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Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini

I just read the following on Tony “Backpages” Ortega’s blog in a story about alleged coercion with a secret dossier:


Seymour: Scientology enforcer Marty Rathbun was known in the organization for his brutal and unforgiving manner. Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige.

Rinder: Marty told me that he did. I didn’t know that at the time, but Marty told me subsequently that he had gone to see Pat. And like, had brought more of the, ‘this is what you are going to do’ approach.

Seymour: He’s a pretty intimidating guy, isn’t he? He can be pretty forceful.

Rinder: Well, he’s intense. He assumes that he is in the position of authority and you are just going to listen, shut up, and do what I tell you. And he’s very good at that.


Mike Rinder was right about one thing – I was the only person who spoke with Pat Kingsley about Tom Cruise talking about Scientology. The rest is utter fiction.

First, there was no ‘dirt’ file on Pat Kingsley. Complete invention.

Second, my only conversation with Ms. Kingsley was civil and friendly.

Third, there was no agenda. There couldn’t have been, because the meeting was by complete happenstance – I happened to be randomly seated by her on an airplane flight.

Fourth, she was the one who originated Scientology to me.

She explained to me that she had somehow picked up the vibe from someone in Tom’s entourage (perhaps “secret source X?’) that she was anti-Scientology. She explained at some length her personal feelings on the subject which were not antagonistic at all.

The only report I ever made on the subject of the conversation to anyone was an accurate description of the above, and the observation that Pat seemed sincere and it was my view that a) she was not an antagonist, and b) her advice concerning the handling of Scientology questions had some merit.

End of story. I never heard of or from her again.

As to Rinder’s set up by slavishly agreeing (his only trick) with the ‘bad lieutenant’ description of me is a 180 degrees reversal of tomes of material he has written about me over the past ten years (since he ‘escaped’ from Scientology), as well as the testimony of other such ASC Bunker luminaries as Karen De La Carriere, Mark Headley, Jefferson Hawkins, et al… before they were authoritatively informed by Remini, Rinder, and Ortega that I was an enemy of their CULT.

Leah Remini – Cyber Lynching Thug



Fair Game is an appropriate title for Leah Remini’s new podcast.  Albeit probably not for the reason most folks think.

Leah Remini lashes out on the air, on twitter or facebook and ASC (Anti Scientology Cult) cultbots immediately take reckless action in efforts to destroy her perceived enemies.

A couple years back a woman heard Remini and promptly attempted to ram her automobile into a building coming up a few feet short of a children’s nursery. The woman’s immediate response to the police was that she was disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists with her car. Though clearly Remini inspired her terrorism, Leah scoffed at the notion that mere words have consequences (when it comes to herself).

More recently, two of Remini’s official Facebook page moderators responded to Remini’s call to arms by running a campaign to destroy my wife’s small bakery. ASC leadership’s response was to run a tin foil cap campaign on one of the outed perps, accusing  him of being a counter intelligence operative of one of Leah’s enemies.

This week, Remini took to the airwaves and twitter pronouncing me Fair Game once again. Her adoring cultbots immediately responded by attempting to hack my wife’s bakery google, facebook and twitter accounts. Cyber lynching back on.

A pattern is evolving here. Remini and her sick cultbot krew always go for what they consider as the weak underbelly of her enemies. Nearly kill the children of Scientologists. Harass the wife of the one person who dares to periodically factually report on the lying, thieving, and hypocrisy of Remini and her lap boys Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder.

Finally, in keeping with the trademark of a sociopath, when all else fails gaslight them.  Her latest tweet on me fits the ASC policy to the tee, see ASC 2020.




