Texas Tropics – Kindle Version

Texas Tropics is now available in ebook format at this link,  Kindle.

19 responses to “Texas Tropics – Kindle Version

  1. I guess I must get the Kindle version now, because that’s really my favorite way to read books these days. Plus, no waiting for the mail.

  2. Dear Marty, I didn’t know how to contact you so I am leaving a comment.I am an ex-Sea or member from FSO – I saw you couple of times before. I was used to be a course supervisor. I myself too started to question a bit into scientology. To me the study tech and ethics conditions seemed very workable, but I had huge wins on NED too. After course materials, books, the Bridge itself changin so many times and I was told to redo this, redo that, etc and I refused to supervise people on 4 different checksheets for the same course, and after being beaten up i left. I don’t even know anymore if I am CIear or what – we got threw everywhere and redid grades etc consistently… I myself asked the question if Scientology itself works and if everything about OT, Theta, causation, etc is true. To my surprise I found books from Mike Hockney – the Science of Monads( he discovers Souls by deductive math and he calls them monad), The Mathematical Universe he came to the same conclusion as LRH that soul exist outside of the physical universe and that is you. Have you seen these books andwhat is your take on them? I started reading them and to my surprise mathematically he comes to some similar conclusion as LRH.

  3. I just purchased the kindle version!

  4. Murray & Exilda

    Hey Marty, Glad to see it is on Kindle and we ordered it. Looking forward to a good read.

  5. Perfect timing. Downloaded. Thanks, Marty.

  6. I got the Kindle version – thanks!

  7. Thanks for putting it on Kindle. Just downloaded it. Can’t wait to read it.

  8. I still miss Jim Logan

  9. Putting this out there too bro

  10. So… Marty, you spend a good 40 minutes on that HBO tv documentary about scientology, talking how the sould are trapped inside the bubble without seeing the way out, but you never mention a free zone existence?

  11. bernd neidenberger

    who can tell me a webaddress of mr.Rathbun or jenna miscavige hill?
    thank you!
    bernd neidenberger

  12. Thank you Marty and have a great
    Holiday to you and your family!

  13. Happy New Year Marty

  14. You once had a difference of opinion with me about Doctor Phil.

    Maybe a well written opinionated piece after more than a year would be nice

  15. Short answer Serge: He doesn’t have too. Clear those words.

  16. Here is Jenna’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/jenna.hill.7528?fref=ts
    She is as transparent as they come.

  17. CD a lot of things would ‘be nice’. I thank you for all the avenues you sent me on while on my way out. Don’t think Marty is going there. He has a wife and kid to care for. Hugs CD and thx 🙂

  18. I see You.

    I give you this gift. Bowie has past on. But his legacy remains:

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