aim to ridicule and discredit them. If we are all to do that for whomever we think is wrong on the field of religion, business, politics, philosophy this and that, we will do nothing else.

    I would let people drive themselves and make the right decisions themselves, while still caring, and not disconnecting, as much as possible. Maybe it sounds a bit too utopic, maybe I wont make it all the way, but it’s what I want.

    Anyway, I wish you all well.

  192. This incident could be called, “Commander “Loyal” officer David Miscavige, fair games his top Lieutenants via mission orders”.

    And the media frenzy is just beginning.

  193. Ouch!


    Oh Yes! And these are top Scientologists of the Church that Clearwater should be working with!

  194. I wasn’t talking about excommunication, LDW, just about that encounter. I don’t know any of those three people in LAX, but to me as an outsider, that event is insignificant. People say unfriendly things to each other all the time. When Mark told them to leave, they did. That matters.

  195. Lord Xenu can fuck off for all i care lmao

  196. John C. Randolph

    You know Marty, I remember when you were one of the people harassing critics like Keith Henson, Arnie Lerma, and Grady Ward. I’m glad you came to your senses and left Elron’s lousy little criminal nut cult.

    I can’t help but notice that back in the day, this kind of shit was carried out by low-level minions. I guess Davey is kind of short of followers these days, eh?

    Take care, and congratulations on your escape.


  197. I wonder why some people think in terms of punishment. I just want rationality and absence of outpoints (inconsistencies).

  198. vinaire,
    Your equation does make sense
    ” (static = individuality = individual = unmoved mover = God).”

    It can also be used to explain why Hubbard thought of himself as the teacher of the historical Buddha and as Metteyya, the future Buddha.
    Hubbard claimed that the Buddha exteriorized during his enlightenment which is false. Here Hubbard is following your equation – from static to individuality to God. Now Gods in Theravada are impermanent. Hubbard had to get aroung that with the unmoved mover. Hubbard missed also the entire concept of the mind in that he had it confused with the engarm and the computer analogy.
    You could add this, if you desire, to detail Scientology:

    (static = individuality = agitated mind = individual)

    I found this quotation from the Vimana Vatthu 50:15 which hints at this error that Hubbard made. It sort of explains why the thetan is useless as a concept and why OT powers are only an illusion:

    “Supra-normal powers in higher mediation like a lion
    with his mind not gone outside itself, the Buddha
    opens the whole of the territory.
    The highest excellent Buddha is he certainly”

    These top management exectutives in Scientology need to get
    real and get off the illusion. It is high time the courts open their eyes to
    one of the biggest scams of the century.

  199. oops,
    Noticed two typos.
    Now Gods in Theravada are impermanent. Hubbard had to get around that with the unmoved mover. Hubbard missed also the entire concept of the mind in that he had it confused with the engram and the computer analogy.

  200. Wow. I knew all three of these people.

    I admired them for being beautiful, handsome, sharp and focused.

    Jenny was nice enough to include me in a small party of Messengers that got to see Ferris Beuller’s Day Off in a special showing in Westwood when it released. Her dad produced it. Is he still alive? She had just arrived and was friends with Sam (?). Can’t remember her last name. Sam’s dad was a rich guy with come sort of controversial 2d history.

    Marc Yeager as CO had the coolest office ever…all electronically fitted with the greatest sound system ever. He was kind to me, but tough. I was a scared 15 year old shot up to CMOI with no friends or family. In hindsight, he was in way over his head with responsibilities as a CO.

    I remember Bloomberg as this gigantic being of HANDSOMENESS. He was like a skyscraper to me. He was tough but respected because I thought he was one of the best producers at ASI.

    I cannot believe what I just saw. They look sickly. Maniacal. Scared. Grasping for things to say to be mean. Silence was the right thing to do.

    No one person or group has the answers to happiness. No one has a perfect life. But WHO CARES. I find my own happiness in things that make me happy. It’s not complicated.

    Try being nice to one another. It feels very peaceful at the end of the day when you drift off to sleep.

    And, as always, we each get up in the morning and put our pants on just like everybody else.

    We all could use more cowbell though!

  201. I have been reading all the comments and I’m still trying to get my mental mitts around what good Miscavige was thinking this accidental on purpose ambush of Marty would do, and I can only think of it being a last ditch bullbait to get an assault rap on Marty, or, what, someone posted earlier, that Miscavige is actually intending to throw these three top execs under the bus, to deny that he ever ordered this, to characterize them as crazy rogues with everything that’s wrong with Scientology including the Squirrel Busters being their fault. Honestly, I can’t imagine how using this ploy could be considered a possible helpful light to the cult. In any event, Marty, you were perfect! Kudos to you, and even more strength, power and love flowed to you and your beautiful wife and son. I know you are going to win, and win big.

  202. spyrosillusionist

    No problem with debating ideas. Problem with discussing what color the toilet paper somebody used was, what his ancestors had done in their lives, what his affairs with his wives were and etc in order to discard him and consequently all his ideas. Among other things, those are irrelevant things.

  203. The youtube video already has 11,841 views in less than 12 hours?

    Jenny Linson “used the camera” on Anderson Cooper to lie to millions of television viewers. To degrade and humiliate others, to spread illusion, not truth. To cover up domestic abuse and domestic terrorism.

    This is her “decent life”.

    Now the camera, dismayed with being used as a harmful and deceitful tool, coveys a higher truth.

    You see how you can put the same tool in different hands , and have either illusion and abuse, or vital information and truth, conveyed by it’s use?

  204. Human awareness is much more sophisticated awareness than that of light. Light is very simple motion. Whereas, human awareness is much more complex motion. The evolution has been from simple motion toward more complex motion; or from simple awareness toward more complex awareness. Human awareness is much more complex than the awareness of a protozoa.

    Semitic religions assume very sophisticated awareness in the form of God, even before the beginning of evolution. This is altered sequence. It is the result of a human-centric fixation.

    There is no such assumption and outpoint of altered sequence in Eastern philosophy.

  205. Reality should be discussed as such without human-centric fixations and filters.

  206. spyrosillusionist

    Like some say “You’re dramatizing!”

  207. What rubbish that last sentence of your is.

    She’s batshit crazy, and her karma is not to know it, but to be the object lesson of what happens when one falls under the spell of charismatic violence.

    You, OTOH, seeing that insanity are wise and strong to avoid it, even *if* it was to be yours with the promise that you could ‘save the world’.. you’d end up just as disconnected from that internal self-actualization and most importantly, *realization* as she is. Hubris is a harsh master and it comes with a cost.

    This woman is how old, going on 17, like a spurned, angry girl? You’re stronger and better than you know for not wanting any part of her karma.. saving the world has f-all to do with this kind of teenaged behavior.


  208. Apparently what “matters” to you, is that people move on real fast and not discuss the very covert domestic abuse and domestic terrorism because “people say unfriendly things all the time..” so it is perfectly all right.

    What matters to you is actually a wide departure from acceptable social intercourse. Especially for an organization with a restraining order on it.
    Once again, refusing to comply with the demands of civil law.

    You might want to refer to the chart of awareness characteristics on the grade chart. CRIMINALITY is right there and that is where you are too, to be in the middle here justifying this social intercourse and violation of a restraining order due to DOMESTIC ABUSE and DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

    -28 Erosion
    -29 Dispersal
    -30 Disassociation
    -31 Criminality
    -32 Uncausing
    -33 Disconnection
    -34 Unexistence

    If you didn’t agree with all of it you would not be here working here as volunteer to keep it going. You have reasons of your own why it is perfectly O.K. to assault someone in a public place and try to re stimulate into them purposes of suicide.

    People like you, and the three people in the airport, are not being turned into clears and OTs by the Church of Scientology.

    You are being turned into CRIMINALS.

  209. spyrosillusionist

    In psychology and Dianetics there is much talk about sanity, but I’m a heretic. I believe in the holy ghost of ‘if they don’t harm, let them be’, and maybe also ‘if they harm, you don’t have to play along with them’ unless you’re that adventurous, that I think most of you are. It’s fun but I wan’t t be free, and war games feel sticky to me.

  210. Mark N. Roberts

    Cowbell said: “We all could use more cowbell though!”

    Mark says: “Roll Tide.”

    Few things display spiritual and physical ability combined like American football.

  211. 28,290 now about 30 minutes later……….. Holy Box Office!

  212. Hi Spyros! Nice to see you!

    And I admire you for stating your views without worrying about being politically correct. You make some very good points. 😛 🙂

  213. 34,186 ten minutes later. Lord have mercy!

  214. Emperor Palpatine…..sorry, must get our Star Wars correct!

  215. singanddanceall

    thanks for posting that Marty.

    I always wondered what the great scientology international management were doing, and their intelligence level.

    It’s quite unfortunate that the intelligence of this peeps have been reduced to following orders, command intention, without inspection, for real.

    There is only one thing I wished you would have done at the end when you told them to move along, which they did, (I guess you were more cause then they were, thumbs up),

    I wish you would have done a quick survey of the folks watching all this, and asked them some questions like

    Those were the top management of scientology, what do think about that?

    or, have you heard of scientology? That was scientology? What do you think about that?

    etc, etc

    I also understand hindsight is easy and being in the middle of this is not so easy to think with. And I am by no means a know it all.

    I certaintly hope you do not STFU and stop posting as that was the purpose of those three.

  216. #Jennysavingtheplanet#jennygettingethicsin#jennylivingadecentlife#jennyhelpingmankind#jennyunempoyablenowoutsideofthechurchofscientology.

  217. Spyro,
    Aside from his affairs with his wives and the other examples you give, what about when you discover that most everything a person said about himself is untrue. So that it could be said that person is a liar. Would you be inclined to believe anything that person says? Would you not discard the ideas of an inveterate liar and con-man?

  218. Start from here if it makes sense to you.
    An Analysis of Scientology Axiom # 1

  219. I’m got a gut feeling that Marc, Jenny and Dave will not be on anybody’s camera anymore, at least not as C of S execs. I think their days at C of S are done. I think they blew their wad there with Marty. And it wasn’t a very big wad. In fact Jenny was pretty potent in a dominatrix kind of way with Anderson Cooper and with others based on what I have seen and heard on the web. But she’s pretty dull now. The other two guys were just weird. It seems Miscavige likes to get people to do things that they will be severely embarrassed and humiliated by, based on what I’ve seen and read on Marty’s blog. I think these three will leave the church after this incident. I once had a drunk lady want to beat me up and she started hitting me. So I held my arms behind me and let her hit me about twenty times in my chest. She got tired and I told her to go home and go to bed. She said “OK”. A crowd of people watched me as that happened. Like Marty said, after they blew their wad, “Move along.” These three may end up on camera at some point as critics of the church. It’s just a gut feeling.

  220. My attempt at a transcription of the LAX encounter:

    0:01 MY: Works great doesn’t it? It makes you feel good. You know you could…you can actually get your ethics in Marty. That would be [sane?]

    0:09 JL: Stop committing suppressive acts, full time suppressive acts. full time. [inaudible]. Just end it. Go live a life. Why don’t you get a life, man. Just get a life. You’ve had zero effect, none. And nobody gives a fuck about you. That’s the truth.

    0:31 MY: Right. We are doing so well. So stinking well. You are standing afraid.

    0:34 JL: Nobody has even noticed you’re gone man.

    0:37 DB: Nobody… [inaudible] or […You’re not going to lose your throat]

    0:39 JL: You’re nothing. That’s the point. You’re nothing.

    0:42 MY: No comm cycle. Is that what you want?

    0:45 JL: Brilliant

    0:45 MY: No comm cycle

    0:46 JL: Your TRs are brilliant. Why don’t you just stop committing suppressive acts and live a real life. We need a…What’s he doing in LA anyway? What are you doing in LA? Why are you here?

    1:01 MY: What a pathetic individual. All you are is your camera.

    1:03 JL: Why don’t you just end it and start living a decent life and do something to help mankind. Cause you guys do nothing to help mankind. Between you [and] Mike it’s pathetic. You guys are embarrassing and pathetic. Pathetic. It’s disgusting and it’s all over your face and you look terrible.

    1:22 MY: Brilliant

    1:26 JL: [inaudible]…longer before a fight (not sure if this was JL)

    1:31 JL: Wow. He’s such a loser. It’s embarrassing. Why don’t you do something with your life. You’re an embarrassment. An embarrassment to the fact that you were ever, ever connected to us. You have zero facts.

    1:45 Marty: Could you people move on please?

    1:48 JL: [mild laughter]
    1:49 MY: That would be the [word that ?][inaudible]
    1:49 JL: That…[inaudible]
    1:51 MY: …We made a lot of progress

    1:54 JL: It’s unbelievable.Did you get…[inaudible]… Wow. Embarrassing, humiliating, disgusting. An absolute embarrassment that you were ever connected. You have no facts. Nobody cares. Nobody’s interested. You’ve done nothing. You have no… I mean some movement, it’s a God damned joke. No one gives a crap. OK?

    2:21 Marty: Can you move on please.

    2:21 JL: We’ve moved on. We have moved on and the church has been better…

  221. I need more cowbell too. I gotta have more cowbell, baby!!

  222. spyrosillusionist

    Hi. You are referring to LRH. I was thinking of references to LRH too, when I wrote it, but meant it in general.

    If I indeed discovered all that, then yes, indeed, I would think of him as a liar and wouldn’t be interested to spend any time reading/listening to him. Leave alone to believe him.

    If I discovered it while having what is called significant ‘wins’, ‘gains’, it would be confusing. I think a dishonest man could appear to steal some ideas from others to, in order to resell hem, but in action it wouldn’t work out well.

  223. spyrosillusionist

    Nice to see you too, Marildi. Thank you 🙂

    Marildi I have been into Christianity, atheism, COS SCN, some New Age, FZ SCN, SPT (other than just SP) and who knows what I will be tomorrow, if I take any part at all. And I have believed in and done regrettable things. But I’m still the same person though using different mindsets from time to time, and so they are. They are not their mindsets. I know that you know. So me and them have some common ground 😛

  224. spyrosillusionist

    When Reality speak to me, I shall do that.

  225. Right on! Those pro athletes are OT’s!

  226. All these U tube views of a church leader saying “fuck” and “g*ddamn”. Miscavige is putting the final nails in the C of S coffin as he directs this crap. It’s just as well as the sooner the church disappears the less people will be harmed. I guess Marty is “the anvil that breaks all hammers”. (copyright Mark Rathbun sometime a few years ago)

  227. spyrosillusionist

    I’ve read it before. I gave it a read again. The ‘A’ has confused me too, as it could imply something like A being. Well, this might be the greatest mystery of life and afterlife combined. I think it wouldn’t be constructive to offer opinions about the 8th dynamic, while I don’t know. But just like all good cognitions, it might be another that lies under our noses.

  228. Love what you say! But I think you would also agree that these people, or anyone, can’t just be allowed to harass others. Right?

    There’s a time and a place for everything. (To coin a phrase. LOL 😀 😛 )

  229. Well said, Oracle. “They have managed to create more S.P.’s than clears.” That says it all. (Especially since they have not created a single real clear that has been demonstrated objectively.)

    I was thinking that if Miscavige were smart in a sane way, he would have sent the trio to have their “meet cute” with Marty and they would have played nice — and taped it. They would have acted surprised, maybe a little uncomfortable. They might have said, “Hey, Marty. This is awkward. We know about all the legal stuff. But listen, we miss you and wish you the best. If you ever want to talk, give me a call. You’ve still got my number, right? Take care, man.”

    If they had done something like that, they would have helped Scientology legally, instead of shooting five toes off each of their own feet.

    The problem is they _can’t_ do what is logical, empathetic, stretegic, or sane. They can’t do it because that would be against policy. They must always attack and never defend. And once someone is an SP, that person is fair game. If you climbed into the Scientology sandbox and decided to play nice without sharp elbows with the SP kids, you would be an SP too.

    Their handling techniques don’t work. They have never produced a single proven Clear or OT (okay I guess for faith, but not for science), and they have arguably created more SPs than clears. Good stats!

  230. “Why don’t you just end it. And start living a decent life. And do something to help mankind.”

    Is more the way I heard it.

  231. Two hours later: #147169viewsonyoutubeofMartyRathbunthisonevideo#4000viewsofdavidmiscavigeatISAeventattendance#someonegivesafuckaboutmarty.

  232. spyrosillusionist

    Yes, that was my point too. Nobody should from neither side, from my perspective. But it occurred to me after I had written it that some want a more adventurous life and such philosophies might sound wimpy to them. Geir was explaining that the other day. They should be allowed to have it -those who want it- then. Those who don’t want it, should be allowed to have their peace, too. 🙂

  233. spyrosillusionist

    What’s wrong with free communication is you don’t hold on to considerations for long. You’re always wrong in the end 😦 😛

  234. “But it occurred to me after I had written it that some want a more adventurous life and such philosophies might sound wimpy to them.”

    Nah. Not wimpy. And you are being too generous. Yours is more the middle road. There’s been a lot of discussion about that here on Marty’s lately – but you’ve been MIA.:) Geir too! On his blog, I mean. You must be referring to something he wrote a while back.

  235. Ya lost me. 😦 😛

  236. Thanks for the extra punctuation. That changes everything.

  237. How absurd to say “You have no facts. Nobody cares. Nobody’s interested. You’ve done nothing..” Marty has had approx 400,000 You Tube views, and some 3 years ago he had clocked 2 million views on his blog. Jenny Linsen has the dubious reputation of being the most hated, darkest “exec” in all of Scientology. Her Mission to Los Angeles in the 90s is still called “The mission from hell” and this clown will die knowing she has left Planet Earth in worse shape than before she was born. A true Tiger.
    Marty’s YouTube channel.

  238. Mark N. Roberts

    Marildi said in response to my remark about foot ball.
    “Right on! Those pro athletes are OT’s!

    The complexity of thoughts and decisions that occur in milliseconds, followed by instant action, that is as good a definition of OT as any.

  239. spyrosillusionist

    Yes, I was indeed MIA with some problems. But I also felt too overrun on SCN and the related matters. And I felt like the world SCN was being overrun by me too 😛

    I checked out some Buddhist stuff and some others and I’m after something that looks good. And instead of seeing differences and separation I see much alignment, although not obvious. I’m amazed that such good stuff exists 😀 I had a different picture of Buddhism because I didn’t agree much with some Lhama friend of mine. But it seems it has a variety –many branches.

    I was referring to that post by Geir about a world without insanity, war etc. It’s been a while.

    What have you been up to?

  240. spyrosillusionist

    Comm can as-is stuff –such as considerations. Thus, I cannot hold on to my being ‘right’ about my considerations.

  241. Mark N. Roberts

    Strength takes many forms, and Marty seems to have them all.
    Iron ba**s and a gold heart. Few and far between.

  242. Mark N. Roberts

    “Homeless people in good clothes!”
    Good one, Vin.

  243. Am really sorry you had to go through that, Marty. Am proud that you held the high ground and filmed them for the world to see. What a dismal demonstration of the products of the Church. “Spiritually enlightened”, my foot. More like trapped.

  244. Chris Johnson

    The weird thing for me is how weak those Scientologists look. Thin, pasty, dazed and distracted. They’re not convincing at all. The bald guy looks like he might start crying. It’s pathetic.

    Those are some of the top people? Really? No wonder their empire is falling apart at the seams. Those people would never make it in the corporate world.

  245. The LAX ambush video ambushed and harassed by Scientology’s top management personnel in LAX Airport ( is trending on REDDIT
    with 4663 up votes and 3226 comments
    submitted 12 hours ago by MyNameIsJonny_


  246. Man, i actually feel sorry for them. They look like soulless zombies.
    How do so many scientologists reach this mental stage without realizing how pathetic they look?

  247. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Unbelievable straight up and vertical stats !
    In 4 Hour 175 000 more views .
    Thats 47x Expansion………
    Poor guys……

  248. Ex Int Staff Member

    What you did with the drunk lady is brilliant and reminds me of the Christian “turn the other cheek” maxim. Marty’s handling of the situation was perfect. He was obviously prepared to do exactly what he did in case such an encounter was to occur. He had camera in hand and was mentally prepared to just observe and record without adding himself to the situation. By just letting these people act out and not responding at all (except for a couple of polite requests to “move along”, they did all the damage to themselves. Marty never once attacked. They did all the attacking and only ended up harming themselves.

  249. I have modified it a bit recently.

  250. It’s all a farce as far as I know.

  251. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, has been trying to throw the Church of Scientology under the bus since RTC got mingled up in a legal situation. I’m sure none of the staff have been informed that he has been working to throw their Church under the bus.

    He might have set these staff up , Church staff, unbeknownst to them, to strengthen his argument that the courts in Texas should be going after the Church of Scientology and not him.

  252. 1:26 JL: [inaudible]…longer before a fight (not sure if this was JL)

    She mumbles something about a flight.

  253. Here is my recent realization about Eighth Dynamic.
    The Eighth Dynamic

  254. Do you think it will ever happen?

  255. An SP is a flag for the failure of tech.

  256. Friend of Bill's

    Wow. Now that is some scary shit. There but for the grace of God goes I. Those 3 have lost their way. And although many loose their way, not all will be able or willing to embrace the dark places and spaces which these 3 have done. Its creepy. They look like shit. And its a good reminder how weak and malleable humans can be. No one can get that juiced up with vindictiveness and vile unless they are controlled and aimed. What a waste of life.

  257. Linson acknowledged as senior executive in this new article.

  258. Ex Int Staff Member

    To correct one point, Marty said he was preparing to leave LA – he was not just getting off a plane with camera in hand. Nevertheless, he was prepared to video and just observe.

  259. Mark C. Rathbun

    More than 11 Million blog views.

  260. What sad people… They are very lost. I hope they find their way out as soon as possible. Their lives are filled with far too much pain and chaos.

