Unidentified Scientology Terrorists

The following video captures a second wave of scientology terrorists trespassing at a private studio in Hollywood (for the first wave see the the last post, Scientology Top Management) on Saturday afternoon 13 December 2014.  They are attempting to intimidate and silence me in my ongoing consultant work with the credible production companies producing feature-length, theater-release documentary films on scientology. Both of their principle accusations against me (that I have been paid a red cent for adopting a child and for consultancy on the documentary) are bald-faced, invented lies.

If anyone knows the identity of the two bearded scientology operatives and their cameraman please provide me with the information.

Update 12/15/14:

Identification resolved, see:

Underground Bunker, More About Goons Sent To Intimidate…

For more background and reporting, see:

International Business Times, Scientologists Ambush Former Member…

Underground Bunker, Another Scientology Ambush…


210 responses to “Unidentified Scientology Terrorists

  1. Will share this.

  2. Despicable and rankly amateur at the same time.

    Could face recognition software be used to help identify them?

  3. Unbelievable, except it is standard tech for the CofS these days.

  4. Wish I could help with names. Nothing would make me happier. I’m sure others will be able to. I also wish you were getting a very big pay day for consulting on the documentary. You’ve more than earned it. Hope to see your story featured prominently in THE upcoming major documentary release that I have seen reported. Happy Holidays to you and the family.

  5. Guy on the left is Christopher Smith.

  6. Correction: Guy on the RIGHT with is Christopher Smith. He’s lost quite a bit of weight, but that’s him.

  7. Again and again and again. Will they ever learn. How many times can you shoot yourself in the foot. Sheesh.

  8. Michael Fairman

    A kool-aide drinker of kool-aide drinkers CHRIS SMITH (Joy and I concur)

  9. FYI, last I heard, Chris was spending quite a bit of time at Gold. He’s a writer. He wrote Christmas Stories, performed every year at CCI, for years. Speaking of Christmas Stories, was this the first year they didn’t happen? Anybody know? The 2nd weekend after Thanksgiving has been their traditional date.

  10. Oh my…the really old guy (the second, minimally speaking one) looks like a homeless person and possibly a toothless one, and generally looks ILL!
    Long time Sea Ogre or is the PI budget all used up and they are hiring the homeless to harass you?

  11. Oh my…the really old guy (the second, minimally speaking one) looks like a homeless person and possibly a toothless one, and generally looks ILL!
    Long time Sea Ogre or is the PI budget all used up and they are hiring the
    homeless to harass you for the price of a six-pack and a pack of smokes?

  12. Mark C. Rathbun

    That is remarkable. Most people I know consider I have pretty good identification recollection; and this guy looks unrecognizable to me, yet I know Chris Smith (he led an ambush crew at Corpus Christi airport in 2010).

  13. Sorry you have to endure this harassment, Marty. The “foster-care” question is so rude and distasteful. Don’t take it personally. This is not about YOU. It’s about THEM…. I’m sad for them…. Not for YOU! ;-))

  14. Marty, my typos may have made my prior ID of your stalker confusing. The guy with the glasses, the one speaking (not the sputtering, homeless looking guy), is Chris Smith. I believe Steve Hall has worked with him at Gold (He’s not SO). I’m sure others will confirm this.

  15. The bearded one on the left is Randy Stith. Did scriptwriting and video editing at Gold for a while (may still). I think his wife is Chel Stith, recently of LA org and now reportedly at Pasadena.

  16. Guy on the right is Chris Smith. Smith and Toby Burwell came as part of the swarm that descended on us in Corpus. Smith, Burwell and Stith were all (and maybe still are) scriptwriters and video editors at Gold.

  17. No data on who they are, but sure looked nervous and uncertain. Whatever, good they are on video and we will share this one.

    Taking an opportunity to wish you excellent Holidays together with your family.

  18. Um, I know they are not allowed to look at the World Wide Web of Lies (for fear of discovering they are living dangerously close to Guyana), but in the presence of Louis Theroux? These guys are locked in to self destruct mode.

  19. Some get paid to ‘assist’

  20. A rather pathetic group of impotent, midget-fearing old men

  21. Marty, it’s nice to see a post from you but I do have the reason for it. Accusing you of being paid for your consultancy is, sadly, not unexpected. The comment about your child was beneath contempt. In keeping with the source but disgusting. Congrats on your composure.

  22. Sick bastards. I know you and Mosey will rise above the comment about your son, but I think the rest of us feel that the gloves are off now.

  23. That is what I thought too Mike. He looks horrible though 😦

  24. 60 minutes had a 10 minute or so bit tonight about “Mindfulness” with one of the leaders of the movement — Jon Kabat Zinn … and Anderson Cooper. Anderson went on a 5-7 day retreat in California (I think).

    While I’ve been practicing mindfulness now for over 10 years … Marty’s composure when his son was mentioned by this latest gang of thugs … TRUMPS mine. I felt my stomach go into a knot and the desire to punch his lights out was nearly over whelming. I doubt I could have maintained in person.

    Yet again — scientology past present and future is on the WRONG side of history and all that is decent.

    I took off my gloves when Karen lost her son. My heart still breaks for her many other parents, siblings, and families torn apart by medusa.

    HOWEVER she was eventually killed by Perseus who was able to slay her by not confronting her directly but looking at her reflection in the shield given to him by Athena …

    The archetypes of mythology have a great deal worth learning.

    My thoughts never stray far from my friends


  25. Amen, Anita.

  26. Hi Marty…that guy on the right identified by others here are correct its Chris Smith that guy he has lost a lot of weight and he used to married to Tamara Wilcox…knew them both back at Celebrity Center.. and the other wanker???.. hmmmmm he is just a wanker.!!!..

  27. As John Atack has said:” they are stewing in their own juices.” After this thuggery they went back to their cave and listened to dm bray out a speech. Could a worse punishment be devised than to stew in that toxic juice for another 10 years?

  28. I’m sorry their despicable behavior has continued. You and Monique deserve much happiness and peace, especially with your wonderful baby.

    That they brought a child into their harassment is utterly despicable. Good luck with your work.

  29. I could watch these videos all day… Cause I know that that they will be used in the Doc..( I am sorry that it comes at your expense Marty and Mosey)

    Mobey? Hahha OMG he really did his homework. ” Actually I’m having a comm cycle with Marty right now.” Really just STFU..ugh

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Marty. You have so many that only want the best for you. xo Baby

  30. Yes, the one on the right doing all the talking is Chris Smith. He has lost a lot of weight. He and April, his wife, have a business teaching Improv. Plus I heard he has been up at Gold doing writing. He is not SO though (unless he recently joined.) And the other guy is Randy Stith, husband of Chel Stith, one of the Hendersons. Chel used to be ED of LA Day or Fdn Org.

  31. Assholes. And these guys are “helping” clear the planet. Okie dokey then.

  32. Sorry you have to endure this Marty but on the other hand
    the ammunition they give you (on a silver platter) is just

    There is just no room for improvement in Scientology even
    if your grades are in and you can think clearly, LRH really
    booby trapped his tech with all his other writing.

  33. Hate, not have the reason for it. Apparently I can’t type when I’m incensed…

  34. The white haired guy on the left is David Miscavige without his make up and before he’s had his afternoon “eye opener.”

  35. The one on the left is Randy Stith, OT8 and is the guy who does the CCHR anti psych and big pharma videos

  36. Did y’all catch Smith’s “I’m having a ‘comm cycle’ with Marty” comment? Is there ANY Scientology term that these folks DON’T have misunderstoods on? Have they fucking missed EVERYTHING? You never stop hearing about word clearing in the CoS and STILL …

  37. They are indeed as identified. I liked and admired them both when I was “in”.

    The subjects of Marty’s videos over the years have always fascinated me. The Squirrel Busters were mostly people I knew and liked. Although I was not friends with any of “the Airport Gang”, I had at least talked with them on a few occasions and had respect for them. And now, here’s Randy Stith and Chris Smith. I always thought that they were very smart people. I remember Chris’s affection for Groucho Marx. He could do a fair imitation of the guy, and even wrote a play about him.

    All good people! But, in these videos their conduct seems right out of one of those “mean teen” movies. I mean the sort of scene where the “cool” conformist bullies push the mild mannered eccentric kid with the less than fashionable clothes and bad haircut around (the hero).

    I always thought such things were purely Hollywood inventions, but here they are, seemingly, in “real life”!

    I wonder if the rest of it will play out just like it does in the movies? In ALL these teen flicks, this sort never gets “the girl” or “the guy”. Somewhere in the film, they generally become the device for some sort of comic relief, like a cream pie in the face or a slurpie down their pants. Or the pretty cheerleader bops them in the nose.

    Also, our hero never bends to the pressure of the clique, gets the girl (or guy, depending on sexual preferences) and wins the hearts of all the supporting cast, extras and the audience as well! All us geekie types with zero or poor fashion sense are revitalized that there’s hope for us after all!