Other People’s Lives

reference: The Anti Scientology Cult 2020

Some ASC cultbot twittered me that he thought that it was so “coincidental” that I blogged about ASC shortly after Leah Remini started a podcast series that I must be blogging on behalf of Scientology. Seriously, you culties are less intelligent than bots. Did the cultbot listen to the podcast?  If it had, it would have learned that:

  • Mike Rinder, in spite of being called out on his lack of candor in disclosing a single particular about what he did with his own paws during his twenty-years as head of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, had no particulars to give once again. Instead, he waxed authoritatively about acts that I allegedly did during that period. Not surprisingly, he did not even get that right in spite of me having long ago cleared that record.
  • His sugar mommy Remini was so impressed with Rinder’s mini-me routine that she said they would devote more time in their future podcasts to the subject of “Marty Rathbun.”

If cultbot were in the know – his condescending tone toward me indicated he was omniscient – he would have also known that Tony Backpage Ortega had recently blabbed about me on another podcast. As per usual, he lied about and smeared me and my wife in his inimitable smarmy style. Worse, for him and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign against my family.

So, the sequence is unsurprisingly 180 degrees opposite of what bunker mentality apparently agreed upon. As much as the troika would like to make Scientology and others obsess with them – they remain obsessed with me. Remini, Rinder, and their third leg Ortega, are like parasites. They have no lives or stories of their own – so they burrow in and suck the lives out of others for sustenance. They make a living off of disrespecting the lives of others. Other people’s lives for other people’s money. A sadistic, no-responsibility cult.

Having devoted some time to setting the record straight, I had been intent for two years on letting it ride with these mosquitos. But, having no original thoughts or experiences of their own, they remain intent on taking other people’s money by suppressing other people’s lives. They have decided that they cannot apparently make a living without me. Unfortunately that means I will need to do a little more pest spraying.

Leah Remini’s Troublemakers


Leah Remini and Mike Rinder

Leah Remini’s hypocrisy has hit historic lows.

Her Facebook group promotes itself as follows:

“Leah Remini’s Troublemakers; the most officialist anti-Scientology Facebook group in the world.”

Remini attempted to recruit me to join her merry pranksters a couple years ago. She offered me the ability to write my own financial ticket to assume a leading role. When I told her no thanks, that I was not into juvenile-delinquent cults, she disconnected from me. At least that is what she promised.  Instead, she and her inner circle (Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega and Karen De La Carriere) have continued running covert ops on me and my family ever since.

The latest op is the epitome of cowardice. The administrators of Remini’s ‘officialist’ Facebook group are proudly listed as Chris Elston and Avani Bhati.

Chris Elston – Remini Administrator

Avani Bhatia – Remini Administrator

Those two people have – along with several others cult members they recruited – launched an attack on my wife’s one-woman, custom cake baking service. Never having bothered to even try one her cakes, they have barraged my wife’s Facebook promotional page with negative reviews. They’ve smeared her with false scientology innuendo.  My wife has never had a customer give less than a 5 star review. But, potential other satisfied cake customers will never get to experience that, thanks to Leah Remini and her troublemakers.

The op was greenlighted by De La Carriere on her Outer Banks anti-scientology ‘royalty’ secret Facebook page (for more on Outer Banks see, The Outer Banks).

Karen De La Carriere – Outer Banks Ruler

This is par for the course with Leah and her gang. Censorship by any means necessary. When they can’t confront the target of their wrath, they attempt to knee cap the target’s family. Like low-life mafiosa wannabes.

Update: For more details on these degenerates see: Alanzo’s Blog.

Leah Remini and her gang

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Remini Season 2 Context


Remini, Rinder, and Ortega


Remini and Backpage Tony


Paul Haggis and Backpage Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega can’t seem to lie straight in bed.  A recent headline on his blog purports to introduce an ‘Open letter to Marty Rathbun’, which is followed instead by a letter written to him by Paul Haggis, shrilly nattering about Marty Rathbun. Par for the course in the ASC, if you project it and assert it by God it happened. As much as he has desperately tried, Backpage Tony can never be me. Judging by the content of the Haggis letter, and by his recent dramatic appearance on the Ortega/Remini/Rinder production Aftermath, clearly Haggis has fully imbibed the victimhood Kool Aid.

