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Look Who’s Disconnecting Now

Mike Rinder, Mareka James and I went to the Fort Harrison Wednesday afternoon (driven by the irrepressible Christi King and video’d by the omnipresent Haydn James) so that Mike might have the opportunity to speak with his son Benjamin (who was also a lifelong friend of Mareka).  DM has been misinforming the media and Scientologists that Mike is the one that disconnected from his family, that it was not the other way around.  Each member of  Mike’s family, with the exception of  Benjamin, had many months ago sent Mike perhaps the most vicious disconnection letters I have ever read.  They were quite apparently dictated by the dictator himself. The church’s reaction to our simple request for Mike to have a word with his son was predictable, but nonetheless bizarre.  You can catch some of the live action on You Tube: cleaner version:

For cleaner/clearer version here is the link:

In all, our peaceful and polite request was met with six security personnel, six private eyes on foot with video cameras, two private eyes in vehicles circling the scene with video cameras, and five Clearwater Police squad cars with as many officers. In the face of all that, Haydn did a yeoman’s job documenting the incident.  While he couldn’t get the final result on camera, he did get it on audio tape. It is transcribed below:

Officer: Mr. Rinder. I spoke with him (Benjamin). At this time, he said he doesn’t wish to come out and talk with you. If he wants to contact you later on, he will do that.

Rinder: Thank you, Officer.

Rinder: Peter (Mansel – CO OSA Flag), will you stop telling the media that I refused to talk to him?  Peter, tell DM…this is a copy of the D/A (dead agent) pack that is out about CNN right now (shows Mansel). It says ‘Benjamin had cancer, and I refused to talk to him, that my wife came to Denver and I refused to talk to her when she was there.’  You all know that that is not true.  I was never told that she was there. I was never told that he had cancer… If he doesn’t want to see me, that is his option.  But, if you are going to continue to tell the media that I am refusing to talk to him and that I don’t want to have anything to do with him, then that’s on your head. Because now I actually have the evidence that I will take back to the BBC and show them compared to the letters they are getting from DM and his crazy attorneys saying that I’m refusing to talk to him.  That isn’t the case.  So, if you would stop doing that, that will be appreciated. 

Mansel: I’ll have a talk to you Mike, without the tape recording goon (indicates Marty holding a tape recorder).

Marty: Peter, please, you’ve got five PI goons videoing everything that is going on here…

End of comm cycle.