Corporate Scientology Mind Control – DOX

Though she did not have a clue about the depth of treachery used to “handle” dissenters when she left, fortunately Debbie Cook has had some schooling since leaving the corporate church of Scientology a few years back. While she feigns being in ‘good standing’ to maintain some cred with which to reach corporate Scientology, she is in as ‘good’ a standing with corporate Scientology as I am.  I have yet to receive a single communication from the organization, including a declare order of any kind.  If the organizational axiom ‘if it isn’t in writing it isn’t true’ still holds any water, I am still the president and a board member of Religious Technology Center (RTC, the highest organization in the hierarchy) and Inspector General.  While some have argued the latter post has been in a higher ethics condition over the past three years, it hasn’t stopped Miscavige’s cold war era troops (Office of Special Affairs – OSA) from running intel and propaganda operations on me on numerous channels continuously since Feb ’09.   And so it is with Debbie Cook for committing the unpardonable sin of talking truth to power (in this case actually to Treason).  In truth, the “Captain FSO”, is merely wearing her hat in the most effective way she ever has from a safe point where she can speak out.

Since I am not in direct communication with Debbie I will assay to resume her continuing education publicly.  It will also serve to educate quite a few other folks who have demonstrated varying degrees of dissent, or INDEPENDENCE, from corporate Scientology.

Remember, I have several times reported that David Miscavige basically has only two missiles in his arsenal:

a)  Pressure.  Overwhelm accomplished by creepy, cold war era intelligence and propaganda techniques designed to put an Independent into a more amenable frame of mind.   It is Black Dianetics, aimed at weakening a person psychologically.  The first and most effective means utilized is INFILTRATION.  That means mining all connections of the target, and embedding OSA in such a manner that those close to the target are, wittingly or not, serving OSA’s purposes in influencing (and shuddering) the target into silence.

b) Buy Out.  Once “a” is accomplished with sufficient force as to weaken the targeted Independent, and thus the price to own the person is sufficiently low to satisfy Miscavige’s sense of DOMINATION, Miscavige will negotiate SILENCE AND COMPLIANCE.

That is it, in a nutshell. Historically, the greater number of those targeted are either sufficiently influenced by those around them who have been infiltrated and influenced, that the target is effectively made ineffective and/or put into an amendable frame of mind to parley.

In order to give Debbie and the public at large more reality on how “a” is accomplished, I am publishing an Office of Special Affairs report detailing how this technique was applied to one Karen Pressley (once wife of musician/composer “On the Wings of Love” Peter Schless).

Though Debbie and those similarly situated would love to believe they will be treated differently because they are not condemning Scientology as a philosophy as was Ms. Pressley, they have misread Miscavige entirely.  No, when one dissents in order to ensure the survival of the philosophy of Scientology, the programs to destroy such an individual rise to a whole new level of treachery, force and vengeance.

Debbie can take it to the bank, Miscavige is already going far beyond what is contained in the following document when it comes to Debbie.  Where they have contacted the preacher that baptized Karen, you can bet they have already contacted the doctor that delivered Debbie.

THE OFFICIAL CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY REPORT ON OPERATIONS AGAINST KAREN PRESLEY: (note, the term “DSA” stands for Director of Special Affairs, the OSA representative in each, local “church” of Scientology)

February 8, 2006


                Both the DSA Atlanta and DSA Austin have been talking to their Christian ministry contacts about Pressley.

The DSA Atlanta contacted Stacy Robinson of the Robinson Agency who books Pressley for Christian speaking engagements.  Robinson has a website which contains information about Pressley and how to book her to speak at an event.

The DSA asked Robinson to help her as she had attempted to speak to Pressley unsuccessfully and would like to somehow influence Pressley to stop bashing her Church and stick to ministering Christianity.  Ms. Robinson asked the DSA what she wanted of Pressley and the DSA expressed her frustration with the content of Karen’s “speeches” and that her fellow parishioners were deeply distressed with the falsehoods spread by Pressley and we needed Ms. Robinson’s help to get these lies stopped.  Ms. Robinson told the DSA that she could do nothing about the content of Pressley’s lectures and that the “Biblical” thing to do is to speak directly with her.  The DSA told Ms. Robinson, she was hoping she could help by promoting Pressley less or not at all so long as the subject was bashing another church and its followers.  Ms. Robinson said all she could do is give her name and number to Pressley and that if Pressley wanted to talk to her she could.  The DSA told Robinson if she could encourage Pressley to call her so we could end all this, she would very much appreciate it. Ms. Robinson said she will see what she could do.

The DSA also spoke to Rev. Johnny Hunt, pastor of the First Baptist Church Woodstock. He runs the church where Pressley was baptized. He told the DSA that Pressley rarely attends his Church any more as she moved out of the area but that her family still attends.  He said that Pressley now attends Roswell Baptist Church. 

Hunt told the DSA that if he saw Pressley any of her family members he would give them the DSA’s name, message and number so that Pressley could contact the DSA herself. There is nothing he could do about the situation.

The DSA has a call in to Dan Hayes, Executive Director of the Atlanta Community Ministries of which Pressley’s ministry is a part as well as Stacy Buchanan, Ministry Manager. (This is the woman who screens and approves all ministries that will function through ACM.)  The DSA has not had a call back yet.  The DSA has also e-mailed to a list of Christians terminals on Pressley’s lines. 

The DSA Austin has spoken with one of the board members of the Evangelical Ministry to New Religions (EMNR) and sent emails to two other board members concerning the misrepresentations that have come up in Pressley’s past speeches. The DSA will be attending their annual conference starting Thursday and will be talking directly with different members of the group.  Pressley was scheduled to speak there but said that she may not attend.


334 responses to “Corporate Scientology Mind Control – DOX

  1. Marty,

    I second everything you have written 100%.

    I add another perspective. Karen Schless turned to a Christian church for help and support after she left. You can agree or disagree with her decision to become a born-again Christian (I am not sure this label is entirely accurate, but it serves the purpose here which is to explain a concept, not to wrongly label Karen), but cut off from husband, group, friends and vilified, at that time SHE HAD NOWHERE ELSE TO TURN.

    Today there IS a community of Independent Scientologists to help those who land in the world out of the Sea Org with no money, no resume, no friends, often no education etc etc.

    Debbie is much more of a threat than Karen ever was BECAUSE Karen became a “christian” she was easy to D/A with Scientologists and others (much easier to position her as an “apostate” “bitter about her former faith.”) Debbie is much harder to D/A and is a much bigger perceived threat to POB because she continues to be a Scientologist AND she is a well known public figure.

    If Debbie hasn’t yet spotted the PI’s following her and discovered her phone records, credit cards and bank accounts being accessed it is only because she doesnt know what to look for. It won’t be long (if it hasnt happened already) before she starts getting calls from her family or people she went to high school with telling her about strange contacts trying to get information about her or she has clients telling her they have to end off their association with her etc etc. And shortly there will be “rumors” circulating about her “perverted 2D history” and the “fact” that she had massive “financial irregularities” and “severe out tech.”

    Let there be no doubt — the responses to the media about her are very clear signals. She is to be crushed and taught a lesson for having the temerity to question Dear Leader. And while I am convinced she already has more than ample justification for speaking out publicly in order to defend herself, every action taken against her by the RCS is another step towards Debbie taking off the gloves and telling the world what she REALLY knows. And she will tell the same story as so many others have done. And it’s not pretty.

  2. martyrathbun09

    Words of wisdom, Lloyd, words of wisdom.

  3. Dear Debbie,

    When you are fully informed and ready (please keep reading this blog as it is the best source of true help for both aiding people who have been tossed under the buss by all current on-lines public and staff as well as a means to get people back onto the true LRH Bridge outside the radical corporation Miscavige built), please use your remaining power and comm lines to educate folks about how much real help exists in the independent community.

    Your original email is a planted seed which will soon sprout and partially, if not fully, awaken many still trapped on the inside. It also serves to make Miscavige guilty every time a public sits in front of an Ideal Org fundraiser or an OT is pressured to redo massive amounts of Objective overrun, etc. Very well done!

    Your future communication, if you are to remain true to LRH and KSW, should no doubt include hatting yourself up on the best auditors who are getting the best results on their pc’s out here, in the independent field.


  4. I have some questions, outpoints to note.

    1. If super power is what will make planetary clearing possible, then why hasn’t it been released. You’d think it would.

    2. How come OT9 & 10 are not released? Where is the LRH on it that says all orgs must be the size of Saint Hill before those two actions are released.

  5. I might add that Miscavige will now be turning Debbie Cook into the next David Mayo within the minds of on-lines public and staff, as well as some of her non-Scn friends out in the real world.

    Fixing things from within is a nice idea but utterly unrealistic.

    Why? Because the Jan 1st email HURT DM BADLY! Very badly.

    LRH, KSW and good auditors exist in the independent field now. The faster people cut their comm lag on this, the faster Clears and OT’s will be made on this earth.

  6. I have experienced both A and B.

    Lubow came to my door shortly after A. He wanted info. I gave him none. He tried to spread Black PR about key independents. I didn’t buy any of it. He gave me his card. I threw it away.

    I also asked him if he thinks he is such a good PI why doesn’t he apply the Data Series to the scene and properly investigate. I went into some detail about how he should do this (stats, ideal scene, situation, data, why, etc.) and that he is ignoring the elephant in the room – Miscavige; and that he is compromised because he is getting paid.

    He clearly has some Scientology under his belt, and so I pointed out LRH tech is important to both of us yet he helps Miscavige. I could feel this impinging on the little theta he has left.

    Miscavige has troops that are fragile as to loyalty. They can’t fight with their hearts, only their pocketbooks, only out of fear of losing their jobs and connections. This will cost him dearly more and more over time.

    If he reads this, my advice to Miscavige is to run for the hills. This is not going to end well for him. Count on that.

  7. There is a third thing Miscavage sends against dissenters, Marty. This is data know for thousands of years, but is being applied newly in a new unit of time. You can google it here:

  8. sara finning

    would be interesting to read one of these ‘gag orders’, although not really a gag order as these are injunctions.

    Who is Lloyd?

  9. To make a full recovery of her mental, physical, and spiritual health, I do believe Debbie needs to tell her whole story. I hope she does.

  10. My view is Debbie’ Actions speaking out are excellent. I doubt she is not to much worried about that wip .Dm’s creditability will have been shot to ribbons hopefully by a good number thinking privately the degrade of the church, Sorry but any idiot standing within after this is sadly PTS. .She must have thought it out well of what actions she decided to take, and no doubt knows what is lying ahead. Dm is sinking by the minute and her actions of mass attention of notification will cause hopefully some attention from outside to look within eg media / investigation of actual looking whats up and who is being held ” At the Hole ” . who Dm thinks he has control by holding them ina hole. Thanks tfor all Rathbun and Co do.

  11. George M. White

    Marty said:
    “No, when one dissents in order to ensure the survival of the philosophy of Scientology, the programs to destroy such an individual rise to a whole new level of treachery, force and vengeance.”

    When I read Debbie Cook’s e-mail to those still active in Scientology, I felt that she was writing the e-mail still attached to the role and post of Flag Captain. She was pointing out the lack of policy for Mr. Moth-cavige’s
    empire building actions. She spoke with a voice of authority.
    I wrote a letter to the Tampa Bay Times expressing my concern about how the newspaper reported the events. It seemed to me that they only wanted to demonstrate the impact of their story “The Money Machine”.
    The follow up on Debbie was knee-jerk and not balanced reporting.
    Anyway, I will do a special chant for Ms Cook and do what I can to protect her from Mr. Moth-cavige’s wrath and potential violence.


  12. If “demand” is defined as the want coupled with the wherewithal (admin dictionary) or The desire to possess a commodity or make use of a service, combined with the ability to purchase it.

    wherewithal – the necessary funds, resources, or equipment (for something or to do something), ie these people lack the wherewithal for a decent existence


    Our whole monetary system in the US and other Countries is a debt based money system. All money is derived from debt, or debits and credits from a bank, book keeping entry. This is well known and you research it google.


    LRH says do not ever borrow, stay away from the banks, keep credit as a second cushion.

    Yet, one is always hammered and pounded in the Orgs for your next service or the IAS dono’s. And if you say you do not have the money – cash, why out comes those plastic demons called credit cards. And you know better you should not use those things, but you figure you can make it go right. So you get the service, and now you are hammar and pounded again for something else, like new building dono’s, WTH campaign, etc. You end up in perpetual debt. Why are so many people in SCN in debt?

    And yet LRH says do not borrow. By constantly borrowing one is being connected to the SP’s called International bankers.

    An outpoint of large proportion.

    Been there, done that. It’s either be an “only one” or make new friends. I found it very hard as I wanted to tell people how great Scientology was but if I did I would have to stop talking to them. Very confusing.

  14. Yes – DM can’t help it. He will not go quietly. The irony of all ironies is that it will be precisely these actions that will do him in. With Debbie maintaining the internal posture, not “connecting” with the independents, not going to the media, and yet STILL getting pilloried and, frankly, Fair Gamed by Miscavige, the gloves will be off. And it will be incredibly obvious by anyone who has any inkling of Scientology still left in the church that:

    A. Quoting LRH in a manner that questions any current church activities will get you Fair Gamed (not just declared, and not just disconnected), and
    B. Doing the “right thing” and pursuing an internal correction WILL NOT WORK, so
    C. Independence is a truly viable and correct option, and is not a “splinter group” but is, actually, Scientology.

    Considering the lightning fast way she was disowned, it will not take long for this to happen. Weeks maybe. I know I was over-optimistic that DM would be out by LRH’s 100th, but the cracks are such now that it is a real possibility by Ron’s 101st.

    I know that internally, from my own connections, that DM is quickly becoming “found out.” The out-tech is known. The squirrel-dom is known. Debbie provided some form to the various thoughts that were out there without having to “connect to” people “not in good standing” with the Church. I have read the complaints here about that, but the GOAL is to cut through the thought-stopping and wake people UP. And it is happening. In my case, it is happening with my family due to the “altitude” of those others that are seeing all this going down, and comparing it with Ron’s intent.

    I agree with Mike that Debbie is entirely justified in responding publicly – in fact, she is entirely justified in pursing defamation. She is NOT a public figure – the Church made her so by publicly defaming her.

  15. TheWidowDenk

    From my reckoning, I believe many of us could piece together what our individual programs look like based on the actions taken. If anyone gets a copy of mine, would you please post it? I’d love to see it and compare notes! I could probably even fill in a few gaps.

    In the meantime, Marty, et al, have created a safe space into which we may communicate. What a successful action we not only enjoy but enhance!

    Silly covert programs. Rachel

  16. Debbie,

    Read “Mein Kampf” to get a better understanding of who you are up against in your quest to construct a dialog with COB.

    Just substitute the word “Jew” with “Indy” and you will come away with a better understanding of what you are up against.

    Save yourself a lot of time. If you attempt to get back on lines you will end up in the arbeitslager (work camp/hole) and along with Heber we will never see you again until the Philly Parvenu says so.

    I only wish I had your abilities of management. It is precisely those abilities that COB fears. Why not put them to good use within the Scientology community that walks and works freely in the sunshine?

    Trust your knowingness.

  17. Marty, loved your point that you are still IG Ethics. You still are! Only instead of covering up for DM, you actually do the post. And Mike is wearing parts of his hat and Debbie is wearing parts of hers. Fascinating and awesome!

    As far as DM and his obsession with force, his power is as illusory as in the example with fish and shadows in DMSMH. The parishioners are conditioned not to look and to blindly dismiss any data they get which is contrary to the official party line. It wears off. I lived through it in the Soviet Union where things went in exactly the same way with the same obsession with force and where is the Soviet Union now? It only took 75 years for the giant to bring itself down. The final breakdown of USSR was closely preceded by an unfair war in Afghanistan, by the way. DM is engaged in a constant unfair war.