Haggis begins his whiney little rant with “Mike Rinder already dissected … Marty’s flip-flopping assertions.” To the contrary, Rinder has done nothing but meaningless juxtaposition of characterizations asserted over a broad period of time acting as if time, and facts occurring within it, do not exist. He hasn’t addressed a single fact, of the dozens I have shared, about the hypocrisy, dishonesty, and mendacity of Paul, himself, Leah Remini and Backpage Tony.

Then, Haggis riffs along acting as if the facts have already been addressed and inventing yet new fictions to shore up his invented ASC narrative concerning himself. After all, in Vanityland if you project it and assert it with enough indignant drama by God it happened.

By the letter, one would think Haggis has been raped and left for dead because one partial sentence of an email he authored made it onto a website that did not genuflect to his phony victimhood narrative. That, while the sanctimonious hypocrite ‘outs’ his former friends on cable tv with their alleged personal communications and then, with Remini, trashes them, calling them ‘liar’, ‘bigot’, and ‘racist’ (themselves again projecting, incidentally – perhaps a later chapter). Again, there are absolutely no facts included – just straight, ad hominem condemnations of people because their choices of association do not include Remini and Haggis.

Paul pretends to Backpage that he kept my name secret from the church at my behest and for my benefit. That is ridiculous on its face. I had already led the “Truth Rundown” contingent, was featured on the cover of Freedom magazine and interviewed with ABC Nightline and CNN, started a blog (that Backpage Tony begged me to share the secrets of its popularity). But, this Haggis invention is a key plot element to the fiction of the Paul Haggis open letter to Backpage Tony. Remember, the made-up Aftermath story is called “The Betrayal of Paul Haggis.”  So, the award-winning screenwriter just skillfully backfills to shore up the party line. If you project it and assert it…

Haggis spins a new myth, in what perhaps is a preview for Aftermath’s next ‘celebrity’ bash.  He claims Jason Beghe came to Texas to rescue me from ‘depression’ and start a blog.  In fact, I spent nearly a year talking an extremely agitated Beghe off the ledge – a fragile mental state exacerbated by the constant needling of the likes of Backpage Tony. In fact, Beghe never even suggested I start a blog, and was as startled as everyone else when I did so. Haggis invents that Jason was the one who gave me Paul’s email address suggesting he might be someone willing to hear me out. In fact, Jason Beghe was shocked to learn only after the facts the following: a) that I had obtained Haggis’ email address on my own, b) that I contacted Haggis, c) that I shamed him into resigning, and d) I obtained his agreement to connect up with Beghe. In either event, none of this is anything I am proud of (another Haggis invention). Had I known Haggis would degenerate into a professional ‘victim’ I absolutely never would have contacted him in the first place.

Alas, Haggis’ whiny little bitch dishing tends to deposit more and more falsehood the more he riffs. Thus, I digress. Let’s get back to the ‘point’ of his ‘open letter.’ The self-anointed king of transparency is squealing like a stuck pig over a sentence of an email authored by him seeing the light of day. Why does the self-produced, -directed, -rehearsed, and -broadcast crusader for openness and truth protest the slightest sliver of openness and the truth so vehemently?


Watch the following short video:




2) Read the full Paul Haggis email attachment.

Paul Haggis Email

In addition to including no less than eight separate lies and misrepresentations that Haggis suggests that I make to the media, 2 above is the written proof of the truth of 1 above. That Haggis and the Troika, in the face of 1, continued to defraud and deceive the public speaks volumes to their character and motivation. If you can’t see that, chances are your cognitive faculties have been severely affected by excessive ASC participation. If that is the case, probably your only realistic hope for future happiness starts with about 3-400 hours of Scientology objective processes.

If all of this inflames you with outrage and indignation, I feel for you. I leave you with a quote I recently shared with Jason Beghe:

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. – Mahatma Gandhi

Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 27