Valeska Paris Guider – More on Human Trafficking

Valeska Paris Guider has added her testimony to the growing body of evidence that David Miscavige runs an elaborate, worldwide Human Trafficking operation in violation of International law.

Valeska Paris Guider on ABC Lateline.

Thank you Valeska for having the courage to speak out, in spite of the reported legal threat.  Corporate Scientology’s response that Valeska breached an alleged contract to remain silent about Miscavige’s serial violations of law is an effective admission to the facts she shares.   Virtually everyone who has witnessed corporate Scientology’s criminality and spoken out have signed their worthless, unenforceable, against-public-policy muzzle contracts.  Dozens in the past two years have been heard.  Corporate Scientology’s response has been to slime the witness with character assassination with no reference to the muzzle agreements.  Now, apparently out of desperation, Miscavige directs the response: “well, they are legally barred from disclosing my crimes.”   Brilliant.  A regular Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud and father of the subject of Public Relations).

For more on Valeska and her husband Chris, see The Guiders.

Also see the Village Voice take on this, and its juxtaposition of what was going on in the “fancier part of the ship” while Valeska and others like her were slaving it in the lower decks, Tony Ortega’s take on  Valeska.

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  1. Nice ship, can we take it if I ask pretty please…? 🙂

  2. Classic Corporate Scientology response and footbullet move. Human trafficing is alive and well in the Sea Org.

  3. martyrathbun09

    Can you use a different handle – we’ve already got a dolphin here.

  4. Well done Valeska!!! Big cheers for speaking out and refusing to be silenced. You are awesome. Thank you!

  5. Thank you, Valeska, for speaking out. May your beautiful voice be the one that tips the scale and brings down the rule of the psychopath you noted.

  6. Valeska and Ramana,
    Thank you for stepping up! You are a beautiful and brave young women!

    The ship is not a “wonderful” place. It was my trip to the ship that woke me up and started the end for me.
    I’m guessing that you being sent there wasn’t to stop you from being taken away. I bet it was to punish your mother and you for your mother speaking out. It seems children are used these days to punish mothers for speaking out.
    Bless you, your mother, and your family! May you flourish and prosper and grow! That is the best revenge. 🙂

  7. Very Well Done Valeska and Ramana too for speaking out. For the cult’s attorneys to threaten legal is just that, a threat and an empty one at that. How about turning the tables on them. Can criminal charges be filed against DM? Kidnapping, torture and false imprisonment?

    As I watched that video I couldn’t help but think how DM has turned that ship into the Slave Ship Freewinds. Way to go dwarf. Is there anything he hasn’t corrupted? (Rhetorical)

    By the way, is DM wearing a wig now? In those pictures of him toward the end of the video it’s sure looking like a wig.

  8. I’m so proud of Valeska for speaking out. (You looked beautiful, V.) This really was explosive. And Ramana adding her corroboration was just brilliant. Congratulations to Ramana too.

  9. Well done, Valeska! I really admire the Aussies for their continuous reports on the abuses. One of the related videos was Chris’ video which I watched again. The two together make a powerful statement!

  10. Theo Sismanides

    Great, Valeska… Thanks Aussie girl… Life cannot be put down by No Suppressive! Life… cannot be put down…

    Now Life together with Scientology….lol…

    David, you better watch now!

    We are not back into the 90’s!

    The Process Free Our Religion from a Suppressive gives results now! There is a momentum now!

  11. Thank you Valeska and Australian Media for such courage!!!!
    (and all others here who keep up the pressure on the ‘Church’ and those corrupted in assisting/hidting it’s crimes!)

  12. GREAT JOB VALESKA! Proud of you. 😀

  13. martyrathbun09

    I added the following to the end of the post:
    For more on Valeska and her husband Chris, see The Guiders (link given in post)

    Also see the Village Voice take on this, and its juxtaposition of what was going on in the “fancier part of the ship” while Valeska and others like her were slaving it in the lower decks, Tony Ortega’s take on Valeska (link given in post)

  14. What a lovely young lady you are, Valeska! Thank you for speaking out in the interview. Your comm was honest, heartfelt, and courageous. The harsh published denials do not stand a chance in light of the truth you present. Rachel

  15. The power and corruption of some Media and Police forces who should help inform and protect the general public is so dissappointing (link below)

    Thank you Marty, Village Voice and Australia Media for leading the way!

  16. My admiration to you Valeska for speaking out! My heart goes out to you for having to endure this horrifying suppression and criminality. Such disgusting betrayal is hard to fathom but your credibility shins through perfectly. Thank you for your courage and honesty! This will have broad impact.

  17. Wonderful job you women did in coming forward and stating your stories.
    the cos is sounding like complete morons, deny, deny, deny, threat, threat, threat. the truth will be known by the world!

    Valeska you have a beautiful family!

  18. Valeska- Very clear, precise, exact communication. Totally believable if I never even heard of Scientology.

    Totally brave and awesome. 🙂

  19. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Thank you for the courage, Valeska. I have heard about your father and the way he was mistreated by the greedy disgusting “church” when he had no more money to give.
    I hope that your testimony will be the trigger that will start (or continue) an investigation into this criminal organization.

  20. * I am not a lawyer *, but as far as I know, no Non-Disclosure Agreement or Bond is enforceable in a court of law with regard to restraining the disclosure of unlawful acts. Good luck with that one, McSavage.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  21. Mayhaps this Great Nation of Law (as the USA is so proud of viewing itself) will actually (gasp!!!) honor an extradition request from Australia. Put on a good show of honoring the little bugger’s rights before sending him off to an Australian prison to await trial and a little buggering.

  22. top of the vale

    Well done Valeska! I knew your step-father Albert quite well and we had many conversations. I remember that he liked to laugh when there was something to laugh about, but he was bitter about all the many ‘upstat’ Scientologists he had helped financially who refused to pay him back the thousands they had borrowed.
    Your expose is to be admired, not shunned. The truth RULES!

  23. Thank you for speaking out Valeska. I believe this is of huge importance.

  24. David Miscavige, you`re a moron.
    Put your ethics in!

  25. I second this comment by Izhar Perlman- Lisbon on investigation into the church and the dictator, Its become so insane. WEll done Valeska. More should speak out like her. .

  26. Valeska,

    Thank you. I know that wasn’t easy. You are so beautiful (inside and out).
    Great job. You delivered the perfect message.

    Ramana, thanks for backing her up and corroborating her powerful testimony. I very much look forward to hearing/seeing your story as well.

  27. Oh wow Valeska. Power to you. I truly hope you find closure against the monster Miscavige very soon, (we could all use a good dose of that). You’re a brave girl and thank you for sharing.

  28. Hi Valeska and Ramana,

    It is very courageous of you both to have spoken out in this manner. You definitely came across as very sensible and personable – any Aussie watching late night ABC would realise this and be right in your corner.

    I also think the comment about “hiding behind a religion” was quite resonant and served to further reshape the public narrative surrounding Scientology.

    Also props to Lateline and other current affairs shows here in Aus for their unrelenting and unapologetic exposure of the CoS. As a matter of fact, the Lateline report is front page news on the ABC site, and that is how I came to see it.

    I wish you all the best.

  29. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Valeska.
    You are a very credible witness. You are very calm and speak very clearly. I am so happy that you are speaking out. The crap that dm put you through is unforgiveable.
    I agree with you, david miscaviage is a psycopath!!

  30. top of the vale

    DM can’t see that he’s doing anything out ethics.

  31. Deny, deny, deny, acknowledge committed crimes, deny, deny, deny, confess to gag orders, deny, deny, deny….

  32. Grendel's Mother

    Did you read Karen Pouw’s reply letter, posted on the site?

    Lies, denials, smoke and mirror accusations – does PoB really think that anyone believes this?

    I’m especially galled by the last paragraph:
    “Your source is doing this because she and Chris Guider apparently cannot get their life in order and move on. For them, it is sad. For ABC, it is dishonest to pretend this is a news story.”

    Excuse me, I need to show and disinfect now.

  33. Great confront with tons of courage.

    “I’d been in Scientology my whole life. It’s not like I knew how to escape.”

    CO$ makes you loose abilities.

  34. If the church has nothing to hide then why the non-disclosure ‘agreements’?
    These tactics are used in exactly the same way that SP declares, disconnection, wholesale labeling of ‘critics’ and accusations of ‘natter’, and ‘entheta’ are used – to silence those who have the courage and tenacity to speak out about the atrocities of RCS.
    It doesn’t work anymore… Morons!
    Well done Valeska! Dare to communicate freely and help others go free.

  35. Karen Pouw:
    Pot… Kettle… Black…
    Join the dots.

  36. Valeska and Ramana,

    Thanks for standing up as the Dynamic Duo! You’ve driven one more stake into the heart of this sniveling, cowardly, sawed-off sociopath.

    Have a ‘nice’ day dave, you flaming idiot.

  37. DM has a lot to answer for. In a time where more and more people need help, the idea of Scientology is not being taken seriously.
    An example one of the UK’s most loved football (soccer) players turned coach then manager Gary Speed, died yesterday of an apparent suicide. Aged 42 universally loved with a wife and 2 children and very successful. Now people should be reaching out to Scientology. However the Scientology we know now is not the one they should join.Lets replace him with an ethical presence that would attract others.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff


    Let’s all join hands in giving a great big WELCOME,Valeska
    Chris and Ramana. Wonderful to see you guys here, FREE

    I can ASSURE you of one thing. NO worries that it MAY take
    some time, but you guys are in for some very pleasant hikes ‘up the tone scale’, just simply by logging onto Marty’s blog.

    Marty has termed the adjustment period “de-compression”
    that mixed feeling of “freedom from”, without at the same time, quite knowing what one is, “free to”

    The answer is, quite simply, your OWN, genuine FREEDOM
    You will find it right here,in bucket loads,amongst,some of the WARMEST, caring, considerate, razor-witted,laser sharp
    Nut-cases this side of the Galaxy !!!

