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Valeska Paris Guider – More on Human Trafficking

Valeska Paris Guider has added her testimony to the growing body of evidence that David Miscavige runs an elaborate, worldwide Human Trafficking operation in violation of International law.

Valeska Paris Guider on ABC Lateline.

Thank you Valeska for having the courage to speak out, in spite of the reported legal threat.  Corporate Scientology’s response that Valeska breached an alleged contract to remain silent about Miscavige’s serial violations of law is an effective admission to the facts she shares.   Virtually everyone who has witnessed corporate Scientology’s criminality and spoken out have signed their worthless, unenforceable, against-public-policy muzzle contracts.  Dozens in the past two years have been heard.  Corporate Scientology’s response has been to slime the witness with character assassination with no reference to the muzzle agreements.  Now, apparently out of desperation, Miscavige directs the response: “well, they are legally barred from disclosing my crimes.”   Brilliant.  A regular Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud and father of the subject of Public Relations).

For more on Valeska and her husband Chris, see The Guiders.

Also see the Village Voice take on this, and its juxtaposition of what was going on in the “fancier part of the ship” while Valeska and others like her were slaving it in the lower decks, Tony Ortega’s take on  Valeska.