Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 27


52 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 27

  1. Satire, comedy, mockery. Sounds like Tony and Mike’s blogs. Gossip, mockery, etc. Usually that approach ends up having no effect because people not deep into that game, who haven’t taken a side and don’t understand the inside jokes, see it for what it is and dismiss it as natter or bickering.

  2. Regardless of culture, education, intellect, intelligence quotient and so on I think there is a basic sense of decency and fair play in most people. The constant vilification of everything associated with the word Scientology may cause a gut reaction in people as to why there is so much accusation going on with no defense.

    A second season of Aftermath may be a mistake. A rational look back at season 1 might have been a better approach. Most people got into Scientology and got out while learning a little, a lot, or nothing as the case may be.

    People, the public, would understand that there are enough interesting elements in the subject for many people to want to explore it and yet not trapped, brainwashed, abused etc. etc.

  3. When Mark Ebner talked about “satire, comedy and mockery” as being what “will win,” he used as an example the “South Park” TV episode that mocked Scientology. I watched the clip of it and thought to myself, if I were a church member this would be the last thing to alter my views about the church. No one, of any religion, appreciates their beliefs being mocked, That type of output is what shows the various ASC outlets aren’t actually interested in reaching those who are in the church – even though they claim that their main purpose is to save the members from the church’s abuse.

  4. They are tapping into the “recreational outrage” dollar. It’s just good marketing. Recreational Outrage is huge right now, they are very smart to do this. https://youtu.be/ouE-CcwE8Ls

  5. Satire, comedy, and mockery?

    On A&E Leah is competing for ratings with WWE Smackdown. WWE SmackDown, also currently referred to as SmackDown Live or simply SmackDown, is a professional wrestling television program. And Leah’s season 2 on A&E is being promoted as “Round Two” on Twitter. She is being featured as a street fighting thug. A dude with lipstick.


    I’m sorry but it is comical. Leah and her backup crew. Running around the ring every season. Another smackdown program. Punching at some identity they are describing but nobody can really see.

    I half expect her to throw Mike over a table at any moment and mount him from behind. Her photo on A&ETV Twitter even makes her look like a dolled up transvestite.

    It is hilarious! There is rightness in the idea of comedy being used as a weapon to destroy. Although it is a little creepy for most folk. But if you envision yourself as a comedian and your purpose is to destroy, you will find a way to destroy through comedy.

    History is littered with the evidence right up through Kathy Griffith’s recent incident. Her sadism recoiled at the end holding a severed head of Donald Trump Her “comedy” is now described as “terrorism”. And it always was. She is a sadistic being who made her name degrading, demeaning and humiliating others. Now she’s gone all victim accusing Donald Trump of being an SP on her lines. That is hilarious.

    The overwhelming blanket urge to destroy always includes self. This is the thing that flies over the soldier’s awareness. When they are applauded and idolized as they are marched off to war. Always to protect the assets of the rich. Or get more assets for them.

    So Leah Remini is down in the trenches for an A&E wrestling match. It’s just culture randomity. Someone out there is taking pleasure in it. Someone out there is making money from it. We live in a diverse society with so many wants and needs. She has found her niche. The world isn’t coming to an end. People are accustomed to misleading figures, beautiful grifters, discord, struggle and ill will. And it can all be turned on and off with a push of a button. People prefer to watch it from a distance for brief moments. Just like passing traffic accidents and rubber necking. There is a morbid curiosity with these things.

  6. And I don’t mean because she looks that way in real life. It is the grotesque air brushing/photo shopping that leads to a vacant expressionless menacing stare on the promotional material. Her face is like an opera mask. And if you were to put on opera music against the film, it would be hilarious.

  7. So which individual is worse, Leah Remini or David Miscavige?

  8. IMHO all shows like Aftermath, Wright’s book , Gibney’s “doc” based in it and the media attacks have done is have caused the “Churchies” (those still inside the Organization) to circle the wagons.

    If their objective was to “save” them from themselves then they have been a dismal failure.