    Seriousness, though coveted by a few, is soon overtaken by
    the majority, who tease them up the tone scale, where we
    can ALL join in some side splitting laughter ( sanity!) and
    where YOU can experience REAL SCIENTOLOGY, the way LRH intended it to be. FUN & FRIENDLY !!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your NEW journey amongst the “enlightened ones”
    while you “Move on up a little Higher”

    Lots’a Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  39. You’re surely right.

    He is stucked flow 0 on this one.
    And he is putting the whole Church to flow 0 with itself.

    I guess some Grade 0 auditing could help 😀

    Sorry, could not resist 🙂

  40. He most certaintly does. Why he remains there is beyond me and for what and who’s purpose, Not for Scientology thats for sure.Scientology is represented in a very bad light at present with the situation as it is, and is being falsely represented by this Dictator. Any and all should have the true that’s if they go into the church of scientology and take services, They had better known beore if there a chance to tell them, or risk No servcies and only money rabbing, Perhap I see the problem to be educating those who seek guidness to improvement to be weiry of The Church if seeking to go there, and if possible where possible be told the true about within and given alternative options outside the church of Scientolog. Of course with
    those that are applying Keeping Scientology Working and has what one wishes to receive to offer.

  41. Sorry, Speed committed suicide not because he lacked Scientology or needed a guiding philosophy in his life but because a tabloid contacted him and let it be known they were running a story to “out’ him as gay and in the process it would probably destroy his life, his marriage, his career and reputation. (He was in the very macho, hetero world of UK football, not exactly a gay friendly climate.) His entire world was threatened with utter destruction, the accusation true or not, merely to sell more papers and make more money.

    The irony is if Speed had ever had anything to do with CoS he might have been better prepared for such an evil threat because I’m sure DM would have been culling his PC folders and blackmailing him by “outing” him if he didn’t toe the line for years.

    Sorry, I just hate when people use the tragic death of others to try and promote an agenda. It’s slimy when the CoS does it (and they do almost any time a famous person dies of a OD) or anyone else/ or organization for that matter. I should hope the indies take a higher road and not try to get cheap PR from a “celebrity’s” untimely demise.

  42. Sorry spelling errors / No services

  43. Never, ever, in the history of journalism or any other human endeavors have so many who have reported human abuses been so “decietful”. Everyone who has ever been troubled, wronged, robbed, extorted, held captive or mentally abused by the Church of Scientology is a liar, according to officials of the Church of Scientology. Not one of them has told a glimmering of truth in the 2 and a half years of whistle blowing according to the Church. This is truly amazing because the Church has managed to correctly ferret out and route out, blow out and get rid of every single “SP” it ever had. We, as has been told, are all SPs and we are therefore all liars. So if this is the case, if we are all SPs and the Church has gotten rid of all of its SPs, then where are the stats? Where’s the production? Oops!

    ML Tom

  44. This is an upper cut from Down Under and you know what that connects with!

    Thanks Valeska.

  45. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam,the Ma,am BAM!

    Nicely DONE !! ALL impaled with one SINGLE rapier thrust!!

    Luv it, LADY, when you do what you do, so “bleedin” well !!! “En-garde ! TAKE THAT! MAD-CABBAGE ! ” A-A-RRGHH!

    Sam, I’d love to take you out for dinner;say ‘cabbage’ brady for TWO ?? ( THOROUGHLY lanced and saute’d just the
    the way you (and I, snicker! ) ENJOY it! ) Are we on ?

  46. We have all been affected by the lies. I was in Toronto Org and saw an event that implied that London and Manchester and Sunderland and more Orgs were booming. Toronto Org was not. I was there. I moved to the UK to go on staff and states were down. Wow was I disappointed. I had changed my whole life. Well sort of!!! and moved to a different country to go where things were booming and to help it boom some more.
    Only choice now get rid of DM and fix the wrongs!!!! Quickly please . We can’t wait.

  47. Wonderful interview Valeska!!!!

  48. Was not aware of that. Even so with the right Scientology it could have been dealt with and a life could continue. Thanks for the info.

  49. Tom,

    Excellent points. The Church’s stats for Auditors, Clears, and OTs made has been declining for the last 21 years and are now at about 10% of what they were in 1990. That’s exactly date-coincident with DM taking over operational control of delivery orgs, and of the IAS collecting more money per year than the Church did for actual services.

    During those 21 years every new program from DM has included major violations of proven LRH tech and policy, which, of course is not surprising considering that DM is not well-trained in either tech or admin.

    Meanwhile, he declared as SPs almost everyone who WAS trained. ALL the original Class 12’s are either declared or dead, as are almost all of the second group of Class 12’s that contained Karen de la Carriere and David Mayo. ALL of the execs running Scientology successfully in 1980 have been either declared or imprisoned by DM. ALL of the great mission holders of the 70’s were declared or financially forced out of business.

    One of the characteristics of an SP is that he gets rid of good staff, and LRH said that if a lot of declares ever occur, the real SP is the guy doing the declaring.

    DM’s STATISTICS are horrible — a 90% destruction of the productivity that existed when he took complete control.

    DM’s ACTIVITIES are nearly all major violations of proven LRH tech and policy, so it’s no wonder than none of them have worked to revert the stat decline, and that it can easily be seen that they caused it.

    DM’s INTENTIONS are obviously bad. Anyone at a chronic tone level below 2.0 is running on evil intentions. Every report about him is about some aspect of his very low tone level. Also, it is traditional Sea Org ethics policy that whatever product a SO member produces, whether valuable or an overt, reflects his actual intention. DM’s products are all bad, therefore so are his intentions.

    This is the most cut-and-dried, open-and-shut personnel case ever seen. If he were on any post other than the one at the very top, he would have been offloaded 20 years ago. Even if LRH did put him on post (which he didn’t), he’d never KEEP him on post after a performance like DM has given us.

    I have a vision of thousands of Scientologists marching on DM’s castle (er, I mean Int bunker) carrying pitchforks and torches. In the final scene he falls to his end, all aflame, off the parapet of one of his high towers, and is impaled on a stake he’d previously used to execute his victims. As the credits roll, his body crumbles in the flames, the sun comes out as dark clouds part, flowers sprout and bloom again, birds resume singing, and thousands of his former minions morph back into human beings to be reunited with their loved ones.

    Then, because this is a COMPLETE Danger Formula, the priest leading the villagers finds DM’s magic ring in the ashes, and has it broken into dozens of tiny bits that are scattered in such far-flung locations that they can never be reassembled to be used by another would-be occult tyrant.

  50. Tony Dephillips


  51. Great interviews and testimony Valeska & Ramana! Met both great and sincere young ladies at the Freewinds in the ’90s and they are totally opposite of what RCS, with their reverse Tech tries to paint them as. The truth that David Miscavige is a psychopath is simply echoed in a new unit of time from down under, and the acronym of POB has a new definition.

    What is truly saddening is the beginning of RCS out-Tech, over the top Regging and IAS criminality involving Valeska’s stepfather and mother which precipitated banishment to the Freewinds and offshore lands. It could have been easily covered in the St Pete Times recent series on Money grubbing. The sickening story is just too gruesome to link and can easily be found via Google if desired.

    The prison aspect of the Freewinds has been covered a couple of years ago, for those who have not seen it:

    The aspect of the offshore, international human trafficking misdeeds of the POB David Miscavige maybe too big for Feds to handle!

  52. GREAT point Tom!

  53. Just a question: Is the C of S really getting legal advice, or is more from the advice re: how to handle lawyers, specifically, telling them what to do? I can’t believe that any self respecting lawyer would advise, or even write a letter raising the issue of a confidentiality agreement after the serious serious allegations of imprisonment amongst other criminal acts.

    Oh, and about the maritime custom and tradition of the captain retaining passports. Yes, but they are supposed to give them back once at Port!

  54. Valeska, I knew your father a little bit years ago, and what was done to him was a crime of magnitude – he was a kind man that was egregiously taken advantage of. The fact that you were punished/confined in this way as a ripple effect of that original crime is truly outrageous. And the fact that POB, Karin Pouw and the Church continue to take zero responsibility for any abuse committed ever in the Church, and continue to threaten and accuse anyone ever abused or taken advantage of being a 100% liar simply shows what 100% irresponsible, reprehensible, conscienceless, criminals they have become. Thank you for speaking out. Karin and Co. next time you are accusing someone of being a liar you would be better served to be standing in front of a mirror when you do so.

  55. No we’re not.
    But thank you for the invitation, the menu sounds delightful.

  56. I have an ethics chit written on me 20 years ago. I kept it. My senior chits me for out-fo 38 because I don’t want to find an auditor other than the staff auditor to complete a step on my lsrf. By doing this – ordering me to find someone else she is either, making me stay because I can’t get the action done or inciting me to commit a suppressive act by asking other higjhly classed staff to do that step, or eliciting one of the few public who could do it. Since no in ethics scio wants to commit a sp act – then one has no choice but to stay and suffer – i am now out because i started asking the public to do it. so you are stopped from leaving virginia and vicky. i have proof written in a seniors hand.

  57. Note to Mary McConnell, your November 28, 2011 post wound up at the end of the June 2010 article so you might want to repost here.

  58. I don’t see it that way at all.
    C of S does not equal Scientology and there is nothing opportunistic in pointing out that people in the world are suffering because their reach is cut to a technology that could help them regain control of their lives and overcome the suppression of journalists or any other persons who would enturbulate another being to the point of taking his own life.
    The devastation and public relations nightmare wrought upon our technology by Miscavige is irreconcilable in light of the millions who suffer daily for need of it.
    Stating this as fact is no PR stunt.
    Gary Speed is an example of someone who could have been helped had he been connected to real Scientologists (not the cult who have forgotten how to help and know only how to betray) and a reminder of why we do what we do. The fact that he is a celebrity is completely irrelevant. The fact that he is a fellow human being who has been illegally denied Ron’s legacy due to the actions of a psychopath with his tentacles wrapped around the remains of our church IS entirely relevant.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Perhaps the diary logs linked at the Village Voice link on this post will refresh your recollection more and maybe even enough to shoot me a post.

