Scientology Inc v. Debbie Cook Update

Miscavige had his attorneys in on Saturday churning out juvenile threats in emailed letter form to Debbie and her counsel.  One in particular is of interest to all who donated to the defense.  George Spencer Esq of San Antonio Texas has warned that Debbie must preserve documentation of the amounts donated to her defense fund along with the names of all donors.  He threatens that he is going to compel the production of such and that he intends to collect damages from the fund – of course leaving Debbie defenseless. Apparently Spencer’s boss Miscavige is apoplectic over the fact that Debbie has managed to be represented by competent counsel.  And since, as will be made clear below Spencer is now given to reading my blog, a word to you Mr. Spencer:

Your attempt to cut off Ray Jeffrey’s office from being paid the minimal amounts he has agreed to take on Ms. Cook’s defense for, while being paid sickening amounts of blood money yourself by the cult, can be characterized best by one word: UNETHICAL.

I wanted to let those who have donated through my blog know that your donations to date are safe from attachment since they have already been paid to counsel.  Future donations will be similarly rapidly forwarded to their ultimate destination. Also, your identities are safe with me.  I am committing right here and now to defy any order from any authority to produce the names of donors.  I won’t do it irrespective of the consequences to me personally.  That is worse case scenario as we can find absolutely zero legal basis for Miscavige/Spencer’s demand.  But, in the interest of full disclosure, you all ought to know what Miscavige is up to with respect to the case you have so generously supported.

Oh yeah, Miscavige also has his San Antonio messenger boy threatening to collect damages from “anyone who conspired with defendants, or aids and abets them” (implying yours truly) for Debbie having the temerity to post a “Thank You” on this blog to all who donated, An Open Letter to My Friends by Debbie Cook.  That is in addition to claiming damages for Debbie’s having given sworn testimony in court on 9 February 2012.  That is right, they are in effect accusing the Judge of abetting tortious conduct in her court on that fine Thursday afternoon.

Miscavige, like his idol  the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini before him, apparently staunchly believes that his rule is Supreme to mere courts and distractions like the civil law and constitutional rights.  Even when he is attempting to use those same courts to harass, intimidate and destroy those who have exposed his FELONIES to the light of day.

What is remarkable is that he is so out of touch with the 21st Century that he commits such views to writing, and that leading members of the Texas bar are so hard up for money that they’d forward such bizarre pronunciamentos.

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  1. Well! On that note, where’s that link for donations, again?

  2. First Principle

    Your biggest outpoint, to this layman’s eyes, is that you haven’t sued Cook for perjury, and couldn’t cough up a witness to invalidate her “perjury”.
    You, the legal lion that you are!!
    If I can see it, so does EVERYONE.

  3. I can’t believe the lawyers would put their names to these emails. Are you sure they weren’t the rantings of a drunken David Miscavige sending out emails using his lawyers’ name, possibly in vain?

    Surely such behaviour is harassment? (How many emails were sent?)

    I can picture Dear Leader up on his high chair, red faced and sweating, tiny fists pounding the keyboard as he dictates his venom to himself through gritted teeth, spital spattering the screen. The vain on his temple throbbing with each sylabel.

    Have Davy boy, here’s my finger. Go swivel.

  4. 1. Marty, as a donor who wished to remain anonymous, I want to thank you for being a true stand up guy. You are a real Scientologist, a real thetan and a real man as opposed to David Miscavige, who is descending into ever more disgusting and pathethic states.
    2. Regarding their legal actions, my first response is “what, are they kidding?” Miscavige truly has gone round-the-bend, gibbering, drooling insane. I thought he couldn’t top the foot supernova of round one of this case, but apparently I underestimated him. I have said it before and I will say it again, but I feel very sorry for Alan Cartwright, Peter Mansell et al, who have not taken my earlier advice to head for the hills while the headin’ is good.

  5. George M. White

    Spencer has entered the realm of fantasy – collect damages from the defense fund?
    I am at the point of disbelief in regard to this law suit against
    Debbie Cook. It is now vindictive with serious threats of harm.
    To use a well known term, a counter suit of comparable magnitude
    is on the horizon.


  6. absolutely agree that the courts are being treated with contempt, as if someone has crashing MUs on the LRH advice on how to handle attorneys because that what it looks like.

  7. @ DM – ROFLMAO

  8. Miscavige’s legal minions are all over the parking lot. He issues orders on what is to be done and has the flying monkeys enforce compliance.

    Just today in the Clearwater Courthouse, the church was once again arguing that courts have no jurisdiction over anything to do with the church, as it is all governed by “internal religious law” — and then two minutes later they try to convince the judge that he MUST enforce their “agreement” that sends any request for REPAYMENT of donations to “church arbitration” consisting of a panel of 3 Scientologists “in good standing with the church.”

    Miscavige has Elliot Abelson hand deliver checks from CSI on his behalf (“from the Boss”) to make a payment from FSO (two corporations they maintain are completely separate) and then he is upset about Debbie getting donations from anonymous people for her defense.

    This is truly the Keystone Kops in action. Knee-jerk just doesnt do this insanity justice. It is A=A=A involuntary verbal diarrhea straight from the Reactive Mind of David Miscavige, with a team of robots standing at the ready to enforce the nuttiness no matter how insane/out of touch/irrational it may be.

    It really sucks to be Miscavige.

  9. Hmmmm… this call for more aiding and abetting. Also donating.

    Wonder what the Anons would think of this story……

  10. Correction: This calls……

  11. martyrathbun09

    Mike, can we get a transcript of that overpriced drunkard?

  12. Wow, love them desperation tactics, David Miscavige. Let us know how that all works out for you! LOL!

  13. MR: I’m with you 100% on this. I am truly shocked at how BAD the Church/RTC legal machine has become. BAD in determining strategy and tactics, picking what to fight and what not. BAD in ignoring the law in favor of reactive dramatizations. We should hold a funeral service for OSA Legal.

  14. Thanks

    Money is tight and I have not donated to date but I will do so now.

    A blatant attempt to prevent a basic right – the right to competent counsel.


  15. OK, for any of you that are still in and reading this, just one request.
    Look at the effect David Miscavige’s “Scientology” has had on the reputation of Scientology in our current society. Just look. Use just a bit of obnosis. As a group we used to fight for justice. Now Miscavige’s Scientology’s biggest fight is against his own people. Independent Scientologists are not some whiny group of dilettantes. They happen to be comprised of some of the best people Scientology has ever had.
    You know who loves this fight. Psychiatrists. Miscavige has single handedly given them carte Blanche. Shock therapy is more popular now than ever, and the drug companies are dripping in diamonds and gold. To the general public, it’s Scientologist vs. Scientologists; A civil war. That’s what they see, because that’s what is.
    As a group, Scientology has lost all credibility to the people of planet earth. Who did that? Would his initials possibly be DM? LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENED TO OUR GROUP! Again, who did that? Scientology used to be a force to be reckoned with. Now it’s only the butt of some very funny jokes. WAKE UP!

  16. what is Miscavige up to ?

    “desperate measures” comes to mind.

  17. What a joke. Just because a lawyer commands one to save documents does not mean you are legally required to do so. Only a judge can do that, at least that is my understanding.

    I doubt very highly that any lists of donors will be compelled.

    DM is growing desperate.

    Davey, thar be dragons ahead.

  18. …….Oh…um sorry for the delay. I was just rooting through my wallet for my credit card. Looks like Debbie may be needing some additional assistance.

    A quick call to Citibank should take of all of the particulars …ahhh perfect ….all set to dontate!

    David Miscavige, this just in from your doctor. Your suffering from a severe case of stupidity……prognosis ……sorry not good news,,,your dying.

  19. More like the tire is flat, kick the cat. My head hurts, poke the nearest person in the eye. The sun is shining, lick the floor. I have black shoes on, stand in a garbage can. No desperate measures, this is normal behavior for a dramatizing psychotic….

  20. This kind of crap is even hard to think with, legally or logically. Why don’t Miscavige / Spencer appreciate that, given the Court’s past discretion in allowing Debbie to testify as she did during the TRO hearing, the Court would likely consider this new financial threat of Debbie, her lawyers and her defense fund just another attempt to harass her into silence?

    That was a rhetorical question, since I don’t expect Miscavige to think clearly.

    What Spencer’s email does reveal, however, is that he has decided to go the full monty in representing the cult. OK, dude. Go ahead. Let it all hang out. But you’re going to wake up feeling pretty sorry for yourself.


  21. HN: Agreed. It’s sad to watch them flailing around like helpless fish on the dock, gasping for air and flopping from one side to the other in their final spasms of asphyxiation.

  22. To Debbie: more funds enroute. Say if there’s anything else needed.

    To Marty: keep on truckin’ man, this is wonderful theatre.

    To Ray Jeffrey: You’re a hero, and we thank you for all you do.

    To Spencer: You DO know what you’re supporting, right? You may be getting rich but how will you sleep?

    To David Miscavige: this is beyond desperate. As Mike says, it really makes the Keystone Cops like models of competence. The world is laughing at you Dave, give it up now – enough already.

  23. Yeah, I donated too. And shall do more as I can.

  24. Oh boy………..

    The people that write stupid lawyer jokes are going to have a field day with POB!

  25. George,

    More than likely, this is how Miscavige will have himself taken out of the game. We know that SPs will do this, they all do. It looks to me like he is ramping up the odds to a point where he’s forcing Debbie (or more accurately, everyone who is not David Miscavige) to take direct action to take him out.

    He’s also bordering on the bring of being severely rebuked by the court for dicking with the system, and that’s the one thing your average judge despises more than almost anything else.


  26. Sad, but kinda funny at the same time.

  27. Marty, Debbie might have to be prepared to pay income tax on the donations she’s receiving, unless the money goes through a non-profit – a Legal Defense Fund, but this has to be incorporated and given an EIN. Have you considered this? Could donations be given to an existing defense fund who could grant Debbie money to be used solely for her defense? Debbie wouldn’t have to report the money as income and there would be another layer of anonymity protecting the donors. There is absolutely no way that David Miscavige could go after a non-profit legal defense fund for “damages” as it is not an asset of Debbie’s.

    I think, more than the money, David wants to know who is helping her. Keep it up, David. It looks more and more ridiculous to the broader community with each vindictive and evil action you take.

  28. Donation made, a little one but better than nothing. For my OSA friends who don’t quite remember me (poor guys, the list goes too long now…) my name is Olivier Gilet, Belgium. Gimme a call 🙂

  29. That hits the nail on his pin head!

  30. Theo Sismanides

    OTs do best with OTs. I am so glad hundreds of Scientologists are now standing up and organizing and helping Debbie. A strong 3rd dynamic, a Team, can perform miracles against even tyrants. Thanks Marty for keeping up the good work.

  31. Yeah, it is rough for them, having much more talent on the outside facing them than they have on the inside, not to mention that the outside talent is directed by sane minds and those inside lorded over by Mr. Insanity hisself.

  32. I believe that the IRS would consider these donations to be non taxable gifts unless they exceed 13K per person per year.

    Agree that he probably wants to know who is helping her and also probably hopes to scare others off.

  33. Hey Spencer, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve already donated, will do so again, and that you and David Miscavage can kiss my ass.

    Donald C. Cramer
    Manassas, VA

  34. Exactly Ryan! David wants to have all the names of Debbie Cook’s new friends and supporters. Once he has obtained the names it’s only neccessary then to call for their PC folders to be routed to Int. Base to be culled through for dirty little crimes.