  261. Pingback: Video: A top critic of Scientology is subjected to an “ambush” at Los Angeles Airport | c7c World

  262. TreasonousFu*k

    After watching this video I am no longer afraid of this organization. Just look at these people. If these people are the “end product” of lifetime involvement within this organization, who the hell would be attracted to such an organization? These people can’t see three feet outside of themselves. They were trying to push buttons that Marty may have had 10 years ago (that could potentially still be mildly restimulated due to being in that organization for so long).

    THESE are the people we’re supposed to be afraid of?? What a frickin joke!! Hey Jenny, you old shriveled up has-been, you’ve had less than “no effect”, you actually had reverse effect! You caused some of us to see for the first time that you are a complete joke and absolutely nothing to fear!

    I hope Monique uses this video in her lawsuit.

  263. Two points
    1. Per the tech Marty’s only terminal is IJC so the idiots ambushing him are violating their own tech.
    2. I hope the video is accepted into evidence in Monique’s case.

  264. Marc Yager. Highest ecclesiastical officer of scientology’s ‘mother church’ (church of scientology international). Watchdog Committee Chairman.

  265. One might reasonably ask if “no one cares” as JL claimed, why are they putting so much energy into harassing Marty?

  266. spyrosillusionist

    not while my perceptions can only perceive less than 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of it. Do you think anybody knows reality? So what is insane? Bitty arrogant I think. “You don’t see reality”. Well, do you?

  267. Firebreathing fr

    I feel so sad for them.
    I Only know Marc Yager. He Used to be a smart guy.
    What a shame.

  268. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Straight up and vertical:
    3600 comments about the Video on and over 1000 on you tube ….

  269. spyrosillusionist

    I haven’t read many references about 8D in SCN. But I remember it briefly being described as that which encompasses all that is and all that can be. I don’t think it can be contained within concepts. But maybe give a (false) vague picture. I have discarded all pictures I’ve had about it.

  270. Just insane. The midget is really falling off the cliff now.

  271. Karen, thank you for the link. ~ can I add this interesting tid bit? … because my 19+ years experience on staff died 15 minutes after Jenny met me in the elevator on the way to brief Cal (Cole AOLA Captain). It’s been renamed the masturbation mission I think 🙂 I don’t know that that is true.
    Also While Jenny was telling me to leave on June 14th, 1996 I was thinking she has such beautiful locks. Did the church quit paying for manicures and hairdos since they are spending so much on Lawyers LOL 🙂

    All else I got was my husband coming home with bad news every single day and he is such an asset and they treated him with care but the rest of his life? There is only one Dynamic in the real world of Scientology.
    The 256th Dynamic ~ The ‘I tried dynamic’.

  272. Just so it shows up on the search engine:
    Masturbation Mission
    David Miscavige
    Jenny Linson (daughter of Art)
    Scientology Dynamics
    Scientology Tigers

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  274. This shows how much the church cares about their counselling technology. The highest tech executive instead of helping people with counselling is sent out to try to pick a fight in an airport.

  275. I think that is true. Miscavige set up these three to take a fall for as much shit as possible. I think he will fire all three of them now and say “Look, I handled everything. Can we dismiss the law suit now? “

  276. What really struck me as odd was that “Jenny from the cellblock” didn’t have any type of handbag. But she had a white towel, which look exactly like the ones on the Club/First class lounge housekeepers cleaning cart. Stealing towels at the airport, now who’s the pathetic one.

  277. How did you figure that fraction? Through e-meter like LRH did his dates?


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  279. “The other two guys were just weird.”

    I think what made especially weird was that they were pretending it was just a chance encounter and putting on an act of nonchalance – which came across as idiotic, because they were bad actors overacting.

  280. Wow, that’s a damning article.

  281. I dunno, Marko. 🙂 I think it might not be just a matter of awesome thoughts and decisions but instantaneous knowingness at times.

  282. On a much more simple level, I’ve sometimes noticed my own reflexes when I catch a falling article, for example, without any prior thought of how to do it – or of even thinking to do it! It’s only afterwards that I know. But then, I was always pretty good at sports. 😀

  283. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    mentioned also here in one of the biggest magazine in Germany:

  284. “I checked out some Buddhist stuff and some others and I’m after something that looks good. And instead of seeing differences and separation I see much alignment, although not obvious. I’m amazed that such good stuff exists :D”

    Awesome! What are you that “looks good”? If you don’t mind saying.

    What have I been up to? Still getting something out of the internet dialogues but am getting closer to the ‘EP’. A couple of recent things I’ve been checking out are Eckhart Tolle’s great youtube videos (btw,he’s very Buddhist-like, IMO) and also the Modern Mystery School. Here’s a link for you:

  285. And growing. Now at 3,714.

  286. “you’ve had less than “no effect”, you actually had reverse effect!”


  287. Wow Roger thanks! Gone international!

  288. Hi Marty,

    I’ve never posted to your blog before, but I really enjoy reading it. I’m from TX and most of my family lives in the hill country right near you, so I’ve been following your case for a few years now. My parents were involved in a cult in the 70’s, but until you and Mike Rinder started speaking publicly about the Church of Scientology, I had no idea how dangerous it really is.

    Personally, I think this ambush is some kind of set-up. I think DM was hoping you’d take the bait and there’d be a big brouhaha at LAX, which just goes to show that DM is worried enough about the harassment lawsuit down in Texas to resort to some pretty desperate tactics. I also agree that he’s throwing the CSI under the bus as well, in the hopes that it will take the heat off him. It seems pretty clear at this point that the only survival he cares about is his own.

  289. To all you women out there…would you be at an airport, either coming from or going to somewhere, without a purse?

    Or maybe Jenny didn’t bring it because she’s been told that Marty has become a thief and she believes it?

    Or maybe she didn’t want a purse in the way of defending herself in case she was successful in getting Marty to slap her?

  290. spyrosillusionist

    I see. Well like you and I and others discuss what we know on the internet, so do others and others make web pages too, without forming group, and some authors write about what they have studied in their own books –sort of ‘spread the word’ things. So, I don’t think I can categorize this data. But by following the trails, it seems most if not all is out of some branches of Buddhism or just personal knowingness. You know I’ve had high interest in Static and the state prior to separate beings. So, that’s what it is about. And like some dude said, it melts (alter- and not-isness) like hot butter. So it suits me well. It’s very straight to the point, or at least I jumped there myself. Bored of newbie stuff 😛

  291. I’ll tell you this blows so much charge for me. And this I consider to be a real breakthrough. You can talk all day and night about what becomes of people, how people can misuse knowledge or twist it to harm, how people have a propensity towards abuse and a minus logic (Mary Yeager telling Marty to get his ethics in while creating a monumental P.R. flap for the Church), you can talk and write about these but the translation , you just can’t seem to nail what you mean to say. And here comes this 2+ minute video and there it is for all to SEE. Everything you have been trying to say. For years! And POW! NOW everybody gets it.

    And, it is kept so hidden and under wraps in the church. And they deny deny deny.

    This piece of film is a masterpiece Marty. You are TRULY in favor with the Gods. The REAL tone that goes on inside between the Sea Org, it is right here. It isn’t just X’s that get assaulted. The staff get assaulted like this all time from this woman and their fellow staff.

    That you actually managed to pull it out and lay it on the table, translate it, this a nothing short of a miracle.

    You wouldn’t put people like this in charge of a nail salon, and here they are at the top of the organization in charge of people’s LIVES. THIS is what I have been trying to say!

    Whew! Lawd amighty! I feel like all of my communication problems have been solved!

  292. Les, If I were at the airport carrying on like that. I would be thinking, “I have obviously graduated from being a potential trouble source, to an actual trouble source.”

    And here are the “Scientology experts” full blown actual trouble sources all over LAX,

    This was the thing that made it so painful to be in the Sea Org. For me. It wasn’t hours or whatever. It was people who thought they were god like symbols / products and they were blind as bats and mentally deficient about conditions or common sense, somehow thinking they were “chosen” to rule the world. And they though they granted special license to abuse.

    The pocket book? She probably has a wallet tucked in her bra. She has been called “Sir” for decades!

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  294. I was very curious about why she was dragging that towel around. Perhaps to cover her face instantly should she get slapped, so the other two could take her ’round the corner and pummel her some more before reporting an assault.

    While David Miscavige is in England being catered to, consorting with “VIPs” and torturing staff with his presence, he has his most loyal officer out at LAX begging for an ass whipping to bail him out of a domestic terrorism legal flap. A woman no less.

    This is exactly who he is. Every man woman and child on this planet and every Church too, will go under the bus before him.

  295. Ex Int Staff Member

    Marty, Over the years the cult has not changed it’s harassing ways, but in that same time your response has to become a better man. They used to get to you after awhile, but now you handle them with a Zen-like calm.

  296. Wow. What a shock. Thank you for exposing this.
    -closet atheist

  297. That Jenny… Streisand has nothing on her…😳

  298. Maybe… But who doesn’t have a smart phone these days…?

    How much do you want to bet someone else filmed this on their phone unbeknownst to Marty or or Dave’s LAX missionaries…?

    I wouldn’t bet against it myself.

    Scientologists… The “higher up” they are stupider they behave.

  299. I think you might be right.

    Nearly 400,000 views on YouTube in 2 days.

    Can you say viral.

    Nice work.

  300. It would have been funny if Jenny had asked, “Why are you in L.A. anyway?” And Marty had answered, “To get this video.”


  301. Committing this sort of “mistake” (intentionally planned, though) it only denotes the desperation the so call leaders are going through. To debase oneself to such an assault also indicates that those who appeared on the video have no life of their own; mostly they follow and do whatever told to. But this time, as some others, was a big mistake.

    Glad the media is revealing the actual state of affairs re the church.

  302. TreasonousFu*k

    Hahaha thanks TO! 🙂

  303. “The problem is they _can’t_ do what is logical, empathetic, stretegic, or sane. They can’t do it because that would be against policy. They must always attack and never defend. And once someone is an SP, that person is fair game. If you climbed into the Scientology sandbox and decided to play nice without sharp elbows with the SP kids, you would be an SP too.”

    You said it perfectly. If you do not become vicious, you are labeled “reasonable” (and I was labeled that) .

    Whew! Here comes the RANT!

    Who the hell has a purpose to be unreasonable? NOT ME! You see the three flying monkeys in the video? THAT is unreasonable. They wanted me to be like them to be “successful” in the Sea Org. I did not want to be like that. I may not be a great soldier, but I was fucking DANCER / ENTERTAINER before I went into that! I never auditioned to be a soldier!

    I grew up under an army colonial turned politician part time, eating dinner at the Army and Navy Club in the Nation’s capital one summer. How reasonable was it for those kids to be running around in military uniforms claiming to be a Church?

    That was fucking INSANE!

    As a public I was sold the “personal ethics and integrity course” and ordered to do it. Why? Because I had an affair with a married man. I stole him from his “girlfriend”, (I admit that) as he was no longer part of his marriage. But they were all mutually enmeshed in drug problems and not highly beneficial relationships.

    Since he was a “VIP” in the music industry, I was pressured like all hell to bring him into Celebrity Center. When I wouldn’t put pressure on him to come in, the whole thing was switched to an “ethics and possible PR flap”. I was made to feel like a total DB! He had been waylaid by a drug problem during all of this and he had cleaned up while we were together.
    After I was forced to CHOOSE between him and the Church, and I ended it, he ended back up on drugs and almost died. Everything I shared with the Church was used against me and/or for the benefit of the Church. I had NO history of interfering in a marriage, NONE. But this became my “out 2d” history.

    I had to write all of my O/W’s on every dynamic as a practical. That took me seven months on that practical. On the seventh dynamic I wrote as overts, every time I had keyed someone in. Wittingly or unwitting.

    Then I join the Sea Org, because I was so damned depressed about ending the 2d I had no more interest in living for myself, and they expected me to CONTRIBUTE to keying other people in, and when I refused, they called ME reasonable!!!!!!!!!! They were happy when I was a student writing up my overts about enturbulating others spiritually. When I wouldn’t volunteer to do it, I was worthless!

    If I didn’t have a purpose to be reasonable, why the hell would I be involved in Scientology?

    This is what a mind fucking mind bending experience SOME PEOPLE can run on you when they are DENSE BLIND and STUPID. And they think they are general Patton!

    The three featured in this video? These are the ones departed from reason. And they wanted me to be just like them or see myslef as an utter failure.! They are the antipathy of everything Scientology. They ser fac. They restimulate. They enturbulate. They invalidate. NO arc. NO krc. In the valence of DEMONS!

    The “save the planet” malarky? If you are to believe everything else Hubbard wrote, the planet is a piece of mest. Are you really going to drive human beings insane and torture them over a piece of mest? A parcel of real estate?

    Are you really going to destroy people’s lives over a parcel of real estate?

    Fuck with their minds? Unmock them for some ball of dirt? Seriously?

    People say white people are not violent statistically. Wars do not included in the body count. (how convenient) ,

    I have to tell you, I saw more covert and spiritual violence in the Church of Scientology than I did in all the time I had to live, or grow up ghettos. Far more. By a long shot.

  304. What they were doing was pretty childish and pathetic. I am curious to know how many times you have done something similar when you were with the “church” and if you have any empathy for the people you harassed? It seems that no one can appreciate the position someone else is in, until they are in it themselves.

  305. Just think how many more Earthlings will be recruited into the ranks of anti-Scientologists after watching this video.

    The legendary scientology critic Zinjifar once said, “Just let Scientologists be Scientologists, and record them while doing it.”

    It’s all you have to do.


  306. Karen, as usual to check in with stamina! 🙂 My thoughts exactly. My thoughts exacty. 🙂 But, sadly, the bewildered Sea Org staff that are underpaid, underfed, overworked and deprived sleep are the only people and idiot liar’s “Mission from Hell” like Jenny Linsen might work with. If she ever tried that in the real world of real people whose asses she kisses every time she tries to spectacularize her out ethics for them, she most certainly would not be sent to ethics for a review! 🙂 Happy sweet potatoes and beet greens my dear! 🙂

  307. And after all of the mind fucking inval I was put through? Here is the self proclaimed “religious leader” of the Church, he has his wife parked in a tomb and he is fucking God knows who. One or two, minimum. Chronic problems with voyeurism, secretly video taping people’s confessionals and watching them over scotch. Pouring through PC folders and digging out titillating tid bits. A total fucking FREAK!

  308. Please note that past Flag exec Ron Norton is amongst your commenters at the International Business site. A very important comment:

  309. Tom Gallagher

    The mounting media coverage back flash regards this post confirms the total lunacy and meltdown occurring within this rapidly failing cult.

    Miscavige is shown to the world to be an out of his mind control freak and his minions are something akin to the casting of a Freddy Krueger horror movie sequel.

    Goes to show that that which goes around comes around.

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  311. spyrosillusionist

    Vinaire, I didn’t come here to fight. I just don’t think a person could call upon any objective reality, as I don’t think any person knows it. You get what I mean. Don’t troll me.

  312. Marty! When I made that comment I dubbed in that he was talking about DM and not you! Feel free to not post my comment. It was my misunderstanding. I thought that Ron had finally opened his eyes. Here is what I have posted since.

  313. And another thing Marty. Jenny Linson spent almost the whole time that she spoke to you at the airport telling you that you looked bad and you looked like crap. She ought to go take a good look in the mirror at the dark bags and circles the size of prunes under her eyes. Those good looks of hers must come from “helping Mankind” like she said. What a joke those people are. I am really glad I never got that far up in the church and was spared having to rub elbows with INT Management staff. I am sure we would not get along. 🙂

  314. Google news for Scientology Headlines Current news:

    Top Scientology Leaders Caught In Videotaped Verbal Assault At LAX
    International Business Times-8 hours ago
    A former executive of the Church of Scientology said three members of the church’s top management ambushed him at Los Angeles …
    Video: A top critic of Scientology is subjected to an “ambush” at Los …

    Vox-12 hours ago
    WATCH: top Scientologists heaping abuse on apostate

    Boing Boing-3 hours ago
    WATCH: Scientologists Harass Ex-Member at LAX Airport 20, 2014
    Explore in depth (6 more articles)

  315. Lord have mercy! FRONT PAGE AND CENTER ON YAHOO FEED!

    A First-Hand Look At The Ultra-Secretive Leaders Of Scientology
    A former executive of the Church of Scientology said three members of the church’s top management ambushed him at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday morning, and that he has video footage to prove it. The video, in which top Scientology leaders are seen yelling obscenities, is the first…
    Business Insider from RSS

  316. Violating a restraining order with nearly half a million views and counting?


  317. Yes, right on. A very high valued Target cannot have random actions done on them without co-ordination and permission from the pinnacle.

    Marty is off limits unless Miscavige approved. otherwise it is helter skelter, willy nilly and not co-ordinated and too random for results.
    A concerted attack on Marty is thought out, planned, drilled and rehearsed.

    The one thing that cries out in neon red lights is their level of DELUSION.

    Marty is no longer a Scientologist but they are speaking to him as he is still part of their group.

    1) Attacking him SP HOLee style i.e. mock, jeer, invalidate, overwhelm 3 against one repeatedly feed negative energy and so on ~~ delusion they are seeking an SP hole result to someone who set himself free of all of that.

    2) Bewailing that he is not helping the PLANET

    Delusion that Jenny in her own mental state is helping the PLANET and Marty is not !
    Marty is not at INT base under SO jurisdiction.
    He does not have to answer why he is in Los Angeles !
    What DELUSION.

  318. It just looked very funny.

  319. Mark C. Rathbun

    I think people ought to know where this fellow stands; so I kept it on. Thanks for the reply you put up there.

  320. That or, they probably know nothing of the retraining order and the legal flaps created by Miscavige in Texas.

    He will settle out of court now, and be able to BLAME it on these three and this incident. And how he paid up to cover “their asses” from all the suppressives.

    Miscavige has MAJOR WITH HOLDS from the Sea Org staff and the Church he is paid to PROTECT and SERVE.

  321. He suddenly removed his Facebook page that he commented from. How curious.

  322. His comments would appear on his own Facebook page, along with any responses.

  323. Here’s how an actual spiritual leader might act at the airport.

    Play that side by side with the Three Stooges who ambushed Marty. They have no clue, and would not — could not — recognize a great soul if it bit them on the butt. How small and trite — and malicious — Scientology have made them.

  324. Alanzo, as higher up execs they have maybe used the Internet programmed with a NANNY SOFTWARE.

    They are ALL kept in the dark by Miscavige. Do you think he shows up for morning muster to announce that he is trying to throw the Church under bus in Texas to safe his ass? That he, through out PR, he creates a new enemy for the Church like every three minutes by now? That FORBES accessed his investment portfolio and he is worth 50 million?

    WE know about David Miscavige. The Sea Org DOESN’T!

    And we know why he is like so bent out of shape on Marty. Marty is consorting with his own friends on his own terms. That is his real crime.

    With all of resources at his disposal, David could have put on a more heart warming plea such as this:

  325. No one was more jealous of your love and loyalty than Lancaster Dodd.


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  328. Very nice FOTF. Marty’s implant station run in has nearly half a million views in just two days last I checked… but you have no effect Marty! Hmm. I’m pretty sure that’s more views in 2 days than any video the Church of Scientology has ever published since the beginning of the internet.

  329. He put his Face Book page up again.

  330. I picked out this one for you:

  331. spyrosillusionist

    What I would think is funny Vinaire is people preaching about ARC, responsibility, as-isness and all that stuff, having tech to handle suppression, third party and going ahead and doing the opposite. I think it is also tragic, what they are bringing about onto themselves by that, so I don’t laugh. At least they show the world what they are about, by exhibiting their stupidity in public.It’s a sort of a warning sign to the world, to not give a penny. Very kind, I think. I’ve read Buddhists have their leader reincarnate lifetime after lifetime –the same spirit. Who -by the way- goes around preaching tolerance and peace even towards those who fight them. But Scientologists don’t believe in such crap. They are realist$ and have up$tat leader$ who work their a$$es out for the good of mankind. It reflects on the overall upstatness, that is only ruined by ‘nothings’ who make evil posts on the internet –aside from the psychs. Maybe if you hadn’t locked him out, like you have locked out thousands of ‘SP’s and LRH too, he wouldn’t be committing full time suppressive acts. But it has nothing to do with you. Go on with studying PTS/SP courses being uptone and attacking with a smile. Go be told who to like and who to hate. Don’t let your affinity be alloyed.

    Those who want to find their way, can find it, me thinks. No matter what that is.

    Sorry for the preaching, I just wanted to end for this season. I hope we will be talking about more constructive matters later on. I don’t have any interest in a living-dead religion anymore. And I don’t like to whine about the past either. I don’t have any. But those who want me to have can save all my messages in their folders and wave them around, because it honors them.

  332. And I thought the Squirrel Busters was the pinnacle of insanity.

    I can hardly imagine what all the attorneys involved are thinking now. Or what the OSA staff who have seen this airport video are thinking now. Maybe some OSA staff will walk from scientology inc now.

  333. David unleashed his flying monkeys.

  334. Maybe it was a chance run in with Marty,
    as these three were on a blow drill at LAX.

  335. Now people will certainly believe Leah Remini when she says the Church wants her fail. This is exactly the attitude she was speaking of.

  336. Scientology’s top dog:

  337. Harassment is a crime

    They act warlike


    The aims of scientology are to end what again? whistle blowing?

    Follow their god lrh or they will try to cut you down!

  338. To the idiot woman: “What’s it to you? Sod off and mind your own business!”

  339. Wow….they are nuts…..she kept saying you were an embarrassment, etc; however, she seemed to be the real embarrassment. They certainly wanted to pick a fight.

  340. Say good bye to Jenny and her trained baboon act. The van for their desert training facility leaves in two minutes.

  341. T.O., That makes sense too. Miscavige having the withholds and these three managers not knowing about Texas would partly explain why they act crazy. They do act like they know nothing about Miscavige’s legal troubles.

