Lulz Rules


How have we come to elevate a crypto fascist to the Chief Executive position of the world’s beacon of freedom and democracy?

A cursory reading of history shows that some form of anarchy precedes tyranny which is seen by the haves as necessary for restoration of some semblance of order (read, cling on to what the haves have in defense of the threat of the have-nots wanting to have what the haves have). Did anyone notice how rapidly the ultimate haves (Goldman Sachs/Exxon Mobil/et al), whom Trump vowed to collar, were invited into (and accepted) Trump’s bunker the second he won our sporting electoral college contest?  Chances are not for long – because far more vital information has intervened, like “trump tweeted a dis’ at Obama in response to his alleged dis’”, and “one Rockette isn’t going to show for the inauguration”, and “Michelle is ‘An Angry Black Woman’ for not praying at the Trump altar”, and “Hillary is steaming mad because Putin’s beef with her attempted intervention in Russian politics caused him to intervene in US politics”, and “Trump has already declared economic success for the common man’s economics because Wall Street speculation is bumping”, and “Trump vehemently asserts transition is a disaster and huuugely successful” (both in the same day), while on the same day America’s two most influential ‘intellectual’ media outlets report a speech on Israel as follows, clearly appealing to emotion in lieu of intellect: “Bibi Netanyahu Makes Trump His Chump” (New York Times) and “Kerry’s Rage Against Israel” (Wall Street Journal).

What form of anarchy preceded elevation of the big daddy who promises to restore ‘law and order’ at any cost (read liberty)?

We have created an information anarchy. In the age of information – where information reigns supreme over any other commodity – that translates into an anarchy in fact. We have created a public information sharing media that carries no penalty for purveying falsehood and deceit, penalizes in-depth and time-consuming investigation and presentation of relevant fact, and rewards appeals to emotion over intellect. Today’s information sharing does little to nothing to increase understanding. It does much to incite and inflame passion, prejudice and bias.

Worried about the arrival of ‘It Couldn’t Happen Here’ (yeah, break the spell for a day and read Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 novel by that title) in America? Fortunately, resignation to accepting realization of Lewis’ prophecy is slightly premature. Unfortunately, the only reason it is premature is that the information anarchy continues to grow exponentially. The beast that created today’s would-be Windrip (novel’s ‘populist’ tyrant) will devour Trump when he inevitably attempts to control the anarchy that created him. (Here’s a wild, ironic guess on how it might unfold: the ultimate self-interested information anarchist who helped sink Clinton out of sight will sink Trump out of sight just as soon as Trump helps him out of his legal bind – or he recognizes he’s in for the Christie-Giuliani treatment).  For the time being, lulz rules.

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  1. There seems to be a certain high level of collective “inertia” – with the quantity of population and depth of history and tradition we still have today – all of which may kick the can down the road a few more times. (And then again, perhaps it really is just one economic collapse away…)

    But yes, I would agree that it *can* happen here.

    Welcome to the Idiocracy!
    (not enough people have see that movie – speaking of “lulz” – which is coming true…)

  2. I’m still hoping for impeachment – early on.

  3. 1.) I just watched Going Clear for the first time and I’d like to just say..We don’t get to decide how much or how severe one needs to atone and I wish people would leave the Rathbuns the hell alone. Neither he or his wife need to explain or answer to ANYONE for whatever may or may not have happened in regards to the former lawsuit. No matter what happened,they are trying to raise their son and live a truly authentic life instead of some sort of constant “Crusader” against David “Micropenis” Miscavige. I also agree with him in regards to Ron Miscavige’s book. Babies are not born angry,violent,intolerant and hateful..That behavior is taught. Pointing this out does not exactly mean that Marty is “defending David Miscavige” It just makes me sad all the mountain of SHIT I’ve read about the Rathbuns after watching the doc and wanting to learn more about it and then through google. I’m not a Scientologist or a former Scientologist or an Anti-Scientologist.. He is a person with regrets just like the rest of us who is trying to do right by his son. We can’t be offended by the judgement of the ‘Church” and then turn around and judge right back.

    and lastly..

    2.) OMG I hope you’re right because I am getting REAL nervous about this shit lol. I watch CNN every day with a sick feeling in my stomach and getting increasingly anxious and nervous about the future of this country for the first time ever.

  4. Moderator note: ASC censorship effort noted and record.

  5. Moderator note: ASC censorship effort noted and recorded.

  6. Great post, Marty. Perhaps you have found your forte in such commentary. I imagine the years of experience in scientology contributed to your insight into individual character and the dynamics of groups. Or you just had the potential all along.

  7. Moderator note: ASC censorship effort noted and recorded.

  8. One of my favorite authors/philosophers, Thomas Sowell, announced his retirement at age 86.

    He said, “You cannot live a long life without having been forced to change your mind many times about people and things — including in some cases, your whole view of the world. Those who glorify the young today do them a great disservice, when this sends inexperienced young people out into the world cocksure about things on which they have barely scratched the surface.”

    Virtually all “news” is opinion masquerading as fact with much data eliminated to bolster the viewpoint of the reporter. Those walking the great middle path seem to be trampled relentlessly by frantic elephants and jackasses eager to lead the masses into some version of salvation or another.

  9. Great post, thanks Marty. I hope you’re prediction is right. I find it totally apropos you righting about larger issues. As Trumps popularity was growing, my hobby of Scientology blog reading was shrinking. Much larger monsters at the door now.

  10. Trump’s America is Scientology on steroids.

  11. Unfortunately, my hunches are much more dire.
    And no lutz’ng going on here.

    My daughter was petrified the day after the election.
    “Mommy, will I be able to be a teacher now that Trump is president?”

    A biracial girl adopted by two white parents, raised in an extremely multicultural community, all income levels included.

    She is scared for her future because our Prez-Elect is a misogynistic narcissistic racist.

  12. Good analysis, and glad to see this type of post here again.

  13. Why aren’t you part of Leah Remini’s Scientology, the Aftermath? You and your wife have suffered greatly under David Miscavige and you have been a hopeful voice for many, yet you seem to have dropped of the face of our earth.

    I hope all is well for you and your family.

  14. What terrifies me is that nothing he does or says — no matter how patently untrue, self-contradictory, sexist, dead wrong — the people who follow him don’t care. He’s the most bulletproof candidate in history. Three times married, an adulterer, a serial groper — remember John Edwards? Gary Hart? Those guys were toast. He settles a the lawsuits against his fraudulent “university” out of court, an admission of guilt, and no one cares. His “foundation” has been paying his debts and buying paintings (of him, natch), breaking the law all the way, and no one cares. He hasn’t revealed his taxes and no one cares. He and his VP are going to limit women’s accessibility to abortion, and his female supporters don’t care. He’s going into office in the shadow of what seems to be a successful Russian effort to manipulate an American presidential election in his favor, and no one cares. “He’ll change things,” they say, as though change can only lead in one direction. And impeachment? Hi, President Pence. But it’s okay, these boneheads say, because he’ll change things.

  15. Speaking from my own view, he was “mobbed up” in New York City when I was there. In other words, you could not move a brick in N.Y.C. without being hooked at the hip with the mob. And he was deep into construction. Not to imply it was easy, or even possible not to cross paths with that group. Sometimes, it was just impossible. During his divorce, his wife Ivana was sleeping with John Gotti. The mob in New York has “moved up” and now piggy backs on the Russian mob. That the “supreme beings” of every group on this planet, seem to “rise to the top and call all the shots” as criminals, be it government, the Church of Scientology, or the Church of anti Scientology, is just a lesson in Aesop’s Fables. If they were not here, they would be on some other planet in some other civilization, making it all darker. In that I can find great comfort. This planet and civilization do not carry the torch for life everywhere. I am glad they are here, and not in other places. But in what civilization that is sane, and educated, could any of this madness manifest? The most notorious criminals and con artists and scammers rise to the top? Only in a prison population. I accept on some level that I do not deserve better. Or I myself would not be dwelling here. But the more I sponge the ill will, the more it does not go any place else. Until some forces bleed out. I am not holy by any means. I am only a person that can sort out wrong items and wrong indications for a reason. And that reason, is a potent force I can not explain yet.

  16. One of the big problems with Trump is that he does not believe in global warming, and he selected climate skeptics for his cabinet.