    Fear is the currency of David Miscavige

  35. Theresa — he will announce it, in gobbledygook shermanspeak(r), as a huge win at the next sheeple event. And in the meantime, the amount of entheta and losses he is subjected to will be used to collect money for the IAS on one hand, and as “proof” that things really are going great and we are expanding like never before (“the squirrels always squeal when we are expanding”) on the other.

  36. HannibalTheFirst

    The idea of a thug is to intimidate. “Whoohaha! You donate for the defense of Debbie, I will be coming after you.”

    I personally respond very bad to thuggery. My next donation is on the way.

    Dave Miscavige is working very hard to remove the very last doubts (if there were any), that he has totally betrayed LRH, the subject of Scientology and any human decency.

    May he burn in his own hell.

  37. KF: Yeah, but its only fear if he gets you to buy into it. He has all of my pc folder and hundreds of pages of “confessions” and “A-E write ups” and I don’t care. Those things only work in his dark little world.

  38. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You’re my kind of guy!

  39. Good job Olivier!

  40. Marty, Thanks for posting.

    Dear Mr. Spencer,

    Many of us who have left the church find ourselves in situations where we feel we have nothing to offer because of personal circumstances. We’re really stretched in one way or another due to OSA’s cold-blooded and sadistic ways.

    And at the same time we see the suffering of humanity, see the conflict of OSA’s destruction of Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, Independent Scientologists and critics, and feel compelled to come forward.

    Yet we are naked and afraid.

    We don’t come full of promise, bursting with proclamations of what we will achieve. We come because we must, because we have to respond, and we know we are being asked asked to give everything.

    Not materially, but to give everything we have been holding on to, the anxiety of reprisal, the familiar which keeps us in our comfort zone. And rise to heights we have not yet dreamed of.

    That is what is required. We sense that.

    Being a part of the Church for so long this has almost become second nature for most of us.

    What possible reason would this list help your clients case? It is merely a scare tactic that is used by your employers. You need to really look at what this organization does to human lives. A life just like your own, before you litigate any further on their behalf.

    Dear OSA,

    My name is Brett Allen Haugen and I personally contributed to Debbie Cook’s fund. Please make a donation as well by giving up your barbaric ways. There is a world of freedom that awaits you, but you must walk the path.

    There comes a time when we lose our fear…

  41. Davey pretends to want a list… but deep down he knows EVERYONE is out to get him.
    I don’t care if he knows I donated or not… the scales have tipped. Who’s he gonna get to harass us at our front doors now?

    He’s gonna have to start outsourcing or something.

  42. I certaintly beleive that to be the case that he wants the Names of who is feeding support.

  43. I just view this as a way for David Miscavige to try and scare away donors to Debbie’s legal defense. He’s threatening to get ALL YOUR NAMES. Oh boy, shaking in my boots Davey. I guess he thinks this will intimidate people to stop giving to Debbie. Stupid is as stupid does. It’s just more little-big-man bully boy bluster.

    A bit surprising his legal counsel is going along with these inane threats and showboating. Mike or Marty – What do you think the odds are that his Texas attorneys have heard one of little Davey’s screaming hissy fits by now?

    Given Miscavige’s raging paranoia, I’m sure he’s desperate to see a list of names supporting Debbie. He probably is convinced 80% of INT base is on the donor list – since they are all SPs against him. Finally with “the list” he will have hard proof! lol.

  44. +1 😀

  45. This is Daisys husband posting, I’m not registered on this site.
    I just got off the phone with the riverside FBI and felt the need to post. After watching Debbie Cooks testimony in San Antonio about being held prisoner in the hole, I thought for sure action would finally be taken. After all this was sworn testimony in a court of law. but weeks go by and nothing. So I thought someone should do something and made the call.
    I first spoke with the woman who answered and she was happy to take my info until I mentioned I was an ex member and quickly transferred me to a duty officer to get things started. he was a bit disappointed to find out I was only an ex and not an ex of Int base who could provide first hand accounts. He listened to what I had to say and was sympathetic but explained without first hand experience he couldn’t do anything. Dispute how he personally felt.
    I guess what I’m getting at is that someone with first hand knowledge needs to contact them! I believe they are just looking for a reason to take action.
    Marty, if anyone has first hand knowledge you do. Step up man, you once called these people your friends.
    And if you can’t then use your influence to get those who can.
    After all wouldn’t you want the same.

  46. Completly agree with you Mike and I am not afraid either. It’s just that it’s just so amazing and at the same time heartbreaking to see what has become of Ron’s hard won technology.

    LRH would weep to see what has developed when we could have had made real OT’s and Clears by the thousands over these last 30 years and had plently of fun in the process…….What a waist

  47. I believe, everything David Miscavige does, in the end, is all about making more money. He sees a threat to his money-making schemes when someone like Debbie comes forward and so he attacks.

    I was just reading the new article in Village Voice about David Miscavige and his Ideal Orgs. It made me wonder if all these org opening events, together with the routine events held throughout the year, are really just another way for DM to (legally) amass more money by getting paid mega bucks for his appearances. Then he can stash this “duly earned” money away for his inevitable great escape or whatever.

  48. martyrathbun09


  49. martyrathbun09

    You da man Don.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Oliver.

  51. This is nuts. Doesn’t a lawyer have a duty to his client to refuse to do something that is so obviously not in his client’s best interest?

    When this case crashes and burns won’t Miscavige has grounds for suing Spencer for malpractice? When the instructions he has been given are so obviously insane surely he can’t use “but the plaintiff, when he was my client, told me to do it” as a defense. Miscavige can just say “I’m not a lawyer, the defendant should have known better.”

  52. Yes, thanks Davey. Now I seriously want make donations…
    Marty can you give us the link once again.

  53. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    To: George Spencer Esq of San Antonio Texas
    From: Gary M Morehead – Portland Oregon

    Mr, Spencer,

    Geeeze good Sir, all you had to do was ask! There is no need in getting your knickers in a knot…

    I helped.

    You now have my name – a SPECIFIC PERSON WHO HELPED! If you want to ask more questions, have your assistants bring you the box the Church has provided you marked “Ex-Int Base Staff” or “CSI APOSTATES”. In there you will find I am a factual undeniable witness, just like Debbie Cook is, to seeing with my own eyes DAVID MISCAVIGE physically beat MARC YEAGER a full 10 years before she reported it on your command under oath to the US Justice System in the great state of Texas.

    You will also find full contact information and other church valuable intel information is available to you about me such as: (but not limited to by any means) current whereabouts, shoe size, current eating habit’s, phone records, paint color of my front door, tire pressure in the front tire of my bike, undie size, shampoo brand, update on my nail trimmings, trash pick-up schedule, who my friends are, what the average timed setting is I use on my microwave, the In-N-Out Burger joints I have yet to visit, what I most listen to on my IPhone, how many times I took Nikita for a walk, the average drying time setting I use on my dryer, my favorite Crayola Color, how upset I am about my mother and family being forced to disconnect from me, all the close and dear fire fighter friends I have in Riverside County – particularly the first due engine company who responds to 911 calls at the Int Base etc…

    I am available 24/7 in hopes of saving you from spending more blood money that you other wise could be using to help decide if you should paint lines on your private runway or not.

    — Jackson

  54. oops! It should say:

    but to give UP everything we have been holding on to

  55. That’s encouraging info, Mike.

    I guess sooner or later he will stumble over his own legs …

  56. Mr. Daisy,

    Wish it was so easy. Marty and I, as well as many others, have given eyewitness, first hand accounts to the FBI on numerous occasions. .

    But they come up with excuses no matter who or what you are. They said my testimony was “too old”. We got them new witnesses, and they said it still wasnt enough. The fact is that they were bought off through lobbying/influence peddling in DC.

    The only way they will do anything is if they are publicly embarrassed into acting. So it’s good that you reach out to them too. It’s appreciated.


  57. He probably is convinced 80% of INT base is on the donor list – since they are all SPs against him. Finally with “the list” he will have hard proof!

    You must have been there for some conversations with the lunatic! You have duplicated his “thought” process exactly!

  58. FCDC Class of 74

    Has anyone considered the ACLU? It seems to me Davey has trounced many a civil liberty in his quest for total domination. But if we can’t get that kind of aid cash will have to do count me in.

  59. Brett — as with the others who have done the same, your courage to stand up to the bully puts you and Janette firmly in the category of “friend.” But then you already knew that!

  60. DMs Psychotic Break

    Out of curiosity, do any of Miscavige’s hired BB guns ever try to give him actual advice? Are all outside counsel so scared of this man-beast that they simply do everything and anything he demands?

    I wonder if Miscavige’s attorneys did any actual research on their potential client before they agreed to the case, or if they are now regretting taking the cult as a client.

    Spencer – remember a little class you had to take in law school called Professional Responsibility???? I recommend that you read up on those rules, that is unless you ARE ACTUALLY dispensing this terrible advice. Either way you may be looking at a malpractice claim; but wouldn’t you rather be facing that claim for doing the ethical thing versus doing the bidding of your mafia client? This case will only serve to reveal more felonies of your client, and Miscavige will only sue you for malpractice once that happens. Don’t you think it is best to get out while you can still repair your name and goodwill?

  61. Donation made. And for some reason, the below just seems appropriate; I have no idea why 😉


  62. Far as I can find, there is no precedent for such a ridiculously blatant bully bluff as Spencer just forwarded for David Miscavige. Spencer you are such a ball-less greedy loser, kinda like the guy you represent.

    Donation sent: please take careful note, derMidget & OSA bullies, of another public statement made to show disconnection from David Miscavige and everyone who supports and helps him. While publicly giving full support to LRH, this blog and all its friends, including Debbie and Wayne.

    Kiss my ass.

    Eileen (Olson, Haworth) Clark (want to make sure you know who I am so all my pc and ethics files can be found)

    Excuse me, I need to prepare to go in session with another person who doesn’t give a shit about your empty threats.

  63. Everything the church of scientology does today is about acquiring money.

    For instance, a lot of the donations to the volunteer minister funds go to purchase the church of scientology literature they carry with them.

    The literature is produced in house using those state of the art systems and not forgetting cheap “religious” labor. The price charged for the literature includes a profit margin and license fees; that’s why they can afford to discount bulk purchases. Way to Happiness works the same way too.

    Those license fees are pervasive.

  64. This is like living in Alice in Wonderland. Here the Feds AND Congress will investigate a weight loss clinic in L.A. but turn a blind eye to DM’s actions. What on earth!

    On anther note, when Debbie was in court on the TRO motion, I figured Spencer had been blindsided by DM, and that he was of a different ilk than say Elliot Abelson. I stand corrected. Judging by this latest stunt, Spencer looks to be on par with the good Mr. Abelson.

    Spencer will be a laughing-stock by the time this is all over but evidently he doesn’t care. Money trumps all. I mean how is it that Spencer “happened” to take DM as a client. Simple answer: something attracted each of them to the other. The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” comes to mind.

  65. Miscavige
    Put my name on your list asshole. I donated and will do it again. Come and get me – I’m ready and waiting….

  66. You da man Jackson.

  67. I am glad you are making this point. I also am concerned about all of the SO members stuck in the Rehabilitation Project. These people need to be freed. America goes to war to spread freedom and democracy all over the world and this is going on within it’s borders.
    We can not get rid of DM fast enough. But do we have leadership set up to take his place?

  68. Oops, just saw Marty said someone else was ‘da man.” So, I revise my comment:

    “Jackson, you are my brutha.”

  69. Floating Needle

    Dude… that was awesome! I laughed for a full ten minutes.

