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German Independents

In the spirit of the March 13 LRH Birthday Game please see the following update from the intrepid  and insouciant Feli at the German Independent Blog.

Hi Marty,
Just wanted to let you know that after it being pretty slow at the end of the past year we are fully back and have gotten a lot of new contacts. This was the phase where readers were commenting more than ever before.

Since the beginning of the blog we had 62,914 visitors to the blog.
Since starting we have published 112 articles – see attachment.
People write to the blog stating that they are impressed by the
analytical and informative data on the blog – they really like
Friends of LRH and similar posts.
Our highest ever day in visitors was the day after the publication
of the article about Biggi Reichert in the German newspaper “BILD”
when we had 800 visitors in one day – 395 alone from search

Seems that that event plus Debbie’s email gave our blog a big boost.

Still a lot of people find our German blog via the link you provide
on you blog. – Thank you.

As comments get more and people get more in comm there is more and
more reach for services and we are in the middle of organising some
auditing, courses, twinships etc.
There are not yet groups with a stable location in the indie field
nevertheless Rebecca and Worsel have been helping a lot of guys with
references and technical advice.

There is a plan to establish a safe location in the area of
*********** – which is more or less in the middle of Germany. People
are working to prepare material for courses so that we can
establish an online course room – translation, compilation and
converting into files. Hope you like this information.

Please give my love to Mosey.
Love, Feli