Paul Haggis Damns Lawrence Wright

Haggis bffs Lawrence Wright and Tony Ortega

Backpage* Tony Ortega and his b-list celebrity followers Paul Haggis and Leah Remini have gone all Joe McCarthy of late. Just last week, the week of Haggis’ dramatic appearance on his cohort Leah Remini’s reality show, the latter staged a publicity stunt to out and shame an alleged Scientology star she was clearly jealous of. There was one little problem. The alleged Scientology star wasn’t a Scientologist. So, Backdoor Tony attempted to backfill for Leah and Paul. He went all Joe McCarthy and changed the question to “are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the church of Scientology?”  He then answered the question himself – with yet another lie.

What’s that got to do with the Backpage/Haggis latest collabaration? It serves to clearly demonstrate what hypocritical cowards Remini, Haggis and Backpage Tony are; how they have degenerated into making a living out of outing people so obsessively that they falsely accuse the outed and even falsely accuse people of plying their own sordid trade.

Two days ago Backpage Tony was called out for publishing what he announced in a bold-face headline would be “An Open Letter To Marty Rathbun” from Paul Haggis. Instead, what he presented was a letter to himself from Paul Haggis.  The letter did whine about imagined thought crimes I had allegedly committed against the alter-ego Haggis had created for himself – the courageous, transparency-advocating Scientology crusader.

The crux of Haggis’ complaint was that I had allegedly caused a single sentence from an email to be published that somehow unfairly detracted from the Crusader persona he had invented for himself.  So, I did Paul a favor and published the entire email so that all could see the transparent, factual context. Incidentally, the email contained directions from Paul Haggis to me to commit no less than eight misrepresentations of fact to media in an attempt to bamboozle them into buying his phony narrative about himself. That included the Haggis direction to create at least two invented identities to promote Haggis’ heroism and victimhood (conflicted any?).

Apparently, no aid can be offered that does not exacerbate the perceived slights to an oversized ego. In response, this morning Haggis again teamed with Backpage Tony to damn me – just as he damned a number of Scientologist celebrities recently on Leah Remini’s reality show. My Haggis-thought crime?  ‘Outing’ one of his friends whom Haggis characterized as carefully remaining securely in the closet for eight years, masking the fact he had bad things to say about Scientology.

The problem with Haggis’ latest panty-twist is that his personal biographer and fellow Anti-Scientology Cult member Lawrence Wright had already ‘outed’ his friend five years earlier. Where?  In Paul Haggis’ biography. Hell, he was prominently featured; he even made it into the index unlike Backdoor Tony. So, Haggis in fact damned the conduct of Lawrence Wright. Actually, if Haggis had a single honest bone in his body he would have damned himself. How do you think Wright connected up with the 2012-Haggis-outed “friend” in the first place?

Notwithstanding Paul’s recent obsession with projecting his own intentions and conduct onto me, I like him.  I hope that one day he will find the courage to cease habitually blaming everybody but himself for his own condition and creating characters to forward his vanityland hagiography. It may afford him the equilibrium to start the more important quest of finding out who he really is.

*How Ortega earned the moniker Backpage (from concerned participant on this blog):

The Village Voice was converted into a human trafficking criminal enterprise. Tony Ortega lived off the money of sex trafficking, much of it from minors, for almost six years. This is not gossip, and I am not the first to mention it. It is in a Senate investigation report.
It has been written about by media watchdog sites.
When confronted about it Tony Ortega first denied it, then used the Village Voice to decimate any other journalists who mentioned it. And finally, turned on the victims trafficked there and worked to dehumanize them by calling them “underage prostitutes”. Not children, which they were. There is no such thing as an “underaged prostitute”. Minors who are forced into sexual slavery are not “underage prostitutes”. He tried to poison people against his victims! CHILDREN.
The college he graduated from invited him back to receive an award, with the purpose of motivating students. When he arrived they were out front protesting him. And on this video you hear his acceptance speech, he only talks about himself and then gaslights the students out front by saying “they don’t understand”.
The Village Voice founder’s son even protested in New York in front of Tony Ortega’s office.
With protestors surrounding the building, Tony Ortega denied he had anything to do with Backpage to a reporter at the Gawker.
“As for the protests today, I wish them the best of luck. No one who actually works in this office has anything to do with Backpage, but still, I understand why they picked our building.” Tony Ortega Nov 16, 2011
A blatant lie. He gaslighted anyone who caught on to what he was doing, how he was doing it, bringing his victims to light, exposing him for working as a digital pimp.
A few months earlier he was bragging about Backpage and included himself as one of the managers with a “WE”. And actually tried to change the conversation to wars in Afganistan!
“Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are receding fast from public consciousness. Our economy is gradually crawling back. Crime remains at record lows. A new presidential campaign is only in its earliest stages.
What’s there to panic about today?”
“Seven years ago, the people I work for were smart enough to start, a competitor to Craigslist. While other newspapers were doing little more than publicly condemning Newmark (Note: Craig Newmark is an American Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the San Francisco-based international website Craigslist.) for the way Craigslist has, for years, eaten into their classified-ads revenue, we decided to fight back. That’s just how we operate.
What happens when two adults find each other through I couldn’t tell you. The whole point of is that we aren’t involved after two consenting adults find each other through the community bulletin board, which exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable. We’re First Amendment extremists that way. Always have been.”
Tony Ortega WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 2011
Attorneys general from 48 states had written a joint letter to Village Voice Media, pleading with it to get out of the flesh trade. An online petition at had gathered 94,000 signatures asking Village Voice Media to stop taking prostitution advertising. Instead, the company used The Village Voice to mock its critics. One victim who gave a news interview said she thought about using her real name for the article but decided not to for fear that Village Voice would retaliate. The victims became afraid of the Village Voice.
“I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a web site into a digital enterprise.” Tony Ortega bragged to the New York Times Blog Media Decoder on September 14, 2012 after leaving the Village Voice.
His sadistic disregard for children being raped and trafficked for personal income is revolting. Senate investigations revealed Backpage staff were even coaching pimps on how to word ads so they would not get busted selling minors!
And when they were finally caught red handed, coaching men on how to sell children for sex, they did shut down right before they had to appear in court in Washington. And played the victim card. “Their Freedom of Speech” was being violated.
When Amber Lyon did her expose “Selling The Girl Next Door”, which focused on backpage, Tony Ortega gaslighted her and devoted a page in the Village Voice to decimating her.
“Underage prostitution is a persistent problem in this country, but as we established in last week’s cover story, it exists at a level that is nothing like what is being trumpeted by Amber Lyon on the behalf of activists who want to put us out of business.” Tony Ortega
Again he tries to dehumanize children being raped and sold by calling them “underage prostitutes” and says THEY are the problem. Sadistic disregard.
His attack on Amber Lyon was so vicious other news outlets wrote about it.
I do not understand why he has become a crusader for disappointed hippies that explored the occult. But Leah Remini has followed in his footsteps.
Apparently, she can live with children being raped and sold on the Internet and endorse a notorious child sex trafficker, Tony Ortega, while complaining abuse between adults that explored the occult. And so can Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney. And anyone else complaining they got a flat tire on the way to Nirvana while tolerating and endorsing Tony Ortega.
I have no idea why he and Leah Remini are comfortable with that yet repelled by adults who chose to explore the occult and were disappointed.
Something does not add up in this picture. How can you have compassion for people disappointed exploring the occult and sadistic disregard for children being tortured?