  60. For the Movin on Up community. This blog is a powerhouse.

  61. Gary Speed is ringing alarm bells aith me too!!!!!

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam ! OUCH ! you’re ” welcome !”

  63. sunshine disinfects

    Valeska, what you went through was horrific. You are brave,smart and despite what you went through are still remain a beautiful person,and now a wonderful wife and mother to Declan. What a dreadful ordeal being trapped as you were……where is the “freedom” that Scientologists aspire to?
    Thank you for speaking publicly. Your sincerity and honesty shines through.

    Ramana, thank you too, for your bravery in speaking out about what goes on behind the scenes on the “Freewinds”. Sickening. It certainly takes a high confront of evil to recognize this rather than pretend that those niggling doubts are not there. Bravo to you both

  64. And you might be interested to know that the “date coincidence” touted at Int for the stats beginning to downtrend was the release of KTL and LOC in June 1990. That, of course, was DM’s convenient excuse which hid his crime of a couple years earlier of destroying Jeff Hawkins’ Strategic Books Marketing Unit that got DMSMH to #1 of the NYT bestseller list. DM, being an only one, could not experience someone else being successful so he had to take Central Marketing apart, which was doing great in LA, and jam the SBMU into CMU, after which he defunded it because “the booksales were not resulting in people into orgs.” Undoubtedly, these decisions of DM’s followed one of his Ralph Kramden “AHA!” moments, based not on any calm reflection of data but on his latest brain fart. Now that I look at, DM makes Danny Dunagin look rational.

  65. And most of the projected projects over the last 21 years don’t go anywhere, just fizzle out! Sounds like the characteristic of an SP that says, “Can’t finish a cycle of action.” I don’t think DM ever intends to finish any, but “Wake Up, People!” It ain’t happening!

  66. What Valeska says is certainly true — imprisonment is routine DM practice as I personally experienced myself.

    I was imprisoned at the Int base in 1995 after I refused DM’s order via RTC to disconnect from my parents. For the next two months, I was under RTC investigation as a “suspected mole, plant and external influence” — classic ding-dong “I’m surrounded by martians” David Miscavige idiocy. I was forced to sleep in a trailer behind the Old Gilman House next to the swamp. After two months of sec checking by Gerta Herrera (RTC Security Checker) she finally conceded that I was right — there was no situation with my parents to start with. The whole thing was total bullshit.

    During my incarceration, it was John Peeler’s job as an MAA to keep tabs on me. I told him angrily that this was imprisonment and I kicked over a stack of boxes on the back dock of Building 36 to make the point. He said, “Hold on, man! Calm down. It’s not like that.” But actually it was worse.

    Before letting me out of DM’s Int base Scientology prison camp, I was ordered to apply Treason for failing to disconnect from my mom in 1979. I refused that too, and explained once again to the ignorant sods of RTC that disconnection was canceled by LRH in 1978, thus I was not allowed to disconnect in 1979. I those days, the Church STOPPED people from disconnecting because that LRH Policy. I was instead forced to handle my familial connections which I did, fully. By 1982, it was done and approved by Cathy Norman, DSA Austin Org. To save face, RTC insisted I retrain on the PTS/SP Course. I protested but finally agreed to do that because I recognized they had to report up that I was going to do “something” so DM could be right.

    David Miscavige is a keeper of human slaves.

  67. Little does DM know that he is waking the world up to the previously unknown facts about people such as himself that specialize in corrupt, perverse abuses of the tech. The man is not even a vegetarian and thinks its “cool that some people eat healthier”. Isn’t he nice? 🙂 As if noone does the right thing if they don’t do what DM does. Hey F*** Off you and your whole church DM from a nice vegetarian. I would probably like the RPF because the server rice and beans (one of my favorite dishes) every day but working for that slimebag, I would rather eat my meals out here.

  68. Who? Karin Pouw? A liar? For goodness gracious sakes that would be out-ethics! 🙂

  69. Another terrible thing the staff do is try and make you feel guilty even if you do manage to complete a staff contract ethically without becoming human traffic. If an employer terminates your position for whatever reason good or bad, you having to find a replacement before you are discharged is usually not part of the deal. Most orgs and mission will not let you “walk” unless YOU find a replacement for you post before you do. My solution was and is a simple one, just say “Find one yourself just like you found me!” 🙂

  70. Thanks Marty, Tony’s take is a good one.

    Most of the captive audience at Cruise’s birthday party consisted of Freewinds and IAS crew to fill up the Starlight Cabaret, which is the venue the Maiden Voyage Events are done every year. I asked Valeska weeks ago, right after the YT videos with Stacy Francis came out if she attended. She mentioned she was not at the bilges or in trouble at the time, but could not attend the party as she had some cold sores, as if that was a terminal, communicable disease from the back of the room! It’s more likely that anyone who might possibly or remotely cause a bad reaction in the pretended smiley countenance of David Miscavige, should his evil eye befall upon them is totally barred from attending the BFF’s costly and exclusive gala.

  71. Thank you guys for all your support! Very appreciated! I think I am goingto send Marty the threatening email I got from the Church Lawyer yesterday telling me to not speak out. If I was lying then they wouldn’t need to bother sending me such an email. And the fact that we have to sign anything is just another obvious indication that the “church” has a lot of dirty crimes they are hiding!

  72. Valeska — your interiew is superb. You are articulate and well communicate the story and the horrors of that place. I too am so proud of you! And Ramana — thank you for corroborating Valeska’s story and speaking out.
    Congratulations to both of you!

  73. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, Beautifully “skewered” as always !

    Let’s say it again (for the benefit of the not-so-bright) REAL Scientology genuinely straightens people out from their problems in life, through the application of Ron’s concise auditing (counselling) technology.

    Conversely, the Chamber of Horrors,masquerading as The “Church of $cientology” ( INSANITY!)
    performs perverse,sick, mind-control operations, called (wait for it!)….THE GOLDEN AGE of TECH (GAT) …… under the direction of a certifiable PSYCHOTIC MADMAN
    called DAVID MISCAVIGE. It is almost impossible to quantify
    the devastation and destruction this ABOMINATION has caused to thousands of people and their families across the world.

    THAT the ” backbone ” of REAL SCIENTOLOGY, in the form of HIGHLY trained, skilled, auditors,as developed and refined by L.RON HUBBARD formed the vanguard which has helped tens of thousands, to CLEAR their minds and lives of the things which troubled them, has now been upstaged by this unprecedented, unauthorised coup is only now beginning to be seen for what it is;-

    THE unparalleled Religious CON-JOB of ALL TIME,
    premeditated and perpetrated by the USURPER of REAL SCIENTOLOGY, using LIES,DECEIT and INTIMIDATION, DAVID MISCAVIGE.

    In defence of LRH’s REAL SCIENTOLOGY Li’ll bit

  74. Thank YOU Valeska!

    It’s amazing how RCS confirms Facts they say are Lies in the same breath!
    I had to sign papers under duress as well, to cover Celebrities such as the BFF in addition to the “standard” ones with increased $$ amounts penalties. Of course, no copies of signed papers are provided for your records despite asking for copies of documents you signed!

  75. I have a vision of thousands of Scientologists marching on DM’s castle (er, I mean Int bunker) carrying pitchforks and torches. In the final scene he falls to his end, all aflame, off the parapet of one of his high towers, and is impaled on a stake…

    Like this picture.
    I am sure there are enough Indies in the US to do a Protest PR March:

    Outright protest PR, based on facts, is a legitimate method of attempting to
    right wrongs.
    It has to be kept overt. It has to be true.
    Protest PR can include demonstrations, hard news stories and any PR mechanism.
    Minorities have learned that only protest PR can get attention from politicians or lofty institutions or negligent or arrogant bosses.
    – LRH PR-Series#7

    Combined with…

    Too glowing an idealization can be punctured when it is a lie.
    Too vicious degradation can be exploded when it is a lie.
    The only safe ground is to idealize what is already true and when engaged in black PR to degrade what is already bad.

    The whole HCO PL is a great tool as it shows how to distinguish black and whithe PR. Should be used for this purpose.

    The POB Camp really lacks PR skills. The whole PR is low tone.

    These are the three grades of PR:
    – LRH HCO PL 15 JUNE 1972R

    If he refuses to put his ethics in, this will help to speed up the cycle.
    I am sure that there are some tv networks interested in real Scientology.
    At least Mr. Rinder knows how to put a good story together. 😛

  76. Fantastic summary. Very on-policy analysis. You NAILED it, Kassapa!

  77. Thank you Valeska and your husband for your voice.
    This makes a huge difference.

    All best for you both and your child.

  78. Thoughtful, isn’t that incredible? Isn’t that unbelievable? 🙂 Want to hear a real O/W of mine? [if you can consider this an O/W?} When I was on staff in New York, I had to commute from New Jersey to New York every day on the train 2x + take the subway 2x + eat breakfast once, lunch once and sometiems dinner one all on my own mostly and I was making $3.85 a week on staff working 40-50 hours a week. One day I was short for the subway $ .50 and back then I was afraid to go walking around in New York City, {I was 18} so I borrowed $1.00 from the bookstore loose change with the intention of putting it back the next day. I was found out about, somehow and made to do conditions formulas from Confusion to Non-E. I did them and as amends I did fund raising for the GO so they could own a very expensive book. One of the people on staff told me she didn’t think my amends were good enough and that I really was not their friend. For $3.85 a week I am surprised that $ .50 is all I needed to return for goodness sakes, and they make the mess and then hold you liable. Unbelievable. When I told people I was clearing the planet in New York and was only paid $3.85 a week, if they didn’t burst out laughing in my face the walked the other way or both. 🙂

  79. The denial letter published on the ABC site makes corporate Scientology PR sound out-of-touch and paranoid. In real life, things are never quite so black and white as “they are an apostate; therefore, everything they say is a complete and utter fabrication.”

