Look Who’s Disconnecting Now

Mike Rinder, Mareka James and I went to the Fort Harrison Wednesday afternoon (driven by the irrepressible Christi King and video’d by the omnipresent Haydn James) so that Mike might have the opportunity to speak with his son Benjamin (who was also a lifelong friend of Mareka).  DM has been misinforming the media and Scientologists that Mike is the one that disconnected from his family, that it was not the other way around.  Each member of  Mike’s family, with the exception of  Benjamin, had many months ago sent Mike perhaps the most vicious disconnection letters I have ever read.  They were quite apparently dictated by the dictator himself. The church’s reaction to our simple request for Mike to have a word with his son was predictable, but nonetheless bizarre.  You can catch some of the live action on You Tube: cleaner version:

For cleaner/clearer version here is the link: 


In all, our peaceful and polite request was met with six security personnel, six private eyes on foot with video cameras, two private eyes in vehicles circling the scene with video cameras, and five Clearwater Police squad cars with as many officers. In the face of all that, Haydn did a yeoman’s job documenting the incident.  While he couldn’t get the final result on camera, he did get it on audio tape. It is transcribed below:

Officer: Mr. Rinder. I spoke with him (Benjamin). At this time, he said he doesn’t wish to come out and talk with you. If he wants to contact you later on, he will do that.

Rinder: Thank you, Officer.

Rinder: Peter (Mansel – CO OSA Flag), will you stop telling the media that I refused to talk to him?  Peter, tell DM…this is a copy of the D/A (dead agent) pack that is out about CNN right now (shows Mansel). It says ‘Benjamin had cancer, and I refused to talk to him, that my wife came to Denver and I refused to talk to her when she was there.’  You all know that that is not true.  I was never told that she was there. I was never told that he had cancer… If he doesn’t want to see me, that is his option.  But, if you are going to continue to tell the media that I am refusing to talk to him and that I don’t want to have anything to do with him, then that’s on your head. Because now I actually have the evidence that I will take back to the BBC and show them compared to the letters they are getting from DM and his crazy attorneys saying that I’m refusing to talk to him.  That isn’t the case.  So, if you would stop doing that, that will be appreciated. 

Mansel: I’ll have a talk to you Mike, without the tape recording goon (indicates Marty holding a tape recorder).

Marty: Peter, please, you’ve got five PI goons videoing everything that is going on here…

End of comm cycle.

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  1. The church of miscavology is garbage.

    These liars are a disgrace to the legacy of LRH.

    The idea that it is ok to lie to protect their overts because they are doing “the greatest good” is a travesty of justice.

    I have no doubt that one day DM will pull in his motivator that will balance things out.


  2. P.S.

    You three kick ass!!


  3. Well the Church of Squirrelotolgy does it again!

    First Amy now Mike.

    Man these guys are batting a thousand.

    They’re getting right up there with Exxon after the Valdez spill.

    I see they now have the cops protecting them from their adoring public, aside from the usual flat feet and militant staff members.

    Well Mike, you gave it the good ol’ college try.

    I thought calling Marty and Christie “goons” was just too funny!

    If these guys had anything approaching a sense of humor. They might see the levity there…

    Probably not.

  4. There’s a lot of things going on in and around this video. I like this.

  5. Holy ClearWATER!

    Now that’s what I call confronting!

    I dont have children, so I can only guess what Mike is going through with respect to seeing his son. This was a good effort in documenting just who is doing the disconnecting.

    Mike, I hope you get to see your son very soon. I know it must be very hard on you to not see him.

    Marty, good of you to assist Mike. I cannot wait to see the BBC interview.

    Somehow I know you had lots of friends on the inside of the org, just wishing they could come out and talk to you.


  6. Wowser!! This whole scene reminded me of the copious footage of the Lisa McPherson Trust folks (Bob Minton, etal) showing up right in their face with an office next door! Boom, there you two are!!

    The same patterned “handlings”, too:
    1. Initial loss of TRs,
    2. Frothing at the mouth (note the napkin wiping of the mouth by the bigger dude) with robotic requests you move away or leave….absolutely no communication,
    3. Whipping out of the walkie-talkies to report the scene and wait for orders,
    4. Threats of how some law/ordinance is being broken…and the final step…
    5. Calling and waiting for arrival of the local CW police. Sheesh…they must be tired of that by now you’d think.

    And finally, the irony didn’t escape me as you two stood outside, staunch, arms folded looking like YOU guys were guarding the FH entrance.

    Talk about poking the beehive!! What entertainment! Some good footage for the BBC no doubt.

  7. I never really “got” that Peter had cancer. If it’s true, I’m so sorry, Mike.

    On the other hand — both Marty and Mike look terrific. Happy and fit and Christie is just lovely. Calm and poised.

    It must have been quite the day.

    The mantra of the public is quickly becoming — what kind of religion denies a parent to see their child, what kind of a religion has a leader who beats his staff — ohhh I know, that cult … scientology.

    Great going dm.


  8. Very Well Done and Totally Awesome besides!

    You folks rock!

    There’s a rumor going around that DM is hiding in Columbia.

    His “great cognition” that “Power is assumed” is haunting him no doubt, with visions that it may be his turn coming soon to be deposed by someone else from inside.

  9. Very Well Done to all of you!

  10. becomingAware

    Mike – I’m sorry you were not able to see your son. Well done on catching them in the lie.

    I’m amazed at the fear and confusion the presence of you four caused or perhaps it was fear of the what would be coming down afterward. I don’t think much of the new DM Comm Cycle they were using.

    Hi Haydn and Mareka. Marty – I’d want you on my side in a bar fight .

  11. I recently recieved copies of the “DA pack” the “church” has been passing out to public to discredit Amy and the other recent whistle blowers. Not only did the “church” fabricate documents and claim the whistle blowers wrote them, but they went a step further and BADLY
    forged signatures. To say they have a “low ethics level” would be like saying the Sahara Desert has a low water level.
    Like the “ex-wives” paraded out on the CNN, Anderson Cooper program – its sadly pathetic to watch.

  12. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, Mike we are with you all the way! Thank you all 4 of you for doing this and I do understand you Mike, you have a right to see your son especially if he has a medical condition.

    Now, this is utmost violence and the ultimate of disconnection, and as Olga, my wife, pointed out, this is the ultimate of stupidity on their part.

    Those guys are such morons that they fell in your trap and didn’t even present Benjamin talking with you as a PR point that no disconnection exists.

    Now you have the evidence!! And they offered right there in this video the evidence of disconnection!!!!

    I think nobody can think over there anymore! When you cannot think for yourself you cannot think!

    Nice job guys. I love you for what you are doing!!

  13. Brass cajones!! I’m surprised you didn’t just Joe Don Baker your way inside before they knew what was happening… “Could I get you to sign the guestbook, please?”

    But just the three of you?

    I’m reminded of that movie Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman when the old Nazi is drilling his teeth and keeps on asking,
    “Is it safe? Is it safe?”
    There is no dentist drilling our teeth. We aren’t even being restrained in a chair.
    It’s all make believe, folks.
    Next time there should be a crowd with a banner that says
    Save Benjamin!
    Send him out so he can talk to his father!

    For any of you reticent to do so because you have kids in the SO, it might help to bring about a solution to that for you.
    That is how the world works.

  14. Freedom Fighter

    So much for the “friendliest place on the planet”.

    I used to hear the stories of how Scientology reportedly broke up families, but always brushed them off as false or natter. Of course we know that Scientology doesn’t break up families, but the church sure as hell does and the reams of evidence just keep mounting and mounting and mounting.

    You guys get the brass cahones award for sure.

    Mike, I truly hope you are reunited with your son soon.

  15. Freedom Fighter

    It wouldn’t surprise me if more such lies were the subject of this Sunday’s “URGENT BRIEFING” at 11:00 at the Ft. Harrison Auditorium where you will get to hear a “COMMAND INTENTION BRIEFING FOR ALL SCIENTOLOGIST’S [their punctuation, not mine] OF THE TAMPA BAY AREA”


    It’s like watching ants run around when their ant hill gets disturbed.

  16. You guys are unstoppable. As a parent watching this my heart goes to you, Mike.

    I am sure Benjamin is very proud to have an amazing dad like you (Mike) for fighting for his freedom.
    Thank you Marty, Mareka and Christie for being by Mike’s side and supporting him.
    I wish I was there with you guys.
    Benjamin and all of those SO members will be free soon.
    My love to all of you guys for having such a high integrity and confront.

  17. this just gives me chills to the core. INSUMOUNTABLE amount of evidence of ruthless, blatant, disgusting, seething, dispicable, disgraceful, whack, degrading, BULLSHIT. it’s surreal at this point. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry and in what order. But god bless you brave people for what you are doing. The truth must come out to all those still sippin’ on the KOOL-AID. If this doesn’t prove disconnection is 20000% legit i don’t know what does. I mean. How much more evidence is needed at this point? I so so so so pray for my loved ones still in for abundance and true freedom…..that they so desperately seek…..that is their inherent and god given right in the first place.

  18. This is so dreadfully disturbing — the tone of the place is solid and malevolent.

    I’m saddened that Mike was not allowed to see his son — — I hope Benjamin gets the facts.

    On a positive note, insofar as progress (even though no immediate consolation) well done on documenting proof the lies in the Organization’s affadavits. In these times, what David Miscavige and the Organization issues is predictably the exact inverse of the truth.

    Mike wouldn’t talk to his son? Exact opposite. Proof.

    Thank you for getting this to the BBC.

    Another aspect that is really, really disturbing is that a phone call from sources proven to have no respect for facts (truth) got 6 squad cars over there.

    The Church of David Miscavige has repeatedly proven it thinks nothing of making unethical reports and slander to perceived or imagined enemies. Shouldn’t tax payers and citizens be concerned that the Police department is being abused and pulled into their charade?

    It’s highly disturbing.

    The best line of the thing, the only communication that was imbued with life and sincerity was Marty’s earnestly amazed *alive* question to the slobbering bouncer as he crouched behind the column: “What are you hiding for?”

  19. Wow! The video is quite something. Very disgusting how the church handles the situation. It so much ARC ful the video from the free zone than this low tone robotic handling from all the morons serving for the Miscavology kingdoom.

  20. scientology doesn’t believe in disconnection but the church does.

    such an excellent clarification. thank u!

    *my cognition has really been that many of my personal “outpoints” or issues w/ the church in my experience had alot to do with mis- application of scientology…..seems to be an ongoing theme.

    *** Bigger cognition just occured***

    There is a really big difference between SCIENTOLOGY and THE CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY!!!!

    And the differences keep becoming clearer and bigger and bigger.