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  1. I’ll just leave this here:

    Paul Haggis Provides False Choice on How That Email Ended Up in Church Hands

    I hope that one day we can uncover how these emails keep getting into Church hands. Until then, what Tony Ortega, and now – incredibly – Paul Haggis is saying does not explain it.

    Can you provide any information at all?


  2. Does anybody here seriously think that Marty is writing these recent posts?

  3. Mark C. Rathbun

    Yeah, Dipstick, your OL Tony Ortega does. Read his comments section.

  4. greendevilchair

    You are making Father Ortega and all his attention hungry dipsticks back at Father Ortega’s nest feel very important today, talking about their leader like this.

    @Dan Koon, You could have written these” recent posts”, I have no way of knowing. How does anyone know that anyone on the internet wrote a single word themselves? How can I know if Dan Koon wrote what is posted here under the username Dan Koon? What is your point man?

  5. Dan, I first thought, due to the first sentence of the posting, that no, it wasn’t Marty, but I changed my mind.

    but the test would be someone who knows Marty, contact Marty, like on the phone, talk to him, and then post.

  6. If Lawrence Wright is Paul Haggis’ personal biographer did it result in a book and is it on sell

  7. Tom Klemesrud, Sysop

    Scientologist should thank Dave Miscavige’s brother Ronnie for risking his good name to get the covert OSA-like Invest work-up, finding the crimes of the “journalists” controlling the narrative of the ASC; and, helping a greatful U.S. Congress. Thanks Ronnie.

    It’s ironic that the law the editors/pimps relied on for safe harbors from prosecution — which Scientology participated in codifying, protects ISP’s like Backpage. RTC v Netcom, has never been reported on by the ASC crowd, Tony Ortega, Lawrence Wright, or Alex Gibney. A&E co-star Mike Rinder has not ever heard of the (Hill 10) case; in which Interpol worked alongside Gene Ingram and the LAPD, to raid a Finland ISP, and the computing center to uncover a hacker at INCOMM.

    Marty, any clue as to who wrote this dead-agenting of the op?

  8. Funny how you’d try to raise the question of authorship of Marty’s blog having “assisted” Ron well after his demise in rewriting Scientology Technology and then helping Miscavige replace it totally with that bastardization known as the “Golden Age of Tech”.

  9. It’s really not important how the emails were obtained but what they actually say and that they contradict the victim narrative that Haggis is trying to portray.

  10. Why would Marty try to deny giving emails to the CoS? How would he prove it and how many would believe him?

    It wouldn’t stop the endless speculation – and I don’t think it’s his style to Q&A with such comments, in any case.

  11. I like Dan, but he deserved that: it’s you in the videos for God’s sake.

  12. Wow! As Dan Koon once said “the plot thickens”.

  13. greendevilchair

    What would Karen D. Tory C., Father Ortega and Mike R. have without their tiny but fawning anti scientology internet audience? I am guessing they would be quite lonely and ignored and alone staring at the walls with nothing to do with their time.

  14. Marty does not exist right Dan? I think your purpose to unmock him has taken on a new kind of violence.

  15. Tony Ortega’s purpose is to restimulate. His readers are over restimulated. His peers do not seem bothered with his history of selling children for sex and then dehumanizing them when their parents complain. His closest peer and mentor, has her own history of sex trafficking and human exploitation.

    In interviews with former staff (for the Backpage screenplay), who worked with or knew Tony Ortega, one for one he is described as a racist and misogynist. He was even taunted by other media watchdog sites for his notorious reputation.

    His current peers gladly overlook his issues with the sadistic personality disorder, and many of his readers and followers seem to exhibit the same condition. This disorder is characterized by cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist’s social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others.

    His peers condone Tony Ortega’s stalking, bullying, defrauding, hypocrisy, false reporting, abusing and exploiting women and children. By the mere fact, they do not take issue with it.

    Meanwhile in the real world, The Washington Post reports on the sex trafficking syndicate Tony Ortega launched in a shoulder to shoulder effort with two other men, under “True Crime”.

    And “Public Safety”.