    In the meantime there are more and more alarming signals.
    Just last month, the NASA discovered a giant rift in the Antarctic Peninsula: 70 miles long, 300 feet wide and a third of a mile deep. When the crack is complete, it will produce an iceberg the size of the state of Delaware.

    There are many other alarming signals: we are poisoned with pesticides, GMO are dangerous on many levels, antibiotics in meat give rise to deadly bacteria, shale oil extraction is poisoning waters and undermining our foundations, we have triggered the 6th mass extinction, etc. etc.

    One of the things we can do is to get the awareness of these things, this is why I am posting this reminder.

    We can also try to improve things on an individual level. For example I am now vegetarian since about one year, and there are many advantages: greenhouse gas emissions reduction, less wasted water, improved longevity (about 6 years, statistically), less cardiovascular diseases, better karmas (by killing sentient beings for food, we accumulate negative karmas), etc.

    Getting the awareness of all these dangers is uncomfortable, but that can help us being more responsible and engage in actions to try to improve things.

    I wish you a very happy festive season!

  17. Marty, thanks for framing the issue about information and issuing a warning. There is a definite problem here. It could end any number of ways, some very bad. Your analysis and voice on this is welcome. Speak out why we still can. It can certainly happen here, and faster than any might imagine.

  18. Cat Daddy,
    God help us! But I think there is truth in what you say. Everyone talks about Trump the egoist, but in reality he may have the same sense of inferiority as L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard struck out on his own and created a a cult of ego to fill in the void in his mind. Essentially, Trump has done the same with gold, real estate, the presidency and women.

  19. I don’t care what he did. I care what he does. Hillary/Bill are no angels.

  20. Watch Fox News for a while if you dare to look at more positive and supportive viewpoints.

  21. Are you talking of fake news?
    Personally, I can’t wait for Obama to leave office. Also glad I never signed up for Facebook. I don’t need any censorship of any kind. I say more information. Everyone is responsible for seeking the truth.

  22. God helps those who help themselves. Psychoanalytic evaluations are speculative and irrelevant. Marty has received a few on the blogs. I wonder if they helped him or anyone else?

  23. Richard, you “care what he does”? Assuming you mean you care what he’s going to do, what do you think that will be? I don’t see how a man with his record – and character – can be trusted. This is one time where it wasn’t the media that created an image. Trump himself displayed who he is.

  24. Interesting comments, Oracle.

    Did you ever consider that you may have the ability to read the Akashic Record? I wouldn’t doubt that this is the source of so-called intuition.

  25. Hi Richard,
    I take that to mean you support Trump and L. Ron Hubbard.
    Evaluations are a dime a dozen. mostly opinions.

  26. reading the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and trying to improve my
    stoic resilience

  27. Laughter!

  28. P.S. John Gotti even had his eyebrows plucked. You know, in the middle where they sometimes meet? He had all that hair plucked out. Then they were shaped.

  29. You Trump supporters never give specifics. And every fake news report I’ve heard of is in favor of Trump.

  30. Marildiv: “I imagine the years of experience in scientology contributed to your insight into individual character”

    Mr. Schwartz story


  31. “Evaluations are a dime a dozen, mostly opinions.” Exactly. Like Marty starting the column by pronouncing Trump to be a crypto (secret or hidden; not publicly admitted) fascist. I’d rather evaluate the issues. Trump has eight or ten talking points or policy points on which he has been consistent. All of these can be logically debated. People who are terrified might recall that the U.S. Constitution has a system of checks and balances.

  32. Hi Oracle,

    That is called ‘manscaping’
    I had not heard about Ivana and John Gotti before….I Googled it and didn’t find anything.
    happy new year!

  33. Great reply, Richard.
    I would be interested in comparing notes on your top three issues.
    This could kick off some discussion.

  34. “You Clinton” or “You Trump”, or “You Bernie supporters” at the beginning of a statement, pretty much discounts anything said, but says volumes about the speaker. My guess, the predicted Armageddon of Trumpism simply won’t happen. The expected Pax Romana and exuberant economic enthusiasm will also fall short.
    There is one new president, a few hundred new bureaucrats, yet 300 million of the same people that were here last year and the year before. Changes, year over year, will be minor. Our system and traditions of governing, and our habits of living will change very little.
    I was keeping an eye on Bobby Jindal, a sensible, pound out the agreements kind of guy.

  35. georgemwhite288

    Hi Oracle,
    My Christmas and New Year’s gift to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard

    George M. White

  36. Corruption was exposed on the Democrat side. The Republicans didn’t pull the strings or show much interest except for the red herring email investigation. I wonder why they didn’t make a peep when there was evidence of criminal activity, election fraud etc (sarcasm). There was so much. I know there was “fake news”, but I could not dismiss all of it as fake. I didn’t know what to think about stuff like this.

  37. I’m mixing up my idioms. By “pull the strings” I mean they didn’t investigate and get more information.

  38. Hi Miraldi! I think you may have a fixed idea, Miraldi. The guy isn’t even in office yet and you already want him impeached! A cursory look at Trump’s life shows he had a happy childhood and upbringing and became a successful businessman, which is not the usual background of a tyrant.

    He’s already rich, powerful and famous – maybe he’s doing it for fun! (oops – that’s speculation and bordering on a psychoanalytic evaluation – redacted)

  39. I like the tweets from Trump and others. They’re informative, entertaining and often amusing.

  40. I have an Italian good buddy who is actually a Gotti look-alike. In high school we used to tell him to wipe his eyebrow, don’t raise your eyebrow at me, etc. I’m not surprised Mr. Gotti made modifications.

  41. Mark, You had a good rhetoric riff going until your closing paragraph. Bobby Jindal? RONFLMAO!!!

  42. Informative? Never. Entertaining and amusing? Are you kidding me?

  43. One of my favorits

  44. I just want to make something clear:

  45. Let me but in, If you never understood these lyrics, it’s time, Polar bears are dieing out and Giraffes are on the endangered list.

    WAKE UP !

  46. Thank you Mark Rathbun for still being here

  47. I like the tweets, too. I think it is very smart of him to use Twitter like that. I suspect it is his son-in-law’s idea, though. “Anybody who uses Twitter can’t be all bad.” I find nothing reassuring about what he has done so far, in selecting his Cabinet. I am reassured only by his attitude towards Russia. I hope he really can steer the country in a new direction of foreign policy. Domestically I am prepared for some disasters. I believe he will try to create an economic bubble which he hopes will get him re-elected. After that he will be out of office when it bursts and we crash, but he and his cronies will have doubled their billions and won’t care. I see a likelihood of 2008 all over again, maybe worse. But I hope for the best. Just not sure what that might be, with him.

  48. Hi, Richard! 🙂

    You wrote: “A cursory look at Trump’s life shows he had a happy childhood and upbringing and became a successful businessman, which is not the usual background of a tyrant.”

    I think we need to take more than a cursory look, my friend. For me, it was enough to have observed him directly during the campaign and since to see that he is impulsive, compulsive, dishonest, prejudiced and narcissistic.

    But you don’t have to accept my evaluations, obviously. Below is a youtube video of a documentary on his life which gets into how he became “a successful businessman”- revealing both the pluses and the minuses about that and other areas of his life. People who have known him from childhood to the present, some of them lifelong friends and acquaintances, as well as people he has had business dealings with – relate their observations.

    You should also read the article that f16 posted the link for. It’s about the ghostwriter of Trump’s autobiography, who spent many months with Trump on a daily basis and lived to regret writing the book in a way that covered for the Trump he came to know.

  49. Wow. Thanks for the link to this informative article. It hit the nail on the head where Trump’s character is concerned.

    Nice to see you again, ff16 🙂

  50. And a happy new year to you all:

  51. It’s difficult for the media to put beleivable spin on tweets. For example, Trump praised Putin. What does that mean? Who knows. It means Trump praised Putin.

    Trump may think Putin is a really swell guy or he may be setting Putin up.

  52. I think I found his “forte” in communicating

  53. I applied the tone scale to Donald Trump. He is hardly a fascist. He operates at action on the tone scale. Grant a bit of beingness…I haven’t seen any of our created OTs that effective. Give power to power, he has really realy good intentions, and a terrible challenge. He is being handed one of the worst economic potentials ever to be given a President. Our economic house of cards is poised to fall; and yes, bitter Marty, he will probably get pulled down by someone eventually, that is the name of the politics game. Frankly I love Trump, and I wish him the best in making America Great Again. She (America) could sure use that.