    I read somewhere, I forget exactly where, that a psychopath will intentionally create a problem purely so he/she can then go and put a solution in place (as a “hero”) that is a self-serving solution.

  342. spyrosillusionist

    I like this differentiation. Thanx. Yes, belief mocks faith, and reigning through brainwashing mocks source of thought, and the mind mocks own universe and collective agreement mocks truth, and conviction mocks knowing and other things mock other things. Thus ‘OT’ is appears as something evil, as evil is the version of ‘OT’ in MEST. It seems like power to make others submit, being dramatized in SCN, right? Why would a responsible, powerful being need to intimidate? It would know it intimidates itself.

  343. Isn’t it ironic…these three can’t even run a reverse process.

  344. My co-workers were randomly talking about this today because it was on Reddit so I watched it again, and my god, I am not one to call names but those three look terrible.The two men look almost ghoulish. Also, once you watch it a couple of times it is “obvious” they are carrying out orders.

    I served in a Special Ops unit in the military back in my younger days, and the more I learn about Scientology, the more I think it’s a paramilitary group and not a church. Actually it’s a paramilitary cult. That’s what it is. It uses military speak, military regalia/rank, it has it’s own Staazi, it’s own Gulags and black prisons, and most importantly, it employs military mind control tactics!

  345. spyrosillusionist

    *well, whatevereach person thinks that SCN is. But obviously if you get a threat by an OT to make you go hide in your cave, that is not any recognition of causativeness -on a spiritual level- by that person over you –by itself over itself. That’s why fighting seems absurd to me, in SCN, contradicting all that stuff. And it is the same in other religions too wherein the absolute Cause -God- supposedly asked his disciples to make wars because he was too weak to take care of things himself.

    It would be as simple -in most cases- to just sit on a table and nicely have a talk. But that will require some honesty and kindness and all that wimpy stuff to work out. They read in the beginning of every course, they are the source of their attacks should they occur. But OK, they only answer to the boss about that, towards others they are too right because they work. ROFL I’m sick of this service fac. It’s horrible. I work, thus shut up.

  346. Tom Gallagher


    I gotta tell you that we just have to face the fact pointed out by Jenny Linson Devocht, aka the bag lady (in reference to her eyes), that No One Cares……….. That’s right. NO ONE.

    Ever since this video was posted on youtube over three days ago (yes three Loooong days ago) it has ONLY BEEN VIEWED 552,461 times!

    That’s right, 552,461 times. And every single one of them are card-carrying members of the ‘Dave is the Pope Fan Club’.

    So there you go Marty. I hate to be the one to bring you this bad news. Somebody had to do it. ( Long sigh……..)

  347. Spyros, I liked both of your posts above. Didn’t quite duplicate this part:

    “But OK, they only answer to the boss about that, towards others they are too right because they work. ROFL I’m sick of this service fac. It’s horrible. I work, thus shut up.”

    Btw, I read that Spiritologie is not spelled SpiritologY, and that the original founder is no longer part of it. What do you know about all this, and do you still “subscribe” to that teaching at all?

  348. Typo: Instead of “Spiritologie is NOT spelled SpiritologY,” it should say “…NOW spelled…”

  349. Yes! Duly noted and corrected! Thank you!

  350. At 1:15 I think she actually said, “You’ve got the eggs all over your face and you look terrible.”


  351. At 563,123 views on youtube.
    Jenny Linson has become an embarrassment .

    Some comments from around world from people upon seeing this:

    I really really really really really want to hit that woman in the mouth with a crowbar.

    I would have used the bald guy as some kind of strap on, bent her over and fucked her with him. But that’s just me.

    Context please. What’re those children complaining about?

    do something to help mankind lololololololooololoololololllolololol

    Any religion that advocates its members treating another human being this way is one to be avoided.

    Someone needs to curb stomp that bitch.
    Reply · 169 likes

    Did you know that the German government refuses to recognize Scientology as a religion? The organization has officially been labelled as an “abusive business masquerading as a religion”.

    I gotta say, I knew these people might be pretty creepy from stories I’ve heard and things I’ve read, but seeing this video puts things in an entirely different light. These guys are the creepiest mother fuckers I’ve ever seen in my life. This video certainly did have an effect on me…now I am 100% sure (as opposed to 95% prior) that Scientology is nothing more than a cult whose major skill set is the ability to manipulate and control people.

    I would have laid that bitch out. He has way more control than me. 

    Let ’em sue. I’ll gladly spend a night in jail if it means she eats through a straw for the next two weeks.

    I still thinking cutting loose a nasty ass-grenade right in her personal space would at least buy you a few inches and maybe a few moments of silence..

    Three of the most obnoxious people I have ever seen. Do they actually get paid to be arseholes? 

    The poison in these peoples souls, you can see it in there eyes. Just pure hatred from emotionally wrecked human beings.

    Seriously, they’re like the poster children of why you shouldn’t get involved in Scientology.

    Wow I honestly applaude your coolheadedness. I can’t say I would have been able to now haul off and knock all three of them out.

    If I ever met one in real life I’d laugh at them and punch them in the mouth. 

    Lycan Broadcasting Network17 hours ago
    They are still doing this bullshit?

    I’m almost positive this is what Schizophrenia sounds like.

    I would have punched that cunt in the face. Twice. If you needed any further proof on how screwed up these nut jobs are, you just saw exhibit #1.

    Wow, what a bunch of psychopaths. They sound like the voices inside a schizophrenic. That poor guy, I hope he understands to not give a shit about their opinions.

    Why is it that every time Scientologists ambush someone, they start harassing the person like a group of howling eight year old teacher’s pets? Are they so terrified that their message can’t live on their own?

    yep its not a mind-controlling cult, i’m now convinced geez these brainwashed morons, at least the jesus freaks don’t come after you when you stop going to church

    Oh shut the fuck up you stupid bitch you take money from the vulnerable and ruin their lives all for a so called religion that was created by a sci-fi writer like 60 years ago and you’re calling the guy who managed to get out pathetic?

    Wow these are typical cult tactics. I thought Scientology was a more sophisticated cult than this.

    hahaha what a bunch of cunts, Scientology is a joke and so are its members. Stupid Americans

    “Nobody even notices you’re gone”
    Obviously you did. Why don’t you “get a life”

    She looks like she’s on drugs, someone should probably search her.

    Watching this video just looks like he’s being surrounded by school bullies.

    For a person that said “no cares” about 40 times, she kept going back like she really cared. LOL

    I just finished watching this documentary by BBC, and the scientology guy uses the same words to the journalist. He keeps telling the journalist that the journalist is being suppresive, and he has to get a life. Is this scientology tactics or something?

    I got really angry listening to her, then thought it was hilarious, and then got angry again. This dude has nerves of steel. I would have smacked her. No one deserves that.

    Okay, I SERIOUSLY want to punch her in the throat !!!!!! And kick the other two in the balls !!!! 

    She just can’t shut up, can she? What lovely examples of human beings they are, just snot-nosed school yard bullies.

  352. Creepy bunch of losers!

  353. This is how crafty and dark David Miscavige is, while he is in England doing his song and dance about he HE is saving the planet, and he has his beggars on full alert for shake downs, his stats for making enemies for the Church is skyrocketing out the roof! He has actually created over half a million NEW enemies for the Church of Scientology in the last three days!

    This is what your IAS donations pay for!

    That man is a creepy black magic entity. His TREASON is monumental!

  354. More comments from around the world:

    Wow, violently insane Scientology criminals. It’s a good thing the airport screens for guns, these fucking criminals would have murdered people they are that insane.

    Well if you ever wanted proof Scientology is fucking crazy, I’ll just keep this link to rub in the nose of anyone who says otherwise. Problem is I don’t know anyone stupid enough to defend this fucked up cult. 

    I like the part when she said “you have had no effect an no one cares ” I say Wow you must of made some kind of effect for her to react like this!! LOL!! Very CREEPY PEOPLE , Hope you send this to the POLICE an FBI

    Who sees and hears these people and are like “They seem awesome” Wow! Scary to know people like that exist and can get people to follow them. Its obvious that you shouldn’t…

    Why I’m never Lucky enough to meet such people… I would like to smack their faces… Cheers from Russia you scientologist Fucks!

    Typical sociopath.

    Holy shit that women is insane . The guy has a lot of restraint because it would have been left hand city on those three fucken clowns . You can see all the things said about these nuts its totally true. Tom cruise is part of this shit he’s a nut . 

    I think she’s some Scientology up extremely well. All four of you should be ashamed from being associated with it.

    I think this crazy bitch needs urgent treatment!

    This is so creepy. And Scientology wonders why nobody wants to join and they have a bad image…

    Scientologists are the pond scum that pollutes the earth – especially that piece of shit women. I wish I could kick her in the mouth. 

    In school we used to call them bullies.

    scientology has got to be the biggest load of shit, worse than any religion i have seen so far

    This is Scientology’s centerpiece. Their modus operandi is bullying and contempt and far, far worse. Disgusting behavior and aside from this, these three goons look like they aren’t doing too well physically or mentally. They want to control, and when they lose this, this is the next step. Their feeble “theology” is hollow and it very clearly shows time and again that they have nothing of value or substance to offer the world.

    Having people belittle and tear someone down makes me upset, having blurry people do is infuriating.


    Scientology is a corrupt organization of insane sociopathic freaks, and this video clearly shows it…. This guy was smart to leave this religion (it appears he still has some wits about him)…… These three vegetables need to have a muzzle put on them, so they can spew any more of this Scientology bullshit…. I hope these three exact people come to my door, so that I can handcuff them myself and put them into a high security prison…

  355. Marty is an embarrassment to the Church?

    Scientology Top Management:

  356. spyrosillusionist

    I hope you get my ironies, when I speak ironically, because it’s not always obvious and gross misunderstandings can occur. Maybe I should just stop talking like that…I just try to be funny,

    I referred to something I’ve heard a few times that if someone is busy doing something he considers good, you have no business to disagree openly, because at least he does something good (while you don’t) So then he is right, you are wrong.

    I watched some funny videos on youtube under the heading SpiritologY, but had nothing to do with SpiritologIE. Yeah well I subscribe to the degree I subscribe to SCN. Spiritologie is what I like the most in SCN while pointing out some common misconceptions about SCN that I don’t like. So, great agreement between me and that book. The author ended it though, as he found a basic principle of the book to not be entirely true. I was having a discussion with an indie recently about it, and he seemed quite pissed about the matter. Like “money” and “money” and stuff. It must be because the indies that informed him about it, do it for free. I personally never gave a penny to Spiritologie, as I don’t have many, and as the book was for free, and the process was for free too (solo). And I must say I had some good EPs.

    Now, the craziest part is I sent a just message to the COS that among other thing told them I will let them be and do what they do and do my own stuff too, from my side, and go on with my life and no hard feelings. In other words, grant beingness. And I meant it. I’m through with this war from any side. So then yeah, maybe it’s true Spiritologie has driven me crazy.Although I think I always was a bit myself.

  357. What is this thing called “Church of Scientology”? What is it trying to accomplish? Is it reducing confusion in this world, or is it rather contributing to it?

    Hubbard initially wanted to reduce confusion by providing stable data. What happened to it?

    I think that all “stable data” needs to be examined and corrected and simplified further.

  358. And while Jenny Linson accuses Marty of suppressive acts,

    Jenny Linson committing suppressive acts, by order of David Miscavige:

    Suppressive Acts are defined as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists.

    Suppressive Acts are clearly those covert or overt acts knowingly calculated to reduce or destroy the influence or activities of Scientology or prevent case gains or continued Scientology success and activity on the part of a Scientologist. As persons or groups that would do such a thing act out of self interest only to the detriment of all others, they cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings and so place themselves beyond any consideration for their feelings or well being.

    Using Scientology (or perverted and alter-ised tech and calling it Scientology) harmfully so as to bring about disrepute to an org, group or Scientology itself. (She mentioned the Church after her tirade.)

    Infiltrating a Scientology group or organization or staff to stir up discontent or protest at the instigation of hostile forces. (Every mission she was ordered to perform)

    Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology. (Supporting GAOT and the cancellation of every auditor’s cert on the planet)

    Writing anti-Scientology letters to the press or giving anti-Scientology or anti-Scientologist evidence to the press. (If this video isn’t handing anti Scientology material to the press what is?)

    Falsifying records. (Supporting perjury on national television and in the courts)

    Acts calculated to misuse, invalidate or alter-is legally or in any other way the trademarks and service marks of Dianetics and Scientology. (If her actions here don’t invalidate those trademarks and devalue them across the boards, (in any other way) what does?)

    Engaging in malicious rumor mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position. (Her shining example of rumor mongering at LAX to safeguard her position brings the leaders of the Church into very ill repute)

    Severe breach of ecclesiastical and/or fiduciary duty as an executive or corporate official of any Scientology or Dianetics organization which has resulted in severe harm, loss or disrepute for Scientology or the organization. (BINGO DUH!)

    Calculated efforts to disrupt Church services or the flow of public up the Bridge through the Churches. (Doubt that flow is going to open up now)

    Blatant and willful obstruction of Church operations or interference with Church contractual and other obligations to the detriment of Church expansion or activities.

    From the Church of Scientology web site:

    There is no policy in Scientology that requires Church members to disconnect from anyone, let alone family and friends who simply have different beliefs. To the contrary, the moral code of Scientology mandates that Scientologists respect the religious beliefs of others.

  359. The only one out of airport four, that can confront and shatter suppression is obviously Marty.

  360. Oh My.
    This viral video has precipitated a humorous video by Panopea Abrupta

  361. Spyros: “Spiritologie is what I like the most in SCN while pointing out some common misconceptions about SCN that I don’t like. So, great agreement between me and that book.”

    Can you elaborate a bit on the above? And also on this:

    “The author ended it though, as he found a basic principle of the book to not be entirely true.”

    Interesting message you sent to the CoS. You do think for yourself! Anyway, it’s hard to know the whole truth, but there has to be truth to a lot of the reported evils since there are quite a few first-hand witnesses.

    Speaking of it being hard to know the truth, I’m going to follow Eckhart Tolle for a while, because his method seems to focus on direct perception – and at the same time, his wisdom is very practical. Amazing how much what he says seems to overlap with scientology too, but with a different approach, and I’m guessing it overlaps with Spiritologie as well. 😛

  362. p.s. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia, apropos to this and many other blog discussions:
    Tolle says that his book, The Power of Now, is “a restatement for our time of that one timeless spiritual teaching, the essence of all religions”.[33] He writes that religions “have become so overlaid with extraneous matter that their spiritual substance has become almost completely obscured”, that they have become “to a large extent … divisive rather than unifying forces” and become “themselves part of the insanity”.

  363. She actually asks that he “just end it” twice. Earlier at 0:17 also. From 0:18 to 0:22 you can see Marc Yeager actually positioning the other guy for proper filming. This was no coincidence that they were there.

  364. In the Texas court the Church of Scientology describes this behavior as a “RELIGIOUS RIGHT”.

  365. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    Naploeon Bonaparte

  366. “Men never commit evil so fully and joyfuly as when they do it for religious convictions”
    Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

  367. “See how injustice and bad faith ever recoil upon those who are guilty of them.” Napoleon Bonaparte,

    “But injustice recoils on those who deal with it”. L. R. H.

    “Dogs, ye have had your day; ye fear’d no more Ulysses vengeful from the Trojan shore”. Pope Odyssey

  368. And last but not least, a quote from Tony Montana:

  369. I’ll spell it out: LMAO

  370. Tom Gallagher

    That’s from Tom Gallagher, not Tom

  371. spyrosillusionist

    Spiritologie focused on the spiritual aspect and didn’t focus much on the mental stuff. The past was considered non existent unless it was created in present by the individual. Also, there is the concept in SCN of becoming better. In SPT the spiritual being was the same all along and it’s potential free, and what changed was what it thought. It was not trapped nor had any time track nor anything else, unless it created such things for itself. My favorite in SPT was the stress in granting freedom to each other and not demanding obedience and allowing different viewpoints to exist. And so, I wan’t pushed either, nor made guilty. That would not be considered ‘ethical’ in SPT. Actually, I was the only one who ever barked, that I know.

    I don’t agree with the ‘many reports=right’. It sounds democratic, but I’m more on the non-authoritarian side. Unless I get really pissed (doesn’t happen often), in which case I become a fascist 😛

    Probably the flaw in SPT was what the author of the book pointed out, and thus it ended. That is to say, he pointed out that own universe thoughts can influence what the being experiences, and not wholly create what it experiences, like it was stated in the book. Others chose to continue with SPT. I chose to stop. I don’t know details.

    Direct perception sounds good. Might be the best thing I know of, in spirituality. The more direct, the better.

    For long I have been in the middle pinching a little on one side and then in another side, and yeah. I should grant their freedom, let them be, I think –to them and to the rest. Also, direct perception and also communication is better than indirect, in this case too 😛 I don’t want to join all sides of a fight, I want to join none.

  372. indie8million

    Marty. Honestly, Did you see the look on Mark Yeagar’s face? To me, he didn’t look like a rabid dog against you. He seemed like the kid who is hanging out with the bullies and has to say something or get bullied himself.

    What I saw in his face was an urge to really talk to you so that you could help him get the hell out. I’m placing my bets now that he’s the next “int base” rabbit who rabbits…if he can work up the nerve.

    Also, I find it highly ironic, yet patently obvious, that David Miscavige would choose fearful and whimpy Yeager as the head of the so-called, “Watchdog Committee”.

    Yes, if you want to get away with crimes, just put the whimpiest, lowest IQ people in HCO so you can get away with murder, organizationally.

    In Miscavige’s case, literally (allegedly).

    PS: Have you sent this to Anderson Cooper yet? It will make a very interesting “before and after” article on Ms. DeVocht, won’t it?

  373. Looks like Jenny got out of The Hole and now has her own place…I don’t blame her for being territorial – she probably had to win a serious game of musical chairs to get it.

  374. Thanks for the interesting explanations! Also good to hear you aren’t a fighter. But we knew that. 😛

    On the subject of thinking and thoughts, here’s another Eckhart Tolle video that I really like. In this one, he basically describes the difference between LOOK and THINK on the Know-to-Mystery scale, and he makes it real as to why ‘Think’ is down low on the scale. The meaning of ‘Look’ is also fleshed out really well.

    Even though Tolle mainly talks about “NOT thinking,” it is obviously required in life a lot. But he explains how thinking can be done in a way that enables you to use the mind to your benefit – rather than the ‘egoic mind’ being allowed to run you. This also directly tie in with the ability to be creative. Here you go – “Staying Present While Thinking.”

  375. I never met any of these people, thank God.
    Pathetic? Jenny Linson Devocht kept repeating that word ad naseum.Apparently it was the “hot button” for you, Marty. Wide miss.
    However, pathetic does aptly describe the effort that she and her little posse put forth to accomplish whatever they were trying to accomplish.
    And, after watching your footage twice, I still can’t figure out what that purpose was. : -)
    In any event it certainly wasn’t very “ecclesiastical”.
    These “international PR experts” have progressed from foot bullets to suicide head shots.

  376. So sad that people can be brought to such a low level as this. What a waste of their lives. I am very glad for those who manage to get out. How I wish you all could be left alone.

  377. A few thoughts after seeing the video:

    First, I am so sorry that you had to go through another of these encounters; following your blog, you have had more shit from these people than anyone should get in a lifetime but you are dangerous to them, so there… dogs will bark when cornered.
    Second, Jenny looks like she has been repeatedly beaten up — definitely not aging well.
    Third, Marc Yeager, in the video, does look like quite reluctant about doing all of this. I do not know him personally, of course, but I get he is otherwise quite of a gentle nature when not sicced on people.
    Fourth, last but definitely not least, is Jenny going to go down in history as the “Nobody gives a fuck about you” lady? What a bright future she has ahead.

  378. LRH says also holding on Stable Data is the source of confusion .. earlier he said that a Stable Data handles confusion .. later he said it causes confusion .. it is controvers one to the other ..

    How to simplify that? This are two different data about the same subjects ..

    What is with a 5 year child who cries like mad and is completely confused, he has basically only lost his teddy .. somewhere forgotten ..

    What is when you sit in the chair of a chief inspector of a firm, and get a bunch of data at once ..

    What is when you get a bunch of crossorders .. which is basically what you get when you study scientoloy .. I mean you get one YES and ten NO .. it may be complicated to find out the YES again .. and you do not know really with certainty for what the NO’s really are .. it is possible to forget the YES

    This idea is based on the concept that LRH did need many million words to explain his idea .. although the basics are very simple ..

    Lately I found a person who did mix up Matter with Mass .. both was the same for him .. nice confusion ..

  379. Marty’s video is fast approaching 600,000 views on youtube.

    This is Brittany-Spears-level pop viewing stats. And the comments clearly show that people are getting the message: Scientology is a vicious totalitarian brainwashing cult and something needs to be done about it.

    Besides the week long Anderson Cooper series on “Scientology: A History of Violence”, this was probably one of the most effective events to inoculate the world against Scientology I have ever seen.

    Sorry you had to go through that again, Marty, but my god man – well done.

    VVWFD (Very Very Well Fucking Done)


  380. To me the basic understanding of stable data is as follows:

    (1) The stable datum may help restrain confusion, but it does not as-is the confusion.

    (2) When confusion is as-ised there is no longer a need for stable datum.

    (3) The stable datum is a temporay measure until the confusion is fully handled.

    So the child, after he grows up, does not need his teddy bear any more.

  381. spyrosillusionist

    I’m no fighter, but this accusation after misinterpretation I read online some times, about various topics, is kinda taunting. I don’t want to be diplomatic and PR either. I try to be honest. So when if I think something is idiotic, how do I say it without insulting anyone, even if he indirectly insults me and my friends? That’s been a problem to me. It isn’t that I know ‘the truth’, it’s just that some things I have experienced too –quite differently than described. I choose to let people think what they want, and see how that will work out.

