Leah Remini’s Troublemakers


Leah Remini and Mike Rinder

Leah Remini’s hypocrisy has hit historic lows.

Her Facebook group promotes itself as follows:

“Leah Remini’s Troublemakers; the most officialist anti-Scientology Facebook group in the world.”

Remini attempted to recruit me to join her merry pranksters a couple years ago. She offered me the ability to write my own financial ticket to assume a leading role. When I told her no thanks, that I was not into juvenile-delinquent cults, she disconnected from me. At least that is what she promised.  Instead, she and her inner circle (Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega and Karen De La Carriere) have continued running covert ops on me and my family ever since.

The latest op is the epitome of cowardice. The administrators of Remini’s ‘officialist’ Facebook group are proudly listed as Chris Elston and Avani Bhati.

Chris Elston – Remini Administrator

Avani Bhatia – Remini Administrator

Those two people have – along with several others cult members they recruited – launched an attack on my wife’s one-woman, custom cake baking service. Never having bothered to even try one her cakes, they have barraged my wife’s Facebook promotional page with negative reviews. They’ve smeared her with false scientology innuendo.  My wife has never had a customer give less than a 5 star review. But, potential other satisfied cake customers will never get to experience that, thanks to Leah Remini and her troublemakers.

The op was greenlighted by De La Carriere on her Outer Banks anti-scientology ‘royalty’ secret Facebook page (for more on Outer Banks see, The Outer Banks).

Karen De La Carriere – Outer Banks Ruler

This is par for the course with Leah and her gang. Censorship by any means necessary. When they can’t confront the target of their wrath, they attempt to knee cap the target’s family. Like low-life mafiosa wannabes.

Update: For more details on these degenerates see: Alanzo’s Blog.

36 responses to “Leah Remini’s Troublemakers

  1. Here is the documentation for the anti-Scientology fair game Op against your wife by Leah Remini & Mike Rinders’ minions.

    Totally disgusting.


    Keep up the great work, Marty. The cruelty and hypocrisy of Anti-Scientology needs to be exposed just as much as the cruelty and hypocrisy of Scientology.


  2. against online fraud

    Fake reviews are unforgivable.

  3. I traveled the link. It is people wallowing in sadism. Has nothing to do with Scientology, the Rathbuns or cakes. Has everything to do with sadism and deriving pleasure from cruelty to others. And eventually, to self.

  4. Of possible interest to some may be a historical precedence to Fair Game:.. Charmian Mao, August 1957 https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-5/mswv5_58.htm

    “”… That is to say, democracy operates within the ranks of the people, while the working class, uniting with all others enjoying civil rights, and in the first place with the peasantry, enforces dictatorship over the reactionary classes and elements and all those who resist socialist transformation and oppose socialist construction. By civil rights, we mean, politically, the rights of freedom and democracy.

    But this freedom is freedom with leadership and this democracy is democracy under centralized guidance, not anarchy. Anarchy does not accord with the interests or wishes of the people. ”

    This is where the materialist philosophy of communism is today.

    Any viewpoint that “man is basically a spiritual being” just incites them to a rabid rage, as the physical universe is REAL!!!

    Lol….compare that to what LRH WAS doing and saying in that same time period :https://stss.nl/materials/lectures-1958/#

    The difference just couldn’t be more clearly delineated. Stalin’s term was “useful idiots:. This crew……just a bunch of barking cur dogs.

  5. Beyond all of that, the cakes look fabulous! Wow! Creating pleasure moments, good memories and joy for others is making the world brighter! Thank you, Monique for all that you do to cause others to have good memories!


  6. Reblogged this on The McClaughry's Blog and commented:
    An important catch by Mark Rathbun that shows the lengths these supposed ‘hero’ ex-scientologists will go to try and punish those that don’t tow their party line. There is also something quite important about this post that we decided to contact Mark Rathbun privately about.

