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Scientology Inc v. Debbie Cook Update

Miscavige had his attorneys in on Saturday churning out juvenile threats in emailed letter form to Debbie and her counsel.  One in particular is of interest to all who donated to the defense.  George Spencer Esq of San Antonio Texas has warned that Debbie must preserve documentation of the amounts donated to her defense fund along with the names of all donors.  He threatens that he is going to compel the production of such and that he intends to collect damages from the fund – of course leaving Debbie defenseless. Apparently Spencer’s boss Miscavige is apoplectic over the fact that Debbie has managed to be represented by competent counsel.  And since, as will be made clear below Spencer is now given to reading my blog, a word to you Mr. Spencer:

Your attempt to cut off Ray Jeffrey’s office from being paid the minimal amounts he has agreed to take on Ms. Cook’s defense for, while being paid sickening amounts of blood money yourself by the cult, can be characterized best by one word: UNETHICAL.

I wanted to let those who have donated through my blog know that your donations to date are safe from attachment since they have already been paid to counsel.  Future donations will be similarly rapidly forwarded to their ultimate destination. Also, your identities are safe with me.  I am committing right here and now to defy any order from any authority to produce the names of donors.  I won’t do it irrespective of the consequences to me personally.  That is worse case scenario as we can find absolutely zero legal basis for Miscavige/Spencer’s demand.  But, in the interest of full disclosure, you all ought to know what Miscavige is up to with respect to the case you have so generously supported.

Oh yeah, Miscavige also has his San Antonio messenger boy threatening to collect damages from “anyone who conspired with defendants, or aids and abets them” (implying yours truly) for Debbie having the temerity to post a “Thank You” on this blog to all who donated, An Open Letter to My Friends by Debbie Cook.  That is in addition to claiming damages for Debbie’s having given sworn testimony in court on 9 February 2012.  That is right, they are in effect accusing the Judge of abetting tortious conduct in her court on that fine Thursday afternoon.

Miscavige, like his idol  the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini before him, apparently staunchly believes that his rule is Supreme to mere courts and distractions like the civil law and constitutional rights.  Even when he is attempting to use those same courts to harass, intimidate and destroy those who have exposed his FELONIES to the light of day.

What is remarkable is that he is so out of touch with the 21st Century that he commits such views to writing, and that leading members of the Texas bar are so hard up for money that they’d forward such bizarre pronunciamentos.