Rinder Remini Redux


The delinquents are back.

Letter to A and E :

Dear Mr. Hoberman,

      It has come to my attention that your latest Leah Remini/Mike Rinder prankster production may be targeting me with accusations of a discreditable nature.

      By way of background, when I last dared to raise objections to similar conduct on the part of Remini, Rinder, A & E, and IPC your two noble ‘activists’ targeted my family for retaliation. Remini’s anti-scientology Facebook page was used as a forum to launch phony, vicious attacks to undermine and destroy my wife’s fledgling, family-run bakery. Upon being called out on their hijinks, Remini and Rinder went silent. Very silent. They created a private (members only) Facebook forum from which to continue with their juvenile-delinquent behaviors. So much for their continual refrain about the sanctity of family, the atrocity of targeting people for harassment who dissent from particular doctrinal views, and those with alleged obsessions about secrecy.

      Rinder and Remini also participated in a blackmail scheme to silence my dissent from their preying on emotionally weak people with hysterical and misleading portrayals of their own experiences in and concerning Scientology. I was informed by the leading financier of Rinder and the anti-Scientology Cult (ASC, of which Remini and RInder are the leading lights) that if I did not remain silent about the group’s duplicity my ‘crimes’ committed while in Scientology would be ruthlessly exposed. Having myself already thoroughly disclosed any untoward behavior I may have engaged in while affiliated with the church of Scientology, my response was ‘make my day.’

     Months later, in January 2017 I was informed by ASC’s chief propagandist Tony Ortega that an ABC Leah Remini special scheduled to air the next day was targeting me for alleged crimes I had committed while in Scientology – and that Ortega was set to flank the show on his hate site. I learned that one Sergio Gil was filmed announcing that while I was in the Church I forced him to cooperate in a cover-up of an alleged sexual assault he had been victim of. I informed ABC that I did not even know who Sergio Gil was, had never witnessed anyone being sexually assaulted by anyone, never received a report of such an act, and never participated in any cover up of any such incident. ABC investigated and wisely chose to edit the segment out of the Remini production. It turned out Gil had been publishing his accusations on a private Facebook page operated by ASC’s financier and regularly frequented by Rinder and Remini.

       A concerned citizen recently sent me two postings on Remini’s secret site that are the cause for my current concerns. Those were a post from Gil and a post from a Remini minion showing Gil as a participant in your upcoming anti-Scientology smear job. In Gil’s post, he has rolled out a brand new series of accusations about me. Remarkably, the new charges are one hundred and eighty degrees the opposite of what he charged in 2017.  Now, Gil does not claim that I participated in covering up sexual misconduct, but instead that I specialized in uncovering and exposing it.  He claims that I trained him and others on how to do the same.

        Quite the trick considering that Gil is somebody I never met, never knew, and never communicated with. The entire post is strewn with misrepresentations starting with a position I allegedly held that I never did and have never even heard of to the procedures he recounts being taught to the existence of such a ‘school’ where his imagined accusations took place. I understand that Gil has boasted of the psychiatric treatment he has received since leaving the Church. If true, his continued public prancing about with such wild hallucinations is a severe indictment of the psychiatrists concerned.

         More likely , given their treatment of me and my family in the past, Gil’s real problem is his affiliation with Remini and Rinder whose stock in trade appears to be cultivating and promoting such delusions.

          Incidentally, more than a year ago I posted a video wherein I pointed out a glaring absurdity about your plethora of sexual abuse and cover-up claims. That is, the person who would have been in a position to know of the particulars of them all, if there were any, was the very joker producing this litany. Mike Rinder. By his own descriptions of the positions he held for decades — the duration within which virtually all your claims allegedly occurred — Mike RInder would be the only person capable of corroborating all them and the most authoritative – evidenced by the size of his Remini production salary – to boot. I pointed out Rinder had not taken responsibility for a one of them, nor even acknowledged that any corner of what was alleged actually occurred. Since then, how many particulars has he copped to? In fact, Sleepy Mike’s silence is further corroboration of the facts I state concerning the accusations against me.

            If for some reason Rinder has a sudden bout of that rare affliction called ‘memory’ and cooks up an act for you, in light of the previous paragraph (and after your countenance of Rinder’s three-year hiding in plain sight schtick) and you go ahead and air any such accusations concerning me – even with a notation that said that I never heard of the individual – I very well may sue you.