    Freedom is just a few clicks away, so sad that so many smart and good people could ALLOW themselves to be under SO MUCH CONTROL that

  21. they aren’t even willing to LISTEN to an different perspective and then THINK 4 THEMSELVES & decide…???? I just don’t get it…. I think that partially WHY they won’t listen or “look” is because they think it will ruin their case gain and they won’t be able to get their spiritual gains. it’s like they’re trapped and enslaved and don’t even KNOW.

  22. War and Peace

    I condemn the Church of Miscavology for disallowing a son to see his father.

    They just don’t get it. In the Court of Public Opinion C of M is more and more bizarre and off the wall and more like a Cult than even the media describe.

    The C of M acts like it is stuck in a time loop.
    repeating itself over and over like a broken record..

    The threat and blackmail from them is to cut you off from family. The public find it repugnant.

    With huge broadcasts of the Internet, of You Tube, of all the websites that intimately tell these family-split-apart-stories, C of M keeps on going with the same repetitive actions oblivious to the fallout, horrible PR and lunatic fringe dogma they portray.

    Even though these actions are highly unsuccessful and damage the credibility of the Church, and have proven unsuccessful previously, DM orders the same old , same old. This permits us to predict the C of M’s response, in any future situation. C of M is incapable of change, even when that same action caused them shame and misery in the media, they will do it again and again.

    Very well done Marty, Mike, Haydn, Mareka, Christie. Nice caper.

  23. I agree with EVERTHING u said. Excellent points. They aren’t too smooth, suave, savvy, smart like they need to be to pull off such a sophisticated operation. If they had any common sense or rationality they would spin it and somehow try to play it off a little smoother. With all their “resources”, you would think better “techniques” “pr”, especially NOW would come to play. It’s like they’re not even trying. It’s hard to believe it’s real. This should be on AC 360 for real! They’re probably afraid of what Mike’s son would say if they let him off “the compound”.

  24. Boy, that’s one friendly church! Good work, guys! Just keep documenting the truth; eventually the lies will be exposed and Davey “Leatherface” Miscavige will be out of power. I wonder what “Teflon Tommy” will say about disconnection now.

  25. What ever happened to being able to handle any situation with communication alone? I guess Pro TR grads are hard to find at Flag. LOL

  26. Mike, you know you have the support of most, at least 97.5% will back you all the way in your quest to see Benjamin again. If there is anything you need/want from the UK just say the word. We are quite a group now.

    On the matter of Flag – where have all the public gone? There are more security, PIs and police than public. It’s sad to see what the “Mecca of technical perfection” has become. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a routing form introduced just to get through the front door soon, with questions such as “Do you swear allegiance to David Miscavige?” “Would you lie for him, forward his agenda and silence anybody who dares speak out?”

  27. Marty, can you post the link to the video on YouTube so we can forward this around there?

  28. PS: No doubt the tagline “The friendliest place in the world” came about from surveys – ie. this is what the public WANTED it to be. The reality, from 2000 onwards at least, is very different in my experience. Arrogant attitude that one should be grateful for the opportunity of being fleeced for every buck possible, evaluative ethics interviews on routing-in laced with demands for “donations” etc. As a number of OT VIIs have remarked – what’s the best sound in the world? The sound of the seat belt buckle clicking into place on the plane leaving Tampa.

  29. 2007 Basic Books set

    Get them while you can. These were taken down once already.

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QJKX18V5]Introduction to Scientology Ethics 2007.pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZS2TCN0S]Dianetics Evolution of a Science (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W0IAVCNY]Dianetics the Original Thesis (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G1EPJI6T]Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UCHVM1OS]Science of Survival (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BOO091YK]Self Analysis (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WUL80IXM]Advanced Procedure and Axioms (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4ZXUOP1S]Handbook for Preclears (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A5AFSMZ0]A History of Man (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9HOFCANO]Scientology 8-80 (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KGBSW0GD]Scientology 8-8008 (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2OQ2DI1X]The Creation of Human Ability (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GFH6F5U8]Dianetics 55 (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FUUKX7ND]Scientology The Fundamentals of Thought (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AM1RB3OF]The Problems of Work (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2RI8Q3O2]Scientology a New Slant on Life (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OF5SR5JV]Scientology 0-8 the Book of Basics (2007).pdf[/url]

    [*][url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TYA364UI]The Way to Happiness (2007).pdf[/url]

  30. WTF !

    Talk about dignity…about human rights…
    is that our church ???????
    communication is the universl solvent….
    Mike I wish you’ll be able to see your son.
    More and more I think Scientology is in the hands of the US government and they are using it to control 3rd world countries with it.
    We should all go to Clearwater and make some nice protests !
    I’m ashamed of that Church !


  31. Good Job Mike, Marty, Mareka and Hadyn!!

    I am not surprised. It is easy for dm to pull this one off. He has no reality on the importance of family and the bond between father and son. I have it from reliable sources that he has stated on numerous occasions that he “hates” children. Not hard to believe if you know the him. Anyways, probably would have a hard time restraining himself from eating his own children is he ever had any!! And I am not joking.

    Either way I hope Mike gets to see Benjamin and Taryn for that matter. If he ever got a vicious letter from Taryn I can assure you that it was not written by her hand. She is one of the nicest and most compassionate ladies I have ever had the honor of knowing. Been like family to me.

    Good luck Mike!


  32. You guys are too much!!!!

    Nothing scares you. My god!


  33. Ohh, that was good. It was what I have been wanting for a while. By the way, if I was there, I would have done a bit more than just waving. How about giving all of you four a big hug and thanking you.

    Trevor Botkin is the Room Director, I don’t exactly understand what that entails tho. He is “happily” married to FSO’s Exec Esto. Don’t recall the name exactly, something like, Katrin, Cathrine or something similar.

    First Guard is Jose Lemos and has been there for ever. Second is Gabriel Stefani, “happily” married to Dir Rap FSO.

    The Pig who was drooling like a rabid dog is Unknown. I have seen him quite a lot there, sitting on a couch and looking useless while eating free food from the Hourglass.

    The valet was Darius. Did you see how scared he was? And nervous? Poor guy.

    I have dealt with one of the officer’s there, the one with the chevrons. I don’t recall the name. He was so sick of being called for this kind of stuff and openly stated this to me in Starbucks while I was in uniform.

    PK, I think everyone know him.

    I think that was all of the characters over there.


    Mr. Webb

  34. The elephant in the room, of course, is that disconnection is full on, flat out LRH tech,

  35. Watching Eyes

    What amazes me is that there’s anyone left who thinks they’re going to go “free” in such a hostile, paranoid, unfriendly environment.

    Who was the Issac Hayes looking guy in the video?

  36. You would think that by now the C of S has learned the lesson that most already know, and that is that you never come between parents and their children.

    It is a vile, destructive act calculated to destroy a family. I’m sorry that Mike didn’t get to see his son, but keep trying!

  37. Wow!!!! Did you see Jose’s frazzled look. After the initial drilled in circuit wore on how to handle a scene like this – he looked as though he had seen a ghost, both fear (probably of DMs punishment to him for you being there on his watch) and awe of you 4s ability to confront.
    Very well done!
    Mike all the best on seeing your son soon

  38. Wow. Instant attack. No comm cycle whatsoever, because they know that what they are doing is so wrong that having a comm cycle would uncover it all. Calling the police right away for no other crime than being there and communicating..

    I would hate to be a guard for miscavidge. I actually felt sorry for these guys having to act out of valence.

    The Security dude: “we don’t want to listen to you!” what kind of church would say something like that. Imagine someone wanting to enter the Vatican to see their son who is inside. Would they act that way? It’s so cracy.

  39. Well, that certainly explains the difference in C/W’s theta universe presence yesterday and the 10X in calls and e-mails from the FLB. hmmm, good job and thanks. The Clearwater police must have been very confused as to why a son (with cancer) would be there and yet not just come and say “hi Dad, (I’m trying to beat thing) I’ll talk with you later”. It must not be terminal or he would be routed off base. Or why not hand a cop the camera and let him show Mike that Benjamin is there and chose not to see his dad? It feels like a part II should be here.

  40. Marty,

    Try to stay calm when dealing with these guys. It’s best to use your head and let them make the mistakes.

    Here’s to the Mike Rinder interview being another win for truth and freedom!

  41. WOW! This is absolutely terrific! You all got the results you wanted and Benjamin knows Mike was there to see him. That is the most important message of all.

    I thought Flag Land Base was the happiest place in the world and it was open to the public.


  42. I read this post on the train on my way to work this morning….I had a huge grief charge blow on the way in, and when I had to chance to watch the video…LOL.

    Nope. No criminality in the Church of Miscavology….they aren’t being there and they aren’t communicating!

    I love the way you guys rock the TA!

    Flag – a spiritual “retreat” in the FULLEST sense of the word.

    VWD to all.

  43. Hey, I wanted to see PK!! Last time he and I talked was in Building 36 at the Base. He was pretty wound up, poor fella, about me wanting to go outside and have a Camel.

    Oddly, he said ‘ I’m going to put you in a body bag!’

    I couldn’t figure out what was so dangerous to the Base about me going out for a smoke.

    Now, here you are and it’s equally dangerous to get IN to speak to Mike’s son. Man, that’s a lot of dangerous environment; inside, outside.

    DM’s policy of ‘cut the lines and shrink the space’ is a downward spiral to the solidity of MEST and the obvious stimulus-response mechanisms at play with the fellas in the FH.

    It’s so badly MESTified, for the action of ‘I’d like to speak to my son’ the reaction is what we see; 17 people to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    Who is cutting the line?

    David Miscavige = disconnection.

  44. I think the the guy you are asking about is the new Chief Of Police for Clearwater. Chief Klein recently retired

  45. Cowboy Poet said:

    “There is no dentist drilling our teeth. We aren’t even being restrained in a chair.
    It’s all make believe, folks.”

    Truer words were never spoken, Cowboy. You are one perspicacious dude!

    Just Me

  46. You all showed wonderful confront as they tried one trick after another to intimidate you.

    One bit of stagecraft occurred to me as I watched the video. You could have filled the dead air with a discussion (to the camera) of why you were there and who Benjamin was, etc.

    On future confrontations, that kind of informal presentation would make the video even more compelling.

    Keep on pushing the envelope. The robots are obviously close to breakdown.

    I hope that this wakes up some who are willfully averting their eyes.

  47. Yikes! Me thinks the little security fellow with the glasses gave you guys the finger! About a minute in, when he first opens the door to call out Mr Belligerent. Is this a demonstration of ministerial conduct? Yikes!

    And who is that big black guy? Now that would be a fun guy to fight–no shame there, winning or losing.

    And the FH looks a lot more upstat than when I was there circa 1980. Just goes to show, Marty, that DM is right and you are wrong, that he dominates and survives! Jeesh! The man’s flawless execution of an ingenious battle plan leaves me trembling with adoration. Simon Bolivar move over. Who needs troops when you can glow it all right at a distance. Cowboy Poet get out your pen! I crawl on bleeding knees, repent, seeking the Pope’s forgiveness.