    All they have done in reality is isolate and insulate the group and are setting up the same circumstances and conditions that brought about Jim Jones’ decision to move Guyana.

    A situation they claim they’re trying to prevent.

  9. At the end of the day Leah Remini and her crew are targeting minorities. Almost every tale of misfortune she wants to reveal is related to a Sea Org experience and the Sea Organization is the smallest minority within the Scientology culture. Yet, she inciting ill will against everyone involved in Scientology. This is a call for injustice and discrimination.

    This is not the first time someone has done this, and it will not be the last.

    And while she wouldn’t pony up fifteen hundred dollars for her own father to beat cancer, she wails to her viewers that some people involved in Scientology are not “getting the help they need”.

    At the end of the day, it is about taking on people that can not or will not fight back. For whatever reason, in this case mainly because Scientologists do not speak the press. What is brave and courageous about that? Nothing. It is bullying and targeting minorities. Under the banner of complaining about “abuse”.

    Well, meet the Leah Remini that isn’t hosting a pity party, when she is selling something else. She drags her own mother on national television and throws her under the bus, then gets in the bus and drives back and forth over her body. And people laugh.

    She also admits she has people on payroll that actually do not have jobs. Money laundering and tax evasion. And people laugh at that too. Now Leah is obsessing over other people’s tax exemptions.

    This flies over a lot of people’s heads, and that is what Leah Banks on for meaning. People who do not know. You don’t see her airing her “Scientology” special for the Scientology community. It is not for them. It is for people who do not know. They can be misled with 1/8 truths at best. At the end of the day, she and her entourage are just more grifters. Someone who swindles others through deception or fraud. A half truth is still half a lie.

  10. All actors and actress’ are grifters. They get paid as professional liars and deceivers. When they are good at it, they get paid very well to make people believe they are anyone else but themselves. That red carpet rolled out in front of me when I was 16 years old and I’m not saying I could not have a brilliant career. You and I are capable of anything we put our minds to. But I did not feel any joy thinking about having that as my legacy. And many people in this profession are very troubled and unhappy people. Your day to day survival depends on applause and approval from others. It’s a beggar’s banquet. I didn’t want to make a career of begging.

  11. Leah thinks she is a victim of one cult when she is a victim of another. Just look at what she is willing to do to others to maintain her street cred. She is locked in all the way. Not like she could get a job as a regular person and save face. That would be an utter disgrace. Those people have their own prisons of identity and belief. And the abuse in that climate is inhumane, even at simple auditions. If anyone ever did a show called, “Hollywood, The Aftermath”, it could run for ten seasons.

  12. Marty please stay safe from Hurricane Harvey..

  13. morelivesthanacat

    It’s rather fascinating, rather bizarre that throughout this whole series of videos there have only been a handful or two of people offering feedback (commenting), and mostly the same lot. Yet in the last two months these videos, as of this writing, have just under a million views.

  14. Also, I was wondering if you will be talking about louis therouxs My Scientology Movie as well.

  15. Jane stands up.

    Twitter link no longer relevant. Leah Remini was pulled down as a headliner on A & E Twitter and replaced by The Notorious B.I.G.Gangster Rapper.

    With Kathy Griffith stalking Anderson Cooper and Leah Remini stalking Tom Cruise maybe they needed to refresh.

  16. I hope you and your kin are okay considering the floods

  17. How insane is Tony Ortega?

    Yesterday he ran a headline “How dishonest is tabloid media about Scientology?” This is while he pimps himself as the world’s greatest expert on Scientology ( he has never been involved in Scientology).

    I know his following is somewhat blind with rage but even they have to have some boundaries as to how far south they will follow someone so absolutely delusional.

  18. I thought it to be most interesting in an interview she says “I don’t work for free” . Ok, I help people , should I have cameras following me around and charging them ? Ok sure, lol

  19. There is a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAfdPFWiF9U) of Remini discussing the OTIII story with some TV reporter and which details her complete misunderstanding of the OTIII situation. It is really no wonder that she has gone on to becoming critical and anti-Scientology. One can safely assume also that her experiences then on OT4 and OT5 were also above her head.