    I think it will play out that way. Be assured that this is a story that ends well. All your onlookers know what’s soon to come and we’re all on the edges of our seats, even though we’ve all accurately predicted how it will unfold.

    You’re the hero of this story, Marty! You’ve already got the pretty girl! You know just as well as any love-struck teenager what having your girl with you: you’ve already won the game. Your readers are all shaking our heads at the stupidity of the mean kids, and we’re a little excited as we wait for the inevitable cream pie or slurpie scene. The best parts are still to come in this drama.

    Of course you already know this: you end up living happily – very happily – ever after.

  38. Anita, should it surprise anyone why these IAS members have the amount of REAL enemies that they do even before they have met them in person? This is the story of their lives and has been since I first read DMSMH way back a long while ago. This is what some people in this our world see fit to do with LRH’s tech and any abiities gained from their use of it. It is activities like this that lead people to the truth about them in the end. 🙂

  39. Normally it’s sad when the wisdom of age is replaced by delusion. In this case, these two just seem pathetic.

  40. What a blessing you and your wife have in your son, and what kind of jerks are these guys for trying to turn it into something else. My son’s name is William, too, and I am sure he is bringing you as much joy as my son has to me. What kind of people are these that think it’s cool to try to drag down the joy of parenthood? I’m sure you guys are floating on air and living your lives with your beautiful family. Carry on.

  41. How low can they go ?
    Do they have *No* shame to involve an adopted baby?
    Tabloid innuendo and smearing all coached by Office of Special Affairs before they hit.

    Randy Stith and Chris Smith did not make up this patter on the spot.
    First of all OSA studied their *ASSET* list of those that could be trusted to go do a dirty job.
    Now, recruited, they were briefed and coached on what to say and do.
    OSA carefully analyzed that Marty’s son was *HoT* button and they are Trained, Billed and Drilled to hit the *HOT BUTTONS.*
    That is “CHURCH” doctrine.
    That is Guardian Orders and OSA network Orders.
    This was coached the night before to create *IMPACT on Mosey and Marty.

    This is the “Religion” that pretends it makes higher evolved spiritual beings while its Mob Boss acts out Psych Ops, Stalking, intimidation ~~ even intimidating a witness in the forthcoming Mosey Trial. (Marty Rathbun)

  42. What a very delightful comment Dan Locke. You’re a wonderful writer. Thank you for these images of what’s to come.

  43. “These Romans are crazy”, as Asterix, Obelix and company are fond of saying.

    If they were to get the chance to meet scientologists, I wonder what they would say?

  44. Marty, that was a hit below the belt to both of you. I’ll just bet they are confused as to why they can’t create an effect on you and then see it boomerang.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your loving family!

  45. As I posted on Mike’s blog, these guys are really lame. What a horrible show by them. No standard ambush tech in use. The original Squirrel Busters will send them to cramming. Marty, I find it hard to believe any of these church people think they are being bad ass by coming on you like that and then mumbling shit. These guys would end up dead on the streets I have been on. They fumbled the entire ambush. Mosey must be laughing her ass off seeing this video. I’ll bet she wishes she was there. You handled it perfectly, Marty. You say three words to them and they come unglued.

  46. Aquaclara: Your comment is right on. It may be standard bullbaiting tech. but it is one of the lowest forms of human behaviour to try to get a reaction on M&M’s adopted kid. Fortunately Marty has the presence of mind to not provoke the situation any further.

    The coward that ordered this interaction but will have no record of command intention should be dropped in the mudslide near one of his homes and command the mud withdraw back up the hill..

  47. Isn’t it sad that a church can tell people who used to be good people to bully one of their ex-colleagues and actually do it?

  48. Randy Stith did script writing? It looks to me like he forgot his script as soon as Marty’s camera rolled. I felt like jumping into my computer screen and poking him to get him to speak up.

  49. Stay strong guys, these poor saps haven’t got a clue and it shows 🙂

  50. Please remember tha the only reason these trolls are there is due to their own out-ethics in the first place which is why the MAA dumped this duty on them. They work for free. In my country, I don’t know about yours, we call that slavery.

  51. I guess since their PR is already sunk, they have nothing left to lose.

  52. Scientology ages you before your time. All that hate is toxic.

  53. This is so sick 😦 I’m so sorry you and your family have to endure this Marty but hopefully it won’t be for too much longer – Lady Karma is already doing her rounds. Thank you for everything you have done and are doing. Love and eternal support from all the Domingo girls. Wishing you a PEACEFUL Christmas xxx ❤

  54. I am sorry you have to put up with this.
    Keep strong. The truth is on your side.
    And you are not alone.

  55. Wow–I remember him…he’s lost a lot of weight and gone totally grey/white hair. Would not have recognized him if it weren’t for more updated people commenting above. He did some sort of scriptwriting for Gold many years ago, but I don’t think the scripts were ever approved by Mi$cavige….wasn’t very successful. Maybe he is in Propitiation Mode now.

  56. I’m confused…

    They are accusing you of taking payment for foster care and also for being a paid consultant.

    Isn’t that called “exchange”? Are they accusing you of being “in-exchange”? Would they be happier if you were “out-exchange”????

    These guys don’t even know their own tech, because exchange is a hugely important concept in Scientology – LRH had to invent it because otherwise the concept of paying for spiritual salvation would make no sense at all, and he would have been simply giving it away to everybody on the whole planet, which would have been fine for the planet, but not so fine for LRH.

    So I’m confused that these guys don’t seem to know even basic Scientology.

  57. Dan, “all good people”? Really???? It is almost completely irrelevant to the current scene how much we liked them or were friends with them decades ago. I know it has been common on the blogs occasionally for folks to mention how nice certain people were years and years ago. When I was a CS, I trained John Allender and Sharron Webber … thirty five freaking years ago. I remember them as very nice people and good auditors. So … fucking .. what? Currently they PARTICIPATE in evil activities. What evil activities? They seek to control other beings’ self-determinism and freedom of thought and communication. Some of the methods they use involve heavy force flows, shame and blame and threats of loss of family, friends, loved ones and means of making a living. They seek to control others’ realities on all aspects of life, thought and spirituality. They work to fool people, to make others believe what isn’t true, to get others to commit overts on loved ones and people who trusted them. They condone Soviet style “justice” and mind control camps. They betray those who dedicated decades of hard work and indeed their lives with the purpose of creating a better world.

    Good people? Nice folks? A teen comedy movie? Uhm ….. no.

  58. Another Foot Bullet, but this is a big one!!!! We love you, Marty!! Thanks for doing The Documentary!

  59. Ooops! There we go again. What a coincidence Scientology long term Otasses acting like a bunch of religious fanatics. What are the odds for that?

    No, no, I’m pretty sure that brainwashing is not taking place in Scientology, Scientologists just love to express their faith publicly, through acts of terrorism.

  60. It’s interesting that Chris’ only son is a child he adopted from Peru some 26 years ago, Barrett. For those of us who knew these people once upon a time, it’s hard to watch them sink this low. Very sad.

  61. Maybe they were shooting a new Tone Scale film. Smith does a flawless covert hostility. Stith is a great self abasement.

    Mark displays an excellent serenity of beingness in the face of two psychos who look like they are secretly praying for someone to audit them with
    R 2-45.

  62. People say, “He has lost a lot of weight”.

    David Miscavige and OSA have been recruiting cancer patients to throw themselves at targets in intimidation to encourage beatings.

    It is a form of suicide terrorism. I would not be surprised to find both of these guys are cancer patients recruited by the Church. They used cancer patient Jim Lynch until the day he died.

    These guys, like Jim, were begging for physical abuse. They probably get a sign on bonus as well as a promised financial bonus for any physical blows taken, teeth knocked out, etc etc.

  63. Now that nobody else is paying attention to David Miscavige (like the IRS and the FBI)…he takes money money from rich Scientologists on the right, and uses it to suppress critical Scientologists on the left.

  64. I thought this guy was a good looking man. Also he did not seem comfortable about what he was doing, seems confused as if struggling with some inner decency.

  65. In fact, would one of you OSA people send the one on the left to harass me?

  66. Dan, It would appear as though Chris Smith the writer, has slid down the Org Board to Chris Smith the “extra”. He is playing the part of an OSA “extra” in this theater being directed by David Miscavige.

  67. Outclassed, Outgunned & out Strategized. Bull baiting is feeble under these conditions. Laughable even.

  68. Rick, I agree. Moreover, anyone who drags people’s children into this theater and uses them as weapons has no boundaries. I become incensed when I see kids pimped out all over XXXXXX blog. Or private information about some baby or child published. This is earning a buck or earning some applause at the expense of children.

    Here is David himself, obviously no better, spreading slander about a baby. He has his wife buried in a tomb and he is in a common law marriage with another woman, sending out his minions to interrogate the familial motives of someone else.