    Thanks! I needed that.

    I might change my name to Floating Tone Arm after that one.

  70. SunnyV, loved your post. Hey DM “the list” is composed of all the people you know. Watch out they are all out to get you. Threats by this insane man will not stop anyone from contributing to help.

  71. I did, but it’s always nice to hear. :0)
    Much love to you and Christie

  72. Random Stranger

    C O N F I D E N T I A L


    1) Tom Cruise

    2) Ted Koppel

    3) Ronnie Miscavige

    4) Arthur Hubbard

    5) Heber Jentzch

    6) Ray Mitthoff

    7) Louis Farrakhan

    8) Some fast-talking guy with a French accent.

    9) Otto Roos

    10) The Reg Sharpe Foundation

    Not to be disclosed without subpoena.

  73. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Marty!!!!!

  74. Mike. The only documents that are used against former scientologists are the ethics folders and confessionals where the auditor or whatever says “I am not auditing you.” Everything else has not been proven that it is used against folks
    . In fact it would be great if it were proven that the off limits stuff is culled out of the pc folders. That would really damage the church so greatly !
    I guess if proven the church, would respond that it is not standard with the tech like lrh said to do cause in this day and age it has to do what it has to do….

  75. Random Stranger


    BIG reward to the next Int Base staff member who punches Miscavige legally in the head in self-defense before you leave. All it takes is someone who is not threatened by the Ominous Loss of Eternity Threat and a strong roundhouse right to the temple as you duck under his micro-punch. Extra bonus points for clonking five or six lackeys in the process.

    (Void where prohibited by law)

  76. IANAL which is why I have no idea how far a lawyer can go with the excuse of carrying out the clients’ instructions. I’d like to know. Crediting Mr Spencer with some intelligence I guess it must be a lot.

  77. They can do anything as long as it doesnt violate the bar rules, the court rules or the law.

    If they don’t want to do something that a client tells them to do that isn’t a violation of the above, they can withdraw.

    Just because someone is a lawyer does not automatically mean they are: a) intelligent or b) moral.

  78. What about how many dishes you washed? Love ya Jackson! 😀

  79. This is unbelievable, horrible. I just listened to RJ 68. The current scene in socalled Scn is totally contraty to what LRH was visioning.
    Thanks for Marty and Mike for creating this theta environment.

  80. Wow Jim, you are living in another universe. They claim everything is “IANAY” — its completely indiscriminate. Believe me. And even if it IS only “IANAY” what makes it OK to broadly disseminate that information? Or information given to an ethics officer? The church claims that Ethics Files are “Priect/Penitent Privileged” information when someone tried to subpoena them, but “fair game” if they want to use the information contained in them.

  81. Do you really want to follow another leader? You’re part of a great group here and it has no leader and no buildings let alone idle morgs. (Damn auto correct) 😉

    If you’re interested in doing scientology you can do it far cheaper and much more efficiently now than when you were in.

    If you interested in spreading the love do it by practising you bellef do it by inspiring others through your actions rather than by buying church literature (big profit margin/ license fee) that’s distributed with out a care for the actual results.

  82. I’ll chip in on the reward. But they have to have a video of it…. 🙂

  83. George M. White

    Yes, he is raising the stakes beyond reason. It will be his final battle which he will not win. He probably wants to try to take others down with him because he knows he is in the end-game.

  84. I’m sure Debbie’s lawyer will advise her accordingly. I’m curious though so may take a look at the bar rules.

  85. Mike, “church arbitration”, a panel of three scientologists,” in good standing”. This is a complete joke. Three robots are going to tell someone who paid for services and then decided not to take the service that they cannot have their money returned because of some trumped up bullshit? This has nothing to do with with anything more than someone paid for something they did not get period! This is another stall tactic.

    To the church attorney, how in the hell do you justify this bullshit? you can all go straight to hell!

  86. Threat = donate more

  87. Long live Chairman Maoscavige? It might behoove us to know who can arrive at the courthouse carrying signs in support of Chairman Miscavige. Who can do a side portrait of him in full military uniform for our posters.

    Poster slogans adopted from the Red Army circa 1950:



    Turn the Church of Scientology into a prosperous, rich and powerful industrialized socialist organization under the leadership of the Communist Party and Chairman Miscavige!

    Chairman Miscavige gives us a happy life!

    Warriors love reading Chairman Miscavige’s books most!

    Follow the Communist Party for ever, follow Chairman Miscavige forever!

    The sunlight of Chairman Miscavige Thought illuminates the road of the Great Golden Age of Tech!

    More Maoscavige poster ideas and slogans to formulate banners:

  88. +1. One can always send that late birthday card.

  89. Game on! Debbie, another donation coming your way.

  90. For Marty: You got the mojo
    For Debbie: You already know you have our support
    For Miscavige and Spencer: F–k you and the horses you rode in on

    From Michael Fairman on Joy’s computer

  91. JM, full monty of that guy is too nightmarish a thought for me. Please stop that. Ewwwwwww.
    Bullies are always trying to be the big bad tough guys because they’re lacking in the areas where it really counts!

  92. Isn’t it true that you can sue anybody you want to, ask for anything you want to, demand whatever the hell you want to BUT none of it means squat unless it’s determined legal and justified by a judge?
    This just seems like developed traffic with no purpose other than to threaten and intimidate.
    Looks like nobody here falls for that BS anymore, David & Co.
    In fact, makes people like us dig a little deeper and work a little harder to get rid of you and your bunch of thugs.

  93. Also:


  94. Just when we think we’ve reached the bottom of Darth Midget’s stupidity and evil, he hires a backhoe to dig the bottom even deeper.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  95. Exactly Mike!
    priest-penitent privilege
    the right of a clergyman to refuse to divulge confidential information received from a person during confession or similar exchanges.

  96. Marty,
    OK, I’m TRYING to think like this idiot and get a hold on this. So in effect DM is accusing the Court of…well, contempt of Court?

    He’s saying that I, Jim Logan, who did in fact donate to the fund, and on this blog and other lines worked to provide what I could to not only defend Debbie but to forward a Counter Claim, and so now I too am in the ambit of the “contract” and liable for damages to Dave?

    He’s saying that if I happen to travel to say Texas and go to the Courthouse on such and such a date, to provide possible evidence as a witness for the defence, that that would constitute “aiding and abetting” a tort? A tort? Which tort is Debbie Cook defending herself vigorously against a claim David Miscavige filed?

    I tell you what Dave, throw this one in for fun: I am practicing Scientology, every single day, using L. Ron Hubbard’s materials, delivering training and auditing. I am a Scientologist. So, there. Sue me. Plllllleeeeeeaaaaase!!!! Sue me. Cower me into a plea for peace Dave. It’s worked on me in the past. It’ll work again. I’ll just quietly go away. Shuddering. You soooo scary.

  97. Makes me think of the unbalanced motor shaking apart the whole vehicle, kind of like a certain unbalanced individual spinning the Corporate Church into a complete crash?

  98. Or how about arresting Amish farmers for selling raw Milk.

  99. PS
    I donated twice and more will come, and you thugs sure know here to find me.

    Michael Fairman on Joy’s computer

  100. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1!!

  101. PPS
    That’s “where” to find me, although I am “here”.

  102. Theo Sismanides

    HereNow, Marty and everybody here, it looks like this is a crazy beyond all limits decision by DM. But DM fears one thing only. That we get organized. And this is what the donators list is all about. Organizing our forces.

    That is what DM fears most because he can put up with one guy at a time. He cannot put up with a team of OTs united. Thank you all for doing what you are doing here.

  103. Tony DePhillips


  104. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Don Corleone.. 🙂

  105. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Brett!!

  106. Tony DePhillips

    Gary you ARE the Man!!

  107. Seems like almost ANY “origination” they make becomes:

    1. A bullet to Miscavige`s foot (and those who carry out the moronic orders)
    2. Material for hilarious jokes

    So we should thank Miscavige and encourage him to continue “originating”. it`s actually good for him because deep down he wants to remove himself from the scene. Think about it.

  108. Tony DePhillips

    Count me in!! If the person who does it is an expert mixed martial artist then they get an even bigger bonus.

  109. I’m with you Nancy. Miscavige may not realize it but he has just modivated Debbie’s supporters to dig even deeper into their pockets to fund her
    defence……Hoisted once again by his own petard……Ouch!

  110. According to Wikipedia, in order to prove malpractice you have to show that you were harmed by your attorney’s actions. If I’m interpreting that correctly, in order to sue his lawyer, Miscavige would have to lose the case and then prove that he would have won the case had his lawyer not been so incompetent (thus essentially re-trying the case). If that’s true, since Miscavige doesn’t have a chance of winning in the first place, he can pay his lawyer to do any kind of wacky self-destructive thing and his lawyer won’t be held responsible for his malpractice, as egregious and unethical as it is.

    It’s too bad that the foolish but innocent dupes who are still donating money to the Church are the ones who are paying for this, and the mob lawyers are the only ones benefiting.

  111. Ryan,

    I am neither an attorney or accountant, but have paid more than my fair share of taxes and survived 3 audits in the last years from mysterious anonymous tips to our beloved government.

    People can receive x amount per year tax free as a gift, it is not that much, 10-12 K from memory, but I would imagine a competent accountant would agree that the legal fees are valid expenses, and providing not much more than legal fees paid to the attorney were received, the legal fees would wipe out the personal income and result in no taxes on that income.

  112. HereNow and Mike,
    The irrational legal “think” (actually just an attempt to make the legal argument fit the dramatization) is so bad it will cause more failure. Lets see the summary. Former members, now declared and expelled, ask for a repayment of unused funds. The lawyer wishes to get the court to enforce a completely internally created and signed agreement which is only valid for a member. Once declared the person has been told their only terminal is IJC. And now somehow the judge and others are to believe that an “impartial” panel of 3 in good standing members shall be the determination of the outcome when they (the arbitration panel) are forbidden to have an communication with the person the arbitration is about.

    Oh, and let’s add that this is all internal “religious procedures” and as such are outside of any court jurisdiction but we are formally demanding that the judge enforce the part of the “no court jurisdiction” agreement wherein it says the expelled, now NON member, is still required to follow the “member” internal procedures.

    If that was hard to follow and understand that is because it is an insane argument. The original procedure had an expulsion added to what was given the person along with the repayment check. Once one was expelled and declared they were no longer on the inside to carry out your internal procedures. This isn’t to give any legal credibility to the internal procedure but OSA isn’t even following any of their own internal policy.

    For the Texas attorney to now attempt to force Debbie to keep records of all donations is absurd. Donations for her defense of a legal action that was filed AGAINST her are not part of the issue. Just shows how weak the original case is. Now the rodents are simply attempting to gather all the data they can before the bright light of public scrutiny and the court system rulings force them to scamper for cover before they melt.

    To George Spencer a little hint. Karma is a bitch. You have PR on your web site of your status as an expert on First Amendment issues. This case and how you try to carry out evil intentions, and cover for illegal criminal acts, will be around for all to see from now until the day you cease to be concerned. Maybe you shall some morning wake up, smell the coffee and test the wind on your finger. And maybe you can see the future and how this case and the criminal actions you are attempting to give legal cover and protection to are contrary to the reasons one should practice law in the first place. If you are not concerned with truth, justice and freedom under our constitution – and if you are only interested in how much money you are paid – then you shouldn’t think twice of the future legal work which shall not come to your firm or in your direction. After all, for what you can see in the near future, their are many evil sick people with money to throw at you if you are willing to sell your soul for some coin. Mr. Spencer, why don’t you tell that to your children, nieces, nephews, etc – yeah, I can see your demeanor now. Kids – “greed is good.” “Let me tell you how I made a lot of money doing ……

    My personal opinion, it is lawyers like you, willing to support and work for the dark side when the price is right, that give the legal profession a bad name. The reputation of lawyers just plain sucks – and here we see the evidence of why. Something to think about, don’t you think.