  48. Smart move, Guys!
    What about presenting this evidence (with the DA pack) to the police/an attorney re public liable…? Has Mike ever verified whether not Benjamin actually has cancer?

  49. And the stinking carcass in the corner is this little gem:

    (The following is public record: Robert Vaughn Young was a member of the Church of Scientology for a period of 20 years [1969-1989], he had worked in many areas within the organization including the highest management echelons.)

    ‘IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO – Civil Action No. 95-K-2143: Declaration of Robert Vaughn Young in Support of Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion of Bridge Publications, Inc. for Summary Judgment Against all Defendants for Copyright Infringement. Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of February, 1997, Robert Vaughn Young.’

    Section 29 of this affidavit reads:

    “I have personal knowledge that material was written and issued under the name of L. Ron Hubbard that he did not author. While working at ASI, I personally wrote material to be issued under his name for several years. This ranged from simple messages to be sent to various organizational staff on events such as his birthday or a holiday, to my composing an entire large directive that was issued under his name. In these instances, they were done without his knowledge or consent. The directive that I wrote concerned the Scientology policy of ‘Disconnection’. The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said that we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and that I was to write the policy for this. I wrote it and it went through several revisions. It was not sent to Hubbard for his approval, but was issued into the Church of Scientology. I might note that at the time I was not working for the Church of Scientology, but was working for a for-profit corporation.”


  50. michaeljrinder

    Thanks to all for your kind words and support.

    It is difficult for anyone who has not been in the position that my family is in to understand how this happens. For those of you who have had that unfortunate experience, it is easy to recall the mindset (and wonder to yourself how you could have been that blinded to the facts).

    Benjamin is an adult. He has the right to think and believe what he wants. Unfortunately, like everyone else inside the church, that thinking is heavily influenced in DM’s 1984 world of controlled messages, distortions and outright lies. I would not have bothered going to the Fort Harrison at all had DM’s bots not started telling more lies to the media that they began asking me about.

    For those of you who are concerned, Benjamin is reportedly fine and his skin cancer was effectively dealt with (according to the DMbots his life was saved by DM who personally ensured he had nothing but the finest medical attention – however it came about, for that I am grateful). But to then use this as a means to try to black PR me and make Miscavige look good is pretty sick though hardly surprising.

    I first learned of Benjamin’s cancer from the SP Times. Joe Childs called me and very apologetically said that he was afraid that he may be the one giving me the bad news as he didn’t believe I knew. He said that he had been told by attorney Monique Yingling that she had been in Denver and that Cathy (my ex-wife) was there and that I had refused to see Cathy and that she was there to tell me about Benjamin. Joe had the full debrief of what had happened when Monique, Bill Walsh, Tommy, Jessica and MF had come to Denver to try and stop me from talking to the media. Monique had never mentioned that Cathy was there. She never mentioned anything about Benjamin or that he was ill. Monique had asked general questions about whether I would like to communicate with my family – I told her I would, but did not want to if they were just going to be used as coins to try to manipulate me. Of course, Cathy now claims in signed declarations that she flew to Denver to see me and inform me about Benjamin and that I refused to talk to her. While the whole thing is a lie, it omits the biggest outpoint of all – Monique called me on my cell phone when she arrived in Denver. I know that according to Jenny DeVocht, this is a “rude” question (see CNN interview with Anderson Cooper) – but Cathy, why didn’t you call me? Wasn’t there a phone in your hotel? If the news was so urgent to tell me that DM flew you all the way to Denver, why not give me a call? Or do what Tommy, Jessica and MF did and just show up on the doorstep demanding entry? You were a carrot and they didn’t know if I would bite and when I made it clear that I wasn’t going to be manipulated using the comm. Lines to my family, you were kept under wraps. That was a real humanitarian mission wasn’t it?

    The underlying issue here is the twisting of PTS/SP tech. Instead of a means of helping an individual free himself from suppression in order to be able to move up the Bridge, it has become a tool of the DM state used to control people by threatening their family ties and livelihoods – if you don’t stay in lockstep with Dear Leaders party lines, you will lose your friends, family and/or job. If, as they now claim, Benjamin suffered so greatly because I disconnected from him, and was so heartbroken that he got cancer, then it would have been very easy to give me a call and I would have been happy to speak to him. What is DM afraid of? Truly, he sees Martians and FBI agents everywhere and they are all out to get him. The boogie-men are standing in front of his buildings and appearing in the media and can you imagine what might happen if all anyone of his loyal donators came in contact with them?? My God, the end of the world would be nigh.

    Sorry, Dave, there are more and more who are finding out the truth, and the end of your world IS nigh.

  51. WOW!!!


    Now it will be even harder to wait for the BBC report!

    And the warriors of truth walk up to the gates of lies and boldly request a conversation…this is great!

    I am so glad to be on your team. No drama, just impingement….as more inside slither off to look at the truth that can only be found on the forbidden internet, the church loyalty is given another test…how many more will now blow?

    You guys ROCK!!!!!

  52. Uh, considering the problems faced by the Catholic Church, let me amend my position to: I scoot on bleeding glutes,… No sense being on one’s bleeding knees around dem boys of frolicking frocks. After all, one of them “did thus signal his intent with elegant finger raised.”

    And for those whom I have offended here, be assured that while I write in poor taste with right hand; with left hand I leaven the crimes committed with furious expression of O/W’s and sins.


  53. michaeljrinder

    WH — the beautiful young woman you see in the video is Mareka. Christie, the other beautiful young woman with us, was driving the car (we pulled up to the front door of the Fort Harrison and you cannot stop there).

  54. Theo Sismanides

    I fully agree LO, though it would be hard for me to be there physically from Greece, I will be there as me! This should happen.

    Yesterday I was arrested by two young policemen doing identity checks in the middle of Athens, just because I responded to them rudely as they did when approaching me. The bottom line is I protested and protested and protested and got my lawyer and she just kicked their asses. Enough force to handle it.

    No reasoning would come across, NOTHING, nada. Only force counted and this is the same here.

    People should show up in crowds all around the globe.

  55. Carol Kramer

    Well done everyone! yesterday I had a thought, wouldn’t it be great to see Mike and Marty in front of the FH! Well here ya go! There is strength in numbers and the numbers keep on coming!

    Love to you guys.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Carol, it is tough to resist the power of your postulates. Don’t get me in trouble.

  57. OMG, we were just blown away by this video. Thank you, Mike for your wonderful comments here and for working with Marty and Mareka to make this happen.

    One of the startling things about the scene is that there are NO Public anywhere in sight “streaming into the Friendliest Place on Earth” as in earlier promo videos 30 years ago.

  58. Mike, I am really sorry you didn’t get to see your son.

  59. Carol, could ya send some Tara’s so skinny postulates over my way while you’re at it? ehhe ;^)

  60. Thanks guys, for being there and communicating!

  61. martyrathbun09

    Jason Beghe and I were both witness to many of these facts. We were there in Denver. Monique and another attorney for DM shamelessly attempted to use sleazily veiled enticements of one day being able to see his family/or not (stick), and when that didn’t work Yingling used cheesily veiled bribe attempts (carrot). Both stick and carrot were weiled – in not veiled way to silence Mike on the subject of DM’s crimes. Now, think of DM’s propaganda that he saved the day with Benjamin by authorizing good medical care. What does that imply? That if you are not somebody who can be used as a weapon against his own father, YOU DO NOT GET MEDICAL CARE AT ALL AND INSTEAD ARE LEFT TO ROT AND DIE.

  62. Theo Sismanides

    Mike, you are a brave and courageous man. Very few would stand tall in such high pressure you have constantly been subjected to since you decided your own integrity mattered more than a lead role in a cage.

    And it is because you have family members and especially Benjamin in the church so they try to take advantage of that by not letting you even talk to your son.

    To try to put you down and make you succumb in such a way is just a coward’s act or even better the act of many cowards.

    It is sheer suppression to not let a parent talk to his child. It is stupid, inhumane and cowardish to put a child in the middle and start firing covered behind him.

    I am so thankful and so much proud that we are together Mike. You guys, give back to Freedom it’s true meaning: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. We have been asleep for a long, long time, time to wake up.

    Thank you Mike. We are with you!

  63. Carol Kramer

    My God and they call themselves a church!

  64. Absolutely right implication, Marty.

    Unfortunately, there are even other implications to this story as actual facts are put out on the table — including tacit threats to Mike’s family’s well-being.

    Nonetheless, this is a clear instance where sunlight is the best disinfectant offering the best protection.

    Keep the sunlight coming, Mike.

    Just Me

  65. Onceuponatime, You are correct. Hand on the door and an obvious ‘finger’. Noticed it right away.

  66. Bloop, er, BliP,
    I’m a thinnin’ you be the elephant in this room.

    3D Engram, Scientology-Cult, Jim Logan.

  67. Tom, LOL, that’s good!

    Flag – a spiritual “retreat” in the FULLEST sense of the word.

  68. Black Dianetics in action.

    The main purpose of a true Scientologist should be to better his or hers environment, no matter if he’s part of the church or not. The place where Scientology was supposed to flourish and prosper has really turned into some kind of dictatorial cult.

    I personally think the CNN-series was the beginning of the end for Miscavige. How long is the question. Weeks? Months? Years?

  69. -snippet-

    Clearwater police Chief Sid Klein, who has been with the department since January 1981, announced today that he is retiring, effective Jan. 29.

    “Without question, Chief Klein has positioned Clearwater as one of the finest police departments in the country,” Mayor Frank Hibbard said in a news release. “His leadership has been a great asset to our city. We wish him the best in his retirement.”


  70. Well done in exposing the hypocricy of the C of $. A man should be able to see his family without the gestapo interference of an organization run a mock.

    With Regards CD

  71. Marc Abian, if you click on the words at the top of the video, it will direct you to the youtube link.

  72. Mike,it is a disgrace that you are not allowed to see your son and i can only imagine the emotional sufferiing it causes both of you.i am sorry that it is that way.

  73. Mike, it saddens me that they are keeping your son from you. I am so sorry for what you must be going through.

  74. Does anyone know: Is the guy in black near the end William Jenkins? Last I heard, he was FBO at Seattle Org. (He was my first sup back in St. Louis. Just a great guy.)

  75. Speaking as a guy who has dealt with drunken idiots while acting as a restaurant/bar supervisor in the past: When you have good TR O and a strong postulate to get your product (as was witnessed by Marty and Mike), the drunken idiots (drunk on koolaid, that is), back right down and introvert. They do this because they know they are out of valence. The brilliant part of all this, of course, is that now there is video evidence that Mike is taking great strides to see (and free?) his family members. VWD guys!

