Going Clear, Part 18

5 responses to “Going Clear, Part 18

  1. Why open the floor for comments now? Just curious.

  2. chuckbeatty77

    Marty you are forever an important historical figure in Scientology’s history.

    I’m glad you put out your views.

    If you wish a detailed response though, to your points, I would maybe start a separate written blog, and transcribe each video there, and try to debate your views.

    Debate is what needs be done to each of your objections and comments to Wright’s book.

    And then, on top of each of your arguments against Wright’s book, the simple accurate valid observations in Wright’s book which you may even agree with, need be given time, as in all debates, the point you do NOT argue against, are for the whole judgement of Hubbard and Scientology important for people to consider.

    What Scientology PR people and what even you don’t contest, the arguments against Hubbard’s ideas that are contested and NOT defended in any way by Scientologists today, those important details are important to the overall judgements made regarding Scientology.

    One criticism of your videos, which I appreciate just because they re historical, they ARE happening, they are real, and they are your arguments, and have thus weight, no matter how these videos are judged; but you are putting out your views, and those views will be judged, and all of the arguable points you omit to bring up, ARE all relevant to the overall judgement of Scientology and of L. Ron Hubbard.

    The omitted points, are just clamoring to be viewed and those omitted points your videos do NOT take up, all matter to the overall judgement of Hubbard and of Scientology.

    You yourself, in your hundreds of excellent articulate writings and video interviews, have brought up endless points which you omit, so far, to take up in these videos you are doing here.

    Omitted details, and majorly omitted details, which bear on the public judgement of Hubbard and the Scientology subject.

    If you wish the conversation or “narrative” only to be on your arguments, fine, I for one will gladly limit my debating your points just to your points.

    But in human history, all of the omitted points argued against Hubbard, against Scientology’s detailed ideas, against Miscavige’s behaviors historically, ALL the omitted details so matter in the overall public judgment of whether to partake and how to react to Scientology and to Hubbard and to Miscavige, going forward in history.

    All the omitted stuff matters.

  3. chuckbeatty77

    I’m happy you allow comments.

    My biggest request for you Marty, is review the IRS decision, all that you spoke on Part 13 video, that was omitted in Wright even taking a tiny edge of what you were saying to Wright, to me, the tiny ex member tiny kind of history thinking guy, I think YOU can BEST give in spades, the Church of Scientology’s whole IRS legal strategies.

    Do a book, and lay out your Part 13 video’s arguments, please, for history.

    Make the arguments, and go all legal details, if you have the motivation, for why the IRS ought to have granted Scientology the religious tax exemption, and all of the greatest US lawyers’ who helped in that whole long leadup to the IRS win.

    State the Scientology case, in a totally detailed book!

    You would be the best historical person to do so!

    I request that of you, no hurry, but when you retire, or at some point, in your life.

    Due to your role in achieving the IRS win in Scientology’s religious tax exemption, make that a big big focus, publicly, for history.


  4. Geeze Chuck – I understand your sincere interest in preserving scn history, but you’re asking a lot, aren’t you? Poor Marty might spend years typing away fulfilling all your requests. (joke)

    Just as a generality and not referring to anyone in particular, scn and ex-scn is sticky. Some people get stuck in it.

  5. Chuck, “all the omitted stuff matters.” That seems to be Marty’s criticism of Wright’s book in a nutshell.

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