    He has a restraining order against him and he goes into non compliance across the boards sending out troops to harm attack and suppress, give wrong items and wrong indications to THE WORLD.

    His confidence has been over estimated. He was in apathy when he shot out the Squirrel Busters on a mission to create the biggest PR flap in the history of the Church.

  69. In fact, news of the adoption was published on a blog, which just gave these people the ammunition they are using against Marty today. Makes me wanna holler!

  70. Remembering who people were has the benefit of giving perspective to who they could be again for those who have risen a little higher.

    It would be sad if our response to them was on the same level as theirs to us. Reactive, dismissive and uncompassionate.


  71. Christopher Smith was the nicest guy! And funniest. What a shame. He’s been working at Gold for many years.

  72. You’re a better man than me Marty. I would have knocked his ass out for making the remark about Billy.

    Sorry you had to deal with that my friend.

  73. What makes this most repelling, is that Chris Smith, the mouthy one, is from New York and he adopted a child with his wife Tamara. His wife supported him financially his entire life. Until she passed away.

    If he assumes others are adopting for financial gain, he may have that kind of history himself. I would be curious to know about his child.

    There are adoption arrangements and always have been, where financial assistance is promised by the state. I see nothing wrong with this myself, as I have two girl friends that could not have adopted with out this assistance. And they dearly love and dote over the children they have raised for several years now. Both were not able to have children at the time they adopted.

    But for Chris, a man who adopted a child himself, to launch an attack on Marty about his finances, is sheer hypocrisy. Especially in the line of “duty” for the Church.

    Chris has NEVER been on staff in any Org or Mission.

  74. Mark C. Rathbun

    Update Added After Video.

  75. His wife Tamara, known as Tamara Horrock or Horrocks in new York, ran a small theater group but never produced a successful entertainer. The group was more a like a little Scientology Cult.

    They recruited one person for “lessons” that they convinced to divorce her husband (a friend of mine). They ran mind control and all sorts of squirrely tech on their “clients”. The gullible, and insisted on being worshiped, but kept it very covert. Pulled a lot of people off lines and off the bridge. And set them up for professional and personal losses.

    The wife Tamara, was obese in a suicidal way, crippled from it in fact. Probably the heaviest female I have ever come face to face with. Barely able to walk at all during the twenty years I knew her / them.

  76. Thank you, Dave. One of the best things about being an auditor for me was to be able to see how good people really are. I’ve audited a few thousand hours (still a beginner to many people here) and I’ve seen what gears and levers are being meshed and pulled behind the scenes in people who are being rude or bullies. I don’t know if it’s true in all cases, but in every case I am aware of, when people are behaving this way, it’s an effort to solve a problem. Wrong-headed to be certain, but not wrong-intended.

    I feel that this is being less and less the case with me, but there are certainly times that I have acted poorly and meanly towards others and felt justified in doing so. Not sure if it was always, but at least most of the time in my experience, an unfriendly response to another is an effort to solve a problem.

    I was still in the Church when Tory C. (Magoo) left, so I did not witness it, but it was my understanding that she would rant in a way not unlike Chris Smith, and yet a Scientology-detractor managed to look beyond that and get some glimpse of the kind person that Tory truly is. He talked to that person instead of the beingness that Tory dramatized. The detractor I am referring to is Andreas Heldal-Lund. Now Tory’s out and she and Andreas are good friends.

    I think that every ranting Scientologist should be treated with some respect and courtesy and no one should take their mean behavior seriously. Randy and Chris’s behavior is, truly, childish, and an adult’s response to childish behavior might be varied, but it would never be to respond in kind. Marty’s behavior in these last two videos has been dignified and courteous. In the court of public opinion, he’s the winner here.

    Andreas says here (http://www.xenu.net/archive/personal_story/tory/) that Tory was “struggling with her conviction” when they began their conversation. Of the two, it’s most obvious to me that Randy is personally struggling with all this (based off of his body language) but Chris is a very smart guy.

    I think that every single Scientologist still onlines is struggling with what is going on in Scientology these days. And I think that our best resources in handling them and helping them out is a helpful attitude and KNOWING what good people they truly are underneath this thin veneer of dedication to the cause. “The cause” has become so ruined by deceit, hypocrisy and corruption that the veneer is about to shatter in every single one of their lives. I think friendly exes who forgive are part of the mix in getting it all figured out for the person who is experiencing this.

  77. I didn’t know this, Oracle. Can you tell us more about the specifics of the Jim Lynch cancer patient used to intimidate others etc?

  78. In Germany the documentary about you with the title Scientology Ein Insider packt aus is now running on NTV and it gets repeated. After this comes Endstation Scientology Mysteriöse Todesfälle (mysterious deaths) … A day of real bad PR 😂

  79. Their “claim to fame” by the way, for being “celebrities” in New York, and the “The Authorities” in the acting world, was a bit part Tamara had in the original movie “M.A.S.H.”.


  80. Such a scammer. I ask you, how could you possibly TEACH Improvisation?

    to compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation; extemporize: to improvise an acceptance speech.

    “Improvisation is the process of devising a solution to a requirement by making-do, despite absence of resources that might be expected to produce a solution. In a technical context, this can mean adapting a device for some use other than that which it was designed for, or building a device from unusual components in an ad-hoc fashion. Improvisation in the context of performing arts is spontaneous performance without specific preparation.: WIKI

    Did you notice how the “expert teacher” on improvisation was not able to improvise during his assault on Marty?

  81. By the way, whoever said Chris Smith had a “promising career in Hollywood” at some point, is tripping.

    This guy never had a promising career in theater. He scraped by selling himself as a “teacher” at “improvisation”. A gig he picked up from Tamara. Laughter!

  82. Beyond that, they were FSM’s in the sneakiest way. They would befriend anyone even remotely connected to the entertainment industry (She tried to suck up to me, but the fact that she, and neither he, couldn’t run “start change stop” on their mouths was a red flag for me) already in lines or involved, and establish them as “their public” by being there or encouraging them to sign up for their next service or just asking straight up if a person would dump their FSM and choose them!

    They both piggy backed on the CofS and the people the Church attracted their entire lives.


  83. Well, I mean that he had the audacity to ambush and verbally assault someone who spent 25 plus years working like an animal for the Sea Org in top command….that kind of tells you where Chris Smith is at and what he is willing to do for a buck.

  84. Hello Sindy, I love “co-conspiring” with you and enjoy your way with words. Looking forward to our next opportunity!

  85. Oracle, thank you so much for putting that video of Meskimen interviewing Chris from his Improv Class! I saw my daughter in the background! It is sad that now I have to catch a glimpse of her in the background of a video when we should be celebrating Xmas together. My hope is that the church crumbles soon so that I get my son and daughter back. (and by the way, Chris’ class was too expensive and was more of just a social life for the kids.)

  86. Correction, he is not from New York. That is just where I knew him from. Turns out he is from Ohio.

  87. Laughter! He is a running on circuits.

  88. He had like, five lines and he flubbed four of them. That is why he hobby horses on “improvisation”.

  89. He had enough sense and self preservation and awareness of public relations not to become road kill. Or cause even more out P.R. for the Church. Good for him.

  90. Well, Dan Sherman was a nice guy too with a promising career and a lovely wife.Wrong move.
    Thank you for what you do Marty and Joyeux Noel.

  91. http://tonyortega.org/2013/07/29/jim-lynch-scientologys-shill-dies-at-59/

    When they sent him to my house, to harass me, I could see that he was in a very fragile condition.

  92. Marty and Monique Rathbun, I Admire you both and I love you both to death.
    I am sorry you have to go through all this mindless abuse

    I have no moral lecture for you both. I am not morally or ethicly inclined:

    Just fuck them !

  93. Laughter! Believe me, I am really holding back on this one (mercy). I will say that Chris copies the identity of whatever woman he is with. He literally takes on their identity and shape shifts. He is apparently with a new spouse.

  94. Thank you for this, Dan. I agree with you, whole-heartedly.

    Anger at this kind of behavior is understandable, but taking the bait, taking the invitation to hate and make less of the other person, is a trap.
    You can detest the words and actions without detesting the person; it’s a choice. I agree that Chris Smith is a smart, funny guy. I’ve seen him be unbelievably kind and loving. But he is completely deluded regarding what is really going on, inside the cult and out. Hopefully, one day, he will have the same realizations you and I have had.

  95. Ha! Good point!
    He probably sees this as vital mission, an honor to be entrusted with “confronting and shattering” this caliber SP for COB. In fact, he would be embarrassed to see himself through eyes wide open.