  54. How? A long-term invisible war …

    Click to access DDDoA.sml.pdf

    is one take on the subject. Welcome to the U$A, comrade…

  55. Well George, that might bring the problems of the world onto Marty’s blog. laughter Maybe it’s best not to get “Buttered all over the Universe” as we used to say. 🙂 I think some issues may come up on their own if discussion continues. If not I’ll post one or two below later. Hint – “Build The Wall”; “American Energy Independence”

  56. Hey MarkNR – Great comment! What you’re saying is probably the reason we haven’t blown ourselves up already!

  57. Even with all of its faults, mainstream media can’t generate fake news and make it stick. Left, Right or Independent fake news would get called out.

  58. Forgive my ignorance. Who is the ultimate self-interested information anarchist that you’re guessing will sink Trump?

    A couple names come to mind but AFAIK none are in a legal bind (or in for the Christie-Giuliani treatment).

    I’m wildly curious and, evidently, horribly dumb. Please someone tell me who it is.

    (This is terrible. I consider myself reasonably informed. Is it obvious to everyone except me?)

  59. Maybe I’m misinterpreting the pronouns in the second part of the sentence. Maybe you meant Trump is the “he” who may find himself in for the Christie-Giuliani treatment.

    If so, then Assange makes sense. He’s an information anarchist alright. (And more thug, than lofty hero of the Information Age.)

    I like this prediction. Godspeed, thug. (Yes, it’s come to that.)

  60. I sometimes perceive politics as blank projection screen for the madness of mankind.

    Whereby the qualities we hate are the qualities we are.

    And that which we think we are saving the world from are the sins we’ve committed.

    A mirror if you will of the dark archetypes nested in the subconscious and unwittingly assigned to outside. To people, places and things.

    But sourced from the unknown inside. Fueled by lives once lived.

    Whereby righteous hatred is justified in the name of tolerance and inclusion.

    Save the world says we. Yet we don’t save ourselves.

  61. And that view usually gets me into trouble with both sides of the binary thought clubs.
    When both sides see me as wrong, I’m in the zone.

    Fulcrum, it’s the new groove zone.

  62. I’ve done my homework.

  63. Frankly, I find it disgusting to see all these efforts to control what Mark “Marty” Rathbun communicates about on his own blog. From what I can see, he has said pretty much all he has to say about the Internet PR warfare between Co$, the ASC and the various factions of Independent Scientology.

    I’m sure that at such a time as Marty feels he has something *new* and significant to say on that subject, he will. Meanwhile, his previous writings on this subject remain posted on the blog for posterity, FFS.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  64. Hi Mr. R et. al., can you please post my comment? You’ve posted several that are time stamped after mine. Are my thoughts not equally valid? If not, please tell my way at And thanks…love your blog!

  65. I do not see him as a power or in a power condition. He has a long history of treason. His actual stats are a series of bankruptcies. Two casinos, one in Vegas, in which he profits off of other people’s losses. I flow power to power. But not when the “power” is Hitler or exploiting others. I see Trump as a slick gangster who also pimped and exploited women through “beauty pageants”. His entire reality television show was sadistic and revolved around someone getting fired (getting set up for a loss) each season. The tone level of the show was punishing bodies. People tuned in to watch a head roll. That is sadism, not power. He riled up a lot of people and won votes promising witch hunts and punishment. If I am to be Scientological about it, he is a criminal and he has a long history of criminal involvement with criminals. He also has a lot of overt products and financial irregularities. I am not bitter that he won and I did not get that Marty is bitter either. It is hard to ignore the glaring red flags though. I do not see his history as backed by someone with good intentions. That said, it seems apparently the best we could do as a people. And what a large part of America wanted when given a choice between two people. He has no history of prior service in government. But that doesn’t seem to matter. He promised ethnic cleansing , prison sentences, and prosecution to win the election. I can only hope he does not perform and simply restimulated folks to win votes. I hope he has just been doing his usual, total theater. It doesn’t take an OT to restimulate people and motivate them into sadism with wrong whos, wrong whys, wrong items. Although a few have proven to be very cunning at it. At the end of the day, people walk away from their monitors and televisions and realize the person they have been rooting for is not taking any responsibility for their lives and it all looks the same as when they woke up in the morning. Donald Trump can not “make America great”. Not even one family member can make the entire family great. Our ancestors made this country great if it was ever great. We make this country great when we can care about other people and exchange something of value with them. When it is a safe space. And right now it is a hell of a lot better than the country I was born in. Regardless of the sadists. And if Trump doesn’t think this is a great country already, he must not have much admiration for the people here that make this a country. That is just my personal view.

  66. This is just so bad.

  67. Happy New Year to you! XXOO

  68. On a lighter note, this is from a history book rececently published by a friend of mine. From “Burlington Biographies” by Robert L. Thompson:

    Chapter Five. Jeremiah Basse:An Arduous Life.
    Let us unite in Love, and then how inexpressibly beautiful would such a Union be! Jeremiah Basse

    From the very beginning, Jeremiah Basse was a controversial figure. When he became governor of the proprietary colonies of East and West New Jersey, many residents did not receive the news well. Basse replaced the popular governor, Andrew Hamilton. One West New Jersey Quaker lamented the loss of Hamilton and the elevation of Basse, labeling it a “miserable exchange.” Prior to Basse’s appointment, Governor Bellomont of New York called Basse, “a known profligate fellow and remarkable for lying.” Neverthless, Basse had become the governor, dissenting opinions notwithstanding.
    . . . . . . . . .
    Early in his career, personal limitations and a distinct lack of experience in public affairs handicapped Basse. As one historian noted, “Basse possessed an abudance of conceit and self-esteem, an exaggerated sense of his own self importance, and a zest for political intrigue.”

  69. Some actual stats, which include extorting Native Americans out of 6 million $$$$. To pay him to go away. He bullied his way into “management” positions with them after he made them feel threatened by starting a witch hunt stating the Mafia was infiltrating them. And trying to push the F.B.I. on them. They were competition. Watch him in this video testifying. He answeres questions put to him by issueing wrong items directly to people about their mental health, gaslighting.

  70. He also accuses them of money laundering. And guess who’s casino was fined 65K for making covert loans by issuing casino chips at the cash window and having them turned back over for cash? Donald Trump’s casino.

  71. “When both sides see me as wrong, I’m in the zone.” Laughter! I love it. A bit of humor always helps. 🙂

  72. Damned people Marty Rathbun is trying to break a lance for being conscious (I actually made sure I spelled it right) for the dieing out of species.

    Let me illustrate this with a picture of the Trump sons killing pussy:

  73. Marty never loose hope in mankind, I fucking love yoy

  74. Marty, you are full of emotion, maybe this is the way to tell you, you are an okay person, but she allready told you yopu are a king/boss

  75. Great quote, LDW.


  76. Now that Arnold S. has replaced Trump on The Apprentice, the new way of dumping a contestant is . . . . .”YOU’RE TERMINATED!” – LOL!

  77. Cooperative game theory from wiki – In game theory, a cooperative game (or coalitional game) is a game with competition between groups of players (coalitions) due to the possibility of external enforcement of cooperative behavior (e.g. through contract law)

    Regarding Russia, it could become a chess game between Trump and his oligarchs versus Putin and his oligarchs. (Which is why the Exxon Mobil dude makes sense. He would be a powerful board piece. The world runs on oil.)

    As I read it, in cooperative game theory it’s possible for both sides to make gains and be “winners”. Among other things, Russia is a buffer against China.

  78. Thanks have not only successfully navigated that world (or should I say under-world) but come out way in top only speaks further to his emminant real-world qualifications. You make an excellent point, thanks for bringing this into the light.

  79. You must be joking. Marty was such a strong, insightful commentator when he wrote about what he actually knew and understood – i.e., Scientology. In terms of general politics or philosophy, he’s just another rather disjointed ranter. It’s a great shame.

  80. Oh dear God, it isn’t 1914 and not enough people read history.

  81. As I was watching Scientology/Aftermath I was wondering what happened to Marty. I’m glad that it doesn’t appear that anything has happened to you!