    People in general can and do eventually put 2 and 2 together just fine. They are are not, as Russians say, “first time married.” There is plenty of data, they will figure things out. And there goes DM with stolen money to a non-extradition tropical island.

  18. Hell hath no fury like a Debbie fighting a SOB, especially one that not only wrecked her life but also that of her public and the rest of the world. Now she is being educated by the very bests and in turn she will educate her OL’s with stories that never before seen the light of day. When the going gets tough, the pitbulls call Debbie. Sorry Davey, you can’t restim her anymore, you can’t silence her, you can’t force her, you can’t cut her reach, you can’t trick her, you can’t sue her and you can’t buy her, she knows. Can’t figure what ya still doing here……Bulgraveyarda is waiting…….

  19. Expelled4Life

    What you posted seems rather harmless considering it is “overt”. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t agree with it but it’s the covert actions Debbie really needs to worry about it. If covert actions are done correctly Debbie won’t even know the actions took place. The first area Debbie should be looking for covert actions to take place is anywhere where she receives income. This is basic LRH intel advice: Go after what the person values which is usually their job (or IMHO their income source if self employed). My guess is Debbie took her time making her announcement in order to get herself established with lines of income from non Scientologists. After my declare a former employee of mine tried contacting clients to rip them off. This was easily handled with an email to all clients giving them a head’s up. I was able to collect evidence of this tampering to be used if and when I need it. If you’re reading this Debbie you might want to alert your non Scientology clients to be aware that they may be contacted and collect the evidence if it exists. You will get a lot of backup from those clients if you’ve delivered a good service.

  20. martyrathbun09

  21. I wonder what the Christian religious leaders thought about an official of the Church of Scientology contacting them in an effort to have Karen essentially fired for speaking her mind about her faith. Look at it in reverse and you see how absurd it is. Consider an administrator from a Baptist Church asking that a Sea Org member be censured or fired for talking about the Christian religion in a critical manner. It is comforting that the Christian ministers have better manners than the DSA in that they refused to comply with his wishes and told him that he should talk to Karen directly. Every time I hear these stories of harassment by the Church of Scientology, it further confirms that I have made the right choice in withdrawing my participation.

  22. sara finning

    michael, you know, you’re right about the functions, i.e. Mike Rinder doing the roving international PR thing, but at the same time I really don’t like the idea of the independents being a parallel church movement as some sort of exiled government in waiting.

    Then again I’m practically British so have a huge button on ‘control.’

  23. John, “Miscavige has troops that are fragile as to loyalty. They can’t fight with their hearts, only their pocketbooks”–Good point!

  24. Rory Medford

    The current SCN needs to ask one question to every reg that asks for money for fundraising?

    Show me an LRH policy that supports the constant regging for buildings, IAS etc.? They will NOT be able to produce such a policy.

    STOP giving money to off policy stuff. You are rewarding and supporting non-LRH activity.

    LOOK don’t listen it might just save you from going broke!

  25. Debbie,
    Those who have acquiesced to the demands of Miscavige’s orders to cut you off and forward the further campaign to vilify and discredit you are broken pieces. You will not find help and support there save for a few brave souls who will resist and stay true to their honor in remaining firmly by your side. The intention is to cast you out and leave you alone and defenseless.
    Those who are bright enough to see the truth and strong enough to fight back against Miscavige’s tyranny are RIGHT HERE. They have survived and gained valuable experience while learning how to fight back and win.
    People want to help you! Let them!
    “…I went off by myself into southern Africa to see whether or not an OT would make good, singly and all alone, without any assistance, against the environment around him. And I found out that he would not do too much good. But a group of OTs would be entirely irresistible, and are necessary to carry off this type of operation. So OTs do best with OTs….”
    – L. Ron Hubbard
    Ron’s Journals – RJ 67

  26. … Love Sam – KOT UK

  27. martyrathbun09

    She is letting them. Disseminating and debating her email with corporate types is the help she needs and wants.

  28. So, the new “Declare” is being called an apostate by the Church in public. As Debbie has been called an apostate, then one can conclude, she is no longer in good standing, regardless of what she may think. Interesting…. And you are right, the Church does not need a Declare order in order to discredit someone.
    A friend of mine got an email from the Church warning her of an entheta email she might get. The email went on to quote LRH policies about natter and entheta and thoroughly convinced this friend that a) this unnamed person was speaking out because the Church was expanding and this unnamed person had overts and b) that she was as good as Declared.
    The Church did not even have to name names or produce a Declare Order.

  29. Marty,

    Fantastic work!! This is mindblowing info. Amazing expose of the controlling tactics of COS. This should be front page news, its as big as the Debbie Cook story in my opinion.

  30. Captain Bob,

    the answer is simple: because the enablers let it happen.

    It’s the old mindf*** of “only the obedient will make it to heaven” again.

  31. If there is a mailing list for 12,000 on-lines Scientologists I would like to have it. I have no idea how to send an email to 12,000 people, but I have something to say to them if it is possible.

    My email is

  32. Ghost Of Pendragon

    I am currently at the reciept end of intense psychic attack from an upstairs apathy ghoul. Is there any tech on this.

  33. Small note (not to derail the thread)
    I’ve had tons of responses from radar-flyers sending me email addresses so as to forward Debbie’s email to their friends.
    I also received word from another radar-flyer that OSA is now pre-warning their public as fast as they can about the existence of Debbie’s email in order to attempt to pre-empt any effect it may have.
    Brilliant news that OSA is getting the word out. I’m still happy to receive more contacts from anyone who cannot send out the email themselves due to a need to protect their own identity – even though I have a massive back-log to finish up today already 😉
    I noted a ‘comment’ on the OSA website whining about my sending out emails to their parishioners so clearly this is something they would love to stop. Thanks for the heads-up OSA – your website is a mine of useful information.
    My hushmail account:

  34. Journey Continued

    Hi Mike,

    Although it has been quite some years since I was on post in RTC or even in the Church, I can confirm from a point of considerable experience in these matters that you and Marty are very correct on how POB/RTC/OSA etc. will respond to Debbie.

    I would only like to add that infiltration is an essential component of gaining quality intel. Not all of Debbie’s “friends” will abandon her. Some will be working towards becoming her closest confidants while dutifully reporting everything to POB.

    I know I am under the radar but Marty is well aware of my true identity and can let you know who I am,

    I hope Debbie keeps her own council and uses care selecting her friends and above all continues to pursue the reformation that she obviously desires.

  35. Martin Padfield

    Loving the idea that you’re still president and RTC board member. Get back on post man!

  36. True enough 🙂

  37. Adam I’m confused.
    At the tail end of the last post you stated the following:
    “Hope I am not being mean, just observing you you guys operate, and why I am glad I am not one of you.”
    Now you’re jumping up and down like a pro football cheerleader.
    Have you changed your mind?

  38. Journey: Thanks for your input. I take it we know each other?

    Yes, you are absolutely correct about the infiltration. There have been a string of failed infiltration attempts on both me and Marty. It’s always a high priority.

  39. Martin Padfield

    Excellent points Grasshopper, lucidly expressed as is your wont. A B and C above are as true and certain as night follows day.

  40. expelled 4 Life

    If the DM definition of Ideal Org is so important why doesn’t DM use his billion to get it all done in the next six months. With the help of Tom, John and Lisa Marie’s deep pockets every Org on the planet could be “Ideal” by the end of 2012 with all of Earth’s problems thus solved. The answer is simple: Ideal Orgs don’t impact actual Org VFPs by one PRPS, one damn Student Point or one WDAH, except perhaps in the ensuing month after the “Ideal” Org opens. The other reason is even DM can’t musical chair that many staff that quickly without it being noticed. Not that it matter since “Musical Chairs” is no longer a crime in DMs new Golden Age of Ethics.

  41. well, dont be confused. Adam in the previous topic replied to one person that he was not uninformed and has done a lot of research on Scn and to the very next poster he said he is basically uninformed.

  42. It’s not in their current Interests to have even more “Debbie Cook” Media Coverage by harassing her down.

    She publically voiced Concerns, stated she wanted to handle it internally, and if we don’t hear anything further back, it will be assumed the Matter has been addressed by Church Management, Debbie’s “Disaffection” now resolved.

    More than likely, she’ll get a “COB-enlightenment” PR Tour and end up “Seeing The Light”.

    It would be a great CO$ PR Opportunity to have her tell the Press that she now understands the visionary and caring Insight and appreciates the positive Direction under the Leadership of DM.

    I doubt they’ll give her the “Pressley” Rundown, unless she continues her Intention to pursue much overdue Reforms to re-instate the original L. Ron Hubbard Philosophy.

    And then the remote Possibility exists she was in on this from the Beginning.

    One Thing I’m however sure of: There will be no Reforms.

  43. +1
    I noticed that as well.

  44. please make it so———-

  45. Great handling, John!

  46. I hear you, Sara. However, I was not talking about a government in exile, I was talking about the power of intention, about assuming the beingness of one’s post and about how difficult it is to defeat a thetan. As far as control goes, regardless how we feel about it, we go to opinion leaders to find help in resolving an impasse. It took me over 3 years after I blew to realize that DM was the WHO. I kept thinking my friends and I were the WHO. I would still fumble with that if I hadn’t read Marty’s The 31 Factors. So it is not really a matter of control.

  47. I’m also sure she will come out with her full story shortly.
    Like thousands of others in “good standing” like myself we’re standing in line to speak out at the right time. 
    It’s not lack of courage. Self-healing must take place and it takes time to heal from such pervasive trauma of spiritual and mental abuse. 
    There will be lots of ugly stories revealed in 2012 before the major implosion happens. The truth will set us free.

  48. M. Rathbun worte: “Though Debbie and those similarly situated would love to believe they will be treated differently because they are not condemning Scientology as a philosophy as was Ms. Pressley, they have misread Miscavige entirely.”

    Rathbun makes a key point here. In fact, it is precisely *because* dedicated staff and public, personal friends and family of Hubbard are loyal to Scientology and Hubbard that they are attacked! Miscavige torpedoes those targets. A wake of systematic attacks, neglect and justified crimes of the MIscavige “overhaul” are in his wake since his takeover in 1986 (which he was. per profile, planning prior to Hubbard’s physical death).

    It appears nonintuitive at first. I have read many staff and public accounts of being puzzled because they were so loyal and dedicated and supportive. Well….Look around. So are the others who were removed, beaten and driven down and delivered squirrely “tech”.

    Very key point.

  49. Marty, maybe you and Mike could use that same email data base to send to 12,000 Scientologists a wake up call? Is that possible?


  50. LRH: “if in doubt, communicate”

    DM: “we are not in doubt anymore, we are straight up & vertical, so we stop communication now – except of my marvelous events, of course !”

  51. Marty Rathbun is a Folk Hero

    His stats are up. Keep shining and keeping the flame of truth!

  52. Hi GH!
    I’ve mulled over a few times how the CofS could be pulled back on track internally, and the only way I can see it is if it goes the same way as the old Soviet empire, become irrelevant. The Soviet empire simply faded away because no one paid attention to the Communist Party, everyone just ignored it, and those who were to enforce it’s doctrines, the military, stood aside. It was the biggest, swiftest, and most peaceful revolution in human history.

    If those around DM were to just ignore him, completely, and if DMs enforcers, the lawyers, then the same could happen. The CofS could be put back in the hands of well intentioned people.

    It’s either that or legal and government intervention.

    bob grant

  53. Great Blog Essay Marty.
    It’s all about Covert actions now.
    The world mocked and there was too much laughter from the donkey
    overt actions. So it is now covert.
    Power to use the Billion here and Billion there for PIs, Lawyers and all that money can buy.
    I recall my neighbor’s pets when I was 10 years old.
    He had 2 huge German Shepherds with 1″ long teeth each weighing 150 lbs.
    He also had a cat that weighed 10 lbs.
    But the cat ruled and there was no question as to who was dominant.
    A couple of swats on the tender snout by the cat’s claws and the Shepherds knew who was boss.
    When I put milk down in a bowl, the Shepherds had respect. The cat drank the milk FIRST !
    The cat had no notion it only weighed 10 lbs vs 150 lbs.
    I thought about that a lot at the time.
    Miscavige has money and an almost unlimited budget is probably permitted to take out his enemies.
    But Debbie has Claws.
    Debbie has secrets so far undisclosed. Debbie knows the business and money flow lines a lot more. Capt FSO is privy to a lot….
    Debbie can swat DM’s nose with far more hurt than any OSA Ops can hit Debbie.
    Miscavige can ONLY throw gasoline on the fire. He cannot put out fires with water. Mike Rinder is right. It is only a matter of time before Debbie tells the story so many have told before her…

  54. PL Concerned Catholic

    You have to admire and respect Stacy Robinson for her integrity. When the slithering covert DSA woman (from Scientology covert back operations Office of Special Affairs) contacted her, she obviously saw through the Miscavige Corporation operative whining and smearing, posing as a Church. It’s right there in the OSA/DSA report!

    Ms. Robinson told the DSA that she could do nothing about the content of Pressley’s lectures and that the “Biblical” thing to do is to speak directly with her.

    In other words, hey, can you guys play honest and fair and above board? Better yet, get the hell out of here with your backstabbing hypocrisy, pretending to be a Scientology Church! What an affront to religion Scientology Corporation is. Nothing like the founder’s teachings.

  55. That internal memo from the Scientology Office of Special Affairs is outrageous. Look at how many reports there are that document this activity behaviour — from how they send Tom Cruise to spy on Steven Spielberg’s wife, and other manipulated dinners and schemes and spy operations — like KGB spies.

    David Miscavige appears to be protecting financial and world domination interests — it’s not spiritual work he’s doing. One in my group has made a list of all the domain names and blogs that the Scientology Corporation has purchased, and these are the names of other good people, many right here. And they use them to post lies and altered photographs of dissenters. This will be a major newspaper media story.

    I feel so sorry for the people who have had to put up with this. My God, it’s criminal. The Scientology Corporation should be reported at every turn to criminal internet watch dogs. It’s not legal to buy other people’s names to slander them. This is what they are up to while they pretend to disseminate videos of “Human Rights”.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Don’t stand in her line, or you might have a wait that drives you batty.

  57. Formost.

    “It’s not in their current Interests to have even more “Debbie Cook” Media Coverage by harassing her down.”

    Right. Like it was in their interests to keep the media coverage on the Squirrel Busteds going?

    “More than likely, she’ll get a “COB-enlightenment” PR Tour and end up “Seeing The Light”.”

    If that tour was to consist of Mike Sutter and Marion Pouw they will be eaten for breakfast and spit out on the sidewalk. I assure you, they are no match for Debbie. They are lightweights and POB knows it. But he doesnt really have anyone else to use….

    The only light Debbie is likely to see is the one shining on POB’s crimes as his bare ass hangs out to dry.

    Debbie may not be well experienced at dealing with OSA activities, but she is smarter, stronger and a lot tougher than the average bear…

  58. martyrathbun09

    you noted: “One Thing I’m however sure of: There will be no Reforms.” Of that you can sure. There might be some show-correction to appease demands; but nothing more, and they’ll be short-lived, the moment the momentum is lost.

  59. Something I’m noticing – a facebook friend whose account hasn’t changed much in the last year, suddenly comes alive and is adding new friends rapidly. You can see the “mutual friends” which include Debbie Cook for every new friend. Then one by one, Debbie is unfriended and no longer appears as a “mutual friend.” I’m positive that this is a strategy carried out at the behest of David Miscavige. It is a deceitful and dishonorable use of Facebook.