  20. Look at Leah Remini’s Twitter account. She supposedly has half a million followers and rarely more than a few likes. You don’t think that is strange? That doesn’t really add up to me. Half a million followers and ten to twenty like your comment? Maybe you should polish up your own shed.

  21. remoteviewed: “If their objective was to ‘save’ them from themselves then they have been a dismal failure.”

    If they really wanted to do that for church members, they wouldn’t be alienating them – knowingly – by mocking their beliefs and practices.

    The objective seems to be not only to destroy the church but the basic subject of Scientology as an applied philosophy. And the motive is probably far less than noble.

  22. Tony Ortega went to Texas to rubberneck in the courtroom. He is there on someone else’s dime. A voyeur who wants to rubberneck through him. So he insinuates someone is picking up the legal tab for Marty. Laughter! That man is stuck in a hall of mirrors. Everywhere he looks, he sees himself. Sad.

  23. Does she seem clear to you? The ability gained for clear, is awareness of conditions. That’s all you see on the grade chart beside clear. Awareness of conditions. Leah Remini is not aware of her own condition. She thinks she is in affluence. We will never know why she was involved in Scientology. I can guess there is a ser fac behind it.

  24. Are we being relativist ? As far as I’m concerned they are both just as bad but we’re not discussing Miscavige here.

  25. I’d say that Life Repair was probably above her head but that’s just me. I find that most of the people who claim to have run an Advanced Level who are now critical of Scientology in general as opposed to the Organization never really did it.

    I read all the time about how unreal and space opera-ish it was and that if only they’d known …boo hoo..etc.

    Obviously they’d never read History of Man or Creation of Human Ability or 8-80 or 8-8008 or ran any track on Dianetics.

    Well. As we used to say. “Scientology isn’t for everyone” and Leah Remini is a case in point or more accurately a by passed case in point.

  26. She doesn’t work at all. She swindles and deceives people for a living. Deception is what actors are paid to do. They are paid to deceive people.

    When she was fired from “The Talk”, she did everything in her power to burn down the entire production. No regard for anyone of the hundreds of others who had jobs connected to the production. This is why no one in Hollywood hired her for a decade. Now she got a hand up and what does she do? She tries to destroy the careers of other actors. She can not bypass normal habits and routines. She is an expert at persecution, bullying, witch hunts, and restimulation. There is a place for her in the theater.

  27. Honestly this is #Straitjacket time. No joke. Does he have relatives or somebody who could help?

  28. Anyway, Leah Remini has become an actual trouble source. And she is copying. Tony Ortega has become an actual trouble source. Ray Jeffries has become an actual source. Mike Rinder has become an actual trouble source. Bringing tales of despair and fear into living rooms where it did not exist before.

    And all four have one person in common. The one hiding in the shadows propelling all of the ill will. The creepy sneaky puppet master who knows how to push their buttons. And they are not the only ones being exploited and shoved out on the front lines in hysterics stabbing at people. It’s another Charles Manson episode. That figure manifests in many different shapes and forms. Minimum creation, maximum destruction. The basic purpose flows through time. And those inclined towards that purpose are easily folded into the game. Amnesia can only stretch so far. The purpose is senior to everything.

  29. …..he pimps himself as the world’s greatest expert on Scientology. Care to elaborate? where and when did he “pimp” himself or claim he is the world’s greatest expert?

  30. Anyway, apparently, television viewers got overrun on Leah Remini and Scientology.



    A&E’s LEAH REMINI: SCIENTOLOGY & THE AFTERMATH shed 0.03 to 0.44, Aug 29.


    And A & E is stuck with eight more episodes to air against the backdrop of the plunge.

    The things Tony Ortega fails to report…………

  31. I view people who try to save others from themselves as a bunch of meddling morons who can’t mind their own damn business.

