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Lulz Rules


How have we come to elevate a crypto fascist to the Chief Executive position of the world’s beacon of freedom and democracy?

A cursory reading of history shows that some form of anarchy precedes tyranny which is seen by the haves as necessary for restoration of some semblance of order (read, cling on to what the haves have in defense of the threat of the have-nots wanting to have what the haves have). Did anyone notice how rapidly the ultimate haves (Goldman Sachs/Exxon Mobil/et al), whom Trump vowed to collar, were invited into (and accepted) Trump’s bunker the second he won our sporting electoral college contest?  Chances are not for long – because far more vital information has intervened, like “trump tweeted a dis’ at Obama in response to his alleged dis’”, and “one Rockette isn’t going to show for the inauguration”, and “Michelle is ‘An Angry Black Woman’ for not praying at the Trump altar”, and “Hillary is steaming mad because Putin’s beef with her attempted intervention in Russian politics caused him to intervene in US politics”, and “Trump has already declared economic success for the common man’s economics because Wall Street speculation is bumping”, and “Trump vehemently asserts transition is a disaster and huuugely successful” (both in the same day), while on the same day America’s two most influential ‘intellectual’ media outlets report a speech on Israel as follows, clearly appealing to emotion in lieu of intellect: “Bibi Netanyahu Makes Trump His Chump” (New York Times) and “Kerry’s Rage Against Israel” (Wall Street Journal).

What form of anarchy preceded elevation of the big daddy who promises to restore ‘law and order’ at any cost (read liberty)?

We have created an information anarchy. In the age of information – where information reigns supreme over any other commodity – that translates into an anarchy in fact. We have created a public information sharing media that carries no penalty for purveying falsehood and deceit, penalizes in-depth and time-consuming investigation and presentation of relevant fact, and rewards appeals to emotion over intellect. Today’s information sharing does little to nothing to increase understanding. It does much to incite and inflame passion, prejudice and bias.

Worried about the arrival of ‘It Couldn’t Happen Here’ (yeah, break the spell for a day and read Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 novel by that title) in America? Fortunately, resignation to accepting realization of Lewis’ prophecy is slightly premature. Unfortunately, the only reason it is premature is that the information anarchy continues to grow exponentially. The beast that created today’s would-be Windrip (novel’s ‘populist’ tyrant) will devour Trump when he inevitably attempts to control the anarchy that created him. (Here’s a wild, ironic guess on how it might unfold: the ultimate self-interested information anarchist who helped sink Clinton out of sight will sink Trump out of sight just as soon as Trump helps him out of his legal bind – or he recognizes he’s in for the Christie-Giuliani treatment).  For the time being, lulz rules.