    It is my opinion that “disconnection” is a much greater crime than all of the financial improprieties that is described in Debbie’s email and from many other sources.

  60. Captain Bob,
    And here you have pointed up the idiocy of Larry Byrne’s “conspiracy” theory posts.

    DM’s strategy, the massive borrowing of parishioners to pay for his “projects”, does exactly what you say – it puts these parishioners into the slave state of being beholden to the debt-based moneychangers – the same ones DM decries.

    Dave’s hypocrisy has one end in mind – slavery. He does it by the Hole, by egregious and suppressive alteration of tech, by the campaigns described in the Opening Piece, by all means of subterfuge, evasion, coercion. His is a continuous covert and overt determination to destroy.

    Yes. It is quite an outpoint that while his subjects (Larry being a good example) declaim loudly, they are daily brought into the grip of those same “bankers”.

  61. BB,
    I know EXACTLY what you mean. You want to disseminate, you CAN disseminate, but as soon as you get the guy reaching – you have to “disconnect”. THAT is another means of Dave to stick beings in a “maybe” and park them in MEST.

    What a lovely creature he is.

  62. Sam,
    Having finally, honestly, made it to NOTs, I can attest to the last line of this LRH quote.

    And yes Dave, I did Objectives to EPs. In fact, the very first auditing I got was from an HQS student. I’d been at the Mission for maybe a week, just read DMSMH and in we went. I was wondering when we were going to run an engram and there I was walking over to that wall, touching that wall and turning around. I went completely outta my head after this session. Fully exterior and with clear, complete perception as myself, a thetan free of the body and the reactive mind.

    I then did a full battery of Objectives in Toronto, prior to Dianetics. I went ext on Op Pro By Dup. I did the ones I didn’t EP on on Grade 1. I did the Hubbard Causitive Leadership Course (in the Admin Know How series) and 35 hours of Opening Procedure By Duplication given and received (70 hours total).

    I’ve done HARD TRs, with two hours of TRO and BB, flat, completely there comfortably.

    I’ve done THREE “Clear” cycles, a DCSI, and two CCRDs, and also the Steps of the NOTs program covering this. I am CLEAR, and know without any question or doubt that running Dianetics in R3RA, after Clear, is forbidden for reason – very good reason. So that you do this is without question intentionally to interiorize and restimulate. NO question.

    You’ve butchered NOTs in your “church” Dave. As it is run today it is DESIGNED to solidify and invalidate the pre-OT. Run using LRH’s tech, it’s like a hot knife through butter.

    So yes, the LAST thing DM wants is OTs doing best with OTs.

    Too bad. It’s happening and there ain’t NOTHING he can do about it. Least of all sending emails from the desperate to try and curb the cat that Debbie Cook just let out of the bag.

    (And a big shout out to MM. Long time no see.)

  63. I would also recommend looking up the definition of “necessity level” and seeing if it has any application to the situation of needing to heal before one can stand up and openly fight the monster that has subverted a subject that helps man when properly used.

  64. Mike: Right. Like it was in their interests to keep the media coverage on the Squirrel Busteds going?

    Exactly. It’s Lesson in bad PR I doubt they’ll repeat again. They didn’t expect such negative Fallout, but I think they know better now.

    Mike: They are lightweights and POB knows it. But he doesnt really have anyone else to use….

    Considering Debbie has stopped short of calling for DMs removal, it would also not be in his Interest to not personally deal with it. He’d be a Idiot not to.

    Mark: There might be some show-correction to appease demands; but nothing more, and they’ll be short-lived, the moment the momentum is lost.

    In view of all the PR damage the Church has sustained in the last 2 – 3 Years, it’s highly doubtful they can recover from it within the next decade. Add the continuous Exodus into the FZ, I see little more than a Real Estate Holding Company encumbered with Tons of Fraud-related legal Claims on the Horizon. Probably because of substantial Cash Reserves, it’ll just take a little longer, but RCS is History. Maybe an some unexpected Miracle will come along, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  65. Mr. Rathbun,

    I am so sorry, I apologize in advance! But this really cracked me up!

    “If the organizational axiom ‘if it isn’t in writing it isn’t true’ still holds any water, I am still the president and a board member of Religious Technology Center (RTC, the highest organization in the hierarchy) and Inspector General.”

    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve run across in a while! I gather you’ve been through a few personal Hells, so I’m apologetic, and I do offer commiseration or whatever is appropriate to you, but that’s really dry! Droll! Salty! I’m still laughing! That has so many implications from FBI to Co$ to Anons to real Scns! It just gets funnier everytime I think about it!

  66. I know, I know … your answer is something like “So glad you’re having such a good time.” I’m line-charging on this, but your comment there is just really, really funny!

  67. ++++ a quadrilion

    And thanks Karen for a great metaphor.

    By the way, our independent friend, Ron, is doing GREAT!

  68. Sam,
    I don’t think he’s changed his mind. From what I can gather Adam is sincerely working out what all this Scientology stuff is about. Albeit it from a bit of a distance. The only way to truly “get it”, is to experience it and see for oneself.

    I bet that if Adam found a true practitioner, one who followed the protocols and disciplines of the Auditor’s Code, had their Auditing Comm Cycle in and the Model Session and he got some ARC Straightwire for example, that he’d possibly gain some insights into himself as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit – the breath of life itself. And I’d dare say he’d be further on his road to spiritual truth, as he’s obviously (to me anyway) on that road today.

    P.S. Adam, another old philosopher once suggested that “an unexamined life is not worth living”.

    L. Ron Hubbard suggested, in a lecture entitled The Road To Truth, that the truth you will find in Scientology, is you.

  69. Like.

  70. Someone referred me to the Policy OT ORGS today, in terms of what LRH says is a correct sequence to build an org. This is HCO PL 14 Jan 69:
    “”Here’s some MUST targets as examples:

    G. Get a $100,000 reserve cushion.

    H. Get all Accounts staff and Executives checked out on Finance Policy;

    I. Shove the throttle down on promotion.

    J. Deliver fantastic service.

    K. Get enough tech people in traning to handle the flows.

    L. Find bigger posher quarters to handle the flow when it rises.

    M. Get all staff onto the OEC to diminish flow line flubs.”

    Debbie Cook has done the OEC, unlike DM.

  71. Awesome Jim! And congrats!

  72. Oh yeah, in the original LRH PL, the above letter “L” has “WHEN” it rises emphasized; Find bigger posher quarters to handle the flow WHEN it rises.

    Not the altered sequence DM has foisted off.

  73. Journey Continued

    Yep we know each other. Ask Marty and he will tell you my name.

    Glad to see you looking so healthy and out of the borg.

  74. Somebody laid out a handle “Marty Rathbun is a Folk Hero”.

    So many who have stuck their necks out also are in the same lot. My hat is off to you all. My sincerest ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of my heart.

    A new day dawns. I look forward to tomorrow because of your good works and that of that guy who’s the founder, LRH.

    As human beings, it does all boil down to philosophy and its practical application.

    It’s now here for the taking (and giving).

    As Jackie Gleason would say, “How sweet it is.”

  75. Been there, done that. Didn’t know about some of what happened back then until last year when I wound up talking to a former BF who’d had PIs visit him. He gave the most complete description of what had happened.

  76. Well, I’d love to have a copy of mine, especially as it involved a most amusing false accusation of marriage (!)

  77. I can give you some data if you contact me.

  78. Jim, You’re an avalanche of wisdom.

  79. Without giving too much detail as I haven’t decided if it’s an op to out me yet, I was contacted by someone at my local org asking me if I knew who Debbie Cook was and if I had read her letter. I was told that “we know you are connected to her on Facebook”. Apparently, Debbie is going to be hit (aka likely is already) with an SP declare with the charges of “Public Disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in Good Standing” … etc. etc. etc. This is how it’s being run on the inside and these people have completely discounted the LRH references cited but have just grouped the letter as “suppressive”. I also have documented evidence in writing of being told to disconnect from her because of her “suppressive letter”. This data above having been confirmed by an OSA terminal and MAA terminal at completely different levels. The party line is uniform, which means from the top down the story is the same on how they are handling things and what they are saying to the public to alienate Debbie from people.

    A day in the life inside the corporate COS.

    I’d like to remind Debbie of one thing:

    “You can therefore know your enemies by those who seek to knock out any part of your:

    a. Power
    b. Authority
    c. Personnel
    d. Wealth
    e. Property”



  80. Formost, you said they learned a lesson in bad PR from the SquirrelBusted incidents. I respect your opinion but I view it differently: I do not think they are capable of learning from their mistakes, in fact I don’t think they can recognize them as mistakes–it falls into the category of SPs being unable to see themselves as wrong.

  81. My supposition…she certainly isn’t stupid enough to lay all her cards out on the table in the first round, and she’s definitely not a beginner in the game. She didn’t go into this blind and stupid and without help.
    And now she’s got even more power to draw from thanks to the people here.

  82. Independence is a truly viable and correct option, and is not a “splinter group” but is, actually, Scientology.

    That’s the Way I see it.

    Small Possibility … DM is looking for an OUT, and may hand the Reigns over to Debbie, as she is probably the most popular Scientologist to all. As long as he remains there, there will be no Expansion, and all he will do is to continue to cannibalize the membership. And those Days are numbered.

  83. Jim-Love the way you put it-so so true

  84. The general public is onto the dirty tricks used by David Miscavige’s church and leery of them. I don’t think you’d find a pastor or minister agreeing to any such suggestions. The DSAs are so out of touch that they don’t have a clue that people see right through those ploys and because of doing these things they are mistrusted completely!
    It’s like a bad action movie where the hero is in some altered reality fighting a bad guy that doesn’t exist in everybody else’s reality. HaHa – they’re all fighting DM’s imaginary SPs and everybody sees it except them!

  85. Tony DePhillips

    I find that the basic in all this is trying to inhibit people form knowing things. If you look at Scientology it is all about finding out. Obtaining Knowledge.
    Isn’t it important for Scientologists to KNOW what is happening in their own church??
    Dm is trying , with the help of others to prevent people from KNOWING.
    I applaud Debbie for helping to get the knowledge out to Scientologists. They have the right to know. In fact, it is their responsibility to know.

  86. bobo – I could see those around DM ignoring him completely, however, the lawyers have a huge (MONEY) stake in keeping DM in power. They know they will be fired AND pursued in court unless they keep DM going. They have hitched their money grubbing hands to the “star” DM…

  87. A friend of mine got an email from the Church warning her of an entheta email she might get. The email went on to quote LRH policies about natter and entheta and thoroughly convinced this friend that
    a) this unnamed person was speaking out because the Church was expanding and this unnamed person had overts and
    b) that she was as good as Declared.

    This is even more stupid then I imagined.

  88. Tony DePhillips

  89. one of those who see

    Thanks for this Marty. Somehow simplified things for me. A and B. This is what was done to David Mayo too, right?

  90. one of those who see

    Thanks for the Jackie Gleason!! Big smile on my face. Agree. Future looks bright.

  91. + 1
    Just great, Jim.

    @Adam. Don’t worry if you still can be a Christian after practicing some Auditing, as suggested by Jim.
    Here comes an excerpt from:
    “Dianetics and Religion”,

    “Those engaged in dianetic processes are often interested in the effect of Dianetics upon religion. They generally desire to know whether dianetic processing will influence faith or atheism.
    Dianetics is a science; as such, it has no opinion about religion, for sciences are based on natural laws, not on opinions.
    Self-determinism is always to some degree circumscribed by the environment of the individuate and the forces he faces. An individual without faith in something is lost and goalless. Faith is a necessary part of man. If that faith is given to a religion it can be observed that once given, it is steadfast and predictable.
    When any disordered mind grasps the fundamentals of a thing, one cannot predict the way that mind will use the information. Zealotism has many times made religion odious to a people and zealotism is definitely undesirable to a religious group since it too often masks sadism and paranoia. Churches have long been troubled with this problem. It is not a problem of faith. An orderly faith alone can promote religion.
    Zealotism is a problem in aberration; it is generally caused by a manic engram and, quite unlike faith, is as likely to flash back against religion as it is to carry it forward.
    The action is unpredictable and the zealot alters his faith easily.” – LRH

    I know of other lectures by LRH where he made statements, that Scientology should not interfere in ones beliefs.
    If you experienced that, it was not Scientology. I have seen that the new “Scientology Religion” handles it’s public differently today. It shouldn’t be that way.
    And the most people on this blog will agree with me on this point.
    Your personal belief is yours and no one should try to change it.

    We are discussing here David Miscavige, the “zealot” because ” it is generally caused by a manic engram and, quite unlike faith, is as likely to flash back against religion as it is to carry it forward”.

    Kind regards,

  92. Right from Orwell’s “Nineteen eighty-four”.
    It’s no coincidence that those sentences are not contained in the PDC lectures since DM took over.

  93. Hello.
    You are right.
    However, there were no computers/internet back then.
    Today it’s hardly possible to controll every and any communication or global mutiny.

  94. Sam,

    You are one sharp cookie. I was actually going to hang up my posting, and retire to reading, but this new expose blew me away. I had to congratulate Marty on the great work.

    But it does seem contradictory doesn’t it. Your a smart one.

  95. Thanks Jim,

    A little heavy on the psychoanalysis, but I do appreciate that you care.

  96. For example “a sudden heightened willingness which untaps a tremendous amount of ability” (PAB 129)

    Necessity level AND a question of priority. I believe speaking out is an important part of the mind control “recovery” process. But when there is a matter of life or death I choose healing before speaking out.

  97. I just had a cognition, been researching on the net as of now, I do things like that, collect data to evaluate. Haven’t done it for COS since I thought I might find bad info. Well I put on my data collecting hat.

    we all know outflow = inflow. hence constant promo by orgs for everything. like this month the major mags promote purif, then next month tr/obj’s new co-audit, and so on.

    You receive letters from public who are on course writing you to come on course. Off policy.

    All orgs and missions have CF’s not in PT, no letter regs, all off-policy.

    You get these letters and promo and just throw them away, but you think it’s outflow = inflow. You get multiple pieces on mis spelling of your name. You think what a waste of money, drives me crazy. but oh well outflow = inflow and maybe somebody will respond. You think I’ve done the purif, and yes I’m on course now, why does somebody write me to come on course?

    All this money wasted on outflow, all under the guise of outflow=inflow.

    So why are CF’s so out of whack and never in PT?

    Because Int Mgment wants them way, so you get constantly hit with the making of a reality, a message to appear as true, all this fancy glossy mags, it puts on the front that we are successful, but when you look at the stats or BIS, it is not happening.

    You repeat the lie over and over, and people eventually believe it.

  98. The (b)Org indeed! Good call, Journey. Corporate School of Miscavige is like the bOrg! Except intelligent life doesn’t resist. Free life isn’t resisting, we’re sticking their finger in their own water bucket with no GFI 😉 Engage!

  99. +1 Lynne. My view too.

  100. RC

    I guess it would depend on what aspect of Scientolgy we are talking about. I have never been on “the cans” or done any heavy LRH book reading, but in other aspects, such as the history of Scientology, I may be better informed than many scientologists

  101. Adam…your cookies are laced with arsenic. Amusing but sad.

  102. SK

    I will have to amend my prior statements regarding scientologists. You guys are heavily focused on the mind, but you guys are also extremely perceptive people on the whole.

    I really need to give you guys (and gals) more credit. Sorry if I am grouping you all together, I just see a lot of similarities in how all of you think, as I read all the blogger comments. No offense intended.