    In civilized groups, Tony Ortega’s criminal behavior is known and understood.

    Not that imagine someone who reads Tony Ortega’s blog would be reading the Washington Post.

    So, why are they cyberbullying Marty? As if HE is a criminal? As if HE has hidden crimes? At Tony Ortega’s bequest? Because if they do not have someone to attack, they do not matter. It is not about ethics, morals, standards, kindness compassion, right or wrong. It is an obsession to harm attack and suppress.

    Before Tony Ortega was a Scientology basher he was stalking members of Nation of Islam. If the doors of Scientology closed tomorrow, he would find a new target and lead a new hate / ethnic cleansing group. And his peers would find new targets. “Love to Hate” is a condition.

    So what if Tony Ortega published a letter to someone? By the time the “Backpage” movie hits theaters, Tony Ortega should consider himself lucky if someone rents him an apartment. He is a criminal. A sex criminal.

    Highly recommend:

    Tony Ortega’s ONLY friends are anti-Scientologists, and other pornography collectors. And he exploits the anti Scientologists while he restimulates them with a smile on his face. And they come back for more.

    By the end of this decade, Tony Ortega will be remembered in the True Crime category as a menace to society and a psychopath. And everyone who endorsed him with their “star power”, will be acknowledged also, for their sadistic disregard for others.

  16. You might have a point there, Dan.
    Backpage Tony, B-lister Haggis, Dipstick Dan.
    Does that sound like Marty?

  17. Yes the Backpage sex racket and the Tony Ortega connection is very concerning. Of course Hollywood has long had a child sex abuse problem. Recently last year Elijah Wood spoke out about it:

    And for years 1980s child actor star Corey Feldman has been speaking out about it, and said it was the reason his fellow star and best friend Corey Haim committed suicide as a young adult. They both were abused many, many times. Haim never recovered from the trauma. Started drinking and using drugs at a very young age to cope.

    Feldman says that it is the “big wigs” in Hollywood who perpetuate the sexual abuse of young boys and girls most of all. Writers, Producers, Directors, Studio Executives, as well as some big name “untouchable” actors. Has this raising of awareness by Feldman and Wood led to Hollywood cleaning this horrific practice up? Ha! Hardly.

    I wonder what Alex Gibney’s position of Hollywood child sex abuse and pedophilia is? Does it outrage him as much as some emails between himself and Marty? Being a big time Director I’m sure he’s aware of this nasty and horrific situation. It will take people like him speaking out to make a difference one day. I’m not holding my breath though. Perhaps Tony Ortega will tell Haggis that Elijah and Corey are just paranoid.

  18. The tip of the iceberg. The entertainment industry in and around Los Angeles includes Paramount, Warner Bros., Sony, NBC, Universal, Walt Disney, ABC, CBS, and Fox. Most of these companies are located in Burbank, Universal City, Culver City, Santa Monica, and West L.A. Paramount is the only one of the six major studios that still calls Hollywood its home. Everyone else has cleared out as (in case you have not been there in the last three decades) Hollywood has become a ghetto. Mainly filled with drug addicts, criminals, and degenerates. The entertainment industry in California lures a lot of people there from all over the country that gets swallowed up by the cult’s brutality and human exploitation. Police are on regular patrol during the day because of the tourism dollars. But after the sun goes down Sunset Boulevard looks like an extended stretch of New York’s Times Square in the 70’s. And other forms of “entertainment” are peddled with the remains of the entertainment industry’s human sacrifices.

  19. Tony Ortega is so fixated on the Rathbun’s finances. Did you know, Tony Oretega’s efforts to launch an international sex trafficking syndicate behind the Village Voice is now costing taxpayers in America, over 52 million a year IN DAMAGE CONTROL ONLY? This does not include law enforcement expense. The expense of Government senators to get on top of this organized crime. Which runs into billions. ANNUALLY.

    These are RICO crimes. Backpage is organized crime. And RICO legislation is now being addressed to resolve this matter. New legislation is tying up Senate to battle this cancer.

    Yes, Tony Ortega’s few years running the front of the operation is costing every taxpayer in America. And if you are not a taxpayer, your benefits are being cut because they are being spent to deal with Backpage. An Internation Sex Trafficking Syndicate.

    Tony Ortega has become a financial liability to every American.

    He also took a huge payout to “Disappear”, hush money.

    And he is screaming about other people’s finances?

    Yes. That is how he rolls.

  20. The Scientology conversations are old and beaten to death.

    The Backpage conversations have just begun.

    There are billions of dollars ahead within this conversation. History in the making. Stars will be born. In Hollywood and in the White House.

  21. Tony Ortega is concerned about abuse? Seriously? This is exactly what Tony Ortega has sponsored all across America.

  22. Tony Ortega has done nothing since he parted from Backpage but try to be a copy of Marty Rathbun. From his blog to promote himself as an “expert Scientologist”. He had to grope at straws as a con man to do anything that would quickly put distance between himself and BACKPAGE. He has only exploited the disenfranchised and disenchanted, as his usual operating basis.

  23. The fact that Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, Leah Remini, and Paul Haggis are still endorsing this man, KNOWING full well who and what he is, and they all have children, is a signal of how truly morally corrupt they really are.

  24. While Tony Ortega and entourage continue to keep his followers stuck in “the past”, others create a future that will all but delete them.


  25. Tony Ortega has devoted his life to bashing Muslims and Scientologists for exploring religion with his right hand. While with his left hand he has created a platform for the mentally deficient and unsound to explore child rape through Backpage.

    It does not get more evil, treasonous and Satanic than that.