    In SCN there were classifications of thought. Starting from consciously creative thought (postulate), conscious mock ups,considerations, down to analytical mind thinking and reactive mind thinking. There was no implication in SPT to figure-figure. Like in TRs and many forms of meditation, the objective was the opposite. And there was no not-ising reality either. There was the concept of creating and then being a victim of reality, such as when you throw bricks at somebody and then you whine about the reality that he fights back at you (not you in specific) and then you show your wounds around. In asking people, you could include somebody who has also actually gotten into that thing. Or else it is a single party kind of democracy –an antagonistic party might I add.

  382. Not that it would be any news to you (Marty) but the video currently has:
    585 000+ hits and almost 1400 comments.
    Just shows what interest there is in the crimes of the Miscavage organization.

  383. Stop for a moment and think about what just happened here. The Chief Executive Officer of a billion dollar corporation sent three of his top echelon juniors to one of the most public places in the world to accost and harass one of their ex-employees.

    An ex-employee that was once their number two exec. Someone who is instantly recognized by millions of people. Someone who’s liable to attract a great deal of attention, should he be seen in a public confrontation with current employees of his former company.

    If that wasn’t stupid enough, the CEO’s juniors engaged in these hostilities while the famous ex-employee filmed the whole thing. Apparently, with no regard to the fact that this famous ex-employee would certainly publish the whole incident on the internet for all to see.

    What CEO of a billion dollar corporation would be so stupid as to do such a thing? What CEO wouldn’t realize that such an attack would immediately backfire and boomerang on the corporation and its officers?

  384. spyrosillusionist

    Some people actually imply they are entitled to throw bricks and get none back. Prob is I don’t believe in any ‘superior’ people –but really nobody, including myself.

    OK, enough with the generalities. They stay general for a good cause 😛

    Thanks for the video, by the way. By the terms he used in that video it would seem he’s had something to do with SCN.

    Spirituality speaking, I am very far from what I used to be, as I think my ideas were not true. It is hard to explain. Even if something is workable, it doesn’t mean it is true. If you can erase a picture to EP, and then it is nice and you won, it doesn’t mean there has to be a reactive mind. That would be a little Aristotelian logic. And if dealing with circuits could bring about improvement of conditions, doesn’t mean that without addressing circuits you can’t do that. I think no path is true, but hopefully it leads to some truth.

  385. Tom Gallagher

    Question: “What CEO of a billion dollar corporation would be so stupid as to do such a thing? What CEO wouldn’t realize that such an attack would immediately backfire and boomerang on the corporation and its officers?

    (Simple) answer: POB

  386. Great insight Ronnie! From the viewpoint of his position as an executive he has failed miserably as an executive. Utterly and miserably.

    The Church is not a solution, it has morphed into a present time problem upon society.

  387. I keep saying Marty is in favor with the Gods.

    It is real social taboo to consider ones self as an “only one”. And a very frightening thought for most people.

    However, there is some potent magic in these moments.

    Bob Dylan was the only one to write “Blowing in the Wind.”

    Johnny Cash was the only one to make “Ring of Fire” a hit.

    Marty was the only one to come out here and make BRIDGES and PLATFORMS for the “unholy” and write his books.

    When your “only one” moment comes, if you don’t stand in it, there is no change for the future. Only copies. It takes monumental courage.

    This was an “only one” moment. Because nobody else on the planet was there, at that moment, who could have recorded this vital information and hidden truth, and translated it for the world to see.

    People who stand in these “only one” moments and own them are always in favor with Gods.

  388. The problem in the Scientology culture, is this chronic suppression of the “only ones”.

    “There can be only one”, only one. First it was Hubbard, then it was Miscavige, although he is in fact, just a very poor copy.

    This is exactly what has delivered Scientology upon the doorstep of mediocrity and ridicule. And why i is slowly being eaten by time.

  389. In fact, “I”, is supposed to be abberated.

  390. Michael Fairman

    He is the “only one” among only ones – a man of stellar stupidity, and vast self destruction, who excels at egocentrics, and crazyology. A spiteful buffoon for the ages.

  391. As far as Jenny Linson and speculation that the Church made her like she is, from what I know, the Jenny you see in this video, is the same Jenny that always was. Psychopathic and Narcissistic.

    There is a reason her mother got involved in Scientology.
    There is a reason Jenny got introduced to Scientology in the first place.

    Unfortunately the Church has capitalized upon her issues and because of them, she rose right to the top to meet her mirror image. This is how narcissists ultimately do themselves in. They connect to their mirror image.

    No doubt, Jenny has regarded the rest of her family with disdain through out her Sea Org history, for being wogs and other insignificant particles. And has considered herself, “the only one that really matters” out of that family group.

    But at the end of the day, the others have been well loved, respected, admired and applauded for their contributions . For their caring friendships. For their compassion and creativity.

    While Jenny is showcased in her fame as a raving psychotic. An actual public blemish upon a well respected and well loved family. A shame.

    Just like David, she has no idea what it is like to be there on the same terms as everyone else. She has always had lots of cash and resources. Her primary purpose has been domination.

    David had his hands full with her. With the media power her father and brother have, there was absolutely no way to let her go and have her turn against him. Not with all of her knowledge. Unless, of course, he set up her like this, to look like a raving, psychotic, which she is, to excuse himself.

  392. Spyros: “…And if dealing with circuits could bring about improvement of conditions, doesn’t mean that without addressing circuits you can’t do that. I think no path is true, but hopefully it leads to some truth.”

    Just like so many others have said – the map (or path) is not the territory itself. Or, stated another famous way, focusing on “the finger pointing to the moon” isn’t ever going to get you to perceive the moon.

    Words can never be more than pointers. They can express relative truths, but never absolute truth – which is also called Consciousness, or God, or some other ‘word.’ 😛 Or, as LRH phrased it, Basic truth = Static – and Eckhart Tolle called it “Stillness” or “That which is formless.”

    Spyros: “By the terms he used in that video it would seem he’s had something to do with SCN.”

    Yes, I was amazed that many of their “pointers” are essentially the same. Apparently, others have thought there might be some connection too. But this was all I found on a web search:

    “According to the Wiki article on Eckhart Tolle, he was influenced by many different people and teachings, including Buddhism. However, the list of Tolle’s influences does not include L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, or Dianetics. Likewise, in the Wiki article on Scientology, Hubbard is credited with being influenced at least in part by Buddhism, as well. There were other crossovers between Tolle’s and Hubbard’s influences, not just Buddhism, so there should be no huge surprise that their teachings would have possible similarities. However, from my cursory investigation, I do not find that Tolle was inspired by Hubbard. Not that he wasn’t, but just that if he was I couldn’t find it from my short search. Saukkomies 13:17, 14 September 2008 (UTC)”

    Btw, Tolle also got similar criticisms to what LRH got:

    “Some critics characterize Tolle’s books as unoriginal or derivative. A 2009 New York Times article said he is ‘hardly the first writer to tap into the American longing for meaning and success.’ Sara Nelson, the editor-in-chief of Publishers Weekly, said Tolle’s writings have been successful due to surging public interest in books that tell you how to be happier, more peaceful and more successful. James Robinson in The Observer called Tolle’s writings ‘a mix of pseudo-science, New Age philosophy, and teaching borrowed from established religions.'”

  393. Spyros: “So when if I think something is idiotic, how do I say it without insulting anyone, even if he indirectly insults me and my friends? That’s been a problem to me. It isn’t that I know ‘the truth’, it’s just that some things I have experienced too – quite differently than described. I choose to let people think what they want, and see how that will work out.”

    That’s just one of the many “teachings” that might be learned in these blog exchanges. But here’s you video of the day. 😛 🙂

  394. It will not surprise me in the least to hear some statement from the Church that approximates this:

    “Once again, the Chairman of the Board R.T.C. has been plagued and held unjustly accountable for these gnarly Church of Scientology miscreatants…. He can not be everywhere at once to police rogue psychotics the Church accepts as it’s responsibility and tries help…”

  395. spyrosillusionist

    Yes, I think if religions and other organized spiritual philosophies didn’t exist, people would still look for some related stuff. I don’t know whether they would be more successful or not. I think it is inherent to want to know some things.

    I don’t see any reason for antagonism between such philosophies and religions to exist, unless there are intentions to use that tendency of people to know, in order to somehow manipulate them. Like when somebody has a tendency to need to eat, and ‘you’ use that so that to make him clean your house, because you and your horde have taken over all the land and there is no land for him to grow his own food –well, at least in older times. Now almost nobody grows his own food.

    Thus, I want plurality of spiritual philosophies and such, to exist. And that is why I say what I say about the relative only importance of concepts like the reactive mind etc not to make it sound ‘wrong’.

    I don’t think many in SCN believe one can attain anything analogous to Clear -to not compulsively create facsimiles- by anything other than SCN, because they think only their route can do that. And of course they’re certain you must have an auditor to manhandle you, or else you can’t do much. And you generally you must follow a specific route, or else. They don’t understand those rules pertain to that philosophy in specific, the way it is made to operate. It is not wrong, it’s just how it is. Nor do they know in older times -within SCN itself- there were numerous different ways to achieve similar results. I have overrun this, but there were times that nobody did nothing with facsimiles nor circuits. And that he changed that for the public, doesn’t make those ways less valid.

    And other than SCN, I have encountered wonderful people and practices here and there (and some totally indifferent or even antipathetic to me, as well) that are not at all inferior. And keep in mind I’m very picky. Just to sit and feel good or just key out is not what I look for. I can feel better with a chocolate bar, or by taking a walk or better just make myself feel better. I don’t need a whole ritual.

    So, I only intend to have the subject free. To not have it as a mandatory compulsion nor to have it be inhibited.

  396. I don’t know what other people’s goals are. They have not all been told me and I do not like to dub in these things. I am a pretty happy “not knower”.

    My goal in all of this, has been to see everyone on the same page again out here. I have always thought of people who have been attracted to exploring the super natural, as special people. That has always made me like the people that got involved with this, no matter what side of the board they ended up on in this game. I have always thought of them as being special, not gullible or stupid.

    I am not a “group” person by nature. Not really any asset to group movements. When my “only one” moments come, I step into them. If I am the “only one” to step forward and imply another truth, I can be very annoying. I did hope somehow to convey. someday, this thing about the Church that I felt was unjustifiable. This thread of sadism and waste, this lack of mercy and compassion, that was like a virus.

    I have been helped very well by the tech and the auditors in Scientology. I was also thrown out on the street at 14 years old because I said something negative about it. And most of what I had to handle in auditing, was what I inherited by being an “unwitting” enemy and having to live on my own before I agreed to check it out. Then I paid and paid. And it was all to clean up my own fair gaming experience.But it gives me no pleasure to know my joy later on in Scientology, came at the expense of others. It actually takes my joy away. Because I know what that is like.

    I was very careful in Scientology, to know that I did not make others hurt like I had been hurt, for disagreements. I stepped over some other people’s toes out here, to protect others from fair gaming. Especially other children, like I once was. I know that grated on some peoples nerves.

    The video of Jenny Linson, could be a re enactment of my mother yelling at me before throwing me out of her apartment at age 14 in the worst rain storm in N.Y.C. when I was 14 for saying, “I asked the neighbor what Scientology was, and he said it was “a crutch”.

    Everything I was beat up for in Scientology and the Sea Org, my track, was because of the way I had to live as a result of not understanding Scientology and being connected to a person who thought Scientology would define them. I know what these translators are like and far south they can go.

    I hoped for a day, when this small but hugely influence could be explained to others. And Marty has managed to bring this full circle. He has also managed to grant people beingness regardless of their views.

    There is some bad stuff and good stuff in every thing around us. Even your dogs have to be walked and you have to pick up after them. We have a common experience that brings us so many opportunities for so many great conversations.

    But, in the last four days my purposes for even being in this mix, have been carried forward by Marty. To put us all on the same page, even for a minute. To showcase this dark side of humanity that is a thread woven into this fabric called Scientology.

    I have had a sleeping pattern of only a few hours a night for many years, and multi tasking on several projects. I have been labeled all sorts of things from a “savant” (gets the most clicks on eval) to “hyper active”. This does not include the labels from the Church, starting with convincing my mother that I was an S.P. at 14 for suggesting she “needed a crutch”, It has run the spectrum from “genius” at age six, to “drug case” in the Church. To “clear, theta clear, native state, in the Church.”

    Whatever. Marty conveyed what I have been trying to say.

    I no longer have to carry this with hold. And everyone came together.

    I have been sleeping. I am calm. We are all on the same page the last three days. People understand what I have been trying to say the last three days. He has carried me through a personal storm. And helped me meet my very personal goals. And I always knew he had this capability. He has altered Scientology not with malice, but with compassion. That is what some people do not get. No strings attached. So, seriously, I can rest in Peace. But I will pay it forward.

    Thank you Marty.

  397. There is an auditing question on a rundown having to do with detecting suppressive persons in your life that goes something like this: “Who or what has made nothing of you?”

    Marty, I couldn’t help but think of that as Jenny Linson was saying you were “nothing”!

    It has never ceased to amaze me how many suppressive acts are committed in the name of “religion” by these people. I encountered plenty of that in the experience I had with my son being forced to disconnect from me as a minor child. Suppressive and illegal! acts were the order of the day.


  398. “And magnificently we will fold, into the mystic.”

    I think one of the things I like about auditing is that I just love to hear other people’s stories. Thanks for all of your cutting loose and telling your tale, Oracle.

    Scientology, as a subject, contains all of its own reasons to fight against itself by the very nature of its tenets. Jenny is the embodiment of all that is wrong with scientology as an organization. The basic tenet of “we’d rather have you dead than incapable.” And who defines incapable? She defines it as blindly obedient and willing to die for the organization, or be 100% with the organization’s goals as defined by a sadistic little tyrant.

    “Command Intention?” Jeeze, what a crock of crap.

    Scientology, as a brand, is TOXIC. This is irreparable because the toxisity is woven into the fabric of it’s ethics, tech and admin policies. It’s woven into the fabric of L Ron Hubbard’s imagined, glorious past and the accumlulation of his own missed withholds. It’s part and parcel of the lack of honest evaluation of what does and doesn’t work. It is laid in hard by the egocentric, “we are the only ones who can do anything about anything,” bullshit.

    Scientology as a subject has no future because it continues to assert its false claims and glorify itself rather than stand back, sort itself out, assess with honesty what it can and can’t do and announce that fact publicly. It simply cannot be honest, so it is being exposed. And the true believers are very upset about that exposure because they think it hurts their stats. And stats are everything. And people are nothing, worse than nothing, unless they are a stat.

    It’s quite a job to extract from the subject what actually does work to help a person get the release points which enable him to move on up a little higher. Is it even worth it, in the long run, sorting out the fact from the fiction? Personally, I’m not sure if it is, but for now I’m having fun with it.

  399. “Merchants of Chaos”

  400. So the child, after he grows up, does not need his teddy bear any more .. this is not right, I have still my teddy bear .. and I love him ..

  401. I had the same thought. She looks like a once beautiful woman who has spent years in a mental institution from the 1800s or is one of the creatures from the 1955 Sci-Fi movie, ” The Body Snatchers”. I wonder, if they looked at the video of themselves, could they recognize how badly they have been damaged? Awful.

  402. LOL! So, what confusion your Teddy Bear has been restraining?

  403. Well Marty, now again we can all see what the long term exposure to Scientology’s indoctrination produces on its followers: religious mania and a state of overwhelm.

    I took a backpacking trip in my late teens through some remote places south of the border. In those days it was customary to seek lodging at Franciscan monasteries, some of them going back to colonial times. Anyway, I had the opportunity to briefly observe monastic life, and to my surprise I found that some of the monks looked quite insane.

    Many years later, while researching Christianity I came up to a similar observation by D.M. Murdock, recounting her trip to a Greek Orthodox monastery:

    “These horrendous images of humans being hideously tortured were what the fervent followers of Christianity were supposed to contemplate and be surrounded by on a daily basis. It was simply atrocious, and the fact was that most of the monks we encountered appeared to be quite demented.”

    Claire Headley recounted her valiant escape from the Int. Base. Interestingly Claire commented that she thought having done the OT levels made her more susceptible to Scientology’s control than Marc, her husband, as well as being raised and educated within the SO.
    In essence, Claire stated that the upper levels actually worked against her ability to maintain self-determinism and that the longer you are exposed to this cult, the harder it is to get over its poisonous influence.

    Hubbard expounded in his long essay on Black Dianetics, that PDH, was the principal means used by the “Old Man of the Mountain” to terrorize the Middle East through his cult of assassins, who were supposedly turned into killer automatons doing his biddings.

    As usual Hubbard threw a red herring on brainwashing. As it turns out, extreme measures such as PDH are not actually needed to effectively achieve mind control and obtain obedience from subjects.

    Rather clever and less overtly violent means have been historically used to control populations, one of the main one being Religion, including Hassan-i—Sabbah’s cult, as the assassins were trained both in the art of combat and in the study of religion and they viewed their Founder as a Prophet and Magician.

    The many facets and subtleties of mind control has been researched over the last century, they are brilliantly exposed by Daniel Kahneman in his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”.,_Fast_and_Slow

    Religion asserts its control by manipulating the vast associative and automatic response system that makes up our instinctive mind (System 1):

    “Some cultures provide frequent reminders of respect, others constantly remind their members of God, and some societies prime obedience by large images of the Dear Leader.

    Can there be any doubt that the ubiquitous portraits of the national leader in dictatorial societies not only convey the feeling that “big brother is watching”, but also lead to an actual reduction in spontaneous thought and independent action?

    The evidence of priming suggest that reminding people of their mortality increases the appeal of authoritarian ideas, which may become reassuring in the context of the terror of death.”

    Best wishes and prompt recovery from Scientology.

  404. Less,

    I’m glad we can be friends then.
    Here is something you may enjoy. I found it to be a perfect antidote to Scientology’s OT insanity and a perfect wrap-up for its more enlightened views.

  405. Well Les, I was sent for a summer visit that turned into a very interesting life adventure. No regrets, that’s for sure.

    Thank you for all that you do to make the best of it work in a highly beneficial manner. And thank you for your kindness and sanity.

  406. That was a bit harsjh of me

  407. Funny how this song does not reaches out to Scientologists or Anons.

    My mother likes it.

  408. Tom Gallagher


  409. “So, I only intend to have the subject free. To not have it as a mandatory compulsion nor to have it be inhibited.”

    I like that. Liked your whole post, in fact. Nothing I can add to it. 😛

    See you on the next thread, okay? Either here or at Geir’s. P 😉

  410. Fly on the wall. That is exactly how it went down. I would bet my life on it.

  411. Oh, I did want to ask what you thought of the last vid I posted, “Being Present in Relationships.” ET (interesting initials he has, huh?) starts out by saying it’s “challenging meeting humans with whom you share a lot of past. The more past you share with them, the more old behavior patterns will want to come back in…” Etc.

    I thought it might apply to what you wrote in the post above it. Maybe even applies to many of the exchanges between former scientologists.

  412. A buffoon!Haha , best word to describe the man yet!
    600,606 views on you tube. The devil’s number!

  413. spyrosillusionist

    Thank you 🙂

    Yes, every nice thread needs an off-topic Marildi and Spyro chat! 😛

    I don’t know about the next thread(s), but maybe again –no promises. I’m open to comm, though.

  414. spyrosillusionist

    Probably Marildi. All this analysis and arguements are mind stuff. Spirit stuff is chill, the way I see it. So, ‘naturally’ such things can occur.

  415. spyrosillusionist

    Spirit stuff=what the spirit perceives and creates. Mind stuff=data and generally past and logical (or illogical) conclusions on a time sequence. In truth I don’t have any SCN to talk about 😛 I watched that video alright. But it’s just a video on my screen. Without mind, past I wouldn’t have anything to add –nothing to assume to be true, etc. That’s how I see it. It’s a game of logic and data but in the presence of spirit things are just alright. Unless you consciously create something to add. That’s why I love my new spiritual stuff 😉 And no it doesn’t mean retreating from life either. It’s just different to really know than to assume, believe, remember… you remember that data about methods to gain knowledge? That’s good stuff.

  416. She needs a good man by her side , oh wait she gave that up for Cobbitology

  417. If you look closely at Marty’s video of the Top Managers you can see the puppet strings on these three people. That is one reason they look so silly. They are other-determined. Imagine if someone had you hooked up to strings and was making you dance. They do have responsibility for their actions. But they are other-determined meaning Miscavige is the puppeteer.

  418. Google “more cowbell”.

  419. Yes, Cat Daddy, this is what they are!

  420. Good when we can see the strings and sad for them that don’t.
    Currently at 603,290

  421. Thanks for communicating Oracle. The room is suddenly brighter when I read your words. Keep writing.

  422. I dedicate this video to The Oracle and her adventure. This video was posted in the past by Cat Daddy and deserves a replay.

  423. “The truth will free my soul.”

  424. I thought that video might have been an answer to what you had just written:

    “So when if I think something is idiotic, how do I say it without insulting anyone, even if he indirectly insults me and my friends? That’s been a problem to me. It isn’t that I know ‘the truth’, it’s just that some things I have experienced too –quite differently than described. I choose to let people think what they want, and see how that will work out.”

    What I get from Eckhart Tolle is that if you can’t agree with someone, or you even disagree, but you do so with “consciousness” instead of the egoic mind, it will probably come out okay – maybe even bring the other into consciousness (PT) and then you can have a real communication with each other. Like the example he gave of the guy with his critical parents, who then started getting sincerely interested in what he had to say – because his response to the egoic things they said was not egoic but “conscious”. I think you know this and I meant it as an ack for you. 😛

    And yes, the two of us do get into off-topic chats. But this time I didn’t think it was all that off topic, if you see what I mean. 🙂

    Hey, here’s one more video for the little Greek devil by the name of Spyros – which happens to mean “spirit.” I remembered this vid because it’s the story of another being whose name was Diablo and got changed to Spirit. 😛 😉

  425. spyrosillusionist

    I know. You reffer to a condition and ability far beyond the ‘posing and resolving’ problems that is what we have been doing here most of the time, if not all the time.

