German Independents

In the spirit of the March 13 LRH Birthday Game please see the following update from the intrepid  and insouciant Feli at the German Independent Blog.

Hi Marty,
Just wanted to let you know that after it being pretty slow at the end of the past year we are fully back and have gotten a lot of new contacts. This was the phase where readers were commenting more than ever before.

Since the beginning of the blog we had 62,914 visitors to the blog.
Since starting we have published 112 articles – see attachment.
People write to the blog stating that they are impressed by the
analytical and informative data on the blog – they really like
Friends of LRH and similar posts.
Our highest ever day in visitors was the day after the publication
of the article about Biggi Reichert in the German newspaper “BILD”
when we had 800 visitors in one day – 395 alone from search

Seems that that event plus Debbie’s email gave our blog a big boost.

Still a lot of people find our German blog via the link you provide
on you blog. – Thank you.

As comments get more and people get more in comm there is more and
more reach for services and we are in the middle of organising some
auditing, courses, twinships etc.
There are not yet groups with a stable location in the indie field
nevertheless Rebecca and Worsel have been helping a lot of guys with
references and technical advice.

There is a plan to establish a safe location in the area of
*********** – which is more or less in the middle of Germany. People
are working to prepare material for courses so that we can
establish an online course room – translation, compilation and
converting into files. Hope you like this information.

Please give my love to Mosey.
Love, Feli

36 responses to “German Independents

  1. Tom Gallagher

    Gerade nach oben und vertikal!

  2. What happened to Biggi is a puzzle.
    Somebody will talk eventually but the details may be so bizzare
    and enough time passed it will get swept under the carpet or passed off as urban legend.
    Hard evidense is ominus, its almost a string pull that can get you killed by Men In Black, only thats another String Pull, Whose Men In Black?

  3. Start with all facts, Do a picture summary.
    Throw all the Data Evaluator LRH Tech at it you can throw.
    Clay Demo the scene, investigate and comeup with more
    data. Start a Big Board with pictures and suspects,
    watch detective and crime soaps on the tele to get
    ideas on that.
    Offer rewards for informatilon.

  4. Das ist sehr gut!!!!!

  5. Großartig!

    The New Years Message from Debbie Cook is a significant make-break point.

    Feli is doing a great job with her efforts and I am looking forward to help the german independent field as it is the right thing to do: Forwarding LRHs Legacy to the world and future generations.
    I will provide some more translations soon.

    Thank you Felicitas and good luck to you and best postulates for your family and fiends still inside the box.


  6. Brian Lambert

    Looks like this revolution has a life of it’s own. Add water and “presto”. There is a perfect storm brewing. This train is loaded.

    Davey, get off the tracks. Or stay…………… in any case, this train is moving with a heavy load.

    Free independent scientologists! Choo chooo!!!

  7. Feli, Awesome!!!!!!! what a great gift for LRH! Freedom is worth fighting for!

  8. family and friends

  9. I like to read a post about expansion in the morning, looks like … victory!

  10. Feli,

    There is no better gift for your fellows than helping them sort out their own truth. My hat is off to you!!

  11. Rory Medford

    Indies keep spreading your tentacles

    Outflow equals inflow

    spread the word

    we have really good word of mouth

    corp scn has really really bad PR and word of mouth

    fill the void and grow

    make LRH happy for his birthday

  12. Feli like your messages great stuff !!!

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Love the way you say it Brian! this train is moving with a heavy load, like on the film “V for Vendetta” with Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving.

    The last train scene:

    Someone(s), under the cover of some mask (Anonymous, take note, we are the Real Anonymous and we can teach about the true human soul which is masked under a human face and some Earth Identity), so, someone(s) HAD TO “DIE” in the attempt but the… TRAIN IS NOW LOADED….

    DM YOUR PARLIAMENT IS GONNA BE SOON TURNED INTO ASHES… and a true Group is going to be made again out of us to really Teach the World the Great Lessons in Volume and in unprecedented speed (see the post here on the German blog) as we have ALL pledged to do to the one man who did so much for Mankind… who you failed to righteously serve David.

  14. I am looking to re-connect with a German couple that lived in Los Angeles and worked for me in Marina-Del-Rey for about 4 years (between 1995 and 1999). I just want to say hello and see if they’re OK. They did great work for me, but I could see their lives degrade because of Scientology’s abuse. Ultimately they had to leave (to get away from Sci) to Hawaii and I never heard from them again. I’m just curious to find out if they’re doing fine. The names were “Karl” and “Petra” from Germany. I don’t remember the last names.

  15. And the statistics of that German Indie blog are factual, of course – not Miscavige hyper event fake style !

  16. To an outsider (me) the public behaviour of corp scn is atrocious! To say it has ‘bad PR’ is an understatement. (how dare the freedom mag criticise Mike Rinder – Tommy Davis is the PR equivalent of a road accident!)

    Best and speedy wishes for the independant Scientology Reformation.

    Herzliche Grusse!

  17. plainoldthetan

    The church puts a lot of faith in column-inches of press (not column-inches of good press, just column-inches of press). See the references to “column inches” in the Church’s article at

    Looking at the ACTUAL STATS posted by Der Treffpunkt, I wondered if the Church was counting the “column-inches” of writings done by that site in their “column-inch” stat.

    If they are, it means that that’s the OTHER CHURCH STAT thats going “straight up and vertical” besides square-footage of empty unused buildings.

    It doesn’t have to be a CHURCH STAT for us outsiders to know it’s going “straight up and vertical”, even if you just count the outside-the-church reporters.

  18. Theo Sismanides

    Feli, congratulations! Europe starts shifting again! Danke, haha!

  19. I have been so abused on “stats” I just glossed over them as BS and kept reading. Thanks for reminding me…

  20. Freedom Fighter

    Prima! Dieses ist ausgezeichnete Nachrichten!
    (Great! This is excellent news!)