    I appreciate the LRH citation, and I will study it.

  103. CRock,

    I doubt this is an op. They are moving forward on the “disconnect from the “disaffected”” strategy. I doubt they will even bother “declaring” her. They dont bother with declares these days and they certainly don’t issue them to anyone, so why bother?

    This matches with other reports I have received of them bringing dinosaurs out of mothballs to try and DA Debbie. Like people who blew the SO in the early 70’s! Like they are authorities because they were on the Apollo and did some tech training (and BLEW when LRH was around!!!). This is how desperate the RCS is to DA Debbie to their internal publics.

    You can almost see the RCS vibrating as POB’s R/Ses reverberate down the lines.

  104. I just had another cog——–in reading freezone stuff and connecting some dots on timeline of COS.

    auditors are the most important beings on the planet, so trained by LRH, or trained by using his materials before DM.

    I get it LRH. Perfect protection of the tech to be applied.

  105. Auditors will clear the planet, not the COS.

  106. John,
    I knew Debbie fron the FSO in the early to mid 80s when she held the post of FCCI PO FSO before I went on the ship in 86. I know about necessity level. When I left the ship I was dying of AIDS and the ship in their wisdom sent me to a chiropractor who was not a licensed medical doctor. My wife was being held against her will on the ship. I barely (by inches) managed to get enough pressure to bear to get her off the ship after 6 months. A few more months more and I would have been dead for sure.I too, have received no declare order. I wish I had one to post for all to see. What I have posted on Scn is less laudatory than what Debbie posted. I can confirm from many years of staff experience that the thing that angers them the most is straight LRH. I once read out of an OEC vol 2 to my juniors on the ship where the HCOPL contradicted an order being given to my juniors. The Chief Engineer walked by and commented that I was “setting up a splinter group”. I did not tell them not to comply with the illegal order. I just read them what LRH said. When I got sec-checked at AOLA after I left the ship this came up. The MAA said that I should have queried the order instead of inciting mutiny (my words) by reading an LRH policy. She had me do a Danger Condition for this. If doing what LRH said is setting up a splinter group then I am proud to do so.

  107. Now we really have to get busy.

  108. Lynne, – The fact is they did NOT learn anything. The SquirrelBusters themselves still have the silly ass video with camera heads up on youtube. Even after the Village Voice made it to be one of the key stupid videos of the church for the entire year – the little guys are still proud of the damage they have done to the reputation of the church and OSA. Definitely SPs unable to see themselves wrong as you wrote.

  109. (Add to last comment)
    Yes, when it is a matter of life or death choose healing before speaking out. In my case, I was already as good as dead, 6 doctors (and the Captain Freewinds) told my wife I was going to die and that no-one could do anything about it. In my case it was a matter of speaking up fast as those could have been my last words.

  110. Interesting is right. Another standard, on-policy action by RCS.

  111. The thing about Marty still being on post as IG Ethics: OF COURSE HE IS STILL ON POST AS I/G ETHICS. Who else is putting ethics in on the level that he is??? It is just that some have mutinied and no longer obey his orders.

  112. Another Layer

    Amen! Great clip.

  113. Oh man, I was so SURE it was a quote Jeff Bridges and Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber!! 🙂

  114. This email is coming from the DSAs (Director of Special Affairs) at her local class 5 org. I warned about it in a previous posting. This is an OSA-orchestrated campaign to try to keep the kool-aid drinkers from reading Debbie’s email. No mention of Debbie is made; it just refers to some “entheta” is circling (talk about generalities), implying that it isn’t true. It also refers to this as “natter”, implying the people talking about have critical thoughts and therefore natter (more mind control/information control BS). The email then goes on to say that the church is expanding like crazy and quotes the HCO PL “SIGNS OF SUCCESS” – an implication that Debbie is a squirrel, which is ridiculous. Debbie was very clear why she simply did not write a Knowledge Report on all these outpoints – there’s no one to give it to. Who inside the church can do an ethics cycle on David Miscavige? The whole idea of command channels and RTC works only when it’s not corrupted. When the top of RTC is corrupt, the ball game is over.

  115. Cpt. Bob:

    I’m guessing it’s because:
    1) Super Power doesn’t work.
    2) There is no OT 9 or 10.


  116. Excellent analogy Karen.
    Haven’t chimed in here in a while but I read this blog everyday. Great post Marty. Had to clear the word DOX. Found this if anyone else needs it:

    It’s been in my mind for some time now that Debbie has a plan B. Maybe a “heavyweight” member in good standing joining her with some kind of TR 3 on her earlier statements. Maybe something else but I seriously doubt her first and second communications are all that she has lined up. I do believe she has other unmentioned allies in this game and the level of positive or negative responses she gets will dictate her next move.

    I have never met her but from everything I read, she is a survivor, tough and smart. Great combination. I think she’s holding back for the moment to truly see who is in and who is out. I do not believe she is done.

    Just my two cents. From 1 cent!

  117. “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”. no declare, not taken off post, Well why don’t all of the Exec’s that this applies to show up to take their posts. I’d love to see it. Can’t you imagine I.G. Ehics, Flag Captain and the International Spokeman arriving at Flag, In Dress Blues to give the order that a
    Committee of Evidence will be convened to hear the charges against David Miscavidge!

  118. Adam,
    “A little heavy on the psychoanalysis”…made me smile. Your a goodin’. Nice to have you here and I wish you the best on this wonderful ride of life.

  119. MIS,
    Hey, apparently a li’l arsenic is good to clean the colon. You know, keep the bowels moving. That’s what the ol’ witches used to do from what I hear. You can take that as a metaphor.

  120. Confront of evil is sooooo hard. In my life I have gone through an evolution of confront of evil. My current level is summed up best by these quotes in “Two Types of People” – HCO info letter 2 Apr 1964 ” There are the two dominant behavior patterns. There are people then who are trying to build things up and others who are trying to tear things down.
    And there are no other types. Actually, there aren’t even shades of gray.”
    “One scholarly chap( a very sick fellow) hopefully once said that there were no true villains, no purely evil people. He was whistling past the graveyard. There may not be evil people, but there are people currently devoted to doing evil actions.”
    What I found, when i stopped whistling and really confronted evil, I stopped being afraid. It boils down to the simplicity that there are people endeavoring to survive and there are evil people. Its an isness. DM is utterly predictable and Marty has described him in very simple predictable terms.

  121. Off the fence

    You know when Ron talks about peoples actions, and what their real purpose is, one of the main things he mentions is intention. What is the persons intention behind their actions. I think Debbie’s bottom line is that she cares about Scientology more than anything is the world and she doesn’t want to see it destroyed. Like a mother lion protecting her cubs.
    Watch out!

  122. Time may tell.

  123. Centurion,

    Don’t you think that your analogy is just a bit over the top?

  124. I think that idea of a story on the domain names and blogs is a good one . Done well it could be a winner. I’ve seen the list of domains owned by the church. It’s surprising Marty can even get a site with his name on it as the church has lots of Marty names as well as Mike.t

  125. Jim,

    You mention the OEC and cite the major target about getting all staff through the OEC. Weeks ago someone mentioned that the OEC volumes have not been published or re-published in a decade or more. So what do staff use for policy references and self-study, I wonder? I’d like some modern comment on the current state of staff training and hatting.

    There seems to be a lot of KSW green-on-white policy ignorance on the part of staff in recent decades – policies such as the ones Debbie quoted and policies as you cite here. Even Staff Status II veteran staff who have a modicum of interest in being on Source ought to have been seeing red flags. All these skewed activities have had me – out on the sidelines – saying, “Say what?” as I watched an accumulation of more and more special solutions, and non-expansion despite the hype on irrelevant accomplishments. (Not just non-expansion, but spiraling ill repute and ridicule outside the protected boundaries of the Scn world).

    I presume from stories told that the OEC volumes have been ditched from courserooms and Qual (“old, not used anymore”). Thus, conscientious, eager-beaver staff who don’t own these sets cannot browse policy when perplexed and wondering what ought to be. What do they use to guide their post duties and interactions with other org staff departments and execs?


  126. Speaking of disdain for Scientology and that program to dead agent Karen Presley – how many Evangelical Christian leaders in Austin and Atlanta were utterly DISGUSTED by the completely transparent third party tactic on the part of the DSAs! Instead of the DSA creating GOOD WILL with fellow religious leaders and becoming a respected part of the community of ecclesiastical leaders, they generated disgust by transparent nasty tactics like these. (This infuriates me because a lot of ground work was done in the past to lay a positive foundation in various communities). Imagine the conversations that went on privately among these leaders after that little operation! It’s just childish bullying and completely recognizable as such. I am sure the net result was that the religious leaders and her family rallied around her even more.


  127. Forgotten Tech

    Question: if OT 9 or any other “new” Hubbard material is ever released, how could you ever be sure that it actually came from Hubbard and not from Miscavige? Don’t you think he’d be willing to release new materials and claim they came from the source? I sure do.

  128. in case you want to check it out from sept 2008 here’s a list. Maybe Tony O at VV would find the “RTCsucks” sites of interest. lol

  129. Brilliant news that OSA is getting the word out. I’m still happy to receive more contacts from anyone who cannot send out the email themselves due to a need to protect their own identity

    Just something to keep in Mind:

    CO$-bots can distribute among themselves E-Addies to block, and you wouldn’t know about it. Further, it takes but a couple of Minutes to create a new anonymous online Address which is easily disposable by anyone. The Latter Option is less likely to be blocked.

  130. Nicely stated Jim. Great to have you on NOTs.

    Aint it the truth! What a putz.

  131. This was left out Oops.

    You’ve butchered NOTs in your “church” Dave

    Aint it the truth! What a putz.

  132. At this Point, that’s a distinct Possibility, since he’s continuously had his Paws involved in Matters he was not trained for.

  133. Ingrid,
    Good ref. I’m going to go over that one again, get my confront up on it.

  134. Ingrid,

    You may want to try overcoming evil with agape love next time. Its actually a very powerful tool.



  135. As an act of contrition, I could see David Miscabige “Appointing” Debbie Cook as the new Eclesastical Leader of the “Church” of Corporate $cientology in a purely ceremonial and public relations move, even giving Debbie the “COB” title – that he has sullied to the point that I think he, himself, is tired of it at this point.

    Smiling and posing for the cameras after another Shermanspeak production David heroically announces Debbie to be the finest candidate that he personally knows that can carry on his great quest for clearing the planet. And, DM will stay on in the newly created post of “Ecclesiastical Leader Emeritus” and maintain control of all of the bank accounts and real estate holdings of the “Church”.

    2012 should be quite interesting.

    Popcorn anyone?

  136. You’re welcome.

    And by the way, I hope your sisters are allright and you still have contact with them. (You mentioned both in the last Blog Post).


  137. You got me hard with this one, Marty.
    There isn’t much I “hate” in life, but what I am really disapointed with, are Scientologists loughing or invalidating other peoples believes or ethnics. This is a contradiction to my own creed, and the ‘should be creed’ of Scientologists, namely, the Creed of Scientology.
    What OSA is doing there f**king makes no sense to me what so ever.

    I am missing data here. I am living in europe not in the US. And I wonder why should they do that at all? Just because she was an SP and they wanted to `cut all her comm lines` or because her “speeches” contained material against the RCS?
    Plese help me whith this.

    Lots of trees must be planted in order to recover the PR of RCS…

  138. here’s proof,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    i’m on the new tr’s/obj’s co-audit. Oh, it’s been 200 hours now. And we just started SCS. But, i’m ok. now having been de-pts’d somewhat since reading and researching here. But, here’s the proof……….

    one examiner, an older person will call my f/n right away. Another younger Flag trained auditor,,,,,,,,,,will wait and wait,,,,,,,,,and then he calls it after looking at the meter for what seems like forever.

    Since now getting the changed data I F/N’s, I understand. he’s looking for 3 swings. OMG. So if I don’t swing three times, I’m red tagged. And here is the solution, go EAT. Although I.m feeling fine.

    Jesus christ, after being on your feet for 7 hours touching or spotting objects in the org, what do you expect anyways, because you don’t say the magic words, and you are expected to F/N. I’m tired doing this process over and over, just say the magic words………….that ain’t auditing.

    Why on Earth would anybody need objects full tilt if they are up the bridge? Like wow dude, I guess I ain’t in PT after all????????????? Oh come on……………DM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you suck, you vampire………

  139. George M. White

    You hit it right on the Moth’s “head”. He changed OT8 as well.

  140. Ooops!!! I just got this response, from one of the OTs still inside the church, to Debbie Cook’s letter that I sent out a few days ago. I guess this OT thought I was Debbie. 🙂
    Here it is:
    “Thanks for the data Debbie, my question to you is : Did you really go to ABC news on Scientology, or is it a black PR mock up? I just received notification of this and its contrary to your letter, so I wanted to query you on it.”
    Sorry can’t reveal the OT’s name yet!
    POB’s black PR and lies revealed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  141. Ask those who got pummled by DM, and those who were deprived of their families, property and livelyhood if it is over the top.

    Throw in what happened to Lisa MacPherson. Throw in what is happening to Heber and what Marty and his wife had to endure when Obersturmfuhrer Gomez and the SS-Zonderkommando spent all that time in front of his house harrasing him.

    No, sir. In fact, I think I am being quite mild.

    After all, we are talking about the tech of freeing beings, and what one man is doing to subvert it and make it all but impossible to achieve the broad scale aims and goals of Scientology. To me, that is 1o0oX more tragic than what Hitler did. Hitler could only slaughter meat bodies. He had no way to trap beings to the degree that others on the track did – which all this time later, Scientology is here to correct and reverse that damage. DM is trying to stop this while maintaining a pretense.

    And for that, he is far worse than Hitler EVER could have been.

    So, no, my friend. I personally feel I was being quite mild given the nature of the overts against LRH being perpetuated by DM.

    If you took offense to using Hitler as an example, please note that I intended no effrontery towards Jews. I was trying to express a point and use a comparable magnitude to make that point.

    If, on the other hand, you feel I am being too harsh on DM, I am open to criticism of where I am perhaps wrong.

    Alea Iacta Est

  142. ingrid———–

    confront of evil is easy if you are exterior to it and looking at it. TV and Movies are a prime example.

    it is very hard if you are on the inside receiving it because you have been confused by it and by other things to confuse.

    Thus, the public stay away from COS.

    All ideal orgs now have a mock-up of when you walk in, you think you are some church, busts of LRH everywhere, pictures of him everywhere, narconon promo, WTH promo, DMSMH promo, SCN promo,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s all very confusing, it’s actually overwhelming in a raw public viewpoint………….conclusion of public: where am I, a cult clapping to some guy I have never heard of? Who is L Ron Hubbard? What makes him some god that people clap to? Why are they clapping to him? Hip hip hooray………….oh come on, you think any public hearing this will all of the sudden have a cognition?

    LRH is throwing up right now. Saying WTF is going on. But, hey, he created you Ingrid. So, I am happy.

    LRH did say it would be a long cycle in one PL for planetary clearing.

  143. When I went on staff in the late 1980’s and I did read all the books and listened to complete LRH tapes of that time including the PDC’s, Study tapes, Phoenic lectures, money tapes, all of them,,,,,,,,,,,and dabbled in PL’s and HCOB’s,,,,,,,,and being a complete rookie as far as staff was concerned,,,,,,,why when I went on staff I thought everybody on staff knew what I knew and more, after all I was just purif comp and had some book 1, so I thought everybody was schooled since they were on staff, I thought I knew nothing really………..when in fact I knew the most, because why. After reading everything I had an ideal scene mocked up in my mind, and the actual scene was so far from it, from what I had read, it was unbelievable.