  113. one of those who see

    More aiding, abetting and donating…definitely!

  114. Hi Carol, A refund is a payment of used funds and given with-in a certain time frame (I forget how long) from when the services were taken and diss-satisfied with the results. A return of APs is different in that the funds are not used but ‘on account’. These may be in the admin dictionary.

  115. from anutha mutha

  116. Us too. This is Mark and Bonny Elliott, proud to give to the fund, OSA.

    OSA, you’re surrounded. Better come on up with your hands up! 🙂

  117. SA: You got it exactly.

    1. The church tells the judge the court has no jurisdiction or power over the matter in controversy, as it governed by religious law

    2. The church then asks the court to use its power to force the other side to comply with religious law

    3. The church claims the person would have been able to get their money back if they had followed the church’s procedures and submitted to the church’s religous laws, BUT they expelled the person and they are no longer part of their organization (you are no longer a Jew, but we are telling you you still cant eat pork).

    Funny, this whole insanity of asking for donors could easily be reversed. Ray could ask the church for a list of church donators whose money has been spent to file and prosecute their case. 🙂

  118. Carol, these points are valid and are definitely being brought up to the judge.

  119. Hey I found one:

    Hope it works otherwise here is the link:

  120. Martin, frankly if it weren’t for DM’s antics, most of us would forget who he is! He would be powerless without us to keep his bank energized. LOL

  121. It would be great to think you could some how appeal to Spencer’s sense of morality but you can’t. The main reason is “everyone deserves representation”; alas the quality is often determined by how much they can pay.

  122. LOL. Not only that, but you said in public: “Miscavige eats worms and Debbie doesn’t eat worms anymore” and therefore you are “aiding and abetting” and therefore damages must be paid. Get ready to pay.

  123. David Miscavige is simply pathetic in his responses via his flying monkeys.

    It seems that now the Hushmail OSA spammers are out again, promoting the latest Idle Org opening via an imitation Marty blog. Does this pathetic action make any sense? No, it’s pure David Miscavige flying monkey insanity.

  124. An important point here is that so much of the confessionals were “dubbed” in stuff made up just to get the hell out of that horrid, overrun, tortuous, introverting, wrong iteming, evaluating, invalidating, unreading question session. “I give up, I’ll just tell them something to get them to think that I got off an overt and get out of here. Please God, make this one READ so I can run it. Let’s see, there was that little kid that gave me a dirty look in the grocery store when I said he should put back the candy bar he was hiding in his shirt. Maybe I have overts on kids. That’s the ticket. That should read….” And so on. LOL

    The point is that if we show the ridiculousness of what Midsavage says someone confessed to, it will dead agent all of the blackmail that he holds over those afraid to come out into the daylight.

  125. Mike, I’d say Spencer is applying the wrong set of “Bar Rules” — that is, the ones that apply to Darth Midget and his liquor cabinet.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  126. I should point out I only said “often”.

  127. “Mr. Spencer, why don’t you tell that to your children, nieces, nephews, etc – yeah, I can see your demeanor now. Kids – “greed is good.” “Let me tell you how I made a lot of money doing ……”

    That’s what will never cease to amaze me about people like that, knowing what they are doing to their children. I am so glad that my father was a decent honest man. I know if he hadn’t been I could have found other men to look up to as models and heroes but it must be so sad to know that your own father was so contemptible.

    And for what? He’s already succesful and wealthy, what does he get out of this? A few fleeting thrills from being wicked?

  128. This just keeps getting funnier. David Miscavige must be paying his lawyers a shit-ton of money for them to take this kind of risk of being found in contempt, and indeed DM must be particularly desperate in order to place the Co$ in the crosshairs of a contempt charge. Any vaguely sentient judge will understand that the purpose of these motions is to harass anyone who might support Cook – and therefore these motions _prove what Debbie Cook was testifying about_!!! Could this get any more surreal?

    Also, Texas has a brand new anti-SLAPP law, which is intended to stop this kind of abusive behavior.

    I’m sure I’m not saying anything that Cook’s lawyer doesn’t know already. I can only imagine how bemused he must be at the completely bizarre and unhinged output of his opposing counsel. I halfway expect their next move to be a motion to compel Cook to stand in a trash can as part of her ecclesiastical arbitration.

  129. Hey, Mike, we should start giving donations in the name of everyone at Int Base. That would really fry some cockles!

  130. *I am not a lawyer*.

    AFAIK, Miscavige cannot “Sue for Perjury” in any event.

    Court testimony has to be (a) proven false and (b) proven that it was known by the witness to be false, both of these things having to occur in the hearing or trial where the testimony was given. It is then incumbent upon the Judge to adjudicate whether the above are sufficient to warrant charges of perjury and what penalties will be applied.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  131. Ha ha!

    Yeah, even your dogs are plotting against you, Davey!

  132. Butterflies and hurricanes

    change everything you are
    and everything you were
    your number has been called

    fights and battles have begun
    revenge will surely come
    your hard times are ahead

    best, you’ve got to be the best
    you’ve got to change the world
    and use this chance to be heard
    your time is now

    don’t let yourself sown
    and don’t let yourself go
    your last chance has arrived

  133. George- I agree.

  134. Pumpkin I am not talking refund. I am talking about those who have put money on account for services they do not plan to take. Hence a repayment for money on account which is usually money paid in advance for services taken at a later time.


    Thanks for the line charge Jackson.

  136. By the way, that gift limit is “how much you can give without having to list it as a gift on your income tax return and pay gift tax on it.” It is also, “from one person to another person.” If Joy and Michael give money to Debbie and Wayne, the limit is 4X before it becomes gift taxable. So no worries kiddos! Lynne

  137. Oh, don’t make too much work for the guy. Send him an email or a fax with your letters and confessions of making a donation:
    Fax: 1-210-227-0732

    Better yet, do both. You want to be sure of delivery. Honestly, lets not make him have to parse out the confessions from this long string of comments. Lawyers are busy people.

  138. Dean, I feel compelled to point out that if the Scientology religion is to continue in some form, auditors and other technical terminals will have to be properly trained and that WILL take buildings and groups and leaders.

    – Ron Matlock

  139. Random Stranger

    Hey Mike, you’re ex-Sea Org now. EX-sea org. EX. X.
    S T R E T C H that trust thing. Ha ha ha just kidding with ya! You can have your damn video! Damn text via.

  140. Can you post a copy of this letter? If so, it would provide endless amusement. I can understand if Cook’s attorney would rather you not, though.

  141. Jim ~~
    Did you not see the Placido Domingo pc folder revelations covered on this site?
    (And he is a Celeb)
    Did you not see Samantha Domingo pc folder revelations …posted on the web ?
    There are 100s of times pc folder data is used. This “Church” revels in using pc folder data and mocking it. It is part of what is called “Fair Game.”
    It is one of the reasons there is such a dim view of the “Church.”

  142. retired, extremely dangerous

    When I read all this stuff that Spencer and his super imposed midget are flailing around I can’t help picturing Nixon standing at the lecture podium with his hands raised in the air saying, “I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!”

    Yea RIGHT!

  143. I seem to recall that the Church claimed a “doctrine of exchange” when it applied for tax deductible status for individuals as an article of religious faith. Now what to happened to that? Should this not be held up as a legal point, after all, it is the means used to make payments for auditing and training tax deductible. If the Church didn’t deliver as promised, it is in violation of the doctrine of exchange it claimed to be critical to its faith and to its qualification by the IRS.

  144. Right on, RussW! This makes me want to donate even more.

    Marty, we don’t know each other, but I want to let you know I support you and loudly applaud and support your stance toward confidentiality (even though I have not donated to date). Thank you!

    (And that is from someone who has considered myself an ex- rather than an Indie. I may just reconsider that.)

  145. PS Maybe you can protect all donations further by routing them through a church!

  146. Excellent points Lynne!! 🙂

  147. End game: DM as Lord Jim in the jungle, or in Marlon Brando’s part in a sweaty southeastern Asian jungle, whispering a barely audible, “The horror, the horror …”

  148. Thanks Mike! I appreciate all you are doing. Question: Is DM clear or OT?

  149. HA HA HA!

    Well little one, yes you POB, Mary Beth and I are sending another donation via Marty towards Debbie and Wayne’s Defense Fund.

    By the way, you world class idiot, we did not give one thin dime towards your Idle Borg Morgue in Cincinnati that you officiated the opening of this past weekend.

    This donation to Cook is out of savings (reserves), not a credit card, second mortgage or bankruptcy.

    Again, we’re really entertained by your utterly predictable and on schedule meltdown.

    Just consider POB, you’re more barrels of laughs than anything Hollywood’s best could ever think up.

    Have one last high-end single malt scotch drink on us. Yeah go ahead and consider that our last extorted IAS (I Am Stupid) ‘donation’ payed for it.

    Never-the less, your next stop is cell block 666 and it has your name on it. Some ‘buddies’ want to get to know some incoming inmate who is also known as ‘pope on a rope’. New BFFs?

    Get ready to lick some shower floors.

  150. Sinar and others that received the above Email.
    Please report to Hushmail.
    Email: Contact us by email

    Phone: (604) 685-6937

    Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM Pacific Time. Please note that we are not able to provide telephone support for free Hushmail accounts.
    Please report that “Church” of Scientology uses the Hushmail platform to send out Hate mail promotions against former members.
    Hushmail can see the IP address used for these sick promotions as ordered by the reptilian predator David Miscavige.

  151. Thanks for the heads up Marty..
    I get a different picture behind this activity. Miscavige hired Spencer and gave him no clue of what he was up against. Told him the case was a slam dunk,walk in the park, got the video of her signing etc . Otherwise why would he be so stupid to put Debbie on the stand. Spencer is blind sided and freaks. Miscavige said he would be paid from the collection of court costs etc which was guaranteed. Miscavige tells Spencer well you sure did fuck up this case big time so now I have no choice but to sue you for malpractice and your sabotage of my reputation . You won’t get one thin dime from the Church now. You better try to get paid out of Debbies donors. It’s illegal for Scientologists to donate money to anyone but me anyway.

  152. Don’t they sometimes compare things in Australia by saying “that’s better than a poke in the eye with a hot stick”?

    Maybe DM will get the poke in his own eye eventually.

  153. Defender of Theta

    First Principle: your observation is spot on. Here is some background to suppose your keen intuition.

    Notice that David Miscavige:

    – seemingly universally denies (via spokespersons, but, note, never making any denial personally) any personal wrong doing, saying that all the accusations against him are lies


    – Miscavige has not, to my knowledge, sued ANYONE for libel.

    I mean, people have written BOOKS about him recently, that have torn him to ribbons, yet not one law suit for libel.

    In contrast, in many other cases, under the direction of the Miscavige Administration, the C of S often sues at the drop of a hat. Zero back off on initiating litigation. Why no libel suit by DM or the C of S?

    Well, in the U.S. at least, “truth” is an absolute defense to an accusation of libel. That is, if you can show that what you said about the other person was true, you have no culpability.

    So, the truth or falsity of allegedly libelous statements is usually a key matter during any liable trial.