                                                                                                              Mark C. Rathbun

53 responses to “Rinder Remini Redux

  1. Thanks for the update, Marty. Good to hear from you.

  2. Thanks for another signature post, telling it like it is.

  3. Sharon Sigmond

    I fully appreciate your taking time to tell us your side, which I happen to have no problem believing as I watch more and more “ex’s” enter a similar scenario as the political arena whose sole purpose appears to be Divide and Conquer and stir up as much sh– as possible……Entheta is their middle name. Thank you Marty. I was wondering where you went. Absence allows fill in to occur. Thanks for showing up.

  4. I say the same as Sharon.

  5. I have not stopped following the drama and story of the SO as it was such a vital part of my life. Everything I read online, on website, in magazines is of course parsed through my own lens, my own story and my own memories. And yet, I’m astonished over and over how MUCH of the “story” just isn’t ENOUGH of the story … I know personally so many of the early players …

    The duplicity is breathtaking.


    In keeping with earlier posts of mine — my latest read (am listening on audible):

    “Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy” Mo Gawdat – former Chief Business Officer, Google (x)

    His approach has brought me nearly full circle … to a faith based belief in no death … lifetimes …

    I am so grateful that Mo took his own unfathomable heartbreak and turned it into something a positive …

    With love,

  6. morelivesthanacat

    Good one. BTW, maybe I wrote you privately (don’t remember), but in any case, after your last long series of videos I finally decided to stop following all this nonsense as a daily ritual, as I had for years since discovering your blog. It was a full circle realisation of the whole ‘fake news’ syndrome, no different in the mainstream than in the new anti-scientology movement. (to be clear, this is a compliment. I felt you were always more truthful than the rest and that series–despite the recoil that came back on you because of it–was ire honest than all the rest of the no so-called experts on Scn). And, in truth, I haven’t checked back for years. Maybe once or twice in a few years out of curiosity but finding that nothing is really new. Strangely, on those few occasions I found your site had long gone quiet. Tonight was one of those times I checked back. So again, good one. Gawd, they’re still droning on. Must be exhausting to keep following this drivel.

  7. Hi Marty, it would be nice to get back to your inspiring writing; the writing that occurred before all this animosity. Just a thought. You have a good mind, and a presence to share. Good luck…

  8. Who is the financier?

  9. Hi Marty – I really enjoyed your memoir – what is Texas Tropics all about? You are an excellent writer. Wishing you well.

  10. I just have one comment for you my beloved Mark, and this is it, and you have to deal with it !

  11. Marty Rathbun my Brother from another Mother I will put this up on Why We Protest for better or worse, I am so happy to have you back.

  12. I will leave you with my almost favorite song: Later Mark
    Johnny Cash – Hurt

  13. Thanks for the public statement on this issue, Marty. About what I had figured, actually. 😡

  14. I am Proud of you

  15. Hey Marty, good to see you’re posting again. Hope all is well with you and the family.

    Today I came across this article on The Daily Beast site titled “How Nicole Kidman Almost Got Tom Cruise to Leave Scientology”. It was posted on Dec. 28, 2019. So about five days ago. Yes, you can tell by the title that The Daily Beast obviously doesn’t have enough other important things to cover, so they dredge up this tired 20 plus year old story.

    Anyway, you are in this article of course. The main reason I’m bringing it to your attention though is because the author just matter-of-factly says that you have rejoined the CoS. You know, like it is just a proven fact. Obviously it is not a fact.

    Here is the link: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-nicole-kidman-almost-got-tom-cruise-to-leave-scientology?ref=scroll

    I was planning to send this to you via email, but I no longer have your address and I couldn’t find it on your blog here. Feel free to delete this post if you don’t care to call attention to this story from your site. I will understand.

  16. THIS IS MY METAL QUEEN SINGING DISNEY: (Normally she sings Metal)

  17. My Goddes:
    Floor Jansen – Face Your Demons (After Forever) (PAARD, Den Haag 01.02.2020)

  18. Joan Osborne – What If God Was One Of Us



  20. Danny Kaye, Zubin Mehta, and friends talk backstage (1981)

  21. Marty I aint from Philly , but I did read anything you would say about that time in your life, This my Lanfguage, The Song is about a son of a Farner who has to sell because the DEBT ran up too high.