  32. That’s well said.

  33. Here’s some hype from Youtube, for one thing…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9dGDRVk-qg

  34. I am afraid the poor woman also looks somewhat guilty when she makes her comments, firstly as if she knows she shouldn’t be discussing the subject (which she shouldn’t be even though it is all over the net) and secondly inwardly she knows that there is something awry with her viewpoint. I wonder now what she actually DID on OTIII? Not a lot it would seem.

  35. This is not directly related to any topic here, but is related to cults. I thought it was an interesting exposure of an outfit that says one thing but does just the opposite, and does so in lockstep: http://www.nathanwinograd.com/my-disturbing-encounter-with-the-mind-of-peta/

  36. The PEWTA article reminded me of a novel I read long ago, about the rise of a death cult that swept the country.

  37. I just watched “My Scientology Movie” and towards the end of the film when Marty got a visit at the studio he got really pissed and called scientology a cult, he was REALLY angry.
    So what happened, what changed his mind?
    He seems to be taking sides with the group who attacked him.

  38. You must have the belief that if someone is against “us” they must be with “them.” That’s illogical – a logical fallacy called False Dichotomy:

    “A false dichotomy is often employed by an arguer to force the other side into an extreme position by assuming that there are only two possible positions. At its essence, it says ‘you are either with us or against us,’ which ignores all other possibilities, such as ‘we are with you on points A&B, but against you on points C,D&E.’”

  39. I just watched the latest Leah episode, where the bridge was discussed and the OT levels, and the price you pay.
    Was everything they discussed/said false?
    the whole Xenu story and the fine you pay if discussed, and the whole locked briefcase thing?
    How much of that show was a lie?
    How much of that show was true?

  40. Ratings are down third week in a row for Leah’s road show. Worst of all for Leah, From The Hollywood Reporter:

    “As long as Remini keeps the spotlight on others, it’s excellent TV.”


    “Her commitment is admirable; her savior complex, a bit too noticeable. Perhaps that’s unavoidable in an all-or-nothing crusade like this one. But every self-aggrandizing segment means one less for victims’ voices to be heard.”



    This kind of slander, undermining, is “normal” in the cult of Hollywood. The cult that has gone a bit anti-Scientology. It is also anti aging and Leah is almost half a century old. Her face and lips are already blown full of rat poison Botox just to step on prime time television. And I hear she asked one of her sponsored “victims” to get a face lift if he wanted to whine on her show. And he did. So, you get the cult of Hollywood and Leah, revicitizing these people. And they are happily volunteering. Fifteen minutes of fame to become immortal on film and float through television sets across the nation. Such a crash afterward. Especially when you have to stand in line at the grocery store.

    She was also outed on a talk show for not even bothering to vet, verify or confirm any of the stories. The reason why it doesn’t matter according to her? “These are my people.” She’s gone kind of Martin Luther King freeing hippies that explore the occult.

    I guess she won’t be co hosting Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  41. Good luck with your new cult Leah. It’s hard times when you can’t afford to give a family that raised you, one more chance. Must have been a lot of pressure. And I do not blame you for fighting back. And including everyone in the assault. Even the injustice. It is all kind of typical. Now you are not in any position to give those people one more chance, that is a power you surrender. I really do not blame you for grabbing onto straws.And for what it is worth, I think you will be able to hold your own over there in Hollywood, in rank, for the ten to fifteen-year life span available to you. I think it will all be alright. At the end of it all, we all found out who we really are. And where our true values are. I am glad Hollywood, has given you one more chance. I trust you will make the most of it.

  42. My daughter shared this on Facebook and I think it has parallels to the Church of Scientology. The “persecution” dynamic seems similar: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/09/heres-why-why-right-wing-christians-think-they-are-americas-most-persecuted/

    It also explains why the CoS has been able to find common cause with other religious groups that feel marginalized or discriminated against and are very jealous of their rights to freely practice their beliefs, such as e.g. not preparing cakes for same-sex marriages or objecting to having sex ed classes in schools their children attend.

  43. Nobody, since you seem to be sincerely interested, I’ll give my opinion and say what I know without relaying any confidential data.

