Going Clear Movie, Part 5

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  1. The still call you a violent psychopath though.


  2. In the 17 years that I was in Scientology, there were three instances where I experienced public intervention. The first was in 1970’s when I met a member in NYC who told me he was “working on ways to stop a female author”. I now take this to mean Paulette Cooper. In the second, I met in Canada a former GO member who was riding the trains in Europe to different cities to gather information on politicians against Scientology. The third was an SO member in Clearwater who literally ripped up one of my donation checks as part of the “finance police” effort. Ever since heard of Scientology ripping up a check made out to them? Anyway, it all comes down to expectations. What we expect of a church is not what we get.

  3. It’s gone from boogie men under the bed to a Scientologist lurking in your backyard. Some people are still little kids at heart. They can be corralled controlled stopped and herd with boogie man stories. FEAR generates stigma. Stigma is dehumanizing people. Tony Ortega devoted himself to dehumanizing his victims (the children being sold for sex through the Village Voice) by calling them “underage prostitutes”. He played into the stigmatism people have for prostitutes, to get away with sex trafficking children.

    People have been generating stigmatism towards people involved in Scientology and generating a new “boogie man”. These are all methods to dehumanize the people you are violating.

    The PURPOSE of the “going clear” film, is to create stigmatism towards a culture and thereby “fair game” them. So they are dehumanized and violations against them are justified. And this is how Hitler got his game on.

    And Hitler took right down to branding and tattooing his victims.

    stigma (n.) Look up stigma at Dictionary.com
    1590s (earlier stigme, c. 1400), “mark made on skin by burning with a hot iron,” from Latin stigma (plural stigmata), from Greek stigma (genitive stigmatos) “mark of a pointed instrument, puncture, tattoo-mark, brand,” from root of stizein “to mark, tattoo,” from PIE root *steig- “to stick; pointed” (see stick (v.)).

    Figurative meaning “a mark of disgrace” in English is from 1610s. Stigmas “marks resembling the wounds on the body of Christ, appearing supernaturally on the bodies of the devout” is from 1630s; earlier stigmate (late 14c.), from Latin stigmata.

    stigmatism (n.) Look up stigmatism at Dictionary.com
    1660s, “a branding,” from Greek stigmatizein, from stigmat-, stem of stigma (see stigma). Meaning “condition of being affected with stigmata” is from 1897.

    Tony Ortega had the audacity to announce once on his blog that a Scientologist should not be allowed near the White House in Washington. He actually wanted these people banned from public places.

    His blog is littered with stigmatic comments shaming. “It’s a shame that this beautiful young woman ever went near Scientology. Perhaps the court ought to keep that in mind.”

    But he attacks anyone who questions children featured on Backpage in color photos being sold for sex. That is perfectly all well and good for young women to sell themselves to pay for his bar tab.

    Apparently, Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright do not have issues with that either. These people invent stigmatism to control others, not to be righteous themselves.

    astigmatism (n.)
    “defect in the structure of the eye whereby the rays of light do not converge to a point upon the retina,” 1849, coined by the Rev. William Whewell (1794-1866), English polymath, from Greek a- “without” (see a- (3)) + stigmatos genitive of stigma “a mark, spot, puncture,” from PIE root *steig- “to stick; pointed” (see stick (v.)).

    They “stick” people for a living. They stick them into fear, danger, fixed conditions and fixed ideas. They generate discrimination. They invent “outcasts”. Scapegoats. And Leah is on the bandwagon now.

    It is wholly anti religious and anti humanity.

  4. When I met Miscavige on the Freewinds in 1989, he seemed calmer than he is today. I conclude that it is fair to say that Scientology is really the religion which somehow stimulates the nerves. I always noticed that – even the OT sales talks had an element of nervous nerves. My idea at the time was that these people were not really certain that their message was valid. But it has shown up in especially Miscavige as even his smile is no longer authentic but full of the same nerves that I noticed in the Registrars. These nerves somehow must be dealt with by ex-members and I think that is why so much emotion is generated about Scientology.

