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  1. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

    Moreover, it just occurred to me what this band of cowed associates swarming Tony Ortega’s front page are grappling with. And its not a whole lot different from the culture described at Int Base around David Miscavige.

    We are looking at another protected man so steeped in evil, it is beyond the confront/reality level of his entourage.

    No one dares to question him not just because they are so vested with their egocentric clamoring for a spotlight, but because the “shock and awe” of a psychopath like that is just, well, too shocking and too awesome/awful.

  2. The teen girls spoke out days after their horrific ordeal was over. It ended with their kidnapper/rapist being killed by police. The research I did has a USA Today article link about the girl’s interview, and of course covers his hoax. There’s a link to an article where he ‘fired’ one the writer of the Survive This hoax, which was him under a fake name. Also has his other hoaxes. I tried to use direct sources where possible. Under Journalistic Integrity header.

  3. Total hypocrisy! You never want to question or get on his bad side. He’ll turn on you, he’ll flat out lie about you, and the ‘faithful’ will follow suit and do his biding so they can still be in his ‘presence’. Mind you, I’m not aware of direct public directives by him against others; but it’s implied when he denounces someone, usually with lies. People want to please him, so they attack whom he’s cast out.

    Yet he calls Scientology evil? Bunkerology has taken it’s rule book by how he claims Scientology is run and not many there realize that. If/when they do, they leave. Does HE even realize what he’s doing?

  4. Tom Klemesrud

    Do you see the parallel to what Lawrence Wright was doing in 1995?

    Are these attempts at shielding things and people like The Finders (of children) or the Franklin Coverup, child sex ring of the later 80’s in Omaha running to DC?

  5. Wow Tom.

    And recently (about a year ago now) Tony proudly re-published a hit-piece he had written against MK-Ultra victim-whistleblower Brice Taylor (he cleverly avoids mentioniung her or the name of her book) who wrote her account in, “Thanks for the Memories.”

    “The Franklin Cover-Up” is a must read for understanding the extent of bi-partisan political connections to pedophilia dating back at least to the 1980’s when this was uncovered around BoysTown in Nebraska.

    What better role for Tony to play for his masters than his expertise in gaslighting victims – as he reportedly has against several former Scientologists – so that the narrative remains sensational, profitable, protected and controlled.

  6. Gaslighting is the right word. From Wikipedia:

    “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.”

    But who exactly are his “masters”? Or is there a link you can provide?

    Thanks for your always informative posts.

  7. Tom Klemesrud

    Dennis Erlich even dropped into Omaha after a tussle at Flag, from 1982 to 1984; which were his anti-cult formative years, writing an anti-Scientology piece in the local Omaha weekly. It was from Omaha, he got into a spitting contest with his ex-wife in San Diego about possible abuse about their daughter, according to court documents filed in RTC v Netcom, 1995. (Mike Rinder — then head of OSA — says he never heard of this case.) hehe

  8. Marty, thanks for another informative video.

  9. Tom Klemesrud

    Franklin Coverup movie …

  10. OK, I don’t even understand what’s going on anymore, but just hear me out on this one anecdote. After watching this video a Steven Mango video was recommended. I started watching it.

    He makes the accusation that you are a criminal because you must be taking a payoff or something to that effect. BUT, before he can get into any specifics he promotes his line of ASC “merch”, and requests that you give him money (make a donation).

    Then an ad started playing because his channel, which is apparently dedicated to attacking you is monetized. That means he set up a Google Adsense account and linked it to his Youtube and bank account.

    He made a conscious decision to profit from talking shit about you, spreading any rumor or innuendo.

    All the drama is interesting, but I don’t have any personal stake in it anymore.

  11. It’s getting to be a real eye-opener that both sides of the equation – be it Church of Scientology or critics – are prone to lieing whenever it suits their agendas.

    A good example is a recent find of mine that neither the Church or the critics, for the last 30 years at least, ever bothered to do anything about. (if they even noticed).

    You’d think at least the staff in the Church would have pored over Hubbard’s war records and noticed such a clear example of a time when L. Ron Hubbard *did* actually tell the truth about his experiences in the war.

    But no…they are too busy making seriously lame attacks that discredit themselves almost immediately half the time.