    OMG. I Did have an ARCX that I didn’t know I had. Nobody on staff really knew anything, only the auditors knew what they were doing…………

    We are now at the same point in time……………and it has been out KSW and technical degrades for awhile now…………..since at least when I joined staff in 1987.

    So, I feel fortunate to see, since I have listened and read everything and yes I have MU’s. But the tech shines thru………….

    Oh well…………..In the last tape I listened to……….

    LRH says if you buy a piece of property, and if you put a fence around it, why you have elected anything outside the fence as counter efforts. Thus you have not taken responsibility. Welcome to the new COS.

    That is from Milestone
    One tapes.

  144. Hey, the Federal System of Banks is about keeping people away from learning how money is created.

    Keeping people away from Scientology is about how people will never know and thus be free.

    But, we have, Auditors are the most important beings in the world…………..

    So find a real auditor,,,,using real LRH source………….

  145. Grasshopper speaks truth

  146. Debbie’s intention is Survive, on all flows.

    DM’s intention is Succumb.

  147. It would earn a gold feather in the cap of any investigative reporter to expose and connect these dots of the OSA “smear sneer” blogs whose crimes include calumny, impersonating people, and cyberstalking.

    Sure it’s being worked on.

    The Scientologeez Corporation buys a string of (fill in the name of their target…er, purported “apostate” lol)

    OSA* Scientology have a mix n match of these on Twitter.
    Scientology OSA owned
    also has @WhoisJasonBeghe on Twitter
    (that tweets Mike Rinder hate tweets) LOL!

    The David MIscavige owned Twitter Hate accounts are:
    @KinkyMikeMarty twetets harassment and mean things to people

    @ManaNuiNui KiwiBoy plugs himself: “A Kiwi who moved to the US to work on humanitarian programs. I fight for the rights of those that have none” and then tweeted hate and bashing and slander! Pure hypocrisy and they don’t see the egg on their own face.

    @TheGoodNews2011 The Good News Guy …this OSA-operated David Miscavige Twitter account tweets Good News…all about how great David Miscavige is, and what a humanitarian David Miscavige is, while getting in a few snarky hate smears here and there.

    @BMOC2011 Ben Tweets like an OSA heavyweight. Massy and serious.

    @seriusanon follows news and possible dissenters and one o fthe core OSA Twitter accounts. @Seriusanon thinks it’s being sly manning up

    @Martyrathbunwho mean-spirited vicious attacks about M Rathbun
    @WhoisJasonBeghe hate tweets about Mike RInder
    @Whoisamyscobee hate tweets about Mike RInder
    @whomarcheadley hate tweets about Mike RInder
    @whoismikerinder hate tweets about Mike RInder

    Hmmm….connecting any dots?

    @Anonmeme Jay Bird can be very mean and self-righteous. He wteets people like they better listen. friends with Lisa .

    @stawb3rrykist very undercover. pretends to tweet about all kinds of things but like any ostrich that commits contra-survival acts, it has no clue its tail-feathers are begging for buckshot.

    That’s just a few dots. Twitter should be notified because they are breaking the law and terms of service.

    What’s ironic is they are very vicious yet turn around and tweet a Hubbard quote or some nonsense about Human Rights!

    they tried to brown nose @RetweetYourVids In their insincere manipulative use of “freindship” and using people, they flowed some fake admiration hoping to get their bogus squirrel buster lunatics tweeted

    *OSA stands for the Scientology Office of Special Affairs. Google them and “Fair Game”, Google “South Park Scientology”.

  148. “Like”. (It’s catching). Nicely said, Tom.

  149. Firebreathing Frog

    The church started to brief the “on-line” Scientologists about Debbie email.
    You can feel that most of the staff here in my Class V orgs are not convinced about what they are told to do to DA Debbie.
    Most of them knows Debbie, have been trained by her.

    And to the questions: but if Debbie attitude or actions is not right what should be done about all these off-policies ?
    What would LRH do about all these out-tech?
    And IF it was true that all those out-tech and can not be corrected internally?
    After all, many people have pointed out about these squirreling of LRH tech and admin – OK, “they did it publicly so they are SP” – but why is it not corrected anyway?

    Is it because:
    1. If you talk badly about the church publicly or to the press = you are a SP.
    2. Everything an SP says is wrong.

    3. When an SP proves David Miscavige is violating LRH policy, since the SP is always wrong:

    4. DM is right in violating LRH policies and tech.

    God, I feel better since I understand this “logic”.

  150. Adam
    You appear to take particular umbrage with regards to analogies comparing Miscavige to Hitler.
    I was berated in a similar fashion after a comment I made yesterday.
    Would you care to elaborate as to your reasoning in this matter?
    Perhaps you have personal reasons as for wanting to protect David Miscavige’s image and would prefer that he not be seen in a negative light?
    Or perhaps you feel he is being unfairly compared to one of the most destructive SPs we have known in recent history.
    Do these analogies somehow offend your Christian sensitivities?

  151. Flattery – makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

  152. Is that a Dumb and Dumber reference?

  153. Ah yes – The Facebook patrol is in force.
    Look closely and you will see OSA in full swing.
    One of their new projects is to ensure that Scienotologist can only receive messages from people who are on their friends lists thus cutting them off from communication from the outside world.
    Easy to spot those in obedience to the regime from their compliance to these new orders…
    Adam (Conroy) this one’s for you: Sieg Heil!

  154. I got lots! I’ll forward them to you 🙂

  155. Jim
    Debbie’s lettin’ the cat out of the bag and you’re lettin’ the OTs out of the bag.
    One-two punch.
    The two things Miscavige fears the most:
    The light of truth shining upon him and thetans who just won’t die.
    I heart you! 😀

  156. Ooooh! My email account just got hacked!
    I’ll send it from another account as I’ll have to get my gmail up and running again.
    Thanks OSA!

  157. Firebreathing Frog

    Mike and Marty gave good answers to your questions in a former video.
    (this blog is sooo big now, I can’t find it.)

    My answers:

    1. The Super Power Project started in 1986.

    Just prior to this, a well minded Scientologists (who heard about Super Power) decided to make a donation of 1 million dollars, so it could be delivered fast.

    That what started it all.

    LRH wanted super power for the STAFF, to be delivered within 6 weeks in ALL AO – Advance Orgs (LRH wrote the issue in 1978.)

    The Super Power project got more than 170 million dollars in donation.

    Per what I could read, 50 million dollars was spend on the current building (you should have a pretty good building already – especially since LRH didn’t even mention a building in the first place).

    Super Power should bring in about 200.000 dollars / week (I don’t know the current figure – anyone knows?)

    This without staff – no delivery personnel, no selling of any services, no risk of having any refund (it’s all donation) – no one public given one hour of auditing since 1986.

    This is the most profitable business ever.

    Why do you want DM to release Super Power and deal with this mess of delivering services and killing this cash cow?

    Don’t you know David Miscavige is the only one getting any product and the man is sooo overwhelmed already?

    2. Saint Hill Size orgs was LRH plan and talks about delivery and production. Actual auditors and PC getting up the bridge. 1000 of well done auditing hours and all this crap.

    David Miscavige is in the business of making IDEAL ORGS; i.e. regging illegal donation to build up a real estate empire under secrets organizations until the day he will be kicked out.

    Miscavige is not here to get people up the bridge, nor to help anyone.

    Does this answer your questions?

  158. Formost:
    Yes, it is a very small possibility DM is “looking for a way out”. Actually, I don’t think he has it in him to “look for a way out.” He can’t see the future no matter how obvious or close it gets to him. He just reacts to situations. In fact, he’s as reactive as a fish flopping on the deck.

    But, (my guess) is Debbie has a dozen or so close friends pretty high up, both in and around RCS, that share her view that DM stands in the way of ANY corrective actions the RCS might take to stem the tsunami of negative public opinion he is creating for Scientology.

    If Debbie’s cabal understands DM is an SP, then they will have some sort of plan to remove DM, other than pressuring him to voluntarily step down because he is doing a “bad” job. (As you know, DM and other SPs have a real problem with self criticism! So, he’ll NEVER voluntarily step down!) If Debbie and friends don’t understand that, then forget it. Internal correction reports are like pissing into the wind. You feel relieved to tell it like it is, but then you get pissed on.

  159. never mind just saw the video below 🙂

  160. I love it!

    The Biblical thing to do is to speak to someone directly. Of course! This is also called “common sense”

    In Scientology this is called “confront” and the ability to handle an inlow/outflow of sound vibration with significance. Obviously something the church apparently knows nothing about.

    Thank you Concerned Catholic. 🙂

    Ever read any Gabriel Marcel per chance? The brilliant “Catholic Existentialist” I’m reading his epic “The Mystery of Being” Truly mind blowing— check it out!

  161. I just got another 500 email addresses OSA and my gmail account is up and running again.
    Keep sending them in radar-flyers this seems to be annoying someone.

  162. Fire Breathing Frog

    “Out flow = Inflow” is a correct datum.
    But LRH never said “Off Policy Outflow = Inflow”
    Stupid guys only duplicate one datum, since they are unable to understand the entire core of LRH tech all they do is out tech.
    Outflow = On Policy Outflow = In Policy Outflow = Income

  163. Does anyone have a German translation of Debbie’s email? If so please can you forward it to me?
    Thanks 😀

  164. Orthodox Scientologist

    Marty and all,
    I find this incredible, truly incredible in the fullest term – BS. In Florence Kentucky (where?) a new Idle Org is opening this spring and will service, brace yourselves, 14,000 parishioners. 14,000? They don’t even have that in one of the largest cities of the world, Los Angeles. Check it out. Florence? I’m still not getting it.

  165. Ingrid: Excellent LRH quotes. You’ll notice he said “There may not be evil people, but there are people currently devoted to doing evil actions.”

    You later said — “there are people endeavoring to survive and there are evil people.”

    I think it’s important to recognize the slight difference because IF there were actually evil people, then the other datum of LRHs couldn’t be true.

    Man is basically good.

    Doesn’t mean we invite people devoted to evil in to our lives … but it does mean we recognize, IMHO, that this person is severely damaged, suffering and in dire straights as they are dooming themselves for a very long time. Thus we endeavor to show others their intentions and try to help others from escaping their clutches.

    One can feel compassion for these type of people without having them up close and personal and ruining ones own life.


  166. Firebreathing Frog

    I don’t agree with you here.

    I think if DM doesn release Super Power, it’s because it IS working.

    But he didn’t have the time to squirrel everything yet.

    But I am sure the original LRH version is working quite well.

    Not on David though, and I don’t think he will pick up the cans to flat some of those questions:

    – Have you ever caused anyone to disagree with someone else?
    – Have you ever caused another to be punished for disagreeing with you?
    – Have you ever caused another to disagree with a spouse?
    – Have you ever falsely accused another?
    – Have you ever falsely imprisoned another?
    – Have you ever given another an arbitrary?

    I know I’m a dreamer, but won’t it be good if Miscavige could pick up the cans and have some real wins cleaning up some of those questions?

    But does anyone knows who would be auditing David Miscavige?

    And since he can’t have any wins getting standard auditing…

    To: David Miscavige
    Would you like someone else to have the wins you can’t have through standard application of auditing?

  167. Firebreathing Frog

    You are not the only one who took years to “recover” and find the right WHO.
    And without Marty and all, a lot of us will still be in the dark.
    It takes quite some courage to face you have been working all those years, some time your entire productive life, for the top squirrel of planet earth.
    The stomach pain takes sometime to slowly go away.

  168. Mike – I made an interesting discovery regarding the declare and disconnect strategy today.
    I had assumed it was widely known that RCS had declared me an ‘SP’ as the people closest to me had been pulled in and shown the secret copy of my declare.
    Turns out in connecting up with old friends that they are completely unaware that I’m anything but in perfectly good standing. Not only that but my ex who has also been declared by rumour line has been receiving warnings from other on-lines Scientologists not to read Debbie’s ‘entheta’ email. Seems they’re unaware that he is anything but in good standing also.
    Which means our comm lines are WIDE open – just as Debbie’s are.
    Fact of the matter is OSA may print off a piece of golden-rod and pull it out if someone seems to be falling off of following the party line BUT…
    The last thing they want to do is disseminate the fact that they are declaring Scientologists en-masse for daring to suggest that Miscavige is a traitor to LRH… too many people would figure out the game.
    Oh dear oh dear. What is an SP to do when all it takes is everyone communicating for the curtains to come down on the great deception?
    OSA – I’m up to about 2000 emails out now to my old buddies and chatting with a bunch of them! How long will it take for you to pull them all in (world-wide) and show them my secret declare? (and Debbie’s and Placido’s) Got an email from someone else? Oh yes! We have declares on all of them! – all hidden in the secret drawer! LOL Too funny!!!

  169. Davey is on a continuous drive to overtly or covertly destroy all others. Anything released by him will 100% sure drive you down the Bridge and into MEST. It will be a 180 degrees reversal of what LRH put out. Most LRH materials are available on the web, the only place you have a chance of getting the real deal.

  170. Florence is a suburb of Cincinnati.

  171. Alexis,

    Not a chance. Debbie Cook has committed an unpardonable sin. She questioned Dear Leader publicly. She is to be crushed and taught a lesson. Make no mistake, these are the orders that are being carried out as we speak. POB could not bring himself to acknowledge her in any way, even a pretense. For that would make him “look weak” and he is convinced, that above all else in the world, he must be seen to be strong and unchallengeable. It dictates his every move.

  172. I don’t think DM will step down. He is a Hitler wanna be, in my opinion, and he will not ‘leave’, but stay on until all is destroyed, whatever that may mean in this context.

  173. You are right about the lawyers, but the real question as to how this can all fall into place is, who has the final hand on the TMs and Copyrights? If it is DM, then the lawyers are needed to take them from him, or if not him, but some other mechanism, then the lawyers may not be needed. Maybe someone here knows who has the final hand on the TMs and Copyrights? Anyone know?

  174. Mariella,

    Interesting new twist that just confirms the expected.

    The slippery slope…

    From being “uninformed” and “one of a handful” she has quickly graduated to “a squirrel” and “an apostate” and now into a “merchant of chaos” and a “puppet of the media.”

    Of course, the real message here is: “She is a liar. She claims she wants to handle matters internally, but she is just like the rest of the VERY small group of SPs she is connected with — she speaks to the media.” (And you know that beyond being a squirrel or an SP or any other label, THE bottom of the barrel label is “talks to the press” only surpassed by “sued the church.”)

    Soon, it won’t be questions about whether Debbie spoke to the media, it will be FACT. They will start telling everyone: “She was on ABC News and in the SP Times and some tabloids in the UK — so don’t believe her 1.1 statements about how she wants to handle this internally, its just a trick to get people to read her entheta.”

    POB’s response to her is so boringly predictable….

  175. Check out

  176. Hi;

    You’re not being too harsh at all. Given that HItler, and others, did what they could to enslave and destroy entire nations, one could ask; “What could be as bad or worse?”

    To me, what DM is doing is much worse, beyond magnitudes worse! If one considers Scientology the means by which Beings can be set free, uncounted trillions of them, and if DM is undoing that, then DMs crimes are vastly, vastly greater. AND, those that support him knowing ‘something doesn’t quite smell right’, are as guilty as is he.

    In my opinion, DM is much ‘worser’ than any others that preceeded him in their attempts to destroy.

  177. The population of Florence is 23,381. And the cult expects people to believe they’ve got 14,000 parishioners there or even near there? Even if you include Cincinnati, the real number is probably closer to 14 but what’s a few extra zero’s.