  96. Cindy, I hope you get them back soon, too. Sweet, kind, funny kids.

  97. What is insane here is that there is nothing on this action that might serve the church or Miscavige.
    Any complete idiot could know that they are going to be filmed, and it will make them look completely dumb.
    Actually thoses two beardies are kind of dumb and dumber. But why would they do that?
    And the answer to that could make one very worrisome. They “fight back”, they apply robotically “fighting back”. “Put out their anchor points”. They follow a kind of “magic” tech where there is no visible connection from cause to effect. They apply a formula, blindly. Maybe they think they apply “Keeping scientology working”. Complete symbolism. Actually it is the frame of mind of fanatics. No care for the effect, just showing their faith, and each action will add up to a mystical effect.
    Like giving money for empty orgs. They certainly could also give their life, after all they are spritual being…

  98. They will come back. The Church doesn’t have to crumble first, the obstacles are not as big as you think.

    Chris recruited your daughter through the Church and worked to obtain money from her for his expensive “classes” I assume?

    Today is the most publicity Chris has obtained for his “acting career”.

    You would think Miscavige would have enough sense to get Charmaine Rogers to write his speeches.

  99. Loved that song you posted. Very good one. But also maybe the reason Marty didn’t recognize Chris is that he lost over 100 lbs.

  100. What happened to Dan Sherman’s wife? Did the church make them divorce per their modus operandi?

  101. This is just a demonstration of the only power that Miscavige has; the power to blackmail. These people have either their family or what they perceive as their “eternity” held hostage.

    They are scared and cowed and Miscavige gets his kicks by sending them on these little errands. And the toxic environment that they have been living in has also increased their stupidity. You can’t tell me that people don’t lose any IQ or intelligence by being in the hate-filled toxic environment that is the church.

    Basically these people have a gun held to their head by the blackmailer Miscavige. You can only pity them and the FBI should be called in to deal with this blackmail. They need their lives back and there should be some kind of “Marshall Plan” to help their restoration to normal life (difficult as it may be).

  102. Mark C. Rathbun

    Not so. It was the scowl – and lines indicating long-duration scowling is this fellow’s lot; and the wavelength that goes with it. This fellow is a distressed being.

  103. I see what you mean, Marty. I also knew Chris in happier times. Poor sod.

  104. Katherine, Thank you for the good postulate. Do you know my kids? Missy and Alan?

  105. Interesting of course Oracle, but nothing new. I recall from the 70’s (that is correct 1978 to be exact) the ED/Reg of the NY FDN stealing my letters from L. Ron Hubbard from the SO #1 Line (so I would think LRH didn’t like me) and with the letters hidden in his panties while he was sitting in front of me, recommending that I be sent to Ethics for Sec Checking to handle my “sit”. It was almost unheard of then. There wasn’t even any NOT’s yet. And today 35 years later, that ED/Reg now has an entire “on policy” managment team to back him up. He is still the Reg of NY FDN but no longer ED, his name is Raymond Baiardi. 🙂

  106. Yes, anyone who has known Chris for any length of time knows him to be generally a lighthearted kind of guy. I’ve done more than a few things when I had a fixed dedicated glare that I was not proud of as well.

    Chris won’t ever consider this to be one of his most sterling moments. Most of us exes here have been guilty a time or two ( or three or more) of being “tough and unreasonable”; as a matter of fact, it’s a highly valued policy-validated characteristic for a Scientology exec! Too bad tough and unreasonable always generally has a big mix of stupid and unnecessary in it as well. Anytime anything truly effective and valuable is accomplished, it’s accomplished with kindness and understanding.

    There was a lecture about this, “Attitude and Conduct of a Scientologist, When and Where it is Effective” from the 50’s. In it Ron talked about the value of continually postulating the good in people. Here you go: https://silviakusada.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/attitude-amd-conduct-in-scientology-transcript.pdf Interesting to me how applicable this is to the Scientology scene of today.

    So, there’s this and probably a few hundred thousand words that validate ARC and Understanding, and there’s probably less than 10,000 where Ron himself tries to solve problems using other tools and where he demands the tough and unreasonable point of view.

    Unfortunately, most of those found their way into policy and the Flag Orders. And that’s the genesis of most of the “Oh shit!!!” stories about Scientology. (INSLTHO)

  107. Wish we could edit these comments. “(INSLTHO)” Should have been “(IMSLTHO)”: In My Somewhat Less Than Humble Opinion…

  108. Cindy, I think Chris has morphed into an “L.A. Org E.D.” identity, the one his most recent wife uses.

    He was clearly coached and having a very difficult time with his lines. Whoever cast him as a “heavy” in this theater, is oblivious. To a lot of things. Keying him into purposes to harm attack and suppress his fellow man, purposes to op term. Exactly what gets handled on the L’s. It is repelling the way the Church defiles these people and spins them into evil purposes. Idiots.

  109. Well, if Shelly is alive and he has lived long enough with his new 2-D, then that may make him a bigamist.

    Once again, he is echoing Ron.

  110. Hmm. Sith is OT VIII. Didn’t look too much at cause over matter, energy, space, time, life, and thought, both objectively and subjectively, to me.

    In contrast, he did look like he has abused and neglected the care of his body to hell and back. He’s caught in a trap; he can’t walk out; because the hooks are too deep in him.

    Forgive me, but I feel the unspeakably low-toned, contra-survival emotion of sincere sympathy for him.

  111. Thank you, Dan. They are responsible for their behavior, but we can still empathize with the fact that they are humans with value and potential.

    If we completely dehumanize them, then we justify treating them inhumanely, and we then consign ourselves to the same prison.

    After all, so many of us who were once in followed policies and applied “tech” that we ourselves might now construe as evil to some degree. Were we worthless and evil ourselves then, or indoctrinated and escorted into an alternate view of reality that stands up to no scientific scrutiny, yet in which we believed wholeheartedly?

  112. Either Scientology is beyond stupid, not realizing how repulsive these tactics are to the general public — or they do realize it, but think that these tactics can be used to keep people in the bubble under control.

    To that latter point, they will no doubt claim as fact to the sheeple that:
    — Marty is an even bigger SP that thought, and is now working on false, entheta, suppressive movies for pay.

    That way, when the sheeple hear of these movies, they will be inoculated that Scientology tried to stop him (and thus the movies) but the forces of SMERSH are too great — and the solution is to rapidly donate more money to the “church.”

  113. Michael Fairman

    I knew Chis very well. Worked with him several times on Christmas Stories at CCInt. Did the Improv Class with with him and Tamara. He was a semi-likable arrogant schmuck then. He’s turned into a robotic arrogant schmuck now. I don’t believe for one minute he’s “scared and cowed” I believe he genuinely thinks he’s doing the right thing for himself and mankind. The same held true for the gaggle of 20 to 30 year “friends” that came to put me back on the “right path” back in 2011 – the Meskimens, Grassi, Kessler, etc. The same is true regarding Joy’s sister and brother-in-law. These people are not violent, but they are fundamentalist, down to the core. The pods have sprouted identical bodies, but their minds have been overtaken. See them point and hear them scream. Unfortunately, they went to sleep. Most of here didn’t.

  114. Well, I decided not to lynch him today, so I’ll turn him over to your custody and disband the lynch mob at least temporarily.

  115. Adoption is absolutely the coolest thing in the world. Nothing beats it.

  116. It is possible that this incident may lead to Randy Stith and Chris Smith exiting scientology inc. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris loses customers in his business over this. That might be enough to make him say WTF and realize that attacking someone about adopting a kid is not good for his business or his life. I wonder how his “nut” (as he calls it) is going to be doing with diminishing personal income. This just might give him a WTF moment regarding Miscavige.

  117. I used to have many good friends in Scientology. Most of them with time passing were more or less “dissaffected”, meaning going to the course once a month, sometimes to an event, dilettant type. OT, very often, trained, but back to the eighties even seventies. Sometime they would give money to Ideal Org or IAS.
    Often complaining of having been wrongly “handled” in Flag, mostly unhappy with services. They were mostly “off the level” (which they anyway attested to decades ago).
    One of this guy was even showing me this lecture where Hubbard says you better burn the headquarter. He still would give some money to Ideal Org, because it is “his group”, knowing it’s pretty useless. He could see that this Ideal Orgs were empty, but this because “we are attacked”, “we have to florish and prosper”, so we pay for Ideal Org or IAS while we don’t really believe in it.
    And we would agree on that, have dinners etc… Be a kind of 50/60 years old company of dissaffected followers. Overweight ex skinny hippies and staff members! Sometimes one would have a cog on the “basics”, and it would kind of rekindle the good old time.
    The only taboo was this rumor that “COB” was beating his staff. They would whisper about it, sometimes crack a joke (let’s not be serious). But while speaking to them, and saying (smoothly still!) that “Do you think all this dedicated sea org member would invent it? Why would they do that?”
    They shiver, “Don’t be so serious. All is not perfect, we know that… and even if Miscavige lost his temper… it can happen with such pressure he has on his shoulders.”
    Well, I could really write a teleplay with these charracters. Nevertheless, all was acceptable, except saying Miscavige is an SP. Which I said, and was declared.
    And all this good people disconnected from me. Some smoothly and quietly, some other with a disconnection letter (a mean to create more antagonism!), verbally, explaining to me that my position was “not survival”, that they would not continue to be enturbulated.That they realize that they have been listening to too many lies and were about to become PTS and loose their integrity! And so on… so on.
    Those dissaffected wog/scientologists, were “to strike a blow despite personnal danger” (meaning doing something really stupid to show they are on the right side. Remind me a guy who was masturbating in watching porn, caught on his elig. He “striked the blow..” in distributing some booklets “way to happiness” to prostitute.)
    Anyway just to say that those who disconnect are not even active scientologists. Actually I have had the wog familly of those “scientologists” who also disconnected from me.
    They rather have an anti-scientology family member than one who is exposing Miscavige, this is the highest crime in the church.
    The only tech they practice now in scientology is disconnection and fund rising.
    None of these “good scientologists” has given one auditing session this century.