  26. In case nobody else has noticed since the Backpage documentary has been released, Tony Ortega’s media outlets have gone off his radar. They will not publish his “tips”. They do not answer his calls or respond to his emails. NO-ONE has asked him to appear on television. The only people who don’t seem to have a problem with his brutal history exploiting disenfranchised women and homeless children are the people mentioned above, and his followers and patrons. The only outlets he can push with gossip to spread his slander and name have been The Inquisitor, The Federalist, Mashable, and LAist. And only them, when Ortega can produce a Scientologist or anti Scientologist to exploit. Someone with a big name he can sell, and boost his own while riding on their tail. From his tipsters to his supporters, aka Those that need and seek to be dominated, Tony Ortega works as a pimp 24/7, pimping someone.

  27. When I said ‘Hollywood’ I meant the entire entertainment industry, not just the town.
    Another thing on Paul Haggis…..He recently called out current celebrity Scientologists for turning a blind eye to the abuses of Scientology. Okay….that’s fine.
    But again, where is the outrage over the ongoing child sexual abuse within his own industry? Why is he turning a blind eye to kids and teens being used, abused and thrown away by his fellow Directors? Not to mention the Writers, Producers, Actors and Executives he rubs shoulders with.
    But I think we know why. I ask such questions as a fool.

  28. Thanks for those references on Tony Ortega and Backpage. They go a long way toward explaining why he might need to play the upright journalist crusading against the “forces of evil” – and why he picked a sitting target like the CofS instead of a more powerful one like organised crime..

    Secrecy is such a hot button for some people! When that button is flat, a person doesn’t give a damn about what others know.

    May I suggest that in the long run no secrets can exist? Since the universe is a unity, anything that has been done or said can be known. Conversely, a thing that has never been done or said cannot be known (it can be imagined,but not known as a fact). Another way of saying this is that anything that can affect a being can be known by that being. This is bad news for the people who want to set themselves up as hidden influences in society.

  29. I understand. Well, Paul Haggis has two daughters and he can turn a blind eye on Tony Ortega, so what would you expect after that? Otherwise he usually doesn’t have much to say about anything unless he is HOUNDED by Ortega or Wright. And I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Ortega hounded him again, alter ised his position and meaning, and orchestrated this conflict. At the end of the day, Haggis gets criticized, Marty gets criticized, And Ortega sits back and enjoys the conflict. This is how he derives his pleasure in life. From cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist’s social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others.

  30. Another victim of Tony Ortega. She was held against her will and sold as a sex slave on BACKPAGE.

  31. Marty, I know from posting on your blog for several years, how you begin to protect your enemies. You do it. You let one or two posts go through and then you block your own enemies from slander. It’s your “light touch ethics” policy. I respect that.

    I have always abided by your decisions to censor posts I have made that would totally out some of your enemies for their own issues. You are far more merciful than I am.

    But I am asking you to stop censoring the video I posted here about Tony Ortega’s product. The woman being beaten on the street. I have watched it in San Fransisco, Oakland, and New York City. This is REAL. Not only have I watched it, I have lived it. I know the readers here and at Tony Ortega’s blog are disgruntled hippies that are not too streetwise. But they will never understand his crimes against humanity if you continue to block that video.

    People need to grow up and understand what that man was sponsoring for almost six years and the effect it had on women and homeless children. This is not an A and E special and this is how it goes down when the sun goes down.

    Tony Ortega invested years into making this part of women’s and children’s lives. Consider this my first and only petition to enlighten people about Tony Ortega and his real product to humanity.

    If I had to confront this kind of social intercourse at 12 years old, your readers and his readers should be up to being able to digest this. You are coddling people. I agree with your “light touch” to a point. But protecting people from the brutal truth of the matter, only keeps them stupid.

  32. “Heavy ethics”. Tony Ortega, and crew. Karen. Are all practicing “HEAVY ETHICS”. “Scientology killed my son”. Scientology kills. etc etc. “Wipe out every Scientologist”. “Kill off every Scientologist”. Leah Remini, Paul Haggis, Lawrence Wright, Mike Rinder,..they are ALL practicing HEAVY ETHICS. “ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS MUST PAY”. WHILE they complain about heavy ethics. As if everyone is a dumb fuck. Abracadabra.

    Amateur magic.

  33. You all make Jenny Linson look like a kitten.

  34. I understand your purpose is to lift people. My purpose is mathematical. Subtractions and additions. I feel compelled to announce when other people are a complete liability to mankind.

  35. Never mind my latest rants. I am just so disgusted with that poor excuse for a man.

  36. Tony Ortega is unprofessional. He posted many weeks ago that David Miscavige left INT years ago and would now live in LA. Ortega never provided any proof.

    He just alleges…


  37. The death toll from Backpage climbs every month. Tony Ortega’s dead bodies continue to pile up.

    A sixteen-year-old child dead while Backpage Tony does selfies in Brooklyn with Lawrence Wright.

    Google Backpage Murders. Backpage death. Unbelievable. Like Huffington Post described Tony Ortega, females drop like flies under his influence.

  38. The statute of limitations on RICO crime is TEN YEARS Tony Ortega. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the legislation sweeping America right now over Backpage, the walls are closing in. You are a criminal.

    Your antics at the Village Voice, and participation in using it as a front to launch an International Sex Trafficking syndicate, have tied up the U.S. Senate for TWO YEARS. At a cost of MILLIONS to the U.S. taxpayers.

    Click the “justice” link:

  39. Famous Quotes by Tony Ortega

    “I’m a card holding member of the Evil Empire, a New Times hack who’s been at it for ten years, the boogeyman every Birkenstock-wearing hippie burnout still clinging to a paycheck at alt-weeklies sees in his sleep, coming to take his job and turn his paper into a soulless corporate moneymaker.” Tony Ortega

    “Backpage exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable. We’re First Amendment extremists that way. Always have been.”