    From my experience and/or that of people I know, a lot of what was said was half-truth and misleading. For example, it was stated that Scientologists are “promised” that they will gain supernatural abilities (even though this is not stated on any of the levels of the Bridge as the end result). The former church auditor Bruce Hines was then asked if he had ever witnessed such powers in his thousands of hours of auditing others. He said “Never…” and added “…that you could verify.” The last part should have modified “Never” but I don’t think it did, as it was glossed over.

    Also, when Bruce and Leah did the demonstration of Grades, nothing was said about the fact that pcs routinely get good, positive gain. On the contrary, the flippant way the Grades were demonstrated made it seem like nothing of much value would be gained.

  44. Ortega and Remini seem burdened with drumming up compelling sellable content for their audience of disenchanted misfits every day. It must be excruciating to attach oneself and be asking other’s to attach themselves to an topic you are arguing people should free themselves of. Yet there they embedded, immersed and attached to the topic of Scientology 24/7. There might be a very thin kind of glee that comes from seeing yourself as a freedom fighter and having an audience of 200+ people on line looking up to as a father figure but it looks to me like Ortega is a prisoner of this situation and it would be very hard for him to stop what he is doing. The small hateful mob he has involved himself with might not like him leaving them cold and empty handed.

  45. Ortega and Remini seem burdened with drumming up compelling sellable content for their audience of disenchanted misfits every day. It must be excruciating to attach oneself and be asking other’s to attach themselves to a topic you are arguing people should free themselves of. Yet there they are embedded, immersed and attached to the topic of Scientology 24/7. There might be a very thin kind of short lived glee that comes from imagining yourself as a freedom fighter fighting the good fight with God on your side and having a dedicated internet audience of 200+ people who look up to as a father figure but it appears to me that Ortega is a kind of prisoner in this situation he created and it would be difficult for Ortega to stop what he is doing. The small angry mob he has involved himself with might not take kindly to him leaving them cold and empty handed and free of the imaginary war he engaged them in.

  46. please post:

    Ortega and Remini seem burdened with drumming up compelling sellable content for their audience of disenchanted misfits every day. It must be excruciating to attach oneself to and be asking other’s to attach themselves to a topic you are arguing people should free themselves of. Yet there they are embedded, immersed and attached to the topic of Scientology 24/7. There might be a very thin kind of short lived glee that comes from imagining yourself as a freedom fighter fighting the good fight with God on your side and having a dedicated internet audience of 200+ people who look up to you as a father figure but it appears to me that Ortega is a kind of prisoner in this situation he created and it would be difficult for Ortega to stop what he is doing. The small angry mob he has involved himself with might not take kindly to him leaving them cold and empty handed and seeing him free of the imaginary war he engaged them all in while he himself gets on with his life.

  47. Meanwhile, Leah is getting off the ground in her new cult. Lots of support and encouragement. Such a healthy new vista!

    KULCAT10 hours ago
    Kevin can wait for an audience
    ReplyReplies (1)82

    Tara12 hours ago
    Wait, somebody watched it? That should have been the real news.
    ReplyReplies (31)95971

    Patty Eller
    Patty Eller12 hours ago
    Kevin James and Leah Remini had their sitcom and it was very funny, but it’s over…why did they feel they had to kill off the wife in order to stick her in this one…she’s not that good! Don’t like the show anymore.
    ReplyReplies (33)58076

    Michael12 hours ago
    “Kevin can wait” huh? Apparently not for dinner.
    ReplyReplies (26)54381

    sruddy12 hours ago
    Leah remini’s upper lip doesn’t move when she speaks. Finding it hard to watch.
    ReplyReplies (36)42353

    Tom12 hours ago
    Had to turn it off! The laugh track inserted fake laughs at the dumbest points. Just terrible!
    ReplyReplies (11)38032

    Sue12 hours ago
    ReplyReplies (12)42036

    John W
    John W12 hours ago
    The laugh track thought it was funny.
    ReplyReplies (3)38525

    I’m done too. Turned in on for a few minutes to see how they handled the death. Well, they didn’t! I turned it off. And, yes, I noticed Leah Remini’s lip and half her face don’t move either! Little too much nip and tuck!
    ReplyReplies (7)8511