    Could it be that David Miscavige does not want the truth of the allegations against him examined in court?

    Note that if HE sues for libel, personally, it would be very difficult for him to avoid being deposed and to avoid having to take the stand.

    Could it be that David Miscavige fears being on the stand, being questioned, and having to answer under penalty of perjury?


  154. Oh by the way Spencer, I’ve already donated and will be doing so again.
    Could you set this up where we get stutus upgades as donors? Will you be giving out pins and stuff later for those of us who have donated.

  155. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Pumpkin, I made advance payments on account at Dallas org, which I asked to get back. I have never set foot inside the Dallas org, never signed any agreements, nothing. Yet, I was told I cannot have my money back because it was a donation.

  156. Fair point. From a practical stand point Miscavige controls all the assets; I reckon he probably doesn’t know where they all are.

    Even if he died no one has a clue as to if he has a will or to whom it might be made out; he probably thinks he’s immortal and doesn’t have one. I can’t even see him leaving it all to Tom Cruise.

    I can’t see anyone pulling off the shenanigans Miscavige pulled off to grab power from Hubbard mainly because Miscavige, being a shark, will be protected from that.

    The other point is that the only person capable of pulling off such shenanigans would be the very person you do not want in charge. It would need some one close to David Miscavige, who has his confidence and in whom he confides his deepest fears.

    That person would have to play on those fears over time so that Miscavige would increasingly rely on that person to protect him, make him feel safe. That person would have to change Miscaviges psychosis in to neurosis; paralize and isolate him with his own fears. Then at the right moment make him change his will so that all assets previously under Miscavige’s control transfer to him. Basically a devious snake not unlike David Miscavige.

    There is an alternative I just thought of, though you will probably find it next to impossible to pull off. David Miscavige’s legal control is I believe via various shell corporations with puppet directors; Miscavige holds undated resignations on file so they can be resigned prior to anything they might try to abscond with the money.

    The trick is to get hold of all the undated resignations and destroy them, then get the various directors to be very generous with their corporate assets to charities of your choosing. And bankrupt.

    I suspect though Miscavige may have his name somewhere to retain full legal control. COB of RTC, which I believe is the pot for license fees and idle morg rents.

    The guy has holding companies all over the place;at least once and probably most of the time idle morg buildings are purchased by shell companies with puppet directors BEFORE donations are solicited; I recall seeing the dox for Pitmaston in Birmingham UK on Youtube.

    Basically the idle morg building is purchased from the bludgeoning coffers of the church of scientology and then members are reg’d for donations to “buy” it – LOL. Sometimes the shell company remains the owner with only a change in directors, sometimes control is past to another company. Either way members end up being
    charged rent. Yay.

    Where was I, oh yes, scientology can remain being treated as a religion or it can be treated as a philosophy; I believe the church of scientology demonstrates the dangers of trying to be both. b

  157. Right, Lynne. From a gnostic perspective, self-intuition and confessional material just do not correlate to legal facts.

    Did person X really bomb that planet into oblivion? Did they really kill a friendly soldier by mistake in WW I? Did they really do any of what is recorded? What does it mean legally that the person pursued the chain of thoughts and events that come up? It can mean a lot as the person integrates various experiences (or as Dianetics might put it, moves engrams from the reactive mind to the analytic mind) — that even works in (gasp) psychology as a type of regression therapy. But I don’t think it means a lot legally.

    And people should not fear. The CoS only keeps people in by a combination of fear and hope. Anyone remember the lecture Ron gave about the fish in the African lake? They could be caught by herding them into shallow water. How were they herded? By shadows, just shadows. That’s all the fears are ultimately. Plus! If enough people say who gives a crap, then it comes down to what guys used to say in Vietnam — “It don’t mean nothin’.”

  158. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “buildings and groups and leaders”

    Plural – the tech can never again be centralized under the potential power of a single unit or person.

  159. Lynne, great to know thanks.

  160. I was just reading a data series on “WHYS”. Data series 23. PROPER FORMAT AND CORRECT ACTION. Quote “IT WILL BE FOUND THAT WHERE YOU HAVE A REAL WHY PEOPLE WILL COOPERATE ALL OVER THE SCENE. The only exception is where there are traitors around. But this is an easy explanation, too often bought to excuse wrong Whys.”. Sounds like the why behind the hole. No agreement?! Must be traitors!! So the Why was wrong, executives all over disagreed and left, got “holed” etc. So David Miscavige here is LRH’s advice(next part of the PL): “It is no disgrace to find a wrong WHY. It is only a disgrace not to keep trying on and on until one DOES find it. Then the clouds open, the sun shines, the birds pour out their souls in purest melody and the Ideal Scene is approached or reached”.
    Your wrong Why has got u this far into the abyss, just be wrong, please, finish it, or it will finish You.
    Oh and that was a jokes, YOU CANT BE WRONG, right?

  161. Just checked on Youtube, the video is still there. Do a search for pitmaston scientology birmingham and the channel is anonymous1312.

    There was quite a bit more than I recall to that one.f

  162. 11) Lisa Mcpherson

  163. LOL! Great suggestion, Ray!

  164. Mike Rinder ~~
    Thank you for some really great input on both yesterday’s blog and today’s.
    Someone mentioned “civil war” within Scientology.
    This is what the so called “Pope” of Scientology creates. Polarization. Divisiveness. Court battles. Thuggery. Fighting. Held against will. Imprisoned.
    Warfare. Eliminate the Mission Holders. Decimate CMO INT and CMO GOLD.
    Rape the Parishioners. Annhihilate Exec Strata. Declare and Expel many in RTC

    David St Lawrence posted an essay yesterday in “Possibly Helpful Advice” written by a former FBO (Finance Banking Officer) and here is one paragraph :::::::

    One evening me and the other FBO I/Ts and the LRH Comm I/Ts were taken into a small wood-lined luxurious board room within the Manor, The CFD UK and LRH Comm UK brought us there for a special briefing. We were taught the Class V staff were the enemy as they were all Dirty F***ing squirrels. We were to use SRAs or Severe Reality Adjustments to coerce and overwhelm them into compliance. We practiced shouting F*** you into each others faces for a bit CMO style and them were ordered to go into our orgs and kick ass. This was our intro to the New Style of Management and we were full of sh*t. To my shame I obeyed it completely.

    This is stunning.
    Execs being taught that Class V staff are the ENEMY !

  165. Defender of Theta

    Hi Mike,

    I have enjoyed your posts.

    A lawsuit is what is called a “civil” action. Perjury is a criminal offense,. You don’t sue someone for perjury: generally, you file a complaint against the alleged perjurer with the D.A., who can then bring or not bring a criminal prosecution (not a suit) for perjury.

    Perjury prosecutions are rare, mainly for the reasons you touched on.

    The Miscavige Administration could file a complaint with the D.A. against Debbie. If it did, the D.A. would, if it pursued the matter in a standard manner, FIRST INVESTIGATE WHETHER OR NOT DEBBIE’S ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE (as you can’t commit perjury by telling the truth).

    If DM did 10% of the things of which he is accused, suing for libel or trying to get the D.A. to prosecute Debbie for libel would likely be a self-damaging act, a HUGE foot-bullet in this case and almost any attorney would warn him of his, as the MA’s fling of a criminal complaint against Debbie for perjury could turn out to cause more Streisand Effect (generally, doing something that publicizes the very thing you want to keep quiet)

    Of course,

    – if you think you are completely right, and above the law, and, of course, – as deep down, as you are basically good, and you want to be brought to justice,

    then maybe you appoint Debbie as your executioner and hand her the headsman’s axe, by suing her for libel and by filing a complaint with the D.A.


  166. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “Just because someone is a lawyer does not automatically mean they are: a) intelligent or b) moral.”


  167. Defender of Theta

    Opps, “trying to get the D.A. to prosecute Debbie for libel” should be:

    “trying to get the D.A. to prosecute Debbie for PERJURY”

  168. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Same amazing talent for always hitting the wrong target.

  169. Defender of Theta

    It’s just more “try to back them off, with threat and intimidation.”

    What the Miscavige Administration does not seem to understand is that Americans (and most people) don’t like bullys.

  170. Jackson, that is the funniest shit I have read in a week. Thank you so much for that, man.

  171. Defender of Theta

    Cool, Brett!!!

  172. This is such an obvious scare tactic. Knowing that many Scientologists are afraid of their Church they don’t want to be found out that they were helping. BTW, donors have no liability for damages should Debbie Cook loose.

    You can always send cash to Debbie and Mr. Spencer can then say he’s going to go after Jefferson, Grant and Franklin. You can also send Postal money orders, 7/11 money orders, visa gift cards. All of the above are anonymous. Not to your liking. Get a prepaid visa card at the grocery, put as much as you wish to donate on it and use that to get directly into the fund if you prefer.

    It is amazing that T & I, Threats and Intimidation, is all cleverness Miscavige has.

    Miscavige and Spencer, heads up. This will cause a resurgence of donations to the fund. “Morons, they have Morons on their side.”

  173. I am a long time reader of this blog, infrequent responder. This is now really starting to enrage me.

    Can someone remind me how to donate to Debbie.

  174. Defender of Theta

    Spot on, Mike. I lot of lawyers mistakenly believe they have to act badly, because they are fiduciaries to their clients.

    As you correctly point out, that is not true. They can always explain the impropriety of a demanded act, then withdraw if the client does not relent.


  175. Defender of Theta

    Yes, Jackson is the man.

  176. Let’s face it, from my research so far lawyers are free to carry out explicit instructions of their clients regardless of the law as long as it doesn’t directly violate the law.

    They ought to advise their clients of the foolishness of their actions BUT when there’s big $$ and a ranting psycopath you can just do it and later claim you warned him but he wouldn’t listen.

    If push comes to shove Spencer & co probably have their ass covered, as long as the cheques keep clearing they don’t give a damn, meanwhile the money is wasted because Miscavige won’t listen to reason; which if you’re smart is what you pay a lawyer for.

  177. Defender of Theta

    Without being abusive, and without attacking Spense for representing the C of S, and while explicitly acknowledging everyone’s right to counsel in your emails, I think it would be wonderful to honestly inform Spencer of what we have seen, as Jackson did, above. It’s hard for a social personality to continue to committ overts, when having to face what they are actually doing.


  178. Dan Lawful Human Rights

    For those receiving juvenile albeit criminal harassment via emails from Corporate Scientology OSA — you have rights. There has been a flurry of attempts to impersonate real names of independent Scientologists, altering one of two letters, with dishonest text and a link to their defamation and calumny blog. They are spamming addresses, including to people not involved but who are paying very close attention and tightening the focus on the sleazy modus operandi of Scientology Corporation.

    Instructions on reporting cyberbullying, stalking and harassment.

  179. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    I did a search and found this line:

    Church leaders claim that membership has grown in the West Midlands by 25 per cent in the last ten years and an estimated 27,000 people have taken part in services.

    OK, question? grown by 25%. This is a outpoint in reporting stats. In the last 10 years mind you. Growing from 10 members to 13 members is an increase in 25%, over 10 years???????????

    And estimated 27,000 people have taken part in services? What services – filling out OCA’s, receiving a handout and seeing a video? What services? But the real output is, how many have continued on Services?

  180. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    he is just trying to get people scared and NOT donate and NOT communicate. Those people reading here, he is trying to scare them covertly into stopping, stop looking, stop communicating. That is all he is doing. It is fear tactics into the minds of people looking here for answers. He doesn’t care about you folks, he cares to put fear into new folks looking here.