    “Underage prostitution is a persistent problem in this country, but as we established in last week’s cover story, it exists at a level that is nothing like what is being trumpeted by Amber Lyon on the behalf of activists who want to put us out of business.” Tony Ortega

    “Seven years ago, the people I work for were smart enough to start, a competitor to Craigslist. While other newspapers were doing little more than publicly condemning Newmark (Note: Craig Newmark is an American Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the San Francisco-based international website Craigslist.) for the way Craigslist has, for years, eaten into their classified-ads revenue, we decided to fight back. That’s just how we operate.” Tony Ortega WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 2011

    “It’s the old hippie ideal of endlessly pushing a lefty agenda to keep up your “movement” cred. Hey, good luck with that. But I live in a cutthroat town, and I have salaries to pay”.

    Tony Ortega

    (The salaries were paid through selling women and children for sex, because the Village Voice was a FREE GIVEAWAY PAPER at that point. The advertising revenue was paid by pimps.)

    “I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a web site into a digital enterprise.” Tony Ortega bragged to the New York Times Blog Media Decoder on September 14, 2012 after leaving the Village Voice.

    Quote from Senator Claire McCaskill

    “The profit they were making was obscene,” says Sen. Claire McCaskill, who co-authored the Senate report on Backpage. “And the fact they were comfortable making that profit on the backs of children that were being sold for sex — it’s hard to contemplate that kind of evil.”

    To give you an idea as to what a MASTER MANIPULATOR Tony Ortega is, he dehumanized his victims by calling them “underage prostitutes” and tapped into the social stigmatism to discount them. Then he attacked them and made THEM, the CHILDREN being sold on Backpage, the PROBLEM.

    “Underage prostitution is a persistent problem in this country”.

    There is no such thing as an “underage prostitute”. Children are MINORS and if they are being sold for sex they are being TRAFFICKED.

    Then Ortega sits at his computer and religiously attacks a woman in Texas who is just trying to raise her child As if she is criminals being hunted by the F.B.I.!

    Sadism. Tony Ortega is a sadist. It doesn’t get more sadistic than this.

  40. I see that Mike Rinder is concerned about the alleged sex crimes of Danny Masterson. That’s understandable because if true then Masterson’s style of rape is particularly hideous. And if true I hope he is prosecuted.

    But no outrage expressed over the sex trafficking of minors by Tony O’s Backpage money making effort. Oh wait……Masterson is a Scientologist while Ortega is not. Got it.

  41. It’s the new “Wog Supremacy” movement. “I am not a Scientologist so I am superior to you”. “He / She is a Scientologist and therefore fair game”. “Discount points for our people in the supremacy group”. “If you are a Scientologist you deserve to be harmed attacked and suppressed.” “Scientologists are to be dehumanized”.


  42. They spend their days full-time fair gaming Scientologists. All the while complaining about how bad the fair game policy is. I mean, it’s pure confusion.

  43. Then, Marty gets attacked because he isn’t in confusion. Or treason. Or because he isn’t in danger. Basically, because he is not parked in unsavory or twisted conditions. He’s a constant. And he isn’t tribal. They are tribal, there has to be a tribe and there has to be a tribe leader, and there has to be domination. You see Tony Ortega pimping himself as an “expert Scientologist” and his followers are so confused they believe it. He has never explored Scientology in any capacity. All he has done is write a new knowledge report every day for years! And he has the audacity to refer to Marty as a warrior or enforcer! If it wasn’t so pathetic, it could be called dark comedy.

  44. What does Mike do? He writes a new knowledge report almost every day. What does Karen do? She has a youtube channel with a series of mini com eves. You see Mike and Leah on national television holding com eves. All of these people are obsessed with HEAVY ETHICS. You see Leah Remini demanding U.S. Government militia raid. That, is very heavy ethics. Then they try to run it Marty. Next thing you know there is a big tribal fair gaming going on.

    It’s really f_____g sick. Scary. Even restimulative to those that watch it. Confusion. And it generates more confusion.

    Listen, if Marty hasn’t bought into this madness yet, I do not think he is going to. He doesn’t owe it to anyone to be insane. Or to wallow in heavy ethics. He is not an enforcer. He does not care to dominate. People out here have been given a LOT of wrong items and wrong indications. How is someone in confusion going to give you a right item?

    Just because someone mistreats you, does not give you a handful of credits to wallow in injustice and mistreat others.

    Monique Rathbun has been nothing but an innocent bystander and someone in Australia who has never crossed her path have a website up fair gaming her! One fair gaming me too. Declares! Ethics madness. Heavy Ethics. It’s oppressive and sinister.

    And Tony Ortega is the last person to question someone’s ethics. He has cost U.S. taxpayers over 100 million dollars so far this year with the cancer he launched in New York. Meanwhile he runs around like an ethics officer, making declares, writing his KR’s. Insanity!

  45. What is the usual activity at ESMB? Invests, knowledge reports and com eves. They keep a dossier on Marty with it’s own area. They are not aware of what they are dramatizing. Of the plague, they have become on other people’s lives. They actually think they are putting ethics in on the planet.

  46. Then you have Jeffrey Augustine. His wife has suffered trauma, and I strongly suspect childhood trauma. Which has never been addressed. She has been hysterical and hallucinatory for YEARS. “Monique is fanning the flames” “Scientology killed my son” “The Oracle is posting as COB” etc etc etc. It goes on and on. Her husband has not made one effort to get her into therapy or counseling. To find out if she needs medication. Nothing! He feeds into the hysteria and hallucinations. That is sadistic. Zero responsibility. And I want to mention here that contrary to Karen’s assertions, Marty has PROTECTED her on this blog. Even though she has sponsored witch hunts against him and his wife. Marty has taken more responsibility for than her own husband.

  47. Why is it wrong to believe people are capable of a little sanity?

  48. The Rathbuns could have already filed at least five lawsuits and twenty temporary restraining orders if they were TRIGGER HAPPY POLICEMEN. Like the ones obsessed with heavy ethics.