  76. Glad your son is okay.

  77. Dear Mr Rathbun, dear Mr Rinder,

    wellwellwell, who woulda thought this 10 years ago, huh? Same scenery, same players, same scrupt, side’s changed a little.
    Seeing that video, I sincerely hope you delivered all the excuses to anyone you owed them to.
    When watching, I was initially gripped by a good amount of “Schadenfreude”, it went away though quickly as the Co$ showed their usually good and well mannered behvaviour to anyone critical. And well, though you, Mr Rinder did a serious lot of not-so-funny stuff to others yourself, you took some hard hits (and not only physical hits) too.
    Sorry to hear about Benjamin, but I am glad slappy shelled out the cash for a treatment, even it just was for pr reasons.


  78. It’s “cojones”.
    Mike, I have a son too. Your good TRs in the face of such abuse is truly inspiring and reassuring!

  79. I think you are having a cognition!!


  80. That was great stuff you three. Is that what’s referred to as ” Tone 40″ ? So sorry you are disconnected from your son Mike…that must be horrible.

  81. Good one John. VWD!


  82. Moving Forward

    I’m really sorry that you have to go through this Mike, and that it had to come to you standing out in front of the FH and being treated this way. This just shouldn’t happen.

    When Marty kept repeating that Mike wanted to see “Benjamin Rinder”, that one guy in the beginning with the walkie talkie said, ‘They’re here to see some Benjamin,” and immediately (with no time for any response from the person on the other side) said to you guys, “…who doesn’t want to see you.”

    How would he know? He doesn’t seem to even know who Benjamin is (‘some Benjamin?’). Oh, of course he knows, because we all know that no one is allowed to talk to a declared SP.

    Also, this was handled with absolutely no communication, just ‘call the police’, which is a really dumb move on many levels.

    a) let’s seriously overreact to 4 people who are acting peaceably
    b) let’s dev-t the police, I’m sure they appreciate it and have nothing better to do
    c) let’s have police cars in front of the Church because that always sends the right message to passerby and public.
    d) let’s do it all while being videotaped, proving that not only does disconnection exist, but it’s so important to keep this man from seeing his son that it takes a dozen or more people to prevent it.

  83. Moving Forward

    I accidentally responded in the wrong place on the thread… sorry!

  84. Mike, Marty, Hayden & Mareka;

    VWD. If you decide to video again let me know. I would like to help out in some capacity. A 2nd camera would have helped.

    I found it very interesting the security officer Jose was at the FH. Last year he was always posted at the Oak Grove. When I saw the police enter from the inside out I know the fix was in. It seems like they were expecting you. Or was this a complete surprise.

    Mike I hope you get to see your son in the future. Keeping family out of comm is not OK.

    There should be no doubt that once this video is viewed that the COS supports and promotes disconnection from family and friends.

    Now let us see how Tommy Con Man Davis spins this video.

  85. Yea, what’s that great snippet from “Bolivar”?

    When you take away some ones game, the game becomes get you!

    Dittos on the VWD! Very telling video.

  86. I want to make a point to those of you who have not been able to communicate to a family member
    working as a Sea Org staff member due to disconnection. You at least have a way to get a message to your family member that you are still there for them. Here is the drill.

    Show up at the church where your family member works and politely ask to speak with the family member.

    When you are refused, call 911 and describe the situation and your concern about confirming that your family member is okay.

    The police will show up. The officer will briefly speak to you and the person representing the church.

    With a church official present, the officer will be given access to the family member in question. This will be done in the church and out of your sight. The family member will deliver the drilled line that they do not want to speak with you at this time but that they are doing fine…..

    The police officer will come back to you and report what was said and the fact that the family member appeared too be fine.

    You thank the officer and go on your way.

    This creates a number of effects. One is that it lets the disconnected family member know that
    you are there for them and that if they leave the church they still have someone to go to. Realize that one of the biggest deterants to leaving is not having money and resources and not being sure of outside support.

    If you want to document the above and post it as further proof that disconnection does exist – then better yet.

    The more people that would do this, the faster the disconnection BS would end. The wrong thing to do is NOTHING. You don’t have to be effect of suppression.

  87. Moving Forward

    They don’t even see that it’s an outpoint to say that ‘DM personally made sure he got medical care’. Really? Medical care for people who devote their lives to the Church is so unavailable that it takes the leader of the Church to intervene and make sure it happens?

    I know that any time I had to go to the doctor when I was in the SO, I had to pay for it myself and, if I couldn’t afford it or was too sick to even get myself there (as was the case twice), I just had to live with it and ‘get better’. Oh, and then do an O/W write-up and conditions.

  88. Yes, wanted to see PK too! Last trip to Flag a couple years ago he was still on security but looked tired and like his feet hurt.

  89. -snippet-

    Before he came to Clearwater, Klein said he had read newspaper clippings about the Church of Scientology and knew it would be an issue he would have to face.

    He opened an investigation into the church soon after he arrived and it continued for 18 years. By 1994, detectives amassed the largest case file in department history but did not develop a single charge.

    Most troubling, Klein said, was the case of Lisa McPherson, who died in 1995 after a 17-day stay at the church’s Fort Harrison Hotel.


  90. Mike & Marty,

    You guys are truly the best!! I have to say my biggest fear is that Benjamin is being held against his will, in that he truely wants to see you Mike but isn’t being allowed in any way to have any kind of communication with you.

    This brought back to mind when Andre T and his wife left. I recall vividly all the lies being told to us and his son Cassivious about his dad. They even went so far as to have Cassivious change his name and take on Dan Prybilski’s last name and I forgot what he changed his first name too. Cassivious was also married and she was from EU so they were both sent over there to then live. All this to keep him away from any kind of influence of his Dad. Who knows where they are now?

    At the time we at Gold were all dupped into believing how venomous Andre was and everyone feared for Cassivous’s life. Now that I’ve been out and seen the light OMG this is just disconnection at it’s highest level.

    Mike what about your daughter Tara I suppose she also has been poisoned by all the lies about you as well.

    This then also brings up Marc’s sister Stephanie and Maureen’s sister. Where are they now and what names are they going by? I’m sure there are countless others in the same position and want to know what happened to their family members, where they’ve been moved to and what names they’ve had to change to.

    I unlike you have no family in there as none of my family really wanted anything to do with it and only supported me and blessed the day I left and came back into their lives.

    My heart goes out to you and it makes me sick to see what has become of something that we all believed in and thought that we were doing good in helping people. I hope that you will be able to be reunited with your son and everyone else with their families soon and this insanity stopped.

    As a side note I can’t believe that they still are not done with the “SuperPower” building. I loved your comment Marty. How is it that they can have the “Ideal Org” program and buy, renovate and open new orgs around the world in a short amount of time but after what over 10 years they can’t finish the building across the street from the FH. I wonder if they still have the cameras running 24/7 on the building showing its progression as it’s being built for the someday grand opening….hahaha!

    Thanks for what you are doing Marty, Mike and all. I’m happy to contribute my part.

    Love you!!

  91. Eleanor Gehrig

    This is heartbreaking. Seeing you guys peacefully and with very high affinity communicate wanting to see Benjamin, though, is incredibly inspiring. Mike, you will reconnect with Benjamin again. This situation is temporary. Keep fighting the good fight.


  92. A seed of doubt is planted somewhere by every action taken I am sure of it, I KNOW it.

  93. Carol Kramer

    Martin that is so funny , “the sound of the seat belt buckle clicking into place on the plane leaving Tampa”. It is so true. If people would just look at who they are kidding, the answer would be “themselves”.

  94. You have amazing confront!

  95. nonscientologist

    It was an interesting video. Just some comments.

    1) Marty, please remove the toothpick from your mouth before filming, its distracting and makes you look “hayseed”. (Sorry, but someone should tell you)

    2) Best line, asking the guy where the property line was. That destroyed his case that you were tresspassing. Additionally if he gets the boundry wrong it makes him look foolish.

    3) It obvious they don’t want to discuss facts with you, and besides knowing that it would look like a publicity event which they could not control, I sensed fear on their part. I suspect they are afraid of saying something, anything wrong, that DM could later hold against them, which he would then use to punish them.

    It never ends, does it?

  96. You guys ROCK!!
    I was waiting for something funny!! I laughed and laughed…. Just thinking at the commotion in the church… Good TR’s Marty!!
    I wish I would be there!!
    Big hug to the 3 of you!!

  97. TYRANT — n. 1. Person who uses his power cruelly or unjustly. 2. A cruel or unjust ruler; cruel master. 3. an absolute ruler, as in ancient Greece, owing his office to usurpation. [<old French <Latin tyrannus <Greek tyrannos

    TYRANNY — n. 1. Cruel or unjust use of power. 2. a tyrannical act. 3. government, position, rule or term of office of a tyrant or absolute ruler. 4. state ruled by a tyrant.

    USURP — v.t. Seize and hold (power, position, authority, etc.) by force or without right. v.i. Commit usurpation. [<Latin usurpare < usu through, use + rapere seize] —usurper, n.

    USURPATION — n. A usurping; the seizing and holding of the place or power of another by force or without right.

    "All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope."
    — Winston Churchill

    Mike, I am truly sorry that you were prevented from seeing your son. I do trust in all that you, Marty, Christie, Haydn, Amy, etc. are doing, we are all doing, to make things right again. You will see your son and daughter again and restore ARC, hopefully, Cathy, too. You knew what you were up against going openly to the FH like that. It was a good PR move, but it will also communicate to your son (and daughter) that you love him enough to put yourself in harm's way on his behalf. I am sure that gives him courage and hope, too.

    L, Eileen

  98. Actually, I liked the toothpick. In conveys a certain…insouciance.

  99. CD

    Thank you for putting that vid up, I’d not seen it before.


  100. crashing upwards

    Tim, I have to say I think Marty did exactly that. Stay calm. I know a hundred guys who faced with that sort of bullshit would have totally lost it and the whole front of the FH would have been a real shit show. Well Done Marty. Your a better man…..

    And Mike. Hang in there. Your doing the right things and fighting the good fight. If they had half your intelligence and compassion they might be able to hold you off. But they don’t and they cannot. Just a matter of time.

    And the entire unfortunate scene points to how we were all blind at one time. Better days are comming. Watching the video and seeing those warm winds blow Marty’s shirt tail really took me back to the time I spend in CW. Back in the 70’s it wasnt the police state it is now. Like the song says, “If I could turn back time….” but I can’t so lets work to create that better tomorrow.

    The highest particle is the particle of admiration. And you folks have mine.

  101. Carol Kramer

    michaeljrinder, I am glad to know your Son is well. Thank you for what you are doing and exposing the lies. More and more are seeing it and they will be forced to take a stand as it gets pretty tough getting up in the morning and looking at yourself and saying maybe it will be better tomorrow and doing nothing to make that happen.