  7. Chris Elston is in Canada. I can refer you to someone there that will file a formal complaint with the authorities.

  8. Marty, I am happy you are happy with your wife and son. I hope one day this lunacy is over! I am sorry for Rinder. I thought he would be true to friends.

  9. Fake reviews are a particularly childish strategy of vengeance – the irrational urge to hit back at a supposed enemy; part of what was called the overt-motivator sequence in scientology. It’s a kind of valence change. When the role of victim gets too highly charged, the person flips into the role of aggressor

    The moment of valence flip can feel exhilaratingly selfrighteous. Like Clark Kent changing to Superman, suddenly empowered to beat his enemies to a pulp. Bullies often see themselves as warriors for justice. But – poor Superman! – he’s still trapped in one side or other of the same game.

    It’s amazing that people could work in scientology for decades, even get auditors’ certificates, without grokking the overt-motivator sequence or how it applies to them personally. Much less flattening it.

  10. This is wrong. They should not have done this. I do not think that messing with peoples livelihoods is a good thing. I am sorry this happened.

  11. This is the interesting and reasonable theory. Probably the only theory placed forth to explain these manifestations. But from conversations, I have had with Karen De La Carriere and Mike Rinder (on his blog), I have come to the conclusion that neither was interested, curious about, or knowledgeable of Scientology based theories. As you can see for yourself, they are most interested in theories totally opposed to basic cultural intercourse, not to mention the reasons behind it. I have no idea how they got involved in Scientology or why they were there, I only know that status seemed to be the glue. As, when it was revoked, they no longer had any link to the group. Neither any understanding of any of its teachings or methodology. As if they had never read a book and fully understood it. Never read a process and even remotely understand it. They were both “royalty” and in dominant positions. And anything less was unacceptable to them. And this still seems to be the case.

    The difference between them and Marty, as he was also “royalty”, is that “Royalty” is clearly not the item for him. He is still on the purpose to enlightenment and has kept his routine close to this goal. He is not hung up in “Royal or Celebrity” identity. He has been the Gandhi of the rational approach to these ideas. He was never lured into the victimology. Neither the need to dominate or rule. He clearly understood what he studied and subscribed to. He is not charged one way or the other. He is not a fanatic or a protestor. He is chargeless and still the same person he always has been. Constant as the northern star.

    Not a wishy washy women changing her mind every night. Not a fake protestor journalist. Not a glib pawn of identity looking to belong in some ordinary conversation without evidence of reason or understanding.

    Marty is an intelligent quotient in this conversation surrounded by people that are not spiritual, curious, intelligent, mathematical, fair-minded, educated, sincere, or even good willed. Marty can have a conversation about these theories, and even take you beyond into further insight.

    The rest will take you into political intercourse and become dumbstruck when actually drawn into the theory and say things that quickly reveal they have zero understanding of the mathematics involved in spiritually.

    I have no idea why they were involved in Scientology to begin with. But they blame that on others and never admit why they chose to survive in that way.

  12. Marty is like the Zen master who uses a stick to wake up those who are asleep.

  13. Hi, Theo. Where you wrote “I thought he would be true to friends,” you reminded me of this quote from Shakespeare:

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

    Therein lies the problem, methinks.

  14. Amazing that anyone who left the COS would use the worst tactics on another or others, instead of learning the lesson of what not to do. It doesn’t matter to me if the writer is for or against Scientology, it is just wrong to target people unfairly. Dramatization of “fair game”; not fair at all.

  15. Patricia, are you the same Patricia that worked as the Ethics Officer for Delphian school, Sheridan Oregon, in around the 1976-1978 period? I was there then as a student, is why I’m asking.


  16. I couldn’t have stated it better. Totally agree.

  17. Hi Marildi,
    The news of this post recently reached me. The Zen tradition is honored and I have met monks in the practice. Just to be clear, they did not use sticks on me although it might have helped. I have attached a milder form of Buddhism manifested in chanting from the Theravada tradition.
    Much Metta,
    George M. White

  18. “Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One.”