    Crisis PR is usually about shades of gray, trying to create a different set of credible conclusions built on the same facts so your actions/positions seem reasonable, and your opponent sounds like they are making an honest mistake in their interpretation of what went on. In other words, deflect; don’t try to stop the opponent’s argument dead. So it’s not about shouting “Event X never happened. Claim Y is a complete lie. And person Z who is saying that stuff is a delusional apostate.” Absolutes are never credible. Even pathological liars tell the truth some of the time (not implying anything about Valeska, whose comments are in fact utterly credible).

    The other no-no is to have an adversarial relationship with the press, no matter how biased (or stupid) you think they are. You don’t call a reporter’s request for information “ridiculous,” even if it shows that they are completely clueless. And you don’t question an editor’s honesty by saying it is “dishonest to pretend this is a news story.” Even if the journalist is a complete hack, they will long remember who called them dishonest. The RCS did both in a 1.5 page letter!

    There’s no rule saying that ABC has to post Karin Pouw’s letter on their web site. ABC didn’t knuckle under to threats from corporate Scientology. They knew the average person reading that letter would be more likely to agree with the conclusions of the article and of Valeska’s side of the story.

  80. “The booksales were not resulting in people into orgs.” Typical SP wrong targeting by DM. The booksales were up, so the next right action would have been to figure out how to get bookbuyers into orgs, not stop selling books.

    In the 70’s the mission where I worked just put out various kinds of promo that said something like, “Have you read Dianetics? Want to know more? Get all your questions answered by a professional Dianetics auditor. Auditor training also available. Call XXX-XXXX now.” We got a nice inflow of new people from this, most of whom were serious about becoming auditors and co-auditing their way to Clear.

    Only an idiot or an SP would fail to do something so simple and basic as this.

  81. As a forward, I’ve had a long hard working day.

    Never-the-less, we have to confront the little asshole. My acknowledgement to the psychotic little one is this: A middle digit salute.

    Yeah, you POB, you LOVE to spit on people?

    The finale is we spittle on you. Relish your meager, final, existence you sick sucker.. .

    Consider what you destroyed.

  82. wouldn’t the accusation of KIDNAPPING be a more accurate description than human trafficking? I have a completely different perception of human trafficking, as does the law perhaps?

  83. I have taken the liberty of informing
    Rubio is at the forefront in the US of fighting human trafficking. I also sent an email to the World Court asking them to investigate the international aspects.

  84. Valeska,
    That’s about all that’s left now, DM the nutbar, his lawyers feeding at the money trough while it lasts, and Karin Pouw to utter deny, which is to say LIE.

    DM can’t apply Scientology or he’d go to the Axioms and see that what PERSISTS is the shitstorm of beings fed up with his suppressive acts, making it known broadly in full application of the Ethics Gradients and the Code of A Scientologist (keeping the press accurately informed) and it will only persist until such time as the Truth, the facts, are acknowledged by the Church.

    This deny, deny, deny thing is so transparent. It’s embarrassing that these muttonheads minioning for Dave say and do these things: like this threatening letter.

    By all means, make it known as it is representative of the truth and with that, this lie that is the False Terminal David Miscavige may be “poofed”.

  85. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Valeska, for telling your story. It is very valuable.

  86. Valeska, Ramana:

    You have shown great courage in denouncing the atrocities you endured.
    Thank you.

  87. Dan,

    Once he dismantled CMU he moved on to Bridge Publications. He sent a Mission to Bridge with orders to shadow Don Arnow and myself to find our crimes as one of both of us were SPs, based on the stat crash following his dismantling of CMU and cutting advertising funds. As a result, despite having my Ethics File cancelled by him some years earlier and the fact that I sold over 15 million LRH books, I ended up on the RPF as a “stat crasher”. Don requested to go to the RPF many times, as he was tired of promoting advertising campaigns that then never were delivered, but was denied.

    Don Arnow, who sold more books than I did, is currently running a book manufacturing machine at the Bridge warehouse. There is no trade division left. Bridge has become a book manufacturer with only one public to reach… existing Scientologists. There are numerous policies that prohibit this as well as specific LRH advices and evaluations that are completely ignored.

    I know you know this.. but just to add to your comment.


  88. I am sure Citizens Commission for Human Rights would be all over this if:

    A. They didn’t have nanny software installed on their computers blocking the information.

    B. They were not already tied up attacking the “U.S. Government” for mind control.

    The “U.S. Government” by the way, consists of U.S. Military, politicians, school teachers, park rangers, health professionals, construction workers,
    farmers, engineers, scientists, accountants, lawyers, judges, space administration, computer programmers, air traffic controllers, economists, well, I could go on and on and on but you get the point. CCRH has a lot of people to take down for mind control.

  89. Valeska:

    Thanks for having the courage to ignore the gag order and speak up. My hat is off to you for staying in one piece under such duress and going on to start a lovely family.

    Everybody: Can’t we put together a criminal suit against DM for this? Kidnapping, human trafficking – take your pick.


  90. Valeska,

    You are a wonderful and brave person! I am happy for you that you are doing well with your family!
    I remember when asking you about your situation and that you said it was about your mother and that you couldn’t (were not allowed) to talk about it.
    Our comm got suppressed – so I didn’t know what you were going through at the time.
    I was ‘only’ 15 months under detention on the Freewinds after I had decided to go (also under constant surveillance).
    Regarding to the horror you went through, my experiences seemed to have been rather harmless – and I was traumatized for years after.

    L, Karola

  91. Were are on the pulse here guys.

    DM knew that Pubs and CMU were onto getting books into the hands of public, resulting in more of those pesky public people coming in that “no one knew how to handle” (Man, I just had a cognition – you know how Davie has to be the “only one”? Well those fucking Div 6 panels in the Idea Pieces of Shit are HIM handling the public. God knows those dumb-ass org staff can’t handle public the way He can so He put those board up in His Image”). But David wanted to sell hundreds of thousands of overpriced books and tapes to in-org public. LRH doesn’t get the royalties and neither does his family, and ASI doesn’t get the money so it all goes into Davies coffers. He deeps-sixes Plantary Pissemination HCOPL and there is nothing stopping him. He also gets rid of the PRD, sabotages the KTL, gets rid of educated staff who would tell him “No, dummy, get the books into the hands of RAW public” and now he can make fortunes without anyone bothering him. You know, make sure everyone is kept ignorant so he can violate the shit out of LRH without anyone challenging him. He must have been in the government in Mississippi in the early 1900’s.

    I am warming upto the idea of marching on his Hollywood digs with torches and pitchforks. Let’s get this organized.

    ML Tom

  92. Lawrence, that reminds me of another suppressive characteristic–they make your overt “unforgivable.” No affinity, no understanding, no comm to find out the reality…

  93. So sad, her mother’s ex husband commits suicide and her mother speaks out against the CO$. For that, this girl must disconnect all ties. I have read or watched video on YT about so many that have died either from cancer or suicide because they felt no way out from under so much financial debt. I realize this is a bit off the topic (you are very brave, Valeska!) but I have thought about this many times before.
    There seems to be a great number of scientologists that have died from cancer. With all the asbestos on the freewinds ship I would not doubt for a second that alot of those who died from or are living with Cancer got it from exposure to all that asbestos. Not right at all.
    Thanks for your story, Valeska. Stay strong.

  94. From reading the comments from the like of Dan Koon, and other ex-Int Base slaves (sorry), I see a collabaration going on here, and this has been building up for the past few years. I’d say this is DMs living hell. He off loaded top many people that knew too much.

  95. It is so unfortunate to see the sons and daughters of the SO growing up so damaged, when just a little bit of mentoring and education would have made a truly great difference in all of our lives. The decline and death of Albert was as tragic and pitiful an affair as I have ever seen – and the response by the Church was not shock, but damage control, disconnection, enslavement, and grotesque and obvious lies. The result was another tragedy, perpetrated on the Ship that is supposed to help make people free. What is it? One free rich bastard for each SO child held in pawn? The church is sucking the life out of our babies so they can feed the egos of people like Cruise, Travolta, Jenson, Cordone, and Lewis, who are fed the bullshit that they are going “free”
    when in fact they are merely stoking and funding the mother-of-all-egos.

    Valeska, thanks for telling the truth.

  96. I’m curious why you had a sit with your parents? Were they afraid you were part of a cult? Were they afraid you may be held against your will? Is it not incredibly absurd that the church acted like a cult in trying to force you to disconnect from your parents, thus proving your parents’ point? The irony!

  97. You have my greatest admiration! Dr Denk was truly a great man.

  98. Hey Valeska,

    Good job on getting out alive. We should have T-Shirts that read: “I went to the Freewinds and all I got was bilge scum under my fingernails”.

  99. *thumbs-up* 1000x

  100. To continue on this line: One can sue under laws for torts without having to try to get the authorities to launch a criminal investigation, which is not always easy. A friend of mine listened to a lecture on torts in Washington State, USA (where I live), quoted as follows:

    “Prof Fitch defined the tort of assault as intentionally placing another in reasonable fear of significant harm (or that effect). And battery as intentional touching (not accidental bumping into, etc) a person without consent or privilege, privilege being things like arrest, apprehending a shoplifter, seizing for commitment, or help in injury where person is unconscious, etc. The touching does not have to be injurious, just any touching at all. Also restriction of the freedom of movement. It was about the Washington State interpretation of these torts. So, without criminal charges, a person can be sued for these torts. Especially open and shut is restriction upon freedom of movement, to come and go. So you cannot: scare someone credibly into fear of significant harm, hold someone when they want to leave, touch someone without permission or privilege.”

    Am not sure how torts are interpreted in Australia but we are both under Anglo law. An Australian attorney would know.


  101. IF, big IF, but if in fact Speed was a gay man I don’t think Scientology, either indie or CoS would have done him much good, quite the opposite actually. LRH’s opinion of gay people was prejudiced and very much a product of his time and unfortunately this is reflected in any version of Scientology the LRH way. Telling someone they are a 1.1 on the tone scale, abberated and perverted because they are gay is not helping them, in fact it’s quite degrading. I’ve always been disturbed by the CoS peddling a “cure” for being gay, as much as the fundie Christians doing it.