    What is not directly perceived by static tends to persist, and also the other way around. With static perception present, you just can’t play this game.

    Thanx for the vid. I was contemplating being devilish too, before. Well, I admit it. Still, I can change that. 😛

  426. This is incredible. I really want to communicate with animals.  

    From: Moving On Up a Little Higher To: Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2014 6:47 PM Subject: [New comment] Scientology Top Management #yiv0915617783 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0915617783 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0915617783 a.yiv0915617783primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0915617783 a.yiv0915617783primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0915617783 a.yiv0915617783primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0915617783 a.yiv0915617783primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0915617783 marildi commented: “I thought that video might have been an answer to what you had just written:“So when if I think something is idiotic, how do I say it without insulting anyone, even if he indirectly insults me and my friends? That’s been a problem to me. It isn’” | |

  427. deElizabethan

    Marilidi, Just a note to you and Spyrosillusionist, how much I enjoyed your long conversation much earlier.

  428. spyrosillusionist

    You know Marildi, to hear from a person about ‘evil’ etc is one thing –and quite tolerable from my behalf. But hear about ‘evil’ from a person who has studied lets say a science that insists that evil does not exist, but we can make it exist, and that person has great diplomas and status among his fellows and yet goes around and witch hunts, makes my brains twist –it’s craziness. The closest I can imagine to do to what you proposed before, is laugh at it. But I think if the only thing I write in blogs is ‘hahahahahahhaha roflmao’ is public, people will go like “Huh?!”. So the real dillema that I see is do I say anything about it, or not? Do I play along or not? I guess none option is wrong, depending on what you want. Sometimes I want more peace, other times I look for more trouble. It’s the devil in me 😛

  429. Tom's imaginary friend, Black's daughter, Lisa.

    Watching this is such a relief. They’re like this on the astral plane, but not as pathetic, more like a subtle revolving door. Their behavior will last long after death until the right people put their feet down.

  430. Wow. I had to copy paste and print this out to pin to the wall by my computer. Thank you for that kind and generous acknowledgment.

  431. Old Secretary

    Watch the video without sound. Its well worth it.

  432. deElizabethan

    “Sometimes I want more peace, other times I look for more trouble. It’s the devil in me 😛 ”
    LOL. I hear you and you’re not alone. 😀

  433. “…makes my brains twist –it’s craziness…So the real dillema that I see is do I say anything about it, or not?”

    Well, if we stick with Eckhart Tolle’s path/map/finger-pointing-to-the-moon, you would speak (or not) from a viewpoint of consciousness/mindfulness. The way I would word it is, you speak from a point of Look/TR-0 (which might even take you to Know).

    Actually, I think you answered the question in the other comment you posted last, where you wrote: “What is not directly perceived by static tends to persist, and also the other way around. With static perception present, you just can’t play this game.”

    So by that, I guess you wouldn’t be playing any games. Unless, of course, the little devil in you decided to. 😛 😀

  434. Lovely of you to say, Dee!

    The thing I enjoyed about this overall thread is that it basically brought everyone together regardless of the usual differences. That was lovely too. You and I have been doing that for a while. 🙂

  435. Right, Vin. It is really eye-opening. 😉

  436. Marc Yager is embarrassed to be there, both guys more or less left Jenny Linson to do the bullying on her own, and all three of them look utterly exhausted and really washed out. They were ineffective and they knew it. They are still caught in a dream.

  437. Your video proves the unchanged Scientology officials mindset status quo is still the creepy brainwashed motif.

    Miscavige would be a basket case nutball were someone to capture Miscavige’s daily communication style on video.

    Great job!

  438. deElizabethan

    Yes Marlidi, a nice journey with you and some others. I’ve gained a lot and have had some fun. Will continue to grow. Thanks to you, others and Marty’s blog.

  439. spyrosillusionist


  440. spyrosillusionist

    Well, in that case, I understand.-

  441. I share your sentiments. Thanks to you too, for your unique perspective. 🙂

  442. Cool. 😎 😛

  443. From Jenny’s 2009 disposition:

    She attests here:

    3. I am a senior executive of the Church of Scientology International.

    “I have known David Miscavige for 22 1/2 years. Mr. Miscavige, in the years I have known him, has treated me with kindness, compassion and understanding that knows no bounds.”

    “He has brought the Church in a place in the world today, where anyone can stand up proud to be a Scientologist and part of this incredible growing movement.”

    Just in case anyone needs this.

    Click to access App11-Jenny%20Linson.pdf

  444. Oh, and they look empty. This is something that strikes me most of all, and I’ve seen it in regular public scientologists as well.

  445. Joe Pendleton

    Frankly, I was a little surprised that Marty didn’t burst out laughing at these psychos. Jenny and Yager look like escapees from an insane asylum. Oh yeah …. in all the past trillions of years, these folks are the only hope for mankind … they are “cause” and get this – “sane” …. uhm …. yeah ….. sure they are …

  446. I am an Audiophile of sorts, I have an AKAI AA 1175 that drives some
    Philips 22AH87

  447. Ask Mikle Rinder about that

  448. Tom Gallagher

    Some may need to view this in sequence:

  449. Seriously? This article cracks me up. (This is a PR article for the Co$).
    A Scientology Perspective on Bullying

  450. Jean-François Genest

    • I CARE! I give a F# 🙂
    Awesome for getting this on vidéo. Oh boy, what a pity. Do they get a “medal of valor” for doing this? On one hand it is good to see Marc Yager still alive (though a meak, remote-controlled robot). I used to have high admiration for this chap. Can we see Heber Jentzsch at the next ambush please, so we can see he’s still alive too ?

  451. Tom Gallagher

    Marty, et. al.,

    I’m having one of those late evening lucid moments and I had an epiphany type of mental event.

    Simply stated, this could be the last Rathbun statement from this blog.

    The subject and importantly those in charge have been summed up, exposed and recorded for posterity.

    The Miscavige deposition will ice the cake……

    It will probably even be prime time featured on Comedy Channel.

  452. Robert Almblad

    Ambush does not work…. it just shows the character of the ambusher .. Thanks for being there Marty and Mosey…

  453. I’ve had an epiphany from this entire event that has been AWESOME!

    I had such a huge blow down on this. And, I had these bogged cycles in business going on. For whatever reason, over the last few days these bogs have just unraveled and the red carpet has been rolling out. Like, miracles.

    It hit me today, there is a subtle suppression that can happen on “others to others” flows. A person can feel personally suppressed, by others to others flows. Especially if you suppress yourself from intervening. It is a self suppression.

    There was a time when I wanted to intervene between this Jenny entity, and others. And I had to suppress myself because she had this entourage of little young innocent seeming to me at the time, CMO kids flanking her, and I was afraid one of them would get in the mix, and I would hurt one of them. It became such an effort to suppress myself that my hands physically shook. I suppressed myself in an unimaginable way.

    Suppression is not just a flow one or flow two thing. Others to others flows can bring on another kind of suppression.

    When this hit me I had to lay down on the bed and stare at the ceiling for about five minutes.

    I had this huge resurgence of ARC and power, when I thought, “Sweet Mother Justice”.

    Then I realized, that the times it seemed justice had abandoned me, or us, I had ARCX’s with “justice”.

    This is what injustice can do to you. This is how damaging it is.

    And to the extent that one goes out of ARC with justice, or out of harmony with it, one removes themselves from this natural, essential and loving force, and looses command with it, and distances themselves with it. You need to be hooked at the hip with this essential magical force called “justice”. It is a powerful force. Completely trustworthy.

    I’ve been lifted.

  454. Mark N. Roberts

    My lovely Miss Oracle.
    What a wonderful and unburdening epiphany. This lightening of the heart is a joy to hear and experience.

    Justice has been such an ugly thing for so many for so long, even hearing of injustices and suppression brings such turmoil. The unwillingness, or the inability, or the lack of confidence to act can invoke such a tension that the word ridge barely begins to describe it.

    But I saw something in your words that almost brought me to tears.
    “Sweet Mother Justice” Then “…this natural, essential and loving force, and looses command with it,…” Then you said “… this essential magical force called “justice”.

    Justice, when pure and honest, has a beauty, a near aesthetic quality. The righting of a wrong, the correcting of an outpoint, the ARC gained by producing harmony where disorder and dishonesty existed, is an act of love and an accomplishment of great value.

    I can only hint to you to dig a little deeper into this heavy subject while the iron is hot. With open eyes and a now clearer perspective, there are some things there that will explain so much about life. I don’t think you will be disappointed. So much joy to be found, or rather, returned.

    As through the eyes of a child, there is beauty and wonder to be seen in every direction looked.
    ARCL, Mark.

  455. Are you all kidding me? I doubt this post will ever get posted here, but I have to try.

    I have been offline from scientology for a number of years. I don’t actually even have the best track record, but I’m online looking around to see what’s up with everything and I come across multiple blogs from former high ranking scientologists who are trying to blaze some new trail.

    Let me state it clearly, I know scientology works. I am going to go back to the org for services. I don’t believe any of this stuff any of you are saying and if whatever of it is true, is most likely exaggerated. I am not happy with this independent scientologist crap.

    I especially am not happy with you Marty Rathburn. What the hell? You got videos saying you can mix scientology with other philosophies? Maybe you ought to read KSW again, seems like you need a refresher.

    Okay let me start fresh. Obviously there is a some grand beef with David miscavige that every blown sea org member seem to be a victim to. I find this funny since DM is like 5 foot nothing? You all have the courage to blow scientology and natter to the press, but no one had the balls to smack him back? Maybe that’s how he knew you were out-ethics, if he laid a hand on me, I’d a knocked his lights out. Damn the consequences. So your story of, he wouldn’t stop hitting me so I had to get out just doesn’t add up.

    Also Marty, you realize that some of these clowns responding to your posts are ACTUAL SP’s right?

    I hate to come on here and make everyone wrong, but damn…. Wake up!

    Get your asses back into the org and get your ethics in and get back onto the bridge. Stop cry-babying about over regging, if you don’t have the damn money, tell them and be strong about it. It’s a game, just a game.

    As for the all the accusations that tech is out by Debbie Cook and others, BS, BS, BS. I disagree. I have plenty of friends who are going up the bridge and getting BIG wins and they are not complaining.

    I am probably going to be met with all kinds of negative response to my message here (if marty is bold enough to post it) but I don’t care. I have integrity. This is integrity. I will be loyal to the church.

    I mean after all, okay, lets say you all destroy the church and it crumbles and all that’s left is “independent Scientologists” How are you going to get access to the upper levels beyond OT8 and further, since for OT9 and OT10 to get released there needs to be ideal orgs everywhere per LRH, how do you plan on making that a reality when you destroy everything.

    You all aren’t revolutionaries, you’re out ethics.

  456. You need to read about some real tech here. Hopefully, it will help you come out of your misery.

    This is a very brief summary of Patanjali Yoga Sutras from the chapter on Samadhi Pada.

    (1:01 – 1:04) Patanjali states that the ideal state is the Seer being established in his own essential and fundamental nature. Modifications to this nature bring about a departure from the ideal state. Yoga restores the Seer to his ideal state by reducing those modifications.

    (1:05 – 1:11) Patanjali then describes the nature of such modifications. The modification appears as knowledge, which is further modified by misconceptions, and then added to by speculations and assumptions. One either becomes oblivious of them or retains them in memory.

    (1:12 – 1:16) The resolution of these modifications comes from perceiving things objectively without attachment. This is mindfulness (seeing things non-judgmentally as they are). One establishes oneself in this practice by applying it uninterruptedly over a long period of time with dedication. One then becomes free of cravings and is able to control one’s desires. Knowing the ideal state one develops indifference toward all desirable and undesirable aspects of nature.

    (1:17 – 1:22) With this detachment comes cognitive Samadhi, which is accompanied by reasoning, reflection, bliss and self-absorption. Then continued resolution of modifications brings one to non-cognitive Samadhi in which only impressions remain. Some attain this non-cognitive Samadhi easily because of the nature they are born with. For others it requires lot of effort in terms of faith, perseverance, reasoning and reflection. How fast one attains non-cognitive Samadhi depends on the intensity of urge and the nature of means (mild, medium and strong) employed.

    (1:23 – 1:28) Alternatively, one may simply surrender to Ishvara. Ishvara is that ideal untouched by the afflictions of life, actions, results and impressions. It is the basis of all knowledge. It is the teacher of all teachers. Ishvara is denoted by the word “Om.” Repetition of “Om” and meditation over its meaning shall bring one to Samadhi.

    (1:29 – 1:32) This provides true and dispassionate perspective of life; establishes one in objective introspection; and removes obstacles in the path of yoga. These obstacles are illness, sloth, indecision and carelessness, laziness, clinging to sense enjoyments, delusional thinking, failure to attain Samadhi, and failure to retain Samadhi. The accompanying symptoms are pain, despair, physical restlessness and irregular breathing. To remedy these, the constant practice of one truth or principle is recommended.

    (1:33 – 1:39) The mind becomes clarified by cultivating friendliness towards happiness, compassion towards misery, gladness towards, virtue, and indifference towards vice; or by the expiration and retention of breath; or by generating extraordinary sense-perceptions; or by meditating on the Effulgent Light beyond all sorrow; or by focusing the mind on those who have given up all attachment to sense-objects; or by developing proper perspective for dreams and sleep; or by meditating on anything that appeals to one.

    (1:40 – 1:45) So the yogi brings the understanding of all physical (gross) and mental (fine) objects to an overall state of consistency. With the reduction of modifications the yogi becomes in reality the observer, means of observation, and objects all together. In the questioning stage of Samadhi objects, their perception and essential knowledge is mixed together. When consistency is obtained all subjectivity is reduced to complete objectivity of Samadhi without question. Similarly, other samadhis may be explained that address finer objects ranging all the way to formless, elemental nature (Prakriti).

    (1:46 – 1:51) These stages of samadhi are with seed. At the conclusion of the final stages there is illumination and events are seen as they are actually unfolding. This knowledge is different from the knowledge acquired through testimony and inference because it is direct and specific. Impressions born of it prevent further impressions. The resolution of even these final impressions then leads to the seedless samadhi.
    Patanjali Sutras (Chapter 1)

  457. There is nothing to go back to, you were hypnotized.

  458. I find that most dyed-in-the-wool Scientologists feign to be happy, just to make themselves right and others wrong.

    I wonder if they have ever tasted real happiness. True happiness does not necessarily come from material comforts and control that Scientologists seem to be fixated on.

  459. Thank you David Miscavige for your comment. I realized your top managers have stolen the limelight from you recently with over 600,000 video views. That is a bigger audience than you have ever had. If you stick with commenting on Marty’s blog here you will have an audience for yourself as Marty’s blog is doing well. As well as his videos.

  460. This is a joke, right?

  461. Here is an interesting view of neuroscience about the sense of self and reincarnation based on actual experimentation. Sense of self is a type of necessary hallucination.

    The sense of self arises out of the temporal lobes, especially with its deeper limbic parts, so do hallucinations…

    Can you as individual self, reincarnate, and the answer is no. It is not something intrinsic to your being. It is something created. The self is not carried from one life to the next…

    Listen to the segment especially from 43:05 to 45:40. It is fascinating!


  462. Jenny looks terrible, she could live out of those bags under her eyes. This was just embarrassing for them. You handled yourself well.

    I bet the other travelers got quite the show.

  463. This might be the saddest post I’ve read here.

    Please don’t start drinking the kool-aid again. Maybe spending a few years in the Hole, or being forced to disconnect from your family will change your mind.

  464. “What the hell? You got videos saying you can mix scientology with other philosophies? ”

    Nothing new here.

    In SOS LRH gave acknowledgment to 50,000 years of thinking men without whose input the creation of Dianetics would not have been possible.

  465. Mark N. Roberts

    Good to hear from you. I like hearing different viewpoints and opinions. Marty is good about passing along varying outlooks. Good that you have had gains and seen others who have had significant wins in the church. Many on this site have had good experiences and met many exceptional people through Scn.

    I am of the opinion that “I may not agree with what you say, but will fight for your right to say it.” Unfortunately I have found that lacking in the official church. Any disagreement equals endless word clearing, then ethics, and if continued, eventual disconnection or declaration. This has occurred to thousands of good people in the church. In my experience, this was worse, the higher up one went. My best experience was in Missions and smaller Orgs. The mission network has been systematically destroyed and independent Orgs are being dismantled.

    I believe LRH was brilliant but not perfect. His work should be improved and continued. There is absolutely no room for this in the church. I believe there are more independent Scientologists than there are in the church. There are more Cl.12 auditors working independently outside of the church than within.

    There is overwhelming evidence that there are severe problems in Scn. but I strongly believe that a structured, methodical method of spiritual improvement is of great value. I am having great success with my work and will continue it.
    With ARC, Mark

  466. “I have been offline from scientology for a number of years.”

    “Get your asses back into the org and get your ethics in and get back onto the bridge.”

    So typical.

  467. Tom Gallagher


    Welcome to Lunacy.

    You spelled it out!

  468. There is some weird sticky glue with Scientologists, that they can not duplicate or respect other people when they are clearly living separate lives.

    Like these thugs at the airport ambushing Marty and chanting slogans questions orders and abuse at him as if he never had a separate life and does not have one now.

    They think everyone is still part of some “cluster” “group think” and if you are not, you have gone to hell!

    “Cluster up quick” is the motto. “Come back” “join” “report” “register” “sign on” “sign up” . It is aberrated , and it is unfortunate that distance putting skills were taken off the bridge with original OT7.

    But someone (like me for instance) needs to tell these people there is such a thing as DISTANCE between people that is CREATED by DESIRE.

  469. Disappointed,

    I agree with Terril – it would be right in keeping with the tradition of LRH to carry on with the research and build a better Bridge, even though he later wrote KSW – and in the years after that, continued to improve upon the tech himself.

    Full OT has not been achieved, as I’m sure you know, and although there was apparently quite a search to find the LRH notes after he died – it came up with nothing, regardless of what is being claimed. I believe Marty was privy to that fruitless search when he was in top management.

    Personally, I think LRH was a great and brilliant man, whose contribution was enormous. However, there are too many first-hand accounts from too many sources that indicate he was far from perfect. But then, why should he have been? He was a human being who was under great pressures.

    LRH even wrote (or lectured – I don’t recall the reference) about this kind of thing and said (to paraphrase) that you can’t go by how much commotion surrounds a person, because someone who is doing very little can look like an angel compared to someone who is taking on a lot of responsibility.

    That phenomenon has also been observed by others outside of scientology, who have written about monks reaching high levels of awakening and peace. But when they have to go to town once a year for necessities, they sometimes lose their temper badly if, for example, they have to stand in line too long! They haven’t even handled the “egoic mind” to that degree.

    Basically, it’s all relative and should be looked at in the context of the whole history. And we need to give LRH a break and not think of him as a God – which just opens him up to the harshest criticism.

  470. “How are you going to get access to the upper levels beyond OT8 and further, since for OT9 and OT10 to get released there needs to be ideal orgs everywhere per LRH, how do you plan on making that a reality when you destroy everything.”

    Uh, you have just started reading haven’t you?

    There is no OT9 and 10. David Miscavige has a with hold about that.

    L.R.H. never said there needs to be Ideal Orgs everywhere for people to have and use Scientology. There isn’t even an L.R.H. reference on the Freewinds. There is an LRH reference that says OT8 was to be delivered in the A.O.’s, not on a ship.

    This whole IDEAL ORG thing is HAVING to HAVE before we can do, and shifting the burden of delivery onto the public.

    Having to have before we can do is dev t, and David Miscavige has created dev t all over everyone’s lines.

    If L. Ron Hubbard himself walked into the Church of Scientology today, he wouldn’t know where he was.

  471. Scientology’s Necromongers want you to join their faith:

  472. Hi Oracle,

    I just wanted to say thank you very, very much for sharing this. It has helped me unravel a big ball of my own and make a lot more sense about my relationship with past and present injustices. You have helped me understand the concept of empowering myself and/or others better, just by sharing this. It’s been a great day for me because of this, and I consider this a gift, as it opens up a future of new understanding and possibilities.

    Thanks you.

  473. It seems that my brother Marty is using this time to make a post totally not related to Scientology:

  474. I am not without method, I post my videos all over the board and I will defend Marty, my bro on all the boards.

    This video got posted because someone cared:

  475. I won’t back down

  476. Wow, I was already digging deeper. Laughter! Has some spiritual “connections” pop up on the “justice” button. I simply asked, “what was your crime”? Found a lot of self blame for piddly diddly. If this is a prison planet, seems like the question you should be asking those still connected to you, is, “What was your crime”? I’ve done a lot of solo auditing in my day but none that has gotten more T.A. running this. I can understand why Hubbard went mad accusing others of crimes. This is the basic case around this atmosphere I think, and if anyone was dramatizing ethics justice and penalties on others, it was Hubbard. He was socked into it too. The thing is, most people who think they belong in purgatory, are fretting over a lot of insignificant malarkey from the past. People are paying in the present, for the past. It’s a little complicated time warp, but I am getting it sorted from my universe.

  477. How do you accounbt for the many documented or at least partially documented cases of children who recall their previous lives in some detail? Or the selection process of Tibetan Dalai Lamas, for example? Spinning theories about the lack of a “self” that continues from life to life is all very well – all you have to do is omit consideration of a lot of data, for the sake of your pet, “consistency”.

  478. Hi Disappointed.

    Bravo for speaking your mind!! I honestly mean that.

    I’ve been in for 30 + years. Have been under the radar (appearing in agreement but not participating) for about 2 years or so.

    Know what the best thing is about your post? That you’re here to find out for yourself. To do a “really find out” survey.