    Love Carol

  102. Rush,
    Thank you for the clarification on the Spanish word. So, it would be correct to say we are closing the cajones on DM’s cojones. Saaaallllllammmm!!! Youch, that’s gotta hoit 🙂

    Marty, Mike, Haydn and well yes, Mareka and Christie (metaphorically speaking) have big balls.

  103. Redneck Thetan

    So sad to hear this story. But well done in trying to open comm. Sometimes that’s all you can do, and hopefully Benjamin knows somehow that you did.

  104. This is not the first time someone has knocked on the Church doors demanding to speak to a family member. But the significance in this case is who is doing the knocking. My guess is Benjamin has no clue Mike was even there. We’ll see what follows. Well done.
    For all the comments on the Church reps in the video.
    Let’s not forget they are the symptom, not the disease.

  105. Ah Marty, you interrupted Mr. NY Yankee the bouncers snack. Looks like he was enjoying a donut before you and Mike so rudely interrupted him. You made him wipe the sugar off of his face so he could “talk” to you.

    What a tool.

    LOL. What your donations buy.

  106. Is this the first stop on the Idle Org world tour?

  107. How about each of us individually sit back and spot the moment when the insanity in the “church” started from our own perspective. Let’s see if we can put our theta muscles to work and help rid the universe of this unwanted, unnecessary entheta.

  108. one of those who see

    When I first started reading this blog, I remember Marty’s story about listening to LRH and realizing that DM is practicing Reverse Scientology. I have come to realize how true that statement is. Scientology is about Freedom, about Communication about “Truth blowing the lies away”. And we have the opposite going on.

    My heart goes out to Mike and all the people separated from their loved ones. Those of us still incognito, are so because of the fear of Disconnection! Yet “handle or disconnect” can be a helpful tool when used in a self determined way. And what about all the – I assume thousands at this point-declared people everywhere. People who rose above the noise and saw the truth, only to be cast out-or so betrayed they walked out. My god, all those cut communication lines. Marty, Mike and all the good people here are on “Project Repair.” And I look forward to all those well intentioned, aware people coming together again. We are a group. All of us. We were the ones who saw the truth and bravely pursued it. And LRH was the bravest of all.

  109. I’m with Jeff on this — looks like something a manly man fresh from fighting rattlesnakes on horseback out in Arizona might do.

  110. Pingback: Rathbun and Rinder at the Fort Harrison : XENU TV

  111. Do you mean Darius Wilhere?

  112. This is about all I wanted to write too. Cudos to all the guys concerned — on “troublemakers'” side!

  113. Mr Web, you memory is really good I know those guys too, Lemos, Stefani and the combo poor guys… and for your Marty, Mike and the rest , that was awesome!!!!!!I understand you fully. I was todl I couldn’t see my daughter any more, she was 17 and out…..so guess what I leave!!!! family is a priority that they don’t have…VWD!!! by the way when is the BBC interview?

  114. VWD!!! to all of you! Keep it up!

  115. Bingo!!

    ☛—>>> There is a really big difference between SCIENTOLOGY and THE CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY!!!!

  116. Bingo!

    ☛ Section 29 of this affidavit reads:

    “I have personal knowledge that material was written and issued under the name of L. Ron Hubbard that he did not author.

    The directive that I wrote concerned the Scientology policy of ‘Disconnection’. The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said that we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and that I was to write the policy for this. I wrote it and it went through several revisions. It was not sent to Hubbard for his approval, but was issued into the Church of Scientology. ☚ (end quote Robert Vaughn Young affadavit)

  117. BLiP: Thank you for being a living example of misrepresenting L Ron Hubbard and Scientology by invoking their names to support arbitrary personal agendas.

    You provide an example here of what the current “Church” entity calling itself Scientology actually does with Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard’s name, i.e., invocation for personal gain, agenda and control.

    Get the pc in session is LRH policy. I love that policy. But what’s the purpose? In the Walls of the “Church” that policy is used to justify CSing unnecessary actions, invalidating case gain, out Tech, crush regging, endless check secs, Disconnection threats to coerce buying more auditing hours or sec check$.

    In your Compound, LRH tech on Tone Scale and case and bank is applied, sure! to drive people down into submission.

    But, hey, (Justification) it’s LRH policy to get the PC in session, right? And (Justification) Tone Scale is LRH tech, right?

    INTENTION –and the purpose toward which something is applied — is everything, BLiP.

  118. Well done Mike, Marty, Hayden & Mareka.

    You where not alone, hundreds of disconnected people where with you.

  119. Good title. It reminiscents me of the film title: Look Who’s Talking Now (1993) starring Travolta and Kirstie… This is also a kind of comedy… Tragicomedy 😦

  120. Dang, I was drawn to the toothpick too, but thought it gave you that “good ole boy” relaxed look.

    I kept thinking, damn what a flap that must be, having the police cars blocking lanes, all this commotion and attention in front of FH. Somebody’s “head is gonna roll” for that one. And then I’ve gotta think, yep, another hidden standard…staff is supposed to be so in control of the situation and all of these different people that no police ever come to the area.
    Yeah right!!!!!

  121. MichaleJRinder, You called it and that’s exactly what I woke up realizing this morning. Besides the obvious rude hostile scenario of guards and “combat” scenario, something else continued to disturb me about that video. I realize now …what we are seeing here is * a potential future* enmeshed into our society! And that potential future *is* 1984.

    Unreal? Ridiculous? Think again. LOOK at what we just witnessed. The hostile, eerie robotism. The circling of amoral shark PIs, the summoning of legitimate county law enforcement that were unwitting pawns. For what? A father who wanted to speak to his son. By an entity repeatedly proven (in courts and in public ) to have no respect for human life and human lives or Truth.

    This is how it begins. And that’s what we are seeing in this video. There it is.

    Commendation for your confront, Mike, Marty, Mareka, Christi and all.

    This is not a small thing to stand up to or stand before, and you were at its door.

    Do not blink, people. It *is* that evil.

  122. Matt,

    I agree with all you said, except one thing: your advice to use the 911 for what is *NOT* established to be a life-threatening emergency.

    Abuse of the 911 line can result in rather heavy fines in many places.

    There are regular police non-emergency phone numbers for this sort of situation that should be used, instead.

    Michael A. Hobson

  123. I see. In that case you’ll have no difficulty in explaining which part of the following documents in relation to disconnection have also been compromised:

    Tape: 6505C18 “Organization and Ethics”

    Tape: 6506C08 “Handling the PTS”


    Tape: 6608C02 “Suppressives and GAEs”

    Tape: 6608C25 “The Antisocial Personality”


    HCOB 24 Apr. 72 I C/S Series 79 PTS INTERVIEWS

    HCO PL 3 May 72R Exec Series 12 Rev. 18.12.77 ETHICS AND EXECUTIVES

    HCOB 10 Aug. 73 PTS HANDLING




    HCO PL 20 Oct. 81R PTS TYPE A HANDLING Rev. 10.9.83


    You’ll note Vaughn couldn’t have been involved in some of them.

  124. Is it just me or is the security guard on the left of the redneck PI actually smiling and kind of enjoying the moment. It makes me wonder if maybe he`d rather be on Marty`s side of things.

    As mentionned earlier in someone else`s post there were probably several friendly staff in there that would probably love to be out and enjoying the freedom of thouhg, freedom of expression and the ability to walk where you want, when you want and not have to appear 3 times a day for roll call.

    Bless you all.

  125. Jim, that’s a pass!

  126. Hi Mike,

    Before I read the Truth Rundown and found out about all this stuff I went to Flag. While I was there I saw your son at the Starbucks near the FH. I had a pretty good comm line with him from previous trips to Flag when he was a folder paige. At that time he had just recently been in a car accident. I am not sure if he was driving or not or if other church members were. Something had happened to his eye. It was sort of disfigured. I am just telling you this in case you were not aware of it.

    Great job on the attempt of reconnecting with your son and all the best with your BBC interview.


  127. Jack Airey, “Now let us see how Tommy Con Man Davis spins this video.”
    I’ve tried putting myself in TD’s shoes as to how he could counter this debacle. All I could come up with is “we did our best to talk Benjamin into going outside to talk with his father but he flatly refused to do so. He wants nothing to do with him. ”
    Would this be believable?

  128. Our favorit one man protest army (Anon)Sparrow at the Fort Harrison Pat 1 . An Ex who still uses bits of the tech or finds bits of it usefull.

  129. Eileen, you got that one pinned. Old Grumpy Winston had a way with words too.

  130. That depends wether you are in or out.

  131. I wonder what the IRS thinks about a “church” that hires so many PIs?

  132. all true.

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  134. Mike and the gang
    Very well done on ruffling some feathers.
    When you and Marty changed sides the game was already over.
    Now it’s just logistics.
    The only power DM ever had was that which we all gave him.
    What doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger.
    Keep going. You will get them back.

  135. I would like to share a really big win that my family has had and hopefully someone can find some peace by reading this and cognite on what the tech is really about.

    I have been married to my husband for 15 years. He had been a scientologist since the 70’s and I have been one since the early 90’s. What brought us together was that we believed in the same things, and wanted the same “spiritual freedom”. Scientology was a point of ARC for us. Both of us have been dedicated scientologists, going on study for many years, contributing to the 4th dynamic programs of the church (staff), etc…. for most of our married life. There has always been a strain with our dynamics. Our plans were always around going on course, going to events, making more money etc….. When we started to have kids I felt like one of us was always absent from their dynamics and activities because we were always trying to “contribute” to the church. If not time, it was working extra to have more money to buy the next release, services, and give to all the causes (IAS, Ideal Orgs, ABLE, etc..).

    For the last several years I felt like we were just surviving, raising our kids with very little ARC from us, not really enjoying life or the world around us. We were more caught up in the rat race of trying to achieve spiritual freedom on the bridge (always reaching for the dangling carrot!)

    For the last few years I have been silently withdrawing from the rat race as it didn’t feel right to me and I felt like my dynamics were really not expanding like they should. I supported my husband if he wanted to go to events, or go on course, but I was done. I just couldn’t stomach one more reg event, one more lecture to buy, I was overrun! When things started to blow up and I intensely started reading all the blogs, newspaper articles, press releases, etc…. I went through a lot of emotion trying to confront it. One of the hardest things to confront was telling my husband and family about all the things I had discovered that are going on with the church. I knew I would get resistance and the line of “I am reading garbage from declared SP’s.” I did finally tell them and I got the reaction that I thought, but after they confronted the data and started logically looking at everything they also came to the same conclusion as I did. We can’t live like this anymore, and supporting the church is not something we are winning at. The pressure that Church members are put under just to give more money, buy more auditing, buy this release, etc… is not what we think is “spiritual freedom” represents.

    Finally for the first time in 15 years we have finally reached a point where we are not in the rat race and everything is on our own terms. We are not having our kids suffer because we are trying to get up the bridge and pay for the next fundraising campaign. We have been listening to LRH at home, reading books, and just applying basic LRH tech in our everyday lives. Rekindling the wins we had on using ARC and granting beingness to everyone and everything around us.