    A thoughtful post about the state of affairs of our State. Unsettling. Frightening. Narcissists are like Teflon. The situation reminds me of Scientology/cults in some ways and how people are drawn into them. Hypnotised. The leader alone has the answer to all the problems. Pits people against one another. Creates division. Prejudiced. Interprets kindness/logic as weakness. Appeals to fears/insecurities. *sigh*

    I’ll have to pick up Sinclair Lewis’ book and give it a read.
    I am concerned about our environment and resources and short sighted governance as well.
    Keep up the good work.

  82. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    Give her a hug from me. I can’t say to tell her everything will be well, because I think there are rough times ahead, but I think that the United States will come through this.

  83. Laughter! Arnold flipped the theme from, “You’re fired” to “You’re hired” and put a positive spin on it.

  84. georgemwhite288

    Hi Brian,
    “Whereby righteous hatred is justified”
    I hardly ever did believe that politics and religion were so closely interweaved. But now I get this old guy telling me that I am going to hell because I did not vote Republican. Makes no sense whatsoever, but this old guy is as thick as mud I have finally perceived.

  85. Happy New Year!

  86. Richard, as far as I’m concerned, the present US foreign policy is a continuation of “THe Great Game”, initited by Great Britain against Russia in th eearly 19th century. You can Google it for additional info, but here is an article about it:

  87. Sorry about the typos, Richard. Here is another short article about The Great Game. Wikipedia has a more detailed account.

  88. georgemwhite288

    Thanks, Oracle.
    Onions and Kale growing nicely in January in Florida. It was 84 degrees F yesterday in the garden. Thanks oil executives of creative capitalism!

  89. “maybe he’s doing it for fun! ”

    Well Richard, I hope Trump will have a fun time.

  90. Laughter!

  91. That same guy is a democrat.

    Both sides can be a perfect example of this one quote:

    “When debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser”

    It’s why I never resonated with Tony’s blog.

    In my experience politics is that art form which seeks to justify hate by demonization.
    If we can dehumanize our political enemies, make them demonic things rather than breathing sentient beings, then we can hate with the halo of righteousness.

    I also deeply believe politics, in essence, is a psychological projection.
    It’s why very intelligent and educated people can be on opposite sides of the isle.
    There is more of a mental world view unknowingly being projected.
    I also sometimes fancy that politics can be a feeding trough of madness. My theory is that nested in our subconscious are lives once lived where we were not in civil societies like we are today. Where human rights had not yet found its way into a more civil politic.

    Back then, pillage, rape, destruction of men, women and children were real occurrences in village and castle life. Like some present 3rd world countries.

    But we in civil society now, still battle with the vestigial forms, archetypical specters in our subconscious.
    We project that violence anger and fear on our political enemies.

    The weapons we use today are slander, million dollar sound bites, fake news (propaganda) etc.
    But our emotions and subconscious thoughts still have the violence of older world realities. But those realities are no more.

    That’s why politics can get so ugly.

    Thus we are simply left with hate and anger towards our political enemies.

    I have been a Democrat, a Republican but now an Independent.

    When I was a Democrat I demonized Republicans. When I became a Republican I demonized Democrats.
    I realized I had to the same emotions of repulsion but flipped the coin.
    That was truly a startling revelation. It was all emenating from me.

    It was then I realized I was projecting something in myself onto people.
    I’m so glad I want from one party to the other. I saw how I limited my reasoning capacity by pigeon holeing those that differed from me.

    There is a mechanical robotism to being a true believer in anything.

    No doubt there are some generalities that are true about the two parties.
    But generally speaking, when I hear people say liberals are this or conservatives are that, that is far to simplistic.

    That Is the problem in my view: a hypnotic polarization that makes us see each other through the prism of our fixed bias.

    Then we only seek news sources that confirms our bias. Then we think we know. Then we consider ourselves informed.

    I learned from news sources I disagree with. I force myself to listen to news sources I hate. By neutralizing my bias, I sometimes expand my knowing and understanding.

    If I am not experiencing love, some unconsciousness is trying to define my circumstance, peopled with actors, defined by my own inner subconscious thoughts.

  92. I believe Marty completed what he wanted to accomplish on the subject of scientology, and that at this point he sees it as a distraction from larger, more dangerous issues. It’s still the same basic purpose, though – a protest of authoritarianism in both religion and politics.

  93. Really? I watched a news clip where Arnold himself was telling a contestant You’re Terminated. I guess it was just a joke, I got a big lol out of it anyhow.
    I now plead guilty to spreading fake news!

  94. georgemwhite288

    This is a continuation of the thread from above.
    You are writing very well and I love your style and insight. You are getting me to think about politics in a different way. I like the part about million dollar sound bytes and slander as weapons. Just look at what happened in the last election – it was THE environment. From a mystical point of view, this all should be easier to dissolve. But the irony is that it appears more difficult to crack. I think it has something to do with the transmission of the sound bytes over longer distances and the multiplicity of the outlets. In information theory, a chaotic transmission should reduce to at most three bytes. So we could listen to Eisenhower or Lincoln give a simple message. This last election was based on “million dollar sound bytes and slander”. A bias was added to the system and the curves were not in balance. Thus, if you hammer long enough on “jobs are leaving the country This is your last chance to stop it”, you get a message of fear; you bring in emotion as a substitute for reason. You can actually reverse the message.

  95. Trump’s childhood was not a happy and smooth transition. His father parked him in military school for a reason. Not going to forward my understanding from “street talk” in New York. But if you are really curious and dig around you may figure out some hints. Later, Trump managed to get John Gotti’s son into the same military school as a solution to similar issues.

  96. This view of mine is like looking at the B roll or extras or how the movie was made in a DVD, as opposed to watching the movie.

    Political drama and “reality” is all about believing in the characters as real.

    My criticism is not a criticism of the play, the drama, the movie, the story.

    I am looking at the underlying structure of the minds that are living the story and believing it to be real. Who the director was, who makes the costumes etc.

    No doubt there are real world consequences regarding who is in power.

    But I believe there is a much deeper underlying source of how we define the story of our political perceptions: who we hate, who we support and which absolutist political values are being sold in political fundamentalist revivals.

    I do not see much difference between religion and politics.

  97. georgemwhite288

    Yes, this is correct. I will add that Gotti’s son never graduated, but was captain of the rifle team.

  98. I’m not defending Trump. My comment above was based on a full one hour tv interview of Trump by, I beleive, Hannity in which Trump said not one single word about any problems in his childhood or upbringing. He expressed nothing but admiration and respect for his parents and siblings and the way he was raised. Take it as you will.

  99. It was a biographical look at Trump from childhood through college with Trump commenting, for example, on his participation in sports and so on.

  100. Laughter! I didn’t know that!

  101. Truth is I don’t know. Laughter! I just read that on a magazine cover as I was waiting in line at the grocery store. I haven’t watched. I didn’t watch the original. I just heard reviews way back when, from Ne Ne Leaks, who dumped Trump. She wasn’t willing to suffer any more abuse. In that, I think she was close to beating the shit out of him.

  102. She was a contestant on one of his seasons. Who dumped Trump and bailed. Laughter!

  103. If I am not mistaken, the contestants had to sign gag orders with penalties about saying anything negative before the start of the filming. Similar to what the CofS employees are now required to sign under Miscavige. I think the penalty was 5 million. But I wouldn’t know because revealing that would be violating the gag order.

  104. If that’s what he says who would you think anything else? But he has some interesting views for someone who has never been involved with force. “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!” “The Trumps believe in getting even.” In March, Trump called for police to arrest protesters at his rallies so that criminal records would “Ruin the rest of their lives.” “Sadly, the overwhelming amount of violent crime in our major cities is committed by blacks and hispanics-a tough subject-must be discussed.” (His mother’s mugger in 1991 was white.) “My only complaint is that lethal injection is too comfortable a way to go.” “We have to give power back to the police because we have to have law and order.” He pushes “stop and frisk”, and law that would permit any police officer to stop any citizen and frisk them for no reason. “The argument is that we have to take the guns away from bad people that shouldn’t have them. You have to have stop-and-frisk.” But only for blacks and Hispanics. ” We need law and order. If we don’t have it, we’re not going to have a country. I just got today the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police. We have endorsements from almost every police group, a large percentage of them in the US. We have a situation where we have our inner cities, African- Americans, Hispanics are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot.” “Stop and frisk worked very well in New York. It brought the crime rate way down. You take the gun away from criminals that shouldn’t be having it. We have gangs roaming the street. And in many cases, they’re illegal immigrants. And they have guns. And they shoot people. ” He believes women should should be punished for having an abortion.”With exceptions. I am pro-life. I have not determined what the punishment would be.” TRUMP: It will have to be determined.