    BB11 hours ago
    Very poor decision in replacing Erinn, bringing in Leah to play the mother figure is lame, loved her in King of Queens, now , not so much, personally I think Kevin should wake up from the bad dream he is having and realize Donna is alive and well, or Donna wakes up from her dream and realizes Kevin has been kidnapped by a Colombian drug cartel.
    ReplyReplies (4)567

    Dodge guy
    Dodge guy10 hours ago
    As someone who lost his wife, I can tell you now, it’s been 25 years and even though I have remarried, I would never dismiss my first wifes passing with a joke and a punchline. Poor taste and a huge lack of artistic creativity. That being said, the show sucks with or without his wife. His schtick is the same either as a UPS driver, a mall cop or a retired cop. Fat jokes, clueless and a buffoon. They are a dime a dozen. He needs to reinvent himself or buy a restaurant and shift gears. Leah Remini isn’t a big enough talent to save the show or add anything special. Last night wasn’t a let down. It was an epic failure that was handled with insensitivity and stupidity.
    ReplyReplies (5)407

    burkec7911 hours ago
    Turn it on for a couple of minutes then turned it off. Not the same.
    ReplyReplies (4)506

    this is why they have NO ratings
    ReplyReplies (4)698

    Oly7811 hours ago
    CBS handled this whole thing so poorly. Nothing against Leah Remini at all, I like her just fine. But they really botched this big time.
    ReplyReplies (1)304

    Paul10 hours ago
    King of queens part 2. That is all this show will be. I heard his reasons for wanting to work with Leah Remini, and it was because he doesn’t want to work with anyone else. Well if that’s the case then you are a one dimensional actor will should burn out, and burn out hopefully soon because you don’t want to broaden you acting ability by working with other actors and actresses. I WILL NOT watch this slap in the face to Erinn Hayes.

    Kevin James needs to get a brain and a life.
    ReplyReplies (2)221

    Susan10 hours ago
    Hers a place where we can make our society better. Hers a place where we can say respect of others matters. We can turn this program off, it will be cancelled, and America will be a little classier and a little more honorable. It’s a start. Cancelled by November, that’s my hope.

    So disappointed in the show, the producers, CBS, the writers and most of all Kevin James for not standing up for actress Erinn Hayes.
    ReplyReplies (1)143

    J.R10 hours ago
    Laugh track sitcoms are antiquated and terribly contrived… Evolve with the industry or fade away.
    ReplyReplies (1)101

    2k2 roush stage 2
    2k2 roush stage 210 hours ago
    Is CBS that hard up for a sit-com? why don’t they bring back “All in the Family”? LOL
    ReplyReplies (1)102

    Poppy11 hours ago
    Leah Remini was terrible. Acting sucked.

    Patty Eller12 hours ago
    Kevin James and Leah Remini had their sitcom and it was very funny, but it’s over…why did they feel they had to kill off the wife in order to stick her in this one…she’s not that good! Don’t like the show anymore.
    ReplyReplies (33)58076

    huck9 hours ago
    Sorry, but I watched about two minutes of Kevin Can Wait last night and that will be the end of the show for me. I liked Donna’s character and killing her off for Leah Remini will doom this show. I predict that this will be the last season, if it makes it that long, of Kevin Can Wait.

    debralina4 hours ago
    Last night was the first time I watched it.
    Last night will be the last time I watch it.

    The show was almost unwatchable. Leah Remini’s face looked very strange with all of the botox. The story line about the kids needing to get married or they would be deported was a tired and overused plot. The only thing original was that they killed off his wife and that was just cruel and glossed over. I thought she was a great part of the show. Now it is just a lame re-make of King of Queens, without the awesome Jerry Stiller.

    Etc, etc etc……….


  48. There is one thing I think about David miscavige on a box singing “We Stand Tall”

  49. I hope this post was not an excersice in shaming and blaming.

    You know Marty my friend rhar needs a clensing with a song. I often wonder what your taste of music is beyond rap and house music

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