  49. One child found being sold on Backpage for sex was seven years old.

  50. The only way to get the stalker / blogger Tony Ortega out of your life is to have zero, repeat zero, affinity reality or communication with anyone even remotely connected to that sociopathic criminal and his stalking, harming, attacking and suppressing routines. I just looked at his Twitter feed and his followers are so routinely misinformed by his constant fraud and ill will. He is clearly obsessed with becoming and staying relevant through all things Scientology. He has ten abilities. Stalking, harming, attacking, suppressing, gaslighting, manipulating, lying, restimulating, confusing, and identity theft.

  51. Here’s an example of Tony Ortega’s art at gaslighting. He tweets “Rathbun has again been caught leaking private emails to the Church of Scientology, but poor troll blames us for calling it what it is.”

    “Marty has been caught” implies Marty is some kind of criminal on the run. And controlling his own email account is illegal. If it’s on his own account, he has every right over the content of his own email account!

    But Ortega knows how to phrase it, to convey that Marty is on some kind of probation, (ordered by Ortega I guess?) to not have control over his own email accounts.

    And if Marty shares or forwards an email, it is a “leak”.

    This is the kind of guttural mind f_____g Ortega is a master at. Tony Ortega can turn peeling an apple into a very sinister dark event that can be used to disturb others. Anything he can do to keep someone’s attention off of his own criminal history.

  52. Tony Ortega’s reaction? “Underage prostitution is a persistent problem in this country”.

  53. Tony Ortega hides behind “free speech” to sell children for sex. Then accuses Marty of being a criminal if he forwards or shares email.

    “WE are first amendment extremists, always have been”. Tony Ortega

    Marty has a right to free speech and a right to control his own email account. Tony Ortega should just stop trying to silence and muzzle him.

    On Mondays Tony Ortega sets up a tribal fair gaming on Marty by declaring he has been silenced.

    On Fridays Tony Ortega sets up a tribal fair gaming on Marty by declaring he talks too much.

    He pushes their buttons from every angle.

  54. And if all of this were not enough, we have Paul Haggis submitting KR’s to Tony Ortega as if he is Inspector General Ethics.

    Who the f__k is mocking this up?

    Not Marty.

  55. “We are first amendment extremists, always have been”. Tony Ortega

    Ask Tony Ortega how many people he has banned from posting on his blog because they disagreed with his or questioned him. He has disconnected from hundreds of people. All the while he has a “disconnection” list printed on the front of his blog.

    I was banned from his blog because I criticised him for using children as a weapon when he fair gamed the Duggin children. He even outed adoption information. Outed their location leaving them open to kidnappers as their father is wealthy. Tony Ortega stalked these children and violated them every which way but loose.

    Tony, please tell your readers how many days it has been since you disconnected from me.

  56. If Tony Ortega disconnected from you, please add your name to this list.

  57. Tony, please tell your readers how many days it has been since you disconnected from Alanzo.

  58. Someone sent me an email today saying Tony Ortega was only selling adult women and not children.

    First of all, Backpage was busted when it was discovered that their moderators were coaching pimps, on how to sell children, and this is why they closed their adult section.

    The two girls in this documentary, lived through their experiences while Tony Ortega stood on the front lines defending and SELLING Backpage.

    Please come out of denial. The headlines are all over it. The legislation is all over it. Tony Ortega lived off the backs of disenfranchised and desperate women and homeless children. His bar tabs were paid from their exploitation and misery.

    If you can justify this, you can justify anything.

  59. Exploring Scientology, I found some things that were disturbing. Watching people out here feel O.K. about Tony Ortega selling children for sex is downright shocking. I did not see that coming. BOOM!

  60. It would behoove some of the people following Tony Ortega to make an effort to engage in some “grown up” conversations and activities, which include all of mankind.

    United States Senators are acting now to hold online sex traffickers accountable for their crimes against women & children.

    This bill is being sponsored by groups you could be aware of, if you became curious about the welfare of real children living in this world.

    There are real, functioning people and groups working to make the world a better place children, and for you, beyond the cyber cults. All of which are working full-time right now to affect new legislation to deal with crimes against women and children, perpetuated by Backpage. 73% of all suspected child sex trafficking cases have a link to Backpage. This is the most violent trespass of human rights in America at this time. This is horrifying & heartbreaking. A parent’s worst nightmare.

    The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reported an 846 percent increase in reports of suspected child sex trafficking from 2010 to 2015. They found this dramatic spike to be “directly correlated to the increased use of the internet to sell children for sex.” And Backpage, and it’s hiddemn links like “Big City”, dominate the industry.