    Most people in won’t even look and that’s tragic.

    Since you are looking here, I imagine that you are looking for true data, looking for what’s really going on here. If you can maintain your own viewpoint and see these things with your eyes, with the eyes that view LRH as source and that that source shouldn’t be altered,

    I’m a staunch “standard tech” Scientologist. Do you know what I’m most mad about? That RON’S tech – the tech that he worked tirelessly on for over 40 years, is being degraded and watered down with Mr. Miscaviges “executive C/Sing” arbitraries.

    I think that you may gain a little more understanding about why the people here are so pissed off about the direction that Miscavige has taken Scientology. It’s not “just” the SO members getting their asses kicked (I would imagine that you’ve never had to go to the RPF or The Hole so you might not know what the consequences were for even talking back to DM). It’s about how DM has ALTERED Ron’s tech across the boards and is actually (this may be a hard pill to swallow at this point) applying reverse Dianetics and reverse Scientology policy.

    Speaking of pills, Neo, are you ready for the truth? Which pill will it be?

    I hope you choose the red:

    — Ok. First example. Straight LRH. What has been changed here? Why has it been changed and who approved it for all the new issues? You can check this in your own tapes/CDs, if you still have the old PDCs. LRH lectures are straight from the man. No one is “translating or transcribing” so there is no possibility of error. It’s just from him to you. So why have these bits been taken out?

    LRH Tech and Policy. Why have these changes been made? Why are these off-policy actions being allowed to continue?

    — You may have heard that Debbie Cook, Captain of Flag for 17 years and veteran SO member for 29 years, wrote a letter to her Scientologist friends, explaining what she felt were important outpoints that should be known by her fellow Scientologists.

    In her letter she said, “I am completely dedicated to the technology of Dianetics and Scientology and the works of LRH.”

    She continues on, saying, “But I do have some very serious concerns about out-KSW that I see permeating the Scientology religion.

    I have the utmost respect for the thousands of dedicated Scientologists and Sea Org members.Together, we have come through everything this world could throw at us and have some real impingement on the world around us. I am proud of our accomplishments and I know you are too.

    However there is no question that this new age of continuous fundraising is not our finest moment.”

    LRH says in HCO PL 9 Jan 51, An Essay on Management, “drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.”-LRH

    Based on this policy I am communicating to you about some situations that we need to do something about within our religion, within our group. Actions that are either not covered in policy or directly violate LRH policy and tech include the extreme over-regging and fund-raising activities that have become so much a part of nearly every Sea Org org and Class V org as well as every “OT Committee”.

    Here is the full letter, without any embellishment. The comments are pretty enlightening too.

    This was the hardest video I had to watch. The injustice makes me furious. This is NOT Scientology technology so why did it happen? You might not want to watch this because it’s pretty intense. But it’s part of the “red pill” I had to swallow.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

    Personally, my decision is that I don’t want to support a group that has gone against LRH in this way.

    That’s why I’m here.

    Good luck in your journey.

  479. Diappointed –

    Oops. Sorry about my sentence that ended like a not-yet-finished freeway exit! LOL. Here’s the rest of the sentence…

    “Since you are looking here, I imagine that you are looking for true data, looking for what’s really going on here. If you can maintain your own viewpoint and see these things with your eyes, with the eyes that view LRH as source and that that source shouldn’t be altered, I think you might find it very interesting, and possibly enlightening as to why so many are leaving.”

  480. indie8million

    I know that was a rhetorical question, Ronnie, but the answer may be, “Some idiot who thinks that he has the same superstar status as his BFF, Tom Cruise, and so, therefore, he’s immune to any backlash.”

    Too bad he didn’t notice the backlash Tom got for 1) couch jumping and 2) laughing maniacally about being the only one who can help.

    If any other CEO or his cronies pulled a hate crime like this, it would be all over the news. That’s all this is is a hate crime and I hope Marty sues the three individuals for exactly that.

    Maybe then Mark Yaegar will have a chance to talk with Marty and plan his escape.

    They reminded me of these guys…only crazier.

  481. indie8million

    I talked with an OT VIII auditor in the Indie field. A new indie asked her how she knew that she had the “real” OT VIII. The Auditor’s answer was “I have all 5 versions – you can choose the one that you want — or we can do all 5, if you want. LOL!

  482. Hopefully the following from A View on Enlightenment will answer your question.


    But we do wonder about the innate genius that some people display. Mozart is a great example. There also seems to be memories that do not seem to belong to this life, and the full recall and purging of which does bring relief to many afflictions.

    According to Buddhist thought, “When this physical body is no more capable of functioning, energies do not die with it, but continue to take some other shape or form, which we call another life… Physical and mental energies which constitute the so-called being have within themselves the power to take a new form, and grow gradually and gather force to the full.” ~ What the Buddha Taught (1959) by Walpola Rahula.

    So, there is no permanent soul, but there are physical and mental energies that continue beyond the death of the body and the soul.

    This is pretty much the view taken on this blog. The question then becomes, “What is the nature of physical and mental energies that take up the form of the body and the soul respectively?”

  483. I just read an article that I think is applicable to this blog post. It explained some things to me about groups and what happens to groups members as relates to the ego. Here is an excerpt:
    “One of the ways in which the ego attempts to escape the unsatisfactoriness of personal selfhood is to enlarge and strengthen its sense of self by identifying with a group— a nation, political party, corporation, institution, sect, religion, club, gang, football team.

    “In some cases the personal ego seems to dissolve completely as someone dedicates his or her life to working selflessly for the greater good of the collective without demanding personal rewards, recognition, or aggrandizement.

    “What a relief to be freed of the dreadful burden of a personal self. The members of the collective feel happy and fulfilled, no matter how hard they work, how many sacrifices they make. They appear to have gone beyond ego. The question is: Have they truly become free, or has the ego simply shifted from the personal to the collective?

    “A collective ego manifests the same characteristics as the personal ego, such as…

    the need for conflict and enemies,
    the need for more,
    the need to be right against others who are wrong, and so on.

    “Sooner or later, the collective will come into conflict with other collectives, because it unconsciously seeks conflict and it needs opposition to define its boundary and thus its identity. Its members will then experience the suffering that inevitably comes in the wake of any ego-motivated action. At that point, they may wake up and realize that their collective has a strong element of insanity.

    “It can be painful at first to suddenly wake up and realize that the collective you had identified with and worked for is actually insane. Some people at that point become cynical or bitter and henceforth deny all values, all worth. This means that they quickly adopted another belief system when the previous one was recognized as illusory and therefore collapsed. They didn’t face the death of their ego but ran away and reincarnated into a new one.

    “A collective ego is usually more unconscious than the individuals that make up that ego. For example, crowds (which are temporary collective egoic entities) are capable of committing atrocities that the individual away from the crowd would not be. Nations not infrequently engage in behavior that would be immediately recognizable as psychopathic in an individual.”

  484. Here is another portion of the article. It sheds some light on the potential hazards of all groups – whether current or former scientologists, in or out of the CoS, or anons. Or any other group. It’s about grievances:

    “There are many people who are always waiting for the next thing to react against, to feel annoyed or disturbed about, and it never takes long before they find it. ‘This is an outrage,’ they say. ‘How dare you …’ ‘I resent this.’ They are addicted to upset and anger as others are to a drug. Through reacting against this or that they assert and strengthen their feeling of self.

    “A long-standing resentment is called a grievance.

    “To carry grievances is to be in a permanent state of ‘against,’ and that is why grievances constitute a significant part of many people’s ego. Collective grievances can survive for centuries in the psyche of a nation or a tribe and fuel a never-ending cycle of violence.

    “A grievance is a strong negative emotion connected to an event in the sometimes distant past that is being kept alive by compulsive thinking, by retelling the story in the head or out loud of ‘what someone did to me’ or ‘what someone did to us.’

    “A grievance will also contaminate other areas of your life. For example, while you think about and feel your grievance, its negative emotional energy can distort your perception of an event that is happening in the present or influence the way in which you speak or behave toward someone in the present. One strong grievance is enough to contaminate large areas of your life and keep you in the grip of the ego.

    “It requires honesty to see whether you still harbor grievances, whether there is someone in your life you have not completely forgiven, an ‘enemy.’ If you do, become aware of the grievance both on the level of thought as well as emotion, that is to say, be aware of the thoughts that keep it alive, and feel the emotion that is the body’s response to those thoughts. Don’t try to let go of the grievance. Trying to let go, to forgive, does not work. Forgiveness happens naturally when you see that it has no purpose other than to strengthen a false sense of self, to keep the ego in place. The seeing is freeing.

    “Jesus’ teaching to ‘Forgive your enemies’ is essentially about the undoing of one of the main egoic structures in the human mind.
    The past has no power to stop you from being present now. Only your grievance about the past can do that. And what is a grievance? The baggage of old thought and emotion.”

  485. Victoria, when a person takes something that other people have been searching for eons for and try to secretly use it to do people in with it by preventing them from finding things out for themeselves, one can expect more than just some feedback from people! 🙂 I didn’t used to be afraid like you say you were. I was just confused. Confused about why the church’s members acted so dishonestly all the time! 🙂 Good to have you onboard! 🙂

  486. Marty.. I want to thank you for recommending Stephen Mitchell’s book to me.
    ” The Gospel According to Jesus” has unlocked a lot of mysteries for me. I have never questioned my belief in God, but the Bible only held conflict for me. I just didn’t buy it! I mean I just didn’t buy into the stories.

    I always believed that God and Jesus were about Love and compassion.

    I finally figured out why I now believe in Jesus the man, not the myths created by writers. Very interesting journey. Thank you. It is exactly how I felt, but to read it from a scholar reaffirmed my true feelings.

    Again thank you. While I posted here you always treated me with respect. I appreciate it. Sincerely Trudy

  487. vinaire, you speak here of physical energies and mental energies as if the two were separate and measurable. Do mental energies exist? What is the basis for this conclusion beyond what the Buddha taught?

    I ask because this sounds to me much like a unity of energies is presumed to exist separate of the body. When a body dies and decomposes or is cremated, the atoms it was comprised of remain in the same location until gradually aborbed by the environment to be utilised by a number of different life forms. How does this process relate to postulated physical or mental energies that continue a process elsewhere, and what determines that process?

  488. Marty, it’s taken me a long time to see this, but at LAX you demonstrated practised non-attached non-resistance. It is helping me to become calm.

    Thank you.

  489. Vinaire.

    “So, there is no permanent soul, but there are physical and mental energies that continue beyond the death of the body and the soul.
    This is pretty much the view taken on this blog.”

    Where do you think you got the right to speak for this blog?

    I think we have all heard your speculations and superstitions about ghosts and god and/or the lack of them enough times to put us all to sleep.

    But do you really have to frame all of your mental wanderings with such absolutism and extremism?

    Vinaire you need to cultivate some modicum of restrain when verbalizing things you clearly know very little about, let alone build yourself as an authority.

    The Tao eludes you. The Dharma is subtle. Your approach to consciousness has all the subtlety of a chimpanzee.

  490. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Food for thought:
    I just looked over the titles of those lectures that were given in 1908 by Rudolf Steiner about spiritual entities. Quite a cosmology and interesting…..

  491. “This blog” refers to Vinaire’s Blog.

    The above quote was from an essay on Vinaire;s Blog. I apologize for that being unclear

  492. Conan, you may speak some truth, but what teaching did you learn from that you would make such a comment to someone?

  493. Letting go, in my view, physical and mental energies are not separate, they go hand in hand. The bottom line is that fundamental to all things physical is MOTION, and fundamental to all things spiritual is AWARENESS. To me motion and awareness are two sides of the same coin. Actually, I like talking in terms of the phenomenon of “awareness-motion.”

    To me body is complex motion, and self (or soul) is complex awareness. They have evolved together.

    The physical body disintegrates, and so does the mental/spiritual self (or soul).

    What you wrote is quite correct actually as I see it.

    The physical atoms go on to be incorporated in a new body. Similarly, the “atoms of awareness” from the disintegrated “soul” go on to be incorporated into a new soul. the new body and the new soul go together from the very beginning.

    I know this is a very different view from what is commonly accepted in the Christian world, but if you follow the Buddhist thought using the scientific method, you may also come up with the same conclusion.

  494. Wow! I remember way back when seeing Marc Yager in event videos and thinking that he must be someone important, though I never had a clue as to what he did. To see him in this pathetic encounter makes me feel sadness for him. And the woman who kept saying that nobody cares about Marty – what a tiny bubble she must live in. I’m embarrassed that I was ever part of an organization that would put on this sad display.

  495. Wow, that makes LRH’s narratives look mundane. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Steiner’s philosophy:

    Anthroposophy, a philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world accessible to direct experience through inner development. More specifically, it aims to develop faculties of perceptive imagination, inspiration and intuition through the cultivation of a form of thinking independent of sensory experience, and to present the results thus derived in a manner subject to rational verification. Anthroposophy aims to attain in its study of spiritual experience the precision and clarity attained by the natural sciences in their investigations of the physical world.”

    I prefer a much more simple approach to spiritual development, such as this one, starting at about a minute into the video:

  496. Mark N. Roberts

    I’ve been noticing something lately, and a particular instance brought it to my attention.
    I was talking to a friend the other day and I noticed that they didn’t intend that their communication actually make it to it’s destination. In addition, they weren’t conscious of their own intention or purpose of the effect their communication was supposed to have.

    Now, this is nothing new to Scientologists. The comm cycle is well known to us and used constantly by most of us. But I noticed something new about myself. I am becoming increasingly, consciously aware of the intended effect of every communication I produce. This is becoming day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

    Now, you may say, “That’s horrible, figure figuring constantly”, but no, completely the opposite. When there are no or at least less unconscious, hidden intentions, purposes to my comm, then everything just flows easily and naturally. I very rarely say things that I really didn’t mean, or say things and then thought, “Damn, why did I say that.” I rarely have an urge to say something when I don’t really need to say anything.

    When I do say something, I know why I’m saying it and what purpose I have for saying it. (For the most part) And it’s not robotic or dry and self centered. It’s alive and vibrant. It’s seeing what’s going on around me and producing what I actually want to produce, not a bunch of hidden urges. Far less of that, “It seemed the right thing to say at the time, but now that I think about it, it was really crazy.”

    I have discovered and recognized and resolved so many unconscious intentions, purposes, desires, in the last few years, that I am far more aware of what I am doing and why. All day, every day. I rarely hesitate to communicate, since I rarely have something inside me, hidden, trying to say something without my permission. Communication is much more enjoyable and much less stressful. Just a few years ago most of my communication was completely controlled and produced by things that were out of my vision. Got a long way to go, but life is becoming worthwhile again.

    With a little work, life really can be better.
    ARCL, Mark

  497. I took Vin’s comment as referring to his own blog, not Marty’s blog, as the link he posted is to an article on his own blog.

  498. Mark, if I may say so, I think what you are experiencing is called a spiritual awakening. 🙂

    See definition here:

    My question for you is, how does that particular “tech” you are using compare to the tech of running facsimiles? At one point in time (early 50’s), LRH said that the latter was endless and that the far better approach would be for the thetan to become energetically capable of handling any and all facsimiles.

    In the Eckhart Tolle video that I posted (just a few posts above) titled “The Energies around You,” Eckhart describes a similar “drill” (or “practical”) to what you describe (did you watch it?). A person practices – in life – being aware of the impulses and indoctrinated considerations and beliefs that comprise the ego – that is to say, one’s own mind – until (in scientology terms) he is “cause over it.” And part and parcel of that practice is an awakening to consciousness.

    IMO, both yours and Eckhart’s methodologies could be simply described as using TRs in life, especially OT-TR0 and TR0, but the other TRs too, including upper indoc where intention is drilled. Now that I think of it, I believe both methods are forms of what other teachings call “meditation in life.”

    To me, it’s really unfortunate that the “tech” of TRs-in-life wasn’t emphasized very much by LRH, or described in a way that communicated the potential power to free a being inherent in the mastery of TRs – which, as you know, encompass the communication formula.

    Again, I salute you for your increasing awareness and awakening!

  499. The video is a video of a hate crime. Yes, Scientologists , the elite at the very top of the organization, wallowing in a hate crime. “Hate Crime” could be on heading on every one of these harassment videos.

    FBI: “Investigating hate crime is the number one priority of our Civil Rights Program. Why? Not only because hate crime has a devastating impact on families and communities, but also because groups that preach hatred and intolerance plant the seeds of terrorism here in our country.”

  500. Oracle, you are so spot on! 🙂 David Miscavige was made for the role of Laverne Andrews in the Andrews Sisters autobiographical musical extravaganza saga “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” starring David Miscavige (as Laverne Andrews); Jenny Linson (as Arthur Godfrey) and INTRODUCING Mark Yager (as Judy Garland). 🙂 Isn’t that funny? The Andrews Sisters autobiography starring David Miscavige? 🙂

  501. I love Eckert Tolle

  502. All the kool kats do. 😎

  503. The person who uploaded this video onto youtube, wrote the following under it:

    “From these beautiful creatures we can learn a lot by observing their way of being. My cat has taken to Eckhart Tolle as his favorite bedtime story. As soon as I had the camera rolling, ‘co incidentally Eckhart started speaking about Cats He snuggles up with my iPhone every time he hears Eckhart Tolle.”

    And here’s an Eckhart Tolle quote for you:

    “I have lived with several zen masters — all of them cats.

  504. As a civilization we have evolved above “hate crimes”. In the U.S. there are heavy penalties attached to crimes which are referenced as hate crimes. Purposes to “harm, attack, suppress, deliver an effective blow, fair game, deprive of rights..etc etc” these have been outlawed. Hate crimes have been outlawed in the U.S., possibly other countries.

    Yet you see the recent ambush at L.A. airport of Marty. This is a hate crime.

    When / if you leave the Church of Scientology, you are considered suppressive. Whether you blew or wandered off. You are condemned in one way or another, overtly or covertly. If you become aggressive with your civil rights to speak of your experiences, you will become hated and opposed, and hate crimes against you will be condoned. If not hatched out, and carried out by the Church’s Central Intelligence Agency , Office of “Special Affairs”. Who’s purpose it is to program out and carry out hate crimes.

    As one evolves, one acquires rights. It starts with rights as human being, then rights as a family member, rights as a citizen, etc etc. Before we ever became involved in Scientology, we had rights.

    It is one thing for the Church to expect people to surrender their rights as a Scientologist in “good standing with the Church”, when they leave. But the Church assumes also that if you leave, you should lose all of your rights. Right down to your rights as a human being. Like Marty has no right to travel or be standing in an airport!

    But the Church never granted those rights. They were ours before we got involved and they are granted by others. Not for the Church to take away or trample on.

    Office of “Special Affairs” now dabbles in domestic terrorism as a duty.

    FBI: “Investigating hate crime is the number one priority of our Civil Rights Program. Why? Not only because hate crime has a devastating impact on families and communities, but also because groups that preach hatred and intolerance plant the seeds of terrorism here in our country.”

    The Church can not “take away” rights they never had to give.

    The Church has one right in our societies, to sell religion. That is their only right.

  505. As for those that chose to leave the Church Culture, “Choice” registers as a crime with the organization. There is an unspoken agreement that it is taboo to have a CHOICE to leave, even considering that CHOICE is punishable, to consider distancing yourself, a crime.

    However, there are people that are inclined to come to the conclusion that being in that culture, is being in the wrong place, at the wrong time for them.

  506. In this view then, some atoms might be absorbed by a tree and some plants, others by worms, which might later be ingested by birds, resulting in an addition to many new bodies and ‘souls’. However, they would likely never, ever come together again in a single unit such as a human being. A rather uncomfortable and depressing thought. To see all as awareness provides some comfort, but not enough 😉

  507. Rattlesnake COB should take care not to pick the wrong fight. Here’s a video of what can happen.

  508. Mark, if I may say so, I think what you are experiencing is called a spiritual awakening .. no, it is a awakening of realising that you were not awake ..

    Last night I had a strange dream .. I discussed a lot about in my dreamabout: what is a thetan. I mixed that all up with all disccusions which I had in my life .. it was not a nightmare, because I found that nobody should call me a thetan .. I dislike this word because it describes a being who csn fly around .. can go exterior ..

  509. Friend. it sounds to me like you have your own personal knowingness about that. There is nothing better, IMO. Good for you!

  510. Mark N Roberts

    Hi there Marildi.
    Nice to hear from you. Comments have been a little thin the last couple of weeks. I got into a line of work and when I came back, Marty’s blog was a little sparse.
    Thanks for the ack. I wasn’t something that hit me suddenly, rather an increase in the awareness and cause over what I say and do minute by minute, that has been coming for some time.
    As for the difference in the methods I have developed for myself, and going over and looking at old facsimiles, it would take a lot of explaining of what facsimiles actually are. It is not actually true that you carry all your memories around with you like a giant diary. They are re-created as needed, or as dictated by old, forgotten intentions. But they are re-created from memory, for lack of a better word. And there lies the rub.
    How do you regain your ability to recall, and know, without the artificial via of pictures. Well, you do it all the time, just without conscious intent. You recognize Joe on sight without having to bring up and scan pictures of all the people you know.
    Start recalling things that you know with, and without the use of facsimiles. It’s a little awkward at first, but with a little practice, you can regain this conscious ability without the use of invented mental machinery. Next, try doing Self Analysis with and without the use of pictures, including all the senses listed. Practice remembering by just knowing.
    Next, once you are comfortable that you can recall easily with or without facsimiles, create incidents that are not actual, that you know didn’t happen to you. Then recall incidents that did happen to you, back and forth. When you can do this easily, and you are certain you can easily tell the difference in what actually occurred and what didn’t in you’re recent past, do this as well with and without pictures of any kind. Do it some more. Do it some more. Master this ability. Expand the time frame of incidents you are looking at until you can easily invent incidents and recall actual incidents and easily tell the difference, over a wide range of this lifetime. Get certainty on how actual and invented incidents feel.
    After a few hundred hours, or perhaps a few hours. you can start looking at whole track incidents. You should have already mastered recognizing actual incidents this life. With whole track, you must eventually master the art of discerning your past from other individuals past.
    On one level, you have a straight line, singular, linear time track. On another level, all the past belongs to everyone. A virtual soup of experience. There are many complexities, suggestions, instructions, and implants which seem to make this soup a completely un-understandable mess. But working methodically, on a gradient, it will unravel by simply looking and knowing.
    Practice. Like a bright spring morning, the confusions begin to dissolve. Things become once again bright and clear. The past, present, and future. What is yours, mine, and ours, falls into place.
    Hope this helps.
    ARCL, Mark

  511. Mark N Roberts

    Secondly, you mentioned that looking into the past can be practically infinite, since there are a near infinite number of occurrences in your past. This can appear quite overwhelming.