    (There have been numerous gay ex-scientologists who have spoken about their experiences of being gay within Scientology and its always dreadful. Whether they were told that their gayness would be “handled” via auditing or if it was used to degrade and blackmail them. The way DM constantly uses derogatory terms for gay people and their sexual practices show the mindset against gays is very ingrained in the upper levels of CoS management.)

    I have read LRH’s original writings/comments on homosexuals even if the CoS has edited out, or toned down, most of it in modern reprints of his books because it’s not “PC” now a days. Maybe someone can explain to me the indie view on homosexuality – since most indies claim to adhere to strict original LRH scripture. Are gay people abberated or 1.1 to indies? If a gay person joined the indies would one of the aims be to cure him of his/her homosexuality? Would he/she be freely accepted as an equal and be able to progress up to the top of the bridge as a openly gay person?

    I’m very curious about this and would appreciate some input. I’ve always assumed if indies follow LRH’s dictates then that wouldn’t be very welcoming to the gay community or individuals – holding a very low opinion of their lifestyle.

  102. Erwin Croughs

    There is ONLY one thing Miscavige cares about.
    Hanging on to
    POWER and being the identity of the TYRANNICAL boss with all the power over others.

    No matter what the cost of human suffering, the broken bankrupt parishioners, the destroying of everything in its wake.

    He only CARES about his POWER. He cares for little else.

  103. +1 Steve.
    Excellent write up

  104. Valeska ~~ I had no idea Albert Jacquier was your father.
    I knew him well at the Flag Land Base.
    Writing to you on Facebook.
    Valeska and Ramana ~~ superb interview.
    Very credible and sincere ~~ you came across as natural
    and honest.
    There are 2 things that most humiliate a human being. Being kicked out of a space,removed from a job he wants and was doing well at, and the reverse of that, the corollary, being in enforced lock down ~ a kidnap scenerio, a hostage scenario ~~ locked down against will ~~ a “Can’t get out”.

    These are David Miscavige specialties. He just cannot restrain himself from ordering a lockdown, held against will, enforced custody in a confined space with no free passage in and out.

    That is what SP Hole is and what his Prison ship ” Freewinds.” is used for all too frequently.

  105. This is how it’s done, people.

  106. Okay, that made me laugh aloud.

  107. No news source is reporting the suggestion that Speed did this because a tabloid was going to out him.

  108. No ouch or disrespect intended.
    It’s just that I don’t know you and this isn’t the appropriate forum.
    I do enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  109. Hi John,
    I picked up on this tactic when I arrived in the UK a few years ago and was told by a public at Saint Hill that ‘Scientology is booming all over the world’ and it’s just the UK’.
    The false (implanted) idea was that UK staff and public were out ethics and thus were responsible for the non-expansion of Scientology in the UK.
    It’s the same ‘It must be me’ idea that is planted on an individual basis (everyone else is doing well so it must be me… I must be out-ethics) run on groups to make them feel introverted and individuated.
    Nasty trick isn’t it?

  110. If you’re still based in the UK contact me on the back-lines. or

  111. Another really ugly story that would need further investigation by the FBI. They do nothing. Maybe they are ordered to not act or maybe they use all their time and resources to chase illegal mp3 downloader. I think they work solely for big business not for the people. Hurray, we have found another downloader and ruin his or her life for having done that really big super crime!
    Dear FBI, get your ethics in please.

  112. Boy, isn’t that a charged area.
    There is no such thing as rewarding an upstat on lines, no matter how legal and law insisting.So easliy execs throw that in your face and manipulate the 3rd party on you (another suppressive act) that you’re on a leaving staff routig form and the infection of guilt spreads as others hear of your “betrayal”.
    So much with DMs Church sux.

  113. Well put and exactly

  114. Certaintly Might wake up those that need to realise DM needs to go Families need to take part and any and all that have been sudject to abuse and threated with being held or held /and split from families evidence needs explored.

  115. Families and those abused surely its enough to be able to do something All those along with all supporters of This Blog to stand up and demand this be investigated , Theirs enough documenation wise to do it is it NOT?

  116. Thanks, John. Great points.

  117. Thank you, freeatlast! Really nice to wake up to your comment this morning! L, Rachel

  118. Here’s my input:
    I have a number of VERY good friends who are gay – hell – they don’t even disconnect if I misbehave!!!
    I don’t know of any LRH ‘dictates’ that presume to tell other beings who they can or can’t relate to or help (I’ve only witnessed that kind of discriminatory and exclusive behavior in the Cult of Miscavige). Sometimes it’s enough to be a good friend and accept another person’s reality WHATEVER it is.
    Independence means exactly that. Independent thought, independent judgement and the freedom to whatever YOU feel is correct.
    Incidentally telling someone where they are on the tone scale is a forbidden practice as it is an evaluation (more often a deliberate invalidation). Feel free to smack anyone in the face who does this to you. I’ll dig out the reference on it if needed when I’ve got a minute.
    The days of condemning others because of their religious beliefs, group adherence, sexual orientation, personal habits or indiscretions, ethical conduct, guilt, innocence, etc. etc. ad-infinatum are over. If nothing else we should have all learned that by now.

  119. Sigh.
    There I go advocating violence again…
    Guess that makes me a 1.5 😉

  120. +1 Thanks for having the courage and tenacity to speak out against this abomination of a “church”.

  121. Sam,

    This is an old Roman Empire tactic — divide and conquer. It’s funny, I just finished putting together a new post that touches on this very subject. Every failing org (and that is all of them) is led to believe that they are the “only ones”, they are “out of step” and thus “out ethics.” This is one of the main reasons POB must keep doing his Int Events. It is where the masses are indoctrinated that “Scientology is expanding” and “all orgs are straight up and vertical”, and that acts as an effective thought blocker when they see their local org failing miserably. They do not think: “POB is a lying sack of shit”, its drilled in to them to think: “We are useless pieces of shit.” It’s one of the most effective propaganda techniques in his repertoire.

  122. +1 ditto, well said.

  123. I don’t have an opinion on homosexuals either way. Good people are good people period.
    But I have observed that some who are most violently and vociferously anti-gay have interesting personal lives themselves. Remember that classic scene in American Beauty when Col Frank Fitts makes a move on Lester Burnham? The same Col Fitts who savagely and violently attacks his own son for possible gay activity?
    Remind you of anyone?

  124. Agreeing with ridiculous stuff makes one lose abilities. Many Scns think that because the tech is good, the rest must be good, too, and think that they must follow orders. The entire purpose of Scn is to get one to NOT follow any orders other than one’s own personal orders issued out of knowledge, responsibility, and control. There should be a Training Routine 0-8: “Just say NO!”

    The Co$ no longer has a viable product. It is suppressive to tech and freedom, and PTS to itself. Tick, tick, tick, tick ….. I smell FEAR.


    DM probably seized on a stable datum “It’s all an illusion”, and is running with it.

    Illusion of services
    Illusion of tech
    Illusion of orgs
    Illusion of success
    Illusion of Co$ integrity
    Illusion of PR
    Illusion of truth
    Illusion of Scientology

    … it doesn’t matter … it’s ALL an illusion.

    The thing that’s real in all this is: Religious Monopoly! Whee!


  125. Li’ll bit – Very nicely said. More cut-to-the-chase as-is-ness! Carcha.

  126. Well Sunny, the thing about Indies is that each one has their own unique viewpoint, so there is no “Indie viewpoint” on homosexuality. My own viewpoint is that Gays are, first and foremost, spiritual beings.

  127. More like “false imprisonment” or “illegal detainment”.

    The Church tries to paint people who were held against their will as “apostates” or “religious hater”. But the facts show the opposite.

    If these people were “hateful SPs” why didn’t they immediately press charges? Wouldn’t they want to “burn the house down” upon leaving?

    People, for whatever their reasons, mostly tried to leave quietly without damaging the church. This dis-credits the church premise that those who wanted out are/were anti-religious.

    The real “hatred” is RCofS toward ANYONE who decides to leave or refuses to conform.

  128. Sam — With you 100%. The debate over what LRH said when about homosexuality could go on endlessly. But there is one overarching LRH datum that really matters: What is true for is what is true for you, and nothing else.

    And what is true for me is the gays I am friends with tend to have the following characteristics that I find admirable: they are brave, strong, fiercely independent and extremely tolerant. They do not judge others based on societal prejudices (like being a member of a crazy cult). And they are interested in the happiness of those around them.

    I am sure there are gays who are 1.1 just as there are straights that are 1.1. I don’t know any “closeted” gays, but I would imagine leading life with a continuous missed withhold would drive you downtone and the constant pretended beingness and lies about your life would tend to stick you in the 1.1 band.

  129. Thank you Valeska for speaking out. This is a story that needed to be told. David Miscavige’s nightmare continues . . . only it’s real life! Your courage in speaking out and ignoring the legal threats is to be commended. It is not easy to speak out when one is threatened; and it is good that you know, and that you let others know that you signed the “muzzle” documents under coercion. Very, Very Well Done!!!!!

  130. The belief in human rights could be considered a type of “univeral religion” With that RCS are the TRUE apostates.

  131. You couldn’t put it better. He takes no responsibility for anything but greed and need for himself. and Lowers any one who dares to speak
    He also appears to assume No one else exists but him and as regards to respect to loyal cities that’s beyond his comprehension.

  132. Loyal citziens ( sorry for spelling error)

  133. I have known many as European Tours Registrar for Europe and AOSHDK as I would have see many and I gave respect for what they were and who they were.
    I witnessed complete rejection to them as Mission Holders by RTC where there lives were in turmoil within a short period of time. And it became a torture and truma for them, Due to the actions taken against them by the treatment of the Missions holder slaugther action two died.