  178. Sam — Yes, its funny how these things always come back to bite them in the butt.

    They no longer publish declares as they don’t want them getting into the hands of the media or people possibly bringing libel claims or even worse — the field waking up to the fact that there are a lot of good people, people they know, who are now declared? WTF is going on?

    The PURPOSE of an SP Declare is to warn everyone that this person is someone to be careful around, and to know that their actions may be harmful, even if they claim them to be help (if the shoe fits Dave….). When you don’t announce the SP, the unsuspecting can be tricked into listening to them (if the shoes fits Dave….)

    So, this “strategy” of not publicly declaring people in order to prevent “disaffecting” the field is accomplishing exactly what it is intended to prevent. Nobody knows who is “good” or “bad” any more so the news circulates around and the doubts keep growing in the minds of those who see and experience the outnesses themselves but cannot bring themselves to question what is going on.

    I bet a large percentage of the people that post on this blog are NOT generally known to be “SPs” and thus have pretty wide open access to the comm lines of Scientologists.

    What a problem POB has. Too many holes in too many dikes and every effort that is made to plug them creates another leak somewhere else because he refuses to acknowledge that the 10 foot tide is coming in and his 2 foot dike built out of sand is going to be engulfed no matter how many fingers he cuts off his loyal followers and tries to use to plug the holes.

  179. I used to think the ‘who’ was me. It took a long time, after spending years on ARS and ACT and siding with the LMT and the original critics at the time, that I realized that it couldn’t have been ‘me’, there were too many hundreds of others. It wasn’t until this blog and the website ‘Friends of LRH’ came on my path that I began to see how everything unravelled, and who did it.

  180. Robert:

    “Internal correction reports are like pissing into the wind. You feel relieved to tell it like it is, but then you get pissed on.”

    Perfect summation.

  181. Damn! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks 😀

  182. Firebreathing Frog

    Delusion is imagination out of control. Def. from the tech dict.

  183. Firebreathing Frog

    Sorry this is supposed to be an answer to Orthodox Scientologist above.

  184. Leonore,

    The natter and three p that the DSA’s spread is not really the problem with Scn image and good will.

    The problem lies in no real products. In FEBC Tape #2 LRH defines PR as: effective cause well demonstrated. Well, that means one HAS TO HAVE good products in order to have something to PR.

    This is why the empty idle orgs buildings are such a burr under the saddle for COB and why anyone directing attention to their vast emptiness is an SP. When one LOOKS at the product, one SEES that it isn’t the reality being PR’ed and the campaign collapses.

    IF the church was making auditors, clears and ots in volume, there would be no need for OSA Ops, plants, 3P targets, etc, etc,. It would be able to confidently say: “Hey we are the good guys!!! Look at our real VFPs!!!” And no one would touch them.

    But the current REALITY ain’t so….

    “…time and pressure…”

  185. Fascinating reading Marty and very intelligently written by you as well. The Church of Scientology is the only church in the world that has a dirty tricks department that treats people they way “they would like others to treat them”! 🙂 It indicates how desperate the church has become to win over new people with their “Golden Age Of Tech Packs Of Lies”.

  186. I have thought about who could audit Miscavige as well. Anybody still in is in a victim valence and would not have sufficient presence to get a withhold.

    I volunteer if he wants a Sec Check. LOL fat chance he does though. He just needs to go. Period.

  187. What is meant by TMs please

  188. I share the view I have to say..

  189. Andy, you speak sooth.

    Someone posted the quote here the other day about the only thing that will destroy Scientology is not governments, media or outside influences but lack of results.

    That is POB’s specialty and obsession — inventing pretended results to cover up the true state of affairs: NO results and BAD results. Even his “they are only yapping because we are expanding so much” is part of his “pretended results” propaganda. Its newspeak — exposure of his bs is turned into “proof” of the incredible expansion he has generated. Buildings are “proof” of straight up and vertical expansion. Books shipped to libraries is more proof. Videos of WTH being handed out. “Rolling thunder” gobbledygook implants. Lavish IAS galas. ANYTHING except Grade Chart completions (and even there he has pretended results as this has now been reinterpreted to mean “read a basic book” or “redid an objective, again”) and Auditors Made (hasn’t figured out anything for this other than the generality of the “Golden Age of Tech” “fully implemented.”)

  190. Pretty much seems that way camparison to tactics of Gaddaffi doinging’s
    but ( not killings)

  191. Of course these days any media interview Debbie would do would quickly land on Youtube, where it could be safely and conveniently viewed by any Scientologist. Would they actually look? Oh no, they have to “query”.

  192. Pat — yeah, right. BUT, remember, this church “serves a 5 state area” according to their press statements. It’s such a foolish thing to say, but they have to fill the vacuum on how come this tiny activity moved into such a stupidly oversized building. And because they are so badly trying to explain the lie that this is a result of their “massive expansion” they expose to the world a huge TRUTH.

    There is no Scientology org AT ALL in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa etc etc. Now surely, with all this unprecedented, straight up and vertical expansion the world has been experiencing under the incredibly brilliant leadership of POB there would be ONE NEW ORG SOMEWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES IN THE LAST DECADE OF 50 TIMES GREATER GROWTH THAN THE 5 DECADES BEFORE COMBINED….

  193. TM – Trade Marks

  194. Firebreathing Frog

    Within the Church, the biggest issue is starting to take a good direction.

    Most of Scientologists do realize DM is off the rails.
    And all his bullshit events pumped with too much PR “good news straight up and vertical” that are not based on any facts is less and less convincing.

    Most also disagree with the line: “Our practitioners love to gives all those money and do it on their free will and none of them are pressures to take any loans nor to make any donations for our Ideal Orgs Buildings, the IAS, the Super Power, the Librarie Campaign, etc, etc.”

    Yeah, right.

    Their is less and less dupes who believe Miscavige is following LRH.

    The main subject becomes: Is it OK for Debbie Cook to write this email?

    Does she want to start a mutiny?

    Is Debbie right in pointing at all the off-policy actions of Miscavige (even if proved with numerous LRH references).

    If Miscavige is a squirrel (just a few dare to pronounce this word – yet) are you an SP if you talk derogatorily about Miscavige to other Scientologists when everything else failed?

    What is really the greatest good for the great number?

    Allowing Miscavige to keep doing his off-policy and out-tech while trying to handle this internally “on the standard lines”?

    Or do everything necessary to:
    – Knocking out incorrect applications.
    – Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology.
    – Closing the door on incorrect application.

  195. +1 yep – that does it for me too.

  196. Robert,

    I respect your opinion but disagree with the notion he would NEVER step down and that he is incapable of coming to his senses enough to do so. Calling him a reactive fish and an SP may not be too far off from the truth, but it is also true that there is a thetan there who has some horsepower. That thetan can be communicated to if the TR 1 is good enough. And that thetan is basically good. Cheers mate.

  197. Heavy rock slamming service facsimile is what Miscavige has.

  198. martyrathbun09

    The Doomsday machine don’t work if you don’t tell the world about it.

  199. martyrathbun09

    it is A=A=A – that is why it is so predictable.

  200. martyrathbun09

    Well covered in PTS/SP tech is the datum how an SP becomes one: he first conceives that another can be evil (not do evil, but is inherently evil)

  201. Yeah… It’s a serious failing of ours.
    I was once told by a CMO Int missionaire that they had been briefed to be careful not to push the control button and be sure to go in on the help one instead 🙂
    Good news is, if you want ‘help’ the Brits are an absolute pushover 😀 ha ha!

  202. martyrathbun09

    With all due respect to Dan Koon, Super Power is by now nothing more than an implant device of Miscavige. L Ron Hubbard had thousands of ideas that his body did not last long enough to follow through on. Super Power was little more than an idea. To think 33 years later in the hands of Miscavige it is going to be anything other than an SP device to rob people and make them more tractable is, quite frankly,cult think.

  203. Very nicely summed up.

  204. martyrathbun09

    It would be wonderful if life were so simple.

  205. Yes, but RCS as a whole evidently has a huge crashing M/U on “Outflow”.
    “Outflow” is *COMMUNICATION*.
    As such, it obeys Scientology Axiom #28 [Fair Use Quote Follows]:

    “Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source-point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source-point.
    The formula of communication is: cause, distance, effect, with intention, attention and duplication with understanding.
    The component parts of communication are consideration, intention, attention, cause, source-point, distance, effect, receipt-point, duplication, understanding, the velocity of the impulse or particle, nothingness or somethingness.
    A noncommunication consists of barriers. Barriers consist of space, interpositions (such as walls and screens of fast-moving particles) and time. A communication, by definition, does not need to be two-way. When a communication is returned, the formula is repeated, with the receipt-point now becoming a source-point and the former source-point now becoming a receipt-point.”

    RCS “Outflow” routinely violates Axiom 28 in multiple ways and, therefore, is actually non-communication and so fails to produce the expected communication *inflow*.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  206. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the data Mareka.

  207. Yeah – they can also hack my email account and lock me out! LOL
    Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  208. Tom Gallagher

    I live in Cincinnati and am native to the city. I KNOW this city. This new location is about as bad as it gets. Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size would know to locate the Org just north of downtown (the Orgs current location) in Clifton which is where the University of Cincinnati is located. UC, my Alma mater, has over 40,000 students. The foot traffic around campus is mind blowing.

    One more point: The original mission, circa the 70’s, was in Clifton and it was BIG and BOOMING. I got on lines at that time as a UC student.

    With the ongoing implosion of RCS the Florence Org will end up as one big 50,000 square foot morgue. Just another monument to POB’s stupidity and suppression.

  209. He is on post 🙂

  210. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the report Tom.

  211. + 100000000000000000

  212. It’s already telling.

  213. “Debbie can swat DM’s nose with far more hurt than any OSA Ops can hit Debbie.”
    Thanks for the visual – nice pleasure moment 😀

  214. ‘like like’

  215. Thanks Marty — it’s so great when you weigh in on these topics.

    I’ve been studying the Tao Te Ching as I said I would when you last commented about evil and referenced the Tao. Do you know the # of that saying? (about conceiving ones enemy AS evil)?

  216. +1 Wow Ingrid! How many times have I read that reference and still run around thinking there were shades of grey!!!
    Brain does a 180 flip again!

  217. Agape: one which became particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for mankind.
    I know no other here who has demonstrated more agape for others than Ingrid.
    You may want to try overcoming evil by ceasing to make snide random comments to other posters on the blog.

  218. 1. It’s a carrot
    2. It’s a carrot

  219. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, posted it last week.

  220. One of my all time favorites. Every time I see George C Scott in this role he reminds me of Captain Morgan Starkey….

  221. Nice! Made me think of this: (actually written with reference to apartheid but just as applicable here)

  222. Interesting Mariella thanks for this. Debbie should apply HCO PL HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA to the letter. But I am preaching to the choir. She knows her stuff.

  223. It is. 😉

    I can think of an LRH reference that applies. It is a Key to Life HCOB that talks about the PTS being in an SP valence. The analytical mind is there to solve problems relating to survival. When overwhelmed with problems by an SP, a PTS goes into their “winning” valence and starts making problems for everyone. He no longer has a correctly functioning mind. He becomes a problem factory. He just makes problems. The intention is to succomb instead of survive.

    If Debbie was still PTS, she would have never written that email. She is attempting to solve the problems the church has. She is seeking to survive. She has my support 110%.

    Another good reference is HCO PL THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF LEADERS.

    We all have a personal decision to make, and I by no means expect my opinion to be everybody’s opinion as well. The thing is, I have worked with Debbie. I have looked into her soul plenty of times. She can turn this ship around. And she wants to.

    Frankly, she is the best hope I’ve got for seeing Scientology – the actual organization – turning itself around and doing what LRH wanted it to do. I’m “all in” with Debbie. The way I see it, even if I am wrong about her (and I’m not), I KNOW I am right that Miscavige has to go. The stats will improve with him gone. And that certainty is good enough for me.

  224. Wakingupin2012

    He sure is!

  225. You’re probably correct and totally spot on as regards the rundown suffering and being altered in Miscavige’s golden age hands, having turned it into a golden goose and cash cow from the late 90’s to present time.

    Those ideas of LRH, in the mid 90s compiled as a pilot of which I got half of really produced a lot of gain in certain areas for me personally in terms of my own perceptive abilities in different aspects of life, separate from those gains on OT levels. It needs to be de-DMed, by the MOQ Jim Logan similar to the actions he did on the Solo Nots materials as I feel it is a very valuable set of ideas from Source to empower all of us. Throwing out this set of ideas would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    It is most likely that the only auditor on the pilot rundown, a highly trained class 9 and excellent auditor (who got me halfway through it) was busted off tech lines, because the rundown when applied to the handful of us, Int base staff posed a problem to DM personally with each completion doing very well and flying along on their posts.

    It is most unfortunate that the set of LRH ideas to empower his staff – those properly disseminating, training, auditing and managing his organizations and SO to Clear the planet, was and is so perverted to a mere Golden Goose under DM and Cult money grubbing weapon of mass (bank account) destruction.

  226. I have a misunderstood on how the mental trauma is a matter of life or death.

    Look man, we all should man a post right now and get the SOB out of power. That means no case on post. Necessity Level keys out the bank. Use it and win.

    It’s about KSW. You want to heal? Get the bastard that harmed you. You’ll heal real fast and be more OT to boot.

  227. Well, I would say that is unlikely. You don’t woo a lady by calling her a squirrel and “apostate” in public! 😉

  228. Have a ball Sec Checking Davey; he has a violent history, even in session. I think LRH would have quite a different C/S for him.

  229. Ingrid, I love your confront! you are an awesome auditor and an extremely compassionate one. When evil is truly confronted one would stop being afraid…very true! good post, thanks.

  230. Mother of Grendel

    That’s because you insist on trying to figure out how all these new buildings are aiding expansion! You know, moving Boston to Roxbury, OC out of their owned building, StL away from the University, this one, … It’s only an apparency that these buildings are in support of expansion. They are actually a deliberate and well-planned campaign to bring down the church from within.

  231. The only way one could be sure is to see it in LRH’s handwriting, which is the case for OT 3 for example.

  232. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Ha ha ha
    Miscavidge sure looks like Lloyd, the bartender, in The Shining.
    Similar hairdo. DM leans on his podium the same way Lloyd leans on the bar counter.

  233. Robert, I am sensing a coup of some kind. Writing reports is a passive way to protest the current goings-on – at some point someone has to pick up the reins and run with it. There is no scenario that I can see where DM sees the light and walks quietly into the sunset – except one:

    The coup-members gather a series of affidavits against DM and file or threaten to file criminal charges against him. This is strictly a musing, mind you, but what if:

    Heber, Guilliame, Debbie, Marc, Mithoff, and others changed their tune about the happenings in the Hole and united to get DM indicted and charged?

    That is the only scenario I can see where DM would ride out – either in the dark of night, or tarred and feathered on a rail.

    Since there is no policy that would cover this exact scenario, and lots of policy that would make this look like a mutiny and suppressive act, it would have to be done with finess. For example, DM is not really their boss, since he is in the RTC and they are in CSI. For example.

    This would be a civil war, and it would not be pretty. The only way to avoid a serious war would be to have Heber come out of the hole and calm the waters as he kicks DM the cuss out. In my opinion, no one else could do it – no one else has the altitude.

