Going Clear Movie, Part 4

9 responses to “Going Clear Movie, Part 4

  1. On the subject of functional illiteracy, Leah Remini had been promoting a web page describing the upper levels. Not ~one~ of her cult followers bothered to LOOK for themselves. If they had, they would have seen my name a dozen times on that page.

  2. The real problem with Scientology is that a percentage of those who get involved take Hubbard too seriously. These people get few of the easy gains and end up being used. Scientology should be viewed as a stepping stone not as an ultimate truth.

  3. On the subject of Hana, I recall one interview she gave where her disappointment with Scientology was the fact that it worked — but the results were temporary. Obviously, Hana has a MU on “release state.” What gets me, however, is the fact she ~admits~ Scientology works.

  4. kindredspiritd

    This makes a lot of sense.

    Good Lord

  5. It seems 369 people squeezed out some applause. Amazing what someone will do to obtain applause from 369 people. Truth be told, a topless dancer can manage that over a lunch through dinner hour in Times Square. And actually not cause any damage to others while getting PAID in silver and gold.

  6. Laughter!

  7. Poor Hana. I knew a guy once that had a fascination with red heads.

  8. Hi, George. I agree about Scientology being a stepping stone. Even taking Hubbard too seriously is part of it – a significant part for many, if not all of us. Sooner or later a person has to learn this lesson on the path to being one’s own orientaton point (as Hubbard himself put it).

  9. Cunt

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