Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 13

8 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 13

  1. It seems that since your videos Mikes blog has dropped any pretense and has gone “full Ortega”. L Ron Hubbard was an evil psycho. Scientologists are ignorant evil “sheeple”, now reduced to a one dimensional stereotype. That’s what he’s being paid for I guess.

  2. Leah Remini demands $1.5 million from Scientology for interfering with her A&E series then she announces to her 545K Twitter followers that Marty has been silenced by his religion. She has no regard for him, thinks he should have total regard for her. And one for one, this is how it goes in that group. Total regard for self. Zero regards for others. In fact, they are an ethnic cleansing group that discriminates against an entire culture.

    Tony Ortega regards the children sold for sex on the Internet as “underage prostitutes”. One of them was seven years old. A seven-year-old sold for sex is just an “underage prostitute” according to Ortega. I wonder how young they have to be before Ortega admits they are children being sold for sex. Seven years old still doesn’t qualify them as children. Do they have to be toddlers? Infants? And his peers in this ethnic cleansing have no problem with regards to his crimes against humanity. And if you mention it, you are “attacking him”. In other words, declared a suppressive on his lines. Absurdist theater.

  3. Yes, Chris, I have noticed that too. I guess they are coming out of the closet as full-bore “anti-scientologists”. DeVocht’s behavior as described by Marty makes it clear, the target is not “abuses of scientology”, but the positive and constructive aspects and uses of scientology. Those are what some people object to, and are trying to stamp out. That is my inevitable conclusion. Clearly, these people do not like the idea of an Auditor’s Code, granting beingness, personal integrity, and those kind of ideas. Shouting “What makes you think you got anything (positive) out of it??!!” says it all. They do not like others thinking for themselves and want to squash the very thought of it.

  4. There needs to be a better organization to the subject of analyzing Scientology. It seems to be the great weakness discovered so far.

    • There hasn’t been a conversation about Scientology on the Internet for many years. Tony Ortega has never written or spoken about Scientology, how could he? He doesn’t know anything about it, has never explored it. There is no platform to discuss Scientology. Even in Scientology, you can’t discuss Scientology. The conversations that could and should have happened never happened.

      Seems some the people involved really were not that interested in it. If there was a group conversing, that was even thinking with Scientology, the conversations would probably be around how Leah Remini, Karen de la Carriere, and some others, didn’t get their ser facs handled.

  5. “Remember, it’s us versus them. Anything goes with respect to Scientology; they’re fair game. As long as you do something against Scientology, you’re with us…and so, I’m breaking ranks. And I’m saying, ‘Hey, I’m critically looking at this thing that, (quote, unquote) “exposes” Scientology, because it’s dishonest in certain respects….

    “’We want to have the freedom to express our views and things as we see them…’ – but if anybody has anything to say that doesn’t walk lockstep, goose-step, lockstep with it – you’re fair game.”

    So true. It happens regularly on the blogs.

  6. I really have to thank you for these videos. Not only for what has gone on behind the scenes; but for further exposing the ASC. It truly is “us verses them”. They who screen grab comments, fine tooth comb things said by their ‘enemies’ won’t notice what you pointed out DM wouldn’t discuss those things with him. They’ll claim you’re wrong, Tom’s right, that’s that.

    And I saw it time and time again in the bunker, ‘we can express our views freely, you can’t if you disagree’. People would ATTACK, sometimes quite viciously, if someone disagreed with someone or something. Even if they were being polite. Nope, lock step those thoughts!

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