  181. Random Stranger

    Interrupted, COB turned slowly around to face who just spoke, his face bright red, eyes bulging, his neck veins like ropes of steel cable. “Who…just…spoke?” he managed to say through his anger.

    “I did” stated the CO/XYZ of The Flunky Hole, now facing COB’s glare.

    COB shot a jolt of electricity down his spine into his frog-like legs, rocket-launching himself horizontally fifteen feet throughout the air, like Spiderman-missile directly at his head-on-a-pike-of-the-second, COB/XYZ of The Flunky Hole.

    CO/XYZ of The Flunky Hole snapped his body to the side as COB’s meat-missile whooshed past him and crashed into the wall to the sound of splintering wood and marble. COB looked up from the floor with a nuclear-powered stare of intense hate. He once again launched himself off the floor with his arms out like Superman, two puffs of blue smoke hovered over where his shoes had just been.

    CO/XYZ of The Flunky Hole watched COB fly across the room in what seemed like extreme slow motion. He grabbed COB’s eye sockets with two fingers as he spun him around and around he was stretched out straight like a sock with a rock in the bottom of it, and spun him around and around and around, knocking all COB’s assistants and security to the floor as they tried to rescue their master. COB’s arms flailed helplessly as the sound of his high-pitched girlie scream and his continually cries for help could be heard all around the Base

    CO/XYZ let go of COB’s wrists, allowing centrifugal force to do the rest, plastering COB into the wall, like Wile E. Coyote smashing into a fake tunnel painted on the side of a mountain. Broken teeth bounced off the wall and tumbled to the floor like spilled ice. COB’s mouth was now twisted into a unhappy-looking jack o’ lantern shape as he slid to the floor, unconscious, blood running down from where his teeth used to be.

    The door was now jammed with COB’s assistants trying to run out of the room all at the same time, with the exception of COB’s Golden Age Number One Senior CMO RTC T/A Deputy Personal Assistant I/T of The Church of Spiritual Technology and Fully Bonded, who broke loose from the pack stuck in the door jam. Her teeth bared and snapping and with a Shawnee-like war yelp as she went for CO/XYZ’s face with her claw-like sharpened fingernails. Despite her extensive hand to hand combat experience she still felt an overwhelming feeling of surprise and then horror as she looked down to see both her arms had been broken at the same time at ninety-degree opposite angles.

    CO/XYZ looked slowly around the room at the piles of bodies on the floor, the stuck people in the doorway, the smashed office, COB lying in a heap on the floor, unconscious and bleeding, his most loyal assistants defeated, the rest all deserting their comrade in need. A soft whimpering and moaning escaped COB’s smashed lips, his shirt bloodied and wrinkled, his tie askew. Now satisfied, CO/XYZ leaped across the room and landed a flying side kick into the middle of the mass of still-struggling bodies in the doorframe. A loud POP! sound accompanied the explosion of bodies that tumbled out of the doorframe. Stepping on the heads of the people below his feet, COB/XYZ walked to the clear and headed to the exit door, pausing only once to turn around and blow the smoke off his finger as he smiled and waved goodbye.

    The End

  182. Random Stranger

    Hmmm…forgot…was that the one with the 12 rich guys or was it the one where the opening theme music was a rocket taking off or something?

  183. You are spot on, OTF.
    One problem is that we have a whole generation (or two) of Scientologists were not around when the COS did have psychiatry and big Pharma, as well as other perpetrators of evil deeds, on the ropes due, in no small part, to the great independent investigative reporting of Freedom Magazine. Most have no memory of CCHR being invited to testify before congressional committees as respected experts about the criminal acts of psychiatry, Big Pharma, and other suppressive anti human rights groups. It’s too bad that earlier issues of Freedom are not available so that current members could have something to compare to the current scene and see how off purpose the COS has sunk under the “leadership” of Miscavige. And the worst part is that, in the eyes of the public, he is dragging the subject, the religion of Scientology down with him .

  184. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    This what your Church of Scientology is turning into under David, Chairman of the Board.

    It is hard to watch, but you must have differences, similarities and identities in to understand.

    How many of you have seen such a thing? How many of you Staff members have seen or been to a faith healing event? Is it now no different than LRH intended? Oh my. thank You David, COB.

  185. Random Stranger

    Chairman Miscavein or as you say Miscavige, is in trouble in Brazil. Evidently, he has purchased large chunks of the Rain Forest there, to produce unbelievable amounts of paper promo, particularly the ones which prominently display his own photo on the front, and to print extremely large amounts of Church of Spiritual Technology 21st century updated and copyrighted books.

    The native inhabitants are angry because not only has he purchased their land right out from under them, but he’s renamed sections of the land as, Basicsville, Golden Age of Paperland, Dedication City, Miscavige Land, Eternity Town, Tom Cruise County, JT Parrish, Bartsimpson County and other names which he sold to his celebrity pals, who, word has it, objected to the intense pressure to pay millions of dollars each for the ‘privilege’ of having a chunk of land named after them.

    Reports are in that ninety percent of the population, some 100,000 plus of the native denizens are said to be on the march from the jungle headed straight to the desert in California, carrying battering rams and torches, with angry and determined looks on their faces. It seems they don’t mind their forests being cut down, but if they are renamed they really take offense and are spiritually obligated to destroy the destroyer of their namesake.

    A call into COB, RTC’s office was met with the reply, “COB can’t come to the phone right now.”

    End of Report
    Video to Follow

  186. Just saw and deleted that email, came here to give a warning. You beat me to it, Sinar.

  187. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    well Marty,

    here we are into the LEGAL aspect of it all, as I posted on Scientology Cult.

    It’s legal legal legal. the laws of the land. Think about it. The only way is the only way. The work was free so keep it so.

  188. For those who donated and are not declared. Please realize that donating the first time was the most dangerous. We did not really know which way the court hearing will go. Actually we did not really know for sure what path Debbie herself will take. It was a bit scary. We have a good feel now for how things will go down in the court if the case continues. We know exactly where Debbie stands. I know she will protect our identities just like Marty. It is safer now to donate than before. I think more people will decide to donate for the second time around if Debbie needs it.

  189. Poor Dave, supreme ruler of his Scientology Inc world. Maybe he thinks he is ruler of the whole Free World too. At least he knows how to take intimidation to new heights and take his Scientology Inc world to new lows. Let’s all pray for Dave! Maybe he should take up Christianity instead!

    Thanks Marty for dinner at the Riverwalk. It was great to finally meet you and your wife in person. And thanks for all of your help to my sister and Wayne. More and more Real Scientologists are coming forward and are cutting the chains to this monstrosity that Dave has created. When we do so, we become stronger and begin to use the tech more for what Ron taught us to use it for – to help others, ourselves as well as prosper and flourish along the dynamics. And as time passes by, we become a new and stronger group of Independent Scientologists. Thanks to you and Mike and many others for leading the way.

    2012, year of the dragon!
    In Chinese astrology the dragon is the only animal of the Chinese zodiac year that is not real and it is symbol of emperor in China. Since the Dragon is coated with mysterious color, Chinese consider that the dragon is unpredictable, untouchable and people cannot see its head and tail at the same time. Therefore, we can might see something unexpected happening in 2012.

  190. I posted on ESMB that I donated to Debbie.

    If that is a problem, next time, I’ll donate to the Lawyer’s firm!

    Just give me an address to Debbie’s Lawyer’s firm.

    And with that in mind, can’t this BS from Miscavige be dealt with by just urging people to donate to the LAWYERS who have the balls to take these suits!

    And that said, I’m sure lawyers have ways, like when Dandar was defending the mom who’s son suicided in his Scientology dad’s apartment (the dad being the one who took the son’s Lexapro and put it in his car trunk, and the dad being Denise Miscavige’s—DM’s twin sister—the dad was Denise’s student preclear and Denise got a “Handling Program” for the dad from the FSO I & R for “handling” the dad’s dealing with the son, resulting in the son suiciiding!). Dandar set up the Paypal donation account.

    Can’t we just have the info how to direct donations for Debbie’s defense, straight to her lawyer, and let the Lawyer scalp the Miscavige idiot lawyers who try to then get the list of donaters to the Lawyer!!!!

  191. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    yes, it is all legal. It has nothing to do with the truth. Exact time place event. Event. Look it up.

  192. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    the law is not based on truth. It is based on the codes, the legal codes, the UCC’s. that is all. Only a jury seeks the truth, but that is bought as well, sometimes.

  193. martyrathbun09

    It was great to meet with you too – particularly in the land of the modern Phoenix (where the Alamo plays out the other way in 2012).

  194. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    you got it. When will Scientologists wake up with their new found abilities?

  195. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    unfortunately those that can “think”, meaning those seeing outpoints – think, while those not seeing outpoints – don’t think. these just follow and hope.

  196. My name is Dean Thomas. I donated $200. I can be served at 8726 North 52 Street, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.


  197. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    any policy letter or HCOB defining this term “Severe Reality Adjustments”?Is that term mentioned anywhere by LRH? Just to be robotic in asking?

  198. Dang!! I forgot about the worms. OK, add that to the suit Dave. In case it isn’t clear, you eat worms, and poo. Your spokespooson is named Poo. You love worms, and boogars. Boogies. And enemas. Which is poo with coffee.

    And your hair is goofy. You have fake teeth. And a giant mole, which is actually poo growing under your skin.

  199. She has a website and there is a donate button or PO Box.
    Or, Marty has forwarded anything sent to him on her behalf.

  200. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    John, these people do not know. they only know one thing. Most are not exposed to the real world. They are trapped into the Scientology world. My heart saddens. This really sucks. It really is a trap. Hey, took marty and mike 4 or 5 years to de compress. You can only compare data by having a data of comparable magnitude. they found out the world ain’t so dangerous after leaving and thus comparing. Where is the danger coming from? it’s from the Church of Scientology. I’m afraid the danger is from within.

  201. On the other hand, if we make him parse out the confessions, he’ll charge more money to Dave, and then the IAS will have to get out a Freedom Cavalcade to get more donotions to FIGHT HARD TO PARSE CONFESSIONS!!!

  202. Miscavige is truly as mad as a wheel, round & round & round he goes.
    Think I’ll give Debbie a few more bucks

  203. I believe your right Dean. The economy is a bit slow, not a lot of cases lined up right now so why not ride the cash rich C of S for awhile. Spencer and his team are not stupid and they have BMW,s and lady friends with expensive tastes that must be paid for. It’s a win for Spencer all around however it goes.

  204. AHAHAHAHAHAHA I like that idea! Gimme a name

  205. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    thank you. long live an auditor.

  206. Karen, there is some truth this statement. When I first got into Scientology, I was not an adult and I was the only Academy student in my family and the nearest Org was in the next state. That right there should say something about Class V staff. Meaning, how did I get there. I was lured out of school at 15 to leave New Jersey and go to New York City alone for 3 days to meet the reg and get on course without my family being told. That right there is a felony to this day. 🙂 I cannot say that I feel like Class V staff are my enemies but I can not honestly say they are my friends. They take advantage of people, and in some cases young people looking for answers that still haven’t learned Algebra yet. I am not a supporter of course of Miscavige style staff bashing and I will never be, but from another viewpoint, mine, there is some truth to that statement, Class V staff CAN be the enemy at times.

  207. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    nuts. Yes. Get a clue. Go to some actual court hearings in your local area and see for yourself.