    Well, it is not my opinion that one has to go over their half an infinity of past experiences. But there is a necessity to be far more thorough than LRH let on. As I once mentioned before, for me, the most workable method of resolving confusions and inconsistencies is to track back along a chain of incidents until you have found the source of something. This may be 4 or 104 occurrences. Then follow the line back up the track until you fully understand how and why you did the things you did (and the other flows) and how and why things played out the way they did.

    Then, when possible, and available, track back the original intentions, postulates, opinions that put you in a position or frame of mind to allow that postulate that you found earlier, to occur.

    You may find that it takes 100 times more looking than you originally thought. You will also find that, after awhile, incidents can be found and examined 100 times faster. It takes as much as it takes to gain a complete understanding of why you started operating in a certain manner, and how and why you operated in such a way after that. The more fun the looking becomes, the more patience you will discover within yourself.

  512. I am a civil rights warrior, I did not lay my live down for it. I do not know if I could to be honest:

  513. Hi, Mark. Nice to hear from you too! And to read what you wrote here:

    “It wasn’t something that hit me suddenly, rather an increase in the awareness and cause over what I say and do minute by minute, that has been coming for some time.”

    I’m glad you wrote that because you hadn’t talked about this sort of gain in your posts before, that I could recall, so it did seem kind of sudden. what you wrote above makes a lot of sense. And it’s obvious that the tech you have developed is working when it results in that kind of ability gained and change that is apparent in life.

    On the whole subject of facsimiles, you brought to mind this excerpt from the booklet *Scientology Clear Procedure*”
    “RULE: A pc’s facsimiles are not stored; they are made in the instant and unmade by the pc. Therefore remedy of mock-ups and their persistence is actually a direct route to Clear and winds up with no obsessive mock-up making (which we call a bank).

    “A valuable side process here: ‘Decide to make a mock-up. Decide that will ruin the game. Decide not to do it.’ Also this one, ‘Decide to make a mock-up everyone can see. Decide that would ruin the game. Decide not to do it.’

    “A total remedy of mock-ups would make a book one clear.”

    It occurred to me that what Eckhart Tolle has people doing is quite like the above – except that he has them basically “drill” or “practice” the procedure in the first sentence with actual facsimiles as they arise (get restimulated). And the way people know when these things arise is by being educated on the “egoic mind.”

    I can really see how a great ability could be gained doing Eckhart’s method as described above, even if it didn’t make one into a Book One Clear – but theoretically, it could. Minimally, the ability would get better and better, on a gradient – maybe up to the point of being able to handle implants…(?)

    I believe the above LRH excerpt is in the category of creative processing, which LRH found was limited in its use in that at some point it made the bank more solid. But as I say, Tolle’s method addresses actual facsimiles, not mock-ups, without actually running them. What do you think about his method? Do you think it might be as workable as running facsimiles – or, in your view, is there no way of avoiding the need for that type of auditing at some point?

  514. I have not learned religion in the church of scientology ..

  515. There is a long history of people like me, Marty, Karen and Mike, and many many others, that others seem not to be able to acknowledge or reconcile. For the fucking effort and sacrifice. Whatever you give them, they seem to need so much more. I have reached the “fuck that” stage.

  516. If L. Ron Hubbard himself walked into the Church of Scientology today, he wouldn’t know where he was .. better to say: he had to redo all of his work in the right sequence and with his original meanings as intended ..

    But I think he would be very fast declared as an SP .. and that looks like as the truth ..

  517. Independent Spirit

    Well done, Marty.
    Have you read L. Kin’s “The pied pipers of heaven” ?
    (This book should probably not be read by people below OTIII).

  518. Vinaire, the other night I was walking in Times Square (in New York City) on my way back from a friends and I passed through the theatre district and walked right past the org. LRH has written about SP’s in his books. NOT declared SP, Vinaire, SP’s. The real ones from way back? Anyway, whether you remember these folks or not 🙂 I, SAW an “OT” staff member right in front of my eyes BODY ROUTING SP’s off the street into the org for an introductory lecture. As horrible as that is, it is real. LRH says to disconnect from SP’s at the church and OT staff route them onto services. It makes the church look and seem productive I guess, but to WHO? In reality. To WHO? 🙂

  519. Just a note about the book by L. Kin. It was one of the first books I read when I started my research. I hadn’t done any of the OT levels proper and the book was simply eye-opening and was a fantastic read.

  520. Mark N Roberts


    OK, time to get some conversation going here. Enough of this 1 or 2 comments a day.

    If you had a TRILLION DOLLARS, basically unlimited funds, what would be the first (and second and third) thing YOU would do to improve the world. (Or beyond).

    Go ahead, fantasize. What does the world really need, right now and down the road. What would really make the world a better place for everyone. Promote a spiritual awakening, fight political corruption, massive water projects?

    What would YOU do?

  521. deElizabethan, Thanks for commenting. I just ordered the L Kin book Pied Pipers of Heaven, vol 3. Has anyone read the first 2 volumes/books from this author?

  522. Independent Spirit

    deElizabethan, yes it is a fantastic read.
    I had a friend who had completed OT 5 on AOSH EU in the 1980’s. He was in trouble. He much later went for services at RonsOrg in Frankfurt. It turned out that AOSH EU had removed some of the OT II materials. He did the missing OT II materials and redid OT III. Then he was feeling ok again.

  523. JFYI, you can take a look at (and download if you wish) all 4 PDF copies of L. Kin’s books at these links:

    Click to access Vol1.pdf

    Click to access Vol2.pdf

    Click to access Vol3.pdf

    Click to access Vol4.pdf

  524. Independent Spirit

    deElizabethan, here is an article I read a few weeks ago, about Scientology and mind control:

    In the Afterword it says:
    “Given the proven track of CST altering the works, and the fact that federal agencies had confidential upper-level Scientology materials in their files, there is sound foundation for the belief that the “OT Levels” in circulation are altered forgeries.”

    I wonder how electronic warfare is used against scientologists and ex-scientologists. If used.

  525. Wow. Thanks.

  526. Independent, the “Well Researched Timeline on Connection Between Scientology and Remote Viewing” link you gave was really something and lots to read. Thanks so much, as I’ll keep the link.

    “I wonder how electronic warfare is used against scientologists and ex-scientologists. If used.”
    Interesting subject for those still interested.

  527. Thanks Independent. I’m glad your friend got help.

  528. Marildi, Oh you’re lovely! I believe I read only the first volume or book as it had the low grade stuff in it winding up with high powered stuff, in fact too high powered for me if I remember it right. However, I felt it was something an ex should read and I sent it to someone special. Now that you gave the links I will check it out. Thank you.

  529. Listening to him is calming.

  530. Independent Spirit

    deElizabethan, please take your precautions before reading volume 3. It is probably best read after OTIII.

  531. Independent Spirit

    deElizabethan, yes it is a long and complex article. I think it is good background information.
    You mentioned your own research above, have you seen that Caspar de Rijk has a new website?:
    I think it is pretty good.

  532. Thanks for the nice ack, Dee. 🙂

  533. Welcome. 🙂

  534. I agree. It’s a certain, high wavelength, I imagine.

  535. I think this whole ‘spiritual awakening’ thing is just a band waggon the self-help market is riding right now. I don’t see any evidence that there is anything akin to a ‘mass awakening phenomenon’ – rather, the Internet has boomed the self-help market like any other, and enables people to connect with each other and obscure interests more easily.

    What would I do? Find a way to make education on fundamental topics more generally available, including among others: sociopathy, domination and control, the psychology of the self, cults and abusive relationships, trauma, modelling of healthy relationships, and gratitude. With that kind of money I would also establish several studies to determine the potential value of at least some spiritual paths, or rather determine what it is they actually do as opposed to what they claim to do. However, I believe humanity does not want to be ‘saved’. The best one can do is make it easier for people to find their own ways to make their lives better in their own estimation, and have someone to turn to in a life crisis.

    Presently I am not sure if humanity would be better off without illusions – sometimes they seem all that keeps us going. Once you lose your belief in anything, you find (or at least, I do) yourself floating in an unknown space, a void with nothing to grab onto.

  536. Oh, I forgot one vital point – encourage critical thinking, its broad education and practice.

  537. Martin Padfield

    Hey Marty, I realised something watching your interview with David Pakman I hadn’t considered in such sharp focus before. When you were talking about the SP doctrine and how such beliefs were integral to cults more broadly, it occurred to me WHY I think it is so hard to untangle oneself from the “tech”. In most cults it would be positioned that the guru or cult leader’s words were gospel and they were so simply because he said so. I was reading “My life in Orange” recently about his time in the Bhagwan Rajneesh sect (sometimes called The Orange People) and it is clear that Rajneesh’s words were to be taken as gospel for no other reason than he was the guru and he said it, therefore it was so. However in Scientology whilst obviously Hubbard’s words WERE to be taken literally and he was “Source” there was another factor at play: he littered his lectures and writings with “data” and “discoveries” and “science” that created the appearance of something that was infallible by virtue of it being “discovered” or “self-evidently true”. So one wasn’t merely following one guru’s words because they were his words, but because they were somehow brought into existence from divine truth itself. Hubbard positioned himself as some sort of conduit of the mysteries of life itself; pure, unalterable truth that had been “discovered”. SP data is a classic example – it’s not that way because I SAY it is – oh no. It is based on “research”. Very clever. I’m sure this is nothing new to most here, but it hadn’t sunk in for me till now. Anyway – any news on the forthcoming book(s)?

  538. Mark C. Rathbun

    Good eye Martin.

  539. Like L Ron hubbard did ?

  540. I had never heared of Taylor Swift untill this (Fuck you all) song of her. Can somebody please make the brand of her Boombox ?

  541. I tilted my head a bit while reading, real good stuff.

  542. Thank you Independent. I will check it out soon.

  543. Thanks kind spirit, but not to worry, Independent. I just now looked at all the chapters and volumes. #3 was the one I ordered and subjects interested in the most at the time. I’ve had some metaphysical, sci-fi and spiritual education along with scio, and as I said: “I read only the first volume or book as it had the low grade stuff in it winding up with high powered stuff, in fact too high powered for me.” It was interesting, to be sure!
    The person I sent it to continued on the path unscathed and knew most everything anyway, as most ex’s do from the internet.

    I didn’t order another book as I didn’t care nor interested to read more about the tech and since I now remember which one I read, thanks to Marildi’s link’s refreshing my memory. I wasn’t and am not further interested in the high grade sci-fi stuff which it went into. My hubby was an OT7 CL6 so he helped me a lot, years ago, on these matters.

    In my 2 year research, my interest was mainly about the wrongs of the organization and in particular OSA in finding answers and truths.

  544. 😀

  545. This ^^^^^^ splendid Martin. Thanks!

  546. A new beginning.

  547. vinaire,
    I found some further information in regard to the lack of fit between Hubbard’s assumption of the Buddha identity and the whole truth.
    In the final analysis, the Pali word “citta” is reserved for subjective thought
    which would more closely align with Hubbard’s thetan. Hubbard claiming that
    the Buddha exteriorized during enlightenment would mean that “citta” was somehow flying around the Bodhi tree. Oddly enough, this subjective thought would have been capable of the task. However, all of this would miss the
    reality of the link between functional conscious thought, heart and senses.
    So we see now Kirstie Alley completing “super power” with enhanced “perception” from mental manipulations.

  548. Always believe in yourself no matter what.

  549. LOL!!!

  550. Great interview! Marty is looking better than ever, what the hell was Jenny Linson talking about? Laughter!

  551. Hi Marty. I miss your posts and have been following this excellent blog for years. Sorry it’s taken the absence of you posting to finally say that ! Hope to see more updates soon. Am rooting for you and your family
    Best regards

  552. Yes, great interview, on many levels.

  553. Nobody recognizes some sentiments they had or have in this version of this song ?

  554. Just like L. Ron Hubbard did. 🙂

  555. Did Marty get kidnapped? Or did he just quit posting? Or did he go back to Scientology?

  556. I don’t agree whatsoever Cat. The last part, that I would be a “Moron” is interesting, because that is what the World is full of, exactly what LRH was trying to prevent. And, on a respectable part, succeeded. You might surprised what an actual influence he had. if you were honest about it. Remote viewing, is just one example.
    Lets cut, who are we dealing with? Did you think the gov’t (who ever that is) would battle LRH for 40 years, and let an independent movement just, ah hum… spring up??
    Do you really even know Hubbard? I know you have never been a Scientologist. And its impossible to understand where, some of us, are coming from, and just how bewildering deep and the confusing the condition is or the state the World is in. Save it to say; you missed the mark, considerably.
    Hubbard was a lot of things, what he wasn’t, believe it or not, was Technically dishonest.
    If you slant something, you will forever see it slanted.
    You, my friend, are not likely in a position to Slant anything.

  557. Excellent vid, CD. Especially the last few minutes from about 6:40 – echoes my sentiments exactly. 😉

  558. I hereby cast my humble vote to say that I feel Mark Rathbun should keep writing on this blog.

  559. burnedbutnotbitter

    I am following Mosey’s trial thru Tony Ortega’s blog , saw the video and came over here to see you had also posted it. If this is your last entry, thank you for all you have done to alert the public to the injustices. Don’t become bitter…

  560. I too find David Mayo’s talk to be very sane.

  561. Have you seen all of it?

    L. Ron Hubbard knew shit, He knew it to a T

    L Ron Hubbard was smart, he used is smarts to set up a cult devoted to himself.

    I have to give him that

  562. And my other bro won’t back down either like my bro Marty and his Queen


    If you were to ask Tommy Davis in a TV interview if his organization practices ‘Fair Game” he will tell you emphatically that they do not. When asked about if they are involved with disconnection and breaking up families you will most likely get the same answer. Well, for some reason they are now making exceptions to these statements.

    Several fellow ex-Sea Org members are going to be filing complaints that they were not paid the minimum wages required by California law. Every single person that Tommy Davis is worried about filing a complaint has been contacted. Tommy Davis is contacting family members of these people and telling them that they will not be allowed to speak with any family member that is in any way connected to Marc Headley.

    All of my family have been contacted and told Tommy’s version of what happened when I was at Gold. I was not allowed to contact them or tell them the truth. I do not even know where they live! How could I? Well, Tommy Davis was not there. (Insert John Sweeney yelling video clip) Tommy does not know what happened. How could he possibly know what happened? He is telling Dave Miscavige’s version of what happened. He is stating this as fact when he does not know it to be true. So be it. The truth will come out and I guarantee it will not be the version Dave Miscavige is selling. Dave Miscavige is a liar. You will see this to be the case time and time again. Larry Brennan has already documented Dave Miscavige lying under oath!

    Child Protection Services got an anonymous tip and came to my house. Tommy Davis seems to think that them trying to have my two kids taken away from me would make me walk away from trying to take legal recourse against his organization. That was surely not the case. To say that made me more committed is an understatement. Child Services even warned us that this bogus tip looked like harassment and told us that it would be noted in their files. I have taken proper precautions for my children. I would never let anything happen to them. They are both with me and well and are in no danger. If ANYTHING happens to me or my family, I assure you that it will not go unnoticed.

    I have a list of 65 people that I know of that have been contacted by Tommy Davis. All friends and family and family of my friends. . The ones that do not call me afterwards are still talking to someone I know. No matter who Tommy talks to, I usually find out right afterwards about the meeting and all the details of what went down. Tommy Davis should also know that I have already spoken to most everybody that I thought he would contact and told them the truth about what happened at Gold, so they know the true story before he shows up with his bogus version from Dave Miscavige. The ones I could not get to have seen him lie on TV or the Internet and are un-phased. So either way, I am covered.

    If Tommy Davis knew who I was meeting with, he surely would be taking a different course. I am sure if he knew that film scripts were being added to and adjusted every time he meets with someone, he would be a bit more discreet. Tommy Davis and his fair game antics alone could fill a book and probably will.

    Tommy has contacted employees at the company I work at. That I own half the company, makes his actions against the law. Whether he knows this or not, so be it. More ammo for the BFG 9000.

    Tommy has not once tried to contact me personally. Not once. Tommy knows he has to do what Dave Miscavige says and that is what he is doing. I don’t think Tommy Davis has any say in what he does. He is a puppet. I however, am thinking for myself.

    There are currently 25000 ex-members of the Sea Org. Are you going to meet with each one of these people Tommy? I can tell you right now that I have contacted easily 100 times as many people as you and in a much shorter time period. I also am a lot more believable. While I don’t roll up in a brand new Mercedes and $5,000 worth of clothing and accessories, I am sincere and not there on someone else’s behalf. I am there for the person I am talking to, and that is why they listen to me. I also occasionally run into people that are Scientologists. They know me. They have seen my videos and they approach me and ask to speak to me. They want to know the truth and they know that they are not going to get it from someone that is part of the organization. They have disagreements about certain things and don’t understand why certain things are happening within the organization. I tell them what I know. They usually thank me and refer a couple of their friends to talk to me as well.

    Now the question for Tommy is, when Dave Miscavige comes under fire for things that Dave has done and lied about, who will Tommy listen to? If Dave lied about other things, maybe he lied about what happened at Gold. Well Tommy already knows that there are lies being covered up. So I guess the real question is, when does Tommy Davis call it quits? How many disgruntled ex-Sea Org members will it take to make Tommy Davis see that he will soon be in the same boat as them.

    Here is the real thing that Tommy Davis should know. If he were NOT meeting with people, I would be worried. The fact that since I started down my current path, he has been such a busy little bee (insert busy bee photo with Tommy face on it) lets me know that I am doing the exact right course of action. Every time he meets with someone, I get a little more confident that I have struck a chord with them. I found the small hole in the side of the ship that will surely sink it. As I make the hole bigger, more and more people see the ship sink a little further. Will Tommy himself take his opportunity to get off before it goes under?

    If my case means nothing to them, then why are they fighting it harder than any other case they have had? Why have they already paid out over 1 million dollars in legal fees to try and make it go away? Why have they hired private investigators to follow me around? Why have my friends been followed around by private investigators? Why are they attempting to get former members to sign waivers that they volunteers? Why do I find people taking pictures outside my company? Why did they have private investigators show up at my house while I was away in Germany. If they have done all of this because I have no case against them, then I think that their members that are paying for these things should know exactly what their money is being spent on. Noisy invests?

    Tommy Davis & Jessica Rodriguez are practicing the policy of disconnection and Fair Game daily. Every instance of this is being recorded. The people they are talking to will, no matter what, eventually come out and say that they have been contacted. What Tommy Davis & Jessica Rodriguez do now will certainly decide their future situations. One cannot sit down to eat with thieves every meal and not expect to lose a wallet or two.

    So for all those out there who have been wondering if I have been fair gamed, I have. Big time. I could pretend that nothing has happened and tell you that. I feel it is my duty to tell you that Fair Game is still in effect and that it is alive and strong within the organization. A few months ago Jason Beghe and I started a website for people to come out and tell their stories. Doing so upped the pressure and I decided that maybe I was not willing for other people to be fair gamed on our account. Still, some people have said that they want their stories up on the site. I applaud you. You are brave. This organization will do whatever it takes to protect the millions they are making. Breaking up families and ruining lives is a small price to pay in comparison to what they stand to make perpetuating the lies and deceit.

    So, Tommy Davis and Dave Miscavige, I am not scared. Your attempts to knock me down have built me up. You have not changed my mind. You will not shudder me into silence. Dave Miscavige knows me and knows that this is the case. You are being sent on a wild goose chase Tommy. Get out while you still can. I will continue to fight until the last shot has been fired.
    This story is not finished. I am sure there will be many more exciting chapters. I will tell you about all of them. I will also tell you right now that the next few months will be full of win, caek, lulz, you name it.

    Until next time…

    “You can’t change the world, but you can change the facts.
    When you change the facts, you change points of view.
    When you change points of view, you may change a vote.
    And when change a vote, you may change the world.”

    Martin L. Gore

    blownforgood, Feb 21, 2009 Report
    #1 Bookmark Reply

  563. So you will be blowing body Thetans of with a special device when you are 74 ?

  564. Let’s hope so.!!!

  565. I can let you know when I am 74. 🙂

  566. Excerpt from todays piece on Tony Ortega’s news page

    Compassion is the first step of the Buddhist path. But Scientology instead has “communication” and thousands of pages of vituperative hatred in the inimitable Hubbard style: “if possible, ruin him utterly,” “If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace … Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” “Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime [sic] actual evidence on the attackers to the press.” At the same time, we should “refuse all invitations to hate” and “advocate total freedom.”

  567. David Miscavige isn’t the only one having trouble with new recruits getting uppity:

  568. Nothing like reading Jon Atack, the “authority” on Scientology now, on Tony’s blog, talk about how Hubbard used his authority and altitude to implant people. Laughter! Laughter!

    How many men does it take to make blondes look brilliant?

  569. I heard a rumor that when this youtube video of the Linson mob gets up to 1,000 hits, he will release a new post.

    Laughter! (Just kidding)

  570. Miss Oracle.
    Elizabeth Hamre has a new post on her blog. It is of immense value. I beg you to go over it. It hints at a very deep rooted element which I also discovered independently.