  5. In other words, they get their kicks nailing people to a cross.

  6. The phrase “It’s a PR world” should be “It’s a propaganda world.”

  7. Making nothing of something is apparently very easy. Innuendo alone can do it, if nothing else. The history of Scientology is a casebook example, starting with its beginnings and continuing to present time.

  8. I think it’s a fair statement to suggest the GO and OSA have sometimes played on the paranoia some unethical people have. Criminal types want to believe someone is watching them or interested in their crimes even when no one is.

    Missed withholds.

  9. Stigmatizing and branding. These are the people Tony Ortega catered to at the Village Voice. Men who branded and degraded women and children.


  10. When Backpage Tony points the fingers at others, remember child sex trafficking was his felony income. Sad.

  11. Backpage criminal digital pimp – human trafficking – child sex trafficking sociopath Tony Ortega on Tritter, twittering that Marty is “sad”. No shame. No remorse. Child abuser and exploiter of displaced women and children, suggests Marty has an issue. The guy is seriously absolutely blind about himself. If he ever got a real glimpse in the mirror he would need a rope to escape from the shock. Thinks Marty is the “sad” one. Every mental health expert on Earth agrees that sociopaths can not be helped or repaired. There is no cure. That is sad. Not Marty. This guy Ortega will live out his days in this condition. No shame, no remorse, disturbing others to have any effect on them. That is what is sad. Paying your bar tab with the proceeds of children sold for sex, that’s sad. Dehumanizing everyone and everything because you lack human qualities like empathy, that’s sad. Being an internet bully when you are over half a century old, still, in juvenile delinquent mode, that’s sad. Even pathetic.

  12. Pet deaths by the hands of Scientology is a drum Ortega beats too. So his branch of the ASC gets it drummed in that that is a fact. No one questions it, or if they do, they keep it to themselves lest they find themselves fair gamed.

    I think why the ASC would perpetuate pet deaths is because that’s one that would instantly rankle most people. “POISONED A DOG?!?!?! GET THE PITCHFORKS!!!” Like when you hear of horrible animal cruelty in the news, it hits you hard in the feels, and aside from sadness for the animals, you want to go seek out the one who harmed an innocent animal. The ASC can motivate people to lash out against Scientology when they beat this drum.

    Harming of innocents is a trigger point for most people. The manipulators of the ASC know this. And yes, I was manipulated for awhile and bought into it. Now I see what it was: manipulation and brain washing.

  13. Scientology is for people of the night. I am sorry for the people that reckoned it to be for Kings and Masters of the industry. Seeking status and celebrity and rank. In your dismay really, must you destroy it for the disenfranchised?

    We have our place in this world. And it is very fucking huge.

  14. Hexagonal Thetan

    I don’t see any reference to Ortega (or VV) in the article.

  15. kindredspirit

    How come he has never been arrested?

  16. I stopped counting the number of “friends”, business associates, neighbors, men and women in the street etc. that I lost once they found out I was in Scientology from 1972-1989. I have had people back away very quickly and literally take flight from the emotional reaction. Others come in curious and pump the questions. Once they slot Scientology and your ancient participation, they are gone. You can say these are hollow people and would hit the mark. But it is a very large percentage of the population. One great thing is that you can get rid of unwanted relatives in a snap. My observation is that Tony Ortega favors former injured SO members over the public.

  17. Allowing others to be, do and have the things THEY want, is granting them their basic human rights. When you run around attacking people and dehumanizing them for their basic human rights, under the banner of “help”, this is fraud. You are violating people. You are denying them their human rights. If you think people should not have basic human rights to be, do and have as they desire, those chains will only fall around your own ankles. In your next life, you can return hoping for animal rights.

    Marty does not have to apologize to anyone or be sorry for observing the human rights of others.

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