    Whatever happened to just reporting the truth? (or at least shutting the heck up when you’re wrong would be just as refreshing)

  12. Seems Mssr Rinder has a faulty memory here on his past excesses when he became head of OSA. Strange how he doesn’t mention how he tried to set you up with Miss Boodybutt or how he tried to frame the Mayos for drug trafficking.

    That and various other crimes he’s committed against those whom he considered “critics” of Scientology would make for some interesting “must see” television.

    From what I understand from being a denizen of ARS way back was that Dennis along with Bill Franks and others were pretty neutral about their time in Scientology until exposed to the tender mercies of Rinder’s OSA who seemed to have a knack for creating enemies.

    I mean it was his and Helena Cobrin’s incompetent handling of ARS that made it the top newsgroup on usenet.

    That said.

    It makes me wonder if Rinder’s objectives have really changed all that much since leaving the Church and starting up his blog.

  13. Thanks Tom. There’s also some interesting information coming from Alex Constantine on the CIA’s efforts to discredit memories of child abuse by labeling it as a “False Memory Syndrome”:

  14. Funny how that started after Rinder and OSA took over from the GO. I mean whatever one can say about the GO they were more interested in uncovering the truth than OSA ever was. I remember personally volunteering to research files received through various FOIA requests filed by the GO which ended after OSA took over and began rewriting the Church’s history much like Winston Smith.

    An obvious fact was that instead of hiring an actual historian or even a seasoned journalist they went with Dan Sherman who was a novelist to write the current “history” of the Church and L Ron Hubbard.

    Ironically they could have had the competent services Fletcher Prouty who had an inside perspective of how the intelligence community worked but instead they went with Purple Prose Sherman who as far as I’m concerned is totally incompetent.

  15. I’m sure there were at least a few truth-oriented types in the Guardian’s Office, but by and large the majority were not what I would call “better” than OSA Different, yes, but not better.

    Most were (and perhaps still are) stuck in Hubbard’s misdirection, his over-narrowing onto Nazis and German psychiatrists. Not that there wasn’t any “fire” where that smoke was, there are actually a number of fires there. It’s who set them, or wanted them set that Hubbard seems to have consistently left out of the picture.

    I also don’t count Fletcher Prouty as any better of a historian than Dan Sherman.

  16. “It makes me wonder if Rinder’s objectives have really changed all that much since leaving the Church and starting up his blog.”


  17. Personally I’d say he was getting close to who set them with “Notes on SMERSH” and “A Working Theory”.

    As far as Dan Sherman being a better “historian” of what is called the Deep State than Fletcher Prouty I’d say surely you jest?

    I recommend “The Secret Team” as required reading if one wants to truly understand the machinations of the CIA.

    Sherman is out gunned and out of his league when he approaches this subject as one can see in his incompetent handling of such charlatans as Miller and Wright.

  18. I said…”I also don’t count Fletcher Prouty as any better of a historian than Dan Sherman.”

    Not sure how you got out of that, that Dan Sherman was better at anything. I certainly don’t think he is.

  19. From Mike McClaughry –

    Robin. I’ll answer this. I am familiar with Hubbard’s “A Working Theory” wherein he’s basically saying that the Nazis were working on a plan of world conquest. Due to our research, we found out that Nazi Germany was a British and Vatican operation. If you are unfamiliar with how that was orchestrated, I suggest you read chapter 7 and chapter 9 of my online book The Reckoning.

  20. Yes WN I absolutely agree that everyone should read The Franklin Cover-Up by John W. DeCamp. It’s not an easy read, but people really need to know what goes on in the shadows of the rich and elites.

    And Marty I’m glad to see you posting vids exposing Tony Ortega for what he truly is. This guy is so hypocritical for falsely accusing Scientologists of “believing in pedophilia” because of a few lines in Dianetics that he twists out of context. And yet he was and essentially still is an apologist for child sex trafficking. Ortega is a typical phony liberal and a self righteous hypocrite. And no doubt a hack when it comes to “journalism”.

  21. Very interesting information as usual Virginia.

    BTW, did you know that Lawrence Wright is a member of the CFR?

    I have confirmed that Lawrence G. Wright listed in the CFR ranks is indeed the author of “Going Clear” and the undoubtedly CIA approved “The Looming Tower” book on Bin Laden and 911.

  22. Thanx for the additional information.

  23. Thanks for the additional information.

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