Kids on the corner


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  1. Thank you for sharing/posting this as I doubtfully would never have seen it. It is as heartwarming to me as the photos of Hurricane Harvey and the enormous neighbor helping neighbor work being done, right there in Houston where epic flooding took place and clean-up has started.

    The line of trucks hauling their boats TO Houston to help those stranded or caught had me in tears. Boats from ALL over Texas …

    And proves to me that underneath all of our differences, human beings, given a chance to BE themselves – are basically good.

    (although having an enormous amount of discriminating awareness will enable a person to navigate some dangerous waters and people. Many, while *basically* good are caught up in a swirl of ego which can become evil and harmful)


  2. And for those who monitor these blogs and question what IS being said with the above video — here’s my take —

    I’m going to let Brene Brown: American scholar, author, and public speaker who is currently a research professor at the University of Houston explain:

    “You either walk inside your own story and own it.

    Or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

    Currently I see reality TV as the biggest hustle for worthiness ever. Doesn’t matter whose show.


  3. Arthur Clamderhoven

    Jacob Banks Lyrics
    “Kids On The Corner”

    Kids on the corner, shining their toys at me
    Kids on the corner, this could be the last breath I breathe
    No one to run to, no chance in hell I’m gon’ get through
    Forever, kids on the corner they will be

    Kids on the corner, you know they shop for free
    Kids on the corner, see it in their eyes, lost at sea
    Nowhere to run for, no chance in hell, it’s the final score
    Forever, kids on the corner they will be

    Kids on the corner, that used to be me
    Kids on the corner, dying to be set free
    Not going to make it out, no matter how hard I shout, yeah
    Forever, kids on the corner they will be

    Forever, kids on the corner they will be
    Forever, forever, forever, we will be

  4. What expressive faces! You had to love all of them.

    Ah, the human condition.

  5. Monologue has been on my playlist for a couple years now. Love this tune.

    The whole album is “worthy” of a listen.

    Here is a killer jam he is featured on.

  6. Nice vid. I hope that you are both safe out there in the Lone Star State.


  7. “You either walk inside your own story and own it.
    Or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”


  8. When I bring up Henry George’s “Progress and Poverty”, the common response from economists is that it is two centuries out of date because of technological change. But the book is full of wisdom on the causes of poverty. Today we see that there is no doubt, as expressed by Henry George, that the land owners and capitalists have significant advantage over labor. George was defeated for New York City Mayor at the turn of the 20th century, and his program was rejected. But his ideas still live in London.
    George had the idea that conspicuous consumption and poverty were linked in natural law. He suggested land and rent taxes to solve the problem.
    So George’s legacy has proven that technology is not the real cause of anything since there is more poverty on earth than ever before.

  9. Sheryl Robison

    Hope you and your family is well and safe.

  10. Marty, long time no talk. Perhaps because of the church and so on. No worry. Hope you and your wife are safe and doing well in Tx. If you need help for the hurricane get in touch. Good luck for everything

  11. Damn Marty that is some serious deep felt shit, You would wish some nations could solve serious shit this way 😉

  12. Whether that guitar work was sampled or original it was pretty sweet.

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