    There are various translations. The above is standard. I prefer:
    “Homage to fully cultivated and balanced freedom from arisen fear.”

  19. Leaving nasty and false reviews against Monique’s business is truly disgusting. This from the folks who decry “fair game”. This IS fair game. And really, how very Junior High-ish as well.

  20. Thanks, George. As you know, the use of a stick varies, depending on the Zen school:

    “In Soto Zen, the kyōsaku [“a flat wooden stick or slat”] is always administered at the request of the meditator, by way of bowing one’s head and putting the palms together in gassho, and then exposing each shoulder to be struck in turn. In Rinzai Zen, the stick is requested in the same manner, but may also be used at the discretion of the Ino, the one in charge of the meditation hall. Even in such cases, it is not considered a punishment, but a compassionate means to reinvigorate and awaken the meditator who may be tired from many sessions of zazen [sitting meditation], or under stress, the ‘monkey mind’ (overwhelmed with thoughts).” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keisaku

    Also in the above article, the stick is described as a “warning stick” or “awakening stick.”

    I found a brief demonstration in this video, at about a minute and a half in. Quoting the narrator, “The head monk’s strike is not a punishment but an aid to meditation. It revives the monk and may even shock him into greater awareness.”

  21. Thanks for all you gave Marthy.

  22. After Forever – The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden cover) (2003)

  23. I told you Marty on your blog that the Trump Administration would be Scientology on Steroids way back when. Do not dabble in politics but take care of your family, You have a loving one. Wirh Regards Cornelius Antonius.

  24. Nightwish – Weak Fantasy – Lyric Video

  25. selling fruitcakes is a business?

  26. I posted this on redux, you know:

  27. This is maybe a bit of an od post. But you would not know if I would not tell you. Cyberpunk 2270 is a hit now. It was a flop but now it is a hit. It was always a hit with me. But this song got the peeps teary eyed:

    Cyberpunk: Edgerunners | “I Really Want to Stay At Your House” by Rosa Walton | Music Video

    If you post this you are cool as fuck, If I may swear here. Give it a listen and a change. It isn’t my genre either, but thgis song gets at me.

  28. Floor Jansen – Strong (Live)

    I was considering to put Scientology.org as my website just now, But that would have been pure evil on my part.

  29. David Miscavige, Wednesday is comming for you!

  30. LEAVE THIS BOARD. PLRASE DELETE IT ALL, I will still be tour friend

  31. On the other hand David Miscavige is a little person like a Keebler Elf

  32. Karen De La Carriere is one of my friends alsoo Marty like you.

    Such a loveley endearing girl she is,

  33. Oh Hi OSA, I know you are here, you daft mofo’s having no life at all. I can drink several beers without getting sec checked or call David Miscavige a Smurf. Here is to you “clearing rhe planet” You are following a dead Science Fiction writer. I know L Ron hubbard alsoo wrote normal fiction. but darn your beliefs are based on space aliens OSA, Get over it. Grow a spine and spit in David Miscavige’s his face. I know that would be the first thing I would do and I would suffer the consequences in the WOG World.

    This one is for you OSA

    Daveis Miscavige I love your little tiny butt. I really do.

  34. I am grateful that you post my deranged comments Marty,Mark.Rathbun.

    Floor Jansen – ‘Bridle Passion’ live bij Muziekcafé

  35. I turned 49 (25th of february) and with the most disturbing cold I ever had. Funny enough after a test it was not covid, Just the most anoying Physical cold. I was thinking how that would have been recieved in Scientology. Yes Marty I have to much plating around in my wog mind, Miscavige seems to be a germophoop being afraid all the time of atrackting an Ilness. So a “Great Thetan” like him c an not keep “The Common Cold”away?. Scientology is such a crock. Have a song. I am coughing like hell now. Restimulation ?

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