    My husband has started to find is passion for 1st dynamic activities that he stopped doing because he didn’t have time, he has developed a very strong relationship with our kids. He is spending quality time with them, teaching them about TWTH and setting a good example for them. We own two companies who we have always made it go right to keep them expanding, but it took a lot of effort sometimes. Now going to work and running our companies seems effortless, and the only thing we have done is make a decision about what the greatest good is for our dynamics. We aren’t planning our lives around demands from the org. Our social life is actually existent again, we have friends who we find fun to be with (and they aren’t scns). We are contributing to our community around us. We actually do community service on our terms and listen to what people really need help with. It is as if we have been living in bubble for so long, that we lost touch of reality around us.

  136. Well, I couldn’t get in a post until now, though watched the vid right off. Keep it comin’ – let’s keep at ’em. You were terrific, every beat. Hat’s off, big time, with my love & respect. M

  137. Good on ya for getting the evidence of their lies. The Church of Misc’y is the complete antithesis of the teachings of L.Ron Hubbard and it needs to be exposed so people can know and take action to get it back On-Source. Welcome to the Expose’ of DM. He can hide no more.

  138. Freedom Fighter

    Very good point, Veritas. This is a live demo of the contagion of DM’s Type III abberration.

    As I was listening to the audio excerpt from A New Slant on Life entitled “Is it Possible to be Happy”, I couldn’t help but compare the theta put forth by LRH in that recording to DM and what the church has become today. Boy, what a difference!!

  139. According to Wikipedia, DM’s 50th birthday is April 30th.

    What should we get for him???

  140. Freedom Fighter

    one of those who see, you hit the nail on the head, IMO.

  141. Dark Night of the Soul

    The lyrics of this song are poetry of 15th century Spain, by the mystic writer and visionary St. John of the Cross. It is a love story between him and his god.

    Loreena McKennit wrote: ” the untitled work is an exquisite, richly metaphoric love poem between himself and his god.

    It could pass as a love poem between any two at any time … His approach seems more akin to early Islamic or Judaic works in its more direct route to communication to his god … ”

    To those of us who have gone through the fire … for our worship, devotion, family and tribe — I think of you and thank you with love, comfort and solidarity. No tears shed for love are in vain.

  142. “Oh night thou was my guide
    oh night more loving than the rising sun
    Oh night that joined the lover
    to the beloved one
    transforming each of them into the other

    Upon that misty night
    in secrecy, beyond such mortal sight
    Without a guide or light
    than that which burned so deeply in my heart

    That fire t’was led me on
    and shone more bright than of the midday sun
    To where he waited still
    it was a place where no one else could come

    Within my pounding heart
    which kept itself entirely for him
    He fell into his sleep
    beneath the cedars all my love I gave
    And by the fortress walls
    the wind would brush his hair against his brow
    And with its smoothest hand
    caressed my every sense it would allow.

    Within my pounding heart
    which kept itself entirely for him
    He fell into his sleep
    beneath the cedars all my love I gave
    And by the fortress walls
    the wind would brush his hair against his brow
    And with its smoothest hand
    caressed my every sense it would allow”

    –Lyrics by St. John of the Cross (San Juan de la Cruz), arr. and adapted by Loreena McKennitt

  143. Dear Mike,
    What you say may be true. I know that when I helped do the above drill at Flag a few months ago we called 911. The 911 operator was VERY helpful and interested as soon as the word Scientology was mentioned. An officer arrived within minutes and was VERY helpful and professional. The officer truely felt for the young woman who had not been able to see or communicate with her aging father for 15 years.
    The poor staff member didn’t even know that he had a beautiful, happy and healthy grand daughter.
    The officer also said that he and the other officers were following the articles in the St. Pete Times and he wanted to pass on his congradulations to those speaking out.
    Use what ever number is appropriate but don’t be afraid to ask for police help. No one agrees with family disconnection which is why the “church” works so hard to deny their evil action.

  144. Either way, it is Disconnection being applied. TD can say anything he wants to, the people watching this whole scene unwind will know he is lying. In fact, I am looking forward to hearing his lies…should be very entertaining. On the other hand, gotta have some compassion for the guy, he’s in a very bad place; under such suppression one will do (and say) some pretty stupid things.
    The situation IS coming apart at the seams, the only ones who are not confronting that are dm and friends. (shrug, yawn)
    Where is that popcorn??? LOL!

  145. Thank you to veritas and lucy. I find something of value here everyday. Today because of you I found truth and beauty.


  146. Barney Rubble


    You and I have crossed a few paths since the seventies on a 3rd flow basis. I admire what you are doing and respect you a lot.

    Marty can give you my email add. You may not recall me, but I assure you will know the family name. Good luck brother I have a friend that knows you better than I, that I can tell you about later who is out.

  147. Theo Sismanides

    Crashing Upwards,

    Exactly! We are talking about a police state here! And it’s happening all over the world and Miscavology is the one church that behaves exactly like that. Like a police state.

  148. Dear Lucy, thank you for putting truth, ethics, LRH and Scientology to action…for your Life, your family and community. I’m cheering as I reached the outcome of your story. Thanks so much for sharing it here. They’re not called indicators for nothing:) Beautiful!

  149. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas, I am so glad we are here and we can think for ourselves. The point you are making is very important since this is the message underlying this video. A police state with pawns and law enforcement, which law enforcement by the way has nothing to do with one’s Rights and true justice.

    I just experienced that police state yesterday here in Athens where because of all those “terrorists” now the police “has” the right to arrest anyone who dares utter a word or ask why do you want to search me?

    This is 1984 in the making and Miscavology has long ago gotten into that game.

    You are absolutely right about amoral shark PIs and amoral robot police men. In Greek we call policemen “Organs” the word meaning an insturment, as something that executes certain functions and that’s it (like in music, music instruments. In Greek we say music organs) and of course we know what Organs also means in English and it has that meaning also in Greek, talking about genital organs, LOL.

    And that’s what these people have become. Like policemen, souless, mindless robots who just execute orders.

    We are Players, they are Pawns. Nobody could think and say “No, even if I am expelled I am going to handle this in a Scientology way, I am going out and talk to these guys, and make sure I give them enough comm and enough data about Benjamin being OK, at least”.

    No, no, no. Organs of the lowest type don’t do that. Even if they could be up to beings “Musical Organs (instruments)” the music they would play is so out of tune…

    You know what I couldn’t have in Miscavology anymore?

    Its aesthetic. It is so Soap Opera type of Aesthetic now. It is not that Aesthetic that LRH exuded. The wavelength is so different, so un-aesthetic, if I can use this word.

    All those buildings, and the police state make your guts turn and it’s so…. I cannot even find the right word to pinpoint it.

    So, it’s not just the 1984 atmosphere, it’s also the Soap Opera and Bad Aesthetic that comes out of there.

    Yes. I found the word. It’s so Artificial, that’s the word. It’s an artificial wavelength, very, very alien to theta. It has its own things there, like you go to the orthodox church and there you have it, that atmosphere of a church and the burning incense, always there. Now the incense is part of that aesthetic, and it makes you want to vomit.

    I could perceive that “incense” in Miscavology, burning little by little in many more places, pervading every space, theta or mest would occupy.

    I could feel it all around, that artificial aesthetic coming down with a power to hypnotize us. We were going “high” on it every day.

    I left. I didn’t have that anymore. Like Crashing Upward said above:

    “Watching the video and seeing those warm winds blow Marty’s shirt tail really took me back to the time I spend in CW. Back in the 70’s it wasnt the police state it is now. Like the song says, “If I could turn back time….” but I can’t so lets work to create that better tomorrow. ”

    I have my aesthetic back now, that coming out from Source not an artificial, cheap, soap opera which is coming out of Mescavology, Miscavology or Mestology however you wanna call it. Your church guys stinks! Get the incense out, NOW! You robots, wake up and have a life, if you will ever dare live without incense burning around to keep you “high” and in touch with the One Almighty!!!

    Apply pure Scientology morons! And come down with a thud on whoever mixes it with “burning incense” and other weird stuff! This has nothing to do with Christianity and faith, at least in its lower stages. You have a yardstick there, a laser precision tool to detect any impurities and bad smell. Apply it if you dare and get the stink out now!

  150. The last verse of the song:

    “And cares and grief grew dim
    as, in the mornings mist, became the light.
    There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair
    There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair”

    Lunamoth you’re so welcome, and Thank YOU. This blog is my oasis and sanctuary, and you’re one who makes it so. Thank you everyone here.

  151. Great story and congrats on finding for yourself what is best for your dynamics!! 🙂

  152. That’s awesome Lucy!!

    My wife and I and all of our friends are experiencing the same thing.

    The truth is that we were PTS to our own church.

    DM the SP at the top has destroyed the church and all of his entheta flows down the org board.

    I am waiting for DM to make some sort of announcement such as: ” Arbitraries cancelled on ethics policies!!”…”I just realized that there have been some SP’s messing up the ethics tech and they have been located and ejected so everything will be ok now!!”…”Please love me again, please love me ….need me!!”


  153. Played by Sterling Hayden, Detective Sims in noir film “Crime Wave”: “He is an impressive, intimidating figure, an avatar of dogged justice, with his ever-present toothpick dangling from the corner of his mouth, replacing the cigarette he’d really like to have.”

    Joe diMaggio, too;)

  154. WoW!!! To see two former highly regarded top execs standing out in front of the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” being harassed by HCO guards and then HCO calling the police blows me away!! We never, ever called the police. Talk about out PR. To think I use to call Flag my home blows me away. Well, it used to be my home, even after I left the SO and it used to be the Mecca. Now it saddens me to see what has become of it and the way that these so called Scn. treat human beings. I know that HCO guard, the one with the accent. He and I used to have comm cycles all the time. Not surprised, but disappointed that he’s arrived in the suppressive valence.

    I remember when it was considered to be a high honor to have your children in the SO. I remember when mine were in the Cadette Org. I was proud and had hoped that they would continue serving in the SO. Now I am beyond thankful that we left and they didn’t stay. Mike: I feel your pain. I actually lost a child who ended up dropping her body. You have my postulates that he comes to his senses, contacts you and leaves. I am glad that you and Mary have mended any ARCX’s between the both of you. My favorite part of the video: Marty looks across the street at the Super Power building and asks: ..when are they ever going to finish that thing Mike? Good question Marty, as I have been asking myself that same question for 12 years. My guess is the 12th of Never. Then there is when HCO calls via dispatch and says: I have Mike and Marty here and they don’t want to leave. OH, really? Wonder why oh mighty brain surgeon. Then the Clearwater Police show up and just park their cars in the middle of the street. Noteworthy with out a doubt.

