Going Clear, Part 19

10 responses to “Going Clear, Part 19

  1. Thank You Marty

    for these videos

    “In times of universal deceit truth-telling is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    We’ve got some people out there who’ve been working very hard on the universal deceit.

  2. To me it says a ton about the state of organizational Scientology that the IRS–the freaking Infernal Revenue Service–is seen as sympathetic compared to Scn. That is incredible to me.

  3. It says a ton about organization Scientology that the IRS is seen as sympathetic compared to Scn these days.

  4. This is interesting because I was watching the S2E1 of Leah Reminis show and it was quite obvious the tax exempt thing was a key talking point. It’s been on other shows last season too. It’s a coordinated, planned point of attack, emanating from somewhere, right?

  5. Thanks for balancing things out Marty. Most folks want the unvarnished truth and assuming the liberal-left media is going to give it to us is a mistake.
    No surprise re. Sweeney, the BBC are more interested in forwarding the liberal narrative than honest journalism.

  6. On the chance that he looks here, on Alanzo’s final topic I made the comment that “Marty keeps things interesting.” My final phrase in the comment was “You too, Alanzo.” By that I meant “You also keep things interesting, Alanzo.” in case that wasn’t clear. 🙂

  7. Take this any way you wish! Laughter!

    Eurythmics – Would I Lie to You?

  8. Yes Chris, I agree. It ius “emanating from somewhere”. A “troika” is a rig pulled by 3 horses. Well, someone is holding the reins and guiding those horses, giving them their marching orders, or using them as “useful idiots” It is said “politics makes strange bedfellows”, and so it is here. The commonality is hatred or dislike of scientology and a desire to see it destroyed, not reformed.

  9. Troika is also defined as “a group of three people working together, especially in an administrative or managerial capacity.”

    And the ASC troika seems to have many donors, according to Marty. It could be that these contributers are themselves sucked in by the narrative.

  10. Yes, it could well be. But when it comes to media, I suspect it’s largely a popularity and profits motive at work. The bottom line is, Will it sell? If it actually does some social good, so much the better, but not really necessary.

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