  118. Michael, you nailed this phenomenon perfectly.

  119. So curious as to how you discovered the letters in his panties!

  120. There is comedy to be had.

    Here you have these people reading about SP’s and PTS’s all of their life. Here you have a guy , Chris, who has morphed from being a “potential” trouble source, into an actual trouble source.

    He’s out there in Hollywood causing trouble. Trouble for himself, trouble for his Church, trouble for Marty. He doesn’t even see it that he is an actual trouble source now.. ATS. The whole time he is tossing the accusations at Marty, he doesn’t realize he has become a full blown trouble source.

  121. Harassment of critics by any means necessary is Scientology scripture as written by L. Ron Hubbard.

    ‘Fair-Game’ is a shadow of it’s former self. Under Hubbard’s watch, the G.O. tried to murder Paulette Cooper when framing her wasn’t enough.

  122. Wow – insightful and well written.

  123. That kind of ambush is probably carefully drilled, with a whole lot of theory behind it, even if it seems crazy to the layperson.

    So what is the rationale behind it?

    Considering the confusion created, the repetitive sentences, that looks like an example of the confusion technique, which is actually an hypnotic technique designed by Erickson and that is used to heal people, but that could be used also to implant people.

    So the rationale behind the ambushes is possibly the purpose to implant Mark Rathbun, and the things that look so odd would be an essential part of the process.

    And as the implanter is arrogant, he does not care about what the “wogs” think about it.


  124. I think your description pretty well describes a very large segment of the Scientologists I know.

  125. Chris doesn’t have clients now. He works completely for the church.

  126. This just gave me an idea. Maybe the way we get him is that he is a bigamist…. married to Shelley but has a common law wife in Lu. He might be brought down with that. There are many ways to skin a cat.

  127. If this is true, it is sickening.

  128. I thought your only terminal was the IJC. No scientologist would knowingly communicate with an SP. You know what this means, don’t you? You haven’t been declared afterall!! With so many church members eager to speak with you, it’s clear you are still extremely well thought of. Huzzah! Your eternity is no longer “at risk”. VWD.

  129. I mean, here this guy is…..so much toxin has been put on him about the “reactive mind” and “evil purposes” and “suppression”. He has been promised that if he just sticks it out he will be free of all of it. He brags in his video with Jim above that he does not criticize or invalidate his students.

    Then some staff member convinces him to wear the hat of an SP, go out and suppress someone. And the hat of a REACTIVE mind, to restimulate. They actually ask him to take on the identity of a reactive mind.

    And he, he just goes along with it.

    Hey, I mean, is this a red flag or what?

    I have no idea why Hubbard declared that Scientologists were in the top 5% of the intelligence of the population. I hope to God it isn’t true. That is a pretty depressing thought. I think that is a false report.

  130. And you look at the “hit” crews , top church executives and “OT’s”! Fired out on mission, to RESTIMULATE as a PURPOSE and a MISSION! You have the leader of the Church, converting Scientologists into REACTIVE MINDS. Purposed to harm, attack, suppress, nullify, dominate, suppress, stop, lie, alter is, publish false reports, not is, deny, BLAME, assault and terrorize!

    This is how David Miscavige “uses the tech”, Scientology, personnel and Church resources. This is how he “leads” the way.

    For me it really isn’t about the Scientology. People attack the subject,,,why? Who can think with it I ask? You think if you get the books off the shelves people will smarten up? Be able to do some math?

    It is about these mind f&($^%s like David Miscavige that defile and degrade other human beings when they have every potential and promise to be turned into something bright with promise. A positive force.
    He converts that promise into something like a virus. His narcissism in demanding they owe it to him to become toxic.

    In his next life he is coming back as a show Poodle.

  131. Quite a vivid description of the situation lived by many people and their rationale for sitting comfortably with their group.
    I think not loosing their way of life is stronger than the fear of loosing their eternity.

  132. Marty – I think David Miscavige sending his high ranking officials to harass you is a clear sign that Scientology IS getting suppressed and we are winning.

    There is NOTHING Scientology can do about it, either. The internet has changed the way Scientology Keeps Working.

    As Tony Ortega says – “People, it is over”. Scientology is dead and Miscavige will be taking himself “out” soon. The game is over!

    Thank you for everything you are doing. You guys and gals who worked as High Ranking Officials for the Cult as well as the droves of Celebrities speaking out are doing a great job of suppressing this cult.

    It is the right thing to do! You are saving lives for real. THANK YOU!

  133. She died.

  134. Anyone who knows me, my story and my current life knows that I work at being as true to this core belief — there is basic goodness within each of us.
    (also said as “man is basically good”)

    THAT SAID — man can behave DESPICABLY in a less than a human fashion.

    To excuse these miserably walking dead men as ONCE they were good, ONCE they were nice … sorry — doesn’t work for me.

    Whistleblowers are rarely thanked DURING the initial whistleblowing (which can take years). BUT when FINALLY the evil empire falls … so many will step up and say — YUP — GOLLY GOSH I knew it all along.

    Doesn’t really take much courage to step up once the majority already have.

    BUT … to do so when MILLIONS are thrown at Marty, Mike, Karen, Marc and others … wow — that DOES take courage.

    Marty continues to shine the honest light of truth on behavior that truly goes against all that is good.

    Thank you Marty, Mosey and now Billy for your courage.


  135. Thanks for that link Dan, very interesting!

    Also interesting that David Miscavige has made such a liar out of Hubbard. David cancelled every bodies certs, even the auditors that Hubbard trained, with GAOT. And declared everyone the “blind leading the blind” and Hubbard as an overt product maker.

    On these transcripts from 1955 Hubbard stated: “Today, this is no longer true. (1) the Technologies are good enough. And (2) the auditors are god enough, see?”

    Hubbard foretold of the attacks on Independents too, could be interesting for court documents in the Israeli lawsuit.

    ” Now, we look at this other group that was supposed to be using
    horrible means and terrible duress and awful drugs and all that sort
    of thing on people.
    And let’s get a final adjustment of this. I put this one on the
    back burner. There are complaints about it, I talked about it, and
    so forth.

    But let’s put his one—I put his one on the back burner. I
    said, “Well, let hat simmer awhile. Let’s take a look, huh? Let’s
    take a look.”

    Do you know what I found out? I found out that his group was
    getting the most expensive preclears in the town and doing a good
    job by them.

    I found that this group was doing a very, very remunerative and
    good contact job in the field of auditing.

    Now, I wouldn’t put down everything that had been said about
    this group or had been started in rumor to a little professional
    jealousy of success, would you? We’d never—we’d never assign that
    value to anybody, would we? Hm?

    And yet I’m fairly well satisfied
    today that was the total reason of the origination, wherever it
    originated, of any story about that group.

    Somebody just couldn’t
    stand that much prosperity and started to talk and started to say
    things And then other people in good faith, feeling militant and
    being perfectly willing to fight a war in any direction—”uptones”, you
    know—took it up and stated these things as fact.

    But I—the basic origin of them—the basic origin of them—rather obscure, but nevertheless basic origin—unknown to the later people who took up the cudgels, you understand—was to some degree professional

  136. The Church of Scientology has gone so backwards under David Miscavige I am convinced every court case pending against the Church, could be won just by bringing in and producing Church scripture.

  137. Marie, there was for some years a CO of IHELP, WUS with your name. Are you one and the same? If so, you might remember me, I would come visit on Thursday and give you various statistics.

  138. I agree with you Windhorse.
    I wanted to thank you for your mention of Anderson Coopers Mindedness article above also some months ago you posted about this site http://www.dhamma.org/. They have a retreat near me (29 Palms CA) and it’s free for the 10 day course! 🙂

  139. +1000

  140. Those I know don’t really care of their eternity otherwise they would confront the oupoints which demonstrate they have been deceived.
    They have given up the purpose to go up the bridge, deep down they know that there is no bridge above OTVIII and even if there was, they probably become “past life OT” before they can get to the service.
    They are highly disabused, but they cannot confront to say it.
    They practice what they call a kind of “pandeterminism”. Not being affected by anything, pretending to be wise, but factually having been hit by total conformity. To use a technical word would be “middle class PTS”. They are a culture, they are scientologists like others go to church on sunday. It’s their “religion”. And they practice it once a year.