  21. Its likley they could be located . The question is do you know what part of Germany they were from? and which Class IV Org if they were ever at one. or were they ever at the Advance Org which is known as AOSHDK.Copenhagen. Why dont you ask the german blog to Post .

  22. Felicitas Foster

    Thank you all for the wonderful acks.

  23. Can I ask you something Are you from Munich ? or Switerland were you around in 1980 ?

  24. one of those who see

    This is such great news!! Wishing you much success with REAL Scientology delivery to the free people of Germany.

  25. Thank you for your reply. I don’t really know anything about what they did in Germany with Scientology. I met them only in the US and all I knew at the time was that they were Scientologists. I never really discussed the subject with them much since I liked them a lot and did not want to cause any antagonism. (I’ve been known to do that!)

  26. from above marty post:

    “Seems that that event plus Debbie’s email gave our blog a big boost.”

    Recalling Debbie’s email, about KSW and donating and there are only two donations “The IAS: The IAS was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and David Miscavige. This was supposed to be based on LRH policies on the subject of membership and the HASI, however the IAS is nothing like the membership system described by LRH which only has two memberships and is covered in HCO PL 22 March 1965 “Current Promotion and Org Program Summary, Membership Rundown” and states:

    “There are two memberships…”- LRH

    Consider the cost of going up the bridge nowadays vs years ago. Consider the cost to go up the bridge in the COS, what are your actual costs all along it. It appears one is working for the church although you may think you are a public paying for services and helping the cause, is that self sacrifice?. Consider clearing the planet. Is it possible under the current mock-up under the current COS?

    Money is the attention unit of the society.
    It’s what everybody is after, listen to the Money Tapes.

    Question: are people here after the money? Or the truth?

  27. Can you imagine a world where you just had a fight with your spouse, and you were bent out of shape. So you walked over to your neighbor, and told him about it. And he says pick up the cans, flys your ruds, and all is good. You go back and kiss your wife. The neighbor says give me a yard grass cut and all is good or maybe give me 50 bucks, whatever. Now that is a cleared planet.

  28. there will be peace on earth the day we can trust each other. LRH

  29. And why shouldn’t they? Of course, they’d miss that the org is not the cause point of our actions. But we are no enemies. We are actually helping to preserve Scientology for them as well. We work to reduce the confusion that came after the impact of the “New Ideas” of Mr. Miscavige.
    “You can’t make a product – just make a product. That is not possible. Times change, things alter. You can’t just say it’s a product. And nobody does, oddly enough, but they don’t have it on their org boards. And sooner or later they neglect it. They’ve got to qualify the product. Got to qualify it. They’ve got to say, “This is how it behaves, and this is what it does,” and then they got to go back and straighten up in the manufacture of the product anything that went wrong in making the product that made it fall down in qualification so that it couldn’t meet the conditions which it was going to be used under. Do you see? So this was an absolutely vital step.
    And no factory actually does miss this. When they do miss this, they’ve had it. They keep pouring out automobiles. I think – I think once in a while … The Lincoln, the Lincoln car of – I think it was about the 58 model or the 59 model – this was missing. And they sold those things madly (to important people, too, because it took that much to buy it), and just gave themselves the worst name you ever heard of, because out that thing went, and its electrical connections promptly started failing all over the place. It had ever had any inspection on put-together, and the distributors hadn’t got this step on their org board in their garages, and so on, out through the country, so they filled up their service bays and showrooms with non-running Lincolns. You couldn’t repair any Lincoln because all the Lincolns they’d sold had come back. Nothing could move on the line because, the qualification step having been missing, you now had the whole product unmoving. Even if it did go out, it was rejected. SO THEY LEFT THIS UP TO THE PUBLIC; SO THE PUBLIC WAS DOING THIS STEP. YOU SEE, SOMEBODY HAD TO WEAR THIS HAT. You follow that? AND INEVITABLY SOMEBODY HAS TO WEAR THIS HAT IF IT IS MISSING ON THESE THINGS. It’s very, very amusing. So that’s your Qualifications Division….”
    (ORG BOARD AND LIVINGNESS , 6 April 1965)

    In Orgs, Qual has come to accept technical orders, it has accepted these “New Ideas”, like GAT, like general “C/S”-instructions etc. So we give them some help. Pressure was apparently to strong or things were to confusing, hats were dropped and people that attempted to wear these hats were kicked out and things came off the rails. So we help.

  30. A second note: The other huge area that seems to be first in need of a little back-up is Ethics. In communications it had become obvious that the subject of Ethics is practically unknown (and is replaced by some kind of policing activity of moral and behavior, named “Ethics” in todays CofS.)
    For example, the lecture from 3 April 1962 about the Overt-Motivator-Sequence where Ron had found out what it really is and what was wrong with his earlier views about it, is virtually unknown in Germany. Strange data about “pulling things in” circulate instead that in earlier times found their place only as justifications for overts. (HCOB, More Justifications).
    How to do Ethics condition, especially the ones below Non-Existence seems to be only rarely known. Therefore we focused on such points and quoted some of the basic texts on the matter. (like from: Talk to Ethics Officers St. Hill and WW, Ethics and Case Supervision, Code of Honour). This was very well received.

  31. Looks like Debbie got the TA moving more in 2 months than the combined total of all efforts in 2011. VWD Debbie, you know the drill; TA moving, do nothing!

  32. Thanks a lot Feli!! And:
    Happy Birthday to LRH from the German Independents!!

  33. + 1 🙂

  34. ok then thats hard to help locate

  35. I’d love to know more about the Austrian Independent scene .. if anyone wants to communicate about it, please post details of how to reach you.

  36. Hell yeah! Excellent news. Go Germans!

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