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Corporate Scientology Mind Control – DOX

Though she did not have a clue about the depth of treachery used to “handle” dissenters when she left, fortunately Debbie Cook has had some schooling since leaving the corporate church of Scientology a few years back. While she feigns being in ‘good standing’ to maintain some cred with which to reach corporate Scientology, she is in as ‘good’ a standing with corporate Scientology as I am.  I have yet to receive a single communication from the organization, including a declare order of any kind.  If the organizational axiom ‘if it isn’t in writing it isn’t true’ still holds any water, I am still the president and a board member of Religious Technology Center (RTC, the highest organization in the hierarchy) and Inspector General.  While some have argued the latter post has been in a higher ethics condition over the past three years, it hasn’t stopped Miscavige’s cold war era troops (Office of Special Affairs – OSA) from running intel and propaganda operations on me on numerous channels continuously since Feb ’09.   And so it is with Debbie Cook for committing the unpardonable sin of talking truth to power (in this case actually to Treason).  In truth, the “Captain FSO”, is merely wearing her hat in the most effective way she ever has from a safe point where she can speak out.

Since I am not in direct communication with Debbie I will assay to resume her continuing education publicly.  It will also serve to educate quite a few other folks who have demonstrated varying degrees of dissent, or INDEPENDENCE, from corporate Scientology.

Remember, I have several times reported that David Miscavige basically has only two missiles in his arsenal:

a)  Pressure.  Overwhelm accomplished by creepy, cold war era intelligence and propaganda techniques designed to put an Independent into a more amenable frame of mind.   It is Black Dianetics, aimed at weakening a person psychologically.  The first and most effective means utilized is INFILTRATION.  That means mining all connections of the target, and embedding OSA in such a manner that those close to the target are, wittingly or not, serving OSA’s purposes in influencing (and shuddering) the target into silence.

b) Buy Out.  Once “a” is accomplished with sufficient force as to weaken the targeted Independent, and thus the price to own the person is sufficiently low to satisfy Miscavige’s sense of DOMINATION, Miscavige will negotiate SILENCE AND COMPLIANCE.

That is it, in a nutshell. Historically, the greater number of those targeted are either sufficiently influenced by those around them who have been infiltrated and influenced, that the target is effectively made ineffective and/or put into an amendable frame of mind to parley.

In order to give Debbie and the public at large more reality on how “a” is accomplished, I am publishing an Office of Special Affairs report detailing how this technique was applied to one Karen Pressley (once wife of musician/composer “On the Wings of Love” Peter Schless).

Though Debbie and those similarly situated would love to believe they will be treated differently because they are not condemning Scientology as a philosophy as was Ms. Pressley, they have misread Miscavige entirely.  No, when one dissents in order to ensure the survival of the philosophy of Scientology, the programs to destroy such an individual rise to a whole new level of treachery, force and vengeance.

Debbie can take it to the bank, Miscavige is already going far beyond what is contained in the following document when it comes to Debbie.  Where they have contacted the preacher that baptized Karen, you can bet they have already contacted the doctor that delivered Debbie.

THE OFFICIAL CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY REPORT ON OPERATIONS AGAINST KAREN PRESLEY: (note, the term “DSA” stands for Director of Special Affairs, the OSA representative in each, local “church” of Scientology)

February 8, 2006


                Both the DSA Atlanta and DSA Austin have been talking to their Christian ministry contacts about Pressley.

The DSA Atlanta contacted Stacy Robinson of the Robinson Agency who books Pressley for Christian speaking engagements.  Robinson has a website which contains information about Pressley and how to book her to speak at an event.

The DSA asked Robinson to help her as she had attempted to speak to Pressley unsuccessfully and would like to somehow influence Pressley to stop bashing her Church and stick to ministering Christianity.  Ms. Robinson asked the DSA what she wanted of Pressley and the DSA expressed her frustration with the content of Karen’s “speeches” and that her fellow parishioners were deeply distressed with the falsehoods spread by Pressley and we needed Ms. Robinson’s help to get these lies stopped.  Ms. Robinson told the DSA that she could do nothing about the content of Pressley’s lectures and that the “Biblical” thing to do is to speak directly with her.  The DSA told Ms. Robinson, she was hoping she could help by promoting Pressley less or not at all so long as the subject was bashing another church and its followers.  Ms. Robinson said all she could do is give her name and number to Pressley and that if Pressley wanted to talk to her she could.  The DSA told Robinson if she could encourage Pressley to call her so we could end all this, she would very much appreciate it. Ms. Robinson said she will see what she could do.

The DSA also spoke to Rev. Johnny Hunt, pastor of the First Baptist Church Woodstock. He runs the church where Pressley was baptized. He told the DSA that Pressley rarely attends his Church any more as she moved out of the area but that her family still attends.  He said that Pressley now attends Roswell Baptist Church. 

Hunt told the DSA that if he saw Pressley any of her family members he would give them the DSA’s name, message and number so that Pressley could contact the DSA herself. There is nothing he could do about the situation.

The DSA has a call in to Dan Hayes, Executive Director of the Atlanta Community Ministries of which Pressley’s ministry is a part as well as Stacy Buchanan, Ministry Manager. (This is the woman who screens and approves all ministries that will function through ACM.)  The DSA has not had a call back yet.  The DSA has also e-mailed to a list of Christians terminals on Pressley’s lines. 

The DSA Austin has spoken with one of the board members of the Evangelical Ministry to New Religions (EMNR) and sent emails to two other board members concerning the misrepresentations that have come up in Pressley’s past speeches. The DSA will be attending their annual conference starting Thursday and will be talking directly with different members of the group.  Pressley was scheduled to speak there but said that she may not attend.