  141. “Truth may also be confused with, tactlessness. A 2.0 will give forth
    numerous factual, but destructive statements. Many 1:1’s blatantly
    “pride themselves” on their honesty and so license themselves to
    make destructive statements “for the good of” somebody else which
    are actually lies. There is an ethic about the handling of truth.
    While it may be true that something is destructive or that a person
    is bad, if it serves no purpose to make the statement, the issuance
    of this “truth” is in reality the establishing of an entheta line. The
    highest concept of truth, then, has a certain aesthetic about it in that
    it is creative and constructive.”
    page 155

  142. Sometimes in this life it is not what a person does that can cause the greatest harm, but a what a person doesn’t do instead that brings it about. 🙂

  143. It takes very good TR’s Karen to read some of what LRH wrote. I was never paranoid about what people might think if they discovered I had applied some tech. What a difference between me and them (OSA). Thanks for posting this Karen. 🙂

  144. There is some real truth to that, because LRH wrote ALL of the tech and was the first to apply it and he ran and hid from just the IRS. David Misavige is not a tech pioneer, he is simply a follower on a chain of “follow the leaders”. His downfall is inevitable and in all fairness only he, David Miscavige himself can prevent it. I will speak the truth, I sometimes have fond thoughts of him but I made a private vow a long time ago, I would NEVER help anyone from the Church of Scientology again. This time around, they need to do it for themselves. 🙂

  145. That’s some pretty sad sh!t. What a pathetic couple of goons. I’m sorry Marty for what you have to put up with. I really wonder what is going through the minds of those two guys. I don’t sense that they are valiant warriors.

  146. Very well said. 🙂 Especially: I believe he genuinely thinks he’s doing the right thing for himself and mankind. Very well put! 🙂 Thank you.

  147. Hi Orwen.
    There are thousands of wise and valuable statements and principles like this put forth by LRH. Whether he was the actual source of every bit of wisdom is not the point. He put forth things in an understandable and useable form. There are some errors that he made and a few things that he put the wrong stress on.

    The dullards continually cough up the errors endlessly and say that he was insane or evil. When that runs out, some will alter his words or intentions and continue.

    I can’t say that everything I got from Ron is correct, but he got me started on a journey that I am now continuing on my own. I think he would have wanted nothing less.

    Perhaps I was lucky. I BELIEVED nothing from the start, and Obnosis was one of the first things I learned. I am far better off for my journey.

  148. Oracle,

    “For me it really isn’t about the Scientology. People attack the subject,,,why? Who can think with it I ask? You think if you get the books off the shelves people will smarten up? Be able to do some math?

    Because the “subject” creates stupefied, brainwashed, religious fanatics.

    An since many of of these Fedayeen, were trained and audited in Scientology BEFORE Miscavige took power, yours and others excuses are nothing but diversions from the truth: that Scientology as put together by Hubbard is a Mind Control Operation.

    And no, these poor idiots do not need any more auditing, Ls, or OT processes of any kind. They are already overrun and overwhelmed by Scientology “tech” for 30-40 years, that anymore auditing would be like giving methadone to a heroine junkie.

    Scientologists need to do what has been suggested in this and many other websites and books: QUIT THE FUCK OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY.

  149. one of those who see

    I couldn’t hear the guy on the left well. don’t know why he showed up. Chris is doing a beautiful job showing the world how the Church comes from a very ugly place. I think that if he could get some f*cking awareness that he would see this and be horrified. Any new person who saw Chris as a product of Auditing and Training would run away as fast as possible. I am sorry Marty. No one should have to hear those kinds of accusations regarding their beautiful child. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  150. Hubbard extensively studied the history of mind control, he zeroed in on three groups, all of which were Religions, used hypnosis and drugs and made quite an impact on the societies of their time.

    Hubbard eventually incorporated into Scientology many of the methods of mind control he had researched. They are mixed in its Admin, Ethics and Tech.

    One of the groups was dedicated to healing, and it had great influence in ancient Greece and the Mediterranean world, the cult of Asclepius, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therapeutae_of_Asclepius

    The other being the original Christian sect that created what is now known as The Roman Catholic Church. The Christian cataclysm occurred circa 300-600 AD and forever changed the landscape of human thought and spirituality in the West.

    Finally the model the Founder used to mold the Church of Scientology into a juggernaut organized to run PsyOps against any perceived enemy and for the takeover of the mental healing profession, was that of Hassan Al- Sabbah, aka The Old Man of the Mountain.

    Hubbard expounded in his 17 Sept 1951 essay “Some Notes on Black Dianetics”, how this religious order terrorized the Middle East for hundreds of years. See R&D Vol. 7

    Hassan built his cult of the Ḥashshāshīn, around the years 1050-1124 in Persia, out of the Islamic sect of Nizari Ismailis, a branch of Shia Islam See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassins.

    Hubbard as usual threw a red herring on brainwashing and forgot to mention that Hassan was a highly educated religious scholar, who would indoctrinate his Fedayeen, not only on combat but also on religion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedayeen

    The assassins being bound first and foremost by their extreme views of the Islamic faith, followed by their fanatical devotion to the Founder, who they viewed as a prophet and a magician.

    Mike Rinder’s declaration on the Sea Organization, as an unincorporated religious brotherhood that underlies the entire corporate structure of Scientology, is probably the clearest representation to date of this cult’s religious fundamentalism and of its covert, hostile intent.

    Here is a summary of the modus operandi used by Al-Sabbah. Of course I’m not suggesting that Scientology engages in assassination and violent acts of terrorism, but we can see similar asymmetric warfare tactics used by David Miscavige, to create terror and silence whistleblowers and critics of Scientology.

    Al-Sabbah’s Intimidation/Decapitation Strategy:

    Following the capture of Alamut, the Nizaris faced a dilemma: How could they defend themselves from wars of attrition, recurrent loss of lives, and the eventual demise of their state and religion? And how could they prevent state-sponsored massacres of Nizaris living under Sunni or Christian rule?

    Al-Sabbah’s brilliant solution to these questions involved nine ingredients:

    1) Instead of a contiguous, readily vanquished, small state, establish a geographically dispersed state of formidable mountain fortresses. Such fortresses might be conquered, but that would involve high costs and would divert powerful rulers from more pressing matters.
    2) Be ready to form mutually beneficial alliances with any ruler—provided that ruler left unmolested your state and Nizaris under his rule outside of your state.
    3) Train a cadre of assassins willing to sacrifice their lives to save their state and co-religionists.
    4) Establish these assassins’ well-deserved, fearsome reputation for professionalism and courage.
    5) Avoid killing bystanders: Only kill the intended target.
    6) Use assassinations to deter conquests of any part of the Nizari state, to deter massacres against co-religionists living in the domains of the target, and to promote alliances.
    7) Whenever possible, before killing, try to intimidate a powerful target, e.g., by leaving a dagger on a Sunni Sultan’s bed while he is asleep. Carry out an assassination as a last resort only.
    8) If nothing else works, kill the target. His successor, most likely, would not be as foolhardy.
    9) Strike fear into future victims by carrying out assassinations in a public space and have your assassin stay put after completing his mission, unflinchingly accepting death.

  151. Some of “Hubbard’s” ideas, or “Scientology”, is not peculiar to Hubbard or Scientology. This is why I mention, you can not kill an idea.

    Shaman teachings address hostile forces and the management of spiritual intrusion.

    Some parts of it consider religious cults toxic and the cause of soul loss:

    “The most common causes of soul loss are:
    Prolonged pain, Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a child or adult, Domination by another person or a group (everything from peer pressure to religious cults)…”


  152. I happen to agree with the idea that truth has an ethic nature which brings honor or dishonor to the person issuing it.

    The most potent loss of Church support, follows the Church leaders and spokespeople using the media to issue false reports, blatant lies, to discount the truth, mislead their fellow man, push wrong items and wrong indications onto the public and their own members through false reports.

  153. And, “As there are on earth paupers and vagrants and beggars (Scientology’s most valuable players) and criminals who are drunks, so are there, in hada, spirits that are a great trial to both mortals and angels”.


  154. Wonder what the annual maintenance cost is for the speech writers, because David Miscavige is sheepish about originations?

  155. P.T.S. to the “Scientology Class”. The “spiritual supremacists”.

  156. “Because the “subject” creates stupefied, brainwashed, religious fanatics.”

    I respectfully offer my differing view.

    The people that were shallow and stupid before they got involved in Scientology, continued to be so.

    The people that were mean, sadistic and abusive before they got involved in Scientology, continued to be so.

    The people that could not think for themselves before they got involved in Scientology, continue to need herding.