    MATTHEWS: A fine, imprisonment for a young woman who finds herself pregnant?

    TRUMP: It will have to be determined.
    “Capital punishment isn’t uncivilized; murderers living is.” “I love war in a certain way.” “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” “We would be so much better off if Gadhafi were in charge right now.” ” I would let Pyongyang know in no uncertain terms that it can either get out of the nuclear arms race or expect a rebuke similar to the one Ronald Reagan delivered to Ghadhafi in 1986. ” “We must not get involved in a long-festering conflict for humanitarian reasons.” Of course Richard, I do not mean to imply that I know, anything about his childhood. I was not there so I do not know. Maybe he just watches too much television.

  105. “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am“. Trump

  106. But I can think of good things to say about him out of the context of politics. My criticisms of him are only in the political arena. He is a survivor. He does not permit himself to be pushed around. He learns fast and plays the game to win. He owns his kids. He can keep secrets. He does not photograph well, in person he is a very good looking man. He was brutally handsome back in the day. Still is a very good looking man. He is not afraid of “dangerous” people, even curious about them. And he doesn’t fuck with people that can kick his ass.

  107. As Salaam Alaikum — my bother. Now get out from under your bed and FIGHT. Princes Leah (Remini) needs you. The Cosmos need you.

  108. That’s not funny isn’t it.

  109. Hi Marty and yours family!
    Sometimes I remember audio , phone call , where you are explaining that “Annons” , are not helping…. It is old recording . You remember?
    I wonder what is your view , now ? After those years out ?
    Big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  110. Fair and Balanced, Oracle. What he said or says is different than what he’s able to do. He’s already backing off (dare I say compromising) on some things and rifts are developing in his party. I’d say give it a couple of months before anyone stocks up on Prozac. It might be an interesting ride. Probably the only thing everyone will agree on is that his election is unique in American political history.

  111. Just FYI, Ortega is still saying on Twitter that he knows the “real” reason why Monique and you pulled out of the lawsuit and he’s going to spill the beans Any Day Now.

  112. Not to suggest I was ever part of those social circles. I was just waiting around a lot for a friend, who was working as a “door man” / bouncer / driver. So I got a free pass into a lot of places. And a lot free drinks. Laughter!

  113. For some reason I immediately thought of the French Revolution. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming opulence and wealth of the incoming ruling class? How could they ever relate to, say, a single mother of 2 working full time but still needing to receive benefits to provide for her family?

    I also thought of what will happen when we have an economic collapse. It’s been put off and put off, but if you study those things you see that one is coming. If ‘too big to fail’ companies are bailed out again, while citizens continue to suffer, it won’t be a pretty sight. Without a doubt those in government who worked for billion dollar companies would ensure they’re protected. They always put their self interests first. That’s not how government should be.

    I want to address this paragraph separately:

    “We have created an information anarchy. In the age of information – where information reigns supreme over any other commodity – that translates into an anarchy in fact. We have created a public information sharing media that carries no penalty for purveying falsehood and deceit, penalizes in-depth and time-consuming investigation and presentation of relevant fact, and rewards appeals to emotion over intellect. Today’s information sharing does little to nothing to increase understanding. It does much to incite and inflame passion, prejudice and bias.”

    You are so right. This applies to information on anything and everything. Anyone can claim they’re a ‘journalist’ now on the internet and put forth an appearance of authority. People will flock to them, never bothering to check if they’re an authority or not. No one seems to want to do their own research anymore. They just want soundbites from someone they can relate to and/or has the same opinion they have, therefore validating their view.

    People think long in depth articles are ‘boring’ and why take the time to read that when you have more ‘likes’ to click on facebook? Hence click baiting titles for stories that are written poorly in small little paragraphs that never give the full story but will give the most superficial reader a sense of having read something and the ability to react how the writer wants them too. Which is another thing–writers weaving their view into non-opinion pieces. Aren’t ‘reporters’ to be biased? I guess that’s just passe now.

    There’s no accountable it seems for the perpetuation of false news or misleading readers purposely. Everything is meant to be sensationalized. I’m disconnecting more and more from online as it’s just disheartening to see things continue to go downhill.

    I read It Can’t Happen Here last year, and it’s scarier than a Stephen King book. Sadly, it CAN happen here. It IS happening here.

  114. georgemwhite288

    You have noticed something about Trump that very few people catch. I can tell from personal experience with him about 40 years ago, he did have a streak of sadism. I hope he has worked it out of his system with mindfulness since that time.

  115. georgemwhite288

    You seem trained in Scientology. At any rate, you might want to consider that we have recovered from the greatest economic crash in history. Granted, the “house of cards is poised to fall.” I think before people give Trump power there will be a few tests to examine his substance. If he passes, I think the road will be cleared. The issue to me about the house of cards is really simple. You go with oil and you get a warmer planet and a lot of inflation. You move away from oil and you get much slower growth. What billionaire in his right mind – except for the Oracle from Omaha – wants slower growth. So in the end it is probably about consumption. It is probably related to “pent up demand” from Trump supporters. If Trump fails, there will probably be a national debate about the real value of capitalism.
    The master of capitalism then has failed and we all will need to read the last chapters of Adam Smith to understand what he really said. If the master of capitalism succeeds, we get more consumption, more bloating. You know “trickle down” never worked. So have we then lost our soul to creative

  116. Mark C. Rathbun

    Thanks for this insight. I heard an NPR piece recently where a researcher said words along these lines (figures are correct), “The good news is that only 1 out of 4 news stories circulated on Facebook in 2016 were fake news stories. (note the irony, ‘good news’) The bad news is that the 1 in 4 fake news stories got 75% of the link hits.”

  117. The Frenche helped the American Revolution and donated “Lady Liberty” wich is actually a blown up version of the one they have in France


    “Bartholdi was inspired by French law professor and politician Édouard René de Laboulaye, who is said to have commented in 1865 that any monument raised to American independence would properly be a joint project of the French and American peoples. He may have been minded to honor the Union victory in the American Civil War and the end of slavery. Due to the post-war instability in France, work on the statue did not commence until the early 1870s. In 1875, Laboulaye proposed that the French finance the statue and the Americans provide the site and build the pedestal. Bartholdi completed the head and the torch-bearing arm before the statue was fully designed, and these pieces were exhibited for publicity at international expositions.”

  118. Thank you. That;s very sweet. I wish I was so hopeful. Right now it feels like Putin is running our country.

  119. The most corrupted institutions are the Churches.

  120. I’m willing to bet that the 1 in 4 fake news stories, the majority weren’t even, say, political. A lot of fake news on FB are the ‘feel good’ stories that make people feel better about themselves, or humanity, but are later proven to be false. Feel good stories spread fast. Someone might not see a problem with it, since it’s not a ‘negative’ story; but it’s fake. That’s the problem. Something strikes a human chord and you want to share it, engage, and you don’t pause to question the validity. It’s sad that we have to basically research stories that we read that interest us or could affect us, and to get more information.

    I just find this on the NPR site, which I’m sure you read/heard, but it might interest others. We have a generation of kids who have difficulty telling fake news from real. Blaming social media for that, is just an easy cop out. I think this has come about in a more complex fashion involving a variety of factors. Social media, of course, has played a part in it; but the media vanguard lost their way or forgot their true mission—to report the news in an unbiased manner—over a decade ago. Parents are often working several jobs and aren’t home as much as they’d like to be. Critical thinking doesn’t seem to be taught in schools anymore. The world in general has gotten a shorter attention span and wants sound bites. People don’t seem interested to have their views challenged by having civil discussions anymore. The other side is just tuned out, or you watch talking heads try to shout over each other on tv.

    When your views are challenged, you learn how firm your convictions are. You also learn how someone of the opposing side thinks. It’s an opportunity to learn from each other. But it’s rare to happen anymore, as partisanship rules the day and showing respect for those with opposing views can be seen by some as almost treasonous.

    Fake news and the downfall of unbiased reporting is quite a rabbit hole. I hope one of the things that comes about from the awareness of the proliferation of fake news, is an awareness that not only should people check stories themselves; but perhaps an opportunity for major media companies to stop giving slanted sound bites and just report facts, not opinion, unless it’s an editorial. Any fake story, even a feel good one, can put a dent in a media outlet. There definitely needs to be accountability. But who’ll hold them accountable I have no idea. The public doesn’t seem to have a voice anymore.