  571. Independent Spirit

    Ok, very good.

  572. Just one apparently. Blondes certainly looked brilliant to me after I read Jon’s article.

  573. Hi Marty,

    I hope you are busy cranking your new book.

    I found something that I’ve not seen for a long time, you might already know about it, but I think it is pretty good source material for Miscavige’s mind control and torture camps.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago”,

    3rd chapter “The Interrogation”,

    See you around.

  574. Correction, I meant to write 1,000,000 hits on the video. Currently at 671,766. Please “re release” it by posting the link in traffic areas! I think we can get it up to a million hits by Christmas! Consider it a holiday greeting from David Miscavige, (the first one ever released) ! From David’s family, to yours!

  575. Thanks Mark, aligns with my notions about the “spiritual supremacy” ser fac.

  576. Karen, almost nothing comes close to the people whose pictures are on the front cover of Marty’s book called “What is Wrong With Scientology?”. You have heard them described before by others? They call em’ “Space Brains”.
    🙂 Staff members whose brains got spaced out from the church! 🙂 Happy upcoming holidays. Never forget, a pound of tofu is worth more to your health than a ton of milk chocolate! 🙂

  577. I’m sure that what Jon Atack says is true for him…

    But there are other well informed viewpoints that call into question Atack’s views.

    My friend Ken Urquhart, who was LRH’s personal comm for about a decade and who had worked with the family at St Hill, did an “expose” of Atack’s expose, which while not wholly complementary of Hubbard, does bring a bit more nuance to the understanding of the man and his actions.

    It has been my observation that everyone has a different personal take on scientology and the techniques. Many of the people who had a difficult time with the culture of scientology tend to be dismissive of the technology. Conversely people who found value in the techniques and were able to stay out of the toxic cultural evolution tend to be more generous to Hubbard and the whole thing.

    Theres seems to be an “air” on the internet concerning Hubbard and scientology that they both have been throughly discredited. I think that with the grace of a few decades, history will be a little kinder to both.

    Just my opinions.

  578. David Miscavige isn’t only out of favor with the Gods, the Gods are out to get him now.

    “The worst debris flow happened in front of the Golden Era Productions facility, which is part of the Church of Scientology.”;-drivers-rescued/421751/

    All of my relatives in San Antonio are hunkered down to watch that new H.B.O. special coming up on the Church. Seems the people in Texas are getting curiouser and curiouser about David Miscavige and his troops!

  579. “There seems to be an ‘air’ on the internet concerning Hubbard and scientology that they both have been thoroughly discredited.”

    What’s ironic is that the people who have created (and continue to create) that air seem to me to have been engaged in one of the main things they “credit” Hubbard and scientology with – brainwashing. On one flow or the other, they are either doing the brainwashing with their continuously repeated negative “facts” or remarks – or they are the recipients of this essentially hypnotic flow and “buy into it,” to the point where they even lose their gains, for one thing.

    But I think you’re right about history. Very good post.

  580. Ken happens to be a good friend of mine as well. He has come to our home to audit. On the plus side, it made me like Hubbard more, knowing he had friends like Ken.

    So many other monumental and significant miracles took place on this planet during the rise and fall of Scientology. The people of Russia were forbidden to read Boris Pasternak’s novel, Dr Zhivago, until 1994. After I had left the Sea Org. The book was banned in Russia for four decades, a book I was allowed to read when I was eleven.

    At least we had the right to read what Hubbard wrote, and dabble in the occult.

    People who work diligently to ban books and ban reading and ban exploring the minds of others, are not doing civilization any favor.

    I don’t mind the controversy around Scientology, but those who put it in the enforce band, and those who work to make it illegal or punish others for reading the books, are both backwards in time and running either a “must have” or a “can’t have” and I find that more of a danger than literature.

  581. And then, on the other side you know, you have the Church. Which is attacking it’s critics and attacking it’s own members and banning reading and punishing people for reading.

    Communist Russia has risen above that, but not the Church! David Miscavige has a tenth grade education as far as I know. He could not possibly have a clue about conditions. He and his troops think it all “doesn’t matter”. And it does.

    The rest of civilization, for the most part, has evolved beyond such social intercourse. The Church gets attacked in Germany because those people do not want to return to a Nazi SS type of government, and the Church gets attacked in Russia because those people do not want communism and the KGB bought back in. And David Miscavige pushes both of those agenda’s. It isn’t even about the literature anymore. It is their secret service and domestic terrorism and long history of domestic abuse. Their sense of entitlement and the idea that everyone connected to the Church forfeit all personal wealth and civil rights over to that government which runs the group in a total communism.

  582. Actually, the Sea Org is run in conditions far inferior to communism.

  583. Your comment is very perceptive Marildi. It’s good to see you maintaining your integrity about Hubbard and the good things you received from him. That’s inspiring. I received some good things from him also.

  584. You can ban the Internet, you can ban books. You can ban religions and cults and psychiatry and Scientology. You can caution and warn all day and night for people not to “look” or explore or know or see.

    But you can not kill ideas. That is an unattainable goal. As soon as one is suppressed, another one pops up.

  585. Yes, although brainwashing seems to me to be a term more associated with a deliberate act. I think you are closer with “hypnotic flow”.

    But it is not just a phenomenon of scientology and cults, it’s everywhere in life, this group agreement thing, where the more subtle facts and nuanced reality is ignored in favor of a more facile inaccurate view.

    Just look at advertising! Or politics, or sports! Emotions and group think both heavily pushed and readily consumed!


    Sometimes I just want to grab people and shake them and yell “WAKE UP”. But it is a hard bubble to pop, it is built of the very fabric of life, thought. Not fully examined thought. Many incarnations of it.


  586. L .Ron Hubbard killed your Soul

  587. Sorry for getting so long winded, but this particular part of this thread came full circle with the Jon Attack seminars, as he has a new one up. About “recovery”.

    The notion of “recovering” from ideas just floors me.

  588. “Be very, very afraid of ideas” is about as helpful to mankind as the polio virus.

  589. And this terror of new ideas is behind the warnings and punishments that go out to the Church members also for reading the Internet or communincating with someone who has “other ideas”.

    The folks on the far right, and the folks on the far left are actually mimicking one another. They bond, not in opposition as it appears. But in agreement. “Joining sides” is illusion.

  590. Sheesh, This is so not right. Elton John is probable talking about Jesus of Nazareth in this parody. Who knows? Why are you posting this nonsense? Okay, we all have some say, Meow.
    Leave it to me to high jack this right here, it takes crazy like me to say something you should all know.
    First of all, the interview with Marty since this incident, shouldn’t be so far down the thread, so I am reposting it here. For obvious reasons.
    Second, Cat Daddy, is going thru some kind of, (as we say it) decompressing. (Le t i t flow. Breath. Breath. Have a moment)

    Perhaps, he is having a moment similar to what many of us are having?

    That it is far more surreal then we wished it was.

    Lets go back a bit and realize that, Marty is not anything but Marty.

    Suppose, for a moment, you had a Grammpa or a grand dad who was everything in your life. Would you disgrace him, because he lost his mind in his old age?

    Would you think it “respectful” to slam your grand dad?

    How about a crazy Uncle, who lost his mind,and now he is living in your basement? But he had everything to do with everything you knew?

    Or, god forbid, we suggest, he’s like your Dad.

    He did his best, didn’t he? But is now not so good with his attitude.

    Can you not understand your Dad?

    L Ron Hubbard isn’t so far off from any of these comparables.

    If you ever herd LRH talk about his helping the insane to Auditors, beyond what the Church ever mentioned. you would know that lecture after lecture, his position was “get the insane, sane.” 2500 Lectures says nothing else.

    That is no way to form a “Cult”. There has to be something else.

  591. Really. The burdens of Survival is radical, anyone who knows should run like hell.
    But I knew it. You are not to be magically surprised.

  592. This was all, never the point, that old Uncle, or Grand Dad. was a comparable magnitude.
    A “Bridge” to what is really going on, lets have it.

  593. Agreement that ideas are dangerous, and must be suppressed.

  594. “Brainwashing” “Hypnotism” “Implanting” …….. This is when a person TAKES someone else’s ideas, and makes them their own.

    “Takes” is a verb, an action word, that denotes cause.

    People take ideas every day and make them their own. That is how advertising works. That is how people build identities. But these identities and ideas always align with a person’s purpose line. People do not take ideas and make them their own, if they do not align with a person’s purpose line.

    “I was brainwashed” = “I took someone else’s ideas and made them my own”.

    Then there are people that come up with their own ideas, or new ideas.

    To watch Marty, and others being attacked, for forming their own ideas, or having new ideas, by people who live on borrowed ideas, is just discouraging for mankind.

  595. I mean, it is perfectly alright to take an idea and make it your own, to think with it, to see if it fits, to see if it works for YOU. Just like wearing a new jacket. If it doesn’t, you dis-guard it.

    I’ll give you an example. I was willing to think with “justify” as a crime after an overt. Another overt. For years. But something just didn’t feel right about making myself totally wrong all of the time. Because there is rightness in every being. How can a person be so totally wrong and totally right at the same time?

    One day I realized I was justified, and the justify er was my rightness.

    Yes, I smacked someone that spit on me. Yes, I was right for doing that.

    So I just removed this idea that I should feel guilty about my own rightness. I just let that go. And I stopped judging others for their justifications. I could see how their rightness. My arc for myself bounced back up, and my arc for others bounced back up.

    To have an auditing action where you come out the other end feeling totally wrong, is not highly beneficial. It does not mean you are being irresponsible when you justify something, it means you are taking responsibility for justice and that is cause point.

    Still, I had to take this idea of justifyer and think with it for a little bit, to see if it helped or not. It didn’t, I let it go. I did not feel compelled to attack the source of the idea. I could see he didn’t really think with it for himself either.

  596. Not sure why Hubbard thought mankind could not be trusted with justice. This was a wrong indication for me. And a defeatist inval. By making people wrong for managing justice, as in labeling it “justifyers” as another crime, you disarm people and end up with the group under David Miscavige. Not one living soul about him will reach out and grab him by the scruff and march his ass off the Int base and lock the doors behind him. Not one living soul will stand up at an event and throw rotten tomatoes at him. This is exactly what happens when you run a “can’t have” on people with the justice. And if declaring, “mankind can not be trusted with justice” is not running a can’t have, I don’t know what is.

  597. You know why Monique Rathbun was able to put ethics in on David Miscavige? Because nobody had convinced her that she could not be trusted with justice.

  598. And then, at the end of the day, some ideas are worth keeping. I ask myself, “Who / what, would buy into the idea that they can not be trusted with justice”? And understanding unfolds.

  599. That who/what Identity question, that is from L12. That was a great learning experience.

    But you go back up and look at the video Marty posted here of Scientology’s top executives in action with “justice”.

    These are exactly the people that would buy into the notion that they can not be trusted with justice.

  600. And if you miss Marty’s company, and his conversations, take some initiative to lure him back into interesting conversations!

  601. The “Tech” vs. the “Church” — for many years I too was an apologist, citing the value of the “Tech” and believing that the real problem was the “Church.”

    It took me many years to face the fact that the “Tech,” despite demonstrably producing some good results, (a) did not achieve results that could not be achieved in a number of other ways with equal claims that those other processes work, (b) did produce horrible results, even death, in some cases, (c) makes a number of easily falsifiable claims, and (d) has utterly failed to produce the end results of “Clear” (or “homo novis”) or OT VIII as Hubbard described them.

    Then I faced another tough fact: the “Church” is not horrid in spite of the “Tech,” or because of the narcissistic nut currently at the top of the “Church’s” food chain, but primarily _because_ of the “Tech” — because of the very “scripture” handed down by Hubbard. Put another way, despite Miscavige’s alterations of the “Tech” and his multiple “out points,” the “Church” was horrid before Miscavige and will remain so after Miscavige (if it persists at all) because it is founded on a totalitarian ideology laced with pseudoscience.

  602. Group think: “…it is built of the very fabric of life, thought.”

    I’ve come to see that too, with the help a few modern-day teachers who I gather, from their writings, are basically aligned with Buddhism (at least from what I know of it). I see now that even the most fundamental experience – being human – sets a being up for group think, in essence.

    And the experience of Scientology gave us a datum of comparable magnitude with regard to all types of group think – in fact, a major datum to compare with others because of all the truths scientology contained as well (relative truths).

    Along these lines, I recently read a very interesting article about left-brain vs. right-brain by a Dr. Noel Huntley. (Btw, I suspect that Huntley is a former scientologist, because many of his ideas and the way he expresses himself are very scientological.) He has written several books and many articles on a wide range of subjects. This particular article is titled “The ‘Left-brain’ Problem.” I think you (and others here) might appreciate it:

    Cheers. 🙂

  603. This articles appears to be too crtical. It is not that bad. From: Moving On Up a Little Higher To: Sent: Monday, December 8, 2014 1:01 PM Subject: [New comment] Scientology Top Management #yiv3235371968 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3235371968 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3235371968 a.yiv3235371968primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3235371968 a.yiv3235371968primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3235371968 a.yiv3235371968primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3235371968 a.yiv3235371968primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3235371968 marildi commented: “Group think: “…it is built of the very fabric of life, thought.” I’ve come to see that too, with the help a few modern-day teachers who I gather, from their writings, are basically aligned with Buddhism (at least from what I know of it). I see now t” | |

  604. Thank you, Zzzzzz. There have been times when I had heard enough pretty convincing data that I seriously looked at the possibility that, at best, Hubbard was just a very clever, even ingenious, con man. I had (and have) no need to prove anything to myself or anyone else and was ready to accept that as an isness if I saw it that way – and briefly did so a couple of times.

    But it’s like anything else a person comes across that hits up against their knowingness. I’ve done enough Bridge on both sides for it to be clear to me that the fundamental principles and tech are incredibly valuable IF well learned and applied with good intention – by a live being, not a robot. Also, there are way too many first-hand accounts from old-timers who worked with LRH directly and confirm that his basic intention was clearly to help.

    There’s no doubt LRH had his flaws. He was a human being, first and foremost – one who undoubtedly made some big mistakes. But at the same time, I keep in mind that he was playing a very big game, and that’s where mistakes and personal flaws get magnified.

    The thing that differentiates LRH from Miscavige is that LRH basically trusted people. He knew they were beings, and not machines. Miscavige is an “only one” in his narcissism, and thus doesn’t grant beingness to people. You can see this with the ever-increasing regimentation in the tech and in management.

    I don’t even necessarily think Miscavige means to enslave people per se – he just has no trust in them and thinks this is the way to operate in order to achieve his goals, which seem to be primarily for wealth and glory. It’s probable that LRH had those goals too, but he also had much loftier purposes and they included others.

    Thanks for inspiring me in return, Zzzzzzz. You got me to look at it all in a new unit of time and put my overall thoughts into words. 🙂

  605. Definition #3, which I put in all caps, is an especially good one:

    ONLY ONE, 1. if an individual can discover that he is only playing on the first dynamic and that he belongs to no other team it is certain that this individual will lose for he has before him seven remaining dynamics. And the first dynamic is seldom capable of besting by itself all the remaining dynamics. In Scn we call this condition the “only one.” Here is self-determinism in the guise of selfish-determinism and here is an individual who will most certainly be overwhelmed. To enjoy life one must be some part of life. (PAB 84) 2 . just above zero on the tone scale. An individual must have no effect on self and total effect on everything and everybody else. Now that is the category of only one. This person can never communicate on a team basis. (5707C25) 3 . YOU CAN LOOK AT ANY PERSON WHO IS BEING DISHONEST OR WHO IS UPSETTING HIS ENVIRONMENT OR WHO IS GETTING PEOPLE INTO TROUBLE ALL THE TIME. YOU COULD LOOK AT THAT PERSON AND THE ACTUALITY IS HE HAS NO REALITY ON HIS FELLOW MAN. HE DOESN’T KNOW THEY LIVE. THAT’S A VERY LOW-TONED THING WE CALL “ONLY ONE.” AND WHEN THEY GET INTO THAT THEN THEY ARE ABLE TO DO MOST ANYTHING. ALL CRIMINALS ARE IN THIS BRACKET. (ASMC 2, 5506C03) 4 . the preclear has gotten into a state, ordinarily, where he is the only one who can grant beingness, but he has so long restrained other people from granting life to things that he himself will no longer grant any life to things. (COHA, p. 56)
    [Tech Dictionary]

  606. Thanks, Zzzzzzz.

    I have wavered a couple of times but was never convinced for long that LRH was just a con man, or worse. After considering all the various accounts and views, I believe that he genuinely did want to help people, regardless of his other purposes, personal flaws and all the mistakes he made. And when the tech is well learned and is applied with good intention, it generally works beautifully. LRH viewed people as live beings with great potential, or he wouldn’t have been able to develop the tech he did.

    Miscavige, on the other hand, doesn’t trust people because he doesn’t see them as beings who have the ability to observe, understand and make judgment calls, but rather as pieces of mest to be manipulated. And thus he feels they need to be heavily regimented and controlled – which shows up in the various tech changes he has brought about, a “one size fits all” type of approach. This would be casting him in the best possible light.

    Thanks again. I really appreciate your observation. 🙂

  607. Sorry, it looked like the first comment I posted didn’t show up but now I see it, so this may be a duplicate. 🙄 🙂

  608. Thanks for writing Oracle. I read some of your comments from my UTR position and I have cogs sometimes. Thanks for putting some ripples in the pond….and the occasional tsunami.

  609. Well, if you are going to encourage me…….I think some people could use some vocabulary understanding on the word ” ambush “:

    a surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position.

    synonyms: surprise attack, trap;
    make a surprise attack on (someone) from a concealed position.

    Clearly, Marty and/or his wife have been ambushed at airports and on freeways and at their own home and all over the place covering thousands of miles of distance.

    Mike was ambushed in a parking lot in Florida, on Freeways also. Possibly other places I don’t even know about.

    When you enter someone’s front yard and they come out to see why, that is not an ambush.

  610. Hi Vinnie. Too critical of what? And what “isn’t that bad”?

  611. I have to say, this is a song that rang through my mind a thousand times. It could be the anthem for a Scientologist gone wild in love with a “wog”.

  612. Oh well, the truth is not so important anymore.

  613. Back on topic…… Re: “Scientology Management”. And the video which is as true as true can be in a defining them.

    The treason unfolds in this way:

    Auditing for me, reconciles the times I wanted to “Work it out” with someone else by conversation and was not able to. The times I wanted to “Have the conversation” and was not able to. The times I wanted to ” Understand or be understood”, and it was not possible. All because, there was “NOBODY THERE”.

    The treason within the current group, “In charge of auditing procedures, or, “the technology” and the “authorities on auditing”….is that you can see, there is “nobody there”.

    At best, the fundamentalists have a substitute “somebody is here” which is either a David Miscavige or an L. Ron Hubbard Identity theft kind of entity. But I do not feel like having a conversation with that or interacting with it. It makes the whole auditing cycle seem synthetic. Like I am talking to a synthetic identity.

    So many adherents who are “high up” or supposedly “knowledgeable”, really can not “be there”. At all. In any capacity. Nobody is home, nobody is there. Just some mock up of an identity they choose to use instead of their own.

    I don’t see this as highly beneficial. To anyone.

    You look at the video again. There is “nobody there” in those faces. How are they going to manage the therapy of conversations? Look at how they use the art of conversation. This video should be enough to convince anybody these people do not have the purpose or tools to heal through conversation. And they think they ought to be in total command of this magic.

  614. David Miscavige cleverly misdirects people’s attention onto other issues for his toxicity. Declaring Hubbard an overt product maker, altering the tech, domestic terrorism, off purpose management programs. Dragging people down the admin scale into “ideal scenes”. Enforced reading! Enforced book buying! Beggars running rampant. Announcing wrong items and wrong indications at events and spinning people in. He keeps throwing out enough for people to see other faults.

    In truth, the way he really undermined any value in Scientology or this exploration, was to constantly penalize people for “being there”.

  615. Shifting the burden of delivery onto the public, well, that changed some dynamics that really kept people in a spin for a while………….

    That too though , made the public and the staff, wrong for “being there”.

  616. There is this one movie that will make you understand: Wall Street

  617. Marty Rathbun understands so much now thanks to his life long partner and soul mate Monique

    I have nothing but song to offer:

  618. Well CD, OK. I don’t think you can ‘kill’ a Soul. So I disagree.

  619. He seems to be pitting left-brain against the right-brain. This situation does not seem to exist in the society. Both sides of the brain are being used as I see it.

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  622. Sara DavisNies

    For someone who claims not to care about you, and says you are nothing, she sure had a hard time walking away. People who truly don’t care, don’t get so riled up.
    I just finished watching, “Going Clear,” after years of curiosity about Scientology, being someone who has lived a deeply spiritual life but always questioned organized religion. Wow, I had no idea what was going on in L.R.H.’s Oz or behind his curtain! I rarely comment online about anything other than my friends and family on Facebook, but I felt compelled to do so right now. I think what you, and the rest of you have done– first leaving, and then speaking out about the atrocities (mental, emotional, physical, financial, and other) that this powerful organization has committed over the years–was and continues to be incredibly brave. The reasons you were drawn into this “prison of belief” are understandable and admirable–Wanting to live deeper, more meaningful lives, and heal yourselves and the world. There is no shame in that. As far as staying… that is incredibly complex and personal, not for me to judge… much like I wouldn’t judge a woman or man who stays in an abusive relationship. That you are shining a light into the cave, trying to prevent others from walking that dangerous path, and providing a safe haven for others who are still trapped in your former prison, you ARE NOW doing what you set out to! You are healing yourselves and others with your truth. Thank you. Namaste…

  623. You are brave! Keep up the good work. The universe supports you.

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