    People create their own identities. Even when they copy.

    Scientology did not give people the new identities they longed for, because only a person can reinvent himself.

    A “stupefied, brainwashed, religious fanatic.” is an identity. You can find these identities all over the world and in people that have never heard of Scientology.

    Fundamentalists of any group, even city gang members, bring domination upon their peers. If a person thinks they can only survive as a group member, and not as an individual, they have already suppressed their own potential and unique -ality.

    You can see, it is obvious, that people leave the Church, become quite antagonistic towards it, and instantly group up again and manifest as part of a group think. They again tow the party line, and dramatize the same thing they protest about.

    I do not believe ideas are dangerous. I do not believe books or knowledge are dangerous. People with the purpose to harm attack or suppress their fellow man are dangerous. People decide their own purpose. You can give one man a gun and he will use that gun to feed his family. You can give another man a gun and he will use it to murder someone. The gun does nothing until one of them pick it up.

  157. Regarding adoption: The August 23rd edition of People magazine had a very large pictorial and article of the Jolie-Pitt wedding album. They have 6 adopted kids. This was a huge layout in People. 2 full page pictures also of the kids at the wedding. The kids talked Pitt into proposing to Jolie. The kids baked the wedding cake. The kids planned the wedding. The wedding dress had the kid’s art work sewn in. These were the best and most fun pictures I have ever seen in any magazine. It all made me want to get married and adopt a bunch of kids. And I don’t think Jolie and Pitt did adoption to pay for their “nut” as that ambush guy Chris talks about.

  158. Correction: August 23 was the wedding day. September 15 was the magazine issue date.

  159. You probably don’t know, why would you anyway, but I have spent a lot of my life submerged in different cultures. People do have their own systems that over ride external influences. Even if they do not own them.

    Some cultures like to complicate things. I like to move into into those complexities and reduce them into simplicity that I can incorporate into an eternal truth that becomes a perception.

    For instance, I took all of this complexity in Scientology about personalities and suppressive people and the tone scale, and a lot of it did not add up for me. Why? My math on whether a person is worthwhile knowing or being connected to, only depends upon if I have been left with happy memories of that person. A happy memory is eternal and priceless. I have known a lot of people that the Church would consider undesirable, that left me with a lot of happy memories. So, I could not discount them. This is my own personal reckoning value. You want to know who in your life was really valuable? The person that left you with happy memories. You want to know who was toxic? The person you can not recall a happy memory with. That is my simple index.

    But this idea of people running “can’t haves” on you? This was a diamond. It was worth everything else I read. My only indicator for someone I want to put distance between me and them, is the person that runs a can’t have on me. Can’t have being duplicated, can’t have an idea, can’t have my paycheck, can’t have respect, can’t have help, can’t have a conversation, and can’t have DOUBT or curiosity it does not matter. I don’t need to know anything about the people I embrace except for these two things to run excellent control on my life. Who is leaving me a good memory, who is running a can’t have on me.

    The thing about this blog, and Scientology, and Marty, is that 1. He ran a lot of CAN HAVES on people. 2. He created a way for people to have happy memories. Most of the happy memories I have with the Scientology or former Scientology group come from conversations I never could have had if it were not for this blog.

    People that are running a can’t have on Scientology are just as devoted as the people running a MUST HAVE. Both are enforcement situations .

    What can we take with us at the end of the day? Good memories. That is something you can give someone, that can not be taken away. Or lost.

    What is the most basic crime the Church the commits? They give someone a bad memory instead of a good one. Every problem the Church has right now, is because they gave someone a bad memory.
    Sorry, there is no way to justify that. And there is nobody that cares to correct it. Their viewpoint as a group, is that your bad memories of them are superficial and they have nothing to do with them. They lie to themselves. They take no responsibility.

    Do you know how easy it is to leave someone who has known you with a good memory of you?

  160. And what does David Miscavige do? He sends out people like the ones in these recent videos, to slam bad memories onto Marty. And restimulate people who already have bad memories of this kind of terrorism and abuse. This is his product, bad memories, running can’t haves. Setting people up for losses. These are the things that register to me as “current conditions” and “black magic forces”.

    He has the slaves, he has the coins. He does not have honor, he floats in nobodies mind as part of a good memory. Good memories can not be erased. He can be erased. That is how flimsy his craft is.

    He does not have the words. He pays speech writers because he does not have the words. He has no friends, only obedients in fear. He, at the end of the day, is an ordinary simple pest. He thinks this is the main event when it is an audition.

    I make my own universe from ideas laid before me. And so do we all.

    “Scientology” didn’t make anyone anything they did not have the goal of becoming or every capability of being.

  161. Not six adopted kids, but no matter. The truth is, every child is adopted or not. Someone gives birth, then they decide if they are going to keep the child and take it home. Even birth parents adopt the children by decision. Lots of people give birth and never really adopt their children even when they cart them home.

    Full Definition of ADOPT

    transitive verb
    : to take by choice into a relationship.
    : to choose.
    : to sponsor the care and maintenance of .

    My brother, myself, were all adopted at birth by my mother’s father. He did not raise us , all of the time. But he made sure we were provided for as best he could by placing us with people to care for us as best they and he could. My half sister was adopted by another family he arranged and trusted , a family that had six boys already and wanted a girl. My grandfather still planned out her future and provided.

    Just because someone gives birth, is no indicator that an adoption has occurred. People that give birth, also adopt their children or nor.

    Plenty of people on this planet grow up never really being adopted by anyone, even if they are wedged in a “family”.

    Plenty of women have children and dispose of them to someone else’s care, while still being recognized as a “parent” they are not.

  162. The Sea Org nurseries were full of them.

  163. The Sea Org nurseries were orphanages.

    The Church couldn’t even provide for those orphans. Miscavige finally outlawed them.

    He has a lot of nerve sending out messengers to attack Marty on the subject of adoption.

  164. He uses his messengers to hit people with wrong items and wrong indications, as little mind fuckers. Their purpose is to spin people in.

  165. When “family time” was cancelled under David Miscavige, every Sea Org nursery became an orphanage and every child became an orphan.

    He didn’t have the time of day for his own niece.

    Now he sends out a messenger to make Marty wrong for taking responsibility for a child?

    That man is wholly oblivious. Oblivious, at best.

  166. Pulling with holds is the new div 6 method. Only under the command of David Miscagive! They dig for black mail intel before they sign you up for your first service now.

    ” She asked me to dig deep into my memory banks (ugh) and come up with a time I had done something I did to another person that I would never, ever want done to me.”


  167. Miscavige runs down in the enforce band on the CDEI scale so solidly this is how he manages:

    “ABLE lodged a development application last year but did not bother to await Wyong’s decision, ….”

    “On March 11, amid massive local opposition fanned by the police reports, Yarra Ranges Shire councillors voted unanimously 8-0 to reject ABLE’s planning application.”

    He dumps millions into a project, never bothers to find out what is wanted and needed because he can not think with the ethics conditions. Thinks he can enforce his will anywhere anytime……….. This is wholly oblivious.


  168. Good memories can not be erased. The only way to really guarantee one’s immortality, is to become a good memory in someone else’s universe. That is how one becomes immortal. And that is the only way.

  169. “’Scientology’ didn’t make anyone anything they did not have the goal of becoming or every capability of being.”

    Well said, T.O. I think you’re right about that.

  170. “I am far better off for my journey.”

    I feel the same way. Minimally, it offers a “datum of comparable magnitude” to other methods and systems of thought. And when applied with good skill and intention, as far as I know there’s no more effective or faster means of improvement on the type of thing it addresses.

    It’s good to know that people like you are working on improving and expanding the tech.

  171. I think they are there with at least two purposes. One is really David Miscavige’s annihilation program, the second is to save their own asses in their estimation by carrying out their Captain’s commands.

  172. If Miscavige could he would do like Kim Jung Un to stop anyone criticising him. It’s in fact the same logic they apply when they send those goons and other squirrel buster.
    They feel being on their right because the honour of their great leader is at stake (north corean). But Miscavige is all the same and everything is permitted because they are so right in defending “COB”.

  173. This is why I point out that David Miscavige is a pimp. He uses people dishonorably.

    Definition of PIMP
    : to make use of often dishonorably for one’s own gain or benefit

    He is the world’s most successful pimp, I give him that.

  174. No Dan , I have never been on staff. My name is quite common it seems.

  175. Streaming and screaming front page and center on Yahoo. The current property managers of the C of S and pimps could use a few lessons about A REALITY C. It had become a comedy.


  176. See? It is going out in emails now to pull with holds on prospects. In order to sell a f^*&$(g book! This is the squirreliest crap I have seen coming out of the Church. There is not one reference anywhere in any policy about pulling with holds to get someone interested in Scientology or Dianetics. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the CDEI scale.