  121. Were you a DJT groupie? If so, but for fate you might have become Mrs. Oracle Trump. Oh well – too late now – laughter

  122. Yeah, well. I think Donald Trump was more surprised than anyone that he won. He did move in to compete with the first woman running for president. And this ain’t London. Nevertheless, I do think he thought, he would never win, even with the odds stacked against the opponent. I think it started as a publicity stunt. He wasn’t even prepared to move out of his place in New York. Now that he has been handed a great trust, it could be a severe reality adjustment for him. It might ground him into duty motivation and sensibilities.

  123. But I will say it here and now, I do not think he can get through the next four years without some things from his past becoming a distraction from his duties as president. And that noise and it’s consequences destabilizing our government if he is to be president. Every dog has it’s day. And from my own calculations with math and social dynamics, his day is near.

  124. NPR? Ok, like CNN but without pretending to be unbiased? So from where did NPR discover the ‘good news vs the fake news’ count? Who decided that? Lol. According to most liberal media outlets in the US, for example, reporting Hillary Clinton as being anything other than a fart-less Goddess, is Fake News. That Donald Trump is a fascist, child molesting, war mongering, Russian loving anti-American? True news! More lol. Remember the ‘liberal’ election polls? Trump was getting smashed. 92% chance of Hillary Winning (by a landslide) said some liberal ‘news’ casters. Oops. Real news that was bull shit? i.e. Fake news. Nay, the ‘people’ were just lying to the ‘News’ masters. Bull shit. The problem with the Media creating Donald Trump as a Demon (via all of the ‘opinion as real news’ above) is that some 60 million Americans now have to live with a Demon as their leader. At least David Miscavige did slap people around, destroy families and carry on like a dictator. Real news.

  125. The NPR link I posted was about kids having difficulty differentiated from real and fake news. Considering that adults also have problems with that, I think that is a pretty valid point and concern–for kids and adults.

    Fake news goes beyond the political.

  126. No, never a groupie. Never have been attracted to men that wear perfume, hair spray, make up, or green minty face masks to bed. WTF?

  127. I realize there is serious discussion going on . . . . however . . . .”a fart-less Goddess” – LOL!

  128. Trump’s net worth might be a billion or two. He will now be managing or at least overseeing hundreds of billions. The democrats will start screaming about conflict of interest in his personal businesses and demanding he release all of his financial records. Expect Trump to say screw you.

  129. Certainly an interesting and hearty debate to be sure. Strong feelings on both sides remain firmly intact. A lot of identity politics and virtue signaling which is sad. I will say I have benefited tremendously since Trump became the PEOTUS. I have relatives who’s jobs were scheduled to be terminated whom now have continued employment and friends that are relocating for new high-paying auto industry job opportunities and construction gigs. And in the past 7 weeks I have made MAJOR gains in equity positions, so much so that I was able to make a 6 figure donation/contribution to save a local shelter in my city (saved for a while anyway). And I was able to hire 3 new people in my small business. It’s possible we could be entering the biggest economic boom since the 1950s…we can hope…we’ll certainly get change, for better or worse things won’t ever be the same.

  130. If it’s more koolaide you’re looking for all you have to do is change the channel.

  131. I kind of doubt it. Because family and blood were not excluded.

    “The way Melker tells it in a lengthy Facebook story posted last night, he lived in the same freshman dorm at UPenn as Donald Trump Jr., who attended the Wharton School. One day, the elder Trump showed up to pick up his son for a baseball game and flat-out slapped the crap out of his kid when he wasn’t dressed for the occasion.

    “Don Jr. opened the door, wearing a Yankee jersey. Without saying a word, his father slapped him across the face, knocking him to the floor in front of all of his classmates,” Melker writes on Facebook. “He simply said ‘put on a suit and meet me outside,’ and closed the door.”

    ” Trump was furious that a “scalp reduction” operation he’d undergone to eliminate a bald spot had been unexpectedly painful. Ivana had recommended the plastic surgeon. In retaliation, Hurt wrote, Trump yanked out a handful of his wife’s hair, and then forced himself on her sexually. Afterward, according to the book, she spent the night locked in a bedroom, crying; in the morning, Trump asked her, “with menacing casualness, ‘Does it hurt?’ ”

    The thing is, we co exist with people of greater and lesser intelligence and reasoning abilities.

    When one is reasonably intelligent, one can learn from and honor those with higher intelligence and virtues. And take responsibility and care for those with lesser intelligence and virtues.

    When you are somewhat intelligent and use that in a way to exploit and profit off of those with lesser virtues, this is a form of sadism and you are doing a dis service to all of humanity. Which, let’s face it, if one is inclined in that direction, one already has a disconnect from “consequences” or “future”.

    I would rather clean toilets my entire life than “profit” in some way, off other people’s misery due to their lack of knowledge or intelligence.

  132. Internet mis-communication – I was joking. I thought your doorman friend might have been on Trump’s lines and you came across Trump from time to time. You DID describe him as “brutally handsome”! JOKE!

  133. Where are these “new high-paying auto industry job opportunities”, and what does Trump have to do with them, if they do exist?

  134. georgemwhite288

    Congratulations on you new prosperity!
    Perhaps you might have a few kind words now for those of us in the majority who have worked so hard for 70 plus years to build the platform on which you launch. Obama and Hillary may not be perfect, but they did lead a transition from a warlike mentality. With pent up demand, I can understand
    why you are eager for the big economic boom.
    Thanks for your six figure donation to the local shelter. I know a lot of street people who will benefit.
    Best of luck in the future.

  135. He hasnt said anything here that you couldnt have read on any anti trump post on facebook

  136. PEOTUS = President Elect Of The United States (I had to look that one up)

  137. iamvalkov: Don’t you follow the legitimate news? Yesterday the CEO of Ford was interviewed and he more than intimated that President Trump’s policies on trade, industry and taxation was the reason billions of dollars will be spent here rather than in Mexico and thus creating literally thousands of new jobs. This is just one of the many companies that have reversed their American exodus business plans. And of course this is also just the beginning. They’ll be hundreds of companies coming back, not leaving and expanding in the new era of Trujpononics. As far as the new jobs go my friends just follow the ligit news and go where the action is. In this case they went to Ohio and as a small construction support company are laying the ground work to be involved the the industries American renaissance. A basic google search will help you strategize.

  138. georgemwhite288 :

    You are adorable! How long have you spent in the echo chamber? Soon you will take the red pill, as the blue pill will begin to wear off. Yes, I’m just ribbing you a bit. But seriously, your comment is more than reminiscent of when Ronald Regan became president, and we all know how he MAGA.

    In your comment you state the past 70 years the platform was built upon which I am prospering. There is so much wrong with that I don’t know where to begin

    So, clearly that means you’re older. You’re probably an octogenarian. You’ve lived through harder times than I have known, and also more prosperous times than I have known. And you can relegate all of that to the 70 years that came before your time. And, that group to the 70 years before them. Basically it’s a meaningless metric.

    The gains I have made are very, very shorty term (days) and are the direct result of the PEOTUS. As far as your 70-year contribution goes, I believe that it’s the result of the late 1800s and early 1900s that allowed me to buy high and sell higher.

    Lastly, Ms. Clinton is the most likely candidate to lead us into further and future wars. She is a globalist apologist. She supported all of the wars in the past decade, whilst PEOTUS did not. And many people much smarter than you and I believe that a Clinton Whitehouse would result in a new cold war with Russia, if not actual war.

    I am not a Trump supporter, I am a policy supporter. Mostly I am an American supporter and he is our president and I look for the best possible outcomes. I know one thing for sure, we will see quite soon. Thanks for the response to my comments.

  139. I may have conflated my comment to two different posts…sorry about that.

  140. I get the feeling you are biased towards Trump.

  141. You might find this very interesting. Sure if you have heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But there is also Sadistic Personality Disorder.

    Sadistic Personality Disorder

    This disorder is characterized by cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist’s social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others. Or setting others up for losses.

    Sadistic personality disorder was once defined as a mental illness, but over time, sadism is come to be considered more of a lifestyle choice or a personality quirk or trait.