    Nothing like a trip out to the desert for a being to expand one’s universe. I used to live out there.

    Kudos to all of you who went to confront the Evil Empire.


  155. For some reason I got tears in my eyes reading your success, Lucy.

    I went through similar things which led to life opening up and I realized that I really do have a choice.

  156. how about a heart attack? let’s say, 12:00 noon pacific time? we could test out what group postulates are cabable of…just kidding of course…(not!) .

  157. Very well done and thank you for setting the record straight with regards disconnection. I feel sorry for these staff members who sincerly feel they are doing the right thing while they piss their life away forwarding DM’s agenda and not LRH. By the way Jackie, Cassavius is in EU and he grew up to not believing what he had been told about Andre. When I came out I relayed to Andre everything Casavius ever told me in confidence, so Andre knows. Cas is one of the people that sees a lot of what’s going on, but like a lot of the good guys in the SO, he feels he has to stick with and through it to not abandon LRH, even if things are off the rails inside. If he knew what is going on outside, about Marty, Mike etc, if he could read this website, he’d be out in a heart beat.

  158. Marty, Mike , Mareka, Chrissie, and all Indies, you are really tearing the guy ( dm) down with whatever it takes.
    I am very pleased to see the giant steps you are taking to accomplish that. He won’t recover from that ever, I am sure. There is NO way to overcome that ever again. His reputation IS kaputt.
    Thank YOU.

  159. What a great win Lucy! It is a beautiful thing to be able to use Scientology as a tool and use it in the LIVING of your life.

    To be able to help in your community, by providing what that community needs and wants, not what the church wants to give them or take from them, is a joy.

    My family and I have had similar experiences to yours since leaving the C of M. Thanks for sharing that.

  160. lucy,
    I’m so happy reading your story! Wow, well done and here’s to more creation, on your own determinism, on any and all areas of your lives.

    Hey, it’s like a new unit of time and life is vibrant, exciting and full of adventure. Just like it should be!

  161. Wow, Lucy. How you’ve described your life as it is now – that is the REAL Scientology!

  162. Lucy, I think this is one of the most important posts I’ve read in some time. It speaks to a great many issues and a great many people. It sums up the crippled life we lead in today’s Scientology (the Scientology that Miscavige has driven into the ditch) and gives insight into what life could be like with real Scientology.

  163. If he only had a brain.

  164. Lucy,
    Absolutely fantastic.
    I didn’t know how much I could love someone until I had kids. If Scientology, correctly applied, increases ARC, I can’t imagine a parent abandoning his or her child by disconnecting. To me, that’s the epitome of reverse-Scientology–even more so than messing with a person’s first dynamic. To give up life in order to increase life is just such a glaring contradiction.
    Love that you have crossed over.

    Much love,


  165. Aaron Saxton

    Watching that video flooded me with memories of such things I allowed to happen when I was there in the Sea Org.

    That unrelenting “line” to distance people.

    I truly feel sorry for Mike going through that. He puts on a brave front but it must hurt like hell to have that comm line with his family cut.

    My heart goes out to Mike on this, it just isn’t right under any circumstance.

    I hope your family walks out of there, I really do.

  166. Per the OP, the cops spoke with Benjamin to confirm this. They would have required some kind of proof (ID) it was him.

  167. The road to Hell is paved in good intentions, Veritas. It is the consequences which are everything.

    Do tell, what’s the difference between: “INTENTION” and “the purpose toward which something is applied”. Seems tautologous to me.

  168. Marty, Something that I think is very significant
    here that I think all should be aware of is
    John Nunez’s comment about Vaugn’s attest.
    All of this BS about disconnection is DM. Not
    LRH. All need to know that.

  169. He has one, onley it works different.

  170. Blip could be a critic too instead of a church member.

  171. The effect you cause is ehat matters in the end.

  172. I love it , thanks for sharing your story may it inspire others.

  173. Mareka and Christie and the Cameraman may your effort inspire others towards action themselfs.

  174. CD,
    BLiP is a ‘critic’. All too often a critic can’t do. So, he criticizes so others won’t. We do anyway. The stock in trade of a critic is ‘it’s bad over there, don’t reach’. Hmmm, that seems to be DM’s ploy too. Hmmm…could this be either side of a Goals Problem Mass? Hmmm…

    That long list of references are some of what I review in my article. Did you read my article?
    Again, if you assume it’s something before you start, then you can’t learn anything new. Knowing it all already is what precludes discovery. Discovery includes practice and experience of data else it’s all academic. Academia is nice, lots of critics in academia.

  175. BLiP,
    What you’ve laid out there is evidence you’ve either attempted a study of the PTS/SP materials (eg. a former student) or you’ve taken the time to list them from a pack you haven’t studied. OK. Well done on getting a list of materials together.

    Is there any single part of those materials that you have witnessed yourself as to phenomena? Any true data there at all, in your estimation? Just curious.

  176. Moving Forward

    Thanks very much for sharing your story, Lucy. I’m so glad that your husband and family were also able to open their eyes to the truth and that you are doing so well!

    This is one of the reasons I like coming to this blog. Not only do we get to vent and discuss the bad, but we also get to share in the good. Yay for free communication!

  177. NS,
    Thank you for relaying that info to Andre and Mary of their son. That’s the stuff. That’s wonderful.

    I’ve always personally had a great affinity for Andre and his family. Last time I saw him at the Base, we were whooping the ‘execs’ (DM, Greg W et al) at softball on Sea Org day. Andre was having a blast, putting them out by strikes, ground balls, flies and just having a good time. I remember DM was a candidate for the ‘Run, Kick and Throw Like a Girl Olympics’ and was not making too many plays out in right field. So, what did he and his fellas do? CHEATED!

    Andre, and I and others, left that game.

  178. Sarge,
    I studied this subject thoroughly and wrote up an article on it. What isn’t grasped on LRH and disconnection is his general attitude and ARC for people. He was loath to disconnect and persisted in handlings all the way through. The tech developments I outline in my article are the facts.

    Disconnection, when it is a self-determined and valid tool, a temporary tool in the main, isn’t the issue. It’s DM’s malicious alter-is and vicious intent to disconnect and tear asunder high ARC lines that is the issue.

    That was never LRH’s intent or practice.

  179. Moving Forward

    That was really beautiful, thanks for posting it Veritas!

  180. Thanks NS and I’m glad to hear the info about Cassivious…whew!!

    I started seeing what was going on and after just a little taste of the police state starting up at Gold I knew it was time to get out and felt it was my one and only chance when they started “offloading the deadwood” off the Base. Mind you I walked into HCO after the first “Group Witch Hunt” and said “I’m done I want out!” All I know is I wanted no more of the Nightmare on Gilman Street.

    So my hats off to Marty, Mike, Hayden, Mareka and Christi. I wonder how they would handle it if you went back everyday for a week or so….how much disruption that would cause! Remember how we used to be in “lock down” at the base when anything happened!!

  181. Veritas, Think I figured it out. I keep falling in
    Love with your Love.

  182. Jim I for myself are intrested in the answers to his/her question. A question was asked but not answered.

  183. Dude, that was awesome. Ur doing it right! 🙂

  184. (request post merger if possible)

    Glad to see you adopted a direct approach to showing how you guys feel about the organization. Hope it inspires more to do the same as long as folks stay safe (in the words of Borris).

  185. Hi Guys,

    I am so happy to see you doing what you are doing, really!

    I have been in Scientology for 25 years, and have gone up to OT 5 and Grad 5 C/S and have been in the So for 14 years.

    I remember Marty and Mike both while still being in the COS. They were big opinion leaders, and now seeing them beeing treated with no respect and rejected, by people who used to llok up to them is just disgusting. What do these guys think??

    There is for sure a big black PR campaign going against these two, and still I am happy they have the courage to do something. What would interrest me is what their view of things is.

    Keep on going. Do what I can’t right noy. I will join you soon.

  186. Dear Mike,
    I really feel so utterly sorry for you. I know how it feels to be disconnected from a beloved person, how it feels if simple communication is hindered even in situations where family members so dearly need each other for excample because sombody in the family is very ill. My mother had never a chance to give my brother Uwe her love and her help when he needed it most. They lied to her and were suppressing communication for 27 years. On her death-bed in March 2004 she had one important topic in our heartbreaking conversations – that she couldn’t see Uwe again and that she was not able to help him with his MS.
    I hope that you will be together with your son soon. I will light a candle for you and your family.
    I’m confident that the Church of Scientology will be defeated very soon.
    Let us stand together to achieve this goal.


  187. BLiP,

    Because there are laws on the books for police to enforce, and then the police abuse those laws, even physically abusing innocent people, does that make the law maker wrong for trying to keep the peace with sensible laws?

    LRH was trying to help pcs and students achieve case gain with his isolation of 2 and a half percent of the populace as dedicated trouble-makers who don’t want to see anyone do well.

    This has been twisted by Miscavige to declaring anyone who he perceives as a nuisance or threat to his power grab. Disconnection is used to break up marriages and families in an attempt to exert control over good people.

    Take St. Hill in the 60s for example. You know, the org that every org is supposed to be trying to emulate. Look at the staff roster for this org as to where those all-stars are now. Does this seem to be about 2 and a half percent to you?

    LRH Executive Director
    Philip Quirino LRH Comm Living under guard in reclusive retirement home
    Pat Bloomberg Dissem Sec DECLARED SP (Declared by Current Church Church Leadership)
    Peter Hemery HCO Secretary DECLARED SP Personal Friend of LRH
    Mike Rigby Dir Accounts DECLARED SP (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Ken Urquhart LRH Pers Comm DECLARED SP LRH Butler, LRH Pers Comm for 15 years (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Joyce Popham LRH Pers Sec DECLARED SP (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Len Regenass: HCO Area Sec DECLARED SP
    Joan McNocher: D/Guardian DECLARED SP (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Dalene Regenass Org E.S DECLARED SP Clear #24 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Robin Hancocks Deputy HCO Executive Sec DECLARED SP (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Frank Freedman D/Qual DECLARED SP Clear #127 Class VIII (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Betty James Ad Council Chairman DECLARED SP (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    John McMaster SHSBC Course Supervisor DECLARED SP FIRST CLEAR
    Otto Roos Ad Council DECLARED SP Clear #25 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (completed A-E of a prior Declare. But Re-Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Pam Pearcy Ad Council DECLARED SP Clear #211 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Reg Sharpe LRH Assistant DECLARED SP Clear #7 Personal Friend of LRH
    Leon Steinberg Exec Council DECLARED SP Clear #10 Personal Friend of LRH One of the original LRH trained Class XII (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    J.J Delance Technical Staff DECLARED SP Clear #17 Started Scn in France (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Tony Dunleavy Clearing Course Supervisor DECLARED SP Clear #20 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Connie Broadbent Dir Accounts DECLARED SP Clear #29 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Craig Lipsitz Qual Staff DECLARED SP Clear #30 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Marilynn Routsong HCO Staff DECLARED SP Clear #31 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Brian Livingston Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #35 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Herbie Parkhouse Org Exec Sec DECLARED SP Clear #55 Personal Friend of LRH Org Exec Sec (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Anton James Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #53 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Jenny Parkhouse Treasury Staff DECLARED SP Clear #54 Personal Friend of LRH (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Virginia Downsborough Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #39 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Van Staden Treasury Staff DECLARED SP Clear #40 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Sheena Fairchild Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #41 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Jennifer Edmonds Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #15 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Bernie Green Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #18
    Gareth McCoy Dissem Staff DECLARED SP Clear #21
    Felice Green Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #26 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    John Lawrence Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #28 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Peggy Bankston Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #34 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Helen Pollen Qual Staff DECLARED SP Clear #47 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Fred Fairchild Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #49 . (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Dorothy Knight Dissem Staff DECLARED SP Clear #50 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Judy Gray Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #56 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Cal Wigney Div 6 Staff DECLARED SP Clear #57 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Mary Long Div 6 Staff DECLARED SP Clear #58 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Bill Robertson Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #61 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Linda Nussbaum Exec Staff DECLARED SP Clear #62 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Robin Lindsell Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #73 Class XII (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Val Wigney Saint Hill Interne DECLARED SP Clear #87 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Edith Hoyseth Saint Hill Interne DECLARED SP Clear #105 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Roger Biddell Saint Hill Interne DECLARED SP Clear #107 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Cyril Vosper Tech Staff DECLARED SP


