Texas Tropics – a novel

I  just self-published my first novel.  It is a genre blender: a mystery adventure with a lot of mysticism, philosophy, religion and history mixed in. It can be obtained through Amazon books at the following link: Texas Tropics.  I am focusing on such writing these days and have created another site for those interested in that endeavor (as opposed to subject matter normally expected on this site), markcrathbun.wordpress.com.

19 responses to “Texas Tropics – a novel

  1. Just ordered it. Congratulations.

  2. Oh Boy! A whole new party!!!! YEAH!! Just ordered the book, can’t wait to read it!

  3. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Congratulations on the completion of the book. Will be my holiday reading.

  4. Congratulations on the book. I’ve ordered mine and look forward to the read. Wishing you great success with the book. My love to you and the family.

  5. Just ordered it , looking forward to reading it.
    Bonne chance!

  6. Marty, is it available on Kindle, or will it be shortly? I am going the Kindle thing these days and looking forward to your story. Congratulations! I know what it takes to write a novel, having watched Mariette through the process. But it is worth it, guaranteed. Here’s to a zillion sales.

  7. Mark C. Rathbun

    Looks like a couple/few days till Kindle, Dan.

  8. Gloucester Fisherman

    I have read everything else you wrote and have not been disappointed yet. I will be ordering it. Hope you and the family have a nice Holiday season.

  9. Done, I have done for you what I could. Asperger Niels signing out

  10. Good for you, Marty. If I remember right, you’ve wanted to be a writer since some early age. Your first three books show that you can definitely write non-fiction, and I got the idea from those that you would do well at fiction too (based, for example, on the anecdotes of your younger years). Wishing you much success.

  11. steve Sarge Pfauth

    HEY MARTY!! Congratulations! Just ordered a copy and am looking forward to reading it. Love and Merry Xmas, Sarge

  12. Mark C. Rathbun

    Thanks Sargio. Looking forward to chatting once you have a chance to read it. Have a great new year.

  13. Got my copy for Christmas. Read it pretty quickly. Anita said it was a page turner and I agree.
    I enjoyed it very much. Seriously wish I could write like that.

    What’s next?


  14. Hey Marty, do you still believe that if you are exposed to OT 3 without having done Scientology in the proper gradients you will catch a pneumonia and die? Despite the fact that LRH (Source) said that if you read OT 3 in it’s entirety you will die I personally read OT 3 (And I have done zero Scientology) and I am doing just fine.

  15. Marty, I really do believe that your true calling in life is writing fiction.

  16. I’ll re-post here what I said on the markcrathbun site. After I finish the book I’ll leave a comment on amazon – smile

    When I was a kid I read all of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys detective stories. I later preferred sci-fi. A lot of sci-fi novels have stupid stock endings. Since I hate wasting time reading novels with stupid endings, I decided to read the last two chapters of Texas Tropics first. I wasn’t disappointed!

    I’m on chapter 8 of 39 and the story moves right along, getting more and more interesting.

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