    Linda Smith (U.S. Congress 1995-99), Founder and President of Shared Hope International
    Cindy McCain
    Yvonne Ambrose – Mother of child killed by a Backpage customer
    J.S. – Survivor of child sex trafficking
    Patrick Trueman, CEO – National Center on Sexual Exploitation
    Nacole S. – Mother of child sex trafficking victim
    Tom S. – Father of child sex trafficking victim
    Taina Bien-Aimé, Executive Director – Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
    Zack S. – Family member of victim
    Kubiiki Pride – Mother of child sex trafficking victim
    Mehmet Oz, MD – The Doctor Oz Show
    Kristen D – Family member of victim
    Rebecca Bender, Survivor – CEO of Rebecca Bender Initiative
    Brooke Axtell, Survivor – CEO of She is Rising
    Jerome Elam, Survivor – CEO of Trafficking in America Task Force
    Carol Robles-Roman, Executive Director – Legal Momentum
    Mary Mazzio, Director/Producer of “I AM JANE DOE”
    Dorchen Leidholdt, Legal Center Director – Sanctuary for Families
    Alexi Ashe Meyers – Sanctuary for Families
    Autumn Hanna VandeHei, Co-Founder -Advisory Council on Child Trafficking
    Allison Abner, Co-Founder -Advisory Council on Child Trafficking
    Tracy Sefl, Co-Founder – Advisory Council on Child Trafficking
    Faiza Mathon-Mathieu – Advisory Council on Child Trafficking
    Lisa Goldblatt-Grace, Executive Director – My Life My Choice
    Kate Lee, Administrator – NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking
    John M. Simpson, Privacy Project Director – Consumer Watchdog
    Peter MacKay, Partner – Baker McKenzie
    Bill Lynch – William D. Lynch Foundation for Children
    Pam Strickland, Founder – ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now
    Bibiana Ferraiuoli – Ricky Martin Foundation
    Penny Venetis – The Rutgers Law School Human Rights Clinic
    Chris Sagona, National Press Director – and UniteWomenNJ
    Andrea Christine Powell, Founder and Executive Director – FAIR Girls
    Austin Ruse, President – C-Fam
    Keri Spencer, Executive Director – RISE
    Tania Montanez – The Mavuno Project
    Bonnie Shapiro, President – Northern NJ Chapter – National Organization for Women
    Deb Huber, President – New Jersey Chapter – National Organization for Women
    Karen Lontka, President – Morris County (NJ) Chapter – National Organization for Women
    Benjamin Nolot, CEO and Founder – Exodus Cry
    Vanessa Forbes, Elijah Rising
    Erik Bauer, Esq. – Attorney for JS
    Michael Pfau, Esq. – Attorney for JS
    Gina Arquilla Deboni, Esq. – Attorney for Yvonne Ambrose
    Karen Teegarden –
    Jasha Salter –
    Nancy Rivard, President – Airline Ambassadors
    Amor Sierra, Owner – Miami Tattoo Co
    Brenda Tate, Director – Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida
    Peg Cafferty – Empower Her Network
    Nancy Baldwin, Treasurer – Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network
    Heather Wightman – RIA House
    Justin Miller, Director – TRUST AZ
    Shannon Mahoney – Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office
    Ajay Singh, Associate Editor- Freedom Magazine
    Lyn Beyer, NCC, LPC – Reach Counseling Services
    Megan E. Beyer, Esq. – Massachusetts Land Court
    Susan Panzica – Justice Network
    Roy Heerema – NECT
    Larry and Abigail Trittschuh, concerned parents and information security executive
    Elizabeth Koldyke Boolbol – Global PEHT

    Google executives and consumer watchdog are now involved in these conversations. In has infected the tech industry!

    And it’s all happening while Tony Ortega accuses Marty of sharing an email! From his own email account!

  61. I should say, it is all happening while Tony Ortega is making a Federal case over who the Rathbuns choose to associate with, or not.

  62. I should say, It’s all happening while Tony Ortega and entourage work to violate the human rights of Marty and Monique Rathbun. (Not to mantion the others). And fair game them for decisions regarding who they choose to associate with, or not.

  63. If you want to know where “revenge motivation” takes people, just look at the Las Vegas shooter.

  64. A Scientologist argues:

    Because there’s so much good in Scientology, there’s no need to talk about the bad.

    An Anti-Scientologist argues:

    Because there’s so much bad in Scientology, there’s no need to talk about the good.

    Both are illegitimate & biased and show the problem with tribal thinking when it comes to telling the truth.

    The truth about Scientology is BOTH the good and the bad. Each are just as important to talk about – if you want to tell the truth.


  65. Note: The list of people above is just one segment of our population that works full time to address Backpage, the sex trafficking syndicate Tony Ortega launched out of New York with two other men. This does not include damage control, law enforcement, and government.

    While Tony Ortega writes his daily KR’s.

  66. And while Tony Ortega works tirelessly beside his peers, including Paul Haggis and Leah Remini, to erode the human and constitutional rights of others.

  67. Keep the faith.

  68. Dear Tony Ortega,

    Contrary to your public denunciation of “Underage prostitutes” being a “persistent problem in America”. (When you are questioned about selling children for sex)

    Backpage is starting to own up to its responsibility in selling children for sex now that the bill is up for vote in the Senate to hold them accountable.

    This is just the beginning. The house of cards is beginning to fall.

    Just thought I would let you know how the organized crime scam is beginning to fall apart at the seams.

  69. Actually, talking about the Truth… there any inherent good or bad that can be found and proven anywhere? Looks more to me like a complex involved domain of OPINION that people refer to and people espouse and promote that has nothing to do with any rational definition of the truth of what is real. That there is no inherent truth or reality does not justify apathy as some conclude nor is it an excuse for doing or not doing anything.

    Is there some concrete irrefutable inherent good or bad to be found in Scientology that everyone would agree is real?

    Critics like Tony Ortega relate to their opinions and feelings (that they are invested in and make money off of) about something as real and as fact and as truth. It is why Ortega’s discussion stays limited to a self congratulatory schoolyard blog with the same 25 disenchanted individuals posting thousands of posts a day giving the impression of many voices and what is found there is in fact a small group repeating themselves and giving themselves high fives for the same old cleverest insults and put downs, that were already said countless times on the blog the week before.

  70. He describes himself as a journalist. This is the journalist code of ethics. He isn’t just unprofessional, he is HUGELY unethical. A total disgrace to his profession.

    Click to access ethicscode.pdf

  71. She was there in 1963:

  72. Tony, your former bosses are admitting they knowingly sold children for sex. I wonder where that leaves you now? Everyone in the entire syndicate is admitting it. Everyone but you Tony. That looks a little, well, every dog has their day?

  73. “You’d have to be pretty willfully ignorant not to realize that part of the revenues that went into your check on a weekly basis were derived, at least in part, from marketing for prostitution.”