  208. martyrathbun09


  209. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    love yah Sam. 🙂

  210. wow…that is so interesting. I have totally experience with having to deal with the Finance Office in LA, with the Finance Director yelling obscenities over the phone constantly and accusing the Org terminals of extreme out ethics. There was NO thetan at home there, only a circuit of seething four-letter words. It was dreadful to have to think about having to take a phone call from them. In fact, when they did call, we would hold the phone away while the Finance Director was ranting and just shake our heads in disbelief/amusement. But, in reality, it was anything but amusing. David Miscavige loves creating and perpetuating the threatening environment. I am so glad I am not a part of that anymore.
    Money to Debbie is on the way.

  211. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    life is good, you make your tomorrow. And in fact you even create it, thus you can predict the future. Welcome to OT.

  212. This should have been in the Deb cook email it is clear out tech. Do you think the sbeeple would care about this outness? What about General public or press ?

  213. Fresh COB photograph (Cincinatti iDeal Org opening Febr. 25th)

    Looks to me as he has an over-run on the Grounding RD (or he used radio active copper wire from Japan).

    How is life, David Copperwitch?

  214. OneFlyingOverTheCuckoosNest

    please do another poet. Let’s dance.

  215. Back in my day it was a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, or a slap in the gut with a wet fish.

  216. Neither. He is a dramatizing R6 bank.

  217. When I hear the name Ray Jeffrey, I am reminded of Atticus Finch in the 1960 civil rights classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.

    George Spencer reminds me of Bob Ewell, the raving drunk in the same film who attacks Atticus’s children in the woods and who is killed by Boo Radley.

    David Miscavige… the lurching rabid dog that Atticus, the best shot in the county, shoots in the street.

  218. I noticed an advertising link on here, if they work on clicks or “hits”, I assume stats are adding up for advertising value… and so… OSA clicks on here are actually paying for debbies defence, in a round-about-way…. Kicking their own ass… I like it!!!

  219. Karen, in my case I would welcome such publicity! 🙂 Anyone that could tolerate the kind of things I engaged in for so long and not say anything about it {a.k.a. Church of Scientology} is either deliberately making someone ill for imagined profit and/or extremely ill themselves. Whichever comes first. I would welcome it, and not be initmidated at all. I would like to see them sleaze their way out of this one “We the Church of Scientology just discovered yesterday that drug use is not good for you, but we have been rehabilitating drug addicts for 30 years!” Sure they have! 🙂 I believe some thetans are capable of rehabilitating themselves. myself included! 🙂

  220. Ha! Time to form up the Red Army to support Chairman Miscavige! Links to purchase uniforms, arm bands and regulation shoes to follow!

  221. Oops withdraw that, it only came up once and said “999,999th visitor” or something… Hell of an idea though.

  222. Karen, my SPAM filter is so cleverly configured it is even simpler, RIGHT CLICK > DELETE. 🙂 But, I still think people should report C of S, OSA SPAM. Sometimes I think the C of S takes it for granted that people don’t even know how to read yet! A good lady friend of mine {Tory Christman} would say “Hey OSA, try pulling your head out of your ass this week!” 🙂 SPAM. It’s so ignorant. 🙂

  223. Cowboypoet, have you ever heard of anything like that before? 🙂 I just may go and read a law book or two in my spare time! 🙂 Where did this happen, that it is actionable under the law for anyone to support anyone’s legal defense? 🙂 Listen to LRH – “Most people get so confused by all the lies around they come to believe anything they are told, and that’s the reason the suppressive lies”. It sure is. The Church of Scientology in this case does have to worry obviously about believing any of those lies because they are running from the truth instead! Bravo Debbie!

  224. DMs Psychotic Break


    You are correct that the legal fees/expenses wipe out the income (resulting in no ‘income’ tax) but she still has to declare it.

  225. And i think that gift limit is per individual, so my husband and I could each give the max to Debbie and then to Wayne making a total of $40K+. Not legal or accounting advice.

  226. Thoughtful, one of my favorite books AND may I boast humbly of owning the soundtrack from the movie! Bob Ewell. What a guy. I wonder who Mayella would be? 🙂

  227. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Y’all know 99.9% of what I said is accurate right?

    Life is so much grander with friends like these!!

    Isn’t it Y’all??!!

    Specific love and thanks to those who know where I’m sending it!

    Besides…. If you haven’t laughed once yourself each day and made another laugh twice…. it’s wasn’t a good day! Today is an awesome day I’d say!

    Sam….. I know your serious but damm girl, that was good!

    Booo Yahh!!

    — Jackson

  228. Karen, I’ll tell you where the Church is taking a huge gamble publishing p.c. folder data. Look up the word DUB IN in the tech dictionary. It states right there p.c. can be hallucinatory. ANYTHING can be DUB IN. WHO in the Church can go through these folders and state ANYTHING as fact? It could all be DUB IN and this is wide known fact. They CANNOT prove ONE THING in court that came from a P.C.’s mouth. To print ANYTHING from a P.C. folder as FACT is sheer intend to bring harm / and/ or domestic terrorism. Slander. They will have to PROVE anything they broadcast as FACT. IF one lodges a complaintf domestic terrorism, the F.B.I. WILL find the source. And document the associations.

  229. Hmm. All beings are basically good. And deep down he knows he is doing damage, so he wants to remove himself from the scene (blow). But he cannot, because he would have to come up the tone scale from punishing bodies to fear to decide to leave. But he still cannot leave, because then he will lose the love of his life, Tom Cruise. He is in a tough spot guys. Show some empathy (no sympathy — that’s too “low-toned”).

  230. The money was not paid to Debbie so it is not income tax. It was paid to her attorney, she only forwarded donations to the attorney. She collected income for the attorney, not herself.

  231. Tony DePhillips

    OMG!!! LOL!!!!!!! gulp, wheeze…more laughter….You’re killing me dude!!

  232. Tony DePhillips

    Stop it!! LOL!!!

  233. It’s nice being part of a group again!
    A 3rd dynamic group for a common and more than decent purpose – To rid ourselves of a truly Hitler-type SP that has been destroying the greatest technology and philosophy of all-times, that all of bought into, with all of our soul and spirit to change all that was wrong with the world. Hope to meet all of you for the 3rd Annual Indie 4th of July Party in Minnesota! Should be a hell of a bash after all of this!

  234. Random Stranger

    12) The Robert Minton Estate

  235. Tony DePhillips

  236. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Cowboy!!

  237. Oh oh, Randy is confessing!! Dave, quick, is he on the list?

  238. Probably say ….
    We are watching you. Expect us!
    They make some pretty powerful postulates.

  239. Random Stranger

    What about just plain ole common sense: OPTIMISTIC AND ENTHUSIASTIC APPROACH TO LIFE?

  240. HaHa Jackson! Love that!

  241. Spencer’s “defense” is unbelievable for a reputable attorney. Is he planning on retiring after this is over? Miscavige better be paying him enough to do so…

  242. I once heard the courtroom scene described as, “Not the truth, but rather which lawyer can paint the better picture of their side of the argument.”

  243. The point is .. what are the goals? Fighting whatever? Or making Clears, OT’s and Auditors. As the DM church’s production of value is dwindling, the outsiders will be producing more valuable products in greater number. Isn’t that what Hubbard wanted? Soon Davie will leave and merges can happen.

  244. That’s absurd. No one “deserves” to use the legal system to intimidate, harrass, and abuse innocent people. Miscavige’s lawyers know that is what they are doing. That is not in any way comparable to, say, a guilty criminal having a right to representation, having a right to defend himself, as Miscavige will do when criminal charges are finally brought against him. If Spencer were defending someone who seemed to be guilty, he would be doing an unpleasant job that needed to be done, he would be working for the justice system and helping to make sure that even the guilty get the fair trial they have a right to. If Spencer were doing that he would have nothing to be embarrassed about and his kids and wife would have no reason not to be proud of him.

  245. Thank you Karen.

  246. This was a reply to: Off The Fence
    See above

  247. Miscavige: your Napoleon complex is showing.

  248. Looks to me like he’s gritting his teeth, trying to hold back the expletives he’s just dying to unleash…

  249. Under Miscavigria Law (Scientology’s version of Islam’s Sharia Law), David Miscavige will have his water boy Spencer sue all of the Scientologists that Debbie’s letter reached. These people will all need to be locked up in a religious prison to stop the rampage of joking and degrading in which the scotch-addled cult dictator is engulfed. Seriously, David Miscavige is permanently stuck in some identity that is halfway between Stalin and Liberace. His stage sets scream Las Vegas while his actions say Soviet Russia.

    The Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet now has his attorneys threatening all those who are conspiring with Debbie Cook to engage in Free Speech. It looks like Dave has achieved staggering new heights of idiocy in his quest to rule the world.

    David Miscavige will, paradoxically, become Debbie Cook’s best fundraiser. People will send Debbie money just to stick it to David Miscavige.

  250. disinfected —
    Around a couple of hours ago I decided to donate. Things happened and I hadn’t done it yet. Would I have? I think so, but there’s a good chance I would have actually forgotten in a few more minutes, followed by endless Q&A. So thanks for saying what you did — “Money is tight and I have not donated to date but I will do so now” — I immediately opened up a new page, went here to Marty’s blog, clicked on “Donate”, near the top left, made a donation, and came straight back here to say I did it. You kind of indicated my item on donating to Debbie — “money is tight”. Immediately I donated.

    You’re right, money is tight and times are tough. But this is an important fight for freedom of speech and religion, and Debbie must have the continued support to keep holding her position in space. (Didn’t she do an awesome job of holding her position? Wow!)

    Everyone here has a stake in this — Scientologist or not. I would like to invite and challenge everyone here to donate right now as you read this, even though money is tight, as started by “disinfected” above:
    – Open up a new page
    – Go to this site’s home page. Click on “Donate”.
    – Make a donation, specifying Debbie Cook Fund
    – Come back here and say you did it.

    (Please donate if you can. Don’t feel bad if you can’t. You’ll come back later.

    Thanks for listening. I’ve never tried to fund-raise before, but Debbie’s case is just so absolutely crystal-clear and potentially crucial, that I just had to uncharacteristically say something, when “disinfected” got me inspired to go straight to “Donate”.)

  251. First Principle

    “Could it be that David Miscavige does not want the truth of the allegations against him examined in court?”

    Thank you Frank, for putting it more accurately than I could.

  252. God find, good questions.If you were looking for the afore mentionedvideo the search has to be done on the youtube site; not google.i

  253. I think the word leader is a bad choice. I’m one of the hundreds of mission holders busted in 1982. I surely never thought of myself as a leader and I seriously doubt that any other mission holder did. I don’t think Ron did, for that matter.
    I’m sure Hitler did though, and Stalin and Mao.

  254. Cindy – In keeping with your comment, this below is not an attack on ALL lawyers, and I would hope the intelligent ones will appreciate the humor which illustrates how dumb some can be.

    [two of my favorites]
    Lawyer: “Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?”
    Witness: “No.”
    Lawyer: “Did you check for blood pressure?”
    Witness: “No.”
    Lawyer: “Did you check for breathing?”
    Witness: “No.”
    Lawyer: “So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?”
    Witness: “No.”
    Lawyer: “How can you be so sure, Doctor?”
    Witness: “Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.”
    [pause while lawyer thinks]
    Lawyer: “But could the patient have still been alive nevertheless?”
    Witness: “Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law somewhere.”

    Lawyer: (realizing he was on the verge of asking a stupid question) “Your Honor, I’d like to strike the next question.”

  255. Since 9/11 by law, a return address has to be on the envelope, or it won’t go through.

  256. hilarious! I love your writing. Every sentence reveals something new!