  134. Great point of view presented here, Don. Even when I knew my help wasn’t needed/wanted (except money for IAS, of course), I bent over backwards to keep things calm and productive as I slowly withdrew. I wasn’t the least bit anti-religious and had to draw on reserves of ethics, tech and admin know-how in order to pull it off without destroying anyone or anything with which I’d previously been associated. Rachel

  135. I didn’t have a situation with my parents — that is the point. 16 years earlier, when I first got involved with Scientology, my mom was frightened by propaganda from the Anti Religious Movement (ARM) claiming that auditing = hypnosis, which is total rubbish. I found my life’s calling and she opposed it. I handed all aspects of the problem by 1981 and everyone was happy. 14 years later, out of the blue David Miscavige has one of his Jackie Gleason delusional “Ah-ha!” moments and proclaims that I (along with many others) must disconnect from our parents because they “have black PR on Scientology.”

  136. Ahh – I see. I just knew a lot of folks back in the day that had issus with their parents along the lines of being afraid of a cult. Most of them dealt with the situation – good roads, fair weather. I had my own issues, and my dad was a former Scientologist. In fact, that came up a number of times. There was a push for me to disconnect when he left, but I never did.

    But the irony is that Davey has turned the Church into what the “critics” feared.

  137. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, and me,yours! Believe this: happily married for nigh on 4 decades,to a Tigress ( like you!) and is a class IV & V to boot! We still fly under the radar to protect our ‘connections’ for their sakes. Practising and professional artist all me loife, keeps the ‘ door off the wolf.’ Many hours flying time from
    you, but HELL, we’re free beings, roight ? Just luv the uninhibited comm & company right ‘ere among REAL people, INCLUDIN’ YOU,sweetheart !

    YOU are DEFINITELY movin’ on up a LOT higher!

    Great to share the journey wif ya, Li’ll bit

  138. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha——-Gotcha!——‘ppreciate the ack, Luv Li’ll bit

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tom, beautiful ‘ warning shot ‘ over the bows! Don’t think this little deformed midget is going to surrender! Neither did Hitler! ( suspect it’s just the same bastard,reincarnated).

    We all know what happened to that swine, and just what it took, to topple HIM! Okay, so mebbe THOSE methods are just a touch beyond our means at this time, though LRH
    did mention THAT extremely effective “process” R-245 !

    Whatever it takes y’all LET’S get HIM OUT — Li’ll bit

  140. Li’ll bit of stuff,
    You’ll forgive me if I sound like I’m ranting here but I firmly do not believe that ‘flying under the radar’ protects anyone.
    If you are a trained Scientologist then you will know that advocating and encouraging any form of PTSness puts the person who is PTS at risk (and the risk can be great as witness those who have died or gotten seriously ill from such a condition).
    I do understand the viewpoint of radar flyers and I’ve heard every reason under the sun why it is ‘necessary’ but my truth is that it is a non-confront and flows power to those who use it as a tool to suppress by proving the workability of such methods of control.
    If all those who are ‘under the radar’ ceased agreeing to be PTS and stood together to do something about it then they would become part of the solution instead of CONTINUING to be part of the problem.
    Sounds harsh I know.
    And THAT is why I’m not interested in meeting. I’ve learned through hard experience that radar-flyers are factually PTS and create more problems through their refusal to act than they solve.
    I will happily associate with and befriend anyone who has enough compassion for his fellow beings to stand up and be counted and add power to this group for real and be proud to call them my friends.
    I have little respect for people who want to stay safe and pretend to protect others by allowing them to remain under the suppression of the church for their own selfish reasons.
    Many here (Valeska included) have made heavy personal sacrifices to make a real difference.
    I would swim across the ocean to have lunch with Valeska and Chris.
    I would probably do the same for you if you and your lovely tigress wife lived by the same code.
    That isn’t to make you wrong for your decision. You have your own code of honour. I have mine.
    I’ve no doubt that once again my opinion in this matter will be extremely unpopular with some. But undoubtedly it will not be so among those I respect and whose opinions truly matter to me.
    If you feel like I just gave you a tongue-lashing… I did. My attempt to tell you this in lighter terms failed so here it is in plain English.
    Less talking more action please. Radar-flying is not a valid excuse and I’m not buying it anymore. It is refusal to act when action is called for.

  141. Great interview Valeska !
    Your story brings not only the abuses to light but the reasons for the CoS recruiting young people. They have little to no knowledge of the outside world and are easier to control. Your statement of not having possession of your passport or an understanding of the world outside of the CoS as the reason for not attempting to escape are exactly why young people are targeted by recruiters. Their knowledge of Scientology is also limited and as such can be fed Miscaviges line of bullshit never knowing anything else. To them, standard tech, policy and admin is what their seniors tell them it is. LRH is given a back seat.

    You are very credible and well spoken.

  142. Mike,
    Very timely! I’m SO looking forward to that post!
    I’ve found the old ‘head on a pike’ to be an interesting piece of weaponry used to hold this particular piece of nastiness in place (lest anyone question that anyone external to the org could possibly be responsible for a far larger scale catastrophe).
    Nothing like electing a LOCAL erstwhile good, clean, ethical upstat staff member to take the fall for a stat crasher. Declare the person suppressive and the cause of all ills in that ONE PARTICULAR area and Bingo! That explains everything! Past epic examples in the UK include Wendy Conner, Craig Mathieson, Nick Wakley (still labouring under the impression that his SP declare was anything more than a PR stunt staged to make the midget look all-knowing and all-powerful), Craig Wilson and Bruce Perry. I’m sure there are many other amputees whose heads have been summarily hoisted onto DM’s pikes to cover up his incompetence (and the Freezoners I’m sure will know of one’s earlier on the track than mine).
    Note to current Koolaide drinkers (including OSA UK staff) who have ALL experienced this pattern of behaviour: clapping like seals or nodding like bobble heads while your comrades are shot has a tendency to solidify the group engram already in place. It’s understandable while you’re blind and stupid (we all did it) but now it’s time to stand by your friends instead of allowing them to be thrown under a bus to protect a small, weak, suppressive being. You know better than this. WTFU!!! or your head may soon be off the bobble body and on the top of the pike!
    Mike… I feel very strongly about this whole subject – you may have noticed! 🙂

  143. I’ve had homosexuals as friends and preclears (both an auditor and a C/S). Years ago when I C/Sd (and as C/Ss are wont), I used the Chart of Human Evaluation as my guide and kept a laminated copy on the top of my desk throughout my career. However, I made my best effort to ONLY evaluate a case per LRH technical guidelines – the amount of tone arm action in a session, the tone level of THAT person as presented in that partiular session and through testing, etc. All I wanted to see was tone arm action, that the auditor was doing the procedure correctly, and that the person’s tone level was improving.

    Personally, I think there are as many straight “1.1’s” as anyone else and I’m sure the difference in the mean would be basically insignificant using the old bell shaped curve from statistical analysis. I decided to make my OWN decision as to whether a being is somehow inherently flawed simply because they are a homosexual. I decided they are NOT and frankly ignored any evaluation from anyone that said otherwise. However, I would not accept sexual behavior DURING THE COURSE OF A SERIES OF COUNSELING SESSIONS, straight OR gay, that would prevent the person from being “in session” (i.e., not thinking about something else other thean the counseling procedure) and making the expected gains. I reiterate that is was ONLY during the course of the couseling sessions. Otherwise, I was a “Libertarian” 😉 Anyway, a discussion of the PROPER use of ethics would be the subject of another thread. Thanks for asking the question! Best wishes, Don (formerly Earl Sim)

  144. It’s not easy to understand specific LRH data if only part of the tech is evaluated. Every human being has a chronic tone level as a composite of body plus thetan and during the day he varies temporarily between many tone levels. Then there’s a tone level for the thetan which reaches way above and below the 0-4 band of the body. I know of a small male body, chronic 1,1 and obsessed with male genitalia, that can become very angry, violent, antagonistic or go down and tell wild lies to gain sympathy. But the being isn’t even there, is below 0, somewhere in controlling bodies, punishing bodies, hiding, etc. I also know 1.1 bodies obsessed with same gender sex who consistently produce the most aesthetic pieces of art and fashion, with the being way above 6.0.

  145. Hmmmm. Seems I’m not quite EPed on my rant…
    Claiming to remain silent to protect others is an insult to those who have spoken out (and completed their Doubt Formulas) and have for now lost their family and friends. THEY are doing everything possible to protect their loved ones by attacking the suppression head on so that it can end for everyone.

  146. ANONYMOUS does not equal “PTSNESS” or whatever other judgemental label you want to put on it.

  147. Aeolus

    Excellent…”there is no “Indie viewpoint” on homosexuality.”

    At the lower reaches of the Tone Scale one tends to fixate on what one MUST or MUST NOT, be, do or have. As Theta becomes more free of fixed and aberrated considerations these restrictions eventually become meaningless.

    All is life to Theta.

    Eric S

  148. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, I lay “skewered” and coughin’ up me insides, and yellow liver ‘slivers’, while beggin’ for ya mercy. Please forgive the ‘flippant’ mention of U / T / RADAR! Did NOT intend to push any ‘buttons’ This equates to ‘sorry’ OK?.

    Hey, my “unacceptable” reasons aside, just who d’ ya suppose has been hard at work spreading the word to
    visit Marty’s site to see what REAL SCN is doing????

    High toned ARC,recognizable BROADLY on this site,
    is what attracted me to it, in the first place and as such
    enables one to persevere in coping with otherwise agonizing and debilitating personal circumstances.

    Can we lighten up a little more,Shinin’ Star? Li’ll bit

  149. Nothing to debate over. LRH is very clear in his earlier writings that sex in the 1.1 includes things like homosexuality and other “perversions”. Even in later work like the State of Man Congress, LRH is very clear that homosexuality is due to being stuck in a past life valence of the opposite sex. This implies that it is an aberration and something that can be “auditied out”.