    While most people try to avoid hurting others — and will feel guilty, remorseful, and distressed if they do hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally — an everyday sadist enjoys being cruel and may find it exciting.

    Listed below are the types of various social sadists we seem to tolerate in society without much alarm:

    Explosive sadist. When disappointed and/or frustrated with their lives, humiliated or hopeless, they lose control and seek revenge for the mistreatment to which they feel subjected. They are known for being unpredictably violent. This manifests through tantrums, fearsome attacks on others, especially family members, and uncontrollable rage.

    Tyrannical sadist. They are frightening and cruel because they appear to relish the act of menacing and brutalizing others; forcing their victims to cower and submit gives them satisfaction.

    Enforcing sadist. They tend to be military sergeants, deans of universities, prison overseers, police officers or people with other authoritative functions who feel they should be the ones controlling and punishing people who have broken rules, regulations or laws.

    Spineless sadist. They are typically deeply insecure and act like cowards. In anticipation of real danger, they project their hostile fantasies and strike first, hoping thereby to forestall their antagonist and ask questions later. They use aggressive hostility to send the message to others that they aren’t intimidated or fearful, so that they can control their inner feelings and display the exact opposite of how they actually feel. They seek out scapegoats to gang up on, which allows them to assault the exact things that exist within themselves that they want to deny.

    Everyday sadist. There is a renewed interest in studying subclinical sadism as a personality trait, said Walfish. Subclinical psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism, and everyday sadism form the so-called “Dark Tetrad” of personality.

    “These people aren’t necessarily serial killers or sexual deviants but they gain some emotional benefit in causing or simply observing others’ suffering,” said Walfish.

    “The type of person the study is referring to are, for instance, the co-worker who repeatedly humiliates you and smiles or appears to reap pleasure from hurting you. If you self-advocate and say something that inflames your co-worker, she retaliates with evil revenge, further humiliating you.”

  142. Hola Marty!
    No hablo ingles bien
    Quiero decirte que he descubierto en el documental Goin clear y eres una persona con mucho, mucho coraje
    No podemos deshacer los errores que hemos cometido pero si usarlos para que otros nos los cometan y para defender a otras personas de los que cometan estos errores

  143. jakethegreat1

    George, had Winston Churchill lead a transition ‘from a warlike mentality’ (think Germany then and ISIS today) you would be speaking and writing in German instead of English right now. But alas, the Neville Chamberlain mentality lives on and on… the hearts and minds of liberals everywhere, lol. Let ISIS alone!!!! They are only Jr. Varsity after all!!! And let Iran build nuclear bombs (and give em billions to do it), no problem. Lol. Factually, the problem with liberals (with all due respect to you) and with conservatives (with all due respect to me) is that liberals think with their hearts while conservatives feel with their minds. And for the record, Xenu was a liberal. Lol.

  144. Anyone watch tonight’s last episode of Aftermath?

  145. A lot of the bitching about billionaires in the Cabinet comes from envy. Envy is wanting what someone else has without having to work for it.

  146. The anti Trump folks are alredy pressing the envy button hard, insinuating that his newfound status will cause unfair competition blah, blah against competing businesses blah, blah further enriching him.

    Today on an MSNBC newscast hosted by discredited liar Brian Williams, an extremeist lawyer ranted that Trump’s method of divestiture from his businesses would cause a constitutional crises the day he takes office with lawsuits coming from here there and everywhere. Interestingly, Greta VanSusteren, supposedly a Scientologist, said his divestiture was legally defensible although he would continue to need legal counsel. (what’s new)

    The liberal media is wringing its hands while the conservative media is smiling. Enjoy the show.

  147. From being attacked by Scientology, to defending Scientology, to attacking Trump. Mr. Rathbun, I am frankly confused.

  148. I agree.

  149. That you are confused.

  150. When replying to someone’s comment, you should use the “Reply” button on that comment, which is to the right of the person’s posting name (or your own, if it’s an addition to your comment). It makes it a lot easier to follow the exchange when all comments are together.

  151. “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”
    –Theodore Roosevelt

  152. I want you to come visit me.

  153. Anti Trump = Pro World

  154. And the creepy covert gaslighting sounds like Lenny.

  155. Maybe you have to be in Ireland to see it.

  156. MaAre you the New Zealand dude who makes lots of weed ?

  157. That is too simple dude, make a fucking proper analisys:


    I am dutch what is your problem ?

  158. Yes I am sorry thast I did not catch your Joke. Maar welke Nederlander zal dat ook

    Pannekoek !

  159. 4 years of dodging questions and curtailing the press.

    Damn It will be hard to be a citizin.

  160. No it might be your own soul


    clear ?

  162. Scientologists please do something outside of the boundaries Hubbard gave you:

    If you want to cantact me or stay with me or be helped by me:

    I am here, Ask Terril Park

  163. Marty Rathbun.I will always defend you anytime anywhere. I feel I have been lacking. Don’t worry The Dixie chiks and Billy Halliday cheer me up.

  164. If you see this as thetans looking for a game:



  166. You wrote ‘MSNBC newscast’…best oxymoron I’ve read in years! Thanks for the chuckle😂

  167. Williams cherry picked everything Trump said in his first news conference with an “Oh My God – Ain’t It Awful” slant as instructed by his new bosses who rescued him. I don’t expect anything unbiased out of him anymore.

    VanSusteren now has her own show which has been airing for a week. (I disregard that she might have any connection to scn.) So far she is excellent in presenting a more neutral and moderate viewpoint, often challenging extreme positions. Well worth watching.

  168. Good catch on an unexplained generality, Cat daddy. I wondered if anyone would challenge it. It was not an original thought, just something I came across which makes some sense to me and is useful.

    I question whether I have ever had an original thought. From a bit of listening to Krishnamurti (not that I claim to duplicate him) it seems he presents the idea that thought is just a reaction to stimuli.

    Relating to the current political situation, I think many people might generalize that “the government is being run by a bunch of billionaires”. Envy would enter that equation.

  169. georgemwhite288

    Diet Doc,
    Thank you for the kind words. I don’t see it as mockery.
    You can use whatever metric you prefer. I get the impression you are well educated. I also assume you are a Diet Doctor. That might be the only way I can relate to you. My wife is second in the competition in our local gym weight loss contest.
    I lost 15 pounds in the last three months using the following echo chamber for at least 5 hours per day. I don’t speak the German that you predicted. We speak Pali, thanks to the folks from the greatest generation who won WW II.
    The translation is simple: (I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO FOLLOW IT)
    ” Honor him, the blessed one the
    perfected fully enlightened one.”

    The repetition is key. It is not boring and you can use it in you weight
    loss classes, I assume.

  170. georgemwhite288

    After my army tour in Korea(1969-1970), during the Viet Nam War Era, I met Trump in New York. Having known him from 1960-1964, I had the opportunity to communicate. He was wrapped up in three women and not at all interested in hearing about his country’s problem in Viet Nam or my service experience. This is the guy who is now CIC?

  171. georgemwhite288

    Please do not call me a liberal. I am a full socialist. I consider Bernie Sanders conservative.
    I think Xenu was a creation of Hubbard’s imagination.

  172. Translation: Hi Marty!
    I do not speak English well.
    I want to tell you that I discovered the documentary Goin clear and you are a person with much, much courage.
    We can not undo the mistakes we have made, but we can learn from them and use that knowledge to help others and care for them.

  173. A basic rule of American military service is that soldiers are not obligated to obey any illegal order, and Trump has already thanked a criminal for breaking the law with campaign contributions publicly. (Bean). She committed a crime and he thanked her over Twitter. Laughter! Trump condemned the entire upscale Atlanta district under civil rights icon John Lewis, as a bunch of criminals. But the only crime wave through there recently, were his supporters and fans defacing an Atlanta High School with racist graffiti. He already violated the Logan Act, a 218-year-old law that bars American citizens from negotiating without authorization with foreign governments that have a dispute with the United States. Our military and domestic law and order forces, must be having a roller coaster on morale.

  174. Trump is capitalizing on a vast wasteland of civic ignorance. Further, he wants to forego daily intelligence briefings, when it is his duty to know as CIC.

  175. Not that Trump is the only one capitalizing on ignorance.

  176. Jesus Christ, John Lewis has been beaten bloody and tear-gassed, fighting for what’s right for America. He marched at Selma with Dr. King. If our nation ever does end up “totally divided” it will be on Trump’s efforts. The only way to survive this flaming whirl of ill will and re stimulation, is to refuse all invitations to hate.