  74. To your point, here is a Daily Mail article on Backpage:
    “At least 150,000 children are victims of sex trafficking in the United States, and 80% are sold on Backpage.” 80%!!

  75. There aren’t enough contributions from Oracle.

  76. Being me. Being You.

    Seems no one else is willing to contribute to a conversation about Tony Ortega and his human rights violations. Selling children for sex isn’t a concern. Their focus is on fair gaming people for the pursuit of happiness. Unless the happiness they pursue buying homeless children and disenfranchised women on the Internet for use as sex slaves.

    Anyway, above are my findings. And the widespread hypocrisy is one of them.

    My recommendations are on the desks of every Senator and Congressman in Washington.

    Other interesting conversations are on their way into the public domain about Tony Ortega and Backpage. As well as his followers, friends, and supporters.

    Now, if you will excuse me. Other people have been waiting in line to suck me into their motivator flows. It’s rude to keep people waiting.

  77. Being me. Being You.

    Tony Ortega is now referring to me as “Scientology trying to smear me”.

    No Tony. I am not “Scientology”. Nice effort to dehumanize me. To discount the evidence. I expected nothing less than total denial, gaslighting, pathological lying, misinforming, misleading.

    The U.S. Senators and Congress are not “Scientology”.

    The victims are not “Scientology”.

    This has nothing to do with Scientology. It has everything to do with your history of launching a sex trafficking / human trafficking syndicate. With organized crime. With you profiting off the misery of women and homeless children.

    Jesus Christ Tony, You think someone has to invent stuff to “smear” you?

    You are the underbelly of existence. And you are still defending Backpage!

    Do you think if there was no such thing as Scientology you would look holy?

    Keep tripping Tony. And keep them tripping with you.

    It takes some people 10 – 35 years to figure out they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  78. Being me. Being You.

    How mathematically deficient are Tony Ortega’s followers to not understand that if the Village Voice was being given away for free, his paycheck was not coming from selling newspapers? He says his paycheck came from Village Voice media. Village Voice media owned Backpage. If they were not making money from the Village Voice, where does Tony think his paycheck was coming from?

    Is he being “willfully ignorant”?

    Former Village Voice staffer: “You’d have to be pretty willfully ignorant not to realize that part of the revenues that went into your check on a weekly basis were derived, at least in part, from marketing for prostitution.”

    When will Tony Ortega share the information about his cut in the payouts? He was paid to be quiet when he was outed from the Voice.

    He says Backpage was for adults? They were busted coaching pimps on how to sell to children which precipitated them closing their human trafficking section before a hearing with Senate hearing. They knowingly facilitated child sex trafficking.

    I would bet my life not one of his followers has read the Senate Investigations Report on Backpage. They wouldn’t be interested in what their own Senators are saying about it.

    And the Washington Post’s “True Crime” section is part of some “Scientology” conspiracy?’s Knowing Facilitation of Online Sex Trafficking:

    The people “leading the way” in the Scientology theater today, were “leading the way” 10 – 35 years ago. Now they are saying they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It obviously takes them 10 – 35 years to figure out conditions others can observe within a very short time frame. It will take them 10 – 35 years to figure out the dynamics and economics behind Backpage and the Village Voice, and Tony Ortega’s part in it. If, it can be shown on film or in pictures. And even then, well, some people just aren’t up for inconvenient truths.

  79. Being me. Being You.

    If Tony Ortega was not aware his paycheck was coming from sexual slavery, much of it from minors, why did he use the Village Voice under him to fair game anyone that criticized it for being a front for selling women and children?

    Ashton Kusher, The New York Times, and Amber Lyon? (To name a few)

    If he had nothing to do with Backpage or it’s financing why does he complain that critics of child sex trafficking “are trying to put US out of business”?

    “Underage prostitution is a persistent problem in this country, but as we established in last week’s cover story, it exists at a level that is nothing like what is being trumpeted by Amber Lyon on the behalf of activists who want to put us out of business.”

    Tony Ortega states in the above article HE WROTE that someone criticizing Backpage should be talking to the Village Voice! And that she is trying to put “US” out of business, by criticizing Backpage.

    Media watchdog site Gawker knew it was very clear the Village Voice was supported by drugs and prostitution:

    “Like most alt-weeklies, the Voice depends on sex and drug ads for its very survival.”

    You would need nanny software or deliberate blindness not to understand Tony Ortega’s paycheck came from selling disenfranchised women and homeless children.

  80. Being me. Being You.

    At the end of the day, we have two founding members of the Church of Scientology, who spent over three decades making it what it is today, hooked at the hip with a founding member of Backpage sex trafficking syndicate. Attacking the Church of Scientology and pretending Backpage does not exist. And the scary thing is, this makes sense to some people.

  81. morelivesthanacat

    Dan Koon, get over it.
    And geez, Oracle. You should start your own blog.
    But to my own point.
    I thank Marty for this entire latest series as 1) an education in false media narrative all in one shot, and 2) finally I stopped following all these Scn-related blogs breathlessly (except this one) and all major media. It’s astonishing how much time I wasted in those places

  82. I will never apologize for speaking out about this violence upon homeless children and women. All of what I have shared here on this blog took only about 30 minutes of my time.


    Marty has been very generous to permit me to have this platform. Eternally grateful.

  84. Female employees dropped like flies at the Village Voice. While payroll was made off the backs of homeless children and the misery and slavery of women.

  85. A toxic culture enables people like Tony Ortega.

  86. Busted sex trafficing rings are in the news these days. Quite a few children rescued just in the Detroit area recently. It was on tonight’s TV news. The busts are nationwide and involve hundreds of people.

  87. Sex offenders notoriously lead double lives to keep from being suspected of committing sex offenses. People need to GET WITH IT.

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