  257. Defender of Theta


    I suspect you are right. A smart client briefs his attorney on all the material facts. But, DM is unlikely to have said, “Uh, there is this small matter of me expressing myself with beatings, uh, I mean fully justified Tone 40 intention, that you should know about.”

    So, the attorney gets blind-sided. I have seen it before.


  258. Spot on D of T. It’s the biggest outpoint of omission and probably the most damning.

  259. Does this look familiar to anyone?

  260. Ya, where do I send my money!? I missed the last round of donations so I’ll be sure to double it.

    As “thought is boss” Spence, have a swift kick to the groin. Scumbag.

    In this Universe, even crap has its benefits. It’s time we till Miscavage into the ground.

    Why, every galactic soul in the Universe shall know him as “worthless” worm food.

  261. Yet another paralell. But in the end, gets put in jail for TAX EVASION.

    Not long now, David Miscavige!

  262. “Funny, this whole insanity of asking for donors could easily be reversed. Ray could ask the church for a list of church donators whose money has been spent to file and prosecute their case.”
    LOL – Hey! I’m on that list too! 😀

  263. Karen
    The information posted on the web was from FPRD, OT levels and marriage counseling sessions.

  264. “I can’t believe the lawyers would put their names to these emails”

    There is something about close association with the CoS/DM that seems to have that effect to pervert thinking of the legal professionals.

    Think Gur Finkelstien, Moxon etc…..(i am sure some here can fill in more blanks)

    I feel sorry for Spencer in a way, if history stands true who knows what he will be doing (or where serving) all through chance acceptance of a case from the DM/RCS pen of poison.

  265. Still wearing the wedding ring I see.
    Where’s your wife Davey? Are you hoping she’ll get cancer and die before she has the chance to escape and tell the world what she knows?

  266. Jackson – Love you!
    Let’s kick the tires and light the fires!

  267. FINAL I hope Mike is correct. I mean seriously, the ongoing abuse of the US judicial system is a joke. Where the hell is the FBI, IRS and probably ATF

  268. That was awesome!

  269. Brett YOU DA MAN!!!!

  270. Jim you/re awesome!

  271. Jim, you need to get out and read a bit more my dear Man! This has been done for 40-50 years in varying intensities, to Sea Org, Staff, general public, anyone who the COS decides has become an enemy. They have done it to Marty and Mike and hundreds of others, overtly and covertly, Overt being plastering personal data around the neighborhood, or passing it out to co-workers, calling employers, etc. etc. Covert being reading the data from your folders, finding buttons, having random and non random people screaming something at you, making mention of it, reporting you to the IRS (but only after you stop donating to the COS), or anything else.

    It is called a folder cull. It is a well refined drill.

  272. George M. White

    Miscavige needs a new tailor. His shoulder pads are massive.
    Is he trying out for the NFL?

  273. Although what you say has occurred in the past, do you really think DM would risk this “all or nothing” attempt to silence Debbie?

    I think his psychosis has extended once again into the broad public sector and he is just a hair away from being his own executioner. Can’t wait!

  274. Jim,

    You are clueless.

    I have had priest penitent data used against me while I was in good standing! I wasn’t even kicked out yet and the worms in HCO were giving data out to another (single) individual.


    “….pressure and time….”

  275. I am ex-SO also. In TU EU ex-SO is the worst category you can have. That practice came suddenly mid of 90´ies. The competene, like training and old good quality translations do not matter. Totally incompetent non-ex-SO is better qualified to translate than an old translator trained in the time when LRH was there and we studied the lecture “LRH briefing to translation mission”. That is totally unknown in current TU. The KRs about mistranslations go to carbage, because you are ex-SO.

  276. Sandy Richards

    I donated to Debbie Cook’s defense.

    To the church of Scientology and to David Miscavige:
    You are not my ‘boogie man’.
    You are just a little group with a little man in hiding, having to buy your way around.
    Much like a John, who purchases whores to provide what he cannot honestly, earnestly and openly, get on his own merit.
    How’s it feel, to have to purchase your way around, not being able to ‘hold your own’?

    I am so sick of this thuggery, the tactics of manipulation, the ‘trained’ covert ops, the ‘religious’ cover purposely used, the use of misdirection for self, the lying, the cheating, the ‘dodge’ with literalness, the ‘almost’ threats run on people.

    And what ‘shadow’ agency do you actually think you represent?

    And how do you explain yourself, by making promises in exchange to procure, then to stand in defiance of that promise? Who do you pay for that one, John?

    I say, “fuck you, you dickless wonder!”

  277. “Lizabeth” – I’ll bet you can’t cite *any* postal regulation or DHS regulation to back that one up.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  278. Miscavige’s perspective on law and legal matters:

    “Aberration: a departure from rational thought or behavior. It means basically to err, to make mistakes, or more specifically to have fixed ideas which are not true. The word is also used in its scientific sense. It means departure from a straight line. If a line should go from A to B, then if it is aberrated it would go from A to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, and finally arrive at B. Taken in this sense, it would also mean the lack of straightness or to see crookedly as, for example, a man sees a horse but thinks he sees an elephant. Aberrated conduct would be wrong conduct, or conduct not supported by reason. When a person has engrams, these tend to deflect what would be his normal ability to perceive truth and bring about an aberrated view of situations which then would cause an aberrated reaction to them. Aberration is opposed to sanity, which would be its opposite. From the Latin, aberrare, to wander from; Latin, ab, away, errare, to wander, (LRH).”

  279. Not according to the USPS website. It states that a return address is not required rather preferred in case the item has to be returned.

    Even if it was required one could always have it returned to a random address or dead letterbox.

  280. Hi Mike, At the post office other day and would not accept my post, had long discussion with more than one. Of course you can put any address on it but has to have a return by law since 9/11 they said. I will look into and get some facts to confirm.
    Thank you

  281. Bob –

    You’re right… it’s easy to Q & A with a donation of hard earned $$$. But this is “right place/right time” to do so. I gave twice as much as last round and it feels good to help a truly pro-survival cause. Wish it could be more. How much do you think I could hock my Patron w/ Honors pin for? That’s a real diamond in that there sucker, right? Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t…..

  282. It occurred to me that DM may think there is actually some kind of organization that has been set up rather like the C of S and he believes that he can find it if he demands the names of donors. His attorneys are going to be very dismayed when and IF the donor names are ever divulged, because it will be VERY obvious that there is no such organization. I have to wonder just how he plans to deal with the anons and non-Scientologists who supported Debbie. And that`s really a tiger by the tail because anons and non-Scientologists are impervious to threats of disconnection and going after them certainly can`t be thought to be ecclesiastical justice!

  283. Excuse me, I need to prepare to go in session with another person who doesn’t give a shit about your empty threats.

    No excuse necessary.

    You and another person rock!

  284. USPS Regulations – Addressing Page:

    See section 1.5.3 “Required Use of Return Addresses”

    Return Addresses are only required in specific circumstances noted therein.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  285. Looks like someone encountered some officious twits at the USPS who just wanted to be awkward; the collective noun for officious twist is “post office”.

    At one point officious twits were thought to be extinct in their natural habitat but there has been increased reports of sightings in Southern USA in recent years.

    (To be fair most USPS staff I’ve encountered were quite nice. Also the USA is the only place where a Sherrif’s deputy gave me ride home in her cruiser when I was being cheeky and asked her to, she was gorgeous. Don’t get the same response in Canada, Australia or England.)

  286. We already know, they send out bogus cease and desist (any criminal activity you may be up to!?) letters, usually to the parents even though one anon was in his mid 30’s and had left home decades before. They came with a DVD called Anonymous: Hate Crimes (warning graphic content).

    Well they use to until we started using them as badges of honor, framing them saying Presented by the church of scientology for out standing services in Enturbulation. Been over 3 years since they did that I think, wow how time flies when you’re having fun.

  287. Exactly, looks like the photos we know from the illustrations of 1.1ers (just 0.1 point above fear)

  288. I’ve heard reference to the curse of the church of scientology. This is when a person’s direct or indirect links with the church of scientology produces massive bad PR. Jeff Stone is a name that comes to mind but he’s not the only one; might be the dumbest or most obstinate.

    Perhaps this is the blessing of the church of scientology, that when a person is attacked by the church of scientology (aka David Miscavige) lots of people rally round to support them.

  289. Maybe. Or maybe an OSA minion was trying to discourage donors from using untraceable means of donation. Given the context here, I tend to first suspect the latter.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  290. As was pointed out on Village Voice David Miscavige’s pose is identical in all pictures of all idle morgues (auto correction again – well it insists on being factual).

    Apparently there is some theory that this pose is the most up beat because the lines his body create are up and to the right, which is what we recognise as a growth in a graph. If David Miscavige wants to see reality he need only look in a mirror… Some of you might want to look at the reflection in a mirror. 😉

  291. Called and went back to PO. Looked up site which did it, thanks. Mea Culpa! I went theedy weedy and into agreement after some protest with the aggressive person’s verbal tech on “All Mail.” What I wanted mailed from the window, yes, is covered in Section 1.5.3.

    I know now that I could mail small envelope and large one with correct address, postage, without return, if dropped in box.
    I passed my disgruntlement on to my comment, sorry.
    Some days are tough..
    Thank you Sir, for helping me clear it and for others.

  292. Warning Paypal are something of a law on to themselves, when threatened with greater oversight in the UK they moved to Luxemburgh.

    They are kosha but they get very suspicious very quickly if large amounts of money start pouring in to an account and are apt to freeze the account and ask questions later, unlike more traditional banks that need court orders; all banks notify on unusual activity.

    It’s not that you will loose legitimate money BUT you may have cash flow problems if you trigger Paypal to go in to lockdown of the account mode; you can be sure the Miscavige mob will be keen to aggitate.

    Not saying don’t use it just beware the risks. Maybe try to pave the way with Paypal first. t

  293. Mike. No maybes, it wasn’t, but can see how it could look that way. You’re on the ball. Tall and straight, thanks.

  294. There is a positive relationship between how successful a lawyer is and how much they’re prepared to abuse ignorance of the law.

    I’ve seen numerous examples of people being screwed by lawyers who didn’t care about their rights.

    Take lawyers that deal with default rent in Colorado. As a rule a defaulter on rent in Colorado has certain rights but only of they defend them. The first stage of such hearings is intended as a means for both parties to resolve their differences without a judge. So the unrepresented defendents give their sob story to the plaintiffs lawyer and he says he’s going for a default judgement the defendent then thinks they’ve had their moment to present their sob story and just throw their hands up. No judge, default ruling – they might as well have not turned up.

    The law is obsfucated by lawyers to make money which means those with money are better able to defend themselves.

    It’s only thanks to ethical lawyers like Debbie’s defence council that we all don’t fall victim to the power of wealth.

  295. Lizabeth: I do not wish to falsely accuse. I am known to be overly suspicious where OSA is concerned.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  296. Mike, know what you mean and I’m fine. I wouldn’t trust you if you didn’t mistrust me some. I’m probably more suspicious then you in that area.
    Thanks for caring and posting.

  297. I am frankly STUNNED at the fact that there are only 7 comments on her post on her personal website (as of this writing). Gratified that there appear to be so many supporters here, but wtf — only 7 people have commented on her personal site?

    Maybe I missed something somewhere that warned folks off of commenting there? Or maybe she is not allowing folks to acknowledge her courage on her own site? (This is quite possible — just — man, I HOPE that’s why there is such miserly support seen there.)

  298. Excellent work RS !

  299. It still is Mr Rinder.

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