  177. That was 47 years ago. Please refer to the comment and quote by LDW above.

  178. Hi George – By chance, just today I was looking for a Gregorian chant to listen to for a variation in my listening habits, not for any meaning, just the sound. The above lovely chant fits the bill. I also listened to a follow up chant on You Tube. The above chant I like at a faster speed, but the follow up chant was just right as given. Thanks

  179. Otherwise we are going to see civil wars right here in America.

  180. The follow up chant was “Chanting Itipiso Katha 108x times” I practiced the pronunciation a few times and quit at #88, a nice number. Maybe sometime I’ll chant along. It’s compelling. I also reflected back on one of Marty’s “How to trek the Great Middle Path” post “suggestions” – “Spice the syntheses with rhythm” I’ll play it by ear (pun intended)

    As might be expected, there were slight variations in translation. Here’s one:

    Homage to the Buddha. Thus indeed is that Blessed One: Lord Buddha is the Holy One, fully enlightened, endowed with clear vision and virtuous conduct, sublime, the Knower of the worlds, the incomparable leader of men to be tamed, the great teacher of gods and men, enlightened and blessed.

  181. Me too. Scientology is just a small puddle compared to the danger that the Trump movement poses.

    And when I say Trump movement I’m not talking about the man so much as I am his supporters and enablers, of which there are many. Virtually any political article on a mainstream news site will be flooded with Trump trolls ripping apart anyone who dares criticize their orange god king. Many of them are led by a repulsive troll named Milo Yiannopoulos, who once penned an article suggesting that parents should wish cancer on their feminist daughters, and who last October bathed in pigs blood in front of an adoring crowd. Yet despite all this, Simon & Schuster are paying him to write a book fir them this March.

    Kudos to Marty for standing up to these bullies.

  182. You don’t have one, like you would have a body, car, or house.
    You ARE one.

  183. P.S. – I miswrote above. I didn’t chant 88 times, I let the “tape” roll 88 times. laughter. The pali is very fluid but too foreign to catch on to the sound and flow quickly, at least for me. Someone in the comments said he just writes down the sounds as he hears them which is good enough for a start.

  184. Oh yeah, the doorman/driver was on Trump’s lines. A German guy named Franz. Trump has issues with security and drivers. They have to be German. I kid you not.

  185. You watch, he will bring his own security to the White House with him. And his own man servants. And they have to call him, “The General”.

  186. Haven’t you noticed the icy blue colored contact lenses his wife sports lately for photo ops?

  187. “Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters” – Bob Dylan

  188. I Googled “Donald Trump threatens”. About 13,600,000 results (0.37 seconds) . Front page Google in search:
    Trump threatens BMW with border tax on cars built in Mexico.
    Donald Trump just threatened Toyota —
    Ford cancels plans for Mexico plant as Donald Trump threatens to tax …
    Donald Trump threatens General Motors with ‘big border tax …
    Donald Trump Threatens to Arrest Alec Baldwin ..
    Donald Trump Threatens BuzzFeed,
    Donald Trump threatens to jail Hillary Clinton …
    etc etc etc…………..

  189. Richard and George, the two of you might be taken back, as I was, by what is written in this article regarding chanting and related matters:

  190. “taken back” should be “taken aback.”

  191. I think he might feel that otthers have taken up the cause so he can fight other battles. He might feel the fight is in now in good hands.

  192. Hummm…POTUS vs PEOTUS
    See the difference? Only used by every news service in the world.

    By the way…what’s a smuck?

  193. And you’re saying these are all great things right?

  194. Spiritually good.
    Religion bad.

  195. Wow Miraldi – You’re a bit of an internet encyclopedia when it comes to matters philosophic – that’s a complement! 🙂

    That’s a lengthy essay with interesting following comments which I just now quickly scanned. I’ll review it. At the bottom of the essay Baxter says: “It’s time to question the dogma we swallowed whole from the Vedic tradition and take a closer look at what is happening when we meditate.”

    Currently I don’t meditate. I tried TM many years ago but lost interest. Recently I was listening to an Alan Watts tape on You Tube called “Alan Watts – The Art of Meditation (Full Lecture)” He explains the many types of meditation and demonstrates them himself on the tape. At the very end of the tape he says: “Now I want to show you another form of meditation which I heard about from a Zen Buddhist master. Will you all please stand up. Put your hands on your hips with wrists upwards. Now let’s all just laugh.” He then laughs hilariously for a couple minutes.

    I haven’t tried that one yet. I’ll have to find a place outside the house so my wife doesn’t think I’ve gone bat-shit crazy.

  196. In an auditing session years ago, the only command given by my auditor was “Laugh.” In almost no time, both of us were laughing very hard! And then the session was ended. Wonderful process. 🙂

    I still think you should check out the parts in that article about chanting. It will probably give you some startling food for thought.

  197. I get that Baxter’s main beef is that meditation, particularly TM meditation, is that one internalizes a sound which references some deity. He or she then adopts some form of “oneness with the universe” with a suspension of critical judgement of inequities in the world, an everything is wonderful as it is attitude. That is only one form of meditation.

  198. Regarding chanting – Since I don’t understand Pali, I can listen to some of the chants as just melodic and rhythmic songs. They might be singing about snowflakes falling. 🙂

  199. As with laughing aloud every day for no particular reason, I think a daily singing along with a chant or song aloud would have benefits. I’m gonna try it.

  200. While browsing Baxter’s blog, I just found out that my mantra in TM which was “Shreem” (which I heard as Sha – rim) is the goddess Kali. Laughter

  201. Yeah.

    Well, at least a lot more people are interested in the truth about what goes on in the world than today’s soap opera infomercials would try and have believed.

    The powers-that-be just found that out the hard way in the Trump election.

    What are truly the MINORITY around here, don’t seem to want to get about that, is it’s a new form of protest.

    I have heard it called the What the Fuck vote – votes cast to send a message that many Americans are perfectly aware that we have had outside controlled government for far to long, and at least this guy doesn’t pretend to be politically correct like the long string of recent Presidents (most of which are blacker than black in their actual connections).

    He just acts like a dick and doesn’t care.


    Been a long time since we had anyone even vaguely that close to ‘real’ – a VERY long time.

    I think it’s amusing as hell, personally.

    I enjoy watching all the usual suspects idiots behind-the-scenes going nuts in doing all their usual tactics trying to assuage their butt-hurt syndrome – it’s somehow more like watching the beginnings of justice rather than the debacle they and the…idiocracy….as you mentioned Scott, wish it was believed to be.


  202. That reply was to Scott (the first comment to this post).

  203. Probably because it’s a disgusting tabloid-level show.

  204. Classic. You gotta love how he just doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks and just says stuff.

    I wish more people were less hiding of their nastiness under some ‘love and light’ mask.

    I think he’s an improvement, but that isn’t saying much, considering the quality of people that we have been forced to choose from.

  205. Excellent comment. I would only add to caution you to be careful not to feel apathetic about being able to do anything about it. If you do your research on information control you will see that as long as 50 years ago ALL media outlets were beginning to be used to deliberately bring about conditions of apathy and doubt – it’s actually a very real aspect of so-called modern public relations.

    So, don’t let yourself get hung into doubt, by those who tell you ‘that’s the best critical thinking position to be in” – that’s a crock.

    It is people that TELL you that, that you should doubt their intentions. The last thing anyone who is in an undeserved position of power wants is someone that they CAN’T put into doubt on the issues they want them to be.

  206. Take a deep breath. Things will be fine. So many are simple pawns of media. Pathetic. I am a life long Democrat, and actually support some of his ideas. Immigration. By definition they are felons, and need to return to their homes. Lobbyists. Need to be a ban on leaving gov and then turning around to lobby. Radical Islam is not a joke. Europe is in turmoil over their attempts to assimilate large groups of Muslims. Russia. We ought to be closer and to Russia and find ways to work together. Military bases around the world. NATO, s Korea, Japan, etc… Why are we paying for this shit? Trade deals? Why are we subsidizing the evisceration of our industrial base? The media simply doesn’t like the fact he has told them to fuck off… so a shit storm has begun on social media. Now. An awful lot I don’t like about policies as well. But I trust ultimately in the American people to keep things from going to far

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