    Gerard van Maasakkers – Achter de Schuur (live) : Gerard van Maasakkers – Achter de Schuur (live)

  22. Beth Hart is my orher Queen: Beth Hart & Jeff Beck – I’d Rather Go Blind (Kennedy Center Honors 2012): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fALdOkf_eCM

  23. even Nation Army – Vintage New Orleans Dirge White Stripes Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

  24. I Will Not Yield! – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (7/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD
    81.109 weergaven•6 okt. 2012

  25. A SPOONFUL OF CLOROX – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
    4.623.834 weergaven•25 apr. 2020

    I told you Marty Rarhbun that The Trump Administration would be “Scientology on Steroids” Was I right ?

  26. Elvis Presley – If I Can Dream (’68 Comeback Special 50th Anniversary HD Remaster) (Official Video)

    I am wih this guy 👀

  27. I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr HD (subtitled) (remastered)

  28. Dido – End of Night

  29. Dido – Hunter :

  30. Just go full comments on everthing you wrote

  31. After Forever – Monolith Of Doubt Live At Kopspijkers (2002)

  32. Former Scientology Leader Blows the Whistle (Mike Rinder Interview)

  33. Just letting you know you are on my mind sometimes.

    Nelly – Dilemma (Official Music Video) ft. Kelly Rowland

  34. United Breaks Guitars (Real and funny, read up om it my strange friend)

  35. Mark in the end we all know Scientology will not repell old age. I hope you and your family will move through time gracefully and not emd up like people who belive in their own greatness. You know who they are. This migt and I say might be my final message to me my strange ally. I always defended you on WWP when it was relevant and ditto on the Ex Scientology Message Board. I saw your struggle and I saw your pain. I alsoo saw your loss in having found something you could believe in that spit you out in the end and haunted you viciously afterwards. I salute your fight. But you have done enough. I wish you a hapyy live with your live. I will be so presumptious to call you my friend Mark. I say Goodby to you and I will miss you,your toughts, your honesty. your intelect, your willingness to change your mind.

    You and your family will always be in my mind. In another world we would be the best friends ever.

    Sinceraly yours: Cornelius Anthonius Martens.

    Nightwish – How’s The Heart Acoustic (Planet Rock acoustic session)

  36. I lied:

  37. I often go back to your post just to listen to the songs I posted. As a big middle finger to who you know. Read and delete

  38. Marty do you ever feel sorry for how you threated people when you were in Scientology?

    Or do you still think they all pulled it in?

    Real serieus question

    You may now think I am tour enemy asking you this. but it is a real Scientology/Wog devide on how seeing the world and the people around you.

    I do not expect an answer

  39. Marty,Mark this one is fot you and the goddesat your side:

  40. I so much respect you for keeping tour family safe.

    I have never been in your situation. America is so wierd.

    Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven

  41. Marty thank you for posting that last post with the music of the Californian metal band named: Five Finger Death Punch. And what I said. My own Metal Goddes Floor Jansen will fill in for Five Finger Death Punch in my country being the supporting band for Metallica. I have a real threat for you. Footage of Floor Jansen Metal Queen of a performance I actually went to with my sister because she bought ticketsbecause she thought her brother (me) would like it. Wow such a caring sister. We are not lubby dubby if you know what I mean but full blown honest. It is a bit dutch to just sat what you mean and don’t beat around the bush. My family is my life like your family is your life. This is the way I understand your path Marty Mark rathbun. I always meed music and a song with this; Floor Jansen – Face Your Demons (Live)

  42. This blog needs some more Danny Kay, The First Goodwill Ambassodor of Unicef:

    The Visual is dreadfull, but the performace id perfection:

  43. I will admit an swear to you (without an E-meter) or need for LRH “Black Eye” policy that in all these years you posted this letter. I never read it in full. I was too afraid. Now I will. Just you do not be afraid what I deem for myself to be treu of it after so many years. Not going to nitpick details, that is a Scientology thing . JOKE. But I will read it and give it a reply henestly. With regards Cornelius Antonius Martens.

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