    As I said, this is purely a musing 😉

  234. Reference: Confessional TRs film. I have plenty of experience auditing psychos. I once had two staff members standing outside my auditing room when I took on a pc who the org pushed on me as soon as I returned from Flag. This guy was kicked out of the Sea Org and not allowed on any Sea Org service lines. He had punched his RPF auditor in the face before being kicked out. He was a violent guy in general. He also had a lot of money and the org wanted it, and soon as I walked in the door they had practically already promised this guy service from me, at twice the normal rate. I decided to take on the cycle, but took the above precaution in the first session. Sure enough, he threatened to kill me (he would go into a psycho valence when keyed in) and jump over the table to get me. This was a bullbait to be sure, he was bigger than I was and in a mad man valence. However, I gave the next command, got the rest of the withhold, and finished the chain. And let me tell you something. For as much entheta the room would fill up with, the room would fill up with equal amounts of theta when we finally blew the evil purpose behind the dramatization. That first session was the only time I asked for help. There were plenty of blowups, but I got to the point where it didn’t phase me at all. And I changed that guy’s life.

  235. Yea, Bob, I agree. The real handling is to cut bait and carry on. My little musing I posted below would be interesting to watch, but we will never go back to a centralized authoritative church that can revoke thetans (by “taking away their eternity”, as if that can really be done!).

    No, the correct direction is Independence. We have to trust each other to do the right thing. We also have to realize that none of us are truly capable of 100% of the time decreeing what the right thing is, so we must also be tolerant.

  236. Brilliant expose of the logic that keeps the mindless ones enslaved… It boils down to “if you dare to have your own opinion then that gives DM a license to do whatever he wants.” Scary.

  237. Tony

    Exactly as I see it.

    Eric S

  238. GH: I would put it in the wishful thinking category….

  239. Miscavige really is the master of confusion. It’s remarkable how so many under his influence just go ’round & round.’
    It is an interesting exercise to seperate the logic out and differentiate the BPC from the natter and attempt to put the rudiments in concerning this fellow and his effects. I observe that DM truly has restimulated most of what the reactive mind has to offer. He certainly is dramatizing Axiom 10, the creation of effect on complete auto, but no inflow permitted.
    There is truly only one enemy he dispises the most – an auditor. Every other hat he has, in his mind a adequate response. He has gone to incredible lengths to destroy the making of auditors.
    Who else but an auditor can perpertate the truth, all Dynamics can be audited and their effects run out, imho, that is the Bridge.

  240. Hi GH;

    My primary concern regarding no central authority is that there has to be some way to keep the standard. If the CofS morphs into an entirely new organization, or many independent but legal organizations, the standard of the tech must somehow be kept up. Perhaps a central organization which is recognized legally as the Keeper of the Tech, owning the Trade Marks and Copyrights, and licensing them out to groups or individuals, and keeping a data base available of those who have the blessings and those who do not, something like that, and maybe a central, or many central orgs where training to standard can be accomplished, and even a floating qual who can go around, on request, upgrading tech in areas.

    I don’t like the idea of anarchy in safe guarding the legacy.

    Personally, I think this needs a wide discussion, since we may all play a part in the morphing of the CofS, and it would be wise to have a kind of path laid out in front of us upon which we can agree.

    I wonder what LRH would do in this circumstance?


  241. Wow ! Had the same experience !
    I took me about 25 years to cognite on it.
    Once we wanted to organize parents that they audit their kids as described in Child Dianetics.
    At the first meeting we had about10 couples, all long time Scientogists and some OTs etc.., and we wanted to start the group but we couldn’t, as no one person had ever read that book, but every person had it in his bookshelve. We didn’t understand it, but what we understood was why they had troubles with their children !

  242. I think the nimrods calculating these figures are saying that this “church”
    *can HANDLE 14,000 cult members” at capacity…just my thought.


  243. They can’t give him a Comm Ev… he doesn’t have a post! 😀

  244. Sam,

    Your reading me way too deep. I simply thought that the analogy was overboard. Hitler is responsible directly or indirectly for about 50 million dead, along with countless tortured. And he ecomically destroyed many nations of the world.

  245. Another angle regarding Miscavige I was looking at today was from the viewpoint of an on-lines public.

    To many of them, he is the STABLE DATUM for the church (thanks to a lot of PR of course.)

    What I think we are running into with non-compliance from on-lines Scientologists to actually apply KSW is that they are unable to confront the confusion that is created when they consider shaking that stable datum and communicating about the falsity of that stable datum to others.

    Thetans like rhythm and dislike chaos.

    But if they think raising hell about their false leader is chaotic, just wait when this planet really goes in the soup because the tech was never disseminated fast enough.

    And it will be their overt that it was allowed to happen. And that won’t wash off, brother. Not for trillions.

  246. Sam, I think Adam’s not arguing from a desire to protect DM but from a desire to avoid the discussion losing its potential to convince outsiders of the evils of David Miscavige.

    I suspect that Adam is thinking of a principle known as Godwin’s Law, devised by a longtime Internet free speech guru, that says that in any emotionally laden discussion, the longer the discussion the greater the odds that somebody will compare their opponents or the subject of the discussion to Hitler and the Nazis. Godwin’s point is that it doesn’t matter if there actually are many valid points in common between the subject and the Nazis.

    What matters is that the act of comparison to something so odious as the Nazis tends to rob the discussion of any legitimacy and as a result, tends to undermine the credibility of the argument. It turns what could have been a valid argument with effective ability to persuade into a cheap “flame war” where people are shouting at each other but nobody is actually listening.

    It’s like all the rhetoric late in the 2008 presidential campaign when Palin and others were calling Obama a “socialist,” a “redistributor,” and a lot of other nasty names. Three years later, the extremist rhetoric has backfired — anybody other than the most hard-core Republican base looks at what Obama has done, and the difference between what they claimed in 2008 and the reality simply makes the name-callers look bad. That is the factor that stands the greatest chance of winning Obama re-election, not anything positive about Obama’s record…

    I wouldn’t go an inch out of my way to say anything positive about the Church of Scientology or about DM. But even though I despise the organization and its leader, I agree with Adam: comparisons of DM to Hitler are counterproductive in “selling” the general public on the evils of RCS and getting them to clamor for change, even if the specific parallels are factually accurate. Given the history of these sorts of discussions on the Internet for many years (Godwin’s Law was first observed in 1990, when the Internet was far smaller than today), Adam’s observation that the Hitler comparison is over-the-top does not indicate that he’s trying to function as an apologist for DM or the RCS in any way.

  247. Sam, I don’t think Adam is evil. But it seems to me that he does have an undisclosed agenda for being here. Whether its promoting christianity or the bible or simply taking the blog off topic for other masters. In my opinion his shore story is just that, a shore story. I would suspect he has been here before under different names. And I would even bet he is a terriffic guy. But who would track and research a group for a year because he had 2 siblings involved decades ago. So unlikely.

  248. Wind,

    Jesus says humanity is all fallen and evil and needs a savior. Just an fyi.
    Any good you may see in someone is learned, and goes against their basic sin/selfish nature.

    You never have to teach a baby to throw a tantrum or be selfish do you?



  249. Ghost Of Pendragon

    Or anothers unrecognized illusion. Might be the mischievous Morgasst.

  250. Sam, to put it another way, if, when I stumbled on this blog six months ago, I found it filled with discussions claiming that RCS is like totalitarian Nazi Germany and DM is like Hitler, I would have rolled my eyes and said “ex-Scientologists and Independent Scientologists are as loony as RCS and DM,” and I would have kept on going. But instead, Marty’s blog is full of detailed articles by Marty himself, with documents and data that are highly credible, and the experiences of many of the former Church members on this blog are very credible. It struck a chord in me because of my nearly having fallen victim to another cult-like organization in my late teens, but the truth told here kept me reading.

    Because of the credibility of the personal stories told, this blog has touched me and gotten me much more interested in what I, someone who’s never set foot in a Scientology facility nor read an LRH book before discovering this blog, can do to help bring about the end of something that is a blight siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars out of the world economy and leaving only misery and ruin and missed opportunities for real spiritual growth in its wake. The credibility of the discussions turned me from a disinterested party into a supporter; were there over-the-top Hitler comparisons at every turn, I would not be writing this today and I would not care one iota about your struggle against this organization.

  251. the uk case. think it’s an lrh advice?

  252. Bob, you said “He is a Hitler wanna be”: He thinks he has already surpassed Hitler. He is going for Emperor/Pope of the Universe (no offense to Catholics).

  253. Ingrid

    When one is “good to the core” or even anything but evil, it is very difficult to imagine how anyone could actually really be like that. One tends to see others from their own viewpoint. You see the good in people and things, Dm sees the evil.

    And then there is an annoying twist… on self inspection, that all gets reversed. Good people tend to think there might be some evil in themselves, while evil people see nothing but “good” in themselves.

    Chaos (evil) is antipathetic to Theta. Theta tends to try to avoid chaos because it has agreed that chaos can overwhelm it (turn some of its Theta to entheta, and turn some of its organized MEST into enmest.)

    It is only by this agreement that chaos (evil) has any power at all.

    One becomes PTS to those things “against which one feels he cannot fight back”. (has been overwhelmed by,)

    Seems that, when you boil it all down, (in “negative gain ” auditing, – getting back abilities and awarenesses that have been “lost”) we thetans are simply trying to de-pts ourselves from these past overwhelms.

    Eric S

  254. Adam — and you don’t have to teach a child to demonstrate unrestrained love either. Or kindness. Joy. Laughter. What a bizarre argument.

  255. Thank you for your opinion but I am not interested in adopting the ‘law’ of some self-professed Internet Guru.
    I deal in what I observe to be true and the comparisons are clear.
    I asked Andy to clarify his position and it is his response I am awaiting.

  256. If you didn’t care one iota about our ‘struggle against this organisation’ then you’d have no business being here.
    Quite frankly I’m not here to win a popularity contest.

  257. Miscavige is no less destructive.

  258. It is. I’ll dig it out for you when I’ve got a minute.

  259. Same old same old RC.

  260. Ghost Of Pendragon

    Only the case can be run out. I did n’t think you could run out the fact of world war 1 or 2 having happened. Unless there be a as ising of MEST universe sync tracking.

  261. I don’t think Adam’s comment was snide. I think he was contributing his best idea (use of love as a “tool” or even, maybe “weapon”) against evil. In context of your beliefs, Adam, I think the LRH quotation from Ingrid is saying that ” you actually cannot use love toward Satan, or devils; they are evil, won’t change, etc”.

    Some people will still try to use love. Don’t forget that even though that reference is absolutely true, LRH did develop things to crack through an SP – the problem of course, is getting him into session and willing to get things addressed. A thetan is basically good, but: is he WILLING to get to that, or is he forever welded to his evil valence(s) so much so that he refuses the opportunity for change. Therein lies the “logistics problem” of changing an SP.

  262. John,

    Brother you nailed it in a way I could never have articulated.



  263. Mike,
    I live in the No.Va area. I am aware that that the founding church in DC is the New Ideal Org. for the region and that would be my closest station to receive services. what do Kool-Aid drinkers do if they are a thousand miles from the nearest auditor ? Fuck that, lets say 500 miles…whats he going to do to get serviced ? let me guess …..COB dont give a shit?

  264. Here you go:
    “…Control seems to get inverted on a UK case more easily than on some other nationalities and I think the inversion must be cleared up before Help (as in Regimin 3) can be effectively run.
    This isn’t a criticism on the UK case. It’s just an effort to speed up clearing. A close study indicates that the UK case tends strongly to alter-is a command. It’s no wonder, looking over the country’s history, that commands got dangerous…”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    HCOB 2 february 1961
    I don’t think Ron wrote it so we could use it as an excuse but it works for me! Ha ha!

  265. Yes, I bet it if you did all the math on the exponential claims of expansion made at the propaganda rallies, there would have to be at least 150,000,000 Scientologists in the US alone – or if you said hello to each one at the rate of one per second it would take you nine years, if you did not sleep and kept to that rate 24/7.

  266. TroubleShooter

    Stand in line John, I have dibs on this one. I’ve dreamed of being across the meter from him to apply the tech I worked so hard to obtain because I believe in the Aims of Scientology.

  267. Ad:

    Please quote exactly where Jesus says that in the bible. Chapter and verse please.

    FYI, IF you are talking about original sin — that concept comes from the Old Testament. New testament has different core teachings.

  268. LOL – thought you were Calling Jim a putz (in the most endearing way) 😀

  269. One of my favourite songs and very appropriate here 🙂
    Thanks for posting it

  270. Thanks… Got lots of ’em now. Love this blog – ask and ye shall receive!

  271. John,

    It is amazing how much we think alike, and with similar stories that brought us to this blog. I actually love and pray for and care about these independants, and I want the best for them spiritually and physically. And I sense you do also from your blogs.

    All the best to you.


  272. RC

    Please don’t get paranoid about me. I mean you no harm. My story is true, God is my witness. Would I like all to know the Lord. Of course. But I have never lied to you guys, nor would I. I know you people have been burned by deceit in the past, but that is not what I am about. I am simply very interested in what has happened to you guys, and what your going through, for a variety of reasons.

    Be in peace,


  273. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thank you, Marty!

  274. TroubleShooter

    This is a very correct emphasis in my opinion too Bryan. Part of getting people to make the final leap away from the church is for them to KNOW that there IS STANDARD TECH being delivered in the field and that they CAN continue their dreams for the gains of the Grade Chart. It’s called FIELD AUDITING. And thanks to the world wide web and doing a simple old NON-E formula one can find a way to do that.

  275. Mrinder,

    I agree. The fall of humanity is not a total fall. We are all born with the ability to love and laugh and share joy. But the undercurrent of selfishness is always there, as all parents know.


  276. Pleasure!
    At the end of the article also as downloadable .pdf-file.

  277. You don’t need to as is the MEST universe or any ‘sync tracking’, but you can run out a thetan’s obsessive creation of it. It is quite the gradient but incidents such as WW1 & 2 are just incidents on the time track, there’s a number of doozies prior to those which handle rather well with auditing.
    It is difficult to comprehend with GPMs still in place but obsessive creation below awareness is the bane of any thetan wishing to go free and be cause.

  278. Wow, that’s great!
    I won’t stop you from volunteering but I prefer LRH in this case; Suppressive Acts, steps to handle the SP. I’ll audit Davey when it’s his turn, that’s after the rest of mankind.

  279. That might be in DMs mind / But reality in this real world its total disreguard to humans beings and keeping them held and suppressed and the unknown of their well being .How come the church of scientology cant be brought to justice with those held and any one else to who we don’t know .. But yet outside in the real world Take a scenario where some one/ or a family were being missed / unknown /not seen and were reported to be unsure of their safety or well being to the authorities would be under some sort of investigation to find out. The fact is the law would be there in know time.Yet for some unknown reason the current scenario being the Church of Scientology can prelong and supress and appears no end in site of getting those out of the hole it remains unhandled and seems its a frustration for action beyond imagine.. Its beggers beleif quite frankly Cant familes be used to contact authorites for investigation of well being .

  280. DM as a stable datum – observeably true.
    Good point and scarey as hell too.

  281. TroubleShooter

    That’s a hell of a story and well done on helping that man as you did. The purple elephant in the room for me or should I say one of the herd was just how poorly I saw auditors being treated at Flag, auditors from SO orgs from around the world as well as Flag auditors yet LRH considered them the most valuable beings on the planet. . . I think they are too.

  282. PersonalJudas

    “Jesus says humanity is all fallen and evil and needs a savior. Just an fyi.
    Any good you may see in someone is learned, and goes against their basic sin/selfish nature.”
    This statement is a devastatingly powerful vehicle of both irresponsibility and condemnation.
    To say all goodness is learned and therefore, by extention, artificial and contrived; invites all manner of horrors and has, if one witnesses the wars fought to ‘defend’ and promote these ideas/ideals.

    sorry, Adam but all I can say to that is, Yuck!