  150. Valenska, you are courageous and inspiring! Let me add my best wishes for a continued recovery from the abuses. I always covertly protected/prevented my beautiful daughters from being recruited even when I was active as a church member, and this confirms once again that it was a “good overt” 🙂

  151. one of those who see

    Thank you Valeska and Ramana!
    I remember when first reading here at Marty’s, that he cognited on what was going on when listening to LRH on Black Dianetics. And then he would say that DM is practicing Reverse Scientology. And ya know, I was first “looking” at that point, so i got his opinion, but I was still researching and seeing if I agreed. I soon came to see that he was spot on. We are not talking about some “outpoints.” The church led by DM is practicing the OPPOSITE of Scientology. Enforced ARC, Can’t have, they violate the policy “Leaving and Leaves,” by making people stay where they don’t want to be for tortuously long periods of time, destruction of families etc…And we all have proof because I guarantee every Scientologist knows a person they can not talk to or a family that has been torn apart. They have experienced the torture of trying to route off staff or know someone who has experienced it. They have been denied their bridge one way or the other or know someone who has. Either by being C/Sed down the bridge, told “you can’t get auditing here” with no further explanation, just can’t get in session-for various reasons that don’t solve, Incorrect non clear R-Factor, the bridge being priced out of range or regged for off policy direct donations to the point where there is much less $$ for actual bridge.
    Since all Scientologists have some experience with the Church’s Insanity – your stories will ring true for them.

  152. Hi! glad to see that you are alive and (relatively speakin) well.
    I have known you personally at saint hill in the early 90’s. you might remember me as Jocelyn’s italian boyfriend. I have recognized you from the picture from SH that was put on the web. I had noticed you immediately then because you looked so young pretty and sad. I think you were working at the reception.
    anyway happy to see that you survived thru all of it, god it was horrible!
    and I thought I had it bad! the Dastarly midget had it worked out that alone and out of comm we all would figure out that it was all our fault and our case’s fault as we were the only one to get in such bad shit. and so we were told over and over and god blyme I even believed it!!!!!!!!!!!
    gooood!!(tone 40) end of cycle. great job you and Chris are doin down under! be happy florish and prosper, you deserved it.
    maurizio serafini

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Mike, echo your viewpoint in it’s entirety.I’ll be “buggered” if it just doesn’t come down to a “REFUSAL” to understand,. just where a “gay” person is coming from. Does ANY truly compassionate person think “they” actually “CHOSE” to be “that” way?? If one IS supposedly aware of how a child is developing,the “gayness” often manifests itself from quite an early age, suggesting that it IS indeed inherent nature.

    The 1.1 band is simply a means to “accomplish”survival
    in an otherwise harsh & brutal habitat, apparently devoid of understanding. BTW, I only came to re-evaluate AND understand this viewpoint, VERY recently!!

    Really “gotcha” Li’ll bit

  154. Sam, having lived through the 1960s and 1970s, I must agree that ‘flying under the radar’ does not in the end protect anyone.

    Back then I and many others cognited that indeed, “reality is agreement ” and this phrase caught on in 1966: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

    This realization brought down the system of drafting young men for enforced military service in the US Army and helped end the Vietnam war, when enough people said “Hell no, we won’t go!”.

    Flying under the radar just perpetuates a status quo – any existing scene or situation with all it’s outpoints.

  155. Li'll bit of stuff

    Eric,wonderful, clear,simple interpretation. ALWAYS enjoy reading your soaring THETA posts. ARC Li’ll bit.

  156. Thoughtful, if David Miscavige were to disconnect from himself for even just one day, he might experience some relief and possibly even come to his senses and recant. 🙂 But, such are dreams. 🙂

  157. Li'll bit of stuff


    While I agree with the essence of what you and Sam
    have said, I feel that this must be coming from a place containing much painful, as yet,un handled CHARGE!
    Which DOES need APPROPRIATE relief (for sure)

    I believe its just futile and counter productive, to take cheap pot-shots at one another (wrong targeting) when that same energy could be directed against the COMMON ENEMY. BTW, I AM DOING MY BIT!!

    I still respect your view / s, Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  158. It would be interesting to draw up a chart graphically displaying the means by which David Miscavige may successfully practice “personal disconnection” from himself for others to learn from as a means of handling arbitaries. 🙂 I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. Thoughful of me I guess. 🙂

  159. I will ‘lighten up’ when all Scientologists are free: When our families and friends are no-longer held hostage.

  160. LOL so did I!
    And I got sec-checked on it mercilessly 😉

  161. (comment directed to Valkov)

  162. LBOS
    I don’t doubt you are doing your bit.
    I’m asking you to do more and move yourself and your friends on a little higher.
    If I didn’t care I wouldn’t bother replying.

  163. I’m glad you, and Mike R., are personally not prejudiced against homosexuals but my direct questions weren’t answered, but maybe for some of them an auditor needs to address them. Are there any openly gay indies posting here? There are a large variety of people posting here but I can’t recall any openly gay – at least not any indie ones. I find that indicative of the way gays are perceived by scientology – regardless of which branch.

    I would like to know if using standard tech a gay individual would be able to progress all the way up the bridge? homosexuality is viewed as abberated behavior and therefore must be “handled” to progress via standard tech, or am I wrong. I know LRH wrote volumes and that it’s can be used in various contexts to try and prove numerous p.o.v but when it comes to homosexuals he is pretty clear and it’s not a grey area.

    I see many of the indies here as being very open minded and accepting – sweet relief from the DM hate mongers the CoS produces, but that doesn’t change the core dictates of the philosophy’s view of homosexuals. It seems like a difficult position IMHO since such a premium is placed on strictly adhering to LRH’s writings, but when his writings hold archaic prejudices is it necessary to still hold on to them? It seems like the slightest change leads to fear of the slippery slope phenom. among scientologists.

    I truly wonder if openly gay people could truly practice Scientology without running into a eventual brick wall – ala if you don’t change your sexual preferences you can never truly progress up the bridge. Or never truly be accepted among many in the group who believe gays are “perverted” “abberated”

    I guess I’m particular interested in this subject for a variety of reasons, but I’ve been shocked by several of my friends who are former CoS members telling me how fiercely anti-gay they were while in the cult and how it took them years to get over the hate/disgust they had towards gays – and that those views had been ingrained in them while in the CoS. Some who eventually abandoned Scientology still held on to their prejudice against gays for years afterwards.

  164. Sherb, not even if you are on a “Leaving Staff Routing Form”. Even if your contract is UP and you need to sign a new one to keep going on that post. Even if you completed your contract fully.

  165. dassie

    Yes, kidnapping works too, but human Trafficking definitely seems to apply.

    “Human Traficking…Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery. ”
    […] the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs….;”

    Whether David Miscavige intended to “traffic in humans” in this case or not is perhaps not the biggest outpoint. It was perhaps more “incidental” or “convenient” than anything it seems.

    I feel that David Miscavige’s main purpose in this particular incident was simply to PUNISH Valeska’s parents for some imagined personal wrong to David Miscavige. It seems pretty much in character for him. He had a way that he could “hurt” Valeska’s mother and he used it. That he could also hurt Valeska was probably just “gravy” to him. ( and, of course, it would hurt Valeska’s mother more to feel that she was “to blame” for Valeska’s suffering.)

    What Miscavige was demanding of Valeska’s mother was “total spiritual surrender”.

    So… kidnapping, human trafficking, slavery, coercion, blackmail, abduction, an perhaps a number of other things all rolled up into one.

    David Miscavige is a “soul sucker” and he knows no bounds. Sociopaths are characterized by the fact that they aparently have no conscience.

    Eric S

  166. Sinar, that reminded me…the only time and last time I had any kind of cold sore was when I was on staff and stressed out to the MAX. Never had one before or since.

  167. martyrathbun09

    Anyone who is not promiscuous has as good a chance of making up the bridge as anyone else, irrespective of his/her sexual orientation. Period.

  168. martyrathbun09

    See my reply to Sunny.

  169. I was just able to watch the video though I’d read the articles yesterday.
    Thank you for speaking out. The more voices of true and honest people like you are heard, the more real it becomes to the public.
    I cannot imagine this happening to one of my kids. It’s a terrifying thought and I’m sure it was a horrible experience for your mother too.

  170. Michael A. Hobson~You’re not a lawyer in real life, but you play one on the internet. 😉

  171. dassie

    Yes, kidnapping works too, but human Trafficking definitely seems to apply.

    “Human Traficking…Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery. ”
    […] the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs….;”

    Whether David Miscavige intended to “traffic in humans” in this case or not is perhaps not the biggest outpoint. It was perhaps more “incidental” or “convenient” than anything it seems.

    I feel that David Miscavige’s main purpose in this particular incident was simply to PUNISH Valeska’s parents for some imagined personal wrong to David Miscavige. It seems pretty much in character for him. He had a way that he could “hurt” Valeska’s mother and he used it. That he could also hurt Valeska was probably just “gravy” to him. ( and, of course, it would hurt Valeska’s mother more to feel that she was “to blame” for Valeska’s suffering.)

    What Miscavige was demanding of Valeska’s mother was “total spiritual surrender”.

    So… kidnapping, human trafficking, slavery, coercion, blackmail, abduction, an perhaps a number of other things all rolled up into one.

    David Miscavige is a “soul sucker” and he knows no bounds. Sociopaths are characterized by the fact that they apparently have no conscience.

    Eric S

  172. thank you Jack UK!

  173. Thank you Heather G! Hugs to you ❤

  174. Thanks Lana!

  175. Thanks Karen! I think the Aussie media is the BEST!!!! They have no back off!

  176. Hey Sinar! I was actually in Lower conditions and had to get and FPRD sec check to see what my evil purposes were on David Miscavige and Shelly Miscavige because I had a cold sore and was in front of DM with it. So that is why I did not go to the party. I was in ISO for 4 days until the cold sore went away.

  177. Thanks Rachel ❤

  178. Thank you Penny 🙂

  179. thanks Carol! It really felt good to speak out!

  180. Thank you Izhar and hadley. He was actually my step father not my father but a very good man and I also hope this will help trigger an investigation into this criminal organization.

  181. thanks top of the vale, Albert was a very nice man, that’s cool that you knew him.

  182. Thanks Sindy! You did great too on your interview, there are just more and more people speaking out… funny how we are ALL liars. hmm what a generality!

  183. Thank you Sherb, honestly getting out of that organization was the greatest thing and I no longer feel they have any effect on me. Miscavige is a coward who torments and uses others to do his dirty work.