  188. BLiP wrote: “The road to Hell is paved in good intentions.”

    Who told you that??! Sounds like a cliche’ ! (that isn’t true). I’ve heard it before but I thought about it and realized it isn’t so.

    Why, even the legal system reflects taking into consideration the Natural Law, of “intent”.

    Life supports intentions that align with Life and greatest Good for Greatest amount of Life. The road to Hell is paved with stupidity (another word for Evil). A synonym of “Stupidity” is also “Ignorance.” Think about it ….Ignore Ance.

    So, let’s not IGNORE the huge crimson red flags anymore. Be more than a BLip!

  189. BLip — I think you may just be trying to cut me down to a palatable size, but in case your question is sincere…

    You asked: Do tell, what’s the difference between: “INTENTION” and “the purpose toward which something is applied”. Seems tautologous to me.

    Please note the punctuation of my statement:
    “INTENTION –and the purpose toward which something is applied — is everything, BLiP.”

    A tautology is an unnecessary or unessential repetition.

    I felt it necessary to highlight both Intention and Purpose.

    One may have an intention to help mankind and unwittingly be applying it toward a cross-purpose. IMHO, this is happening with the Compound of Co$ today.

    Many members are well-intentioned and do not realize they are applying those intentions toward the *Substituted* purpose that is operating under the Management, cloaked in the “Code of a Scientologist.”

    Now don’t make me say it again or it will be redundantly redundant!:)

  190. Yes. I think there are so many good Police and law enforcement persons. I empathize with the job. And then it is also, unfortunately, a magnet for individuals who are power-hungry and have enormous self-importance buttons.

    We need to ensure that the quality and purpose of law enforcement is not compromised or corrupted.

    I noticed when I aligned them to their Purpose “To Protect and To Serve” it helps them recognize their duty.

  191. BLiP,
    I hope you’ll think about your statement: ” It is consequences which are everything.”

    In your experience, you may be able to recall a time you really meant well …and a whack job decided to give you a hard time for it.

    Sometimes, for example, people are punished for doing good, or for being intelligent.

    During the Vietnam war, when the government labeled doctors and artists and literate people enemies, and persecuted/executed them.

    Those consequences are not “everything”, they are called Injustice.

    In a nonpolitical scenario, what about a bright student who is bullied for knowing the right answers in class? or a pretty girl who is hated or or objectified into being a thing out of jealousy or a desire to control?

    The intention to help, or to brighten the world through intelligence or beauty have varying consequences. The Consequence, or EFFECT, a person received does not define their Intention.

    That’s an illusion that needs to be sorted out.

  192. BLiP, and as this applies to your argument that the elephant is LRH policy —a vast number of people have benefited (Consequence) from those policies, when *properly* (intention) applied.

  193. Theo,

    Yes, that fake aesthetics trick!! Life, Truth & Beauty don’t need no stinkin’ incense and smoke and hocus pocus!

    you wrote: “I have my aesthetic back now, that coming out from Source not an artificial, cheap, soap opera which is coming out of Mescavology, Miscavology or Mestology however you wanna call it. Your church guys stinks! Get the incense out, NOW! “

  194. God dressed up in polyester gold lamé holding a rhinestone studded donation basket engraved “Give”

    … blech!

    and when you deposit all your money, you get a light up plastic halo in the Hall of Glutamonious Maximus DorkusMalorcus.

    Nope. No cigar, David Miscavige.

    It’s *thetans* that light up!!! That’s Scientology.

  195. Rory Medford

    The Friedliest Place in the World wasn’t so freindly to you guys! LOL…

  196. Sarge, That’s truly dear. And I’m glad because then that means you’re loving Love of Life itself and that includes You.

  197. Regarding the video. They could have been a little more respectful to Marty and Mike.

    What’s the name of the prick with the walky-talkie in the beginning? Does anyone know?

    Also, that guy said to Marty: “please do not batter me!”. Batter him? You have to be kidding me.

    Boy, there are so motivator hungry, they see anything as an overt act.

  198. Markus, Have we met?

  199. Awesome Lucy! Thanks!

  200. Theo Sismanides


    I think that little by little we are all falling in love with the way you write and can help one differentiate between things. I was very blipped before, now, after your clarifications I am shining again with Understanding.

    That’s laser precision differentiation and I had forgotten that! Love is just a natural consequence as admiration of Theta towards Theta. Hoho!

  201. Well what is your real name? I don’t know if we have met before. why do you ask?
    Best wishes

  202. This sucks, Mike. But the fight isn’t over by a long shot.

  203. Markusstuck. My appologizes. I was hoping you were an old friend of mine. My real name is Steve. I am a little disapointed but still glad you are here. Welcome!

  204. Three beautiful people in front of the Fort Harrison, being there and communicating, reaching,….generates terror , havoc , and armed forces? A man asking to see his son and the staff generate this much chaos? This is taken as a terrorist attempt? That is really spooky. One person could not have walked out and had a normal conversation and confronted three people looking for one man? I hate to admit something has violated my reality. But when a Scientologist has to stand behind a police officer to communicate to someone with a different point of view makes you wonder how the hell anyone will be able to get an auditing session???

  205. Trespassing? Isn’t this place promoted as a “Hotel”? Since when does a “Hotel” entry way have a no trespassing policy to the lobby?
    Isn’t that a bit telling in itself?

  206. The worst PR is, damn you guys look great since you’ve left the Sea Org!

  207. So frustrated too watching the sloppy law suits against the Church for wages etc. The way to handle the Church legally is for breech of contract. Two parties are supposed to perform. The staff work and perform. The Church is obligated to perform also. Any Sea Org member has a right to force the Church to deliver all those 2 and 1/2 hours of training a day that were promised plus the their bridge. They have a right to sue for non performance. And get awarded their bridge and the training and auditing promised to them. Or compensation otherwise agreed upon. This is obvious in any court of law and is simple basic contract law.

  208. Clarification. In ANY CONTRACT, two parties MUST perform. That is the basis of ANY contract. For EVERY day a Sea Org member performed, for their contract to be held in place by the Church, the CHURCH had an obligation to perform also. Contracts are NOT one sides otherwise they are not contracts. Everything that was promised by your recruiter and the Church, from study, food, laundry, training, auditing etc., the Church is obligated to perform for as long as they held the staff member responsible to perform. So, for all the days the staff member spent working, they are owed something in return. O.K. it was agreed upon it would not be money. But those other things the Church is still responsible to deliver. The Church has a HUGE ENORMOUS unhandled debt! I myself worked six years without them giving me my 2 and 1/2 hours a day of study. I am entitled to claim that now in court and have the court force them to deliver to me 2 and 1/2 hours a day of training for six years. Not to mention all my laundry! And OT levels! YES! It’s true! So if you are dismayed about all the tings you thought you were performing for, and the Church did not, on a DAILY basis, you can get the court to order them to perform on these commitments NOW. You already performed. Now they MUST. And that is the way contract law is enforced. The Sea Org has a hidden debt of thousands of hours of undelivered training and auditing to it’s staff. If you were under staff contract, and you performed, you are entitled to expect the Church to perform on it’s obligations to you as well.

  209. Intreresting point. Do they even have a legal right to stop anyone from checking into the Fort Harrison if there are rooms available?
    Especially if the reason to refuse is based on the person’s religious belief? That should be enough to be able to sue for discrimination if the FH really is registered as a public hotel, rather than a religious resort.
    Any volunteer to try to check in?
    Unfortunately, I’m not in the US…

  210. And if the Church promised you it was going to expand, make many more clears and OT’s on this planet, use exact Scientology per L.R.H., and did not deliver those things to you, well, you have a case for non performance. This is beyond what was promised to you personally! So many staff are out here on the streets feeling they got offloaded because they did not perform, hey! The day you did not get your 2 and 1/2 hours of study the Church was in breech of contract to YOU and did not perform. In fact the Church is in breech of contract to every single staff member and all Sea Org contracts have been made null and void! For non performance by the CHURCH DAAA! But didn’t I say this a few years ago on some forum??? It is not the staff that failed! DAAA! If you showed up and worked and they kept you there that day and took your hours you performed! For that day they OWE YOU everything they promised. Parent time. Social security benfits before 1993. Training, Expansion. Exact technology. Auditing. You KNOW what you thought you were getting in exchange????

  211. Robert Earle

    Dear BLiP,
    I just found this site and was reading through and saw your post. I did a csw to RTC on several occasions in the 80s and 90s regarding alterations of LRH issues on PTS/SP tech with the chronology of it . It began with the alteration of the souces of trouble pl of 64 which A=Aed that pl with pts/sp which are not identities resulting in the confusion of the two. which is where the type 1,2,3(pts/sp terms )mixed with A-J which somehow were now also pts types(not true)
    then this leads to the MSH issue PTS type “a” handling(not an LRH issue)(if you had the change to read the original back in the early 70s before it became a BPL and later a non LRH signature HCOPL before it was issued again and again and again with alterations along the way .Also later placed in the ethics book as well which is why so many people think that tpye a is a tpye of PTS . LRH only listed three tpyes honest. if you want a more complete list of the alterations I could dig out my old copy of the csw and put it up to give the full history of that.

  212. Robert Earle

    Thank you Bingo. that was a missing datum in my own attempt to track down the who and why disconnection was revived in that time frame .

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