    David Miscavige has never paid a penny to the Church for a service or in way of a donation. I doubt he has even ever bought a book. The people involved with the “Church” of “Scientology” have no idea about Scientology and they can not think with it. It has become some kind of mob operating by rumors and gossip. They have their book sellers and div 6 staff obsessed with with hold pulling on raw public!!!!!

    1. Contact
    2. Salvage

    Has become:

    1. Contact
    2. Ser Fac on
    3. Re stimulate


  177. And now they have Sea Org staff body routing in the no foot traffic area of Sunset Boulevard. NO foot traffic except for people that can not afford cars.

    Excuse me? WHO has been managing the Orgs across the planet for the last five decades that made body routing disappear altogether? The same group that has their staff plastered all over the corner now in a no body traffic area.

    David Miscavige sure knows how to set people up for losses!

  178. I think the hardest thing for people to confront about that man, is that he is just plain stupid.

  179. Middle French stupide, from Latin stupidus, from stupēre to be numb.
    First Known Use: 1541

    stu·pid adjective \ˈstü-pəd, ˈstyü-\
    : not intelligent : having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things

    : not sensible or logical

    Full Definition of STUPID

    a : slow of mind : obtuse
    b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner
    c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish
    : dulled in feeling or sensation : torpid
    : marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless
    a : lacking interest or point

    stupid, dull, dense, crass, dumb mean lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions. Stupid implies a slow-witted or dazed state of mind that may be either congenital or temporary .

  180. How stupid is this?

    Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 18:54:32

    From: IHELP Sales Manager New Era

    Dear All,

    Today many people are way below the point of Interest. So, selling a book to them or interest them in Scientology seems a difficult task.


    Barnes and Nobles is PACKED and the lines go to the back of the store!

    The audio book business is BOOMING. Books are flying off the shelves. Netflix and Amazon Prime are booming with people INTERESTED in reading and watching new releases.

    The restaurants are packed. The casinos are packed. Las Vegas is sold out for New Years and every restaurant is booked. Schools and colleges are packed.

    WHO is below the point of interest? They think because people have been inundated with the bad P.R. courtesy of David Miscavige (Who destroyed the Good Will value “Scientology” did have, because people the Dianetics and run for their life, the world is below interest.

    People get real f*^&%$g interested at lunchtime to eat don’t they?

    What the hell????????????

  181. I meant to say, , because people SEE the Dianetics BOOK and run for their life………

  182. You go into a Costco store, there are lines 15 to 30 feet deep at check out.

    Why? Because “some dumb assed low toned crazy out ethics unaware spiritually depraved “wogs” “, have figured out how to make people interested in shit.

    David Miscavige has figured out ways to make people AFRAID of shit!

  183. Now, Miscavige has everyone below him (who is not allowed to know anything about his escapades with domestic terrorism and his restraining order and perjury, and is kept on nanny software) that the Church is empty and people run from them because they are low tones and have with holds. All of the while viewing themselves as “spiritually supreme”.

    Anthony Robbin’s people pay THOUSANDS of Dollars just to attend his div 6 seminars.

    MILLIONS of people tune in every day to hear what Oprah has to say.

  184. While every day hundreds, if not thousands, in one way or another, go out of their way to AVOID what David Miscavige is peddling:

    Because theta is repelled by entheta.

  185. And because part of being a “Scientologist”, requires one to be STUPID!

    lacking intelligence or common sense.

    lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.

    mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently.

    foolish; slow at understanding.

    in a bewildered or dazed state.

    And why wouldn’t his minions be stupid? He has given them nothing but wrong items, wrong indications, wrong WHY’s, wrong WHO’s, wrong targets, off purpose and off admin scale orders and instructions, false reports, no reports, injustice, cross orders, cross purposes, wrong valuable final products, wrong statistics, “THINKING IT’S THE AWARD RATHER THAN THE PRODUCT” selling status and Identities, which results in them SPENDING A LOT OF TIME SPENT TRYING TO FIND THINGS…like money and targets for abuse and volunteers for domestic terrorism.

    It is now a suppressive act to “smarten up” about David Miscavige!

  186. His ABSENCE OF ALTITUDE , hard won through his own stupid actions, has bought the Church of Scientology into a condition of near non existence. And he is going right down with it. And a LOT of people are finding this VERY INTERESTING to watch. His enemies, he got their attention and interest, right?

  187. Yup — Miscavige is stupid as are those who STILL believe in all things LRH and think that it is ONLY Miscavige that has destroyed the church … IMHO

    Here is what John Cleeve of Monty Python fame has to say about STUPID people:

    (of course my favorite line is the bit about Fox news at the end)


  188. David Miscavige is issuing psychiatric evaluations for press release now now:

    ” Any claim that she has been harassed by the Church is false, paranoid and delusional”.

    Along with blatant false reports for all members of the Church to witness his capacity for lying:

    “The Church does not condone violence, believes in tolerance, does not interfere in the personal affairs of its parishioners”.

    Liar. Liar. Liar. Wrong items, wrong indications, wrong why’s, wrong who’s.


  189. “Yup — Miscavige is stupid as are those who STILL believe in all things LRH and think that it is ONLY Miscavige that has destroyed the church … IMHO”

    Yep, I have always said we all have our fingerprints all over that crime scene. It’s everybody’s baby.

  190. I only applaud David Miscavige for out creating me as a lose cannon. It’s good for my soul on some level.

  191. Not that I can really invalidate Miscavige. He invalidates himself 24/7 by not admitting anything. He is his own worst enemy.

    I never personally “believed” in L.R.H.. But I have always believed in myself. I don’t care to invalidate any part of myself or my history.

    I’ve been in the right place, at the right time, almost, all of the time. When someone pushes to get me to doubt that, they are asking me to invalidate the life I chose to live. To “be sorry”.

    “Sorry assed mother f*&$%R” just wasn’t a desirable identity when and where I was growing up.

  192. Just wanted to say merry Christmas and to the best year yet to come for you and yours Marty. ML for the years of sharing your incredible insight.

  193. Lawrence, (I just now read this post)
    Ray Baiardi ??!! I remember this weak minded, over-ambitious, self-centered, criminal DB. They promoted him to ED???!!! It amazes me that he was even posted as a reg! Unbelievable. But then again it makes sense, along with the panties, because it fits the MO of his ultimate boss, You know – Thong Man. The wuss who tries to get back at someone he is mad at by trying to ridicule the guy’s child and attacking his wife. So, come to think of it, it would make perfect sense if Baiardi was promoted to ED Int. What a guy. They could swap panties together.

  194. Paulette Cooper is not an SP, and if she is not an SP now she might be later? 🙂 Come on. She was a woman with a more informed opinion about the church than her peers. A real threat to kooks that were working for the Church of Scientology of New York at the time and with and in the GO, people like Sally Allerdice (OT VII, HEJSC criminal), Debbie Kagan Ward Murray, Raymond Baiardi etc. This is why they ignore me and never talk about me because it means just that. I personally having “grown up” at the Church of Scientology of New York trust Paulette because I DO remember meeting her body double in the GO that day unrehearsed. Just about every other word that came out of the GO women’s mouth’s was “Paulette”. I just didn’t know who they were talking about at the time. I was 18. I thought instead that there was more than one person that worked in the GO named Paulette and this was why they kept greeting each other with that name. Right out in the open under my nose However much money Paulette got from the church she deserved more. NO ONE should have to tolerate that from anyone or from a “church” no less. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is where do people find the ideas to do things like that game the church played with Paulette. I must have missed out on that item because I don’t seem to have it in common with the church. 🙂

  195. May you all have the best 2015! Happy New Year.

  196. +1 on that!

  197. You are way looser as a cannon. Far more creative.
    I have no applause for the midget.

    You are very good fr my soul……

  198. The Church of Scientology today is just another new cluster. 🙂

  199. “I never personally “believed” in L.R.H.. But I have always believed in myself. I don’t care to invalidate any part of myself or my history.”
    That’s a nice ripple in the pond spreading inspiration or as a guiding light. Either is good. Happy New Year!

  200. Just a (love) note to thank you and your family for your strength and persistence to follow your heart and do what is right for this civilization. You and your commenters have made my life much better. Have a healthy and happy 2015

  201. Kick Scn butt

    CIA shapeshifters run Scientology – so for those who are still studying in the Church or about to join, read this link

  202. I suspect these two stalkers from the Church are the two that are putting together the films for the Central Intelligence Agency of the Church to fair game people on the Internet. If so, they can both be held personally and legally responsible.

  203. This thread is still here? Holy cow! See what a nice person I was to Scientology critics way back then. Marty Rathbun turned out to be the exact treacherous turncoat I suspected him of being. A person does no go from being the head of Scientology’s right-hand man, and the person who covers up evidence in the church surrounding Lisa McPherson’s death to the most vocal outspoken public critic of Scientology overnight. He planned it, and sometimes a person can be just a little too smart for their own good.

  204. Another Anonymous crock.

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