  184. Thanks vajracutter, I agree with you on what you say about the australian media. Especially ABC 🙂

  185. Thanks Tony 🙂

  186. I read part of it but honestly they bore me with their garbage. It’s all the same blah,blah, we are all evil apostates and liars, I wish they could come up with a new line…. No one believes them either, I wonder if they realize that????

  187. Spot on Sam! xoxoxox They really contradict themselves, they are tripping over their own lies and crimes.

  188. He he thanks Tom, I love your last line 🙂 +1

  189. LBOS, when and if you ever come out and tell your story, then perhaps it will be judgement day. Until then, I know what I know – that if no-one had stood up and refused to go along with the status quo, to this day young people would be getting drafted to become IUD fodder in the deserts and mountains of the Middle East, instead of the jungles of Asia.

    Those who stood up in the 60s and 70s paid a price; of those who allowed themselves to be drafted, many paid an even higher price.

    I feel no rancor towards you at all. I am telling you what I believe I know from experience. In the end the only thing that will matter is what your judgement will be upon yourself.

  190. I agree Sam.
    All the millions of dollars taken from Scientologists to educate people with LRH tech and every damned day I look for it and don’t see it anywhere around my education system where it was promised. That’s my everyday example.
    Grief counseling – my friends who’ve had tragic losses, even in the same cities of missions but have to go to publicly financed counseling groups instead of truly getting the relief auditing would bring. It’s something that should be there but isn’t in so many cases.

  191. I left and went far away and put mine in a safe place. Now they get to be Independents instead! 🙂

  192. Sunny, I definitely feel where you are coming from, about people using events to further their own agendas.

    I would like you to know that to many of us older Scientologists, Scientology the philosophy – as opposed to $cientology the Church – still does represent ARC – understanding, caring, love, acceptance, help and increased happiness, not the propagation of an oppressive political agenda.

    In that sense, it is possible that “Scientology” could have saved Speed’s life and the lives of many others. To us, Scientology is about creating a safer environment for all to live in, where no-one will need to kill themselves out of the fear of social disgrace. Or , as an earlier wise man once said, “Let him, who is without sin, cast the first stone.” There was also one about noting the “mote” in another’s eye – and missing the “beam” in one’s own eye.

    It is Miscavige’s “$hurch” that makes folks guilty of their overts. That is Reverse Scientology, not the true Scientology.

  193. OMFG – FPRD for that? That’s a classic example of executive C/Sing and why the church of David Miscavige is a disgrace.

  194. Tom M, it was effective in the 1960s and 70s, when the resistance to the military draft and the Vietnam war took to the streets in peaceful protest.

    Were some arrested? Yes. Were some tear-gassed by police? Yes. Were some students shot by trigger-happy National Guard? Yes.

    Today, we can look towards the Occupy movements taking place around the country. Many have been arrested, yet the movement grows.

    Activism has long been dormant in the USA. Most of the public has been “under the radar” for decades, basically trying to take care of business for the sake of their families, coping with the growing “economic duress” more and more of us have been placed under in the past few decades.

    Public activism in substantial numbers is effective, but it takes people who are willing to put quite a bit on the line.

    Anonymous has actually led the way here. A few hundred to a thousand or more individuals picketing selected $cientology locations might get media and government attention. Look at today’s Occupy movements. They have already had an impact. They are composed of coalitions of many smaller groups as well as interested individuals.

  195. Li’ll bit of stuff – Since I don’t know you from Adam, I would not presume to tell you what you should or should not do. There are people who post who think all of Scn is a complete con-job, and there are people who post here who haven’t a clue, yet, what Scn is about. If you attack me somehow, I might consider keeping a greater distance from you. Since blogs often result in misunderstandings, let me clarify that I respect your right to your own decisions as regards making your real name known or not. I’m not one way or the other on that: you have an inalienable right to your decisions and to your integrity. I do however, find it curious, that some apparently are so short on people to attack that they would look for a single flaw and highlight that instead of looking at the good done. Me, I just read posts and post every now and then to contribute a bit. – Carcha.

  196. Understood and glad to hear it. Holding the same values of interpersonal relationships, gay or straight, is fair and just. love is love is love.

    Why some backwards people want less love and fewer loving, commitmed relationships in this world is beyond me. We need more love, not less, in this world.

  197. thanks Cowboy Poet!

  198. Well put herenow and thank you! Albert was a very kind man. He was my step dad just so you know not my dad. My dad is still brainwashed and part of DM’s CULT unfortunatly, or what is left of it. Karin is an idiot and she should look in the mirror. SHe doesn’t even know me!

  199. Thank you very much sunshine disinfect, like they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙂

  200. Jim your so volitile and spot on, I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  201. Thank you Maurizio, I remember you! It is good to be out. Hope you are doing well and happy 🙂

  202. Thanks tons SKM xoxox

  203. +1 windwalker and guess what he said to me when he saw me on the Ship in June??? “Oh, you’re here, that’s right I FORGOT I SENT YOU HERE!!!” When he said that I knew I was F@%#% and staying there for a long time……… As the Sea Org is set up that what DM says is law and no one crosses his orders and if they do it’s the end of them.

  204. +1 Radio Paul!

  205. Thanks Luis and YHS. 🙂

  206. Thanks Claire and same to you! You were in the Cadet Org in England too right?

  207. Hi Karola!!!! Thank you so much! I was thinking about you a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if you had gotten out of the Cult. You are one of the bravest people I know, you told COB A to go fuck herself when you came late for a stupid diving slide show we all had to watch. Photos taken by DM. You told her that we were working our butts off while they were slacking off right. I know that was the end of you and that you had to be put on the meter for ethics interviews and sec checking and that you were doing dishwashing for months and getting sec checked! You are awesome girl and you should tell your story!

  208. thank you T!

  209. Ha ha Scott +100! Made me laugh too! Someone actually made a tshirt from my story no kidding! It’s kind of cool 🙂

  210. Ta Lady Min!

  211. Thank you Anne! Cramer well done for not allowing your children to be recruited! You did them a great service!!!

  212. Thank you Tara and thank you one of those who sees!

  213. woohooo Heather! +100

  214. Thank you Karen. Albert was my step dad and a lovely man 🙂

  215. Where did that come from? Anons stand up to be counted, whether wearing masks or not, Anons picket out in public and take the heat. I am not referring to activist Anons when I refer to “radar flyers”.

  216. Thank you for this and exactly

  217. Valeska, thank you. Yes, I did understand that Albert was you step dad, sorry for the incorrect identification. I did not know your actual Dad was still in — wow, you have had to put up with a lot of cult-induced grief. Congratulations on being bigger than it all.

  218. Tara, worse even than Executive C/Sing: Slavemaster SP Cave-In Mind Control C/Sing. In fact the it is so bad the word C/Sing should not have to be associated with it.

  219. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha , thank you, i sincerely appreciate where you’re coming from.and your calm demeanour speaks for itself.
    I have absolutely no need whatsoever to
    defend myself from attacks from “friends”
    when it’s done in jest. That’s regarded as
    light hearted fun and quite enjoyable.
    However, what is NOT fun, is seeing a huge number of people, fully dependant on you,
    suddenly cut off from their ongoing support because you feel “obliged” to set yourself up ( RADAR-wise) for SP target practice!!. Now THAT is what I feel is SELFISH & STUPID! (DUH!)
    I’m sure YOU understand this,fully and that while some look forward to doing ding-dong battles with “guns blazing”
    many bullets just ricochet back at one!!
    Personally, I prefer using the FUN stuff with my “friends” and the DESTRUCTIVE stuff on the CORRECT target,ALWAYS!

    Really appreciate your THETA comm,
    Much luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  220. Valeska,
    oh,…. this is what you got told about me. Well, it´s not always like it seems! I WAS FALSE REPORTED ON!!! I didn´t see any KR which was written on me and found out only many, many months later in my Com Ev about it.
    I NEVER said anything derogative about COB Assistent and also had no reason to. If somebody would have bothered to communicate with me about what happened (like it is done here, outside in the real world), instead of treating me like a dangerous criminal (and the question is: who was paranoid at that time?), it could have been all cleared up easily.

    (See HCO PL 24 Feb 1969, Justice)
    *** “This then is the primary breakdown of any justice system – that it acts on false reports; disciplines before substantiation and fails to confront an accused with the report and his accuser before any discipline is assigned, or which does not weigh the value of the person in general against the alleged crime even when proven.”

    Never mind that my stats were in affluence, that I had an excellent production record and had cared for our passengers for over a decade ……. I was not even worth a comm cycle!!!
    The persons who were involved, some of the top managment of the “elite of the planet”, with its Psychopath Fuehrer, could not even follow the easiest policies or use some common sense. It was then just what it is still now – but now even worse: group insanity, suppression and PTSness.

    But I can assure you, I was disgusted about the injustice and the treatment I received when I got taken of post without any comm cycle and “thrown” in the engine room. And I took the consequences: MY FRIENDS… don´t treat me like that!!!



  221. Valeska:

    I was not in the Cadet Org in England. Perhaps there was another Claire who was. I came upon Scientology while living in Paris in my twenties.

  222. I would like to restate the above, which rambles a bit too much. Criminal charges could be pressed in Australia. Alternatively, a private lawsuit could be launched under tort law (tort means wrong in Latin), which covers every type of personal injury. Holding someone when they want to leave counts as a tort (and how about holding someone for 12 years?)

    In the US, the judges have avoided interfering with anything that could be classed as a religion, not wishing to interfere with freedom of religion. They have bent over backwards, in fact. Perhaps the Australian police and judges may be more helpful to us.

    What do you think, Valeska?

  223. thanks windwalker. It is my belief that the ultimate fate of Scientology the church will be settled in court. But who can afford that amount of randomity to prove their case against liars, fanatics and kidnappers and thieves. I am riled that good people are lumped with unintended overts on a daily basis by applying the regging techniques that get people into debt and inhibit their ability to get on up the bridge. The more I read on this site the more I want to see justice done.

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