  283. Well, if Ron were to suddenly step in and see what was going on, he would first have a cow! It is interesting to think about, except that only Ron can do what Ron can do. He would assess the situation, take out a few people, go back to the corporate set-up as he defined it, and put in place policies to keep in place the checks and balances, as well as ways to effectively handle corrupt leadership at the top.

    But, this won’t happen. I can see no way initially of going back to a centralized, single point of blessing, system where a guy or group of guys decrees “what is Scientology.”

    However, I do see the distributed model of independent colleges and organizations working, with their efforts coordinated. Ron laid out the standard very well – and it is all published. Most people will do what they can to adhere to it. I know some folks get into “internet auditing” and things like that – but I see it as a cross we need to bear for screwing up the last 30 years.

    As for TMs and copyrights, they need to go into the public domain. The copyrights will anyway at some point.

    I have to admit, this was anathema to me even as late as last year. But my involvement with this blog and seeing what is actually being DONE has helped be reaffirm the fact that we have a lot of good guys doing the right thing.

  284. Here you go Marty—–

  285. How to handle a Scientologist———-

  286. Adam,

    Where does Jesus say that?

    I’m sorry, I was raised Eastern(Russian) Orthodox Christian, and what you expressed is considered a “squirrel” viewpoint on Christianity where I come from – an alteration of the original teachings.

    Yes, humanity is ‘fallen’. The nature of the ‘fall’ is described in many religions, including Buddhism and Scientology, as well as Christianity.

    However the very basic nature of Man (and Woman) is GOOD by Christianity’s own teachings – God created Man in “His own image and likeness”. So, if you believe God is evil, then you must believe Man is also evil. If you believe God is Good, then you must believe Man is also basically good,because God created Man to be like Himself – “In His own Image and Likeness”.

    “Sin” is a stain upon the basic goodness of mankind. Sin is ‘aberration’, a ‘missing of the mark’ (Christianity),or a failure to adhere to Right Conduct (Buddhism). “Sin” is the commission of an overt act(Scientology: harmful or contrasurvival act) of ommission or commission.)

    I feel only in the legalistic, Roman influenced West could such a harsh view and judgement of humanity could have come about. Interestingly, it corresponds to what has taken over the CoS – a harsh and punitive view of people.

    Christianity is, (was?) a religion of forgiveness and redemption. One cannot redeem what one does not have within one to start with – the shining Image of God in his own heart.

  287. I can attest to that – It is Target Series 1 (for God’s sake!), in OEC Vol 0 (for God’s sake!), and the “when” is italicized.

    Kinda basic. To LRH, an Org was an Auditor and Clear/Release making machine! Not a cathedral.

  288. It would be an HCO Sec Check, with the R-Factor that I am not auditing him and that all overts confessed will be turned over to HCO. And I would demand of HCO that all Knowledge Reports I turn in be posted on Marty’s blog.

    This is Standard Tech man. Confessionals are a part of getting ethics in. Everything we should be talking about is how to get ethics in.

  289. Someone of you guys spreaded Debbies e-mail in germany in the german language.
    Thank you for this.
    Got some calls and some good talks from long term Scientologists and some real good friends.
    Stay tuned…

  290. Thanks Ingrid. It is your post that led me to post, downstream of here, vis-a-vis Debbie and DM, that there are 2 possible orientations or intentions – the intention to SURVIVE(for self and other dynamics), and the intention to SUCCUMB (for self and others).

  291. Sam,
    I have no emoticons to show my expression. It’s one where you have that impish twinkle in your eye, and I’m smiling back.

  292. Right on Sam! As if anyone could be a good auditor without being totally “Agape” towards others!

    Adam, try reading the Auditor’s Code and Marty’s post on “Act One”. Also LRH on ‘granting beingness’.

  293. Fire Breathing Frog

    Do you really think that DM can sell any BS as true LRH tech?

  294. Fire Breathing Frog

    And much bigger than the “size” of old saint hill.
    We CAN serve 14.000 people in one single org.
    LRH was really thinking small talking about 250 Bodies In The Shop, or 1000 Well Done Auditing Hours.
    With the estate available to deliver only 1 intensive to these 14.000 scientologists, that’s a potential of 160.000 Well Done Auditing Hours a week.
    Now, THAT IS straight up and vertical,
    Thanks to the wonderfull vision of David Miscavige.

  295. Fire Breathing Frog

    Don’t think DM is such stable datum.
    Every OT I know, up to OT VII and OT VIII, not one of them originated to thank COB in their success stories.
    They all were FORCED to ack COB and some of them were quite pissed about it.
    And out of thousand of OT VII and OT VIII, ( it should be a lot since FSO is so upstat) how many do you see praising COB?
    Only a very very few.

  296. ” With all due respect to Dan Koon, Super Power is by now nothing more than an implant device of Miscavige. L Ron Hubbard had thousands of ideas that his body did not last long enough to follow through on. Super Power was little more than an idea. To think 33 years later in the hands of Miscavige it is going to be anything other than an SP device to rob people and make them more tractable is, quite frankly,cult think.”

    This is an opinion. Unless backed by facts.
    Is there a valid superpower? By LRH.

  297. Yes he does, Resident SP ;-D

  298. Respectfully, OT VIIs and VIIIs are not the majority of bodies in the shop in any org, so that is an alteration of my communication.

    Regarding this acknowledgement of COB, that is an old song I remember way back in 1994 when we finished his squirrelly Pro TR course at FSO, that took most people a year to complete. Our success speeches were recorded by RTC Reps and sent to Miscavige. People had to thank him and were told so before they spoke.

    Also, I wasn’t giving an opinion. This is feedback I have seen on Debbie’s email around the net from some of these kool-aid drinkers. And let’s face it, the response has been less than dramatic up to this point. Why is that? They are afraid. They think they are being cause by not mentioning COB in their success story? Give me a break.

  299. Super Power was little more than an idea. … Is there a valid superpower?

    SUPER POWER. A Super fantastic, but confidential series of Rundowns that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the Super Power of a Thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world Clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel Rundown to Power in Saint Hills which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high-power rundowns which are brand new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on Dianetics. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming the Super Power auditors in a special International course. It will be delivered in almost all languages.

    LRH ED 301 INT 17 Dec 78 – Ron’s Journal 30,
    1978 – The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech

  300. One of our favorite and most quoted movies of all times here! LoL

  301. Did you mean “Mariella”? 🙂

  302. I forwarded the e-mail to Debbie Cook so she can directly handle her.

  303. Valkov, that was so very well put.

  304. Peter McMahon

    In honor of Debbie Cook, a PJ Harvey song…. “Rid of Me”
    You know DM just wishes he was rid of her. Suck it Davey.

    As an interesting aside, Scientologist Juliette Lewis covers several of PJ’s songs including this one, “Not Rid of Me”. But PJ Harvey is the real deal, and Juliette, well, maybe she’ll wake up some day. — Peter

  305. Judas,

    Sometimes truth is difficult to digest, but can be quite freeing once we humble ourselves to accept it.

    Quite the opposite of inviting horrors, once we realize that the heart of man is deceitful, we get less upset when others injure us, and can have more patience and love towards them, knowing that they are dealing dealing with their fallen nature.

    Hope this helps. Peace,


  306. Valkov,

    Man was created good, and fell from grace through original sin. That fall was a total fall, not just a little one. (Check out Romans all Chapter 3, and Jeremiah 17:9 are just a couple of many places) The heart of humanity because quite deceitful and selfish as sin spread from Adam to all humanity.

    I don’t want to get too deep, as this is a scientology website, but the bible is pretty clear, old testament and new, that humanity is not basically good, quite the opposite. Sorry, as I know it can be tough to digest. It was for me when I first became a christian. But there is hope to be a renewed creature in Christ. (John 3:3)

    Hope this helps.


  307. Wind,

    Check out my blog below to Valkov. That should help. Old and new testament are the same on this issue. In fact in the new testament (Romans chapter 3) Paul is simply quoting from the old testament to describe the current human condition.


  308. Thanks Tara.

    It was an eye-opener to me, “In His own Image and Likeness”.

    Basically good, just as LRH confirmed.

    Now that’s real redemption.

  309. Glad this was so , I have passed it around.

  310. I would say that if any one got the real stuff on OT levels and it was
    orginally material written by LRH, and gained success if so they would known who to acknowledge that of course LRH. which I am sure in their minds is done hopefully.COB is not source never was never will be. and he does not at all represent in a shape or form for LRH. He is a dictator.

  311. Foirmost .
    Are you quoting this what is written from that ED 301 /INT 17th of Dec 78/Rons Journal 30? if so who may have that out of interest.I might ask some one in good standing at St Hill to see if theirs a copy existing .

  312. martyrathbun09

    Maybe that is where DM got the idea.

  313. Adam, you contradict yourself. Or you don’t understand what “basically” means.

    You say “Man was created good”. That means exactly that Man is ‘basically good’. Because he(we) were created that way. I am not disputing that following Jesus might be a way to remove the stains of sin and thereby reveal and restore the original basic goodness, set it free so to speak.

    Whether Jesu alone is the “only way” is of course disputed by some, depending on what they believe Jesus taught, but I’m not interested in pursuing that line.

    You are free to believe whatever your church teaches; I am pointing out that a good half of Christiandom(the Eastern half) does not necessarily share your exact doctrine about the nature of Man, nor the condemnatory attitudes that go with that doctrine.

    In the end, it’s not for you or me to judge who is right or wrong on this; perhaps God will judge. Or perhaps God will just forgive. We don’t really know, do we?

  314. Valkov,

    Oh but we can know!! Read John Chapter 3 to start,



  315. Indeed. DM’s background is Roman Catholic.

  316. PersonalJudas

    now you sound like a member of Radical Scientology; finding a reference to justify you claims. The WORD is not the THING, knowledge is not understanding. You assume all understanding can be found in the bible in the way that some will use LRH references as a substitute for original thought and observation.

  317. Here is an apt Buddhist quote:

    “Walking the spiritual path properly is a very subtle process; it is not something to jump into naively. There are numerous sidetracks which lead to a distorted, ego-centered version of spirituality; we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are developing spiritually when instead we are strengthening our egocentricity through spiritual techniques. This fundamental distortion may be referred to as Spiritual Materialism.” ~Chogyam Trungpa

  318. A song from the bots to DM.

  319. That sounds like a lot of liberal, psychoanalytical double-talk.

    To deny DM is not equally as evil as Hitler is to deny just what he is doing –


    I don’t care about “selling” anything to the general public.

    What DM is doing IS odius, and trying to give it a more politically correct lable in lieu of calling it just what it is, is just soft, powder-puff, limpwristed crap.

    Now, tell me….is that over the top?

  320. Centurion,

    I respect your passion. And I also understand the level of pain many have suffered at the hands of DM, directly and indirectly. However, I believe that sometimes a group of people can have so much passion towards a person (either love or hate) that their perspective can get out of whack. Doesn’t make them bad people, just in need of a perspective adjustment.

    I believe that is why its healthy for bloggers like myself and John P to be on this site. We bring a different perspective to the table. Not always welcomed, but a running stream of new water keeps the pond water from get stagnant and dirty. Different opinions keep this website from turning into groupthink.

    I think that given the perspective of time, the day will come when many bloggers here will realize that these Hitler analogies are over the top and not helpful. Jerry Sandusky is evil, but I would not compare him to Hitler. Bin Laden was evil, but would never compare him to Hitler. You get the point? Someone can be evil, but Adolph Hitler was did damage at a level that will never be equaled til the great tribulation when the anti-christ arrives on the scene.. But thats just my two cents.

    Peace, and hope I made sense there.


  321. Adam, I follow your posts with interests and think you have enough balls and conviction for any two average humanoids. I think you are right that it is good to have you on this blog and Marty is right in giving you forum. However, you are missing a tremendous amount of data, personal experience and understanding. Specifically, you don’t realize 3 things per your post:

    1. Not many people posting on this blog are really concerned about the pain that DM caused them personally and are driven by revenge or by seeking justice for the wrongs done to them personally. You are totally missing the boat. Most if not all people are deeply concerned for other people who could be helped by Scientology but aren’t because of the criminal at the helm. This is called dynamics of life. There are 8 of them. This is mostly a 3rd and the 4th dynamics blog, the Group and the Mankind dynamics. The 1st dynamic, Self, is only accidentally and occasionally a part of this and only to drive home a 3rd and 4th dynamic message.

    2. Jerry Sandusky has issues with his 2nd dynamic (sex) and great many people do to one degree or another. This is addressed and gets fully cleared by Scientology either by simply following the general route of auditing developed by LRH, called ‘The Bridge”, or by doing a couple hundred hours of one specific type of auditing called False Purpose Rundown (FPRD). Calling Sandusky “Hitler” would indeed be completely inappropriate. We all have issues and Scientology easily handles those as a matter of a routine. Bin Laden is a freedom fighter of a hoodlum type operating through threats and death, not at all unlike the US government but on much smaller scale. He fought for what he believed in and the damage he caused in his entire career was about 1/150 of that caused by George Bush (referred to as “terrorist” by hundreds of millions of the Arabs and plus uncounted other people around the world) in terms of dead bodies, like half a million dead just in Iraq. So calling bin Laden “Hitler” would be a seriously ignorant misnomer.

    3. Adolph Hitler, on the other hand, in comparison to DM was just a pissed off little boy playing in the sandbox. Hitler managed to cause death of about 60 million people. DM, although he caused death to relatively few people, managed to deny health, happiness and eternity to billions of people and is threatening to destroy the means to obtain that health, happiness and eternity completely for everybody.

    This may not be obvious to you because you did not yet move up the Bridge. I recommend that you do. We have the greatest auditors on the planet assembled on the blog.

  322. Peace, Adam. Just a reminder that discussing Scientology is not really what it is for. The only reason it is there is to be used. There is no substitute to getting audited.

  323. Oh well finally wordpress fixed my database, ok ok lets see:
    a) OSA is trying to do their black prop on her but the most proper action to follow is what she wrote on her email: KEEP PROPAGATING THAT EMAIL. I can tell you more than one sea org and more than one scientologist from the church is now on doubt about IAS, Foundraising and DM purposes, of course Debbie represents a bigger threat to corp Scn because of her impeccable PR even the church itself founded and reinforced with all this years, Debbie, I will tell about the financial irregularities:
    a) Was Charlie Bills who made all the financial arrangements on fake or fraude registrations to Flag Service Org along with his 2D. Basically broken packages were internally authorized by him and Treasury Secretary, Debbie didnt see those special arraingments until some public complained and usually she fixed it on policy and public needed to pay the proper price.
    b) Financial irregularities: DM asking 20mill to FSO for some strange planet dissem campaign wich we never saw, that was very often happening and all the registrars were making strange deals to reg money for DM as we all knew on the FSC Offices (my last post) it was COB order to get the quota and nobody could go to sleep until it was done.
    c) Her past? everybody has a past, except DM who has all the overts on present time and if she made something non-ethical i am pretty sure she handled it per policy at that time or she wouldnt ever be on post at FSO so many years.
    d) Out Tech? well was DM walking on the academies and just taking out to inspection regular students (out of the blue) just because he got a hint or a “he looks like overt”?, taking out students from Academy is bad enough wich Debbie never did.
    Anyway… What Debbie established on the e-mail is to keep propagating it not talking about it, so pls lets put more hands to it, now if you know any spanish spoken scientologist pls tell him to go to: and download the spanish trasnlated e-mail from Debbie Cook, or go to my blog and read it over there also. Please guys and girls continue with the propagation of the e-mail and pay no attention to Church’s noise is just that NOISE. If Debbie is declared to be honest will be an honor be declared with her as she is just appointing to a correction scene. Thanks to everybody.

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